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1 L^/?G?TST
VOL III, NO. 4f.
Flags Raised Over the East
End School Houses.
McKinley gets a roast
Kev.I.umlyjWriBiit Drclnres That the l'reg
.!?-..t Allows lUv Siurn uml Slr.pa.r.
to 16e floHUltrtl. Oll?TAilri.?i-s
mid Kxerclrtett
Two United States Hags 'were unfurl?
ed in tii.d oily yesterday afternoon, and
now they tly from this starts v?i the
public school buddings in East End.
The Stars and Stripes ?vre raised by
. Newport News 'Coun'dil No. G5, Jun.or
.Order of 'American Mechanics, with
appropriate ceremonies.
aC-ici-day was a nalt'ionud holiday?
George -Washington's birthday?and
hundreds of people witneiised Dhse cere?
monies. The Hun.ington lRifles, local
firehven, iCommanche Tribe of Red Mein,
Daughters of Liberty aind che school
children took part in the exercises, and
the music was furnished by the Phoe
bus Cornet Band.
An elaborate program was prepared
for lite occasion. 'Before 'Ohe line of
march was formed a patriotic meeting
was bold at Johnson's Ojwra House.
'Here the s-peakci-s paid eloquent trib?
utes to the patriots of the post. 'Fre
quein't references were made 'to present
crisvs, which were greeted with rounds
of applause.
The exercises commenced at the opera
house at 1 o'clock, by which time the
laui.d'.ng was crowded with spectaltors.
air AO Aylctt A.-ivoy ac.ed us muster
of cerfemi r.. s and introdue d the speak?
ers in ciL'sr.
Hev. W. it. Motley, pastor of the
Chtrlfc'Lian church, opined t:.'e program
by invoking the divine blessing.
Mr. Ash'oyt th-.n intr. d'UCfcjd Mayor
Walten A. Post, Who welcomed the
gues.s of the Juntors ar.d their visiting
Ibrotivers in One f-ilowing al?tlress:
"Mr.t ?'iiairiiaan.Eadies.G-t^ntlemen of -the
Juaer Order of American Mechanics
'ar.d your invited guests of this oea
"a ou have .honored the city of Newport
N;..As 'by miettng to-day for the purpose
of leafchrng a lossori in patrii.tism and
u't flic same Dime labing honor to Amer?
ica's greatest patriot, the immortal
George Washing-ton.
"The gra< i'ous 'act you propose 'to con
sutnate today wit. place the stomp \,i
approval fill'the eause of popular edu?
"?< in the 4th day of June, 1776. an event
cc?u .fed in t'li.- history of the nation,
?which serv.es weil to illustrate- the
value of iboth edkucition and patriotism.
When in theTbegEnning f the attack
.ra Fort Moulti'ie a shot from the ene?
my's gun cut down the flag of tine fort
young fterg.ar.it Jasper leaped over the
wall, sieztsi' I'.he Hag and lashing it to
another staff, qulck.y waived ft aloft
'"Tlie Governor of 'his sf.a'te.ln re-cogni?
tion of his bravery, pieserru.d him with
a sword an<$ a cc.m-nVissl.on in the army;
he accepted the swoid but .A-'.iir.vd the
commission, njode-f'tly asserting trot h?
was not sufficiently educated to ,-ierform
the -uties devolving upcm a commis?
sioned offk-.r.
"The h.:story of his grateful country
honors hSm net only for his 'bravery in
ri.'covering ti-. Hag. hut for r.ia c.i
>ii:.:s:11 in refusing to wear on honor
that he could not use for his country's
"In the .name of the city of Newport
News I have the hor.i r to extend to you
all a nv h,:a.rty welcome."
K, v. il-ut.dy R. Wrlglht followed with
an -.ddtc-s on the "Prlnoaples of the
order." *Ii..- divine explained the pur
noses of the organization of Jr. O. IT.
A. M. and th..- work which if aims ti.
a) coTOplish.
Among other things Mr. Wright said:
"1 -have never cast but two votes for
Pi'csid. nt'?one for Grover Cleveland
and the o'ther for William McKinley?
und would to God that I 'had both of
the bail.us back. 'What did Cleveland
do? While .-President he ainas-sed a
1 urge ft rtune. That is all. And what
has .McKinley done? Stood by and saw
the American Hag .insulted and -never
raised ha- v. ie,-. (Vociferous applause.)
He heard the cry of t-he struggling Cu?
bans, but did not heed jit. Grelat God!
Give us men wiho will not sacrifice prtn
elpile and- patriotism for office. (Ap?
plause.)- <>h, for ifhle patriotism of the
past!- Oh, for a Washington to lead us
in 'this crisis! The time has come when
men with, hearts und braim- must raise
and- take the misdirected reins.
"The Junior Order of America*! :Me
ci'nani. s is a fraternity tha t knows .noth?
ing but Americanism. .We love the
pnlnciples of our order and will fight
for th-c.m. We raise our voices against
foreign irnm1gt>a,t.i?>n. America, shall
not be a dump for the scum of other
countries. >We do mat want 'to closse our
d?x.rs to 'the honest amd educated for?
eigner; but we protest against swing?
ing opeSn wide tile gaitfes -to the alliter?
ate, supen?fiititoui3 and idolatrous pau?
per. There in enough lillitenacy here
without -importing any m .re. The cloud
is nistog, amd unless foreign irruaiigra-'
ttion Is i-est rioted we wiill be in worse
slavery 'thiain were the negroes. There
is not one among the great political
leaders who will raise his voice lagainst
this outrage."
In -fhe course of bis address Mr. I
Wright 'touched upon the other princi?
ples, 'severely arranging political par?
ties and sectarianism. His speech was
punctuated w-it;h frequent outbursts of
Rev. T. J. MaeKay, pastor of the East
End Baptist church, ?elivere?1 an ad?
dress on "Our B.'ble and Our Plag." the
standards J>y which all Juniors swear.
Captain C. W. Adams si>oke on the
"The Principles of ?the- D-aaig'hter? of
?Liiberty." which is realiy a laUies auxi?
liary of It-he Jr. O. U. A. M.
During these addresses freouent ref?
erences were made to the blowing up of
the biiytleetbip Maine.
This concluded the exerciises alt thte
ciptsrua. house. The line of march was
formed, and the procession moved off,
going to the Twenty-eighth street
Were ainother program was rendered.
Oimmonwealth's Attorney J. K. M.
