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DiSPdtGtlGS. I
v >riB* >^ -^gr
VOL III, NO. 59.
This Will be the Subject of a
Sermon Tomorrow.
American Mechanic* Will Luton to ? l>ls
roursc on -True Patriotism" lit the
Christian Church by It' v
W. It. Motley.
Services wiil be helld ait the different
churches tomorrow at t'he usuatl hours.
At ilhe Ftrst Presbyterian ehftuvh
'Rev. E. T. WelUford. the pastor, will
j>reafh a speeilail termon in the morning
on -the erisiis through whtich this m'aition
is passin?. "Siuai'l We Have War?"
will be t'he subject of t'he discourse.
Tomorrow evening ait tlhe Thirtieth
Sti>-,a Chr-teMan church 'tlhe Ijiastor
Rev. VV. R. Motley, will preach the om
ivual sermon -before Newport News
Council iNo. 65, Junior Order of Amer?
ican Meehanlos. Ulis sutbj:-rt wivl bo:
"True Paitriotieim." The 'members ,.f
the council wtiM amend 'the t-erviees i'ti a
body. A prograim of mush' hers been
airrajuged tor 'the occasion. At tlhe mid?
week services held at the Christian
churih. 'Mr. 'Motley KleHivers la series of
lectures nn "The Reformi rs." His
?ubject next Thursday eventing will! be
Rev. J. E. Shenk, or Norfolk, who re?
cently organized a Lutheran congrega?
tion i-n this ei'ty. Und -who onulu.-l.^ Ser?
vice?* at the Christian ehuivh on the
second Sunday in each month at 4
o'clock im tihe afternoon, will be unable
to prea<-ih here tomorrow afternoon.
Services will be 'held ill the churches
na foliows:
Pim Presbyterian church, lt. v. E. T
Wef.Werd. pastor?Services ait 11 A. M.
land 7:30 P. M. Subject in the mom-img:
"Shutm We Have War?" Evening sub?
ject: ???MSsdlirenfted Zeal."
First 'Baptist church. Rev. C. ?\ Cox.
patstoi?^Services at 11 A. M. and 7:30 P.
TO. Subject hi the morning": -"nie Fi?
nal Account:" in the evening: "Christ
as a Teacher."
Second Baiptint church, Rev. Thomas
J. MacKay, pastor?Services -a-t 11 A.
M. and 7:30 P. M. Subject in t'he morn
fang: "The Love Of Christ Consrnain
eth Me." In Wie evening Mr. MacKay
iWtUt preaeh n six-cial sermon t" ladies,
after wh'i'ch t'he right of batp>tism win
he administered.
Washington Avenue M. 1".. church.
Rev. B. F. Lipscom-b. pastor?Services
?ta.t 11 A. M. svnd 7:30 P. M. Subject in
-?'he 'morning: "The Samie Mum ot 'the
Temple Gate": in 'the evening: "Tin
Pearl at Great price."
Chestnut Avenue Metlhvvd'istt ehurc:h.
Rev. M. S. Coloniia, Jr.. pat-tor?Serv?
ices ut 11 A. M. am? 7:30 P. M. Subject
?i?i t'he morning: "Fai'th in God": im
?the evening: "The CmmI Sarmatritam."
Thirtieth Street Christian church.
"Rev. W. R. 'MoWey, pastor?9ervices at
11 A. M. .-end 7:30 P. M. Subject in tlhe
tnorriJntg: "How 'to Urse 't'he 'Mammon
of Unrighteousness"; in t'he evening:
"True Patriotism."
St. Paul's Episcomutl ?church. Rev. J.
F. Ribble, pastor?S*-rvi< es at 11 A. M.
and 7:30 P. M. Morning text: Neh-e
mila.h. [V:6?"So they bu.it the waUll, for
the people had a mend to work." 1's
usl service in tihe evening.
t?'t. Vincent's Catholic liimvli. Rev.
F?cher Charles D?nahoe, pa. tor?Low
mass at s A. M.: high ?moss at 10:30 A.
'M.: vef.pere and benediction at 7:30 1*.
Three Carloads of These KuKiues of War
Pass Through the city.
The largest consignment Of mortars
ever received at Old Point reached
there yesterday.
Three ear loads of the destructive
agents and another ixir containing the
tmio-umte arrive*!1 in this city late Thurs?
day might over the Ches.il?-ake and
Ohio railroad. Yesterday the war .?^tip
plies were shipped to Fortress Monn e.
The"mortars wWre sent into the Pott
umU-r wver t>' dtirknless lost night-.
It is Karned from a relioible source
tthiat otther sth'itpmetnts of war material
?will f?'ll<>w in rapid' successf-on until ai'.l
orders are filled.
These war supplies come from the
Washington navy yard gum shop and
Governor's Island-, New York.
There is probability that con
tracts for 'more sibiipH or wiar -tn-a.y b-'
tawa'rded to 't'he shipyard tit thiis plaoe.
TOt. Orcii'tt etstSmates than 'by ifustliiing
mtit'ters to the full limit 'the plant of
tlie New[k>nt 'News SmlpbuMd'Smg omd
T>ry Dock Company can turn out atnd
deliver all r^anly for service three fit-st
oTaips battlvt-ihi?>s, of any type, wi'tlhim
eig'hteen mont'hs li'.f mecessairy and 'tiwo
years at tlie 'latest.
Mr.Orcutt explained to Se,-retary lyong
tthat tliree ha.tWesthfiiivs cta.n be built as
quickly aa one. when tihe occasion de
manded, and, to W uat rate ihlis polmt, he
showed that the PKtnotis, contraiciled for
one yeair after Hhe KeaTtstarge land Ken?
tucky, 'is now but 14 per cent, behind
them in the 'work of completion.
Miss Klrwln as "Ciwiuen."
"Caa-men" acts prt-sented 'at it-he op?
era' house least night toy t'he W<i1bUT-T?r
wln company to a wemi pleased audi?
ence. This was 'iH-rha.]** t'he most ar
tis>tie perform-amce of the eaigag?ment,
and gave the principals am opportunity
to disptltay t'heEr versatvli'ty. "C-anme-n"
?was TO'les K'lrwim's host work. She act?
ed the part with npirit and gave ten en
Jivyuible rendition of the seore. Wiiil T.
