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The Loud Bill Buried by a Big
Almost the Entire Session of the Senate
Devoted to Consideration of the Alaska
Homestead ami Hallw ay Klght
of Way Hl?.
(By Telegraph.)
POviAHHUNGTOX, 'Manch. 3.?The Loud
WU ito i.v?rreet aiffiegeldl alUUSiS of t.ie
s*<v?nd-cliatss mail) maitlttU pr-vuefc?,
which lust y-.ur pass-?? the House, i**
to 194, was buried u radier an overw neirn
ing majority by the House ito-duy. The
vote was not taken directly upon th?
IbT' but on motion to lay it on the
talbie. By a vwfoe of PC to HS trie motion
was carried. Forty-s-ven Republicans
joined with the Democrats and I pu?
llets In ajooompr.shinjs this inesult, and
ten Democrats voted with the maJorSty
of .the Republicans. The refusal! ol Mr.
Loud to pewnic a votle on an amend?
ment elt the .los t mtaftue was responsible
in a measure fcj.t the resullt. 'but tne
Btrenettih ?jS the measure uwiaubteaty
?waned tan ?eThcut the three days de?
bate. ? , ... ...
?Mr.. White (Itx-pub :.-an), of ?Noi ..h
Carolina, the only colored memban 01
thte House, asked unanim jus consent tor
the .consideration of the toll owing reso
lution: . ?,
?'\ViM-.<is. On mt about February _i
one hundtied or more ormed mien fired
upon and killed the ix^tmasw eliUM
City S. C, killing one of tine family
aJUl TOUn<*ng several Others, and burn?
ing all they had; and.
'??Whleneas, The said family is now
suffering even Bar mraeama for medical
txeatmtoiiit, and for other necessaries
?K life, , ?
"Resolved, By the Senate and House,
That the sum of J.1.?00 is hereby appro?
priated ainkl Tnadie immediately available
for the reliief of the said famluly."
(SpeakMii Riuii put the TOquest of Mr.
Mr. Barf.ett (Democrat), of Georgia,
demanded the regular order. Many of
the'Republican memlbers cried i>ui "No,
no," but the Georgia member did not
"The go-n t temaini from Georgia de
numta 'the r.-gulair ardWii," s.ii.f the
iSr/vO.'kV-r. "That is equivalent to an ob?
Tho consideration of the Ijoud bill
was then resumed. Mr. Grtiggs (Demo?
crat), of Georgia, offered the amend?
ment .of which he gave notice yestiepiiay
to allow newspapers and periodi/calis to
transmit at ponrnd rates 1.000 sample
copies. He offeiied this as an amend?
ment! to .Mr. Loud's amendment to per
mi.t Che transmission of sample copies
(to the extent of 10 per cent, of i lv.
homo, "fide circulation Of publications ui
titleii to seoxmid'-class privileges.
'After sonrei discus.-.'.on the Origgs
amtendiment, slightly mudlified, was
Tlhie 'Loud aimendiment, as amended,
?was agreed to. ?without division.
At 4 o'c'.oek, the hour set aside for the
Vote to 'be taken. Mr. Richardson
<Demo.-rat), ,-jr Teiunest? e, mxvedto lay
the bU>! on the table. a risviiff vote gave
the. vitottohy to the opponents of th.
measure?125-101?and >-n ,.Mr. Loud's
demand the roll was ca.lt d.
/Pha recond-making vote only con
(firmed the riding vn te. By a vote of 162
to (13.9 the bill wua :aiii on the 'table.
Tho outcome was greeted will? ap
Iflause. The following He pull ill .ins
voted with thle maj-irity ..If the Demo?
crats and Populists to lay the bill on
?the taWe: Baker, of Maryland; Bar
Wey, WlisjatKtsin; R-Hlivt't. M'ussachu
ailtW fiEfe?cTt. Olli?; Ringham, Pennsyl?
vania;! Bauteile Maine: Broieruk,
Kansas; Brown, Ohio; Browniow, Ten?
nessee; 'Brumm, Pennsylvania: 'Bull,
Rhode Upland: Buirleig'ni. Molinie; ("ap?
ron, Rihode Island; Coddling, Pennsyl?
vania; 'Ooopmr. Wisonmsin: Curtis, K.Tti
isas; Davenport. iPeninsyilvan'i'a: David?
son, Wise :nsin; 'Dayton, West Virginia:
IMngley. Maine: IDovener, West Vir
ginla: Oiltoon, Tennessee; Hopkins. II
UnoHs: (Horwelt, iNew Jeisey; Hunley,
Pennsylvania: Kin ox. Maisachuseits:
Kulp. Pernnsy'vania: Dinney, Nort?i
Carolina; iMcBwan. New Jersey: if in?
stead, Pennsylvania; Pitney, Nlew Jer?
sey: P.-wers, Vermont: "pus-h. Ken?
tucky; RObblnis, P.-imsylvartia: 'Rossell
Conneii-tk-ut: ?aui-rlx-ing. Wisconsin^
IS -u'thwick, 'New York: Stewart N.'w
Jersey; SuiToavay. N.-w Hampshire "lip.
d'egnaff, I,.,wa: Walk/.-r. V-rginki- w.?av?
er. Ohlio; White. 'North Carolina- Wil
'.bun. New York, and Wir lams, Penn
?y I van io.
