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on of the Great Sale.
Thousands of buyers have already taken advantage of the wonderful bargains.
An Excellent Opportunity to Purchase High-Grade
Clothing and Genfs Furnishing Good
The wonderfully low prices which we have placed on our Goods have created a
consternation amongst the purchasing public of Hampton and surrounding towns. By
buying at once you will save at least 45 cents on every dollar you spend.
Read Carefully the Bargains:
Men's Suits.
Mori's Durable Working Suits, J. &
M. price $?.00; our price $2.9S.
Men's Strictly ATI-Woo! Suits, J. &
M. price $8.00; our price $4.98.
Men's Strictly All-Wool Clay Worsted
Suits, J. & M. price $10.00; our price
Blue Pontoosic Flannel Suits, J. & M.
price $7.00; our price $4.48.
Men's $12.00 Suits in Cheeks, Browns,
etc., at $0.48.
Men's pants at half price.
Boys'Lona; Pants Suits
Boys' Long Pants Suits, 14 to 19 years,
good material. $2.98.
Strictly All-Wool Cass?mere Suits at
Fine:- ones at $4.OS, $5.90 and upwards.
Children's Suits
Chlldren-s Durable School Suits. J. &
M's. price $1.50, our price .9 cents.
Black and Blue Cheviot Suits of $2.50
value; our price $1.38.
Scotch Cheviot Suits. Che?Iks and
Plaids. $3.00 and $3.50 grades, $1.99.
$4.00 and 4.00 Suits; our price $2.73.
$5.00 and $6.00 Suits, our price $3.37.
Men's Overcoats.
Men's Blue and Black Overcoats $7.00
value: our price $3.98.
.Men's Superior Kersey Overcoats.
Strictly ATI-Wool, actual value $10.00;
sale prke $5.87.
Men's Melton Overcoat's, Black and
Seal Brown. $12.00 value: sale price $6.99.
$16.00 Overcoats at $9.
$18.00 and '$20.00 Overcoats at $11.98.
Men's Waterproof Mackintoshes at
Boys' Overcoats and Ulsters
and Children's Reefers at
Proportionate Prices.
I Furnishing Goods.
! Men's Laundered White Shirts, 75e
I gra?e, at 49e.
I Men's Un?'erwear, 50c grade, at 29c.
! Mi n's Sweaters 27c each.
Men's $1.00 Underwear at 5Sc.
Many oilier bargains which ?6 will not mmi
us to mention.
Former stand of Johnson & Moore,
West Queen St.,
S- J-Brown.
G. B. floafjland,
fc Hoagland,
Law,-Collection & Real Estate,
Office opposite Popular avenue,
from $10.00 to $500.
West Hampton. 250 fe--1 from railroad
track,surrounded by tour junction roads
Money ioonea lor bim Purposes
on the most liberal terms. Pinns and
specifications furnished gratukuosly.
AdVlress Lock Box 225. Hampton, Va.
General > Carpenter,
frames, Sash, Blinds & Doors,
IVIanfels and
ua 7-iy Mouldings.
Queen Street,
O Box. 10$.
W. R. SCULL, Manager.
Storage Warehouse.
Freitritt, Baggage, Safes and Furni?
ture Carefully and Promptly Moved.
All kinds of Hauling done
?PHONE 2593.
P. O. BOX 14L
is the place
t o buy your
bargains in
Dry Goods.
Beautiful line of White Checks at -
cents a yard. (Nothing in Hampton like
6-4 Chenile Talble Cover at 50 cents.
Best Quality 5-4 Pillow Case Cotton
at 10 cents.
8 cent Dross Ginghatns at 5 e- nts.
12 1-2 cent DretAs Ginghams at 10 cents
25 cent Dress Ginshams at 15 cents.
8 cent Outing at 5 cents.
I cannot mention all the bargains.
Just call and see ithem for yourself.
X, A. Cooke
12 "West Queen St.
Bear Paw Buffte,
G W. Todd, Proprietor.
A Gentleman's Place.
Here are a few of rny specialties
Old Virginia Mountain Brands,
Old Clemmer Honey Blossom,
Braddock's Maryland Rye,
Sherwood Montice.lo, Monongahela,
Hopewel Sour Mash, Old Crow,
Richmond! Club.
