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Wichita daily eagle. [volume] (Wichita, Kan.) 1884-1886, November 04, 1884, Image 1

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1)1!. S. W HICIIMONI1.
Magnetic jilijslclan. Cures illetasfs of every
name and iuituru by mag etlc treatment, with
out meillclne. Ill-cnies are speedy and jier
maucnt, and charges rersonable. Diagnosis
and ccinsultHtion free. Parties from u distance
can board with him a reasonable ratei. office
on south Wateralreet, IV Ichlta, Kansas. i
Attorney-at-law. Office on Doogl as avenue.
over J.ync
i's dry goods store.
Pruistljrr Xliuomi.
Speaks at Several Large
Cities in Massachusetts.
HonwopatliUl Temple block, third atair
way north of poatoflicc; Wichita. Kansas
Office hours from 7 to!) a.m., 1 to Sand 7 to 9
p.m. Chronic diseases a specialty 123-tf
lilt. W I.. IIOYI.E,
Dentist. Office over Harney i son'e drug
lore. Ceutennlal block. M Irliita. 41-
L. K. SlIKItWOOl),
Dentist. Oalceiu Kerrcll llnildlnopiwlte
jmetofllce. Mala street, Wichita, Kansas
Teeth extracted without ;aln by ulttosoililr
G. V. C. J0NJ3.
Attorney-at-law. Ofllcdn Kaglc block, otcr
Ilovey A Gn.'n dry goods Rtoro 72-aMf
I))i. W. S. McMJILVHv
KorrovrlyiiliTElci&n and surgeon to thoLonis
officer of Sprlnetleld
in -! . . I... .,... . ,..M,
fo general jiraetiec Special attention paid to
jrynecology, cltctrir and palranic batliK. Of
fice hours 8 to 10 a M and 2to4p ., andat
night. dl.Vtf
I)r. W. S. MrlSurnle has opened roogs one
block south or Douglas avenue on east side or
Water htreet for Hie special taeatment or all
Kfmale dlsebses Houri! 2 to ,i i m. on Mon
daje, Wednendays and aturdaB
Arcldtects nnd Superintendents. OHlco In
Koys' block. Wichita, Katass. 2-tf
Digle building, longIas airnue.
Blaine Makes an Address at a
Dinner Given Him
Hotel Brunswick.
Governor Cleveland Returns to Buffalo,
New York, to Cast his Vote.
Enthusiastic Republican Gatherings at
Abilene and Lawrence, Kansas.
ville City and Marinu hospital, and Utc health
xmnois, nas locates at
Wichita, Kausn.
Attorney at I.nw ill inactb-e in slate ami
federal court )"ire in i:gle lllork, Wichita,
Ka' sa. dl:!0-
IlAUItlAIIAItltlS A nifiJItAl-'GH,
Attorneys a: Uw, Coiiimert'Inl IIo:k, Wich
ita, Khnus.
J M. (AI.DUlhlON,
' ATTOHWA at law, Wichita. SeIglck county
Kansas Uflii-e In Centennial Iilock.
com.im; a riATT,
AtlornejB at Im. Will ptnrtice In IkiIIi state
and federal cMimt. Oltlre In Temple block,
Main street, seond stairway north of Tost
ottice, VVfihita, Knuas
oniivnwr fuller &
i: j: i:
I'hjslclnu and Mirgeou
Son'n grocery
J. .1 CKIsT,
Architect and Miperinteuilent. ((Hire, Kmll
Werner' block, Dntidns nvenue, between lo
eki avenue and I.nrenc st., lchlla, Kan.
Office in Temple block.
Attorney?) at Law, UMiltn, Kansas
jlei Cltlrens bank
). I) KlItK,
Attorney at Ijiw IUvin J,", 3,
office building, Icliltn, Kansas.
U. 3. Laud
The Photographer Picturtsln nil sles and
etjIcH. I to also carries the llnc-sl aaaortiiivnt
of picture frames in the city. Ghe him a
friendly call ami examine samples. d-2-tf
. IIC Mill,
Attorn job Ijiw
Oface oxer Kansas a-
Blnino in Boston.
Sr.xr Have.v, Conn., Nov. 3. Itlujue, nc
comtMinicd by member' of his family, Airs.
31. -V. Dodge", Senator Hale uiid 31 r. and
Airs. Munle, of Augusta, left New York
tliis. mornint; on the regular !l o'clock train
for Springfield. From Springfield lie will
go by special train to Hoiton, making n short
stop at Worcester.
lJiTOr, Alii'-., Xov. ?. lTp to noon two
Iiutidred tickets were old for the banquet at
Hotel lininswick this evening in honor of
Air. liluinc. The original intention was to
limit tho number of ticket." to two hundred,
but a few more will ytt be sold. It is in
tended to hno but" little sprech-inriking.
ilcurr Cabot lodgewill welcome the gtietts
ami Ir. Hlainc and pos-ibly one or two
others will fneak briellv. (Jovernor Itobin-
son, who c.uinot be present, will bo repre
sented by I.ieut. (overnor Ames. Airs,
lilaine and the ladiet of her party will be
entertained I13 Mrs. Gov. Kobin-on and
3Ir. Lieut. (Jov. Ames.
1'aLM Kit, Alas'!., Nov. :;. Itlainu's recep
tion at Springfield was a cry fine one, fully
twenty thousand people were on the fctrects,
through which the proei-ssion jiaiH'd, and
in the public square where the stand wa
erettetl. Itlainc was introduced by Colonel
-Mttcalf, of Springfield, and was loudly
cheered. ISeinic very hoarse. Air. lilaine
eicuseil himself and gave away, as he said,
to some one whose oieo could leach the
grit crowd. There were calls for (Jov.
1'obinson, but he did not respond. Senator
Hali' was introduced and made a few re
mark', saying that if .Mr. lilaine could not
be widelv heard to-dav he could be felt. He ,
wns received with loud cheering. "When
-Mr. lilaine mid ji-irty returned to the train
thev wero joined b Senator Hoar and A.
W." liird.
1'osToy, Nov. ,'!. On arriving at Worces
ter Mr. J'laine was escorted ton stand erected
near the traek and was introduced by Sena
tor Hoar. Air. Hlainc spoke as follows : "I
nevermore sincerely regretted the impair
ment of my voice than at this moment, that
I might make a fitting ro'poiw to tho most
cordial and niot eloquent greeting uliieli
your distinguished chairman lias given me.
I crave the power of expression that I might
say to him in tho presence of :i "Worcester
audience, that this presentation of the peo
ple's rau-e in this campaign constitute the
political literature of lbSI. He knows bet-
1 ter than vou know how lirofii'-clv 1 thank
him, and I know better than he knows the
full reason I have for gratitude. This eam-
tloi.nl hank. Wlchlfi. Kan
Contractors and builders. on Hrl street, est
of County building
.1. lUri'MJEit,
Kiesivi painter, sign writer and deilgner
KalMiniliilug, piper hanging, etc Office, Get
to building, on ll.,ugla aie 1.1 if
K. H JIUOW.V, " ""
Auctioneer. Clearvater, Kansas. 10?-3m
.1 I 1. v ecu ,
Attorney ut han. VV ii IJla. ICiui-hk
I. C Kl Gl.I.Ls,,
All'irucv-at-Iiiw ilce oxer Nil.
