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Price of Carnations Doubled i
in Last Week by Ketailers.
Pansies, Cornflowers and j
Koses Are Suggested as
Bond of International Body
Officially Bars Wearing of
Any Flower.
Mother's Day, of which this is the
anniversary and which, started out a
every one wear a carnation, is now
facing serious difficulties. Tn the first
place carnation growers are profiteering
on the day's flower and prices have
Jumped 100 per cent, in a week; in the
second place retail florists, realizing
they probably will be unable to supply
the great demand for carnations, are
suggesting that other flowers be worn
instead of the carnation, and in the
third place the organizer of Mother's
Day is indignant over these suggestions
and the situation thus brought
about and has officially sent messages
broadcast asking that no flowers whatever
be worn, but that a button be displayed
to signify the wearer is remembering
the "best mother that ever
According to one of the big whole
sale florists It Is the carnation growers
who are responsible for the high prices,
because they have been holding back
their supplies until the eleventh hour.
The last shipments reached here late
yesterday evening and commanded the
high prices anticipated. In fact the
market remained fairly steady all day.
Prlee Doubled In Week.
A week ago carnations were sold at
110 a hundped wholesale and 120 retail.
Yesterday the price for the same grade
of bloom, the best, was double last
Saturday's price. Carnations that
brought 15 or 20 cents each retail last
On the Ei
Of (
The final a
AM ni7A#*\7 VII
Salon affc
savings on
Original I
both Dres
Tan and Bro\
Beige Repp C
Brown Canto
Navy Tricotir
Black Satin C
Terra Cotta 1
Grey Twill Cc
Black Morocc
Grey Roshan:
Blue Coat, imj
Penguin Stocl
Navy Veldyn*
Black Crepe 1
Grey Krinkle
Cinnamon D'
Grey Duvetyr
Javanese Duv
Black Cantor
week brought from 25 to 35 and even
50 ceiuts in some of the more fashionable
shops yesterday.
The public will probably pay to-day
20) per cent, above the cost of carnations
in the wholesale market seven
days ago. Retailers are trying to keep
the price down, one of them said. The
highest price by the dozen was $1.
which is $1 more than they were asking
for them lust week.
Max Schltng, of Fifth avenue near
Sixtieth street, put the blame for the
increase in price on the wholesaler
and then explained tnat ine growers
)i<|d forced the wholesaler to demand
more. "The price of cut flowers depends
on the demand," Mr. Settling explained,
"and when one flower, the
earnution, is designated as the flower
to wear on Mother's Day naturally the
great demand forces the price up.
"The florists are offering other
flowerH to the purchaser, suggesting
that it is for remembrance, and the
pansy or the Vose or a narcissus. If a
white flower is desired, is just as appropriate
as a carnation and does .lot
cost so much.
SuyM It duller* I.out.
"Dast year florists sold carnations at
n loss on Mother's Day. They paid an
average of 25 cents a flower to the
wholesale dealer and often sold them
at a lower figure, and almost none went
e.,?. tkun 9K fonta The retailers
were the goat on that occasion, but they
do not intend to play the role again.
"Pansies have much more sentiment
tlian the carnation?pansies mean
thoughts?and what is more appropriate
than to wear a few pansies to show you
arc thinking of a mother wtio is gone
or one who is still living? A small
sweetheart rose is equally suitable and
sentimental, and cornflowers are being
To the question whether retailers
were going to demand $6 a dozen for
carnations to-day, Mr. Sehling replied
that the price was too much, that carnations
were not worth that figure even
In view of the extraordinary demand.
Mr. Sehling will have'two flower girls
stationed in front of his shop this morning,
each carrying a tray of boutonnieres
of pansies, cornflowers, sweetheart
roses, narcissi, poetlca and other
small blooms, which will be given away
free to the public. His object in distributing
them?and he will have 5,000
on hand?is to help along the campaign
to substitute other flowers for the prescribed
TCVonlr Af i 11 n r? rr o whr?1nonl<? flrtrlst
said that speculators and growers were
holding back quantities of carnations in
the hope of getting an even higher price
than the one asked early yesterday,
which is hn advance of 100 per cent,
ovr last week's price. The best carnations
arc sent from Massachusetts, Connecticut.
New Jersey. New York State
and Pennsylvania. There is a big supply,
he said, but if the demand continues
strong the price to-day will be high.
Officially Barn Flowers.
