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VOL III, NO. 51.
1*1? IT' 17 SINGLE COPY. TWO rseruTe
She Expires Suddenly of
Bright's Disease.
Death Comet Without Warning While She
la Sitting lu the l'arlor Surrounded
by tlio Family Circle.
Her Popularity.
Mrs. '.Marietta Partoer, wife of Mr. H.
E. Parker, geuienal agent of .the Chesa?
peake and ohi?. Rai l read Company, is
dead. Who Utied at heir itesktence, 'No.
114 Twenty-seventh street, at 1?:?0
o'clock last 'night.
Her demise was sudden.. Just u Cow
minutes ibiefoia- her soul took (light Prom
Its ueneimeru of clay Mrs. Parker was
sitting in the parlor wit'h her husband
amd1 (other members ,)T t!"?e fa-mlity en
J-.y.wg an evening of social: intercourse.
Withcut a ratrnient's warning she. was
ta?aein HI. Her last words were ca'lls
for assistance. Thlen she (became un?
conscious. A rruessen/geJr was d'ispaltched
for physicians, and ?.s. S. W. Hobson
and W. R. Ay.l'ett responded. Hut it
was too 'late. Th;-. imalaljly from which
.Mrs. Parker had beea a suffener tor
several years was beyond Uhe control
of medical skill. In x. few ml iime-n'te
?hie dosed her ey-:s and seternekl to fall
asleep, 'as Indeed she did1?the sleep <lf
death. Mrs. Parker's d-.-uth was due to
Blight's dtease. No a'. r.ing ments
have yet been motile for the funteral.
Tlte annoLwment 'tha't Mrs. Parker
has passed' away will carry pangs of
Sorrow into many homies. f r she was
utoiv-rsaiy popular aid gep imllv W
lovAL Few ladiies Ihjarve 'held a warm--,
place tin the hcotrts 'of the pe" p''e ctf
'Newport .News, and esp-cial.lv with
th-sv. who knew h r notfe character
Intimately. Her ch-.-rrv. .bright, genial
aisposlrlom-; her friendiv STf-Hing to a'l
hier tewter sym;.uhy 'for the ?fft:.tied
any. suffering, wlhetlheir from mfefomtunu
or disease; her krndly offices of unos?
tentatious charity, .houn'li her tw her
friends as with books of steel Trulv
shie- was a go.i.1 woman
Mrs. Parkvr was bom. in NieWton
Mass.. April ic. 1818. and was in her
fift eth year. She was mairried to Mr.
P*;rk^r in September. 1R7o. and is sur?
vived- iby Wer husban? and three cWEI
d.rcn?H. F. Parkwr. Jr. Miss LouHse
?md Ohoirtes Park--. Other 'srirvivmg
reiat-iyes a-o Mrs. Parker's aged .m?I
er. who reshJes In Newton an? thr ?
08414 ' f &t. Paul's Elr-.sc-p.-n Chur. h.
Mrs. Wlnnlow Will Christen the Keumnrge
With Champagne.
J The battleship Kearsalrge, which will
fel^?d hftn. th* LMth ?f thismonih
V ill nut be chn-is-temed ivrtli .water
,j?ame time since the W. C. T It ?f
^c,ty address, ? Jett er to Mrs
tenlng .the mam -of- war.- Yesterday it
wias leairned thai: Mrs. W. It. Jones of
CNorfolk. -State president of th.- W: C.
T. .U., received la letter from Mlns. Wins
low, In which she declines vo accede to
th* wishes <?r the temperance workers.
It is ?nderst,?.?] 'that .the Keairsarge
will t>e christened with sparkling cham?
A. W. Myers Found on Jlie lleacll Wounded |
In the Hand and Leg.
Bang ! Bang !
Two sharp reports of a revolver ran? |
out shortly after 11 o'clock last night,
and a few -minutes lalteir 'th,.' soreaims
of la. iKi.n were heard coming from the
Among the pedestrians on the street
Bit the time were Messrs. Edloe More
cock, Richaird Henley aind Harry Cox.
They heard the reports of the pistol |
and the screams that f A lowed. Pa
!tnol.mian Mallory and W. T. Robbins
??vre also attracted by 'the noise and
they hastened to the beach.
Lying <jn the edge of the embank?
ment opposite 'the bowling alley was
white -man roiling -and 'tossing as if in I
?great agony. The policemen and itihe
cltizens j>ivked 'the man uji and carried I
.him to the bow l?ng alley and laid him
on the porch. A hurried examination
was made, and it was found that the
man was wounded in two places?in j
'the right leg and left hand. (But who
shot him is a mystery that wais not
solved last night. It was at first
thought he had shot himself, but 'the
fa'il-uine to find la revolver in the man's
clothes or on the ground, wheire he lay |
seemed 'to explode the itlbexxry. In goinp
through the man's .pockets it was found I
?that his name was A. W. Meyer, but |
no one seemed -to know him. At that |
time the man wai- In great pain and
could not .talk. When asked who shot j
him he replied between .moans that he
did not know. Mr. T>. S. Jones, who |
was aititracied hy IMeyer's screams, ar
. rived on) the scene with a sheet of can?
vas and the wounded main was carried |
to (the Police Court room, where I>r.
W. F. Cireasy. the city physician, dress?
ed his wounds-.
lit woe some time before iMeyetr would
.Balk. 'Finally to ex-'Poli<vman Z. T. I
Jones, he ?Udd he was employed ai a
clerk by Mr. W. 'M. Parker, who con?
ducts a grocery stcine on Twenty-sev
enHih street, and boarded at Mr. W. P.
iBallard's house on TahSrty-thir J
street. He had been down town and
was on his -way home. When near'the I
bowling alley on (the beach a man
f.l-ipped,' up behind him with a revolver |
in h'is .hlaind and said: "You d-" ?
scoundrel, I'w got you." Meyer trie
to wrench the revoilvejr fiivim the mom si
.haind The.ni it was thia't he was shot in
the left hand. Still he .tried to get pos?
session of the weapon and another shot
was -fired, which took effect in lus leg.
?Whether the .mlin went through his
pockets or mot Meyer could not say. He
was positive that he had not leas than
?15 ,>ni ibis pers.^ns hut the money could
not be found alt 'blue police station.
Meyer was unable- to .give a description
at his assiailant. He said he never saw
Mm before. ?
Mev.-r is mot sejriously wounded. H?
wias taken to his hoarding house. .H*
\ Us a young man, pr,d>a:bly 2, yeaini. old.
', and his home is in Sm.thf.e.d. ?
