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V '
Outdoor Fetes
Picturesque Westchester
Public on Saturdays i
Prevention of C
THE outdoor season lias prove
the formal life that has bee
lacking -weddings in the m
gathering at the garden parties li
Beems to have been neglected.
Much credit is due to the women
Society for the Prevention of Cr
"Garden Days," which were started
of that organization. In Westchet
gardens, some of which on Satun
are being thrown open at the small
ceeds will go a great way toward t
open night and day at 111 Warbu
shelter, care and kindness to any
. Philadelphia, where the plan was si
The first gardens opened a w
Samuel Untermyer, at Greystone, Yc
place is Edgemont, in Tarrytown.
collection of gardens, and it seems
the other. There is the classic Gr
rose gardens, each- claiming specia!
Mr. Detmer is one of the foreni
and his rock garden just now furn
to others, with its plants that sprint
of pink, white, yellow and lavende
the largest collection of such plant
yesterday was that at Petronia, In
Gilman Nichols, whose tulip gBrden
they were viewed with delight by
The other gardens to be viewe<
Mrs. Louis S. Levy, whose rock gi
Mrs. I. Newton Spiegelberg, at Mira
cliff; Mr. E. E. Smathers, at Elmers
Crow's Nest, Bronxvllle, and Mr. Jc
Mrs. George Arents, Jr., Hillbrook
Chauncey, and finally those of Mi
Briarcliff are famed all over the L
S. Brewster's ggrden at Avalon, on C
trips of inspection add considerab
fine days.
Under most favorable auspices
of the International Garden Club wi
old Bartow mansion, one of the fe
the city limits, and for three hour;
Via imnneincr nntrnncp nf thr* mnns
members in compliment to the nowly
Mrs. L?dward Ringwood Hewitt,
Parker, vice-president, receive^ the
was served, Mrs. Robert Waller ai
Airs. H. Clinton Backus had in adva
?tion, which marked an era in the
in such an attractive spot.
In the great hall of the house, tl
the same as when it was thd hon
greeted by Misses Mary Alice Bai
Hoppin and Beatrice Gawtry, who,
Hat baskets filled with carnations,
rooms, the guests made their way t
den, with a vjew of Pelham Bay in
sisters. Dutch girls, danced and sang
country?wooden shoes and all. &
members of the club are to be cong
There will be another opportunlt
2,">. when the board of managers and
Zoological Society will hold their an
Museum and their annual garden
been sent out.
The trip to the "Zoo" gives pic
iheir elders, and It has for years b<
rule there has been excellent weathe
ever has been a postponement. Mri
dent of the auxiliary, has a faculty
on such an occasion and she receive
Other members of the auxiliary
Reese Hoyt, J. Francis A. Clark, A
Morgan, Ralph Sanger, I^orenzo Dai
Walter E. Maynard, Henry M. Til
Martin, Richard Trimble, Reginald
M. TownRond, Arthur Fowler, Steph
Grant, Alexunder S. Webb. W. Pie
Whitnpy, J. Borden Harrlman, Will
Thomas Hastings, Misses Eleanor d<
Whltrldge. Prof. Osborn is presidei
presidents being Messrs. Madison On
Aside from the attractions offe
"Zoo," which are always inspected
the Administratis Building nnd on
reception a regimental band will pla;
Those who motored out to the (
sculptor George Grey Barnard const
avenue, were much entertained by t
poetic play of the Crusades, which
fragments, statues, gems of Ironwr
Mr. Barnard in the south of Fran
permission of the French Govemmet
Mrs. Henry P. Loom is was the
the benefit of the American Ouvroir
orphans of the French army and nat
play: Sydney Thompson, Emma Shei
elates, who were heard In the produc'
therefore practically all the receipts 1
Unfortunately all these treasun
are likely to be dispersed, as the lar
for homes. It was an unusual event
in succession, tho final performance
the only modern note was that, furnlt
garb, which contrasted strangely v
?nt Ik. Tk.
anil Miss Aileen Tone to the accom
period. Mrs. E. Henry HArriman. M
members of the French colony of Ne
Mr. and Mrs. William Wlckham ]
their marriage In March, returned
During their absence they traveled
later going to Itome and motoring In
they received attention from the Kl
them at several entertainments.
