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Dispatches. ]
v?rTii,lsTo. 58.
John Meritz Attempts to
Shoot Sergeant Reynolds.
He Is Implicated In the Robbery or the .Ship
E. J. Spencer. Two Other Arr. ?tn
Matte and more Develop
luenlH Expected.
Mohn .Moritz owes his life to the
?bravery of ?eigeamt J. W. Key Molds.
Under simiter cirjCU-OOSUances most any
other OWfieer would have sent a bullet
through Moritz'? heart, and he w. uld
have been Justified in doing so. Instead
of shooting uhe man Sergeant Reynolds
overpoweied him, placed his nippers on
h'.e wrist and forced hwn to go to tlhe
eity Jail. Six charges were slated
against the prisoner, as follows: Fe
jouious sljototing, disoaderly conduct,
resisting arrest, cainrying concealed
weapons and giand Caroenty..
While at line C. & O. depot yesterday
afternoon Sergeant Reynolds' attention
was lattracted by the disorderly conduct
of two men. They were on the vacant
lot Ibetween Twenty-third street und
the railroad. Themen were iMoritz and
John Scott, 'better known as "Scotty."
Morltz hud a revolver in his baud and
"Scotty" was trying to wrench it from
him. Sergeant Reynolds hurried to
'Where the men were. He walked up
to Moritz, drew his revolver and told
the man to consider hirnse.f under ar?
rest. Moritz is a powerful man, weighs
ebc?t 200 pounds and is desperate. He
whipped out his revolver ond attempted
to shoot the officer, but Sergeant Rey?
nolds 'knocked his aim off and then got
behind 'Moritz, putting his arms around
the man's shoulders and pinning his
arms. tRailw'ay -Detective J. B. Heck
saw the trouble and hastened to the of?
ficer's assistance. 'Moritz threw his re?
volver away and- "Scotty" was in the
act of picking ;t up when he wa.-? or?
dered not to touch it. till ritz resisted
v-iolerftly. but he was overpowered and
taken to Jail. "Scotty" -was a so ar?
Shortly after IMoritz was lodged in
prison it was learned th-at Patrolman
J- E. Gray had 'been, searching for him
on a charge of felonious shooting. It
seems that gome time during rive after?
noon iforitz. who is a ship runner and
works for Mr. John Donnelly, shot at
A negro named lHarry Wood in. This
occurred on the "Acre." MSoritz tried
to put a dog on Wooditi and the negro
threw a bttick at the canine. This en?
raged Moritz and he fired two shots at
Wood in.
Later in the evening it developed that
Moritz and "Scatty" were implicated
In the nibbery for which "Long" John
?Reynolds and Charles- 'Evan? were ar
iresied Wednesdayjnight. This is acase
of grand larceny and- if the charge Is
proven Alorttz and the others implimted
wWl -get a term in the penitentiary.
Moritz and "Scotty" had been drinking.
The fourteen cans of paint and two
coils of rope discovered Wednesday
might by Detective Heck in a row bent
in the possession of Reynolds and
Evans were stolen off ,he British sail?
ing ship E. J. Spleer. Captain O. W.
Cochran, whkh is taking on a cargo of
canal coal. Captain Cochran app.ared
at the police station yesterday morning
and identified his property, which he
values .it $iW>. The articles were stolen
same time Wednesday night and Cap?
tain Cochran is of the opinion that
there were several men implicated in
the robbery.
The police were at work on the ca?e
yesterday and succeeded in working up
evidence against several persons. Early
in the oftern'.ron Sergeant /Reynolds ar?
rested James FVazier, who was the
watchman on the ship Wfslires lav
night. He was lodged 1n JaiC. but was
afterwards released by Justice W. T.
Moss. Other arrests will probably- be
made today.
'Mr. T. H. Gordons of the Newport
iNews (Supply Company, stated yester?
day that "Long" John Reynolds was
not employed by his firm.
Silver Tea st the Y. Mi C. A. KonmH.
The Ladies' Auxiliory of the T. iM. C
A., "MM give a Silver Tea a.t -the nsso
eiatHon rooms tonight from 8 to 1
o'clock. A program of music and reoi
tations will be rendered-and other socis
features will be the order of the even?
ing. Light refreshments wiiM be served |
by the ladies. There wHl be no admit
slom fee but a silver offering will 1
received, and devoted to the educational |
dliaws work
rhe New Telephone System.
Work on the new telephone system,
which is being put in by the Citizens'
Telephone and Telegraph O^rritpany. is
being rapidly pttcShed toward comple?
tion. A large force of workmen is en?
gaged stringing -Wires on Washington
avenue and other thoroughfares. The
first (service will be given next Mon?
day, when the company wi'1'1 begin bus
Sness -with 100 'phones. 'Already the
company has 200 subscribers, but it will
?be several weeks before aill the 'phones
?wiilJ be put In and connected with the
system. _
(Mr. end Mrs. W. E. Caldwell ar? so?
journing (ni Washington,.
(Messrs. James B. and Henry Barlow,
of Wdnchester, are in the city.
Mrs. John A. Gordon has treturned
form k visit to friends in IRdchmond.
Miss Jenniie Chapmitin.of I?ng Istotnd,
ito tlhe guest of Mrs. J. P. Thornette, on
West avenue.
'A marriage Kcense was iss'uod yes?
terday la'fterrtoOn to ?SSSaa Ma.t'tie B.
Johnson and' Mr. G. Watson Haley.
?Mrs. W. M. Pearl a-nd mother, of this
?ckv, are registered at the National
Hare!. Washington.
(Mr -Archer Brooks, the general man?
eger of the Denimeed Ice Company of
WWHamsbutRft 1? in the city to sevure
the services of a competent engineer to
run the ilce plant, and to arrange for
the delivery there next week of dressed
Juimber, to 'be used in the construction
of the rm?lding. _
?Mr W. P. Walkttr, Jr., Freight Traf?
fic Manager of the Chesapeake & Ohio
railroad, who was paralyzed' rexently.
arrived' here yesterday at 11 o'clock
and! went over tto Norfolk at 11:30
K/clock on a special tug. He was ac?
companied by Mrs. Walker, their son,
a physician and MY. Walker's private
secretary. The attending physician has
hopes that Mr. Walker wtCl entirely re?
cover from Ms shock.