Mrifl. Wichita. Imiiisnh
It .1. ( . 1)1 VV,
ooiii in Held liuildliig,
A!, Main
naign is over, vntli all tliatlias been pleasant
111 it, with all that has been unpleasant; with
all that has bet 11 important, with all that has
been unimportant. It is over to-day, and,
even though it may sound like the voice of
egotism, I am proud to sav here in the heart
of the commonwealth of .Massachusetts, that
not, once, in not a single instance, has any
poisoned shaft reached me here," lav
ing his hand over hi he.ut,
"and I return to my homo not with a less
but with a create r aiuireei.itiou of the
! grandeur, the nobilitv and the ju-tieo of the
j Amerimn people, 'to that people, of which
Alassachusetts lonns so distinnm-hed ami so
honorable a part, I submit with the cui-e I
; ment, and I know no reason vvhv I should
j not face the American people, I did it, too.
lor tue more specmc reason mat 1 Delieved
there was danger of the great lead
ing questions which related to the
industrial and protective system of
America being partially, or perhaps
wholly excluded from that "consideration by
the people which its merits deserved and en
trusted. Ajs I was with the great function of
representing you ana an me members 01 the
1'e-publican party, I feci that I would, in nn
especial degree, myself obtain a hearing. I
have returned somewhat weary, somewhat
broken in voice, as your cars have already
detected, but I have returned with even a
a more profound belief, than that I hare in
the iudirmcnt. in the fairness, in the imimr-
j liality, in the generosity of the great mass of
the American citizcnsfiip, and I go to iny
home to-morrow, not without a strong con-
uuence in tno result ot the ballot, but with
a heart that shall not in the least degree, be
troubled by any verdict that mav bo returned
by the great American people, for I have, in
my entire canvass, unconsciously and com
pletely lo-t sight of myself; au"d whatever
personal fortune I have at stake in a far
greater, grander and more enduring issue,
which, for the time, I was submitting to
popular judgment from the dinner table.
-Mr. lilaine went to review the grand torch
light procession, which he did from tho bal
cony of the hotel. To-morrow ho com
homy to Augusta, leaving Boston at !):C0.
Cov. Cleveland.
Ui'kfalo, N. Y., Nov. 3. Governor
Cleveland arrived here this morning at 7:35
accompanied by his friend Kd Tuthill, of the
Tifl't house, and TuthilPs nephew. The
governor declined the uc of TuthilPs car
riage and quietly strolled to his usual break
fast restaurant, where, after partaking of a
hearty meal lie repaired to his rooms over
his oilice and later at about 10 o'clock was I
nf luc lrcl.- t,i Iiij l.i.i. nlll.. T . I
... ... vw. ,11 1115 it, uuiiu. xt WU3 C'JtpCCl-
ed that the governor would arrive this after
noon and preparations had been made to
give him a reception. About 11 o'clock he
left his ofh'co and strolled leisurely up to tho
Tifl't house. Ho was attired in a handsome
suit ot black broadcloth and had
the appearance of the best health and spirits.
lie Irequently stopped on the sidewalk to
chat familiarly for a moment or two with
some friends. An associated press reporter
loi.-meneu mm, unci in answer to a question
as to his health ho said: "1 am in most ex
cellent health, and am more than pleased to
be about my old home again." He stated
that the most cheering news came to him
from most every quarter, and the prospects
of the success ot the Democratic ticket he
considered first-rate. In answer to what he
thought about the state of New York, he
declined to give an opinion, and referred the
interviewer to AlcCune, who, he said, could
better answer that question than himself.
The governor did hot seem to he desirous
of continuing the subject of the coming
election. He will probablv remain here un
til Tuesduy noon, and will vote at his old
voting place, at JNintli ward, probablv earlv
111 me morning.
(Jovernor Cleveland took dinner at the
Tilll house, after which he made his wav to
hia d law oflico and was continually stop
ped to receive congratulation; of hisYrienel-.
A number of ladies and several political op
ponents were among the number. This
evening he held a short reception at the
city club room, and later, attended the
academy of music.w here hispre-enceexcited
great applause. The governor retired at the
end of the fourth act with several friends to
quietly enjoy himself iu tho companv of his
o'd friends at the club room.
publican plurality will not fall below G,000.
Connecticut we will carrv "by a plural-1
ity of between 2,000 and 3,000 votes. '
I am satisfied in every way. The canvass 1
could not hare terminated so far as present '
indications so. more favorablv to Air. I
lilaine, to his individual endeavors, as much
as the efforts of the gentlemen who have
been workipg for him, he will owe his elec
tion. He has made a canva'3 unprecedent
ed in the bistoryof this country, for zeal and
determination, and demonstrations of en
thusiasm, which have greeted him wherever
he has gone to test the popularity in which
he is held. There i3 absolutely no doubt
whatever, of Mr. Blaine's election. Other
members of tho committee were in arcord
with Mr. Johnson's views.
Nkw Orlkaxh, Not. 3. Governor Kel
logg closed Ih's canvasj last night and left
for Iberia parish, the scene "of the late
trouble. A dispatch from New Iberia says:
It is wonderful how the leading Kcpublicans
managed to escape, many of them having
several ouiici noics uirougii their doming.
Here are the participants in the Lorc-anville
not: .luelge rontelicu, Alpli iontelicu.X.
Fontelieu. Albert Fontelieu, Kugejni Daut
crive, (colored,) Alphonse 31igucz, Abe
Paillert, (colored.) Dorsey Gibson, Eugene
Conway, Lautant Bienviene, of St. .Martins
ville, A'lf Gonz.1l.11, Dick "Walker, (colored,)
and T. B. Labeaux, of St, Mary. Tho pre
liminary examination of tho prisoners was
not had to-day, 113 expected, owing to the
absence of the"ditrict attorney, consequent
ly the prisoners will have to remain in pris
on until after the election. They arc iend
ingwhite and colored Kr-publicans of the
parish. Tho coroner's inquest has been
postponed until Wednesday.
General Newton's Report on
Coast Defenses, and His
Several Valuable Decisions by
the Supreme Court of the
United States.
Louis, SIC, reduction SS; Indianapolis, 15
o0, reduction SI.50; Cincinnati, J5I3.50, re
duction $10; Detroit, S10.50, reduction SI;
Toledo, S12o; reduction. SI. No further
reduction to Chicago. Tho Lackawana &
Erie have not vet met the West Shore re
duction, but will do so this morning. The
above rates are the same as tho West Shore.
New lens, Nor. 3. The Baltimore &
Ohio is preparing to run a limited express
train between Baltimore or "Washington and
Chicago, which will jnalrc faster time than
any other road. The fare will be but twelve
dollars between thee points. This would
make tho fare from New York about eigh
teen dollars. Tho Penn-ylvania road asks
twenty-eight dollars now'for similar accommodations.
Appeal was taken, pending which, bis coun
sel moved that he be released on bail, which
wa. refused. Clawjon was remanded to
the custody of the United States marshal.
The Railroad War Getting Hotter and
Hotter in New York City.
At the Polls.
Chicago, Nov. 3. The board of county
commissioners this evening appointed 2,.00
special constables to serve at the polls to
morrow. U. S. .Marshal Johns has appoint
ed a large number of deputie-, supposed to
be about 1,000, part of whom will be sta
tioned at the polls, and part grouped in dif
ferent sections of the city as a reserve force,
under command of Gen. Joseph Stockton.
The conseivativc opinion of both parties to
nightis that there will bo no more trouble
than is usual to-morrow. It has been rain
ing all night, and at this hour, midnight, is
still falling.
Full Report of the Riot at Lareanvillc,
Republican Rally.