The following 'D-mo rat.* voted
aeaiTist the motlwi:' Allen. Mississippi
Davey. Ltau?siana: iPlleimiilng, Georgia'
Hfnrtcnsfm, Illinois; Hmvaird Georgia:
'Low. (Missllssippi; Taylor, Atobama!
iunaerwt.>odi, Alabama, and Young Vir?
At 4:35 P. IM. the House adjourned.
WASHINGTON. (March 3.-During U
moat tlie entire seission 'today bhe Sein
ate .(bad under consideration the a*Hs
Ka hiimwiaij and nailway riirht of wiav
Ml. One or the fea'toinea of the dw
cussij.m was a sp.-e.-li delivered t,v Mr
^Vf*1!,"* Missouri, in which he ridiculed
the id'ea of ihomesteadlng any part of
Alaska or oonsnruetihiig railroads in than
d'cstriot. Hm motion to .4! minute if he
ih..m^te.ad feaitmre of the bill by strik
ang out ithe ftnst sectioin was defeated
The res-duiioTi provldiiing for a c>n
gressionia.l InviesU'gaition of the murder
of the postmaster tut Lake City S C
and -his family aind the 'burivincg of his
'.home, 'was laid before the Senate
(Mir. Lodge, ..f Massachusetts, ,-i-nt t..
*he clerk's desk ito have read a i-.nn
imuraiiu'tiion Crom William Henry Fer?
ries, of the Harvard divinity school
giving the proceedings of a mass m,N-t
tog of colored citizens of Boston iheld
on February 28, to express abhoronce
of the action of tttie South Carolina
im. ?b.
iMr. Allen, of .Nebraska, ohairged Mr.
Lodge with Int'iVKlucing .politics inito
ithe discusi^ion of ithe resolution, and
thought the cx>rnmiiniioaitk>n ought not
*<> l>e n^ad by the dl.-rk. The communi
caituon was read, however, and tlhen
Mr. Lodge said there was no qneatlan
of polities in the affairs.
Hheaot referred to, ,hie said, met with
??e -reprohaitlon of men ..f .ill parties.
Bind ihc would not In any way initroduce
.Mr. McLaiurtn,of South Oairollna, tmid
fit- had hofH-d the iresolufion would go
Ho ithe eomimitu-e without discussion.
The state aniBbJoiri'tiies wer.- exceedingly
Bctdve in -their investigation of thecrime
?;ml he viias assured' that every effort
was being made to bring the perpe
itroitiors of th*' outrage to justice. !!.?
tilhetn -read a clipping from 'tlhie ColunrbSa
(S. C) -State, to show that ithe people
of South Carolina were not only not in
sympathy with those who comimit'ted
the crime, but keenly treprolbaited it.
Mr. IBawley, of Connecticut, said bhe
crime 'Was clearly brought within fed?
eral Jurl?diotiv>n by the -fart tttial it was
la federal official who was murdered
and governimemt property that .had
toeen destroyed. He expressed the opin?
ion .that the fedenal authorities ought
?to .maintain a ch>se watch upon the
jiroceediings. The resolution was ithen
ireferred to the commiouee on contin
genit expenses.
The motion of Mr. Hoar, of Massa?
chusetts, to mon-corK-mr in the Hiouse
tainaendrnenits to the bankruptcy 'bill,
was laid before the Senate, and Mr.
'(Stewart, of Nevada, resumed ihis
ispeech upon the House measure.
At ithe concJusiom of his speech Mr.
Stewasit offered a resolution that the
Bentate conferees 'be inp-trucied to insist
ti-pon ithe Senate hill. The resolution
crea'ted some delbaite. of a parliamen?
tary character. Mr. Stewairt then with
drew his resolution and '.Mr. Hour's
motion ito non-concur in t'he Ht.use
am end-men-,-s to the bamteruptcy bill and
nmltftee on conference be -ap
pointed. wuus a<i.ipf<d.
The Vice-President appointed Messrs.
Hoar. Nelson and Lindsay conferees
of fhe Semaite on .the bankruptcy bill.
Tlie Alaskan 'homestead and railway
right of way bill was t.hcn tuken Up.
Speeches were made 1>y Mr. Tum ?r. of
\V-.-!.-:n?t tnJMr.'Carter, of Monijainia.uind
..f Missouri.
Checks Cueihedl by th* A ecu
Have Been Forgei
(By Telegraph.)
NEW YORK, Manch 3.
1 Said to
d t>
i t.
th.- op
court martial ?
dheirges against
Judge AldAt -ate
ness u <'heck for
re Ol. Baintgs on
Curriberland ?-'
wtus endors,.-.! At
JUige Advocau
ill. ii.
he name- .if An
,1 Barr solid, "if
i M. Bongs.
It is evident."
