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Wichita daily eagle. (Wichita, Kan.) 1884-1886, October 21, 1884, Image 4

Image and text provided by Kansas State Historical Society; Topeka, KS

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I " v1
The following Republican mcctingo haAO
been arranged, and will tako place on date
noted, ind will be nddtewed by prominent
Garden 1'lain; October 22.
Greomvhich, October 22.
Blood scliool house, October 2?.
Slade Scliool Hou-e, Wednesday, tlie 23d.
Salem townOiip, October 23.
River Side, October 21.
Derby, October 21.
Mulrnnc, October 2o.
T. B. Wall, Chairman.
A. B. "WnionT, Secretary.
Gas i being put into the Morris block.
, ii):irriage""licere wi issued yctcrd.iv
to Theodore Ilaney nnp 3Iry IVrry.
A plank culvert i- being put in at the
junction of Kmporin and William' streets.
x..,. fnr rrnml rniu -ind u tolid old fro-t,
which will freew out the malaria and give
lone to ca en body.
The colored jubile finger- of Draper'
combination gave n highly enjoyable facred
concert Sunday evening.
.ludge Lank has been juiteill for a couple
.C ,,-r.r.l. a t,tl, llinlBri.1 IltLtlC K. UUl W1 I "
rigbt again. He spent Sunday in teuton
St. "W. L. .lohn'on, our popular Dougla
avenue llour and ft ed merchant has -j-A
r,f Jiis lniainiM to Jlo-. Hall V Kelhj,
who hail from ilis-ouri.
The rains of estcrday and lai-t night were
as welcome v.1 tlie were eopion. Jlio
chance mean killing fro-t- which will le
bailed with gladne-s abo.
The following new additions- to th city
were recorded in the oih.-e jeterdav: J ei
..,.. .l.i;.;,.,, in ..nrr.- CI:nV ndihtlon. 4
acre4; Garr'notiV addition, " aero.
Iter..!. D. llewett lias been eiv fciik,
..i.,-,.,;,,.K- til f.ir the mist week". Jin broth
or ministers rolled unon him ye-terd.iv but
l.i: rvitulitilin w.i uch tint it Wil- not
thought advi-ablo to admit them. AVo were
..l.nl in Lorn nu.terd.iv evening lati- that lie
w, better. llan a nraer will go up for
lii M.fn deliverance and hi- rcMoration to
A line flock of prairie cbicktn went over
tlie town esteniay morning. .-ueu miii
..m liM-miiim' rare and more rare. Many ot
the verv men who talked the loude-t about
uiforcing the law for the protection ol game
birds are the ones who get tlieir guns and
!(..- ii-tn nuniron and fkit) out a moiitli
nlii-.-iil of time "to kill chicken-, and rather
than mi's the tliance tlie will take Sunday,
thereby violating smother law.
"Wet dns are sometimes atipretiatcu; jo
innlnv :"n no eieeiition. The weather
f.irrw'l tlm writer to Keek shelter in the reri
1oiim. of Dr. A. y. Diinind. on South Wa
ter ttre t, and h" did himelf the iiltxuurc of
inspecting the building. Jt i eiremei
well arranged and will make quite a hand-
enmn li.n.i). if ulnpli tlie dni'tor mav feel
proud. The doctor wai- hi own architect,
and if so hedo-crvos credit foi hi- planning.
Contractor Langridge expect- to have the
hou'e eoinp'cted this wvfk.
The ladv who sang the olo of the volun
tary at tlie rink on Sunday morning, Iin- an
.iiniilclv cultivated uicc. the modulations
iif whit h. "mi that occasion, were Minph de
lightful, giving the li-1eiieran intiiiiation of
tlie true ?irit of mg. W' belifif f he xras
a vi-itor, but could her m1o lime been heard
in :mv place where the aeeou-tiu properties
were at all favorable, it would have proveil a
mrotrcat.Wcdoii t Knowwlienweliaxehearu
a i-weeter oice or one of such arti'tic train
ing as that of Iier who King, '"Hide me, )
my Sa ior hide, 'till tlie storm of life be
ja-t." It wa tlie de-ire tf the mjuI, pleaded
in ong.
