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" 22
^ ^Ms.'- ffiMX
Sheets and
| at Lou
"Mayflower" Hemst
Size 63 x 99, $1.64 Each
63 x 108. /.79
72 x 99. 1.79
72 x 108, 1.94
"Mayflower" Hems
5 Size 42 x 39y2. 56c each
< 45 x 38'/2. 59t
SSJXST2? Hasfmen
f In charming simple Colonia
itself to meet the varied n<
All pieces heavily silver-pla
14-inch Platters, $6.44
\ 16-inch Platters, 7.94
f 18-inch Platters, 9.44
20-inch Platters. 12.89
jc 12-inch Chop Plates, 3.96
J 2-inch Chop Plates,
with Handles. $4.96
^ Fruit or Salad Bowls.
two styles, $4.24
% "Rogers" Silveri
In a Handsom
II set of sis
Tea Spoons, 89c
Dessert Spoons, $1.59
Table Spoons. / .69
Dinner Forks, 1.69
Coffee Spoons, 89c
One large script initial engraved
100 Iced Ta
A shady veranda nook, a i
3 pitcher with glasses delicious!
hot the weather!
Besides a tall pitcher and six
^ lightly cut in a dainty grape
' |i includes six glass straws or tip
i 50 Amber Crc
# or Compc
J Extremely decorative when f
jJL the hall or dining table.
~~ ""V
, su
Pillow Cases
; Prices
itched Muslin Sheets
Size 8! x 99, $1.94 Each
81 x l03'/2. 1.98
81 x 108, 2.14
90 x 108, 2.29
ditched Pillow Cases
Size 50 x 38'/2. 64c each
54 x 381/2- ' 69c
t, 34th Street, Hear.
Sale of
d Table Ware
1 Reduced
il designs, this silver suggests
:eds of summer entertaining,
ted on nickel silver.
14-inch Well and Tree Platter*. $7.94
16-inch Well and Tree Platters, 9.44
18-inch Well and Tree Platter* ,11.48
20-inch Well and Tree Platter*. 14.89
Double Vegetable Dishes with
Lock or End Handle*. $4.96
Gravy Boats and Trays, 6.44
Fruit Baskets, 4.96
Plated Flat Ware
e Plain Design.
t, set of six.
Salad Forks, $2.)9
Butter Spreaders, 2 09
SoupSpoons, 1.69
Dinner Knives,
Flat Handles, {2.14
free on each piece.
floor, Broadway.
i Sets, $2.09
comfortable chair, and a tall
y tinkling and who cares how
graceful tumblers of thin glass
design, as illustrated, the set,
pers, in lemon or jade.
i quelled. Howls
<tes, $4.96
illcd with fruit or flowers, on
I, IMth Slrfrt, front. ^
1 MP 'MP *W
Ten-Piece Reed
As Illust
Ten handsome pieces. Enameled
The chairs, chaise longue and sett<
filled reversible cushions. Thes
beautifully patterned, high qualitj
72-inch Settee, $161.00
Chaise Longue, 94.50
Arm Chair, 60.25
Arm Rocker, 60.25
Oval Table with glass' top.
30x48, 87.75
Beach and Gan
Beach Umbrellas, diameter about
T atim 1 ItvsUvaIlie i o mnf or o kn' if"
1-jCa TV 1 t V_> I 11IV1 vllCIO, UIUItlV.wV.1 UWU U
Round Iron Tables,
Folding Iron Chair,
Four-Piece Reed
Full Reed, closely woven. In wes
floss filled, covered on both sides
monious pattern. The cushions
A suite in which the details have 1
Six-Piece Breakfast j
The Windsor motif in gray and b
and blue enamel. The suite co
table and four chairs with woods
Chintzes, shadow-prints, tapestr>
terns, in bewildering array.
Our usual prices wot
Medallion, all-over floral and con
and uovelty cloth.
Our usual prices wou
Vivid bird and floral effects in strik
field flowers with stripe and a b<
i colored batik-like background.
Our usual price v
Reversible Grass Rugs
Stripes are woven down each side and thro
pletely reversible, with a design on each s
beautifully harmonious color effects and
be seen elsewhere. The Chinese and Fre
27 in. x 54 in., $l.H8
^ frrf * 7 79
54 in. x 90 in., 6.14
6 feet x 9 feet, 9.09
Runners in all widths to match the above
We Sell Merchandise
Herald S
?ff / it ji iiu |H 11 if 11 ?< 11 Hj tt tf| B
AN |ft#;P?MP
1-1 r-l
^^7 .Reed
xjurn i
Suite, $673.52
ratcd- ACU
in ivory, with red decorations. p,.,
:e have spring scats and springe
cushions arc covered with
r cretonne. S>
Two Side Chairs, each, 35.25
Fernery and Bird Cage, 42.25
Floor Lamp, 54.75
Table Lamp, 26.25
Three Pillows, each, 5.34
den Furniture
6 feet $3.94 and $5.74
3 feet 18.24 to 28.25
18.24 and 19.48
\ Suite, $182.27
ithered blue. The cushions arc
> with a good cretonne of har- AH f
are without tufts or buttons,
aeen carefully worked out. r
Room Suite, $58.75
lue, gray and old rose, or ivory
nsists of a buffet, a drop leaf Fine
:n seats. style
r, floral and conventional pat- Scrii
22c yard son*
jld be 34c and 39c
ventional patterns on fine repp
44c yard
Id be 74c and 79c Cur<
ing color and designs, including qUa|
jld flowered pattern on a vari64c
yard Draj
rauld be $ 1. 14 36 ir
Fourth Floor, 3Mh
Grass Z
with Novelty Stripes
ugh to back of the |-ug, making it com- jn
ide. The patterns are worked out in menti
arc exclusive with us?they can not .
