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Wichita daily eagle. (Wichita, Kan.) 1884-1886, July 05, 1884, Image 1

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"CI?J? J.""
FROM WASHTNTrTON' oncIIlIthe arin'and thcn ,lacc him
r lUJlVl V V AOIlli l X Vi I ou thc rctired Hst of that rank
The senate then went into executive
CONGRESS WILL PROBA- ! session and when the doors re-opened
I TnrtL n r-sistna until ft rJlrr.lr r m
I IVVSIV 4, l.,sCC? Ulllll v uuva - alia
Its Session By Noon of Next
Other News and Notes from the Na
tional Capital.
Fiist Door North of Postoffice.
I'lease do nut understand tlmt I am nut
thankful for the liberrJ pHtronnxi- of the -u)ilp
of Wichita, forlt haiU.ir xuriMBsed iiivexix-eta
0 llnus. Willi a thousand "'I hank toi.." fur the
lutelllpeiireynii haiealready t-hown In wimiug;
Ionian! and ciliialiiiiixiiliat i1IIfhvo m tlmt
which money raiiimt huy VISION, I ..till
want jontfi continue to whip, althoiiith Dip
Heather Ixdreadrul hot.
I.ILe all thereitoriiiaiiMnd. I am liillinj; u
work for monev lih hip it u tin. !. t.Mit.-t
dollar thatinfn it. Wltli Jon it Uu luatteri.r
r greater unporiancb me mat rnnnot be
-omiutediii dollarx ami cent'. Nminw along
anil I it 111 stand tlip lint neathera-i IniiRaI ran
lo Rood, amt at tlip same tlmp make some
money, uhich I etery luan'Bduty.
llut yon that lire In town come parly come in
the cool oT the day; come before the crowd be
gin to ruins from the conntrv, an miidakcn arc
liable to oceur nniler Mich circumstances or
conne mittal.es are corrected should there be
any. Hut we don't want to make nuv. and sel
dom will Ifamplv time Is allowed lint allow
inetolmnreonotir mind thelart that the
proer nelcctiou of f)ectarlcs f) currect the
J ti8lon,andadi-t untur-In retilnlng the nor
uial condition or the eve, in a matter that can
not be too carefully attended ti, and should not
liedftnuin haute.
If joil are riili I don't want all otir Health
roraiiairor my lenses. iVhilc I ani no cheap
optician, dealing In cheap good, I will not
ankof jmi more than jou are willing to pay
after seeing what I can do for jou. Ifjouaru
loordon'i lit verty keep ou awa. The
LordkniWB that if anjliody nccd-i pood alf;lit
no mc noor. ro come aud fee me, and I prom
ise you the saini utleiitiou and-same lene-that
the rich bare, and at a price thai you aieablc
to pay.
Your rnertriillr.
Illi. II II YO-T,
iu:ai.i:i: in
Watches, Jewelry & Silverware.
Also branch oIUcp for the United Mate
Watch Company. Jrj-lwo doors i-atr the
Yulley House, Hotif;laH avenue. :;l-tf
IS 1III'..!'I.U 1. TO I.U 1MB
Peruvian Beer & Pure Ice-Cream.
Tho Boit in tho World.
.Main Street second door jmiiiIIi of I'lral Mrcct
"fred "sommer,
Slafliiuii's OIJ Slam!. Jl,iin Slrfrl.
Washington, D. C, Julv 3. It
seems tolerably certaiu that congress i
will close its present session by noon '
of Monday next, thc last of the rcgu-'
lar appropriation bills having been '
patcel by thc Benate yesterday. All '
tllf nlisrilnloll.- linreasnre it'firk f .nn
., -.....:..: ..: -i..i : ....; government
7i ' .r.:.i "V ?""Z " ."V: .. " , lines were meant t6
uii.llillim Ul WIU UUIIiUK UlC UUIIlllllllCUA.
It is thought by leading members of
the house thai it will be possible to
cloic up this unfinished business by
.Saturday evening, and if thi is done
the programme will be to take a recess
until Monday at noon, that interval I
being sufficient to allow the enroll
ing of appropriation bills, and then '
to meet only for thc purpose
of signing tlie.-c bills. The
Ijropoiition lias been under con-idci-a-lion
to take a rcc"s from Saturdav
for ten davs m as to cover the con
vention period, but this has been et
:Mdc as imnracticable. It was con
cluded if a recess of that length were
to be 'taken, there would be diffi
culty in getting enough inciu-
ocrs uack' 10 naimngioii lomaKca
i;oriim in either house; that it would
be imposing unnecessary cxien&c upon
members, and thai if "congress were
to assemble after thc convention, the
seshion would be jirolonged indefinite
ly. Under these circiimstauces it wai
deemed bet to hurry through tlio ap-'
)riation bills and get away as t-oon as
Wamunhtun. July 1. Tijc father
of Miss I'hu'be Coiizins, J.K. I). (Jouz
iiis,of St. Louis, has bocn appointed
Ignited atatc marhal for the eastern
district of Missouri, vice Felix Caste.
Mi- I'ho'he secured the appoint-!
incut bv her own endeavors. aUliouirli I
die.'tppointcd by I'rcsidciit Arthur hcr-
sell when an aspirant lor tho Utah
commissionership, a vear and a half
m'prescntative llanback, of Kansas,
has secured a pension allowance for i
The senate ajraiu met at 9 o'clock p.
m. Messages were received from the
house announcing thc concurrence of
that bodv in thc conference reports on
the river and harbor bill, thc bill pun
ishing violators ot the internal revenue
laws, the bill amending thc seventv-
j second article of war, and tho bill
to consolidate thc bureau of militarv
justice and corps of judge advocates of
the army. J. he senate agreed to re-
port its own conferees on these bills.
Consideration of the postal telc
' graph bill was then proceeded with,
ft authorizes the postmaster general
to contract for postal telegraph ser
vice, and provides that if the rate be
not satisiactory thc government may
buy or build "lines :.nd work them it
self. It ixc9 thc rate at which con
tractors or the government shall do
thc work.
Hill addressed the senate on thc bill.
