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Cannon's Resolution Passes!
the House.
Kren Tom It-e<l <?\.-< III? Awpnt to the
AppropriHtloa of 850,000.000 for
National Defense. Nol ?
d:s?. miIiik Vote.
(Bv Telegraph.)
SpMt of patriotism, with eVoqut
words ringing in th*tr tu.rs. every mu...
ber ot the Hou.-e of it.-j.-u i:.\e
t'.d'av resl>onded to the President's ft.st
ca'.l to m.-et th- Spanish situation bi
casting his vote for -' Will Pacing in
President MeKinlvy's hands JoO.000.OW
to l>e expended a* h is d .-oicN n for me
natronaa defense. Party lines w re
swept away und with u an'i-nim us
voice Congress voted its confiden ?? m
the administration. Many member*
wtw wer? paired wvi?i aos-nt ??? -..-??t-u- -
tcJok the '.tesj"?nsi!'il':ty ??' breaking Che
pairs. an unprefedentttl -th.i.u in .-- --
lation anna's, in or i r that they ni gh:
go on record in support of 61.\s v- -
taiv wpi'ialiion ?;.> maintain ti.<* d. tn.ty
and honor . f the .J usrtry. Speak i ?'. 1
?who. as the p.esid.r.g official, .-e i-n.
votes except in cose of a tie. n id
name ^all.^d an-1 voted in C.ts api.'i'.j
a? a Representat'ive. A scene of t-n
thiutftasm greeted the announce?
ment of the vote?ayes. 311; mays, 0.
Ail idjy long the gaiUetr."es were Jam?
med with enthusiastic spectators ap?
plauding the .patriotism of .the words
.-,T eloquence whi-h were uttered by the
nvemlbers on the 11?kit. The speechesweire
aUitirief. .Although four hours were al?
lowed tor debate so great .was the
pressure for time that no one "member
was given more than five minutes and
ntost or them bad to content themselves
with a Jpeg-stariy fraction of time.
AH Joined in proclaiming their sup
pout of the countiry's chief magistrate,
regardless of politics, 'in the face of a
possible foreign war. In Che Whoile de
?toafe tlhere was only a slight discordant
not.- caused by th- speech .>r General
Bingihiam, .'f Pennsylvania, who served
?with distinct., .n under Ham.k. He
sspafke Itoo conservatively for lire
urn used temper of the House and when
'he insisted' that our relations with
S|>a!in wore as friendly as they had been
for years muny of the miem'bera hissed
ihiin. While a'.rriost every meml>er who
spoke depredated! th.. poss'i'Ml'ity of war
a wide divergence ot opinion as to how
? il'ose were hostilities mSanlfesUed itself
?in t'he delate. The gen rail contention
?by thle m.vje?i'i'iy among the leaders >>n
both sidles, was that tto'ls app.Oiju'iation
by preparing for wut 'weiuild prove the
surest guarantiee of peace. Others In?
sisted that war's alarms iwou'ld' soon
?be heard Bad Mir. .Motnn, ^-f nr.-im.de?, de?
clared that wtur ale tu ail !y existed 'In all
save name. The stpeeehies wihleh ait
ifcrniclted most attenUton were 't'hose of
Messrs. Cannon, Henderson and DolMi
Ver on the Re publican side, and Messrs.
JJa'iley land Sayers on, the IKTin.k-r.it.
'Mr. Cannon, ,i,n opening I'he debate on
the I>il.. said that 'in ithe present criti?
cal condition of affa.iirs trj- c. immitto.
hod deemed it iv.se to api?ropaJihte tfhls
sum placing Che expenditure in th,
complete d'isoretion of tin- P.esident.
(He nnf?nnvd lib the fact that llhe om
mliftee had been unanimous im its action
and had only changed the- w./rdiiig of
the Ibilll 'he introduced yesterday by
making the aipproiprlatl? in available un?
til January 1, 1S99, inste.id ,,f June 3(1,
"We Ixive t:he money in the treasury
to meet this approprialtiioin ?f it is ex
.pended," he conttimied, "and th.'.Oor.
?then-- is not presented wirtih this propo
?w money or to Itn
wtolch almost any
'other nation on earth wtoutd have been
obliged t.. reso.it." (Tremendous ap?
He insisted that itihlis appropriation
must not l>e construed -111111,. a thr.-ut.