W. li. Stanley, who accompanied the In-irall--Iartin
n'tirtv Thur-dnv. J'ridav and
baturdav, :i the'three uieetiiig- in Itntler
oountX" were simply iinmens". rhe nieet
ings at Augiuta an'd Dougla-, both of which
he addressed in connection with others were
rather remarkable for enthusiasm. The !!'-publican-
of ittitb-r are in line ami are going
to -tav there. T he in eling at Augu-ta Sat
urday night commenced at 7 and ran red hot
till p"a. 11 o'clock, and the Democrafs are
privileged to howl prohibition jut a- long
and loud n they pleu-e, they will not be
able to di.-turb the "-olid Republican ranks
of that tow n.
Ileal eilate buvers nui't have 1h?ou out in
full force ye-terd-n nioniiiig, judging from
the appearance of Xeiderland'n otlice during
the forenoon. It presented much the ap
pearance of a beehive, as the people throng
ed in and engaged each of the large force of
clerk, in animated ili-eii-Moti, as to where
they could buv a gootl farm, could secure
a good iuve-tment in city lot-, orwherothev
could rent or pureha-e a home. The detail
of the oflice run like !oekvork, and oath
ami every iiftomer received prompt and
gentlemanly attention : and though the rain
made it a dull d iv for general buiiie, no
doubt fomo of tfio manv i-cckeis for good
inve-tment- went avvav lmiiv.
lu-l in the mid-1 of the fir-t bower ve
terdav, a tall coinpleioned individual,
wearing a tow bov 1ml and father Hubbard
coat, with the sleeve- of his je:tn inide of a
jiairof aligator boot-, ran out of the pot
otlice to c.itch astrett car that hud got
more than a block ninth of the po-t oflice.
At the door he dumped a paner and came
back after it, he then bounded along the
fide walk like a deer knocking a bti-ket out
of a woman- h mil and cau-ing even one to
jump out t hi- way. He kept the ude
walk until he reached the county building-,
he then took the middle of the stiett and
the way he made the mud flv wa a caution.
He caught the car at the -ta"b!e-.
The Catholics of Wichita and surrounding
country will hold a grand fair and bazaar
at the Opera houe, beginning Tuesday, Oc
tober 28, and la-tmg four d.ivs. A sewing
cirelo ha been in active operations for the
1ut three week-, and the piles and piles of
K-autiful diewi and damtv lace-liiminctl
gar.iients would leftila belulder to eonchnle
at once that the ladle- m ule tlieir hand- and
needle liy as -vviftlv as their tongue-. A so
liciting committiv has been ajipointed m
each ward and liou-c- not tt vi-itcd bv
them will be during the coming wetk. l'.
eryone, no matter what their religious con
victions can idfon! to give something to
ward the erection of a church which will be
nn acquisition to an city.
Yesterday evening about four o'clock an
F.voi.r. reporter heard that a policeman was
wanted at thn Star livery -table, on DoiH.h
avenue, mid thither he hied to catch the
item. On arriving on the spot, a pitiful
spectacle wa- uvu. There was a bov about
fifteen year- old Mitferuig from an attack oi
anti-prohibition. Hi pant .sleeves wen
split clear up to the junction with In IkkH,
nnd hi- toes protruded from his boot. Then
he wa- firing out blood-curdling oaths, and
swearing that he would paint tb premie
red with the blood of a big able-bodied num.
Tho man who gavo that bov wlu-kv dercrve
evero punishment. It will probably not lx
healthy to do so again. He was taken t
the cooler.
The man with the white vest and the
black kid glove, was to be seen on the ave
nue yesterday. The rain wa pouring di vv i
in torrent, and the average pedctrinn, win
from force of circumstances, wa Mmerini.
and -cudding along at a want-to-get-hoim
gait and looking like a drowned rat. ptv-ent-ed
a strong contract to the serene x ounj.
man from tho rural districts who was ir
town for the first time, perhaps in a yeir.
