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metis and mdse. W1H go to pier 80, North
River, about 0 AM, Tuesday.
Sir Algeria (ill). Liverpool Aug 10 and
Queenstown 11th via Boston 20th, Is the
Curtard Line, with passengers and mdse.
Will go to pier 88, North Klver.
Htr Oropesa (llr), Hamburg Aug 0 and
Southampton HUi, to the Royal Mall Steam
Racket Co, with passengers and mdse. Will
go to pur <2, North Hirer, about 9 AM
8tr Malndy Hill (Br). Barry Aug 5, to the
International Freighting Corporation, with
coal. Went to Chrome, NJ,
Str West Uardaway, Hull Aug 5, to C D
Mallory A Co, with T.5U tons of coal. Went
to New York Dock Co'e plor 4(1, Brooklyn.
Str Maid of Fsara (Br), Liverpool Aug 2,
to the Byron Staamehlp Co, with coal. Went
to pier 8. Weehawken, NJ.
Str Lepanto (Br), Newcaetle, Eng. July 28
and Antwerp Aug 3, to the Ellehman's Wil
son Line, with mdse. Went to foot of 7th
street. Hoboken, NJ.
Str Santa Lulsa. Talcahuana Aug 1, Val
paraiso 2d, Antofagaata 4th, Mollendo 8th,
Pisco 7th, Callao 9th. Salaverry 11th and ;
Cristobal 14th, to W R Grace & Co, with |
89 passengers, malls and mdse. Went to i
New York Dock Co's pier 38, Brooklyn.
Str Western World, Buenos Aires Aug 3,
Montevideo 4th, Santos 7th and Rio Janeiro
Pth, to the Munson Steamship Line, with 71 I
first and 81 third class passengers, malls
and mdse. Went to pier 3. Hoboken, NJ.
Str Holllnside (Br), Buenos Aires July 22
via Norfolk Aug 20, to Simpson. Spence A
Young, with Unseed. Went to Spence Kel
logg's Works, Shadyslde. NJ.
Str Ohloan, Seattle July 19, Vancouver
21st, Belllngham 24th, Portland 31st, San
Francisco Aug 2, San Pedro 3d and Colon
4th, to the United American Lines, with
mdse Went to pter 8, Bush Docks, Brook
Str Ponco, Arroyo and Ponce Aug 12,
Jobos 13th, Mayagusz 14th, Aguadllla and
Are Ibo 13th and San Juan 16th, to the New
York and Porto Rico 8teamshlp Co, with
117 passengers, mails and mdse. Went to
New York Dock Co'e plor 33, Brooklyn.
Htr John D Arehbold, Port Lobos, to R L
Hague, with crude oil.
Str Annetta, Port Antonio Aug 13, to the
Atlantic Fruit Co. with malls and fruit.
Went to pier 28. East River.
Str Baracoa, Port au Prince Aug 3, Car
tagena 0th, Porto Colombia- 12th, Morant
Bay 14th and Port Morant and Kingston
13th, to the Clyde Steamship Co, with 3 pas
sengers, malls and mdse. Went to pier 7,
East River.
Str Munwood, Matanzas Aug 11 and Car
denas 17th, to the Muneon Steamship Line,
with mdse. Went to Federal Sugar Refinery,
Y'onkers. NY.
Str Fort St George (Br), Bermuda Aug 19,
to the Furness-Bermuda Line, with 284 pas
sengers, malls and mdse. Went to pier 93,
North River.
Str Swlftstar, Port Arthur, to C D Mal
lory & Co. with mdse. Went to Tletgen A
Lang'e dry dock, Hoboken, NJ. 1
Str Cheyenne, Baytown, La, to N M Smith,
with mdse. Went to pier 4, Bayonne. NJ.
Str Freeman, Norfolk, to the Pocahontas
Fuel Co, with coal. Anchored off Statue of
Str Jonancy, Norfolk, to the Pocahontas
Fuel Co, with coal. Anchored off Statue of
Str Virginia Express, Richmond, to the
Richmond and New Y'ork Steamship Co,
with mdse. Went to pier 48, East River.
8tr Taamanlc (8w). Baltimore Aug 19, to
Kurness, Withy A Co, in ballast. Went to
pier 4, Bush Docks. Brooklyn.
Str Philadelphia, Baltimore, to the Clyde
Steamship Co, with mdse.
8tr Quebec City (Br), Baltimore, to the
United Stales Navigation Co, with mdse.
Went to New York Dock Co's pier 44, Brook
Str Maumee, Portland, Me, to the Foreign
Transport snd Mercantile Co, with mdse.
Went to pier 85, North River.
Str Alaskan, Boston, to the United Ameri
can Line, with mdse. Went to pier 8, Bush
Docks, Brooklyn.
Str Barbadian (Br), Boston, to tho Atlantic
Transport Line, with mdse. Went to pier
38, North River.
Str Ormtdale, Boston, to the Munaon
Steamship Co, with mdse. Went to Texas
Dock, Bayonne, NJ.
Motor ship Bayonne, Philadelphia, to the
Vacuum Oil Co, with mdse. Went to Bay
onne, NJ. 4
Srhr Jennie Flood Kreger, Norfolk, to
Crowell k Thurlow, with mdee. Anchored off
Red Hook Plata, Brooklyn.
Returned?Schr Rebecca R Douglas, hence
for Bangor, Mc (anchored In Sandy Hook
Str Mount Carroll, Hamburg for New
York, la expected to dock at pier 86, North
River, about 9:30 AM Tuesday.
Str Mongolia, Hamburg for New Y'ork, Is
expected to dock at pier 38, North River,
Tuesday afternoon.
Str Majestic (Br), Southampton for New
York, la expected to dock at. pier 39, North
River, Wednesday afternoon.
Str President Van Buren. London for New
York. Is expected to dock at pier 4, Ho
boken, NJ, about 9 AM Tuesday.
Str Veendyk (Dutch), from Ratavla, Ao,
expects to reach Boston Tuesday morning.
Htr Wlnlfredlan (Ur), from Liverpool, ex
pects to reach Boston Wednesday.
Str Arabic (Br), from Oenoa. Ac, expects
to reach Boston Tuesday morning.
By Independent Wireless Telegraph
Company, Inc.
[Distance given In miles; position at noon
unless otherwise specified.)
Carplaka 98 E by N Cape Henry 21st.
Catherine 840 S Ambrose L V 20th.
Chickasaw 286 E Ambrose L V 20th.
City of Rome 37 RW Nantucket L V 20th.
Eastslde 233 E Cape Henry 21st.
Edward Pelrce H W Oay llead L V 20th.
J W Vandyke 70 N Diamond Shoal L V 20th.
Janelew 150 ESE llatterae 21st.
Kroonland 643 E Ambrose L V 21st.
Lake Fannin 230 S Scotland L V 21st.
Mongolia 379 E Ambrose L V 21?t.
Munargo 298 S Scotland L V 21st.
Nesstan 658 S Ambrose L V 20th.
Orhaba 789 S Ambrose L V 21st.
Pipestone County 334 R Ambrose L V 20th.
liobln Adair 143 S Ambrose L V 21st.
Santa Louisa 283 S Ambrose L V 20th.
Htboncy 285 S Scotland L V 21st.
Tecumsch 250 S Sable Island 21st.
Zulla 231 S Ambrose L V 20th.
By the Radio Corporation of
America l,Mg V Ambrose L V 21st.
Birkcnlien ' A) VE Diamond Shoal L V 21st.
Bramell Point 788 E by N Cape May 21et.
Brvmerlou 104 NK Cape Henry 21st.
Chlckamauga 23 S Diamond Shoal L V 21st.
Cllntonla 154 E Ambrose L V 20th.
Dean Emery 83 NK Diamond Shoal 21st.
E H K> Hip 430 S Diamond Shoal L V 20th.
Eagle 13 S Ambrose L V 21st.
Eastern King 150 E Ambrose L V 21st.
Kdv>ard 1, Doheny, Jr. 13 B Sombrero Light
El Occidents 212 8 Ambrose L V 21st.
El Stglo 182 S Ambrose L V 21st.
Eugene V R Thayer 130 N Diamond Shoal
I, V 21st.
