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"A'-"- " '(ff Mr tr' -'V-V ' i "1st -,? ' 'J."i' -V -V1 v jj-w.--i
Come to tbe ratification this evening.
Don't fail-to attend the ratification to
nlpUL Tbe fines imposed and collected in tbe
police court jestenlay amounted to $37.
Cbas. II. Morehouse has been coimul
loiied a notary public by Governor Glick.
He filed bis papers as such in tbe district
court yesterday.
A spirited foot race between local fctep
pers took place in tiie east part ol tbe city
yesterday, for a jmrse of 20. It resulted in
n ti "
Married by Justice Thomas at bis olHce
in ibis i(v, on the 20tli, J. A. Hunsberger,
of Wichita, and Miss Luclla Itlair, of
An interesting letter from John A. Wal
lace, a member of Garfield post, who is now
probably ut Minneapolis will be found in
another column.
.Several wagons loaded with movers
passed through the city jestcrday. l'art of
them were from Wisconsin on their way to
The following figures will thow tbe re
ceipts and disbursements at -the county
treasurer's office up to the hour of closing
business vestcrday: Keceipts, $100 00.
Disbursement", fr.'O.T.'i.
Wc understand that fMiiytlie & Sons will
soon erect u large brick on their lot one
door cast of O. C. Daitj's new brick, on
Douglas avenue.
Mr. . Qebring, tho cracker factory man,
has purchased two fiuc lots iu Orme &. I'll! I
lips' addition, in tbe south pjrt of tbe city,
upon which ho will erect a handsome
1 be lawn social given last evening at the
handsome residence of Mr. Guthrie, on the
corner oi jintru ami jvaco streets, was
very largely attended, and proved an occa
sion of much cnjovuienf.
Kvery alley in the city should be
thoroughly cleansed, and people should be
prohibited from dumping their tilth In such
places. Many of the allejs of Wichita are
a disgrace to the people who reide In front
of them.
l'eter Getto has commenced the Improve
ments on his properly ou the corner of
Douglas and Market. Wc understand that
he will add one more story tc the building,
and will putin a handsome front. Several
workmen were engaged upon it yesterday,
Henry Miller and John Doc were arrest'
cd Monday evening and lodged in jail.
They are susplcioned as the parties who
broke into a frcigjit car Sunday night and
stole a cae ol boots belonging to A. Allen.
Theircasc will be heard injustice Thorns'
court Friday morning.
A branch land office is now being cstab
lished by . I'. .Xledcrl.inder, iu the rooms
formerly occupied by I.. 7. Crouch, in tbe
south end or the Wichita National btnk
This is n very desirable place for an office,
and it will be fitted up in excellent shape.
Mr. N. has not yet decided who he will put
iu charge ol it.
Having lead our editorials of icttida
morning on whi-ke. City Attorney Capt.
.1. M. l!a1dertoii very considerately hand
ed us an interesting work on prohibition,
embellished with the portrait ol II. II. Mc
Donald, the California millionaire who
piopore to open a barrel if t. .lohn, ol
Kansas, don't get away witli him. When
blessed with more lime we will read the
work and profit thereby.
A membtr of l'mkcrtoii'u detective force
was in the iJtyjestcrdaj, and we are in
formed that be was on the hunt for a suita
ble loom iu which to establish a branch de
tective ollice. Ilesajs that Wiihila has
giowu in notoriet) mi much of late and is
m well located, tint the rinkeitoti man
ngeis regard it a good point iu which to es
tablish branch iiurtei.
John Sagbmrls, who runs a little boo
and shoe repairhnp on Douglas avenue,
one door oast of Chas. Hunter's grocery,
met with a painful accident yesterday morn
ing. lie was iu the act oftrimmiiig the sole
ofa boot when his keen knife slipped and
struck him on the fleshy pail of the lelt
arm. inflicting a long, deep gash, from
whiih thelilood Irecly (lowed. A doctor
wh called and did up Ihu wound.
Mr. Allen, ttie wholesale dry good mid
notion dealer, has nude arragements with
W. O. Woodman for the further extension
if the new business bouse now being
elected by the latter gentleman on Main
street for the business of the latter. The
room is to be nude one hundred and forty
feel deep, reaching from tbe street to tbe
alley which will make It among the most
capacious busiucsa rooms in tuo cit. The
building is two stories high, and the front
is vfSt. Louis or Kansas City pressed
brick. The other new building being
erected north of the bank by Mr. Wood
man, will be occupied by Mr. AVait with a
Jobbing stok of clocks, watches and that
line of trade at an oirly day.
