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Continued from Preceding Tai^.
Humrlck (tug) paaaed Ilea A Chickens L V
J Fletcher Furrell -'00 SE by E Sandy Hook
Jonancy .1.', psw Ambrose Ii V 10th.
Julia I.uckviibucli 2U3 S Ambrose L V* 8 PM
Macabi 32 S Nantucket I, V lOtli.
Maiden Creek SO*SB Cajw'lleni y lOtli.
Mm jirM 3ST H Sand> Hook 10th.
OrtiMdale 4 NE Five Fathom Dank lOtli.
Pinar del Rio K4 UK Cap* May 10th.
President Adams 2,(MS r. Ambrose L V 9th.
President J'olk 303 \V hy S Quccnstown 10th.
President Roosevelt 2,till!) 10 Ambruae L V
Reliance (!.">!) K Ambrose I. V 10th.
Resolute 134 W Bishop H,>ck 10tli.
Sabotaw an 1.4S0 K Ambrose L V 9tli.
fan Jacinto 810 a Scotland 1. VTIOtli.
a'AlftwInd 230 s Brenton Keef 10th.
W 11 Llbhy 73 S Cape Sable 10th.
B Keen*- rtiivi 0ff Vineyard 1. V 10th.
West CumpgaM s.*, 1-3 by S Nuntucket Island
Wist Nohno 1,254 E Ambrose L V 10th.
Bound South.
Str Rosalind (Br), ft Johns. N't', and
Halifax, NS. for New York, to Bowrlng t
Co. with passenger* and mitac.
Str Calvin Austin, Boston tor New York.
Schr St Clair- Therlault (Br). Bridg
water, NS. for New York, with lumber, to
order: vessel U. J K Whitney * Co.
Schr Henrietta A Whitney, Ellsworth. Me.
for New York, with staves, to J B King &
to: vessel to <>ilmartin ?? Co.
Schr Ella. Huntington for New York.
Motor barge Stxuny 6 tat 4:20 PM)..
Bound East.
Schr Nova Queen (Br). New York for Liv
erpool, NS.
Schr Alnslle (Br). New Yorlt for Bridge
water. NS.
Str Assyria (Br), Osborne, Ulasgow via
Ji&vl'.le (general)?Anchor Line.
Str Stavangerf Jord (Nor), linens, Bergen.
Stavanger and I'lulstlanla (general)?Ncr
* eglan-America Line
Str'Fort Victoria (Br). Carmlchael. Ham
?{ton. Bermuda (general)? Kurniws. Withy A !
' o. Lid.
?- r Anaconda, Jones (from Rotterdam).'
Ihlladelptiia (residue)?Black Ulamondl
ritarnablp Corporation. I
Str Storm King. Cooke (from Antwerp).
Philadelphia (general)?Black Diamond
Mfamxhlp Corporation.
Str Splendor (Ital.. Aonzo, Algiers, Al
r> ria and Sarona (general)?Robert L
Str Vllle d'Oran (Fr). Or..'.!, Algiers, tr.
(general)? Algerian-America Line, Inc.
Sir Lisbon Mnru (Jap). Euya. Dalny and
ehanghal via Norfolk ami Panama Canal
? general)?Houlder, Weir & Boyd, Inc.
Str Bantu. Lukens, t'ape Town, Algoa Bay.
< r (general)?Isthmian Steamship Line,
African Service.
Str Inca. Parnetle. Puerto Plata. Sanchez.
*c (general)?Clyde Steamship Co.
Stf Guiana (By). Charlton. St Thontas, >*:
Croix. Sc. via Newport News (general) ?
l tirness. Wlthy & Co. Ltd.
Sir Byron I) Benson. Harrison. Port I.obos ;
(ballast)?D T Warden.
Str Feltore. Bvendsen Daiquiri (ballast)?'
"r<- Steamship Corporation.
sir Port Antonio (Nor), Tollefsen. Santl- j
ago. Kingston, ic (general,) ? United Fruit |
Str Soma (Nor). Qundcrsen, Santiago and I
Ciinntanamo via Norfolk (general)?Atlantic '
Fruit Co.
str John Worthlngton. Whltton, Port Ar
thur (ballast)?Robert L Hague.
Str l<enai?>. Kemble Charleston and Jack
senville (genera 11?Clyde Steamship Co.
Str Lake Gal 1st oo. Gronll, Norfolk, Vn
? ballast)?New York and Cuba Mall Steani
sh:t. t;o.
Str .Monlauk. Jensen. Baltimore (ballast)?
Atlantic Transport Line.
Sir Frederlksborg (Dan), l.ereen. Bras
d'Or. CB (ballast)?J H Winchester 4 Co.
Str Rosalind (Br). James. Halifax and St
Johns. NT (generali?Bow ring it Co.
Str FrfcolTi (Nori. Johanreasti, Walton.
NS (ballast)?J F Whitney ?? Co.
Str Delaware. Robinson, Poitlaud (general)
? Eastern Steamship Corporation.
Str llathiiiHau illrl. Boilon, Bnstou (resl
i ii.')?Atlantic Transport Line.
S:r Nogwnlk, Crotvell, Boston (general)?
Eastern Seam ship corporation.
Barge Samuel W Faneher. McXamara,
Windsor, NS (ballast)? J F Whitney *? Co.
Strs Constantinople (III). Piraeus, tc: Jo-,
nancy, Norfolk; Lackawanna (Mr). London:!
Maiehuria. Hamburg: liolnrlnn, Palta. ic; I
lloosac (Br), London; Frederlkaborg (Dam.1
l>ra i d'Or: Lenape, Charleston ami Jaek
sonvllle: Kcrhorikson, Ken It via Philadnl- i
pfcia: Oscar II (Dan). Copenhagen, fte: Al- |
tsmaha. Mobile, Ac; Morro Castle. Havana,'
Stonewall iBr), Patras, *e: city of St:
Louis. Savannah: Con'.o Itosno < ;taI). Naples.
Ac; Canada (Fr). Marseilles \ Providence: I
Pnrbadlan (Hr>. Boston; I..?eth (Nor), |
Sagua; Sortenhavet (Dan). Charleston: Ana-'
Ct'tula, Philadelphia. Uulfianil. J'orf Aithur. i
Strs Tlftrttu, Copenhagen: Vllle d'Oran (Pr). '
C-tan: Santa Theresa (Br). Havana; Sonora ;
(Pr). Philadelphia: Zoppot (Dam.i, Port I
Strs I.axe (lallstoo, Norfolk; Santa (Nor), i
(Jnantanamo via Notfolk.
Sehr Krsnk A Morey, Charleston.
Sal' il jui. str Port Ali.iu (Bri. Adelaide, i
corrected reading of ih.^ barometer!
i duced to sea level i at New York on
Thursday. Atig 10. 1I?S2. at * AM, a< ro
I'orted bv tN- t'nlted Slp.t?-< Weather Bureau,
vu thirty and eleven hundredths (30.ID
In^hea. This Closely approximates *?v<-n
I tindfi'd and sixty-four and dght- tenths j
t"6l.N) millimeters. captains of all vesfei* ]
t'O'V lying In or near the porta of New York '
and BrwtKlyn can ad*antagaott?!y nar ?h- |
shove official data for observing whether j
trelr own barometers require any consider
able correction or adjustment.
Wind at Sandy Hook, * PM. SW. 1* miles: I
l'ht s<a: partly overcsst; viaibillty, in
n' M.
CAPE RACE, NP, Aug KW-jtaromeier at
noon, 21).OS Indies; wind, W, light bree*e;
weather, dense fog; ternt?siature. M deg
Winds Off th* Atlantic Coast.
Ea-it Utilf?Moderate variable winds and
wcatiter partly cloudy; oecivlonal showers
Krlday. ?
W*4t (iulf?Cleutle to mod'tate variable
wi ids anil weatlter generally fair Krlday.
Caribbean S'^a ami Windward I'tiiviipe?
Moderate easterly wlpda, eaeept variable over
-until portion, ntwl weather partly cloudy;
incisional llMni'i'tl I'r'.day.
North of Sandy Hook-Moderate northeast
and i vst winds and neathcr overcast Fri
Handy Honk to Halterac Moderate to fresh
northeast wind* and weather overcast l'ri
Ilatteras to Florida KtraiUt -CenU* vari
able wliols, moetlv aouthi rl), weather over
cast and occasional ltww?n Friday.
