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Wichita daily eagle. (Wichita, Kan.) 1884-1886, July 05, 1884, Image 3

Image and text provided by Kansas State Historical Society; Topeka, KS

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MURDOCK, Editor.
R. P. MURDOCK, Business Manager.
Hat the Ijirgctt Circulation of any Daily Paper
in Soutliuetlern kar.sai.
Onecoiiy, one year S ikj
One copy, kIx months; 4 on
Onpcojiy, Hirer months 2 ciO
One copy, one month 75
Twi'tity cents per vvct-V delivered liy rarriern In
tin- City. I'ostaRC ircaiil.
One conv. one vcar &.' (m
Oneoopy, six montlm
Our rates fur BilvertUinK shall lie nslowaa
Jhoseorany other paper of i-jual alne as an
adrertlelog mcJium.
All transW-M advertisements muht lie iaM for
In advance.
Entered in tht Vottoffitt at Wichita, at tccorut
elatt nattrr, and entered to trantition through the
maiJt at tuUi
Airtrtittmtnf in thit etilumn will It charged for
at tht rate of I'ire Cintt jitr line per terti. .Vo
adrerlttemer.1 taken Jor lett than 25 ccntt.
AXTKU i the Fanners A ruve.rt JIo-
tel, near the SrWKe, acirj lu no cuam
rk or illnlnK-room work 40-i
her work or dining-room i
ANTKI) Two dining-room
girls at this
Douglas avenue house.
"lirANTKO Tw o or three untarnished rooms
with agool Jamily. Address PIur 1,
Eagle office Svtr
1""OKIU,NT A suite of rooms over
Itank-. Apply at hank.
7"A NTED Names and descriptions of farm
J? and city properties for sale, to put In
our county map anil circular, which we .liall
issue In a'iew days Cai.iiwflt. fcritoxn.
3T-8 Temple lilock, net to P O.
"17"AN"rEI)-i:ir)li(ly to know that the
banta Ke JiaUrylfaBniiew delivery wag
on on the stretts Imsiliiily the nicest In the
tuun, .17H
-A gfHwl girl for general house
A'llv at llrst door north of the
City Motel.
7"ANTKI Hoard with prhatc lamily;
j hoiiieconilortsditired; must lieeonvcii-
leut to Douglas and J.avvTejire. uVi Address.
f;iing terms and accomodation. llnolkeeiinr,
Ki)r24'.i. -
17"AXTKD Torcnt furnished rooms hi a new
V lioumi; choice location. Enquire lit
southeast corner of Kiiimnn avenue ami buiiml
rtreet. SS-lm
r.M'i:i-. good girl to ilii gi neral hou-.
work; vv ages :, no
.,-tf Oir Td.ka and 'I hlrd ct
ANTED A giHMlpastn cook and a Hfoiul
cook ai me i rrniont House- .-ii
T"AV1ED Etrjlodytoknow thatwe hae
?V for sale boiiie'of the liest lamlsiu belg-
wick county, and arc prepared to negotiate
Kales of town proM-rtr. Our motto U g'juaru
dealing. ilve us a csil
.d-.lm I'ju linos A. IUiii,
Real estate agents, Coddard, Kansas
"1"ANTKI ttcrjont- who wants to liuy,
sell, rent or trade lots lu thetouuof
Uoilddard, or farms In .vdgwick county, to call
uu 1'jli'ISms A. Hash, real estate agents, ,od
danl, Kansas. n.T-3:ii'
ANTED A good dining-room waiter at
the Douglas AM'iiue House .i.'-ii
"7"ANTi:D A hujer for a hotel In harden
?? Plain; a rare chance foralle man to,
make money
dJ-tI TALoitAPihi
"ir.NlED To suhlet the mail route frmo
V Wichita to Harper ee the carrier on
Wednesday or Murday. l W-
r"ANTED Ueuters for tu line rooms on
J J sucoinl lloorin.IohnI!eese's new huild
i ug, 12 1 Douglas ai')iue
M-tfJ J ( ; Hi Friui.iACif
"VtrANlED-Tii sell a second-hand Weed
y Henlng-machine good as new; will take
15.im lu -ash i:ii)uire at this olllce I'.i-tf
rANTED A girl to do general Imnw'nurL.
Inijulreof A. W lSilllng. 1..-.I-U
irANTKD A huer for a choice stock ranch
? or'.'WI acres. A good bargain for Un
tight man Price, v per acre.
i-i.-i.tr ii. K Kim mi ..('!
WJlNIKD .anl-liucm to kuow that it in
'-to their Intrn-st to go toOiinleii Plain
eal Estate Agency to liuj landi.
il-.Vtr Taiuiu A. l'lhi:.
7"ANTED Land-hujers to know that w
y liai for sale all he best lands near llar
Jen Plain. Tailuh.V l'lhi:.
irANTED I.and-bujTK to know that wc
fV havt made arrangements with tbo hotels
t Harden Plain to kt-cp them at reduced rates.
l:S-tr " TAYlAin .V I'ict:
"I7"ANTED Suiiih olio to pay taxes on SJU
" ncn-3 of grass land Tor the use of it.
d-T-tr II. E EuifMiA. Co.
7AXIED I.and buyers to know that we
? ? are posted in prices and location ol mery
tract or land that is lor sale in Scdgw ick county
r.-tr ii v FioiMntCii
Al TANTED A good girl to do general house-
work in a lamily r three ; goo.l ai ages ;
Jerman pn-fem-ii. Impnire at Kobiwni ltros.
rot: itr.sr
rpOKKNT IIimiiii for oneor two d'-sks In m
J other tinder itl'ens bank
,TI-i; II KriI.oi...
rpoKENT A residence wllhS rooms ; good
I location. Inquire .f II .1 Miii-IIit 3.V-
roi: s.ti.r.
