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the Action of St.
Other Political Items of Interest From
Various Sources.
Four Scott, Kan., .Tunc 'JO. The
executive committee of the Itoiirbou
County Temperance Union, composed
r l"tn. Sturm, uri'sidniit: .1. Mnuhnr.
vice-president; Kcv. A. Warner and adoption of a platform principally ap
J. A. Willetl, secretaries held a meet- plirable to state affairs. The state
iusr in the citv vc-tcrdav. Amomr ticket is as follows: For governor,
otlwr matters considered
was the re
Tohu. which
l ho folio w-
cent action of ex-Go v. St.
resulted in the passage of
ing resolutions:
Resolved, That we. as the Hourbon
Count Temperance Union, deprecate
the action of our former leader and
oo-worker, John P. ht. John, in
his recent refusal to support
the national Republican ticket for the
following reasons: Find The Re
publican party has Miown in thi itatc
that it is thi" friend of temperance, and
it is through its organization that the
state ih now blessed with an elleelive
prohibition law. Second We believe
that at this time the action of ev-d'ov.
.St. John is calculated to distract and
disorganize the friends of temper
ance at a lime when organisation and
united elloit is of the highest impor
tance. Third We believe thai the
time ha not arrived when prohibition
can be made a national movement
without doing greater harm to thecam-c
in these stales which have adopted
that poliev locally than be accomplish- "chhitwhi. ;'a.m .un
ed in geneial good. Fourth-Wc be-, " wcrci-c-, the committee leaves for
1 eve thai the Avi policv for tho.e ' 'r Ili" .wI,c recepHon will be
"i ...i,:.. 4i. c c' ..r"..M.i.;i.;i :....' tendered bv the citien. I hey will
iiiiv ui.nv iv- i
to demand of the Republican partv
of Kans:iN as heretofore the record of
the principle of prohibition in
its state platform and that a prohibi
tiouiln wo pledge ourselves to i-utnui
their action in so doing with our
vote. We, ns olliecis ot the IJ-uirbon
Count Teinpcr.'inco union commend
thc-c Miggestioiie to the. thoughtful
foiiHidcratiou ofail prohibitionist r.
Signed. William Sililm.
J. M. AfTiioit.
W. IF. Stout.
A. Wakniii.
J. A. Wii.i.inT.
1 hey Endorse St. John as a Candidate for
Ri.oo.MiNcioN, Juno 20. The state
prohibition convention this morning
raiod $2,700 for campaign purpose.
A platform wa reported at noon and
adopted without tlcoatc.
that the members of tin
It declares
party secede tiom (he old partie
which have persistently, for years to
tally disregarded the interest and
welfaie of the people and
have made use of the trust placed in
their hands tor pergonal aggrandize
ment and to secure place, power and
spoils, while the people have demand
ed in vain a redress of grievances at
(heir hand. The Prohibition parlv,
therefore, appeals to (hat only source
of power in this government the
people-and makes the follow
ing declaration of principles :
L Tin traffic in intoxicating
liquid is the great crime of (he world,
and should bo suppressed immediately
by. constitutional or legislative enact
ment. 2. The sale of liijuor i? a ci ime ami
not a vice, and should be overthrown
by police force.
3. A slate has the lifdil to over
throw anything that is destiuctive to
(ho lives and health or morals of the
people. Xo high license, no matter
how great, on mitigate th? evil results
of the traffic.
The fourth clause of the platform
denounces the action of (ho Illinois
legislature in refusing to submit a
prohibition amendment ton vote ot
the people.
The tilth clause reject, with disdain
the proposition w educate the chil
dren with money derived from the
sale or manulncture of liquor.
The sixth declares for the enfran
ehif ement, of women.
The sovenlh declare' in favor of
radical reform of (he civil eervicc.
The ninth that even child should be
educated in schools supported by the
state, and should bo taught the ctlecl
alcohol upon (he human organization.
The tenth, the linal elnue, oppose
all form of competition between con
vict and homo labor.
J. It. Hobbs was nominated for gov
ernor. The vole for Hobln 11. llanev
:, Harts 17. Hobbs' nomination wa
made unanimous. Dr. lVirymau, of
'Belleville, was nominated for lieuten
ant govei nor. Hale Johnson, of Jas
per for Mate's aitoinev, both b accla
mation. A lesolution endorsing (lov. St.
John, of Kansas, for president of the
United State was iiiinnitnoulv adopt
CiitCACio, June 20.-The Ameti-an
Prohibition convention at the ifier-i
noun sc-sion adopted a pltform. It
declare the God of Christian rcrip
tuies is the author of ciiil govern
ment : favor the use of the Bible in
schools; !i,Tls that God requite and
man needs a Sabbath; demands strict
prohibitory law: the withdrawal of
all charter (o cciet lodge and their
oaths prohibited b law : oppoc pris
on and imported eontiac! labor: fa
vor a rex Ision of the present law ;
pledges the parly to vote for woman
suffrage: asserts" that the 'ivil equali
ty granted bv the. Thirteenth, Four
teenth and Fifteenth amendments '
should be extended to the Indian ,
and Chinamen : that the international
ditleten.v should be settled bv arid-
tialion; that laud and other monopo
lies should be dicouragcd : that
Ihc I
'overnmenl should furnish a ound
cuncnev : that the tariff' should be re
duced a fast as the necenrv revenue
invested in business will allow : that
polygamy should at once be stipprc-
ed; that "the republican parly is cen-
sur.i i e lor Hie long negicci oi n u.iiv
in resiici't to this evil: demands a di
rect vote for president and vice-president
of the United States. The pre
amble adopted bv tho national Chris
tian association in lbo was also auop--
ed. The convention then proceeded
to nomination for president of the
United State. S. C. Pomeroy, of
Knnas; ex-Gov. St. John, of the same
Mate, and Rev. J. Blancharcl, ot im
noi. were named. Of the seven tv
fceven vote cast. Pomeroy received
seventy-two and hs nomination was
made unanimous: for viee-jreideni,
J. A. Conarf, of Connecticut, vv:u
nominated by acclamation. The na
tional committee by state was then
appointed. The nieetitig held in the
evening was addressed by e.x-Senator
Poinei ov and others.