Newton, on i?sihaSM c>f the J-unfiots, pre?
sented the Hag .ind a BiHile to the
Schleid ar.iii Mr. W. E. Barrett rKCCRved
the gift's as t'r.te rspii'isen'tative of the
Board of Scthooi Trustees. The fing was
then raised over the building. The
band played "Star S-pangled Banner,"
and the crowd cheered.
The line of nrareh was then resumed
elCtfer 'the exercises, 'the paial.'i;- eounter
mai-ehing to Chestnut avenue and mov?
ing out that thoroughtare to Twenty
fourth st'tedt, thv nee to Ithe next school.
,Ifon. James G. 'MeCune was pro
. gram med to miake the presentation
sjieech, but he was unable to be presenlt,
and Rev. T. J. MacKay presentied the
Bible and flag. iDr. W. F. Cooper ac
. cepted 'the gifts .in a brief address.
The parade 'then1 mcv-iid Ulown
Tsventy-fourth street to Oreutt avenue,
thence to Twenty-eighth street, to La
fayette avenue, to Twenty-fifth street,
to Washington avenue, to Opera House,
where it was disbanded.
The committees having in charge tha
arrangements for this patriotic demon?
stration were at* follows:
Junior Order United American Me?
chanics?Z. T. Jone.-:, chairman: iW. W.
Kowell, J. T. Nicholson, E. E. Christie
and R. E. Stevenson.
Daughters of Liberty?W. 'H. John?
son, chairman; C. E. Brickley, Mrs. C.
W. Adams, Mrs. John Helden and Miss
Mary Sims.
Interesting Exercise* nt the Newport News
Military Academy Last Niglii.
ThelEulalla.n and Philoblbiun L'terary
Scci'eties of the Newport News Military
Academy, met to a competitive debate
at title academy last night.
The subjec-t of the debate was:
! "Resolved, That examinations in
schools Should be abolished."
lM<est rs. Lalne and IWood. represent?
ing the Philobiblairt Society, took the
! affirmative, and Messrs. Friend and
Howard, of the Eulalian. spoke for the
negative. Th'e repreiscn-tauives of the
| PhiUdM h'ran Society won the debate,
wihich does mot seem very strange, as
it cam hardly t>e expected that a school
boy could enter into the negative side
of this question with his whole soul.
Declfaimaibioms followed by members
of both societ'ia-'. Messrs. Viney and
Coniway decktmed for the Eulalians,
while Messrs. .Beall and Whitley si*>ke
for itfhe 'PhillotbiPlans. The former won
the declamation contest, making the
honors about even.
Quite a number of young ladies and
gentlemtetm of the city -were in attend?
"A Night OIT* Pre?ent. cl to a Large and
Appreciate Auilienue.
Perhaps the most "all round" talen?
ted company wihiich ha* appealed at the
opera house since Manager Hooker as?
sumed managerial control, played "A
Night Off" last evening to a large and
appreciative audience.
"A Night Off" is an amusing farce of
the high class and was adapted and lo?
calized by that prince of adaptors. Mr.
Augui tin Daly, the Ne'w York manager.
The play is full of amusing and truly
interesting complications from the rise
of the curtain tin the first act to its fall
at the close of the fourth.
The .plot hinges about the aspirations
of a raUher pious old college professor
to have his original tragedy produced,
ami the aspirations of a "better day"
actor-manager to produce it. The pro?
fessor has a 'Wife who in still more pious
and likes playing the mother-in-law
better than the spouse. The daughter
its angry because she has married a
man without a past, and obliges him
to confess to a lie. ThW complications
are of such an order that everybody
seems to be taking everybody else into
comtfldence. The play is produced with
dii astrous results, and the complica?
tions become ewn more tangled when
the professor tries to -disown his share
in the production.
The situations ..are splendidly worked
up, and it may""be said that a retfined
farce never brought forth the plaudits
of an audience in this city as did "A
Night Off" last evening.
Thomas 'MsiGrath. as the actor-man?
ager, was simply immer??, and "took
oft" the type to a "t." The cleverest
work among the lady members of the
company was done by Edith Totten, as
the daughter, who wants to be associ?
ated with a past.
W. C. Andrews, as the old professor;
May Haines, as his wife; Harry Da?
mask, as the hubby without a -past;
George Sprague, a* the disgraced father
of a stage-struck son; James McCurdy,
as the son: Orace Yaughan. as the oth?
er daughter, in low with the son. and
Edna Lansing as the stage-struck ser
'vant, wert' all really first class in their
respective rolls, and demonstrated that
the company has beten selected wi'tih
the greatest care. The other players
made the best of small parts.
The next attraction at the opera
house wilt be the stellar event of the
season. On the evening of IMiatrch 5.
Smyth & Rice's 'Comedians In "My
riend from India," will hold the boards
and an enjoyable performance is prom?
ised. The principal artists, Frederick
Bond, and Mary Vokes. are well known
throughout the country.
I'Ul/.E FKillT IN I'OltSMOtlTH.
A Local 1'jgllist Defeats Ted ?? IlliHroa.tha
Champion Featherweight.
A gixidly number of the sporty citi?
zens of this city went to Portsmouth
Monday -night to show the "scrappers"
of that village the art od" prize fighting.
They took with them a young man,
whose tame canni.t be ascertained, that
they were confident could tie Ted Wil
lia.mjs, the champion featherweight dl
New Jersey, in a beautiful knot, in not
over twenty rounds. The pugilist from
this city won in the sixth round. iW'il
. aims was "easy" -to him.
The Portsmouth police had been giv
i:n a tip on the fight, and had watched
the sports throughout the'night. At an
early hour, however, the latter man?
aged to give the officers the slip and
at 5 o'clock yesterday morning the two
men faced each other.
In the sixth round the local tighter
made his impression on the Jers.eyi.te?
and the blow almost killed Williams.
At 11 o'clock the "bunch" adjourned
to Sewall's .point to have a cock fight
between (Norfolk and Newport Nh?ws
birds, but as every one wanted to bet
on the Newport News fowls the game
was called off, for no stake money was
put up by the Portsmouth eports.
Itl.lt Like Mist.
Hi-.e-y melt like mist in the mouth and
tuokle the tastie- 'with a toothsome
txueh. You ask "what?" Just samp e
Fox's 'XXXX Sq.uo.Te Wafer Butter
Ciuckets and you'll get the answer
thrtugh the sens,- otf taste. If all the
fed experts and "crack" bakers in the
worid .l.vouUl c( mibir.b their ef forts they
coulu'r/t produce a more delightful and
wlholesome crac ker.
No Breakdown*.
