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Wichita daily eagle. (Wichita, Kan.) 1884-1886, June 11, 1884, Image 1

Image and text provided by Kansas State Historical Society; Topeka, KS

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Dana Says Tilden will not be
a Candidate.
- c vanHwaaaaaaWiLanBiaai
f Formerly r i. Milium, l.ra )
Kesiiertrully aunounc to tlir eoiilv or
Wkliitaaud surruundlo;; iinitry that lie lias
iieiied lil oftlct In tin- store or II. A. Unison's,
llrst door north of istolli . w here nil suffering
from weakness aim dtlectite tleluucan liac a
lliornuKh examination, made on strictly sclen
tillc principles, with all the late appliances
known to modern science of optics, to ascertain
and correct defective inlonu sncli hi lljopla
uyiiersneiropia, iiresiivopia ami Asligiaiisin
All forms of llffht riqnlrlnir virions tinted
f glasses.
When the jownt.- man applied to Horace.
ireel fur a position, the great journalist
asked, "What do) on know I" On presenting
ids diploma at a graduate, llreely cays, "I
don't tare Tor that. It is rimmI In I In place, but
what dojou know Do lou know asvtiiiso
rnacttc ally '
Now, llr II. II Yost romes lo tl,e people of
this tlt and county feeling confident that he
thoroiiKliI) understands the principle of optics
liy reason ofslud) log and gathering knowledge
Iroiit the experience of our most scientific men
of this country, also of Kurojm, during the past
nunureu years, aiore man an tan answer me
imettlon asked by l.reely.l Lnon It practically.
Hating traveled for jcars doing nothing else
hut examining ilelectlie cjes ami correcting
llin piston of the aame with artlfical lenses, I
ea thin, If then: la another Optician on earth
that hat fltteil mole spectscle than I hate, 1
Mould like to -ee him. I nov'r iih.ik k he
Ktirlhennoie, improvements In the construc
tion or spectacles aim cj e-glasse. liArt kept eoual
pa-e with other linprotemeiits of this wonder
ful age. and III Vot w l-hi'8 to krj to the peo-
Totit Editor of tht Eaglt:
Twenty years ago on the 20tU of May,
Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Norrls were married
amidst the tumult of war, at Dunvali
Bluff, Arkansas.
Twenty yean! How swiftly have tbey
flown; what changes bate they wrought
tu. Rebellion was then making its last and
most desperate efforts for life the death
throes of a hateful career. Emerging from j -
the hours of war, our country has enjoyed INTERESTING AND ENCOURAG-
a permanent peace and marvelous prosper- J
ity. Here In the new west an empire has ING CROP REPORTS.
been planted, and is rapidly advancing to
the front in chillzation, intelligence and Other News and Notes From the Na.
prosperity. !
Herein this happy alley our worthy t,onal CaPltal-
couple, like the wandering Arab, pitched
their tents, and bcre,unlike him, they have GEN. SWAIM.TO BE COURT-MARTIALED,
remained, surrounding themselves with the ' AVasihnhto.V, Juuc lO.-Thc record
comlorts and luxuries of a fruitful soil.' c .1 . c .1.
Ti,ote,..m .1 . 1 1 . , I of Ihe court of inquiry in the case of
Their ejcsmong the first looked upon this ' . . , , - , ,
land In all its primitive beauty and my-itcr- (,en' Swaiinjudgc adyocate-gencral of
lous grandeur. the army, reports the iacts us dcycl-
Thankful for their good lortune In eecur- l,el b-v tlic evidence, and coucludes
ing a home in this bountiful land, they follows: The court is of the opin
thought It fitting to celebrate with their I T. l !a,J whl,C lw not prepared to
family an.l frln,L.H.. iml.il !.,. ' "" I'-''C " ' """"i1
been addressed to this gorernment,
but no reply had been received. This
dispatch wa? shown Secretary Fre
lliisrhuyscn to-nirlit, and he said it
seemed to refer to the representation j
made by this government touching'
the recent outrage, but that the state
department had not -received nnyj
thing on the subject from the British j Blaine
government since the commission of i
the recent dynamite outrage. '
San Fkancisco. June 10. Dinatch-
STILL THE CRY. es from Rye Patch, Ncrada, announce I
' a terrific cloud burst in the Humboldt I
range of mountains. The valleys are
deluged. The Central Pacific railroad j
track: is washed ont at different places '
to the extent of thirty miles. It is ex
pected the road will be fully repaired
lit tA.innipnH ftirtriimfr "
i !-- -
ic iltliAir!
Gives the
Delegation a Reception
Lire Stock-.
Shipping steers ..."! usW ." '
Batehtra' tr SiS-viirj)
inrawiuu nuera . . . J ia uu
Fat shipping hogs, Ust W&4 B
Stock and feeding bogs pW3 0
Shep JOD-jSV)
by to-morrow morning.
sary of their wedding.
Preparations were made for a Urge num
ber of incited guests, only a portion of
whom were present, owing to the unfavor
able weather, lor wnosc benefit an ample
dinner was spread.replcte with allthedaln-
bv the evidence which
fraudulent, yet the
does show a series
sacttons discreditable to
is actually
of trau-
o di
fference on the postoflice appropriation
bill resulted in a disagreement upou
the proposition regulating compensa
tion for railroads and those relating to
letter carriers and postal clerks. The
remaining differences were adjusted.
Washington, June 10. The com
mittee on elections in the contested
election case of Campbell vs. XTorcy in
the Seventh Ohio district, by a vote of
7 to 4, agreed to report in favor of un
seating Morey and seating his contestant.
Potatoes, ner bu
I Potatoes, new, per peek.
Kansas City, June 10. The diap- ShilS' 'i?