Capraln Green had" such auUlhi. a-i'ty Ih
|\usgii se.l it most admirably. There Iis
such authority in the Treasury De?
partment. This check was thrown out
I tof tide Treasury, tl relaites t" tie- Bainigj
?onltraicl ?;:' 1S?4, omd it has been shl wn
that tlhene was no correspondence iwfuh
Bangs albout the c.nirj-t. The forger
n "on rod'uc ?I
ill d ith> at;-, n
dheek drawn b;
lowel Barr next
dion wf the expert to
Captain Cuii'teir on tlhe usslstainit tr
siirer in t'lm e?ty, 'Cor $21,2$7.05, to
der of Ans. ii M. Bung. Among
idotrsements .?i this Check fchte ?
?nt Found! 'forged' names written,
his opin'i ii. by D. B. Green. A seci
i.ki iii> 'n the Sub-Treasury
iptain Carter Ito Ansvin IM. Bai:
.iM.l Aprill 5, 1S95, and Vat the sum
?beck f>-.f Si
-.let ail
?f W.
11. 11
..f An...n M. Bangs,
awn by Captain Car
imitlted ifcm the ju lgmen'l of tlh
iwth'o stated tlh-.it the endorse
f Alison M. Bangs was written
i rtt
in 1895, as f..t.ows: Nr
500; No. 21m.".:,. tor $21
269.4'7B, foi:- $25,991.16, w.
Till- witness said the
'M. Bangs,
.-. Par $7,
, and N -.
? endorse?
ment on .the -first check, "Pay to uhe or?
der of J. 'hn F. Go y ni r, An'sori M.
Bangs, John F. Gaynor," wus in. the
haul i'Wi-i'tt.n-g ?.f D. B. Green.
On the second ch ck llhie words "Pay
o tlh-.- order of," and Itbie signature
"Anson M. Bainigs" were wnl'.tten, Mr.
Jarvalhn said, by Michael A. Connolly.
The Bignnituiv of ?d>waird H. Gayivr
T .-.
The w.i'bne:
)e d'irense.
??Mr. ban
th. w-.r'ls h
hand "f Mic
tlhen turned
were 'mad ? Ihy
use the word! 'f
n as
"Yes. sir." was the reply.
'"DM yen have any Ipniforr
Uhle effiect that Mir. Comno'lly hUd no au?
thority to sign .my of uhlose nwim?s?"
"I ha.v ? fr?'m icine of the lupers I
"Have yiom that same informaitfor
wit'h- reghird Ito all tlhe oilhor papers'.'"
"No, oi, : I have not."
"When yon us.ii the word 'forgery.'
then, it was without knowledge of thi
"You don't und irstand ime. 1 had thai
MormaiMon With regard tu one nam
whemever ii appeared, i knew tie had
ou have not used the word 'fnrg
this morning?"
i lie
liscussion witr
simul it.i..-rv ?.:
Ii he t. ok Hi
naituire wf .Vnson M. Bangs, idith three
es ton thr ugh ii. This was com?
pared, with the signature of .lames I.,
llaphtr. wh'ioh appeared! twice upoii
? doounTen't in que-Stiiem. Me'. Car
Iho thought, .both signiatiunes lhad been
Btfcen by the same person. Gallagher,
in n.isn bookkeeper id ir tine Atlantic
initroc'tiiinig Company. In Sav.mn.th.
lb- Ih.
i re
f i >r
if it would af
forgery h tviing
.son whl sie sig
? th-r
l .hi*
?n i ii -
ough ihe Treasury Department ha i
r.i^l that such oiut'horizatkon fo'ad
en made. He replied that it would
not. , i ?
"You are an
ami l nh it on kmv
askexF Mr. Car
"Yes; thalb's true."
"I>o y. Ii? know a-nylining Qibout the re
flned |H<nts of ia.w in relativin to for
i't om hand writing
on not ?" IM'.-. Blair
?Thru sfgnotuie of Arson M. Bangs,
???rased ihy frireo lines, oeiuid n- ver have
been mlBstaken for tlhe genuine by any?
one PaimfHar with Mr. Ba.iigs' ?ignatuiv,
cyiuld it?"
"No. si:1: it rtni'd' not. Nob*ly who
knows) amyilihihg .;lboul Mir. Hangs'
h-ar,d.wriu-ng c-r/uld lie deceived Iby it."
This ?rt*d iMr CairvalWs testimony,
and 'the court adjourned until to-mor?
son l.olf ni Auction.
Sale will commence on the 24th of this
month?aft. r "t-he launching is over?
and! continue until all are sod. Pro?
perty situated on ear line and wator
fnomt. For maps and information, call
on Powell Bros. & King ,2701 Wash?
ington avenue. mi'2-tf
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and forever, be made well, strong, magnetic,
full of new life and vigor, tako No-T?-Bac,
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$1.00. Booklet and sample mailed free. Ad.
Btrf>?Jing Kemody Co.,Cl4icago or New York.
{Continued from First Page.>
the Amt-riean Government a-nj peopie.
They \vonit .vur acid war will come."
The Pa is .fs not so moderate, for 4t
declares that war is aiready raging
(esta ya declainadla.), saying: "Tne
X a iih AmetOaainislhUivetni ttcirs. .idU-rs,
their ships in Cuiba, but among the in?
surgent.-; thv-y have what is better, they
have their money turned into ammuni?
tion, guns, eanui.n and dynamite."