Nothing was further from the miin.ls
of those wlho reported H. he said. This
appropriation was to il>e priced in the
hands of a vewe amd palBrtotPe execut'iw
to nuake pioper preparul loms t-. nVaii'n
t.vin Che natiii mal h.TO?r-, .nothin?- more.
"It is mot a -war appropriation," said
he e-nipl-Ju'tj.-al.ly. "I say tthat in my
judgment, m.-as-uring my wi.uvls, than it
is >a ix?aee measure. (Great applause).
The govemmenlt of Che Untied States
would tffot, dif it cj.uid, trench npom the
rights df any mation on eairtih." CFSe
newed a.j>plaus!e).
Mr. Sa,yr,?!, of Texas, the ranking
member of 'the .minority, fctt'toaved Mr
Oamnm. His first sUiM.-r.ent, to the i-f
fe?t that in the presenioe of possi'bJe
danger this aupmpriat'ioai ivi.l met w ith
the liekirty anil ufcKMtDnuous erndot^sement
of the apppoprth'tion committee, with?
out reg?Lrd to party, ai\.usc-d the Hous.
(to en Uh us! asm.
'He, t??? deelua-e.1 tthait it could not be
construed as a. rtihreat. It was sjmply
a wise amd p^trtotiic ipreoalutton?ainm^
tog .tlhe exet^Ut?ve with tlhe T>ower to
irtal?ncatln ourdiignuy aiCteir Comgi-ess -ad?
Mr. Liviiiragaton ('Detnoerat'), of Geor?
gia, suppointied the meaisuire in a \iajor
??ue speech. .He said lie took Ithe polsi
?tlotn because he believed theui 0,1 emer?
gency e.viwts, but he c-onteindetl t'hwli if
nine ud'tivimisitrati.?11 hud a'diied as ii
shou'ld ihlaw done twelve mont'hs ;ir..
Sn decflairing 51 stalte of belligerency, rhe
Ipresant oooa?i?in for wting emergency
tmoniey wound have been avoided. Htm-,
?etvr, 'Che DemOc-naltis who cliamored for
?the -act-ion iin the puwt would not now
?put '.my Obstacles jn 'the wtay. They
?would vote fifty ..r five huradr.-d mlH'ions
Sf 'nee<~*4ary, only atsking it:h;it It be I'res
Sdertt sjhoutld move promptly amd steiad
'iJy in his efTorlts it? protect AmerJcain
honor la nd dligntlty.
^lr. Allen, ..f M'issiiss^ipnii', was next re?
cognized. [He diid mot make a. humorous
sp<---?J.h, but 'a ijatniolic one. "I desire,"
'he began, "to ,sa,y for itlhe people 1 rep
iresenn. and for th- sowt-h.-rn sactrjon of
lUhe country, for the entire country^Uhatt
Uh?-r<- was never a Ulme wiiem all were
s?> reQJdjy no give am -adiavi'iris. r.i'ti. .11 a,H
irh.- mtcuney it may nee.l to preserve >uh.
?hon?rr. the dcirnjiy a.tu! the generali w. l
ifiar.- of 'tili- oountrj', -t.? s^ty nothtlng olf
fair play and Jui-ti- e." Th.- people ??,
the S.uth, .he continued, ask for n>.fil?
ling more.
They do not warn* <o hurt oinybody
amd are not urgtoig any r.is'h acition,
Vutt tihey are ready to honor any draft
wh.-t'her for .men .,r m-m-y, .to ke.-p the
flag ufloat.
"Mr. Pi'tzgeraM. ..f M';uss.m?-hiis. ?: ti-. t-/-*
sympi'thy and support of th.- CatholiK
fAnurdh would be miith Spat-n bedatuse
was a ('a.tihol'lc i>Ain:ry. Win,!.-, he sa..d.
the did not be>i.-ve tlhe priest had tft
ter>-d su'*h a sen'titnent, En bald attraicted
wOia af.emt'ion, -amd sts a OatholHc h
dei*iivd u> repel i:.
Mr. Wh.-oler. of A la batrrta. enthu.-'.os
tioalty ?upj*-?rted the Will, us d..d Mr.
Gr??vvn-ir (Repuftyllioam), of Ohio. Mr
IGdVMVMnor aroused th.- House to ehoera
toy a gloWing eulogy of the Presildentt's
piatnioiir?m. He lalso Said:
"I 'naveeilwtiys telt Chat bhe actions of
1861 to 1865 were poorly done, t-halt ih
bloeid was ill spM*ed it all the end of this
totig period we toad not a u:r. .-I n il; ?n
Thamk G<id I have IK'ed to see the hour
come, the day du-wti and uniiversal loy?
alty the waltch word of .-very man, wo?
man fein?) ?eTuUd."