IOU. SALE Mouse with ten rooms and a good
' cellar lnipilre of T lietln-1, r Israi 1
llros.'. -ii
JViK SALE An old establlslMiI and profitable
1 business, centrally located ; a splendid
business chance: good reasons for selling
Address A , care Eagle olllce
I i)lt .SAJK Nine rvuU-ure bits Tor fab' ir
P' trade";' located on South Market street;
big bargain. For particulars call at OllreiiH
Itank ' ' dtl-tr
ItWT One mohair duster between the Little
J l!ler bridge and .Major DaWs' Eliider
will please b-ae at this iltlce -
Teeth extracted without pniu t'iucgobi lltl
ities a spe-iltv Artiliclsl teeth IrOlii f CO to
i.'iO.IKI a sit. Denial moiuo In Eadi block,
Douglas aeime, Wichita, K:m;n. -;i-tt
Guns, Pistols and Ammunition
limiting oultttf icntctl oil rcaonatilc term
,11.' -
T i ?!
Wholesale and lb tail Di alers m
Colorado and
Pennsylvania Anthracite,
And all kinds of
Stono, Lime, Cement, and Hair.
Pt. Scott Flagging,
Lj re'.fcjBluvSlpn&;
Office at Big Red Scales, No. 79, DoUgIaAe ,
bouth Si de.Ncar Depot. 1-tr
Dilre to Inform thecltlrensof Wichita that
they will couliiiue to do thrlrwork at the jirires
alrcs.lv ri-tablUhcd, and Intend to remain lu
the city w her thev can be held to a strict ac
count for the fulfillment or their contracts.
The street-crowing ou ,DousIi , an-nuc,
AND ALL Of bill WORK, s
ale samples that are njiial. If not sucrior,
to any other of the kind Call on in while at
work' and see the process. Ortice at 115 Doug
las aenuc J II I.KOWN,
diO-tf W..S. , MALMS
Watch, Gun, Pistol,
Diamond Tin, Mccre I tut tone. King, Watch
Oialn, or in Tact anything, it Mill pay
you to go and see
Kor, ir he has anything you want, jon can savr
money bv bnjiog or him. 3" Two doors
wt ot Treinont House, net to NlMlerland--r's
land office, Iouslas acnue, Wichita,
Kansas. -tr
. . r?
Fersosal " PoculiArities of
Kan of the Soudan.
Llfo lu a Straw IIui TJilrt)-nIne
WIvcb Tlie Black JIu'
J jf Proplict'a JTol
rotal I $
KH !
? AlMttUlFBt.
Uongola Cor. ljonioa Xews.
Moliainineil Ahmod Is in person tall and
powerfully built, but touiewhat inclined to
corpulency, llis conirilection' is betwoou
brown and red what" the Atabs call aeder
that is, Riven. Tbo expression of his coun
tenance is agreeable, and when in rejioso lii
face Is iijlited tip- by a constant placid smile.
If the statements of his enemies may be
trusted, tais outer asiiect of bonovolenco fur
nishes but a deceptive 'key to bis character.
Against those who refuse to recognize theii
vine nature of bis mission bo can bo severe to
cruelty. Hi is credited with Jeffreys' trick
of weeping over the fate of those victims
whom ho ordei-s to execution, so as to create
the impression that bo punishes dissent nnd
disobedience with porsoual regret at the com
mand of Allah. In barren discussion as to the
nature or authority of bis mission bo loses
no time. If any -man be boM enough to
challenge its diviuoorigin orcxpressdUbelief,
bo it ptrruitttd to choos-3 between sub
mission, open cknowlednient, and decapi
tation. This method of reasoning has the
advantage that it is brief and effective. Few
men arc bold enougb to sacrifice tbeir beads
for tbeir opinions, and the result is a general
Mcquii-cence in tbo divine authority of Mo
barnnici Ahmed's mission. On the other
band ho protects and encourages tliosawho
voluntarily accept him ns the true mtdhi
the man rent by Allah to reform mankind.
Ileyond question Mohammed Ahmed is a
man of considerable intelligence and extra
ordinary force of character. Ko ordinary
man could liave raisrd hinwlf from an
humble position and made himself master
over thu restive mid jealous Arab triU-s, as
Mohammed Ahmed has sncc-eHed in doing'.
It has Ux-n customary to repievnt linn as
the instrument or tool of other men, but if
heeler occupied that icsitioii he has ceased
to do tid. Tixlay Mohammeil Alumd is tin
absoluto master of the life and proH-rty of
every man from Obeid "to Faslioda. He
loasts some education, as it Is understood in
the east; that is, hurt-ads uml wriU-s, uiul is
well scrKsl in the koran nnd commci.ta
toiy. Ho speaks both the Ilarnbiri and
Arabic languages. S01110 Catholic priests
who I1.-1X! met bim pii-Mjtiully.stato that buis
by nonieaus a vulgar impostor, but, on the
contrary, impressed tbem as n nian' Ihnr
oughly convinced of the divine nature of bis
mission uml wholly devoted to carrying out
tho icligious reforms which he claims bo has
lieeufieut to effect. Tho more intelligent
jiart of tho population lo not ut any faith
in bis divine mission; but among the mass
of people, who are sunk in almost absoluto
ignorance, Mohamincd Ahmed i-j undoulit
islly regarded n a pro)het sent by Allah,
whom it is sinful to resist. fcHwl boileclared
himself a king," said on intelligent merchant
tho other day, "no one Mould have follow ed
or olycd him, but because .bo comes as it
prophet tho jieople fear to dLobey him lest
theythould expose themselves to tbo divine
vengeumv." f t i . 1
Mobatnnail Ahmed's life is simple in tho
extreme. Ho indulges in none of the luxuries
or vanities of life, except, jxirhaps, a weak
ness for a lurge number of whc. He is
cu-dited with the loisession of tliirty-nino of
these nids to liappine-is, though tho orthodox
number allow ed by tho Koran is only four.