He looked like a lillv in a uow stcmi, jei
his smile was cbild-fike and bland. Let h"uii
alone, allow him to enjoy liiiu-elf, poor fel
low, he ha mo-t likely been on the range
for a long time, lift- worked hard,
ha cooked his own meal, ha slept
on the ground wrapped in a blanket;
the arched heaven hi only roof, the stars
his only light, lift mm wear hi paper col
lar, it is a iuxun which be has r.ot enjoyed
for a long tinie.'a boiled hirt is iiardlv al
low cd inlhe camp, a white vest would be
there locked upon as a sacriligicu, and kill
gloves? iv ell his hands nre o big and rough
from toil and expoure that mav be the poor
fellow is a-hanuxl of them and thus cover
up his homliness
Asforstvle. of course he is not arraved
according to the lntc-st Parisian cut-, but In
his been where be had no opjwtunitx t
catch on to the latest dude curve or kink anc
and has been influenced by surrounding
and circumstances, and as these two le
ments shape and decide the lives and des
tinies of u all to a wonderful, degree wewih
not make capital of the odd appearance ot
what may be a giod hearty fellow; witamct
with much of the pretended virtue, anc
wickedness in rcalitv, of some of those w he
dress to perfection but are vidians at heart:
and will meet him with n sober and friendlv
face instead of with, as at first thought, "a
smile of dcri'ion and ar inward -near.
Business was unsually good in the police
court yestcrdnv. There were four plain
drunks. Four"oiled doves" antied up $10
each. One damsel for petty larceny, and
a man for gambling. Total assets, S103.
Sunday evening's 'Frisco train carried a
dfetingufthod partv of tourists, numbering
fiftv, whojicrupled two special Pulman
pont-liM. our Hon. Secretary of War Robert
Lincoln making one ol tlieir numuer. no
leinxd upon the platform to iew the lead
ing city of Niiithcm Kansas. ile was
pleased" to meet the representative of the
Full-Kledged, delighted with the country,
ind positive of ew l ork state giving a
largo Republican majority. The interview
was abruptly eiocd in obedience to the con-
juctur "nll-auoaro.
R. L. Walker returned from a flv ing trip
into the Territory south of Dodge City" yes
terday. He went down nearly to the Indian
line in the Cimaron countn", w here a town
ha been laid out and christened Touzahn,
after the vice-president of the Santa J-e.
Deck -ays it is a well watered country, nnd
a- pretty a countn" as there is in Kanas. It
i about one huntfred and seventy -ilvo mile
direct from Wichita to Toimilin, which is
delightfully located and which i to have
two railroad-. We don't vouch for tho lat
ter nsi-ertbn. All that country is naturally
tributary to Wichita, or will he as soon as
we can get railroads into it.
Whatever the attitude of the average daily
morning paper touching the whisky ques
tion, a fvw short months' emorienco has
convinced u that no editor or busine"
manager can be other than a prohibitionist
at heart. "Whi-kv i- the lethal bane of
manhood. Jt blasts the God-like in the
human. With the augmenting force of a
cyclone ehargisd with scorching lightnings
if sweep through the soul aid brain of a
man onlv to wither and annihilate. Lord,
how it- fangs poison with a bane that has
the bla-ting force of an eternal curse.
AVa-te, ruin and perdition arc its only bene
dictions and passwords. AVhiskjl It is the
dew of htll tho distilled oi-enco of hell's
worst cooked fiend, tliu cry sweat of the
old devil himelf, and fit only to inlen-ifv
the flume of his sulphuriotu and infernal
abode where it all ought to be poured.
Dr. 1'hillips preached a erv able dis
course Sunday morning, a sermon full of
thought and rtplete with results of ob-ervii'
tion-made in nn almost unsurveved field
Hi- Mibjett wa: "Tho moral confusion of the
tune. "t o have no room lor even a Uriel
-v nop'i-. But the Doctor mu;t remember
that Kanas is not tho world, nor i Wichita
Kana. AVhile the lino of demarkation be
tween the good and the bad is well-nigh ob
literated m ichita, we confes, still there
is an cacu'c. The spirit of it growth and
buine and it- invironments altogether en-gro-s
the lives of our people, the good and
bad alike, and being upon ono platform
touching manv thing-we nro more or less
homogenius to all. The Doctor himself ha
lo-t much of that peaceful look which he
worewhen he tir-t came among u, and in
stead of the quiet even llow of tho doctrine
his -oul becomes enlisted in an enterprise
and improvement about w Inch he becomes
enthusiastic, and even scolds. The Doctor
is catching or becoming cngulplied in that
same coiiiiiion. AVe admit there Is u lotting
.1,.., .. v.. !..:. .i : . i .. .. ! !."
uimiii, mo. Muw.ioii wicru js ai-ij a raising
up. Wichita is not wholly bad. Look at
the work which is being done for humanity;
at the various organizations for tlie benefit
of liumanitv that arc being maintained in
our mid-t, not mentioning the ehurche.