EU'wamiger, as the toreador, easily car?
ried off f?Miwl honors, and txts fine bami
tone v<iC<? won for him unsttiiilted
applause. This afternuioin "Masei>t"'Will
be the bill, aind 'the em'S-csv-mrf-nt will
close t.?niight with "EnnvinSe."
Another Team ??shoot."
The members of the Chesapeake Gun
Glubtjeld aniyther team "shoot" at Riv?
erview Park yesterday aiftemoon.
The usual nutTlher of clear targets were
used'. Dr. Carter Perkins and Mr. T. P.
Duncan' made the highest scores, each
breaking eighteen targets.
Charged With Uoosebreaklng.
Two negroes were arrested toy Chief
IBoatiright yestet?tay in Warwiek
county on the charge of having forci?
bly entered the slaughter house of
Thomas M. Levion and mode off with
a barrel of hides.
Officer Mallory heard of the theft of
the hides and after diligent search lo?
cated' them in a Junk shop at the cor?
ner tot Twenty-eighth street and Vir?
ginia avenue.
.. The third negro implicated int the
theft has not lieen apprehended.
Drop in today and see the new spritig
Neckwear 'Hirshberg is showing.
Car.careta stimulate liver.kidneyn and
bowels. Never sicken, weaken or gripe.
Battleship* Will Be Launched With Them
. in Position,
For the first time in the history of
shipbuilding two lirst-cluss battleships
will 'l>e launched wVth their musts in
Yesterday the workmen at the ship
yard were engaged in placing in posi?
tion the main masts and foremasts of
the 'batt'leshlps Kentucky and Kear
sarge, and when the fighting mac-hines
glide from their cradles into the t'.v.-r
they will present piciu.es of real sh.il?*.
From the masts Old Gloty will wave
in the breeze and the ships win*! be de -
orated 'with all t'he colt rs of the navy.
Probably this is Use only shipbuild?
ing plant in the United States that has
the facilities for putting the masts in
potion on a warship 'before sh'e >.s
launched. The masts weigh about 11.
tfOO tons e.u-h and they at" carried t"
the decks by the luge traci ng cranes.
Every preparation is being made for
the lautieh.
Hoard ufTruhtitiK WIM Adopt Mr. I'. T.
N..-je'? Drawings.
The Boiid of School Tec-:.es has
practicalily decked on the p.ans f r the
new schu l buildings which will be
erected before the ope ring of the next
Mr. P. Thornt, n Mo rye, the architect
who has been engaged by the b-.io.id to
do the necessary wofc pr-i at.it ry to
o.i.I' tag for bi'.'s.has prepared th.- plans
for the butild ngs.
the m.-. ting to order, th,- board settled
.town to business with a det.-r.ii'.ca.;...n
to accomplish SoiiKVlivng before ad?
Mr. Marye subm'ittetd to the ins|>ec
tion of the Board the plans and specifi?
cations !v. had prepared for the high,
Ens; Had and colored svhools. He re?
ported the itsu.t ot hin recent vestlt to
Washington, Philadelphia. New York
au,I Cincinnati, made with a view to
examining sk'h.?"l buiidin.'ts ill these ci?
ties, and slliowe I plans that he had s.
cured while uavay.
Mr. Marye. .01 his return, originated
plains for the high s.-ho'.i I > u iidi-i 1? and
drew plans f r the East End school!
after one of the buildings he visited in
The high school building as intended
by the architect, will have sixteen!
? lass rooms, an assembly ha'.l wiivich
can be mad.- to do s.-rvlce us two addi?
tional class rooms, an office for the .
principal, a private room for 'the tci. ii
ers. on.- play room for boys and an?
other for g.rls and other necessary
apui-ttments. Each i'lusi- room will have
a ?-;-, a>k room annexed.
The m..moors ,.f .the board were high
ly pleas'. .1 with Mr. Marye's plans and
agreed t Jopt them pr .vi.led t h ? cost
of eonsti-u==tion will n'.t exceed $25,000.
The ar.hlieet is confident thu.t the
building c.m be erected within that
amount. In in ? event that it cannot,'
Mr. Marye has agreed t.. draw plans
tint.1! the school Ixiard is sut'iaHed.
Mr. Maty.- will make estimates for
the Wsh school in the next week and as
.-non as he finishes the s.hool b aid w.ll
lie called together 'In special session to
make final arrangements for calling for
bids f..r the work of erection.
I'n'cC'Ud'lng the lots, which will cost
$3,000, the high school can-mat be ereot
ed under $34,000.
The East End school win cost Bibout
$10.000 and the colored i.cii.:.?l in It.R-k
elts Will entail an expenditure of ait
least $S,000. '
In addition to the $50,000 to be r--.il
lze-,1 from the issuan.-e of bonds the
city will secure about $7.000 from the
sale ,.f the Twenty-eighth s>treet scfho.-.l,
about $t.5ii0 from the sale of 'the two
lots in East End and about $1.000 fr in
the sale ,.f the cilored s hool property?
in a1::, ab tit $10.000. making a grand to?
tal ..if $00.000.
The Board will then Ihntvo, after hiv?
ing aside $34.000 for the high school, ap?
proximately $211.000 to be used in build
in-' the Eis: End and colored schools
and furnishing and 'heating till of the
buildings tinier Its supervision.
Mr. Marye will draw the plans and
superintend the erection of ail three
j Iiis Worship I>e:tlH Out .liisitcu in itig.
The m. st 'imipont'anit cases disposed of
in the Police court yesterday morning
were those against 'Robert Moritz ur.d
John Scott.
These men were arrsted Thursday
evening by Sergeant B.ytio.'i's a.nd
Railway Detective Heck.
Justice Brown rendered decisions as
Robert Moritz?Carrying concealed
wt'.tp. ns. $25 and costs: felon iotis shoot?
ing, st-nt on to the grand jury: restat?
ing "am officer, $50 and cost's; disorderly
conduct, $10 and' costs.
John Scott?Disorderly conduct. $10
and -ciists: refuting to assist an officer,
$2U and costs.
IMoritZ and Scott are also charged
?with grand- larceny and they will he
given a hearihg t- day when the case
of 'TLi mg" John Reynolds, Charles
Evans and J.iniw Frasf.er .ire called.