'?Why," asked the Pais, "should an
official declamation be nude when war
already exists, and exists under the
must, favici.able 'terms r?r the United
States? An ?offlieiail declaration might
alarm th- European powers, who would
not b erate McKinley placing his
hand on t'h- 'Antilles; Instead of ex
posing their soldiers ?..n theilr own soil,
they send them in the guise of insur
g. nils <bo KJuha. To avoid a ca'tas'tra
[Ihe to their war ships, they send men
and ammunition to the insurgents in
meicluainic vessels. American politicians
w old indeedl 1?- most PoolJsh if they
-abandoned 'by a declarati m of war the
favaioble position they have luk-n up
.in Cuba against Spain."
"No." the paiper continues, "we can?
not hope lor a declaration of war. Cau?
tious uni ibo'id, humble or active, our
sr ivertiment need1 root fear that Wash
ingl n .viil declare war. It is already
lei Lan .1. Already it has caused havoc
n Spain, and- in the United States they
?tuuii ai ihe- idea -that they are capable
f tiveifolly of deciahmg war against us,
i -war already aflame through them, a
.v.ir i.e i by them, a war in which they
run n ii.- of the risks a-nd have ail tue
advantages 'that would accrue from an
open wor Iwt'ween Lhe two countries."
HAVANA, via Key Wes't, Fla., March
::.?A naval officer here to-day, in reply
to a suggestion that .1 was a pity such
an important decision as ihe verfi'i-ot f
i!e- .?? nrc of inquiry into th- Main- ex?
plosion should irest solely up in the tes?
timony of divtii's, who seemed men of
only average in'tefjligen'ee, said:
"Tli- court of inq'uliiry has -not had to
depend upon divers' testimony alone."
Then, realizing he bad said mo-re than
he intended, .the officer resumed his
habitual t--serve. It is Ibelleved that the
testiitr.l my of Lieutenant! Commander
Wainwright was highly important us
bearing on the question elf the exist
ence of submarine mines.
The Government has employed an ex?
port ph:-.iiagjmi'hor, now in Hvama, who
will send to the Naval Department in
Washington photos of armor pOafces and
different pbi'ti! ns or the wPS k imme?
diately uii-.n recovery from the water.
If the- Spanish court of inquiry, under
Captin P?raf, has a definite plan of ac?
tion, which seems doubtful, it has not
been made public. Tie- Spanish uirveirs
w ill. ?if course, ireport the results ..f
their Observation? to the Spanish court
.if inq'uiiiy, but 'When or where has not
been made known.
Senat -r Proctor 'has seen much in a
short time, and t'h re is good authority
ft. saying thai lie will make the r.su.ts
of his observations known im a st.rong
si>ee<ib in the Senate on his return to
Washington. At Matunzas, iMiss Bar
tor, and Senatl r Proctor, under the
guidanc.f United! States Consul Brice
anil' Mr. Giovas, the (British Vice Com
. ul. s.uw such suffering as they had
never conceived possilble. Four persons
died in oik- waiU while the pa ,Jty was
?Senator Proctor wits retEeenit on the
subject, but idthersi of the party de
ciared that the whole east of the island
wu.* unider the control of Generai Max?
imo Gomez.
Senator Plnoetor, however, went so far
a.s to say to the correspondent i <f the
Alseoaiait'eid Press: "Certainly, a pecu?
liar slta'te olf affairs exists. A resident
of Matanzas bold me that >i!r I wi-sheJ
to correspond with General Gomez he
would senld nny letter 'to .hini and have
an answer Kack in a short time."
?HAVANA, Miairch 3.?It ?a believed
now that the- IkJ'.'y recovered last Fri?
day and bui i.d here was that of Quar?
termaster Robert Burkhard*, iv Oer
man. Ii was identt'Lfieii by a desorip
tion, by ;^ piece of dbt'h and a paper
bearing his name. _Jt is possible, but
not_certain, tint another b dy buried
asi week was that of Charles. A. 'Scott,
of Orange, N. J., carpenter's mat.-. I:
had Odd Fellows' links ua'ttoetH 0:1 bhc
a urn.
The Spanish divers did not go down
co-day, but the American divers got
some, fixed ammunition out of the fwr
ward part ? f the 'wreck.
Gen.-ral Blanco returned at the Holte?]
Ingluenu the recent call of o ui'tesy
of Senat' !- Pr clor. General Hyde, pres?
ident of tie- Ruh lion, Works. Main.-,
railed oit Generali Blanco ami Captain
iSilgslbee to-day. He is on 'the way bo
Mexico, ?n a trii> for health and pleas?
ure, and says his presentee in Havana
has no political significance.
Tin- wreckers began wi irk early to?
day. The Merritt was anchored on ih,
starboard side aft of theiMaine, with a
leg biege ...pposite heron th.- port side,
the (tight Arm was dlirectiy astern of
.he wb.-k. One body was recovered
''.'-'lay. It was that of a whit- man.
