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Dispatches. |
VOL III, NO. 48.
one week. TFN ncMTe
School Ship Anchored in
Hampton Roads.
Double tiuitrd living Kept Nicht im D.iy
Over Implements of War ut Fnrt
Monroe. Other Significant
The monitor Terror, which has been
aHftboteUi a:t Old Point opposite the Hy.
gia Hotel, yest- tday afternoon, at 5:::0
o'-cKock, weighed anchoT and sailed for
New York, where she will remain until
.further orders.
The Vizcaya, which was reported du*
In H.i'mpton Bads, sailed past th.. Capes
yesterday mbcrning on her way to Ha?
The double turretted monitor Puritan
which is now at .Norfolk, is expected to
lake the place of the Terror in Hamp?
ton Roads. She is '.ooked! for to arrive
to-day or to-m'*rrow.
The Puritan is a member of the first
class of Uncle Sam's fighting eontin
Bency, (having a displacement nearly as
great as the wreckeU battleship .Maine.
The Puritan is an iron vessel, rigged
iwit'h military mast, and is considered to
ibe a serviceable lighter. She will prob
ahly remain on duty in the Roads unti:
further developments in the situation
Ib.t'Wecr,. the United States aid Spain.
The arrival at Old Point yesterday
morning at 10:30 .o'clock 'or tne Essex
was the -ause of a grell deU ot specu?
lation at the Government reservation.
There avas considerable speculation as
to the purpose of her trip, which was
only augmentAii by. the fact that her
consignment was unloaded hy the Gov?
ernment buoy tender, and the cont-.r.ts
of the six large cases which we;e landed
ivraains unknown except to the officers
at the Fort. The Kss_-x anchored olt the
Hygeia Hotel awaiting orders.
The ICssex is a third rate wooden ves?
sel, bark rigged, and has only lately
returned from a cruise in Southern ami
Medtt, nanean 'waters, having leCt the
-States last August. She arrived at Port
Royal, -S. G, adhiut the first v>? the pres?
ent month, anl has ibeen engaged since
that time in target practice up to the
2:td, when sh^- sailed from that port fur
Ol'j Point. The commanding officer of
the Essex '.eft last evening 'by th
\Vusbitig;vn boat tor the National Capi?
The rumor was atloat yesterday
amvjng the guests at th* hotels at Old
?1'oint that two companies of artillery
had been oider.d to leave the Fort for
lro: t Washington. The truth of this re?
port is of a very doubtful character, us
there are within a few miles of Fort
Washington u'll the artillerymen that
coif.d ptoss?bly ibe required to man the
guns at that fort. The rumor at one
time seemed a certainty, as th*rc were
about 100 men witih belts and eaulp
ments assumbled on "the Government
'wharf. None of the men, however,
IboaideUl the Washington steamer, ex?
cept one sergeant, who said he was go?
ing t., Washington bo visit his family.
It is supposed that tne men were under
orders to lie prepared to take the Wash?
ington Iboat should orders to that ef?
fect reach the Fort b.fvre her departure.
The activity at Fort iMV>nroe seems'to
indicate that the O- 'vernrn-nt recognizes
the fact that the post must 'be thorough?
ly prepared when the 'moment for ac?
tion comes. The battleships nlo'w under
construction at the shipyard would l>*
most desirable Objects forSpanighsptfli
ation were it possible foroneof the pow?
erful vessels of the Spanish navy to
reach this port. A doable gua:d is now
'being kept over the fighting machines
at the Fort, both night and day, and
in case of emergencies there will be no
surprises to fear from being unprepared.
Another important fact which tends
to confirm the reports that the govern?
ment ia 'making active preparations for
war 'is the fact that a contract has just
?been signed with Philadelphia and
Oleveland firms for the shipment of
300,000 tons of coal at once to Fortress
Monroe and other Atlantic coaling sta?
W.h'ile it is published that this coal
will go to Old Point, it will In reality
come here and 'be loaded on vessels
when needed from the Ohesapeake &
Ohio piers at this place.
This is another evidence (Slat Newport
News and Fortress 'Monroe will be
among the principal points to be well
/ruarded in case of war.
iA focal jingo was so confident yester?
day that a conflict with Spain was in?
evitable that he wagered $5 that war
Mould soon 'be declared.
There twill Ibe a misionary meeting at
?the Washington Avenue* !M. IE. Chuivh
this afternoon at 4 o'clock:
The t>flowing will be the programme:
Song?"Froimi Greenland's ley 'Moun?
.Minutes of 'iast meeting.
Solo?IMiss Carrie Davis.
Ree ttation ?Gel lie1 E: adsihoiw.
Song?"Work On."
Quartette?"Shine On." Weissrs. Whit
ley, Howard, Lane and Simmons.
iRoll call.
Chorus?"Go and Tell the Story."
iHas been decided at last.
No divers necessary.
'All high and dry.
The battlesihips 'Kentucky and Kear
sarge wi-H be launched iMarcih 34th, 1S9S.
Immediately after the launching is over
(Powell Bros., and King will commence
the eale of 800 lots at auction.
These lots are sltmaited on bofh sides
of tihe old electric car line and running
d'ow.n to Hampton Roadie water front,
where the new car line 'Will be built
from 'Newport News to Hampton and
Old iPoi'nt. For maps of this property
?nd other information, call on Powell
Bros., and King, 2701 Washington av?
enue, Newport News, Va. fe26tf
If the view team has not photo?
graphed ybur house, stop ttuemt wihen
th-;y pass ,or leave order at 2412 Wash?
ington avenue. fe27-eod.
Tou can huv-y confidence In a bicycle
that aE yctir friends praise, a bicycle
?that is never in the repair shop, a bi
<->vle that we have so much confidence
in that 'We. unhesitatingly agite to re?
pair ifree even lif 'damagid .by accident.