Freight ?-r Mohawk la on the reek# op
posite the Vaeuttm 0(1 dooks, Kill von Kull,
i with Merrltt WreeMlng Co tug alongside.
T?ig Francis .1 Iteiehert sank lietnoen piers
l< and 9, F.ast Hlver; la being taUed b>
? >terrttt A Chapman Derrick and Wteckltig
I l.lffliter - Pocahonlas. lying almigalde atr
UWeat Jnfrrey, unloading nitrate of soda a?
/weal slip. Erla llaaln, took fire and nnk
.at the jiler; client of damagn not sea* r
I HALIFAX. Aug *- Caat hltcey ami seven
m- n of crew of sehr Ifolmea A Frank ar
rived on str Rosalind yeaterdat The Frank
|.\ns wrecked after del^vei Inf eat go at
i;i> i field Mission Station.
' I.ONtKJN, Aug Hi?Sir Cranfnrd. Port
Arthur and (lalveaton for Itotterdam and
? lianibnrg. la slightly damaged, having been
Jlti collision.
' NORFOLK. Va. Aug 10-ntr Moaelia la e*.
\pected hero with a cargo of coal from Car
,.!lff to be used to bunker Shipping Board
PORTLAND, Me, Aug D-Llfeboat, ap
parently from Shipping Board tug Harring
ton, was picked up hy atr Ounnar lleilo-rg
(Nor) Inst night, half way acroaa tlav of
I Kundjp( aide atovs in. half full of water, and
two aeamen's hags, one bearing name of
(Ii org a Pliska, a email ax and binoculars
eere found In boat. Lest reporta give tug
Itarringtoti doing harbor work at New
HANDY HOOK. Aug 10, 3 20 PM-Tug
Neptune la having trouble with four barges
off here; hawser seems to have parted, four
beiges are anchored; barges Northern and
Providence are afoul.
VANCOUVER, He, Aug 10?Ftahing aetir
Tashtuoo nas burned neat Cypres* lAland
apaneae flahlng boat rescued craw.
Danijars to Navigation.
(Reported to the Hydmgraphlo Office.)
July It, l?t .!? .1.-,, Ion TJ M, pasted a
tdack buoy?Str Ottrrnney (Nor).
Aug 7. lat an id, inn 74 01, paaaed a can
lMioy aormounled hy a 19 foot ataff flying
,ode flag "T ~ Str l^ke Fannin. (Probably
isme buoy elgbted on Aug (1 in lat 3S 22.
ion T1 M. by ihe Hrltlab sir Mavarl.)
*"tJ. ]? I *1.M. I?n 72 lit, pasaml a large
eg aJvout SO feet long, corned with har
naeies; July 27, lat in r.a, ton ?* 4.1 pasaed
?h?t appeared to be a large tree trail. With
Notice to Owners, Agents
and Ship Masters.
The New York Herald pub
lishes daily reports of the posi
tions o? merchant vessels re
ceived through coastal radio sta
tions operated by the Radio Cor
poration of America and the
Independent Wireless Telegraph
Company, Inc. Vessels equipped
with radio apparatus may, with
out charge, report their (TR)
noon positions through the fol
lowing stations:
Independent Wireless Tele
graph Company, Inc., New York
city (WCG); East Hampton,
L. I. (WSA); East Moriches,
L. I. (WSE), and New London,
Conn. (WST). The United States
Public Health Service will also
give free medical advice through
these stations.
Radio Corporation of America,
Marion, Mass. (WCC); Cape
Cod, Chatham, Mass. (WIM):
Siasconset, Mass. (WSC); New
London, Conn. (WLC); New
York city (WNY), and Cape
May, N. J. (WCY). In co
operation with the Seaman's
Church Institute of New York
and the United States Public
Health Service the Radio Cor
poration of America furnishes
free medical advice to ships at
root* attached anil showing about 10 feet
out of water?Str Duiustan (Br).
A us S. about 10 miles 8\V of Cipr Dame
Marie, Haiti, In (approximately) lai IS 30 .VI,
lou 74 :>1 23. pas.'ed wmktge wltli spars
attached?Str J.ake Gunnl.
July 27. lat '12 Ofi. Ion "2 11. passed a
drifting mine, pitcher shaped, with upper
part painted red?Str Monte Grappa (Ital).
July 21. Iat f,7 4;(, Ion IK 10. passed a
drifting rusty mine?fitr African Prince (Br)
Received tlia following reports hy radio
from Lands End: July 2.1, lat 17 02. Ion H,
j a large derelict; July 20. lat 40 2R. Ion
fi .?i4, a derelict fchooner; July 20. lat 4!) .17.
Jon 0 05, a drl'llng mine, and July 2.S, la'
4? it), Ion 12 ,76. a drifting mine?Str Mouih
Clay (Br).
Belle Isle, Aug 4, 21 bergs and some
Point Amour, Aug 4. bergs on track.
AMKRICA. at Bremen Sth.
t'ARONIA (Br), at Itambur* Oth.
ECIlol'A iltal). at Uenoa 1st.
KINO ALEXANDER (Br), at Constantinople
1 VNDAM (Dutch). at Rotterdam 0th.
SUL'TIIEIIN CROSS, at Buenos Aires Oth.
>I/lERIA tBr). from Glasgow 10th for New
ANDAN1A (Br), from Southampton 10th for
ARABIC (Br), from Naples ftth for Bostn-i.
1,AIM.AND (Br), from Antwerp 10th for X??
IRE81DENTE WILSON (Ital), from 'i'.lcats
1st for New York.
LK80LUTK. from Southnmpion Oth for Nev
ROTTKRDAM (Dutch), from Rotterdam Oth
for New York.
8KYDLITS! (tier), frc-m Bremen Sth for
Now York.
VAUBAN (111), from Southampton Oth for
New Yorlt.
Arrival* at and Departures from
Foreign Porta.
4 a ij 111 ti * c a lie il^d? r Hincklev, <
ASldob^,.t to Barry Road,
,0\I?KXANDRIA. AUK 0-Sftlled. atr Murorat
Maru (Jhp) . from Calcutta for New York.
imvTKIIIiAM. Auk 7?Arrived, str Illinois. 1
Port Arthur iher reported arrival at Con-|
"lA>TWKBT'ft,,Aug Yo-SalleC. atr LnplanJ
'^Arrived* 7m? *r Georgo M Emblrlco,
' A r rived ^fh.^str ' Kg'.antler (Belg). New '
York i her niiorted arrival at Conatantlnople
"aRDBoVsAN'. Aug 0?Arrived, atr Man 1- 1
towoe. New Yorlt via NoifoU for
BALBOA. Auk 0?Arrived, rtr RImutar.a
(Bri. Wellington for Bouthampton. |
Sailed 10th. sti Australia (Br), fiotn ..lM
bo v &c for Auckland.
BANKS. Auk 0. 7 AM-Sall.d, sti Maravl
''baTAVLV." All* 7?Sailed, atr Jalapa. :
*BI?KMBN>-Au? 5?Arrived, str Morrl?to*n. I
I Vnr!
Arrived 9th, 1 I'M. *tr America. New YorU.
Called ?lr *<?ydllt* Nfcv \?!
8th. noon. Ptr PreaWent I* lUmor##
Aim-:* Auk 0?Arrlvtd, strs
"or*. A*; Might?
''cADlz"* A#* 9?Balled, atr Dampen (Nor).
'*r*RWKK??'Au? 7?Arrived, sir M.rry
mou'it. Hamburg (to lead far^Yumton''
Sailed 10th. ?tr Kaslern PMot. Bost?n
i I,YPK Auk fl?Sailed. ntf war rirnftr ,
I ^r?'x WT A NT i nop i.e . July y-*"\Z\V? 1
Muskegon, Philadelphia. Aug >. Mn* Ale*
RCOMCN?iAMKN *At.1 T-Arrl*?d. atr Aladi. j
"cWoBAL*'AlT^Arrlv-. atr Carrlllo. j
"Arrived"Pth. atr Citv of Oran (Br). N--v I
York for Ydlfohamt. . _ . - , e?
i -nilerl 8th. Bit I'piinMlvinUn, ffortl Be
? mv *c for Ttnl'ed Kingdom.