Franklin K Lane 385 8W Diamond Shoal
L V 20* h.
George Washington 717 E Ambrose L V 21st.
Gulfstream 120 3 Hatteias 21st.
llarmonldc* tat 37 50, Ion 73 32, 21st.
Hera 352 NE Bermuda 20th.
Japan Arrow 208 N Jupiter 20th.
Joseph Seep 81)5 NE Hole In the Wall 20th.
Laki Elsmere 240 NKE Diamond Shoal L V
Laks Flournoy passed Nobaeka Point 21st.
Levies 831 9 Nantucket L V 20th.
Mtnnckahda 2.395 B Ambrose L V 21st.
Montrollto 110 8 Jupiter 20tli.
Nora 70 S Diamond Shoal L V 20th.
President Van Buren 198 E Ambrose L V
Porto Rico arrived Mayagues 6 AM 21at.
President Monroe 1,616 E Ambrose L V 21at.
Itonianstar 30 from Ambrose L V 10 I'M
Rorrnborg 1st 40 30, Ion 88 08 , 21st.
Santa Marts 745 9 Ambrose L V 20th.
Hantore TO N Waitings Island 20th.
8c\thla 1,350 B Amhrore L V 21st.
He Ifterout 170 HW Block Island 21st.
Valemoor 100 E Ambrose L V 21st.
W H -Llbby 20 K Nantucket L V 21st.
Zulla 231 8 Ambrose L V 20th.
Bound South.
Btr North Land, Boston for New York (at
1 6 25 AM).
Rrhr Harriet B, No(-a Scotia for New
Y'ork; to D Benson Hlghle (20th).
Rchr Susan R. Nova Scotia for New York;
to D Benson Hlgblo (20th).
Schr Iteeelo S Alice (Br), Parrtboro for
New Y'ork, to Gllmartln A Co, with lumber;
will discharge at Huntington. LI.
Schr T K Bentley (Ur), Port Grevllle, NH,
for New York, with piling to Stanley Miner;
vessel to J F Whitney 8 Co.
Bchr Tlfton, Windsor, N8, for Newburgh,
NY, with plaster to Htgglnaon Mfg Co, ves
sel to J F Whitney A Co.
Bchr Francis (loodnow, Sullivan for New
York, with stone, to Joseph Leopold Co.
Bchr Harriet C Whitehead, Providence for
New York.
Tug Owen J McWtlllame, towing 2 barges
(at 11:43 AM).
Bound East.
Bchr Daniel Tompkins, New York for
Tug Bohemia, towing 2 barges (at 6:30
Steam lighter Howard Co (at 7:43 AM).
I Str Barbadian (Br), Bolton, London (gen
eral)?Atlantic Transport Line.
Str Valeria (llr). Doyle, Imndon (general)
?-Cunanl Steamship Co.
8tr Resolute, Malman, Plymouth. Bou
logne and Hamburg (general)?United
American Lines.
Btr Livingston Roe, I.ong, Rotterdam (oil)
?jR L Hague.
Notice to Owners, Agents
and Ship Masters.
The New York Herald pub
lishes daily reports of the posi
tions of merchant vessels re
ceived through coastal radio sta
tions operated by the Radio Cor
poration of America and the'
Independent Wireless Telegraph
Company, Inc. Vessels equipped
with radio apparatus may, with
out charge, report their (TR)
noon positions through the fol
lowing stations:
Independent Wireless Tele
graph Company, Inc., New York
city (WCG); East Hampton,
L. I. (WSA); East Moriches,
L. I. (WSE), and New London,
Conn. (WST). The United States
Public Health Service will also
give free medical advice through
these stations.
Radio Corporation of America,
Marion, Mass.' (WCC); Cape
Cod, Chatham, Mass. (WIM);
Siasconset, Mass. (WSC); New
London, Conn. (WLC); New
York City (WNY), and Cape
May, N. J. (WCY). In co
operation with the Seaman's
Church Institute of New York
and the United States Public
Health Service the Radio Cor
poration of America furnishes
free medical advice to ships at
Str Aqultanla (Br), Charlea, Cherbourg
? nd Southampton (general)?Cunard Steam
ship Co.
Str Presidents Wlleon (Ital), Stuparlch,
Azores, Palermo, Ac, via Boston (general)?
Phelps Brothers.
Sir West Mahomet, Sudds, Genoa. Alexan
dria, Ac, via Port Bala (general)?United
American Lines.
Str Norllna, Kenney, Petrograd (general)?
Garland Steamship Co.
Str Fort St Georgo (Br). McKenzte, Ham
ilton (general)? Furness, Withy A Co.
Str Colthrnps, Olsen, Pensacola (general)
?C D Mallory A Co.
Str Cliy of Atlanta, Garfield, Savannah
(general)?Ocean Steamehlp Co.
Str Anna Maersk (Pan), Anderson, Nor
folk (ballast)?Isbrandtsen-Moller Co.
Str Hamilton. Nelson. Norfolk (general)?
Old Dominion Tranaportatlon Co.
Str Helge (Dan). Jorgenaen, Norfolk (bal
last)?West India Steamehlp Co.
Str Wlllsolo, McGanan, Norfolk (general)?
William Steamship Co. (Cleared litth.)
Str McKeeiport. Sanders. Baltlmors (gen
eral)?Cosmopolitan Shipping Co.
Str Phoebus (Pr). Bemadl (from Genoa,
Ac). Philadelphia (residue)?Three Star Line.
Str. Otakl (Br), Cornwall, Newark (bal
last)?Norton, Lilly A Co.
Str West Loquassuck, Comlna. Montreal
(ballast)?International Freighting Corpora
Str Fiorldlan, Schermerhorn, Boston (in
transit)?United American Lines.
Str North Land, Foster, Boston (general)
?Eastern Steamship Co.
Schr Maid of Canada (Br). Wllkle, New
ark (ballast)?Gllmartin A Co.
Strs Ilatarana (Br), Brlabane, Ac. via
forfolk; Eagle, Baltimore; Steel Seafarer.
Ian Francisco; K I Luckenbach, Boston;
sabela, New Orleans; Sewells Point, Nor
oik; Helge (Dan), do; Hamilton, do; Anna
daorsk, (Pan), do.
Str Hagaporack, Constantinople.
8'r Valacla (Br), London.
The corrected reading of the barometer
reduced to sen level) at New York on Mon
lay, Aug 21, 1022, at 8 AM. as reported by
he United States Weather Bureau, was
hlrty (30) Inches. This closely approxl
natefc seven hundred and sixty-two (702)
ntlllmetcrs. Captains of all vessels now ly
ng In or near the porta of New York and
irooklyn can advantageously use the above
ifflclal data for observing whether their
iwn barometers require any considerable
orrection or adjustment.
Wind at Santiy Hook, 8 PM. W, light:
dear; smooth eea.
CAP!! RACE. NF, Aug 21-Barometer at
noon, 20.(4 Inches; wind. SW, fresh breeta;
weather, foggy; temperature. 82 deg Fahr.
Winds Off the Atlantic Coast.
East Gulf?Gentle to moderate variable
Inda and weather partly cloudy Tuesday.
West Oulf?Moderate east add southeast
inda and weather partly cloudy Tuesday.
Caribbean Sea and Wlndw^-d Passage?
oderate to fresh east and northeast winds,
oept over extreme south portion; weather
irtly cloudy and local showers Tuesday.
North of Sandy Hook and Sandy Hook to
aTteraa? Moderate variable winds and
rather fair Tuesday.
Hatteras to Florida Straits?Moderate to
eah northeast and teat winds and weather
oudy Tuesday.
BOSTON, Mass. Aug II)?Papt Martins of
aclir Wm II Draper yesterday filed a libel
against the vessel In tho U 8 District Court,
seeking condemnation and sale to ratlafy
$1,200 claim for unpaid wages; libel will he
heard Sept 1. Martins claims ha was made
captain and navigator of the vessel at
Brava, Cape Verde Islands, Oct 21, 1020, at
a salary or $2.70 per month.
