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We have purchased the entire stock of Johnson & Moore, Queen street, Hampton, at
less than 50 cts. on the dollar. It is an established fact that this
firm carried no cheap or shoddy goods, but
always handled the very best grades of
Clothing and Genfs Furnishing Goods.
We shall place these goods on sale immediately, at prices for less than cost of
manufacture. We shall continue this sale from week to week, and expect to have
the stock disposed of within 30 day, when we shall put in a complete new stock of
Spring Goods. The Yal les which we shall offer must be seen to be appreciated. It
will pay you to come from miles around, as the equal of this sale was never known or
heard of before in this vicinity. If you appreciate the value of money you will not
miss it.
Read carefully every item enumerated below.
Men's Suits.
Men's Durable Working Suits, J. &
M. price $<;.t.H); our price $2.98.
Men's Strictly ATI-Wool Suits, J. &
M. price $8.00; our price $4.1)8.
Men's Strictly All-Wool Clay Worsted
Suits. J. & M. price $10.00; our price
Blue Pontoosie Funnel Su??s, J. & M.
price $7.00; our price $4.48.
Ger.nin- Blue Slater Flannel Suits.
Bearing, the Hanger, J. & M. price $10;
cur prVe S.VJS.
Men's $l'J.O0 Suits in Cheeks. Browns,
etc., ait $0.48.
Men's $114.00 Suits in Flnewf St-oteh
Tweeds and Cheviot*at $7.98.
Men's $lfi.i)0 .Suits, equal to custom
made, our price $'.'.'.?).
Boys'Lomz Pants Suits
Boys' Dong Fonts Suits, 14 to 19 yvars,
good material, $L'.t)S.
Strictly All-Wooi Cass'imere Suits at
Finer ones at Jt.liS, $5.90 atrl upwards.
Children's Suits- I
Children's Duralilo S'ehool Suits. J. &
Mi. price 50c; our price 70c.
Black and Blue Cheviot Suits of $2.50
value: our price $1.38.
S'cofeh Ctv-.viot Suits. Checks and
Fluids. $3.00 and $3.50 grades. $1.99.
$1.00 und 4.50 Suits; our price $2.73.
$5.00 and $C.OO Suits: our price $3.37.
Children's Knee Pants 16c.
Men's Overcoats.
Men's Blue and Black Overcoats $7.00
value; our price $3.98.
Men's Kersey Overcoats, $9.00 value:
our pricv $4.:?S.
Men's Superior Kersey Overcoats,
Strictly AH-Wool, actual value $10.00;
sule price $5.S7.
?Men's Melton Overcoats, Block and
Seal Brown, $12.00 value; sale price $6.99.
$H.(K> Overcoats at $s.00.
$16.00Overcoats at J'J.00. ?
?"^IS.OO and $20.00 Overcoats at $11.OS.
.Men's Waterproof Mackintoshes, J. &
M. price $4.00; our pricv $1.98.
Boys' Overcoats and Ulsters
and Children's Reefers at
Proportionate Prices.
Furnishing Goods.
Men's Laundered VThiK' Shirts, 75o
gr&iie, at 49c.
Men's UnUvrwear, 50c grade, at 29c.
Linen Coiars at 5c each.
Men's Hose 6c per pair.
M- n's Sweaters 27c each.
Men's $1.00 Underwear at 58c.
Many other bargains wfiicii space will not permit
us to mention.
Former stand of Johnson & Moore,
West Queen St.,
S- J. Brown. G. B. tlcagljnfl,
-Brown & Hoagland,
Law, Collection & Real Estate,
Office opposite Popular avenue,
11 A V E
from $10.00 to $500.
West Hampton. 250 fe. x from railroad
track,surtounded by four junction roads
Money Loaned lor Biding Purposes
on the ni>vst liberal terms. Plans and
.specifications furnished srratuit.uos.lv.
AdC. Lock Hex 225, Hampton, Va.
is the place
to buy your
bargains in
Dry Goods.
. Beautiful line of White Checks at -
cents a yard. (Nothing in Hamp'ton like
' tneffn.
6-4 Chenilo Talble Cover at 50 cents.
Be.-:t Quality 5-4 Pillow Case Cotton
at 10 cents.
S cent Dross Ginghams at 5 e? nts.
12 1-2 cent Dress Ginghams at 10 cents
25 cent Dress Ginghams at 15 cents.
S cent Outing at 5 cents.
I cannot mention all the bargains.
Just call and see ahem for yourself.
nr. A. Cooke|
12 West Queen St. j
E. G. Dar den,
A chance at any time to get the
worth of your money. We don't
give prize packages and then over
charge for our goods.