(Don't you think you ought to plaoe con?
fidence in sir?h a wheel? This wheel is
the ECLIPSE. Gomie. and' see -it be?
fore .you aIU<w some gli'b-tongued sales?
man to ir.iduc'e you to buy the just as
good kindt
. 221 Twcnty-seventih st.
W Kisker? Mast Oo.
(No m'ore whiskers. We are not going
to shavte yet awhile, tout we aie going
to take the whiskers off all collars sent
us and leave the edges smooth us ivory.
Our "Little Wonder" does it. Ne'wpoj't
Naws Steam Laundry. if
Bell Telephone Company Preparing for a
M?w System.
The Southern Beil Telephone Com?
panys is preparing to improve its service
in this city.
The company is now using the ground
cir ul't system, but 'will replace it with
the metto'lie eireuit in the near future.
LAs work has aflready been started, it
is thought that the netw system will be
in oi>eration in aWut a month.
The improwment wil: also l)e mode in
other cities having conmeeleJn with the
?Newport News exchange.
LA. new switchib. aid will t>e installed
here. It w'ill l>e equippoJ with auto?
matic self-restoring drops, and 'Will be
of the latest pattern.
It 'is thought that iwhen the Citizens'
Telephone Company commences it& ser?
vice in this city the Bef. Company will
cut rates. This may Ibrtag en a "rate
war" between tho two companies.
'Miss Fairte Montague, of Gloucester,
is ihe guest of Miss Carter.
Miss May Child tree, of Lymcfrburg, is
visiting Miss Adams in East End.
M;r. Samuel Ho.rlajn. of Pittsburg, iis
spending a few days in the city as the
guest of friends.
Mr. J. S. Andrews, wife and two
dh'ttAren left last evening for Srciih
Jield, where t/hey will remain two weeks.
iMr. T. Godwin Archer is t'he guest of
friends -near IWytJievHle. Mr. Archer
will act as best man at the wedding of
a friend.
Mr. and Mrs-. IB. W. Armstrong, of
Chicago, who are en r.iuite to Florida,
are spending a few days with Mrs. Ii).
T. Young.
Mrs. James TV. Monroe 'Was returned
from Baltimore, where she went to at?
tend the funeral of tier Bister, Airs.
'Misses Mariam Boyd and Call!? Bart
lett left Friday night to visit rela?
tives and friends in Washington and
Messrs. James Young, Walter Hoj>
kins and Edward L. Berryman have ac
cepted positions in Philadelphia and
will leave tonight for that city.
Misses Ora Weaver and Minnie Rob?
inson, who have been vteitimg Captain
and Mrs. J. .E. Williams, have returned
to their homes In. Portsmouth. They
were accompanied by Mrs. Willi a mm
who will spend a few days with her pa?
Mr. C. B. Oreutt. president of .the
Newport News Shipbuilding and Dry
Dry Dock Company, has formally en?
tered a reitest against the passage of
the bill introduced by Senator Platt to
pay an annual sum of $90.000 for the
use of a huge floating dry dock to be
e?instructed by English capitalists 'and
located at New York.
Miss ZeJl'ia Lewis, .who has iten visit?
ing he.r aunt. Mrs. C. W. Adams, on
Twenty-seventh e?tr-.-et. has returnel to
her'home, in Matthews county.
The tire engine. Iwbich is somewhat
out elf nepa'ir, is Ibeing overhauled at the
The attendance at the Opera House
yesterday afternoon to wit not?, the
secor.el presentation, of the oantata
"lLand oif Nod" and the Bibsonian pos-;s
?was rather small.
Mangle Committed to Jail.
Peter Manzi, the local pugilist, wlio
recently .tried fistic conclusions with
Te-.ldie William,-, of 'Portsmouth, in an
abandoned barrel factory in Scotsvatle.
has been committed to the Norfolk
county jail for ten days by .Tus'iee
Sykes, pending a hearing.
Exports for Laut Week.
The exports from Newport News for
the w,-ek ending Saturday, February
26. were as follows: Corn, 606.677 bush?
els; wheat. 15.9G3 Ibushels: oats. 10.000
bushels. The exports from fhfas port
fe,r the month, up to 4 o'clock yester?
day aifternoon, we're valued at $3,400,000.
The customs officials predict a total
valuation for February of $3.7r>0.uOO.
needs Recorded.
Deeds (have been reoreled as follows:
Old (Dominion Land Company to H. C.
Nettles; consideration, $350.
Old Dominion Land Company to O.
M. Lattimer & Co.; consideration, $900.
They Want City Bonds.
Among the inquiries lately received
in reference to the issue of city bonds is
one from Mr. Wend't, of Phoebus. He
stated that he represented parties who
were anxious to buy up all the be>nds
the c*nty would place on the market, but
would prefer to take them at private
Mr. Massie has informed Mr. Wend*
that no private deal can be considered.
It is presumed that this gentleman will
tender a bid in competition.
Ouher firms heard from recently are
as follows:
Sperry, Jones & Co., of Baltimore.
Hamilton & Co., of Baltimore.
Dater & Co., of New York.
Police Court.
Justice Brown yesterday meted out
justice to the following:
C. Hagins, drunk; limed $2 'and costs.
?Victor'Hall (colored) disorderly; fined
53 and costs.
Viola Colemam (colored), disorderly;
fiend $3.50 and costs.
C. B. 'Edwards, selling liquor on Sun?
day ; dismissed..
School Appropriation Needed.
If the City Council does not appro?
priate $1,500 by April 1st to the public
schools of the city they will have to
close at that date. There is on'.y enough
money on hand to defray' the exper.ses
of the schools until April.