Taylor's Hand-made Sour Mash,
Oscar Pepper, J. E. Pepper,
Jefferson Club, Guckenheimer,
Murry Hill Club, Old Kentuck,
Our Pet Eastern Rye,
rvport Kentucky,
STienandoah and' North Carolllna Apple
pie Brandy. Tthe most approved brands
of rum, gin. cordials, etc., blackberry.
Sherry, Wild Cherry Wine and Port
Wines. The finest brands at union made
cigaxs. Everything flrst-class.
Go to the Bear Paw Buffet for one of
Todd's Nightcaps.
E. G? Darden.
A chance at any time to get the
worth of your money. We don't
give prize packages and then over
j harge for our goods.
Our stook consists of
Dress Goods, j
SHoes, Sec
N. E. Cor. King and Queen Sts
The Fisherman
From Hampton,
Win commence handling fish here No
Cafe and Family Liquor Store
BSTflBblSHED IN 1888.
Is the place for you to buy your
Wines and Liquors for Cooking and
Medicinal purposes.
If you suffer from pains in jour eyes
and head consult
2603 Washington ave..>.e*. port News.Va.
He makes an e::ai: inati n of your eyes,
ascertaining Jus; what is needed in the
way of glasses, r *dical treatment, etc.
Th costs you nothing?other specialists
charge you from $1 to $10. Examination
free, and satisfaction guaranteed. No
cha go is macte for visits to the houses
of p?tien' -' in this city or Hampton. Of?
fice in Klor's dru^ : .ore.26D3 Washington
avenue. Office ' ours; 9 to 1 a. m., an?
2 to 8 p. nr. _ oct^-8-m._
Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat Diseases.
Rooms 5, Citizens and Marine Barak,
corner Twenty-Sevenich street and
Washington avenue.
OFFICE 'HOURS:?8:30 A. M. to 12:30
P *M.; 2:00 to 5:00 P. M; 7:00 to 8:00 P.
M. SUNDAYS?9:00 to 11:00 A. M.
febS-lm ._
I Eat At
No Loud Talking
or Singing, discuss?
ing of Politics, Na?
tionality or Reli?
gion. All who
cannot comply with
these rules are re?
quested to spend
their time and mon?
ey elsewhere.
vernber tst
All orders by mall will receive prompt
Meals at all hours. First-class Din?
ner, 25c. From 12 to 2 P. M. The best
that the market affords in every re?
spect, ttame in season. Suppers fur?
nished to parties on short notice.
Cor. Washington Avenue and 24th St.
CoNTit ACTOit and Builder
Plans and Specifications Prepared on
Short Notice.
2809 Washington aventia
Office: 2Sth> St., near Washington Ave.,
Opp. First National Bank,
iy 7-ly. Newport Nt ws, Va.
Hampton Batean,
Wkz Bmln Press,
King Street, near Queen, opposite the
new postofflca
AH news letters for publication In
this department should be addressed
to Daily Press Bureau, Hampton.
The Daily Fress will be found for
sale every morning at the following
Hampton?Postoffice news stand,
Colbert's book store, and at the King
street office.
Old Poiint?Baulch'a stationery and
book store, Hygeia Hotel and Obam
berlin Hotel.
Sherwood Hotel.
Try Their Eyesight on Hope
The Ingalls Charter Ottered in the Interest
of Mr. Uarllne, lint Hampton
People Want It. Other
Stems of Interest.
It was 11 o'clock yesterday morning
before the first ?witness of the day in
the Ash'by ease was called to the stand.
At that hour the beaming face of Judge
Mann, whose journey liiom his home in
?Xotu/way owunty to Hampton hud been
lie lay ed by events'Which were not oblig?
ing enough to cast their shadows before,
entered the chamber? and th.n impa?
tient attorneys, jurors and spec-tutors
straightway began to smile upon them
s.ives and everjtbody else. But that
was perfectly natural, for there is some?
thing in the alble iNottoway attorney
that charms men. Bright, active, a.ert
when one would suppose that his mind
is far away, he meets his opponents at
every point, but meets them openly,
fairly, and always with radiant feat?
ures. His courteous manner of dealing
with witnesses) wins him their conti
den.e at once and the friendly feeling
thus inspired makes for him friends of
all.' Hence his popularity in Hampton
is easily acct.unted'. for,
Tb>. testimony taken yesterday was in
many respects a repetition of that token
Saturday, it began with that of Mr.