If you ridte am Eclipse, antl they don't
nee1!, putmping up every few minuus,
tii'tlhtr, bet-ause we fit Vrn with first
class tBres, ur.d rcirr.e<.r.eJ!>r, should you
meet with an aceidint they erst you
niJt-hing 'for repairs. Why not buy the
best Bi.'jcie maGe-, especial'ly when we
se.'l 'tlhem as cheap ar.d on easier terms
than otht.rs who sell inferior irfteycles.
?EeKiee Bifydes ate guaranteed for
FOUtR YEARS. Buir that in mind,
fe 22. 221 Twer.ty-sevenltjh St.
A Happy Woman
Is the housekeeper who buys her coal
and wood from the Warwick Coal and
Wood Oo., Twanty-elghth street. Ja 14 tf
If you want pictures of any kind or
si-e see Wagoner, 241B Washington av?
enue, feb 20-tf.
Wood delivered in any part of the
city for 90 cento per load, cash. M. S.
Warren, 445 Twenty-nliruh street.
Phone 2616. feS-2m.
Business Men's Association
Holds an Election.
Congreaiiman from This District Condemn?
ed, for OppoHlng Secretary Guru's
2'lnn to Make Newport N. wh
tlie 1'ort of Entry.
The Business Men's Association last i
night elected officers for 'the ensuing
year. I
The meeting wai= iheld an the Bnaxton I
building, and the attendance was unit- !
sually large. City Treasurer J. 'M. Cur?
tis, the retiring president, presided. I
At the >ast regular meeting of the as?
sociation, a special committee wmis lap- '
pointed to nominate officers. The re- j
port was submitted last night, a.nd .the |
ger.'tlemen recommended for the various
offices were unanimously elected. They
are as follower
President?W. B. Vest.
First VicJe-'Presidenit?E. C. >H:liyar.
Second Vice-Presildientt?<C. M. Brax
Board of Directors?J. A. Hitrslhberg,
W. A. Post. L. C Saunders. J. A. Bux- i
ton, R. <-,. IBickford. G. E. Via. R. P. '
Orr, Dr. darter Perkins, and J. M Cur- ,
The offices of secretary a.nd treasurer
were not iftlred. as the candidates are
nominated by 'the board of directors,
who report .to a general meeting, a.nd
then an election is held. The election
will take place at the next regular meet- i
,ng. March 8. Attorney C. Aylett 'Ash- j
by. who has allied the office of secretary I
efficiently for the last year, announced I
that he would not, owing to press of I
business, be a candidate for re-election. \
After the election of officers was dis?
posed of ex-President Curtis made a j
sJhort address in which he thanked the \
members far the t-upport they gave ]
him during his term of office, and urged j
that his successor be aided in carry?
ing forward the work of the organiza?
tion, which had as its object the pro?
motion 'of the business interests of the
Very little business was transacted
outside of the regular routine. On mo?
tion of 'Mr. Ash by the association or?
dered that a resolution be drafted and
forwarded to Congressman \V. A.
Young condemning in no uncertain
terms .his course in opposing the rec?
ommendation of the Secretary of the
Trtusury that the ports of Norfolk
Newpott Newts and Cape Charles be
consolidated with this as 'the port of
entry. The resolution will remind
Congressman Young that he is sup
po ed to represent this city as well as
Norfolk, as he was elected as the mem?
ber of Congress, from the Second d.strict
and not from Norfolk.
West.'jm Epworth League Hold a Cele?
The third anniversary of the "Wesley
an Epworth League was celebrated at
Washington Avenue Methodist church
last night at 8 o'clock.
Rev. R. H. Bennett, of Norfolk, made
ithe opening address of the evening. Mr.
Bennett's introduction wats very amus?
ing. He said im part: "It is related of
old Dr. Johnson that white h'e was
traveling through Scotland he stopped
at the house of an old Scotch woman,
who prided herself on the way she
made porridge. She served Dr. John?
son with .it. and after he had eaten
some asked him how he liked it. 'Fit
food for -dogi-,' gruffly answered the
doctor. 'That is what I think; have
some more doctor." replied the woman."
Mr. Burnett als? said: "Animals can
be taught, .but they have no intellect.
For inu.-aince. I once knew of a cow
that had been taught to pump water,
and then turn to the pump and drink
it." A ripple of laughter passed
?through the house. .Mr. Burnt tt smiled
iamd said: "Oh. I didn't believe it my
=ielf when I heard but later I siaw it
myself and know that it is true."
?Mr. Burnett closed his address in an
eloquent appeal to the unbelievers.
The next address wias delivered by
Rev. Graham Lambeth, of Hampton.
Mr. Lambeth's subject was "The Work
of the Epworth League. The speak?
er attached the Roman Catchollc
church very forcibly, and said, speaking |
of high churchmen: "Christ would say
'these people worship me On actions,
but .their heuirtK are far from me.' "
In closing his address. Mr. Lambeth
spake very beautifully of the work
dene by the Epworth League.
Several enjoyable solo.: ware rendered
during the evening. The following was
?the program:
Song Service?Led by Mr. W. F.
Devotional Exercistes?-Rev. B. F. Lip
Remarks by Presiding Officer?Floyd
A. Hudgims.
Address?Rev. R. ?. 'Bennett. Norfolk,
Sohe?"'My Faith Looks Up to Thee."
Miss Carrie .'Davis.
Address?Rev. Graham Lambeth, of
Hampton, Va.
Solo?"The Heavenly Song." Miss
Lee -G. Cook.
Open Conference?Conducted by W.C
j Hymn?Church Choir.
W.I n I ft to Relnlist.
Charles J. Mailey. an employee of tihe
shipyard, who was formerly tin the navy
for nine years, yesterday told a .Daily
Press reporter that he wanted to go
Lack in the service. Mailey was on the
flagship Tennessee, under Admiral
James E. Jewett, who formerly com?
manded the 'North Atlantic Squadron.
?During the ten year war in Cuba the
Vdrginius, tin American vessel, was
captured by the Spanish as a ftlibus
tereT. This was in 1873. The Virgimius
?was takem to Havana and the crew
ittriied before a Spanish ceurt and sen?
tenced to death. The ITnited States
government ordered <th!e Tennessee to
Havana to prevent outrages on th-i,
Americans. 'Mailer was then a torpedf |
runnvr on the Tennessee.
Drop in the basement of the- Citizens
and Marine Bank; you wlli have no
trouble in finding the seller. Houses and
lots in all sections of the city. Powell |
Bros. & King. feb 2-tf. j
Cascarets stimulate liver, kl-lneys and
bowels. Never sicken, weaken ir gripe.
