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DlsuatGlt?s. i
VOL III, NO. 57.
******************** ***** ?
* 5
* l\lv./lli ONE WEEK. TEN CENTS.
Not Probable That the Ports
Will Be Consolidated.
BuHlncxH Moo of Thin City and Norfolk Ap?
pear flefore tiio Ways utitl
MtMtiH Committee of
tlie Hou-e.
"it is not probable that the p rts of
Norfolk and Newport News will be con?
This matter was pract'icttii'iy di?| osed
of by the ways and means eom.eiti-.e
of the H.use of Representatives J'es
iterday. It is true that Secretary: Ly
muti Gage of the treasury recommend?
ed that seve.ul ..'usOoms districts in tliiis
State be consolidated, but there s no
bill with llhal oojeet vn v'.ew pending
in' either blanch of Congress,
Newport News was well represented
at the meeting of the ways .nut means
committee yesterday, as will lie s^on
toy the fo.lowing special dispatch re?
ceived by the Daily Press lost n'ight
from Washington:
'The committee on ways and means
olf the House of Representatives gave a
hearing today to 'those interested n
the consolidation of 'Uhe customs dis?
tricts of Virg'inia. Among those pres?
ent were de'legatbi.r-^ *iom Newport
iNVws, Norfolk and Petersburg. The
>leW|>ort 'News delegation was headed
toy ilr. R. G. Biekliord und the party
included'Mayor W. A. Post, Hon. Thos.
Temple Powell, L>r. A. C. Jones; Justice
J. 1>. G. Brown, Messrs. I>. S. Jones,
W. G. Burgess. W. C. Stuart. J. J. Pal?
mer. R. P. Orr, A. Lee Powell-, F. W.
iMullfoid. J. L. Pan' n. Wi. K. Cott'.ell.
90. IM. Braxton and Postmaster Fred
'The treasury department was repre?
sented 'by Assistant Secretary Hloweli,
who Is understood to be the author of
the plan for ihe consolidation, and by
Special Agent \V. S. Chan e. Both
gentlemen spjke in bJhalf of the plan
as orig.inu.ly proposed in the report of
Secretary (l?ge. The Norfolk and Pe?
tersburg dek-gations opposed the bill.
"Mayor W. K. Mayo, of Norfolk was
the first speaker. He made a vigforcus
protest against the proposed legisla?
tion of merging the Norfolk and Ports?
mouth district Into Newport News,
claiming that it wouJld be on injustice
;to a district whose business was con?
stantly Increasing; that it w uid des?
troy individuality and impair the credit
of the old district, would be anything
but economical and finally thai there
was no reason that could be raised in
favor of iL 'He said that since the eu.s
.to<ms district has existed in Norfolk
imM'lions Uf dollars of revenue have been
gathered and many .businesses devel?
oped wh'leh would be hurt by a change
"Ma R. G. Bickford s;oke in favor
of Newport News. Wh le he did not
Insist that the recommendation should
ll>e carried ou't Air. Rk'kford took occa?
sion to lay 'before the committee the
many advantages the Newport News
harilxir has over Norfolk.
"Congressmen Young anid Epes were
.present durin? the hearing, but took
no part.
"It was stated this evening toy flhe
clerk to the commOttee ,n ways an.l
means that up to t.h'.s time there is no
'bill pending for tin- conso idation of th,.
customs districts in either the House i ,?
"The Newport News and Norfolk del?
egations .left for horn,- tonight."
St Loom Leaven the Shipyard Arter Being
lAfteir beiiivs idhorougih'ly oveinhia.ul'ed
nrnd put Ijn shljpWhUipe t'he Airuei'lom
L.'.o . Lean.'. I. hp St. LouCs, ?'.,.;.f.r.n Pmis
s-.ne. .wihiijih tnias been l..tt ,.t.ie shopyuird
?for ''ho ia-.li three weeks. a nr. d out
lif p -.it 9:30 o'eX ick yos.croiy morn
i!TJS for New York, to resume th< r trans
Atlain'.ie run'between New Y. irk and
SOULlaiampti Hi.
IFor the Jastt .fow du.ys rumors have
toeeiv rife refunding 't.hk> *4t. Louis, but
?they wtire an g't'oimdks's as et.ther re
poi-us about 'the a-hlpyi ird. 'Ph.- St.
Louie, win intic gv> to tibe'Brooklyn navy
yard to be armed as a cnut'eer. Ttiis
sttt.emem Iis n.'.ude on au'.'hori t,y of Sec?
ond VCv-e-P.iesii'denit James A Wright, of
'.ihe Ini:orn'at\?na'l NuivigtiKiioii 'Company.
iMho waCvl -.that Where nvias n?> truth in the
"The emitisfcir bias .bad 'her 'annual over.
Ihaulljng." sia'.'d .he. "and sllie will sail, as
scheduled, on> Mturoh 10 for Southamp?
ton. Four MUi'tia of iiMms on 'her pi'om
*jivaidw deck have boon moved further
tuft, and Iber drawing iroom has been
pluxed. stomiewihtit forward. These u'lter
tatiionis (have no pa r.tii'eul'.iT sigivitlouniv-e.
The Paulis. New York, St. Ilaul and St.
Loutis carry Ittoe UnO.ed States irniuM. and
Oire subject 'u> government ?fb&\ in laso
of war, but no demand has been made
tlVjr lany one of them so iflair."
The St. Louis liu now .in first cllaan
conJd'i'tioa. While she was 'in t'he dry
?lock over 500 .workmen iwere Kttgalged
tin, cleaning and jiu'i'nii'iinig lu-r.
The New .Yinrk, another vessel 'of tllhtis
Eine, 'WM ibe dxiekod! aitud overhialuiled
thttire later .En tine spring.
PPhe fol'inwiing diiisipatoh wuk sent out
tfnom Washington regarding 'the St.
Louiite and' St. iPaiul:
"Two otTiotms have been selected to
oommaind uhe AanerJcam linens St. Louis
an?i St. Paul, should these ships be ad?
ded to Ohe lly'ir.'g Sqmadron.
"Oaptatiin RiJbley ,I>. Evans, formerly
knH>wn as 'Fiighititng Bob,' will ,hu.ve
(fitairge of 'Uhe St. Louiis, and Claiptaiin
'Frexleniek R,:d'g^.rs will cotmlmatnitl tbe
St. Paiuil. Captiallini Evans ?'?? nl>w a
momber of 'the lli-iiiiinoi: ? md, on
duty in Wasfbiniguon. die'.is en;.'.led to
a vessel ?.if ;ihe first rotte, but there 'are
few fpcAA}. biHIeti-i left for officers now on
sfli'ore.exceip't In tbe oiuxiilraries.
"Captatn Eviatns beiSie.ves that with 13
iguns <m the St. Louis he eou'ld make
(her as 'in'teriest?ng a era ft Un la iflgfhll as
any of the 3.000-ton aruisers. Her
Kireat spe^I ovotfld' give itihe Mhfep gireal
axtviantage over the o'ther oruteer type."
Abe Collliift Keteused.
On Tuesday jruomOnlg, Mr. Z. T.