Sailed 0th. stra Amalthua (Br). from ( ar
,!l(f for San Krar?cl?eo; Alvatado (Br), Nm
York !< I LucHenbgeh (from B anif rancls
0o. Boston. Bobln tloodfellmv (from do .
' New York. Hanta Clara (from Callao). Bal
''rIKNT\'Et"KW. At:e 1??Sailed, atr <"tpitin.1
i Nor*. SantllB?. . .
KLVBHINU. Aug 8-Arrlwd, ??r A.gif,
N. ,:.NOa"' Aug '--Arrived.
lltitl). New York: Mar ?f,rlbe (??>. ??*
Artlved *th. str Admiral cochran# (Bri.
' ^IBRALTYn A?? D-rassrd. CMr M
| Uel'oie i Bri, . al utta for Boston. Strombj I
" ?w~~.
Ktfct-i; 10th. AUtefim (tlrlN A fr? J
(l(Tr)IKNRl'Ril, A*<f 2?Haliert, atr Afti
I ??rAwVjrAW*,.*lAu? ft?Arrlwfl. ?<r Rolf'
'\rAI.'irAx!*Aug ft?Arrived, air Canadian
Construrtor iBr?. R.^ton. i
Arrived loth, atr Sa?ham (Br). Biwjon. i
sailed ftih. str Nlobe, Philadelphia II" j
l' Hailed loth. UBS (>1tmpU,
I HAMBtJMO. Aug ??Arrived, stra Mabritmi ?
l ll'ri. Montreal; 7th. Jullua Urhlndler (Uer?.
Cheater. I'a _
I vrliv,,) str* Manliattao (Br?. Bal ?
' n ore via Norfolk; **tt. ?'?ionla (Br). New
I York. . ,
Sailed Sth. sir* Panaman, Baltimore: lull,
Carlsfeld illeri. New Orleans oth. Kgre
l n out Cnxtle (Br). New York. Oropesa (Bri.
> tlo. ...
II ART!iKtf?<>U. Aug 7?Arrived, atr bf
' fli ehnrn. Mobil* via Norfolk.
Msl'ed 10\I?. atr I'rnrjon (Br). Philadelphia.
HAVANA. Aug ft--Arrl\->-d, stra tt-p?ran*s.
i Mexican ports land sailed for Naw York);
? Tnloa l Br). New Vork; Paatores, I'rlatobal,
Arrived 10th, atr l/Oerdam (Dutch). New
| Orleans ai d Vera Cru*. .
' Sailed 10th. etrs Pastoroa, New York,
HONG K"N(1, Aug ??Hailed, str West |
K':>t.?, Portland, Ore
I INOHaMPOKT. NS. Aug #-In pr.rt, atr
I r.ihla (*?*K loading forJ'nltejt Kingdom
KINGBTON. Aug ?. o PM -Ballad, atr Juan
(Nor), Philadelphia. *
' nulled Nth. sir Bolivar. New York.
l,IVKRPtx>t'. Aug Ballad, ?lr Raaala |
' i it 'I Naw York.
a r'-lved Oth. s'ra Rhode Island (Br). Bal
I 11 more via Norfolk: 10th. Canadian Pioneer
? ' 10?Arrived, sir Mambletin
liji'iii'V (Mr) ft .fohti. N'B
Pulled 10th, Mtr Olnn.om?nthlft (Hr). Vmn
1 " MONT BRA Tj. Aug ft-Arrfrad. Slrn Beapool
I folk.
uaiimi 0th. ??tr?? Arindn^ Trnw* (Br), Hum-I
n??r* t.nlionlli tHr?, Avofimouth, ,
Ssliwi loth, str* Brant County (Br),'
Bremen: Harmatla g.iknh
MPBt.'RAN. Aug 1 Balled, air Salkoh
Maru iJap). P'Mtet Bpond- .?M?
1 NAPt.M, A?? ft-Salled. a(r Arabia (nr).
| "fJSSviK. N .Au? S?Ballad. ?tr Sinrahef
I '"stneVlfTAug ??ArVlvad, air Narden
II i*n>. Caibarlett, _
iailed Sth. ?tr Aaaa tNar), Beaton.
PETROGRAD. Au? 3?Arrived previously,
str rikurRiiH (Nor), Baltimore.
PORT ANTONIO. Auk 8. 1U I'M?nailed. str
Ormes (Br), Baltlmoru (r
HI" JANKIKO. Au^ 0?Palled. Strs K?
nowU. New Orlean. llHleajtgl*. Philadel
phia Atalaya (Sp). Baltimore
ROTTERDAM, Auk ??Arrived. str* Rly- ,
tiendyk (Dutch). Baltimore: Independence
l'all. New York: Ryndam (Dutch), do. I
Sailed l)th. atr Rotterdam (Outch). M\v
York via Boulogne aiul Plymouth.
HOT JEN. Auk 7?Arrived, iitr Hera. New j
' ki"JOHN. SB. Auk 10?Sailed. str Nyhavn
(*HT' MKMUKLs' au? 8?Sailed. Mr Wra?
Caatlc (Br), from Hour Koiik for New YofK
(her reported sailing from Colombo Aug ?
wa? an error).
ST NAZAIRE. Auk 7?Arrived, str west
Eldara. Naa York.
SANTA M ART A. Aug ?. 1 PM?Sailed. atl
Siaaola, New YoiK v!o Cristobal.
SANTIAGO. Aug 8?Arrived at 8 AM. 31. ;
M.ir.chloneal (Nor). New York. . .. .
SHANGHAI. Auk 8?Arrived irtrs Whea.
lond Montana. .Seattle: !?th. El Gttllo 'nri.
San Francisco: Bearport. do: Victorious,
Galveston: West Kader. Portland. <>?>?
HN'ISAl'ORE. Auk !)?Sailed, sti lei
maehu* (Br). New York. v
SOl'TllAMPTON. Auk n?Sal>ed._ strs \ all*
Ian (Br), from Hamburg for New Yor.i:|
Resolute, from do for do. , I
Sailed 10th. str Andanla (Br) :Montreal
St'KZ. Auk 8? Arrived. ?tr I hemlus iBr).
Yi hohama for Boston and New York.
Arrived lith. etr Celebes Maru (Jap). Hons
K.jnc for New Orleai*. ..
-JW'VNHKA Auk D?Arrived, stra Alpin
R^nie (Br)! New York. Canadian Otter
1 'sYPSk'y "cB auk 8?Arrived, str Melrose
(T.Mmco!)-ABUK,?t Arrived, str Mexico.
^TRIESTE. Auk 1?Sailed, atr President?
Wilson (Ital). New York. ,lr.
V WCOCVER. BC. Auk 0?Arrived, str1*
Wairuna (Br). San Krancisco; Biorn?tern?.
Bjornaon (Nor). Victoria: Canadian YVinntr
1 Called' 0th.1 atr ' Albertollta 'Br). Talara;
Canadian Observer (Br). Ocean l alls.
IBy Mail.]
APPLE RIVER. NS. Aug 7?In port, schr j
Edward Smith. New YerU (ready). I
(HiA.^JOW, July 29?Sailod# ?tr Ni<e (Br).
1 HAUKAX. All* 7-- Arrived. "tln*f7la(ll't*1"
Jamaica: nchr Mary C* Duff (*>n.
?w York iluad* to i%turn). .?i,
llAWKESBURY. NT AUK . - Ar -lv?l. nchr I
Marl A A Howes (Br), Cnsoo for New 1 or (
OCEBEC. Aus 8- Arrived, atrs Ho.brooU
(Bri. Barbados: Dili. Hoven. Texaa il.
(will finish loading at Montreal). , I
Passed In Father Point *th. str Canadlvi
SDinner (Ur), Boston for Montreal.
Passed In Cap.. Magdalen 8th. str Homp
atend Heath illrl, Sydney. ( B. for Montr".nl.
sr JOHN. NB. Auk 7?Sailed, schr Bertha
p. Maguire (Br). Hamilton. Bermuda.
f-T JOHN'S. NK. Ana I?Arrived, atrs Lady
St John (Br). Cadiz: Cape T.ace (Br). Bar
IBy Telegraph.]