Xkvv York, June 20. The Indp
pendeut Republican organization
MimmiHft miiintnleJ ve.steritav bv
George William Curtis met to-dav anil j struggle, there being seventeen .side- tion, and evidently framed with a de
chose'lMr. Curtis chairman. It" was J falls before a fair fall was gamed. i sigu to destroy the Mormon religion.
decided toamclhecommilteeInde.
iintiiiPTit llennblicaii Committee." The
following document was approved ami .
.ii !. ilAniutinnt irnz ontiPfti'i
will be circulated throughout the
count rv for signatures: "Tne Inde
pendents, protesting against the nom
ination oi Mr. Blaine and Mr. Logan,
propose to join their fellow Republi
cans and independent voters in send
inf a representation to a general con
ference to be held immediately after t
the Democratic national convention,
which conference shall consider in case
the Democratic nominations do not
justify the support of this Independent '
Republicans, what lurtnw action may '
be necessary; to secure candidates who j
will appeal 'to the interest of clear and
honest politics and the sober, honest j
senc of the American people. ,
Indianapolis, Ind., June 19. The
Republican convention completed its
work yesterday afternoon the nomi
nation" of a ticket, the naming of thir
teen presidential electors and the
Hon. W. II. Calkins, of La Porte;
lieutenant-governor, Utij-cnc Uiindy.
of Henry county ; secretary of state,
Robert Mitchell", of Gibson; auditor,
Ilrucc Carr, of Oragc; treasurer, It.
R. Shicl, of Marion ; attorney general,
W. C. Wilson, ot Tippccauoo ; super
intendent of public instruction, 1. C.
Hobbs-, of Parke ; reporter of the u
preim court, W. M. Iloggatt. of War
rick ; judge of the supreme court.
Fifth ilitrict, K. P. Hammond, of Jas
1'os'ion. .lunc 20. The committee
appointed by the national l'cpnblicaii
convention to notifv Blaine and Lo
gan of their nomination met to-day
and decided to tnke a special train at
i p. m. at riying at Augusta at 10
o'clock and remain at their headquar
ter till to-morrow morning, when
the committee will wail upon Ulaine
with the nomination, which will be
tendered by the chaiiman, John 15.
.-T. Micfii- iAiut'v -mil MirMi rn
turn home.
Ai rit'.sTA, .Mc, .Mine M. the sjiec
Ial liain bearing the committee ap-1
pointed by the Chicago convention to
notify Mr. Blaine of his nomination
arrived at Augusta a feu minutes be
fore 10 o'clock to-night. Upon reach- j
ing the city (he members of the com-!
mittee entered a carriage and were
driven to (lie Augusta home, where
they will spend the night. When j
Portsmouth was reached there was a j
large crowd at the depot and thieej
cheers were given, the crowd
clamoring for a speech, and Mr. Lynch j
of Mississippi went out on the plat
form and made a few remarks. Ex-1
Senator Rollins of New Hampshire
and Judge Forakerof Ohio, vvetc each
called upon for a speech and each res
ponded in turn. At other stations on
the route there were large numbers
to greet the train, particularly in
Portland, but owing to the short slot)
, there was no time for further speech-
making. Among the invited guest
i nrcompnnving the committee wore
I Mrs. Ciiauiiccv I. Fillcy and Mrs.D.II.
Hill, wive of members of (lie com
i mittee, and Mr. and Mr. C. L. Me
i Arthur, of Xew York. William
i Waller Phelps is not with the com
I mittee owing, it is said, to the fact
! (hut his presence in congress a( this
I time was essential to the proper care
' of curtain local bills uuder his guar
t diauship. The committee will -make
official notification to-morrow. .The
I commiitec will leave for Portland to
morrow afternoon, where in the even
1 ing they w ill be tendered a reception,
at which addrese will be made by
Henderson, Forakcr, Coodlor, I'illc
i and others.
Kansas Citv. June 20 A special
to (he Journal this morning from To
peka Miys. it is now stated in lhi eilj
that St". John had fully determined
upon his proseut course, several week
before the Republican national con
vention; that is. had no more honors
JA .. f.. M.t ...Jn .....1
u, cApcc ... ...s "'"'ln:l,1(is of hundreds of thousands of
desmng the additional fame of a pre- i . f()r (ho cuInr,,emcut of
me hi, i ......milium, ue ma., .u .. ...
. mu 1....11.11;. a. ... y '":"' i
.1 ai ills pn-cni .. e.ecuon was a ,,, t
ot a matured plan to abandem I he R e-
!:',' ,' ?," lS,., l ' , i?.
a few votes in this stale, it will cut no I
. v -.... "" """ ...
It is now thought that the young
lady, Miss Eva Edwards, who poison
ed "herself to death at Topeka, did so
accidentally It seems she took tartar
emetic for cream of tartar.
The Republican of this judicial dis
trict are unanimous in their demands
for a judicial convention, and the call
of the county committee of Shawnee,
provide for the election of delegates
to such convention.
Cnic.vc.o. June 20. The committee
on press and telegraph of the national
Iloinocralic committee make the fol
lowing announcement : A limited
space will be piovided near the offi
cer' platform lor the principal papers
of the country, with convenient dek
for reports of the proceedings. Asso
ciated press reporter will have ample
opportunity for reporting the full pro
ceedings tor the benefit of it mem
bers throughout the country.
Cnic.vc.o, June 20. Sporting circle
were greatly excited bv another raid
on tlie faio" banks, and the lnets in
the vicinity were entire! blockaded
bv thousand oi curious people. The
r.iids lal night and this afternoon
were ordered bv Mayor Hnrrion, in
levcnge for I lie opposition of the
porling men to his interests in theie
eeiit ptimarie. The lower trata of
Democratic politic are in-n wonderful
state of eruption.
Atchison. June lit. The Republi
cans of Marhal county held their
county convention eterday, and
elected the following delegate to the
state convention : Cnpt. Perry
chiiison. W. 11. Smith, Geo. S.
E. M. Brice. 1
,. Stanley and ,i. V
delegate were in-
a unanimous vote
John A. Martin
Lcgre. The
strucied by
to .support
for governor. A
against resubmission wns
also unani-
mouly adopted.
The Republicans of Coffey county
held their convention on Tuesday and
elected A. P. l.rowu
Tho. Donncll, '
b. ,i. uKe. Mcplien Ugden ami iv. i..
Collin, as delegates to the state cou-
rcntion. The delegates were instruct-
cd to vote for J no. A. Martin. Most
0f them are ex-soldier.