At an earnly hour thiis mornirtg it .was,
Heanned * i <nv Meyer that thene was a
woman with Lhle man. -who shot him,
and it secrns that Mey-r was .mnstanen
(for another person. It rs nioit thought
*he sihoofinig was done fl.ir the purpose |
of robbing M?-yer.
'Klght mixing of right material make
?goo? orockeirs. provided they are baked j
TO la turn. Fox's XXXX Squar? Wafer
Butter Cratckers are just right and
your 'taste will rel! you so. soon as yet
itake one In youir mouth.
When bilious or costive, eat a Cas
caret, candy caTth'artic, cure guaran?
teed, Kto., 26c. I
"Said Pasha" Will lie Ulven at tho Oper?
House Mollflay Night.
yn.nd-ay evening the Willbur Opera
Compiairay and Au sie Kiunvn, who have
l> em seen in the gems, <>r ,,p. ra otiffe
with, unsurpassed success, 'Wim -he the
attraction at Johnson's Opera House.
'"Sudd Pasha" is the tittle. ?.r the play,
and- 'it will the put ?-n the boards under
the auspices of Newport News L '.ige
No. 315. B. P. O. Elks, Tvir the b n tit
of the charity fund.
The announcement ?>f the appiea'rajntee
iK the Wilburs means a business Tim
ited' otoly by the capacity- the the?
atre. The company is stronger than
. ver, and theSr performances are given
with h compV>te anil elaborate! finish
tlhia-t Is refresWing In these days of slip,
sh-xl and> hurriedily put-on' perform?
ances. The Wilburs have been 'netted
for the completeness iif their produc?
tions, ami this year is nto exception. An
entire -new series v f Hiving [ ictum s has
'been addwl. and' th-> >bea,u IM u I marches
ami dances 'which /? to 'be iv.eivel
with such favor have been revived on
a new and mugnOfioe-nt sca le.
That for the Kentucky and Keraargoto Be
TfBlml Next Week.
Armor for the big superposed turrets
of the battleships Hears, u-ge and Ken
tucltr? will huve iis ballistic test at th-*
proving station on the Potomac river
next week, when it will 'be subjected
to t'he ten-Wit- fire of a twelve-inch ri
Tiiis arm.:!- will represent .a large lot
and its acceptance depends on the re?
sult of fhie coming trial. Two shots
will be fir- ,1 la't the selected plate wit,h
velocities of 1.456 feet per second, and
l.iS?. and if it meets requirements the
armor will be shipped to NVwport News
for installation.
Its thickness ranges from seventeen
inch.-s to fifteen inohies where the tur
rets ?re not so exposed to (ire. These
turre'ts are .the first of their type lever
designed for warships, and some appre?
hension'has been felt that they may not
prove what is i,xi>ected of them.
They are the design of Oaiptaim Samp?
son, president of the Maine investigat?
ing board, and were put on the new
battleships against the advices of the
Construction iBureatu and other officers.
Science and the Bible
At St. Vincent's Catholic church iast
night. Rev. Faiher Charles IS. Dona
hoe, preached an instructive sermon to
a. large congregation on the "Objection
of Seiende to the Bible."
:' It was an oble Hlustration given in
an argumentative and convincing man?
ner. Fathitr Doroahoe ;,-,k up the va?
rious objections that have been ad?
vance 1 against til-.- Bitd'e by scientists,
ex plain ins; each "he lucidlv.
Next W, dnesday evening Father
Donah--- will give 'an instruction on
th.- difference between tihe Catlholic
Douey version of th- Bible and uhe
Protestamt version.
Coal ShlpiiientH. ?ggj
Th>:- shipments of coal dm ring t'he
mvnt'h Of February were unusually
arge, the total tonnage dumped being
152,300. This coal was loaded on schoon
-rs 'tor nortn.-ii ii iporcs;
IIcptiiHophri Have a "Spread."
A lairgely attended meeting of dames
Itiver Conclatoe, No. 53. I. ?. H.. was
held last night in Phillips' Hall, when
-ix n, w candidates were initiated into
the mysteries of the order. Speeches
were miade by Messrs. E. S. Robinson,
W. S. Broadwell. W. B. Thomas. Mor?
ris Joo a'nd J. H. Williams. ..f Basic
Afteir the business meeting the lodge
repaired t > the banquet room, where a
sumtuous repast was furnished by Ca?
terer Jco, fetmd was done full justice to
by th,- members of the order. This or?
der is in a nourishing condition, and at
?very meeting new me-mb.-iiv are taken
Wyanoke's Mast Gone.
Th,- mis: that marked the place
whare the lll-facted steamer Wyainoke
went down in the i-hannel of th.- Ju.me
river is gone. Yeslterd'aty morning the
schooner Stella B. Kaplan. Captain
Potter, while moving up the stream,
crashed into 'the mast ?.nd tore the
members loose. The mast was not car?
ried away, it being held by ropes fas?
tened to 'th.- deck.
The work of blowing up the ^\ yinoke
has been suspended .temporarily. The
jar fr.-m t.he heavy 'blasts, i't was
thought, might injure the American
Diner St. Louis, which is now in the
dry dock, and until the ...hip sails -no
ohliirges of dynamite will 1m> set off.
Ah to the New Theater.
Judge Sims, of Louisa county, and
Mr.Thomas G.Leiait'h.of Richmond were
in 'the city yesterday in the interest
of the new theattre which 'will shortly
1k> erected on the Lowe property on
Washington avenue between the Citi?
zens and Marine Bank a;nd the Brax
tbn 'building.
Judge Sims is assSociated with the
Wirtstkin. Brothers k>f Chicago, who are
Knie prinzipal 'barkers of Uhe enterprise.
Judge Semmes stated yesterday -that
wwk would camtnemce on the
building jus-t as soon as the plans of
Captain P. Thornton Marye, the ar
ehvte.-t, were approved. He wi'.l ail
vertise for 'bids f-ir the erection of the
theatre and the contract will 1>; award?
ed to the ilowest 'bidder.
Mr. 'Leuth went to Norfolk this after?
800 I-ots at Auction.
Sale will commence on the 24th of this
month?after t'he launching is over?
and continue until all are so1'.!. Pro?
perty situaUd on car line andi wat-.'r
front. For maps and information call
on Powell Rros. & King .'2701 Wash?
ington avenue. mr2-Lf
A Happy Woman
Is the housek'.eix-r Who buys nor coal
and vvod from the Warwick Coal aroAI
Wood: Co., Twenl-jy-eight.h street. Jad.4-.tf
Free Shave.