Ily sj'stcm of tetiqiorury divorce it seems
bckeeps within tho letter of the Mohammedan
law, the ladies biking their turn to be
divorced nliJ taken oil ngain. IVihaps
tbo object ' Of this little family an-angi"-iiieut
is to enablo him to strengthen his in
tliience by ulliances contracted with tho fam
ilies of tho most)owerfuIshiiks, from among
whom ho is careful to solect tho partners of
bis joys and sorrows. Hoias soverul cbll-iln-u,
but none old enough to take any part
in his wlitical or religious wotk. Kiuco the
capturo of ObMd the mehdi has taken up his
ri-siileuco nt the Moudirieh, or governor's 1 ev
idence, a fine stone building in the center of
the town; nnd here, in tho audience hall, he
sits every day transacting the necessary bui
lie nud re'ceiviugthe visits of Jiig' followers.
His wives ocpnpy a building sltriated lx-hind
thf Moudirieh, but communicating s it)i it
by n gnrden.
In this garileu the prophet has hail cou
sti uctwl for himself n hut of straw, in w hieh
bo sleeps, or is supposed to sleep, and pavscs
tho time not occupioJ in biiMiiess or public
prayer. This ho does Iiecauso one of the
tenets of tho new Moslem reform ns preached
by Mohammed Ahmed is that it is unlawful
that is, contrai3- to the ordinances of Cod
to construct houses or llvo in them. Houses
nro t-iTeminato lururies, nud therefore must
lie destroy ed. In acconlauco w ith this new
iliIiensation the iiedouins, oil tho
cajitum of OK id, proceeded to wreck
tho hoUH of tho inhabitants, nnd
an order was k-.usl foi bidding tht
townspeople longer to dwell in them. The
result of this ordinance is that the xipulntion
have ls.sn obliged to construct huts of straw
aftertlio approved Ileilouin fashion in the
couit-ynrds of their lious", and in these they
live, or pretend to live, in what is correctly
enough styled by tho mehdi his camp nt,
Obeid. In this climate the hardship of living
in n straw shelter is not very great, ns it
scarcely ever rains except 'during the fiarco
beat of tlie nutunm months, wbicbreallycor
reiionJ with our springtide, in so fur ns they
nfo theseason for planting the single croji on
which the jieople of tho Soudan depeud for
Tho (K-oplo hero nnd nt Kordofnu who call
theiusehes clvilizeil, that is to say. liavo
money nnd llvo commodiously, regard these
vicinlistic reformers with much tho samo
feeling that tho Qimrtier St Gennnin looks
upon tlie coiumuniat of tlm outer boulevards.
This, however, does not much nffect tho
situation, ns the "civilized element is, nfter
ull a verj- smkll section of tho Kipulntion,
and us n i-ule not over well liked by their
i.eighbors, who resent their airs of superi
ority nnd their affectation of European
manners and dress. To the ij nst mass of tho
pis)plo it is a matter of utter imliffeienco
whether they live in mud-cabins or straw
huts, but nil of them are glad to w elcoino
any deliverer from Turkish government. By
tho government of tlie Turk tho eopl8 of
the' Soudan mean tho government of the
white man. It makes no matter what your
country or creed is, if your face lie w bite you
nro an enemy to 1 destroyed. This state of
feeling has undoubtedly, been produced by
the oppressions nuLoxtort Ions of tike Turkish
nnd Circawiin'ofllcialsy who havo ruled this
region with heavy hand. ' v
Itut it is not tho official class alone n ho are
responsible; tho rich and powerful merchants
bavo had their shore in the work of provok
ing tho uprising of the Arab population.
Imitating tho conduct of the official classes,
L tlie rich merchants in their expeditions were
accuMomeu to levy coninouuons ou tue
scattered villages, and in fact take by forca
whatever they wished, without men a
thought of paying for it. This hili-handed
.cours they were nblo to pursue, because tiiey
isi "usually accompanied by setcral hun
dred ietainrs, armed with guns, against
whom tho sparse Arab villages were ut.able
to defend themselves. Then these unfortu
nate people were not always quite certain
whether tho merchants were plundering on
their ow 11 account or on the part of the gov
ernment, a doubt w-bich in, ,mauv instances
lirj alpl them ntistiug tbijirdillors. It
wallsViltepand hitttr rcyntment caused
by this cruel oppression which gave tho
mehdi his great cliaace, and by coinbmiiig
political, social, and religious sentiment, he
has prcwred a movement against which the
Ir.fiu.viee of Cairo, Constantinople mil Mecca
is pOwerlis!.
O.i the occasions of his public visits to the
mosques Mohammed Ahmed rides a beauti
ful Arab horse, and by his sidn hangs a
sword which is no idle ornament. His dross
is n caftan similar in shapo to that wont by
other Mohammedan priests, but it is varie
gated in color aud nchly ornamented. On hu
boa J is a brass cap cqvensl byawhitotur
,ban aunuountid Jiy)" plume of Ostrich
fe.ithers. "At tho hour 'appointed for public
prayers, his follow ci s assemble in front of
the Moudirieh armed with their spears,
swords, and shields al"l "ben he mounts hij
horse this vast armed multitude surround
him In a denso mass, aui lie is so to say,
carrie 1 to the raosuue in this human
torrent. Ou bis way back he is escorted
n ith tho same care and dnunouy. This cus
tom is no doubt a precaution, and perhaps
not nu unnecessary one. It augurs strong
devotion on tho inehdi's follow ers, and proves
that he has known how to gain their affec
tion as well as tbeir obedience. There is one
characteristic of the new prophet which will
secure him friends in England. Ho is a total
abstinence man of the purest water. "With
the demon of drunkenness he wages fierce
and relentless war. Couipartd to this Arab
reformer even Sir Wilfrid Lawson must be
regarded oi a reckless tippler. Not alone are
wino and all sorts of spirituous liquors forbid
tou but even tho more harmless cu'ovmcnts
of tobacco and coffeo are anath3m, ana
severe penalties inflicted ou any one discov
ered using the forbidd;n luxuries.