AWLK.NE, Ks. Nov. 3. Tho Bepublicans
aro holding a grand rally in this citv to
night. The Blaine and" Logan club" and
John A. Mnrtin clubs headed by the Ga
zette band, are parading the streets in a
torchlight procession. Hon. N. C. McFar
land, commissioner of the general land of
fice, is addressing an immense audience in
tho opera house and dealing in strong argu
ments against the claims and pretensions of
Geo. W. Glick. The cnthusi im is unabat
Repeaters Jailed.
Tkestox, N. J., Nov. 3 Seventy-live
men charged with being repeaters were ar
rested he're thi morning and sent to the
county jail for live davs. "The country for
miles around is floodinl with tramps to-day
and each party bitterly charges the othe'r
with efforts to colonize. A number of false
registrations have been discovered. Gov.
Abbott telegraphed I'ro.-eentor Beaslv to re
main in his oltiee all dav to-morrow."
1 i-31 -
opjio.lte llaiiliiic A I iliei
VV. K. WALK hit.
I.HH ildi'i' oer Kansas Na-
B. B.
Boston-, Nov. 3. General Butler addressed
a large audience in Muic hall, at Natick,
this afternoon, mid was wnrmlv received.
Ho said in his speech: "They "say on the
other side that 1 havo had money paid me
up mim in me interest 01 lilaine and the
Kepublican ticket. Pardon me, but if I had
remained at my profession, I could have
earned, at the lowest estimate, five dollars
for one dollar that mv enemies sav I have
received." Tho general repeated "his well
known tariff view ?, and the remainder of bis
address was as substantial!!- delivered elr.
! where. During the day General Butler
spoke at Marlboro.
j Lowki.i, Mass., November 3.
I General Butler delivered the last speech of
the camini-rn here to-ni"ht. Hnsnnk-p from
the platform nt the Boston 4c Maine depot
am called to represent whatever of personal 1 to a" audience of 1,500 persons, lie denied
fortune I have at stake. I calinlv, without ! r-,,Jt' fro,lJ iH-gitining to end, the story
anxiety, and with an abundant readui".- to I that the People's party in Mn'Michu-etU had
accept with clieerlulness whatever mav bo I '" """ cuc-uihuoh 001101 witn juaincs
the verdict of the great popular tribunal." ' electors on them. The People's party wilt
Attorney at
tlonnl baiiX
D. a. Jincin:u.,
Attor:iey-t-law-andcollcctiii ajrent. So. 11
-Main street, Wieliitii, Kansas. IJMf
K. L. bClIltOKDi:U,
Vliyslcian and surgeon. Office aid residence,
wei side of Main street In W. Wineli's new
bulldlnjr.uear pustonice 1I-I1M- m
Office corner Lawrence and Douglas avenues.
Itesldenee lopelta avenue, betHei 11 Central and
11iird,-oppoite.l It Mead's residence dllitr
house renting business, Wichita, t
Governor Bobinsou followed and spoke I
very briefly. As the train moved off there j
was another salute from the steam whi-tles '
and cheers from tho crowd, and a general 1
rush of people nearer the train to shake I
hands with Blaine. !
At Natick, there was a very large crowd.
Onn spetion wliirli u'!S noiimosed of ltnflnr
men who cheered repeatedly for their can- I "S1'-0. ,or "jc remark and it would be better
elidate. Blaine spoke briellv to the people ' Ior mm i" be lnx trom Burchard, and so it
nearest him. expressing regres that he could ' lumlf. Abettor lor Cleveland to be free-
not utter with lull voice Ins thanks to the
1 11. .,. .., - , , .
nuu iu own ucKci. Cleveland lias no
more chance of carrying tho state titan he
has of going to heaven in a chariot of fire,
lie referred to ISev. Mr. Burchard's ex
pression of Hum, Komanisin and Bebellion.
and 8-iid that Burchard was like all other
clergv men, :i fool in politics. Mr. Blaine
had denied it. and it is not nccoss.irvt.. mnl-
Wholesale and lietall Dealers In
Colorado and
Pennsylvania Anthracite
And all kinds of
ltepiiblicaus of Massachusetts for their gen
erous, and as he hoped, their victorious
The crowd at Newton was immense.
Blaine was e-corted to a large platforni
erected beside the depot, mid was introduced,
j but jii't as he was about to sieak, the plat-
foim broke down. For a minute or two
1 there was a good deal of excitement, but Mr.
Blaine sprang upon the platform, exclaiming:
"There's always enough left of a llcpuhlicati
platform to stand upon." This reassured I
the crowd, and Mr. Blaine went on to sa ,
that ho was consoled for tfic bad condition
of his voice bv the reflection that the time
for di-cu'sion was past. The verdict to
bo rendered to-morrow. He awaited it calm-
ly and with a reasonable degree of conli-1
deuce. It was about 0:20 when the train 1
reached Bo-ton. In the depot was a very
large crowd who cheered loudly for Blaine.
There was also eoiiic cheering i'or Cleveland
from one portion of the crowd and as the
carriage containing Blaine, Lieutenant Gov
ernor Ames and Henry Cabot Lodge. 11 large
number of small boys"ran after it and hissed,
while thelargc crowds of people in the
street cheered. Blaine was then driven nip
idly to Hotel Brunswick, arriv ipg shortly af
ter :30. Tho sidewalk and steps in front of
the hotel and the sidewalk on the other side
of the avenue wore crowded with men and
boys who cheered Blaino as he entered lean
ing on the ledge's arm. Emmons Blaine
; joined the jvitty at Newton, with the other
I members of the lamdy, with the exception
of Miss Hattie Blaine who met her father at
the hotel. She arrived a few minutes later
, than Mr. Blaine, who went immediately to
his apartment.
Bosto.v, Nov. 3. A dinner was given to
Blaine this evening at hotel Brunswick.
There w ere more than two hundred guests.
Among the prominent men were 1- IS. Hoar
A. W.' Beard, IS. V. Worthington. E. Mc-
j I'licrson, E. A. Barton,. 1. V. Candler, It. IS.
, Bishop and (J. A. Marsdon. It was about
'eight o'clock when Henry Cabot Lodge.
who presided, called the company to order.
He said that as Mr. Blaine was to review the '
' creat torchlight procession, there would not
' bo any general s jn-aking, but he knew those
bo bettor
1 inmi needier. 111 conclusion, the governor
; said he was goim; for the Democratic par
I ty now and after Blaine was elected, as ho
will be, he should go for tho Kepublican
I jurty.
j Cen. Logan.
1 Bedford, Ind., Nov.3. Gen. Logan cotn
1 lileted his tour through Indiana this evensng.
I He is now at Bedford, tho guest of Col. A.
I l. Voorys, awaiting the midnight train for
Chicago that left Indianapolis this morning.
! The train stopped a few minutes at manv
stations, and Logan from the reitr platforni
I of the car addrcs-ed the gathered crowds at
Democratic Frauds.
New Youk, Nov. 3. Knowledge was ob
tained to-day by the authorities of this citv
to the cfloct that fifty men registered from ii
single hoiiso on we'st Twenty-eighth street,
in xv hich not one of them reside. Detectives
were Ibis utternoon placed in posse-sion of
about a dozen bench warrants, somo of
which they expect to execute during the
day. The indications are that a verv'large
numoer 01 arrests will be made to-morrow.
St. Joe Jolly,
St. JtviLi'ii, Mo., Nov. 3. The Democrat
ic torchlight procession and demonstration
to-night was the most successful and largest
demonstration evereen in St. Joseph. Bv
aqtual count there were 1,'JiJl horsemen in
tho procession, and about twico that number
on foot. Bum, Itomanism and Bebellion
was pretty thoroughly displaved. Th"
De-uoeracy is well o'rga'nizcd anil confident
of polling a large vote for the entire ticket.