Skid Hudgir.s, who related a conversa?
tion with Mr. Ash'by in 'December, 1S1MJ,
?when he said that he wus sorry the
"thing" had happened; that "it had
never been proven- that he did it" and
thut he, Mr. Ashby, was afraid! that
"somelKjjy would have this thing to pay
for yet." Others testified to conversa?
tions oc like character. Th-. n came wit?
nesses who had looked from the Hoi>e
street crossing down the narrow lane
to.vard the lower door of the furniture
store witllMoUt being able to distinguish
ome man from another when two or
more were standing ?.t the- latter point.
Among those who tesVjfied were officers.
This lasted a long time. Some of the
witnesses became angry and gave the
attorneys for the defense sharp, replies
to questions which they though were in?
tended to mix them up. At times it
see met! that there would be a repetition
of some of the scenes that have already
mark-.d this famous trial. But the day
passed without, a notable outhreuk and
the crowd went home to give their
mouths a rest and take a re-ef in their
outstretched ears.
Mr. Bridgeforth's testimony was the
mlost interesting. Judge Mann asked
him to say whether the charge of Mr.
Ashtby that lie had entered the store in
connpo.r.y with a woman, at night, was
true or not.
"That's false!" said he. He had never,
he said, gone into the store with a wo?
man after it had' U.en Closed'. His ac?
quaintance with the lady involved in the
eist?, whom he gave a good name, began
about thv_- 10th of May, 1S94. He had
never kept company with her and had
been in her society but a few times.
Frequently he saw her at the Baptist
church, oc' which they were both mem?
bers. A note, written, by him to the
lady, saying that he desired to see her
and requesting her to fix the time and
place at which an interview could he
had. was read and Mr. Bridge-forth was
asked to explain, it. He said that the
young woman had l>een traduced and
he wished to wann, her against the man
who had done it. The note was handed
to her at church, and' subsequently?he
did not know how long afterward?he
saw her in the store, but the conversa
th n that took place there was absolute?
ly frvie from improprieties of any kind.
After this he went to Bla;tostone in the
hope of contracting for the sale of fur?
niture to two large schools. He left on
the Hth of July, 1S94, and his business
required him to remain aiwuy until the
17th of August. Colonel Tabfn subjected
Mr. Bridgeforth to a rigid cross-exam?
ination, but without shaking his testi?
mony in any particular.
Captain Bonnevell next took the stand.
He had kn^'ivn Mr. Efiridgeiforth some
six or eight years and had introduced
him- to Miss Birch. Judge Mann asked
Captain Bonneveli ilf he and Mr. Bridge
forth' were on friendly terms, but before
witness could unsiwer the question Col?
onel Tabb objected. It was finally
iwithirawn. Captain 3tonnevell than
said that the introduction took place
atn.ut the 15th of May and that toward
the last of June the lady left Hampton.
IKe did not know whether Bridgeforth
visited 'Wer or not, as he was away from
home. The witness was then, turned
over to CUlone-1 Tabb, but he declined to
ask any questions. He excepted, tloiw
tiver to all that Captain Bonr.evell had
At this point Judge "Mann moved that
the jury be instructed to visit Hope
street and make a test for themselves as
to whether it is possible to distinguish
a man fnotm the crosing to the door of
the furniture store wtJich Bridgeforth
is alleged tl> have entered. At 7:30
o'clock the jurors, in change of Sheriff
Curtis, went to Hope street and spent
nearly an hour.
What this result of their experiment
was could not be ascertained, as they
were instructed' to hold no conversation
with anyone. ThSs morning the first
'witness for the defense will take the
stand, and it is probable that by tomor?
row noon the testimony will have .been
concluded. Then, will begin the argu
I meint upon the Instructions, which will
I consume the rest of the day;
Strong Effort Be Made *o Kill the
Ingalls Charter.
Notwithstanding the {act that the
people of this county are almost unani?
mously in favor of the construction of a
new railway to -onnect Hampton, and
Newport 'News, a desperate effort is to
be made to kit', the Tngalls charter. It
was expected- that the aotion of the
council 'In grunting Mr. Darling the use
of King street would prevent any com?
petitive railway enterprise from getting
into teiwtn. But it has ibeen 'learned
that the road, with which Mr. Ingalls"
name is associated, andi which is backed
by other men of great wealth and Influ?
ence, is certain to he built if a charter
can be obtained, and that the action of
the council cannot prevent it from, en?
tering the business section <tit the dty.