The Kt. Scott.t Wichita road is making
thodjrtflylu tho direction of Aigonin.
The bridge over the Ninnescah river was
completed last week, and the track lasers
arc uow following the graders. Tliay will
get jto the south side of Springdalc town
ship, Manner county, by the first ot
August. This will complete tho
road to within two aud a hal." miles ol Ar
gouia, aud wc learn that bond propositions
will at o nee be rc-subinlttcd In Dixon
township, Sumner county, and odell, sil
ver Creek and Anthony. Iu this county.
There is no longer, and never wa, any
doubt about the I't. Scott road coming to
Authonv, uud the company expect tohavc
the cars running into Anthany by the first
of October. Anthony Kcpublican.
Considerable excitement was caused
down about the fieight depot jestcrday
morning by the circulation of a report that
the Ssntn Kc train bad been robbed by a
Auother day has passed, and a very suc
cessful one it has been. At tbia tine every
one seems to be interested In tbe work that
Is laid out for u to do, aad there teems to
be a willingness on tbe part of both in
structor! and pupils to do all they can to
make this institute a profitable one to
themselves. Tbis is aa It abould be; for It
is quite an expense to most of those that
attend when we count the different Items
that go toward Baking up a total, and
all for what? Why simply
to benefit somebody's boys and girls, they
get the gain if any is derived from the in
stitute. The teachers do not. I believe
every school officer in tbe county should
attend and see what the teachers are trying
to do. I believe that It tbey could sec the
71 earnest pupils as tbey pass from one reci
tation to another, and see and bear the .n
slructors as tbey endeavor to work up
the recitations so as to create
an enthusiasm in ' others that
will equal their own; I believe if they
could see and bear things tbey would ap
preciate the efforts put forth by tbe teach
ers of this county.
Yesterday we received fifteen new mem
bers from different parts of the county, the
most are those who have been teaching, so
that everything looks promising for a full
house as usual.
The recitations jesterdav were good
wbcu we take Into consideration tbe fact
thata large number of those present did
not have an opportunity to make
due preparation. There is a little timidity
on the, part of some of the younger portion
of the pupils, but I believe tbey Invariably
get over that, especially the female mem
bers. It is hoped that wc shall have visi
tors. Everyone will receive prompt atten
tion, even editors will receive tbe same po
lite attention as other people. To-morrow
will give items on other subjects.
Foliowiug is a list of those who joined
the institute yesterday.
K O llrundage City
Alice Farmer .... City
Illanch Smith Audover
Helen Illvnn Sedgwick
Julia Meyers Sedgwick
Arris Smith Sedgwick
I.ottiefeniytbe City
Lottie Herring City
Carrie licnscl Garden Plain
Ella Bauslen l'eabody
Hettie Wilson Greenwich
J A lUughinau Ohio Center
EdithTusch City
Bell Chips Greenwich
Julia Itljnn Sedgwick
W. I). McCorraaek, of Lock Haven,
l'a., is now in the city.
Dr. tMell, of Centerville, Iowa, father
of Mrs. Ko Harris, is in tbe city ou a vieit
to bis daughter.
II. 1. Wicks, of the Uenton Ueporter,
called on the full-fledged yesterday.
I). Hrnuswick and M. Kosenficld, of
Anthony, registered at the Tremont yes
terday. C. A. White came down from Cheney
John Kagau, the stenographer, has re
turned to Topeka,
A. Hendey, of L-iwrcucc, was on the
streets jestcrday.
T. 11. Forbes and A. It. Blackburn, of
Anthony, transacted business in tbis city
Hint Venable, S. S. Baker, E. Wait and
l'eter Miller, all or Kingman, were In the
city jestcrday, taking in the sights and
talking politics.
G. A. Peoples and daughter are making
arrangements and will soon start for the
north, where tbey go for rest aud recu
peration. Sinn-oil Priest, the man who was hit on
the head with a rock while indulging in a
tight Monday, is in a rather dangerous con
dition. His 'Aouuds may prove fatal.
.1. C. Dudley, a leading merchant uf
Clearwater, who has been spending some
weeks in and around Ojiiucy, III., returned
borne Monday. Mrs. Dudley, a charming
joung lady or that state, accompanied hliii.