Our "Little Wonder" takes the
whiskers off your oolla'rs and cuffs slick
and cleami and it don't cist you a o nt.
Newport. News Steam Liu miry. It
is probably coming, and it would be -well
to have those pictures made now. We
make cabinet photos, as weK as others.
Call at 2412 Washington avenue.
'Reputation is commonly measured by
the acre. Fox, t'he cracker man's rep?
utation is .measured off in plots the i-ize
of tlhe crackers he bakes. Those who
eat "nis crackers nveasure his reputa?
tion. If you see "Fox" on the c.-acker
its a good one.
If the view team has not photo?
graphed your house, stop theim when
they pass ,or leave order at 3412 Wash?
ington avenue. fet27~eod.
Trim Little Yacht Bound for
Senators ?.,,1 KeprcucMitative* tioliig t..
. New York
vgparpcr. Interview with
Amos J. CumiuiugH.
Senators GalHtiger, Thurston aired
Montey and Congressmen; Cummings
and .smith, together with the ladies of
the party, left Old Point shortly before
midnight for Havana on the New York
Journal's spec'.u!l yacht Anita. Mr. J.
H. [Brown, of tho Journal's staff ait'
Washington, and Mrs. Valest. of the
New York staff of the same pa.;.er ac?
companied the legislators, as did iMrs
Goilltinger, Mrs. Thurston Miss Money
S?-nut.?- iMbnley's son und the letter's'
wi f e.
As chronicled in the -Daily Press of
yestierday uhe senatorial party arrived
at th.- Chamberlain fnun Washington
Puesday night, expecting to find the
Anita in waiting for them to start for
its destination.
The speedy little yacht hod met with
a mishap during the previous night
and was brought to the ship yard to
have her machinery overhauled. The
work wa.s rusiied as speedily as possi?
ble and the Anita left' INewport News
last night about 10 o'clock, arriving at
old Point before 11. An hour later th
distinguished gentlemen, together with
the ladies of the party, left their rooms
at the hotel and silently repaired to
the government wharf, where they |
boarded the yacht and started on t.h-ir |
T,. a reporter for the Daily Press Mr.
Brown stated before leaving that he
expected to reach Mava.na; not later
than .Saturday night, all things cons
ered. The stay in Cuban waters would
extend over two weeks or more, durir
which time the Senators and , 'ongrcas- :
men will make personal abeeirvatii
as to the conditions of affairs on ;
island and the tendency of public fe
ing with regard both to the Main- d
aster and Cuban war.
Ail ,.f tii,- expenses of the trip, s.
Mr. Br-wii. will be borne by the N
York Journal, and every available co
fort and luxury will be afforded t
Journal's distinguished guests.
A r-p-rt-r for the Daily Press found
the legislators crocking jokes and :
lating yarn.- over the decanter a
glasses in the fihamberlin -bar wih
\ v. , -:t N ? ? : .- i a h r
As is usually the cais -. -th- l..-w-mak
I a ' v-'^-'i do* --" I , '-' n .'?
Cummings ;-. I i uhe talking. As Amos
J. is a newspaper man him.?.!' i f n
?email experience, th- reporter mad
him.--. If a.t -home and started the ball t
rolling \v asking a confirmation or de
niai o( \ie -report that the party was
*V J'.'.u\.f^JP'SS* going to t uba, -bu't
we won't do a.nv lighting. Wlhen it gets
warm down where we will come hack
post haste?net because we nr.- afreid.
?you know. but we will have a devil of
a light on our -hands up in WasbjAtoi
"What is the real object of your visit
to Havana?"
"Well, to tell the truth. 1 don't know.
The Journal wants us to go and we are
going. I presume-we must look around
-and judge for oureelves. r?r rather for
the Journal, what should be- done with
the Cubans, and give our opinions as
to the Maine disaster, being influenced
by what We See and hear."
""What is your opinion as to the cause
of the disaster?"
"Well, I stand witih Captain Sigsbee
on that question?refrain from expres?
sion until all is known. Tt looks to me
however,, as though th-'.e must be
some significance in th ' eemt'inued
delay in summing up the deliberations
of the court of inquiry."
"How do you regard Se.-rvia.ry Dong's
statement to the effect that Spain can?
not be held responsible for the Maine
'?-Well. Mr. Dong and I are good
friends, and I guess I had better not
say anyrhing about that, although I
will admit that 1 have formed an opin?
ion. If you're good at guessing, guess."
"iio you -think there will be any se?
rious trouble with Spain?"
"fall on nc- when I return ami I will
be able to tell you."
It is th- present understanding that
the party will return to Washington
via. i m Point.
The overhauling of the Anita at the
shipvard was done with the greatest
possible dispatch. In view of the dis?
tinguished party going as passengers,
orders were given to thoroughly ren?
ovate the little vessel and provide every
luxury, comfort and convenience that
would add -to their enjoyment of the
trip. Several hundred dollars' worth of
carpets, tapestries and other furnish?
ings ware sent aboard yesterday by Mr.
IM. Ii. Dash, the furniture dealer, and
the interior of the ylacht was a scene
of hustle up to the lime she left the
sftii.pya.i-d last night.
Maine Victim Hud Insurance Here.
One df the victims i f the -Maine dis?
aster?J1. T. Gordon, of Portsmouth?
was insured in this city. He heOd a
policy in. the Rift. Insurance Company
of Virginia, and! that company paid
the face value of the policy to Mrs.
IMoWie G-ordi n. the d-.-ceased's .mother.
f:om Command- r Dickens, acting chief |
of tlhe Navy Bureau, to the mother,
stating that her son was'one of the vic?
tims of the disaster, though it was im?
possible tw say whether his 'holy was
among those -recov.-tcU or not.
You can hftVe confidence in a bicycle
that all your friends praise, a bicycle
that is n^ver in the repair shop, a bl
cyicle that we have so much confidence
in that we unhesitatingly ageee to re
I>air free even if damaged by accident.
Don't you think you ought to place con?
fidence in such a wheel? This wheel is |
the ECLIPSE. Come and see it be?
fore you allow some glih-tongued sale:
man to induce- you to buy the just f
good kind'.
221 Twenty-seventh st.
Y"ti may never hove another oppor- |
tunity of getting such pictures of your .
homes or family groups at such a low
price. See the view men or leave order
at 2412 Washington avenue. fe27-3teod
Thci Daughters! . ,f Liberty will have
an "Old Maids' Pie Party" next Friday
night in Phillips' Hall. It
If you want pictures of any kind or
size see Wagoner, 2412 Washington av?
enue, feb 20- tf.