These men are charged' with robbing
the sailing ship E. J. Splcer.
Cake Walk Last Nij:hr.
The cake walk held at Moss' Hull
last night under t'he auspices of the
"Dlltle Gleaners" of Washington Ave?
nue Method': st ?htirrh was a pro?
nounced success. Fifteen couples in
negro costumes paii-tic?paUd. in the
wir.'Kk. The -cake was awarded to Mr.
A. Goode Coter and Miss Carrie Davis.
Selling out furniture, bediroom suits,
book-case, baby coach, ?*c. 3021 Lafay?
ette avenue. nvch-12-2t.p
Wim Not Suited for the Work.
BJator Daily Ptess:
In order to correct certain false
statements which are being circulated
conccttring the action of the directors
of the Union Gospel Mission in discon?
tinuing the service of Mr. C. E Wil?
son', as superintendent; we wtjsh to
state that the directors" action was
based on the fact that after thirty
days' trial of Mr. Wilson, they unani?
mously I'lecided that re was not the man
for that position. This decision was
passed wholly on Mr. Wilson's fitness
and no attention was paid' to the dif?
ferences between Mr. Wilson and- spmle
of the workers. The work is still going
on at the mission. God is showing
His favor in the conversion of souls
nightly. W. J. HUGHES,
. Chairman B. ai d.
Ha ts?n ol >1 ly styles?(Hi rs h 1 *? rg.
A Wheaty Plavor.
Is what yon like in Crackers?a fresh
fuil flavor that nleaisei* the taste. Taste
one of Fox's XXXN Square -Waiter But?
ter Ctm-kter? next time you're at the
grocer's. Something pleasant in the
way it crackles and d'isscdves into deftt
Clous dust. It will take your fancy- -
first bite.
Fancy Shirts; plain prices. Hirsh
be.rg's. . .to. i,_u J?L'Ul!
Judge Blackstone Dissolves]
an Injunction.
unset for the Railway Company Olv
Notice That lie Will furry the ('???
ton Higher Tribunal. Jury
Palls to Agree.
In the Ciivuit Count yesterday Judge
J. W. ii. Bi&ckfetono dissolved the in
Hstiwn granted leomie time sine.- by
Jud?e Weil ford. ..r K.ehm!o'nd, restrain?
ing Mr. Go. rge IWest from building
i t>i. r on h.ls property along the waiter
The injunction was sued out by 'the
.'-,.-. '.i |n 11 ke & Ohio Railway Company,
lo prevent Mr. West Crom building a
l-?-k near pier s. rtatmi? iSkk, the
wharf that Mr. Wtwt pt\ .posed to bu.ild
wumi'd ivnMer t he soiithside of pi, r n
useless. Judge Wel'tfoad granted am n
jumcfion for .1 period] of thirty da.ys.Jtlr.
IV? bud commenced to build hits dock,
the wok of driving piles having been
in progress severail days wthen he was
testtui ovd by tihe court. At t'he expira?
tion of tihe thirty days the kii.e Judge
Gunter, who was then the presiding
Judge of this Judicial circuit, renewed
ttise injunction until this term of the
court, when he expected to hoar 't.^to
morjy for the purpose of determining
whether it should be perpetunited.
d.iv morning. Mr'. Arthur S.Vir ap?
peared as coumt-ei! for the railway run.
l>anv. Colonel Thomas Tatob, of
Htunpton. ripret ent ed Mr. Wewt. The
hearing of the case Occupied b>th s s
stons of the court and in was fully
argued by the attorneys.
Judge Blackstone was prompt in ren?
dering his decision. His Il.m.r d.s
soQv'ed the injunction, h^d'lng that Mi*.
West had a Tight to build a wharf on
his own property.
Attorney Segar gave notice that he
It is under K: --U tint 'Mr. West will
begin work on the pier, which will b
used for t'he coastwise traffic.
No verdict wuts rendered in t'he case
of Mrs. Bettie W. 1 avis vs. W. 1. FitZ
DurlTrjt the fib "rl ilme he has b ? n on
the bench Judge Blackstone has made
a number of new friends am in the
members . C the bar. Hits II -nor is
If thi
parties are not ready nmotmer is
up. In his to .Iii''.-- Black?
fair and impartial.
Mrs. Fannie Shea is visiting in Geor?
Mayor W. A. Post returned yesterday
from a business nip to New York.
Misses Kob-bie arid Godwin are 'the
guests of Rev. and Mrs. J. F. Kibble.
Miss 'Marian Bedloe. of King Wil?
liam county, is the guest of 'Miss Liz?
zie Carter
Mrs. J. W. Davis, who has lr-. ii visit?
ing her parcints in Peterst/urg, returned
home yesterday.
Mrs. O. 1-:. Harding, who has been]
visiting in this < ity. wTM leave tiodtty
:',?:? her home in- Richmond:
Mw. w B. Vest was call .1 to Rich?
mond Thursday by n telegram an?
nouncing the illness ?rf her mother.
Mr. K. L. Buitterworth, ,.f Philadel?
phia, is the guest "f Mr. It. K. Steven?
son. Mr. I3utterw\>rth cunteunplaites lo?
cating here in hut-limess.
.Mrs. James G. Morrison, of IDfavwiddie
county, who has been visiting -Mr. and
Mrs. Clubaiigh left yesterdaw for
Norfolk:, Where she will remain several
Mr. W. G. Burgess, proprietor - 'f th'e
War? ,k Pharmacy, returned home
yestettitvy Coo-m a busine? strip to Bol
(By Telegraph.)
NEW YORK, March 11.?The total
bank clearings in the United Statte* for
the week were $1.282,473.447: per cent,
increase, 3S.S; exclusive of New York.
$502,268.193: p.-r cent, increase, 51.2.
Buy yi nr new Spring Hat ot H'irsh
T.i i to- Public.
The reason why the electric lights
were lute in being lit up last night was
because a wire from foe Southern
States Telephone Connpain'y's sytste-m
f.'i'l across 'the wires of rive electric
plant and necessitated shutting off the
cairrient until the trouble was located
and removed. The current wan turned
on nit G:15. T. II. SHARP,
nih 11-lt Superintendent.