NORFOLK Va. Aug 21?Str Lake Strymnn
Is afire 23 miles NK of Frying Pan light
ship. off the North Carolina coast, accord
ing to a radio received here to-day. The
crew la fighting to control the flames, which
have consumed a portion of the cargo and
arc threatening the ship. Two coast guard
cutters and a Shipping Board steamer are
rushing to the scene.
PHILADELPHIA, Pa. Aug 21-Motor yacht
Elfen II stranded Sunday morning on Lew la ,
Beach; she Is now full of water and lies
broadside with the bcacli.
BOSTON. Mass, Aug 21?Capt IVoplss of
flahlng achr Lafayette reported a large black
spar adrift lat 41 20. projecting 30 feet out
of w ater.
ASSYRIA (Br), At Glasgow flat.
CANADA (Kr). at St Michael* Hth.
L.A SAVOIE (Kr), at Havre 20th.
MAL'RHTANIA (Br), nt Boutnampton 21at.
OSCAR II. (Dan), at Chrlatlanaand 20th.
PRESIDENT MADISON, at Yokohama 18th.
RELIANCE. at Hamburg 18th.
VENTURA.'at Sydney. NSW. 11th.
RRAGA (Fr), from Llabon 18th lor Naw
CARONIA (Br) from Southampton 17th (or
New York.
EURO PA (Ital), from Palermo 18th for New
MEOANTIC (Br), from Liverpool 19th for
MLNNBKAHDA oftened Dover 20th, Ham
New York.
burg, for New York
FATlliA (Kr), from St Michaels 19th for
SCYTHIA (Br), from Qucenetown 18th for
Now York.
VANDYCK (Br), from Hamburg 10th for
New York.
Arrivals *1 and Departures from
Foreign Porta.
AARHCUS, Aug IT?Arrived, atr Bek
brhige (Br), Montreal,.
ARDRORSAN, Aug IS-Arrlved, etr flllver
eand (Ur), Baltimore.
Sailed 18lh, etr BclvMere, Ooeton.
AVONMOUTH. Aug 19-Arrlved, etr Weleh
man (Br), Montreal
RALTIOA, Aug 18?Arrived, atr Canadian
Scl nleur (Br). Melbourne, Ac, for Ronton.
Sailed 18th, atr* Errolt (Br), Auckland.
Ac; City of Auckland (Br), Brisbane, Ac,
BARRY, Aug 18?Sailed, atr Leglo (C-S),
Providence, Rl.
Sailed 11th, atr Trevlder (Br). New York
(not aa befora reported).
Sailed tilth, atra Monte Nevoeo (Ital), Key
West; City of Alton.
In port 8th, atr Maaaburg (Dutch), for
New York.
BELFAST, Aug 20?Sailed, atr Fanad Head
(Br), Montreal.
BELIZE. Aug 21?Arrived, air Zacapa, New
York via Santiago and Kingston.
RKROEN, Aug 18?Arrived, air Loulalane
(Nor). Savannah via Philadelphia.
BRISTOL, Aug 10?Sailed, etr Wella City
(Rr), New York.
ni'ENOR AIRES, Aug 17?Sailed, atre Hes
perlr'e* (Pr), Boat on and New York: 20th.
Servian Prince (Br), New York.
CALCUTTA. Aug 19-Hnlled, Str Suverlc
?Pr) Ronton and New York.
CARDIFF, Aug 19?Sailed, atr Merrymount,
N< w York.
i 'MTIISTIANSAND. Aug 20?Arrived, atr
Ocar 11 (Dan), New York fop Copenhagen.
CIENFUEGOS. Aug 20?Arrived, etr Sioux
City. Juearo (loads for New York).
Balled 19th. etre Opland (Nor), New York;
Lake Elmhurst, Philadelphia.
CLYDE. Aug 17?Balled, atr Manchester
Shipper (Br). Montreal. . ^
COPENHAGEN, Aug lb?Sailed, atra Aledo,
Kullundborg (and arrived latter port next
day); 16th. Belllngham, Koldtng.
CRISTOBAL. Aug 18?Arrived, atre Erroll
(Br). Montreal. Ac, for Auckland and Aus
tralia; 21st, Haredla, New Orleans.
Arrived 20th, atra Charlton Hall, New
Y Salted 16th, etra Tuscaloosa City, Liver
CURACAO, Aug 20?Arrived. 7 AM. atr
Philadelphia, New York via San Juan.
Sailed 21st, 1 AM, atr Maracalbo, New
York via Mayaguez.
DOVER, Aug 20- Pa-aed, atr Minnakahda.
Hamburg for New York.
DUNKIRK. Aug 11?Arrived, atr Cumber
land (Br), Boston. _
ESBJERG. Aug 17?Arrived, atr St An
thony, Montreal. _
GENOA, Aug 18?Arrived, atr Dora Baltea
(Ital), Galveston. y , .
GIBRALTAR, Aug 20-6alled, atr Celebes
Maru (Jap), from Calcutta for New Verk.
GLASGOW. Aug lb?Sailed, atra City of
London (Br), New York; Orla (Nor), United
States. _ ? .
Arrived 20th, atra Tunisian (Br), Mont
real; Lakonla (Br), do; 21st, Assyria (Br),
Now York via Movtlle.
GOTHENBURG, Aug 15?Arrived, atr Che
baullp. Now York via St John, NB.
GREENOCK. Aug 20?Arrived, atr tsa
turnla (Br), Montreal for Glasgow.
HALIFAX. NS, Aug Ul-Arrved, str 811vla
(Br). New York; Fort Hamilton (Br), do,
Rosalind (Br). St John*. NF: Bennington,
New Yor)c and Boston for Chicago.
HAMBURG. Aug 18--Arrlved, str Reliance.
New York via Plymouth and Boulogne.
Sailed 19th. str Vandyck (Br), New York
via Southampton and Cherbourg.
HAVANA. Aug 21?Arrived, etr San Bo
nlto (Br). Boeton. ... . ? . ..
Arrived 20th. atra Nevis (Nor). Nassiru.
21st, Hspcranxa, New York for ProgrMo.
Ice: Monterey, Vera Cruz, Ac, for Nassau
and New York. .. , _
Arrived 21st. strs Venezuela. San Fran
claco; Montaerrat (8p), New . , ,
HAVRE, Aug 20, 5 PM?Arrtved. atr La
Savole (Fr). New York. _
HONG KONG, Aug 19?Arrived, etr Bear
port, San Francisco.
Arrived 19th. str Suruga. Shanghai
Palled 19th, str Kaga Maru (Jap), Seattl .
HULL, Aug 10?Arrived, etra Art agan
Mend I (Sp), Montreal; Erie Mfru 'iJW'
Vancouver, BC; Melwu Maru (Jap), Port
'"uNGSTON. Aug 19?Arrived, strs Port
Antonio (Nor). Santiago; Sosua ^w York:
19th. Carrlllo. Santa Marta for New York,
21st, Mctapan, New York.
rJinflsco Avla Yrt&utt;' Mtfe. str Kureha
MArrtved P19th.*a^ Steelmaker, YoMut^l^
LEITH. Aug 20?Arrived, str Songstaa
( AVrl've"*1^"'. str West Zeda. Baltimore
via London and Hull. _ ? ,Fr.
LISBON. Aug 18?flailed, str Braga (Fr),
from Marseilles for New York.
LIVERPOOL. Aug 19?Arrived, str orator
(Br). Galveiton.
Arrived 10th. "tr? Valemore (Br), Balti
more: 20th. Muquan. New Orleani.
Arrived 20th. str Chlckahomlny (Br)
^SaMed 19th. str Megantlc <Bf>
Sailed 19th, str Caledonian (Br), Phlladei
Pl?atied 20lh. str Howlck Hall, Boston.
