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FreJiifflni.vsen Gets Runs
yon Indorsement at Peace
President Goes Golfing: as
Others Attend Senator's
She nnd Others of Washington ^
Party Have Luncheon at
Atlantic City.
Special Pis/fatrh to Tub New York Herai.d.
Atlantic City. May 13.?The Runyon
and Frelinghiwsen forces amons j
New Jersey Republicans will unite in
the primary under the leadership of
President Harding.
There was a peace meeting and political
rally at the Seaview Golf Club
at Absecon this afternoon when, the ?
party chieftains gathered to greet the
President. Senator Edge, who is entertaining
Mr. Harding and other
guests from Washington, assembled a
the leaders of Atlantic county and '
Atlantic .City to greet the President.
Prominent Republicans from other e
sections attended. Among them was 1
William M. Runyon, State Senator, of v
Plainfield, who has no opposition for 1
^he Republican nomination for Governor.
For some time Northern New Jersey 0
leaders have been proclaiming that the e
Runyon forces would conduct their fc
campaign independent of the workers t
for Frelinghuysen ar\d would not get x
out In 4+ie primary. Mr. Runyon declared
that he would stand with the 1
Senator and that the Runyon forces t
would work for Freylinghuysen in the
primary. j.
The Jersey leaders were at the club
house when the President finished his r
first round of golf. Senator Edge pre- 1
sentrd him to the meeting and the Pres- p
ident reaffirmed the indorsement he c
gave to the senior New Jersey Senator
last night, before n gathering of the ^
women's Rcpnb!i< an clubs. g
The President made no speech, but
told of the necessity of party organlzatiiw)
and supppirt of the party leaders e
H<Preiter> ted that he bad no better sup- j n
port In Washington than that of the i g
New Jersey Senators and said th y j,
should be supported. i j,
Senator Fre'inenuysen declared his j.
candidacy and asked the support of Atlantlc
County, the home county of Sen g
ator Edge, where Frelinghuysen was
sc.pposed to be weak.
Senator Edge nsked his hj>me fo'k ^
to get out anu uu tvrrjmms v. I
for his colleague, saying: 0
"I am for Senator Frclingbuysen, nnd .
I want you men wlio know ?nd hive
always so ably supported me to do your "
best for him." *
It was at this point that Mr Runyon 11
hi de his dcc'aratlon of support for s
Hinafor Frellnghuysen. He said he
thought all elements should unite for
the strongest possible tlcke In New 0
JO'sc- onr' ti o'eot that t'cket.
The leaders had luneheon at the club ,s
as the guests of Senator Edgo. The
rrealdent did not stay for this function, s
because he wished to get In another P
eighteen holes at golf. The President
said eno -gh, however, to 'ndicate clearly '
that he has dropped the policy of aloofness
from State primary campaigns. ll
Whether It means that he will give Indorsement
to other party men who have "
supported him in the Senate and In the r
House was not Indicated.
With the excoi tion of the meeting
of Atlantic county leaders the President n
devoted himself wholeheartedly to rest l'
and play. In his afternoon round he re- .
celved Instruction In his favorite game
from "Jim" Fraser, five-year-old son of v
the club professional, who is a child
prodigy. Club folk other than his father
vouch for the fact that he can make the ''
eighteen holes in 115. '
While the men were talking politics
Mrs. Harding went shopping. She
bought a white sport hat of georgette |
crepe 'rimmed with two small wheels of ,,
moire -ibbon. rue women in ine parry, j,
escorted by Secretary Weeks, Attorney- n
Genera/ Daugherty, Gen. Dawes and ^
Gen. / A'ycr, had luncheon at an Atlantic
ft Ity Hotel before the shopping p
tour. * I s
One Thousand $2.95
' I' For ]
In a Wondi
d* ^
To-ninrrnic an
Nearly every desirable
fabric in a most remark
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Twists, Middies, Balk
All (iuarantved
And for Boys /
$15.00 Tweed IS
# $18.00 Blue Serge
All With Two Pa
Guaranteed All- M oot
Broadway at
2-jg Broadway. nr.n Ch.inhn
^ ,
Senate G?ts New Carpet,
Light, Smooth, Slippery u<
Special Dixpatrh foTua New t >kk IIbiiai.d. : ^
New York llrriiltl Kurrnu. )
^ lVii?hitigtot, I?. M?y 13. ( |
THE Senate dropped the tariff ar
measure and extraneous mat- nc
ters to-day to get a new car- th
pot. Matting, light, smooth and ; ^
slippery, is to replace the heavy I
red carpeting. Henceforth Sena- J
tors will have to watch their step | ^
and avoid peripatetic oratory. ! |n
The change is to be made between
now and Monday. Biectric R
fans also will be installed. I rc
This is the first time matting has i
boon placed on the Senate floor j tl
since 1893, when President Cleve- ; aj
land called a special session to en- I M!
act the Wilson-Gorman bill. !