Just after the armistice Mr. HofT
was made Military Attache In the A
the King and Queen made their visit
in their suite. Afterward he reslgni
sailing for home Mr. and Mrs. Ho
London. This afternoon a luncheon
Messrs. Albert L., Murray and F.
Locust Valley, not far from the Plpli
marriage was Miss Katharine Miller
Norton Miller.
Mr. and Mrs. Howard C. Hroka'
and Kdna Brokaw, have gone to the
v|1le. L. J., where they will remain
June 24. They will remain abroad
Long island before returning to 984
Begin With
Garden Parties
County Places Opened to
n Aid of the Society for
ruelty to Children.
id a decided and welcome variation to
n led by society for many month* and
onth of May no opportunity to Join a
1 the suburban sections of New York
i's committee of the Westchester County
ueuy to cnuaren wno organized tne
1 a week ago yesterday, for the benefit
iter county there are many wonderful
lays throughout this month and next
admission fee of 50 cents, and the prohe
upkeep of the refuge, which is kept
rton avenue, Tonkers, to give aid and
child in need. The idea originated in
uccessfully carried out a year ago.
reek ago yesterday were those of Mr.
inkers, and Mr. Julian F. Detmer, whose
The garden at Greystone is really a
as if each one is more beaufiful than
eek garden, then the water, tulip and
1 attention.
tost authorities in landscape gardening,
ishes not only pleasure but suggestions
I up among the rocks, with their masses
ir blossoms. Mr. Detmer probably has
is in this country. The garden opened
Rye, the country place of Mrs. William
is are famed throughout the county, and
1 on succeeding Saturdays are those of
srden is at Beacon Hill, Dffbbs Ferry;
imont Court, Sleepy Hollow road, Briarlan,
Purchase; Mrs. Frank R. Chambers,
ihn A. Browning, Sunnyholm, Ossining;
, nye; mra. waiter uuugiass, uienaim,
p. W. W. Law, whose rose gardens at
United States, and Mr. and Mrs. Robett
Proton Lake road, in Mount Kisco. Such
ily to the pleasures of motoring these
the annual reception and garden party
is held last Wednesday afternoon at the
w Colonial structures yet extant within
i In succession autoinobiles rolled up to
Ion in which the reception was held by
elected president and board of governors,
the new president, and Judge Alton 6.
many guests, and in the orangery tea
id Mrs. Lewis B. Guwtry at the table,
nee arranged many details of th'e recepexistence
of the club, which is located
io interior decorations of which are much
le of the original owners, guests were
rnev. Cornelia Llvington. May Gallatin
in attractive spring: attire, held large
Passing through the hall and drawing
0 the terrace overlooking the tulip garthe
background, and there the Antzenius
dressed in the quaint costumes of their
luslc ad-fed to the enjoyment and the
ratulat'.d on so great a success.
y for an outing on the afternoon of May
1 the Ladies' Auxiliary of the New York
nual reception in the Heads and Horns
party, invitations for which have Just
asure not only to juveniles but also to
sen a fixture of the May season. As a
r, and one does not remember that there
s. Henry Fairfield Osbom, who is preslof
drawing her many friend's together
!3 on the lawn facing the administration
are Mmes. George F. Baker, Jr.. Henry
irthur Iselln, Richard Stevens, Plerpont
nlels, Finley J. Shepard. Marshall Field,
Iford, W. B. Osgood Field, Shelton E.