Cincinnati, June 20 The wrestling, ing a quorum present the house ad
match to-night for $500 a side and the jounied.
entire receipts at the unuut opera
houe, between Win. Muldoon and
nuuean C lJos. drew two thousand
people. The first two falls were
Graceo-Roinan; ihc next two, side
hoids. with harness: ami tlie la-t catch-as-catch-ean.
Muldoon won the first
in three minutes; second in thirteen
m'mutes : Ross the third in uiue min
utes : fourth in thirty-live minutes :
Muldoon (he fifth in "seventeen min
utes. The fourth fall was a terrific
The Mexican Pension Bill Still
Being Discussed.
News and Notes from the Na
tional Capital.
WASiiiXGio.v,June 20. During the
Kuglish investigation to-day. Speaker
i Carlisle was examined, and he said
i that Fngli-h came to his room while
his son's contested election cac was
bclore the house, and said he under
stood that some members had, or in
tended to object to his being on the
1 floor during the contest, and akcd
liim if his being there was in violation
ot the rules. English said ho
had no pecuniary interest in the
matter but only the personal and po
litical interest of his son. He told him
1 the rule excluding ex-members applied
, only to per-oii who had a pecuuiary
interest in the measure before con
, gross. English nlo said he only in
tended making a fair statement of his
I son's case, and witness told him he
thought he had the right to do
that, but if he did anything
; improper, that was a different
I thing. English, on entering
I into conversation aid he did not in
tend going on the lloor again, if he,
, the speaker, thought his going there
was a violation ot the rules. Weller
again took the willies-, chair and said
' with emphasis : I ih to put on
record my denial that I was influenced
i to leave the hou-o by anything except
a telegram from my daughter. This
I clo-.es the cae as far as the evidence is
' concerned and the committee ad
. Washington. June 20. In the sen
i ate to-day Blaine's amendment was
offered to the sundrv civil appropna
tion bill. It provides that there Mia!!
be appropriated out of any moneys in
thu treasury, not otherwise appro
priated, $500,000 to promote the pro
posed exposition of agricultural and
mechanical capabilities of the colored
race of the woi Id to be held at Chica
go in November in lt?S5.
Wa&iiincu'on, June 20. The ptcM
dent, accompanied bv Secretary Lin
coln and General Shaip,of Xew York,
arrived here this morning.
Secretary Chandler has ordered a
court of "inquiry to investigate the
frauds recently practiced by means of
falsevouchcrsinthebure.au of medi
cine and surgery.
Wasiiinchon, 1). C. Juno 20.
The Mexican pension bill was taken
up. Voorhecs moved to amend In-
galls' proposition submitted yesterdav
bv striking from it a clause limiting
the time within which application for
a pension may bo made.
Williams was opposed to all amend
ments offered to the Mexican pension
bill. If IngalU' amendments and other
amendments wci c tacked on he (Wil
liams) could not support it. He would
not bring financial ruin on his govern
ment in order to ccure a pittance of
S a month for hi comrades in the
aruiv. He had thought ten days ago
the bill would pass with a two-thirds
majority. Xow he doubted whether
it would pas except loaded down
with ruinous provisions. Representa
tives proposing to amend the bill had
profceed to be its fi lends, "God save
my old c nrades in the arm) ."' said
he, ''fc such friends as these.' A
majori.y of the Mexican pensioner,
he continued, happened to live on the
wrong side of the Mason and Dixon's
Cullom .said this was his pension
bill and in dealing with the subject
(he senate could not disiegard the kc-
, Qf (he cusiou ,n.s. gol.
dier? wlio foiisl.tlo avc the life of
, . , -( , , , , ( ,
, f , ,pnaleas wcll as a Inan
-l . the Mexican war.
Mnpv otiereil an amendment ex
cepting" all senators and representa-
live of this congress lroiu receiving
anylhenelit from the from the propos
cd pen-ion. There had been some
references in the debate, he said,which
seemed to imply that those present
who had fought in the Mexican war
were personalty interested in having
the bill pased. He dcired to remove
all ground for such references.
Voorhecs' amendment to strike out
from Ingalls amendment the clause
limiting arrears wa not agreed to.
Van Wyck ottered an amendment
providing that as to all pensions here
after granted, no distinction in rank
should be recognized, and all uch
pensioners should be rated as enlisted
men. Lost.
Williams called attention to the fact
that the amendment of Ingalls. while
allow ing arrcar- of pensions, it onh
allowed them to soldiers of the late
war. This wt:s discrimination against
Mexican veteran.
Sherman aid his own vole on (his
auicndmcntwould.be suppo-ed, dis
appoint a great many persons for
whom he had a groat deal of consider
ation. At this point a suggestion of
adjournment wa made.
Cullom attempted o secure an
agreement to have i vote on the bill
and amendment by lire o'clock to
morrow, but Morgan objected, Faying
that the bill must go through on its
merits or not at all. Adjourned.
W.vsniNciTON. 13. C. June 20.
Miller of Ponnsv Ivania made tho prin
cipal speech in favor of the claims of
the coutestce and submitted a strong
legal argument in refutation of some
of the principle. laid down in the ma-
lontv report. The grounds on which
tlJp contestant baed hi claim were
ably presented by .Ionian and fccney.
after which Morey, sitting member,
was heard in his own behalf.
Lowry cto-ed the debate, and a vote
was (hch taken on the minority reso
lution confirming the right ot the con
tesfee to the scat, and it wa lot.
Yeas 03, nav 133.
Tho majority resolution, seating
Campbell, wa agreed to, and thatgen-
tieman appeared at me oar m me
house and took the oath of office.
The house took a reec until $
o'clock thi evening. The session is
for the consideration of the pen-ion
At the evening session there not be-
Salt Lvkk City, June 20. The
Mormon prcs and prominent Mor
mon consider the house bill that has
just pased the senate, a cruel meas
ure, harh, tmjut, tyrannical and iu
some respects revolutionary and un
constitutional, and designed to re
kindle the fires of persecution. Many
of its provisions thev thint will not
stand tho test of a judicial examina
They assert that circumstances here
do not call for any such enactments,
and that the existing public opinion
which prompted the senators to vote
for this measure has been created by
persistent circulation of false reports
concerning affairs here.
New York, June 20. Cornelius K.
Garrison has assigned to Juo. I. Perry.
His preferences are $631,000.