Damage by Floods in Various Parts of pearancc of Alfred Sheldon, Kansas gjgJS' Kr dox".
the Country. ,
I . " uuccena, per dozen 2.m
, uuy agent oi me uiue onnugs, aits-j - nw is
soun, milling company, noted some j Bacon sides joj
nrnnba nrn 1iPf.ntnAa ntnre meelepintiB H"-"..1 ' -
' Sheldon is an ni;lishmau ofconsidcra-
' blc property and when he disappeared
New Youk, June 10. The tariff re
form league was formed here to-day
with AV. B. Anderson, of Kocheslcr ' a?rc'
AcccsTA,3Ie., June 10.-Tlie west-. tUe Jerfi-rilmorfl of shortaX in hi
cm delegation, accompanied by sever-1 account. Mrs. Sheldon has since re
al prominent persons of thl3 citv, ceived two letters in a hand which she
visited the National Soldiers' home i cognizes a3 her husbaud's, one dated
this afternoon. In the evening thero . il. Knsas City, iho other at
"was an informal private reception ' BIUC , 0PPS .m, wnicn oneiuon
given bv Blaine to the delegates. A sa-vs ,hc ,!hcld in. raus by com-1 j,,,,, wh,
I Imall uGmbcr of invitations were is- ,na,,d of jncinbora of the mill j shipping wheat
sued to prominent citizens and about company who claim a shortage
I one hundred person were in attend- aII( demand a settlement. The friends , com, pure white
received Iiv "" "-B""" " i:u
Mionlders s
Lard a1;
Corn meal 1 W
Floor, high patent
flour, patent ,
Flour, .AXX
Flour -XXX
Chop feed ., , .
Bran... ,. .. .
"I'Iia miai Ffi wnm
"f1-"- "" &"J:."? ""? """. ,!,..,, in ,i.n,;,;.. ,,....
ccroftlicarmy. and which especially University, us president. The vice- n,?p
llJtall. '
1 wi
each. 30
ISf l
I Silt
6.V8S U
2 W
-. 1, r . f .
iMt ii-t,'
5 .
V -f s?i ,
1 ,
1 viri1- i . . . . - - viif inn niitnnrwmj ii
i .. . i.. i - -' nnt iinr itrc anon in uuttii iMtnt'oNn. I " . .av av ai
cicmanus me severest conuemnaiiou , nresidentb iucludo Henry Ward ,?" -!....-. w. v.. .. ' .l. Fnirl-,, .. .. v.. Ynri. . ;.
-..i - i ;.. i... i! i.-i.i; fc. . . I f inn ,..w uu.imu .u... m. ... & v. w .m
uiiuii uuiieu iu uy uuicurs iiumiug i jjceciier, lieorge William Curtis anu
,., ,r . Dl lue " anu 0I i '"S" l"so"s ami the peculiar rela- cx-Gov. Robinsou. The league is to
niiimaujianookio me uimosi or uieir tious to llio administration ol justice
stretched capacity. held bv
The following U a lint of presents and the The secret
hold an annual convention. Address-
Fruit dish Mr aud Sir T Major.
Vegetable dish Nellie Scott.
I'ickic IUh and bowl Dr Hum's and
Flower ases Mr and Mrs Fritz.
Shaving cup and flower vase I. I (ioi
vler and wife.
Water pitcher Mrs L I. Majors.
Sugar bowl Mr and Mrs Win Meeker.
Mufelache cup and tauccr Mr and .Mrs
M XicoUon.
Tea set Mr and Mrs llrindley, Mr ami
Mrs llalley, Mrs McCulIen and Mis till
bertson. Set sauce dishes Emma GlesMicr.
.Vut l)latc Mrs. S. J. Ituskcll.
bet cups and saucers Col. Hiihoell and
Set pie plates A. J. Russell ami (i. W
iWWarSSe!.. Sreni!rt n r ',l0 by t' We'ls' Gc"; I grand ratification meeting w
larj ot war said the report Dewn., Thomas ii. Slieariinn, and f, , , . ..
forwarded to the president ' others, .-md Mr. Hr..lk,iMl "c opera house to-night an
.-.- ' --- -- -w-..w-...
to-day, and it was decided to order a ' to frame a pamphlet on the tarili q
courl marlial for General Swaim. tion to be distributed uinomr the i
would be :
: peo-
V.sniNfiTON, D. C, June 10. Jlr.
it . . i
im1. ... f
Nttf Vnrlr IMnnw Warket 4
vestisate tho matter. Letters of in- v.- v... j, m i.u i
HUTCHINSON HAPPENINGS. nuirv from the consul have been re- .i-..r .. ..j.i- - ..'.. . .11 '.. . .' I
IIctciiinson, Kan., June 10. A ceived here bv the police officers. The at 2 v cent. I
m held at members of the milling company deny J"ieMarMiij:rrEa-:iCiTeeii!. .
1 all knowledge ot Slieldoirsmorements I . ,7,""?, .'HA'ccB-&tea.iy. nauker .
that In hi ""."".".'. ;
Govebxhlvt Itrtxp-i-A fraetlon lilglier for -). J
n..r..l.ne Tr ,;i;,im, RnL-olu onrilc I """ "" -"o " regl.ieretn
..uiiaist. J. ...uu.. ..vn.i, -, 1 ,T a ..
u.7. -er-ceni . ...
IT. .S.l'i-per-cents.
c, l.,r, T.... mA V.n ' u'- -per-cenis.
shorting news. tious. No nomination for vcars lias '".""- v- " ?." fcrjuaSicramui-Qulet
Dana, who has for years been 'he t . f "r Ke(ra.tas Bh 1 done us much to enthuse the rcpulili- fPtwai iroin apringuciu a. ine nAiLWATBoM.-irregnir
trusted nersonal and political friend of show,,etc. cans us that ot maine anu ixgan. inniaiH i.nng repons mat last wee 'S"'"!"
Mr Tilden publishes u two-column I rmantnai, June 10. This wai the Mr. Zenas Dillcv, a prominent far- some brute Siouv at Ho-ebtid
article auncuncoment in' the Sun that first day of the spring meeting of the j mcrof Centre J")'', "b" ""K Wcy got into a ' light among
M,Ti.denrefsestobea candidate ' IM.Ubnrg Park association. There Sy!S S'orse Ssand- ", ...d three were
and says that the time ha, now arriv- was a heavy ruin for half an hour be- J ,i0uar animal, being instantly killed, k,llc,1l- he balance of the band,whii-h
.l fnm .-.!.. rofimv nf tho nthnr ,tia. fore the first race, but the track was in uridin i,n m still hrpntbin.r vvlinn iitmiULT 6,000, in e taken sides and a
tinsuished democrats from among good condition. The attendance was .found Sunday morning. The Cody of Jf.?ncral engagnnent is iu progress
ni.nin ii.r.Mt.vnniiti will I... liioii. I., i tair. I lie niauinirni riHli. t!irec-(i liar-1 1 i.n i.r,i-Q,. i,..,i ii i i. on .; nil i.i.ri.t me Indians nrc wen armed
., .,. u...u..v . ,.,. .w .... '.".! '" ...... ...... r...-.