The now champion of Islam is a fighting
prophet; just tho kind of man to appeal to
tho imaginations and win tho affections of
tho wild men of the de sert. Ho takes jiart
in all tho battles, and does not spare his own
person. There is a 1 cport current that in the
fight with Hicks' army tho mehdi received a
sword cut ncross the forehead which divided
the brass cap which I12 wears under his tur
ban, and inflicted an ugly wound. For some
timo after tho battle ho did not appear in
public not even attending the customary
public prayers on Friday. His lieutenants
gave out that ho had retired from tho world
to commune with Allah, but there is a
shrewd suspicion that his wound had more to
do with his ti-mporary retirement than had
his prayers. If this story of the wound be
well founded, and it is here generally be
lieved, it would account for tho extraordi
nary inaction of the inehdi's forces since tho
defeat of Uen. Hicks. ,,
Mohammed Ahmed is 4 the 'black f 'man's
prophet, and tho black man is resolved that
the w bite face shall not como into Africa as
& master not, at least, if the black man can
help it This rnco antagonism is strength
ened and deepened by religious sentiment.
Those of tho black raco who have any re
ligion at all are Moslems, and they view
with natural apprehension the interference
of Christian states in the government fit
Egypt. It is tho feeling that tho Ihcdivo is-
Mmln lm niiilvnl . !... .nfl.f'! tla fr . (...a 4a-
prived his government of nil moral influence
in the Soudan, and which Is gradu-'.
ally destroying its authority "over
Egypt proper. The mehdi understands this,
aud will mako no compromiso nor enter into
any relations either with tho khodivo or any
other government tainted with infidelity.
Gordon I'asha's idea of bribing him with nn
ackuow lodgment of his position as prince of
Kordofan, w as n clever move, and had Mo
hammed Ahmed made tii mistake of accept
ing it his iniluence would have immediately
lieguu to decline. Mohammed Ahmod is,
however, a shrewder person than thoso who
talk of him as a savage imagine. When Lo
read Gordon Poslia's letter it 13 commonly re
ported that he burued it publicly and sent
word that "his mission came from God, and
did not need titles. If Gordon X'nslia felt him
self strong and would wait a little, he, Mo
hammed Ahmed, would como to Khartoum."
Schenck's Pluck in tho Housa
of Representatives,
t k t
T . i
Scene of
7s. carl) : IVrwuialfl
neon liter
MiilellN tueollou A UI
tol Tor One.
IJen: Perlcy Poore.J
Geu. Scheuck, of Ohio, who served eight
years in congress 1S1" to 18il--b.'fore the
nbelliou, was one of tlm caily champions ol
emancipation, an I had several altercation
with tho slaveholder. On ouj occasion it is
narrated that tho venerable Joshua I! Gid
dingswns virtually refused a hearing when
ho desired to make a personal explanation.
A scene of tho most riotous confusiou fol
lowed, and in thcjniiUi ,f it Solii-nck, broad
shouldered,' Iquare-lioade Is" aud iiwerful,.
rose in liis place nnd' commanded silence by
tho intensity of his manner mid tho oho
menco with which ho said:
"I have no personal interest in this matter,
Mr. SjK'aker, nor knowledge of tlrj matters
alleged; but when tho honorable gentleman,
my colleagu", who his been .o v:oltutly,nnd
gravely assaile 1, desires to iiiaLo n personal
explanation, surely he should to bo pennittel
to do so. Under such circiuiistaiic.--, sir, no
gentleman would object."'
Again, however, there cjiiia from different
paits of tho diamber cries of "I objict! I ol
jectl" nud again Schenck, with u-newed e"i:
phasis, sail:
"I repeat, Mr. Speaker, that under tho
ciicumstances no gentleman would object."
As n result of Mr. Schenck's courage and
jieitiiiacity, Mr. (iddiiif,s was allowed to
mako his explanation. When the scene was
over there was much discussion as to who
Schenck referred to when he said that no
gentleman would object, nnd Jacob Tliotni
son, of Mississippi, who was afterward score
tary of the interior, communicated to him
the impression, which was general in tho
house, that ho meant Slide!!, of Lousiaua.
"Thnt is a mistake,' replied Mr. Schenck;
"I did not even know that ho was in the
"A10 you willing to makj tlut cxpl.m ition
public asked Thompson.
"Certainly," was the 1 eply, "I will do so
witli pleasuie."
Tho next day on tho iloor Mr. Slidell, in
accordauco w ith this arrangement, roso and
asked if tho gentleman from Ohio referred to
him when ho said that no gentleman would
object to Mr. Giddings' explanation.
"No, certainly not, sir,' repliod Schenck.
"I did not even know thnt tho gentleman
from Louisiana was in tho hous;."