If you intend having your suit mud.
for Easter, leave your measure with j
Hiirslhberg and you ran test your mlimd j
easy rV? being properly dressed when
you wear it.
The nobbiest Hats ever shown in thi
eity were opened up by Woodward &
Womble this -week. The styles are
beautiful. fe27-tf
foreign :nh iTBS.
Last year th'e marriages in-Scotland
exceeded those of the previous year by
2,000, while the excess owr those tor
lsStl was ti.000.
Seventy workmen' have been tunnel?
ing fop tihe Jungfrau Railway in Switz?
erland all winter. About 2r>0 yards of
the Biger Tumnef. is completed.
Among the S.000.000 inhabitants of
Switzerland there are 1rJ5.000 Germans.
Among the 52.000.COO inhabitants of
C-vmuny there are 40,000 Swiss.
The consumptit .n o'f horse Mesh as hu- I
man food has slightly decreased during
the year In Paris, being 4.472 tons. This]
was d.-.iived from 20,878 horses, 53 mules
and 2T>2 dor.kv ys,
Birmingham's new meat market,
which wos opened- by the Lord Mayor
on October 27. is said t.? be one of the
fin.si buildings of t!i-' kind in Em?
it has been built and tilted Hp at
cost of ?500.0(10.
Moscow has a hospital large envragh j
to hold 7.000 persons. It wos founded in
17G4.'and >.i'i present takes in children ir
the rate of forty a doy. or about 15,000
a year. There are twenty-six physi?
cians and 900 nurses.
The Chinaman', it is said, can write
all day. work all day, stand in one po?
sition oil day. weave, 'heat gold, carve
ivory, do infinitely tedious jobs find dis?
cover no more weariness and irritation
than if ho were a machine.
If you are in need of a Ttupk go to
For Rent?The Central Hotel, nicely
furnished. Apply to M. H. Losb. 2S03
Washington avenue. feb 15-tf.
A handsome illustrated DaiunchUng
Edition of -the tDaiMy Press will -be (Is?
sued .m M'ar?h 21, the date set for tlhe
Artist enlitig of the batitlc-i-h-ips Ketir
sairge aim] Kentucky. It will tie issued
immediately after the K?MVtucky pluinig
i-s into t'he J.i.mes river, oind WOW conitofln
-i complete and graph-lo desoriptiion of
tihe launching of'the two big WU'relhiips
tlhe greatest nit vat trwt't of the kind in
tlhe anvntafls of the 'wonld. A 'history of
?Newport News and all tits Srmtt?resits, (to?
gether w.th porttnall'ts of miniCC'ipa! of
fle-n--. shipyard ofTtcfiiaite.iAnd others, will
be a toaltiure of tlhe .publication, wihiiwh
will bcpi-imted on wupernu'leni.h-ro.l book
pap r. It will lie t'he hlajn'dsoines't pub
Iktttl'.m ever printed in Newport
N.'.vs. an 1 will he rep'lt'te with Jtnltse*
estiing Pacts and figures rt-luUve to the
growth ami deveOopmenit! of fjhe city as
.in Lntlustriail ci ti er atnd ?iiippimig poCinit.
('. .pies of the pnnper will be sonr to ship
owners, i-ibippinig agencies, coni-ul's at
foreign and domestic port*, beards ot
trade aind naval officials ami other Or
g-anizatlo-ns a nd ind.icldira'ls throughout
itlhe world. No such advertising me?
dium wtus ever, published im Newport
News, and every Industry amid butsCtnesH
e?t*bi;isth.!itvn't in the city should lie
represented in the publication. A .rep?
resentative of the Daily Press is now)
It is hop- ,1 und 1>.-i'i.-ved that the Daily
Prei-s wv.l receive the k'beiall co-openta
t'ivin of "tlhe business public tin the tiu
NVsirty All Lind? Show Continued
(By Telegraph.)
NEW TOltK, M.nvh 11.? Bnadtstreel V
distributive trad -. hut more
fly Ut 'tlhe larger cities of the
min and the far norlbwi .-t, is
f.ixorable feoit-ure coming un
v rs' ?,.. i !ci...'i iJ.nu flu in in re?
cent wette?. less favorable features
arc few. The wlitine of 'business in the
iron land steel trade is reported very
large, wv.h relatively best reports c?n
l?a from i ie West. Pig iron production
shows a further gain and fctocks a
?Large .- ties of copper are a feature.
week, as arc also the quo.; n.ions for In
.1 an corn and wheat. 'Pile inelu.-xrial
siiua.1 ..n s.vms likely to be improved
by rue ending of the 'New Entstand
"Business us genei-a'Ky active at the
W..-.:. Southern and south western buy?
ers are in..re active at St. Louis. Kan?
sas City packing houses re-pu-t demand
one-third laager than tacit ycur. A per?
ceptible improvement in d'lS'triibuition rs I
noted at t ivXaso in many lines of trade.
An order for ten fhou.-n u.i steel ra
is a feature ?f the week's business at
that city. Trade is of satisfactory v. 1
ume tit t'he northwesit.
"Export business in Hour and wheat
from the Pacific coast shows a
considerable gain. Boat bull-ding it
a-ortve on Alaskan account. A good |
bus is doing in 't'he South.
"Busin. ss failures in the United
States this week number 217. against
2112 last u.-.k, 22.' in the corresponding
Week of 1SD7.
"Busiress failures in Canada this
week nii'mber 21, against 27 his; week.
'?Larger win at and Hour, inn smaller
corn shlpmentis ate a feature of expirt
wheat. Hear imciuded, from tlie United I
States and Canada this week, aggre?
gated 4,-184,7Gl bushels, -against 3.252,002
bushels last week, 1.599.4S2 bushels in
lsli'l. 2,791,1(10 bushels in ls9.r. and 3,258,050
bushels in 1S94.
t. , nly ::.2s:..i>.-.? bui-h.4s. against ...054,
000 bush. Is last week."
NEW YORK, March 11.?R. G. Run
& Company's weekly review of trade
will say in its issue of tomorrow:
"1: is most gratifying that no indus?
try or branch of business shows any re
sltii'i'.ii.n or hindtanve, but e-o-me have
b< -n rapidly gaining for the past week
and month. Tlhe railways are gaining
even while speculators are selling their
stocks and tile demand for products for
all the great industries is increasing.