Fincke, William White Niles, Edward
en H. Oiin, W. V. 8. Thorne, Dc Forest
rson Hamilton, Percy R. Pyne, George
lam Q. Rockefeller, William Woodward,
o Graff Cuyler, Mary Parsons and Joan
it of the board of managers, the viceint
and Frank K. Sturgis.
red In the various departments of the
with Interest, tea will be served in
the lawn, and during the hours of the
the medieval chapel which the
ructed on his place in Fort Washington
he production of "Clouds of the Sun," a
was produced in the midst of medieval
>rk sculptures and effigies collected by
ce and brought here by him with the
moving spirit in obtaining the play for
Funds, that contribute to the support of
ry. Isabel Ftske Conant, who wrote the
ridan Fry, Harry Irvine and their assotlon,
all generously donated their talents,
went to the fund.
:s of the time that Charlemagne lived
id on which they stand will be required
. that attracted audiences for three days
taking place last Sunday afternoon, and
died by the audiences in their up to date
dth the surroundings and the colorful
music, sung by the Duchess de Richelieu
panlment of harp and flute, was of the
Irs. Charles B. Alexander and numerous
w York were among the spectators.
Hoffman, who went to Europe soon after
last week on board the Mauretanla.
extensively. They motored In Algiers,
Italy. They also went to (Brussels, where
ng and Queen of the Belgians, who had
man, then n Major In the regular army,
merican Embassy at Brussels, and when
here Major Hoffman toured tha country
->d his commission In the army. Before
ffman passed some time In Paris and
will be given for them by his brothers,
Burrall Hoffman, Jr., at their place In
fig Rock Club. Mrs. Hoffman before her
, only daughter of Dr. and Mtb. CJcorge
w and their daughters, the Misses Julia
Chimneys, their country place in Brookiintll
soiling on board the Olympic on
until the autumn, when they will go to
Fifth avenue.
a/iD 3
?> ? ?
[ Interested in 1
Wr lUBk
\ WW*' \gxMt
Kl RBY /
? X/?0MA.WOO&. O UXO<
MZZ^s of Blossoms
Charm Motorists
in the Berkshires
Mrs. Schuyler Van Rensselaer,
a Newcomer to Lenox, Will
Occupy the Sturgis Villa.
Special Dispatch to The Nsw Yo?k Hhhald.
Lenox, Mass., May 13.
Automobile trips through the
Berkshire* have a special
charm just now, for the apple
trees are in blossom. Orchards on
the great estatee are masses of white
and pink blooms. The 6,000 trees on
Mr. Frederick O. Crane's Flintstone
Farm at Dalton are worth going far
to see and the drive up through the
New Ashford Valley to Willtamstown
is especially rich in flowering orchards.
The Berkshlres never are more fascinating
than during' apple blossom
A newcomer In Lenox this season
will be Mrs. Schuyler Van Rensselaer,
who Is to occupy Clipston Orange on
Kemble street, the villa of Mr. Frank
K. Sturgis. Her near neighbors will
he Mrs. John E. Alexandre and Mrs.
Henry Wlnthrop Gray. The George
Grlswold Haven place is next north of
Clipston Grange, and it is understood
Mr. and Mrs. J. Woodward Haven are
to occupy it this fall upon their return
from Europe.
Mrs. W. Roscoe Bonsai was at the club
during the week while dlrei'tina changes
upon her gardens at Ventfort Hall, the
Junius spencer .nursan caiaie, on which
she h?3 a lease.
Arrivals at the Red Lion Inn at Storkbridge
Include Mrs. Livingston L. Diddle
and her mother, Mrs. Ernest Law of
Philadelphia; Mrs. Dwight Arv.in Jones
and Mrs. Henry E. Cobb of New Tork.
Miss Alice M. Longfellow of Cambridge,
who was at the Inn. left on Tuesday for
Millbrook, N. T.
Among those who opened tholr villas
this week were Mr. and Mrs. Rosa
Wlnans Whistler, Hidden House at
Lenox; Mr. and Mrs. William Penn
Cresson, the Dormouse at Stockbrldge:
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Word Dunn, the
Roost at Stockbrldge; Brle.-Oen. James
Brattle Burbank and Mrs. Burbank.