?We are prepared to do all kind of re?
pairing, dying, cleaning and pressing
in first class manner and at low prices.
Virginia Steam Cleaning and Dye
?Works, John Austrian, Prop., 3105
?Washington avenue.
For Rent?The Central Hotel, nicely
furnished. Apply to M. H. Lash, 2S0?
Washington avenue. feb 15-tf.
Mrs. J. Kennedy Cross will entertain
?the Thursday Evening Whist Club to?
Mrs. 'Dr. Joseph Charles will give a
.reception Thursday night im .honor of
her guest, Miss Marion Lloyd iFisher.
Mr. C. C. Croffond, deputy cleric of
the Corporation- Court, yestei'iuy after
moon, caught a curriw rlgeon at his
home on Twenty-sixth street. On the
hind's left lug Is a silver bund marked:
? J. W. B.. 2a" ?r
Mr. Thomas Bnagd?,* h vhsi'ting In
Six I i inn re, _T !
Miss Fannie Archei,| ' Sast End, is
visiting friends in (M?jL, ster.
Miss Letitla. 'Baldwii^ " Philadelphia,
is the guest of Miss M- , on Twenty
eighth street.
Mr. iRoberte Archer, of Richmond, Is
spending several days with his parents,
Mr. and Mrs: J. E. Archer.
Misses Lawson and Oodwln, of
Lynch burg, are visiting 'Mrs. L. W. Bo
ten, on Twenty-sixth street.
Mr. a.txd Mrs. H. W. Walters of New
bernie, N. C, are the guests of Mr. and
Mrs. James'Murphy in North End.
-Messrs. Hairry, John land Philip Coul?
ter, have returned from .Phiiladclphla.
where they Kvent several days ago to
visit their parents.
Miss Delia'Saimscn. of Bast End, has
as her guesU IMtsses Boswell and Oar
nrichael, of Frederick, Md., and Miss
Lucy Thallman, of Hyattsville, Md.
Mr. and Mrs. Htemry Sou'Uhan left Sun?
day right Cite tin exter.' ed visit to friends
in the North. They will take in New
York. Boston amd Maine cities before
"TiltiilMKN-s COM* KNTION.
I. 1st or Mi-mbers of Um. Arrangements
Coin no:: ee.
Board n'f Fttel C 'tninissloncrs, gave
out yecteiLUy a list of the names
?'f the ger.'Aemv.n wi.o to dale
havd sig:ii'ii:,d their acvep'.ttnfcie ?. f
the ir,vi'iation to sit un the executive
comm.tie,- of citizens .which will have
charge of ail arrangements for the Con?
vention of Firemen, to be held in this
city next September.
The gentlemen 'Wiho have been heard
flora in the afllrmative are Mayor Wal?
ter A. Post amd Messrs. A. A. Mocv,
J. M. Curtis, R. G. Biekford. T. "M. ilen
son, G. B. West. R. 1'. Orr. W. G. .Bur?
gess, E. C. Hlilyer, D. C. Ashby, E. iW.
Johnson. -M. D. V. Doughty. J. iE. .Wil?
liams, und J. A. Hinshibt-rg, Postmaster
Fia-d Read. tPoliector of Customs J. W.
Elliott. Judge T. J. Barha.ni, IPolice Jus?
tice. J. D. G. iBrown and Dr. A. C. Jones.
The committee Prom the ftre depart?
ment comprises the following: Messrs.
II. W. Barnes. George Lenz, IN. H.
Garthright, N. F. Ketchum. J. F. Lud
low and Arthur Bainbridge.
This committee will get to work in
the e?rly part, of next week for the
purpose of deciding just how the J1.200
necessary to defray all expense shall be
It is expected that fully 1.500 visitors
will be present at the convention.
The Fireman Veteran Association, of
IVs-w Yurkjhas written to Mr.-Hirshberg
for hotel i'aitesi and It is very probable
that it will- be represented by itu full
stisngth-.ati.the giiest? of the conven?
Thought I lie Vinuayu Mas Here.
The revenue cutter Win-dom, which
arrived in this pert Monday, caused
quitti a Kittle excitement in the city
Comparatively few people knew that
the little vessel was in port, and when
her guns "spoke" at .noon, there was
quote u little speculation 'as to the cause
of the firing.
There had been a good deal of war
talk, and when the sound of tiring was
heard people rushed to the 'beach by
the hundreds to [ascertain the cause of
it. 'From their actions a person might
have been led to believe that they
thought the Spanish warship Vizcaya
was in the barber, and had turned her
gums on the city. The Wind-am fired
twenty-one guns at 12 o'clock, in honor
of the nation's first Pr?sident.
The'Windom will probably leave here
Colored Itopu'JlUniM Meet
The colored Repu-blicani; of the Sec?
ond ward met im Union Hall, lai-.it night.
Wiiiiam Washington presiding. A
number of men from both factions of
the .party were in latttemi'amee, amd the
meeting was harmonious. The follow?
ing parity leaders made speeches:
A.C. 'Dav.s. P.H.R-.une. 'W. H. Lee,
an 1 C. L. 'Harris, the colored justice,
of the peace.
'Before the ukv'.ng adjourned a reso?
lution was passed to combine the fac?
tions or the party in the Second ward,
and thereby make a stronger fight.
Heath or Thorn ik A'kins.
:Mr. Thomas Atkinson, a pipe fitter
employed at the shipyard, died at an
tally hour ycisteivl'.-y morning ait tiki
fcblardiing houst? in Stil'e.L's Row, on
i >.\. nty-nin'th street.
-Mr. Atkinson had been sufferiag Crom
bronchitis, and 'his death was the result
of com initiations- girowiimg -out of a re?
cent attack of the griip.
Th- funeia.1 will 'take place some time
his atterncon from the house.
The hour haj not yet been determined
Mr. Atkinson was about 35 years of
age. He has been working at the ship?
yard for the pose four years and during
that time has made many friends in the
'He leaves a widow and three children
and a mother to mourn their Ijss.
The Ladi'cs' ASd Society of th* Pres?
byterian cr^ureh will give a grand enter?
tainment at the opera house on Friday,
I night, Fo'.rruaiy 25th, at S o'clock. A
ean.ata. entitled "Land of Nod," by
popular children, ami! Dana Gi-bsi.-n's ar?
tistic pictures will be th- program.