Jones, formerly a momber of 'tlhe (fitly
pbfiioe fopce, arrestied a man by iBhie
name of Abe Collins, on thle charge of
drunkenness. iCollint-- was fined $2 'and
cositB, ?he usual 'aimijunt for this of
fentse, and remanded to JjajU.
Yesterday Just?ice tB. ?. Se.mmes
ordered CVll'inis released on the ground
thialt the airreisit was iiimproper. 'and ooin
secfuenitty iMJegatl, iMr. Jo^nes no iongyr
toeiiing ?i mitimbeir of the ?polii'e force, oirtd
.wholly wi'tihouil sworn authority to
awake Birrests.
A Happy Woman
Is thte houselcEepeT wlio buys her coal
and wood from the WarwSdk Coal am'd
Wtao? Co^ Twiertty^l?flith street. jail4-tf
?L?ne** ?lohn Reynolds ?ml Charles Evaus
Arrested Laut NiKbt.
A'b ut 10 o'dodk last might Pattolmtan
S. W. Giddings und Detective J. B.
Heck arrested ^Long" John Reynolds
ui.l Charles lEvans ut the foot of Twen
ty-Kourth street on a charge of theJft.
They were lodged in j.t '..
Shortly after 1" o'clock Detective
He; k's* suspicions were aroused by a
small i' iw boat whl'.c-h had touindered
near the Ibeach ut the toot of Twenty
fourth street. 'I'll,- cvaifi was drifting
..ut with the tide, .but -with the assist?
ance of Mr. I. W. Wynn Officer Hevk
succeeded-On purlins it ashore* Th..
men were surprised to find two large
ceils of .rope ond fourteen cans ? f paint
in tile' hn.it. At first they thought th
eceupan'ts had been drowned, as the
.tart was leaking. Then they sus?
pected the .goods had be ro stolen and
concealed themsel-ves to awulil d. velop
ments. It was not lo.ng .i>-r re Rey?
nolds and Evans put in their appear
onee and 'began to ur.?oad th.* paint.
Mp. Wynn went for Patrolman Gld
dings while (Detective Heck kept watch.
In tlii- meant me tlie men carried away
one coil! ? f the t'or . ?! nt when Uhey re?
turned their suspil ions were aroused,
too. and !t.-y,:>.ld- made several trips
up and d'.lw,n the 'beach to ;f there
was anyone in sight. Then the men
went to th-'boat and t^-^oti to load !up
with the paint. It was a goad time to
"n.iib" them and Policeman Gidd"n?rs
and Detect ve Heck emerged from their
hiding places, i'jeyno'lds started to run,
but ?r.olt.d .it the sight .1' Officer Gid?
dings' wevolver. Detective Heck ar?
rested Kv.ins.
Reynolds is employe d as n runner for
the Newport News Supple Company,
and is. well known in police Ci.rele?L Th,
coil H't rope carried off by the m n was
found bid in a. wogen in a stable on
Twenty-third ftreet. Where 'the men
got the botty is not kin wnt n.nt it is
thoupht it was stolen oft th.- steamer
La Grande Duchesse .which is lying at
the Mhipyoird.
Miss Fori da Goodman. . f East End,
has returned ilwme after la visit to rela?
tives Sn Walshington.
'Mr. Henry P. Dix-on. of RiKflimond. is
in t'he clity wptih ai view to 'locating lier,.
n 'tlie shoe business.
Mit-.s Ann:- Mairtlin, of Smitlineld. is
the guest ..f 'the Misses 'Eli'i. -and Ma
nvie f \:-rr!Tie*t'. >n in Etas*t End.
iMV. and Mrs. Arthur Se'lbold have
returned to their home on West ave?
nue, after an extin'.led trip North.
Mr. iN. c. Bell, day clerk .it Hotel
Warwick, 1ms returned from Augusta
county, where he lies been \-l ??'?;! ng rel?
atives for .th.- past itihree weeks.
The Newport News Social Bicycle
Club has awarded the oomtnaet for fetr
nishir.g the suits and i unfits ? if I ts n em?
bers to the firm of Woodward & Wom
The Southern Bell T. lephone und
Telegraph Con-pony announce th- fol?
lowing rates Vr tele;.l-one service, to
take effect Mi 1 h 1st: Business ?phonos.
52.50 p-r month; residence 'phones, $2.00
per month.
W. P. Walker. Jr.. P e'ght Tri file
'Manager of 'the Chesapeake * Ohio
who was para'vzed recently, arrived in
the city yesterday , von ng. Mr. Walk?
er will go t'. the Norfolk Sanitarium for
Mr. ant Mrs. .T. L rviv'Ilo. of Af'.n
?. :>r? the guests of Mr. and 'Mrs. llor
uril P ?Uriwdive. when tlhey will pro
?o d t-. N. w York.
Mr. George M. Eaton, a .l-.iii*;mn
"n the c-vernm.-nt department al! the
fhlipyard here, has accepted a posit', n
.villi the Civvm Iron Works at San
Francisco. Th- wiitfl leave for 'his now
ita.titrn M'-r.dav nwxn'lng. California is
Mr. Ea'ttm's fmrmer homo. He has a
Inj?? erf fnVnttls wh.. regret his ntp
or. ..o hti-ng departure.
W\\!"t Refine (coloredl a bna.k mam
H>r the Chesapeake and Ohio and ??.<?
-i snil?s>iDrute letter earr-r. lost the first
tervrf his- rT'ghi hand shortly bfijivre
wr? v.. i-- -.in,v whi'Ce '-ouiTvt>'iT es-rs lit
,,,;T.-rs,:i wH nein- the vi-tn-werV
.fTi e The Wund was ->r nr'./y dre.i ^1
Clc.irles Wll i-'-ri. a' ns "ftp1"rue." \?h
- -rr..1 on TflMrtWftG v***-? ye'iter
t'. j.:.'.-.- 1-v I'.'-n'ty Officer C. .1.
rtl'l.r-iw. WCtKiiimi? iw wint.-d bv the
Vi.rf-.'k po'l*ee for 'break'ma Jatil sieveruil
?lays aigo, w irb six other fi-1' ?ns.
Circuit Court.
Th,- c'reuitf criurt conv. r.ed yesterday
imxprPng, 'Witlh Jud.ge Blackdyemc "ti the
No nfli es of immcirliainee were uraw '-el
of. ?????.ui'iitieei-y cases were set tar
a hearing tomorrow.
Corporation Court.
The Oinrpvmt'Hioin t'oirrt. Jud-je P<ir
ham. was in session yesterday for a
short while.
Clt.v Sergiftunil E. W. M'-ils'i-.-wl's ac
i-oiK-.t f-r SR20.25 was aillowed.
?Hnirry WitnidisKir. a nalt'ivo aif Eruglamll.
le.'i'.'.r.'.l Ib is i'n;e.ntilon of bet^omi'ng an
Aimeridian o.itZtJn.
The uniirt a?l> Htrrned' unt'lll tlhe first
?lay of the next tteirm.
Police Court.
Jimi?v Semimes dUssposed of nb.- fol?
lowing cases yesterday in the Police
J. W. Vaiugihiam, iM iehael Shannon and
Hugh iOonneiUy, druitrk; each fined $1
and <s sts.