For Rent?-The Central Hotel, mtcely
furnished. Aipply to M. H. Lash; 2808
Washington ?venu*. fab 15-tf.
Caacarets stimulate liver,kidneys anr?
bowel?. Never sicken, weaken or gripe.
?r, sui.ni ok mi CouTera WStli Secretary
Tlie preparations for tto'e double
laumicJh'tag at tihe sthtipyiard on March 24
are nearly completed. The siviips have
been vain ted and nearly aill of. the liarge
timbers have been removed. A double
force of 'men are at work on the huge
mane so as to 'htave iiit n .uiy in time.
As yet toe progia.m for itliie Uauncihlimg
[las not been arranged.
Yesterday's New York Herald pub?
lished the following fro:u a Washvng
?n ?oirrespondent:
'.'Secretary b/ng was in conference
thits afternoon, with President C. B. Or
eutt. of the Newport News Shipbuild?
ing & Dry Dock Company, in regard to
the present state of construction of the
batllesh?iis Kearsargt- and Keimi ky.
Mr. Oreutt was advised that the depar t?
ment did not desire that tttvere should
be any festivities in connection with
file launching, and he was urged to
hasten work as much us possible. Na?
val Constructor J. J. Woodward, super?
intending constructor at the Newport
News yard.; was also advised Iby t< le
aj.h to expediate the work .-f con
su.'uicirion on beard these vessels. Sim?
ilar oTders were issued to every navy
lyard^and every shipbuilding yard1 where
ships are budding.
?'According to returns received by
Chief N'ava. Constructor HWh'lxn. n. the
Kearsvuge and Kentucky are 67 per
cent. ..ompleted1: the Illinois and \ia
banna, 43 per cenu; Wisconsin 2? per
cen-a; gunboat Princeton, 93 per cent -
u. rpe<L> beat 'R?dgens, '.<-' per cent : tor?
pedo boat Forrugut. 02 pti.i cut.- tor?
pedo boat Davis, ?1 per cent.: torpedo
boat Fox, 6!? .per cent.; tori ed?> boat
Morris, ft* p.-r cent.; torpedo boat Mac?
kenzie, .S5 per cent.: turpedo boat 'Mc
Kee, 02 iN?r cent., and .-ub-marlne tor
P-.lo boat Plunger, 66 pe: cent."
Citizens Think the Policemen Should Ke
cclve Miiri. Pay.
The eoniclusi'on reached by flie Ordl
ncnieo Uonranllttee reeomimend an in?
crease ,.f $lu a m..ntih 'in Whe solitary of
in., patrolmen of uhe city, thus met with
geneiuil approval: im fav-t.-u single nro
fest has not been Oie-aiU.
The policemen 'have long hours and
Obey work under exacting orders When
an officer goes on duty he mu-t remlaiin .
on nSs beat twelve hours. 'During that
tsimo nv is required to keep ptatrolinig
his beat. No time is allowed f.-r test
If 'he sKiou'M stop longer than live min?
utes -at any one pliace. except when on
bustmess, he is. aeoordting the rules
liable ;.i 'be susijietid'.-d for a peri, d of
ten days. A p^Hcerman U supposed t..
be pa-id a salary of $50 a mon'tlh. but
when he Is sick and rendered unlit for
duty he is "docked" an t?te rate of $1 ill
a day.
It is beffieved that the Conwion Ooum
?">' ?"!H adopt the recommendation ?f
t'he Ordinance Com'm'ittee, for no valid
reason can be given for vtseun-tholing
it. The plea for retrenchment cannot'
be justly urged againvt it. us it would
be ptalnible mockery. If a policeman
'????.".-?Ith anxviiioe tcUtfe?UOItot !h.? oh.uiM
be paid at hast ?s a xtwy oi ?10 a n?:?h.
This is t'he opinion of t'he right-think?
ing i>eople.
Hard from Esc-Oftlccr .Ioiioh.
Editor Daily Press:
In your columns yelterday I nvntiet
thai a,-cine; polilee Justece H. B. Senvmei
declared Abe OoOl'lns. who -was arrest eil I
by me M-.in.l vy nEglht, w as arrested "i
properly and therefore 'illegal." In .urder |
that t'he public may 'be rightly inform?
ell in regard to my action in the oa
I wish to state t'hat tthe man was found I
in a drunken stupor. Ttlft re were a good ]
many people standing around, but no
one seemed tu know hSm, w li re ho
ISveit, or w'he't'her 'he 'lived 5n town.
Theiv 'being nothing to do 'in my Judg?
ment but to lock him up. I did so,
ehoosOnig ratlher to do that than t.. let
him Me out in the cold all niigtht. He
pleaded guilty In Jusoi'e-e Senvmes' court
the next morning -and wan lassetslsed the |
usual tine of $2.50 by Justice Semuue
himself. After hearing trnw't be was ar?
rested by me. 'he released 'him on
ground th'ait I was no longer a p.
officer. Z. T. JONES.
March 10. 1S0S. .
t'urd from .1. If. Haywooll.
Editor Danly Press:
In your issue of the Sth Inert, it is re?
port ed that a rough anvl tumble l-crap
occurred ? my 'house on Sunday lost,
and that a kettle of hot wtater w\is
thrown at my mother, who is aged C5
yeais, tend 'tlhata cleaver was used. etc.
As thCs statement, without inv.-.-toga
tion, isa.pt to leave t?te impression that
my ihousv Is a disorderly one, I desire
to say for the benefit Of't'he public and
my many friends that on the occasion
referred to I -was out of the city on
business and knew nothing of the cir?
cumstance until my arrival at night.
Mv mother, -who 1? given to periodical
a pel-is. seems to have become irritated
at s..'melhing and a family quarrel fol?
lowed, which, upon investigation, was
nut a's aggravated as presented.
So -fur os I am concerned t'he public
knows 'mo to he a quiet, respectable and
i oni-ils.tvnt Christian, and' u-tvile I de
plore'tihe wbWle imatter, I want it under?
stood t'hsait nWtSihng of a dC'sorderly na?
ture would ever find tolerance in my
presem-e. R'espec tf u 11 y.