Beaut?ful tin types at 2412 Washington
avejaue. Branch gallery at Phoebus, Va.
CITY. SKW s 1xb1ukf.
Dr. Edgar Applewhite is visiting re?
latives in .Suffolk.
The Misses M< Henry, of Porths
m-outh, are visiting Miss Fannie Hew?
Miss Hannah Ormsby, of Lynehburg.
is visiting .the 'Misses Bradly in East
.Mr. and Mrs. It. ec. Morris, of East
End. ih'ave returned from an extended
visit to relatives in the north.
(Mr. Sol Peyser, proprietor of the
Caipltal Dry Goods House. left last
night for the North on a business trip.
Mrs. Harvey K. Whiteside and
daughter. Miss Louise, of Wytnevillo.
are the sue.-ts of Mrs. J. L. Carter in
East End.
Tble Elks' fair ? oimrnlttee held a1 meet?
ing last relight and mapped out funthtem
plans for the festival! to be given aft r
nit. The Jfljdh &' faiir committee, which
is co-operating with .Newport News
I...'Lev- No. ?15. B. P. O. E.. iln the iin
uVrtaki.-.g. held a !.;'?.eflr.g yesterday alf
V. IV. c. r. U. WOItK.
IMstrlet Meeting to It,- Ucld In Norfolk!
The various branches of the Y. \v
U r. I', of ihi,- district will meet in
.Norfolk today ,11 th,. Epworiih League
Miss Selena Mali,-...;, of Rast End,
superintend., nt ..f the work for the re
let ol liters and sailors, will make
he* rep .r-t. showing that she has sent
to the hie savins staitioin a't Virginia
Leach six "comfort bags." which is a
new feature .,r th- work, filled with re?
ligious litei ar. nr... pins, needles, button;,
SJ.,Is of thread, court plaster, -band-a
Kcs. vavs.iisne. eastile soap, combs and
These bags were sent to the captain
.: tile station with instructions that
?they hi- given i,. those who arc most in
ne I . r sin h things as they contained.
Thee.- I little things, though insiigin'i'flcant
as 'th.-y may seem, have been the:.mo.ins
wh'ift l"'nZ',T' *?'"> did 'i'..:'-,le sail"r
ivno nas wrK. e>* ex?
pressing his gratitude for the bag.
Aimoivg ilhose who will attend the'
meeting In Norfolk today aire Mr
T. ivy. Mis-, s Maggie Rayfield, Selena!
-Mall-..it and Moggie Edwards.
off for washington.
Mr. r.o. Klekrord Uoea to Hol
"Lund i.ujk."
Mr. R. G. Bickford left last evening]
for Washington, whither he goes in the
int-r. st of Newpon; News to protest
agvj.lnst liny legislation that has for its I
object "..ii. . ?;: ?? -.!;?!.it.- n of the poirts of |
Norfolk, Newport News and Cope
Chairlse, with Norfolk as the" port of |
Mr. Biekfond is chai'ttman of tine com
mi'Lte appointed by the Bus-In. as .Men's
Assoeiationi to appear before
and Means Committee of the
Representatives iiln th- interest of this
city as a port. It was thought that the
Ways and Means ComnUlttee would
ii; - : Saturday to cotnlsitter Secretary
Lymiwv Gage's recommendation, hut
telegram received yesterday etfti-rnoon.it
from IHon. Oha'rles A. Swantson state,
that the matter would n,j.,( :m tyt-ihs.
Bldcford will go to Washington' to See |
how tile "ground 'ays."
Mr. Bickford is loaded down with
statistics, which he will use in pre
Jt is a fact that the export business of
Newport News during the vear just
olosed was nearly $10.000.000 greater |
than that at Norfolk for the same pe?
The accurate figures are:
N,-wport News.$25,674,954
Following is .a. comparative statement
of th.- exports and imports for the two
ports for the past fourteen years, end?
ing with the fiscal year. June 30, 1897:
pTs77. 777. 77!$ ri.tVfti.ofin $ <n,?s.T$ ji.s?t
1S35 .i 3,131,6S9 151.2271 8.786
1SS6. 3.684,850 S1.03S 8,7S5
1SS7 .1 7,452.017 249.162; 53,771
isss.! 8.992,675| 450.432 172.374
lss'.i .1 6.S90.254 42.9S0 6,708
1SS0 .: 6.958.369 54,180! 8,20-r,
ISO] .i 10,961.744 69.010 24
1592 .1 14,144,36" 190,114 37.66s
1593 . S.113.71-1 30.537 10,995
1>.|4 . 14,340.827' 328.394! 96,258
1595.J 13.-160..5411 1,032.849| 235667
1596.! 14.S50.117l 1.131,6281 194,115
1S9J .! 22.10H.575j 1.169.315; 185.265
18S4 _ 1.?$12.:!53.2r.6 $223.626 $18.446
1S1| 130.2141 19,0-1
' 24.016
14.247.4771 S9.042
16.475,852 75.172
13.li65.s37! 44,43."
i 104,11!?
6.761.4.841 219.350' 21.75S
1SP7 .' IS.581.532; 121.S5Si 5.974
1556 .! 11.657.137! 124.717
1557 .1 15.420.140 99.1156
1SSS .! 12,36S,33Si 95.036
ISS'.I .i 13.s41.s97 1S0.6401
During the fiscal year ending June
30. 1897. the importations of merchan?
dise for immediate transportation in
bond to interior points through New?
port News Was as follows:
Number of packages, 83,666; invoice
value* $1,390^06.00; ci-ti mated duty,
$438,731.33. .
This is an (important factor . in ftihe
business of the port, requlrfhg prompt
and careful handling and 'adds more
than one-half to the total expenses, In?
creasing'the cost at this port of the col?
lection of revenue. Eliminating this
item, the cost of collecting a dollar at
the port of Newport News would be
about eight cents instead of eighteen,
against fifty-four cents at Norfolk.
Norfolk does not report any buistoesa
of this kind at that port for 1897.
Following .is a statement of the cus?
toms business of the two ports for the
fiscal year ending June 30, 1S97:
Foreign vessels entered. 186
I-\,reign vessels cleared. 552
Coastwise vessels cleared . 6,
Entries of merchandise.1,548
Documents issued to vessels. 3,88
Duties and tonnage tax-$ 201.863.38
Aggregate receipts. 208,278.55
Villi.f foreign exports.. 335.740.00
Value of domestic exports.. 21,7<3.S3d.00
Expenses. 37.590.97
Average number -if persons em
I ployed .36
Cost to collect $1.00. 18 cents
Foreign vessels entered. 133
Coastwise vessels entered.2,008
Foreign vessels cleared . 558
jstwlse vessel cleared .1,871
Entries of merchandise . 95
Documents issued to vessels. 741
Duties and tonnage tax....$ 19.635.1-8
Aggregate receipts . 24,293.75
Value of foreign exports - -
Vain,- of domestic exports.. 18,581,832.00
Average number of persons cm
, ployed.?.?