M -r e gold is ceiiming fi-om Europe than
is needed. Jlu.NtlX.Ot.'O having 'been or
derevk during'the past week and money
markets ate nowhere alarmed or strin?
gent, though reasonably more caiuitious.
The country rests assured thut its in?
dustries. nUmosK all of its busines, tthe
for.- g'n demand for its products, espe?
cially all its resources, are beyond the
ivoch of any foreign power and that its
honor and foreign in'.eivs;s arc in safe
"The gr.-atest of all Industries is
s-ending grain forward as If there- were
no 'limit f.? the- supply. Wheat exports
have been 4,171.497 bm-lhcls. Hour in
? U: 1.-.1. against 1.2CS.171 Tost year tram
Atlantic and Pacific ports, and for two
Weeks 7,402.7110 bushels, against 3.016.404
last year. Exports of com In spite of
smuC'lier yl.-ld have been 7,706,401 bu.-jh.ds
in two w .-eks. aigai-n-st 9,336.699 last year,
when tlv. v far surpassed ail record'?.
Whe-at de-e-'lined 1 1-2 cents, but corn did
not change during the week. Cotton
aecttn d an eighth, sales of fertHMzers
ir.di'. o.t'r.g less reduction of acreage this
year Uran was expected. Exports of
pri'r.'.ii.'.'i products in February were
$51.634,911, In value, with Increase over
I.-.'-t year of a,bou'l SO 'per cent, in bread?
s-tuff, in cotton 25 per cent., l'nd 2S per
rent, in the aggregatta. The weekly out?
put of pog iron was 22S.33S tons Feibru
arv 1st. l-.ut 2:14.430 March l"t. and the
increase of unsjo-ld stocks in February
w.os only 5.RS2 tons weekly, leaving 225,
352 tons weekly For ex-ixirt vt contaumip
t'en !.-'i-'r'--t 21S.457 In d'atitrary and
215.249 in -NovenvbeT, 1S95. the monlh of
t'he greatest consumption before this
v.-ar. For four munths productl?ri has
gai'ned a If title, but conrrumptUmi still
more, and If preparations of war last
to "he a?imenmd. Other cnsuimplW n for
i lilt--ad ctirs for vesn?-ts on the lakes,
for elevators and' oil -pip:> lines, for ag
rlcu'tural hniprcmemts works for sheets,
is beyond precedent, and structural
end railroad works are crowded with
orders, th mgh nO'W receiving few.
I "The minor metals are generally
stronger in demand. Sales of Wool for
thlls week have been the smallest since
th- wc. k fi{ greatest alarm in August.
Itsfi. but n.it l>ct-ati.->.- any miiV.s have
sfionpfd work. 'Cotton goods have a
large tlistributiion :-ind -prices are gener
ally steady, though in outside df-alinis
i:pint cl-otths are a shade lower. Prints
ore In belter demand.
"Failures for the week have been 24S
in t'he United Slates against 25fi last
year, and 36 in Canada -against 61 lat-f
I year."
President of the Court of In?
quiry Talks
Two ships I'rolmbly Secured from 15
hy the Ameri.-Hii lott ern men t. i>.
r. use l'rv|i:tniiioiis ?o Slrattlly
Uli in All Directions.
HAVANA. Mi,-.!, H.?Today OaitV.ia.in I
Penal, pr.-s..K-iii nhe Spanish Court
ot Inquiry into the cause of the Maine
? i. aster, gi tainted un imtervl?<vv to
correS^ndent of 'the Associated p
uthoun lie uuthoaized t.> say in was
His't ami only interview 'he had given
any newspaper on t'he subject or the
Caipya'Pn 'Perafl speaks cxo. Clont Ban
lush. With him in ihe nuval count is
Liieuitenamt Suias. He has power to call
in Cor consul tut/ion any sumy >?r navy
engineer or expert <.n explosive or
marine buildimig. 'He has twice oallted
in such and will do so again when n,
i\tPi li,, puma sjuc:
"our divers -.1
milling t'he IvuH'
dillieuiity is exp. ri.need owing to th
ih ep mud in which the hull is bur. d
and '.he condition of the wreck forward
iff amiid.-hip. The 'whole for\va.rd part
of the >?:?:]> 'is a mass of tnin and steel
debris. \V.. have hoist*d up much ,,f
it. hint in th.- mud it is mvt allw-ays ii-.s
i'i'W? ito t -llwli at part Of the ship, armor.
? leek, beams or silam.-hioms are found,
.'ho explosion so changed their |)osi
"U'e think we have located the rani
or prow, but im; in 'the pisi't ion siiji
k. brought
following ren'sims: A 'torpedo, folio w
ng the line or least resistance, must
hi 1 vi* bl 'wn a gtv.it hole in 'the mud ait
. he b. m of the harbor. No Mi.-h
hui? was found. A torpedo muist have
LhiMwn a berg.- mass of iv.ater into the
air if exploded at a depth of onl'.y 23
feet or so or i.i.t leas.il have produced a
shore of the ha'rbor. We have exa?
mined every one on shipboard or shore
who smv the explosion: but no one can
!>.- found who rem-iurked any upheave/!
of the water or a big wave.
"A ;. rp< d' > aiways kitfs fish In the vl
.-ir.i'.v. No fish w.-i e kiiV-l by the M Uta?
dicuster. as fishermen who have known
the harbor for many years testify. To
produce the e IT;-.-t.s noted in the wreck
i t irpedo would 'have 'to lie ,,.f enor?
mous size, fully 150 or 200 kilos.
"I turn, therefore, of opinion tha't the
explosion occurred within the Ship, i
know and respei-u c':ii|ii'a:-ii n,.-wr. vxr,-i
1 believe t!i- Ameritiii-n regulations ?f?
fe.???rig naval dimduct. which I have
Ii :.l and f. und admirable, were carried
out fully. Hut some'things which can
not be foreseen are hound to happen in
any navy. 1 have been re i.ling of i| he
which -the English b-'.ieve Was caused
by 1 io-mi.-nl combustion 'in the pa
used for quick drving. I have also rend
an English account of shells that we
ivW.s thatl split an? pr.>duoed fee*
ihus Hashing the powder in the in:
"As t have su'id. 1 do not bettfr1
there was any oa.relotssness on 'the pari
of the officers of the Maine. I do be?
lieve there was an 'accident which coi
not possibly hove be n foreseen. Si
is my judgment ait present, with
i icts ilia.; are in the possession of
court. When our court of inquiry ti n
ly .beides, its judgment will be in
lordance with the best evidence ti
inn be produced. We are hovi'ng phi
diagrams and drawings of the wr
made as fast as the divers lire ble
Live us definite inform Won."