Prtalnk Hturtfiis, disorderly; tin d $6 land
Atom Talte, dliMjtrderly; fined $?. arnul
John Brown (<* H?vred), oairrying con
oealed wviaipons: fined $21 ahd 000'?.
I.Mike Ga'ttvy. charged with s- iling
whiskey -wit hi tit a license, was fined
$100 a>ndl e>:>s.ts. He took an appeml to
th?- Cuiporatfon Oourt.
C. B. Edwards, charged ?with a like
offertee, was discharged.
Y. M. I". A. Membership Contest.
The Y. M. C. A. membership contest
will close nex.t Tuesdiaiy niglht. <Vnn
sideTOlble iintcrei-t its beting 'm'a.ni'.'flested
amons the imembers of t he AssociSalbiicn
and their friends'im the outcome of this
novel oonlttes't ?imI tlheire wiiill no diouht
be a large cm>wd' present in the parlors
of the AsswHiiaitSoin' Tuesidhy ni'ight to
learn the resuPt.
The "Greens" are st.ilI ':n the lead,
but it Ott sai'id that the "Redls" are not
far behl'ind and are conlfidendt <?f win?
ning out at 'tlhe laiat moment.
DeedH Recorded.
Deeds were adirniit ted to record yes?
terday n? folllo.ws:
C. B. Oirciu't't. et ux., to Bmraia P.
IVyser; <ior.isi;'deraitii??n. $3,600.
VfoigilnOa C. ?Ciaiti-wv*:'d. to 'H. L. iEd
mitnids; coni3'A3era.tlv>n, $1,250.
'H. L. Edmunds, et ux.. to H. W.
&auinidens, trustee; conaideratWui, $500.
Tf the view team has not photo?
graphed your house.- stop them when
they pass .or leave order at 2412 Wash?
ington avenue. fe27-eod.
Cascarets stimulate llver.kidneys anfl
bowels. Never sicken, weaken or gripe.
tOe. '. .aJiittiiiJt*
Ordinance Committee Will
Recommend an Increase
I'al ml men ?cllttlv Committee Why Tliey
Should lie Better Tnld for Their
Work. Chief of Police S. .1.
Ilitrtvood TmlilivH.
???- 'KU'.'.i'r meeting of uhe lOcm
ti'cin? iCouracirl next Tuesday rtiight yhe
>iidi:rxiunee Omjikw wvtl fecommend
tot th- saOa-rivs of uhe .|?aiM>?iii?i b
neriiiscd fn?m ISO ?;.. $B0 u mrin'th.'.Wl
hat uhe .serg.-ir.it bo paid p", ;n-;;cad v.f
'Pile .?..nwnltt.-.- ctx-me p. thills r-om ?n?.
.1 ur.4 wfuer u tthoii
van ii lade. A nu.it
vere suurinnontd to
.V.-l-lMl-.. -lilt. V,
The in. etvng was theM in (the eiti
?erk'soflVee, with Me -is. .1. F. Hugh s
. i'. I."nz air.'.l It. .h iM'iok.v. i.'ii,
polkv Iieimg exelud.-.l. Ami- those
sntnnnme.1 to ?.?.?sl.i'fy were Chief of
; S. J. Ha.rw ,1. Sergieiam'i J. W. It
mOds. Pu'trolrr.en T. A. M ?">.. ??. it.
iVaff. rl. B. .). O'Hiarra, X. T. iM t'Hoty
iinul X. I. RaytfitOd.
SorKt.'ant 1 leyimMs wl.is the first wit?
ness eafel. 'Mi,- exiAiltnOl .fie ilw... -s
im .i I k-..-vis ..f w.ufher. <.).ev ii 'I orders.
L.ir.i! whenever iJhey iwere un ???:?.? by
rhey were "dock ???." Bavth irfatroltn-ain
wus requiireO to ftorr.tslh 'h i . own uni?
form, holtmr.s iiiw3 t* i .'I. In 'bis n
,wn Sc-rgeamtt It. vn. i l.s so'.'.l 'lie though':
the .men Wei'.- etn'biiojd Ho rr. -ie .pay.
'The irrev: witness was FVUrblma-n T.
A. Mi'.. h.-M. .1 he told -why the pcKoe
Bvet y ..tii er wc < r -ciuied 'to puro, use
tw.. uinCPcrmts aund two thelmie?s a year.
Tlrcse cost ail) ju.: $4:1. The city fur
ni. ar-d t'i.e ixMi'.Onvoa wi.t.lh la .paCr or
nippers, a Uii!.;.- '..:?V a til\iy, but 710
revB'hw. lit w?is vjrlvm a.ny OST Ohe
?men drew a month's ipry, fjj-r wihen 'Uh'ev
wvre unlit for tru ly they w.-re "docked"
at the r?ite of $1.61 'a dtiy. Tiv'ts n.'.-r.i.'y
went to pay the "sipectUOs" v.tho were
put on- to ti'il linear p.'.u-es. P.T. maroon.
wCt'h the ex-.vpU'of tlhe chief, twore
not allowed Hu aaceipt lets, even- ?'? they,
wianit out'jfide of tine city 'for ppjaomers.
Mr. Miitkthiciifl than tCted tas lain ?rocEdeat
an occasion when Ihe iren'l 'to Suffolk
for 'a prisoner whole .he was ..ft duty,
but reietvved nta estra, pay. Tba chief
paid his exipenses taind lie pre; umed ihe
recei'Ved the fee. as uhe 'i-et'. r ts tin <"he
ei.-i'k's office wou'id prd'obably Snow.
Pretiu.eir.tly. Mr. M:.tciheii! fct.-.ri.l. po?ice
SomeKmws an ofli'cer dt"J im; Ret
i.-rs wh'. ?'. ,..!i. 1 .ori-.b.nit d Of
Mt.:.'heM. one iw.itir.u'sis txti? uhe
?ds wotf.'-l rlils.w am Uhe ?Ji-.o-f IV
?d diuatin? the yew lst.T ..\- r $100 in
'im a'idlXU 11 10 Iii s o,\,ry of $7? a
ih, titr.td he was n--t ".!? ,-ke.l" w.'hen
of iithe oily wind oft duty. The ..f
.- aC? t?vey dud not a'-k 'the c .un. il
ilN.-d ru-.e lii.l.l all ,pi i.s..iv.-i 1 a. :e..-;.d
?i. ve by '.Hie ttX'Cif of palice at the ex?
pense of i.li? i?.i.ite at .Ihe .Hale pAOd a
llhe-riff. My f..s .a two yoars woM mot
aimour.it to i\X>re rhan clear of i.l'.lj
\'\>a,n a.-k.'l '.'f the 'thousiht Ir s salary |
Mhoul'd be r. . otrh Vf Il.rw,,,. 1 r.;.li, .1:
?iCerttiCnily. I wain't .more pay. Other
Before l'-a:v.'.r.'t? uhe iVxvm iDIjie.f Har
w,^d staid titt was not ?nie that he did
not "do<-k" lhfi:r.tv'5f wlven lie went out
,.f the a'.'ty on a ?v.i'.twi.ai. IThese were;
bits 'ia-t woi.ls: ?'If any p.j'l.loe'main or
laarybod'y ells^e says t'hait bhe fees I .have
r. re.vo'l Jn the kit t two years arrtounted
no over $2 a moift'h. Ihe '.is a. t.'.rr."