Still Slidell questioned him, saying: "If
tlie gentleman from Ohio know that tho mem
ber from Louisiana was in tho house, would
ho have made that remark
"That," replied Schenck, "is a hypothetical
question, nnd I will not lu questioned 111 that
Still tho southern mombar went ou to in
terrogate him, and, nt last, ontuely out cf
patience, Hcltonck took tho llojr, against. J
ntmost violent efforts which his friond,' Gov
ernor Vance, of Ohio, made to restrain hmi,
ami said: "It is evident that what tho mem
ber from Louisiana desires to know
is to whom I referred when I said yesterday
that no gentleman would object to the ex
planation of my colleague. Iest there be
any further doubt upon tho subject, 1 will
say hero and now that I meant and referred
to tho drunken member from Alabama,
Felix G. McCouucll."
As may well lio imagined, this declaration
created the wildest excitement in tho houvi
McCcnnell, one of the most violent of Demo
crats and pi o-sla cry ' men then in Washing
ton, rushesd down tho aisle shaking his Tut nt
Schenck, and for n moment it was believed
that a jiersonal encounter cculd not lie
avoided. IVitli great difficulty order was ut
'lnstrcstoidd, and tlio,)diaary busiaca-sof
tlic.'aouse for a tiiiib retimed. Just before
adjournment, however. Garret Davis came
over to where Mr. Schenck wa quietly
seated, and said: "Have you a pistol,
Schenck V
"Xo," replied tho latter, "I never carried
one in my life." )
"Well, you had bettir carry 0110 to-day,"
said I)avi, "for Met' mnell is swearing ho
will shoot you on sight.'
"Still, I haven't got a pistol, and don't
know whereto get one," replied Schenck.
"Take mine, tike mine," said Davis, qnietly,
at the same time handing his friend a pistol.
For some days after this Mr. Schenck went
armed. Threo days liter he met McCounell
as ho wns walking down the eastern steps of
the capitol. Tho Alabamian wns standing
quietly on tho portico, Lnt mado ni demon-!
stration as Schenck passed him, and so tbu
affair ended.
A Street Cur IM111.
Detroit Free Press.
It was a Cass aveauo car.
T'rt'i young ladies" were landing up di
rectlyln front of a niorb.dly eccentric man'
who hid not onco looked at thent or offered
them a seat One of them stepped on his
foot, w hich had no business to be there nny
how, and maintained her position. Then ho
looked at tho other passengers and asked
aloud: 1 ; , ! '
"Why nm I like a character in an old
nursery rhymer
Xobody answered, though all weredyin
to know
"Decnusj,'" said the eccentric man, as hi
settled back in his ill-gotten seat, "I bavi
belles on my toes."
. v,Virk ltclorc Ulnu ,
VPhiladeliihli Call '
"My dear," she said, poking him earnestly,
"it's growing late. You must get up." frt .
"' . hat time is itf ho growlei U ' J
"It's after T o'clock.'
"Well, that's not late for Sunday morn
ing?" "But, my dear, you forget that there is
w ork before you. We are to have chickens
for dinner, you know, and you liave got to
catch them.
Tho strong man was out of bed in a second.
A Ncv Miip Cnnml.
Inter Ocean.'
Thi? project of connecting tho bay of Bis
cay with the Mediterranean a by mwiin of
a ship canal and the lUver Garonne, is lieiEg
revived. It is strange that M- da Lessens
has not devoted some attention to this
scheme before now. It is entirely practica
ble, although ths cost would bo great. To
De Lesscpa this would not tie a vary great
FecUlns the Motor.
Burlington Hawkeye.
Considerable excitement was caused in
Philadelphia, one day last week, by a rumor
that the Kecly motor was able to stand
alone. Investigation, howrever, revraW the
reassuring fact teat it was leaning cp
against the wall in the corner, while the
great inventor was feeding It stock out of a
large, strong basket
H inxsX,
I Have a Full Section of Good
,. at $ 1 1.00
1 r, ":
i ; vr jt "1
s w 12-23-10 west, Kingman county,
20 acres broke, $12uU.
IMS. w 1-2 of wl-5SWW w, Kingman coun
ty. Si acres broke, 81rsi0.
l.V. Quarter ti miles c of town. 2300.
1371. yuarteri 1-2 miles se of Cheney, .
15S3 1-2. Quarter sec. 10 miles 11 w of Wichita,
on Arkansas river, SiXKi, Sou cash, balance
on time at 7 per cent.
lisO. 100 a on 'inncscah river, 5 ndles below
Cheney, 20 a in cultivation, $2300.
l.'s-S liiO a 7 miles south orGoddard, $1000.
li'JI- (luartcrsec. 3 mile east or town, 8iViO.
IMKllo a Smiles e of Wichita, 15fl), 1-3
Ifiol . ." a adjoining Garden Plain, 815M0.
live,. Iiviainsec 4-2S-S east, llutler county,
2."iIncuItiation, dlttio.
1007 Glo a 12 miles s e or V Icliita, good nii
land, 813 per acre. .,., 1
1022. Quarter 1 miles 11 wof Garden I'laln,
iati 100 a 2 miles 11 w or Ganlen Plain, 20 a
broke, $170o
lira;. tJiaaniilesIroiui'Jarilen Plain, s.'wi
li;. 11 e 1-1 SS-al w, 7 miles 11 w or Garden
Plalnf 91200.'
MCln. nel-tl-nri-Jw, all raw, $13o0
HS7. 21 a In n part or Comanche county,
plenty of water, a splendid cattle rane, $3 per
acre S " ' J
- i iipji)M:i t.vxs.
l.'M lOlain IClngman comity, 7 miles west
of Cheney, Win in cultivation, one story house
with cellar, $li.
I3. 160 a !) miles s worWichita, small house.
Ml a under cultivation, pood orchards of apple
and peach, nicegiove, 2230.