The Messrs. Harrison, father aud son,
of Lincoln ton ii-hip, were both in tbe city
je.tcrday. Mr. Harrison, tbe eider seems
to be a grand-hearted and level headed
gentleman of the old school, whose clear
vision of the right cannot be effected by tho
glamor of latter day effects.
It. S. Tarbell, of the South Bend, Indi
ana, Tribune company, wno lias lieen
spending two weeks in this valley, enjoj
ing our bree7es and taking notes of our
wonderful crops and country, made us a
call jesterdaj i very pleasant call. The
Tribune and the' Kaglc sec no cause for
despondency upon the part of the Republi
can party.
On Saturday morning last, upon the farm
of Morgan VI ut. in Richland township, six
or seven miles west of Douglass, says tbe
Reporter, a shooting affray occurred, with
serious result. Frank Hensbaw was shot
through tbe breast by Xathanael Russell,
the ball entering upan tbe right side, near
tbe nipple aud passing to the left and
.downward, coming out od the leftside be
low tbe ribs.
The circumstances as we learn tbciu are
as follows: Russell and Hensbaw, together
with several other harvesters, were assist
ing in gathering Col. Vint's wheat and oats
crop. On Friday a difficulty arose between
these tw o parties and bard words ensued.
The other harvesters, not dreaming of auy
serious difficulty, rather encouraged the al
tercation for tbe fun there was in it. Both
psrtie became quite angry but did not
come to blows. On Friday night Russeil
went to his father's, sajing he would
return the next morning. On Saturday
morning at working time be bad not return
ed, but later he came over riding a pony.
He went direct to the header barge where
Hensbaw was at work and demanded a re
traction of something that bad been said
the day before. Heiishaw jumped from the
wagon and started for Russell, but before
they clinched was shot.
After shorting, Russell turned his horse
and rode away. Hensbaw walked to a
wheat stack and fell, and was put into a
wagon and conveyed to Col. Villi's house.
Both of the parties arc young men about
1 or 22 j earn of age. voting Russell sent
back to find out the ctlect of his shot, and
then remained around his house until ar
rested. He was taken before Esquire
Mitchell, under charge of assault with in-
taut to kill, placed under a bond of $2,000
and released to await the lesult of the
wound. His trial in el for the 24th iiist.
There will be a large ratification mi eting
this evening, on the corner of
Doi glas avenue and Main street, at 8 p. m
in honor of the nomination of Dr. E. B.
Allan to the ollice uf secretary of state, and
for the purpose of organizing a Blaine aud
Logan duo. (iood speakers and music
will be in attendance.
Col. James R. Hallowell, United Slates
district attornej, of Columbus, and other
prominent speakers will be on band.
In a private oin-iiies letter received -terday
by II. D. Helsermau from Wallace
T. Rouse, louutv ireasurer of Barber coun
ty, the latter adds the following paragraph
as a postscript:
I see by yesterday's Eagle that Dr. Allen
secured the nomination for secretary of
state. Of course we wanted our man, Mr.
Omen to "cet there." but as be did not.
the Rcpublicaus of Barber county unite in
saying nurran ror ir. Allen, our next sec
retary ot state. Truly yours,
W. T. RoUhK.
The following are the real estate transfers
recorded In the register of deeds' office
Jul 21 :
E. W. Deam to J. J. Harrison lot 20 in
blocks in Mount Hope $ DO
Robert A. Saunders to Wallace T.
Rouse, the sw cjr of sec 20-27-4 west 1,500
dailies a. lanauay to j. i. uiley and
W. E. Nims, 1G0 acres, the w bt of
tnc ue qraml tlic n fit of tbe nw qr
oi sec 2-2i-i west
Jacob Pillanggar to A P Twineham
lots til and S.1 ou North Market or
Court street in Wichita
Wm Mallhewson to Uerold M Ware,
ioi2o on first street in wicnita ...