ASTORIA. Ore. Auk 0?Sailed, etr Santa
' itKLLINtll'lAM. Wa?h. Auk 9?Arrived. str
A r lion an, Tacoma. , ,
BOSTON. Mas*. A?e 0?Arrived, cable atr
I:?t>ert C Clowry. Jersey J-lty and Reared
tor Hallfux); ?tr San Mateo (Bt). lela. 0
I'M. tuK BatrcnforU. New York.
Arrived 10;h. strs Stindartce, Antwerp. A' .
Chinese Prlnee (Br). Belra; 1Prince Arthur
(Br). Yarmouth: North '-and. New Y > ;
(: reelan, Provide nee l to load foiNorfoll.).
l'dgar F Luekenhach, New York, hlliwjr,
Norfolk; Coastwise. Sew alls Point: "'(J"
Ambition. North Initonlsh. N8: Mary Hans
'Arrived Mh. ?iclir h" O l^)ckhart (Br/.
1 iTeured%th* str Hiana IHrilar. Yokohama.
Kobe. Shanghai, Hon,- Konc and Manila
New York, BaHHioiv. San Pedro and San
1 Sailed'?i?th. strs Bawaen (Outch). New'
York: Pan Olll (Br). Havana and Tela.
Cl.lekahumlny (Br). Uv.rpooU Lake H"or
roy. Norfolk: tim Prudence, toivlnit Datr
looeph J Hi*'k. Norfolk. calllnK at BrldRi
I,<rt for barKO Mlldied M. Nally and New
York for barse We.stmoreland (and passed
Graves at " AM). , .
Sailed l'th. strs Bright. Hampton Iloails.
Cuth E Merrill. New Y'ork.
~Hiled 10th. strs i al lsto (Dutch). Hani
bure and Bremen via lialtlmore and Nor
folk: Ea?le. from Paelfle <?a?t u?ri?
New York; Ev?ret?. Sydney; H ? DbiMck.
N?'W YorU: Urecian, Norfolk: Newton. i
;,v: North Eand. New York: PHnc* Arthur
(Br). Yarmouiu: Robert C Clowry (cable).
Halifax; .St Mary (Br), Port Antonio. Ala. j
\nt.ert> and Rotterdam via Baltimore and
Norfolk uuul passed Craves at ? AM).
(?cast cuard cutter Tampa. New Torn: tu?
ljutterfleld. towing ?tr Yalr.a (to lay "!>'? |
failed 10th. I'M, stra Easterner, New
York; A twee on. Norfolk.?Wind at Highland j
LiKht NK. 15 miles; clear: smooth sea. J
BALTIMORE. Md. Aug 10-Arrlved Mrs
Binncndyk (Dutch). Rotterdam via l hllodel- |
phla and Norfolk; Mundale '.alveston
Major Wheeler, Cluanlca; Farmaum (Dutch), |
New York; West Nosska. Leith via Ht John
and #'hlladelphlH; Mnumee. New- York: |
I'rrm: vton. <io; Mangore. Norfolk. Map And
(Bri." Hamburg '- James Medee. Tampteo. j
Cleared 10th. strs lacob i hrlstcnseti (Nor).|
Charleston: Nelson. Antllla. . |
Sailed 10th. str Alexandra (Pan). Conen
?i.aen via Norfolk; Uuake, City.
iiACk. Olatkow *nU Avonnioutli via Notion .
Otorge 11 Jone*. Tamiiico. ,?.^n ,,,,
Passed up Cove Point 10th. I. ? a) PM. f.'
Mai Ira. PlOIadelphla for Baltimore (In to v
ol ttiKu Carlisle and tusplaitt. , . I
BRUNSWICK. C.a, Aug 10?Arrived, stiir
''y-ilied' Vri>1n" Kll'kcnny 10th. schr Mary O
^"^iARLBWoN. Anr J^Arrt^U. iitr* |
Polarlnt . riott#?rdau? Mohaw k. UrK|
(and proeeedeu for Jacl'.aonvlllt'). I
CAPK IINNRY. Va. Aug 8. 3 AM-Pas?e.l i
oof. str West Arrow (not West Cherow).
Bnltlmor* for l.lverpool via Boston. I
Passed out llth. lua Eureka. lowing bar??
B< urne. Lamberta Point for fall 'Bver.
I'nv.'.ed out IKh. /. I'M. st.? .
(Nor), Palilmoro for Jamaica a AO IM. |
OtlUnl (Br), do fp Port Antonio. 10th. ?
AM. Mohli al). do for New Yerlt AM. j
.\ordlys < I?aii?, do for Perth Ainlioy; II.
Phallron (Otrak). d.? for fort Marla.-Vklnd
NK. 21 mile*; tloudv . |
dlATIt AM. Mil*". Aug 10. 0^13 AM?
Pnx.rd, tug Minnie, lowing barge* Nos 0
and li.".. NeA- YorK for Boston.
(IAliVKsTi'N. Tea. Aug 1?-Anlved stra
Parlngworth (Brl. Dunkirk; Ihranhlld (Dan).
I.ss I'nlmns: West I'urfeo, Beaumont; Mar-|
cede. d? Harrlnaga (llr), Boutliainpton.
Sailed l"lh. str* Winifred. l*ort Arthur.
Munsomo. Norfolk; J*rr I'?vla. ?>????'" ? '
'irl.ri*Olit. Mlsa. Ana 10?Arrived. ?eht
Kmis A Milipltv, Tampa. . ,
Sailed tuth. str Hwa Harbor. Brunswick.
Ol," MJCKHTKH. Mass, Aug ."> Arrived, mo-|
tor Virgin'* il'tmi, Tiirka Island.
J M KSONVII.t.l:. Pi*. Aiib !??Arrived, str
I.ak" H'.ryfittn. Boston; 10?h. *a:i LeopOuiu
(Uff, . . ..
.-?ntled 'Olli. ?tr* Holllaire. 1'ort Ari""''
Aratif'ioa New York; Hon art. Plill*driphla
Vl*1 \NlUA.*hAup ?-*MlA.1, Strs Kumaeus
(Br). Beaton; llaauo M*ru (Jap), New
Mobile. Ala. Aug 10?sailed, schr llopa
Sherwood. Trinidad and Barbados
NBW ORLEANS. l.a. Auk !??Arrived, strs
Kl I.HLTO New YorU. fllend-ila. Port Padre.
Cuba illbueras dlondi, lllueflelds; Ja
ho*!no (Bra*l. Dra?ll l.*ke Kalrport. (.al
v. Louisiana. Port A 'hur ; Manr.anlll.1,
Cub*. Surlnw nie. Pnt t Barrloe; Tecum*eh
i Hi i New ^ <>rk _ ?. __
\i rived 10th. strs Till*till*. Tampa: YofO
(tlond i. Cell.a: Bay war. Savannah; D*kv
?l*t iltri ulverpool - l^rraltw proas san
loi Met fan l.a U ?Hri. Mlddlaabrough.
Arrived inih Strs Alabama, t'ort !.?boa:
I'n neflell (Nori. Port Bairlo*; Hilda ?lugo
< tl nnes I O l I te il. TampleO: Independence.
?Vir-Tm.. a't famitel L Puller. Texas
led from Port Kad* m;i 'I""'""'?! '
/Not i. Vera Crtiil < ?.r of Weatherfotd.
?iJacob Utcheohaflh. I^>* Angeles:
1 llinne ' Port 1-cN.s: Msnts. Porto Hleo.
M. ,o'i. Tnnm'co; Rnlah. I'rosrean: Svanhl d
(Dam. Copenhagen; Torrey ?Noi). llong
i/n.lB . vi^a i Nor). ( Mtllli.
Sa'ed from Port Bads miH. sirs Cardlum
iBri. Tamp'eo: Carlago. IVo-t
(II..Olbn; rr**oIc. N*w lork. J
iluffey." Port Arthur. I^oulslana, do; P*muel
'\V'HTOnT "f.WH? v*. Aug 10? Balled, str
city' Auckland (Br). Brtah*n?, Hydner.