J. H. H AY Win >n.
Nun Telephone System.
The Citizens' Telephone and Tel.
gmiili Company begw to announoe t
the public of Newport News t-hat <ts
siytste-m well be In op-r.ition on Monday.
Marcih 14. ait whh'h time 100 subscrib?
ers will be eonnviu. d wi'th 'the ex
ctiatnge. By the l!Kh ?ns*. the entire sys
Item of about 200 pSiones wil'l be 'in op
eTOiUion. The rates are as follows:
Buslnesu phones. $30; residence phonies,
$25, inr year. .
Tlie exdhange will be connected with
Norfolk. Portsimouch, Hampton, Old
Point. Phoebus. Berkley and Suffolk.
Free connection with Hampton. Con?
tracts made Ifor one year, -wtitb the priv
Hege of five. RIOHA RD H. WIT/..
l_. Manager.
Aditm'h Al*..
i Is not mote wbo'esome than fiesh,
erisr<, well-browned creckers ma<le from
the best dour. Such as Fox's XXXX
Squaire Wafer Butter Crackers. They
an' delicious and as dean and wbo'e?
some as anything you an put on t'bs
Stable. It.
Notice to Telephone liners.
rrhe iSouthern Bell Telephone and Tel
egtapth Compi.ny announces tlbe fb'.loWr
ling rates for tt-lep'hone service, t>i take
teffect Mardh 1st: Business 'phones. $2.50
per mioinilh.; residence 'phones, $2.00 per
mh 9-6t Manager.
A Happy Woman
Is the housekeeper Who buys ber coal
and wowd from the Warw'iok Coal an?
Wood Co., Twenlty-eighth street. Jal4-tf
Cascareta stimulate liver, kidneys anfl
bowels. Never Bicken, weaken or gripe.
Delegation Returns From
Secretary or the Treasury Suys It the I'orts
Are (Jousolhlutetl Vessels Will Enter
Here, Ucaversuml I'rhiee
The d-ejegation l.? Husiness men who
went to Washington and appeared be
fore the ways and means eonuii.tteo of
the House of Representatives in the in?
terest ut' this pent, arrived home at
noun yesteiduy, corning hy lire way of
Old Point. The Washington bout was
detained in the itv r hy u dense fog
and the s!hip was six h urs oveidue.
When some of the members ,-f the
party left the city Monday night tit y
w>ae wearing slouch hats and derbys,
out when they returned the odd heod
gejr had 1 ?.-.?? replaced by "stove?
pipes"?high tbeavers. -liven Jtuet-ioe J.
D. O. Brown thitew away his old "plug"
for a silk hut. und it gave ban a "fetch?
ing" look.
After retelling Washington the lob?
byists eorn li.d d- their ways would be
in- i-.- wms me it they donned Prince
Alberts and beayers, and so they hied
themselves too clothing store and pur?
chased outfits. Then they catlied on the
secretary of the treasury und compli?
mented him for bs good judgment in
recommending that the ports of New?
port News. N- i'f Ik and Cape Charles
be consolidated -with this city as the
port of en-try. This party was com?
posed of Hon. Thomas Temple Powell,
Messrs.- W. C. Stuart. F. W. Mu ford,
D. S. Jones, A. Ia. Powell, E. W. Rob?
ins n, J. .1^ PatrJon. J. J.-. Palmer .Vnd
Justice .7. D. G. Brown: They called at
ti.e weusuiy department Tuesday
morning, together with a delegation
front Norfolk. After hearing both
sides Assist mt Secretary How 1 sii-1
he would not umend th- original rec?
ommendation. He thought the ports
should Ux.nsolidated and that New?
port News ought to lie the port of en?
try in that event. This put the local
delegation in a jolly mood nnd they
spent an enjoyahle afterno n and even?
On Wednesday the ways and means
committee convened.. The Newport
News'dcl, gotion expected toflieaugment
ed by a number of business -men who
left for Washington- Tuesday eventing,
but only Mr. R. G. Bickfoird und Mayor
W. A. Post put in nppeamnceL They
arrived over the R.. F. & P. railroad-,
coming via Richmi nd. The boat on
which were Dr. A. C. Jones, Mr. iRl P.
Orr. W. G. Burgess and others was tied
up in a fog and did not reach Washing?
ton till after the hearing bad taken
place. So they did not have to buy
beavers. _
Congressman W. A. Young accompa?
nied the delegations when they ap?
peared 'before the ways lard mcins com?
mittee. -.Mr. W. R. .Mayo, mayor of
Norfolk, made the principal argument
in Opposition to the l>BL
He showed that Norfolk has been o
port of entry' for more than i ne hu.nd.rd
yeat s. and that this year it will be the
first port in the tiountry in the quantity
of cotton handed. The megiftg
of the .Norfolk port into that of New?
port News weald, he said, 1..- a_ mani?
fest injustice to the c ty of Norfolk,
whl-h is entiil-d ti> credit for th.- arge
business transacted there annually. He
produced statistics showing that the
business of the port has steadily In?
creased during the last few years.
Mr. lt. G. B ckford was spokesman of
the Newport News delegation. He sa.d
e.insolidari. n was not urged Iby the bus?
iness men of this city, but if there w re
to be consolidation then, he thought, it
would be desirable that Newport N-ws
be made the port of entry. He thought,
h iwever, that existing arrangements
should be continued.
M im'bers of Congress do not believe
the cones 4ida'tion bill will- pass the
House und ;h.- Norfolk visitors were
comforted by ass-tttrances to this effect
from members >4 the Viirgiinll-a d-'lega
ti. -n. It is unquestionably true, how?
ever, that .1 targe paving to the govern?
ment would result fnc-m the adoption of
th-.- syst-.-ni suggested by the treasury
department, and efforts will be made
by the treasury officials to secure a fa?
vorable report from the committee on
ways and means. If the bill is passed
Newport News will certain' y be in id -
the p-rt of -entry. This mottet- was
practically decide,! Tuesday.