Tickets, 35e. Reserved seats, 50e. For
saile at Klor's drug stco from Tuesday,
IF?bruary S? 3, until entertainment is
oy.-jr. Ohara- ter? im Dana Gifeom's
Piotur-as: Miss ClemeT.oe Cooke, Alis.-.
Nannie YV-ung, .Miss Lillian Cox, Miss
Eva C.x. .Y.'.sis Mary Joeclb, Miss New?
ton, 'Miss 'Amrlfe Sa'liey, Misis Lillian
Ayfc.r. IMrs. C'iaren'ce Robinson. Mrs. L.
C. Saur.deis. Miss I ?:1a Braxton, M?s
NVirrr.a. Xor.l.iJv Miss- Mute Saundc-:s.
Mir. P. T. Mary?, Mr. Hii.jvr. Mr. Bar
gaarjin, Mr. Hugh.-.e, Mr. Nerton, Mir
Rclbinson, Mr. Sal ley, Mr. Crostoy, Dr.
[ Ayler.
\ JPCiaraVttsrs In Cantata, "Lar.i! of Nod.'
Kjueen., Norma Stella No:ton; Princess
Besis'ie Wal'tom; Queen cif Doili.s, L uis
Brumky: My Lady Fortune. Mary
Doyle; CCd IMl t?her Gdiw, LucC.ie Ayler;
Pr.'. ice. Tol.y Mcore; Jack of Dreams,
.Via Brook?; GubUn Can axd Must. Jen?
nie Ramsey; Lard Man. Charl y Putze);
DreaimGoOaFFn, WiTiett Manville; Stand,
ard Barer. Os^ar WlHIiam.-; I'ages,
-Piona, Alii son, Norton, Cary, Epes,
Littl? Sleepyheads, Paries. &c. K'. r.er
tainme-t.lii under thvs- tfhecti??! of Mrts.
Northn, aselstellt<by Miss Male Paundert-:.
Mrs. L. It. Manvillle and Mrs. Brumley.
f Jb 29-?^.
The Rlev. Mr. \MeGee will deliver a lec
t'u'i e Thursday eve-nlng at 8 o'clock at
Eolst End .Methodist thui'eh for the ?>eTi'
eflt of .tine church. Sulbjeft: "Obarac
tegrs." AetrruissJion, adults, 25 cts.; chil?
dren, 10 cts. feb 23-lt.
WreckingOperations to Begin
at Once
It Will (tust Und? Sain RS; 1 a l>ay for the
UutUt. Ni> DevelopdhenlH In the
Invent cation "la.etc,
Umu Keported.
(By Telegraph.)
WUSHBNXiiolN, btU M.?-Ail the gov
?efnii.'.jit ..l-paruinr-nts wei? cUseo. in
VVaeiir.gi.on today save the navy oAt
1-artmen't, where a lew of the otttcia.s
d?sell.io. d to iocive uny u'lsnxufches
than might active an!, to elv.se t.i.o- con?
tract a Ah ti.e witekevs h r t'ne recov
ttny ..tf the; effects on 'tU- Mainu a-.;d the
vea&J JicTcvlf tit that Ik.- pr.oj.-.v-ab.e.
The signing cJf the wrecking eonvracA
?aus tt.'c ii.. si imvortuui event of the
day, ur.d this . oiie-hided. t:he ottflcials
dostd up shop and went hotne to enjoy
a resiiJ.'.^ t.um i'ne rush ,.f five past
week. Captain ?ig^tbee wus heard front
.n a U'ivti'iwi.v whA.-h indicates Unat close
at?i'nt.i 'it iwi.l 'be given to live coal tountc
et's by the naval court of inquiry at Ha?
vana. Official's unquestionult.ly hav.
loeen for scute tii'mo preparing for any
eti.-J. gi t.i, y fnut may arise, but appear?
ances at' the derartmfan't today wou.ti'
inditlaite that neev-csary orders have al
c.u.'y been given and that the situation
a*as i.ot oii'3 eu'ii'.'itg r.-'f iiittitt1 :ia-.f ac?
tivity at Washington. '1'c.e Casting and
vuuwnari. in aetofdnn-c with <>.tiers
mad .- known s. tuv l.me agi , at', to move
furtlher V.otfch t.> West Indian waters,
atjdi at Norfolk trie monitor Ten or has
t.'jcn ot'-K'ted t ? I! in readiness and may
be .-.-tit to - N a- V.-'tk later.
The S- .t-.aic |.;t'.-!vlj a I'iil to add two
urtii cr;.' ror.ti.vats to the sitrengV.li
?Wife a.ia.y. 'J'nis rr.tasure has been urged
for inany n.i 'i.'ths by offlelula oif the war
uep.utm,'...t w'no> foresaw that while
Coiagrices of late yiais hud taken meats
?aiv--. for tlhe protecltktn etf our casts by
con'-f'.t-ltejble appropriations for defen?
sive works and great guns, it had not
provided '.he men necessary tit operate
these engines oif war. Should thf.- House
pu*c the 'bill it wilt er.uble t'ht: depatt
mom to carry out plans it has long had
in. view.
CiOti-asms lately passed up n the
sit ate of the army arcid our fortifications
ha* vausicl Increased activity in military
mu'ttxTs ar.lil -to some ex-tent this is re?
sponsible forreivrts arriving fr,.m v.t
it.ous qu.iTitetti of movemfcnts at army
A report, was ci'neulated that Genoral
M?les, as errmiundier oC the army, had
issuci ot-idit'lcmnl orders for t-roops at all
ferts to be on the a..rt and re..Oy fi 1
itmuiiediiatJc'action, but this was promptly
dt-A'ied 'by Uh? general's chief of staff.
. NVJih-fng whatever of a sensational
ohaiadtea occurred Va> Wuhington end
I a the whole tihe day was ftelf of rumors
by comipaiistn with its immdjiate 5>rex.
decesM -its for the past week.
The plans oif the wrecking eaqpteCUtlon
for the reii'. f of the Maine were com?
pleted today after long tbniferenoes be?
tween Setre'tiary Long and the retpre
s-.TJt.i't'ives of the Merriitt & Chaprttar.
ecu tarty, of Nte>w Yo.te, and the Bestem
Tolwlboat <_l mf.any. The companies had
expectelit to begin work in Huvar.a har
bor in about a -week, but a; the Uust m'j
ment iSecret.i'ry Long insistelii that a
provisior.i should' lie made tec sending
j? rwaid at oneie at least one large
wre king "boat, with divers and ?.tjuip
This was agreed to. ar.id a dispatch
was 'sent ti'' the captain of the sea
w-tvvkhr Ki.'g'htt Arm. now at Key West,
to suspend hits- private werk thtere ami
|.|iv,<ii at once to Havana. If Uhe Right
Atai has started norlth, a tt?'|>edo Iw.at
Ai l I.,- sent after her wi'th orders u.
p-rock-cd i' i Htivana.