It seems now that the Ingalls company
are not anxious for the use of King
street. l.wt ihut they contemplate pass?
ing through, town by a route which wiW
make their cars almost as convenient .o
the traveling public as those- of Mr.
Darling, anU which will also enable
them to reach! the Soldiers' Home, one
of their principle ?bjective points of the
now line. Besides. It Is said that the
-harter of the company is sl> broad with
respect to the condemnation' oc" lands
that farmers along the route between
Hampton and Newport Mews, and in
other portions of the county, may Iv
forced to surrender their teeming acres
tb -monopolist-id rui'liway mag-nates.
These anldl other arguments are to he
used with the members of the legislature
In the hope of defeating an enterprise
which promises to do r ore for the ma?
terial'development ami advancement of
Elizabeth City county than anything
that bus occurred in its history. Mean?
time, the people of the county, as above
said, are strongly in favor of granting
I the charter, and if the matter were sub?
mitted to a vote not a single speech
j would Ibe required to insure for it a
rousing po| ill.ir indorsement. The op?
position to the new road is entirely in
the interest of Mr. Darling and no one
?believes that any intelligent farmer
fears that he will have to do more thnn
grant the right of way through his land.
Fire destroyed a small house occupied,
it is said, by negroes above town, yes?
terday. The building was worth but lit?
[Editor Elam, of the Monitor, Cle-rk
Harry Booker and Mr. James McfMen
amin Uook yesterday's afternoon train
for Richmond.
'A Japanese convert tt.. Chrlstlamity
spoke at the Young Men's Christian As?
sociation last night. His address
abounded Iml interesting information
touching the religious customs and pres?
ent condition of the Japanese people.
lOeprc scntative Montague spout Sun?
day in the city. He expressed the opin?
ion that Judge Blackstone will be chosen
to fill the vacancy on the circuit court
be nch.
On account of the bad. conduct ,.?f some
?white boys who attended the Salvatton
Army services Sunday night, the town
authorities will be asked to send an of?
ficer to the meetings hereafter. No
mercy s'ivou'kl be shown those who mis?
behave in religious gatherings.
There is a streng sv-ntimenf here
against permit'tlng me millers of the leg?
islature to become candidates for posi?
tions in the gift of that Ibody.
The several churches in the city were
well attended or.. Sunday and in each of
thenv an excellent discourse- was de?
Ail of the Salvation Army people but
Lieutenant Inlet are in Washington,
wintere they went to join in the welcome
to' Genera! Booth.
Th*r agitation of the King street rail?
road question did some good. Electric?
ity Instead oc jackasses is to l>e used.
?R. I>. White, manager of the Chamber
lin baseball club, has arranged for a se?
ries of games between Ms team and the
Cuban Giants, the champion col .red
baseball club of the world. The games
will be played at Riverview Park/ Im
A; 111. The Hygeia club will also play
the Cuban- Giants, alternating with; the
(By Telegraph.)
ST. LOUIS. MO., Feb. 14.?Some time
ago VMark Baldw in, the well-known
baseball pitcher, fl ed a suit to secure t!We
payment of the judgment secured
against Chris Von Der Ahe in Pitts
burg. This afternoon- Chris Vorn- De'r
Ahe filed an amended answer, claiming
$50,000 damages for being rem. wed from
the state of Missouri against his will.
The kidnapping of Von IX r Ahe was
brought oBficially before the St. LMiis
grand-jury toiay and a report rin it Will
be made.
(By Telegraph.)
IWIABHUNGTON, Feb 14.?Fourth-class
postmasters have been appointed as fol?
lows for Virginia:
Rrookneal, BeZ-.T Snell: Lilly. Mrs.
Fannie Newman: Muing.biek, Mrs. I>. T.
Mo, Irlar: Rescue, Surah E. JVrdan: Vol.
ney, Joseph M. Silencer.
The Increase of Home*.
One of the best possible facts in the
latter-day progress of this country is
the increase in the number of homes.
In crowded centers of population, such
as New York, and one or two other
cities, the flat and the hotel must al?
ways be necessary, for space is too val?
uable to be monopolized by the humble.
But even around the very large citios
there are being built thousands
and thousands of suburban cot?
tages and country residences, and
all through the length and breadth
of the country, in the towns,
(Tillages and cities artistic homes are in?
creasing at an astonishing rate. If any
one will take the trouble to look up
the literature on the subject he will
find that in this country there are more
than a hundred papers devoted to these
home builders, giving them each weok
plans and suggestions. The number of
books upon low-priced architecture,
written in the past fifteen years, ex?
ceeds the total for a century previous,
A wider education is being spread, and
the gain in every way Is enormous.