WASHINGTON, Mairch 11.?Hop
for and expecting the best and pre?
pared for roe worst, about reiprese
the situation in the war and navy
lart'tnents these days. 'Ph.- oflkti
stiil profess confidence that there is
be a peaceful outcome of the pres
threatening 'difficulties, .lint mtiimw,!
pivi*wre wli.h serenity 'to 'meet ti
duty 'if evernti? sihou'ld shape t'heimseil
otherwise. The most 'i'mpoiitau't and sig
i.vfn urn-i developments Of i'ii-' day were
the decision of the House naval com
mittle to 'place in the nlA-votl taippropria
t on bill a. precision for thr. new bat
tleships, and .1 conti usi-o-n on the part
if the Secretary or War .10 issue
j morrow monndng ah order creating -.
new military department, in.-hiding
iviUhin its eon lines that part of
i ounitry which would be in ail likeli
I ood nearest 'to the li,id of hostiHiitc:
in case it shoutkl come to that. The a
der will cre'ane a commotion in ?j
S'outh. The pre .-nit d p.i ri'ment of |
Texias is-ateVEehed a nd 'the headqiiart- |
ers, which have been at San Antonie
Tex., for m.i'oy years, a,re iiibandoned.
In place of t'he old department is ere
a I'd a ir-w one. the department of th
iiuilh. ('., neral Graham, at Presen
.iiMitunM. r of t in- dcpaiPtmemit of Texas
wii'l (romimand the new departmenit
iThis department will include the state
South Carcii'Jna. Georgia. FKorida
ibama. Mississippi. I.ouis'ar.ii and
s.is. Ail of 'these 1 itattes save the la
? at present alttaiched to the dcputt
nt of the East, under command
n- t.c'. Merri't't, of New York. It is !
?.I a; th.- dtipotntment that General
Merriti is fully ctMixptfirfUtted for the
.reuigth of the command which paiss'es
ivay from him by the addition to bis I
n es of the two regiments of arti'l
ij\v recruiting. Hc?'.l<iuarters of
cw iloparttmnt of the South will be
?i Atlanta, Gu., c'ivosen because of
ne i-fmitegiical value, fror? Its excellent
i'lr.'ad connecitidns. At present the
.comment has no accommodations im
cttlitnta for-the headquarters of the de
.1 irtmuml. so i't will -he obliged to hire
the most avaii'ah'le buiildings.
<Kwi-r.i1 Wilson, chteif of enginw-rs.
?Af-.'.. h is been in Florida, is expected
btck tomorrow t.? report to Secretaa
A'lger upon the piM-gretss of the fotrt'li
ra tion work.- in that section of tl
[country, 'ar.d cspeeiaiWy 'as to Hie d
?r.se ..'f Tortugai--.
For the first time today the officials
f the War Department admitted than
hey were straining every nerve to im
pr-.ve that rirrt or the defense of t'he
aintry innKdsd to their care. It is
Whout question the .most unusual
I mark of contldenice in an executive olfS
I cer to empower him to gi ve orders wlth
.ut limit for purchase of war maiterial,
y -t this is what the Pret-ident and Sec?
retary A'lger have done in 'the case of
Genera'l Fla.gler. chief of ordiianee.
And the officers has hot thrown
any dtspotsitiom to shirk this large re
The Nuvy Department Ins now retas
. in to believe ttaait 'It 'has secured the
two warships. Amazonias and her sls
wua stated at t'he cabinet meeting todoiy
by Secretary Long that tie- nava.1 at?
tache at London. Lieutenant Colonel
Well, had almost eonvpfo.ed toe uego
liat'ionis tor the Balles. 'So fiat, however,
tile final ?lOliilleaitlvui fr..111 h.:n that his
offer lias 'been a..|>ted has not yet
reathed tlhe Navy '!>, ;?..r:iti. iu.
Tire .lay j ut scd ugu 1 n without a won!
Judge A.lv...-ate Mu-rix. r. g.u .11.
the frequent nubXeatIons to the eoniti
The secretary has detemilned th
there sliita.ll be no wasteful extravoiga
tare of the fund's so generouslv' pro'
.led by Congress, and to thiis end has
aUd'tt-issed the 'following letter to the
assistant secretary of the navy, an 1 to
each of t'he bureau Chiefs of the .1- part?
im at:
??Sir: Under the eimeigency appropri?
ation of $?0.000.00? tirade \V, .lie-.lav.
you will incur no expense or liability
except after written statements and es?
timate tnade by you .ni l approved by
th.. President and s.",-^ t'a.rv. ail in
writing. A special record must be kept
...f . v.-ry such reqti.li itioti. If tiny sit
litihllity or .-xp. use h as l.n i ncurred
by you by oral dir. 'a.m. make s>u
written s-tatehienit and estimate a
submit at once tor 'sti.li appi-oval.
"By -o der of t'he l ?resident.
"Very rosi" ?.-ifutlv.
(Sign..1.1 ".Ii IHN l>. I.' 'Nil.
In a tr: i.-it'11:. .ii ot" ti rupture betwe
the United States and Spain many r
rail ofHci is ..ti the retired list have r
ut'ed the s.vrenirv of the navy of the r
wil'lltniness and readiness '" per-t tin
any vSuty in the line of their profes
i.ers on the retired list for active
ity in liimes of war. Sect,.,n 1402 of
,. i wised stats tins bearing on this
?No i.til. r on the retired list or the
vy shall be oirployc-d on ft'ct'.ve duty
? ITl. en- . n the retired
ai- president of t'he Nicaragua Cam.nl
ot ters were Issued at the War IX
IKtrtment today for manning the newly
established fvirtC'firatilons on the Atlan?
tic coast from Boston .1 ,wn to Gaives
ton, on the gulf. Th.-y iticlude the or
S'anizait'Xvn of tJhe two new artillery
regiments, numliei-s six tend seven, au?
thorize!, by it recent act of Congress.