A., T. S. F. road to T R Hazard. 80
acres, the s hi of the svv qrof sec
3-23-1 w
John W. Almoek to F. Casson, lfiO
acres of the tuv ir. i sec. U:2.V2
west $7,40)
Martin llcllar to John. I. litL.IU, lot
179 on Ross avenue In Tracy fc lluy
er's add to Clearw Her
Alfred Ray to M. II. 1! i er. property
known as the V.illoy ll,u-e, on
Douglas uieiiue ,
Geo M Noble to Geo !' singer. lfiO
acres, tlic sw qr ot t c :;,-! Sw
E R C Cody to R C Mils, lots , J. o,
8, 10. 12. 14, 1(5. Is. 10 and ii on lo-
peka avenue in Wli'liit'i
Isaac .Matkin to G (ieliling, lot Im,
ill block 2 hi Oime A Phillips' add
to Wichita
A C Brokaw to (i (it linn-;, lot 07 ill
block 2 iu Oime .V Phillips' mid to
I, fin-'
lot of men near Derby
matter, however, is that a lot ot tramps
were put off the train near that place, aud
to get even with the railroad compau, re
mained along the track and as trains
passed would throw stones at the
car windows. "They succeeded in
breaking one window aud hitting several
Kanh vs Cit v, Sunday, 6 p. m.
Probably wc could not have bad a more
pleasant mornlug to start out on a trip of
six hundred miles than this proved to be,
and we bad a delightful ride through the
growing corn and harvested wheat. But
the crops grew less luxuriant as we got far
ther from the Arkausas Valley We ar
rived at Xewton iu au hour after leaving
home, aud the western train was twelve
hours late. Through the interposition of
Mr. Bennett, the special traveling agent of
the A. T. A S. F., e were sent through on
a special train, In a chair car.
We reached Emporia at twelve o'clock,
where forty-two comrtdes of tbe G. A. R.
boarded the train, but still tbe train was
not overloaded.
Two o'clock brought us to Burllngame
where, twenty-one years ago, Col. Murdork
began the publication of the Oaage Chroni
cle, the first paper published in Os.tg coun-
Wcariived at Topeka on time and 250
persons were added to the number en route
to Minneapolis. There were 73 member or
the Flambeau club, 18 of the Modoc, 18 of
the drum corps, 25 of the ladies' auxiliary
society, and 50 members of Lincoln post
No. 1. Tho others were friends ol the
members of tbe G. A. R. They all went
over the Rock Island.
. At Kansas City, holy Moses! what a
crowd of frantic people. Everybody and
cverjbodj's friend were going somowherr.
Wc wait here two hours. Tbe great bulk
of the crowd gots uvcrthe Rock Island
The managers ot the Arkansas Valley
Agricultural association have engaged
'Waite's Union Square Baud" to play at
the Sedgwick county fair, October 1, t anil
.'!. This is the same band that will make a
tour of the United States with J. R.
Waite's dramatic company the coming sea
son, and is without exception one of the
very best bands ou the road. The man
agers ot the fair are to be congratulated on
having secured so decided an attraction for
tbe coming exhibition.
While Mrs. Holwik was purchasing some
berriesat Peckham & Heller's groicry yes
terdaj, she and Wm. McLaiu, who clerks
for the firm, got into a dispute over the
measurement of the same, and McLaiu so
far forgot himself. is to slap her in the face.
She at once got out a warrant for bis arrest,
charging him with assault. The case was
brought before Judge Glenn, and' McLean
fined ?17. The lesson was rather an ex
pensive one, but it will probably cause him
to keep his temper under better control in
the tuturc.
The home ol Mr. and Mrs. Dadismau, ou
Market street, three blocks north of Doug1
las avenue, wa iuvaded by a stranger
.Monday morning, who without any appar
ent timidity looked across the table to Dr.
Jones, and sung out "Hello Grandpa!" Its
ahoy of course.
I tie trulu of tbo judging from prcseut appearances The
train on that line is gorgeously decorated.
There was no lack of fun on tbe train tbis
morning. One of the boys found a dirty
paper collar aud pinned it on Hank Hei-er-mau's
window and labeled it "Chinese
laundry. Hank Heiermin, proprietor."
It was a prohibition outtli. A leadiuc
John V. Motfet, of the Kansas Furniture
bouse, received by tbe Adams express a
Blaine aud Logau hat presented to him by
the auditor of state, E. P. McCabe, and it
is a daisy.
R. E. Guthrie has changed the plan of
his new building on Main street. He
will uow extend the building back the en
tire length of;thc; lot to tho alley. This
will give him a building one hundred and
thirty feet deep.
Photographer Rogers jestcrday took a
large street view of Cohn's corner.