Our stock consists of
Dress Goods,
\ yWilli n ey ,
Shoes, &c
N. E. Cor. King and Queen Sts
The Fisherman
From Hampton,
V71V commence handling fish here No
yember 1st. _ 0cJ7-t?
p. b. messenger,
General * Carpenter,!
Frames, Sash, Blinds & Doors,
Mantels and
ua 7-iy Mouldings*!
Queen Street, HAMPTON, VA.
~P. O. Box. 101.
.1.000 volumes of the world's (best au?
thors, 10 cents eavh.
300 Lamps, 10, 25, 50 cents to $5.00.
18 Hall Lamps, $1.50 to $2.00.
12 Library Lamps, $2.60 to $5.00.
100 China cups and saucers, 10 cents
I to $1.00 pair.
100 Cedar Tubs, 50 and 75 cents and $1.
36 Wash Boilers, 40, 50 and 75 cents I
[and $1.00.
4S Cedar Palis, 15 and 30 cents.
6 boxe? Fancy brands of Toilet Soap,
jS cakes f>r 25 cents.
100 dozen glass Tumblers, 30 cents to |
I $1.00 a dozen.
6 dozen Coal Scuttles, 20 and 40 cents.
12 dozen Lunch Baskets, 10 to 50 cents.
96 Dish Pans, 10 cents each.
126 Wood Saws, 50 cents each.
12 Churns, 50 and 75 cents dach.
200 joints of Stove Pipes, 10 and 15 '
I cents each.
4 dozen four-piece Glass Sets, 25 to
75 cents.
250 Class Pitehers, 10 to 50 cents.
j 2015 Washington Aveimo.
1 Made iv!e a man
*4ZXAertx?iM IHaetue*-Failia? M?re
ory, iTDi-otcncy, Sleeplessness, etc., caused
by Abuse or other Excesses ana Indis?
cretions, TJtey (*uirlil*f and surelu
restore Lcr.t Vitality ia old or younR. ana
fit a man for study, business or marriage.
_ Prevent Insanity and Consumption if
intime. Their'iso t&owa immediate imprcve
and offeota a CUKE ?her? all other fail
?ist upon havintr the geunine Ajnx Tablets. The;
; have cared thousands and wilier
itive written guarantee to cfttct
each case or refund the money. Price*
package; cr six pkfffta (foil treatment) for $2.60._
mail. In plain wnpMK upon receipt of price. Circular
For aale in Newport News, by A. IE. G.
Klor. ? W-tn. th. m*-U
Office: 28th St., near Washington Ave.,
Opp. First National Bank,
}y 7-ly. Newport Nvws, Va.
Smoke and Fire
and ruin. That's the story In a few
words it there is no Insurance. If you
have a policy issued by Marye & Boyen
tomtlhe Ices will only be temporary. We
pay alH claims promptly and make lib?
eral allowances.
Title rates are so low on all classes of
Insurance and the benefits so great that
i't is not wise to be without a policy.
Estimates cheerfully given. Office in
room No. 7. Citizens and Marine Bank.
P. O. Box HS. feb9-3m
By virtue of the provisions of a cer?
tain deed ?>f trust bearing date on the
10th day of October, 1892, executed to
me as trustee, by the North Carolina
and Newport News Company, and duly
recorded in the clerk's office of the
County Court of Elizabeth Oity Coun?
ty, Virginia, in Deed of Trust Book 5,
page 449, default having been made in
the payment of the deht therein se?
cured, at the reQuest of Jie l*er.<*?cje-v
thereunder, I shell sei. at nvlCte auc?
tion to the highest bidder, om
at 11 o'clock A. M., on the premises, the
following property, to-wit:
All those certain 178 Lots situated on
Hampton Roads near Newport News, in
the County of Elizabeth City County,
State of Virginia, known and designa?
ted on a plat or map of the lands of the
Newport News Comp ny, made for said
Company by Braxion, Chandler & Ma?
rye, Civil Engineers, and recorded in
the Clerk's office of Elizabeth City
County, Virginia, by the following fig?
ures, viz.: Block 34?Lots Nos. 1 to 24
inclusive; Block 25?Lots 21 to 40 in?
clusive: Block 15?Lots 21 to 40 inclu?
sive; Block 7?Lots 1 to 24 inclusive;
Block 6?Lots 1 to 8 Inclusive, and Lots
26 to 41 inclusive; Block 24?Lots 1 to
20 inclusive; Block 16?Lots 1 to 20 in?
clusive; Block 35?Lots 1 to 9 inclusive,
andi Lots 25 to 39 inclusive; arndi Block
34?Lot 39, said lots being situate on the
streets and alleys as laid down and
named on said plat, which is hereby
made a part of this deed.
WM. P. DESAUSURE, Trustee.