A good joke is told at the exmense (??!
the mcrn- who bought s'lk hats. Tues?
day afternoon, so the story runs, they
were standing on the capita! steps with
Captain John Lamb, the representative
from the Second district. Another Con?
gressman happened to pass the party,
?and when he saw Captain Lamb later
in the afternoon he asked: "Was that
set of eoontry-lookitwg fellows with
high hats on a delegation from your
Another Congressman who observed
the delegation is said to have re?
marked: "Those fellows look as if they
came from a place that tho wove of
prosperity has struck."
As a matter of fact th.. gentlemen
who -went to Washington in the inter?
est ? f the city orettted a favt-r'.ible im?
pression and they d'iserve the thinks
of everyone interested in th,- futuire of
Nowpo. t -News.
Circuit Court.
In the OiTcuM Court yesterday. Judge
J. W. G. Rlaekstone. pre.--.iding. a num?
ber of decrees were entered in eh rn .-rv
cases. At the afternoon t=ession the
case of Mrs. Btiiie W. Davis vs. w. .1.
EMtzsi.mimo.n3, an -act-Ion in amiwiwtl to
recover $1,047. was taken up. The ptlaCn
t'iff is retpresented by Mr. R. T. Arm
stead, mf W'iWtiaimsburg, nnVi the defend?
ant by Messrs. Blckford & Stuart.
At t'hc regular meeting of Newport
News Council] No. dr.. J. O. TJ. A. M.
lust ni.ght a vote of thanks was -tender?
ed to the fofflOiWiing gentlemen for
patriotic addresses a't the celebration
heCul on ?Wayh'l.n.gton's birthday: Rev.
W. R. Motlev. M-ivor W. A. Pest, Rev.
H. It. 'Wright, Rev. T. J. MacKay.
(Oaptrali-n C. W. A'dntms, Rev. 'Mr. Wil?
sen, Messrs. C. A. A?trby. J. K. M.
Newton, W. E. Barrett und Dr. W. P.
800 Lots at Auction.
Sale will commence on the 241 h of this
month?after Wie launching Is over?
ani continue until all are sod. Pro?
perty situated on ear line and water
fr tit. F..,r- maps and Information, call
on Powell Bros. & King ,2701 Wash?
ington avenue. mr2-tf
If the view team has not photo?
graphed your house, stop them when
they pass ,or leave order at 2412 Wash?
ington avenue. fe27-eod.
When bilious or costive, eat a. Cas
caret, candy oarhhartlc, cure guaran
teed, 26c.**
A handsome lillusWalfcetd tarn (Ming
Edition of itiHe Dolly Brass will be tis?
sued on March 24, the dtaite set for tihe
ethnitsteniing of tire batitlet-fntps Kear
Sairge aln'd Kentucky. It will l>e issued
immediately after the Kentucky plunug
i's into tihe Janrnes river. laind wOll eeinittatin
a oomph te an.l gnaipthlo d.-se.ripai? ?n of
the launching of t he t wo big wtairsthilips?
the greatest niavall event of the kind In
tire annta'is of 1'he world. A tmatory of
Newtport News tan? taBI te limit erects, ito
gotiher with port-raHts of mutnti-clipat of
liee'n--. shipyard ofllcti'ate and others, wifin
lie a faatl'ure of tihe publtaalttcn, which
will b,> 'print d on superc^'Iendered book
p.i.p. r. lit w ill be t'he hatn'd'sv?mes<t pirb
li.ui.t'iiin over printed In Newport
News, and w?iil he reptleite wCRIh int.tr
itst.ing facts and figures relative to tbe
growth and developtnenlt of tihe ciitty ais
in iimdustnilail cen'ter aired' shipping ipoGntt.
Copies of the ptaipi r will be sent to ship
*wmers, shopping 'atgeneies. coni-nils tit
f. gn amd doimesitlc ponls, b^aird? o'f
trade ami naval ..Hi,Hals -and other Or
SOTiZatiorts 'and itv I'v dir.Tls throughout
t'he world. No such advertising me
lii'ttm was ever published 1m New-p.nrtt
Mews, and every industry amd btiGiltneteH
estetblMlurr. n't in t'he ctlty should be
represented in tin- publloa'tJkm. A .rep?
resentative ..f the Da-Hiy 'Prem ?s mow
lanvassiing tihe c#ty for advertisements.
I't is rrupod- asud beKeved tthiait tihe Dtatl'ly
Pra'S vv?W receive the MbettaB oo-oipcira
ttXin of title business public On the un
A Large Audience Greeted the Wilbur.
Ivlrwin Company Laut Night.
"The Bohemian Girl" w-a!s irresented
at iae , perm house lalsit night by tihe
WUibiir-Kirwih Ojwra c.wnpt.nv. land
proved to lie by liar the imostt aimlbitiious
effort ..f Mo- week's ,.|vgageiiterw. The
iiuent'ty *.mwl us appreciation bv
ur.i tinted applause.
The attendance last night was the
lust evidence that the theatre goers of
lies v.;y appreciated the opportunity
to Witness a good production ot
liallife's ever popular, ever tuneful
.Miss Susie K.rw in. as Arline, again |
w 01 first prize in tihe appreciation ot
tihe audience, and strengthened tlie fa
v. p.il.ie impression She has already
made on the Newport 'Newts public. Her
stinging, as usual, was highly enjoyed.
Pirsit laurels am. ng lllie niale portion
anting the luxuriaint surroundings, Mr.
Puller made a decoded 'hit. His deep |
buss voice wus heard to splendid ad?
c.Mr'ciBSr-'?Wc'/.w?U.T.mwianger. J. |
and the other memlbers of the da
played their 'parts very creditably. The
wei k of the - . 'wus excellent. The ]
costumes w - .-? and handsome.
After 'til? ? ?? the curtain it\ che
tli. "r.l "act it** sei s arUaS*? H'- -ng
pictures v.. - Panted.
Tonight -. r. V." .nur-kirw.n cempa
will put <ra ' men." This is said
be one ..f the troupe's most eredila.
w.o'ks. and 'Miss Kirwin will be si
at 'her best.
Tn's will be the first performance
grand opera ever seen in Newport Ne
ami ili. re is a'ir. aVly indication that j
the thai*re patrons will take advantage
t,. witness a genuine operatic treat.