27 in
nch effects arc exceedingly attractive. 3 feel
54 in
6 feet x 12 feet. $11.74 6 fccl
8 feet x 10 feet. .12.89 p.
9 feet x 12 feet. 15.74 * IV
novelty stripes. In pi;
Fourth Flour,
of Taste and Quality at Low
iquare <r?zo.
For Macy Grocery Advertisei
ri^tWrartThfjg antgam as
: I ' '" i
INDAY, MAY 14, 1922.
' gg 7Pl TV
id Jibre
Three-Piece Bedroom Suite
in silver gray or natural finish. 36-inch
fonier and full size bed.
ame Style Suite with Twin B
en suite, or individually at these prices:
Dresser, '
Full Size Bed (or Twin Size, each),
Natural Willow Arm Chair,
Natural Willow Rocker, to match.
Folding Oak Garden Bench, 42-inch scat
Enameled Chinese Reed Rocker,
"inc quality furniture at prices which give
real value.
Fibre Furniture
assortment of fibre furniture in a wide rar
ti Curtains, of excellent quality, with h
5 with drawn work and lace trimmed, in
At $1.98. $2.74,
Our usual price would be $2.74 to $(
:ain Madras, in plain colors: light and da
;, beige, gold, brown, mulberry, green, and c
ity. 50 inches wide. Specially priced a
jery Poplin, in solid colors; red, brown, blue,
ichcs wide, Specially p
Strtrl, Hour.
Prairie Grass Rugs
To Match Your Cretont
ral and srmi-floral efforts to harmonize with the crel
i. They embody a new idea in decoration, and the c
. x 54 in., f.69 6 feet x 12 feet
tx6 feet, 2.59 8 feet x 10 feet
. x 90 in., 5.74 9 feetx 12 feet,
tx 9 feet. 8.24
)ral Stenciled Runners toMalct
:h width,
:h width,
lin and figured effects, in all widths from 18 inches up
eat-in-the-City Prices- For C
New Yorl
nent See Page 21
I I '
White enamel is sumr
, In white enamel, 25'/
pounds capacity.
, $74.23
!-? . i In white enamel, 34V
Dresser, 30-inch pounds capacity.
With strong, square I
eds, $98.97 Round Backed Chair
Pieces, /
$8.44 HT
9.44 H
' ,69 u
8.94 ' I (
no indication of //
Cii >
ige of prices and v-k
Made of can
I/* a neatly ste
KM W only 7Vl lbs
Play Yards,
.... , , Made of white
cmstitched hems, inches square ai
i various designs.
$3.96 and $4.96 Screen Sidt
>.74 A screened-in co
equipped with r
i rOK'1?U1 blJ?:
ithers. A splendid With screen top
it 49c yard
green and others.
iriced at 39c yard I'
A Cretonne
The back and seat ar
to several positions.
Finished in mahogan;
covered in a variety c
tonne-covered appoint*
olors are exceptionally WlfldOU
10.43 ci
Beside* that they sal
l rru - n metal frames which 1
ii neseltugs: proof Adjustable i>
**4c per yard Height
$1.04 per yartl * inches
to 72 inches.
ash Only
yY Makt
/I [.specially when you i
it is beautifully froze
E Others from I quart
in-the-cit.v prices.
n in White Enamel
nery and sanitary, logical for the summer kitchen. ij;
ent Style Refrigerator, $33.75 |
'l inches wide, 18'/^ inches deep, 54 inches high. 115 ?
(Side leer) Refrigerator, $49.75 &
All Steel. f-j
2 inches wide, IV/i inches deep, 43 inches high. 100 ?:]
elain Enameled Top Tables
egs. 24 x 36 inches, $8.44. 25 x 40 inches, $9.34
sturdily built, $2.44 '
K373? Basement, 35tli Street, Rear. :1
nmer Items for
iby's Comfort
Baby Hammock and
ile Crib, $8.24
ivas. with frame and stand of wood, under
ncilcd awning. Folds neatly and weights
, $7.44
enameled wood, with an enameled wood floor. 42
nd 21 inches high. ' "
? Cribs, '!
imbination crib, bassinet and play pen. Well made, "
ubber tired wheels. Folds easily, enclosing spring
hes, $23.24 Size 26 x 52 inches, $25.64
i attached. Size 26 x 42 inches, $29.75
26 x 52 32.75
-Third Moor, 3.MII Slreet, Hear,
Covered Couch Hammock, $16.24
e upholstered in Cretonne. The headrest is adjustable
It nangs suspended by springy chains. \1
Complete Day Bed, $37.50 / _
y, it has a box spring, a mattress, a pillow and a roll 1
if cretonnes or denims. M
/J^73-SI\lh Floor.
; Screens Make the
ner Place Livable
% i
Fcguard your health. These screens are built on heavy
will not warp or break. Japanning renders them rust1
the width ,
Width Extension Prices
18 inches 33 inches 54e
18 33 61e |
18 33 71c I
20 37 77c
21 37 94r
24 43 $1.09 !
24 43 $1.19
?Ilii?nnrnf, .Villi Strffl. 1
Ing Ice Cream is a
'ummer Sport
leed turn the handle for only five ahort minutes before
ro-Quart Freezer, $1.39
to 12 quart capacity in well-known makes, at lowest

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