Nkw Vokk, Nov. 3. Wall street pre
sented a very animated appearance to-dav,
and the excitement ran high. The streets in
the v icinity of the exchange were crowded
with the members of various boards discuss
ing the political situation, and at intervals
cheers would be given for BI line ami then
for Cleveland. Considerable money is wa
gered on the result.
Virginia Assembly.
KiciiMOM), Va., Nov. 3. The general
assembly met to-diy and adjourned until
to-morrow, no quorum being pro-cnt. An
adjournment from day to day will be con
tinued until the 7th, w'hen the" extra session
ends, and the extension agreed upon ten
days ago begins.
r ncip.il points, which were Franklin, C
piiibii', orth Vernon, Seymour, Mitcho
mil Bedford. Lirge gatherings nt ear
Lime, Cement, and Eair.
Ft. Scott Fliigeing-,
Grey & Blue Stone.
Office at IttR Ued Scales, No TS, Douglas Ave.,
South SI le, Near Dejiot tt
Genoral insurance Agent
Fire, Tornado, Life nnd -Accident
Oier Ilarnes Drug Stole.
largest Agency to tie Valley.
Exton's Corn Mills.
FineGrounfl anflBoltedCorn Meal.
Ground Corn and Oats
-t -sji 1 it bo any general speaking, but he knew those
OOril-UllOp JUKI brail, present would U greatly disappointed if
1 thev didn't hear trom tho distinguished
Steam Hay-Baling.
Illlinilltll' tuliOilmiiA tn I.
' I'"-' -"'"s...- . ....- , . ,
Cilllilioaii iiuu
tmi 1 T-s-r-i -,-y- s , . -.-, 1 iter
I Y h N t XT . H fl N I IA1 4 I character in the citv
il. kA M S J y,,-c. .i.li. ,inl.l,Mil i.t ,.,, nt. i . .... 1!.. 1 ..
vmv .nw ii.iiii', t.ii v..iiuf .i,t(, - I's oo:o l
grateful to me, and 1 thank'" .Mr. Lodge for
giving me the opportunity to thank you. It
1 is too late to argue, or even state, tlie great
j issues involved in tho campaigu which closes
! to-night ; but I am sure those issues con
j stitute- a difference between parties so broad
j and so deep, that their deci-ion, tho one
. way or tho other, will affect for weal or
for" woo the history of the United States for
. many x ears to come. The people of the
i United States hive not vet measured, nor. as
! 1 bclievi, yet fully comprehended what it
Soneca Politics.
Seneca, Kan., Get. 3. -The last days of
the presidential campaign in Nemaha coun
ty have been lively ones. The Democrats
held a rallv Saturday night, and on Sundav
afternoon their speaker, Hon. Samuel A.
Biggs, of Lawrence, with other local politi
cians, held a political meeting with tho Ger
mans at Wild Cat school houo four miles
north of Seneca. This desecration of the
Sabbath is severely centured to-day. Gov.
G. W. Glick was advertised to be fn Seneca
and speak in the afternoon, but a telegram
stated the appointment wa3 without his
knowledge', and he could not come. The
meeting was held, however, and an address
was niiido by Dr. W. F. Trouhton and
Hon. J. E. Taylor. There was a large num
ber in town to hear tho governor, nnd his
speech was counted on to"give tho local de
mocracy a big lift. To-night the ISepubli-can-
aro holding: their final rally with Hon.
A. J. Felt and Simon Conwell advertised to
sneak. The Blaino and Logan glee club do
the singing and the Seneca cornet band fills
the air with music. All of the neighboring
plumed knight clubs were expected to be
presentj but the. weather turned raw and
cold this morning, and the Senaca company
alone did the procession business. Nemehi
county has been thoroughly worked bv both
parties, and the vote to-morrow will be a
lull one.
But 500 Votes.
Nkw York, Nov. 3. -To members of the
Kepublican committee .Mr. Blaine, this
morning before leaving the city, expressed
the opinion that the remark of" Dr. Buclurd
upon "ISum, ISommisin and Bebellion"
would not cost the national ticket more than
oOO votes.
Cameron Mahono.
lETEKsiu,'r.G, Va., Nov. 3. Tomorrow the
political battle is lookod forward to w ith the
liveliest interest, two Republican bodies
holding meetings to-night. Gov. Cameron
addressed the Evans men and Senator .Ma
hone the Brady follower-. An extra police
force w as sworn in.
K.v.vs.vs Citv, Nov. 3, The board of
trade hall was tilled to-night on tho occas
ion of the concluding Democratic meet
ing of the campaign. Senator Geo. G.
Vest and Win. H. allace, with others ad-elres-ed
the assemblage and were enthusus
ticillv cheered.
Orders filled
on ' coal office
Round up.
I.ivsvvrr k'un W,- S .......... !.u
.-nest of the oi i nine-. When Mr. BUine I v".V:"Vr,"J' ""!..: "-rv ??''
i " . t , v i .-i i - wjiuuiirju tiviuuusiraiicn wns nciu nere
ro.e to respond hewas heartily cheered, this evening. The Cvclones made a grand
neii oruvr v.us resuireei. lie sum: .ur. .ii.iilm- nt firmmrl. ,l .!,. .. I
cents: ror reason which I -.. ,.nl-..l ;,i, ., n...i:., r' onm
. 1 i ! .' J. , " ,-..vsx. i. ii uuitiui. VI ,WO l0-
! T"lr . d' yCZ?T !. ,.h,!S I Pi'-!'. equal number being unable' to Sin
admission, lion. . U. 1 hatcher. Coneres,.
Gone to Vote.
"Washi-vcton, Nov. 3. The president
will leave Washington lhi afternoon at I
o'clock for New York, w here he will, to
morrow, cast his vote for the IU publican
Residential electors. He will return to
Wa-hington Tnursdiy or Friday.
Poisoned Accidentally.
Atchiso.v, Nov. 3. Particulars of the ac
cidental poisoning of Joe Lmgen and Will
Ege at Doniphan. Satiirdiv night, reached
this city vesterdnv. TUe tw:o men visited the
saloon of F. C. Halm, about 1.30 p. in., and
called for whisk? and bitters. Halin had a
few days before been to this city and pro
cured at a drug store a bottle of Stoughton
Bitters and another of aconit, the one for
the saloon Use and the other t- use as a lini
ment for rheumatism. When Langen and
Kge asked for the bittefs Hahn stupidlv
lianded them the bottlo of aconite, xvhicli
was plainly labelled "poi-on,"' and
bore an entirelv dirfi-rent Imifc rr,im
Washinnton Notes.
"Washinoton, Nov. C. Gen. John New
ton has submitted his annual report on const
defense. He earnestly urges that the har
bors of our principal seaports bo maele iin
pregnant to attack by addition of guns of
heavy calibre and other appliances known
to modern warfare. But events, he says, by
no means justify tho assertions made that
our cotton and gram have become so neces
sary to other nations that they could not en
gage in war with us for a short period with
out interruption of their supplies. In these
articles it auems to be forgotten that a de
scent uponiur unprotected cities under
guns of a hostile fleet would consume but
a few inontbl, and in the meantime cotton
and grain in -autliciont uuantitics might be
obtained els4rnhcrc. The modern system
is to mako war sudden, sharp and deci-he,
and to make the be-aten partv pay the ex
penses. 5J
A decision was rendeicd by the supremo
court this afternoon in a long series of case's
which have arisen out of the adoption of
me iounecnin anu nueeuin amendments to
the constitution. The present case, which is
that of John Elk, plaintiff, in error against
M...l ... tt'lll.- 1 ..!.!..!. i .,
inuues ., uhius, jiou twiiun came irom tue
district of Nebraska, is a suit brought
by an Indian against the registrar of one of
the wards of the city of Oiiiahu for refusing
to register him as il qualitied voter therein.