I Cost to-collect $1.00 . 54.8 cents
For Rent?The Central Hotel. nScely
furnished. Apply to. M. H. Lash, 2S03
I Washington avenue* f-S5 lB-tf.
One Wrecked the Maine.
Cruiser Montgomery and Uuuboni Nu b
viUe Ordered to C ulm ? Uli Supplier
for Kocolleeulrtnloit--I.lt uti-mtut
SvbralSalh) furSjiatu.
(By Telegraph.)
Wl\Sttll.NNilU-\, .O.li... ..?Ii..,, Uv
two ships to v uim wit-., so,.p..vi 1- r
tiui.fei.i.? ivoouct-'aiU.tUloes causey souus
cotnimution -a-.too., oiic'.tes ud.iy un?
til the .real' purport of the vis., ut me
st.itps vuii.c oat. The titi-.-cr LVlont
gvin-.iy iUld tilt; guuiouat N^snv.i.v n-n
so.ectcd Cot i'hv- pu'. posi? and eiders
sent to Adunitul ouui-1 to put them .:i
siiu.pt, for the ivqucred sv.rv.tw. It is
expiaintd at the navy deiurtment
?that th.s action wart Lak.-n ai line in?
stance, of ihM CulabU Iti'.jd. Asso- .11
t'ion,. organ.zed through the efforts of
flu? stole department fur the relief cu
the destitute tioD>co>mibut&'nt3 in Cuba.
It was represei.ivd ti.. the kJepa.riment
that great ui.s.ivss p.evaas ain*>rjg the
po.p... in th;-- vicinity of Saguo. ..t
Grande and Mutamzus, on the 1101 th?
em eooist uif the isian?, and that e. n
sidera'bje dUlLicuity 'is experittr.ce?l im
t--nd.iig suppj.es there because ttij
infrequent v.s.ts of the merchant ships.
On tins account, auiti because vf tihb
inuuediat-. dl.muij.ii for supplies at the
p.dnts Uidicaud', the officers of tn.
atssoci&tfcln r-.quesicd -the secreuiiy of
the navy 'do authorize the u,e of or.'_
or more of the strips at Kt.y West in
the tiunsiortation there of ft>>J sup
plies contributed by the charitulble peo?
ple ?if the United States -n response U
tho app als of President iMcK.n vy and
Secretary Sherman. Sevrc-tui-y OLong
conifcartd with the PnesUJent on uhe
subject, and it was cjecided {<? comply
wich the request. Thie At ntgomery ami
Lhfe NttShivTte were seid fed: as most
suitable for the sjerv.o. ar.d tb* nei.es
yary ord-dra were dispatehco ;o Admtral
Sicari. The M inlgomery wiiil g> t .
Maia.r>zfts and the INashiVi'le to Sag-u.
la Gran.'.e, with the und?r*tan.iir.g ti.nt
they will remain in uhoss pens only
long ,rsough to vJeiiver the supplies to
the agents of the association Bor dis?
tribution -where'they will do th-? mos;
g i d. Although tibe mission ussigm-id
to the war ships wiiil tatae them both
within a short distai.ee of Havana, es?
timated at from two tlo fouT hours. It
is stafedl that neith-r vessel will visit
the Cuban capital.
To remove the limpresslon that had
goten uhroad to the effiect that the re?
lations betwieaa the iNavy T). jartment
and the House iNavui Ci -mmittee were
n it .hai:-m<m1:.-us, Secretary long thi,
afiiimison gave out a shiort statement
,..> the subj et. He said:
dhie cif the m-<st patriotic tt.j- t^ne
wKmld, Iis always ready to d- .-vereth ng
that can he deine f ir the mvjt. Tr his
iivn-u.'.'. report tit-? SeereraT.n recom?
mended that 1.500 men ad led to thie
enlisr.od force on account of the ir.
?fis. .n thV? nurniber i t sh-ips. The
Nova! Committee, of whiicib Mr. B u
tcWe is eiioilrmnm, has already dtecld-evi
t grant th's increa.se in the regular ma
vaS appr priation ibiill. IMeaiat'me, If
there shiou'Jd be any immediate ne-es.
sity for m-.-re ml -n. the swte "oiiTife'
and M-. Beutel e. as chai-rr.ap. ar'
: - -l\- tn make provision to that cff.c;
at orce."
A cablegreim came fr"im (Wr-'ral 1y -
duiniing the day to the S:at Denart
nvni. but Ft rrwide no pefenence to f>
?Maine offa'r. Iteing dievottdi t th- pe?
riodical staltetrtent of th- amount of to?
bacco thi; beling s-hipped from Cuba
to tTnlitled States ports.
Th: ? <v.mir.ar.de>r of the iM-'ontrfn'tr.ah
with* h 'was otdfered in: i o.>mmi*a'- !-.
was selected in th.- pei-son ?f Caplalti
iMort-m - JVrivnison, who is at pr-sen:
on ?>j.!tlng orders. 'S'eer-t.try Long
says thiat thie Mlsmtonoma*. with ?V
mm Kitah.Kn. w.if.1 rem-a'.n in the TV'fl
won- f ir the presart ot I'east. With
the commit--inning of .h.??twxi vewe-T?
there rwr?i.!n only tho c ul---rs C- 'lum
tbla and IMlntnieaipo-Ks on t'ha At tan Hie
e.xtst avTiia-blo irvr immc-di.ite si irV!-oe
in. case the P<epart.rr.e.nt shouIHi de"ld
ho cotnmtiasi'Oini m^re sth-!p^?. The At
lalnita. fit New V -rk. c.Ml "be n'n.'e
readv in the course at threi? -r foil
months, and the Chievnero in ifx m-n-h*
in c.i-?e em-TC-tncy wjw t-<r their ?:-?
niip ??(?? issued Ttif'e are a TMim-bier
of gloom sVr-s on th- Pacific roast, how?
ever, wh'^s.-* repair i's -u^d-^r wit. su h
-.o, .fhe nurtwtftii. thi--, iPhlliii'i^phia. th
T.-rV-cwn end AtVf. and th-* pn*????- i's
.- f t>.% erwr?"**.''''- bit"?i?i et t^e iSf?T?