Xkvv York, June 20. Commodore
C. lv. Garrison, who made an assign
ment to-day, is well known as former
ly directly interested in the Pacific
Mail and Xew Orleans & "West India
ship lines, and is the largest stock
holder iu profitable gas companies in
this city, St. Louis, Xew Orleans and
other large cities.
He was the principal owner of the
Missouri Pacific railroad, hut sold out
a few years ago to Jay Gould. He has
been 'interested lately in numerous
railway schemes. He" made the bulk
of his fortune prior to the rebellion.
Pittsburg. June 20. The Commer
cial-Gazette's Yoiingstowu, O, special
savs the failure of Commodore Garri
son, in New York, to-day caused a
ripple of excitement here as it was
known that he owned considerable
stock iu the Pittsburg. Cleveland &
Toledo railway. Itcgarding its effect
upon this line" a gentleman, speaking
upon authority, said to-night, it
will not have the slightest
effect upon the Pittsburg, Charticrs
Youghiogeny, as everything is amply
secured and 'is- in the hands of gentle
men abundantly able to hold it. It is
probable that the failure of Garrison,
who is largely interested in the "Wheel
ing & Lake Eric railwav, wili result in
the Pittsburg, Cleveland & Toledo,
which now connects with it, securing
possession of that line.
Duuuquk, Iowa, June 20. This was
the last day of the regular programme
of the military encampment, ami was
a success in spite of the heavy rain in
the middle of the clay. There were
12,000 to l.-,000 people present thi
afternoon. The result of the prize in
fantry drill of yesterday was an
noiinceil bv the iudi'CS as follows:
Mobile cities, Company "F,v First Ala
bama, first prize on general excellency,
especially of tho manual. Trcadway
Rifles, of St. Louis Company "A,"
third mission, second prize on general
excellency, and especially their skir
mish drill. Branch Guards, of St.
Louis, third prize. Company "A,"
of St. Paul, lourth prize. Company
(blank), of Muscatine fifth prize, and
the National Rifles, of Washington,
the sixth prize. The cavalry prize
was given to the Milwaukee Light
Chvalry, who had no competitors.
This morniug the Washington Light
Artillery, of Xew Orleans, gave a
prize cxliibition drill. In the af
ternoon there was a dress parade
of the infantry, cavalary and artillery
being reviewed by Gov. Sherman, of
Iowa; Gen. Kirby Smith, Gen. Gib,
bons, U. S. A., Commander of the de
partment of the Platte; Aiijt.-Gcn.
Wadill, of .Missouri, and Adjt.-t.cn.
Alexander, of Iowa. Then followed
a sham battle on the hill by the camp
grounds; there were lines of earth
works, redoubts, rillc-pits and a foil
100 feet square commanding the city.
The battle was planned by Gen. Gib
bons and an attack made under his
instructions nineteen companies of in
fancy, seven batteries of artillerv and
two squadrons of cavelry participated
in the battle. The attack was made
on the earthworks, which were finally
captured affcrwards by a flank move
ment. The fort was very realastie.
Most of the companys remain over to
morrow, when an" additional pro
gramme is laid out. The Mobile lifles,
National rifles of Washington branch
guards. Company I) of St. Paul and
Busch Zouaves 6f St. Louis. Icrt to
Atchison, June 20. Lizzie Brad
ley, of White Cioud, Doniphan Co ,
Kansas, finished her forty-fifth day of
deliberate self-starvation to-day. This
is no doubt the most remarkable case
of total abstinence from food ever
known. The young woman is thirty
six years old "and the daughter of a
well-to-do Englishman of White
Cloud. Between the two there had
long existed a quarrel, cul
minating in the refusal of
tho father to give her a portion of
his deceased wife's inimcne sum" of
money and other property until ho
might bequeath it to her by" will. She
leit his house;, taking her clcvcu-vcar-old
niece, daughter of Jno. Weathers
of Joplin, Missouri, with her. Sho
was afterwards taken ill and lay sick
for seven weeks, when Weathers came
and took his child from her, after
she had cared and provided for it for
eight ) cars. Upon this occurrancc
she refused to cat or speak, and has
continued to deny herself of food or
verbal intercourse with her friends
for a period of nearly seven weeks.
She is greatly emaciated and has
every symptom of a person on tlie
verge of" death by starvation. She is
now in such a shattered condition that
she could not hold food on her stom
acc, and is wholly beyond the aid of
physicians. Her death'may be expect
ed at anv moment.
St. Lons, June 20. The report was
circulated to-day that II. L. Wing &
Co., owners of" the Planet flouring
mill of Litchfield, Illinois, were em
barrassed and would probably be
obliged to stipend. Full particulars
are not yet obtainable, hut it is known
that a considerable amount of Wing &
Co's. paper, drawn on Mr. Downing,
of (he firm of Downing, Spirt wood Y
Co.. of Springfield, Mas., who was
formerly the" partner of Wing, ha
been protested, and that "Wing lettfor
Xew York lai night to meet Down
ing and if possible arrange for the
payment of the draft. Tho indebted
ness of the firm is thought to be about
$150,000. The mill property at Litch
field cost $400,000, and has a bonded
debt of 22o,000. There is also said
to be considerable wheat and fiour in
the wav of assets.
Nkvv York. June 20. The suit of
Geo. C. Holt, assignee of Ferdinand j
Ward, against Julicn T. Davie?, re
ceiver for (rant t Ward, to recover
certain property from Davics for Fcrd- '
liianil Ward, was called neiorc the j
reforcc to-day, but was adjourned un
til next week. Holt stated that when ,
Davie took poseion of the effects
of G rant fc AVard as receiver, he found ,
in Ward' dck bond-and mortgagee,
the individual property of Ward, to .
the amount of 20,000, and mining '
stock to the same amount. Davics
says that constructive! thee claims'
arc bonds belonging to Grant .t Ward,
and that Ward always did buinc in
the name of Grant & Ward.
Monn.K, Ala.. JuneOO. Cardner 'c
Gates, cotton merclianl of old -tand-1
inf. assi?ncl. I.iabilitie-, $65,000:
asscts,'-230.000. C'apt.A'. H. Gardner, i
who is President of Xationa! Cotton ',
Eschanpe of America. ay- the com- (
plication of hia Xew Orlean liotic of ;
Gardner Jfc Copp, coupled with Gar!- ',
ner & Gates' owl lo-o--, have forced
the assignment.