??? <o?cluditiil WBttti the staltemenll that
toe MhouKi n?ot vote tor thits bill as a
war imnawure.
Mr. Hay <Democrat). of Virgin a,
?Sook 'advantage of 'ttoe opportunity ".?>
reifer fen if?omijdJm?mitjary terms !t? the
jiturt ttoat Consul Ge rust-ail Dec- is ptayii'ng
tn tftu> presertt oonttingenicy. Hie tiaild
Have been Pot y?&ns pass;?fri'eni.Ky.reo
inulMe, iiitvrniit e.ni. il relations."
i vigii-..ns i?-.u:i ling .-f ti?.- S;n ako
In strong o. .-in',ra't with Ithe revop
>n given ;.. M r. Birosihaim was thai;
? f Mr. DoilUver (Raptitolijcuia), of Luvt,
.n- of the irrtest eloquenit members of
[the II..i. staid:
".Witih ti. 'thousand r. latinns of dOreot
raalUbonail iiroteresit, not ito sp taik ..f the
larger am] hliig'her relations of h-u-mum
,!lty. t'he PiniiteKl Stabs during title
[?ourse ..f lie- Cuban im.sui-rectiom lila-ve
i onsislteni'Jly Mcud wi'tih'iin ai satrwt iMOer
jKi.J;a t p in of tiii'.- taw .if neutrality-. In
the nR.dst of Iii- noise and ebn'fusio.n
.?Ire Pros" but of .tlh'e I'mkeVl Stales has
?U.??l unmoved by eltil,.? :? (?..,.,?.,-..<.
wV'lX1Vhl'a',1':'y| ^'"''j'"'", "",:";'n
is to kr.,,w ?hWl he has hiaid Ithe support
?f the AuueOuin ?>.1 1
i oirs rights ..r ki.tfie
ii dul-ies."
of D^ugtais
.?i.t be par
'Jier.be .-uiid no f. u.r-. 1 i'Jvai a.; no diistairfl
lay he would hi Mr tin- boo-nitinig of oam
M ! W .1 ?? k: r (I? n'1 ?:. a 1. ? ?' V g ; a ? ,.
f p.-i.e .-..111.1 be .iiviii i: r.iitr. I wiuh hon
r. Th. > knew the horrors of war, aind
t'hey shr.mli instinct tvelly from i'ts re?
newal, but th.-y would do their duity 'if
Mr Bailey (.Oem.x.mat), of Texas, snip.
noTted tine bill in a tie,- .minute speech.
Mr. Balilley s-tfi.lt "It ought to be ttn
?'iii'l,?>.-:?:, iVn' every ii'M r ooiiin'.try on
he gilobe tlhwit whittle this greait republic
Inicerely idesireis to be mi .peace it li
??r.'inired for war. if wtair ibeeoimes Inev
inible. i Urni-d aippiauso). I fear (ilia.: we
hav.- ?one too rar to esciatpe. the -worst,
i.md I believe wo'have gome fuilther 'than
wouv.I Ihtave .been n>!<.-.--sia.i-v if 'alt tlhe
?roner 'titme We h :'l crrainted the iprlatyeir
?;f .tihe Outturn pa tri'.jus iuivd bad simply
reeog.nii-zecl tih.'i.r 'nligiht to light for tlhe
?nile.peiiiid nee <.-f the'r own co'utnitiry
(lou'd laipplia'use). !Y it tft-.'e tii.nre .for tilvis
Bccusaa-m bias pass.-.!. W,- mui-it detail
with Minis question, as it is. nut ats we
would have it to be; aim 1 approaching
it air. White -broader spirit, we s.aind ready
to .-iay to those who taidimiii'istor the g.-v
Por tihe niatitoniatl honor amid th- national
defense we aire ready to give, and give
unigrud'g'l'ngly. (AtppHairse).