Then look at the number of church build
ing which have all been erected in -ueh a
few brief car-; at the metropolitan allair
going up on Lawrence avenue. Inexplica
ble almo-t are the moral confusions of the
time-, but we hclivc humanity grows dailv
better lilted for this life, and for the other
upon tho whole.
X. S. Arnold is in from Kingman.
W. 1'. 1'openoc is down from Topeka.
.). .1. Ryan, of Cheney, is at the Valley.
II. 1). .Mifjuiulf and wife are down from
St rling.
the city.
. Cartright, of Albany, X. A., is in
AVood-. of Dodge Citv, is at the
Miss Blanche
ing in town.
Brown, ofTJdall, is visit-
T. H. Lavvc came
Iat evening.
in from Clear AVater
AV. I.. Hairis rauie
la-t evening.
in from Wintield
C. 31. Curtain, of Kingman, is in town
for a fi:w days.
F. R. Ravmonil, was in town M-terilav
from AVinficld.
. L-1'. Little and wife have arrived in the
city from Texas..
.1. C. Klliott and wife came in la't even
ing from Dougla.
ail. Wood, of Salt Lake Citv, i-
ing the city a w-it.
X. .1. Buidick came down fioin Xewton
je-terdav moining.
.John Clark, of
Sunday in the hub.
Garden l'lain, 'pent
I. B. Wilkin, of Medicine Lodge, is at
the Douglas avenue.
lis. Julia Miller, of Sheboygan. AVi..
is visiting in the citv.
AVm. M. Jenkins
in town on biisine-.
of Allfiancc, Tow a, is
1, C. Pci-gii-on and wife came up la't
night fiom Wellington.
AV. M. and C. E. Glenn, of Harper, are
pro-pectiiig in the city.
AJi Laura Piuton, of Douglas, i- pay
ing friends in the city a visit.
F. G. Bright came in from the country
to spend Sum! iv in the city.
A. L. Lyman and Sam Xolan of God
dard, weiv ill the city vcsterday.
C. B. McDonald ind John Myer came
over icsterd.y from Ft. Scott.
X. H. Richey, of "Wellington, had hi
Sunday dinner in the metropolis.
Xr. M. X. Holbrook. of San Antonio,
Texa, has anived in the city for a vi-it.
Mr. .1. Dooley, of Xoblcvillc, ind.. i
vi-itingnt tho honio of J. T. Holme.
John Rmliman, came up from AVinfield
yesterday, and i registered at the Occiden
tal. II. M. Tileston, esq., an attorney of
Ivan-a Citv, is here on legal busine and i
at the Occidental.
M. H. Bennett, the great stock man.
came up on the Santa Fe vc-terdiy, and i
registered at the Occidental1.
Mis Lena Knowle, of F.l Dorado, who
ha- boen vi'iting her sister, Mrs. AV. M. Pat
tee, during the pat week, returned hon.e
vestcrday morning.
Air. AV. W. Pattison, a prominent hard
ware dealer of F.ldorado, who is accom
panied by his popular belter half, are vi-it-ng
in the city, guest of Mr. and Mr. J. 11.
A re-. "
The wild geese were on tlieir southern
light adding their lonely cry to the inten-e
larknes and gloom last night. It was the
lrst flight of the season, and wa a fair no
tice to put up your stoves
spkcial xorivEs.
Bargains in cashmere thi week.'un
proeedentod value. All wool 3G inch Ca-h-'nere
in black, A't cents worth CO cents; -10
inch Cashmere, fine count for .'0 cents old
- ervw bore for 70 and 7i cents; Xcvv fine
quality full 10 inches wide, blue nnd jcl
black." (171 cents well worth 00 cent, 771
cent worth $1. Onr finet quality for S7
cent sold over many counters for $1:2,'.
Entire new lino of colored Cahmere, good
width, wc offer at 471 cent, good value at
X) cent. Samples freely given, avail your
self of thco low prices "
Chicago IKroux Hou-k.