>e witnessed by one of the moat
d and thoroughly representani
ces .a" the season.
Chesapeake & Ohio Will Sntter if the Min?
ers Go Out.
The announcement that the miners |
!n tli* New .IKver and Kanaivvlva coal
districts hove been tendered to go out
on strike April 1. unless the operatois |
agiee t" meet the terrrts offered .by the
United Mine Workers, has caused some?
what of a stir in local railway ?freier
The coal' dumped at tile piers in this
c.ty by the Chesapeake & Ohio rail- i
road is taken exclusively from the New 1
River and Kanaiwha mines and in ti
event of a strike in those districts il
ChesUipeake & Ohio's .mmenise ooal Ixts
iness would l^- tied up.
The operators of the two rivers met
at Charleston, W. Va.. yesterday uavd
hod a long conference concerning the
They pi sitive'y declined to accede to
the demands of the miners lieeuuse they
.lalm they cannot profiltalbly pay the ad- 1
\-.:r,ce alstked for.
The United Mine Workers ask that
tin- West Virginia operators sign the
Chicago agreement, whikth eafls 'for an
eight houtr scale, uniform screens and
40 cents a ton Itor inining soft coa'L.
The New River and Kanawha mit
ore only receiving 30 cents a Uon.
Unless tiie rate is raised to 40 et
on or before April 1 tiwo thousand men
WiiM go ?,ut on strike.
"If the miners do go out en the 1st
of April." said a well known Chesa?
peake i mi., official yesterday, "it will I
result in a eVumplete tie-up as far as
tiie business ..f the Ohesapeake & Ohio
is , interned, as that is the only dis?
til, ; from w hich we set our supply.
"I have strong d'cMhts, however, about
the success of t'he vffcrts to make the
men go out. I am confident that there
vi 1 I.,- no strike. Why should there
be? Those miners are well paid. They
did not go 'out during the recent dial
strike and in eonseq'uence the Chesa?
peake & Ohio did nn- immense coal
traffic where the Norfolk & Western
did a. meagre business from the Poca
hontas mines.
'We are doing a splendid bttsin ss
w and I have hopes that it will in?
crease right along and not be interfered
with by any strike."
Colored V. HI. <:. A. Helmte.
A debate between the members of the
O lored Young Men's Christian Associ?
ation of Newport News and Hampton
to. k pin ??? i ist evening at the rooms in
Lena's Hail. TOookettts.
The f. pi'' on which the two associa?
tions debated was: "Resolved, That
Capital Punishment is Not Justflab'.e."
Tf you want pictures of any kind or
size see Wagoner, 2412 Washington av?
enue, feb 20-tf.
Wood delivered in arty part of the
city. M. S. WARREN, 445 Twenty
ninth street. Phone 2015. febG-2.m
Don't forget the little house 2412
Washington avenue wheni you want
pictures. fe27-tf
Don't think a girl regrets the toes of
her good .name when It Is replaced with
that of a nto young man._
RCII 11, 1898.
Preparations for'Defense Con?
tinue to Be Pushed.
Report That President McKinley In I're
inirlng tu Kecugnlze the Itelllger
envy of tub. Dented. Inter?
view With Senator I'roelor.
( By Telegraph.)
WASHEXGTON, Marcih 10.?The I'ul
ted St.itcs government has n>? t yet ac?
quired a single ndditik'nal ship im- phe
navy. Th'is is true not li r.iu.~r of a
Kt. k .,f offers ,,f wars-hips from abroad,
but simply feu the reason 'that tin- nav.y
deixirtmen'i is proceeding with all of
?the oirtunisipee'tion '.-.insistent with 'the
"??ods of the ease lin looking after the
qualities and prices ? r the craft.
u>ieultenant NiHiihu.lk. Uhe United States
naval attache ot Berlin, et. Petersbui g
und Vienna, is panticularly active in the
quest fur vessels. There was a good
deal of talk during the day about the
assignment of officers to the command
? f auxiliary cruisers, the St. Paul and
St. Lou'ls being . spec.i.ily mentioned,
'but Secretary Long set these stories at
test by tlr- sta'tememt that be had not
made any such assignments and hud
..nly progressed t.? the iwini of Inform?
ing himself of the possibility of getting
the ships officered and manned quickly.
While I.? king after new ships the of?
ficials of the navy department ore no't
neglecting the eld vessels, a-nd arrange?
ments have lieen made to make snort
repairs on several shii>s. that im the
ordinary course w. mid not be treated in
that fashion, 'but would receive a
thorough and time-consuming over?
hauling. Thus, in the case of the Phil?
adelphia, which has hod live years- hard
work and has never .vet l>. en done over
as :- tlie K'ustom.. order* hove gone to
.Mue Island t-? put iher in shape far sea
within forty days. The Yorktown. at
the same 'yard, is not to be tou ihed at
prescht, not only beoa'Uise she is in fair
condition, but also (l>ecause she is not so
formidable n craft as to moke it des.mble
t" divert t her repair attention re?
quired elsewhere. At Norfolk the (New?
ark is set down for thirty days' re.pui.is,
and as a g. .*.! deal of work has already
been done on heir, she will Ibe almost ?
new ship when s-he comes out of the
'I lie big monitor Puritan IaIs practi?
cally ecmpk.'e.l her repairs. The moni?
tor Comariche, at Mare island has. be. n
examined and found ii t.. erolbie con- ,
di'tion. At League island, the mi nitor
MaBratonomoh and the ruin Kaiahdln
went tn'to commission today, although
they have not yet hid their oiders.
They probably will remain in the DeJ
avvuire River or drop into the bay. The ,
torpedo iboat Dupont sailed today from
'.MeV.'lL 'oa-5 * St-rfc-..'-1 <? ? a*.
It was said at the navy department i
today that nothing had been heard i
Groin the inquiry at Havana nor from
Admiral Sicard at Key West. The pres- ?
ence in t'he city ?. f seve'ral persons con?
nected with steamship 1 ires and steel :
works led to ire "ireu! niion of u num?
ber f sensational si i ies during the
day. but p. i haps none of these hod the
persistency of one that Sound currency
at the capitol, until it met a s amnry
denial at the hands of Assistant Secre?
tary Day, to the effect that Min si.".