Smoke I.a Confeslore Cuban Cigar. For
sale at Sninlzcll & Douglass' drug store.
of the pusscngcr. Word was sent to this Whichlta physician told the boys not to
city by the railroad olhcial. who a-kcd ' uako bog.of tbeuisele but filly or sixty
..... . .. ... . .. 1 nips a uav wouiu no no uariu. .1. A. v
that the sheriff be sent out to arrest the' ' '
parties referred to. Sheriff Fisher dep-'
utized one or two parties for that purpose,
w ho left here about uoou ou a epecial en-,
The case of J, ( . DavU vs. the Atchison,
gine and coath. This posse succeeded in , Topeka & Santa Fc road was concluded in
capturing two joung mm, wnom tliey , u,c district court eterd) the jury re
brought back aud placed In jail to await turning a verdict about four o'clock iu fa
thiir examination. There was no attempt jvor of tbe plaintiff for $2,500. I he attorney
whatever to rob the train. (for the defense filed a motion lor a new
Ex-Judge W. P. Campbell conducted the
case of J. C. Davis against the Santa Fc
rokd, in which case Mr. Davis sued lor
10,000 for personal injuries sustained.
We have not mentioned tbe names of the
attorneys in tbis case for the simple reason
that wo didn't know who were cmploved
aside from Judge C but the able manner (
in which he handled his client's claim is a
matter ol much street talk, wonder and ad-j
tiial which w-s over-ruled bj the court,
and thlrtj days given in which to make
out a case for the supreme court. A stay
of execution until that time wa ordered.
The case or Flojd Kelly v.. Peter Mnitb,
is now being tried. The plaintiff brings
action to recover wages alleged to be due
from defendant. Tbe case was appealed
from Justice Lymau's court
The case of tbe State vs. Emil Weruer, in
I wlh to siy to all my creditors to plea-e
be patient until the second week In Au
gust, when I will pay all debts In full.
56-2 Mll. L. GOKMV.N.
Honey to Lcsn at Six Per Cesk.
Wchave mouej to loan at (! per rent in
terest on good productive real estate, cither
in tbe city or country. Privileges granted
to psj loan before due, -ind interest pajable
aim ually or pcuil-auuuallj, as desired.
5C-d.tw-tf lte..F.tx .V Rov
Farms For Sale.
ToTheijGoiBg to'Kewaj City ut Beyni.
Ky taklag tbe Atchison, Topeka Santa
Fe railroad, you will bare plenty of time to
get your breakfast at borne, aad get an ele
gant chair car through to Kansas City with
out change, instead ol being obliged to get
up and take a train at an unseasonable
hour, and be much longer on tbe road by
what is advertised as the "shortest" line.
The traveling public can judge for them
selves as to which is the "shortest" and
"quickest" route. II. B. Keelkr,
4S- Agent Union Depot.
Graff's Esropsaa Hettl, KesUnraat ud Cea-
Being compelled to go east at an early
date I will sell my entire business to a cash
purchaser, or will sell tbe restaurant and
confectionery. Have a lease on tbe build
ing ror three j ears. For particulars ad
dress, R. P. Graff,
51-tr Wichita, Kan.
0. A. E. Atteatisa.
Phease bear in mind that the Atchison,
Topeka & Santa Fe and St. Louis & San
Francisco railroads stand ready to meet
any rates offered by any other line and
offer superior accommodations in conuec
tion therewith. Any statements to the
contrary notwithstanding.
II. B. Kp.elf.k, Agent, Union Depot.
Monty at Cheap Bates.
made arrangements to loan
money in this part of Kansas for tbe North
western Mutual Life Insurance Company,
o Milwaukee, and can offer lower rates
than have ever been made in tbis section of
the country. Local agents wanted in ad
jacelit counties.
35-tf Bunnell A Roys.
Smoke LalConfesiore Cuban Clitar. For
sale at Swintzell A Douglass' drug store.
The only cigar worth 5c is tbe Spanish'at
Central Drug Store, opposite postoffice.
Fast Tims and Clots Correction la the St. Lsull
Ft. Scott A Wichita R. R.
Passengers for tbe east will pleas; bear
in mind that by taking our 6 a. m. train
tbey will arrive in Kansas City at 4:15 p. m
aud make close connections with all trains
for the east and west. Ad. M. JcTMES,
A Spanish G cent cigar at Central Drug
Store is tbe cigar for tbe monej.