Brattle Farm at Plttsfleld-; Mlsa Marie
O. Kobbe, the artist, and her sister, Mlsa
Helen J. Kobbe, the Yale hometu-ail at
Stockbrldge ; Hlshop Thomas Frederick
Davles and rlster. Miss Marlon IMvles,
the Bgleston house at Lenox; Mr. and
Mrs. William Van Brunt Flndlcy, Bel
Air at Lenox.
Dr. and Mr* Donald B. Sinclair of
New York have leased the Phi Sigma
Kappa fraternity house at Wllllamstown
for the summer, ami Mr. William C.
Redfleld, former Secretary of Commerce,
has taken Mrs. Charles H. Wilson's cottage,
As You Like It, op-William street,
in Plttsfield.
Mr. N. Henry Sabln of New York la
to open Thornwood, at Wllllamstown, tomorrow.
Ills son-in-law and daughter,
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Hopkins of New
York, are to spend the summer with
Mrs. James W. Watson and sister,
! Mrs. Luey Ward Collins of New York,
! are nt Harrods, In Stockbrldge, for three
I weeks.
[COPYRIGHT, 1 8 2 2, BY THE ?
T J _ 4 '
rhis Week's Street Fair ,
M jfe^ -?
J,' -V- J
Notable Weddir
Both in t
Miss Mary B. Polhemus to Beconie
Bride of Mr. Murray
Olipliant on June fi.
JUNE will have Its full quota of
weddings, some taking place In
town while others will be celo-;
I brated In the country, at the summer
homes of the prides' parents, or In the
little neighborhood church with Its
j picturesque surroundings, and In many
Instances.Just large enough to accommodate
one's relatives and most Intl- 1
mine trienun, nui wun mine n-iri/uuiin
always following, which, weather permitting,
are held on the lawns. One
of tho early June weddings In town
will bo that of Miss Mary Bnrtow Pol- 1
hemus, daughter of tho late Mr. and
Mrs. Henry M. J'olhemus. She will be
married to Mr. Murray Olyphant of
Englewood, N. J., on June 6 In the 1
chapel of St. Bartholomew's Church. 1
Tho ceremony will he performed by
Dun Howard Chandler Robbing, as- .
sisted by flic rector, the Rev. Dr. j
Lelghton Parks. Thsre will ho no re-; ,
ceptlon. Miss PolAcmus, who will be
AY, MAY 14, 1922.
ins or
\rranged by the Associ
M|^K w
jHl^p::- x^ _ HK?an
H^AaV Photo by CAA4raeu.u//Mr %*&$
B^BJ|vv\ sruo/om y^SaWLv
PHOTO ly IP A I Hilt
igs in Society t(
he City and at
Riven away by her brother, Mr. Henry |
Martin Polhemus, will have only one
attendant, Mrs. Hodman Ottder.
Mr. Olyphant, who is a son of Mr.
and Mrs. P. Murray Olyphant of Fncienburi?.
Knsrlewood, will have Mr.
Ames Brooks for hia best man. There
will he two ushers. Mr. Allan Poster
and Mr. Robert M. Olyphant.
The engagement of Mies Polhemu*
and Mr. Olyphant was announced only
a few days ago. Miss Pclhemus was
graduated from Barnard and served
overseas as a hospital aid during the
war. Her mother was Miss Katherlne
MrKIm Bartow. She makes her borne
with her brother at 164 Kast Fortysixth
Mr. Olyphant was graduated from
Princeton In 1905 and during the wnr1
was a lieutenant In the United States
Ambulance Service with the French
army. Me Is a member of the Princeton
Club anil of the Sons of the Revolution. I
Another wedding In town next month
for which Invitations will soon he sent
out will he that "f Miss Klizaheth Mlnot i
Clarke, daughter of Mr. Charles Kdea j
F. Clarke, and Mrs. Chainherlaln Clarke, 1
to Mr. John. F. Jrlke, Jr., son of Mr. and
Mrs. John F. Jelke of Chicago. It. will
he a small wedding and will take place
nn June 1 In one of the chapels of the
Cathedral of St. John the Divine. A ;
iation for the Aid of Cri
II \\ *
f // ii'i^
AspE^y^MH^HHB^Hrv * ijHKI
?>Mjm M E M e>ER. of
*&/7lS The CI ROUS
lli^ ufJ0E.fi v\/Of O ??