A man who owns his home Is a bet?
ter citizen, even if there Is a mortgage
on it. There is a feeling of personal j
partnership in the protection of proper?
ty and the preservation of public order
which makes him stand for what Is
best in law and government. It is
the beat possible thing for his wife and
children; best for him and best for the
Ilogus Oystern.
The municipal authorities of Paris
are Just now engaged In the suppres?
sion of an altogether novel form of
food adulteration which is assuming
phenomenal proportions. Real oysters
are expensive In Paris, and so, with
i the object of suiting slender purses, ar?
tificial oysters on the half shell have
been invented, which are sold at twen?
ty cents a dozen, and they are so clev?
erly made and look so nice and iresh
that, once lemon juice or vinegar has
been added, they can not be distin?
guished from the real article, especial?
ly when white wine is taken in connec?
tion therewith. The only genuine
thing about these oysters is the shell,
the manufacturers buying second-hand
mells at a small coat, and fastening the
spurious oyster in place with a taste?
less paste. The municipal laboratory
aas not yet proclaimed the ingredients
if which these bogus oysters are com
aosed, but has announced that they
iro of a harmful character.
D?n't Tobaoco Spit and Smote Yuur Lift Away
It yen want to quit tobacco using easily
and forever, be made well, strong, magnetio,
full of new life and vigor, tako No-To-Dac,
the wonder-worker, that makes weak men
strong. Many gain ten psunds in ton days.
Over 400,000 cured. Buy No-To-Bac of your
druggist, under guarantee to euro, 50c or
$1.00. Booklet and sample mailed free. Ad.
Sterling JtemedyUo..ChlcagoorNew York
Market Quotations From the
Leading- Business Centers. -
(NEW YORK, Feb. 14.?iMoneyi <>iv cu.ll
< toeed easy at l%@Hi per cent.; last
i an 1 Vi per cent.: prime mercantile pa
'fer 3?4 per cent.; sterling exchange
easier with actual business tn bantoer?'
laii s at $4.s.v. iTor ilomana ami at 1483?
4.5WV4 Cor sixty days; posted rates $4.x-l<u
4.S6V4; commercial blffls $4.S2y>: silver
certiiflcates 56>&?57Vi; buir silver f>SVi:
Mexican dollars 45%; government bonds
weak: state blinds dull; rui'lr-ud bonds
NEW YORK, Feto. 14.?The weakness
oa" stocks was pronounced today anei
permeated every department of the mar?
ket. Tin- d'ecbVne was <tuitc uniform in
the general list anJ a few of the highly
sp? u'lative specialties broke setvereiyt
There was little- support in th. way of
buying orders at any point, and prices
went off easily and rapidly. The mar?
ket steadied at intervals and raillted
roth-r feebly, but pronounced dutirvess
followed every symjptom oif recovery.
Few of the active stoe-ks have escaped a
net 1-ces of a point or more and many
prominent securities are over two points
lower. The higher prices at the orn-nin-g
were caused 'l>y the confidence with
w hich p:ices of Americans ha.l been, sus?
tained < >n the London exchange during
Saturday's holiday in New York. This
oonifidtence was still imi evidence in Lon?
don before the opening here and the in
teraatl' mal sto k showed sharp advances
in sympathy, reaching nearly a point in
the case of the liraon Pacific. These
advances were of the most ephemeral
character, some of them being almost
wiped out in the running sales at the
opening. This was particularly the ease
with Union Pacific stocks in wblOh the?
reorganization committee's agreement
with the government over the Kaiiftiis
Pacific sale seemed to brine; realizing.
The teital sales of stocks today wc?iv
404.900 shores.
The Heading stocks ckised as follows:
Atchison. 18!
Baltimore & Ohio. 1?
Canada PacUc . 87
Canada Southern. 54}
Chesapeake & Ohio. 23?