Wo-.dfoid had notified ihe Spanish
government that t'he President intendeds
to send to Congress ? message an?
num eing his recognition of Cuban in?
Commander Haw ley left (Washington
this evening for the South with Chief
Kngiiv er Wehsttir and Surgeon Persons
to enlist malehinilsts for the navy.
A conference was held tit " o'clock in
thcoffice of Assistant Secretary Roose?
velt to map '.??ut plan? for arming and
equipping merehaint vessels as uuxil
iary .misers. Mr. Roosevelt presided
and others present wereCaiptainCrown
inshteld, of . the bureau of navigation;
Captain fV'N.-M. of the 'bureau of ord?
nance; Chief .Hichborn. of the '1'ii'ie.iu
of e nstruction, and Commander TJrad
ford, of the lui e.iu of yards and d-u-ks.
This meeting bed 'been preceded by a
call from President Griscom. of the In?
ternational Navigation Company, which
owns the four ships St. 'Louis, St. Paul,
Paris and New York. The meeting
brought ut a gen nil discussion >.' the
work the various bureaus would be
called upon to perform in making these
and otb-.-r vessels ready es auxiliary
cruisers. About 85 per cent, of this
work wi 'iild full to the lot of the bu?
reau of construction, which would have
change of installing magazines, gun
in. ums. light protective armor for the
guns and magazines, and the . ircles on
which t'h':- guns swing. This work, it
is ?ald. coti d I"- uc ?onrvpl'ished readily
within two weeks time, .is till mat rio's.
except the guns, are in hand. The bu?
reau of ordnance could not supply all
the guns required within that short
tine, tilth ugh some seventy or more
or,, now available. The supply would
be adequate, however, for the most ef?
fective auxiliary' cruisers and the com?
plete armament of the merchant -.hips
could proce.-.l as rapidly as possible
thereafter. Gn the question of manning
I fh.. auxiliary fleet the navy de partim n>
fe. is thai the most effective step wou'd
b,- to enlist into the United States n ival
service the'present merchant crews .f
Hi.- several ships. These men will be
thoroughly familiar with the vessels
and ec.u.d handle them with fir greater
? ise th in rre.-n rews cK bin jackets
The ships would Ik' officered from the
line of the regular navy. In the case
of enlisting a merchant <r*w t'he pay
and allowances would be o-bo-ut equiva
lent to the rates paid ordinary sal'ors
and (he time of enlistment .1 ubt ? -s
would l>e limit...I to short periods.
The proposed batter es f.-.- the aux'i
iory cruisers consist in the case of the
s:.;in --hips St. iL* uis and St. Paul of
eight fi-inoh gunis. four 6-pounders and
four machine guns: the Poris and New
Yo k. twelve 6-inch, six 6-p itnders
und six 'machine guns. It is designed
t.. give vessels m* the Caracas and
Seme t type a mam iMtt'tery of eight 4
Intfh guns nt'.l from six to v'ih; rap'd
Are machine gun?. Those of the Vlg
Hlrica .'ass ..re dss'gned to hay n
main battery of s x f.-in h anil four 4
inch guns, .four l-pounders and three
machine guns. The batteries of the
auxiliary cruisers on the Pacific coast,
if th se should be railed int.. u-e. are
RUibstan'tially similar, six neb guns lie
ing the laugest ones designed for use in
that s-rviee.
The navy department finds itself in
comhanatlvely good, condition as to toe
supply of aoibonrtoblle torpedoes, which
constitute one of the mist deadly en?
gines of naval construction. The White
head torpedo is now' in general use, al?
though a few of the IHowell class are
still on hand. Fifty of the WhiteheatT
torpedoes were secured a short time
ago, and with these there is a total of
cbout 350 on hand. This gives not onty
a full outfit for vessels now im commis?
sion, l>ut also the neeessatry reserve
The new Spanish minist r. Sen or
Polo y Bernulbe. arilived here ear y to?
day. He was met at the station .-v
Sonor Du, Bosc, Spanish charge, and
other Spanish officials, who grave him
a cordial welcome and escorted h m to
the legation. Later Senor Du Boso
called at ih - state department ami ar?
ranged to present Senor Pol, at 11:1:,
0 clock tomorrow morning.
stat* department
that, the tot of the American consuls in
Cuba is a ve:-> hard one; it has been
atrnoult for many months and Is no
better nx,w. Still, the department is
gratified at the manner in vvhl, h these
eHn-ees have discharged their duties
and remained by their posts. So far a ?
can be learned at the state department
none olf_chem has resigned in l X [ ?
to the contrary probal.'y r. iin I!'? h ' >
origin in the f.iet that one consul w-hos ?
health hud broken down. has applied
i .1 leave of absence which w .r I*,
granted to Mm.
TH HI l>t Hfl' ROT \ I I ? ,, .e
WASH IN,stu.V. .ManV, |, - ... .
reeeU-ed at the Navy ?..,,.?-', ,?. ? V, ! ?
nie eoir. r.ietor m chars,, of ',irod--iii..' ?.
new anchorage "round for v "o '
the f? t im nee of the dry dock aS Port
KwyaJ, s. C., encouna. a hoioe thai eh..
work of getttng a sMitlh-ient anohonti.
to aicoomimodotte vesseia of war nvav he
s-uc-i-sfu! before long H,r..-.,r?," ic , .
have been ecimipelled to .-.me ;,M.-? tih?
dry dock proper from below .... hMh w!
ter .end then gel ,.,? ;u,?;,, ??,f,'r :h,.
at a',1 t?mes is greatly ,0 i?. desired
since south of Newiiorl NVws is is
ondydock on the Atlantic csoaat avm 'a
hie f,,r use of .the vessel,. of the Nort.ii
A. hinv.c Siii.vidron.
Cbm|UND. .... March tO.-kirk.
V" * *= 1 '""iMiiy. .,f Mus city, today
Closed a ?contract with governniemt ..tli
c!a.s for 2......HI0 tens of coal to be rush?
ed to Key West,
MADRID. March 10.?At yesterday's
meeting ..f the Spanish culblnot, Senor
Moret, tit. minSster of the colonties. I
le.il t. .I.v-j ..ii, h fiYvm Oaipta-n General
I'.'laino saying ill.ii phe situation in <'u
ba had improve,!.