1311 liKI a 1-2 inlle Irom Cheney, 10 a in cul
tivation, $3000
13.T2 311 a 7 miles w or town on Cowskin
creek, 10 a under cultivation, 10 a or timber,
house of 3 rooms, (tranary, stable and other
bnlblintrs, all hedged and cross hedged, splen
ilid orchards and groves. This is a bcautirul
place, $10 per acre
1531. 1C0 a S miles s or town, near Haysvllle
liost-otlico, 110 a in cultivation, good'l 1-2 story
house with addition, barn 20x30 with loft, corn
crib, smoke house, c., 13 a pasture, good
lieanag orchards, 833 per,cr.
1330 100 a 1 mile n e or town on Chisholm
cre-e-k, 123 acres in cultivation, 1 story house,
granary and crib, he-deed iu on two s'lles, some
bearing fruit, a splendid place ror stock $10,J0.
l.VKt. 210 a 1 miles n w or Goddard, 110 a in
ullivatiiin, 1 1.2 story house or 7 rooms, ice
house, store building, post-office on place, good
rence, living water, some rruit, S5U100 and
tenus to suit
13(0. 100 ul miles s wof Goddard, 11-2 story
house of : rooms and good cellar, stable ror 0
horses, cow stable for s head, granary, crib .tc
KOod bedsi-s,. n a pasture, wireil, .Via In culti
vation, living water, orchard, Ac, SI'"', easy
1512 100 a I miles 11 of Cheney, 110 a in cul
tivntlnn. small bouse, stable and irranary.
spring of water, good orchards, 91500, 1-2
1511 ion 3 I miles k or Clu ney, IOJ a In culti
vation, living water, sonic fruit, 822im.
1JI3. 1st) a. miles se of Cheney, 2gowl bous
i'S and bams, cribs, sheds and other buildings,
bearing frnlt, living water, HOT a pasture en
closed with wire, $12,0n0.
1510. w a 0 miles 8 w or Goddard, !! a in cul
tivation, small house, watered by clear creek,
1-.17 i,i n 1 1." mile n Garden Plain. 120 a In
cultivation, 1 1-2 storv house on rooms and
good walled cellar, Btable and granary, on
Clear creek, SiVKJ.
1330. in!)B.i miles norChcney, 70 in cultiva
tion, bouse, some fruit, watered by .spring
creek, $20 per acre.
l.'iM limns! l-sJmilesaof GardenPlain. ll.ia
In cultivation, good house, bam, granary, Ac,
all fenced w itii wire and hedge, 1 a or line bud
ded fruit, $3nvi.
1333 -loon 2 ndles rrom Garden Plain, all
smooth land, 120 a In cultivation, house and
living water, $25011.
lYil. 100 a in llutler county, 5 miles from Au
gusta, 20 a or timber. 120 In cultivation, good
house, granary anil staoie. plenty oi iruu, liv
ing water, $30o0.
1350. 4.1 1-2 a on IJttle nver, 1 mile n ortovvn,
1 1-2 story house, 3 rooms, good bam, corn cribs
and granarv, good orchanla and small fruits,
1557. l0a In llutler connty, 2 1-2 miles e of
Andover, 22i a in cultivation, 1 1-2 storv house,
r, rooms and cellar, all hedged and cross hedge
til and wired, Isii apple, Coo peach, pear, cher
ries Ac , all bearing, a uneiy linprovcu piacc,
l.Vil s w 1-1 30-2S-3 east. Itatler county, 1 1-2
story house, HI a in cultivation, S25ii.
1M.1 l(a31-2miles wof Valley Center, 11-2
storv house. 3 rooms and cellar, granary and
other improvements, watered by IJttle river.
S to per acre.
1501. 100 a 5 miles n of Wichita, house with 2
roonii. small barn. 110 a In wire pasture, good
orchards or apple and peach, tsi3 per acre.
13-0. Itvin7 miles w or town, near Cowskin
creek, 150 In cultivation, 1 1-2 story house, live
rooms and ce'llar, staiue, granary, cnos ami
sheds, various kinds orfniits, all hedged and
cross hedged, 80,200
J5si. pvia3 miles n e of Derby, on Spring
creek, 20 a timber, 1W a in cultivation, 1 1-2
storv house 21I0, stable, granary, sheds, ami
cribs, heilged and cross hedged, plenty or rruit,
IMS. 100 a I miles nor Garden Plain, Wl a in
cnltivatlou, I 1-2 story house ors rooms, stable,
good orchard or apple, peach and cherry,
15N1. 100 a 3 miles s e or town, 30 a in cultiv a
tion, 150 a fenced, joung orchard, watere-d by
Gjpsum creek, 8Vs, lon0 cash, balance on
time ut 7 p r Cent.
13M. Qnartcrsee. Imilesnof Ganlen Plain,
house with 3 rooms and small barn, lo sin pas
ture, 83500
13s.1i. 10Oa2 miles w of town, gcKsl frame
building. Joo a In cultivation, joung orchard,
1C20. 100 a 3 luUt'iCn W or Wlclilta, tvi In cul
tivation, rest enclosed in pasture, good house
and stable, " '--'
1021. 100 a 3 miles n wof town, all undercut,
tivatlon, 1 1-2 story house on rooms, stable,
orchanl and shade trees, $-"i
1023 100 a 'J miles sw or Wichita. 10) a la
cultivation, house with t rooms, stable, crib
Ac , $s.Wj
1021. 100 a Smiles wor Wlclilta, 120 a in cnl
tivatlou, house and stable, K)
1625 010 a 2 1-2 miles n or Ganlen Plain, SiO
a In cultivation. 2 bouses and 2 stables, living
water. 812t.
'r:i "ft. F. 1STIEDERLANDEE,,
' It.
Corner Douglas and
.Taxes Paid and Rents Collected,
Corner of Emporia and Douglas Avenues.