At the san.te t'.me aUitsnxxtcn was sent
to 'the- New Yo.k offkers , .f the com?
pany to ser.li two oif the most eX'|?.ri
eaced dlve-ns by train i? Key W.st.
Ahere ti.'.-y will go to Havana and j in
ti.e: ctveis ar.u wreckets on the Riigiit
Trie- cOnvrr.ar.Utr of the {tight Arm is
?..i .ie-eU to place, himself, wiiit h:i's dlvi tv
d:-i I'tna- -r.fi.eiy. ur.?it-r the onlersMf Cap?
tain f"ig-i e-e. who thus wtM i?* free to
avail himself'of their s.-rv.ve.- in the re
tbveay.at bodies ,.r any pat..' uiatrly de
il.iab.e pi1- e oif equipment ? r pr\yp>eit j
ibii'fore t.he rvgu.ur wiecklng operaCons
to. gin. Tliese are .tmergency steps
witi.'h p-teuede the main wrecking exfe
u'.l.e.n. w-.'vaii will be otttott-: at H' e.
.1 'n. New Votk anil Noi'.Olk, with a view
t"> beginning extensive operations with?
in a wee;k.
The terms of the ebntroct, a-t conetiud
ed and signed, teday, piov'.llet f >r \tvs
payment to the wrecking caa: ani.es ' if
the sun: of $871 per day for th.t.r regu?
lar plant, atfd an additional pu-yrrsent of
$500 per day for the use c-f the Mor.aiv/n.
'Whi'lie the latter is ac'ttta.ly ernployeiil
An express provision Is naide that the
gbverntment may tetim?nafe the con?
tract at any moment. It is also pr- tvide
,-d thtw the C'.tmpensaition sthall not i x
et'i the.sum ..f money ($200,000) appro.
Irfria.t-.d by Congttss for this PUTtf.' se in.
.'he jo'tn; resolution passed yesterday.
Ftinaliy. it provides that if the eompa
nees succeed in- raising the EMainie and
to-wing her t > Nbrfolk they shall re
eeVvo $100,000.
In vle.w u'. the larg. fitst cost ? f t?te
.Main-.-, afcout $5,000.000, and the national
desira that f-h- shaH be ruj-ted .is evi
.1 enc?d thy tliie piorrtiplt and unanimous
octil 'ti of Cong.iess up'm the Joint reso
utions. Secn.l:aiy I-or.g believes that he
is fully justified in making the ti'mve
:S cms with fhfe ?wreckers, though at first
.:h. rjg'h'li the ptr Jem cfmi^-nsation
seems large. It may be borne in mind,
towt ver, he tuid1. thuit ttvis wili consti
tute the largest wrecking exptdition
-ver equippei- in this country. A clause
if tlie conti act requires the companies
to pro e> d with ail dispatch a.-.11 in ti
business 'lik e manner with ihv work t r
w.-K-king, and. though this haste adds
to the cost of the werk, it is believed
to be necessary in' view t.f the invisibil?
ity of th, - early appearance of jielloiw f--_
ve-r at Havana harbor with the ap?
proach of it ho ra?ny season next month.
Captain iHumphreys and Mr. Cha^>
T<tt? reipresenitCng the two a mpanles
who iwil! do the werk, explain Id (.<> the
Vssocia'ted i're-ss th. plans they will!
idnpt In raising the Maine. In ad'iStion
la the emergency Work to be prosecuted
by the Right Arm, themain expedlition
will be mad? up of about TOO tr,- -n. in
?luidln'g six skiile'i divers, the wreeklr.g
-teamer Underwriter, oif Boston, if fiOO
rorse pOWCT, tbe'Wrtscking ~t-timer J'ahn
1. Jones, of Norftdk, of similar power;
he ircn- fturge Lone S'btr, , if Bcston.
apibke df cariylr.g 3,000 tt as; 'he floatU
i.ng dertilck Monarch, capable of lif .rr.g
J60 tens, the largest floating de ri- k in
the -c.untry, ar.ld anothtr derrick cepa
ote of lifting 30 tons. The forwarding
of the tAta'ts, 'tlerrtcks and men will be?
girt' at once. Telegrams wcie sent t/'day
la begim the oututtir.g, the taking on of
cl.al ar.HI ac-:siemii>UnB of men and equip
I ment. The boats are ready to start at
any time, but It will take a day or two
to get together the exceptional f^ti?ties
requhetii for this large undfettatomg.
The wrecking companies' oftlciais say It
wiill ibe 5mj>ossLl>le to assemble this ma
ter.ul and get it into Havana harbor
rea.y for work Tor a week. They wtll
nuike every effort, however, to expedite
t he w ,rk. The U-nUietwriwr ha?, _
crew ..f seventeen men, including hen I
awn staff of diviers. who are veterans
? n this air.e elf work. The Jones has
J.?<e erew amd equipment ot divers Tl
eie.ws are available for wrecking work
but asi.de irroav these men there wtit'I be
forty experien-.ed wreekets. iiuh
wrecking vessel has a tu?, complement
o)i pumps, aatchCTs, iron mastsi with
h. avy hois-tag gear, ealbles, etc. Who
will command the expedition has not
been ctetermlined thus rar as the co?n
paniies have severa: experienced wreck?
ing musters available.
The wrecking master will be In com?
pute charge, as the government will
trust entirely to the experience of the
wreckers, although a naval officer w
l^Jecd <-> inspect the work as
The olllcers of the two wrecking conx
1ar!?es ?aW today that after the expe-i
? beton .had assembled in Havana harbor
?a compute Inspection of the wreck
would -be mad- and the exact line of
work d.-term.:tied upon. The facilities
will be so ample that all of the divers
will be able to work at one time on dif?
ferent partis of the wreck. .Most of the
hitting will be d.?ne by the smaller der?
rick, which Is of sufficient capacity for
the lighter upper works -of the Maine
but it will take the monster derrick !
Monarch, .to Mft the huge turrets of the
Maine and the big guns- mounted with?
in them.
Captain Humphreys stated that the
purpose was mot to separate the big
gums from the turrets, but to lift them
us a.- whole. This will bo a .tremendous I
undertaking, as the combined weight
each turret* and guns is 166 ions. T
Monarch can lifi 260 tons, so there -is ;
ample margin or lifting power.