' 1
f 3
.11,1 in..;.... '
Imr ArnpAD flirt nntmnn
v . . . U.tlf ... .o? tui; IIIUU
n...! I (ron unantliita U'Q.n 1 1 1 11 rf n lit' .. . .
ju, w.m wi'-"''' '"" .. . annn f .ii,rliiwl
Kockets, anvils, .
uic, uru uticsiiu nit: v-tiiiiuisiii ui FIGHTING INDIANS
. our pwuw oiurwuuojiu omuiua. lAUfl .Tne 1Q.-A
! lie -tf Jt - ,
I .'.. ri'Ulf0 V.'."rW " '' pHir. "ur Inmiene tocc at moTlacai ratdiUy
j naut, w hate ilrelded In fiirre II.
Mr. Dana then" re- , tcrs of a mile, wa won by General I ne ,iied soon afterhe was found
Hannibal it St. Joseph Ixmd-.
central raetne siocas .
Chicago, Bnrtlnirton A Qulnry ...
Denver A Klo Grande
Hannibal A St. Joseph
Hannibal A St. Joseph preferred (asked)
Hlssoarl l'aciffc
Northern Padflo.. ... . ....
llld New York Central. ..
. 4I.V
.. ;
. . as;;
. n-S
,,. .
.. !',
akl.l rtl. it i a4trfe flBjfxakfedha
A lit. i , ,. - i. a I " "V" -v"r 4. . . . .
M0.0e ,. , ,..,, 'views in terms of highest commenda- Harding; Ilroughtou, second ; Kotlis- i,jvcr-money in his pocket was fonnd t wno' lr,0,,luulan r,,unere'a,m ",a wJ?tiini,; m!.-
W-SS'AwfSn... in the strong points .nd eminent ' child third gB,o ,1:U melted while his paper money wa.s - .lcD T Jun(J 10Latcr '.UaW .o,
Wash bowl ami nitcher Mr and Mm .1 i quii hficatioiis of Senator Uayard, Jus- iron slakes lor tnrec-ear-oid, nine j,anne,i . iA.h,n, . ., uum. i i.aii.r lh , f .. "
C. WllliS?. P C '" ' tice Field and Messrs Thurman.Groes-' and n half heats; starters. Major K, ' The report ent out last week from I '"formation from aukton agency h; J TTTfu". theii;
Mustache cup-J. Jt. Downing. beck, lfaudall, Cleveland, Flower, , Loftin and Glcnbar. Loftr took tno McPhcron that 'JO per cent of the I ,l "I'l'f ,V'at. tu" rc)0rts "f call, however there wis ru liut .ub"! '
.are flower j ase-Mrs Downing. iync Trumbull and others, but ad- , lad and;won in a gallop by an ciglilh wi,cat iu (his part of the ntatc was ' filing at the Uosebud agency were ; ; . ' b i
t t i ii .1 iidiioii niifi ifiinuR ii nnwisn mill iiii-t niiin. niiv. .- .-. rnnrprrt iliiio. iviiivinnti. I'rmr Mini i .. ....- ... .- .. - .. -
- .T
Read the Following I
1 ? I it 11 er
!? do "
75 Mil '
il (!
now ?u t Slimmer Mlk now S
now to U) do do Brocade...... ,aaw 30
now M 1 to silk CtM41a ..now tt
now X
These Must Also Go!
Cream pitcher and tureen Mr. and Mn.
It. Hurt.
Recognizing that people must sluepas
well as eat, Mr. and Mrs. White presented
a beautiful white counterpane ami a lare
line boquet of'.ultivatcd flowers.
Theoccaslon was enlivened with piano
music rendered by MiBs Klla DifTKet and
In presenting the gifts Mr. Hurt made
some cry appropriate remarks referred
, polite to take an Ohio man in view of
I lie l.ict that that m ite holds au Octo
ber election.
crop reports.
Wa.siiixoton June 10. The June
crop report of the agricultural depart
ment shows an apparent increase i:i
f the cotton area of 4 per cent ; general
allowance, mile
tune, l;47a-4,
Imogens were
the respective
Third race, sellin
heats; won by Keuo;
1:16 1-2. Kenley and
second aud third iu
In the handicap hurie race, mile
, and a half, Call io wuii ; .Major Mc- 0.)CI1S business Monday, and the
Carty, secoud : Golden Era, third. National bauk July 1.
! Time, 2:27. -,
New Youk. Juno 10. The nine- at st. louis.
sflr,.r.i rnnnii,.a AVi...n m.i i ;...r i Indians, i ne a''oni at Koseoud sent
i liner
will begin iu ten days, and
prospect could not lie wished. I here
is not live bushel-, of "cheat" in a
thousand acres.
The Hutchinson .National bank
runners to Yankton agency
with the
average condition 87, against 8G in tecnth annual regatta of the Atlantic
June last year. The increase in Ihe Yacht club to-day was the most suc-
St. lxuib, Mo., June 10. The re
publicans held a ratification meeting
.... .... . .... . .. . ..! '... .- ...1 . r ..l.. luvt nnn t ....! ?. -.....'. m.A.... nn..A..
iu iiiccmi M-iuciiiem ui uu raunii, ui ,u ra in njn ni; n uuii n nu.iii iwyvw iwiui m tunic wn. m. cm; v. vu . . ,.. ji,, imii -nirlil Tln hill
1 ......... .... 11 .... ..n... 'I'l... ..n...li.in.. ..n..l.l. In.l 'I'l.n ...... .J. ,.'.1.. . ' "" " ....-...-. ... . ....... . ..v ......
uiiu', in j iui clui. i uu uuuuiuuii )U(;lll lii
nletlist liln Ilrazlllan Pebble Ix'nfex are cun
stnicte,l mi twtl) srleiitillc. prlml)li', and
any perron, un matter what tlin cause nf their
itefeetUe Tl.lnn nih lietwhuwlll come tn the
Ulce nf llr. Iint.'haxe their ees testeil In a
wlentlfle manner and tilted -with a jialr of hl
rlinzlllnn Peblde Inse4, made to his order and
ixclusliel forhlsii.e, will go away lispjtv and
.i v trnlr-strent are the de 1lm of man
llr. Yt come highly rerninmended bymim
vnius eminent physicians throtiKhont the .statu
with flattering oertlllcaten, also stateinenU
without numbers from leading liiMlues men
from till parts id the country, pace will not
iiloiv nj to pulill-li huta tmall, cn SMjin.
pnrt of Iheni.
Please read rarelully and then mine aud ne
lorjonrself. "Seeiii(Ulieleiiie "
progress and the high esteem of the worthy
couple by their neighbors.