The Daillly Press represviitai-tve. -Who
was in t'hle room, u-.is ask.sl tto m'.ike
a sta'ienv-nt. The reponier saii'd t.he
cOiy'B peilitv forte was far 'aU.ve the
average. The ratm pirswestseld dis..-ivti,.n
.anil performed t'he'ir duty in si.t'o-t aic
,.,?!; rr.'. e wi'.itih the rul.-s.
'Phis ended the ilnve t.i.uai.'i. in and tlhe
i ornawrttee otgjreed ur.iar.'im'. 'Us-ly Ho rec
.:.:n:n.n'l 'the Ltmcrease 'as has a'ii '.i ly
be.-n stated land 'the eVrk was 'di.rt-cted
; . dra.ft am aimtindimninlt to the city or-j
rrnancei If eniou.l Uhe ordCtniaTuce will
..u,ke err'.Vt .Inly 1.
X , , her lni.-ii.ne.--s was cuts. .'.-r.nl t>>
Farewell Beeoptloii.
The hull dc&ught?men of the Newport
News Maipbuilding & 'T>ry Dock Com?
pany tendered a farewetll reception last
night in the Attic.icus Democraitic Club
toomoi to Mr. iHu.30 Nonman, who wiOl
leave today fi r Philadelphia to take a
resifonsible iios.iti.in in the hull draw?
ing ottice at Cramps' yard'.
'Mr. George HiemTferma.de the "Wl" "if
the evening by prodrjl -ins his i.nilmlta
1(e graphe.'phi.nes. After Mr. Norman
received his diplt m.i. whklh .is custo
?mv. y aimongst hull draughtsmen. Mr.
Fitzgerald sang "Off to Phi'iad.'iphln."
Other si ngs and recitations were ren?
der-, d 'by Messrs'. Ilen-.iff-r. I^in.'asler.
K.-rr. Pelham. Wood.. Tal'o.t and Lot
tier. As a remembrance (?f the even
5ng a Hash photograph taken by 'Mr.
IPit'/geiald will lie presented to Mr.
800 Lots ?t AnotloD.
Sale will commence on the 24th of this
month?afb.r "the launching is over?
an If continue until all are srtid. Pro?
perty situated on ear line and' wat r
front. For maps and information, call
on Powell Bros. & King ,270! Wash?
ington avenue. mt'J-lf
Wood delivered In any part of the
Ici'ty. M. S. WARREN, 445 Twenty
ninth street. Phone 261f). feb6-2m
I>on*t forget the littie house 2412
Washington avenue when you want
pictures. fe27-tf
TinKTY-siXTii annivhrsaky.
Famous Naval Ku(t iKcment Opposite New?
port News.
This w ???k thirty-Mix yelaSB ago was
cne .it" the most natable In lUhie ?cavil-w'.i.r.
Tuestdiay was t he .lih?i'ty-s?-J?tih lamn'iiver
sai y ??!' tin- .o \'11i'-r of the. Cumberland
und tlhe burn'img of Mhe Oojiigreiss. tutv.i
y."srei'tluy was the annDverysary of the
I'a'moiuis battle belt woetti tlhe Monitor Bind
Mevi imune.
.Vi tih s i: in,' tlhe .-it. n-y of tftoese naval
oiVK'i'gvsrjo'nts w'itl'be read1 wfith LnlturecSt.
a'.i'.l tlhe fol'iow-inig 'aecoiunt in the words
of Mr. A. ('. 'flippe, a Y. IM. ?<.'. A.
turer. fe grapMeally iretllaltea*:
??Ii is t'he maivstag tut "She 71th of
MUnxh, 1SB2. Tlhe !;<?? ? iMm, and i'ihe
il'.iy is I,?'.-'.i! .wH'h siKi' i.iiae. The eoen
?t.lin'ei . r Failures* Mo'ini.-e, topki'mig to?
ward 'Norfolk, notices a hu^ volume of
vvaitihvu.g im V.s mitX'n iihrouxSh tlhe ui?r.
lifo.- aOonu:. ??"?.inly a.b..v.&_wive water
U.ni.*, w 1 i.i i.->. ?,! >.i 1. .s x^t iron ?iird
\\ ? : v v.".': S f^oi'-^Tu
\\',.i!.i a'tii lio.eI ti'.p. with yi? ei.'ivdemwd
enftOwis ?f um ovJ frigate, iro UKil?iek file
< ? . . is . f 1. . ? r i *. -11 I 1 i.iu .
of ce'iu.-e'n.ty a'tvd tihw .?iii-vioynu*i of
?..:?.; ,-.,';,'.1 .ruv'.Uve |o??r. Vir
??? --????1 '" -' x.'i'.i'iMlit 1:0 tlie r'liV.u-.e Cum?
ber:...';:!. ,.f i i ,.,;>? ?ii>,i?. lyiiiv- off N'ew
[iM'tt N.-vv; amid flyCreg- tlhe enemy's lliaig.
Th- .i..r.i i.-.o.-,. v.'-'.'-s . -.I A-vk tu'. u:.g amd
'!:?or 'i- pfvot -tin biM:1|k.s-.'..o;se amd
1j o k "?.:1 front. ,?,Kto r wouivd-.d'.
?k .-'.rioi i. .11. -The \\a> > <r Ttrsihvi. .mto Vile
hti'sre pap in iher ?Alf, but her ibrave
ciew fight on. As oina d*ok is flooded
they !i l:?unil r>0 '..he 'nest asvd imiatn t'he
batteries. Then the ship .gives a lurch
to iMairtUiiird, Iher igiUT.is tire 'iinito tine air.
there is a greet roar ? f water and the
staf.lt i'.vi"ve onigulfs 'Hi? 'a.i'l,- their thug
"Bin tlhe V'lii.ihni'a is trot aaitlsfied. aiwd
. il- ?wl.y iGie tuimtnl to the frigate 1 'on?
er 'f Hi.v iruns1. 'ly.'inrg imear. It took
tlhe V'ir.gi'it.i a finm I.?'o.ity to forty niin
Mife* to uirnl. ,.r ?. . -eu-rn ?round. Th.
Woods amisv
?gum, 'inking
?ek .it air.'.i tx.'.M Che eU'tryiirg pailty 1
.asks the latter if he knows
ler is on: the Contrtvss,
r 1j. 'Y.s. amdi iit Is my duty
rj'i.ii; a'S WcO O'S any other.'
ie hetlloe onpciu?Q of 'ehe man
'.i.-.Jl'S i.ihe Y''.'rgiV.,'a. 'He stands
a t'Jae tfcAcfc amii iVsmstslf fires
aClie iill-.iat is .passed up to
fitaig <>l"
d. Ti'kS'nis
si--.'.' ', wnd wlP.'i '.'he fJaig of truee is
ily.4K-.<i above 11.?
"Capialm r.uehan.nv. anxious to save
his brave foes, .is stricken ih-vvn by the
o mi-.nio- of the mem he would bev
friend. U s first w- ids when taken ,'.??
low were, ?open 31 re again." Then from
? n o v av i'ila'ble guni tlhe storm .burst on
t, ,. .iltl-.fated r- .tigress. Some of her
crew leaip ;nto the sea to swim ashore,
? oh rs m.ust to pi< 1 es of wreck, while
many resolve to d'e with their ship.