At toe Y. M. C. A.
The men's, meeting at this Y. M. C.
A. this alfterniKm will be de-voted to
hearing reports from the delegates who
attended' the State convention recently
held at LyneWburg. A'Mresses wili tie
delivered by Messrs. T. L. Evans. IXr
Witt Crane, V. P. Merrill, Larry Skin?
ner and C. C. Kent;
You may never hove another oppor?
tunity oif getting such pictures of your
homes ?r family grouts at suciv a low
prk-e. See the view men or leave order
at 2412 Washington avenue. fe27-3teod
Think It Over.
If you expict to rate as a gentleman,
why w?Sr. you allow anyb dy to cxpe' to
rate all over your linen, instead) of
sprinkling with clear water? Send your
launi.ilry to us and we iwi'il give you
satisfaction, and) we will not spit on
your shirts either. Think it over. New?
port 'News Steam Laundry. It
A Happy Woman
la the housekeeper who buys her coal
and wood from the Warwick Coal and
Wood Co., Twenty-eighth street- ja 14 fcf
Wood delivered in any part of the
city for 90 oenta per load, cash. M. S.
Warren, 446 Twenty-ninth street
Phone 261S fe6-2m.
When, bilious or costive, eat aCascaret,
candy carthartic, cure guaranteed, 10c,
Our Congressman Reminded
of His Duty
Committee Appointed by the IluMiiienn
Meti'H Association Presents the Claims
otNewport Newit Id the Cus?
tom HotiHC Mutter.
At a meeting -of the Business [Men's
Association', h-. i'J a short time ago, a
special committee was appointed to
draft a letter to Hon. WOTliam A. Young
the Representative of this district, pro
testng against alleged efforts on his part
td have Norfolk instead of Newport
iNVws imaiiie ibe port Of entry for Hamp?
ton KOads.
\'este:day the letter was forwarded to
Congressman Young. Following is a
copy of the communication:
Newport News, Va., Feb. 24, 1S9S.
Hon. W. A. Y,.ung, M-.a.'ber of Con?
gress :
Dear Sir:?The Business Men's Asso?
ciation"^ the city of Newport News has
had its attention called to the fact that
the Hon. Uytman Cage, Secretary of the
United States Treasury, has recom?
mended, for economic reasons, the con?
solidation of various ports, under one
custom house service, and that No:folk.
Portsmouth and Newport News he
joined with this as th.- port of entry.
We understand that a bill will shortly
be introduced into Congress set-king to
enact these views of Sicretaiy Gage.
This Association is band'ed together to
promote the prosperity of Newport
'News as far as possible.
The foregoing is a matter at vital im?
portance to us, un'd we, a committee ap?
pointed for the purpose, would call yur
attention to the following:
The reasons which led the Se- retary
of the Treasury to choose this port in?
st, od of Norfolk or Portsmouth as a
port of entry must be iweE known to
you. We would not belittle or speak
ill of our neighbors. We rej dnce to see
them advance. But this matt.r under
conisid'eration has nothing to do with
population. We acknowledge willingly
the supremacy of Norfolk, and probab y
Portsmouth, in this particular. The pr .
posdA legislation is a regulation' of sea?
going comimorce. It must deal with ex?
ports and imports. We claim that New?
port Newis is far ahead of either of th. se
ports so far as concerns these matters.
We are -better located; have a better
hat'bor: our capacity to bandle such
traffic is better: our export and import
ibusinesls surpasses theirs. Facts of this
kind mu^t have suggeted themist'lves to
?Secretary Gage, and caused him to give
us precedence.
Newspape:s report that suu .jin; la?
boring to etcher defeat this law or have
it so chanced that whrn passed by yuur
ibody Norfolk 'will Ibe the port ot entry,
?We-do not know, af she*? rnwr? fee
true. If coirrect, 'we would respectfully
protest against any such action upon
your part. We are rspresen tailed by you
in Congress. You are there to guard
and protect our interests Lrn common
with the rest of your district. Ail mat?
ters concerning Congressional aid must
come through you. The city of New?
port News has the same claims upon
your Urn* and taienl that Norfolk or
elsewhere has.
We woui1! not ask you to advocate
any measure nor do any a i which
would benefit us to the detriment of any
other p.ace in your .district. We do not
claim that we have the right to dictate
your conduct, but. with all deference,
we feel called upon to submit the pro?
test of this Association? against this re
porSedi support.
We only ask that you remain passive,
and give this city the right to put in
their claim, and that no town come en?
dorsed by the Congressman from this
district. Und?r any euch eoridtitions, we
have no fear, and UcKeve we inn ?rvcuw
reasons sufficient to induce Congress to
pass Secretary Cage's resolution un?
Yours v-.ry restn-etfully.
Committee Business 'Men's Association,
Newport News, Ya.
(Mr. It. G. Biekford said) to a Daily
Press reporter yesterday afternoon:
"In comtmon wlith the majority of our
people, I'had suppiosed' that the Congres?
sional Committee were tf-uUiy informed of
the seltf-evildlent advantages to the Uov
ernment of the proposed action, and
that, therefore, the resu'.t was predeter?
mined. It seems, however, that the ef?
forts of Mr. W. A. Young, Congression?
al representative for this district, and
consistent imlsrepresentative iff the in?
terests of INeiwport News, sc-conded Iby
the extraordinary activity exhibited by
the citizens of Norfolk in this regard,
has imperilled the welfare of our city.
"Mr. Young proposes, notwithstanding
the reo.jmnien-dation of the Secretary
off 'the Treasury in favor of Newport
Newts,, to change the plan of consolida?
tion, selecting Norfolk as the port of
"A dato has l>een fixed upon which
the eomimittee iwili receive a delegation
ap'pearir.ig in uhe Snteretsts K3tf Norfolk.