Sailed 20th. str Alleghany (Br). r
I.ONDON Aug 20? Arrived, ?trt IAsgar
Countv (Nor). Montreal (not prevlou?ly);
Mackinaw <nr), Philadelphia; Vasconla
'?rrrtwdW21Ytfkstr Mesaba (Br), New York
Sailed 19th, str Vlrgllla (Br), Boston,
in port 8th. str Wimbledon (Br), for Port
''maNATI. Aug 20?Sailed, etr Agwlstar,
^MANCHESTER, Aug 19?Arrived, str MIrlo
(M0AR8EILLOES?Au. 16-8.,led. str Marga
ret Dollar (from Manila), Boston and New
YArrived ,16th. str Syria (Fr). New York
UMETHILfPAug 19?Sailed, Glensloy (Br)
''"MONTREAL. Aug 21~*r^v*%
danla (Br). Cherbourg; <Br2;?,',-d
pool; Montello (Ital). V enka. StelMtad
(Nor), Sunderland; blbergen (Nor), Rotter
''wAPIER, Aug 14?Arrived, str Opawa
(Br). New York. . atr*
NEWPORT. Eng. Aug 18?"J*
n.nvst.1 ritv (Br), New York; 19th, Laeuten
ant Jcan Lsurent (Fr), Philadelphia; Area
SMh!* str Eastern Victor, Boston.
vttttvtTAS Aug 18?Arrived, atra Borglum
(Dan?. cTenfieg~ <to& for New Orleans);
lfith. Yumurl, Caibarlen. -
OTARU, Aug 18?Arrived, atr Dacre Castle
(Br). New Y'ork for Msnlla.
PAT.ERMO, Aug 15?Sailed.%Europa (Ital),
PAR A Aug 19?Sailed, strs Michael (Br),
New York; Dominic <D.rd Manoas
PARTINGTON, Aug 19?8alled, str Archl
medes (Br), NeW York.
PENANO, Aug 17?Arrived, str Ajax (Br),
NpERNAMBlTCO. Aug 13?Sailed, etr West
NpORTRANTONtO. Aug Il-Arrhwd. strs
Juan (Nor). Philadelphia; Ormee (Br), Bal
"s'nlleirt 19th, str Toloa (Br), New York via
Crlrtobal and Havana. . , s
PORT LIMON. Aug 21?Arrived, etr Ban
Mateo. Boston. a?u?a ?(r
PORTLAND. Eng. Aug 20-Arrived, str
i Wkmoor (Br). Port Arthur.
rUKRTO BARRIOS, Aug 20-Arrlved. etr
icallceflell (Nor). New Orleans.
PUERTO COLOMBIA. Aug 19?Arrtved. str
PUERTO PADRE. Aug 13?S.llod, str Mex
1 ano (Nor). Port Lobos. ...
QUEENSTOWN. Aug 18?flailed. str
8<-y'?>la (Dr), from Liverpool for New York.
TtTO JANEIRO. Aug 16?Sailed, str Seattle
MaJu (Jap). New Orleans (6.000 bags of
C?ItoTTERDAM, Aug 16?Arrived, strs Ar
c.nlla (Br), New Orleans; Elmsport, B*lt1
rnore: 16,1,. Aquarius, New Orleans; Moer
dyk (Dutch). Han Franrlsro^
Hailed IRth. strs *lfred Nobel (Nnr) W a
Uc-p MlCMAELB. Aug 18?Arrtved, str Can
.jo (pr) New York for Mfttgplll**'
BttllVd ioth. ?tr mtrla (Fr). from NapUw
SANTIAGO*' Aug 18. AM-Palled, etr
Pn"ts Marts New York. ? ?
Arrived 19th. str Sarpfos (Nor). New
Tgj??isd 1?th. str Banta Ro-alts MoMrvldeo^
ft A s'TOfl Aug 17?Pnlird, *
(Rei* New' York and Boston
rof fee for New York and 1.000 bags for
SHIELDS. Aug 20?Arrived, etr Effing
ham fnort. _ . ,.
Palled 19th. etre Slam City N*w
York . 20'h. Rcmhrldge 0M.?"irr , PM
?tr Caronla (Br), from Hamburg for New
YjTrrlved 21?1. str Mauretanla (Br). New
York via Cherbourg.
STtRZ. Aug 19?Arrived, str Egremont,
p.i,uf*a for New York. _
SUNDERLAND, Aug 19?Balled, str Ras
nv (Rr) Hoe,on.
SYDNEY. NSW, Aug 11?Arrived, str Ven
"tET.A*" aT.'s'Ti-'hs??d. AM. strs Copnen
an,e! New Orleans; 19th. Ban Oil (Br), Phil
adelphia. .
TIENTSIN. Aug 20?Arrived, etr West
Kadcr. Portland. Ore.
VALPARAISO, Aug 21?Arrived, etr Ar
gosy, New York and Philadelphia via Tan
ama. .
VERA CRT'7. Aug 19?Arrived, str Barfond
(Nor). New York via Tamnleo.
Balled 20th. str Morro Castle. Tampleo.
YOKOHAMA. Aug 18?Arrived, sir TsUhy
hlus (Br). Tacoma for Hong Knn*.
Arrived 18th. str President Madison. Se
(By Mali ]
BBIDGEWATEB. Jin, Au* 14?Tn port,
lirhr Nat I. Oorton, for Barbadoa (loading).
CHATHAM. NB, An* IB?Arrived, atr Con
vallarta (Sw), Cardiff.
HALIFAX, An* l(t?Arrived prevlnualy,
-aehre Evelyn Wllkl# (Br). New York via U
Ha ye; lTth. M H McDonald (Br), T.a Have;
Idlh. atr Talarallt# (Br). Montreal (and
cleared to return).
Arrived 17th. atr Kelher*an (Dutch). Bal
timore via Sydney for Brake (and ealled),
Balled IHth. etra Titan (Fr). Houaton;
Chaleur (Br). Barhado*. ?
KINGSTON. Au* Ik-Arrived, atre Medea
(Dutch), Amaterdam via Haiti, Ac: ftth.
Wen (Dan), Ouantanamo; Changulnola
(Br), Avonmouth (and ealled for Santa
Marta); 11th, Manlatra (Br), Liverpool (and
ealled for Garaton).
LIVERPOOL, Au* II?Sailed, atr Nor
wegian (Br), New Orlcano.
MF.RBINA, July 20-Afrived, atr Lloyd.
Conatanxa, Ac, for Naplaa, Maraelllea and
New York.
MOLT BNDO, Au* II?Sailed, atr Santa
Cru*. Arlca.
MONTBBAL, Ail* 10? Arrived, atr Hy
anthea (Br), Now York via Sydney.
FARHSBOBO, Aug 12-Arrlved, aehr Annie
(Br), Boaton.
ST JOHN. NB. An* IT?Arrived, aehr
Rlvler* (Br), Boaton.
Sailed 18th. atr Chicnecto (Br), Halifax.
SALINA CP.VZ, Au* 13?Sailed, atr San
Juan, Sari Franrteoo.
8a!!ed, atr Ecuador, San Franeteco.
WEST BAY, NS. Au* Id-In port, aehr
Mlnaa Kin* (Br), from Wlndaor for New
WINDSOR. NS, Au* IT-Arrlvad, aehr
Ononetta (Br), Newhurgh.
[By Telegraph.)
,cA8.T(lfUA; Ore, Auk 21-Arrlved. etr Boren
lew), Eureka.
<.ifEi^,IriVNGHuM' , Aug 21?Arrived,
X Durllne, Honolulu.
u.?uaTO'N. Mail, Aug 20-Arrtved, echre Ea
tUT D(. r)' Olementeport; Northern Light.,
Two Rivers; tugs Ontario. Nbrfolk. towing
barges Ellenvale. Sidney if Saco), Smyrna
and Cadoala (lor Parkers Flats) and pro
Menom 1 nee,hNorfolk!*'** 2U'; HUmr'Ck and
Arrived 2let. stra City of Lahore (Br),
.s taVoUda O'aueen (Nor). London via
Shields; Elinor, Norfolk; Ontario, Phlladel
lEo :, Port Loboe: Gloucester.
CalWn Ausfln, Nsv y'ork U"U*ta> 8ava""a?:
forLWer^*!' "" N?V'an (Br)' Philadelphia
neyllCBd laU'' S?hr Vl?t0r W T (Br)* 8yd" I
Balled 21st. etrs Ramon de Larrlnaga (Br),
P'^htiore; Eeparta. Port LUmon; Dryden
(Br), New York; Frederick Ewlng. Tam
?iC?ilii w!nce. c'ePr*e <Br>. Yarmouth.?Wlnld
at Highland Light. NE. 80 miles; partly
cloudy; rough sea. p?'?y
'BALTIMORE. Md, Aug 21?Arrived strs
Borgeetad (Nor), Tuxpam; Santa Barber?