TslTn' v.ivv Tfl-d hiv- no-tv sm'tin'o-'
(IV.? ti-tn.l of $60.0*10 r'r m-'n-'h
T'-.t Vnv'tntii" Pii'V-ni ?!? h"?e
w'th t'p.t rji?!?<ri.TSt'!?~n ?f the'?s?ith cor't
fi~T-.c ivp 'tbt fami'lfea i-if th? vlettw
?-:f the iM-i-W nsnsror. Oa.Ptii?e Hmw'iev
iv'.i bos' th1? maHeir 'mm.'- d'ni'-r-ly -Ir
rthaii?"?, snya that own'r.T to rtw riA--e?
?>irv formailtfe? the.-t iv,~-in^-nc- c.ir
not iv,-? I.s?u--<6 Ititifore Krir"1. IS in.' nr
.ir?wer rXnmed to tiS-v mttr-mu-" !T
qu.no t'. t'h*> tV'fiv
I; -is said in- the Navigatiom Bureau
that there is a pressing Wed f Ohl?
machinists for the navy, caused by the
ih! peitiOifore unnotied met that ewryw
..f thie maohliiniiists on th? Maitae lost his
life in tiWe explosion. Moreover. a'S ths
firemen hut owe was Tcillieid. Thie bureau
has inv3ted enlistments frem mc-n who
have had naval service before in the
(.r.-glne roomn. and as it is Bald that a
number cf ih. p-i.e-n o.re now .-r.J ?ylng
thie fhre>? months' perVd ,--f "me ly?
tw-'.-n enV'-stm^nf? during which t.iey
may eonr.ie again into n-aval siervtcc
hnp.-d that some of ;h.?ni W;K com.- for?
ward to flIrl the plac'-s male vacant by
th?- Maine disaster.
There is rlo nntifUT' stir -'if activity
aibout the bureaus . t* the Quartermas?
ter Central ,>r the Oonrnrissary Gen?
eral of thi- army, when?, imotne than
anywhere eta*, the preparalticms for a
wnrl'k.- em-r-rir'nr'V would1 be apparent
The ofllrww of thes; binreaus say no
I a<- umuVtloti of ndd-ltionml suppllies Is
tiltirg prince, np'.i that no p. n-'rocis for
.-xira supplies arc In cointvmpla.ti n. It:
the Ordnance Bu'reau the pr.ie.'mg ??f a
large tipi-r-r It projectilTes Is tPA r suit
of taiki K'ttwoen Sl--cr,-tar>- A'g,-r. S -n
o'.rr ITewlfy. of the Senate Ct-mm'lttee
or Miffltnrv ?ff:!1-?, find r pr'.?-i'?;!ve;
-if the "House .Military Co-T;
wias made rt- ir to thie .-'-r~ "iat
it wns a certainty nr.prop'-'-?".ild |
l?f> forhhcrimilng, find It wr fleemei! 'he
part of wlsnvrm to msk" tne c-in'rflct
row. as the tupp1''-s wotfid not be im
hand for some montiho.
Although th* Navy Detriment has
no reports from Havana or Key W.-st.
a dispn'oh announcing the depaidture of
th^ OPUlSter R:'.*il<lyn from Pienta I^uc'a
for T.a Gii:?ayrn had some ir.dl'-e-M s':g";
flcanoa in further removin-g one elf the
larger vessel* of the navy from what
loceed further
.ml -nid. tlhe
e.i.iiui.i.g t*.*.. name, and ur.\ter the
eniiwuiiiLy iiw? tor o-.iy.i.g war ma
teniul to thie Cubans. The correspond?
ence b.yun oa January IT last, and
cowers m-uch data on five past t..void of
| the Dauntless, it staites that the mid
diu of January .us: ti.le Daun'iCess was
hovering between 'Klorl'ia u. d Georgia
I-. r;s f*T i!'-- evld?>at l.urpcse >f elud
Depai.iin-.icn: of Jus: -e that :r...s pur?
pose was so clear that t w. u-.d be <i
wise precaution to place u dt puty
Unll'ted Stairs marshal or deputy col?
lector of customs on b> iard the ship. A
miemorandum, reoite-e the basis of sus?
picion of the Dauntless. It states that
in the caw of the United States vs. .1 tin
D. Hart, recently approved by the
Curt of Appeals, the testim?-ny of ? n>
wiltme-sa was that tih.? Dan tvt less had
painted out her name in order to. avoid
re? (ignition while taking f.i'.pp.'ies to the
Cubans from th- Island of N.tva-?-??? to
Cuba. The testimony ? .f this witness Is
given In detail. He says the suppWes
w."e first 'brought from the Uh t !
Stua s to Navassa on the ship Laurada
wlheto they w. re transferred, to the
Dauntless. He soys l-ie noticed that th>
word "Dauntless" appeared on the
buckets, hanidiles and yawls of the Vis?
sel, but that th, name" on the bow wis
covered with a p'ecie of car.va? und the
name on the sti?:m was pa'n el , lit.
For this all gc'i offer.'-? aura inet the
navigation 'aws. it is r-'r.t.-l out. tlhe
?>.?,tJn!npver ,l??,n rrevcut- d.
nrd it t* e'.a'~--d 1-.- c--.-.t'irvi!ng of
." This '
of the
men fed
aSfhrugh It <t s'M that the showing al?
ready Trade suffices for ?etilen against
?the vessel.
HAVANA, March 2.?Tbe city is qu'et
to-day. but the pulblic and private
greetings to the Spanish crui-er Viz
eaya, which arrive! last might, have
not .esu-en?Al in fervor.
The dive s are working hard upon the |
wreck of che Ma ne. It is feared that
moiny of the dead' were blown to pieces,
wt-.l h would account for the failuie to
Und their bodies where expected.
The wreek.iig tug I. J. .Merritt, of the
Merritt S? Chapmam AVuvckiag and [
Cb'iA'X'iJg, Ctampany, commanded by
., "oicetl, arrived here
in the day moved a oainsw uou
wtieck uend commenced! work.
Fred J. Sharp is here in charge for
the company. The ?Merrill is a pow?
erful b'j.tt. bit another and bigg, r tug
is expected ehort'y. The. Right Arm;
wll'l pr?baibly lemadn as long as she can |
be useful.
The wrecking company expects from
r.(>w '.n to kc-.p four expert divers
Two Sr-*n'.5h divers were at wr
about the wreck to-day, ? c-3 t .3 'Uln'dler
s.ceJ they will report to ti'.o Spanish
b.a ij anointed to l:.cu :e Into f
cause cf the -XKU-W-r, Ca; air. p< ral is |
thj presi'i<er.t of the Spa-.-.Uh bound of
No bodies have thus far 'beer, found
to-day. and t'tteiie ate no prospev is df
any .being recovered ibefore n'igot.