The Mother's Day International Asso<
iutlon of Philadelphia, whose president
is Miss Anna Jarvis, has flatly put
its foot down on all floral propaganda
for May 14, even crushing the pink and
red carnation vogue under heel. Miss
Jaivis asks that it be announced that
her association has barred flowers for
Mother's Day. "Only the official button
badge of this association will be
used hereafter," Is Miss Jarvis's statement.
She adds that through the florists and
tho American Legion, who have combined,
carnations have been boosted to
4nrl T? n/4iir
ntire Assemblage oj
Dloth and
md drastic reductions nc
rap of cloth and silk in th
>rds an opportunity fo
i these latest Creations s
; use, Summer and early
mports as well as Adapt
s and Sportswear?each
Creation?have been f
illy reduced to effect
\/DADTrn x/rvrvcT <
vn Moroccan Cape . . .
n Crepe Wrap
le Coat
'will Coat .
an Coat
ira Wrap uith Mole . . . J
t>ortcd Cloth ?
kinette Coat, Embroidered
e Coat, Embroidered Qrey <
Wrap, wieh Fringe . . .
Crepe Coat, Platinum Fox Culla
uvetyn Cape
1 Wrap, Embroidered . . *
retyn Coat
I Crepe Coat, Monfcey Collar .
Salon, Third Floor
/i^Tjjenuc at 36>JlS
MMKl {
* ' 1
j i
Anti-Bandit Guns Shown audi1
Airplanes Escort Line of f
n.uuu uuaruians o? ??a\v. | ;
! t
Mavor. in Fine Fettle, Marches <
7 b
at Head of Force and ^
Praises All. '
Bright skies and a gentle breeze con- ^
tributed to make yesterday's police n
parade one of the finest In a long succession
and there wa3 generous ap- ^
plause from the crowds that Jammed j
the sidewalks and windows of lower j h
Broadway and of Fifth avenue from i a
Fortieth street to the reviewing stand j
at Twenty-fourth street, where Mayor j j
Hylan held sway after having covered i t
the entire route of march on foot, start- "
Sng at the Battery. U
There were 6.000 men in line, per- o
haps a few mure, including the 100 ^
from the Jersev Oitv donartment and ('
forty from Yonkers. There were 5,000 j:
of the regular force, led by Chief In- V
spcctor William J. Lahey, and 1,000 of -v
the reserves, under command of Special j.
Deputy Commissioner Rodman Wan- (j
amaker. No women marched this year.
The Mayor was first in line, accom- n
patiied by John F. Sinnott, his secretary p
and son-in-law, and Lieut. Edward J. | hi
Qulnn, his aid. Commissioner Enrlght j 01
followed a few paces behind, with hisj^
secretary, Charles G. Young, and his j pf
aid, Lieut. George S. Wood. Then came , IT)
the deputy commissioners and special p,
deputy commissioners, the police band _
and Chief Inspector Lahey. mounted,
with his staff. The honor fclttalion. led
by Inspector James S. Bolan, preceded
ttie main body.
The new army Insignia recently ordered
for the higher officers of the
a dozen. "Florists seeking to get rid
I of their old stock through Mother's Pay
sales are urging the public to wear any
flower." the statement savs. "Friends
of Mother's Day are asked not to -wear
flowers, even carnations, to-morrow, but '
to wear the offic'al button, which is the :
badge of the Mother's Day Association." j
Miss Jarvis further states that the j
American Legion lias put out a Mother's
Day poster, which, she says, is really a j
florists' advertisement, supported by .
florists and distributed by them. "This
poster is official in appearance, but it is
not ours," she adds.
When Miss Jarvis's call to wear a button
instead of a flower on Mother's Day
was shown to a florist he remonstrated
"But you can't express sentiment with [
a button."
f Qunther
? T TT% A
win efFect
r unusual
uitable for
Fall wear.
tations for
model an
inally and
Original Price Final Price
155. 85.
225. 95.
225. 115.
225. 125.
250. 145.
250. 165.
275. 175.
295. 195.
Original Price Final Price
* 150. 85.
. 150. 95.
. 175. 115.
?? *(*
175. 143.
185. 135.
210. 145.
250. 150.
225. 165.
275. 175.