New \ ork; City of Batavla. Philadelphia;
liJwfe?Km v-Dutih)', N*w lorll: Mohican, do;
Ipewlch. New York and Philadelphia.
hi.rlr- ?-! 21si' ?trB Eastmoor (Br), Ham
^?.CHy of Eureka, Genoa. Naples and
Mlloe w?.-Vim Philadelphia and New York;
r ??2 Wheeler, San Juan; Mississippi (Br).
dance! Vork; Dorch?'er. Frovl
rHinis'oL'l' ErIe 'Nor). New York
LakJ w.8C* Aug 21?Arrived, strs
Phll2didf2Sak,r1M,aJn : Tordenskjold (Nor), j
ThoweMh'\jnDaneholm (fan). New York;
Vrtrk ^onH<Nor). New Vork: Lenape, New
"J1 pr?ceede<1 for Jacksonville),
ansae? "tr Pcur,um (Dutch), Mat
lnCjtfrs S&L,.V?' Au? 21. 8 AM?Passed
uJi.T Mandevllle (Nor), Pora Maria for
do towing inbS?keWm Gn*n' Tamplco for 1
BauTt!.-0?1 20;h. 0 AM, strs Mlrjam (Nor),
ton Vnr7?iuVM<>? and Chrl.tlanla; Bremer
!T? fc0.rea"er'en V'a St J?h?-Wlnd.
E\ ERKTT, Wash, Aug 20?-Arrived ?tr
-M08 <Br)' Port Townsend.
Seattle. 8tf Hlmala>'a Maru (Jap),
vt": AV 20?Arrived. strs
Sm? Pennant,'dof ' SwiftU?ht. Tarn
Arrived ii25* ",tr Atlantic City, Calcutta.
o'SSS P'SiASM ?"??
vrT.^if 21"?' *trs VlctoUte (Br). Halifax
York ' a,tlmore; J 0 Donnell. New
GEORGETOWN, 8C, Aug 21?Arrived sir
Corcoran, Baltimore (and sailed for Cha'rles
HOQUIAM. Wash, Aug 21?Arrived str
MeT1ivhK, Dol|ar (Br), Vancouver '
JACKSONVILLE, Fla Autr 'TL-Arrivflfi
?fcnB'W Thurlow, Charlesto'm^
nailed 2l3t, strb Arapahoe New York*
Po?faLihoi1,lVe.'Pid,aa.Vla s*v*nnah: Texas'.
I OS \v.-:v-^old?.d an' Hort Arthur.
HambLAu^FVlF8, Cal' Au? 21?Arrived, str
Pandon Hall (Br), San Francisco for Havre,
roiA!i,'.Ln\-AU11 .^Arrived, strs China Ar
(Br), Vancouver. 0' EmP'e" cf Australia
?UP**??. S^^ofk21- 6 AM~ArrIVed
strs rh?u? ,V? u' ' Aug 21?Arrived,
sirs Chaltnette, Havana; Honduras (Nor)
1*^1? ? Salua Gvrtrudls (Br), Para.'
Arrived 21st. strs Aldebaran (Dutch), Rot
nmmeT.^uik (B*'S>- Antwerp; Coppo
name. rela; Hlbueras iHond). Hlueflahls
b2n?UeTa<?a.r!"r rT1?' TamPa: P'onvcr (Cu
Dan). Taniplco, Qulstconck. Naples: Tecu
de*UToro d>1 Celba; Turrlalba, Bocaa
,n Port Bads 21st, strs Cardlu n
(m " _T Ploo; Celba (Hond), Celba; Dan
NORPmvC?0 Sa!1 Tl:huc'? (Br). Havre.
?,n v ,Au* 21?Arrived, strs Will
New York M i ral4-B fiaVU9' C'?nfuegos for
V? ' ? A 3 Trat-y- New York; Nor
aL r?u7 Bed,ord; Matoa. Eastern port;
Haven 0' "C Mar*a|ef Thomas, New
vA!-rtved 21st, strs Mundale. New York;
Boston- (Br), New York; Melrose,
Boston, Absccon, do; Solvang (Nor), New
land TU Baltlmore; Seaconnet. New Eng
clsco ana Do"ar- New York for San Fran
Salled 21st, strs Trompenborg (Dutch)
t'7'POZ'; C*rP>*k*. Antwerp; West Iml
vlan an?rT.iOrl0aM; Hl,rakl?" (Nor). Peru
more P01""! ac'lr Charles Whltte
?t^<i^.iAJiGEI'ES- Wa"'i. Aug 20? Sailed,
nnnxl l ^ck*n,,ach. San Francisco.
PORTLAND, Ore. Aue 20-Arrlved. strs
TterA*8a?JSCanctacoi M'llpolo, do. .
PORT ARTHUR. Tsx, Aug 20-Arrlved
?!ih? oiff,t8i',,Mc'"c0: 0u"*tar. New York;
o^, % Philadelphia; Ligonler. do.
m n.^nn0"1, C*thwood, Tamplco; W
Po rt on .north of Hatteras. i
PABCAOOULA. Miss, Aug 21?Arrived
ilL B?"a A Murphy, Gulfport. '
PENSACOt.A, Fla, Aug 21?Arrived str
(Brai,t St Andrews.
Hr?r^,iT^Mr,A' Fif- Au* 20?Arrived, schr
Harry U Deerlng, Norfolk.
?er vXrVampa? C',0CtaW' M?Mle; Chc"
PHr'rVnpi' wltf0^"14' New Orleans.
Str. w .ELP'!JA. P?- Aug 20-Arrlved.
vie,, ^ frr!n 8cou!' N,,w York; Kofuku
Vnek (n P)> ?*U*- *?l City of Seattle. New
York. Reaper, Port Arthur.
Fort n2mfUttV.,trv" Bowden (Nor), Morant;
F?nrtn /?!?> Port Antonio: Olovanna
tvufl^ <I,a.1>( Baltimore via Norfolk; T J
2.L. "J?" Amsterdam; Georgian, Baltimore
u I' n?,,onl Quantlco, Norfolk; Mer
rimack, Jacksonville. Ac.
Hailed 21st. strs Eugeno V R Thayer. Hous
ton. I araguay. Houston; J M Guffey. Port
Arthur; H c Folger, Beaumont; Claymont,
.,Oleared 21st. strs Lorenzo (Br), New York ?
[,! r''na T--,, Hrdon vU New York; j
Fletcher Jarrell. Port Arthur; North Pa
cific (Br). Baltimore.
f?.rriV?? attIMarrus Hook 21st, 12:50 AM.
Co No 2 Hu*he,? towing barge Pure Oil
?.Ut D?1"""'-* Breakwater 20th,
?1 .?<! PM, strs Brighton (Nor), for Port An
tonlo; tl ;S0PM, Tnl a hot (Nor), for Hankow;
... M Irl*h, [?r Te.xps (Jlty? 21st ? AM
un.',*Tr -ST!'10* ,nr'. from Rahla, Ac.
I haree (f pui J^'i tUr" Vlr*,nl?- lowing
ir^ldniis" M'nnle, towing 3. seaward.
3 barges tU' 8out,,sate. towing
Sailed 21st. 10:10 AM. tug Bathgate, tow
Ma'. Tenn'?f*? (Charleston) and Bee
Une 700 (seaward).?wind at 2 PM N 18
mile*: clear; moderate sea.
,.PORTLAND. Ma. Auk 21?Arrived, schr
Pail! W Thurlow, Norfolk.?Wind NW, ^0
munm; rifar.
.t?A?..l'vov.C.I8.C(^ ca'- Au? '2?Arrived,
?ir stfpi voyager, Vancouver.