".PeMice is de.-.'.-i-abV. but not so de?
sirable I'hat fin be purchased at a sicri
f-jc-e of nul;i'Anntail honor. Let us in this
lay adopt, r.lhe motto of our fathers in
the ei'dcr Kind better daws of this re?
public and let us say to ail the world
mow as ifht n: "We atre reaidy to spend
? niKiion.i f. r def. but n t one c. mt
for tribute.' (Aippkruse.) And let us add
?.notlher and nobler mvnt'to. 'We are for
oetatce as Ion-; as it ca n ?!>,? nv ri nt ajn.- l
with ilu-im. r. 'out we areifor iion ir if wtttr
is necessury i? defend our flag or pro?
tect iLhe rights of Am- ric.in citizens
amyiwiivere titavjugihout die wo-rld.' t Ap?
.Mr. Heinidersxim. of Iowa, sue!:
"The 1..-..-..U of this ti'f-ternvwn is a
bejaJUtti'fuil one for our c. untry. But,
Mr. SiptUiker, there will lie no war. That
is my iii'dgement. I .1-. ni.; believe what
war is .hanging over the Am-r ein peo?
ple. In finis reptilblic our Brennt oi.m
IhWuld be f-.r -pci.-o.
??No country on ettrvh would seek to
avoid wair 'as this country docs. No
cauinitry on eiart'h need Petalr war less
Jhian. A'm. i-i-. a. (aippiuiuse).
??We ail styimtp.ithii?e wi-eh the lib.-rty
'ov-ing an-d light''.tig I'uUans. inn tiliey
V-.' '.'Ui'.'' :|'-s%hl.i:i (pi i-.-It to II is tlel'ole US.
I follow the 'advlve of Wa-.-'hi-ngton re
-,u-.m.-n.V ng lb it we .mind stri-fly our
,wn busin. ss. (Applaus-). But if 't-h.-y
t'o-'-'ity unhol.- 'ir.i'n.'l-s'np n our territory
n-our rights, itih.n. I be.-.-me a I'tgii-tinm
quaker and -will Join the vigorous nvan
h,-.od of mv voit-ng friend win. spoke.
'h*. debate cl-ot-ed at 4:20 P. M.
vh.-n, th- question was put on the
on?siaisre of .th.- bill the House ros.
? I,, ."-o. n ?< favor, but Mr. Cinn-.n
?'?k.-.S "f- - ry?* and noes. He did
i 'h.-'rf. l' i- h>- req-ue.'s't of mtamy
rwimbers wii ? 1 - red that every mem
S^S^HpS1*^ mnod It
vote "m*?ye* w. ?---NONK." an en
The 'House tthtm, tit 4:r.? P. taid
iourn. < . p.KN ATE.
WAS!Hr.N.5T<?N. March 8.-Todwy<,
\f.-er an extended diisc-ugsiom the bill,
-:-on; a in i nc a provision for the reduc
rilon to a.'noui one-half of th.-- present
? ailea of telephone ehursse* in the Dis
trttet. was pissed. A b'fll a.:iptv.].il'.atipg
$2SS 000 f t f'r-- re.: i-f of the book agents
of the M-'-.'hodi-.' I'.pisc.qal cburoh'.
South, was also pissed. As it has al
rearlv passed the House, the measrjre
now goes to the President for bis sig?
?At 4:50 P. M.. during the discussion of
tbe tpendtafir biK, a measoge was rc
- ? ved fiotn the H <.:<" conveying, to
Vina Sena be the I*H appropriating $60,
1 \::.? mo .1 r.ii;:..1 fense just passo I
uv : House. The bid wus iuid before
? h.. Senate arfd on motion of Mr. AW
son, of"Iowa, referred Co the committee
on appropriate ma.
Tb Senate, at 0:45 P. <M.. adjourned.
AltOUT Till-: I'lKltS.
* and Clenmnceii at the Custom
e. I.t*t t>r Vessels Now In Port.
Other .Murin? IK-iuh.
Weather Forecast
(By Telegraph.)
WASHINGTON, (March 8.?<Bl>recast
f..i- Wednesday: For Virginia, fair,
warmer in the interior, east to south
Calender for TIiIh Pay.
Sum rises .6:24
Sum ^.:07
High water?9:27 A. M., an-1 9:47 P. M.
I...w wat t- 3:28 A. tM.. amd 3: 39 P. M.
Vessels Arrived Yesterday.
aimer Oasos (Hr.). Deam. Mobile.
S ?.in, r GtenrruaviS (l'.r.), ?SUabiefoid.
'.*. : t Tampa.
<?? [?ton, ,- i;.-ire. Bailey, Providence.