J\\\ < f UH 0K0VUOOO .// y
) Take Place
Country Places
Miss Mi Id rod L. Hunting' to Ho
Mnrriod at Summer Homo?
E n gagome n t s A n n ou n eod.
rei-eptlon will follow at Sherry's. Mis*
Clarke conns of distinguished New England
ancegtry. She Is' a grandnteoc of
Dr. George Mlnot Uarlanb and of the
late Dr. Myron l* Chamberlain of Boston.
She Is a granddaughter of Dr.
Cyrus M. Chamberlain of Andovcr,
One of the out of town weddings next
month Will be that of Mien Mildred L.
Hunting, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Walter
Channlng Hunting of 147 West
Fifty-fifth street. to Mr. Perrlval H.
llowe, Jr.. of Ronton. It will take place
at the country home of Mr. and Mr*.
Hunting in Central Valley, N. V., on
Juno 24.
On the name day Miss Constance
Fahyn, datighter of Mr. and Mm.
OJoorge K. Fahyn. will become the bride
of Mr. 3. Watnon Down en of Baltimore.
Theirs will be a country wedding also,
and will take place at Hllalre. the home
of her parents at Rocugt Valley, I*. I.
Continued on Page Twelve.
) Society?Drama?5
Children j "
: ' I
Sb^c \ st
*g w*i
1 fl<
I ?i
> c<
IJ ^ h
Calendar of Social ?
i ri
Events for the Week l
; T
' ti
, T O U A Y ? Mrs. Hamilton McK. I e
Twombly, a luncheon a. Florham, 1 a
her. country place In Convent. N. J. , ri
Messrs. Albert L. and Murray | I)
Hoffman, luncheon at their sum- j tl
mer place In Locust Valley. j M
Dr. and Mrs. Preston Pope Sat- j d
terwhlte, Martin Hail, Great Neck, j M
L. I., a luncheon. 1 v
TUESDAY? Openintr of the Street t
Fair for the benefit of the Asso- ^
elation for the Aid o.* Crippled | g
Children, plazas in Park avenue. ;
from Forty-sixth to Fiftieth street, A
afternoon and evening- ! a
Marriage of Miss Usteile Cam- k
pion Durham, daughter of Mr. and
Mrs, Thomas Claude Durham, to 1
Mr. William Ilrevoirt Potts. Jr., |
chapel of St. Thomas's Church, af- ^
ternoon. ; f.
Wedding of Miss Kathleen Fits- j
simmons, daughter of Mr. and Mrs.
John Fltssimmons, and Mr. Theo- . y
dore K. Jack, Church of St. Igna- a,
tius Loyola. j J
W K I) N E S l? A Y?Continuation of V
Street Fair In Park aveutie. **'
"Sale of laces in aid of Italian ; J,
Industries, home of Mrs. Robert *"
Uoolct, S20 Fifth avenue.
Marriage of Miss Antoinette W. A
K. Graves, a daughter of Mr. and 1 ^
Mrs. W. Leon Graves of this city. ''
to Major Robert Charles Frederick ^
Goetz, U. S. A., at the home of her (aunt.
Mrs. Charles B >ughton Wood. *'
Washington, D. C.