Chicago !l Alton. 164
Chicago. Hurlingtou & Quiney. . 101
C. C. C. & St. L. 85j
do do pref'd. 80
Delaware & Hudson. 118
Delaware, Lack. & W. 15(1}
Erie (newl . 15
Fort Wayne. 170
Great Northern pref'd. 154
Illinois Central. 105
Lake Shore . 192
Louisville & Nashville. 50
Manhattan L. 1154
Michigan Central. 112J
Missouri Pacific. 82-4
Mobile & Ohio. 315
New Jersey Central. ?4J
New York Central. 117
Norfolk & Western. ICS
Northern Pacific. 25?
do pref'd. 052
Pittsburg. 100
Reading.. 21
Kock Is and. 00?
St. Paul. 04J
do pref'd. 1471
Southern Paciiic. 20
Southern Railway. 04
do pref'd. 324
Texas & Paciiic. 12
Union Pacific tr. rets., 8. a. p., . . 35|
Adams Express. 100
American Express. 127
United States Express. 43
Wells Pargo Express. 117
American Tobacco. iM'J
do pref'd . 117
People's Gas. 974
Consolidated Gas. 188
General Electric. 30}
Paciiic Mail . . 311
Pullman Palace. . 187
Silver Certificates. 56J
Sugar . 1384
do pref'd . 1121
Tennessee Coal & Iron. 214
Western Union. Ulf
Chicago Northwestern. 1273
do pref'd. 174
Chicago Great Western. 13
CHICAGO, Feb. 41.?Coarse groin and
provision markets occupied most of the
attention of the traders on 'Change? to?
day and new high ligur. s in those mar?
kets were:- eveer.ied. Wheat, though
dull, iwasstrtong on the fcineign situation
and close-el with % added to its previous
May prices. Corn advanced 14 cent, oats
%?% cent and provisions closed from 10
to 25 cents higher.
WHEAT? Ol er. " igh Low Closed
Peb lull luO mo 100
May ?7? 084 97f 9?i
July 85 i 85 ? b?i 854
Feb 284 2*1 284 28j
May 29J 30? 29} 30*
July 31i 3H SI 314
May 25} 2(ig 25} 2(if
July 23S 244 23g 24
May 10.75 10 97* 10 75 10.05
July 10.874 10.97 A 10.87A 10.97$
May 5.124 5.224 4.12* 5.20
Julv 5.22* 5.30 5.20 5.30
Rl BS?
May 5.32j
July 5.274 5.40 5.274 5.45
Cash quotations were as follows:
Flour firm; No. 3 yellow corn,
-; No. 2 bprhlS wheat, 02@93;
No. 3 spring wheat, 89(?<t94i; No.
2 red, 98.): No. 2 corn,-; No.
2 oats, 28; No. 2 white, 2t>4; No.
3 white, 27ioji28; No. 2 Rye, 284;No.
2 barley, :i0(?44; No. 8, ?: Mo. 1, ?;
-; No. 1 Hal seed, 1234(?&127; prime
timothy seed, 2.824; laess pork per!
barrel 10.85dr 10.UO;lard per luo pounds
5.15; short ribs sides (l?ose),
5.15(9)5.45; dry salted shoulders
boxed 4 j?5; " short claar sides,
held, 5.40?5.50; whiskey distillers'
iinislu d goods,, psr gnllou, 1134.
BALTIMORE, Feb. 14.?Flour dull:
'Western- super $2.80?2.30; ,.t. extra $345
@4.10; do family $4:[email protected]: winter
Wheat patent $4.8S?5.10: spring do $5.10
@5.30; straight $4.!K)?5.0r,.
W'heat steady; spot ainidt month $L00?
1.00%; March $1.00%@1.00>A: May ?S%?
99; steamier No. 2 red 957* fri 06%; South
em Wheat by sample 96?$1.01; do on
grade* 96%?$1.00Vi.
Corn strong; spot nnd montb 34%?'
34 Vi; March 34%?34%; A'pri'l 34fnW34>/j:
steamer mixed 33%?:?%; Southern
white corn 34<?3r,: do yellow 3?%@34.
Oa-ta strong anel higher; No. 2 white
Western 31%?32; No. 2 mixed do 39Vi?
Rye barely steeidy; No. 2 Western 35Vi
Hay steady; choice timothy $12.-50?
Sugar strung; granulated $5.20.
Butter quiet; fancy creamery 21; do
imetotion. 16?17; do ladle 15; goed ladle
H3?M; stotv packed 12?14.
Eggs quiet; fresh 14.
Cheese steady; fancy New York me?
dium 10?10%; do small 10%@10Vi.
Lettuce $1.25 per baslfct.