? .n..iy so years of age. It .was motiid'en
Tho welcome tic ibe extended bo the
"11 iccrs o: (ihe Vizcaya anil of the Almii
ante Oiiu-.r.do. .when the .latter arrives
r?L* JL^S. "<' -1'wanid .haili at the
affair Promises to be a britiiant
The correspondent of La DrscKskm
- Ma.unzas says; "SerJatf Ii- Parker
;->-nato,r Pr,v! ,. w Coloae]
a cl- T- rS MJ"* gave
i- .i r V vir $1''"? ''?' ''h" r"?-i for the
its vieVni'ty ;'SU erS ?f Mtttatiaas and
^''-^"It'l S6S,"'>-a.nca, 'which has
stmW? 1 , ,Vte,V' , additional
\ - v ?1 rC",1SU:I r"'"''''i: Le? from,
rvn i n r',"('/w thH' destitute.
Gene:,, Pa-rrjudo -has .assured the cor
? ueis .1 tme volunteer battalion that the
????> ?o intenti'-n , f? j, t
1 h. T?ri.e 'T0rt fo ''he effliet
a ,.e th considera'bte ex!cite,ment
HA va v 'f -V^ONT ANXIOUS,
b a-e'i-A,an'n 3?Th? American
jubi.a.nt over the Maine
?KisJVha'fc-h-k lt ****** b-v 'he ?mori!
? > that these fanatieal loyalists may
ureidih. loose at any 'tiime.
v ''f?r; IN HOT WATER.
? 1 e I 11 vork' Mar<>h 3-The World
h 11 -S ? ,n"ill'';iI">,vs grow Stron.ger
?v V'a"Ih? Xl!iv>' I*mS will
M-e ,0 , bVv<\ 'he KMbinet. CW
e.i'^ : . ,ot a,i humor over his
'ii.. i.e. 1 iterances in reference to
he M,,,,i?asu.,, Tht.y lho]d
hould have ma'initaimed la dig.nifled Bt
c-nce until the report of the board of
''I'tu.iy had been made public. It is
."ought that smffleivne pressure will
be b-roughit to bear upon Mr. l^ns to
force turn out of the Cabinet.
v-, -,I?' o !T1 V '': K N' '"'i-KDoF,.
st.M - \,- ,"'K' yUure* 3--The Fvendng
W5>shin.gton special says:
o -f.o' , T'JV'n't a?5 ('!lll'in?'t know
POSiUvely that he bait Mesh ip Maine -was
blown up by outside agency.
"Information that such a message
a t.l -re n received wt s gained nhis
morning from an official who clainnts to
have, read it. The source of Informa?
tion is an trbsolutelv reliable one
"The report was sent by the board of
inquiry ho that .the policy of the ad?
min., stratuon might be perfected and
r<-ady to go inito effw-t as soon as the
full report is made public.
"This report forms the basis for 'the |
action now bei.mg taken by the adimin
sembling warships and purchasing,
supplies and aimmuniltfon and svctirta?
'strwit?oin. in fortifying the coasts, as
Option? on cruisers.
"It also forms the ground wrk for
the line of laction under consideration
by the Presldentt and his advisers.
They are considering the best manner
in which to uphold the dignity of the
"Among the questions being actively
canvassed by those In authority is
whether 'the blowing up of the Maine
shall 'be considered ;a cause for war or
a question of indemnity. Intervention
in behalf of the Cubans, reeogniition of
their belligerency, arbitration and the
purchase of the island are laiso being
WASHINGTON. March 3.?The gov
erntment has closed another contract for
$1.000.000 worth of war material?this
time for powder.
NEW YORK. March 3.?W. W. How?
ard, of this city, returned from Cuba
today an 'the steamship Vigilance.
"i was in Armenia wloh Clara Bar?
ton," solid Mr. Howard, "but nowhere
in Armenia did I i-w such suffering and
l'aminv as I have witnessed in Cuba
among the pacifloos and reconcentra
does. Men. women and children are so
emtajcBa'ted from privation that their
ribs and bones almost come through
Kherr shriveled skins. If ever people
needed rdlief it is those wretched re
c'lncent naldoes.
"The insurgen'ts tare well dressed, well
arm. d. well horsed and well groomed
? indeed they are sleek and live easy
lives. Cuba ha? been laid waste. Out?
side towns one rarely sees a building,
for the reason that all buildings in itlhe
country have been razed or burned.
Grass and weeds grow where once the
highest cultivation existed."
.Mr. Howard said itihiat he was on the
wharf at Havana! when, the iMaine 'blew
up. He heard .two explosions, a dull
one followed by a louder ..no which
sh"rok the ground and nearly stunned
hi in.
J. J. 'Murphy, lain. ?t.ber passenger on
tlie Vigilance, said:
"I am positive that there were two
explosions. The first one was some
n-hait muffled bult the second was stun
Last W'?tMes?es ??f .the Defense Put on
the Stand.
(By Telegraph).
WILKESBAR'RE. PA., March 3.?
'Ph.- defense in Ohe Martin trial put
its last witnesses on the stand today.