Thc provisions of thc bill as they
stood were the clauses authorizing the
to buv or build. Thc
protect thc peo
ple from cxharbitant rates.
Mrxey said the majority of the ten
ate committee on postoffi'ecs and post,
roeds were opposed to the proposi
tion that thc government eliould buy
or build the lines. There was no consti
tutional objection to the government's
contracting for the traiiMiii?ion of in
telligence by telegraph more than by
man, out mat was a lar as the com
mittee wished to go. He moved to
strike out the clause-authorizing buy
ing or building.
rending that motion Hicrmau mov
ed to po-tponc further consideration
of the bill until the second Monday in
December, saying that it "va
impossible to sufficiently dis
cuss to important a incaure in the
clo-ing hours of the .-e-sion. The mo
tion was agreed to and tho bill went
over accordingly.
The bill passed to e-tabli-h the bu
reau of navigation in the treasury
deparlment. under the commissioner
of navigation. ,
On motion of Bayard, the bill for
the relief of Win. (J. Garrahan was
indefinitely postponed.
The senate, at 10:30 went into exec
utive se.-iion. When tho door re
opened, the senate took a recc- until
10 o'clock to-morrow.
Postoffice Blown
Up In
And a Number of Other
Kansas City, July 1. The
Dodge City, Kan., special savs
first Mexican bull fight on American
soil took place here to-day. A large
number of visitors arrived oil the
train from the east and west, and
500 cowboys were present. Thc tight
occurred at the fair grounds in au
arena 100 feet in diameter, enclosed
by a fence eight feet high, provided
with eight escapes and two ladders.
There were live bull fighters and
four animal--. Thc first bull uhered
into thc ring made only a fair tight,
furnishing over n half "hour's amuse
ment. The second was too quiet, and
showing no spirit was withdrawn.
The third pranced into the
ring and threw tip clouds bf
dust. After being angered
by several spear thrusts he made mat
ters very lively, and after being ex
hausted was lassoed and dragged from
lhe ring, the fourth proved a fail
ure, and the crowd demanded Ihelir.-t
I ceived with great applause. In
thc afternoon very interest
ing exercises took place at
thc tabernacle. A beautiful poem was
read by "Wallace Bruce, which he had
written in honor of the assembly
Fourth of July celebration. In the
evening a farewell meeting was held
at thc tabernacle. Interesting remarks
on thc future of the assembly were
made by Dr. Hurlbut, President Milt
ncr and' others. At the end of the
meeting a general farewell took place
Detwecn ait present, auu nearly all the
rest leave to-morrow. The assembly
has been a great success. It is propos
ed to have even a more attractive pro-
i gramme next year, ine next session
Minor Cele- i wi" I)roDa0,y te held in Ottawa.
St. Louis, July 4. A special to the
Post-Dispatch from Moberly, Mo.,
,says: me list ot those ,trowneu and
Times i seriously wounded in the Grand river
The i bridge catastrophe is increasing as the
work- ot clearing the wrect progresses.
It is now estimated that twelve men
were drowned and as many more
fatally injured. Thc names bf those
recovered this morning are John
Long, drowned; Itobert Baker,
wounded, mortally; James Young,
leg broke; Fred Young,body was taken
out yesterday; A. Fisher," drowned;
A. Haywood," cut on head and inter
nally injured: caunot live; Ward West,
hips" and back badly cut; James Bruce,
temple crushed; J." B. Brouson, leg
broken and internal injuries; John A.
Dillon, drowned; George Brown,
thigh broken; Phillip Beck, engineer
of the ill-fated train, badly crushed:
James Dick, fireman, hips crushed and
both arms broken; can't live; James
McCord. hips crushed and in
ternal injuries; died since;
James, Hogan, back and hips hurt:
I Arch Hill, badlv bruised. Abram
Webb, of Cunningham, and John
of Sumner, arc still in lhe vor-
P. Maxwell, of Sumuer, sprain-
A Whole Town Destroyed By
turn, the race was won by Jacob Gaa
denr, of St. Louis. Time, 21:50.
ilostncr at thc close of thc race de
clared Gandeur a formidable rival of
Hanlan. Gandeur als won the three
mile race for the single scull work
boat. Time, 22:20.
Other Foreign
Items of More or Less
Washington, D. C., July !.
Thc hou-e met at 10 o'clock this morn
ing in continuation of Thursday's ses
sion. The conference report on the
bill to consolidate the bureau of mili
tary justice and corps of judge advo
cates was agreed to. The house then
resumed consideration of the senate
bull, which li'nc rolnrtiol In flip rm
Afler a brisk fi'ht mul much plinnnmr i l-OU
thfr !ii'u!nrc- iron liim n tolol tCX.
thni-l with his lance and he fell dead, i C(I wrist, and badly bruised back and
One of the matadoers was severely in- '"P1; AI. bhort, of Sumner, rib brok-
jurcd about thc ribs,in thc final encbtiu-1 en and internal injuries. Three more
ter ami may not recover. The crowd """".-"""cu uouie iuic oeeu recov.
were greatly excited durinjr the pro-' emi '' divers. The part of the
:-'re.- of the exhibition. There were' bridge i hat n, down represents the ceu
three to four thousand people prevent, ter span, about 1.10 feet long. The
structure i what i- called in railroad
a novel celebration. parlance, falsework It was fort v
Di:.VKTt, Col., July 4. The Fourth I fcot froin ,Ilu w:llcr ' -' traek".
was quite generally celebrated The "'""'P' of llic accident is not clear
throughout thc state. The most nota-l J.v established. Thc cng:neer was
hie event occurred -at Swan Citv, a hacking the train in on the bridge.and
small mining camp. Thc miners not ,H cuecking me specti to cro-s saieiy,
Paris, Julv 4. The formal present
ation of the Bartholdi statue of "Lib
erty Enlightening the World'' bv the
rrench government to the LTnited
States took place in lhe Gauthier work
shop to-day. Morton, United States
minister to France, received the statue
in the name of his government. Prune
Minister Ferry sent a letter statiug
that he regretted that illness prevent
ed nun from assisting at the scene of
fraternity between thc two great re
publics. Paris, July 4. Thcrs were no
deaths from cholera at Marseilles last
uight. There were five at Toulon.