'It is of the utmost Importance that
Newport News should see. to it that she
also Is represented'Iby a delegation. We
'cannot afford to underestimate the se?
rious natura of rbis attack upon the dig?
nity! of our port. Ordinary means of
representatloini failing, we must repre?
sent ourteealVe's.
"I suggest that the newspapers of this
city call a mass meeting of our citizens
so that proper steps may ibe taken to?
ward! the desired end1,"
The Washington correspondent of
the Norfolk Virginian had the following
to say In -regard to this matter in yes?
terday's issue of his paper:
'fWlhile at the Treasury on the Nor?
folk public building matter, Mr. Young
arranged with Assistant Secretary
How-ell for the reception of the Norfolk
committee appointed to protest against
the consoiidiation of Newport News
?and Norfolk-Portsmouth into one port,
?with Norfolk as the isub-port.
"?Mr. Howell stau? d 'that 'he would be
pleased to .hear what the committee 'had
to present. Mr. Howell has no foiling
In the nvatter, -and is only looking out
for the government's view, wthioh is to
economize tihe expenses. 'He stated to
the "Virginian that .he wttuld be perfect?
ly willing to make Norfolk the port of
"entry and Newj>ont News the stub-port,
but he felt that there ought to be a
consolidation of the three ports?New?
port News, Norfolk-Portsmouth and
Cape Charles City?into one port, with
one colloeUir of customs. Mr. Young,
wbo was .present, combatted t.his idea,
and pioint -d out tlhe necessity of all the
porks belang separate, and contended for
the law to remain as it is. Mr. Howell.
is not inclined to this view.
"iGhairman Dingley, of the Ways and
Means Committee, takes 'the view of
?the Treasury on this subject, and says
thta.t he knew full well when the conr
solidation scheme came to be put Into
effect that opposition would naturally
arise from the sections affected and
Interested. He will also, if lie can ftisl
the time, give tlie 'Xorf.dk committee
tan informal hearing. It is not prob?
able that he will call his committee
together for that purpose, but they can
be seen separately, and Messrs. Young
and Swanson -will see to it that the
Norfolk -committee ivaehes all of them
and present the substantial Injustice
of the pr<iiK?aitibn."
Greece's Sovereign Has a Narrow (Es?
cape From an Assassin.
(By Telegraph.)
ATHENS. Feb. 26.?An unsuccessful
attempt was made this afternoon to as?
sassinate King George, of Greece. The
King was returning from ePhailerum at
5 o'clock in the evening in la landau,
accompanied by tlie Princess Maria,
when two men. who were hidden in a
d'.toh alongwide the road, opened tire
wita guns upon 'the occupants of the
carriage. The first shot missed, hut
the second wounded a footman in the
arm. The coachman whipped up bis
horses and the royal party dashed away
at a gallo]). The miscreants fired sev?
en more shots after them, none of Which
took effect, and 'the king and prim-ess
returned to the palace unhurt. The
king state? that one of the assassins
was dressed In ;gr.iy clothing, and his
majesty declares that he could easily
identify him. . ?
Tin- news of the attempt upon the
king's life caused a great sensation.
(By Telegraph.)
CLEVELAND, O., Feix 26.?Champion
Bob Fitzsimmons expresses a willing?
ness to tight "Kid" McCoy. Fitzsim
mons says:
"I will tight M-cCoy any time he puts
up enough money to make it worth my
wh'fie. (McCoy and Ruhlin have no
more right to fight for the champion?
ship than a yeMbw dcg. The "Kid"
has the swell head, and he thinks he
is in the heavyweight class. I will
show him 'how to fight if he has the
long green to hack up his 'bluff."
(By Telograph.)
PARIS. Feb. 26.?George S. Cic-mcn
ceau -and M. Drumont. editor of the
Libre Parole, fought a duel this after?
noon with pisfois at Pare Aux Princes.
Six shots were exchanged without re?
sult. The dispute was brought about
by an article on the Zola trial, publish?
ed lin. the Libre Parole.
M. Perreux. publisher of the lAurore,
signed a formal appeal today against
the sentence of four months' imprison?
ment a.nd 3,000 francs line Imposed upon
him at the conclusion of the Zola trial
(By Telegraph.)
'CHICAIGO, Feb. 26.?A bus filled with
pleasure seekers was strlurk by a
Grand Trunk piasenger train at the
Western avenue crossing. South of Blue
Island, in the southwestern part of the
city, at ? o'clock tonight. Five of the
number were killed 'and none of the oc
?oupauts or tho vehicle esrapcl wiuhout
injury, two heilig badly hurt.
H> Telegraph.)
LYNCHWRrf. .VA.; *'c-o. an. T-ha
Stamford Dye'Works here was destroy?
ed by lire at 1 o'clock this (Sunday)
morning with the exception of the box
sheds. The los,, will be $100,000, par?
tially covered by insurance.
The property wasowhed by the Stam?
ford Manufacturing Company, of Stam?
ford, Conn.
(By Telegraph.)
NEW YORK. Feb. 26.?The weekly
bank statement shows the following
changes: Surplus reserve, $2.729,125:
loans, decrease, $5,036,SC0; specie, in?
crease. $2."2.~,700: legal tenders, tie
crease. S7.41S.400; idteposit's, decrease.!.
$9,346,300; circulation, decreased, $.">0.
The banks row hold $22.!ir>9,;!2.ri in ex?
cess of the requirements of 'the 25 per
cent. rule.
(Bv Telegraph.)