Sale adjourned' for two weeks to ISlto
day ot February, 1898.
January 1, 1898.
Persons desiring further Information
and wishing to see the property will
call on Piowell, Brothers & King, who
will furnish maps and give all desired
particulars. Office in ibasement of Citi?
zens an? Marine Bank building, corner
Washington avenue and Twenty-sev?
enth street, Newport News, Va.
la 2-lm.
Hampton Bares??*
Wie Mml% Press.
King Street, near Quem, opposite the j
new postoffleo
All news letters tor publication In
this department should be addressed
to Daily Press Bureau, Hampton.
The Daily Press will be found for
sale every morning at the following
Hamplon-r-PostolTice news stand,
Coibert's book store, and at the King
street office.
Old Poiint?Baulcb's stationery and
book store, Hygeia Hotel and Oham
berlin Hotel.
Sherwood Hotel.
Passed Away at 2:15 Yester?
day Afternoon.
Animated Scenes in .Fudge I.tf?'H Court
White Trying to Secure ?Jurors in
the Aslihy Case. Other
Items of Interest.
Captain Richard? M. Booker, of this
city, than whom n'o n:un in Elizabeth I
City county was better known, died at
his h'cime on Qui en street at 1C> minutes
past 2 o'clock, yesterday afternoon, after
on illness of eight days. The dying man
was sur:ounded by the members of his
family, his brothers and sist' r ar.d a
number of friends. He pass'd away
conscious of all that was taking place
around him, and that for htai the sun?
light of life wa^s sio'.wly but surely fad?
ing. He seemed to fi el no fear. The
end came calmly ami peaceiu-lly. With
gentle words he sfpoko to his we1 iplng
wife; and kindred, bidding them dry
their t ars, for he had passed the limit
of .ftrthly aid. When speech failed he
indicated his desire for pencil and po?
pe r, anldi'when they were handed to him
he wrote thesii wards':
"^Hampton, Va., Feb. 11, 1S3S.
"I am dying on this day, and it seems
to me like an ordinary piece of busi?
Yesterday a wKek ago 'Captain Booker
returned from Richmond, where he had
been looking after important business
interests. Hi.- was ill when he reached
his home. A severe chill followed and
he was compelled- to take his bed. Still
it was not thv-ught that he was ? it-iously
sk-k, on.i his family believed that a few
kiiays of careful nursing wvuld bring a
return, of health. On the streets his ill?
ness was not known until Thursday ev?
ening, by which time his condition be?
came alarming. The night that followed
?was oneof painful anxiety to the family.
A consultation of physicians was callid
and yesterday morning the last hope of
the doc-tors tied. Typhoid pneumonia nad
fastened its deadly grip upon him and
human skill was unable to break it.
Knowing that he could not survive ti.i
day, Mr. Bo-oker s-;nt for Cc-lonel Thos.
Tabb Qniil quietly adjusted his- business
He had not been well for a year and
sffimed to realize- that he was not only
approaehir.vg the evening- of life, but
that its night was not far distant. His
view of existence appeared to be char?
acterized by stoical n -signation. He did
not long f-o-r the end, hut yet he did not
fear it. And so it was with1 him yes?
terday, when the messengi r bearing the
ifina-1 summons stood before him. There
was no dread of d^ath, but he passed
away as "oni - ?hw w.a?S the drapery of
his couch about him ana lies d -wn to
pleasant dceams."
Richard M. Booker was born on Feb?
ruary 3. 1S37, and henee was 61 years of
age. He first saw the light in the fa?
mous mansion on Back river, not far
from thi ? waters of Che.-ap-.-ake Bay.
named by his father, George B-ooker. the
Shwood. On this fat-mi the finest in
'Eastern Virginia, he (remained until t'ht
civil war broke out. Then, being an
ardent advocate of the principles upon
which the Southern statt e based their
right to withdraw from the Union, he
left Virginia and went to Macon, Ga.,
where he became a mCHml>er of the pro?
visional army, joining the- Oglethorpe
?Rifles as a private. Thus sixty oays -tve
fo-n the convention at 'Richmond passed
the Ordinance of Secession. 'Mr. Booker
found himself a soldi.r ready to take
the ifte-ld. After spending ssra; time at
Macon be was ordered' with his com?
mand to Pensaeola, Fla. But his patri
otic spirit f ught against soldiering in
a country in which there was no war,
and he asked for pi emission to Jon the
army- of Gene-nil 'Lee. which was grant?
ed, and he came north with at", s-petii.