Toulon, July 4. Dr. Koch, mem
ber of thc German cholera committee
ami head cholera commissioner, who
has oflered his services to the French
government to ascertain thc character
of the epidemic, has arrived here. Dr,
Borel, navy physician
cholera to-dav.
died from the
Fred Martin, of Gainville. Gore conn-1 amendments to the -Mexican pension
iv iii iimt Kinio hill, out want ot a quorum was dis
Jno. I. M or iran, of Illinois, has been
reappointed supreme judge of Idaho
Joel Bowman, of Plattsburg, Mo.,
will probably be made clerk of tho
district court of Utah with headquar
ters at Salt Lake City.
J. B. Stocktoiij of Kansas, and W.
II. Gordon, of bt. Joseph. Mo., are
among the late arrivals.
All lldri
!lri,t-cl.v and all
woik war-ilil-tl
H H llRlRl
Ilelng now atone
in (lie bulne-5,
and havluc m
BKcntvto pty, I
haiceoncliidcd to
niluce the price
of my paicmeiit
to 12', ci lit- per
iuaie foot lor
the nest WI da- ;
and a there 1h
another p-irt hi
Iiir a Him liar
walk, I would
reippatully In
vite en rybodv lo
lnupcct iiiv walk
in I runt "1 the
imalolllrr. and al
so In trout of Itnblnon llrun.' dry piod. fctore
and Woodman's bank 'IlmukliiR my friends
forpaot laiorn.and ii.hlii;:nii coutlnuauceor
name. 1 will promito lo at ail timcx doiou
,5 llr-t-rlai.4 Job 'lbo-e wMilns anjlhins In
my line will ple:u.e aiMri-ex me through tin
postofui'c, or r.nll on m at my resilience on
Market utreet, near ktrei t-car track.
d-tr ii it r.Ki.i...iii.
Of the condition of the dtzer.o llauk. nt close
of hublnesiion.lulyad, K-i.
itt.oi'uri is
I-oaiiB and dlRComits
Ta-sale certificated . . . .
Heal otatp, furniture and fixture.
Kxpenc. ...
line from bank.
Cash on hand
Total ..
Capital stock paid In
fSurpln .
'ndhided profits
lepoith . , .
Total si7.l,.Misa
I, J (. Daildson, prci-idciit ot the Citizens
Hank of Wichita, Knniai, do solemnly swear
that the abole tdatement la true to tho boot of
my knowledge and belief
.1 O DAMIWON, I'rciddent
Sedicwick County, i l,s'
Subnerlbcd and Mtoni to before mo this Sd
day of July, 1n4.
tur-Al. I r 1. l'AMl-us, .soinry ruuur.
cio-eu, aim alter several roil calls a
call of the house wa ordered. Brewer,
of Xcw York, moved at 12 m. that the
house go into committee of the whole
for the purpose of considering that
great state paper, the Declaration of
liidcpcndencc,!ind that that important
document be now read for the infor
mation of members not absent from
their post of duty. The speaker
ruled the motion not privileged.
Boll call followed roll call in mouot-
oeing supplied with fireworks pro
ceeded to celebrate by placing giant
powder under the postoffice and after
the explo.-ion Fncle Sam's establish
ment was found to have vanished.
Luckily no one was injured.
the whole train was brought nearly "to
a stop in the center of the structure,
when extra steam was put on. The
, iran ornigc ocgan to totter and sooii
sank beneath the ponderous weight.
The engineer saw that nothing could
I be done to prevent thedisastcrand be
i gan sounding his whistle, which was
, continued until the engine struck the
water. IStit for this alarm not a simrlc
Pout PEimYJuly 3 The whole busi
ness portion of this place was burned
to-day. The tire extended from Ack
mann's saddlery shop, incltidiii'' the
Ontario band, Koss & Son's store,
Ling & Mahony's place. S. Carrigan's
Auocsta, July 4. J. A. llolman is
one of thc leading and most influential
citizens in this city, and was formerlv
cditor and proprietor of the Maine
Farmer. He lives in tho next house
to Mr. Blaine's. Their families are in
timate and have alwavs been so. To
day Mr. llolman said:
"As a man, a neighbor and a friend
Mr. Blaine is of a most generous na
ture, and no appeal was ever made to
him on behalt of any benevolent
cause to which he did not checrfully
and readily respond to the extent of
his ability." As an instance of his un
ostentatious manner of bestowing
chanty 1 will mention an inci
deut that occurred some lime ago.
A relative of Mrs. Blaine was left a
widow with nine children and
with little means for their support.
Almost thc entire property consisted
of a dwelling house ou which there
was a mortgage of $300. Mr. Blaine
paid thc mortgage and sent her tho
cancelled document anonymously, and
it waa j cars after that she learned who
the kind friend was who had enabled
her to retain possession of her home.
"i nas tvnn mm wnue the news
from the balloting came, and for soma
two bourn before. He related inci
dents of his life, maiiv of them uc-
gestcd by the situation at that time;
he seemed to be entirely free from any
care, trouble or anxiety. He said to
mo one day : 'I am in a" state of mind
where, whatever happens, I am aon.
tent. I have been now for several yeart
out of public life, and 1 have gone out
of politics. I have had every reason
able ambition gratified in my life, and
I can say now that I have no ambition
ami no desire for the presidency. I
2.il.i;ci........t u':...i-,. 1.....1 nr -v.... . !,..., .. .
.......H..,IUi ,,uii.kui nun., ""-' s, imu oeeu ipr tne last two years en
shoe store, Allison's drug store, T. O. , gaged in anolher kind of work, which
foreman's store, Davis' drug and cab-1 has occupied my time aud mv heart,
met store, Campbell's feed store, Mc- I have adjusted inyeclf to the work,
Caws jewelry store, Davenport,James I and it has become so pleasant and so
x Co.. Brown & Parish's hardware agreeable that it would be a wrench
uiuuiv, uuuneany to incposimco. 1 lie , lor me to break away from it and
"Look a Leedle Ouet!"