The w reckers were loath to express |
bin opinion as to their ability to raise
the hull of the Maiine. L\lr. Chapman
and Captiailm Humphreys staUd that
nothing but a close personal inspection
would permit a. decision on that poi'nlti.
They nr.- hopeful, however, that the
ship can be brought .to the surface.
The ?n .barge Lone Star will be used
to r. cive the turret guns amd wreck
ago, and aw Past as loads ore made up
she will be towed to the 'Norfolk navy
Tli. most potent sign that the first
and t xoltimg state of the Maine disas?
ter .b s been paesed ras the fact that j
not a single cablegram was .recelw
over-night or this morning -at the Navy
Department relating tin any manner to |
tr'it event.
Acting Secretary 'Day spent some
time at bis office but he had little news !
to communicate. He had received only
one dispatch t-iinee yesterday from Con?
sul General Lee, and thiait related to
the shipment of Cuban tobacco to the
United States. The department has
heard mutating of the reported revival
of the Weyler edict prohibiting the ex
poi'iJalt'.on of tobacco from 'Cuba. On
the contrary Generali Lee's reports
show that the movements are in regu?
lar progress or a't least had not been
checked up to the Sth instant. Judge
Day had receivvd no news of the ru?
mored capture of the Dauntless, amd in
fact the above cablegram was all that
lie hud from Havana in the lost twenty
four hoars.
The naval officiate assert that the re
pi rt to ahe effect that the movements
of the South Atlantic Squadron now
under way are with la view to the early
assembling of the vessels near Havana,
is without foundation. This movement,
.hey say. 'its in direct accord with the
plan outlined in December last by Cap?
tain Chester, of the Cincinnati, in com?
mand- of the squadron, and approved
by the department. This plan is about
an follows:
After the smaller vessels were docked
at Btien. is Ay.res he would assemble
the squadron and proceed up the coast
of South1 America for squadron drill,
visiting all the parts where American
interests exist, going as Par as Dara.
Upon *.he return or the squadron rrom
the north he would make a long visit
to Hio Janeiro with all the vessels.
Near Rio is the harb,.-r of Isle de
Grande, where the vessels would have
target practice and other squadron ex?
ercises. Th?s would also give the small?
er vessels an opportunity for torpedo
In further explanation of the move?
ment ..!' the -two ships ,.f the South At?
lantic Squadron, it is said at the Navy
Depuutmemt ih.it sornelime ago word
tame that they were !ti meed of coal,
but th.it yellow fever prevailed at
I'ara, where they were then, and south
of them in IBrazl-I. They were author?
ized to proceed to i-ome 'h'tukhy port
for their cal, and this, it is stated, is
how llhey came to go t.. Barbadoe?.
In explanation of the order given
yesterday to the Norfolk navy yard af
ticials to have the Tewan in .? -.adv.,n
for service. Secretary L. ing said this
order bad been given to replace the
Maine. it being deemed desirable that
the armored licet should -not fall below
a certain number. There was very Lit?
tle work to be done on the Terror, and
forty-right hours should suffice to fin?
ish it. The Terror is our most power?
ful double-turreted monitor, and, al?
though nut.as effective us- a. sea -boat
as oi battleship-in the smooth waiters
of the harbor, she prohably would be
a'ble to hold her own against almost
uny craft.
The following telegram w-ats received
by the Navy Department this aPter
noon from Captain Sigsbee:
??Send to Forsyiuhe for Sigsbee's trans?
verse sectional drawing of Maine
through forward 10-inch magazine and
shell room, showing pocket coal bunk?
Th/ request was immediately com?
plice with. It is supposed that Cap?
tain Jigsb'ee wants these drawings to
assist n the work o-f wrecking the ship,
as they would be of great laid to the
They will be useful also as the basis
for the testimony now being taken by
the c lU-rt of inquiry at Havana. The
fact t'vat it is deemed essential that
the drawings sfhall show the pocket coal
bunk-.-rs, which abut or. the magazine,
is evidenced that Captain Sigsbee ha.
.n mind the spwntiaineous combustion
theory, 'though it does not follow by
any means that he is committed to it.
Seine of the employees of the 'Navy
Department have been making esti?
mates of the amount of money that
will be required to meet the demands
of the joint resolution which Mr. Bau?
teile proposes! to introduce in -the House
i. llowing a year's sea pay to the fami?
lies of the d'ead sailon-, amid money .for
...st clothing and effects not to exceed
i year's pay to the survivors. They
fix 'he sum at not to exceed $150.000.
HAVANIA, Fehi 22.?Consul Genfcta'.
I. e antii the mem>t>ers of the United
States coia.it of inquiry into the loss o:
the battleship Maine called t'hiB mcro
ing Uipon Captain General Bianco and
AiJmi.ral Munterola. When these cere?
monies were ended the c tirt returned
to the United States light-house tender
:.V.'angiove amdi resumed its siessslons.
The court eipened at half past ten ar.il
took a rt.cess at 12:30t Lieutenant H<>".
'iraii', a navigator and ordnar.ee offleer
of the Maine. Was exem'-ned at the
(Continued on fourth page.)
To Increase the Artilfeif
Twenty-six New Formications for Prot??
tlon of Atlantic and faclltc CoastCities.
Morgan Wauls a Battleship Nani
? d After Ueorge Washington.
(By Telegraph.)
?l,1 ? ?? the ,M*t?rle farewell od
dress of Washington was concluded b?
Mr. Lodge of Massachusetts, to t?
c mnsiM n,'.n.,'f th* m1
comm?ttee called up the bill reportedvl
trom has committee authorizing the or-?
ganisatiomi of two additional reglmeahK
of artillery. In reporting th~ hi" *?M
"The speedy message of 'Uhe hiltl, or Its L
equivalent, appears to be an absolute^
necessity. Tihe government, after ioag^S
and careful coneideration -by iUioso;i
wnose offices and studies qualify rive-raj?