*NORPOMs". Va. Aug !>. PM-ArrlveO. str
' Vrrlved^'oth?sirs OrO (Nor). Antllla; ^M^
tear. Pmvldem" ftfavangeraii (Nor?. New
Yrtk' I.are-i (Bra*). Baltimore for New
Orleans; Etroll 'Br). Three I}JJTr"j
lamer* iBf). Portland, ('re. far Uhlletl King
ihni srhrs (JUlldford D PeWtietOO. New
Ynrk: Alice M Colhufti. Boefon; Augusta .>
'VrTlvti ' 1 (H iv'at m Pyl*?l. Now York ; Tyno
irz ^rd??r'^uWrjji.^
^sw 'Brtford sVhr* fit .lobns. Nf. Un^on;
Paul K Thiirlo* da; Jess# O Nny*s. Booth
'*t^'iImV i'th!"PM'''o'V*1 'k c Pane. Boston,
.?allot iwh. str Clly of Corinth (Brl. Bru
VilVled 10th strs lllnneadvk (f*'0h). P.ot
tardam; fir.nldale III. New Vo V .lunlftta.
Boston; Pre., port au't-i-itr No ?. WaMCoast
? ir'a'ioto " l?e*ttle, I/ombardla (8W). na
va<*. iltMflrarte, Port Artjinr; ^W?Mh?
(Bn Baltimore; Martha llemao h
Key West; ManOII.ro. New York; *chr Buc
"5'lOW ^KIif*!mV%aM. An* 10-Arrived,
sir Norfolk. I.ambefta Paint.
.-tailed !?th. tug W'nMhsm. towing bsrge
Palmoutli. Hampton Bnoda (?? coll at N w
York for hart" Atlantic).
PENSAC0L.A. Fia. Aut t-Arrlved. atra
Santa Isabel, Galveston; Spermlna (Br).
PORT TAMPA. Fla. Auk 10-Arrived. ?tr
"'est SoRovla, Ufa.
fulled 10th. strs Cuba, Havana via Key
"inti Hanover. Japan.
PHILADELPHIA, Pa. Auk 10?Arrived,
atr* Boston City (Br). Bristol; Feliciana
'Br). London; Hardanger (Br). Dieppe:
Bleselborg (Dan). (Suantanamo: Amelia. Port
Antonio; Eastern Llitht. Manila. Singapore.
4c. via Boatun; Harry Luckenbach, San
Pranclaco. Ac: Lehigh. Hon Pedro, *c ; Mer
rimack, Jacksonville and Savannah: City of
Seattle, New York; Ban Pablo (Bri, Puerto
Cleared 10th, strs Eastport. Petrojrad.
Moss. He!sln*for? and Nyborit via New York;
West Insklp. Antwerp via do; Knut Jarl
(Nor). New York; Texan. Pacific coast ports
via Ne.v Yoik.
Sailed 10th. .strs Nantucket. Boston; W SI
1 urton. Port Arthur; Airfare. Houston.
Sailed 10th. atrs Stanmore (Br>, Dundee
vi i Newoastle-on-Tyne. Middlesbrough ami
l.'lth; Bird City, New York; J < Donnel).
Texas City; Anacortre, Glasgow and Avo.i
mouth via New York.
Sailed loth, str Lehigh, Portland, Me.
Cleared from Marcus Hook 10th. strs Sun
ell. Hamburg via Rotterdam: J N Pew. Tu*
I'axsed down !>th. 4:S0 PM. str Guantn
rrmo. New York.
I'assed down 10th. 1! PM. strs Eastport.
for New York: 2;10 IM. City of St Joseph.
for do.
Pn?M>d up Reedv Inland 10th. 12:20 TM.
tut Lehigh. towing barco 70(t.
Arrived at Delaware Breakwater 10th. 71
AM. tug Warrior, towing barges Mayo and
Passed up 10th. 3:a0 PM. str Herbert I.
Plait, Texas City for Philadelphia.
I'aaaed out !)th. R PM. strs Jose (Nor).
Philadelphia for Port Antonio; 11:10 PM.
Nantucket, do for Boston.
Passed out 10th. 12:.'i0 A.M. strs Atlantic!
tun. Philadelphia for Tamplco: 2:;t0 AM. I
ryno Maru (Jap), do for Fernandlna; 3
AM. Telesfora de Lnrrlna;:a (Br), do for
Gibraltar (for orders).
Passed out 10th, AM. stro Cretan. Phila
delphia for Jacksonville via Savannah; 2:lfi
P.M. Bellta (Nor), do for Norfolk: Kayonne
(motor), do for Now York; Hlue Triangle,
' do for Los Angeles, 4c: 4 PM. tUK Intenia
i tioi.al, toA In* barges Herndon. Exeter and
Cleona. for Newport News.
In port 10th, tug Atkln lluclim.
Off Capes 10th. 4:10 PM. bark Belmont,
i from Buunoa Aires.?Wind NE, 24 miles:
| partly cloudy; moderate eea.
PORTLAND, Me, Aug 10? Arrived, str
Herman Frasch. Boston
Arrived 10th. sir Henthfleld (Br). Fowey !
SAN FRANCISCO. Cal. Aug 8?Arrived,
| atr Sainton Hall (Br). Vancouver.
Arrived 10th, str1* Andrea F Luckenbach, I
New York: Centurion, Glasgow.
Sailed .0th. etrs Cuba. Cristobal; Robin
l Gray. New York.
Sailed 10th. strs China. Honolulu. *c; I
'lymerle (Br). London: Thomas (transport).
MRnlla; Chateau Thierry (transport). Hono
SEATTLE, Wash, Ai.'a; 8?Sailed, str Han
lev. Manila.
SAN JUAN, PR. Auft 9?Sailed, str San
Juan. New York.
SAVANNAH, fia, Aug 10?Arrived, stra
Eseex. Jacksonville for Baltimore mud pro
ceeded); H K Waage (Nor). Cuba.
Sailed Kith, sirs City of Montgomery, New
York: City of Columbus. Boston.
SEARS PORT. Me. Au^* 0?Sailed, str North
Wind. Norfolk.
TAMPA. Fla. Ail? 10?Sailed, sehr Co
rf.thia (llond). Mobile; yacht Mamhl (Cu
ban). Havana
Arrived 10th. achrs Varuna (Bri, Ruatan;
U V l>rew (Br), Key West.
ri\ed. tug W B Keene. lowing 2 barges, for
Passed 10th, noon, str Rlpogenus, west.
Sailed lOtii, tugs Fame and Chas
Clreenourh. Norfolk for Boston, with barges.
?Wind NW, fresh: clear.
[By Mail. 1
BANGOR. Me, Aug C?In port, achr Kenue
luirik. for <iaspe and Philadelphia.
McKINLSY. Me. Aug 7?Arrived, schr A T
Havnes. Gloucester.
NEWPORT. HI. Aug .1?In port, air Kast
err Victor, for Roeton (readv).
PORTLAND, Me, Aug 8?Arrived, st*-s
Ellzn Goreham (Hr). Liverpool. N8 (to load
for Yarmouth. NS).
Sailed 8th. strs Otta. Murray. CR; Dela
ware. New York.
PROVIDENCE. P.I. Aug 8?Sailed, atr Me
teor. Norfol!:.
SEATTLE. Wash, Aug 7?Arrived, st: lit
valinn, Portland.
Army Orders
Special IM* patch to Tub nsw Yobk Hi.rai.p.
New ^ ?rk Herald Bureau, i
W asliingtnn. I). C'.. Aug. jo. f
Ibeae army orders were made public:
j Allcott, Capt. I'lillo, Jr.. to Port Sill,
i Bennett, ( apt. Chauneey A., to Fort 8111
Creusers. Capt. Melville S., to Port Sill"
Kurtz, Capt. Guy O., to Port Hill.
| h H.IK Lleut.-Col. Alex McMillan, to Hot
Kobe*. Major Frank B., to Denver
I B-nnVn?tll>% 1 ,*lf'U' ''"hn Kort
P'f? Lieut. Robert E.. to Camp
Scotl, Major Thotnai 15.. to Fort Sam
Ashore ft, Capt. James M., m Wsabingtcr i
rai Bai
I-?tt. Col. Abraham O., to Washington
Special t)i?patrh to Trig Nrw Vr*K II***, p.
. tork Herald Hnreau. |
Washlngton. 1?. C.. Aug. 10. ( ,
^These navy order, were made public to-!
Frueht. Commander Mat M., to IT S ? I
New ^ork as executive officer ' I
Hlckey, Commander Andrew 8 . to R S
i or*. * j
t,!f?ri-ck' "^"mander Charles s.. orders I
i cT ' Mare Island
I Stott. Commam. -r Arthur C . to Hureau i
i Ordnance, \\ nshington.