.-' . ,n--r Marjory Brown, Now iHia
S -h - net- James Wav-M^on, Bridge
Vcusi-lx Sulled YoHter.lay.
Steamier Glemimavis (Br.), S-*.-.i-l>:.-h-.-ad.
S-boon-r Marjory. P.-.rtsmouth.
l?a.rge Wlalsp, Norwich.
Barge Volunteer, New Haven.
Norfolk's Port LUt.
(By Telegraph.)
iN,( iRF?IJK, VA., March 8.?Cleared:
Se'i-.vxiners c<i.-- Ju'imeson. Ohur'leston:
J. C. Bowen. Fall iF.liver; C. C. Utiwe.
New Haven.
Sailed: Barges Dave Cra?k' t:. West?
ern BeSle and Belle of Oregon, Provi
Police Court.
Th,- following cases were disposed of
in th,- Police Cour? yestttrduv 'mourning
by Ju.dl.-v Stromes. Who acted im tlhe
ibsenee of iPolloe JwUOce 'Brown:
Anthony Frank, disorderly; lined $3
Peter Alexander, disorderly; fined $3
a-nd costs.
Hugh Diamond, drunk; fined $2 amd
Miike ! l:i vs. .1
OaiKiie Halt, it
Mary Savage
llitihOTd EHls, drunk: fined $2 and
Joe Manning, drunk: lined ?2 and
Ab,- Collins, drunk: fined $2 and
.1. Meilraw, hoard warrant; contin?
.lohn Coh.-n. riding bicycle on side?
walk: dismissed.
S. Schugaw, blocking sidewalk iwiith
wares; fined $11 and costs.
Deeds Recorded.
J. K. M. Newton, trustee, to J. R.
GiiEO^m: release deed.
J. it. Gilliaim et ux t-. A. S. Barrett,
truistee; cons'idiera'tjion, *170.S5.
american schooner capttjreid
(By Telegraph.)
HAVANA. M'.eroh 8.?The Spamtoh
gunb ml A-rdiiMa has Captured 'im an in?
let n.ar Oasiiida, on tlhe south coast of
Cuba, the American schooner Esther,
,f Edenton, N. C, bound from Peneli
eO'.'a to Jiaimollca. The captain of tlhe
nfhtcmmer was -a- iked to give tihe reason
:' .r th.- presence of tlhe vessel in .the vn
let. and el-aOmed t'hlait Iris rudder was
btoken. No further details have ibeem
r-i-.-'.v. ,1. but if the statements of the
aptafn of tihe Es'.her 'turn out to be
on-oot. thi- schooner wPJl be Wberalted.
Th- captain Was protested algalimist the
-? -.zu.-- it tlhe v.. ?el. The Bather is of
11.30 tons .gross register.
(By Telegraph.)
MKW ?RiDEANS. 'March S.?The Nor
wegiani buk PVid-, Oaiptaiin Guniderson.
(i.omi Belize. British Honduras, wath a
cargo df mahog.rny f? r Bun ?:???. went
ashore February 24 on Manger Key. 36
im.l'ies from IM'zo and Ivecame a totall
loss. Tin- crew urrived: 'here on the
steamer Breakwater. The Fl'ld ha-Hed
flrom < lrini.--.id. N.vwnv. and was in
-ur. d.
drunk: lined
?d), 11 m- d $3 and
OINCllNNATJ, March S.?D. S hroe
r K- Co.. large wholesale dealers in
I iewelry made an assignment today for
ie benefit of their creditors. The
rhed'ule of assets and liabilities has
u yet been made up.
P?RT BUIRON, MUCH., March 8.?
Its. Robert- MantOll died early this
n?- -rning. She is known cm the stage
Charlotte Hehrens.
The oot i-.rlbu.t'S'ir-r to 'the Jaimes Rus?
sell Do we'll memorial fund iim Boston
now 'aimoumita to S22.07S.
Chllef Engineer .Edward Parmer, of
he navy, wholhas Just been reti-nd. hias
h-cid.d Uo make Boston hils home.
Miss A'i'ee Cuok. a fellow .in hfelfory of
Viei.mie ll-niwrsity. has been elected iim
is <-..nv w-aTifon cyr govw?>ng body?tflie
Hrsit Home that a wwmian hias held such
i oos?ion in Enigilamd,
Dr. John Murray, director of tlhe
-?? ' t' -b to ir'tv i baltglont, bus .the ivire
'i'net ;- n' of ha ving received if-nom the
German EmipeTT.T, as King oif IPruss'la,
knigihthood In the Order Pour le Merite,
fonnded by Predenlck the Great.