Farming Land in This County
Per Acre.
So. lt3. Ten lots on Market street and Law
rence avenue; some fruit and ihade.
8150 each.
180. Good business property on Water street ;
a choice location for a grain dealer. Call for
fall description, price, etc.
12. One acre lot on First street ; small house
of 3 or 1 rooms, two porches, young tre-es.
17U. Good brick house on Lawrence avenue j
larjre corner lot, fine fruit and shade, a com
plete home. 81,500.
100. Acre lotB on Central and Sandon streets j
extra Inducements to partie-s intending to build.
!'-. to 8175 each.
133. Suburban place south, four lots, house or
C rooms, cellar, presses anu nam room. z,ii.
101. 'I o choice lots on Douglas aver ue, east
Wichita 80icaeh.
132. Cottage or 3 rooms on Market street;
small stable, corner lot, good neighborhood.
lyo. Jtnsiness property on Douglas avenue
running back to Williams street ; cottage on
rear. 3,000, cash and time ; will pay s good
Interest on the Investment.
157. A large down-town residence; comer lot
KilKi reet, frame house or 12 rooms, cellar,
cistern, stone walks, shade and rruit trees ; not
many such places in the market. 87,000.
No. 172, One-storv frame house, fonr rooms
and pantry, on Mos'ley avenue. Lot lOoxlSo feet,
east rront. corner alley, fine fruit and shade
trees, $1M). ,
So. 171, Pine two-story frame residence of
eight rooms, on Knipona avenue, cellar full
size of house, corner lot 123xllOfeet, good fruit,
fine neighborhood; a special bargain at $3000.
So. 170, Cottage of four rooms on Waco
stre-et, lot 52112 icet, good re nee, peach, pear,
plum , cherry and fine shade trees. Price SHOO,
on good terms
So. 107, Small house, three rooms, on Cen
tral avenue; good stable, picket fence, fruit
and shade trees, choice location Price $1100,
hair cash, balance good time.
Po. IOs, Five or six cottages in East Wichita,
under rent at 20 per cent, on the price aske-d Tor
tbem. Houses new and in good order; a choice
No. 100, House vvith three rooms, on First
street, cellar, hedge rence, fruit and shade
trees, one acre or ground, $1300.
No 103, House, slv rooms, on Central ave
nue, ceirnerlot, uSxltofeet. Ham and carriage
house, apple, peach, plum, cherry and shade
trees, $XonO.
No. 130, Three cottages ou Emporia avenue,
Euglish addition, all rented at good figures, a
choice investment.
So. 131, Frame residence, fix rooms, on To
peka avenue, ham, fruit nnd shade trees, lot
50x110 feet, 82000.
So. 127, Ilonsc seven rooms on Lawrence av
enue, south; bam Tor rmir horses, bugy shed
chicken house, water In house, line rruit and
shade trees. a beautiful home, SJi'vn
Xo. 117, Elegant re-sidence on Topeka ave
nue, eleven rooms, nine presses, bam, crib and
outbuildings: broad walks, picket rence, flue
fruit and shade trees, Vmv.
So. U3. Valuable business property on Doug
las avenue, first-class location. Call lor price
and terms
So. '.to. Fine business property on Douglas
avenue; old building, bat very cheap at 85000.
Nu. .s. One and a hair story frame residence
on Market street, siv rooms, in good repair,
coal house, shade and fruit trees, 815"'.
No ul. One-story frame on Washington
street, large lot. $750
No 91 l!usiiieespropcrtvonlou,:!asavenue,
Griffs addition Frame building, rents well,
No. Ul. One lot on Main street, well located,
one-story frame building, $1750.
No. U3. llusine-ss proporty on Main street,
under rent. $2500, ,
No. 57 Two-story brick building on Main
street, centrally located, all rented, $5200.
No. 181. An elegant residence in the north
east part or the city. Large grounds, fine fruit
and shade trees, modern house in perfect or
der; a rare chance to the right party.
No. 178. A nice cottage on comer lot. near
center or business, new house, $2000
No. 101. Cottage or five rooms on Mead ave
nue, plenty or fruit, over one acre of land,
No. 173. A beautiful home on l,awrencr ave
nue; lot 00x110 reet, one nnd ahalf etory frame
house of soven rooms in perfect order, good cel
lar, well and large cistern Ham aud all neces
sary outbuildings. Fine grajic arbor and other
fruits; shade in front, price 81000, part cash,
balance on good time.
No. 132. Two houses on Wichita street, five
rooms each, cemented cellar, pantry and clos
et in each house, nice shade trees, lot 50I50
feet, $1500 each.
No 110. fcmall house, three rooms and cel
lar, rents for $12.5o. Price Ssoo, on Lawrence
No. 111. Honsc of three rooms, on 1th ave
nue, rents for $10, price $700.
No. 13S. One-story frame house on Emporia
avenue, good cellar, bam, water from water
works, near horse car, fine neighborhood,
$20)0, cash and time.
No. 133. One-story frame residence on Law
rence avenue, six rooms, cellar, coal house,
carriage house, hennery, lot well fenced, 00x110
fe-et. Fine variety or fruit and shade trees, lies
locality in tho city. Price $3.VO.
No. 5. Four lots on Chisholm street, 8100
each, very cheap
No II. Two lots on Emporia avenue, Eng
lish's 3th addition, $"VM. .
No. 23. Two choice lots on Douglas avenue,
fine business property. Call and get the figures
No. 21. Six lots in Lakeside addition, cheap
No l:. Five good lots on Court street, $150
to 82oo each.
No. 32. Two lots on Wichita street, Moo.
No. 13. Six lots on Douglas avenue. 8I"00.