Aslie. Limitr i,?nt Coi!ini*nder Henrge I: o
| neatrovsr aquadion* Atlantic fleet " 1
Bradford, Lieutenant-Commander Gerard,
to l . S. S. rittuhtirg.
^B alne, Lieut. Clinton H . to Naval Acad-1
B.irroudh. Lieut. Kdmtind Vf , to I* S 8
Own ink.
Da vis. Lieut .Tames k. to Ulilpbulldin .
OorporAtloti. <*nrnd??r?. N* j
D?> >, !4?Ut. Kobe) ? M., Jr., to I* 8 S
j !.?>.? |,le?t. Ootthlir C . relieved n the
I rtuir. iiofii^.
1-ehrfe|,!. Lieut, lsadore, le Yard,
N?? ^or';.
I Wild, Lieut. Laurence, to If. 8. 8 Wood
I bury.
_MCFadden, Lieut Francla L.. Chaplain
Corps, to I . M. 8. Nevada.
Miller, Lieut Raymond v.. Civil Engineer
i orpi, to officer In <ah*rf? vunmvMiction V?t
t'rnrm Durban honpHnl, Tuppr, N. Y.
Tlio *te?inei Ht. Paul 0f the American
Line nt Pier No ?0, North Ulv.r
last night After the faa'eat voyage that
she lniM niiide alnc" he1n? ieent(re<l in
the Atlantic* pnaeenirer service she
made th" run from I'herbmirB to \ir
brnae Channel In 7 /lava li hour* IX
mlnutea, arwl her tim* would h?vo been
much 1e?s hart ah* not hn<l to buck
a tioTthwoatorly rale which enme up
from the Oulf on Tueedav and Wednas- ,
The 8t Paul hmught 272 cabin and
2P.1 steem?e pnsaonfrera, the majoiity of
I ho lnitcr coming from flerman* vt
Houthampton "he too* on lea* than .i
hundred s?cond claaa paAaetig-ers who
hail Iwoked for i**en*t?. on the White
Htar liner Olympic 7%* Olympic ha.o
been delayc?l bocauac of a broken atern
Left Knalanil *?tsrds>i flel|vere<l
Here lb Is Morn In*.
Prlnitlnir what poat office officials say
la the fastest mall from abroad alnco
1I?M, the Mauretania wlre|oH?r,| (h#
Canard offices here yeaterUav to have
four mall boata meet her at Quarantine
at mldnlMht. The veaael left Southamp on
laal Saturday and her mall would prob.
ably be distributed to offices In Man?
hattnn bafore 9 o'clock thta momltif. It
waa sabl at Ihn Oenertl Poat Office, j
Tha Mauretania has between 7,BOO and
M^O aacka of mall, and 1,158 PHfwt.n
ger*. capt, A. If. Koatrom In Ma wire
leas alcnlfled a deelro to have the ship,
cleared *S speedily a* poealMe, and he
expccta to dock her early this morning
Mrs. Belardi Asserts Wolflike Pack That She Loves
Better Than Husband Protected Her?Sheriff
Forces Her to See the Whole Pack Slain.
Spr< ,al Dispatch to Tug New Vosa Hubalu.
Sachamkkto, Cat., Aug. 10.?Declar
ing her love for htr pack of Miarling.
wolflike dogs gitater than that for her
husband or any other living thiag, Mrs.
Mabel lloas Belardi to-day occupied a
cell in the county jail, while the Sheriff
sought to wring froin hi r ;in admission
that she and her husband first boat A.
Biese, a rancher, uiul then wt the dof-'s
loose to tear him to piece*.
Mrs. Belardl said her pack of eighteen
mongrel dogs killed Bieso after he at
tacked her. She asserted that she
sought to show 1 lief< Uuii bi*n a vic
tim of coyotes because Hhe 1< ar-'d if
the truth were known ht r dogs would
be killed. Finally she told of the dogs'
attack and h few hours later was taken
to the ranch and witnessed a posse of
deputy sheriffs rounding up tin* dogs
and killing them.
How Biesc met his death yet remains
a mystery. The woman says the dog*
killed him, but the autopsy surgei/n says
he was tic?t lilt a blow en the head and
that ?s he lay upon the ground the
dogs ripped him to pieces.
Louis Belardl, the husband, maintains
silence and defies the Sheriff to hang
the guilt upon him.
Mrs. Belardl. daughter of a prominent
family of Sacramento and sister of a
former attorney, is the descendant of
Betsy Boss, who made !hc firat Ameri
Important Agreement Made
With Stevedores and Others.
The Merchants Association announced
last night that its committee on loading
had entered into an agreement with the
Merchant Truckm*r.'s Bureau, the Inter
national Longshoremen's Association
and the Brotherhood "f Teamsters,
Chauffeurs, Stevedores and Handlers
whereby a flat charge of one and one
half cents a hundred pounds will be
charged for loading from platforms of
warehouses. leading front sidewalks,
j plors. docks and cars will be charged
I for at a rate of two and one-half cents a
hundred pounds.
I Tile agreement resulted from a cure
ful study of the situation made by the
loading committee of the Mtrchants Ah
I sociation. It was decided to call tho
three other bodies In, and the Mer
chant Truckmen's Bureau negotiated the
i charges for loading freight, which will
be made In the future by the employees
organizations. The agreement went into
effect upon its signing, and will remain
effective for ninety days, after which
time It can he terminated by either
party, the merchant truckmen or the
handlers, after thirty days notice has
be'-n, given.
Most Important of the terms of the
agreement Is one which grants the right
to all shippers and consignee* to load
or unload their freight if they so desire
without b? Ing subjected "to any Im
proper treatment, on the part of the
loaders." The Merchant TrikUmen's Bu
reau agreed not to take advantage ot
this term of the agreement, thereby con
tinuing to employ the ? rvices of mem
bers of tlK; Brotherhood of T. amstcm.
Chauffeurs, Stevedores and 1 fandlers and
of the international longshoremen's
Association to do their loading and un
Waldo II. Marshall, a director of the
Merchants Association, was chairman of
the special committee on loading.
Koenig Says Assemblyman Re
tiret for Party Harmony.
Assemble man Joseph Steinberg of t! ?
Fifteenth Assfmbly district annousx ed
last night his withdrawal from the r:><
for 'he Itc-publlcan nomination for the
Senate from the Seventeenth Sennt" dis
trict. He will rnn attain for the As
-s< mbly.
"Mr. Steinberg lias sslthdrswn in the
interest of harmony and the election
of a Republican llovernor and Legis
lature." said Samuel 8. Koenig, the
county leader, who was Instruments! in
bringing Steinberg to terms. "He
showed a One spirit."
Senator Schuyler M. M?ver will be
Knomina'ed without opposition.
The captains of the Seventeenth As
sembly district on Wednesday night _ave
rtteinberg a complimentary Indorsement
1 of seventeen to seven after It had been
i learned he was to retire.
Charles Lubin was Indorsed as the
Rfpubli' an candidate for the Assembly
iti the Seventeenth district. 11" will op
pose Assemblyman August Claesmis,
the Socialist.
ESTATE IS $1,908,539
Surrogate Approves Final Ac
counting of the Trustees.
Surrogate John 1'. Cohalan yesterday
, approved the accounts of Stephen V'.
Millet of 640 P:?rk nvenile, ills former
wife. Mrs Thalia W. Malcolm of 11 4 Kast
| Sixty-sixth street, ami Tl?nry T. Black
j hs trustees of a trust composed of the
] residuary estate of the late Robert K.
; Westeott, one lime hend of the express
I company of that nanie. Mr. Black's
! application to be relieved of further
i dutbs with the esfste was accepted.
The accounting shows that the res'.du
try loft by Mr. Wo.ttoott wn*
Vftluod at It rtth*Ml
in trust to his daughter. Mrs. .Millet,
eventually to l?e shared by licr three
Surrogate Cohalan allowed a com
I mission of fJ.Ml each to Mr. Millet an l
Mr. Black. Murray Hulbert. Who was
j special guardian for a daughter of Mr-.
Millet, was allowed ITr.o for services,
j Mr. Millet ami Mrs Malcolm fie con
| tlnued as trustees.
Boy Call* Went Hohoken
'Bulls' Regular Guys.