MADRID, March 10.?Senor Sagasta
Hie premier, denies .the nun..is of Min?
ist. iv.il , hamges. He sayii:
??The i-eAsponsibdiji'ies of power und
present <-, ndi;.. ns are certainly n
?greea'Me. but ill the ministers r. g.i
1 as a question of honor to remain
ii.i.- udor i,. Piunce, w.vl soon return
to iPariK.
WASiHINGTON, March 10.?The iu?
ra! approi>,v.iii,,in bid has been procti
?ally completed by the House Commit?
tee on Naval Affairs, save as to the
liiestion ..,f increases In the navy, dry
lock's and armor The increases allowed
loUleiie .-.taned tonight he might report
.he bill to the House by Saturday, and
!' not. it will go in early next week.
There 'has been few changes from the
jstimates and the Ml will involve in
lie neighborhood of thirty miilions of
?.ol? .from new Vesceis. dry
ire stich as meet w~ .. ? m ? ? ..
mm of t'iie service. The g'e'nenllT ftetn
'or construction and repair just pass, .i
ni. aggregates $2.500,000, identical with
he estimates. This includes about
(370.000, a material incuse, tor i.
?rov.-.l machinery at the shops. The
im. um ii- also exclusive of the spec
tppropriations to the various conxtn
linn plains, etc There is als ? a h.
tontiinl appropriation .prcsp. sed of $50.000 I
:.. each of the yards, exctipt to the
Puget Sound staiOlon, in lieu of the
general estimate of $300,000. Theje was
i long discussion in cani'mitree 'today
.ver the additional land wanted for the
Port Royal. S. i'.. Station, and attention
?allc-d to some 'legall points involved m
i'he question, but an appropriation of
520.3110 f-.r the purpeke was finally al
artved, subject to the acquisition of a
iiiot-elaini for the Nivers na ;. There
was Otis? a hearing Riven the M.i-sa.
tiliusetts delegation in Congress, v.'hc
were in pointed at a joint meeting of i
the Massachusit.s memlbera of both
Rouses this ni,.ruin:,', to pro oat the
Claims of Boston for ,i dry dock there.
Th, v wanted an appropriation of ab ,ut
$1.300.000 for a dry <l' ck, equ.ppel to I
erected at Bcsiton. ' .
Tee comimiit'tee ddferred action und
will probably give other hearings. With
ibis ?!..'!I reported to the House, the
g-emerwH deficiency alone ro.ma.ns for
Bommlttee action. Work on th it w ??
begin in a day or two. though 'its snb|
n.Ulon to the House will b- d,err.-T
un't.1'1 both the naval and the I.totnee
bills have been practtcaiHy 'dc.peied et.
EAIT/nilMOIRlE, MD.. March 10.?The
t,.rpedo l.eot^ wh:, h are b-ing l-i:'iit f"r
the United States government by the
Union Iron Works of this city are w int
? d at once. . ,
iMaiyor Malst.-r. wWo is president ol
the company, ire, eived a telegram from
the navy department today saying that
the Rodgers must be turned over w.tu?
rn a week, that the iMJeKee must be
ready within thirty tluys and that work
,.n the subnYarine boat Plunger sieud
be pushed as rapidly as possible.
NIC'W YORK, March 10.?Several
hundred extra mechanics a:-, employed
at the Biooklyn navy yard. The dis?
patch boat Dolphin lias a swarm of
painters and about ,i hundred mechan?
ics rushing work upon her. Much
work is being done on the cruiser Chi?
cago and Atlanta. Work on th,- tor?
pedo l?,ot Sull.-tto wi l be comipleted
by the end at the week when she will l?
ready for sea. A test was made today
of one of a consignment of rapid tire
guns just received from the Colt fac?
tory (it Hartford. Ii is known, as the
six millimetre iapid Are aiut< matic Colt,
and is capable of tiring 200 shots a min?
ute with a range of 2.000 yards. The
test proved that the bullet would' pass
thrcugh a steel plate 3-s ..f an .n. h
thick, two sides of a coil of pipe, twen?
ty inches of wo .1 ha, king and another
steel plo'te of 1-8 ef an inch in thick?
ness. These guns, of which ten have
arrived, will be used, along the rail of
vessc s against torpedo boats and also
in the fighting fop.
A Jorge quantity of amrr.iunitio.ni for
use in the rapid fir,- guns arrived ot
tlie yard today.
LONIDON, March lO.-tMr. Ronald
Munro-Ferguson, Liberal, asked the
paniram'errtary secretary tor the foreign
office, Mr. Curzon, in the H'ouse of
Commons today, whether there is any
truth in the reports that communica?
tions on the Culmn question have been
exct inged between the British arn
bassador ot Washington, Sir Julian
Pauncefote, and the g vernment of the
I United States.
Mr Curzon said that no omniun ea
ons had been exchanged.
Hon. .Hullen Valentine Dun omlbe,
I Conservative^, gave notice that he wouild
isk Mr. Curzon whether, with the view
.>f recognizing the identity ef the inter,
etrts of od English speaking people, Her
Majesty's government wflil consider
(OontUoued on routtji page.)
4 A?j
Governor Tyler Nails a False
Judge IVaddili Appointed to Succeed .Iu<iee
Hughe*. Mn. Juan A. I-tolua UeH<1.
Municipal Content Wax?
ing Warm.
(Spei ijl ,.. (he Daily Prc-s.)
RICHMOND. VA? Mu,vh 10-Gov
nv,Vn ,i.?, ..?rm m?"rn-n,S told a gentle?
man th.e. the rsport ?rat the .position
'!' 11 ?-amiMsi?ner hau been ten
.i, r, .1 any. ne. or that he had ?nlti
muted whom ),e would appoint, was en
nnvy wn'tlhouf foundation Governor
lylor panther said that Ihe had no* de
teoml?rretf .whom he would appoint, as
m Uas .,!ai''I-v receiving telegrams front
' l""-ie..:is of the State fron? gentle?
men wiho des.reU to nuaJke formal aippli
. sw :oit l,.r the position, and nthat tlhe cup.
point'ment would not ne made for at
least ten dtarys.