Subsequently Iv- ?urne i rc-vost mar?
shal of Richmond, filling the office- in a
manner which quickly won for him the
praise of his superiors. In this position
he conti nu d, serving with tfcte rank of a
?lieutenant, until 1SS3, when he asked to
he assign.d to active duty, and was sent
to Fort Casweli, X. C. at the mouth or
the Cape Fear river. H-.*re he rema.in.ed
until Fort Fisher fell b. fore General
Butler's army, when he again care
north. AtOA.rt Casweli Mr. B iker suf?
fer ?1 severely from rheumatism, an i
it was with diifficulty that h-=- was ab o
to get away. 'After this he followed the
Southern army for several .weeks, but
falling ill he was fared to seek th-_- care
of friends in Amelia county, where, on
account of physical disability, he was
compelled to remain until the close of
the war.
Mr. Booker was the intimate frii.md of
many distinguished tJotithtrn statesmen,
who frequently sought his advice. He
?was captured and Imprisoned sev'tral
ttimes and- had many thrilling -experi?
ences. IHe was \ ne of the inmates of the
old capitol prison ini Washington, in
company with Maj-ci.- A. E. SentpJ \ of
this city, at the time of Mrs. Surratt's
confinement there.
'He is survived: by his wife, formerly
Miss Emily Wray, whose father was o
prominent oitizi in of this county and at
one time sheriff; his brothers, George,
J-jirti. Marshall, Henry W.. and' H. r>.
Booker, and one sister, Mrs. Nannie
Jones, assistant in the p -.-t fflo at Old
Point. His sons ate George; Wray. Rich?
ard M., ar.d Philip W. He leaves one
daug-hter, Miss Willie Booker.
Captain Booker fill' id th- office of dep?
uty sh 't iff during Sheriff Jerome Tit
lion's term of service, fro-m 1S76 to 1SS0.
Subsequently ho engaged in ;hi real es?
tate and auction business in Hampton
and later Jieg.rn the- manufacture of
1>t-iek near Lee Hall, in Warwick coun?
ty, where he- leaves an extensive plant.
The funeral wMl take p'-ire at 4:30
o'clock this afternoon from St. John's
church. The following genti' m>i-n have
been selected as pall- bearers: Jue'ige
Baker P. 4>-:v Color.' i Thomas Tabb,
M.t A. S. S.-gar, Captain W. T. Drugh
erty, Mr. George Wnay and Mr. W. S.
J. i-nes.
Lee Camp, ?omifederate Vi it-oran?, cif
which Captain Roo'ker was a past cora
'rrcLnder. and alii Confederate veterans in
the. city will .is*, robie at the courthouso,
with hots and oadges, and attend the
funeral in a body.
Now Thought that On? Has Been Se?
cured in- the Ashbtj- Ca sie.
Alfter a wrangln that i-sted a'H day
yesterday sixteen men. were selected as
contpet :irt p v sons t<> sit us jurors in the
Ash by case, an ii this morning, urn less
the tegaC sparring is renewed, twelve of
ti.-eir nutiwier will tb.. picked ? ut to de?
termine whether or no; Mr. Ash by is
guilty or the charge preferred against
turn. The gleamr i>an of the day was
spenlt in discussing the Qualifications o?
Mr. Hairy Pa-'ker. Tho >?? ung man waa
placed on the stand and subjected to a
painfully heroic probing by both tbe at?
torneys for tb ? common?' ul-th and the
defense. Mr. Packer informed the law?
yers that he preferred n- t to s rvi as a
juror, but when ptessed to say wliethvr
he could ter.Ct.j- a fair verdict, bus. d
Uivn the evidence in t'r.*> case, his con?
science compelled him to return an af
ftnmatiVc answer. So there he wus. and
thv ..Itterneys made the most of his em?
barrassing position.
Col mel Tul.b und Mr. Causey contend?
ed that Mr. Pa,iker was a competent
juror, but Mr. C Hier and Mr. Garretl
'"denied the all' gat ion and defied the
alligators." The discussions that rol
iowedi were animated, sparkling, soiw i.
times sizzling. Tiny Includ -i in their
scope a 'multitude of questions as remote
from fhi i real issue as the burning sands
of Sahara are from the frigid vales if
the Klondike. They embrace.1 the pro?
ceedings i .f Masonic committees and
cimlich eturts. and at onci amuse-i ami
aston-ls'lKd the crowd of eager specta?
tors. Men stood with open mouths us
if in that way they might aid their ears
in catching the Hew of wit and wisdom
und wind that r lied on and on from the
1> Igal drama within the Kir. Put it wits
all right, despite the fact that everyone
knew it to be all wrong, and no judge on
ea.ith could have stopped it.