T H I.' USD A Y?Continuation of Street m
Fair. Park avenue. ei
Marriage of Miss Beatrice Sack- 1*
ett. daughter of Mr. and Mrs. pi
Charles A. Sackett, to Mr. Alfred
Purdy Hodgman, First Presby- pi
terian Church, afternoon. w
SATI RDAY?Wedding of Miss Ellz- fc
aheth Brockie, daughter of Mr*. *|
William O. Wortffi, ant Mr. Rich- ,n
ardaon Dllworth, n ^on of Mr. and ]ji
Mrs. Joseph R. DP worth of this 01
city. f<t. I,uke's Church, German- 01
town. Pa., morning. Is
; d>
V /
?? -? ?: :?? | m
Charities Board Honors
W. Rhinelander Stewart
A luncheon was Riven at the Rite- K
' Carlton Tuesday for Mr. William "i
Rltlnclander Stewart by the present and a!
j former rnembera of the State Hoard of
i Charities in reeoanitlon of his fortieth
year as a member of the State Board , Si
of Charities. Me was first appointed by ^
Gov. Alonzo Cornell |n 1S81! and h?? ' rn
served continuously since, A bronze hi
statue representing "Determination"
was presented to Mr. Stewart. Mr. ^
William II. Gratwlck. vice-president of j ci
the board, made the presentation speech. | B
Among those present were Mr. Ban- bl
Jamln Walworth Arnold, Princess Miguel cj
Braganza, Mr. Snowden A. (Fahn*stock, 1 H
Mr. Frank A. Fetter, Dr. I^ee K. Frankel.
Mr. George J. Gillespie. Mrs. Mary j,.
; W. Glynn, Mr. William H. Gratwlck, Mr. ' vl
I/edyard P. Hale, Mr. Kleanor W. Mlg- [ hi
ley. Dr. J. Richard Kevin. Messrs. Dud- ! H
ley H I^awrenee, Ceylon II. 1>ewla. Paul | II
S. T.lvermorc and Herman A. Metz. Dr. j PI
James H. Murphy, MV. Nicholas M. j Bl
Peters, Mr. Vlct?,* F. Bidder, Dr. <>
Joshua M. Van Ctitt and Mrs. Hllllc j
Boiler Werner.
1 usic?Art?Fashions,
;ls?A u to mobiles.
Street Fair for
Crippled Children
Opens on Tuesday
hrcc Thousand Unfortunate
Little Ones Will Be Benefited
by Receipts.
[T has required a tremendous
amount of courage on the part
of the women who have under.ken
the Street Fair to be held for
iree days beginning next Tuesday
1 the plazas in Tark avenue, extendi
g from Forty-seventh to Fiftietli
As practically all expenses up to
ite have been covered, the bone:iary,
which will be the Association
ir the Aid of Crippled Children, will
?t a satisfactory sum, ana no aoum
big amount. Mrs. Arthur B. Claflin,
ho has proved her efficiency In simir
entertainments, has been of great
d to members of the various comittecs,
whose names would fill several
The association for twenty years lias
oked after helpless and crippled chil-en
and now has under its care nearly
000 little ones. Mrs. Edgar S. Auchinoss.
Jr.. is president of the assoclaon
and Miss Elsie Schefer vicelairman.
That part of the avenue set aside for
le fair presents an uwonted appearance
nd it will be hung with thousands of
nterns which women of society have
sen stenciling for days at the headuarters
of the fair committee. From
le beginning It was planned that the
itlre fair would be underwritten, but
inations have been far greater than w as
tpected. materials, labor and money
aving been so generously given that
^ery cent taken In will go to the cause.
Xanirrona Attractions.
There will be attractions of almost
. ery sort, from a circus to a soda water
>untaln. Books, paintings, articles for
rnament and household, cigarettes,
owers, garden supplies and pottery will
e on sale and there will be a theater,
dancing pavilion, restaurant, tea booth
nd a dolls' fashion show. Even tho
adiophone has not been overlooked.