M eseasm'. as director of .the iConser
''it-.-ry at Pemiro. the heir of Rossiinli.
ivam's hhe Itaniam' PatrMaiment to .pas-s a
'iw exemipf'nig th,- "Banher of SevSlle."
? 'ie eonvi?ght of w'h' .'h bus just expired
'rem the operation of the copyright
W lvnm P. N"!iVn. this eocen'r'c imrl
".ii'io-,- 'who r.wms th.- Aiu'dl'ltoriiuim
-'?.re. ti I^MU'svil'v. Kv., and who
".ttng.-s it under ithe name of D:in'el
'>ii';'n. . i.-ared 7 centi-i per bufehel on
I ftOO.OOn bushels of wheat diii'lng the
\\'h -ii 'he :? tie Judge El'l-'ol't AnirJhony
"rsl taiiaht sv-hool he was forceil to
? -k two of the hoys up bodily 'amd
?hrow i-.bem out of the school room.
Venn? a'P'erwiaird a man walked into his
iirt 'm'd rh'inked him for the net. say
.... . 1-,ai-ihi-ilt had i'lusrht Ww more
h in he had ever learned before.
C r ?. iC 1 'uMST AiNXIES.
I*r< -n th t i'i' i ff's r-'ou.i-wrapt verge
The Soneiy fiheph?-rd stands.
Vrd. h Urs the thundering ocean surge
That sweeps ".he far-off strands;
And thinks in pace of -mg1'rig ?V row
Where 1- ? wilil n--ver be?
Of life In nil Its unknown irorms
In lands beyond the sea,
So in our dreams some glimps- aipp?ain?,
Thirtgh s<Kon it fades again.
II' w other mds or tirr.ies i r spheres
Might make >us other men:
How- hai!.f our being lies rm titune.-,
N->r Joy nor sOrrOw Ibttngs,
Unless the hand of ci', i vmstan. e
Con itouch the latent strings.
We kne.w net fuMy what we are,
'StWl less what we might he;
But heair faint voices from the far
Deep Hands bey -m\ the sea,
W. E. H. Lecky.
It Wan a Strong Appeal Kot to lmltaV
??l>*gr?ei?' and Tur? Away "Latlierus."
"Dar wue a rich man, name Degrees
en likewise a po'man, name I -atherus
Well, Latherus come 'long 'bout Chris'- i
mus. en beln' all stove up wid de rheu
matism, en threaten wid de smallpox
he set down fer ter res' himself 'long
side de rich man's gate; en Latherus
bein' hungry, holler out: 'Chris'mui
gift!' But de rich man tell him: 'Gc
'way fum heah, man! I ain't got ei
much ez a crumb fer you!' En den d?
dogs come out en chase him off. But
see de prevention er providence! D?
rich man overeat himself, en wake uj
stone ded, eu hotter den de sun In Au?
gust! En ho look 'roun en say: 'What
is I?" En de devil answer: 'My son
you's in de fire department. You
j'ined las' night!' Den de rich man
say: 'I wish you pleaso, suh, tell Kun
nel Latherus ter turn on de hose on
me, kase dis heah's hot stuff!' But d?
devil make answer: 'Yo' fr'en' Lather?
us is up yonder, spendin' Chrls'ruus wid
Mister Abraham, en he done sen' word
ilat he ain't got time ter fool wid you
You's my meat now, en I gwine tei
br'ile you till you plumb brown!' En
all bekase do rich man fail ter come
down wid de money when Latherus
holler: 'Chria'mus gif1!' How many
sinners heah is gwine ter do like De?
grees done? How many is gwine tei
drive Latherus fum de gate on Chris'
mus day? Brer Williams, pass do hat
en less see!"
Slightly Monotonous.
Weary Hawkins?(who has stumbled or
an old racetrack.) "Dis yer's a line- road
but I been walkln' it fer tree hours an'
uinl seen a house. Eu besides de scenery's
A Little Problem Prom Life.
He begged a kiss. She frowned med
"A kiss," she said, "is an expression
of sentiment. Placed upon the hand it
signifies respect; upon the forehead
friendship; upon the lips, both?ano
more, or neither. Since you have ask
ed it, you may express yourself in one
kiss. Proceed."