.Mr. Parker t1 tongs to the Masonic
fr.vtevn.ity e.ind he- was a member of the
order when certain charges were pr-f
0 irred against Mr. W. H. Bridgeforth,
.u whtee instance the- ptesent warrant
charging Mr. Ash by with perjury wus
sworn out. The evidence was taken by
a committee, write in <!? wn ulivl after?
wards lead r* the lodge, without rec?
ommendation other than that the mat?
ter should ?he decided by a voti of the
miemlbers. Mr. Purker was ut first uti
altl. to tememlber whetheT h> was pres?
ent or not. 'But uifter heing probe 1 and
punched by eine side and a Ctf-irward
punched an?i probed by the oth. r, the
dim '. utlin-.s of the retrospect began to
bright) n and with the change came the
hi ?]<?' of escape.
The defense contended that th<> Ma?
sonic proceedings had nothing to do
with' the casi i The ohurge of perjury,
they suid. was entirely seputate from
any other mutter in which Ashby an 1
Bridge.fi rth were concerned, and Wunce
Mr. Parker could not be disqualified
frotm silting as a Jurvr b- ..Use of his
connection with the Masonic trial. To
this the prosi eution replied that if tb* re
was made upon Mb. Parker's mind at
the time the i'm-pression that Mr. Bridge
forth was guilty of Improper conduct
with Miss Birch, it necessarily followed
that he b> ilieved the statement of Mr.
Ashby, wlV- swore that he saw Bridge
forth enter the store at night.
Finally the1 gladiators 1-st their wind
an ': Mr. Packer, n.'ter a few met'
punches and probes, wus turned over to
Judge I-.ee. who very properly inform- 0
him thi.lt htii had better retire.
Rev. M. S. Strother. of Fauquler e ur._
ty. o po; ular colored minister, will
preach) at the Qut-en street church to
morr iw. It is said that the Third Bap?
tist church, which is now without a pus
tor. may call Rev. Stroth'.T.
The usual services wMI take place a:
the eeveraI churches in this city tomor?
The (Peninsula Guards, in uniform, at?
tended the fair lust night, as did sever vl
hundred other- people. The scene on the
floor was an animated one from the
I time tin i ctaors were opened until they
closed. Tonight wili ?>e the most inter?
esting of the week, es secres of valu?
able articles, upon which a large num
?bur of people have set their hearts at-. I
to secure which they are unbuckling
their pocket-books, will lie disp sed of.
(By Telegraph.)
NEW YORK. Feh. 11.?The weekly
bunk statement snows the following
changes: Surplus reserve, decrease, $2,
344,575; loans, increase. $5,976,600: specie,
increase. $879,500; legal 'tenders, de?
crease. $2,010.000: deposits, increase. 54,
856,300: circulation, decrease. $477.700.
The bank now .holds $34,437,050 in ex?
cess of the requirements of the 2S per
cent. rule.
When bilious or costive, eat aCaacaret.
candy carthartlc, cure guaranteed, 10c.
Bow a Farmer Un-ivillinely Bought a New
Pair of Shoes For a Tramp.
As I sat on the veranda with the furnier
after supper I usked him if lie wus not
greatly bothered with tramps, and his re?
ply was:
"Waul, a good many of 'em come along
and want a bite to eat, and some of 'em
are pretty sassy, but only one man of 'am
ever servod me a real mean trick."
"Poison your dog?" I queried.
"It was meaner than that. Wo was entin
dinner one day in the spring when a hive
of bees started to swarm. I'd bin cxpectiu
it and watchin 'cm and had a new hive
ready. When bees swarm, they will light
on most anything handy?a limb, a bush
et et en the pump. Jest as tho bees began
to pour out of the hive and circle around
along comes a tramp up the path to ask
for somethin to eat. The queen bee settled
down on his old hat, und tho hull swarm
fullered her. In two minits that tramp's
head and shoulders was covered witli bees,
and I yells to him for heaven's sake not to
try to fight 'oni off or he'd be stung to
"Ho must havo been terror stricken," I
"Xot a bit of it, sir. He was as cool as
a cowcumber, and when I told him he'd
hcv to stand In a smudge till the bees was
kliied off he jest laughed. When they'd all
settled down on him und I was goin to
start a smudge, he scz:
" 'Old man, what d'yo consider this
swarm of bees wuth in cold cashf
" 'About $5,' sez I.
" 'Are ye willin to giro $3?' sez he.
" 'What fur'r' sez I.
"'Bekasti ye'll either pay mo $15 or I'll
walk off with the bizness and sell out to
somebody else!' "
' "And you had to buy him off?" I asked.
"That's where tho meanness comes in,"
I replied the farmer. "Them bees was my
property, und I wasn't buyin what was
my own. Ho offered to take $2, but I
couldn't soo how ho could git away with
j 'em and refused to come down. Then ho
; starts off. I reckoned the bees would git
*ngry and sting him to death, but nuthin
I happened. He jest walked out into the
road and down the hill, and ho carried
thorn bees seven miles and sold 'em for a
new pair of shoes."