The sixth regiment will have its beiul
quaitterti '.at Font Slocuim, N. Y. and
the seventh regitnent is quartered at
I'-fJ. M.HI'.n.ry. Md. T'{ . n w fortifi?
cations on Long Isiana ncn.i. a.
entrance to tin- harbor of Boston, wu.'l
he guarded by a .batterv of the sec..ti l
ant'i'ih-r-y. now at Fort Ada.ms, It. 1.
Far th.- Operation of th.- big guns on
Sandy Hook, N. V.. two batteries now
at Fort SI..cum. one at Fort Hamilton
and another ait Fort Wirdes worth, will
be utilized. It is exposed thai Sandy
11.k garrison will be estalili-'lvcd at
once. Fort Monte... is probably the
strong.'-; and 'best equipped i-iia.tion on
the Atli.i'iitii.i coast, and the garrison
there will be called up. ii ro man other
ruri'i'Ii'catti'Otis, !>u; not to an extent that
w.cal.l weaken its own .-tli.-i.ii.-y. one
battery of the first 'auicMilery at Fortress
Monroe would U- 'transferred .to Font
M rgan. Ala., ?whi'.h. in conjunction!
ul.li Fort Guiines. comimamds the en
ti ince to Mobile hay. Another batter;
if the first irrlCl'lery will be silt to Ty
bee Island. Ca., for the protection o
Savannah river.
The garrison headquarters litnvd, and
one battery of the tin t arli'i'lery s.::
11'. tt.'.I at St. Francis bairraeks, St. Ai
srustine. Fla., will !>?? transferred i
duty 'at Sullivan's island, Chariest,]
halber The garri.-.n at St. Franc
banacks wWl be abandoned. Battei
I, ..f line second ant?TIey. will be assist
,"i t.. duty at Fori OjS we'll, ?pno*
Smith bland, m ar Wilmington, N. C.
For tine better protection v-f the na?
il .nil , ai.ita'l. .-tie battery of the fotir.'.h ;
art'lU'erv at Fort Monroe has ben or?
dered !.. Sheridan 'Point, Vn. This f .r:
is nearly . ippot Ite Fort WaKh'Ingten.
and in eoivn?.nf<m With it convmands the
appioaCh to Washing!, n by water:
The batteries of the fourth artillery,
stationed at Fort McHen.ry. near Bal?
timore, will be 'distributed between Fort
M..tt. N. -I-. thus providing for the pro?
tection of Philadelphia, Trenton. Cam
den ami other rifles in 'that vicinity.
Fort St. Ph'ii'.i'P, on th.- Mississippi
tier, ins! h.'le'W New ((Clears, will be
garrisoned by a battery of the Mrs: ar?
tillery, n .w at Ja.clvS'e.n barracks, N.-w
Orleans. Tin- .?her bat terv a; Jackt-on i
barracks has been assigned to duty a
Fort I'..int. harbor of Galve-Ston. Texas
All the mo V. ..lit nts indicated a hos?
tile results of the recent tour of linspec
lie- of General Merrit.t.
Th.- statement was circulated ihi
afternoon, and in sum.- cases the re
porl .am.- from those whose sources of |
information should '!..- reliable, that file
administration was in possession of in
firrmation that the result of'the inves
tigat.Win of the eourl of inquiry as
the cause of the Main?. Uls-is'tl-r w-itl.l
show that the explosion which destroy
.i'.i the battleship eeilme from s, nie ex?
ternal agency. A cabinet officer was
even quoted with making this an?
nouncement and another rep.f ha 1 il
that the stenog apbic notes of the in?
quiry were .1.-.;' re Secretary Le-g.
AVh. n the matter was brought to tie.
attention-of Secretary Long he prn
ne.'.n.ed the staten-.'ents false in ev?
ery nart'cular. 'There is not a word ..f
truth in them." said he. "No w rd has
been received Ivy the President or any?
one, else as to what the hoard o"f in
tiu'iry will determine."
KEY WEST, 'Maren 11.?The gunboat
N'ashvi'l'le snl'1'e.l at 5 o'clwk this m..rn
?ng wi!h-1S0 ftmeet of '..II for the use of
the fleet now crafising off Pry Tontu
cc.MMiseroN busy
HAVANA. March 11.?The ccingrefw
lonal commisst' n which is InvestlgatftoiR
"he Cuban ' i i ua ti.-n is bust'lv engaged
in lint er Vie wing the civil and .military
notables of Havana. Consul-General
r.ee presented them to fa.ptain-Gctveral
WASHINGTON. March 11.?S-n..r
Irtis Polo y Rernahe, the new Spanish
Minister to 'the United States, was for?
mally received at the State Department
today. He wati accompanied by Scn..r
Du It isc and was received bv the Sec?
ond Assistant Secretary of State.
His priisenitHtlon to the President,
which .was to have occurred today, was
postponed until tomorrow.
Naval Affairs Committee Au?
thorizes Their Construction.!
TO COST $5,000,000 EACH
Sew Vess.-ls to be of Hie finest Type, und
to lie in Commission in Two
\ . an. One lo be N.lltt
ed "M?lue."
WIASUINOrON, March 11.?Three
new HjalUeuinips, oi the aluuneneet IJ"IM
.11.. III. V.c.c- aUlltor.ltosi oy Luv:
. ...loii-.o j on uav.il ait^ii? touay, niuu.Ck
provision for tr.e.t' construe liuo ir.svri
i <i ua the naval appropriation bil. At
mo .o.oio Lo....-, u..^ coiuuiiLceo agiet-d.
on a lo.i.v.o.'-oi price or 4-iovi pc-r ion
i r armor piatc for our voa-tei?. inoresLS
i-j ii.c (mV? ut luii, marine* uy *VS
it..-i. ai.u ,iu, uu-uoii .a fitr?h*pe for a
decision ?oii.ori'otw on too locution o?
,;iy Boeles, prooa-uiy .our in number,
.o oi aA.-conunoda.ilng the iurgest
s.iveil war vvsjuii. Tin? committee wo?