Fuxt, Micir., dtmc CO. Otficcr
Ernest M. I'arsali. of this city, shot i
aud killed Lorenzo I). Pickle, a de-pe-rado,
who rciicd arret at Ilichland
Received Bv Wire From All Over This
Broad Land Of Ours.
The nineteenth anniversary of
emancipation day was generally cele
brated at Galveston by the colored
At .Montreal,
S. II. Mav & Co.
wholesale oil and paint merchants, are
in nnanciai ciimcuiucs. -mammies,
At the Republican congressional
convention at Carbondale, III., to-day,
John R. Thomas was nominated by
At Stcubeuville, ()., J. II. Tavior
was nominated for congress on the
sixty-fourth ballot by the Republicans
of the Eighteenth district.
The death of John Gustavus Droy
eon, the eminent professor of history
at the university at Lerliu, is an
nounced. Lizzie Tcmplcton died at Pittsburg
by the explosion of a coal oil can while
she was attempting to pour coal oil on
a fire.
One car of new wheat iu good mill
ing order, about No. 2 grade, from
Waco, Texas, gold at auction on
'change in St. Louis yesterday at
Edward Schwartz, one of the Stan
Icy brokers, was released from jail at
Cleveland yesterday afternoon on
$5,000 bail. 'E. L. Moon has not yet
found bail and remains in jail.
LoNi)ON,Juue20. The Paris corres
pondent of the Times says Stephens
of the Ex-Fenian Centre, forwaided
to an active member of the brother
hood tit Chicago, a manuscript circu
lar this morning for an early meeting
at Chicago of prominent Irfsh-Ameri-cans
willing to join the new move
ment in favor of a military organiza
tion on fhc lines proposed by the late
John O'Mahcney. Stephens de
clares the services of sev
eral distinguished European offi
cers have already been placed at his
disposal. lie is sanguine that he can
secure others. Xo definite plan of ac
tion will be proposed until theronven
of tho Irish patriots, which it i, pro
posed to hold soon. The Chicago
conference will be composed of dele
gates from all over the United
Slates. Alter the convention an
address will he issued to the
Irish at home and abroad, expounding
the .aims of the new movement.
Among the plans of operations mooted
is a scheme to dispatch baloons mini noil
with desperadoes over England to
drop explosives upon the cities and
towns below. Cnpt. McCafferty is
commissioned to examine the plans of
the apparatus. Several Fenians have,
volunteered tor the aerial expedition.
A quantity of revolvers, rifles and
am munition was found near the Cork
military barracks. The arms had
been recently removed from a house
in Cork anil buried for afety. The
clue which led to the discovery was
furnished by an informer.
In the commons to-day the uuder
foreign secretary stated that the latest
news fiom Gen. Gordon was of date
of April 12. He said twenty messen
gers had been sent to Gen. Gordon by
ditleicut ionic. One messenger who
went up the Nile by boat succeeded iu
cnteiing Khartoum. On his return,
bearing Gen. Gordon's answer to the
government, the messenger was pur
sued by the rebels and killed.
The Fontaine sollection of art treas
ures, one of the most famous ancestral
ait collection of England, brought at
auction 91,112.
UruMX, June 20. Earl Spencer, in
replying lo an address from a deputa
tion" of Prcsbvlerian, said that Ire
land had passed through! turbulent
period, but there were good grounds
for hoping that belter times were near
at hand. The terrorists' power for
evil had been curtailed, and the tyran
ny they had exercised had passed
away, order had been restored and
the irishmen could now devote them
selves to peaceful pursuits without
fear of outrages. Earl Spencer met
with a chilling reception while en
route to Dublin.
Pkicmn, June 20. There were sev
eral important arrests yesterday in
connection with the incendiary con
spiracy which, it is asserted, had its
ramifications in America. Should the
conspiracy prove to be by German
conspirator who have received funds
lrom America, immediate diplomatic
action will be taken by the German
representative at Washington.
Cairo, June 20. The M.ahdi has
again written to the Mudir of Don
gala, asking him to espou-c his cause,
and if he acquiesce- he will be made
governor of the province and allowed
to keep all the taxes. I fhc refuses the
Mahdi will kill the Mudir and all be
longing to him.
Paris, June 20. The commission
appointed to consider the advisabdit
of widening fhc Suez, canal, or build
ing a parallel one, decided in favor of
the former plan.
Moscow, Juno 20. The Gazette ex
toll the colonial policy of Germany
and recommends that Russia follow
her example and employ a volunteer
licet of cruier to place the maritime
power of Russia iu the Pacific on a
proper footing.
New York, June 20. Maria Wil
liam (colored) was shot dead to-night
bv Rcgalo Romeo Shakown, a Cuban
cigar dealer. The shooting was done
in an apartment of the house at 126
and 123 We-t Twenty-seventh
slreet.whcre the woman oe
cupied a flat with her bus
band. Shakown went to William
apartments to-night aud asked to ;
the couple. "When they came out he
lircd three shots, one of which -trtirfc
Mrs. William in the heart and she
dropped dead. Shakown escaped.
PrrTsnL-RO.June 20. A conference i
of the Western window glas juanu-1
facturer and workers commenced
to lis the rate of waCii for tlie onsu
ing v car from Sqitcmber 1 next, w
decicleii to-night to be irovernedby
thc net card rate matead of setting
rate in force -inee therc'timption in
the nriii2. T?ii- fines avvav trith tlie
-lidiiif: cale adopted a ronipromi-e, ;
, and lixes the rate the -ainc -w the
rtilinjr before the lon strike.
r-xK-T .r.oi-r
Ci.Nnx.VATi. Ohio. -Tnnc 20.Thc
board of ariitration for cU..nr the
dillcrencc between the mnnnfacturcrR
and ojicraUvc? in the boo: and -hec
trade of thie city ha- djisolvcci by rea-
on of arefu-al of the laters io abide
I,- th' i!erion tiul-' rprtiin thinf
to. tne, uecis.on - certain ,
are conceded, which the raanafactur -
?t refuse to grant. It i not a que-
.: f I.- .r -.....!..:..
twii vi w.i. ira .t-uKuivu.