"275 in the Shade!"
lj it thouhl be to hot thai tkt tkermomtter bint, -
Can't allow the Jblloieinf to jntu bjf ;
All-Wool Buntingrette
Drab, Mode,
Beig Green,
Light Tan,
ONLY 19c.
W sold than? for OOo.
Summer Silks!
Parsons, Kan., July 4. The old
snliliprs rr-iiiiirm mill roli'lirntimi hidil
here to-dav was a grand success. Over I occupant of the eight cars would have
1.000 ex-soldiers were present. Dele- oeeu saved
Washington, D. C., July, 4. , ous succession on motions to adjourn
Thc conference committee in charge and for calls of the house until 1:30,
of the consular aud diplomatic, appro- ; when Kandall presented the eonfer
priatiou bill concluded the consul- j ence report on the general deficiency
oration of that measure at 4 o'clock appropriation bill. It announces an
this morning, with tho exception of ' agreement on all the aiueudiiients in
the senate amendment appropriating ' controversy except 23.
jf2.")0,000 for the Nicaragua water way Calkius moved that the house recede
project. An agreement was reached
on the original bill, but tho house con
ferees refused to agree to that feature
of the bill and the senate conferees
concluded to consult with the other
members- of the senate before express
ing their decision ,ou the amendment.
They also requested that they be al
lowed till to-morrow niorning'to make
their report.
The senate conferees receded from
from its disagreement to tho amend
ments in controversy, appropriating
small sums for paving streets around
public buildings in Des Moines, St.
Louis and Grand Kapids. Lost yeas,
C.i; nays, 110.
A similar million in regard to the
amendment making an appropriation
ty reimburse ex-President Hays lhe
t amount paid for the expanses of the
commission appointed io :ro io Lotus
gations from Fort Scott, Humboldt,
Chcrrvvalc and adjoining towns help
ed to swell the crowd, fully 10,000 peo
ple being present. The exercises at
the fair grounds consisted of music,
addresses bv Hon. (J..I
Chicago. July 4. To-day has been
one of extraordinary quiet in view of
thc near approach of the Democratic
Smith, of Sc- ' "ational convention, and the situation
dalia. lion. W. 1). Simmons, aud otht I ere contains very little ot interest
ers. i.nd a conuine old soldier' dinner I the California delegation is thc only
of hard tack, pork and beans. In the ! "c ow tnc ground, with scattering
afternoon there was a competitive
drill by the fire companies, and a dis
play of fire works in the evening.
day was rencrally observed in this
city. Stores and shopswere closed early ,
in "the lbrnoon by the people to turn I
out in holiday attire to participate in
the exercises of the various civic so-'
eicties, the Catholics. A. O. 17. W. !
the senate amendment providing for ' ville in 1877 mel a similar fate. Thc
the appointment of commissioner to ' report wa agreed lo. and Kandall,
vi-it and ascertain the best modes of t Burncs and Calkins re-appointed con
securing more intimate international ferces.
afid commercial relations between the Willis prc-cutcd the conference re-
,toi si
i(m 'S
i!,s;s s7
i'.i,t' it'
tl.JTO lit
li.HHI (
.1,12.1 Is
ll. IIS IS
ComimsKion riplres March 5th, ls-
1 Call on or address at Occidental, tl-tf
Ornci or Imu-: Avfaiiw,
W-HPIIIMITOX. 1. C ..lune'Jii. 1ns4
Sealed liroisvaln. indorsed rroisv.aN for
the construction uf an Industrial school build-
iur at the Wichita Acency, Indian Territory," j
nill berecelicd at tills ottice iiulil 12 o'clock I
meridian, W ednesday, the XOlh or .lull, lss j
ThebuildlUp" l to beofbrick, to be lurnMied I
and delli.rcdnn thedteof the bulldlnpby the ,
irin i-riimiiir v. .uv .uhuiub . ... w ..... r ... i ir t.
-M.r.0 feet with tiro wlnn. 2 stories. MvlMfeet
xh. I
Complete plans and tpcclticatlons of the work
to be dune cjm be camimd at the ottice of
Hwkell X ood. Toiek.it Ksnjan : the Kai.i.i,
nt Wichita, Kansas, and the Glule-I)rruacl,
SI. Iulg. Mo.
A The coutrart will be aw ardeil tn the lowest
TTekitonciblc bidder or bidder, tuhject to the
npproial of the secreUry of the Interior lhe
right Is, however, reBen"ed to reject auy and
all bids, If deemed for tho lt intere;t of the
l'roiiobils must date the length of time re
quired lor me completion oi
tuo approval of the contract
ki 1 1 uniieii Slates and the several coun
tries of Central aud South America.
Senator I'ulloin, who has been re
ported dangerously ill, is in his seat
at the senate to-day.
A statue in Biverside park was un
veiled to-day in the presence ofa I.irge
number of spectators. The statue is a
gilt of lhe public schools ot the city.
lhe Antt-Mavery society held its
lir.sf scmi-ccnti'iininl celebration here
io-da. After a social re-union lr. L.
C.J. Whitney was elected chairman,
and Hamilton "Wilcov, secretary of the
society, reviewed its history and oper
ations, and addreses were made by
many members and letters read from
Johii Jay, John G. Whittier, Fred
Douglass and others,
Confirmations Bamon O. Williams,
consul general from the United States
to Havana; Bobcrt S. Gardner, of
West Virginia, Indian inspector: Juo.
II. Kiukard, of Nevada, governor of
Alaska; Jno. Jarrctt, of Pittsburg,
commissioner of labor.
Nominations John A. Ka'son, of
Iowa, envoy extraordinary aud min
ister plenipotentiary from the United (
State to Germany; Alplionso K. Tuft,
of Ohio, envoy extraordinary and
minister plenipotentiary from the ,
United States to Hussia; John M.
Francis, of New York, envoy extra
ordinary aud minister plenipotentiary
from the United States to Austria
Iluug.try: Lewis Uichinond, of Khode
Islatid, resident aud consul general to
Portugal; Samuel 11. M. Byras, consul
general to Koine. Italy. Koinan C.
Williams, consul general to Havana.