250. 185.
treat j
fotce, was worn for the first Unit
Chief Inspector La hey wore tt>' tw
at a t*d r?f n ma inr.cpnprn 1 irnlil insip.'i
of the army's silven the deputy chit
inspectors the single star of . brtgadiol
inspectors th-j eagle of a colonel an
Jeputy inspectors the oak leaf of
These who have watched mar/ polic
oarades rainrked how each year tl>
men are dimmer and more trhlotic ii
ippoar^nce. The militarization of th
'orce, which began under Gen B^tig
lain, has gone on to the point when i
s hard to find a really fat man in tli
vhole I In of inarch.
Saw Feature* In Parade.
.Se\era) of the deparlm-nt's new f<-i
ores were represented in the parade
fwo soap'anes. commanded by Majo
Oonald van de Water and Major Joli.
tans. Jr.. flew north with the parade
ind circled back over the reviewini
itand. The bandit gun, the Invention o
Jrlg.-Gen. J. T. Thompson, was cariin
n ire of the department's side ca
notorcycles. This is the weapon th:i
an fire 1,000 shots a minute and i:
apable of tearing an automobile t<
ileces at a distance of 500 yards An
ither sidecar carried wireless equip
'Before the parade passed In roviet
layor Hylan, accompanied by Com
tlssloner linrtght, decorated this year'
onor men. These were policemen whi
ad faced the guns of hold-up mei
nd had taken their prisoners witi
larked heroism. The Department Med
I of Honor was awarded to Timoth:
Connell, acting detective sergeant
he Bhinelander Medal for Valor b
iandall J. McCarthy, acting deteetiV'
ergeant: the Isaac IBell Medal fo
travery to William Seckingej, actini
etectlve sergeant; the Peter F. Bel
ledal to John F. McLaughlin, actini
etectlve sergeant: the Automobile Clul
f America Medal to Patrolman Danle
i. Shine; the Walter Scott Medal fo
alor to Patrolman Louis A. Pick; thi
lartln J. Sheridan Medal for Valor t<
atrolman Dennis J. Rodgers, and thi
irooklyn Citizens -Medal to Sergean
harles F. Walsh.
Mayor Hylan, In making the pres
ntation. said: "The Police Depart
lent .is the city's first line of defense
or mori than two generations yoi
five never failed in the enforcemeni
law and order in the city of N'etv
ork. The State or Federal troops have
Jt been called to your assistance. The
dice are now receiving the encourageent
which their swift and skillful apehension
of wrongdoers long since
w~- ~~
tet i
wf *
A one-piece, slip-o
white blouse wit
It is a simple, snu
lavender or gold r
A white vcstcc w
for the sleeve arc
slip-on frock of
or black and wh
Pearl buttons, a
length white par
silk frocjc that
black with white.
; $
SUNDAY, MAY 14, 19!
j required. The District Attorneys are !
0 now promptly bringing to trial and the j
1 courtb are meting out severe and speedy ;
if punishment to the criminals appre- i
r, hended by the police. The unstinted
'V praise and support of all the right j
a thinking people of New York have never j
been lacking."
e ! Medals Meat From France.
11 I
t On behalf of the French Government |
. i Gaston Liebert, Consul-General, pre- '
t sented to eleven members of the force !
medals awarded the Paris police, which j
lie said never before had been pre- '
sented to members of a foreign organ- !
Ization. They were being given, he
said in recognition of the courtesy and
" care shown by the police of New York
to Premier Brland. Marshal Koch and !
r Marshal .loffre upon their visits here.
1 The men who received the decorations
were Chief Inspector Lahey, Acting '
* I >eputy Chief inspector John O'Brien. '
J Lieut. James Gegan, head of the bomh j
sf|iiad. and the following detectives of
r the si|uad: Sergt. Charles Newman.
* Edward Cooper. George McCartney.
3 j Cornelius Brown, William Van Valken- !
3 burgh, Louis Herman, Christopher
Kelly and George Gilbert.
The Mayor also distributed the Rod
man Wanamaker medals for the most
efficient reserve units. These were re'
reived by Major F. T. O'Keefe, Major
E. Dixon Wiliams, Col. Frederick M.
a Thompson. Major John K. Brennan. j
n Major ieamuel E. Moore. Major* Bertha
1 K. Elder, Major Jean Barnes. Major j
" Sarah Nridlinger, Major Rose Levy and
Major Sadie Ferrler.