DETROIT MICH., Feb. 26.?A special
to the- Free Press from Kalamazoo,
Midi., soys:
"Fire broke out in the Hall Chemical
Works at 10 o'clock -tonight, and after
burning half nr. hour two terrible ex?
plosions blew the whole top of the
bulMing off, burying fireirmn and spec?
tators beneath the -falling walls and de?
bris. Besides leaving two fire-men at
leaivt within the building, six men have
been taken out dead and ten injured."
(By Telegraph.)
WASHINGTON. Feb. 20.?Fourth
class postmasters have 'been appointed
as follows for Virginia:
Dragonville. R. N. TDunn: Roekville.
Eliza. R. Redford.
is probahly c ?ming, and' it would be we'll
to have those pictures made now. We
make- oahinet phot. s. as wei!'. as eathers.
Call at 24V2 Washington avenue.
Ideas in the Month.
Some idea enter the 'brain through
the eyes, others through the ears, and
still other? through nostrils, but a clear
idea e>f FOX'S XXXX Wafer Butter
Crackers can't reach the; understanding
through any other avenue than the
mouth. It
Oliodienee should he a child's first .es
son. If you send your child to the gro?
cer's for "FOX'' Crackers see that your
orders are Obeyed, and' no amount of
smooth taik on the part of. the dieoler
should swerve the little one from the
path of diie-daence. It
For Rent?The Oent'ro.1 Hotel, nicely
furnished. Apply to. M. H. I^ash. 2S03
Washington avenue. feb 15-tf.
Deposit your clothes money with us.
It will pay you good interest.
The noibbiest Hats ever shown 1n this
city were opened up by Woodlward &
Womble this week. The stylc-s are
'b-.autiful. fe27-tf
Before the War.
have a corr?-t picture af your house
taken 'with al'i the family in ifront, for
who knows but the next call may lie for
one of yooir family, oir our c'h-.ap view
team, to go and light for the Stars on'I
Stripes. fe27-lt
Don't forget tho
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little house 2412
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some crackers that ever came from a
ibaker's oven. It
If you want pictures of any kin.l or
size see Wagoner, 241B Washington av
ei.ue. feb 20-tf.
Maine's Destruction May
Have Been Accidental.
President McKinley Giving Thought ful |
and Earnest Consideralon to the
C'rlwirt Speculation >a to Hc
port of Hoard of Inquiry
(By Telegraph.)
WAlSBINGTON1, Feb. 26.?In. the ab.
L'nee of news from Havuna cm any sul>
Ject other than the disposition of dead
bodies, the Official mind turned to-day to
an analysis of the Spanish statements,
mode with more eir less dicgree of official
sanl tion. representling the total a'bsem<e
of sulbmarine mines from Havana har?
bor, art* it was regarded toy the Navy
Departmen as negativing- the mine
theory of an external cause for the ex?
plosion just as recent letters i>ut an end
to the exploding boiler theory as an in?
ternal cause of the disaster.
Nothing wus heard to-day from the
court of inquiry, and the Department
is stiil ignorant of its pans. In fact,
the only news coining direct from Ha?
vana to the 'Navy Department during
the day -was contained in the following
dispatch from Captain Si^sibce:
??H.mv.NA, Feb. 26.?Have succeeded
in. making arrangements by which
?bodies may be sent to Key West in her.
metically s..alLJ.i zinc cases. Refer t<
Forsyth for burial in Key West. Prob
alb'le that 'bouies hereafter cannot b<
re ognized. Pr?lOible Ib?dies w ir. not re
main intact. Condition o1:' 'bodies re
quires immediate action. Jenkins and
literritt may be recognized 'by unifoi
Divers cannot get down aft after bodies
this morning. .Much debris. Will cleat
it aiway. Wainwright placed in charge
of wrecking mutters.
"(Signed.) SKJ8BEE."
The following was sent:
"WASHUTNlGTaN, Feb. 26, 1S9S.
"To Sigjmce, Havana:
"Referring to your telegram of this
date, send 'IsJjii-.s that may hereafter be
recovered to Key West for burial. Send
by Bee-he.
"(Signed.) LONG.'
To Key West a dispatch was forwuT
ed as follows:
"WASHINGTON, F.ih. 26, 1898
"To Nava'. Station, K y West:
"Sigsliee ordered to send' 'bodies that
may hereafter be refceived to Key W s
for temporary burial. Will arrive 1n (her
rroetica?y seu'led zinc oases. Mak... nec
esseury .vrrango-nie-nts. Bodies will arrive
by Bache.
'(?Signed.) LONG."
It is believe?I at the Department that
there are prolbuibl-y in the neighliorhoo
or n?ej. loSi^s remaining to 'be discov
ereil' and extricated troni eoe -
The doulbte terreted monitor Terror
started fur New York this evening tirum
HimitoTi Roads. She will be a most
pOwenful reinforcement to the defenses
of the comimewial metropolis in case of
need, und, stationad in the Narrows, it
would' 'lee difficult for any hostile ship
to puss her. With the exception of the
training ship Essex, which arrived ti
Hampton RoaJls to-day, and the Brook?
lyn, which arrived -at St. Lucia, prrtba
Ir.y to coal on h- r way to Laguayja. dis?
tant fs'W miles, this was the only nava1.
movement to-day. There were a number
of alarming stories as to the heavy
shipments ,.r ordnance from the \\"?sh
Ington Navy Yard to New York for the
arming of the auxiliary navy. I: i.
said at thv Department Ami so far n ne
of these small guns have b?-.-n shipped
to-.lay. Inn that a few for the Chicago,
probably fourteen five-inch rapica 11.
g'uns, will be dispatched Monday or
Tuesday. With these exceptions ;r.
place the Chicago would be pretty wed
modernized in the matter of armament.