People wih to know how it is the Chica
go Bargain House ell goods o cheap. The
reason is simple. AVe will explain, AVe do
not -teal our goods neither do others steal
them for us but a large ca-tern firm gives
i xi hat stutl'wo can dispose of. AVhat: you
doubt tbi't 1- it not a reasonable as some
ither "ghost" stories x-ou read.
Hargains in Grcs Grnin Silks tliU iveck.
joort heavy silk, f upcrior for wear, guaran
.ecd, Sl.tfC worth to any lady 51.40. Extra
juality. Sl.STi sold in rnany'ttores for SI.T5
itlK'r'French or American silk. Klecant
"rench tilk extra color and finish, SLS7J.
Ko better value in the city at any price-.
Scmember tin week.
CniCACO Bvkg.vix Uot,E-
Special low iirriccs on Silk Velvets ihb
peW at the Chicoro Hsrcain Houi
H33-3t w3Mt.
Remnants of G. G. Silk In black, 90 cents
a yard, worth S1.25 to $1.60, alto Rhada
mies in 10 to 24 yard lengths at 75 and 80
cent 5 worth SI and Sl-50.
CniDAGO Bargain- House.
Perry' addition is fat comingto the front
as the most desirable residence property ad
joining the city. AVm. Crow has sold "over
310,000 worth of these lots within tho last
sixty dnyn owing to the low price and easy
terms on which these lots are sold. Off Sat
urday he sold twenty half-acre lots to AVm.
Quinncll, of Rockford township, who is one
of the met enterprising and succe-sful farm
ers in that locality. 3Ir. Quinnell will erect
several houses this fall and in the spring
will build n fine residence for himelf. There
urn n few more of these beautiful lots left. If
you wi'h to avail yourself of a bargain, call
on AVm. Crow, office in K. A. Reiman's land
oflice, south side Douglas av nue.
1183-lt AV. Cnow.
A lii. barsrain in a cboice farm, price on
ly $2000; part of this on time; 1C0 acres of
choice black land, 40 acres fenced, 80 in
good cultivation, good house and stable, 100
budded peach trees, 120 apple in bearing,
Russian variety, all et to tlover and blue
gras; i mile "north of Garden Plain, one
fourth mile from rchool houe, This is the
bct real estate bargain in Sedgwick county.
T.w lou A:'Pike,
d!33-tf. Garden Plain, Kas.
For the grandest exhibition of fine wraps
ever een outside of the largest cities not a
few, but a large number in price from $So
to $2-0. Tlie productions and exact copies
of garments made bv such artists a- Pingat,
Felix and AVorth, Xotire will bu given in
the papes that all may come to this exposi
tion and -ule of really elegant garments.
dlJ-2t " Mi-xso.nV
Tor Sale One track of land suitable for
a large residence, 200 feet front by 1-J0 feet
back, corner of Fourth avenue and Lewis
street. Inquire at Wichita gardens.
dl29-tf W. H. Scorr, Prop.
Still GrciUr fjeguction in Coal,
The Rogers Coal Co. have reduced tho
prices of tlieir celebrated Pitt-burg coal
lift cents more per ton, making prices from
this date as follows: Pittsburg lump, $5.00
delivered; Pittsburg nut, $1.50 delivered.
They are also now prcpartd to fill orders for
the "be-! -l'eiiii-ylv.inia anthracite coul at
$11.50 delivered. Charcoal at 20 ccnU per
bushel delivered. TJicy positively guar
antee their weight in every ca-e Give "them
a call; ' dj)8IlX
Baldwin .t Ostergren are now reatly to
photograph all who call at their newly lur
nislicil rooms. No. !)S Doujrlas ave. S2-t(
To the PLbltc.
The uuucr'igned, at the solicitation of
friends, will, in addition to hie spepinl treat
ment of the throat, ear and nose, do a gen
eral medical practieo at his otlice in the
Ferrel block opposite tho po-totfice. Otlice
hour- !i to 12 a. in., and 1:80 to C p. m.
di:;l-3t T. L. AximEw.s M. 1).
Kvery one knows
their artistic work,
Haldwin te O-tergren bv
Mr. 1). S. I'ence, who U teaching pen
manship in our citv schools, will open night
classes for instruction in penmanship and
book-keeping in rooms number five and six
over AVoodman's bank, Main street. It is
his intention to continuo these cla-es all
winter. The opening will take place next
Tue-dav evening and those wishing to join
hould "be present that night when particular-will
be given and terms made known,
This is a rare opportunity for our voting
men and women to acquire a knowledge of
accounts and perfect themselves in the art
of penmanship. Mr. Pence is an accom
plished penman and a teacher of experience.