The drivers, w ho are work ng steadily
fo .w ard, are encountering continual dif
flculubes. T.bd new tugs, additional
mien and c m-piete aprx.ri.u< wi.'l hasten
the work of salvag. .
Th!e cfllcers of thj; Vizcayj paid cere
Crowidis of peop.e v.ow tr.-s cru --.er rru
th - points of vantage .ishtre. und the
who ate permit-ted t: do so go on boa:
The barge bit ught with the wreck!
tug I. J. Meri'itt is proving of gr. at
value in carrying away debris, and in
the course of a few day* much of the
wreckage shove water wlil.1 he :amoved.
No bodaes rarere found to-day. and there j
was no salvage of ar.y va ue.
Senaib r Proctor and his party retum
ij to the city to-night, after spending
the day o.t Matansa;, wh-eme they were
sh) iwm e-very attention by Unitfl States |
Consul Bri.-e.
General Vida'l Ducassi, secoiTd in com- j
man-d of the insurgents of th-- P ?v
ince of Ptaar del Rio. who was wounded
In the he*id during the recent engag
n-tent near Candelaria With th? Spanish
un-dor Colon-1 Bicbas. suc um-b. d to his
'njur'es. .*ind his bo'jy was bUf'ed n
Taoctacota. Province of Pinar del R
last n'ght heavy explosions of dyna?
mite were heat-d nearby. The amount
of damage h.is not yet be^n as-ertain-t
but it is he.'evcd th" ciy-ami e was
porttlon of that deposlt-iad by General
Mo via .P.ed'eue7t.
r-r-r>n..\j. pa He* f".r ppa-tn
nie3w TORK. Marv-S 2.?ti'su'tenawi
Commclnd^-r T.. P- ?? bral, former nava'l
art.-."?.? of the Spanish T..etr. tion in
WaiPhinct-or, mailed to-day on -h steam?
er La r:viae*n-?. of the French Line,
for Havre. Many ir. nt-l- rs of the
Sfianfeh col -r.y in N'-w Yotk were a:
the pier to bid htm farewell.
In a.nt'loipa-tion oif Lieuteniant Com?
mander iSibrai's departure. th? Junta I
Patr'.ati'-a fE?pe.rjMa sent a cablegram
to t'be ?Minis*.;:r of the Navy in Ma! Sri J.
a a f y] lows :
"Th? J :--t TMT:- ''fi Kspano? df
tB>o T'ef-rt' Sta c* regret? th'- departure
of Li '!??--?? n: Sohra! Hl? ?atriotlc
and valuable se v -?? are hrghlv appre
ctat'.d by th? Spanish o "oiny."
To-day a rremil.er of thle Spanish
Jur'ta li.-a.n.li -d to Lleuter.ar.it Subtnl th
reply . f the Minister of the iNavy. It
read' as follows: "I h.ive to think you
for your telegram regarding Lieutenant
Commander So bral. whose return t>.
Sj-niii has ti-et) oriercli that he may
r.mdef her service."
Just belf. re boarding Breiogrte,
Lieut.-T.nrv Comm.ar.iiCT Sohra' srtld -to
a representative -f the Ass cleltelcl Press
thiat he has toeen m:sund-rs'<ofi. "I
have no remorse." he said. "My con?
science is- clear: I sail coTltentea."
KEY WEST. Fla., March 2.?The fact
is 1> com ling more . aident ns the 'Iflys
pass that .any i- f.-rmat 'n direct ;"r -m
members . f the United States court ? f
haou?ry Into the leys of the hottleisihlp
M.ailne and frtvyn those app-.arlr.g before
!r 'is guarded with unusual rtoseWess.
Practically no finfcwnatlon pneseruted to
the court has 'beein d'lso.los?Tl.. The re?
strictions are fiat sevene Short the com?
mit ri at i, ns Leiwen the naval men
who have V-en 'before the court have
bem rnjost ryrlj.
Xaval officers it Ih.ls station who are
(Continued on Fourth Pag?.)
House Devotes Another
to the Loud Bill.
Spirited Debate on the Alaskan IionieKtrart
ami Kailway itigiii <>r \% ?> BUI. .Ur.
Stewart K.rtfuo.es -tu Bpe ob on
the ISaultrupl, y Ul.i
(By Tel-grapb.)
WASi[IN.J'H,iN. 'j.a.<.b Tot- House
sptewt aiiutau. -.?->' 111 debate upon tue
Loud biil rs.iAi.:i ?. swuiid-ciaiij; mail 1
matter. '1;.-^ spi-eci:*.^, as a -raiie, al
tiucled litu'i interest. The sp-.akers
weite Mectsis. Bronv.\..o; (Kepiib.'.ean. of
<>h.o, and ogd'.u iLvuiuc.at), u.? Louis?
iana, in 'avu cf the measure und
-Messrs. Bell (PopuijsU, vf Colorado;
Simpson, (Populism), of Kansas; Clark
IDemocrat). .. f Misci.iuri; Brown, (its
publica.".), of Ohco. and Lents (Uc-nio
crat), " f Ohio, in opposit'I.r.. to It. msun
ly 0>n the ground that it was in.mlcal
to the 'Interests of thie country editor.
Mr. Clark was Mve ed.tor of a we^Wr.y
and ?he delivered a eu.ogy cn thi
country editor.
"He is as faithful to the people as thi
tu. dill? to the pcEe," said he. "In the
muni .-.tous campaign ci 1S90 whea- a
vast maj irity?not all. mark you. but
a vast 'majority?of iDemuKiratlc metrc
p limn niewsplaipens basely deserted
their coters anil went bag and baggage,
horse, foot ar.d dragoons, into the camp
dtl the enemy, the e ?intry werkle?,
with rare exceptions, stood by the cause
of Bryan. DenUxoyy and h'-timamity
with unshaken Pdeliiity, .'uperb c nr
age land ci mnwnduhCe sc f-annegation:,
nherclby vi ni Heating the patrotism,
?wisd 'in and ir.d'e; ?ni "moe of the Amer?
ican press. I'pnn this same eou-.t-y
editor we'must depend largely I t hon?
est, courageous paltrtct'lc preas service
in the campaign now Impcn'ilng, os wall
as thai of T.'OO, an.l surely upon th?