Tomorrow District. Attorney Martin
will introduce six or eight witnesses in
rebuttal. A number of deputies were
examined today. They told praeti'aailly
the satme Story of the assault on Sher?
iff MairtliW. Charles .1. .Haens. was the
only one to admit thi.nt he fired a shot.
His evidence was as follows:
"I tired one shot. 1 saw tie' sheriff
hold up both hands 'to stop the strik
ers. In one hsind he held a paper. I
saw luini gnafb for'a miain and I salw two
strikers with revolvers .thrust them an
the sheriff, while another made a dig
at him with a knife. Then they rush?
ed uiH?n uh. and when; they got within
ten or fifteen feet of us I raised my
sun land fired. 1 thought my life was
in danger."
(>n eross-exami matt-ion 't he witness
sail'd he did wot lire at any particular
point of the men's bodies: that he did
not take 'aim lamd that he did not desire
to kill.
Sheriff Maut in was recalled and asRed
if he observed any weapons on the
strikers ait West Hasseliton. He an?
swered 'that he saw ithree men with re?
volvers in their hip pockets. On cross
examination he said he did not oon
v rse with any of them nor .lid he 'ar?
rest them. Asked if any of the men in
lime at Lait'tAmer haid not been sworn in
ais deputies he saild:
"Well, there were not many who had
not been -sworn in."
He could1 not tell how many.
As soon as 'the witnesses -had been
heard the defense, so Attorney Lena
han says, .will -ask Judge Woodward -to
give binding instructions ito the jury to
bring in, a verdict of not guflty -for all
tihe defendants.
VANCOUVER, P. C, 'March 3.?Cap?
tain Biu-holtz, of the steamship Mis?
chief reports that three small United
States steamships were lost in Queen
Charlotte Sound during the storm of
February 18. They were not sUa.uncli
enough to weather -the terrible gale.
The captain of the Bueholtz was unable
to ascertain their names.
(By Telegraph.)
COPJDELE, Ga., March 3.?Shep
Wood, a prominenlti young farmer,
living near here, today shot and killed
his brother, Thomas Wood. Seeing
the result of the deed he 'turned the
weapon on himself, and sent a bullet
through bis own head, killing him in?
stantly. .
The brothers, had quarrelled over
I business matters.
KOBE. JAPAN. March 3.?Fire de?
stroyed $200,000 Worth of cotton on the
?docks here last night.
Oasse tit's famous 'Chesterbivvok stock
farm suffered a loss of nearly all its
buildings by Are test night. Much oi
the fine stock was burned.
VICTORIA, B. a. March 3.?Passen?
gers on the steamer Islander report
that the British flag has been raised at
Summit Like. They also report that
mlartiail law has been deciaired at Ska
guay and that the United States troop?
are enforcing it. Two men were found
frozen to death while returning to civ
liza'tlon with $100,000 worth of gold.
A Popular Pastime Among the Child?
ren of New York.
(Philadelphia I!, cord.)
Playing "Spanish war," says the
New York Evening Sun. is the favi.r
ite game of most of the schoolboys one
encounters nowadays. There is noth?
ing half-hearted or make-believe about
it. The stray pedestrian who unwit?
tingly wanders .within range of such
conflicts finds herself surrounded by a
.proportionate amount of all the pomp
and circumstance, not to sneak <j,f all
the noise and fisticuffing, that the ac?
tual occurrence inspires. It Is the real
'thing, si. far ae lit goes, and it reflects
the very viral and general interest
that the smallest of Uncle 'Sam's cit?
izens feel the present situation. Upon
.-. rtain uptown side streets 'the Maine
is daily blown up, and without waiting
for the verdict of a bo'ard of inquiry,
the United States soldiers and sailors
seize the Spaniards and give them a
trouncing, beeide which the terrors of
the Inquisition would pale. Sometimes
the enemy showte more light than Oth?
ers, but the game never ends but in
one way?the utter extinction of the
The New York Elevated Railway runs
Brain? only fifty seconds apart.
Of the Ol.tioo breweries estimate!.! to
be in. the world, 26,000 are in Germany.
There art- about 40.000 miners at work
in the g. id mines of Eastern and South?
ern Siberia.
Out i*:' thirty-four storms .'which
treadled the French shores in 1S96. all
but tlhn e were foretxtd toy the Central
(Meteorological Office.
Everybody Says bo.
Cosearets Candy Cathartic, the a 38t won.
nerful medicai dfscovervof the t{,e, pleas?
ant and refreshing to the taste, t ct gently
and positively on kidneys, lirer an 1 bowels,
cleansing the entire system, dlsjiel colds, j
cure headache, fever, habitual constipation I
and biliousness. Please buy acd try a box |
of C. C. C. to-day; 10,25,50 cents. Solo apd
guaranteed to cure by all druggists,
ranees and Clearances at the Custom
House. List of Vessels Now In Port.
Other ^Marine Items.
Weather Forecast
(By Telegraph.)
WASHINGTON; 'March 3.?Forecast
fer rvirgin?a, for (Friday?Cloudy and
threatening weather in the interior;
rain near the coast; northerly winds.
Calender for Thin J>ay.