The questions presented are, whether
plaintiff m error is a citizen of the United
States, and whether he has been denied any
right guaranteed by the fifteenth amenif
nctit to the),, federal constitution. This
court, in a long and elaborate opinion In
justice Gray, holds first that an Indian who
born a member of the Indian tribes within
the United States which still exists and i
recognized as a tribe by the government.
anu wno nas voluntarily separated himself
from his tribe nnd taken up his residence
a.muig the white citizens of a state, but who
has not been naturalized or taxed or recog
nized as a citizen, cither bv the United States
or by the stato is not a citizen of tho United
States within tho meaning of the first section
of the fourteenth amendment.
Second, that plaintiff in error not being a
citizen of tho United States under the four
teenth amendment, has been deprived of no
right secured by the fifteenth amendment
and cannot maintain this action. Tho judg
ment of tho circuit court is affirmed.
Justico Harlan read a long dissenting
opinion in behalf of Justice AVoods and him
self. A decision was also rendered by the court
in the important patent case of Benjamin
Diuicrworiii, commissioner oi patents, plain
tiff in error against the United States ex rel,
charged II. Hoe nnd others, to the supreme
court of the District of Columbia. The
question prcscnted'is whether any right to
appeal exists in patent cases from the decis
ion of the commissioner to the secretary of
tho interior. Court in opinion by Justice
Matthews hold that appeal does not lio in
patent ca-es of the secretary of the interior;
that the commissioner fiacuU has the
exclusive right to deeidc for himself whether
or not a patent ought to issne, and the sec
retary of the interior has no authority to
revjew such decision. If tho commissioner
or the party aggrieved has n statutory
remedy, but that remedy is not nn appeal
to the secretary.
A decision was also rendered in court in
the municipal bond case of the cty of Fort
Scott, plaintiff in error against Samuel (J.
Hickman in error to tho United States cir
cuit court for the di-trict ot Kansas. This
was a suit brought by Hickman to recover
amount of principal and interest on certain
improvement bonds issued by city to Ft.
Scott. The city maintained in the court be
low that action was barred by -tatuto limi
tation, more than live years Iiaving claimed
since the bonds matured. The phiintilf con
tended that tho city had made aeknowledge
ment of bonds as an exi-ting liability after
their maturity, and that according "to the
law of the state, tho statute of limitation be
gan to run at tho time of such acknowledge
ment and did not at the time the bonds ma
tured. The court below sustained this con
tention of plaintiff and awarded him iudg
ment for -.,i,:!$.r. This court however, liolds
that the acknowledge-mcnt cannot be re
garded as an admission of indebtedness
where nccompanving circumstances are such
as to repel that inference or to leave it in
doubt whether the party intended to pro
long the time of, legal limitation. The judg
ment of the circuit court is rcver-ed nnd the
case remanded with directions to enter judg
ment for defendant with cost-.
New Oklkas, Nov. 3. A special to the
states gives a number of citbens of Lorean
ville who went out to meet tho Republicans
and ask them to desist, at seventeen. Louis
Brown and Louis Frvlot, colored, Republi
cans wero among the killed. The additional
wounded wero "St. Clair Dugns and A. F.
Dugas. The Democrats,' engagement lasted
only four minutes, but in that time over
ono hundred shots were fired. Tho negroes
as soon as thoy realized that there was really
a fight, and that the Democrats were makinjj
a stand, fled in all directions, leaving their
hats, shoes, horses and everything. Many
of them received fatal shots on the field, anil
ran a great distance and died in out-of-way
places, their bodies being found now iu
fields and woods. Fifty or sixty of them
rushed into Bayou Treelie, where some sank
from their wounds nnd exhaustion and were
drowned in the confusion and struggle, but
many n-nche-d the other sido and continued
their wild flight. Three were reported as
found dead ill the field this side of the bayou.
One made his wav live miles below fierc.
and died. Excitement at Lnrcanvilte was
terrible; x hen the smoke cleared away and
the citizens saw two of thu best men of
Franze Point lving dead upon the field.
their rage was terrible. Leaders of the
Republicans had exhatsted their ammunition
and retreated into a house near by, when
they aked for quarters. Carriers llad been
dispatched to New Iberia, and a detachment
of Iberia ginrds wen ent to receive the
New York Notes.
New York, Nov. 3. Herman Jones,
wholesale liquor dealer, Broadway, assigned
without preference.
Noremab began to-dav in Jliddleton Hall
his eSort to beat "Weston's record of GOO
miles in 100 days.
The-Wct Sho-e road haa further reduced
the fare to Chicago to 12 first clas., and $11
second class.
Steamer. Lost.
Sax Fkaxczs-co, Nov. 3. The loss of the
steamer Estado do Senora. Lower California,
is confirmed, and pieces of the wreckage has
been brought to Jlazatlan and recognized.
Several corpses Arc stated to havo been seen.
Tobacco Market.
LtnoHIIUBO. Va.. Nov. 3. Late rain
have made a good season for handling the
leaf tobacco, and the market is opening
Robison Bros.
2r Main Street.
Newton Notes.
Nkwto.n, rTn!., Nov. 3. A serious rail
road accident occurred at 1:30 a. m., Sun
day. .V freight train from the ea.-t broke
into three part- about one mile east of the
depot, the middle section being without a
braUeman. X hero being quite a down grade
to the depot this settion attained great ve
locity before reaching the depot, and crash
ing into the forward part, demolished
eighteen cars. Four men were stealing
their way on the middle section of the train,
and one of their number was killed.
The Democruta are having their closing
rally to-night, only sixteen' flambeaux and
forty torches being in the line. There will
be a bitter fight in this district to-morrow
over tho question of representative and
state senator. Tho chances seems to be
largely iu favor of Hon. W. M. Congdon,
for senator. This county will give him a
very large vote.
The Turf.
I.EXUVOTO.V, JCy., Nov. 3. -At a trial heat
grounds this afternoon, Maud S. trotted a
mile in -'.13.
Foreign Notes.
Brussels'. Nov. 3. The Patriole savs
King Leopold was attacked Saturday with a
liervous disorder. His health was much
shattered by anxiety, arising from a political
Panama, Nov. 3. Four men were killed
and ten wounded in the recent fight between
the revolutionary steamer Wajuela and gov
ernment steamer Moro.
London, Nov. 3. Tho Atlantic steamship
companies aro endeavoring to agree on u
raise in passenger tariff between Europe and
tho United States.
London. Nov. 3. The rumor that tho
Khedive had sent a telegram to the govern
ment announcing the fall of Khartoum and
capture of General Gordon, has been author-
itivcly uenieu and denial published.
Kingston, Ont. Nov. 3. By u prema
ture explosion of gunpowder "at Bedford,
Saturday afternoon, John McCriuimoti was
killed arid Alpheus Brown had his jaw brok
en in two places', his eve put out and hands
fearfully mangled.
We open this day all our stoclcbf Men's, Women's aad Childra'a
at astonishing
Fire Record.
Locis, Nov. 3. A Post-Dispatch
special from Louisiana, Mo., fays : Fire, this
morning consumed the entire "frame block
belonging to Dr. Hardin. Loss 23,000;
wen insured.
PiTTSUUio, Nov. ;;. A fire hn ).tn in
progress in tho Kno.xville coal mine since
Saturday. The flames aro spreading t hrough
the mine und Tipple, and a large tiumbe- of
pars hivo already been de-stroved. The fire
is the work of incendiaries, who saturated
the wall of the mino with petroleum. The
loss will reach S.",000.