,rtArr^A'^d *0th, strs Nlerlden, Iqulque; Slna
ii Vi *Cw Scientist. Ral
airhiii.-jiitisi."?"- ?>?
motor ship Tongklng (Dan) Antwarn
Palled 20th, atra Yngaren (Sw), Belfast;
Arlzonan. London. '
^ATTBE. Wash. Aug 20?Arrived, strs
Mlasourlan (motor), Ban Franclaco; Chatta
nooga City, Portland.
landI"ore 2?th' ,tr Blrmln?ha,n City. Port
Arrived 21st, str Wabash. Tacoma shlD
James Dollar, Yokohama.
SAN PEDRO. Cat. Aug 19?Balled 19th str
Thomas P Real, Boston. '
BAND KEY, F"1r, Aug 20?Passed W atra
J A Moff.tt, Jr. W C Teag 1 e, Maria
Bun and Paulsboro. ' >lar?ar,t
Passed W 21et, stra E L Doheny III El
Capltan, New York. Ahsla (Rr), Daybaar'n
(Br), Abron, El Norte and Rochester
SAVANNAH. Ga, Aug 21?Arrived stra
Howard, Baltimore for Jacksonville; Shick
ahlnny, no< a Orando. ?
2"!!"! 2i?t; rtr city of Columbus, noaton.
vine Helgoy (Nor), Jackson
TACOMA, Wash, Aug 20? Arrived, etr An
dre F Luckenbaeh, Seattle.
Arrived 21st, atr Grace Dollar (Br). Van
couver. ????/> ??n
k(fw"'d 2'"?' *'r '^aro'd Dollar (Br), Han
Noriidk*' Fla' Al" 2,~Arrlv#d. atr Italia,
rtved sehrs Rural! Eaton, Newark for
Maehlaa; Mary F Anderson (Br) do for
Rherbrooke, Nfl; Helvetia, do for Rockland
111 port 21st. tug Liberty, Norfolk for IW
ton, lowing barges Anaconda and Manokln
WILMINGTON. SC. Aug 2<?-Arrlved ici,r
Lucia P Dow. narhadoa ,chr
[By Mall,]
NA!ob?,YCi'iraeaoA"' ,0-8a",d' "?hr Marl?"
CAPE HENRY. Va. Aug 17-Pa.sed tug
Waltham, towing bargea Mount Hope (New*
(do^for*Ne. ?Iaven>Vld?riC*' a"d ^lt,haad
i and Chatham (Newport News) ?
left barge Fall River (from do) at New Red'
ford and sailed for Hampton lloada. towing
barges Chatham and Bourns.
MANILA, Aug 12?Balled, stra Stockton
Ban Pedro; Apua. Legaapl. ??"vsion,
tP*r?.Y^<JHrZ' ?u* I*?"alien, schr Douglas
fine?/llavana'. I"",nd; ,2'h. Lake
m^VtlA/orAyr.^TVoA^' a,r 8ha
sc^rrrw "!( V^oUe* Klngston.^?rUm'
,?al'rd ,"'b. ?tr Nueces, New York; tug
Klngftsher, Galveston (latter 16th).
?i i. '.^''l "tr" Jahoatao (Ilras), Tan
Orleans^0 B"d "ook.sZ
NAKNEK, Aur 0?Balled, ?chr Forest
Home. San Franclaco.
NEW ORLEANS, La. Aug 19?Arrived,
? tra Pearldon, Fort Lobos; Camden, Falo
Sailed 18th, atr Independence, Baltimore.
Sailed 19th. atra Ellis (Nor), Santiago;
Olaf L Kongatad (Nor). Hull.
NEWPORT NEWS, Vol, Aug 20-Arrlved,
atr 8 R Jones, Boston.
Sailed 19th, schr Jessie G Noyea, New
In port 18th, tug Euieka. with barges Fal
mouth (tor Fall River) and Atlantic (tor
Providence, ready).
NORFOLK, Va. Aug 18?Sailed, atr North
Wind, Sea re port.
Sailed 19th, AM. tuga Wm G Howard;.
Prudence, toulng ? barges; Bathgate, tow
ing 8; Eureka, towing 2. 4 I
Arrived 18th. PM. tug Jupiter, towing 4
bargee; 19th, etr Corone. Portland.
NEW BEDFORD, Mass. Aug 18?Arrived. .
atr Norfolk, from Norfolk; achra John R
Manta. Hatteraa (whaling cruise); Frances
Parsone (Br), Nova Scotia.
PONCE. Aug 10?Arrived, schr M Turner,
Sailed 8th. atr Lake Falama, Antllla.
PORTLAND, Me. Aug 18?Sailed, atr |
Venue II (Nor). McKlnnons Harbor, N8.
PROVIDENCE. RI. Aug 18?Arrived, atra
Clitawlck (Br). Newcastle, Eng; Shooters
Island. Egrry; Ccrro Azul, Tamplco; schr
Virginia Pendleton. Jacksonville.
Arrived 20th. atr Kershaw, Norfolk; barge
Agram. Norfolk. .
Sailed 20th, achr Beaste & Leila, New j
SAN PEDRO. Cal, Aug 13?Arrived, atra
Brush. Taooma, Ac, for New York and
Portland, Me; Canadian Rover (Br), Ocean
Sailed 18th, atr Texas (Fr), Dunkirk and
SAN JUAN, PR. Aug 10?Arrived, sohrr
Gamble, Mobile; 11th, atrs Edith, New York;
14th, Governor Llnd. Baltimore; Caravallaa ,
(Fr). Porto Plata.
Balled 11th. etra Aslento (Dutch), Cura
cao; 1.1th, Lake Gunnl, Point a Pltre.
SABINE. Tex, Aug irt?Sailed, atr Japan
Arrow, north of Hatteraa.
WILMINGTON, NC. Aug 10?Arrived, echr
Zebedoe E Cliff. Tampa.
Special Dispatch to Tub New York Herald.
New York Herald Bureau. 1
Washington, I). C., Aug. Zl. )
These naval orders were made public to
Osburn, Carl T.. to R. 8. New Tork.
GUI, James E., to U. S. S. Ortolsn.
Blankenshlp, Ernest J., to U. S. 8. Okla
Daubln, Freeland A., to U. S. 8. Chewlnk.
Wlllard, Logan A., to R. 8. Puget Sound.
Wilson, Eugene E., to R. 6. New York.
Burgy, William C., to U. 8. 8. Chewlnk.
Demlng, Raymond A., to U. 8. S. Chewlnk.
Devlne, Augustine D.. to R. 8. San Fran
Drelaonstok. Joseph Y., to U. S. S. Che
Dunbar, Palmer, to U. 8. S. Chewlnk.
Harrison. Payton, to U. 8. 8. Chewlnk.
Martin, Charlea F.. to U. R. S. Chewlnk.
Johnston, Howell C.. to Torpedo and Bomb
ing Plane Squadron One.
Lankford, Joseph F., to Naval Hospital.
Moyer, Leroy. to R. 8. San Francisco.
Hartung, Theron A., .to public works offi
cer. Marine Barracka, Quantlco.
? Special Dispatch to The New Yosk Herald.
New York Herald Bureau. I
Washington, D. f'.. Aug. Zl. (
Theae army orders were made public to
Colgan, Capt. John G., to Fairfield, Ohio.
Crutcher, Major John F., to Washington.
Cnaby. Col. Spencer, to Cleveland.
Falley, Capt. Charlea B., to headquarters
Eighth Corp.; area.
Little, Capt. John G., to San Francisco,
Aril, Capt. Waldo E., to Troy. Ala.
Tlmmerman, Capt. Frederick M., to In
Wlneman, Capt. A. G., to Denver.
Connolly. Capt. Patrick A., to Washington.
Carlisle. Major Paul P., to Washington.
Hardman, Major Albert, to El Paso.
Preston, Major H. N.. to Fort Leavenworth.
Brown, Capt. B. H., to El Paso.
Bowden, Capt. Edwin T., to Mllledgevllle.
Howland. Capt. William A., to Atlanta.
Miller, Capt. Raymond O.. to Atlanta.
Seaman. Lieut.-Col. A. O.. to Fort Mason.
Binghamton Stowaway Sleepi
in Paris Garbage Can.
Special Cable to The New York Herald.
| Copt/right, JUS, by The- New York Herald.