'to give the most valuable advice. .hjsSl
entered upon the execution of a syste-il
ii.'atic and elaborate plain of coast de^'i
rouse. The great expenditures iwill betSi
a wasted treasure unless a sufficient''
number of artillerymen, carefully b??=
lected and thoroughly drilled, be a*
signied to the care and use of thSk.,
costly 'instruments of defense. iWsi&l
the ui.d of the actives of the nafianais
guard, and those who ihiave 'been dtls-^L
charged therefrom after yeairs of iti*M
?truction, e.fective cavalry and *nfiftBM
try can be collected in ia. compaioitivelyiitl
short itime, but in case of war shor#g
nc.'ice would be given to 'the .men, lift
charge of 'tihe great guns on the coaastjj
whose costly machinery requires muoh?
mechanical skill and practice. A ca.re-:?
ful ei-timate of 'the annual additional;:'
expenditure 'required to mairttaiin. .tthes
two regiments Is $530,054. 'But icS?t
months will expire before the regilmentSs
tun be fully enlisted and organised, and|L_
while uhe scale of the first year, .wittt'liS
v.s t-quipmentw.il be considerably greatC
t-r titan that of average su bsiequtent,'?
years. It is believed that $460.000 possiifts
bly less, will suffice for the ftecad ye<a*'"
"Iin a letter written yesterday, Getne-'i.
al Miles says? iMy dear Senator: B-e
ferring to our conversation this morn?
ing. I have the honor to state that bait--' J!
leriiS have been placed in .Position Sd&M
fortifications at 'Portland Head, MallnxrJ^
G rover's Bluff, dioston harbor;
Hancock, approach 'to 'Philadelphia;'!!?
approaches to ?Washington; coast vT M
N'..nth Carolina; Ciharleston toambor;^
Mobile, Ala.; Galveeion. Tex.; .FSlBBM
Baker, Oal.; Fort Point, Cat., aind Fan?fl
Stevens, Ore. 3
" 'Batteries will also be placed ?wiM3??if^
in at few months on new fortincaiUojj^j
?at -Great Dlannmd Island, Portlaeid^^a
?Me.; Fort Constitution, Tin I iiiirr*'''^illllM
H.; Long Island Head, Boston h2u4mir<ga|
Dutch island, Narragansett, IDel.; -iM?aM
proaches to IBaltlmore; approaobes
Washington; approaches to Savannath^?
Git.; New Orleans, La.; San Diego, Gal.; J
entrance to Puget Sound, Wtash., nudc?f||
ing in all -twenty-six new te,i coast for^lfl
titicatlens for the defense of the grettttsSj
cities of the Atlantic. Gulf and Pacl'nC:i||
coasts, where fortifications have been.-.;-.S|
and are being erected, and where artil-: >;j
lery is required to protect -the amnHKM
ni.tlon. but -tib.se are -not sufficient total
man said batteries and hence the ne- e|
cess it y for two additional regiments of j
i-i'ttlli-ry is imperative a.nd requires ilmi;?a
mediate action.' " ?"j
Mr. 'Bate, of Tennessee, objected' to .1
the bill, becaui-e it -tended to tan
crease of the army, to which, 'he said;|l|i
he was unalterably opposed. H?lli
ahoug'ht that there were enough troope^S
already under enlistment ito rraam oil |
th,; guns now provided for by the gov<s3S?
ernn.ent. He argued that it would -be 4
better to assign -infantry regimen'ts ttttral
?che manning of these guns than to pu$^||
them in charge of raw recruits, -;S5|
In reply Mr. Hawley pointed out tthsjsH
ohe strength of the army was reaillyi||j
decreasing in proportion to -uhe inthabi-ii^
rants of the country. In addition. he3f||
, aid, Congress had made large appro-r_|l|
pr.ati.ons in recent years for great guns: i/ l
...r foes and cast defenite stations. Q?-||
t h. guns Ui'.i were guns of large c&i-Ja
ibre tend delicate mechanism. To tbese
must be added 232 rifled steel montaiSi||
?already placed or soon to be placed ittism
the coast defense stuntionu.
Im order 'that these guns may 'bej|
pr-.-iierly handled a body of trained OT-,?
t-iltlc-rists is necessary. Each of fhese>|
great war engines requi-res to handle^
it as much skill as it requires .to run a,|i
locomotive or an ordinary river steamig
er. .i-lJ
The bill was paused 52 to 4. The me
ative votes were oast by Messrs. iBa
of Tennessee: Clay, of Georgia, Chili:
of Texas, and Vest, of Missouri.
The rrjcasure provides t'hat tihe
tiliery of the army shall consist of sexj
en regiments, thus- .increasing the itoj.
tsl number of enlisted men in the a<rr|s
my bv 1.610 men, to be employed ex|||
cluslvely in the artlillery arm of *Jt*|
service. I "Sil
?Mr. Morgan, of Alabama, introduced?!
?he following resolution: ;S||
"That uhe committee on nam-l affairs.:
s instructed to .inquire and TOpont|
whether a mar? of war, equal ait ltatSf?
any warship in the world, to oet'J
....med the George iWoshington. catn ?et?
built, armed and comimiissioned 'vv-i-thtoj
i period of twelve month's by 'the ufffeg
>f 'the facilities of the shipyards.^n&lr.
chine shop', mines and forests"'to1*;
1'r.ired States, wberever the same?
found; and that the committee hi,
leave to report at any time by bill
"''rhe" resolution was adopted without:-:
debate. , ,?."-Pva
At It40'P. M.. on motion of Mr. AWt-.?M
son of Iowa, the Senate went Into eXT?i
i-cu'tive session, and at 4 o'clock ad-;||
'""lliirSH i>V R'HIfRF-SK'N'TATIVES.
WIAlSHf.VC.IXHN. F.1e 22.-Washing-.cll
ton's birtrJIay was celebrated In tU*j^|
Houser after'a motl.vn of Mr. Bailey to.-,-|
.??d'journ had''been voted down. with.?-a
vast deal of political speech-making^;ff.
arid it was also stignolizeH by the Hiirif^m
of the first gun in opposition to Kawa-?|
ilan annexation. Mr. Johnson, an
d'arJi. Rep-ull-Utcani. delivered) a spee-.te-^
that electrified the H- use and the BaC-.'^
ierles In i.L-nuneiation of what he team-'
ed an at'tempt to cut loose from
tiadijfiana! policy it tiJe Unitetl.
and enter upon a scheme of ooToniiia
. hat hail' ptoved the ruin of
and of natllons. Ths speech, coming -
i.eiy unheiulded', [ reduced a dleepf
presskun. The general detate om 1
sundry oivdJ IbdK was o.includ>ed tie"
and torrorrow the bill will be taken.;;
Tor a.rr.endmWnt.
Mr. Johr.t-on ilellvc-red Ha speech
ing the dtliate en the sur.iiiry civil ?
The remainder of the Cay wtas all
e-ntirely consumed with poll)
(Mr. Simpson (Populist), erf Ka
(Continued on Fourth Page.)

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