Of course there bad to he a dauce at
night. uclt :iu occasion with tho average
young Kiuian could not be tapered oil'
without It. Friend O. A. White scraped
the iolin with his agile bow, assisted by
MIs Daggeton the piano. And while Col.
Htisbell and Uuilclosat in the kitchen and
told war stories, jou know, the joung folks
with fljing feet chased the happy hours to
morning. .1. 1.'. was a gallant trooper iu
the scriie of his country and never flunk
started. The winners were:
i Cincinnati, June 10. The Coiu-mereiaI-Ga.ettes
Lebanon, Kentucky,
special sas: Geo. Miller shot mid
killed LakeEwiugon the street. The
. iiicu had had uuiiy quarrels ami hcv
J eral shooting affairs, and were iu at
tendance at court iu consequence of
1 these troubles. Miller used a double
1 barrelled .-hotinm. Some of th shot
to 97. The barley average has fallen
from 101 to 118.
Keturns of cotton planting made to
the department ol agriculture, indi
cate a tendency to au increase of the
area, checked somewhat iu the south
west by rain and in Teuncssee by low
temperature in planting season. Re-
struck Henry A tile, foreman ol the
graud jury, in Ihe neck.
Cincinnati, June 10 Joseph rai
nier, jointly indicted with Win. Her-
averages 10. The condition of winter Chv A, Gr.tvling ; class U,Triton and ' " " l e ,,",;' ,,Z"'" ?', '
.is,i ...ii......J i.t.,i. im... ......e...... a . 'i..a iiM.if .,',..1 p...,i,. . deal of grtiuuic en! liusiasiii was. man-
is 93, against 94 a inolith ago. The In- class 1) Fanita and Homer; class K l"1', C" 1 """ fl
crease Ri the area of oats is 4 per cent. , Crocodile : class F, KonWv and P,r" fd ; amU peec lies were made by
Theaveraueofrve advanced from 9(5 Daisy; cl-ss (J. Amazon. The Fanita, ,('e"v!' " "e",,TQ'.'.',. J; Blllc,'
George Gould', vacht, aUo won ihH-''-';"!".;-""1'""'''
r :.,:..?. ... .. ...,.:i .";. , scvera others, all of which received ,
Ltvinp,ton nicinonal pr ye. ' jrrcat applause. Both factions of the
CiucAtio,.! one 10. ihe second in- partv were represented and the lit-1 placed on trial to-day
Inrmitinii'il Itmifli Klinu- of ilo"S nimii. I : i 1 :.. e I ii.:i.. ,:..... ... ,.i...
-- ... , iiium. n.-ii iiiijii aim uuiiy ui uu iii-)U
...I l.n.n I.. .In.. 'lm... ..... nl.n.,1 4 I.M. ... ...' .
iiiiiciu lli-li:i . i ui;i mi i; ir.iii. iiiiuu
hundred dogs in seventy-eight cl.isses
snortiiif anil iion.si)ortin'r. Nearly
til of the states of the Union. England,
I railed During the aflemwm the market was
weak, with occasional rallies, and closed about
Ann Compared with last night, closInK
prices are 3 (1 eelit lower for Delaware A Hud
son, SJ, cent, for M Paul preferred, 2'.
cent for Canada i-outhern, :! cent fur New
Jersey Central, 1 icnt. Tor fnioii l'aelCe
and. st Paul, P, cent for Northwest) m, I V
cent for Central I'aclllc, and '.G V cent, for
other leading ilmrm Transactions agirrenate-l
iM.Oni share
Kanjuj City Live Stock.
Kvnias Citv, June 10, lrl
i The l.irr-Soft Initttator reports
i CiTTta Itecelpts. l ; markit flnner and loo
hlKher for ahlpplng Kiaden; gutnl butchers
, stead Native stevra aterairlnK l.anj to l.Jun
res, 0 0Ui5 10 ; artrarlnK l.Vi to !,lm) lb, 1
i tyvxg i ISO; aloeker ami feeders. SL'.tS un
I cows, falrtogooil, 8t.ftl 5n; common, Si M
UiJ on.
Io Plaid Die) tioods . .
U Ilrocade l)re?4 tut,
J I Iliiirade A I'lald Dren. i;,Mk1j i,
3iy Ilrown Cahiner
Vl Ca.hmrre, all color
now 0i,- .. Canhmor. all color. .....now Jo
how 07 hi do do ..... ,mw (.1
now Ii'. I W Not ally .Slia( now 1 10
now So sil do ilo ,.. bow It)
now XI i
You Can't Help It-You Must Buy!'
.1i Ladle (iaillr enU,,:
. Ladle'
l" d' ....... .now
French Uaiiie Vel. uow
l 21
S. LadUa ' ITaBcr Hum (mo Manui do w
a L1U LUI. Uhi. .,.... row
IIoos Iteceipts, It.TiXI ; market steady . lots
(IVu-ra rrtti if I list a II t.d Lt.l il I i.,..ilr .
ner for the murder of V. II. Ivirk, w as haik at s i'siwm io
cd when the bugle sounded to the charge, planting was still in progress to some Scotland France and Canada me rcp-
llut he :uel one in the enemy's couutrv
whom he could not rout, hut was himself
completely captured a prisoner lor life.
llll.A, IvANfUO, Mnvi',, Isst.
'Ilils U Ui lertifv that 1 haie "been using
Kla-hen purchased of Dr. II. II. Vint, and so far
have glien gt,l natlsfactlon. I beliee the
doctor iiiidiratands his Inmlneis, and would
cheerfully recommend him to the public. All
if which Is rospei tfully submitted.
Dii. C. tJ I I.I.I HA. V
Ft. I.CAKNnoiTii, Kas., Mj Ifi, ia,t.
llr. II. II. Voit underiitHniU the principles or
optics. Htnl of fltthiRKlasoes tn ejes requiring
rpherlcl orcylindrlcal lennes, thoroughly.
It. i: KltYHIt, M D
Inn, Ivansad, Slay 111, lMl.
To trAti4 1 may toncrrn:
Having used glasses for some thlrU )ers.
i au eertlfy tl.it the Ilrazlliau pebliie lenses arc
the beat 1 eier ucd tuch as Dr II. II. Vot
has mi eale nud, furllierni'iie, I can recom
meud IiIpi an one or the best opticians I know
of. whlih can lieceitllleil to bj ipilte a number
of ourclllreus In tola
I'lopiletor lull Mineral Well, lola, haniis.