New York Herald Bureau. 1
Paris, Aug. Zl. t
The Odyssey of Herman Jasper of
Binghamton. N. Y., started weeks ago
when he stowed away on the Finland,
sailing from New ' York. It ended this
morning when the police found the 15
year-old lad soundly sleeping in a gar
bage can on the Boulevards. In the In
terim Herman had visited Belgium, rural
France and some of the battlefields, but
it was a tired, broke, hungry and home
sick Herman that was unearthed from
the garbage can and Is now being held
for word from his parents. Officials at
the American consulate here say Her
man's folks have ofteied a reward of
1500 for his recovery. Their address
was given as 75 Liberty street, Bing
hamton, N. Y.
According to what could be gleaned
from Herman, he was found or. the
Finland when two days out from New
York and paid for his passage by wash
ing the decks until Antwerp was reached
and he landed. He walked from there
; to the FVench frontier where he was
arrested trying to cross. One of the
officials understood a few words of Eng
lish and Anally permitted Herman to go
on his way. Herman got a pleasant
view of rural France before he reached
Paris with a few francs In his pocket.
He made the last stage of his Journey
' by rail and on his arrival at the Oure
du Nord he waa lucky enough to fall
In with a party of tourists and accom
panied them to some of the most con
venient of the battleAelds. Herman got
hack to Paris and from then until he
was found his life wag not a bed of
roses. The Paris police have communl
| eaten with his parents and Herman la
living In hope of appreciating how far |
superior Binghamton is to Parla?for a^
A dispatch to The New York Herald I
from lilnghamton said no person named
Herman Jasper was known at 75 Liberty |
Says German Difficulties Must
Be Settled First.
London, An*. 21 (Associated Pre**).
?Henry Morgenthau, former American
Ambassador to Turkey, has suspended,
at least temporarily, his scheme for the
reorganization of Austria's Industries,
which Included tho formation of an In
ternational corporation to be capitalised
at approximately $.10,000,000.
Mr. Morgenthau, who Is touring Eng
land, made the following statement to
the Associated Press to-day: "Practi
cally everybody approached by me on
the question of Austrian reorganisation
deems It paramount that the German
difficulties should be first adjusted;
hence my activities have been sus
Investor Acquires the Prop
erty; Other Multifamily
House Deals .Reported.
: Ennls & sinnott sold to Patrick
SxTm , U,? flVe "t0ry aPartme"t house.
* 3-3. at 106 to 110 Haven avenue.
' 1 Plough was the broker.
Sol Shenker sold for Philip L*shlnk
645 Wes^lTl apa"rnt!nt house, 643 and
S5??? ,33-mo *??>
? ast 106th street, each 25x100
iiraE? D/n^ 34?6rPnh"on street a
7111 Unement with stores. 30.'lx
Fonxar?!ntheCr0"0 S?,d to
Bedford street, 20x60 X h?U8C at *?
-Vo^lckJtheRflCOmpany so]d to Harry
stores at 36 orl 8I?ry with
ores at 36 Orchard street. 25x44.4.
division street parcel sold.
ta?' eV\5fa.thew> * Co- sold for the es
to Charles Pi wa?
years. ' ' tenant tor many
FiSeen!hanJ1UOnv.I.l"'PUb,ican CI"b of the
fhn e Assembly district has bought
-?y. it n"?ro iT^
wa. purchased from Robert P Lewis
with'SM,VtiiEr0? Company leased
3M00 square feet o^Z^Tt
sr? Ka,ir-S
iSeare.^frieare"tel ?f a^*??M00
number of male and female operatives.
Takes Over Five Story Build
ing for Its Business.
The Croes & Brown Company leased the
?hlrrf ?ry bulIdln* at 20 West Twenty
ii? ?h eCt ? B' Tomb>'- Bic., who will
for Its after l,eln* r?hovated,
huMlnl!. ^ glassware and crockery
street Vh'r at ' East Forty-seven^
street. The same brokers leased scire
tv.Lf- .v, ?u"d'nF' Broadway and Flf
liotei r* lo the Commonwealth
?!L !"nUctlon Corporation.
Michael E. Llpeet & Co leaser! tnr ?h
Oarment Center Realty Compam- Z the
Theodore Tledeman Corporation store
fit oontaininK 20.000 sq.,are
feet in the north building of the liar
ment Center Capitol. 600 Seventh ?v?
nue, for ten years. This concern is the
vade m C'?th Sb0,1*ln* "eld to in
district n#W *armer,t ,nanuIacturlng
J"; Warranty Brokerage Corporation
Sfm MV'"th ??* m 45 and 47
Meat Elfty-stAenth ftreet to the Fabian
Bond and .Mortgage Corporation and the
Allman Construction Corporation
Douglas L. E"iman & Co. leased floor
,Forty-cixth street to Cul
linjssworth, Inc., clothiers.
erfv r.etork/IA tC?.' ,urrier"' Jeaaed west
criy ctoro in 146 to 150 West Tu-ani,.
sixth Street through Amos & Co. for a
long term of vears
Louis Marsk of Ryan & Co. leaaed the
store and basament In 52 Dev street he
S c"Tr "i?...";
Frank C. Kue, who will open a Chinese
American restaurant. The )ea.?e Is for ?
Xf.2 "1" Tho
?.xL . Nassau street. The same
Tut wSSIbbS; ml,lln8ry
Milliner vine ,?et t0 the Florence
Millinery, inc.. for a long term of vears
ThhSv0^ V'u ,ef",Pd lofts In 225 East
iCc.'Uo'i,,fs; ^r.i:;?"shtrr% ??
STi. VK ,75?v? S:
SSKJ.'"- -
Em In Schuater has obtained a
streets, for five years from ? T *th
I. with an option topurchase the nrlT
erTheWwln 8lX momb" for $28 0W)
rented T^/y
beaded handbags niuS, J? ,n
INSTRUCTION, colleges, &c.
School JT *ABSS?WS? I
S .,a'r*4Zr,?<""Ti tMk I
^ rnmmum f"*^ I
\f 1V i AiUmm an J
JNCW lOft T'n'n* Scho fe.
A Student ran enter
either. Open* Ik-to
ber 3. Three years'
I o il r * #. "Dwlzht
Method" of Instruc
Jim. making pre-eminent the Study ef l.cg.il
??_! ? nnHm therefor. T
Principle* and th? Reasons therefor. Record
of graduates notable Send (or catalogue ??
(iKOftOK (HASK. Dean. tU W. (3d St.
N. V. City.
llrooklyn. If. V.
v a w crunni ter* bmini
Lnfl oinUUL??>??, skit, ii
Homing. Afternoon and Evening Sessions
bend for Catalogue. RKUIMTEK NOW.
If-'cun" cic/icc?
HUM Broadway or lid W. #3th St. Kstab
llshed l?40. Registered. ripen Day and Eve
ntng. Secretarial, nngrnphle, Accounting
Course*. Call or write for catalogue.
Before Deriding I pon a school for Tour
- The Be _
eon. write for "The Pennington Mm." For
boy* and young men. Francis Harvey Green.
Headmaster, Boa 130. Pennington. New
SCHOOL, 02 Weet <3th Street
Mac ret aria I training. Individual
Instruction. Register now . Stu
dent* under slvtren riot admit'' 1
Hr ltool*. SO K. 42d St.. N. Y .
and 114 LIvlnKston St.. B'klyn.
Stenography In 30 days
Secretaryship In 00 day*.
327 fifth Atenne (At 441?? St.)
Oldest and pre-eflllnently most successful,
i "iy * Kv'ng Courses. Write for ca'alogue II
HI HBRh hi am. (Hoys' or Olrls't
1101 Tlrffs S<4. lllrlg . or Phone Bryant
c- Martin. Edward Livingston
and William D. Ahrens have formed
Martin. Livington & Ahrens. Inc.. to
conduct a mortgage and real estate busl
?tre?tWlth ?"kes at 409 West 145th
Harold C. Mathews is the purchaser
or the four elevator apartments at the
southwest corner of Amsterdam avenue
and Eighty-sixth street the sale of
which by the Century Holding Com
pany was reported recently.
Alfred W. Levi and Abraham Rob
inson are the purchasers of the Hague
Dwellings, apartments, at 547 River
side Drive, sold recently.