Bring j our babies, your children and all
the big folks to Baldwin A Ottergren's.and
be photographed with lightuing speed. 32-tf
No. 88 Douglas avenue is where you
can rest comfortably while waiting for
your pictures. 32-tf
A good stock of groceries, on tbe bst
corner iu tbe city, ror sale by the Wichlt.v
Land A Loan Co. '2CH
Special BmlneM Opportunity in Wellington
Stock of Dry Goods for sale. Choice lo
cation; large room. Address,
EnwAitns, Thomson & Co,2
55-71 Wellington, Kansas
We are makini: a reduction on all of
Stacy, Adams A C'o's. band sewed shoes for
men. come and set a pair while tbey are
selling so cheap. A. Al.I.KX,
Dye Works.
Ladies' and gentlemen's goods cleaned or
djed. Scouring and sponging by tbe French
Process, at Ul Main street.
G. A. Peoi-lkk A Daughter,
:t7-lin Proprietors
To Thore Going to St. Lonii and Beyond
By taking the SL Louis and San Francis
o Line at U:50 a. in., or tbe Atchison. To
peka A Santa Fe railroad at 7:20 a. in., jou
will an he In St. Louisabout the same time
Mt.tnytli.il von would by taking whatis
.idverti-eil as the shortest route at the tin
ri.isouable hour of ( a. m. I leave it for
the public to judge as to which is the more
deirable route.
II. It. Keeleie,
48- Agent Union Depot.
Bats! Hats!! Hats!!
Silk, Suit, Stiff or Straw Hats, washed
block id, ironed, shaped, stiffened, trim
med, djed or bleached at the dye works, 63
Main -licet.
G A. 1'kopi.ks A Daughter,
:!7-liu Proprietors.
Hiivo tlic well known McAIestcr coal,
which I oqiuil if not siijiDrior to
the t'litiiiii City.
Wc ndvisc all our renders to jrive it
:i trhil, :if lhi lirni will keep it on hand
constantly. tf
No use I- sighing for something good to
eat win ii by stepping in at Fuller A Son's
jou can get a can of Loomla A Allen's
corn. 25-tf
Headquarters for tin: sale of Hatfield
towutnmpany lots at the Wichita Land
aud Loan company' office, Bauk of Com
merce room". 2!Mf
HAS ukmovi:i HIS
lo s!uli USrket St., op. Ut Stable.
Light Work a Specialty.
JQ?" Cull ami examine prices. 60-
Colllns Ague Cure not only breaks up
chills and frvr at once, but it removes tbe
morbid bilious secretions, thoroughly
cleanses the svstem and permanently cures
the dUease. It is the greatest anti-bilious
remedy and liver regulator in tbu whole
field of medicine. Price SO cents ; every
bottle warranted. Sold by all druggists.
The fbllowinr table rives toe arrival and de
parture of trains at Wichita.
Express S:S5 A. U.
Ac. Freight. 3:25 P. M.
WichitaEx.9:0OP. M.
fExpresa... a:) A.M.
ACtTeigm a:ui. at.
Kansas City Express IrSOA. M.
Express-..:. 5:2SP. M 5J0P. M.
Ac.Fiefght 11:15 A. 31 li:P. M.
jeans aanr.
All others daily except Sunday.
Good Titles,
Honest Representations,
Splendid Bargains,
H. G. LEE,
Cerner of Main streft aud Douglas Avenue.
you want to buy a farm.
yon want to aell a farm.
you want to rent your farm.
you want reliable insurance.
the Above Ageacy.
Cltv lroirtv of all descriptions for sale at
reasonable nrlces. Aireut for Clearwater
post 9 !L
Watch, Gun, Pistol,
Diamond Pin, Sleeve l'.iittons, Ring. Watch
Chain, or in Tact anything, it will pay
yuu to go and see
For, If be has anything you want, you can save
money by buying or him. 53" Two doors
west of Tremont House, next to Mederland
er's land office, 44 Dongl avenue, WirMta,
Kaatas. 39-tf
Peruvian Beer & Pure Ice-Cream.
The Best in the World.
Msln'.fltreet, second door coutli of First Street
n. TTZEXiZ-iOG-a-,
Grain and Produce Commission
f'hlrairo martet rewit-i reielved every lirteen
mlniitis from !::to a. m to 'i M r i Office
under Citizens ItanL, VMchltn, Kaunas. Dral
ers In Kraiu and piodnce Invited to mike my
office their headquarters. d-3-tf
r t-lssssVPslsHaieaalFTY
Firator NorthD o of Postoffice.