Pomerene Adapts Regulations
of Old Act to Measure
Curing Defects.
Sharp Differences Develop
Over Question of States'
Rights Being Invaded.
Special Dispatch to Trb New Tobk Heham).
N>to York Herald Burrnu, )
Wiishineton, I>. C., M?v 13. (
Senator Pomercne (Ohio) Introduced
. new corrupt practices bill to-day afecttng
the selection of candidates for
"ongress in the primary and general
lections which he hopes will overcome
he defects in the law declared null and
oid in the Newberry case by the Suireme
Senator Pomerene will demand early
ctlon on his bill, which also alms to
vercomo the ruling by Attorney-Genral
Daugherty that under the New>erry
decision Senatorial candidates
his autumn need not file any report
whatever on the amount of money spent
n either primaries or general elecions.
Republican leaders blocked a demand
iy Senator McKellar (Tenn.) for imncdiate
action on his resolution amendng
the rules of the Senate by incorlorating
the provisions of the existing j
orrupt practices act.
After considerable debate the McCellar
resolution and a similar one by
enator Pomej-ene were referred to the
ommlttee on Privileges and Election.
The discussion revealed sharp differnces
of oninlon among the Democrats
s to the desirability of amending the ,
enate rules with a view of trying to
revent the use of large sums of money j
y Senatorial candidates. Senators
Lobinson (Ark.) and Williams (Miss.)
sserted such action would violate
tate's rights and prove highly danerous
by affording an unscrupulous
lajority an opportunity to deny to
itatcs their constitutional right of
qual representation in the Senate. |
Senator Williams argued that it was j
unfair and unwise to say to a candlate
for the Senate from the Empire j
>tate that he could use no more money ]
a his campaign than a candidate in a
mall State like Delaware."
Senator King (Utah) also suggested
0 his colleagues that they should be
areful about Congress appropriating
ower that ought to be exercised by the
"If there should be corruption the
enate has the right to expel." h
ointed out.
i wonder if the Senator will trust
he people, of Michigan to be honest and
air in the election of Senators ?" Senaar
McKellur asked.
"I have no doubt of the corruption
1 the Newberry election," Senator King
cplled. "but 1 shall not indict the
,-hole people of that State."
"I am exceedingly anxious," said Senti
: P i r, no. "that we shall not leave
he law in its present uncertain state.
think it is a reflection on Congress
hat there should be no regulations
hioh might seek to meet the situation."
After discussing the corrupt pracIces
act of 1911 and the recent letter
f the Attorney-General to the effect
his act would not be effective with repect
to the election of Senators Senator
'omercne said :
"Now the question is. was the corupt
practices act. which applied to the
lection of Senators by the Legislatures,
-1 enoneh on AQ t rt PrnhMPP A
nethod of election by porular vote,
rhleh was adopted subsequently thereto.
"Of course every lawyer realizes that
resents a very Interesting question. I
< ek now to avoid that objection by
" [!
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rf Tuesday
wash suit style and
able variety of colors
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ans and Russians.
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Suits at $9.95
Suits at $13.50
irs of Knickers
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' I
40th Street
s. 47 Cortlandt Street
bill I am going to present. In sub*
inee It provides the same restrictions
regulations with respect to the elec>n
of Senators by popular voto that
ere contained in the Corrupt Practices
et of August 19. 1911, applying to the
fctlon of Senators by the Legislatures."
Senator Pomerene explained that the
11 also provided "the same limitations
id regulations with respect to tne
imination of candidates for Senators
at were contained in the Corrupt
ractlcea Act."
A concurrent resolution placing in
feet the Corrupt Practices Act, notlthstanding
decision of the United
:ates Supreme Court, was introduced
the House to-day by Representative
rear (Wis.). It was referred to the
ule? Committee for consideration and
nv|iresem?uve r rear s resolution holds
iut notice to candidates for the House
id for the Senate of the United States
lould be given that the constitutional
ghts under Section 5 are intended to
; above any court decisions, and that
e enactment covering nominations and
ections is intended to be binding on
presentatives of the House and of the
nate. notwithstanding any decision of
ly court to the contrary.