"And he wasn't stung?"
"Not once, sir. Tho bees seemed to like
tho smell of him, and he paddled along
tho road as grand as you please."?Wash
ingtou Times.
Just try a 10c. box of Casearets, th<
finest liver and bowel regulator ever
Everybody Says Bo.
Oascarets Candy Cathartic, the m .ist won?
derful medical discovery of the i je, pleas?
ant and refreshing to the taste, i ct gently
and positively on kidneys, liver an ) bowels,
cleansing the entire system: disi>el colds,
cure headache, fever, habitual constipation
und biliousness. Please buy ard try a box
et C C. C. to-day; 10,25,50 cents. Sola apd
guaranteed to cure bj all druggists.
Market Quotations From the
Leading Business Centers.
NEW YoKK. Feb. 11.?Money on eall
closed easy at HM 1-2 per out.: 1.
Pan. 1 l-l pvi- i* tit: prime mercantile
put;er, 35(4 per cent.; sterling exchange
easier, with actual business in banki i-'
i '!< ut 4.LU r,-!< for demand tin,I a
4.s;:ci-i.S3 1-1 r.ir sixty days; posted rate:
4.ivIf-1-I..si; L-C; c< am. rciat i. I .-. 4.V2: sii
ver certificates. ?6 [email protected] 3-S; bar silv-. i
56 3-S; Mexican dl Hats. Hi 1-4; govern
nient bonds weuiy: State bonds dull;
tailroad b nds> irregular.
NEW YOtRiK, F b. 11.?There was pro
tit tutting on quite a heavy sende i:
si ? ks today, said to be. for the accoun
.>t" ora of the principal bull operator?
The interval of two days betone tri .in.
sum* d
The sharp ad
t...' motive tor > losing ut
accounts, as is a-ways th
eve ? i ..- d uble hoilil
vnncv in gome of the
ing aft rded the morefav oraMe . ppor
tunity for realizing profits. Tin open?
ing rise was largely influenced by the
higher quotations for AimvrTicuns sent
from I. ndon an i was also helped by
the marked strength "f on. or two spe?
cialties. London bougbit here on o con
- MeoUile scale and h- Iped to sustain
prices to some ext'-nt. But the offer?
ings were not weli absorbed and support
was largely withdrawn. Th. weakness
.if stocks e noon raged the putting out of
short lines. The covering "f some of
?these .before the close brought them to
a level materially abovi. the low p..int.
but stiil left net losses as a gencrai
Some of the not?fcHerecent' advand s
were due to th.. rumored pendency of
1 plans for the distribution of the surplus
resources to the credit of some orf the
gilt-edgetn properties. The prevailing
abundance ci! tnor.-ey is said to make the
.-.in- of these surplus funds increasingly
I burdi nsome.
I Th.- total soles of stocks today won
:!SG.fHX> shores.
Atehison. 13}
Baltimore & Ohio. l?i |
Canada Pacllc . 87S
| Canada Southern. 55J I
Chesapeake & Ohio. v8i I
, Chicago fc Alton. 1(14
Chicago, Burlington & Quiney.. 1024
I C. C. C. & St. L. 30J I
do do pref'd. so
Delaware & Hudson. 11211
Delaware, t-ack. ?5; W. 1501
Erie (new) . 1 ">g j
Fort Wayne. 170
Great Northern pref'd. 1?4
Illinois Central. 105x1
I*ake Shore . l'.Hil
Louisville & Nashville. 503
Manhattan L. 11(55
Michigan Central. 113
Misfouri Pacific. 831
Mobile & Ohio. 31}
New Jersey Central.-. !I5J
New York' Central. IIS
Norfolk & Western. 10, j
Northern Pacific. 27
do pref'd. titij
Pit'tsburg. 1044 \
Beading .-... 214
Kock Island. 02
I St. Paul. 05} I
do pref'd..-. 147
I Southern Pacific. 20
I Southern Railway. UJ
do pref'il . 82|
I Texas & Pacific. 12* |
Union Pacific tr. rets., s. a. p., . 34
Adams Express. 187
American Express. 123
United States Express. 42
Wells Famo Express. 11G
American Tobacco. lllj j
do pref'tl. 117
People's Gas. 075 I
Consolidated Ghs. l'.lOi |
! General Electric. 38
Pacific Mail. 8111
Pullman Palace. 1ST
Sil ver Certificates. 50 j 1
Sugar . 139
do pref'd . 1124
Tennessee Coal & Iron. 25g
Western Union. !I2
Chicago Northwestern. 12!)j|
do pref'd. 17:1
I Chicago Great Western. 135!