Then" 1, tr.ies a scene TjeautrPuif 'beyond
, . in; arison. gi.tr.il a.nd awful, aibove the
, ..ti. Option' of .p .it's iv.aiin or limner's
penicll'l. Th,- t'ongi oss takes lire. Prom
bowsp.i-lt and hammock netting th.
brigiht flames dart in fantastic tongues
and leap tip the mists to the trucks,
every rope a line of fire, every sail
a she..; . f flame. ..-very- mast a mam?
moth link, crackling, sparkliing. glar?
ing through th'? aifternoon o.nd the lwnig
night, tili hu.k amid sail amd shroud are
consumed and the gallant vessel Iis no
it w is n.nv 5 o'clock. The .Minnes?
ota, ?, ifrigate, w.hieh had staiiteM to the
eue '.J;" the! Congress, twos aground
tit the mercy of the Virginia:. Unit the
pXic-t tould mot then risk the chiaranel
on the faT.l'nig tide, and the Virginia
withdrew .for the might to Sewel'l's
Point, an 1 civis memtore?ble day was
"Commamder Bu'cihanan Avas sent to
in- ? Naval iHtospitaH, and with this da-y
his co'mmand of the Virginia ertdeld.
Hut ..>n that 'une day he .had written
veieord which' the o!>lite:-ating 'hand of
time will never efface, and th'?
? He system <?f inava' arcihOtecture and
naval warfare was revo'lu t ion izeui.
The next day the Virginia, on her
way to a'tta'ck the .Minnesota, met the
?Monitor. Alfter sf:x -hwuirs of sharp
flghti'rilg the 'Monier withdrew where
the Vi'tigirtia could wot reach her, and
?or again gave her a chance of attack
ring her slay in these waters. On
the Virginia the -casualties were a few
eOi'gh'tly wounded."
eaitirr Pulled Off and Itrought to Tills
The Bril'lslh stca-mialAip Cleadowe.
? ' .ein Hi.-..rr.ls, wias puecesinfutly fioat
I >>-??-1. rday morr.Ont? and Cowed to the
otvyawl re yesitemdiay aiftermoon.
The Gieadowe, whOle bound from .Del
.".;?:-?? Bueaikwiater . . Norfculk. was
tu:-i.i; .a tihe ..'of'.- of l..i*t fPr?day and
iow.n . :.'.'I-,- an V'iirg'smla 'Be)aicfh, two
ois .?? uth . f Cap - 11. m y. her crew of
vitinty-ilh'ree men b.eng rescued by the
V-.-i.tVei:-. nrihe v-(,-,-l was puilled oft*
y the it-uis Ohialpmetn. owned by the
I-.ri-.'M AVre'.'kim.g Oomipany.
A survey cif 'Hire -:ii ;> was 'not mjrid
terda.y land . Ihte cx.nr. -. -f the .1 iim.aige
ii .i ten -wii. but eh.- v- ssel Cat leaking.
Ilealh of an liirunt.
The Cninaimt d.1.1 tight, r of Mr. and Mrs.
. B. M.z. il. died ? m.i..if'u-1 fever, af.
:? r. -ii' 1 :: ? . ?-? !-;., r .1 -ff. ravn OiveuTUe
n'S Twemi-.y-fiifth siredt, at 1 o'clock
, 1 . .\.i.:y ir.-:..-,-ni'r.ig.
The remailrjs were shipped yrst.-r.fciy
1 'lue f. rmer home of it-he ptairemi'.? -at
Witvi-iiy, V'i? fcr ilntenmenlt.
You can't t.'li a nut ti'll yt?> crack it.
'Nesther ?can yett 'def.1i a good cracken- l'i'1'1
y. n try it. 'Most all <-rackers h>ok
allvke, hut when. Foot's XXXX Square
Wlafer Bunter Crackers tell their story
ihr ugh your taste you'll know ii. a
'Jiffy that you'w foulnd What y\>u want.
mar 10-lfc.
But Negotiations Are Already
Under Way.
No Effort Now to UIhituIhu the Fact That
thctiovemine.it Is Actively Prepar?
ing for ? 1Vish1I.1i- War
With Spain.
CBy Telenraph *
WASHkNUTiKN, Ma'tnHi ?.?The fvia
ure of the day's events \oas the
prormptiitude with whiHi lUhe Stiiuaite
pti.s?e.t?iJive House ti'JI cairnrjimg ithc ta>p
?v^nr-ilaificm of $50.000.000 IV r 'the -re AO mti.l
te.r<ir.lse. aiwd the. ihottte wWh wl.ikh ft
\uis put tihr?uii'i Mite forma? prove. U
nyts. engrossed antd ?i'y,n?! by '..in- Pr.?*
cIor.iL lvt'..C!e uhe iim-.i:*.* hut ? Ik- n <mii
.'lined, in- ?it en bo .-...i.e.! thai tin- fund
'iiS mu't yi.l. Ibecn alii. I.i.i.'d unJ ct; uhe
-'auCouis 'brairjches cif governimeinil
wvSte. Bach of .tihese had pr< (Hatred
?vUi.Et.by 'atr.iJ ten.tuUvtily tarn esttm?tte ?I
Ihe ruint.Ia it couCul, dispose ?f 'to '.u.lv.uv
tige, but up', ii i.ookfln'gr over tithe si'.'intl
ii-.v l'r.-.-.'.l. ii. ...n.-ladod ilium .it wouti.l
>e wdM ipeiihups to av..id imakinc? tin*
iOlutmort: uini.i.'l tihe nevetedty tit/came
ipp.nii.-iii. Til-.e voMcn ib.i'ck 'of this 'Us
ti.it uhe -inn ?.?:.'.'. mini ?)?? protlti.tblv
.punt for War.-iVips ?urumt own be
^ut'o.-i'd u .. h any appr .x?ii.av. n ;>>
-f 'ehe ta'ppropnOa) ifk in ami mg '''he cither
tin'eies of tlhe in liuiry iatnl.1 waivail
The P. '.ii-.v of Uhe Xivy its n.uk net
-very effort '?? secure from our rjuvu'l
atifawbes amU dopli mafic officers uibr.xrd
?vi? ;i.n'N>riiiu'tv...ri obt'alniable n'i-.r?e.l.'i??
;'!ir .niHiilier vf s.Vp.< bui'V.l ik' kIiot
prXe ?und ,.i:?*&r nl'ai.lr. TO ? iV -es m.?