Iola, Kan,,, Ma) l'.i. Ihsl.
'lids certllles thnt about oneearaico I ptir
i hasiil two pair, of tpctUclet ime psfr lor in)
lfe and one pair Tor mseir uhlih haieglicn
outlre Natlslxctlon, from Dr II II Yost, and
I chei'ifulh rt commend him tn the public ns au
optician of the ilr.t-clnss
C. II llOI'I.sON, M D
I01.A, Kss, Mny 1'J, lvil.
M wife piirrhaseil i;liis-esor Dr II ll.osl.
In lllrard, KniiMis, nbout eighteen mouths :iko,
Willi h lisle proien enllrel) aatUraelory, and 1
ilaerlull) ricoinmeud Ihe Doctoi as an optic
Pastor llsptl.t hunh.
Iola, Ka,s, May 111, lwl.
It is with the gientCKl pleisiire that I state
that mime time afro I had inr Hon rorrected
b the .klllful hands of llr. Il II. ost, wllha
pair of his Ilrazlliau ),ehlile lenses, and uow I
consider that It I a dm I owe the public tn m
that thernre all I oouldilesire : ami I would not
take ten times what the) co-t nn.l part with 111)
.1. K ltOVD,
1 liaio known II II II o,t, formerl) of
lies ilolnes. Iowa, for the pa.t thirl) ears, ur
lme 1h1ioim1, ami can theerfullt i-ci:ommend
him to Ihe public 01 the peopiiof Kansas as a
kllirid opdeian ; and II there is a doctor in
Kansas that can correct the lshm, nr ,.,1
rn 1I0 it, to in' own iK-rsor.nl knowledge
Ion, KtNsu, Ma) l'l, K-l
IIsxIiik' en-rleiicedagoHl deal of dl.lictilli
In oblalnlii; the pr.mer lenses for m ejes.'l
llnall) punha-e,la alror Dr. II. II. Vosi. and
they Rlxe entire catl,facllwii 1 can 1 heerfull)
recommenii im.ii as au optician in any reiiulrinir
aid. IJe-pntriillv,
DAVID WtlltsT.
Adjourned meeting of the citv council
this e ening.
There is not a acint litibiness or dwell,
ing house in Wellington.
Jlre. V.. C. Ferguson leturucil )cstcrday
from Kentucky, wlierc she has been 'visit
ing for a couple of months.
V. O. Lipscomb, of whom mention v. js
made yrstcrd.i), contributed another one
hundred and lventy-lie dollaia to the
school fund. He was arraigned before
'Squire Caldwell charged with selling lu
toxicators, ple.td guilty and uld the mini
ilium fee lor the offense.
.lames A. 1). Dillon, Ksj , has returned
from a mouth's Islt to Ills old Delaware
home, looking much better than of j ore.
Nelson .Smith, a joung man from Cald
well, was lodged in jail In this city jester
day, charged with stealing horses. Two
others or the gang were held at Caldwell
for further information.
A meeting of the committee, Mas held at
extent 011 tiie lirit ol .nine, even
in lower latitudes. The appar
ent increase is about 4 per cent.
It would have been larger with
a better planting eeason. Compari
sons with the area of the previous
croparo.as follows : Virginia 8S,North
Carolina 101, South Carolina 106, Al
abama 103. Florida 104, Georgia 103,
Mississippi 105, Louisiana O'J, Tex is
105, Arkansas 109. Tenue,ec 101. Mi,-sourie-0.
The temperature iu April
was lower than the average through
out the cotton state,. The rain
iall was dclicicut uu the Atlan
tic coa,t and sliirhtlv
MiNNKAPOLis, Kau., June 10. Last
night a Blaine and Logan meeting was
held iu this citv and was addressed bv
resented. The following are the
nrineitial first nremiiiins awarded
.to-day: Champion English setter many prominent citizen,, after which
dogn, l'atil Gladstone, owned by IV. ' a Maine and Logan club was org.ini.
Gates. of Monmhis. Tenn.: "value, cd with a large membership. AH are
A venire of
thirty-six men was exhausted and oulv
two jurors accepted. The majority
were excused because they had formed
a decided opinion as to the prisoner's
guilt. A motion for a change of venue
will be decided to-morrow.
Siiekp llecelnts. Ml: market ouht and un
Ham burgs and Laces.
Sbwp IrMri A ('-
Largi s( Stfk ( Kai 4 Ur 4 Price.
pare Price.
Louis Grain and Produce.
tT IOUs, June In. ,S
I'Locn Market unchanged
WliatT Market oieneil better, dellned, and
close,! about the same as yesterda) aUernoim
No i red, l lC'fa.lttl'.c cash; 1 n3 June;
.i.",V.(iS'.c July i US'.HWie August j 'MJtn9iie
.-.tpirinoer, closing ai insiui) prices .M 3rel,
Chicago, June 10. General Man i- ' '91c
' , j COB
gcr rotter, Ol tlie ISUrilllglOU roail, re- closed a fraction better than yesterday.
turned from the west to-dav. Hede- - ;S,"nJ : - .Jn" t.a.ir'-' ialJ
Corn Market otieni d hlirher. fell off and I
closing at
cash ; sne
.. . y. . r,. i ; ts t'-i. .... . mil ......flu. 4ia. 11.. 1. .... Inn ,l..ia 1 1... I
ter bitches, Dido 2d, owned by W. II. '-I'lnmed Knight" and the Hllack I '" the truth ol the rewrite egra.h-J inside price.
Shattuck,ofCiHciiin-Ui. Dioo is a glc." Tho club will bo uniformed, l from Omaha to the cflect that tho w-Kkrtimer, ..4fc.w.e
notedpri,e-winner,and is valued a, , and few weeks will be ready for $? TitflrS?. p-i-bid
!r,I5-00- eUCCIUCWOrk. , Trnnrni.tiii..nlAl ass.. pint imi. BawT-Qnlet t eOftWr
" I
IIeli'na, lontana, June 10. Sun
day atlcruoou while the ferry boat at
less ( ThoinpsonN Falls was crosing the
St. Joseph, June 10. The republi-
cans of St. Joseph ratified the nomin
ation of Itlaiuc and Loiran to-niirht at
a meeting in the hall of the Young
Louisville, Ky., .June 10. The act
passed by the recent legislature pro
hibiting the sale of the Illustrated l'o-
IOr. llleacheil Cotton, Jl! Inrlies.