The river and harbor bill has
finally passed both Iiousms of con
gress. It appropriates $13,900,200.
hit-hiding the following: Yellow
Stone river, in Montana aud Dakota,
5-20.000; Missouri river, $690,000; pro
vision for tho Missouri river commis
sion is retained ; reservoirs at the
headwaters of thcMisisippi, $60,000;
Mississippi from St. Paul to Des
Moines rapids. $2.10,000: Mississippi'
from Des Moiucs rapids to the mouth
of the Illinois river, $20,000: Missis
sippi from the mouth of the Illinois
river to the mouth of the Ohio. $520.-
jOOO: Mississippi from tho headwaters
to ( airo, 5l,3.)U.ooo. bxamiuations
and surveys oT the south pass, $10,
000: continued surveys of the Missis
sippi, $7.1.000; Ohio fiver, $600,000. ;
delegates from Ohio. New York.
Pennsylvania, Michigan and Iowa.
To-morrow will witness the arrival of
New York and Massachusetts delc'.i-
at atchison. I tions, and Sunday a great number of
Atchison, July 1. Independence ' marching clubs will arrive, when the
ante-convention uproar will probably
reach its height. Chairman Brown
of the national committee, arrived to
day, and among other notable arri
vals were Henry Wntterson. Congress
man Frank Hurd. Con-rressm.-in Win.
and colored people, which had It. Morrison, and Francis Kernan.
organized celebrations in the groves , Work upon the platform has already I
ncaiuy. aim mere was aiso a uasc nan i commenced, and. Jir. Hurd expresses
game between the Atchison ami Clyde confidence that 'the farifl reformers
clubs is which the former won by 18 . will be in control of the committee ou
to 8. In lhe evening, the Lawn club, ' resolutions by a strong majority,
a social organization, gave a very fine Presidential tall: is heard abo'ut thc
display of lire works and a lawn corridors, but very little lias transpir
dance afterwards at Dr. Holland's , ed to indicate the tide of feeling. The
residence. No disturbances of any presidential feeling is not expected to
kind were reported. The tlicrmotiie- crystallize until alter the caucus of the
ter registered 98 degrees. New York delegation and their posi-
uuii is Known. iatc mis evening the
entire business portion of thc village
is burned. This is thc second dis
astrous fire here within thc last vear.
Loss, $150,000 to $200,000.
Hamilton, Out., July 4. J. Delle
batigh, a newspaper correspondent.
. uuiiiiiiiiiL'ii ior inai, cnargctt wiin ' anv
conspiracy against the dignity of the i to"
queen m aiding anil abetting in the dr
ml l'o
again into activo political life. If the
nomination comes to me. it will come
unsought. I determined from tho
first that I would take no part what
ever in the matter, aud I have steadily
reuiseu my rironge-t ami nest triends
co-operation or advice iu regard
thc cindidacv for lhe nresi-
dency.' IJwas alone with Mr. Blaine
ucsu uciioii oi me puouc imiiding until about fifteen minutes before thc
iiuiu. uau was reuiseu. dispatches came During that lime he
was perfectly calm and free from anx
iety or concern. AVo were in the
White Goods!
London, July 4. Thc Times in re
ferring to the trouble between France
aud China says the complications
wherewith the "contest between China
and France threaten the trade ol
America, England and Germany will
be of the most serious character.
northwest parlor when thc dispatches
telling the result of the first ballot
came. A the vole ot each state would
come in, lit would make soma com
ment on ii, saying that such
!1 Vole tVflC litrfMi- nr ctMnll.. lln., l.n
I, . .. .. .... ...a,x . ... tr, ,,,,,, v . II,IU 1IU
I I CIHV.W.C..I : i.i i i t . i-
n-.ll h-. .1..1.-...I . : -HMWinnuiiiuillimuevil. IIOOK
.................... .j, ........... .ilc,llUi.ll(, figures down as thev came iu I
and European adventurers from en- kept Hllv of ihem nnd i.ei, the
gaghig in thc strife and thus raising , ' nU r eceiv I before I h" 1
delicate international questions. We ,..,..,, ,,, . " ,.1 .I'm . .i ,i. X
must hopePekin will again bow to thc ?' in tint vou will I 1 I
ney table and yield this time without ! t JlrT,..' lead' on' i hU taltol?"!
L' , . ' said, 'No. you are mistaken.' Ho said:
Portugal. ' 'I have been watching tho figures,
LisitON. July 4. Portugal has de- , a,m ' thing Arthur will lead, slightly
clarctl a quarantine
lish vessels.
against all Eug-
Mexico, Jul I. The gulf coast has
been quarantined against Frauco ou ! mc it
account ol cholera.
Kansas City, July 4. A special
irom iopeka to the limes savs that
Just at that moment I finished tabu
lating the returns, and found that he
had 831 votes to Arthur's 27t. When
I told him the result he said : "That is
about what some of mv friend tald
would be. But I thoiiL-ht it
I wouid fall oil a little.' While the
second ballot was coming in he said
to me : 'You take down the figures.
I am going into the garden. He went
Seeing is believing!
So, don't believe this!
But come and see!
n -
"'S .'r' i "" U.e lunn.od.r'Tpk'Ze
nlred for the completion of the buildhnc alter
ii me couiract
Kvery bid mail be accompanied by a certified
cliecX upon some United Mate depository, for
at leat Jfrr (.) per cent, of the amount of the
lroioal. pavable to the order of the Comnii
lonerof lmfian Attain; which clus-k will be
forfeited to the United Mate In cae any bidder
receiving an award pliall tall to execute a con
tract lth Rood and guCicient sureties; other
wUe to 1 retiirixsl to the bidder
Tliecontractwlll provide for three painients,
two of w hlch will be made at such stapr- of the
work as will Hilly protect the United State,
the latt payment to be made whrn thebnlldiuj;
It accepteil. Hid for cot of entire bulldluj;
jiuonntinc to over fourteen thousand dollar
,H,nou.no) will not be considered.
" 11. 1'KICE,
37-3w CoinniIloner.
WASiiiNfiTON, July 4. The senate
I was caueti to orucr proiiipuy :u ii
Andrews, the Declaration of Indepen
dence was road.