?r.-<\?v.;r;:y innt-i?for.- with uhe exv.'cii'tloii
? f Wie plants .i.'li'.!'. ..1 t . Ceiiplui'm l?r in
-???ti. ?iho siaCleii for Soui.t.i.nmipte.11 l:oduy.
ries. Up to UhCs*momttrrl mat only has
?he nr.il' 'I Plall'os governimi ret bough-l
:?-?? twain C.'l'ps. bet 'i't than 'nut even se
?ure.l am v.ipta.m on one. There a.e m-.tiy
?el ' .'. .stV.ns i' 1:11:1:1g 'to tbe depa'i'.men't
Zr mi pet sans amid firmi? who de-airo to
' '1 : > i " off r. I
I. if.rom tih'ree mv ill.ihs upwards, l a.a.t
cuaanw 'be reiarleJ tai? worthy of
'?.. re "s Iv.-s dOtl.ou I y experten ?ed 'i'n
ttrl'tsg ter.'l -is -of wa'r tmatteriia?!, stroh
f-.ot .Msr.il si...''', a-.il ipMwdtsr, wl .tbe
vy Depairtinv-mt bla's ai'mU't ast iu.re.1
1 f of aw aibu'niuainit supply of certain
kirnils of Qmokci; ss powdtir aibrolald at
short WvvUce. Tlhe loffki'taDs eit tbe kie
rta.'.itrh'ei?lt '.;ve d.a('i''y .In eSoiprcIS'pcind'etn?e
by rr.tatM 'and ltij:ei;;raipih w.'t.'h m?en>:? of
amimunjt.i'on t\. nv.s. aimd )?? -?:? b-s are
?fu'My .aequiai'initfid wv'.th the i-:.a.n..s of
?>.-:e p.wder .ir.'.ikcns sfvr enlargri'ms
? p'l'.vr.ils i.'o nv.et ain timergenev.
I The ?repivssmr..r oves of the lair.ii'or nnk
*K 11 tints a re in cosntsttil'tiail ? n with the
1 - supply of sun f.'rsrl'tve.'s and suoh
.'ater'ai; f r use in the namshops here
nd .:?. \\". r'. rvli ?:. 6u't the question of
-me." ??> wfiriis a, 1.0.VI1, as
I the-armor makers tepoi-t th.rt they ca.n
loi uiKleittake by any known- agency to
tun ohm sin ii airai?r as ?wv>ul(i be re
inii.d for a tnodenn baiiit'leslh-ip in less
I tih'an seven months, .for tlhe ivns.m tih'at
tempering 'and faoe-hianleniiig oatnnot
I be hastened ui o. urt destroyims the
ill.f t he a t in r. T'hiu?, Sit h is been
I demonstraaed to the Navy Depatrbmon.!
I ?hat it win not !>.? p s.-'bie ?:?. m'ake the
armor for the euperh bat'tWhips*. -three
in number, now bii'iil'dr.ng 'at Newport
N.-ws. Cramps and'at t'h,- 1'iv.On Iron
I Woks in San Flanoi'sco. ast tome t-> ren?
der 'these shii?s far bet'.'cr. it is .-Ki.iio d.
thr.vn offered from abroad for sale, avail?
able for 'any emergency tahl u mtay lamlse
The statement was ir.ivde'a'1 tbe Navy
Dapartiment today tihau the report of
the Alain- court of innitiii-y probatbly
wcuild come to the dipartmeii't some
' in.- next we.k. It dMd m.V: laippeiaT.
however, uha", t'h'is eiiDi'.iCimtntt was foun
di:d upon any 'dir.-ut rep-.:l: iPrcm 'Uhe
?oiirt. but w;r- ralllhertain cslajmiaite based
upon the pi-o;ri, so f ir -made as re
veatled by the dhunse of the no .hods
in 1 he part of Uhe court.
Mtaniy e.-mrra'.-u.'.-i. ions are oomins to
ihe Will i't e House and ehe .-tale depart?
ment from all parrs of the country up
an iJhe patiCtiUie spinOt ex'hiibitled in clean?
ing w.ith the'latost pJhiastta of ttihe Cuban
..ion. Most of Uhetn are nff.iiva'l in
'a. I.er, but many are personollly
| cl.i'teci'.iad 'to ttoa P.re?Jiden,t.
Imir.rl S-i laird 'ha- bun 'authorized
. ?ial'iv.tt suiTable men for tihe niaivy at
Key We.t iir he "an find the 'material.
|lle r.-poruil tlhiJlt Ii?-.Ina 1 .receiitved some
applii afions from' unachinists Und sea
I mim '..i.n l was ijnmmied'ulJely givon the
or to tiaike t i.-e m en. The depart
t 'is t-.i.'i.iH stTjV.i'ng vOgiorously to
i.iv mil', .h'i'nii. ?? s. 1' ip .cii .iiiy ?nv.n -wh'o
know how to a 110 stationary engines.
These ?nun <un 'be mriekly itaiugthlt how
to runi marine engines and it icr.iiires
I t'.'ie 1.'.tin r Hei ning to make them vai.u
itCe Ubt.airds-S.Cp.
riffi'.f.'-a TKiptirUs Cinia'xiil.e tihat 'the
111 tor.: inory s-'hume projevted for Porto
It .0 tot Ibeen pi.it M.o suiceastsiful
i-pe:l 1.1.'en. Tiii-s is .ir.l.ere'sring niialimly
I l>.'.-.':;use k,-f .resvin-jbl'.i.nce betwe.n the
:. jvot air.i.l the pi'ain whCch 'ft is now
U'fjivt 'to. put btre ipi'.iay in K'tib.i.
? The war vli&paitil'mitT.t 1:1s '.nrii.i,nig:ins to
shx Sange supply of the moot imiod
ern KiJieB. .suffioier.t in Uiime -of emier
gency to arm a tcr.ee of 500.000 m- n.
Son-o>t Meind?nea, tihe liraz'.ii-.in m.i'n
ist.-r, .-'aii'.J uodlny Uhf.'t he has r.-.-eivod
?no i'ii'for:r.'at:ion as 'to the reptoiuteld nego
ti..nions i.ow'ard tlhe pu-rtlhase et" Brazil?
ian wiairsttps, ni-w- in ccurse of con
1. ruof'on in for "lgn yards. In other
ifrCvctuil qui inbans tthieHrrniprefisii n is gntow
-uri.'nsr shiiipa now buuWir.g tor Aingen
l;.'ir.u ar.'.l OWXe. iBrtamiH thtis been ud.ive
cf Ictle in bu'i'i'dir.g up 'her mwy and
j'Jl.'are is d' -ubt as 1:0 her w-.'.'.'i.ii^n- ss to
Ip :rt w'th any of '.he t?hip n w build
lg f'-r h'-r. These .ini.iitts'.e two iron
a-ie- auii ling ni Uiiie Arnistr.mg y.rds
wo Ironclads at Ba Seinne, France,
ml I'.lhiree itorpe-tJo boat iia,t<heivi at
'??t'.'n. Gepmanry.
'ihe aidirr.iiinii-stTtaltT'Cin htals1 deftniite 'a-for
I n.'ait'.an fram a sr.iu.ree whii h is regarited
beyint.4 nnKisit'.on to the efTect 'that
I Spain thtas re a; pur.''a'.s'.--.ed -the two Bra
i'liain ?orui'seita Iti-rba?'-> -anti Atmaz nlias
The oriullsers Ctfiumibla .ut.i Min.r.eap
iis, it is now expected, will tie fitted
rlt land iiKinin't-td' by t'he loth instant,
t iis l.ikv'Ly the two vessel's wii'l go im
rjcidtlaitely to Hampton it' i'.lis. where
I'thvy wil'i mot-it the Brooklyn. Imasmucih
itllte return to Waishingfon of Mr.