KC lllraelied Cotton, JDl Ibches.
Ii's'c llct hhetln, bleached.
10i4c lledhhrolInK, bliacbeil,
se Brunn Oittuu,. a; Inches.
li Ilrown Cotton, at lacke.
n'.a Uruwa ("otton.XJ Inch.
All these rime prices we will glte tn tl.st.,re. anion has ..Lanced, but It iiiak.. nodlt-.r-
eirf, Noi your time,
....... ...... ..... ... ...u v...... nvcr the came oroKe aim mc ooat Men's Kepublicau club. Thu meeting lice literature went into cllcct to-tl.iy,
'i?.vlnrV.M.,i.traH??fu went over the falls, three hundred was quite large and enthusiastic, and , and hereafter the Police Gaello and
.Ma throughout the southwot, can,- ' addressed bv several nromiuent such naners will not lie recuved in the
nigoverilowh ot rivers, lnjiinug tlie .'" eiu. m "" " unr-iL-orj staio
statuU everywhere, and causing a large clvcn men bound for the Coeur tie l"-"-. '"-
ltmotiiit of renlniititiir. The latter mi rt AlCllC mines ami tllirleeil pack
ol May was warm ami clear on a con- horses, each carrying three huiidred
, siderable portion of the Atlantic coast,
causing rapid growth and allbrding an
oppoilunity for thorough feeding and
clean cultivation. Iu the west the
fields arc grassy and ''chopping out"
is not et tiuisfied.
Tim finiiHriii is mil in twn ivii14 1?iri.
mul iiluntk nrn inmprniu- iiirWtv nml , ing over the brink and
igaiiisL uuiKiinii uiiiigi:,
pounds of supplies for Eagle City. The
current was very swift and powerful,
aud as soon as the cable broke all the
passengers except two jumped over
board aud struggled vainly to reach
the shore but were swept over tlir
Cincinnati, Ohio, June 10. Turner
Hall was crowded to-night by a meet
ing of Germans called by the German
Ucpublican club to ratify the nomina
tion of Blaine aud Logan. Speeches
were made by A. 11. Bodie, Gen. J. S.
Leau Market dull at 3 K
ItCTTin Unchanged.
Kites Market higher at l.'c
IlRAX Steady Olisree at mill
Coui-jiKAty Quiet at i !W
Wiii.Kir .Steady at 1 (n
Pitorisio'ss Market higher, excej.t fur pork,
and Arm
I'ork .lob lots at S16.T5 j
Una- Mavis Long clear, s-i.".)) short rib
s u.i j anon cicar, ao :i
nil os Ixina- clear. S'l suraU.IO: short nbs.
wi .ii5ii j niiun ciiar, aj uzsm:.,;. j
Laiu Held at 10 asked f
UcciirTs Floor. A M barrels: ubeat. i . !
i MM boahels; corn,r4,io bnsheU; oats, 17,()
We ran collar" any lady.that crosses our threshold. It will pay you to our ltl uf
falls. The boat righteucd after go- Ilobinson aud Hon. J. B. Forakcr.
Ui.Titoir, Mich., June 10. The t
steamer Energy from Wallaccburg,
Out., to Detroit, lowing bargis was ' bushel ; rye, none; barley, none
foundered on L-tke fct. (Jlair ia-t niglit.
The crew was picked up but it wa a
c!osc call for a considerable loss of
I'liroPllIU' I tti ttraa iimtan if f 1..1 nl
the court uouso last night, making rnrthrr(a,Yv,lv low (.olu,jtiol, ,H lll0 want of
iiiiaiigi'ineui auoiu a uig lourin oi July cel
ebration. AVellingtoii will celebrate io
good old f.i,hionod stle. In fact, to ae
i otmnodate tho most fastidious, the mana
gers promise later stjles Willi lire-works af
ter supper.
btirtcyor Mood, of the St. J.oui,, Ft.
si.e, whitli a few weeks of fiuc
weather may remedy yet. A continu
ance of bad weather would now be
disastrous. Beyond the Mississippi the
but a
short distance below, where the
two passengers who still clung to it
were rescued, and two men on shore
took a ,kiff and tried to rcctic those
who jumped into Ihe water, but were
There was much enthusiasm.
,'eneral a eragc condition is 87 against als -wept over the falls. Of the thir
Topeka, Kan., Juuc 10. The rail
road commissioners have determined
that Superintendent Fagau will hac
to put the Central Brsuch road in de-
Louisville, June 10. The Interna
tional "'imday school convention meets
here to-morrow at 1 1 u. m. Canada
and every ntate iu the Union will be
represented, and over 1,'JOO delegates
OHXrjiKXT rlonr. 7.UH bsrrt!. uhest
1,000 Imshelti corn. M.omi bnhel: oats.
,; rye, none; barley, none (
Arrraoov hoarii '
Wiikat Iiwer j ot'i June ; fil. .Inly.
Ciiki Imer j SS'.'c Jnne and July; 53'; b
Angnst I
T ler, Sl'.cJuly
St. Louli Live Stock
fSr Ins. .lone 10, 1-el
Cattlio Itecelpts, l.Jsin ; shipments, flisi;
market lower, especially for graers ; esirt,
jGOJivARS! .
X 4
Plain, Pointed, Lace, Slashed, and Cut!
!f (Jtfurinji I'rictir
ii June of last vear aud 89 irTl88'J. teen men coiicernctl eleven were lost, cent shape or they will make it warm
The increase iu the area of spring
Scott ic Wichita road, has located the line . wheat appears to be nearly 900,000
and depot at Northtield, thu city orinineial
springs in I'dcn township. NorthGeld is
.lames l.iivrencr, i:.i,, went to Wichita
At the meeting or the city council Mon
day night tho Wellington street railway
cotupati) were granted au cxtenslou of
ninety dajs, or until October 1. to begin
work on their line in this city.
Your correspondent a, not posted
when he located the new town in the terri
tory. Falls Cit , esterday. The site is li e
or sic miles south of lluiniewcll at the falls
ofthe Chikakia rier. tSood water power
and an excellent location for a town Is
here. The prccs of the OlUhoma War
Mirf, formerly of Arkansas City, will he
mocd down on the ground, and thej prom
io an I, sue of the paper this week from
Fall City. Xurobersarcfiockicgdaily across
the Hue staking claims. A messenger re
turning from that district jesterday states
that the select claims are taken as far a,
Uoe and Kim creeks. Mr. Itoher: Klcr, or
Huuncwell, secured the ililiu on which the
lalls of the Chika.kia are located. .1. 1).