' Former Gov. A1 Smith sat In the first ,
p row. Among oth?rs in the stand were
j the Rev. Dr. Percy Stickney Grant, i
' Rhinelander Waldo, former Police Com- :
"j itdssioner: District Attorney Bnnton. i
r Francis D. Gallatin. Commissioner of 1
^ Parks; Herman A. Metz, former CompI
troller ; ^car-Admiral Glernon, Mr. an.I
r Mrs. Frederick Cunllffe-Owen, Miss
e , Elisabeth Marbury, Chief Magistrate
1 William A. McAdoo.
s Mayor Hylan in the morning pre- j
t : rented me widows or six ponce officers i
! killed In discharge of duty during the I
- year the medals of honor they would
- have received had they lived. The re- |
. ! cipients were Mrs. Bessie Conk, 11 S3 j
i East Ninety-second street. Brooklyn;
t Mrs. Alice Potter. 460 West 131st street : !
r Mrs. Barbara Neville, 30 Brooklyn ave- I
nue. Jamaica; r.Ma. Ellen Bridgetla, j
j 1017 Erhill road. Jamaica; Mrs. Mary ;
; Connolly, 1157 Bedford avenue. Brook- j
lyn, and Mrs. Grace Reuschle, 1348 j
i' Plimpton avenue. The Bronx.
is IBS
? Fifi
ii mi m;
I II '
1J0 I <>50
k Frocks, Si
i a Summer
Quaint print
vogue for the Ju
practical fashioi
? ^ * Ci
as any jumuiti
washable ones
combine with white - n
frock of tub silk, has a striped
:h stuped bands, buttons anc
irt, and very wearable frock, in t
md white stripes.
d" tub silks
ith tiny pearl buttons and wf
the only hits of contrast on thi
striped tub silk. In rose, lavi
ite stripes.
.ORED TUB SILKS - - - wide
white hand on the slecv
icls, in-set, arc smart features (
may he striped in blue, rose
IVnoihl Property of Film Tragrdy
Victim to Be Mold.
l?o? Anoei.es, May 13.?The persona! 1
effects of William Desmond Taylor, film
director, who was shot dead February 1, |
will be sold at public auction May 23.
These effects Include two automobiles. 1
one valued at $10,000; a piano, phonograph
and clothing.
Taylor's Jewelry will be turned over
to his daughter. Kthe! Daisy Tanner,
now in New York. This includes a
locket containing the photograph |of
Mabel Normand, motion picture actress,
who was his close friend and one of the
last persons known to have seen him
alive. The locket was Miss N'ormand's
gift to Taylor.
Horse Hair Mattresses
are the utmost in comfort,
durability and appearance.
is the highest development
of the pure horse hair mattress.
Bedding Specialist*
ifcSt $c Co*
th Avenue at 35th St.? N. Y.
?k tfto
7 ;R
i i ^r^lX a iM
3150 ' ^ ^ l^yo
ome of then
Vogue for th
:ed patterns?gay "can
I crepe de chine?these
inior Miss. And a vei
i it is, for these silks ;
fabric, far less perisha
seem to improve wi
- 16.50 FRENCH HA?
skirt and a With the simpl
I tiny tic. frock, with hat
>luc, green, new arrangeme
icmun, gciamui
lite facings As charming a
> one piece. printed crepe <
. ndcr, blue front and tiny p
unusual color <
- 21.50 COLORED PC
c, and full A smart little
>n this tub back, a bit of
, green or number of vcr
tangerine or w
), 15, 17 YEARS ? FOURTH FL
Hotel Penn
announces i
Opening of
Roof G;
Monday Evening, h
with Dinner and
Dancing Seven I
Vincent Lope
Hotel Pennsylvania Dan
For table reservations phone
i M .Jr1- l&miik
<5?00 Tyno
i Washable,
e Junior Miss
are the new
ry smart and
are as dainty
ikU* and the
ith tubbing!
icity that is French . . an entirely
id-drawn work and picotcd sashc
nt. In unusually lovely tones of o
m and Nattier blue.
frock as a young girl may wear
de chine with a velvet sash, an
?icotcd ruffles of organdy all round
round-necked frock, with a sas
hand-stitching, binding in cont
y tiny pearl buttons. In tavendc
+ + * +
iff ;l
' I. %
sylvani jj
lay Fifteenth
Supper i,
to One i
C Orchestra >
Maitre d'Hotcl
? 32-50 I j
/ hand-made $
:s in an odd
rchid, peach, /
' - 25.OO
, in quaintly
apron panel
In several
- V 15.OO '
h across the
rast and any
r, blue, green

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