The Wichita Laundry i the bees place to
jret lirst-cla-s work done'. The proprietors
are pleasant and accommodating.
The St. Louis A- San Francisco railway is
the only lino running solid trains through
Wichita to St. Loui- daily without change.
Palace I'tiUman sleeping car on all trafn.
Secure ticketsat ii'-ion depot or city oflice
for all points ei-t at lovve-t rate. Leave or
ders for carriage or 'Im- and b iggage at city
otlice. II. B. Kkm.kii, "
1127-10t. Agent.
Baldwin iV O-tergien turnout liner work
than any other gallery in the State of Ivm
a. The Santa Fe Rou'.e
The Atchion, Topeka A: Santa Fe rail
road i- now" the only line running trains
from Wichita to Kan-as City, making direct
connections with all lines to all ea-tern
point. Two daily trains elegant chair
cars on morning trains and Palace Pullman
sleeping air-on wining trains to Kim-as
City without change. Secure tickets at
Uinon depot or at city ollicc at lowest rate
for all points -a't, and get vour baggage
checked through. Li av e orders foi carriage
or 'bu- and baggage at citv ollicc.
dl27-10t H. II. hlKM.Kit. Agent.
Pittsburg liiinn e-oal for sale by the Koger
Coal Company, at $5 per ton, delivered.
Don't forget tlie Wichita Laundry oppo
site the county building. Main stre t. They
-pare no pains in tr ing to give tlieir laun
driug a pretty white color, and to give
starched clothes a nice glo--.
Hacker fc Jackon will -ell Pennsylvania
:tnd Colorado anthracite coal as clieap a
any other company in the city dare sell it.
Xo. SS Douglas avenue I- where you
can rest cointortably while wailing for
jour pictures. .'12-tf
Hacker & Jack-on will sell Pennsylvania
and Colorado anthracite coal as clieap as
any other companv in the city.
Creamery and
country butter at Shobcr's.
The Roger- Coal Company sell coal
cheaper than any other linn in the city.
You arc all familiar with the fact that the
St. Loui-, Fort Scott A: Wichita Railroad
gives ou the very best accommodations,
and cliarges you nothing extra for them.
We ate not a pioneer line have only been
here a short tune but we have made that
short time count. AVe Ienve it to ou. Who
ha be'cii vour friend? The lines that done
nothing for x ou until forced io it, or the one
that has worked for xour intere-ts ever
since it came? Tickets sold to all points,
and baggage checked through. For lull in
formation regarding rate- and routes, plca-e
call at depotrSecond and Wichita street.
Yours trulv,
dl22-tf " An. X. Jox, Agent.
Baldwin Ar O-tergn-n have the finest gal
lery in the Southwe'-t-
Crcamcrv and country butter at Sliober'-.
School children will call at the Po-toffice
Book Store for Raub's grammar, and if they
have anv of Clark's old grammars, bring
them with you for exchange. This is the
only place where the old grammars are on
exchange. d90-tf
II ddwin A: O-tergren are tho leaders.
Go to tbe fir-t ta!rs east
Vork -tore for photographs.
of tbe Xcvv
A liooV on all chronic ami local itl.'fs-fs .l
m.sle. ami Innate tree sue ntz-11 A Donslass,
Wichita, KaaGas ll.'.tl
To those going to St. Loui fair and ex
position, or to LouNville, ticket will he
old cither via the Santa Fe or 'Frico line
at low est rate. Shorte-t tlcie.elegant cbair
cars and Pullman -Icepens
II. B. Keei.eh,
tlM Agent.
Our tock of Kip Veal calf and Calf Root
is extra large nnd rice lower than ever. Iled
Front Shoe Store- 103-tf
Partv kids for the leap vear party at
Jiartv i
Uobi-on Bro-' 21 Main street.
Kids, all shade, size-and lengths for the
"Leap Year" at Itobison Kro.' 21 Main
-tree:. dl24-if.
Gentlemen's kid and partv tie at liobi
;on Ilro-. 21 Mam street. ' dl24-tf.
Creamery and country butter at Shober's.