She will carry still her four big elght
indh guns in sponsons on the 3p.ir .;. ck
while "n the gun eleck these fourteen
five?inch rapid lire gu.is will replace
eight six-inch guns of old pattern. The
Dolphin is to go into commission in
Neiw Y.irk on the 24th of Mar. h. Al?
though rated as the Pre'skle-m's yacht,
the vesse-'i,, which has been thoroughly
overhauled!, and furnished with new
'boi'liers and decks, carries even now a
sufficient battery to make her, when
speed is taken into account, a very , f
Ifectlve gum tboat. With the proceedings
of the court of inquiry drawing to a
close, attention is now being dir - ted to
the form and nature of this report. The
court had the wi'Sest latitu le fir inqui y
and yet certain general features will
have to -be observed under the navv
regulations governing inquiries of this
In'form the report will be in two parts,
first the findings of fact, and seeon?i the
opinion of the court. The findings take
up eae'h material question of fa.-t In?
volved and give the conclusion of ;he
court ujxm it. The opinion states what
s'r.ou'id be done under each finding of
fact- This opinion relates to the usual
case's in which officers are on trial, but
in the nresent case it would not, of
ecursei, extend to opinions on th?
ernment policy applicable to the find?
ings of facts. The circumstances of ihe
present case are so unusual, involving
the relations of two governments, that
the repoint 'may he conftnetd' to finding!
of fact, without the usual opinion of the
When the inquiry is concluded the re
poi'i, accompanied .by aK '.he evidence
and exhiliits, must be authenticate!!' by
Captain Sampson and Judge- Advocate
Ma rix. It is then forwarded to Admiral
Si card, the regulations requiring that it
ba "submitted for the consideration of
the offi-er convenng the court." which,
in this case, was the Admiral of the
licet. There is no specific provision as
to t'he revision or approval which he is
to give it. and the endorsement of Ad?
miral Sfcard will depend upon the cir?
cumstances of the case, probably being
formal, with a view to its early trans?
mission to the Navy Department. The
Aidlmiral then forwards it to the office
?..if the Judge Advocate General, where
it becomes a permanent record. The
Secretary of the 'Navy, and uitimutely
the President, passes on the opinions of
the court, 'but as a rule the findings of
fact stand without approval.
The officials of the War Departmen:
how ecimp'ieWd all the preliminary ar?
rangement's for the immediate ex - utl in
of the bill which is expected to become
a law 'Within the next few days pro
vJ.Jing for 'two additional regiments of
arTil'.ery. There will t>e no aitl'multv
whatever in securing the men, as < p
pTications If or enlistment have been re?
ceived far in excess of the number re?
quired, viz: 1,610 men. Great cue will
lie taken in the recruiting an-' only the
best men will be accepted. Under the
law all the new men must lie citizens of
the United Stales. It is prob.-bi* that
the ranks Witt be recruited to a large
extent tfrom men who have already
served one or more terms in the army.
With the two new regiments there
will be serven regiments of artillery and
the total strength of the army, includ?
ing the hospital corps, ordnance and
engineer corps an?tll the West Point de
tachment. .wild be increased to nearly
27,000 men.
The new organization will remilt in
the promotion o? two lieutenant colo?
nels, four majors, ten captains, thirty
four first lieutenants, three second .ieu
tenan'ts, anldi will absorb thw ?iglueen
additional second lieutenants af infAn
try. .No vacancies will be created, how?
ever, and no appointments will Jfcav* to
ibe made.
iA member of the Cabinet, in speaking I
to-day of the attitu'.ic ot the President
on the question oif a war with Spain,
'"President McKinley 1? giving
thciugni'iut and earnest consiaaration to
every pnas? of tne Uulban tftuaiion as
it appears, lout w?il not t?e Jingoed into
war or act in anticipation o. events
wniuh may n-.ver occur. He fully real?
izes what 'War means, and will not go to
mis .ast direful extremity Without the
approval of his conscience and a firm
conviction that such a course would be
right im the s.ght of God and of man.
Bui, 'Whenever tne honor and integrity
o? the nation or its pviple become in?
volved, uhe i'res.dent 'may be lo'cpendej
upon to a0 nis wno'.e uut> aaa uu it
Secretary Long enjoytli! a sound sleep
last night, the first h>. nas had for some
tune, and in consequence he Kit :u
much refreshed this -inorti.r.g that r>e de?
cided to aibandton his proposed absen.-e
from the Navy Department uni' con?
tinue at his duties, so he was early at
his desk, an i in consultation with As?
sistant Secretary Roasevelt and Captain
CrowinshieM, Chief of the Navigation
Bureau. As to the < Ul.ook, he said r.e
thought things wele lojkiaj much bet?
ter. He said the public i.ught no; to be
under any misapprehension w.tn regard
to naval movements; teat s~ far tnty
had mostly been the o.d.nary disposi?
tions w hico are made Irom t.ine to time.
The attention of naval ottlcers has
.neu strongly attri.:iej to the state?
ment made by Representatives of the
Spanish Oovemment to the effect thai
L-nete were no m.lies or torpedoes cf
,ir.j kind in Havana Hai bor. It an be
sin that this statement exactly agrees
..i^'i ir?t ino,u.iies mat nave b sen uu
der way for many months by agents of
?ur Government, and so far, ii is slid,
they have 'been unable to find the
slightest evidence of the existence of
any plan of defense in the harbor by
means of mines or terpoiloes, mucn
less to locate them, as has been re?
ported' in some qua rut s. Officials of
the Navy Department say that the ef
. e t of this statement, if it is lo be ac?
cepted as conclusive on that point, is
almost certain 10 negative the suppo?
sition that the disaster resulted from
ither than accidental causes, as the
aim ist unanimous testimony of experts
here, based on the hist, ry of torpedo
work, is- to the effect that no single I
torpedo of any type could have caused
ihe terrible 'wreck of the iMaine.