CHBCiAGO, Feb. 11.?Kv rything1
tin -floor was strong today, wheat bei
the l'eador both In strength and uetlv
fty. Rep i ts of additi nal shipping i
g?igem1 nts for Leith wheat und an <
e iptionaily large ex-ptw t business were
[ th,- principal factors In a buying move
meat In wheat which had ed-vanced the
market about a cent at the close.
Corn- closed a half cent higher and
oats [email protected] higher.
Provisions hesitated for a time, but
finally joined th* procession and caused
2 [email protected] l-2e higher.
WHEAT? Open lii<?h Low Closed
I May
28 ?
23 i
284 I
23 s
10.02* 10.75
10.05 10.75
5.10 5.12i
5.174 ?.2J
10.00 10.70
10.05 10.7241
5.224 5.25 5.20
Cash quotations were as follows:]
Flour firm; No. 2 yellow corn,
26}; No. 2 spring wheat, [email protected]; |
No. 3 spring wheat, 91(&&3; No.
2 red, 084; No. 2 corn, 284; No.
2 oats, 25?; No. 2 while,-; No.
3 white, 20i<<i274; No. 2 Rye, 484;No. I
2 barley, [email protected]; No. 8, ?: No. 4, -;
; No. 1 iliix seed, [email protected]; prime j
tiuiothv seed, 2821; mess pork per
barrel 10.00'ic:10.05;lard per 100 pounds
5024; short ribes sides (i?ose)
?.U0(<55.30; dry 6aited shoulders j
boxed 4}@5; short clear side?,
boxed, 5 30(??r>.40; whiskey, distillers1
finifhedgoods, per gallon, ll8j.
BACTIMOiRE, Feb. 11. ? Flour dull
and unchanged!.
Wheat?Firmier; spot and month,
100 [email protected] 3-S; March, 300 12(8)100 3-4:
May, 98 3-1&99; steamer No. 2 red,
96 l-l&O'j 3-S; South.rn wheat by sam?
ple, ?Siy'lOl; do. -,.r. grade, ?f> 3-4(9)100 3-4.
Corn?dull and firmer; spot, 33 7-8?
ISt; March, M [email protected] 3-4; steeimer mix
j ,d, [email protected] 1-2; Southern white corn, 3Z\i
6; iol ye.lOW, [email protected]
Oats?Firm; No. 2 white, [email protected]; do.
mixed, 28 [email protected]'.?.
?;.'>>?K.ttr.vr; No. 2 nearby, 54 3-4;
,'o. 2 western, ?? 3-4.
Hay?G d to choice timothy, 12.30&
Grain freights?Mote active; steam to
Liverpi ol, p r busheil, 3 3-tsd March.
I Cork, for orders, iier quarter, 3s 3d Feb?
ruary; 2s 10 l-a.i't/Ss 3d March.
Sugar?Strong und unchanged.
Butter and eggs?Quiet and un?
Ohe so?Steady and unchanged.
[email protected] per basket .
NEW YORK, Feb. it?Cotton futures
closer steady; sali s, 249.900 bales. Feb?
ruary, 6.01; March, 6.04; .Vpr.il, *6.07;
May, 6.11: June, 6.14; July. 6.17; Au?
gust, 6.20; September, 6.21; October, 6.23;
November, 6.22; December, 6.24.
The Pleasure
A Piano Rives in a year will
repay f<>r its purchase price. Hut the
pianos \ve sell lust many years and are
u constant source of pleasure and Joy.
our representative will call and see
you at any timv on the subject. No
trouble to show catalogues and Our
prices. Call and see our stock.
The Hume, Minor Co,
oc 1-F.auAWlm
Our representative ib In Newport
News every week-_
J. K. BWIMEBTUM, Manager
X will leave Newport News with both
freight and passengers for Petersburg
every Monday. Wednesday and Friday
about T:15 A. M., and will leave Newport
News for Norfolk every Tuesay, Thura
day and Saturday about 3:30 P. M.
Will leave Norfolk evu#y Monday,
Wednesday and Thursday at 6 A. M.
sharp. 3. W. THILLIPS,
The elegant passenger steamship*
Jamestown. Yorktown, Guyandott?,
Uoanoke and Old Dominion leave New
York every day except Sunday at 3:90
P. M. for Norfolk and Newport New?,
touching at Fortress Monroe on the
south buund trip.
Th? ships of this line leave Norfolk
for New York direct every night at 6:00
A short, delightful and Invigorating
First-class, straight, including
meals and berth.} 8 00
First-class, round trip, includ?
ing meals and berth. 18 00
Steerage without subsistence. 4 60
Steamer Luray arrives from Smith
field and leaves for Norfolk daily ex?
cept Sunday, at 8:30 A. M. Returning
eaves Nortoi' fror. Bay Line wharf
every day except Sunday at 3 P. M.