Tftrties an; going around taking people's
money and puttinc up numbers hap hazard
and bv guets work, .rany serious mWtakes
ha e thu been made. Teople hould be op
their guard and be ro that the number i$
taken from the authorized plats prepared bv
Mr. Xorth. Jl24-t
Crvamcn and oountrv butter at Shober's.
Sw those elegant lots in Goitard's addi
tion on North Lawrence avenue before pur
chasing. Foralebr -
to any part of the city.
Now h the time to buy your coal. Buy it
of the Rogers Coal Company.
125 head of feeding steers, 3 and 4 years old.
Apply to S. T. 3Luob, at Wichita Grocery.
No Mllliaeri Ettabllthacat.
Mrs. J. D. Morgan will open the largest
nnd best selected stock of millinery erer seen
in this citv in the spacious room overL.
Ricbt & rfon's dry goods store, 147 Main
street. 3Irs. Morgan has been one of tbe
fashionable milliners of St Louis, for the
last ten years and in that time bas paid
strict attention to the costumes imported to
this country bv the leading Modestes of
Europe. Tne grand opening will take place
October 25th. Mrs. M. is now in the eastern
market purchasing her stock, dl28-OL
Xcar sighted, far sighted, weak, no differ
ence what, Professor Samuels can remedy
tbe evil. dl27-tf
Telephone your orders to
Freeman for back or livery.
If you don't know what your eyes need go
and consult Professor Samuels; ho will tell
you. Consultation free.
Our Fall Stock of Boots and Shoes was
never so large and prices never so low as at
the Red Front Shoo Store. dl03-tf.
Baldwin Ar Ostergren cannot be beatent no
matter how imioh others niay blow their
Go to tho Rogr Coal Company for cheap
John Schott has just received a choice lot
of bananas.
AVe can save money to any ono in need of
Roots and Shoes by calling at the Red Front
Shoe Storo and laving in your fall stock.
Blood will tell so xvill low prices on good
goods which is the cause of our busy and in
creasing trade in Boots and Shoos at the
Rod Front Shoe Store. A. Allex. dl03-tf
Price our Boots nnd Shoes and be con
vinced that we take the cake in selling them
cheaper than anv one. A. Allkx. dI03-tf
If you want to buy cheap lot- inZimmer
ly'k addition, call on Fred Scliatber, at city
clerk's office' d92tf
Baldwin Ar Ostergren have nil the latest
improvemcnts'jn tlieir gallery.
Bring our batues. jour children and all
the dig folk- to Baldwin & 0tergreu's, and
be photographed with lightuing speed. 32-tf
Firmi For Sale.
Six well improved farms, situated in
Milton and Murdoch townships, Butler
county, h:uia-. Address A. Harrison,
marion. oeucwie-K county, Kansas.
Go to Balvvin A; O-tergren's
popular gallery in AVichita.
the most
The AVichita Laundry is prepared to do
family work at a reasonable rate. Call nnd
c. us and we will treat vpu cordially, AVe
think that jou will be pleased with our work
and price-. Kcmciiiucr tho place. Jiam
street. dl32-6L
Read the testimonials from a number ot
our leading physicians, touching Professor
Samuels' system.
For fruit of all kind,
to Jno, Stljiott.
fresh and good, go
My, oil! My, oh! How that new machine
of the Wichita Liundry does polish shirts,
collars and cuff-.
Contractors & Builders
Partic rteslrlnc sidewalk of WiuflrM flair
ging ot nil eles will do vvrll to eall and get
nrices. Iave onlers at W. I. Stem's office on
Lawienceave , south of Douglas ave. u-S-tl
Contractor and Builder,
SHOP 136 & 138 MAIN St.
UcsM-nrfl on Lawrence Avenue, nearCentrrl
Av-euue. rosi-utuce liox wis. ir
Clothing Cleaned & Repaired.
53"" Mion on Don,
In-arrnue, two iloors eat
Hrovvn'sof miction lioii-e
vvirhlti. 'X-U
Horse Race
Thursday, Oct, 23, '84.
First race, 3 p m. Contestants, dark horses
tliit are imported to m iLe time that will aston
ish the company.
Second race, anreepstal.es. h ilf mile running
dash. Tree to all ponle-e Kntranco fi-e, 83.U0
One-nrth to pari., balance to winner.