Unit e, who acted as one of the steniig
?rlvphers iif the eount of liltKrinlry ait Key
Wei-it, bias bn.-.n mtatde the basils for the
assumption that he brought 'to the Sec
seoreUary what purported ;-. be-the con
OnxtUMm of ijhe court law to the caus
it the'Mtalne diisaisiter. it may be stated I
t>y alutihtu'lity of the i--.n-r.vatv that h.
Mas nttt m-.ii ,.ro'ainuni;.ui".l wiiih Mr.
Mi.'..,, a'mse rtlhe '?latHerTa r?tiurn. m .r
does be cx.pes.-t w do so. So OJir us van
be isul-Uhert-d. Mr. H?lse left the court
?* ihtiuiry because i'tlhiad notonger need
THE I'.ll.l, SJC.NBD
WASHINGTON, March 9.?The IT.
Ident at 3;-H? o'clock this airteraioom
signed 'the -measuie appnoprlatins J50
183.000 for the national defense and it
is now a 11 w.
KEY WEST. Mh.rclh U. -The British
urulser Cordtfta, of the N m h Allan ie
s.tuavlron. arrived tvere this afte-riVuVin
P.i mi Belize. British Honduras. N".. ?p
otai slgnilh'atn- ? -aiu.s t.j h.-r (join?
Th,. r,?-,|,(, is Ijrfb. :i: i ?ru.i: ?'.!. fitrhi
ing e.ip.i.-ity t.i the Kaa'..-li.
The MaiHory U-w r N i< , acrty <J to?
day w-.th 6.020 pa -k i-?. ,- vf ptovlaToms
f< r the .-'?irv.hg 1'ul. :?:;.-? ar. l n-jii ?,..?....
of ammunition. The laminruini'lJio-n w i
tt'sinsf. rred l,i ..???. Mtvrb: ' . !. arad will
be t ik. tl fh,. T riK f .. .; ...
; i.oi ami iig t'l. ? : .. '???:? :i. - ..
The d-iuf.1i p Ut Fein Is lh urly .j.
peoted fr.ni Hiaviaima. On her arrlvel
prowl Ji ms wJl| !?..? put ,.-a bo-airtd srn-l
sh.- will then proceed Mufcttinzos
This afternoon the NiathvO'ile towed a
email bar,-- out to flie Sow Y- rk. The
Detroit remain!, -n the ih irbwr. T ?ne,r
row the torpedo l>-..n Bonier wt'il l?ive
for the Tortiuigas with mafl for the licet
Sin- w.i.H .pi . ba b y .r.euurn on Suir.idt.iy.
Tu., more bodies ihti-ve btvti r. -ovare.l
United S..H.k airmi;
; urood to Tuimpa tv
Ins the 1' ? ..'1 f.
Imii'.l Sear! i '. :. ? to ds
?? bo b i l l ties of mi's re Oginlii.iSom
ut of fr,e condltJ n of lil.
?.irm -1 ofneens stiy fit Iis omJy
l of n i.:i?r: rim- when ? ??? wJIl
d of .the severe rtr?fp .n-.i..',ity
n? up. a h?rn.
iis ar.- liit-iU f. r tin- rinoinnm;
Myn, i.nd they are ex.; ? d t..
Ie. :. A '. :'. r l::is b en re
a i] .lib ? r fr m an office:
? next, if Ul
it m iy lie
WA SH llscTii'iN.tM. i ?-h 10.?Much c;..a- I
?ofui-e 'hiaB been iin'du'js'ed 'in itiuvtuinig
... \.: paid to jhe W-al. House t.-lav
y Ohe BiU'eh A nib.: ...-. I- r. The Wash
'??ti I'? st th:- iT:.-.!:-?? lay) tmorr.i.-.v;
a>n an the p. tot:
"Queen Vi ifonXi ha?, .'l-.r>.t:-'ii Sir Ju?
an* 1- urn-.-.. conveyed :.. President
I"MutKli'nlie-y I'.er pia'tClK'.-cioii ait tlhe wise
ad <-. .in'. i va'.ii v,- leou'itse .wfci'eh lie 'has
.?us far pursued On r.'iati: in ?:.-. ithe ?*u
1' in and Spamii-sih oe n... .on. S!:,. also
^."r.-i-'-d to ihrim 'her .'.orou^-h syimpa
.- w j.lh .i 1-ia , fT- its put Mirth by the
lio -.i S'Mes to re'Suvu i .ufT.?:???:? 'iiu
tir.l'ty ::ii Outia, iwl-lih tlhe h-'i-e ' ha:
They would havi
?.i:..f..ugi.i .Mr. Ha
? in i mi ii ?? it. d dir. ei'ly
av ? led \mi< . :ii|.'. us.aid for
us ir.ts. It w s p . a ,? I oui
ioh whe United riiai.es were Son
to 1... j, ?? :?'..?/? 1 by a .o r be
.i ry ni .d ?,p .-.a. The
A . i:.- p ri of Ne? Y. rk. for
It w is |. .tit.'.! ort. would to.
.% ull b.
it of th
a .las.ire. wih.i.'h bos yet i ti.y reaate
? Btraise of ilerftalXve siugisestlon. the
tsi.iliairst'e muy be 'form 1 bec wes
cat Britain and the Cn.'ted State
I: l...; been tltvowin .'..at t?e in..ereti:s .
nviun-l atnid tihi'is icouin'try a-ro ncit onl
i...:: ?-.-.ii. in a ?entnal stimse. but -.n
si.ee aiiv ident it-a-l In the great questlJ
f tel'.? n Oh ima aal i lie >:.'?: a ma
r.i u.sii'.tilon. <urca>: ts:???>.? n :s rarar?
h"r sup: , :iia. y in i .li : ? i .- . r.-uislt
i.it.-aod. ?...::? lh?-3 aOreutdy e tab
ilhcd hensel'f cim t'he S u.'ii ar.l Riussti
? s aggreasrve .a :h-.- N r.'h. wa.ie Ger
li.a'nv 1.1 ;s s-.-eur.-l a f.'.T foothold.
If Ems'U-.ir.l.l ipreip li'es to h .1.1 her own
-?lie must fligihit ifo:- it. Thii's explains
why She is P-t-b' i.l. r.-g h.-r i.CAp owners
. . part w ih t'he v.---?? -? r. y are con
iii ling, a.nd mv-urn s- f..r th* largo
r.-.ise she is maikima to htr n.i-vy.
i'i was the sDsgeat'oin itMnl if the
LVAted Stat.-s wou03 affotd to Great
rain her u. a..'I port Cn ease of
mbie ii> the E ist. she wouH offer us
? , .yn-ip.i. hy am i pra'citCca'l laM i n any
ii bit- that Khreaitened w'th Spa n that
mlteil in ut ?l'i vflSr-v-n of the eastern
-.-tioii in t'li- ciaib'lnlcil ni.ivir.i^ last
Brli'taiin >n ui .aoM'tig Hrltli-h
nprema'cy Im the Eteanf. there lare -many
ways in whIUIh our tn-lliK-r.--e could be
v. -.-> w.h effect n iBr.Mi'Uili bdhalf."
? Mi-IiKI. dl'' STATESMASrll!!'/?