Sun rises. 6:31
Sun sets . 6:02
High water...6:10 A. 'M. and 0:43 P. M.
Low water..-A. M. and 12:35 P. M.
At the Custom House.
Marine Miscellany.
SHIELDS, March 2.?Sailed: Steamer
Oswald, Nienvport News.
LONDON. .March 3.?'Sailed: Carlisle
City. New-p"ort New?.
HAiMBt.TBX>, (March 3.?Arrived: Ta
ormlna, Newport News.
Vessels Arrived Yesterday.
Steamship ChlckalhOn?iny (Sr.), Fur
neoux, Luiden.
Steamship St. Marnock (Br.), Shrine,
Steamship Slutwmut (Amr.), Smith,
Schooner Stella B. Kaplan, Boston.
'Barge Brooklyn, New York.
1 .Barge General Knox. Providence.
Vessels Sailed Yesterilay.
Steamship Pinners Point) (Br.),
Jenkins, Norfolk.
Schooner Carrie. 'Cluirmont.
Schooner Cora C. Meadow, Norfolk.
Barge Solitaire, Providence.
?Harste Astoria, Providence.
Port Paragraphs.
Dr. C. B. Oronk, of 'Baltimore, is now
the weather observer at Cape Henry,
having succeeded Mr. Blundon, who
was transferred to Wlai-hington. Mr.
Louis Dorm.-in, of Washington, has
been assigned to "the Baltimore weather
bureau as successor ito Dr. Crunk. Mr.
Donmlam has himself served at Oaipe
Il. nry. and has done duty alt New Mex?
ico, Oregon. North Carolina, Michigan
and Washington.
Ca-ptain John T. Lee. of 'the British
steamship Hlazel Branch, from New
Orleans to Rouen, France, arrived in
the 1 "...ads Wednesday, reports pass?
ing at 10 A. iM? about thirty miles S. E.
of Cane Henry, whlalt appeared' ito be a
small schooner of about 100 feet keel,
bottom up.
The United States revenue cutter
Hamilton arrived at Old Point at noon
Wednesday and is now anchored off the
Ohlaimberlin. It is not known how long
the cutter will remain in these waters.
Uo Had Twisted the Lion's Till and Had
Evidence to PrOTC It.
The man sitting on a salt barrel had
a hand on which only two fingers werc
left, and sizing him up for a veteran
of the war I asked him if he hadn't
been wounded by an ?xploding shell.
"No, not as I remembers of," he re?
plied, as he held up his hand and turn?
ed it over and over.
"I thought that might have been the
case, but you probably got caught in
some sort of machinery?"
"No, not exactly machinery, sir."
"Gun explode in your hands?"
"No; no gun didn't explode."
I gave it up at that, but after a few
minutes the man looked up and said:
"Stranger, you've seen a lion, I reck?
"Oh, yes."
"Seen 'em caged and looking as
harmless as cats?"
"Yes; they generally look thai
way." ?**
"That's the way I sized up one in a
cage in a circus. He lay there, looking
so sleepy and good-natured and harm?
less that I thought it was a swindle
on the public and I'd try to touse hire
a bit."
"And so you poked him?" I queried
"No, sir, no poking. I jest calcula?
ted to gin his tail about three twists
and make him feel that life wasn't all
beef and bonos and sunshine. I wait?
ed for my chance and then I reached
my hand in. How far Is it from a li?
on's mouth to the middle of his tall?'
"Several feet at least."
"I thought It was about a rod, but 1
know better now. I hadn't more'n gol
hold of his tail when he got hold of me
and was gulpin' down them missin'
fingers. He wanted the hull hand and
arm, but they beat him off. I thoughl
at first I wouldn't explain matters, but
then I thought I would. I look a good
j deal like a fool, don't I?"
"Hardly that."
"Well, you do, and that's tvhy I ex?
plained. 1 was fool 'nuff to want tc
twist a lion's tall, and you may be fool
'nuff to want to poke one in the eye,
ind so my advice is?don't."
A Budget ?f Definition*.
Dude;?Another name for a tailor's
Diary?A continued story that ends
before It's finished.
Hyphen?The one plausible excuse
Cor breaking your word.
Nothing?A thing that isn't a thing
because it's no-thing.
Dollars?Stamped coins made to rep?
resent financial circles.
Bachelor?A bird of freedom that
some of the eaged ones envy.
Drill?A bore?especially to the of?
ficer who trains raw reorults.
Cigarette?A rank concoction with a
light on one end and nothing on the
Scruple?One-third of a drachm, al?
though some men take a dram without
iny scruples.
Tales Ont of the Boudoir.
"I didn't want to keep you waiting,
Mr. Westend, so I came down just as I
vas," said Miss Darlington, sweetly, as
ahe entered the parlor.
"Oh, what a whopper!" exclaimed
ler small brother. "You know you on
y-had on"?
And then Tommy was violently hus?
tled out of the room.
His Philosophy.
"And so, Pat, you think Dennis had
the wrong side of the argument? But
what reason have you fi> be so sure of
"Faith, he hadn't another worrud to
say after 01 hit him wid me first
brick." .. .
(By Telegraph.)