Moigan, from the committee on
public lands, reported the bill to de
clare the forfeiture of the lands grant
ed to the state of Michigan to aid in
the construction of thc railroad from
Little Bay to Marquette, and thence
to Outongon.
Thc senate further insisted on its
amendments to the deficiency bill and
reappointed thc same committee. The
conference resolution of Miller, sub
mitted yesterday was agreed to, di
recting "the committee ou Indian af
fairs to extend it.s inquiry in thc in
vestigation recently ordered to con
sider the Indians to California.
Thc bill passed granting a pension
to the widow of General Ord. also a
bill increasing the pensiou of General
Frank 1. Blair's widow, and one to
authorize the president to appoint '
General Averill to thc position of col-
port on thc river and harbor appro
priation bill. Agreed to.
The bill as passed by the hou-e ap
propriated $12,086,200. As agreed to
in in the conference it appropriated
McMillan .submitted the conference
report ou the hill introduced by him
limiting the time within which prose
cution may be instituted against per
sons charged with violating the inter
nal revenue I.iws. Agreed to.
As agreed upon the bill reduces the
time within which ollenders may be
prosecuted from live to three years
when the punishment is imprisonment
in Hie penitentiary, aud two years in
all other case-.
Filibustering against the Mexican
pension bill then continued until 4:15,
when the house took a recess until a
o'clock this evening.
At the evening session thc house re
sumed consideration of the Mexican
pension bill. In view of the strong op
position to the measure Shelley sug
gested that the bill be laid aside. The
lioue proceeded to tho consideration
, of the private pension bills, and Cal
kins asked Townsend to comply with
that suggestion.
, Townsend, however, refused to ac
recd to the request, and the question
recurred on ordering the previous
question on concurring in the sixth
amendment of the senate, which lim
its the provisions of the bill lo offi
cers, enlisted men ami willows who
may become sixty-two years of age.
or have or may become subject
to any disability or depending
equivalent to thc samo cause
recognized uy pension laws a
sufficient reasons for the allowance
of a pension, and excludes from it
benefit such persons a- have incurred
disability while aiding or abetting thc
rebellion". This is lhe question which
has been pending the whqle day, on
which no quorum has voted at any
time. It was not more successful to
night, anil on a yea ami nay vote
the houe was left without a quorum,
llolman submitted the conference
report on the legislative, judicial and
executive appropriation bills.
New York, Julv 4. Seventeen 1
car loads of county Democracy men
started to-day for Chicago The
Irih Sixty-ninth regiment band ac
companied the delegation, who arc tor
Cleveland lo a man. All were sinsrincr
songf of Cleveland as the train haul-; day of thc iutcr-statc Sunday school
cd out ol the depot. Among tho j assembly was thc most. interesting and
leaders on the train are Tho-. Coti-bc?t attended of lhe session. There
gan. supervisor of lhe citv records ;' was a total of from 10,000 to 15.000
ex-District Attorney Win C. Whit-- people on the grounds. Thc
nev, Judges Power-". Ingersoll, Mor-i whole country appeared to have
ton. Kellv. Ford and Murra; Com- turned out for the occasion. Thc last
inissioner of Jurors Canliield. Fire ! devotional i service was held at 8 o'clock
Coinmissioner Purey ami Police Com-' by Prof. Sherwin and many persons
missiontr Voorhecs." i were present. At 1 o'clock the cclc-
j hrated preacher Bev. John P. jscw
Kansas City, July 4. The national
holiday was celebrated here iu the
u-iial manner. There wa a piratic of
military companies aud amateur races
at the fair grounds. Several small
fires and a number of casualties were
reported. Mrs. E. L. Gould, while on
the street, was hurt bv a giant fire
cracker which set her doting on lire.
Her injuries may prove fatal Jainc
Green was hurt in his hand, also by a
firecracker, ajjid amputation was neces
sary. A row occurred at a picnic
among the laboring people. Several
pislol shots were fired, though with
out -erious eficct.
New York. Julv !. Thc Fourth of
July was celebrated to-day iu the
u-ual fashion, with the booming of
gnus, the firing of pistols, and the dis
charge of other explosives. The morn
ing was cloudy and threatening, and
towaid mid-day a heavy shower of
rain fell. This was succeeded bv
showers and foggy atmoshhere. Ex- .
ctirsion boats were abandoned and the '
park quickly depopulated.
Eight veterans of the war of 1812
celebrated Independence Day with a .
parade and dinner. The society of
the Cincinnati held its aunual meet
ing to-day, and elected officers. '
Wameoo, Kan., July 1. The Fourth
was duly celebrated' to-day at lhe
Louisville Iron Springs, three
miles north of this citv. bv Watnego
post, (J. A. K., Louisville Odd Fellows,
ladies representing the state, citizens,
etc. The oration was by Hon. Noble
L. Prcntis. of the Atchison Cham- .
pion. Addres-es were made by Hon.
It. S. Hick. Hon. J. A. Moninger and
Hon. Clin-. E. Johnson. Music whs ,
furnished by lhe Wamego martial
band and a vocal class from both
cities. Five thousand people were on
thc ground.
Chicago, Julv 4. The weather was ,
Delaware delegation put iu their ap
pearance and will at once open Bayard
headquarters at the Palmer house.
New York, .July 4. The Journal of
Commerce of Saturday, after alluding
to those "'Hepublicans who have re
nounced their party allegiance because
ofa nomination against which they
earnestly protested," will say : There
is a similar uprising within the party
now in opposition. Better men
among tho Democrats feel that
they have too long submitted to the
dictations of thc worst elements of
Ihcir organization, aud that their
most grievous mistakes have come
front a fear of disunion and
its influence upon their success in the
campaign. Already they have per
mitted the threats of such men as
Kelly and his adherents to prejudge,
in a 'measure, their duty at the coming '
convention. Nothing can be more
pusillmiiiious iu purpose or fatal to
success tnan such concession to a fac
tion which has no right to speak for
men not governed by corrupt regard
for the spoils of office.
overcast and threatening nearly the
entire day. which in a measure pre
vented great crowds from attending
the outdoor sports and exercises usual
to the national "holiday. Otherwise
the day was observed iu she u-ual
manner, with, however, a smaller num
ber of casualties in the citv than usual.