LONDON. March. 9.?The T)a'ily
OhToreJcle, in :'ii eldi?t r'lift this nv.rn'ii'"
-.11 tii.- Cubam u-.i.:? .ii. .1.-r-ib.i. Pres.
dent M.-Kii/--y's ..i-.-ti.-n lOhrO'Ush'oiut t?n
? i-:-.s as a "n>d-1 ?f s'liatesimanishvp.'
It dexflares t'Wait the at-ti m of the Wash
ti'.Yon government iln eonnt-.-.'.'.n witl
Ithe Maiine ddsiaister des-erves the Wgihesi
here is every iinidiit-atii-.n." says th
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Montgomery Anchored Near
the Maine.
...iikuI lleiicri.l I.it Uuod Terms With
l..rul ISlauco. Court of In.
t|ulr> l'untiiesl h Fuel turn and
t: iin Secretive Way.
(By Telegraph.)
HAVANA, MUxch U.?The United
States cruiser Montgomery arrived
h?.!e at 0:110 this morning. The arrival
ifctire of 'ihe Montgoraerj was very
vtu.es. 'it 'being generally undeistvKid
mil she comes to replace the coast sur?
vey steanri&r J' eni tus quarters for v,ap
ta.n Sigsbee and others.
?Commander converse, of tihe Mont?
gomery, is u high authoitty on explo?
sives and his advice wlH l>e useful to
the cfvJiu of inquiry into the loss of the
After tiring the usuall sal'Ute and ?Oe?
ing suiU'ved in teturn. the Montgomery
was mool ed in the pitincrpai ih?erbor
near the wr . lv tit the M.'...c and in. the
centre oif Span!'-1- ?iup?.
[Later i>J .tie day COmtnajider Con
varse received the correspunident on
board the cru-Lser and created bun
g>.uieiously, th ugn lie had nothing to
.iv.i him oeyond ill- facts already sent.
He seemed saustfted to 'nave a icsi .n
Havana hai'bor 'for a whjie, as ti.e
cruiset .-.-as been veryjbusy t..m njig at
We.-t Indian ports ilutely.
Captain S;g.-'l>ev, 'L.eu.ter.anit Com?
mander Wain,wright aind Br.sign Poiv
eliOn wi.!i occupy quarters on the
Montgomery, tin- Fern leaving Havana
iHid afternoon. The Montgomery is as
iTi'tn and t? ni as possible. Nobody is
allowed on board 'wiihouit perm.islon.
but no one is excluded if business or
vourtes} demands the admission of the
length of the cmiser's stay in this har
b r. any more than tln-r,- is any news
of ii;.- duration o; the sessions of the
o-it.-, of inqu.'.y 'here. The court (held
its usuui sessions today, examini.ng the
divers. Only the Spatnlisb divers were
ot u..ik and they were occupied 'but
part 01 the day. The wreckers are
steadily removing the upper debris of
uhe wreck, some a if which wi.l lie dump?
ed into tlie sea. Other portions Of the
wreck a're worth sailing.
Senator Proct' r left here today for
Key West and well go to M ami by to?
morrow's steam, r.
Consul General Lee soys there was
nothing of importance in the maii'l mai?
ler which he has just re eived from
the United States.
The Olivette's passenger list of in
eomers was s/maM and ho.-, oungo'iug Hist
?f passengers is not as arge as usual.
'A Span iah coi'umin under Colonel Te
j.-.la, according to a ISpamish re.port,
has captured several eniureru-hod Insur?
gent cam'ps in Uhe LVEanzaitiB'lit.. district,
iri.-iuding the camip of Bl Chine. The
troops, the 'Simniar.ls add. knifed nine
men, ma l,- three .prisoners otr.d oap
tured "an armory- .-with many tools,
mi'.! destroyed many great huts and
Thf.re nvos alnolher engagement be?
tween fiese opposing ?arces, it appears,
.11 I.a Sierra, and the insurgents are al?
leged to have lost over one hundred
men while Hi,- Spanish eotlone'l reports
oLiiv two ? f his men killed and fifteen
There Wi l ilie an Important '.'-"'-ine
tonight of th,- Central eorr..mMiee or the
Conservati ve .party. Th,- Marquis Apez
te.guiii. who w ill preside, will. i.t is an?
nounced, "expose the [.ropositi. In 'that
the Conservatives should take part tn
tin- eleei'lons." It is generally admit?
ted that a majority O:' the Conserva?
tives or.- urw iling to take part in the
?? .' ti tss, though th" colonial or auto
noniie govo.nmeiiit wtlil reserve sixteen
places f..r the Conservatives in the
? ? ioniel ,-.?!.gres-s. it' ihey participate In
GLASGOW, March 9.-The Spaniisli
torpedo bo ait d est? overs Osado and Au?
di? left -fr.- Clyde bank Uh'rs afternoon,
f .lily mann: .1 and witii ni: their guns
and other armaments on board. They
will embark the-ir amti utn'Hion tomor?
row ui Oreenock and rwtlll sail on Sat?
urday. At their trials they developed
a speed of 110 knoits.
A further examination of the divers
..? upied the cow.it of .inquiry today.
Tbe sessions were not long and it would
be hard for anyone ntot in possession
..: inside Information) to tell what keeps
tlie members liere, unless '.t be that they
ate waiting until the divers are able to
examine and repont uiion portions o?
the hull a'iready engulfed in the harbor
The Fern eft for Key West tonight.
Americana here are greatly pleased
ut the prompt action of Congress in
passing the defense bill, everyone re?
garding the appropriation as a wise
measure- im time of peace.
Henri La.ne, tbe Ame.lcan corres?
pondent, has been expelled from the is
I land. He 'left on the Plant Line steam?
er Olivette at noon today. There have
been) in. further arrests on charges o?
An entertainment and social function
for the b. netit of the SiHin'ish navy is
be.ng arranged to take place at tho
theatre Taeont, Several luxes have
been sold at $530 euch -and the logos
have been disposed of at $s:t each.
Louis Klopse h, proprietor of the
Christian Herald of New Y.irk, arrived
on the Ward Line steamer Seguranca
today. He is one of the throe commis?
sioners appointed by President McKin?
ley to supervise the collection of a re?
lief fund and is here to see Consul
General Lee and Miss Clara Barton and
to observe the distribution of relief.
Havana escaped the excitement of
Sunday last win h seems to have reach?
ed a high pitch at Key West and else?
where. Consul General Lee was not ad?
vised from the state department of the
request from Madrid f? r his recall, nor
ei' the withdrawal of the request. In?
formation as to both tioints was fur?
nished to him by the correspondents
of tho Associat,si Press. In the a.l>sence
of particulars General Lee believes that
the request wns prompted by the auto?
nomists, who probably alleged that be
wns not a believer in autonomy as it
exists here, and there-fore asked his re?
moval, in. order to get a stumbling
block out of the way.
Consul General Lee is on the liest of
terms with General Slant o, Senor Jose
Q r.gosto and tho most Influential
Spanish merchants. Ai'i assure him of
absolute protection, even if the volun?
teers should make a demonstration.
General Lee believes the volunteers
would 'be controlled by the merchants
tn whose employ they are. Others
doubt this, but the ramikimg colonel of
the volunteers assures General Lee that
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