Some of the manufacturer ay tbfy
continue at the old ratesand wate. ,
Gai.visto.v. Ter.,.Tone 20. -Sarmtd i
Iecue, agevl 13, was rfiot and killed by
luVbrotber Clinton thi evening, vrho .
wa playing on the ground- of the -
family mansion. The bovs are sous of
Jefferson Legue, deceased, one of the
i most prominent citizens ami lawyers
. of Galveston. The Legue family are
one of the most influential and
wealthiest in Texas. It is uot known
whether the shot was accidental or
not, as the brothers were alone.
Xitvv York, June 20. At the do$e
at the session to-dav the loiut execu
tive committee of the railroad mana
gers adjourned until the 15th of July,
after ayain extending the old passen
ger pool contract until August 1. This
additional extension is said to have
been rendered necessary because of
outside roads, hicluding the Chicago
& Grand Trunk ; Delaware, I.acka
wanna & Western : Indiana, Illoom
ington & Western ; West Shore; Chi
cago & Atlantic, and Nickel Plate have
not vet agreed to enter the pool, not
being satisfied with the terms of the
contract. Xo changes have been made
in the percentages so far, and discus
sion of readjustment under a new con
tract was postponed until the July
Ottawa, Canada, June 20. On
behalf of cattle ranchers of Montana
the Canadian Pacific railroad authori
ties represented to the minister of cus
toms the propriety of allowing the
cattle of the western states to be car
ried through the Canadian territory
in bond for export The Montana
ranchers propose entering the stock at
Port Walsh and driving them to the
Canadian Pacific railway for shipment.
The effect will be to make Montreal
the cattle market of Montaua'and oth
er western states. The miuistcry
agreed to a relaxation of custom reg
ulations and so bring this trade to
Canadian ports.
Helena, Moutaua, Juue 20. John
Edwards, a biakeinau on the Utah &
Northern train carrying Cole's men,
was shot through the heart while the
train was leaving Deer Lodge yester
day. The murderer is uot known.
Five of Cole's meu were arrested here
to-day on suspicion of being implicat
ed in the crime, tne rauroaci men
talk of lynching if the murderer is
New York, June 20. William C.
Rhinelaudcr, who shot John Drake,
was arrested to-night in Brooklyn,
where he was found in a boarding
house, and was locked np in the po
lice headquarters Ho told Inspector
Bvrnes he had shot Drake because h
had alienated his wife's affections, aud
intended to kill him.
the new byram.
Atcihson, Kau., June 20. The
New Byram hotel of this city will be
opened fo (he traveling public to-morrow,
and its coi.ipletion wiil be cele
brated bv a banquet and a ball on
Thursday" of next week. It i the
ino-t elegantly constructed aud su
peibly furnished hotel west of St.
Pi iTHUCito, June 20. The Connells-villoCokoproclucors'a-sociation
to day
decided in view of the unsatisfactory
condition of trade to further restrict
its product bv cloiug down 10 per
cent of the: ovens. This will reduce
the production 25 per cent, as 15 per
cent of the ovens have been idle since
the formation of the pool. They de
cided fo make no change in the selling
San Francisco, June 20. A Van
couver Island special says : General
Miles, commanding the district of
Columbia, detailed Lieutenants Aber
crombie and Hrtimback, and Dr. Rob
inson with M. Iloman, topographical
assistant, to ex'plorc the Copper river
in Alaska. The expedition is consid
ered a dangerous one, as the Copper
river country is occupied by Indians
who have never allowed white men to
explore it.
Ni:vv York, June 20. The failure
of the last seven dav : I'liilcd States,
182 ; Canada, 23. The casualties con
tinue numerous on the Pacific coast
and in the south. There is a decrease
of 22 failures compared with last week,
due to the falling off in other sections.
WA.sHiNcnoN, D. C Juue 20. In
dications for the lower Mis-ouriand
Arkansas river vallejs: Light bow
cis, partly cloud weather, southerly
wind, nearly stationary temperature
iu southern" portions; slight fall of
temperature in northern portions.
TroV,N. Y., June. 20. The Preby
terv deposed Rev. A. F. Vcddcr from
the" ministry. He was sentenced to
imprisonment for criminal malprac
Macon, Ga., June 20. A special io
the Telegraph savs: A boiler in
Fields .t Co.' bnckjard at Albany.
Ga., exploded, killing four ncgroc-.
Live Stock.
shilling -.tcer " ' fl
llatclurs' tttrrn . - f-H& '"
F.it coTT ami hfirr. . . " Mf '"'
KfttlilMilmrb, lr.t f J1; ''
SUHik awl fr.I!ns boss J"i f'
Shi . s :v5a .v
vrtwtnt. i:uit.
I'etatoi. pr bo ..-! 1
Potatoes, n"nr, ir jefc .
K?c ..... -rt
ll".Hr . . .HH9JS 1-1
th- . ', "
OUitirn-, pr 5b j5 .
Clde.Kis.lier dozen ,J:. Mhz
S. C IID .......' -.S . ''fi
S CJ lit Uw - .- J5 , J
r.wra -fate. -- KW '
I) SM .. ... .. 1
benMrr '
Lanl m !K
Cflrc rn-l ...... 1 W S)
Kloar, fclrh patent , ,-.
now. pusi .-.. -- J-3K y,
rbwr xxx a 6"S
Hoar XA- - "
Chftpre-i - ' "'
B - - ,
sfcrm -VV"
jiminp wfct
shitK votmi
OtTR ...
0t .-
c"m5' ?9Te " '1
lie" Yw1c Mssey Karktt.
Kew Yokc, Jan,
3Iorr-nar at 1S T
mx Mewju-Tvut Ps.r.B-W r eerd
-reir EirsiSKas Wl. Usakkn
i ; i oT. e
rtTixniwi r J ae a-M tw
i r -J 3-r.f-?t
l" S -ir-e-A .
V. s -fcr-ate.
itaasjibai a t ji. kwu. ..
. Jatrai J'a-sfe t-k . -.
Ht i4-tSU & ?t-7
'TvearrTiisaOraiKi. ...-.-.
' llaaattal A t-Jr .- ;-
iizxzjbii & '. Jeivk r iaW
1 iiusxivrst . .... ...
yrtba vur
.. ... I
... IrK
Xea-trk 0ttl
' J
, ..,IAW
Wftni t'jjIbb
Kius CSty LW SVKk.
Tfc Lkt-ttoct. h4iatt it port, t
CiT-r- Krorftfts. t.3t crkt H-4j-.