Live Stock.
lilnjJi)r steers Ii 5"V3 1 SO
Hotelier' ateera 3 HUrfS .VI
Fat cows nnd helfrrn 3 .VK4 00
r'at shipping Imps, best 3 bor34 20
-took and feeding boirs W 74
Sheep -1 ttitti M
Milling wheat 10-4.V,
Shipping wheat 30i(5
Com Wit)'
Outs i;j3l
Com, pure white (jl
Worth of
. nsr;...
The Louisiana Affair.
New Orleans, Nov. 3. Felix Bien venue,
postmaster at St. Martinsville, make- the
following statement regarding the lyjreni;
ville affair Saturday morning: "I left St.
Martinsville in company with my uncle for
Loreauville. I had hardly gone two miles
when I met a friend, living near by, who
stopped me and akcd where I was going. I
replied, to loreauville. Hesaid tome, don't
go there, for I have been notified bv the
firincipal Democratic leaders thtreto bVor;
mnd for they intend to prevent tho Republi
can meeting from taking place. I arrived at
Loreauville, and was a-ked by the most
prominent men, Democrats of good standing,
what arc you looking for, there'may be blood
shed, for drunkards are drinking heavily and
want to prevent the Republican meeting
from taking place. At tho same time I saw
from twelve to fifteen tersons calling and
shouting, and geins from one saloon to an
SrciNorir.r.p, Mo., November 3. Mrs.
Anna Ingram, one of the oldest and most
highly esteemed of early settlers here, died
it the home of her son," Hon. M. V. ingrain,
live miles from this city, last evening. " The
deceased was 6VWS0J cars ofuge, "and leaves
several sons and numerous other relatives in
this county. One of her sons, Hon. Benton
H.Ingram, lives at Sed.ilia, and is a promi
nent 0flici.1l of Pettis county. Mrs. Incram's
remains vvi re followed to their Inst resting
place, in Hezelwood cemetery, by a large
concourse of people this afternoon."
Amlenp, Kan.. Nov. 3. Henry Pigorseh,
a Gcrnnn fanner in Lyon township, this
countv.was killed ye-te"rday (Sunday) by
John Sneeiiev, a laborer on the 'J'opeka.
Salini and "Vc-tern mil way. Sweeney nnd
others wero hunting on PigorschV "farm.
Pigorsch came out w ith n gun nnd warned
them off. Sweeney took the gun from
Pigorsch and beat film to death with it.
Sweeney is nut yet arrested, but officers are
after him. The farmers are very much op
posed to sportsmen trespassing on their
New York Money Market.
Niw Yon. November 3, 1881.
Moncv Kasy at 11'. V cent., cloning at
1'r.iUK JiKRCA.ntilk l'xrxR sV6 V cent.
Stiju.i-io Exciia.vox Dull at 4. so; demand
1 at
Govkhsiikst IIoniis Strong, and hi good demand
U.S. iT-pcr-ccnts
IT S 4;,-per-cent .....
'.' 8. l-pe-r-ccntd
State Seccuitim Quid.
Hailwav SicuuiTir.s Weak.
Missouri Tactile ft's bonds. . . ..
Hannibal A8t Joebh bond
Central I'aclflc stock
Chicago & Alton. ,
Chicago. Ilurlington .1 (Julncy
Denrer A UIo Urando
Uannlbal & SU Joseph
Hannibal A St. Joeph preferred (aiked)
MiaMiuri I'aclflc
Northern J'acifle
New York Central
ttuck Island
Cnlon Pacific
V estern Union . .
. ins';
.. b
.. v;
.. MJX
.. WJi
.. is-.
.. H5.'
.. M1.
Moro sliootlnjr.
LTNClinCKi;, Va., Nov.,', Henry Newton
(colored) f0 v ears old was shot in AVythe
county to-ilav. Newton whose duty it was
to relieve another collier about 12,"vvii on
his way for the purpo-o when ho was tired
on by "parties concealed In the brush. The
shot did not take effect and he ran back
home nnd at dav light ugainstarted out when
he was sliot down by unkuow parties', two of
uhoinhcMiw. He says his life had been
threatened by a number of Republicans on
account of I111 Democratic proclivities.
Mysterious Murder.
St. Louis Nov. 3. A "SVaco, Texas,
special to the Post-Dispatch savs: New lm
juit Khched hero of an extraordinary cut
rage at Temple, twenty miles south of' here.
A negro woman named "V ilson w confined
in tlit- calaboose for carrying concealed
weapons. Before daylight yesterday morn
ing a man invsteriouly entered her ct-H and
a brief cutile wis foilnwed by shot,', which
were heard bv the guard, who rushed to the
cell and found the woman dead. The mur
derer was gone.
Nkw York, Nov. 3. The funeral of Vir
ginia Ijiyall F.irragut, widow of Admiral
Farragut" took place to-day from the Church
hi iiieitienrnaiion. Among me. pall-bearers
were D. O. Mill, Chief-hittice Daly, Com
modore Yund and Admirals Bhind. Smith
and Nicholson. Among those presentin the
church wi-ra Gen. I". S. Grant and wife,
Wm. M. Evarts and wife. Gen. Martin T.
McMahon and Admiral Porter. The tadv
was interred in m oodlawn cemftcrv.
Kansas City Grain and Produce,
ICassis Citt, November 3, 1MI.
7Ar Daily Indicator report .
Vluiii Dull and weak. XXX loo family,
SI lov.1 15; cnoicf, l SI..Ti; fancy, !.
1 ooj patent, Sl.tf&l.ltts rje, l..'iOal.7S.
" Wheat ItecclptaTTsTC'JO bnhel: fhlpment.,
31,110 bnnhels; In store, sll.'.OO bu.heU; mark
et about steady all except May higher; No
red, cash, IJ'i&S.!; NoTcmber, fijj.j December,
MV;; .January. M's bid, ;, anked; May. Ml,';
No .t, Ii", bid; November. S'i; rejected, 3i,
asked; No 'i aott, til aked
Cony Iteeelpta, 13,-W bnahelt; hlpmenta,
21,1,17 bnnhela; in (tore, 11,100 buihcla; mark
et a dbade better and prlccn higher; No. S mix
ed casta. 31(5,511.; November drat half, So'.A
!'. I November s4; year, IfiXt January 5',
bid, r.-. aaked: May, ti; bid. M; white lnlxe 1.
.,'i; blgh mixed, 3: bid, II),' aaked, rrjeclrd.;.
Oat Caah, SI bid, MK aaked; Noveniber,
JO bid
Kaoaa City Live Stock.
Kaiaaa Citt, Novembers, b-W.
The Lirt-lotk IntUilor report:
Cttle Hi-celpta, 3,S; market ateady'for
grasa rangers; exiiorttra, 3.046.3,'i; good to
choice ablpplng, W 70H6 f); common to medl
nui. aj.OK-fS 50; feelers, 1.1 tl S; com.
Si Co3 S3; grass Texaa fteera, t.yjai 70;
Colorado half breed Hteera, w J'K-l.lH.
Hoo llecelpti'. l.WSl olTerlBga light ami
market flriner- lota averaging 231 to sn ponnil
eold at t llc-j M; bulk at Jt 'U :a
SiiEEr--Itcceipta. SS; market firm for good na
thc averaging llr.l and told at i "
Works 217 Main Street.