' .ipm. nr O nnr . ont Yn ,nel tf It,,.
I'acilic coast area is included. Iu
spring wheat the largest increase is iu
Dakota, amounting to about 400.000
acre,. The condition of spring wheU
i, au average of 101 per cent, being up
to the standard in nearly every district.
The condition of winter wheat con
1 hey were ail strangers going to the tor lnm. A letter was addressed to
mines aud their nanu's are not known, that gentleman this afternoon, sL-itiug
All the pack animals were drowned. that many people feel compelled to
travel over his road, and there can he
southern visitors. no reason ior suojecung tiicm io a
arc expected, among them many (lis- :-MJl'h'lPflt''i';'!b't
...',,' " ' common to medlnm, itt5 rtltrornfcd let.
tingUMICd men. an, I.TWS.V) ; imu-r.sl lexans, lUHl .-
Philadelphia. P.i., June 10,
to-dav's scsion of the (Jrand Lodge
Pillar Uecelnt. !.!: ahlnment. 'Ail:
market steady; common Xn m!inm. tUo. .
of Orangemen the grand trtasurer
a i" r.i-
,Vt 3a;g.ssltOChole,., M5.KH4 Mt Texans. ..! .Ilil I ,VllllllilllllCt
rjuiKj vvuiiii-uiiuiytf
Ivans s City June 10 A laroe ri"k of tIloir Iiv'"i P '" " f prcent tlenied that the order iu Pittsburg hid
lYANSAMiTi, .lime iw. a large con(li,;0Jli ' decided not to support Blaine for
parly of prominent citizens and busi
ness men of Memphis arrived this
evening on a visit to this city, coming
bv a special train over the Kona,
tiuties high. The average is 93. against City, bpringticld & .Memphis railroad.
94 a mouth ago. It was 75 iu June Ihe party will remain until Thursday.
last ear aud 99 iu 1882. Since the A reception committee from this city
last report the Illinois average has de- met the isitors fifty miles out and
clinoil it i;,,tc - rii.tn ( ...,.i i.".,. took them in charge. The uro-
.-...-' -. j-....,t7 , .,..u , ...... ....... . r rj - f ....... ..v.... .... ..., ui.,1 iimis
tuckyJi. Itiiliaua, Michigan and some Rraimue oi euieriainmcm inciuues a has begun to rise. Thousands of ton, of
otner smtes ?iiow a higher condition. ""l"ei ami amairur concm io-mir- earth have been
Ihe averagu condition of the princi- row niglit. iml in some
pal states are : New York, 98 : 'T r- fcCOTT. nearly 160 1
i cuiiMivauui, iuu: .ttarvianu. v it. acorr. ivau.. June io. i he ior nan us distance is now
Georgia, 9:1: Texa,, 93; Kentucky, board of trade of thi city entertained the bed of a -trcam, and the upper
Indiana, wun a iianquet to-day, a delegation ot partoi tne street is ecavateil down to
liw uuiaes men or Meinplit,, who ocd rock". Koads are unpayable o
were en route to Kau,a Citv on an mail was received or sent thi, nioni-
Sl'ItlNd FIELD, Vt., June 10. The
flood continued five or oiv hours be
fore it began to sub-ule. it is estima
ted that over eighteen inches of water
has fallen since Monday noon. It ha-
rained nearly all day and Black river
w heat
' Corn
10. In- at
Washington. I). C, June
dication, for the lower Misouri and
Arkansas river valli-y, Warmer, fair
weather, southerly wind,, lower bar
ometer, followed by local rains during
the night.
Chicago Craln and Produce.
CniCA'-o, Jnne 10, Inst.
The amount of ;rrain In store in the rity or .
Chieaco, un June nth, w a. as follow
Grain. Ituthilt
8,7,i! t
rt-,w'i ,
s,l i
:eu displaced in the "tnets FT ,. ..,, , Tl , .
place, there are channel, H A0 K tl k f
eet wide; Vnlley street xj Ol IttlLvi
96 ; Ohio, S-2 ; Michigan. 91
vi ; nuiiois, n, .Missouri, w. The in
crease iu the acreage of oats is four
percent. The average condition, 93. invitation from the board of trade of ing. It is Ihe greatest calamiu
It was 96 la,t year,' and 101 in June, that city. The delegation were ac- Springfield has suffered since the great
182. companietl by Gen. George II. Nettle- flood of 1869. Btisincs is suspended,
standard iu the western scuc. The
average of rye advanced from 96 to 97
Ottawa. June 10. The body of the 7''10 barley average has fallen from 101
woman found near Kana City " Ma.v'to 98. It was 97 last June and
last Thur,dav. to-dav i, ideniinV,! ,'. ?1 !" J"no 1?8".1' J? 7.! Yo
,, c ii Y . " ,-..,.. w in renusyivatna, ioi in Wisconsin,
Mrs. S.&.. Ilorton.lateoftsouth Bend, , 100 in Minnesota, 97 in Iowa, 100 in
Indiana, si, ter of George Gilli. of elira.i; nml s in Tniifneni. ti,
tins county. Ilcn-clf, husband and
child were en route to Ottawa. She
aud ihe child disappeared at lvau,a
City several weeks ago. Ilortoti, who
has reported improbable s tories siuo"
he has been here for several da. was
arrested this morning.
Ihe averages were the highest, as is ton. Col. A. P. Hadder and E. A. the era." cron is ruined and field
usually the ca,e, in thestates north of Schoolcraft, president of the Memphis crops are nearly a total lo,s. Several,
the 40th parallel, coming up to board of trade. famiHc were forced to abandon their
The banquet was spread at the new houses and -pend the night in n
Huntington house, which was opened drenchiug rain on the adjacent hills.
to-day for the !irt time, and was iu
all respects an elegant atl-iin bridges washed out.
Kansas City, Mo., June 10. The
the traveling men. Times El Paso, Texas, sjecinl says :
Detkoit, Mich., June 10. The an- The railroad bridge wa, washed ana v
nuat meeting of the Traveler, Pro- to-day and intercourse with Meiico is
tective Association of the United cut off. The bridge on the Southern
States, will be held in thi, city Fridav p"ci.tic wc1 of Ynma. is wa-bed out,
and Saturday of this week. There i
AT i
Riverside Park !