Tom GToreiy (coSoned) was before
I'enmv.si.-lener Flogen beimer today on a
charge of eoun'ter.felt'ing. He way ar?
rested several days alga by Deputy Miar
>''aal P.e.i.vunts. Groreley came from
I '?nn .fi-, and was ertgSaiged in tihe very
remunerative employment of on?kSng
niekoln wUtile tne raetall was ihot. He
wuts smut it, jail to await Uhe action of
rile grand jury.
Yesterday two white men went to the
house of u wxuman to the country and
.oiat.tl that they bad been appointed
under the new law of t'he State to col?
li, t sneeilal taxes on musi'.'cal instru?
ment-, and that they wanted $1.87 for
an organ in the possession of t'he wo
rhiain. Tlhe woman at Brat demurred,
but finally comiprotnilsed by giving the
men so.ine dann"ed com, sardines and
e.-aek", t-s. TvAlay fc-iive swore out war?
rants for the arrest of the two men
ami they were arrested and lodged in
Jia'il to aiwaiit exiaimimtaltitn.
Tire boy Ttvmmy Baiiey, who was so
badly hunt on the K'Vhmond. Freder
icks'bu'rg an'd Potomac Ram road a few
doyi- ago. and who wlaB 'last ntght re
pirted dead, ats wired t'he Press, is still
alive, but Irls death is momenitaTUy ex
t>ected. His left leg and right arm
have bollh been amiptltiatedl
Judge Edmund WaddiiTI wa? toda^r ?
named bv Hie PresuTent to ssieeeed
Judge Robert W. Hn-slh-es. a* jddge of
the I)k-tri?t Court or the Rastern ?WB
trict of VirgCn'la. 'Judge WmMfliiK is one
of the abi.-st lawyers in the Stlalte.-. a
pro-nounced Reipubl'ream. a OhriUitSan
gen'tlterrran. ami stands wVll In this city.
Herd it not 'been for his politics he
would have been high Uip in the affairs
o? the State, by t'he support of the best
people in ViVgrrrlti. 'He was one of tbo
M.-K'l'nlev 'leaders 'in 'the .State in tlhe
Presidentllial camtpaign. Ail the other
McKinley managers have been provid?
ed with ipHtaeeS.
.VltS. jtltltl .-\. I-IV.HU Mini HI.-,- ??~~
North TCigwrn wim. ?-.-.... -u?_n
^tinvabie and much loved woman, and
leaves a wide circle of friends.
'Plie munCcIipall contest is -waging
fiercely and waxing warmer and wairnr
er The . ndorsem'ent of t'he Good Gov
e'rnm'ent League has been repudiated
by ?everwl of t'he candidates, and the
. ague replies bv sa.v&ng that bhey have
been betrayed, and they wCMtiKW 'again
in 1 endorse other men in the places of
ih,.'-e who reipud.ia.ted them.
chic'is ii Thompson, an old and
popular citizen, di.-d this evening at
? o'oloek.
Both Men in Perfect Condition for the
(By TeU-groiph.)
SVN I^PwVN'GISiCO. OA<U, March 10.?
Ch?vneki and Shotk.y have ceased
training for the'.:- fight tomorrow night.
P.oth ate in perfect condition and con?
fident, ft is generality conceded that
the sailor will give a better acc. tint l.'f
nimseatf. than when he first met Chcyn
sk'i \ hotly onteste.l mill is confident?
ly expected. Sharkey's staying .powers,
which hove been thoroughly tested by
Fitzsimmons. Corbett. Goddard and
others, constituted him a favorite in
the betit'ing at ."ids of 10 to 8. nvueb to
the surprise of his opponent, tint a
'?i ge sum of money has oj ready been
stakci at the ...Ids'and there was plenty
more on hand Ulis evening.
Sberkey will probalbly enter the r'ng
at 118 pounds while Chovr-ki will pre ?ri?
ft Uly scale fiom ICO to lfili p. U"d-- to?
night. The^advan.e sale of tickets has
1 been unusually heavy.
PlTTtSBORO, PA.. March 10.?Mich?
ael J. ?Connolly, Peter Maher's manager,
"Kid M.-Goy's claim to the heavy
weight championship is a farce. He
told nie In n personal interview rhat be
was ajj.iiid of Muher. He said 'I am
challlenging champions, but fighting
"Orr S5.000 forfeit Is still in the hands
of Sam Austin for any man in the
world to ever, and until McCoy fights
a top not eher his cla im is rldiecll?us.
M?her has whipped both men McCoy
is nfter n.-w."
INDIAN'API'I.IS. INI).. Mare* 10.?
Kid McCoy tonight received the fcJIow
ing telegram from Richard K. Fox and
Samuel I'. Austen, of the Police Gazette,
dated ait N.-w York:
"Check for forfeit deposited with Po?
lice. Gazette i-eturn.-d today. The date
of the prescribed time of your ch.'iHen.ge
having expired with, art acceptance,
your right to claim the heavyweight
championship title by default cannot be
lento d. Mutual congratiiliation'S and
?est wishes for your success in defend
n? the same."
MeGov tonight slirn?1 articles to fight
lack Bonner. March 28.
tBy Telegraph).
WASHINGTON". March in.? The Sen?
ate today In executive session rejected
the nominale n of Henry S. Williams,
to be posttmasiter at Aberdeen. S. D.
Williams wais opposed by the friends of
S nator Pettigrew, on the ground that
he had mail., a personal attack in a
newsj..aner of which he was owner upon
the Senator, and had refused to einher
an effort to have
. considered, but
. -m, who ha'd been expected
isked r r further time. He
s though: has recentOy been
entirely different channels.
tii.it lie was eni'lticd to some
-p?rttfl. n. No other Senator
>!?!>) r> *I to go on Senator
-nitenl that the matter shou?d
avis: m
in ti
The nobbiest Hats ever shown In this
city were opened up by Woodrward &
Womble this week. The styles are
iseauttfid. tle27-te

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