Please do not uiMlerntaml that I am not
tbaukfulrortlie llberrl pntrc.ii;i-t nf the -i.!e
or Wichita, furlt hJ lar snriiii-iil my expect
tluns. With a tliou-aiul 'Ihniil. joim" Tor the
intelligence you hat p. already -Imnn In looting
forward and obtaining hat trill iKir ymi that
which money cannot buy VIIuN, I -till
want ou to continue to eme, althdiuh the
weather Is dreadful hot.
Like all the rett nf mankind. I nm Milling to
work fur money. With meitU Ihe lew pnltry
dollars that It in it Willi M-u it !a matter ut
far greater importance one that rjinnot lie
computed in dollar and cent n come along
and I will ntaml the hot westher it-t long a- I cau
do good, aud at the time time make -nine
money, which Is etery min'suiuy.
But yon that live In town cone earl rume In
the cool of the day ; comeheTore thecrowiN be-
flntocome from the country, m mUtnkei are
lable to occur under such urcumtauee Of
course mUtakes are corrected should there tie
any. Hut we don't want to make an).nd"el
dom will trample time N allotted lint Allow
me to Impress on your mind the tart that the
proier selection of sjiectacles to correet the
vision, and aiUt nature lu retjinlng the nor
mal condition of the eve, l a matter that can
not be too carefully attended to, ami should not
be done lu haste
If you are rich I don t want all tourttealth
for a pair of uir lenres. title I am n. i heap
optician, dealing lu cheap good-, I "III not
ask or yon more than you are willing ! pay
after eelng what I ran do fur jou If jou are
Poor don't let p-nerty keep ymi auat lh
Lord knows that If antliodt needs gom! -Ight
it Is theiioor. "-ocomeaml -ee me, ami I prom
ise you the same attention and am leu that
the rich hate, and at a price that you are able
to pay.
louri reMtecuiuit .
Die it if Mvr.
Killeen & Stockinger,
Practical Plumbers, Steam & Gas
Gas I'hiarei. Sfeara Healing k Vr atililii!; a
SprnKj. Kstiaialcj FetchM.
Six yvcII improved farms, situated in
Milton and Murdock :otrnlilp, flutter
county. Kansas. Address A. Harrison,
Clarion, Sedgwick county, Kansas.
A good drujr business for sale,
particular enquire of Inue V
miration; laorauie commeut Is well nigh which the latter Is charged with dislurbinj
miUcrsal. Corporations way hae no soul?, the peace, was called in Ju.tiir Thomas'
butltisj;raelyiuvpectcdtbat the attor- COUrt yesterday. A chance of tenue was
ncy or tbi particular one wlhe from tbe; ,.v.ed" lor and" granted. The case was
bottom of bis beait. that it had at rtt tor Thursday iiiorntnin Justice Hobbs'
least tbe semblance of a gizzard. It r court.
does one inexpressible good to find
a 'lairyer now and tlieu poe-slnr the
requisite ability to brln tbec monopolists
of cheek and gall to a realizing scuc of
eternal truth that though tbe etc- of jus
tice ma) bo bandaged with a tery cheap
rag, she is net ertbeless wide awake In tLis
lattltude and with not only her ears but her
hearjt 011(11. The judge ooUbl not hae la-1
Younc Austin resembles very much
young Heller, one ot our carriers. An In
dignant subscriber bounced Austin it.
terday morning tar skipping him and w
bound to thrash him whether or do. Aus
tin holds this office for damages wbieb we
guess will bate to be met.
The Spanlh j cent cigar is the boss at
Central Pru Store, opposite the postoffice.
Sw r.NTZr.M. -t POUfiLa.s.
Itetuold's Bro's celebrated fine shoes lor
women at a reduction or eventy-five cents
per pair. I.adie. now It tbe time to gel a
pair or tbe be-t boe lor less than tbey are
worth. A. Allen.
Tbe liet wahlng-raachlne In the world. Save time. labor and clothe. Simple, dnrable
and eanllt oirated. ami does Its work better than any other machine mud. It doe-not require
unrrulililnir m the board whatever: therefore absolutely uo wear or tear ou me ciome n
lrlll waxb
ill fiklloti in ii
lteecrod,.( . White and II Itutledge, or Kldridge. and Larimer, John Kstllff. .fames
vlrhle, tlodson, E. IlMalf and Doc. Lee, of Wichita, or any other porcliaeM We al-o
tell a r'lrnt-Claa Wringer the Krl superior to any other in the market All orders addressed
o me at Wichita or KIdrtdge will receive prompt attention MU- s It HKLL.
j$.tf Agent for Sedgwick County
ibbing on the board whatever; therefore absolutely uo wear or tear ou the clothe It
a..h anything from a lace collar to a bed blanket, and we guarantee it to give perfect at
ou KTery purchaser U enthnjaitlc Id its praise. Kor proof we re.pectfnlly rtrervouto
low Ing person, who are using the machine, Meame Mary dlw, Keynolds, . ".