Children will be interested In the Alice
n Wonderland Hut in charge of Mrs.
lenry B. Barnes. This will bo a little
ouse with lots of toys and not e: ,
nes. At the "Mad Tea Tartj \ <
erself will be present each at
nd so will the King and <Ji .
lends created by I^ewls Carrol
lassie for children. On Tuesd
irhlte Rabbit, Miss Ruth Poc
'uchess. Miss Rosemary Barnt
wo of Spades, Master Henry S>
ie Five of Spades, Master 1
larnes; the Seven of Spades,
rthur Richards. Wednesday, th
is and the Carpenter, Masters M
'odge, Jr.. and Henry B. Barne
te Mad Hatter, Miss Anne Full!
[arch Hare. Master Peter Blanc,
ay, the Hatter. Miss Anne 1
larch Hare. Master Ounton V
fhite Queen, Miss Marjorie C
Thite Knight. Master I>ansdon
wcedle Dee and Tweedle Hum, V
obert and Clarkson Cammarin an.i M.a*
.nima Palmer. Miss Barbara Child anfl
[Iss Frances Auchlncloss will each be
lice one day. Miss Bllzabeth I'OsS
nd Miss Sturgls will receive as the
,'ing and Queen every day.
Claarrltr Hootli.
Miss Pauline Robinson, who has oranized
the cigarette booth has been
>rtunate enough to obtain the cooperaon
of many friends In Its management,
t will bo decorated by Mr. Francis I/.
'. Hoppin. one of the best known
rchitects of New York. Miss Roblr>n
also will have the assistance of
Irs. Stuart F. Voss, who on the co.i?rt
stage Is known as Nina Tarasova.
idtng as saleswomen will be Princess
ran cesco Ro* glloal, Mmes. Lewis
telln. Harrv Horton Benkard. William
M. Burden, A. J. Drexel Middle. Jr.;
hlllp Boyer, James Lowell Putnam,
harles A. Van Rensselaer. O. Carley
lavemeyer, Horatio S. Shonnsrd.
harles S. Whitman. Rradish O. John*
>n, Robert E. Tod. Francla L. V. HopIn.
Henry C. de Rham. Jr.. and Eugene
. Reynal. Not only have there been
inny donations of cigarettes but also
garettc cases of gold, silver or fine
ather. as well a a many of the apurtenances
of the smoker's outfit.
Miss Afcby Putnam Morrison, who is
resident iojLthe Woman's Radio League,
ill Wtvcl one, of the interesting booths
he ps titdre will be little sets of radios
>r visiters to use and "listen In." The
aff of >the Yiwuger Set, a magazine
voted to farying interests of modern
fe, lias i bpen appointed the official
gan -of U)<\ league and in the pages
' this r^bazine monthly Information
to be Wiind as to the latest radio
Among members of the executive comittee
of the magazine who are to asst
Miss Morrison are Mrs. Francis
ihlte, Mrs R. Dana Skinner, Mrs,
enton Taylor. M"rs. J. Theus Munds,
re Rodney W. Williams, Misses 'ilory
Nomas. Edith Mlmonrls. Helen Morsn,
atherlne Colby. Dorothy Height, Adeic
Hatch and Iconic Knoedler, as well
i debutantes of the last season.
Pictures by Artists.
Through the efforts of Jlrj. Wa|!*e
j 111 vh n or? hundred picture* by aomn
' the beet known artists have hern
mated, and these will be sold at prh "g
inning from 1500 down. These ptttui wj
ive been Insured for Jo.000 and wr*
lown last week at the hop ' Vrx.
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enrv W. Carton, George Helios . i
. Carlson. William F. Kline. t
iehols. Hen Foster, l.eonard <
rederlok J. Waugh. H. Giles. V
He Smith, Carl Rutins, WllJIat
ieh-l/cvy, George Bruestle, BS.
utohlson, Frederick J. Mulhauj ' ?.
enry Snell. Miss Anna Fisher. 1 '
lexotto. Kdward Dufrvr, Hilda I
Hint Torn y. Miss Theresa lier i
rlando Houland, William M, De?rt
Continued on Pago Four.

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