,ii on ju iJ'J.iy all day and oetoie
ihe decision on the increase -^f sn.p? wa?
i*< ,o Ii.-.l wieie ivu a ioug aia.,' itiiereat
. 11K dtscusa'.oini
itepieseniativa Tat? (.Democrat), of
Georgia, wm-le t'avcirm,s an juoi?i?le,
IjuiiWveU thai two ve??ei* v. ouid b? un
l>ii- and that ?urth*r ?xpeaditur? be?
yond i_? point ..t liwcessity should be
.i\o,.lo.'. \\ h?u th* voi? w*?" ULU.<sn
there was not on* djuen-iiutf vo.ee,
Mr. lute tus.sied mat L*u battleships
would be insufficient to m?il the
i?i.-.-.-.it n.-?-od. ine new .?'?imhijps pro
v.u.-.l for vvr.I be ?jt th? .Ilaesti iM.li.eii..
It will be two years djuoi.ejt?. otvfo.e
; i.. y coat re p.?ttvd in c?uiraua.ci. On*
of in,-in, ut? cvtuaiUtM -'*^.ued, should
bear the iuu.? of th* U ion! M^.iie.
'll.vi appiviiiuation ?.r their co;_?t.uc
lion i\.c-> not tix*\l. beting referied to '.he
sub-corr.-ai.ile* o*n appropriation* whon
will report .o ihe tu.i oommlitue ?jv.nor
row. i-ae co?., ii ,* *a.J. will Ui live
mid ion dollars each, though .'or tlxo
cttl yuir covered en th* Ulli, the amount
..r mo expenditure may not exceed two
'Ii.,- eommitte* also as: ee,3 on a pro?
vision authorising thi* secretary of the
navy io purchase armor pKie by con?
tract or oiher.wfe at a cost noo exceed^
ing *Ps> per ton. Tins -w-ii agreed to.
however, only or. the exiles* proviso
thai this item should include the nick?:
used in the armor for wh'.ch a large out?
side. p.-r.. ntage heretofore has 1h.wi paid
by tile government. This limit of ar?
mor c>inraC[ price has been generally!
expected, und with the exception of the,
insertion of-the proviso as to .the nickel
met with I'.ttle opposition la the IMs
cussion. One of the most important
features of the work on the bill .was an
agreement on an appropriation of J135.
000 for outfitting, rationing and uni?
forming -(73 additional marines. This
increase in the nova", force was made
the subject ?jf a special and urgent re?
quest sent to the House after ?be suib-_
misslon of ?ie regular re,omme-3a
tlons. . . ?
u-:,i, ..u. ~* ? i>..' ? M.
dry diA-ks and for armor plate in the
aggregate not yet determined, the bill
as it stands carries In all. something
iik,- ?36,000,000 which, however, will be
largely augmented by the other items.
?Rapid progress has been made, with
the biii. and It Is likely it wlE >be in
shape to report to the II-,use UonJkiy
Bowman A<>{ Cbnsiider'c.l by the House
No s.-ssi. ,n of the Senate.
(By Telegraph.)
WA.-iM.N.; T? ?N.M.i:vh 10.?,The Ibil'i to
pay the Bowman act claims, .iggregat
l.ng S1.200.00O. Ifor sfon-s and supplies
furnish, d the Union army during the
war. was before ttr.ie House unti'i 5
o'cli ck today, 'but -beyond completing
the general debate little progress was
made. Of the 800 claims in the bin all
but a Ifew came from too South, arid
dilatory tactics were resorted to in or
l.-r :.. prevent progress with tha hEiL
Inn nir tiie filibustering the House
was in an upn<tr. Ai 5 o'clock, after
completing ttii. pages of the bill, the
Mouse proceeded to take a recess uniil
S o'clock for an evening session to he
devoted tu. pension 'legislation. After
the evening session the IK-use adjourn?
ed over unt'.l Monday.
I.i'S ANGELES, Miatrch 11.?General
ftosecranz, Who has been 'd'an.srerousiy
ill Eot several we.-ks. diieii' cm. his rani.lh
m ar thii-- city today.
Tiie c-n-oil passed peacefully away
purrouinded by the members of his fam
LON'DON. March 11.?The St. James
Gazette tthis afternoon says:
??!' is understood that Lr>rd George
Hiimiiton. nonr w-cre-tary of State for
India, wi'll s-.rccf-rd the Far! of Aner
deen as tli* Governor- General of t&?
Provlu'ce of Canada."
N. March 11?Kntrasfrments
Iis rnorninsr -tor shipment to
ugfrregiait m-.-re f'.-ian a quar
ni'lKon doi'lars. T>ai'.!y engage
ex nei-tcl for some time now.
piiUTS'MorfH, ENG.. Mtrrh 11.?
he royal ya<*it Oshorn?, wi'ih Queen
ri'c*toiria shcaril. at some T>~lnt he
ween (Cherbourg and Par's. The
nieen is en Tort* to the South of
"ran.ce for her h'Wtlth.
SAIN FR'ANCfsVO, iM.nrch 111.?The
tt'tlesh'ip Oregon !s to receive 400 tons
r ammunition, whleh will he a full
implement for its -magazines.
CHICAGO, Mtr.-h 11.?A^chblron Ire
! uid. in nn Interview, today F?id:
"No int" Atmeriwan Cnthol!? will i?v<en
?ii'ivk of psipotisln?: the anw of Spain
igaiw-t :h-:? counifry hena.u?e the former
s a CathcHc r.'.i'.ic-n."
MAORID. March 11.?Further reim
fvircemeTiits of Spanish troop* have safl
. ,j from SanitaTtder for Cuba. There Is
hrteiVy n ? (ruth in the repirt that
K3ing i^ 111.
soo Lots ?t Anrtlon.
Sab- will commence on the I4:h of this
month?aft-r 'the launching Is over?
in V continue tintil all arc sold. Pro?
tei ly siiuat.d on car line ami -tvat-r
fn Tit Fo- n-nni S?d Information, call
on Powell Bros. & King .2701 Wash
no.-, mr2-tf
Wood delivered in any part of the
Hty M S WAHREN. 445 Twenty
Inth street. Phone M15. febS-im
Don't forget the llttie bouse 2412
Washington avenue when you want

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