Kansas City, July 4. A water
spout struck between Spear City and
Dodge City on Tuesday night and
washed out several miles of thc Santa
Fc track. No through trains have
pa-scd the break since Tuesday night,
and up to last night the Colorado and
San Francico express trains were re
ported abandoned. Advices are to the
efl'ect that the washouts are of -uch
magnitude that -ix or seven miles of
entirely new track will have to be
built. Wbcn the water spout struck
it is said that the whole earth for sev
eral miles around was corered to the
depth of several inches, and was of
such force that the railway grade anil
track were carried away like drift
wood before thc current ofa mountain ,
torrent. The running of through
trains will probably not be resumed
before to-morrow.
Chicago. July 3. All but four of
, thc California delegation arrived here
to-day. They were accompanied by
about seventy-five prominent Califor
nia Democrats. They will put up at
lhe Tremout, but will have their
the closing day headquarters at the Palmer. TheCnl-
n- ..-. T.-n.. i.. i.. i Tu-.i.-.. . iforttia delegation came to Chicago to
Ottawa, Kan., July 4 -The closing ,;, Tl,,,n ;r n..:Wl, uti 5i
v - -..-.-- - r '-- ...j
not possible they will use their best
efforts to give thc nomination to Judge
Thurman. Their state convention in
structed them for Tildcn first, Thur
man next. Tilden's letter ofdc-Jination
w.ns received in the convention imme
diately after the instructions, but it
was not regarded.
Acting tmder instructions the dele
gales are for Ti.deu or Thurman.
a decision of importance, yesterday,
in tiieiroscctilioii ol cases arising un
der the prohibitory liquor law. It
has been the practice in this stale for
thc county attorney to
icating liquors and to verify the same
with thc afhdavit that he believes thc
facts stated in the information to be
true. This is authorized bj
the law, but the su
preme court decides that siii-h ,-t i
affidavit does not justify an aricst of
thesuppo'ed otleudcr. Section fifteen
of the bill of rights in the constitution
prohibits the arrest of ant "pet son ex
cept on probable cau-e The supreme
court holds that uolhinghul a sit ve
affidavit or case is a probable e.-ui-c
under the constitution, 'lhe mere
belief of the county attorney,
even if sworn to, does not justify
the arrest of a person for the crime,
( aud if the eountv attorney does
not know that a party has committed
nets tlmt make him guilty of a viola
tion of thc law, the court says he must
get some one to verify the informa
tion who does know. Of cour-e
the belief of auy other person i- no
better to send a man to jail than the
belief of thc county attorney. The
court intimates that no one is compe
tent to make such au affidavit unless
he is a competent witness at the
trial. Uuder this decision of the
court it is doubtful whether any one
can be arrested for the illegal sale of
intoxicating liquor- unless acomplaint ,
of informal ion is sworn to by some '
one who has bought Intoxicating
liquors or has seen them sold contrary
to-law: neither can a person who has
positive knowledge of but one viola
tion of the law swear truthfully to
au information that contains a dbzcu
or more counts.
the straight of it.
Toi'eka. July 4 1881. The Snnta
Fc cannonball tram No. 1 was wreck
ed four miles west of Spearville by
running into a washout. The engine
passed over and careened on its side
on thc further side of thc wa'hout.
The mail and baggage cars were de
railed, also thc first coach, the re
maining coaches and two -leepcrs
remaining on the track. One of
two tramps stealing a ride on the plat
form of the first car was killed and
thc other badly injured; thc two mail
mcs-engcrs were both hurt, but how
bad is not jet known, and one pas
senger received a slight scalp wound.
The wrecking train were immediate
ly dispatched to the ?cene,and medical
aid furnished. Excepting a few hours
delay the train will run as usual to-dav.
figures in the house a little while, but
finally they began to come in so slow
that i gave it up and went out, too.
'Pi.,... A!..-. ........ in..: ... .i ..i
file mforina- i ..i ri i .n..
against parties for selling intox- "' "" . '" " -v ?: .,,.
"A Iter thc third ballot, the question
of adjournment came up, which ivan
to dccitle whether Mr. Blaine would
get the nomination or not; for those
who were opposed to him would vote
to adjourn, aud those who were in his
fiivor would vote again-l the adjourn
ment. When they voted down the
notion to adjourn. we knew '
what the re-ull would be. Mrs. Blaine.)
aud the children, Mis Dodge, Miss
ai'inuood, Mrs. and Miss .Mauley,
Gen. Be-il. of Norway; Mr Alden
Sprague, of the Kennebec Journal ;
Mrs. Ilolmau and I were with him
when tho announcement whs made.
We heard a shout from tin- house,
where Margaret wa at the telephone,
ami instantly she ru-linl out (' the
house and over the iiank to the haui
inook where her father was -it ting and
threw her arms around him. As soon
as she, recovered breath she made the
announcement that her father was
nominated, and, though wc did not
get the figures until late in the even
ing, that was sufficient.
"Mr. Blaine disengaged himself!
from Margaret, arosij irom the ham-,
mock, went over to hi wife and kicked '
her. People from all over the town
were thero in a few minute-. Thc ,
firt to arrive were O D. Baker, E. It. ,
Pierce and C Hart, who droe up in t
a carriage together.'
i. i -
2! Main Street,
One-Price Cash Dry Goods House.
21 21 21 21 21
First Ark. Val. Bank!
1 870.
Th ohUl money InttllnMoa In thAraaM
W. ;. WOODMAN, - - 1'reild.nt
Wm. ... WOODMAN, - C.bi.r
WILL. C. WOODMAN. J.. , . Al, Caaaltr
Amerlraa EeuBNa(' llaak, Kw York
rint Natioaal Hank, of CkMsajo, Illla-.l.
lUnk of Kuua Uy, Kia.M Lily, MImouM
East Saginaw, Mich., July 4 An
unknown man, about forty-five year
old. who was fishing below the city
this afternoon was shot through the
head and instantly killed by a strav
shot fired bv meubers of the citv mil-
man, u. v. 01 :ncw 1 one, delivered a
magnificent patriotic oration iu which
he treated of the great mission of
this country in enunciating
thc principles of equity, and spoke in
behalf of the foreigner who -came to
America to escape from thc oppres-
itarv conipauv who were practicing siou at home. He said, however, that
at a target. such foreigners should become thor-
-- joughly imbued with thc spirit of
FCSTrONED. j American institutions, nnd until thev
Washington, D. C, July 4. In
dications for the upper Missouri and
Arkansas river valleys : Generally
fatr weather; stationary tempera
ture, except iu the extreme southern
portions lower temperature, with va
riable winds.