No. 75. A nice plat or ground ror suh-dlvld-lng
on Lawrence and Topeka avenues, can be
sold at a bargain.
No. 70 llnslncss lot on Slain street, $1000.
No. n'i Large lot on Mark) t street, cheap at
No fc7 A large lot Tor sub-dividing, on Cen
tral avenue ,
I have the exclusive sale of lots In Orme and
Phillips addition, south or the city 1 his Is the
highest plat of gTonnd around the city, and
prices are within the reach of all, 100 lots al
ready sold, ond houses am springing up all over
the addition. Call early and make a selection
The late Improvements In West Wichita, in
cluding the new pa-nenger depot, have brought
ns an unprecedented demand for lots in that lo
cality. It Is the nearest vacant pinperty to the
business center of Wichita, and there is no
doubt of Its rapid growth and a good advance on
present prices. .
lbave the sole agency Tor lots In Stevens ad
dition. These lota are centrally located, and
are having ready sale
Emporia Avenues,
-.jJi ''-i;. .
Correspondence Solicited.
N. F. Niederlander,
Kansas Furniture House,
Dealers in all kinds of Furniture
(j"Come and examine our goods and prices before purchasing else
where, and be convinced that wc mean business.
I am still in the ring. Come and see me at the old stand, corner of Market
aud Douglas arcnuc
Manufacturers of
Fine Carriages, Buggies & Spring Wagons.
Repairing-, Shoeing and Plow Work Promptly Attended To.
South Main Street, net to Cooper's Stable.
h:. c. wiiDsoitsr & go.,
(Succ'sorji to WiWon .t Tnnii,)
Loan Money on Improved Lands on Long
or Short Time.
Money at. Sight, CommiBsion Very Low.
We have connected
In detail Mil v,Sc!l .t Exchange Western properly for Eastern, aud vice versa
Call ou or address
Manager or the Wichita Branch, WICHITA, KANSAo
Oflice over T. II. Lvnch's store, Douglas avenue.
IT-vra'R.'y A2? IiI"V:E A.N"X) LET IiI"V"E PBICES
IIiii;?ic3,; rh.etoni. Carriages ami Spring
llic Finest ami Cheapest in the Market
soxjtx-3". ..sir)Bc;"Nrn5A.i "xivEi'ii.BE'raN'T'
The BestGoods for'lthe Least Money of Any Store in
If you want the bt'st iiignr-cured ham in the world, try our "Star" Mrand.
The choicest teas by the pound or bov : pug.trs by the barrel ; colleen by the
sack : canned goodf and cracker? by tho oa-e, at lowest wholesale prices.
Agents for Whitehall Stoneware. Carloads at
The Best Five-Cent and Ten-Cent Cigars on Earth.
Goods Delivered. Try Us k See.
W. E: JETT & Co.
Are to the front with the Lale-l, Neatet, Nobbiest and Clieape't Hrie of
-r-N- arsis cxa? -jr.
J)ougls Avenue, Between Smyth's
Frooman & Peckllani,
Staple & Fanc3 Groceries
Fruits, Nuts, Candies, Etc.
Highest cah price paid for produce. 3ff.re jyootU ohl for the m?
money than by any other firm in ibe dtr. Good drfircr-rd promptly to ty
part of the city, jy Sonth -ide ofDoaghi areaue, Third dwirwuto
Main Street, tVichiu, Kaaiaf. -t
"iVnRiins for sale at iiricen ranging from .V) to STiO.
J I. Cooi'Kii, Proprietor.
" . - . - i r. .
and Va!lsc.r Impln-nt Uoauv.
'o. 60 Main
Handles a Complete Line of
Clothing, Hats, Caps and Famishing Goods
Fraik f. Weir, Fritx SiHsler's M Stl
Goods at Kansas City Prices.
Main Street,
C - ) - -v -A "IT "y Q imam o x i) r It O X T,
--F. W. SWAB!--
fStCCKh&OltlO V. fTAV.Kit.S )
Keepnon hand fine jrootli-of lli(tlntit ulyle. The lurp-t lMk In tlm
city. Salii-fiiclioii guaranteed. S troitblf to nhww Rood. C'nll nnd e me.
cThe German Grocery'
No. 1 16. Dou-flan Av. HUSKY & KRCBNERT
Oinrciwirt In W ." Trllt 1
Largest Asccrtaicat cf Fino Driod Fruits in tnt City.
California IJAnntd (luoth nf nil kin Jt, 1'aragwi Avk Grmtr, Murhttte Oil,
Ortm Srtth, Mr., Kir.
r lre U to kt -rjUili.r ! r H. I1" flrt-Ji, l !, rtfi-'Mdl
SrJ 1ml tbr CBtry od ey nA k.I1c"11. All r'"l 4llr" pfntitAij 1
pa.iofih.eitr. HTBABO-EB 3XlOa.
Furniture & Carpel Emporium!
Furniture, CarpetSj Oil Cloths, Mattresses,
Lambrequin Poles Cornices Mouldings, Mirrors, Childrens'
Carriages, Etc.
2cm Block, eppecits TszcZze,
"-tV'- ..'.ft
If yoa ilslr-s to Irfjy, 1I or rxehnj: rl 41' ufvtpkwl, or borrow
or Jon mnncy on n-l ti'; or diaiUU, rirp o eU. We Lt tl t
f:liU for oar loiet. Crrrtond'kf oTM-itU
Orncr, 122 bowjlai At,
Kimmerle &. Adams,
JUnuftctarcrs of od Dealer in
ibok nxcm a. ittxlsziri jtoiti,
Street, between K!m aad Secoatl, Wichita.
and Retail
& Brown,
Wichita, Kansas
Hrt Dwir .S'urlh uf TouulT llntlillor
VCUhfta, Kat

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