Demo ratic side of tho Hou-e we w -uld
he acting with unwisdom ti> deprive
him of ainy of hSs prercgat v-.s. Th*
fxTud hill might not unjustly be er.'
f t'cd an act to diminish th? mrpir of
anitrlRepultfiean. campaign ?'.'IteTatnsne.
Then It wouli'i .be true t<. csr* Re?
publicans, -having nine-tenths cf the
great metropolitan papers, rr.ay flr<l
some excuse for suppioirtlsig a mearars
which will squelch the count1-*- week?
lies, hut certainly TVmocrats, Fcpul sts
and Prve Silver Repubtleanj cannot
afford to do so unfless they are meji
t a ting political suicide."
Mr. Grlggs (rvmocrat). of G??rg'.a.
trove notice of an ^amendment to tint
ameiidiment ?? f whS-h "?- Loud gave
notice yesterday, providing that cews
paipens und p- rll .Heals should have the
right to sendl cut sar-r.le copies nt
pound1 rates to the mar, of 1.000
A bill -was passed creat: r g -Ti -Jme
ville, Tenn.. a port of entry. " i^
Vo-&ry' ?PJrfl JH. VS>P*&. SS3t' ? JWlflL.
Al.iskn.Ti homestead ard taf-way right
of way bill .was dccl?^J'y s-.'rlted. M5r.
Carter, of IM) mtana. icfi'ivened a vigor,
ous speech in reply "o that ma1".-? dur?
ing the past 'two. days .by Mr. Rawlfna,
elf Vt.th. in thie course which bS
made a strong ddfense of the honor of
C-cmgnessional co-n-irrf ttee= and cf offi?
cials in the several Government depart?
ure r.its.
'As soon os. -the Sonar:-- convened to
day, on nnotiiom of Mr. Hal-, of Maine,
it went into executive session.
At 12:30 P. M. the Sen ire resumed
thie open SHVsCon. Thie conference re?
port on the r?Ti*:i n apptl prtarion l?T.,
presented by ..Mr. Perkins, was agreed
Mr. MiWn. of Illinois, of th* 'Com?
mittee vm Post Offices and' Po?t RoadW.
nr. -sentled ?? c?n urrent reactuti'on from
thte o irr.mititeo fl.i- Investigating the
I_ake Oltv. S. C. pr-a-lma--e- murder.
An objection having h-en rr-.i-'t. hy Mr.
Allen, -f INobraska, the nesolut'on w?
did over ur.tii.! T-ir T-? w
Mr Butler, if North Csro!-?? 'rt~
trcMiioeiil an arr'ir.drrer-t to tv< r>'?t-Ict
..f Cdlnimti-fl anivpo-irfaticin b'i'1. ?rtpr/^
nriaiting tKO rno tn he vth'A by :h?
p..-ttria?'fir r.-r,r,ral ^ <-=-tnlb,.I(=h .in?1
equip j? r-.Vr- 'Mephrme sy?t*m
among the nu-bVc efflses and buildings
?In the Pi.-tr'c.
;Mr. Ptierwart. of N?r"V. then r--s;invil
his speech i-m Kr* hir.k- upt-ey bill pa-?s
>' hy 'he ITrue<?.
11- Str-^-.nrt v: d n"* ("tlCtuiT^d at !
-.'.-eel- w?-n the AVks homestead
and railwiiy rieht of way bill was 'a'd
bel'cire th<? Senate, and he aTtr^urc-'d
that he would flr.vsh his spserti tr
Mr. Carter, of \rontana. wh-. -^po-'M
'he hil. F?1d that for two riny* fh?
fn.-n-itr* i-i.'. Iv^r-n c-i'ivd ur-'m t?"i M't-n
to one of the m- ist remv-'t'nib'ie a'tacka
nr^r a rrwritte? -a-"-ra o~- in a
?-rl.'vV'in* Senator*. H-' d.^-l'WI ?'??'?t
if wnp e.-fn,!- -hit K"le P---"it? w'-o rt"
I'e.-.vd th" STrc^ch (Mr. iRIaiwrjInsI s'-ruvd
h-rvfi withheld it frorn puiHlt-af n in
th? Record,, inas-mnich a? ? *f *af deliv
end 'in the copr?>- of a-Tunr.tre debate,
anicf he was satisfted that fh> ?n*e--<h
n'd not be publ>Ned,: *?.? d^lvered,
p.i-il'i-l with th" bill itss-Jf. ?patent a
complete refu'ctio-i --.f it*. nhi
"It wflll 'be foiled hy Ser'rirt~? " S"*l
Mr CnrtfT. "after a oor?*'i' *t'-ttrs
ti n of tile Vll, that --' -h? v?nrt~-s!?>.
tii~v.-i of *s*l-we*t wiw,- -T.t-i.'.rel
>n thi? sp-'e.-h of th.- Ser.ntor frem TJ'.s-l?.
nothing remaitis."
Wr.m rjf.rv Rawlirs latt^-mptfed
?penik, Mr. Car'er. with sv-n-.e feeMnnf,
d'.-.-lincl to f>'- tnt-^TUpte". A Tfonaer-.t
'nter. however, he- yielded. ?"li Mr
?Rawlir? disclaimed .nil ??mV'-"on of
easrin? aspensaons upon er? P*>p.ator.
anVl ?nid Mr. Cart r's pta!P.rier.t was
unavn-r-.r.'. 1 hy th- facts. ??.? rotlld 1>?
rnsiiry shiciwn hy the ?'?enogTipi1!*!**
''jlf ' All -n i f N'dir.-l-n ?n'.lttrf Mf.
rirt.o to sr:ve the s r???e ft ?yro:?l-s
of Mr. Ralwl'cns' remanks.
IMr RawD-s irlese to give th? ???-?>-'?)
h'n-jr. n-.it Mr. Carter d^rrd -
vie-d "When the pint- erat
Popu"--n come together ? er^-?> rr.--d
Mr. n.'..'.v'1'r--. hitteTly. "it -is for t.'e
?e"-i'te to b.-.ware "
Mr CatMer imade n . r?rly ' . M-. R?*w.
!????? Ve.mn.Wlr T-l!"*?r Tl-ng 'n h'S
n W j.,, Rer-nt? iir- *??
r.ort-s, parr) that he T? 'Vd to
. e? eff..-t wnc hp'"-! mfll**' 'e
.v,. ?rem r'ar.-.'e 'tn v'r-w rt? all
. *S rv m'n1.--- r^....,--nme-n? - Tl-d l-t?
.-..'I. ,?? rn>p|vod '-em f ,?? V-***?
(Continued on fourth page.)

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