JftiveteTeracinjrl,SOto 1,50(1 !b. 5.W
fi6.33 : verafring WO to 1,100 lbs, 5 nvs.KS;
stackers nd f3;rs, .2J.W ; m, lair to
good, 93 MsJt.SS.
Hoes RrteipU, 6.3U; market weaker and
10c lower; lots aTeraglny 301 to M3 lbs, aold
at 1.75&5.B;bulkat .SvSW.W
SmrtpEeeclpts, GO; market quiet; naUTM
averaging 123 lbs sold at !..
St. Louis Grain and Produce.
St. Loch, Jnne an, ISM.
Flocb Market unchanged.
"WncAt Market fairly aetire but lower, No.
2red, $I.o;;ai.0e easb; tl.OSV June; SKi
CSSJC Julv; 9O,6tO0c Augast; 91.,"S91C
September; !!JV3JS'e October, closing at In
side figures. Xo. 3 red, nominal.
Consr Market slow and easier; J4".'J3S'c
cash; 52,'c Juno; M.',!Sai'c4uIj;Mi;QSitC
August ; SJSc September.
Oats Market fur cash higher ; options slow s
33Jic cash ; 31','c bid June ; 3c$Hc July ; S6'i
Ktk Market nominal.
Barley Xo market.
Lead Market firm at 3.40.
Hcttek Unchanged.
Eccs Market unchanged.
IXaxskd Nominally 1.M.
IIat Lower; prairie, S7.tSll.; timothy,
$12 0C1S.00.
Bills Steady ; 63c at mill.
CoRX-uxAt Firmer at 92 iWyi.UJ.
Wuiskxt Steady at St .09.
Pcovisio. Market lower and Mow.
Pome Lower ; Job lots at SIC "0:
Kci.K Mkats Long clear, .10; short rllrt,
Sa.23; short clear, $a SO.
RacO'S Long clear, $9.00 ; short ribs, tft.GOsl
9,12!, ; short clear, y.Kia.M.
Laei Market nominally $7.-23.
KtcEin Flour, 4.0u0 barrels; wheat, n.
O00 bushels; corn, M.KO bushels: oats, IG.OHO
bushels ; rye, -'.(WO bushels ; barley, none.
SinrjnWT Klour, 6,(M) barrels; wheat,
5,uo bushels; corn, e,l,(i bushels; oats,
3.0U0; rye, 1,IM) bushels; barley, none.
AFTEro.oO-' bo auii.
Viikat Market shade higher; $1 K aVed
for June j MJ.c July ; tiOc August
Coax Market quiet ; 52,'fr bid June: !HSc
July ; 52ijfe.-.'e August.
Oim-Market lower; W,c July MV- bid
Louis Live Stock.
St. Louis, June a),' lwl.
Cattle Ilrceliits, imi ; shipments, S.WOtf
supply and demand light, but price for good
Hnn; .sports, 6.&Vse7 0; good to choice
shipping. Stf.iOjM.OO ; common to medium,
S5.Co.XvU 00 : grasa-fed nathca, $1 ,vi,'i.J0;
grass-fed Texans, SJ."iS53.7J.
Sneer Receipts, 1,); shipment. ;
good muttons linn and wanted : coiiin.on to
medium, 2.S5(3 S3; good to choice, 3 7.V$
1.30 ; Texans, 82 oo4.ui
Chicago Grain and Produce.
Chicago, Juno to, lSl.
Klouu Quiet
VViie it Ih good demand ; opened unsettled
and a shade stronger, eawd oil n trifle, row '
fn'.c, and then, on uufatorable VV nil-street
news, fell l',c, closing J,(jiClielowyistcniiiy I
June, Ml'.&cWiC, closing at F3,c ; July, ttii
seS7,",c, closing at s.vcvJ; August, ..,.! v
closing at S7J,ci September, HMtiU'.c, cloilng
at s.c. Xo 2 spring, tO'igM.
Conx Market easier In early dealings ; fell
'.S.'i'c. rallied ,','c, lell ,c, closing ,c below
yesterday. Cash, 34X&t33.c closing at SIVe
33c: June. 54VS!33,.c. closing at W;.'ca."li ;
July, r.V,(?.v, closing at :A),c; August, j
XH&XJic, closing at 3fl 'ie j September T-.tCi
37c, cioung at 3u;,c.
O it Market weak and '.ft'.c lower Cash,
SISQSZc; June. 3IMtX2c, dosing at .ll'.c;
July, 3l'J-2'ic, closing at 31','e; Angust.
2Sl;c, closing at '2o ; year, W, w2i,',c.
Kvk Steady at fi5,'c
IUilky Dull at (C2.ac.Vo.
FLAXKEt Kasltr at Sl.IIOl.U.
Ego.5 Firm at 13,';c
Whisky Steady at 1 19.
Poiac Market dull and lm!Sclowir. Cnsli,
SWOU&IO Cl; June, 910 3.WJI9 W; .Inly, IU 3
1!) 17'i, closing nt 919.43; Angut, M'J .Vt
111 50, closing at IU.S3 ; September, l!i,3M Oc
tober, iiO.OO ; year, $13 ITJ.'GU 30
Laud Market fell tec, rallied I5i-20c, recwl- f
ed U,nl3c, closing steady Caih, 7 Us
7 42, .Inly, $7 37,7 A7l, cloning at 47 PHp
7.12', ; August, 7 S37 'Hi, closing at 7 S.V
7 37', ; September, S7 7oit7 oo, clnilng at
$7.li7'i; jeor, $7 J3.
IIli.k Majct VInrket steady Shoulder,
$3 ' ; short ribs, 7 la.S ; clear bides, M
IlfCTUT" Flour, ?,"0 barrels ; wheat. 33,
ucio bushels ; corn. I2,oiXl butbels : imt, 157,ui
bushels ; rye, U.SOO bushels ; barley, '2,7(
SiiiriitNTK Flour, 1ij,ii0 barrels; win at,
ldO,OUi busbeli; com, l'w;,C) bushels; oats,
11, imi bushels; rye, Ix.ooo bushels ; barley,
I,H'i bnshels.
Wiimt Market weaker. 8.V June; NV'4r
July; sT'ic Angust
Cocv Market steady ;."-June j B3t,eJuly.
.) e August
Oct-! Market ilnll and unrliangett.