Every night at * .TO .fame- Marcheasnl,
1 aged 16. enters the West Iloboken po
.Ice fctatlin, greets the lieutenant cheer
fully, and marches Into the detention
room. There he waits until 3 *>, when
he comes out again and starts home.
He goes home under the escort of a
patrolman and when he gets there Is
put to bed.
Marchcsanl has been doing this since
July *7. Me will do It until October 27.
He la aen Ing a sentence for throwing
James Ohen asked about, his ex
perience raid:- "Sure I like it, the
bulls are all regular guys. It's better
than hanging around the streets like I
used to do. They treat me fine here,
and make me learn my lesson te?o.
When t get out I won't hang out With
the bunch I used to run with Maybe
I'll be a bull myself Rome day."
? can flag. Sin<-?? girlhood .flip ha*
, shunned people of her own class. At
' all times she has had a burning love
for uJl dumb animals. Her eighteen
<iogs were foremost in the thoughts anil
| affections of Mr*. Belardl. when the
I Officers were questioning her lo-day.
| "These dou.i have saved jny life twice
j In the last four years when men have
attacked m? and I will protect them
with ray life. So matter what may
; come, they can take my husband.
| brothers, sisters and everything, but 1
will stand by them as they have fought
! for me."
J "Have they ever killed a man'. ' Mrs.
| Belardi u a> asked.
j "No they havp not." was her quick
| reply. "But if they wouldn't they
| wouldn't have been worth much. When
| your dog will not stand by you he isn't
j "Well Mabel, these*do(* have killed
; a man, so I guess wb will have to kill
them," said Deputy Sheriff C'unn.
AH ey#s were turned upon the woman,
watching itnd waiting to see what she
1 might do. It was the final thrust of
i the day in the hope of breaking her
! story. Fear had been expressed that
she would s?-'d the dogs upon the
Sheriff's men if she had an Inkling of
j a thought they would bo slair.
I She heard the death sentence of lier
dog*, of which she had expressed her
love just a moment before, but did
i not show any kind of emotion.
Operators Tiny and Dispose of
Parcel at Burnwide and
Harrison Avenues.
It-. ing and Chester D. Judis. oper
I ators. have purchased from the Single
Realty Corporation and have resold to
an Investing client of 13. Osborne Smith,
i ir.e.. a one story and basement business
, building containing fifteen stores on the
i norti east corner of Burnslde and Harri
son avenues, l'-TxlSTxlOOx Irregular. The
j Judlses recently purchased the nnrth
I east corner of Burnslde and Davidson
av ? ues. a six story apartment house.
?, whici, rent* for $40,00ft- and v..,- In id
I for K'T.'.OOO.
Twm Bronx Corners Sold.
Harrr Calm sold to Samuel Colvi for
Investment the southwest corner of Wil
low avenue and lS8th street, a brick
store and dwelling building.
The Columbia Ice Corporation sold to
the Atwell Realty and Construction
Company the southwest corner ot Whit
lock and Bryant ? venues, 140x150.
ArthuV 1Mason sold '?> Rose Wilson
'the apartments ''OS Hast Hist street,
r.rtxSo.Cx Irregular.
Inventor Buys Home Site at
Osoorn Bluffs.
Lawrenea Six rry, Inventor of the
gyroscope, has bought the Oaborn Bluff*.
1 as the highest point along the South
, Shore Is called. Oenrge Weldr.< r ne;ro
tiated the rale, which gives Mr Sp<iry
ownership of elsht acres of upland. In
cluding shore l ights. Mr. Spftrry will
build a home or. the property which
adjoins the golf course.
Mr. Weidner also sold tin- >'d Mnr
vlnettc property on Rector avenue to
(Jeorge Kraamcr o? the w. andotti
Hotel, who will erect on It several c>t
lajres to be ready for rental next sea? >n.
CliaunrJty i:. Orlffen sold the Milton
Tow ne property in I'elhstnwood. "on
istlnj, of a mo I. mi home on huge plot,
to K 'i. Clemenson, assistant general
| sales manager of the National Car! an
Company. The property was i.vld '
Ceorge liowe ,<old for John I". Hansen
to R. C. X. Browne of this city u stucco
over brick residence of nine rooms snd
?.wo baths. 100*200, ? garage and a
tennis court, corner of Dewltl and M ? r
?:ntid avenues, Vronxvllle Th" buyer.
Atoeiated with the American Woolen
Company, purchase,] it for his xn occu
BowltS H Co, liave sold for William
P. Richards his house on \mes avenue,
I.eonla. M John I>. Boas of Mng|ewoo*1
Pranlry B. Kirk Company soi l a plot
on Meechwood avenue. Mount Vernon.
1 for Mrs. Mnry Toom?.v to Miss Kvangn
! line M. Harrison of this city. Through
?he company's construction depart:- nt
Miss Harrison will. ere t a residence.
1 The same brokers leased an apartment
in 7 Overlook street to R. H Kgan : a
tesldence, 10u Cedar street to Seym ur
II. Ruthlnirt) : a residence, 101 South
First avenue* to Weston B. HlHsrd.
The Htttnley B. Kiik company have
?Old a new residence, IS Mult In ley street.
Mronx.'WIc, to Chester H Hollies of
Mount Vernon. S. V. The property
was held for fIS,"#.
I'h.-mneey B. ilrlffen sold for leffer
Hon I >. llohbs hts reciilenee, Qrand View
avenue, l'leasantvitle, to IHri> It Mc
I.atigh in.
Charles W. Wynne snd Louis II I.ow,
operators, have resold st Rye 'late,
ltye, the gsrage le-tween R>e Beach
mid iiakwood avenues, <*xS0, to Mrs.
f. Bonnet, an adjoining owner; I Rye
(teach avenue, at Forest nvent" a t?o
and one-half story dwelling, 70x100, to
William O. Klars, 41 Oskwood avenue,
?o*i<o, ji two and one-half stjry dwell
ing. to Mrs. Frederick Deneon; 2T> Bye
Hesch avenue. S0x7f>, a two sn.l one-lia'f
story dwelling, to Mrs. M. Mc'ov. The
properties will be occupied by the pur
chasers on expiration of their present
"Li <\jr -a Aitarnwi Ml
NeW Tort ty;ning Schools.
; i _ \ Html, tf c*'i <
J^l | (either Open-, Of fit
cTw j^CQGDl r'r ? v1' ' "h;r,rM
?I" Method" ft Instr
' ?, mnKInf pre-eminent the *tndv of l,eg,il
CrlMlples and the Iteannns therefor I'.eei.i
f notable, send for cataloaut '0
I.KOItfir; CHASE, Urnn. SIS W. tM ft.,
v V. i itj.
WoOLWOimi I'd,on . Ktw YORK
MORNING SESSION. 9:30 to 11:30
( stalngne. Co-EdnentlnnHl. Open* Kept. ?*.
BROOKLYN Rreoklyn, N. V.
LAW ?CH00L*?X?tbS!??,
Morning. Afternoon and Rrealng Hr??ina?
Send for < ntalngne. Hl.l.lfTKR MM*
Loan Languages
?IS W. ?<th ?>?. Tel. Penn. IIM
lis l.telnc'tnn M? liklrn- Main IMS
Redaerd Summer Rate.
Sales Are Scattered?Par
chase on Myrtle Avenue.
Mclnerney, Klinck Realty ( 'ompany
sold the four story businggs and apart
ment building a' 497 Myrtle avenue, 2ix
100, and 23 feet went of Ryerson strre!
| for John C. Krohn to William R. Waist r
lor occupancy.
Friday 4 I, htr.an wold 3 '! Sumpt. r
street, !?i.\ family apartment.", for Miss
Teres* H. Hiekey. to a client for in
ve.itment: 13 ex Hancock street, a two
''lory two family dwelling, for Eliza K.
Ccursen, to a client for residential piir
prgfs, and 30 <"over' street, six family
frarne amrtments. for the Kxeeutlve
Realty Company, to a client for invest
Buikii-y fc Hot-ton Company sold S, 10
and 12 f'ltnton avenue, between l'ark
and Flushing avenue*, three houses for
; Walter O. Htellges.
j John Pullman Real Estate Company
sold 44 Berkeley place, a three story
and basement brown stone dwelling.
t 20x100, for Airs. Alary A. Curry to a
??lient for occupancy.