Q. A. Peoples,
mull K. TT. T-ootnn Tfn,i T 1V..K,
Thatcher and Hon. Geonre .1. Barker ad- stupidly and ivermittcd the men to pour the
dressed the people. The meeting continued ' f3la' "nJ0- .1 ue victims left the saloon, and
until after midnight. During the meeting i 'n R '!0rl 4'mc t''3 poison began to tike ef-
tho Cyclones presented Congressman Funs- ' Q? wncn one ran to a bam to vymit and
ton With an elegant cold headed cine. The i 'a'd down in the throes of death. Langen,
on tneir arrival. 1 saw ami nearu some par
ties calling repeatedly, "Come on, boys."
Thev came from the grog shop belonging to
St. Clair Dugar, about "two hundred yard
from the meeting place. On "their
arrival .Toe Gilfaux, I was told,
by ona of the eye-witnesses, fired the 5rst
shot. Shots were returned by the attacked
bitters in the Ioit!e V 1 n.t, .1.. 1. ..e.L. j. 1 1 .,j
t .. , . , .. .. , .. . ' 1 uw inua ui uiu uu uiu auuuuiil if-
,1- TX L 7, , 1 l"e ' - m, 1 , , hca!2n? ' P0""1 ia the P3"- The attacking parties
that the bottlo bore a poi-on labei but they then went to tneir headquarters and returned
regarded it as a saloon joke, and deliberate- - with ten or twelve guri Thev urroundesd
lv poured their gU. ILihn looked on . the dwellin-r of Gonronlin. ' shootinc- at
Must Pay.
Ixcivittn, Kv Nov ?.. -Vice Chancel
lor Snirall. in tne cas of W.'H. Dulantv
"fc vf4 tu r.iiivjia tu uu- ... . . .
other until 1:30 o'clock in the afternoon, aD" others asking ad injunction aganvt tho
when Judge Fontelieu and his crowd ar. ! city of L,mvil-coltf-cttng taxw owing to
rived and entered the vard of Alfred Gon- 1 an,a " ,"'' ' l,'r -a f tho tae.
zoulin to hold the meeting, the me of the r"11" Pnt mj-inction to-day. Tho
vard having been secured for that purpose a.'no"nVn"",vwl wa alwJUt "hundred znil-
d heard some par- "0!1 fflnu l"" "ecisi.-n makes 1: necessary lor
inc payment 01 ttn:H Jong witjitield by cer
tain citizen.
Guns, Pistols anil Ammunition
meeting was the sTrandest and most enthusi
astic ever witnessed in Douglas county.
too, was seized with cramps. A phvsictan
every darker paing within their reach.
even tbo-o who went into the lavou when 1
trv-ing to .ave themselves. About Sfty of '
the slate militia came at o o'clock and ar
rested Fontelieu men exclusively, toiinc
them prisoners on Judze Gates
Clearing House Report.
Boro?r. Nov. X Tctal icbang, 2";
clearing b-MUfts m th- I'nifed Stale latt
week, ?(S5,937.00 bng n dcre4e of SS
per cent-, couiparvd with laU jr. The
amount ouUHieof New York, i'iJT,l25,fX),
adeTaeof 20 percrn. Oaly caiw ircrp
Kansas City, ts; I'rovuleTief. 5; I)troit, f.
Vhwf krsel vrrrt New York, It: Buton,2';
IlnUdsslpbiA, 2T; Chicago, 27; L Iiu's, IS.
St. I.oula Grain and Produce.
Sr. Lotna, November 3,
K lock Market dull and unchanged.
VViitirMarket higher and alow; No. J red.
77(7,'; caiti77?. ; November 7979,li, doting
"!),".'; December rl"4, eloalagtH; bid; January,
'.W.'. cloalng ".)..
Cors Illzber and Ioaetlvety.JMVB cah .,
S37 November; 3;y:i Jannary; StaMX
Oata Steady and alowi VV, rath; VH
lUcKirr- Flonr. ') barrela ' wheat. M.(o
bn.hela; corn, SI.") bnahelt; oata, 3."i
baahela; rye. ,l butbela; barley, C7,o-)
SiiiPvtM. rjour, SO.crri barrela; wheat.
21.iO bnshela ; corn, tt,iM baabela ; oata,
lli.ojObn.heUi rye. Z uxti barley, l,V.
mnooov aoaao.
Wbat qnlet; 7bli peeembTB'tMay
Cora Arm. I7H'oveJaber,2l year; SJii Jann
ary; SS May.
St. Loult Live Stock.
St. Lock, Novemtxr 3, l!s.
Ho. Market tt live and atrongerj Torkera,
i.U..U; packing. f.l U batrbera,
Si.744.te). llecelpU, ,i); ahlpnvata, 3.3 I
CATTta Market active; bntcaer, JroDd
prices about 1 atroagers no ablpplng demand t
all Interior tinjeragoae borne to vote; r.elpt
If it is not known, we intend that it shall be, that wo have
opened the above amount and will give you all the benefit.
Come and see our men's ehirt and drawers, a pair 40 cents.
That is
The same is sold in this town for
45c Each.
Come and see the difference. Also our all wool men's socks,
19c Each.
Sold in this city for 37 l-2c.
In'this slock.
Wo have in stock
Cloaks than there is this
Hunting out6tf rented oi seasonable terms .
place had been jimilajiv doed from the
bottle in the forenoon; but happily thev
vomited i: up and thus escaped the fatal re
sults. The coroner's iurv exonerated Hahn
from any criminal intent. The dead mn
Commltteo Estimates.
New York, Nov. 3. The headquarters of
the national Kepublican committee was
It 1, ,, .. 1 rnimffvl
it . . e .1 crowueu anu an cxpressca tne utmost con-1 ,
vouldmeanto transfer this government to .?..... r.. .i..L ..-. .,.. , sulLs. Tl.
j the absolute .vntrol of the southern stat of X &'r'''02h ' from any
... ..io.i. .or uol liPrt una ,imr f op l0 4iI tjnfc now wha, j thought. , wcr? Prom"t a- b.hly n-spectci in iU
give im own idea of what such a cknw that we will carr.-all northern ;., ?,!,. section. They were buned to-dv.
out exception, and we will win in Indiana, ;
and 1 have not the least shadow of doubt as t . Stoalln? from Cars.
to the result in New Jersey and Connecticut. ' Kansas Citt, Nov. S. ICobcrt 3Ianlv,
-f ,,. , 1 . n., . .1... 11. !.... 1f..2M .1 T f ,r . ",
aliv ;-nders-on, cre arrested for ftValinr;
Now Orleans Items.
New OiifJHX Nov.iU-Ofer 2f colored
xntn wer arretil by poBe' of the First
..! I i 4. rt.W.'MI ,.,. A.. .......nn... h&l. ....- I.....
Y$. .' v V10 J"1?. h'-yni hSV- order without a derutr fheriff to represent ' ? "'! mtn. A tupport. iUny of
..v. ,..v . u. uuuin, ni wnjen uour jt.x . ths authorities. Thu was stated to me ben 1 t"n wre oorr.mtUe.1 to prwri brti:re
clso expired. Three other alixens of the Cn mute to Xew lb with the nrinm cordor.
that night by the lieutenant commanding. trvt rsilroad drivers struc to-day for an
' incrva-e of warm and decrea-c f hoar.
New York. Nov. Z. Vieroan sawr Th
directors of tlie Denver .fc New Orleans rail-
would mean, if it were not out of nine. I
1 should refrain from the additional reason
that any thine 1 might now sav would be
Chicago Gtain aod Prozac.
Cnioco, November 3, I.
rtoca-Market eatler bst not loer.