Admission to grounds, ten cents; seats free.
Come overvhodv and have a good time.
Coal Yards
near Or pet
Wichita, - - Kansas
Branch Yards at
Winfield, Wellington,
Garden Plain & Harper.
Extons Corn Mills.
Fine Gronnfl and Bolted Cora Meal.
Qround Corn and Oats.
Corn-Chop and Bran.
Steam Hay-Baling.
Orders filled promptly. Telephone to Ex- j
a'a com oroce.
Wichita Meat Market,
All Kinds of Fresli and Salt Meats
Ofthe-rcry bt quality.
TtrorsdAT and Friday.
Lake th Wedotnii)
General Insurance Agent
Fire, Tornado, Life and Accident
Orr Birsca Dreg Store.
Largest Agency in tie Tallej.
Free backs from Baldwin
Ladies' and
At 25 cents per pair, worth from 50
to 65 cents per pair.
l,2oo pair children's
per pair, worth
Now is
To buy your Hosiery for the "Win-
ter. '
New York Store
day, October 20th
We commend these facts to the careful consideration of economi
cal and prudent buyers.
Our trade latt week was the largest kuowu in the I Why is it we are makiug such rapid stride m the
history of our business larger at retail alouc than ever dry goods bu-mess here? Because wc own our good at
lelore at wholesale aud retail combined. I lower prices than our competitor and sell them chtaptr.
What facilities have we for purchasing goods cheaper than others?
This is a pertinent question that has been asked us. We have prom
ised to answer it We will answer it:
Early in autumn we made arrangements with Bullene, Moores, Emery & Co., (who
have three buyers constantly in the market,) to take a part of their purohaeee at the
trade sales and auction rooms during the coming eeason. We have received theee gooda
according to agreement, but still they come crowding upon ua. They have been going out
rapidly, but they must go faster ! faster !
We have been obliged to take too manv goods, but I Through our conuec. .u with thi house, aud the
wo will sell them, if price must be slaughtered. j ready ca-h to plank down tor the goods, we are im a poi-
I tion to make marvelous prices.
We will bold a Startling Sale for ten days, com
mencing Monday, October SOtb, and continuing until No
vember 1st. Remember the time. The prices we will
make in the diflerent department will surprise even
those who have visited ourfsale heretofore.
don't forget the name
OP -
Wool Hose at 12J cents
from 2oc to 3oc.
the Time
The Largest Stock of Hosiery in the State
At the Lowest Prices Ever Presented!!
A Gigantic Sale in Dress Goods
From Four and One Cents Up.
silks. Silks. silks.
At 75 cents, Bold elsewhere for $1 .25. Black Silks, Rhadames, Rhadaimer aad OUchbam.
Headquarters for the latest styles in Dress Goods aad Cheap Prices.
A 35 Cent Investment in Vests,
White Merino, will increase yonr wealth fifty cents. Drawers the same We are a bis; saTiafs bank
to our customers. LeaYe your money where it will
SJ- ETerj tiling kept
In n
ant-cliu meat
Machine Shop !
R. McPARLAND, Propr.
J. P. AT.T.KN.
Every Thing Kept in a First-Class
Drug Store.
George Chadwick,
Dealer In
First rtoor nerth of street cur barn. North
'Main Street. J
Clearwater Bank
Of Wilson & Tillinghast.
Do a general b-nkln? bulniM. I'rompt at
tention glren to collections. W-tf
The power of low price will reduee thi accumula
tion of wiuler goods, and make room for tho Mill to
enme. Come to this sale and secure the bargains. Irge
blocks of goods are being marked ready for the acrifice.
A Sale That is a
We are the Exclusive Agents
-Manufacturers of-
White & Scarlet Underwear!
In Sizes from 30
In Sizes from 34
Call and Examine Them,
Than Goods generally
Ears placed on sals onr 81V JEN DOLLAR CtestMs
Mads Pasts at ft.OO, for this weeoaJy. 4M DomJrJas
N. X T. P. O.
to 46 in Drawers !
to 48 in Vests !
sold for the same price.
mt &':
- .l ..ft.:siVi,wjraaV?i.-Kt
&&&44h'&r cAMiAWi 3S?-3es. -jy i&B&&
c-' ?-. - a
. a
.A-o.x.-a--tat -?&'- tir -
- -os!'

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