Match ItaceHetween
(.eorye Kellry' ItANNEK tUiT,
William McKee' WICHITA JOHN,
Georire Smith KN;iJsI UOV
Ml CeIel.rate-1 ttyers
Look (ht fcr Fas: Tire and Jclij
Total loii';i i
Same time last ear ll.";l,iio
Floch tuh-t. '
Wiiht Market steady and strung In early
i dealinics, bat deelineil shrj,lT -when the reiwrt
ofthe Tlsihle supply was jsMite.1, nd c)rel ,e
eIow yesterday Jone. t-,',r. closing t
s-c ; July , fi,6'i4c, closing at ssi'.'c j Anirnrt,
BWaM, closlnirat fl'.e. septemlw-r, !;
W.c, elftsJntratM'.r No Jsfirlnic, rw.lr ,
Cok.1 Market unlet and arerageit a shads
loweo; (.uu, W',r, closing at fc Jane,
il'.'teis'.c. dosing t arsj; Joly, .Vi,.v,,e,
eloslnr at i.-iv,.e ; Agrut, Si'.SsiT'.c, chim
in at JTS'e ,- S-ptember, i7'.'.c
Oats Market tealy firm and a shade hljrh- ,
er Cash, H,ej Joae, SJ'.ttAl'., rl-wmr at
33'iej Joly. SJ.tlS,c, clfln." at irj
Acjro.t, TfrnH', , .September S-
Kra Hrrner tt rAarjc
llsaxcT Nominal at qi,(
Flax scan Firm st II TAtnLnt
'(. In ll-ht demand, bst n-2ie hlrber.
.a.n, i- ,xu s ior winier.paeieili Jo
Jul and Aarot, l .vIS. 70, rloslnir
e.ff 1" ; J'., ' )"
Monday, June 9ih!
And tclll roHltntie until rc utore our ij'HmIi ichfeh icill (nit, at thr Unit,
La an JoIet, Urm and 1',-n'jr h,rberi rath. I""1 . Sx wr -.
and Jane.- U- .; Ja!y, ... acl! lTSt 'GOlTl-S 1 1 Ti"-S&U t KC-r
lnrat-iJ',ii-siiAnra.t. -fcsij. 47",'.eJo.- a a i, iaiC. 14 1,1 " lOfcJI VtiJ .
states Usually
produce fifths of the
Toi-EKA, Kirn., June 10. Two men,
Thomas Murray and Henry Jordan. , oceanic canal.
!!'........... t .rt w. . . : - ........
";lM'-M""i "um" " tne sum ; to be a public reception at the opera
required by Secretary Frelinghuysen house Friday evening, with addresses
to buy for the government certain on Sat unlay, an excursion bv boat to
rights, which it is understood the St, Clair and banquet at the Oakland
Xiearauguan government has con. hotel. Members intending to be
ceded for the construction of an inter- P5"1 a,c urgently requested to tcle-
cutting off communication between
here and California. This severs all
railroad communication. "No cistern
mail, arc arriving, and the prospect
of an early subsidence is unpromising.
The race to be mile beats, i best la 5, to har
ness and torole
Gate Admission Gentlemen, 2V 5 Ladies rre.
and are prll!r lnrlted. All rebJeles and
sadilie horse free
.sU on Graail Mnd. 10 Cent . 1
Come eTrrybo-ly and hare a te tiro
" e ss-3 ..-, 1 isryiejnoer. as sa3 w.
rioslnir at id
aid to be $250,000, ' .P11 ,.hat fact to v- T- Colhcr, De-
. . ' u,irci iai aiiequaie pro-
have mysteriously left their hmiie, in ' not 200.000. as heretofore rennrtnll
this citv aud their families are in ereat It is embodied in a paragraph of a Jis,on ""-v be ma,k: for reception
Krent , , ,. , '...:.-'" " - ,,.. ...--.ii. ... . ,.
distress. Jordan is n mlnr...! ...... nuwr ami diplomatic Dill attached "--'-"- iu.m o oe icrj-
Murray took $35 one day last week . ? U1 c0",m,Uee, on, PPropr-' '"
that his wife and daughter had work- ,m El Fte i?T lCnly- ,U V swift iustice.
ed for and said he n-nnhi .m. ,i,'.' tms paragraph which was under dis- swift justice,
J'oJSmn.,M?J1,?, cuwionintlie secret session of the Galveston, June lO.-Thc Calvc-
...- 1 - ,----..; ". - "ii.. senate tins eveuinrr.
bince then he has not been heard of.
The West Side people arc considerably
excited over the matter.
quarterly dividend.
New York, June 10. The Western
Union declared a quarterly dividend
of 1 3-4 percent.
000 will be
io action was, ton Xew Winsboro special sas: A
, aegro named Joe Uritt attempted to for many j ears.
received no answer. i outrage a twelve year old white girl
Washington. June 10. A cable . ewiv Sunday morning. Uritt escaped
Hakrisbcro, June 10. During a
seiere Jhnndcr storm Frank Dively
and wife, rc-iding on Seventh street,
were struck by lightning and killed at
their door. Several person were
shocked. A number of buildings Here
struck. A large stone in the Slate
street soldiers' moaumeat was dls
plced. The rain-fall was the heaviest
dispatch received from London this .lmc u 'Wg' b?i ?? IT1?1
anernoon states that nteB.Wrt'&&o2&i
Commons tn-t;- tl.n n.) -.:' , . .. . . v "r- ""
cent. A surplus of 2U0,-. secretary tat Tthat a rDruth- . ESZsl.,ZAllea "?e 1cIatK0ie '" e western part ol
l'.rxa MaaTs Market steady i-hfnlUu.
i l abort rib, , tiear aides, n r,.
E.'. Steady as US'ft 1 1
WmT-lyiwerat l 10
KacwiTs Hour V.,un barrel , vrtieat. 3.- '
ow bnahel corn. t,' batbel i .t, Irf),in
lmhit rye, i,VU bcsbelsi Lsrler. tjtii
"mricEsT nrsr Yt.nt) brr.!.; b.at,
U.Vli j rora. lU.an bn.hU( t.,
Z'.ttti btubel j ry. I,o bo.bei barier.
i. baabel. "
Jaly sibrat Setoer) Jaar sd Aturast era .
?.e lower j Joly rora .e Uwerj Jaae oat i,r
Iostti JaJyoat eUrwrrt trt ad lar-1 an-
200,000 Feet of Southern"
dtiCMfO L4sr Stock.
Pine Lumber. cmrso..-w ,,..,
TV Ttmrr'$ JmmmJ t-im
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21 Main Street.
The Original One-Price Cash How!
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