Partien wi-bini; to Imrrow money will
liorKltnrtrvfaitliMll''. ernrtl nor effect-, llndan Inti rvlin! Mxrial trntu Bunnell Jt
iveiy uaa inn a -s ou.tr ice Kl,n ......n.er
them to rca.'.
Go to tbe firl tair east of the Xew
York tore for photographs. 3i tr
Smoke 1-s Coute-iore Cuban Cigar. For
ale at Swintzell i. Douglass drug store.
Ask your grocer for Loom Is Jt Allen's
corn. It i delirious. 25-tf
At tlint tittie we will ofler you auythiujr iu the Boot ami Shoe liue at or
iit-artY rost. Our stock is Urge ami from the bet manufacturer- of the
Eat. ami thW sate will be au extra chance to get Boots ami Shoe- cheaper
than you ever got them before, a they mut sell to make room for a I-irge
Fall Stock.
k- .T-.TtTHsT.
Four Doors South of the I'oe-tofrtce.
jfi, -,
Pair Overalls
Fifty Cents ; worth $1.00.
New York Store
Don't Forget Tllis
I have rouelmli'il lo iloec out my entire stock of .adit Misses:'
ami (Jhililn-u'n
Iteganlle: of Cost lo nmki- room for au extra large stoek of
Clothing-, and Men's
and Boys Boots & Shoes!
Tliis Liue will be Slaughtered until every pair U gone, aud
Don't you Forget it.
Doonlas Ave., one Door West of Citizeu' M.
The Bloom is on the Peach
THIS wntiT
The Blooms are Bargains.
aattao for 12 l-lo. wortk 20c
LamwM squally low.
Summer Dress Goods Slaughtered.
A Panic in Parasol
Tkisi m tk Tia to Bvy Chemp SaauMr Silk for t.
Jot All-Ovr Istvo Just ReojlTd.
Hamburg All Over.
11-Otot Nt-the Newt This Out is Dotted Lac Net.
Beautiful Designs' in
White Smbroidered Robea.
Pink Zephyr Embroidered Robe.
Blue Zephyr Embroidered Robes.
These Goods are Reduced Twenty-live per Gent
They are Great Bargains. ,
Oome and See for Yourself.
N.X.T.P.O. N.X.T.P.O.
' i I
nr-i -
If you aru (letting Ucadj for vonr
' UT - if &
QTTf.A"Kfl"niTD rfl-MTT3 '-' ,
MMM IMf g-.lf- J 1J
Bear In Mind 'I hat We art!
--w! r
- fH
Trunks r
t - ., - si
. -S, T-S '--.
X i
t it
a ,
, iij.fi i fL titer " T4
" ?..
'iliiniii. whi.li It will Jiav
RtMnlii O-lrren-n are anvr reaJ tX
p!ioOLTaili all mIio rail at Ibtir Dewly fur
nislirtl loom-. Nil ! l)oub ae. n Ja
Plasia. svsincmtlaia A EaUssustM raraUaat Stsstrt Xtie.
Bargains in the Glores Stock!
9 Dozen Silk Taffeta Glove good value til 60 rent
jxtr jtairteill be cloted out at 53 cent.
25 Cents; Reduced to 12 1-2 Cents.
Club and Tourist Bags,
Ladies' Hand Bags & Satchels,
Shawl and Shoulder Straps,
Linen and Mohair Dusters,
Sun Umbrellas and
Collar and Cuff Boxes.
' Ai
i t J. 1H4
A HpUmrlld Uar of -VfgM-.Stiirl From
', - "4
81-2 Dozen Lult Frame Glares good valut at -25
rcnUper jrair villi oUued ot at 121-2 emit jrr
. , ; -ljt , ' . ,.sa
10 MUNSON'S 10
10 Main St.
X3T hofiauslh alii loufla ttfaot,
tottrt- lt tt, WlrAIU. Ktatw.
BmIJ.bc. Talri aaJ iVtchiU ttrtuTl
mm Mm ui Finnkn
mw -saaHn We
-.K " J

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