'MOBILE. ALA.. March 3.?'W. J.
Bryan, lectured ihere tonight to a lange
crowd upon bimetalisni, in Princess
theatre. He treated ihis ibheme in ithe
usual imainmer. declaring silver's posi
it-irnn alt present was due to adverse leg?
islation, and thlait favora'ble legislation
would be of ttmimediiaite benefit to Kil?
ver and all classes of population. Af?
ter the lecture 'Mr. Bryan was enter
litained ait snipper at the Battle House,
! leaving at midnight for Pensocola.
The Daughters of Liberty Will have
an "Old Maids' Pie Party" next Friday
night in Phillips' 'Hall. It
fretting insured against Are in a poor
company. Take out a policy in our of?
fice and you will be sure of your money
if you are unfortunate enough to be
burned out.
even .miss such a small -amount each
week, aiud can rest easily at night,
knowing that your home and place of
A Good Judge of Fuel
will .never burn anything but our high
grade coal. It is not only satisfactory
for cooking and heating purposes, but
its 'inrehse heat and long continued
combustion make it economical in the
6 . 6. SMITH & 60.,
Seventeenth street and Lafayette Ave.
'Phone 2524. me 2Jsu.w&r?m
Sell Pure Drugs for it
We are leaders In the city
Bell good cigars for it.
IWe have the finest line in
the city.
Sell Tenney's candies for It.
?We sell the only genuine
in the clt>r.
Sell cut flowers for It.
We are the only place
that handle them.
Sell toilet articles for It.
We have the best assort?
ment in the city.
Prescription work
is our specialty.
Send us yours.
Im. G. Burgess,
Warwick Pharmacy.
Phone 259?.
etc/-)/. Offered to anyone bringing me a Walch h
CpjuU cannot put in first-class order.
A. J. HAUSER, . . .
No. 208 Twenty-eighth Street,
aug29-?m Newport News, Va,
Irwin Tucker & Co.,
General Real Estate,
We represent leading Insurance Com?
panies of the world and write
In the best business and residential
sections of Newport News,
Houses Sold on Small Cash
and monthly sums thereafter, amount?
ing to about what is paid for rent
Local Investment securties of all
kinds dealt in and bought and sold.
Loans negotiated on eollatteral? and
city real estate. Information cheer?
fully furnished to panties desiring to
invest or rent. Correspondence solici?
Owners of real estate and city secu?
rities are invited! to list their property
with us for aate.
Notary Public In our office.
Hundreds of
This Week.
The full flood tide of our
great clearing sale has been
reached. Our spring goods
are now beginning to arrive
and we must dispose of our
entire fall stock at once.
N"ot an article has been over?
looked in the general price
cutting. Note carefully:
lien's solid calf, soWd leatber, lame
shoes, regular price $1.50, cult price 95c.
Mefas satin- ctulf. solid leather, lace
er congress, regular price ?1.00, cut
price $1.24.
-lien's tan shoes, tatest bull dog toes,
regular price (3.00, cut price $1.75.
Men's bund sewed tan shoes, in' all
the latest styles, regular price 54.50,
cut .price $2.75.
.Men's hand sewed irusse't enaimel. In
bull dog or coin 'toes, regular price
$4.50, cut price $2.50. ,
Ladies' genuine dongola, solid leath?
er, button shoes, regular price $1.25,
cut price SO cents.
Ladies' vici kid, button or 'lace, aill
the latest styles, regular price $2.00,
cut price $1.24.
Ladles' hand turned and hand sewed
genuine vici kid. lace or button, regu?
lar price $3.00, cut price $l.aS.
Children's dongola pa'tent leatiher tip.
button in- lace, regular price 75 oemts,
cut price 45 cents.
'Boys' satin calf, solid leather, sprinlg
heel, button or law, regular price $1.00,
cut price GS cents.
IMein's bllack and brown Fedoras and
Iterbye, all 'the latest styles, regular
price $1.75, cut price OS cents.
Men's black and 'brown Derbys and
Fedoras, regular price $2.50 and $3.00.
cut price $1.50.
H. Sommers,
2906 Washington Ave.
me up To-DQie Shoe s Gems' Fiimisninos store
It's Enough to Make
Preacher Swear
to have to eat spme of the cakes
and pastry baked by amoteurs anil
second-class bake shops. When you
want rich, dainty cakes, fine pastry,
good pure'bread and light rolls, test our
high-grade l>aked stuffs.
A. B. WiLHlNK,
217 27th St near Washington Ave
Mackey's Cafe
J. MACKEY, Proprietor.
the Btst.Known Saloon Man
hi Newport News. ? ? ? ?
Wines, Liqnors&Cigars
Comfortable Pool and Billiard
Parlors Adjoining Cafe;
W. R. SCULL, Manager,
Storage Warehouse.
Freight, Baggage, Safes and Furni?
ture Carefully and Promptly Moved.
rates.kinds of Hauling done at low
'"HONK 269?_P. Q. BOX 141.
Thomson, Chapman & Co.
21th Street and Virginia Avenue,
feb9-l yr_
J. s. BW J NERTON, BSao?C?

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