in the pursuit of details, some of the
aid nance ottlcers, acting upon the the?
ory that the '..arge ten-inch magazine I
forward 'Was not exploded, have h;en
looking into the contents of the smallei
and adjoining six-ine-h magazines. They
tlirtdi thai, allowing for the amount of
'V,,,? ys or?ibably consumed -r.
practice drills by the . ?_ =Vli=
arrived in Havana harbor, there was
. ertainly no less than 8,000 pounds of
powder in this magazine, an amoun'
sufficient to have caused enormous de?
struction hod it beem exploded at one
When the attention of Phi'.ip Alger,
expei t of th Bureau of Ordnance, was
called to Senor Du Bose's statement, he
"The statement is important as rep?
resenting the position taken by thie
Spanish officials who have absolute
knowledge of w hether or not Havana
hailbor was mined!. It is. oi course, in?
herently Improbalble that sue'h mines
existed! siiiee it is not customary te.
plant t rpe.lo s in harbors at all, es?
pecially not in harbors constantly oc
c-upied by friendly vessels. Should it
be possible to prove Senor Du Beise's
statement to l>e true, the -whole theory
?>f the Maine'?destruction toy a torpedo
will become untenable, in my opinion.
Hut the only proper course to be now
pursued is to await patiently the report
of the Iboard of investigation and to
accent their findings as cone us;ve.
Wihen the 'first news of the ceitastrophe
arrived it was well to attempt to allay
excitement by pointing out the fact
that the probabilities were greatly in
favor of the explosion, having Ibeen an
accidental one-. Nothing that has yet
become known should lead to a modifi?
cation of this view. Ii is sti!''. vastly
mvre probable that the cause was an
internal one than that it was external.
There seems, 'howeyer, to he a preva?
lent, 'foeling that the 'accident theory'
casts a reflection upon the navy, and
also that its acceptance wouttUl toe hurt?
ful to the navy's interest. The con?
trary seems to me to'be true. The wit
of man has not yet devised' any imple?
ment of destruction which accitlent
may not turn against friend with an
effect equal to that which it was in?
tended to produce upon an enemy."
NKW YORK. F,fh. 26.?The" Evening
World says that Senator Honna was in
conference last evening with a number
of representatives of prominent flnan
cia'l institutions, and that he was given
fo understand by tihe-m that the Admin?
istration could depend on all the money
support) necessary to carry out any
plan that might be detenmined upon. 1
It is understood that a s-.-ries <X bond
issues, aggregating $-r>o0.0U(t,0O0, -was sug?
gested as a possibility, and was acqui?
esced in by the assembled' financiers.
HAVA'NA, Feb. 26.?Tne court of in?
quiry was in session again to-day, but
new elevelopments resulted from the
did nothing, simply waiting to see if any
work of the divers. The court this af?
ternoon! re-examined ICaptain Sigsbee.
Surgeon Heneberger, two divines and
Consular Clerk Drain. They then veri?
fied the testimony Iby the stenographer's
notse and made preparations for their
departure at aibout ? o'clock.
The Mangrove got unliler way aibout
?5:30 oVIock. Captain Sampson said he
had no idea when the court wculd re?
turn here.
It is reported tfrom Spanish souroes
thut Captain Sigsibee and the other offi?
cers of the Maine Who are here will be
.all d (before Uh!e A'dimiralty Court in
Havana next Monday to give testimony
regarding the loss of the 'Maine. This
is the usual course, it is said, and has
been expected'.
The divers will continue work on the
wreck ntroct week under the 'dlireetion
of Captain Sigsfb.e
Seaman (Frederick O. H?lzer, after a
sturdy fight for life, died this after?
Thi'ee 'bodies have been recovered to
'lay. One of them came to the surfa e
and the others 'were Ibrought up by the
divers. The on,e which Tose of itself
is beUeved to be that off a machinist.
Of_the others one has b en identified as
that of Johr? W. Johnson, and the
other will probably ibe i-ienUfled to-mor?
Senator Proctor contemplates a run
into the country, probalbly visiting Ma
tanzas and other principal cities.
MEW YORK. Feb 26?A copyrighted
(Continued on Fourth Page.)
Sensational Resolution Intro?
duced in the House.
?Ion Calendar cleared. Vole on the"
Corlielt Cane to Be Tiken Monday
at 3 l\ M. Monument to
General Lafayette.
(By Telegraph.)
WlASHJlNGTU-N, .rdo. ibe?The- House '
aid not compete toe con?iueiaaua o?
tlie sundry civil uni u-vjuy, out v-hiir- I
ina.a <_aiu:on he'.d trie Uooi wua it u;.tii ?
dUJcurnmeinit, refusing to y.e.a to lax. jj
lioUiei'.e. utf Mxitue. tnc oaa.rnian of tue
-\avai ^oiiuiiittee. who was ai?x,ous to
?t-LUie >-on=>.avratii,n lor the h.li leporiea
oy ms eouariHitee for trie relief ol the
v.cums ana survivors ot me -Vlaine dis- '??
d.->ter. Ain,ut twenty pages ot tne sun- j
'.'ry civil -dim awr* disposed of. Many ef-"i
torts were made t?y 'j.uerent raeni'ben? l
u? inject river and tiartx-r items into the9
bill, three of tnem being successful.;.'i
Amendments appropriating ?1100,00? fop-^V
Cleveland1 harbor; ?00.000 far WLming- '
ton, Bel., and increasing the appro?
priation tor Bosivn tnni oor from ?100,000 -
j i^jo.ooo were adopjed.