1'iiiiK Marki t lie lnwer
Lutn fwer; j7 '23 Jnne; 735 July;
7 I7i August
Chicago Live Stock.
Ciiicvc.o, June SI, l
The Jhoier'i Jmtrnat rejorts
Ho Ueeeipt-, I'J.lnlO; shipments. 4,V
market dull, wink and lVi23c lower ; rough
packing, $!K33-2i; packing aud shipping,
Tttuj&M; light bacon grailes, ( fc33 3D ;
skip-, $3 (ki;.i ui
Cirn.r Ilecelpts, t.hWj shipments. Jiw;
liest grades firm . grassi r and rough slow ;
exports, .V7 W ; gd to cbolco shipping,
i! 2.a!.A5i common to medium, V 2Hbj 10;
gras-fed Texani, S3 H-'iS i '.) ; rorn-fed 'lex
ans, 3 lioiSo' 13
Siij;i Keceljits, 2J' ; shipments, fifH
market sttady: inferior to rir, t2.50.43 3i t
me"llnin to gool, 91 7.V:1 Ulj choice to extra,
l Z 'io
S Wool Markets,
1'htox Jun3, l..l
VVoor Demand active Ohio and 1'rnnsyl
Tania extras, .'!3AsS7c i Mil hlgan extras, 3fl J,'e :
combing and delalnu. CVtCe; unulit-i
deeees, 3U2t; California spring. iitjetK:
I'iiLAiirLriliA, Jnne 31, UM,
Wool Market quiet Ohio, I'miiisylrsnla
and West Virginia X and abo.e. stttXc i Vw
Vork, Michigan Indiana And U'tst Virginia
riM-rso, 31t32e ; fine wosln-1 delaine, ft7e t
Canada ulinl combing, 3CV3le, unwahei
omiblng and delaln, S3M.27C ; Oregon roajv
Ii20c; pulled '2t3r,e.
Steinway & Sods,
Conover Bros.,
J. & C. Fischer
Marion, Ilsnrxy feilxIek, Samner, Owley,
Ik no, KWf, ilnrtou and Kor-I tnnstlm.
I will ts-ll atKffw- York yritm forcatb. wSn
stallment ; also trade for old pUtx nd or
gans IJuyers cannot well afford topttrenaxi
eiewhre without eiwfulring my terms. Cor-rej03denw-
soridteiS t'oi eatslogne. rte ,
aIdre IO.V AIt.scIJJ.
27-tf OccJdenlal ffotel. vvicMta, Kansas.
mlre to Isfurro the ejtlr ot VVkfcit tbt
thefWUI omllow l'i their wfk at the prUf )
slreadf -tMl-kel, al Istetd to rnt-ln In j
lb eltj -where tbf -H ba Ut 14 to tr!ct r-
eant far th SBlOllment of tltrlr eoatrv- i
A-vi ah or oru vvokk",
mrm i&mT.tr thai r elcul. tf 0t EfafrtaT.
xo any eihtr ct the klod C1I en o xthfls at
vrx am r ise irocet v nt iu ova
Ufrtt W. UI.VU.H
. ir two are pl t " Ut bat Wsteb, 0w, VVA,
Dlao-,l T . rli
tbitcitom tf7vr4-'.?
euef.roV. sW r. Xar if fc
i Ejtbitf -Ba irnot jim -wsr 7 j
1 l-lr- f hlOL
i UuO-r. tt t S-lTlii4T Isfi-J -.
tWW .JT BW v -."--
! lf.c5 ifae 'Wtf."A Ksbsu
rxc a x-o rin wwv"
UJiu-cuvo I VX J-Hi.
Or A&Sr rt C
Weary arid heated pilgrim, read this, profit by
it, be rested and cool.
OTTTV'lV' , L Is now upon us, aad wm bare jtMt
O U lVXlVX JZjJLV received thu most bmmtiAU Um ef
WHITE GOODS ever opened to the raze of thte oonmmrity.
Plain India Linen!
At Prices ta sitit the
" Plaid Indian .Linens!
20c. to 50c. - -r"
And no stuff" or Intel:
'J7te ttest knoirn irhite
Plain, Plaid, Check and Striped;
"Nainsook" ,
All of Frenrh make and not stiff and heart. '
" 'Hqiiisiitchcd f ndia jincny1
' ", ft,M 14T
Kntirtly Xctc. . , .M
21 Main Street,
One-Price Cash Dry Goods II011.se.
Boys' Celebrated Star Waists--a Full Assortment!
Exton's Corn Mills.
Fine BrouA anfl Bolted Corn Heal.
Ground Corn and Oats.
Corn-Chop and Bran.
DtArn tiled ifooiptly
Trls-phn I Jl"" Ce-I
I)rtiilaH Awiiiii:, - Wichita, ICnnaH.
l)K.M:it is
And Human Hair Goods,
Aiinonncc timt -In- will not lw uni!T-
xnld by nny etablf'5linint in the
city for tlie next tw o mouth.-,
fillicr aL wliclcalc
or retail.
Next Door South of Woodman'- Bank.
Ficht & Drescher.
Carpenters & Builders.
jar t.v-.it the r.mffu. nmrt, "'we"
.trf iftrxU il S'tt
AVichila Meat Market,
ill KlDh of Maii Salt leatt
M "! .& 1
Thsrutit .-( I-r4T
I j'.e V.A m44tr.
J . itj'
nad Caffiag Maker,
U.bt Vk. a -fHtMj.
With KlttMO- Mrlt wl, tt f
ncrtk-lu -cw. Sieu, Kaau U
J--ii llCie'aUS'4
tuultt i
t-U 1
tjpin f-eUr
Druggists and Grocers.
r.Ksrnxcct-T in ivtuoxr otr.
SO k 32 !30jri- Arr. VW.Ha,TCa.
rich imd nuir.
tjoodv for summer wtttr.
to 60c.
mid Shcftr.
First Ark. Tal. Bank!
1 870.
'Ibe bble-tt l'H,rf
liiilluill'iu In tl Arknuua
w c woumrv.v,
vv. h vvocjhman',
Am. c:.lilr
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.New (omMfttfrtii laik liiNii
No. 33 Main Street
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Pioneer Lumber Ma
-Jl- 'sM.-rlt.s CMuir-..
H3IA Hl.trJIiHll l. M30
L Cbp1a Stcitf Pin Li-eter.
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J. P. AiLEN.
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