Max Blau and Aaron Buman were the
brokers in the sale of the twelve story
store and office building at 19 and 21
West Thirty-sixth street by the Ideul
Investing Company to the Benenson
Realty Company, reported recently.
Thoens & Flaunlacher, Inc.. announce
that S. G. Schatzberg has Joined their
The West 140th Street Corporation,
represented by Monte London, attor
ney, is the buyer of the plot oOxJOO on
the south side of 140th street 145 feet
west of Fifth avenue, sold by the Mis
sionary Society of St. Paul.
Plans have been filed with the Man
hattan Bureau of Buildings for the con
structlon of a three story fireproof grand
Garden (Sty
-jA" "elusive American plan hotel open all
% ?Sft.,w.!th an 1
the balsams
DtxviUj Notch. N. a.
Oolf, fishing and all other attraction*
^ hn"le! convenience.
M r<*taurant prices: Plat,
V i. ' prices: Piatt
Luncheon. 7.V. Plate Dinner, II
After Theater Supper, 11.25.
30 Minutei from Times Square
200 rooms; 75 privafe baths; spa
cious verandas; boardwalk fronting
ocean; dancing; frequent diversions;
write for Booklet.
t'hone Coney Id S00.
IOHKST HILL* INN. 15 minuter from Trnna
? >or"' Hills. L. i. ?2pq Boulevard
New Vork.
?"Hotel Windsor^"
Klizabcthtown, Adirondack Mt*., N.Y.
Special rates for Septem
ber, the most beautiful month
in the Adirondack*.
Finest Golf Course.
*'*i_PARENT, Proprietor.
PAUL Jh* ".'"V1' *nd Gran
CUlTnie deur of thr Adirondack.
5IVIITH S ffrt' Autumn i* su
. * pcrbly wonderful. The
HOTEL bracing uir L a tonic
" and delight.
Golfing, Fishing, Automoblllng and all out
door diversions are at their boat In 8eut.
ana Oct.
Puul Smiths riotel Co.. r?ul Smith*. N. Y.
B. G. FITZGERALD, Manager.
_ _ Open until September 20th.
Dutcher House, Pawling, N. Y.
A. ^nd h?t?l of lingular 4^
peal In the foothflla of the Berhahirea, mid
war betw?n N. Y. City and Lenox.
Directly at the station, and
only 21 minutes from
Grand Central.
Henri Tauchey A Son. Inc., Lessee
laiwrence Park. Hronsvllle. N. \
New England.
'?mk"Iiet? H<5ri&8AIW0Rfi BrAU
'ND%o8nR^'n^ia?Kia POO
- "m A LEON C. Jl'DD.
Hotel El tea,
Perfect Roads. Magnificent Scenery; Good
_... Hotels For Road Map address
WM. KiMBALL. Sec y. N fc. Hotel Ass'a.
Draper Hotel. Northampton. Mate.
7,it J^m/ZfodLrt Cam~
l Booklat and Full Inrormatidn from'
Commonwealth Avenue at Dartmouth Street
Connect i<*at.
Sound Beach, Conn.
An Attractive Summer
Home on the Water.
Accommodating 200.
Within Easy rnmmnting Til.tnnce.
Make Reser.ntlnn Now.
Phone 35 SoumI Reach,
stand In the Polo Grounds. Eighth ave
nue, Speedway. lC7th and lB9th streets.
It will have a frontage of 487.10 feet
and a depth of 128 feet, and according
to the estimate of the architect, Charles
A. Duke, the cost will he $400,000. The
National Exhibition Company is the
owner of record.
Work of demolishing the famous old
Park Hill Inn on South Broadway, Yon
kers, is well under way. The inn,
which Is to make way for a theater and
a row of apartment houses, was closed
by John Schilling, its last landlord, three
years ago. Part of the inn originally
was the old Samuel Getty homestead,
erected some eighty years ago.
In August *nd sentomlKT at the
on Lake Bomoseen, Vermont
A delightful modern hotel, immediately
on Vermont's largest and most beautiful
lake. 18 miles west of Rytland, In the de
lightful pine-clad hill*. Lake Bomoseen
is noted for Its excellent bass, pike and
pickerel fishing, and this year the fishing
is superb. Every indoor and outdoor
Very modem to rates, with
Special Concessions Sept. 1 to 15
Loren R. Johnston, Prop., Castleton, Vt.
Atlantic City.
Brick, Steel and Stone Construction.
Ocean end So. Carolina Av. Largest moderato
Rte house of modern large city construction.
)i and CoW Running Water in Ml Room
Private Hatha?Elevator.
French chef. Excellent table. Orchestra.
Dancing. Free hath houses for guests, with
Boardwalk entrance. $3.50 and up dally. Am.
plan. Special weekly. Booklet Iglth auto road
map mailed Phone 4M4-U-10.F
PAUL O. ROSEORANS. Owner * Proprietor.
Whole Block on Ocean Frsol
Coolest location In Atlantic City.
Ideal family hotel In Chelsea Sec
tion. Capacity Five Hundred.
Ownership Direction.
Booklet. W. F. SHAW.
Tennessee Ave. near Beach. Always open.
Private baths, running water In rooms;
elevator; excellent table; white service.
Amer. plan, $4 up dally; tpecl. wkly. ratea
Booklet. Oarago. M. WAL8M DUNCAN.
|| so. Illinois Ave., opposite Traymoro and
V Brighton Hotel". Ocean view. Exclusive,
refined environment. Private baths Running
water In ah rooms Exclusive cuisine.
DP.. W. L. ZAN'E. Prop.
MT VERNON 19?* r?wlfle Avenue. ;
"II. v LR11UB One block from beaoh. '
Running water In every room. Many private
baths. Elevator. American and European
plans. Superior table Moderate rates. Bklt.
Phone 4512. C. E. Padgett. Owner A Prop.
Asbury Park.
Ocean Hotel
Aahnry Park'* Newest Leading Hotel.
Running water and telephone In all rooma.
Elevator: white eervlce Rates (33 up.
III. Stt. Owners and Mnnagvnb
apakky new PIERREPONT
Modern, attractive, near beach, fins table;
reasonable rates and good treatment. Phone
Norwood H8!l,Fonrth?Atenue. Asbury Park.
Rooms for two. $40 to ?M Wejkly
Exceptional table, white service. Tel. 1464.
lSBURY INN abbcry park
cellent table, running water. Cap. 10(1.
I Av. F perls! fail rates F. L. Ogden.
Lakewood. N, J.
Lakewood, N. J. (
Open During Summer, 1922
Golf Tennis Riding Garage
Hprlng Ijvke Beach.
Ou the Ocean. Spring Lake. M.J.
Surrounded by (?reen lawns and
Garden* at the Edge of the 8ea.
VT. B. Stubhs. Pres. A. J. Murphy, *gt
New Jersey.
DEAL, rLul*
Golf, Tennis. Oee.an g, idi g
Special Ratea During September.
Immediate Reservations Made.
Rumson Polo Matches H hour by Motor.
Jos. It. Kennedy. Mgr. Phone Deal 2301.
A I. I.K.N HI'R*T, N. J.
~ Oeean and Pool Bathing.
Tennis, Riding and (>oif.
M minutes from Humson Polo Oroanda.
Reservations now being made until
close of season. Phone Allenhnrst 702.
New York's Nearest and New Jersey'*
Most Delightful uninmer Itesort. Head
quarter* tor the International Polo
Matehrs. Phone Nea Blight 101.
Delaware Mater Gap. Pa.
IflTTATINNY Mountain Paradise,
Ml Inl lltn I i?.iRWAro Water Gap. Pa.
Leading hotel, capacity 500 Open to Decem
ber. Every modern appointment: high, cool
location, magnificent scenery. Golf, Tennta.
Saddle Horses. Bathing, Ftahlng, Water
Sports Dally concerts and dnnc**. AmerD
can I'lan; also a la carte grill. Excellent
table, own farm* and dairy. Writ* for book
let. auto map* and SPECIAL 1922 RATE3
john punnv cope.
yx>?n??? sonrsonora
Paris ..ug
While in
Hdtel du Rhin
Place Venddme

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