As contracts for these works were au- '..
thoi-ized tney iwere in oiaer under the
-Mr. Lewis, Washington? created
some-thing eat' a sensation by ottering the
following resolution as an amendment: ,
"KeaoiVelj, That Congu-etss disapprove
of Minister Woodford tending a -ban-"';
que-t to the Spanish Cabinet to. behalf ,
uf the United States, and expressing the
sens,: that the relations 'between Spain ?
and the United States sh.uld, until the ?
ii.iiu.ry as to the cause o: the Maine X'
disaster tie determined, remain onty in
the I'ot mat and official way demanded
by the nee1 .is at the respective nations."
Mr. Lewis was proceeding to remark ?
upon the "ghoulish spe-etac-le" of Mr.
Woodford bfinquetting the Spanish Cab?
inet while- the countryovei'smourningth?
loss of 250 brave sailors who were the
victims of Spanish hate, when Mr. Can- ?
nun interposed a point elf order against
the amendment, and .was promptly sus?
tained byi the chair.
Mr. Lewis attempted to d?bate the 8
point oif order, saying the amendment /!
was certainly pertinent to the para- :
graph under cons4denaii\Mi. which hap- .;
pened to ia?late to nationa'. cemeteries.
"I am oi posed," he said, "to our people
burying their dea'.ii while ourofflclar.re'p- |
re.-er.tative abcurd is f .asting their max- <.
At this point Mr. Lewis was cut off,
and the incident clostd.
Mr. MeCleary (Repuotican), of iMfin?-..
nesota, was recognized by the Speaker ;
.?r? a question of personal privilege. He'-.
I said tha:t a purported Interview witA. V.;
to"! he"a.i'as1ieisliodL r.^sj11?"15 "dative.
to himself, he said that the-^rr&v'iW.'^
was entrely unwarranted and- unauthor?
ized. It did- not ini any correct mannerA
represent his views on the question. a?
The House, at 5320 P. M., adjourned-;;
untii Monday.
WASHINGTON, Feb. 26.-?iDuring the
greater part of the Senate's session to- ?
day the right of Henry W. Corbett to a
I seat from the State oif Oregon was under 9
I discussion. Mr. Thurston, of Nebraska?
In an -extenV'Jed speech, opposed the ad- -
mission uf <M'r. Coriiett. while Messrs.
Fonaker, Kyle and .Mantle supported j
Mr. Corbett's claim. The vote on the';
case, it has Wen agreed, will he taken j
next Monday at 3 P. IM. The pension
calendar was cleared by the passage of
several private pension. measures. A
fe-w l>iKs of a genorail character were al- 9
so peassed.
Mr. Ga'M'Lnger, oif New Hampsl?re. in?
troduced -"nei had a'dopted a resolution
requesting the President, If not incom?
patible- iwith the publie"interests, tosend )
the Senate copies of all reports and
commendations received (by the State.'
Opartment since the ?4th or February,;:
1S1>5, from Tomas Estrada. Palma, or |
I any agent of the Culbani insurgenta |
which relate to the state of war la the $
islaml of Cuiba, or such parts oif sali) j
i documents as it may ihe deemed advisa- i
lie and: proper to communicate.
!Mr. Thurston, of Nebraska* called up
and had pissed a joint resdliutlon for ?58
commission to supervise the collection j
uf a fund among all the schools of the ;';
United States for the? purpose of erect?
ing a monument to General Lafayette
l Paris, iFrance, the same to he pre
inted to the French Governmlbent and
unveiled' and' dedicated on July 4, 1900.
The Senate at 3:35 P. M., on motion OS
Mr. Pettus, of Alabama, adjourned.
I Vanity of the Man Who Created Tittle- -
I bat Titmouse and Oily Gammon.
I Nothing can bo more diverting than ihe |
revelation in their correspondence of the ?
I characteristics of authora Samuel War ;;
I ran, wbo attained immense popularity by ';;
| his "Ten Thousand a Year," which ap?
peared first in Aiaga, Is delightfully rinlve ?
soiuetimos and doscribes himself in a let- :
ter dated 1S42 ns "an honorable and fear- ?
less rival of Dickens," then at the height,^
j of his popularity. He offers to review ;.
Dickens' --American Notes" and sketches
o c his lino of criticism:
'There is palpable genius, subtle and ;
vivid perception, exquisite felicity of illus-S
tration and feeling and natural circum?
stances, real humor, mannerism, exagger?
ation, glaring but unconscious egotism |
and vanity, glimpsos of underbroeding. i
These Insu I should touch on in a manly
nnd delicate und generous spirit. Rely on $
Sam Warren. Dickons soenis to have been .
incapable and indisposed to look beyond a
tho surface of American manners and so?
ciety. Oh. what a book I could have wrlt> j
ten! I mean I who havo not only observed|
but reflected so much on the cbaraotsrs of '
tho people of England and Amerioa."
Poor Sum Warron! It seems almost on
handsonle to show up his little weaknesses,
seeing that "Ten Thousand a Year" la
nearly forgotten and Dickens is still Dick?
ens. His talents never dazzled his pub?
lishers, but ho was fiercely intolerant ot
criticism or editor's interference. "I hate
his beastly names," wrote Alexander
Hlackwood to his brother, referring to the
trick Warren had of naming his character*
in allusion either to their originals or to;
their imaginary qualities?-Lord Bulflnoh;
(Lord Russell),0'Gibbet (O'Connell), Rev.
Morphine Velvet (fashionable, preacher),
and so on, but ho refrained from telling
tho author so. Warren's own portrait J?
given in a single sly sentence by the Rev. ?
.lames Whito, a frequent and entertaining,
correspondent of the Black woods from th?:
isle of Wight. "Warren was in the island
for a week and dined here one day. Ob,.
Tittlebat! ?Himself tbo wondrous hero ot
his song.' "?Longman's Mau"?!"?

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