The lure
track ? f
the prettie
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this smartly fashioned sp
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admiration of every sporl
The contrasting colored
sert, the novel buttons an
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Brightest and ga
winsome little goli
worsted Jersey j;
most necessary
freedom of action
trig knickers (as
white gabardine,
with the colorful
'Tween fast sets of tenni
preciates such a wrappy 1
which can be slipped in
is fashioned of light we
most colorful mixture, act
its favorite color and trir
and arm slits with jade g
luxurious silk lining is alsc
. /
McKellar Ordered to His Sen
for Calling Townsend's
Statement False.
Special Diepatch to Tnr. New Yohk Hbhal
New York Herald Hurmu, )
WaithinKton. 1>. C., May 13. f
Debate on tihe Newberry case flared e
in tho Senate to-day, and It became t
heated that Senator McKellar (Tenn
was called out of order several tlm<
and was ordered to take his seat fc
Senator Robinson (Ark.), another Den
ocrat who was in the chair.
After branding a statement on th
case by Senator Tuwnsend (Mich.) a
"vile, untrue and absolutely false,
a dt 2^ r^r\
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Madam prefers) is developed of
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ittlc cape as this lish Top C<
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nming the collar novel leatli
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' jj'
*, v
,D, SUNDAY, MAY 14,_
Senator MeKellar said he yielded the
"The Senator from Tennessee" ruled
that Acting President Robinson "ean[7
not yield the floor in view of the course
the discussion has taken with tihe statemen
that a statement by another Senator
is absolutely false. That is In violation
of the rules of the Senate and the
i statement Is out of order. The Senator
'I from Tennessee will take his seat."
The debate was precipitated by Senator
Townsend, who said: "Mr. President.
a few moments airo the junior
Senator from Tennessee, Mr. McKellar,
interrupted the junior Senator from
Utah. Mr. Kins, with this Question: "In
view of the Senator's vote on that subject
I was wondering if he trusts the
people of Michigan to be honest and
fair in the matter of the election of
United Stntoa Senators?'
'? "Mr. President, this insinuation is un.)
becoming to any Senator of the United
States. With a Pharisaical candor like
that which inheres in small politicians,
iy he indicts as unfair end dishonest the
t- people of a great sovereign State. Mr.
President, X "simply rose to resent this
ie inference fcgainst the honesty, the fair- j
ness and the Justness of the people of '
lS Michigan."
" Mr. McKellar then referred to the I
come to the fore with
^fie I tier it t
infs, turtle
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the cidedly youthful
ongs ment; for does no
and her interest in s]
:ks for Spor
ire of each occasion will be ^
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'he dainty pockets and white s
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J J The cape costur
m turc of doubt, t
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ji for any sports <
W is a clever combir
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5 Capes and<
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Dat. And whether one's sport i
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al swagger appearance. <
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e conscious pride of knowing one's
fects itself in a more graceful poise
is durable as it is correct?impeccabl
c breeches, cut on the most approve
imois, and the flare of the smart jacl
g wear.
Michigan corrupt practices act and
said that Newberry violated it, "and
not a law officer of the State of Michigan
ever undertook to prosecute Newberry
in the State courts of Michigan."
"When I said the people of Michigan,"
said Senator McKellar, "I was referring
to those who represent in the offices the
people of Michigan. I say the reprenta
ttves of your people have been derelict
in their duty to prosecut.3 In this case..
A seat was bought in this body. It was
bought by your colleague and those of
his friends who aided him in doing it.
Yet you uphold him."
Senator Spencer tried to call Senator
McKellar to order for his statement
that "a seat was bought in this body
by the Junior Senator from Michigan "
"Is it possible," said Senator McKellar,
"that any man with any common
sense in the republic doubts that seat
was bought by Mr. Newberry in tnis I
"I call upon the chair to enforce the j
second section of Rule 9," said Senator
Spencer. "No one knows better than ;
the Senator from Tennessee how abso- |
lutely unfounded Is his statement." I
After a wrangle Senator Robertson, in !
the chair, ruled that the language of
Senator McKellar was unparliamentary
and violative of the rules of the Senate. I
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l little affairs are dein
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enceTuesday, May 23d
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s costume.
Skirt 14.75 |
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I. "
s Hats 6.50
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\ (

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