He hesitated.
Through respect and friendship love
may be reached. If he were too bold
she?. He hesitated. He gazed down
into the grass and pondered swiftly.
He tried to read her mood. He would
place that one kiss upon her?
He heard a trill as of many birds.
He looked up.
She was whistling softly.
Her hat was pulled down to her eyes,
covering her forehead, and her hands
were thrust deep into the pockets ol
her jacket.
Fattier Incoiiftintent.
Father?Come, young man, get your
coat o?f and come with me.
Tommy?You're not going to lick mc.
are you, dad?
Father?Certainly. Didn't I tell you
this morning that I would settle with
you for your bad behavior?
Tommy?Yes, but I thought it was
only a joke, like when yju told the
grocer you was going tc settle with
Insulted Him.
Ferry?What was the matter with
Johnson last night, that he should get
insulted when I asked him to drink?
He is not a total abstainer, is he?
Wallace?It was the way you put the
question. He is subject to attacks of
kleptomania, and when you asked him
if he "wasn't beginning to feel like
taking something" he got hurt, very
Wiij She Declined.
"Won't you take this seat?" said the
gentleman in the car, rising and lifting
his hat.
"No, thank you." said the girl with
the skates over her arm. "I've been
?katlng, and I'm tired of sitting down."
ASumina'H Mistake.
"Mr. Millsaps," said little Tommy
Tucker to the guest, "I don't see why
mamma sa'.J 1 musn't say anything
about your neck. You hain't got any
Kaleor William's Way.
I will give you just two hours
To get down upon your knees?
To put up your hands contritely.
And to meekly murmur "Please!"
[ have warships in the offing.
So come down for all you're worth,
Or I'll set my war dogs on you.
And I'll blow you off the earth.
i haven't time to parley,
And I don't intend to wait;
[ have sailors in your harbor,
I have soldiers at your gate!
My demands, perhaps, are heavy.
But I've made them?that's enough ?
i am William, and I never
Stake my money on a bluff!
[ am aching for a quarrel;
I am spoiling for a fight.
So you'd better kneel before me.
Or I'll blow you out of sight!
I am William?Kaiser William?
God was present at my birth;
(le is still supreme in heaven?
But I'm running things on earth.
(Fliegende B-lauter.)
''How is it thait the counsel to Wie
mdwistry has so many deioora-tions?"
"Easy enough; he got the third be?
cause he had the (second, and the fw>c
oid because he had Itlh-e first, and the
first because he h'adn't any at all."
(New York Evening Journal.)
Each stprinig he starts his pilgrimage
Piiom winners long soji urn,
And Wke Uhe .truaji u;i? -n the stage,
He docs his atittle turn.
"Pevtpl-e who aire married- get to took
alike, they -say."
"Yes; itnu't the queer thling is Uhey
! never get to think alike."
(Continued from First Papey
?U John M. WIOswi eh! f .
F. s. A., arrived here tod i
c n too
th? Tort
thorOtv, !
slight r
River. F
y Sie wn r Arm-,
the Tortugas this
=? tliis afternoun,
Bueeameer, with
i i- ard. re-ached
C.-ii.-.-.i-I W.-ls.in.
return Ho Tampa
n l \v?M n-.t. visit
in- official au
l.ions 'hero. He -had
1 :ii.- .-(Ii. er in ch irsre
5 had p-atssed the House unras
'itiWe niaA-ail ofVtcora h-Jre. Ii
d tihat Key AV.-.-t ?I 'the To
yacht Anl'ta. 'fr ni Old Parti
M, ney ??in 1
1 S:n -.Si on
MADRID. M ir h S.?A sv.
.-, .\pv. ; BLU3CTTONS UN SPAIN.
I A iNI " IN. M- ?? h ?.?The M idl
Anting. The l El p
d.-l and th.- C
broken in doctrine,
1.' IN 1 ii IN, March S.?It
MA I'Itili. M
H s?M f
But it'it
i-fui mas:-:
??.md i J-uink
?h- artfte't b ?1
To G?t Money
Sell Pure Drugs for it.
We arc leaders in the city
Sell good cigars f-.r it.
iWe have the finest line in
the city.
Sell Tenney's candies for it.
We sell the only genuine
in the city.
Sell cut flowers for !:.
We are the only place
that handle them.
Sell toilet articles for it.
We have the best assort?
ment in the city.
Prescription work
is our specially.
