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m we held
Chicago Police Get Further
Confessions and Plan
Speedy Trials.
semi-Military Rites for Two
Policemen Slain by
Decries Lawlessness of 'Beasts
of Unionism Who Prey Upon
the Lawabiding.'
>pc'ial Dispatch to The New York Herald.
| Chicago, May 13.?while Chief of
police Fltzmorris to-day was attempting1
to run to earth, through the reI'orted
confessions of three men, the
actual slayers of the two policemen
hot to death during Tuesday night's
hot* bombings, hundreds of persons
: aid final honors to the victims of
he gunmen.
Impressive ceremonies of a semiilitary
character marked the funerals
of Lieut. Lyons and Patrolman
'larke, tho two victims, held simul
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None of the above
taneously at their respective hoaies ]
and churches.
i The Rev. Father W. L. Frawley, in
his sermon at the services conducted
for Patrolman Clarke, decried the
lawlessness of "the beasts of unionism
who prey upon the lawabiding."
"X do not mean to say that I am opposed
to unionism in an orderly man1
uer. I feel that it is, in its entirety, a
noble, a Just and a gocd thing," said
the priest. "liut when the hoodlums
arid the lawless break forth on a mad
orgy of crime I lose faith in organizations
of that kind."
Meanwhile steps were being taken by
| both the prosecution and the defense to
bring about a speedy trial of '"Big Tim"
Murphy, Fred Mnder, "Con" Shea and
flte others indicted for the double killings,
Attorneys for Murphy and Mader
r.npeared before Judge Kiokham ScanIan
to ask him to assign the case to a
Jrdge at once. lie agreed to do so on
Dozen More Rounded Up.
The police Questioned more than a
dozen men rounded up during the night.
They are said to have been picked up
on information given in a statement by
Harry ("Smash") Hansen, who declined
to accept liis freedom on a habeas
corpus writ, saying he "preferred to remain
in the custody of the police."
Isddor Braverman and Robert M. McCloud,
both under indictment, are the
others who are said to have furnished
the police with valuable information.
Secrecy has been thrown about the
reported confessions and the Information
on which the new arrests were made, but
It is said the developments strike a
definite blow at the "Big Three," Murphy,
Madcr and Shea. a3 leaders of the
terrorist warfare against Bandls award
workers. Shea was turned over to the
Sheriff to-day and placed In a cell at
the county Jail, where Murphy and
Mader are held.
It was intimated that information
regarded as of great value to the police
in their war on crooked labor officials
has been pouring into the detective bureau.
The names of the new suspects
were closely guarded, but it was Indicated
by the police that they were
greatly pleased with the clews given by
tho men. Their names have not been
mentioned in connection with the investigation
thus far.
Ilelease Prevented.
One official said the newest prisoners
cannot be reached through habeas corpus
iris'and Youn
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ce $22.5
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f Stockings? sizes 14 to iS
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ce $29.5
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n's Pajamas? Trimmed and
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ce Si
felt hats and golf caps at grcatk
goods will be sent en approval
iltry be returned for credit..
; pini
th Avenue at 56th Si
proceedings or through any other legal
means until the police are willing to
take them Into court to make their
| damaging statements against union officials.
A resolution was unanimously passed'
to-day at a meeting of the affiliated '
clubs of Chicago, tendering; the wholc
hearted support and sympathy of the
! siMy-two civic bodies and clubs comprisj
ing that organization to the Superinten
d?nt of Police, the tjtutcs Attorney ano 1
i vinci mn Ci.iuivnife
with the responsibility of auppresmn;;
the dangerous element represented by j
the "bomb murders."
One hundred representatives of the
clubs attended the meeting.
The club members in their resolution |
called on all citizens of Chicago also
to give their support to the officers of !
the law in an effort to punish the malo- '
factors responsible for tiie murders of
the two policemen.
Freeport Man First Convicted
Under New State Law.
At a trial at Freeport, I,. T.. yesterday
in the Justice's Court, before Judge John- ;
son, James Pisciotta, proprietor of the ,
Eagle Shoe and Repair Shop, was found
guilty of unlawfully renting out and !
selling Long Island Railroad commuta- j
tion tickets and was fined $250.