VVHaAiqaiel and firm, opepfx ttesdy iwl
ro-e ,c rale-t qalet aod atdy, cloalng' ,e
over ftatnrlay November. Mli'i'i. eloalu
at 71',; Is-eoiber. 7fc7S. eloalnc at 7(-j
January. 7.'.a . doting at 77 1. j May, J
M". dotlogat SIJ4: No t aprlax, U'iQUX,
..o I. bo.', 1 .no jpkI 75; o. , cvM.
Coci Opefle-1 qalet and atroager, elmlsg
Sft-jcover uiturday Caab tuali clftaicff
.; .Vovember. l..I,i. el'jfe;ji year,
..;,cl&lsg),.i:ay, XiiHJiri, elolsg
at Wi
0T 5lvty eaab, S'.StS'.j Norember,
SHftS'.; IXeiobcT, ,! May ..
KtCRjrra riocr lie t barrela ; wteat. tit
nn botbeli: com. lu baateIa;oaia,HT.(i;
baaheU ; rye, IT 1 bukeli ; ba-l"y. ,
sjitinrcrra TlosT Stint, barrela; wheal.
M." freak!.; exn-a. 3,'a baat!a : oatt,
IIJ.msI tmtbelas rye, I7,t troafla s barley,
55.WO bctbeU
imown aoiao
"Wheat 2rs and nN4vrabr re fie; Ja
-iry-t ,e
Cera firm; May row ;c
Oata -J and Echaogtd.
Wo -will sell you
Entire County.
if you want them and will not bore you if you
don't. Covav and see.
Watch, Gun, Pistol,
Diamond Pin, Slete Ituttona, Ulnjr, Watcher,
Chain or in fact everything, it will pay
you to go and set
For, lrnehaaanythlnejon want, yon can save
money uv uuvmg oi n un
til iremon. iioiise, next I
offic. 44 Do curiae tvenne
" mkMmsmmmm
, V. . , . Juus"itui u. .ue -upie 01 Tllftmp',
the Umteil Js lwve cxcr,c,i'vCn. Xc
mate, , iroui 'd,"-7 cars: and Banni & II. Epplein,
nlurtlitv In this tt? paTnoroKers were Rmwa l-c mnnm
.j j. ce.irtr'a firxti rn 1 j.s.7 t . a.o s, . 1
r 1.. 11 .e , , - as lonnca uixin a eareiui analysis 01 . v" "" .ui.uiyvuui uiviumi -.aiura ai
p i;;tin fii any apoiop- or - from evcr. - $2,000, which were rccoverea. The depre-
SSnS rarf J S-"-rfytlt that our candidate would have at Intt l,-1 tiont are supposed tohvc beencKned on
2Sf rfW ,mS T ! "-SS&ESe -SrifeS? fc Skull Crushed.
v now that 1 did ii.and'l desire to not ' J?!!0 "?d Ldo not hesitate to ac-.? aire, engineer , at Carroll's foundry, was
01 record. I did it because 1 thou-ht that S "? j P- -r '"i ,ndlan ,OT,Ba.u m,MI? mo? in tne . gu
the peculiar chnrarieV nf h J?? ,. T3 nev,:r Ia bettcr wndition, and a more room " an nnconsaoa condijjoa, with bick
me peculiar cnaracter 01 the canvass was thnmue-T, rA ;,t , Z . . n,T .t,,ii o-,., : n j,. t
wera seen in ht company Ut last
Jersey the tie- nign. ana wero arrestea tc-mctt
Lsmx ll'xnc. Aris- Nov. ZrTm Ga-
road has ratified the contract made bv John W' Teiarfcai peal says Chs. Mitrb
E vans with the Teia Central. Housro- ,t-. cii, the nocre rarier of Sirs. W5d-n. a
Texas Central. Jlalves-ton. Harribnrs t ' wHte wima in Ltttte liirer cwwtr, was ar-1
an .ntomo, ieiis JtewUrleins, Louis- roiea saiwsy bbbi m mat oossty. lie
iana Western and Morgan's IxRilsianA & confe"d th eriaw f ler a. tcob of St? cti
Texs.1 lUilwiv aad Steaaithip coaipanr for ' tnt bad ptrl a rope around bu neck, aid be
connections for traffic aad co-operaticn on I dedared tse vrfltasm's buiba.-vd bin-d bn to
completion of connections of the DenTer & cormait tbe cnw. Eoth tEta wr bnag.
NewOr!ean railroad with New Orkatss,
GaJvestoa and oibcr calf pcrts. Wind KarJcet.
The rieral p at of the V.'ert Wn: W, D. C.Var. S-InduuaoM JSirSft&J&SSSfJSSU
bhore raUroad has-just issued a formal order for the Miuocrt raHer ar erallr fair.
sell ticlstU to Cucaco Erst- weatser; wtafTiv wirsci. teetramz ranable j
Will Be AH the Go. J
Cbtcaca Lire Suck.
Cbico. Saits&rr I, I'M.
Tie rjre"i Jnri xryvrjt .
HK B-eetpta, lj ahlpe-rtJ. 3.:
Market active ast e &ser; ifrr fcklut
Wfrfacff. .6"tl VI-. SBlXrtJ, XH1
l 11 Til tUtt-i i Vi
CtrruK KrifJt. t tM ; ahipsseista. J.W j t
tera, tW5 2m.0. yot.t to elstff W SMt It
ranrer sSeaefal, ataJe ler; Tcaasa. tt Vr'A
"btixxr Erlp4, l.Vr. atl&e-t, -! ar-
tf. aio-ar a4 aitiacjTKS; jt&raata aioca. ai-
Wlchiu Kansas. am a profound believer in a popular govern- SS.fc 1 TeLy theSe-'Sght'
to rccts to
etas, over ctmcters at t-12. Eastera jsn-
ucr agcai fcinaer 01 ij- esi snore sua
the eastern pxttezceztcfsil oftba Erie A
LacKawana are about to have conference
...;c io jm.w icn.vm.Ti a; tsJ KCiusec. , 4Wr, rwair avt M Al asrf.
sot made any new ruore. Ureter.-, -sitb i-jir Ljlks.Not. Z. -Jaige Seace to-iar fraTitu.tj.r8r.6yl7r Trr'liua
oneortwoMcTtion4arejIliccatc63:ryia- us.UatS ILvde--- Cvua. rtrnvir'A RtewJ C a arMiUIU f.
lesrab Th VrYrrt r--r.l l-.t 4r,. -v- e3r ,-r , ;. .4. . tor t bt ;nuHi
asnoaasd the followicp redoctioc; To St. pcattedtary,
m. w -wmtr-
in inctbn porticso, jaisr. fonred by fall-1 Ter tscT-nstt,ftt m lwUtmt amrj la !
is bamtBtu?. nearly latjrs:y lnrr.aay toraj of riim, i irttier U prtaaey. '
rare. 1 tMytry r tefuary tiare ssrrofela. cvt"T ,
c!4 t. eaiarrn. rtattallm, aM bt, .
Robison Bros.
21 Main Street
?Ete-SSS-:S3Srl:l W-.aOT.taKM-t s.o.l..a-0,
1 .ia
f !!
1 .1
"V" s Jtr
" jj, eS1 ln pv
u. l-JS 4,-v. fy J.'3-Jf"2 ihJSr itjCivVKi. ... -.: - V '.,--.,.. At. df. Vf, ,-Suk. jt .. if Af ,, a. ,Av .. s ..fj y
1 ..-.t-tr 1 zj s-s, .-..- --. -r - .. 7 .":.t- ---t: ' -jz .' . r ,,-r1 j. cji" rrj:. .r:-.." .. r - .i ,i .. , ltt...". - ..

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