Whiskey $1.25?1.26 per gallon for fin?
ished go-ds in carloads; [email protected] per
gallon for jobbing lots.
new york ctyrraN market.
NEW YOiiK, Feb. 14.?Oe.itton futures
closed steady; sales 166,300 l>ales. Fe-1>.
508; March 600; April 603; May 607: June
COO; July 613; Aug .616; Oot 616; Nov.
?ie. ? '
Kitchen Ranges
that will make your cook smile
all over are here for you. Perfectly
'made and 'handsomely finished. They
can't fail to give satisfaction. Tou
won't have to coax them to cook. They
will do all that is required of a range.
Come in and look at them.
Qeo. M. Richter
No. 9 Queen street. Hamilton. Vs.
Smoke and Fire
and ruin. That's the story in a few
words if there is no Insurance. If you
have a policy Issued byiMarye & Boyen
tonitlhe loss will only be temporary. We
pay all claims promptly and make lib?
eral allowances. ... ^?
The rates are so low on all classes of
Insurance and the benefits so great that
It Is not wise to toe without a policy.
By virtue of the provisions of a cer?
tain deed of trust bearing dute on the
10th day of October, 1802. executed to
me as trustee, by the North Carolina
and Newport News Company, and dru?y
recorded in the clerk's office of the
County Court of Elizabeth Oity Coun?
ty, Virginia, in Deed of Trust Book 6,
page 449, default having been made in
ike payment of the debt therein se?
cured, at the request of the beneficiary
thereunder, I shall sell at public auc?
tion tOotfe^oVfhest bidder, on
IFI&oiKauVRrr. 1898.
*t 11 o'clock A. M., on the premises, th?
following property, to-wltt^
All those ce rtain ITS Lots SulVt'dted oa
Hampton Roads near Newport News, in
the County of Elizabeth City County,
State of Virginia, known and designa?
ted on a plat or map of the lands of the
Newport News Comp ny, made for said
Company by Braxton, Chandler & Ma
rye, Civil Engineers, and recorded in
the Clerk's office of Elizabeth City
County, Virginia, by the following fig?
ures, viz.: Block 34?Lots Nos. 1 to 24
inclusive; Block 25?Lots 2a to 40 In?
clusive; Block 15?Lots 21 to 40 inclu?
sive; Block 7?Lots 1 to 24 inclusive;
Block 6?Lots 1 to 9 inclusive, an-di Lota
26 to 41 Inclusive; Btock 24?Lots 1 to
20 inclusive; Block 16?Lots 1 to 20 In?
clusive; Block 35?Lots 1 to 9 inclusive,
and Lots 25 to 39 inclusive; aradi Block
34?Lot 39. said lots being situate on the
streets and alleys as laid down and
named on said plat, which Is hereby
made a part of this deed.
WM. P. DESAUSURE. Trustee.
Sale adjourned for two weeks to 16tHi
day to February, 1898.
February 5. 1S9S.
Sale further adjourned for tiwo weefes
to March 1.
Persons desiring further Information
and wishing to see the property will
call on Powell, Brothers & King, who
will furnish maps and give all desired
particulars. Office in basement of Citi?
zens anid' Marine Bank building, comer
Washington avenue and Twenty-sev?
enth street, Newport News. Va.
Ja 2-lrn._
3,000 volumes of the world's best au?
thors, 10 cents ea'ch.
300 Lamps, 10, 25, 60 cents to ?5.00.
18 Hall Lamps, $1.50 to $2.00.
12 Library Lamps, $2.60 to $5.00.
100 China cups and saucers, 10 cents
to $1.00 pair.
100 Cedar Tubs, 50 'and 75 cents and ft,
38 Wash Boilers, 40, 50 and 75 cents
and $1.00.
48 Cedar Pails, 15 and 30 cents.
6 boxes Fancy brands of Toilet Soap,
6 cakes for 25 cents.
100 dozen glass Tumblers, 30 cents to
$1.00 a dozen.
6 dozen Coal Scuttles, 20 and 40 cents.
12 dozen Lunch Baskets, 10 to 50 cents.
96 Dish Pans, 10 cents each.
126 Wood Saws, 60 cents each.
12 Chums, 50 and 75 cents each.
200 Joints of Stove Pipes, 10 aod 1ft
cents each.
4 dozen four-piece Glass Sets. 2S to
75 cents.
250 Glass Plfeshers, 10 to 60 cents.
t vs.
2915 Washington Avenue.

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