This is the ilrst conviction brought j
about by the Long Island Rullroad Company
under the law enacted April 5, j
1S22, by the New York State Legisia- .
lure maiiing u a misaemcanor 10 mis
use commutation tickets and other 1
transportation sold at reduced rates, j
Violation of this law Is punishable by j
imprisonment In a penitentiary or county j
jail for not more than one year, or by a j
fine of not more than $300, or by both.
It has been estimated that about 200 I
monthly commutation tickets are being:'
unlawfully used for passage between i
Freeport and New York and between i
Freeport and Brooklyn. The commuta- <
tion rate between Freeport and Penn- !
sylvanla station Is $11.61 a month, or j
about 39 cents a round trip. As the ;
round trip excursion rate between the !
same two points is $1.76, the railroad !
company actually loses $1.37 every time
a round trip is made by a person mis
using a commutation ticket. ;
i 16th
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VA i
3{ 4 . , ' ' 4i\i i 5'ft '?>
Further Testimony Given
About Financing of Miners'
Armed March.
Ciiaai.es Town, W. Va.. May 13
(Associated Press).?The mate expects
to close its case against William Bllzznid
on a charge of reason next
Wednesday or Thursday, A 1. Belcher,
chief prosecution counsel, announced in
court to-day. H, W". Houston, chief
defense attorney, said he wished to know
in order to notify some witnesses.
Walter Morris of Coal Fork, a union
miner, said he heard of 'lie killing of
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A Sal
at the one a
25.00 ^j|| Lai
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iilMilmi lllilllii |I' ? ifli iii'i?ih: sick. K" 'iC.l,.
, SUNDAY, MAY 14, 3
! a man named Gwyun tna i.ight after |
: "Mother" Jones made h<;r aneeoh. The '
following morning ho ?av.' the body j
being taken out, he aJdcd, but on cross- i
i examination admitted he Jtnev/ nothing
| of how the man met death a. ! tins not
i positive who he was. Crcs*-examination ;
i also brought, out that lie heard only of j
the Intention of organizing niiu?* workers !
in Login and Minto eountien A ml nothing
of plans by men at Marmot tc nullify
martial luw.
The State delved ngaln into the nsr
of union funds in connection with the ,
march against l,ogan county. Walter ,
! Uuncock of Dry Branch testifying thai 1
the local to which he belonged gave $1150 |
! for the purpose.
j "What did you promise to bo let out |
of Jail in Logan county without hond ;
' after you had been charged with inur- s
j dcr?" he was asked, and after answer- i
] ing that ho made no promises, sai l: I
"You'll have to go over and ask Don i
I Chafin."
| The State reexamined to show thai
I Hancock took ho part hi the second'
i march In connection with which the mur!
der charges w ere lodged,
j G. W. Akers testified that n coin
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is strong, heavy 1
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Men's Bags in g<
Sizes 18 and 20 in<
wmrmr .rat- rw? wnwmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
mlttoe from the local union there rett'.ed i
a bill for JO-' for s-upplh h tali n one ,
nitflit during the march from the etore '
of the Itoone County l'oa.1 Corporation.
Under crcsn-examinatlun lu- unid tu*
heard ariir.nl men in ArjjofMan tleelure
they were going to rcleubt) prironcr.i in
Mingo county and do awuj with martia!
law. ,
nntmi r-r antrc wo a*Tr: CTT
tuiuuo yy awa.oh.t_ a-a.
I'lsiS I'llfN Ovi'P Inland \\hl*''i
Dominion Ma j * I'. S. Dlncm ered.
Ottawa, Ont., May 13.?Tito Canadian
Government maintains the position tliat ;
Wrange 11 Island is part of Canada's territory,
the Canadian flag now flics over j
the island end an expedition is being
prepared to go up there. This was ti e
declaration of the Crime Minister. \V.
J j, Mackenzie Kins', when the Commons
Inst night voted $13.OOP for patrol of
the northern waters of Canada.
Hugh Guthrie, former Minister of
Militia, said there was no doubt that the I
United S'.atea would mala* eluitfi to the j
island on the grounds of previous dis- _
co very. ! ?
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from 7x1
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r comprise a superb <jr
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lensive assortmetu of BsstOia
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er Bass
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SILO, Auctioneer
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