Send ns yonrs.
Wm. G. Burgess,
Warwick Pharmacy,
Phone 250?.
Offered to anyone bonding me a Walch h
cannot put in first-class order.
PV.J. HAUSEF?, . . .
.... WftTGIiES flriD JEWELFfy
No. 208 Twenty-e'ghth Street,
a,ur29-sm Newport Newa, Va.
2809 Washington avenue
lave Remove
Washington Ave.
Enough to Make -
Preacher Swear
to have to eat some of the cakes
3 pastry baked by amateurs and
?onj-elass bake shops. When you
r.t rich, dainty cakes, fine pastry,
id pure bread and light foils, test our
rh-grade halted stuffs.
7 27th. Si netir Washinfttou \e
&yc Opener
Bear Paw Buffte,
Q W. Todd, Proprietor
A Gentleman's Place.
Here ore a few of my specialties.
Old Virginia Mountain Brands.
Old Clemmer Honey Blossom
Bra ddock's Maryland Rye,
aherwo id Montice.lo, Monongahela
Hopewea Sour Mash.. Old Crow
Richmond! Club.
Taylor's Hand-made Sour Mash
Oscar Pepper j. E. Pepper
Jefferson Club, Guckenheimer,
Mtirrv Hill Cluh, Old Ken luck
<W Pet Eastern Bye,
F-port Kentucky,
-bncnandaah and North Carodlna Apole
pie Brandy. The most approved branJ*
of rum. ein. cordials, etc.. blackberry
Mierry. Wild Cherry Wine antl Port
vi ines. liie finest brands of union made
cigars. Everything first-class,
(io to the Bear Paw Buffet for one of
Toad's Nightcaps.
Irwin Tucker & Co.,
General Real Estate,
Fire, [lie
We represent leading Insurance Com?
panies of the world and write
in the best business and residential
sections of Newport News.
Houses Sold on Small Cash
and monthly sums thereafter, amount?
ing to about what is paid for rent
Local investment securtiiea of all
kinds dealt In and bought and sold.
Loans negotiated on collatterale and
city real estate. Information cheer?
fully furnished to parties desiring to
Invest or rent. Correspondence solici?
Owners of real estate and city secu- I
rities are invited to list their propwty |
wi th us for sale.
Notary Pufclfo 4o our office.
Our New Spring
The advance styles
Stiff in tans and
Soft in Dearl and
All are up to the
minute. Prices range
from 98 cents to $4.
Your size and style
are here.
300 pairs patent
leather, tan and black
calf shoes that are
being sold at. a great
sacrifice. See them
in our north window.
The Reliable
Clothier. Shoer and
I latter.
NTEW dank
iNational Huilding
H n :reds ii
Tlie full Hood tide of our
great clearing' sale has been
reached. Our ppiiug goods
are now beginning to : rr'vo
and w e must disp ose id' our
entire fall stock at once.
N"ot an article has beei. over?
looked in the general price
i ting. Note ca efully :
Men's solid calf, solid leather, lace
noes, regular pri..- $1.00. cut price 95c.
Men'ii satin ctalf, solid h-aiher, lace
r congress, regular price $1.00, cut
I price $1 24.
Men's t.in shoes, latest bull dog toes;
egulair price $11.00, cut i>rloe $1.75.
Men's hand sewed um shoes, in all
iatesl styles, regular price $1.1.0,
?Men's hand newed russet enamel, in
nil dog or coin toes, regular price
M.50 cut price $2.50.
UriW genuine th^ngola, solid leath
?r. button snoes, regular price $1.25,
ut price 80 ci tuts.
Ladies' vici kid. button or lace, all
the latesil styles, regular price $2.00,
ut price $1.21.
Ladles' .hand turned and hand sewed
-enuine vici kid, laro or button, regu
!ar price $2.00, cut price $t.ys.
Children's dcngola pa'tent leather tip,
button or lace, regular, price 75 cents,
cut price 15 cents.
Hoys' aa'tin calf, s did leather, spr'.niff"
I heel, button or la<--, regular price $1.00,
cut price CS cents.
Men's black and brown Fedoras and
I Derbys, all the latest styles, regular
I price $1.75, cut price 98 cents.
Men's black and brown Derbvs ?und
Fedoras, regular price $2.50 and $3.00,
cut price $1.50.
2906 Washington Ave.
Thomson, Chapman & Co,
Uth Street and Virginia Avenue.

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