Henrv Im Jflelaen office* sold the !?>?
; family brick dwelling, 623 Sixty-aecond
, Htr"et, I'OxlO ', for Emmy Banon, to *
i lient for occupancy.
Martin Company, representing all con
ceri t-tl, leased for the Rynehftrt Produ< f?
> '? tiipanv to Sidney A. Joffee the build'
nig, 1'J Pulton street.
Ploreiw ,? Kcerurbys purchased from
j the Fifty-ninth Mreej. Building Cor
poration tin- new three story and stof
liulldlng, 1 Hx ] u_, at the northeast corner
? ?f Sixty-ninth street and Third avenue.
William S. Ivatsriist'in, attorney, repre.
. -<> rit? ? i the purchaser.
.1 I? cov sold for Isidore Bergs to A
Feldl'lum & brli k and stuco house and
a double garage at 1106 Bast Nine
teen"! street, held ?t $27,500.
! The Martin Company, representing all
parties con erncd, leased to .Maurice Riv
1 kin the basement find first and second
floors at 47 Bergen street.
I'sr Other Real Kstate Nrwx See I'll' IS.
-hob nob
? with
Banff Sprints Hottl.
Dining-room capacity
ofbOO. 285 guest rcomi.
Sulphur and fresh water
pool*, golf, tennis, motor
boating, canoeing, and
other outdoor sports.
Summer Tourist Tickets
on Sale From May lfth at
Greatly Reduced Fares.
At Banff you can crowd every hoar with the un
usual and the beautiful. From the Canadian
Pscific Hotel Bow River Valley, Tunnel
Mountain with its switch-back ascent. Sulphur
Mountain with its Hot Springs and observatory,
Mt. Rundle, Stony Squaw?an entrancing view
in every direction.
Hiking, saddle pony, auto er carriage take you to thaaa
and manyother wondera?Mi Aaainlboino,' 'Matterhorn
of tlie Rockies"!. tile "Hoodooe", Lake Mlnnewank*.
Marble Canyon, including 300 miles of road sad trail in
Rocky Mountains Park.
< all or Writ'? for Tour C-US
Canadian Pacific Railway
F. It. PHRRV, Ctttiersl Agent Passenger 1 > V . Madison \
44th fit., N. T.
I.ont Inland.
?Belle Terre Park Inn?
Port Jeff prion. Long Island
\ M'lwt family hotel In a prltatc |?urk
of 1300 arm.
-All ''oiiviMii.ini??j, nnix< ellad cul^lne.
tjolf, Ti'iinl*. AJt Water Sports.
K. f. MrMUIO.V, M?B.
N. V. Offlo*. jo K. c!d Ht.
TI-? Murray lllll. _
LOKO BKACH~On? or two room*, private
house. ISO Cheater nt. W.
Wilt# rinii??, N. Y.
y Until 40 Minute* from Town.
$JickU)ick Hiring
Gitennicb, Covin.
*'Tlie l)istincti\f Country Hotel'*
Both under personal direction of
;>U-tnrcitff .
tmc af.4L-ri?uL
| ttSS THAW AH MOir* f0O*4 HtW TO0K
aron Springsi
Tar.ws Sutyw Springs an I 6a: r.
For Treatment of Gout, Khrnmitlfa,
Asltimn. Mill anil Nervous Dlnruii.
Baths and Aniiex Hotel
(Adjoining RnlHi)
Pavilion Hotel and Cottages
Write for descriptive booklet. ^
of Sharon Springs, New York. ^
un Beautiful fjiprf Paranac f.tk*.
Modern IS hole Rolf; ea'dle horse*.
Knvlronmeti' aoclally detli-abla.
Certified milk. Superb cutalna.
It a'l/iu. ftshlnf.
R?r?ll?n? mifte; danclnt.
Harrlngtan Nilta, Mfr., I'pper Sarnnae. ff. !?
Stamford, New Yorlc.
("harming new Inn, Immedlntely adjoining
M'ttidanl golf ? ourae. Attractlvu iate?. i ipen
till November
J. \v. simi'hox. Owaer.
I'Or booklet and hotel !lm write T. W. '
Hemming, Tiafft'- )tn., Ktngetnn X V I
I l>TII? A llU.AW Mil; *tAll l;0\I? j
Naw Knetaml.
r * 1'"''SA "
sv :a^ ^S THR(XJGH NFW
*NnPoo8n*S?n?''"fo't'C point3
lll??lrate? It mite liw,k and targe Mat
' " >Y'-? at KM Itmndwar. ?? fcy
MHOS I iron.
Hotel rtl?B.
l?U K >? W t.M.U.M),
P? rfrd rt.<aii' . Ma*nlfl. .nt .-tonery; Uood
Hot?|?, Knr Hoad Map addreaa
V'M TCiMf'*l.T? Prr'jr, N. 15 Hciti?l A?Vn,
r>r*|?er lintel, Northampton. Mim
Rhode l?l?n<1.
?teati $ouSf
Lodges Annexes
WAttll him,
Reservations can be
made from August 15th
to close of season
Address J. F. CHAMPUN
fanner* lent.
On L*k* fa'-non, r O, Wxpnarng, Conn.
Tgyl*- '"?MM. ?ae.ban, d?? ing.
athletic field, erchtttt*. Vend for booklat.
?Ma v?arlnisctM
Jfcer //daunt*
Jat and Full lnrform?ti,
-?iTT^FlELn. MAM.
)HO CommonwnflrthAvi Iio?ton 9
The Distinctive \
Boston House
One of the mor.t hamo'ika I
hotel* in tho ?world.
5?nd lor Our 5<joU?1 w iffi il> ?
< .uul? to H'Monc fio-ton. |
?w J'rst-j.
Hotel Montclair
Monti i.*ii!. n. j.
MOS'T DM.II.Ill M | |.v MH'ATF.D
\UHK*s M III ItliH.
rnrnKitH K ??. ham. company.
N.-w \nrh% Nrurrxl ami \>w .Jem,.,',
Moot HrlljihtTnl Mtmnwr Itonrf. Ilrnil
Uiiartrr* f?r tlir Intrrtuitinnial I'nlm
MnU-hm. I'liom- ???? llright loj.
Hold Mnlilnm ? and? The RnjtleMdr
SUNSET INN liLU:V;Vr pa' .
, t i ?.. # . ?? % Vlti!c|# fretful. Surf
jiml hajr fmhln. . No ha>- f?ver. rin? tab!*.
Atlantic ( it;.
f P'rfftly on the Occaii Front?
< mm Itjr 6M.
? ,'r a.?Xa 1 'J ?">? Orrh?*tra.
^ "L.t'* "?<>*. Pacini waakly,
riion? n-Mfi w. kino * kanna
\shnry Park.
wr ,n',*u'WM,1 in..-.
'm** l.??!>?. al"> b*rh?l?r apart.
?l,nw?r and n??.lla bitln; whr?
??rrir. a,)(] f|r:?at ctil?ln?.
Pb??? im. M. II f RO?T * MX,
if kurh, flno
"1 lr??tm?nt. I'han*
I*. W KINf?
Warn wnown?4 for Phtumatl.m. N.r?0?,
!>??? and that run-down cWidltlon. Opan a. I
lha year. T??ntjr rrtllM from UrtroliT M'
Ll?n,?iia Int.rAirl.an rnwMi N. Y Cmtrai
. ITU? f**' niornln* at I'v iaii, Writ*
for uootif^t.
Rit?lne?? M?n*? V*?nrlatl*n.M<.ClMnrn?.MI#h.
I'i nn?)rlranl.t.
AtmiM-Pln#*t maau. air. water: Chrl?
f hrjrt Kt'r- Arc f.o ?aina ?t
llirrt !t y?ar< Matatlinra*. P!l<a Ca.. Pa.
Spring I nkr liritrh.
IV?.ll?r *ra. *pHi( I akt> P*ar||. J
Amnl. an Plan. $>l p*t- (jn),
I'tion" '?/) H;.rtn( t.alt*
Vntf Situation Wnnttii Art, ?n 7A?
,<(f. Mtrilon of Tlth XKW YORK
UBRAl.O tihoHld put yr>? In touch with
)"0t Ihr ??,t Of n*nrt* irith irftot'* v? I
?<o?M t<t > '> rn re;..
j-Aont 10,000,

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