_M. B. OROWELL. __^gf_
The New and Powerful Iron Pal?,
Steamers, Newport News, Washington
a^d Norfolk, will leave daily as follows:
Steamers leave Portsmouth, foot
of North stre? t at.6:50 p. m.
Leave Norfolk, fcot of Kathews
street at.6:10 p. m.
Leave Old Point at.7:20 p. m.
Arrive Washington at.6:45 a, m.
B. & O. R. R. PENN. R. R.
Leave Washington at 8:00 u m 7:20 am
Arrive Philadelphia at 11:10 a m 10:4? a m
Arrive New York at 2:00 p m 1:23 pm
South bouud, IS. & O. lt. It. Penn. R. R
!.eaves .New lork at li:3U a m 1:00 y n.
Leaves Philadelphia at 1:38 p a: 3:1S p in
Arrives in Wau>iington 4:30 p in 6:1^ p
Sieamers leave Washington at 7:00 p to
Arrive Fortress Monroe at 0:80 & m
Arrive Norfolk at 7:30 a n
Arrive Portsmouth at 8:00 a n>
The trip down the historic Potomac rivet
and Chesapeake bay on the elegant steamers
of this Company is unsurpassed. The
steamers are comparatively new. having
beeu built in IStii, and art- fitted up in tht
most luxuriant manner, with electric llgbt?
nail hells and steam heat in each room. Tut
utblcs arc supplied with every delicacy o
the season trom the markets ol W-.-hirgt >
aid Norfolk.
For lurthsr information apply to
D. J. CA LLA H AN, Ageuu
He Norfolk
WESTWARD. I No. 1 I No. $~~
Lv. Newport News | 3:00 a. | 4:35 p.
Ar. Richmond 111:15 a. | 6:50 p.
?3:40 p. |11:30 p.
Ar Washington
Lv. Richmond 2:16 p.
Ar. Charlottesvilie 6:41 p.
Ar. Clifton Forge 8:57 p.
Ar. Hot Springs .
Ar Ronceverte 9:51 p.
Ar. White Sulp. Spga I nag
Ar. Huntington | 3:26 a.
Ar. Cincinnati I 7:55 a.
Ar Louisville 111:00 a.
10:30 p.
2:43 p.
6.30 a,
9:05 a,
7:25 a.
12:30 p.""
5:15 a.
8:00 p.
?Except Sunday. Other time dally.
No. 1 Old Point to Cincinnati and
j Louisville dally. Parlor car Old Point
to Richmond and Pullman sleeping car
Richmond for Cincinnati, Louisville and
>t. Louis. Meals served on dining car
vest ot GorUunsviile. Connects at Rich?
mond for Lynchburg and Lexington*
No. S for Cincinnati daily. Full man
sleepers Old Point to Hinten, W. Va.,
I and Gopdonsville to Cincinnati and
I Louisville. Meals served on dining cars
west of Gordons^Uie._
For j No. 3 I No. 4
_Norfolk._? Dally. ) Dally._
I Lr. Newport New? j 11:05 a, j 6:00 p.
Ar. Norfolk I 12:05 p. 7:00 p.
. Portsmouth I 12:18 p. | 7:15 p.
For I No. 2 1 N?. 4
_ Old Point_) PalHy. | Dally.
I Lv. Newp>rt New? I 11:05 a. | 5:00 p.
Ar. Hampton 11:28 a. 6:23 p.
I At. Old Point _____ I 11:36 a. | 6:80 p.
Steamer Louise leaves Portsmouth
dailv at 7:40 A. M. and 3 P. M-; leaves
Norfolk 8 A. M. and 3:30 P. M. for New?
port News.
For tickets, rates ."U! 1 other informa?
tion, apply to E. W Robinson, ticket
agent, Newport News. Va., of John D.
Potts, assistant gen~ia, passenger
Agent, Ricumond
Leave Newport News via Norfolk for
Boston every Monday, Wednesday and;
Friday, sailing from Norfolk at 6 P.
M. Leave for Providence every Tues?
day, Thursday and Saturday at 6 P. M.
Leave Newport News for Baltimore
daily (excerpt Tuesday) at 6 P. M., con?
necting for Washington. Philadelphia
and New York. Fare to Baltimore, on?
way S3.00; round trip S5.00, including
stateroom berth. Accommodations and
cuisine unequalled. Freight and passen?
gers taken for all points north and east.
For further Information, apply to
L. C. S A UN DE RS, Agent, Newport
W. P. TURNER. G. P. A.
Gaaerwl Pifloe, Baltimore, &?&. 1 j

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