Ft. Scott, July 4. A heavy rain
fell here last night and to-day, aiitl the
people are jubilant aud happy over
the abundant crop propect." Our
farmers arc in the midst of thc wheal
harvest, which is the be-t this "action
of the state has known for year-.
Then' i also an abundant oit crop,
and thc outlook for corn the lest
the farmer have had at this season of
, the year for a long time. There is a
1 very large acreage of all crops plant
There was no public celebration
here to-day.
New York, July 4 Henry Patier
son, of California, did not "tart in the
race to-day at Oak Point. Although
the water wa lumpv six of the men
entered. Ten Evefc got first'over the
And Human Hair Goods,
Announces that -he will not be under
sold by any caiablUhrnent in the
city for the next two month,
either at wholesale
or retail.
Next Door South of Woodman's Bank.
.A.. SMITH, " '
Contractor and Builder,
SHOP 136 & 138 MAIN St.
IIdc- on Jjtvmtt ATeaue, sear Ostni '
Atease. I"0-t-tfflc IViX IB tf I
The followtnr table jriTe tti arrival and 4-I-arture
of tralnt at Wjciilta 1
Sleepless &
Real Estate Firm!
Are ou occupying our
lio to ( tot brfla. They dr1 tklr
own leans. kp rood carriage, and abew
Ulr rprty cbxrfally. awl Uy Mil It ton.
Writ loranace,
Be CmTtriodsf ,
Xzlu CoIkctUv.
& ?tj Taut.
1 la tK.rt, 6a a IriWlw (o cvrbatfcM Vl-
AKaiT c
."pret H-X.JI it.
Ac r'rjrnt J-S V. M
WlttiU Ex -J tf, T M
I -rpr r n A H. i
J Ac. FreurM i ar. M.
I- . ,
Xy 0o rr HaMtc A rar' U.
tun: Uim Sir, Wichita, btw. t-)B
iMtt !
Ivan km CStf iiwwi i
Eipre.. sir M 1
Ae flHfot 1!A X
Raat CaJly
Ml tfitm dajr rurpl Sunday
---a t
-,3tK. M.
5.s r a.
Ilf. M,
T lol'ii a.x reA.vawxi
MUItTxlsfrws t Latfrirr:!'! in
lT(s) fjr t!s- oRi at -V. p 1 Mali trala
leixe for the t tiUi tn
AcTOzamylaUoa lftm tit Vtitra iVjot tor
jeaytltJa a . TrHrit dewrt t at lI.-;
Ct-s. J 1 LI a a . rrHrtrl drrnt
a ra Reiaraisr, Jaie Ow-yrj- at J M
Saratoga. N". Y., July 4. The iu-ter-collegiate
regatta is postponed ttu
til to-morrow owing to the strong
wind aud rough water.
had time to do so should not be allow
ed to vote. The audience assembled
Clarendon. Pa.,Jnly 4. L.-ut even
ing while Patrick Connelly, a -shoot
er for a torpedo companr. was tilling
".. - Bi.. .". " . " arrSrtsr at ITcioa dvot at S-iOxaaklafsa;-f
course, three roue with turn, in ai ror Kaa utr "m rer-a pst j
twenty-four minutes and twelve
tCC- ?tdhi t&e wets
to hear Dr. Newman was enormous, a shell with nitro-glycerine it exploded
and many of his sentiments were re. 1 blowing Connellv into minute pieces.
Bo-rrux, Julr 4. In the regalia on
pieces, j Charles river to-day, three miles with
jfr Ijocw,
.Ac FT!:. .?.. m. I Ex. Mil 7 ..
Ex. A Mail, f.'.tp. B. i rtrirkt.. . UM . m.
! rr-.jM -M?. a. )Xe.TTtttp. m.
New f
No. 33 Main Street
D a Geieral Mill Mm
Id all It modern fnarlloM,
Um Mmc; la Aaj lat
Oa all MtUfaetnrx oil lateral real, urfc,..al
or raatUI-tkwl trnmnu-ltu Um Urrower
with tlma from una day to f ? rr
Vf II tltaeU by Uu toalMl aa4 ant IIm
of ateaimera la tb. world, lo or fram All prlacl
pal Earoaaaa porU, via north Uarnaa Uoyd
or Cnaanl lien. '
In the onaaltatlua ,.t U rtral ArtaoM
alley Baat. of Wleblu. luw.f, i.TO.
Baltnar ilirrelora. tlmiaboMm r araaiw.
nor do wa deal la fmlm, aarflM or Mttlde
lswo... Mrltlmi areatrlealy toUMkMMar
or IU I1tlnaU auowM
for lu pradMt MHfnmt wear ladli t4
ally rMpuoolbU,
ror the brotaetloa if rry itavoalWr la
GrUi with maay Uihii hmw ,w
rrlod. wkoM patiwaa, wltk amr nkwnl
kiadty nth of tk ffmaral ihll M Mr dln
to arall IkafOMUn tkfmf.m! oar - -
ail nwimltw may mo (radit to inpt, wo
ar rMboetally yoara r'
Pioneer Lumber Man
Ow askawiea Uocwrr.
A Cenplwt. ItNk sf PIm Lbmt.
-' alwf a
tf- t& - r Uf0t mum,
Every Thing Kept in Firi.-CIt
Drug Store.
ict am tTtatt-
rriim 6ttlf illmll -t aM4 Uf
git -t all will lo aU a? ft
Mtooa. Law rwor ilff.r, ttaa't ot.
uvnouttt .uaf inwrti . a-ft-u

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