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Final Preparations for the
Great Event.
BEeu Prominent In National ami state Af?
feln Will lie Here Thursday. Fleet
or Warships C'oralug. I"lower*
fur iii<- Spouohra.
When the battleships Keairsarge and
Kentucky lelave the ways at ithe sliiii>
yoxd of t'he Newport 'Ntuvs Shipibui'td
ing ami L>ry l_KK"k Company and plunge
irtto the ?waters of the historic James
river next Thursday morning there wild
have occupied one o? ah*- most notable
events in line h stcAy .>f shipbuilding?
a launch of 'two flrs'lclass men of war
in one flay. 'Never befoie in the airrnaJs
of inava'i areni-ieeiure h_is sucn a teat
been attempted, probably because ..if *he
lack of foeilu'tles.
.That 'the launch' will .be to. success
there is not the suchtest dtaibt. Every
preparation Bias been made for ithe
event, the greatest caue being taken to
(nave tile plans down to the mCnutueU
detail cartied out. With the exception
oL' a few finishing touches the vessels
ia.re ready to plunge in 'the plaefid wa
tes-s. Tney rest on their ways Jike huge
watch dLgs waiting for the lime to leap.
"With their hull is painted u bright led,
taill military masts reaching Skyward
and streamers of bunting anid OM; GftOKiy
d'a-ngiing in the breezes that sweegj
down the river, the lighting machines
will present a magnificent picture.
Eclat ceremonies wuN a-ttend the
launch. Jden distingu.iiKh'ed jn- national
and State affairs ?will be witnesses,
ch'dc a.nd military organizations will
honor the event, from t'he gunti i ?n t'he
mem of wair lyng in the river a wel?
coming salute wiil be tin-d, and a.m-.d
the din will 1?- heard' the snouts sent
up toy 'the the -rig. Th'is will enld the
ceremonies at the yard.
-After the shjiw are moored in t'-hH-r
?berths the invited guests of the ship?
building ct mpany 'and naval officittills
?will st.am d<ran Hampton Roads in
Ithe steamer Newport News, to the
Cam't.erliin H> tel. at Old Point. There
a banquet will be given. Si-.irkl.m
chaniiKigne will fizz ar.id ali t'he tempt?
ing viands will -1h? served. Then will
follow a number of r-?asts. resi>onded to
by prominent s-i^-akeis. But there wtili
not be u grand ball, as is usually tlie
oust.mi, for riie Lenten seas m is on.
It is understood1, h; iwever, that there
?will -he danctirog at the hotel Thursday. ;
'but it will not be a j>att of the previ?
ous y arranged festivities attending the
The battleship K.-arsargv- willl lie the
first to glide into the water. She will
'leave the ways at atCut 10 o'clock, ju.-t i
- before hrgli tide. An hour latsr the
Kentu'oky w:W l>e launched. M?:s. Wins- i
3ow, -wiho is to be the sponsor far the
Kt-airsarge, will christen the ship with
champagne: but - Cirlstine Bra>d<
ley, who will ibecome spon? r for the
future tiehavi- f of tie vessel named
for the Blue Gif^ Stute, -wi-lil usv- na?
tures 'i>ure nectar wihen she smashes
ithe 'bottle on the prow ov the shi|i and
Utters the words: "! UHrlsten the.-'Ken?
tucky." Th*- water was taken fr rm a
spuing that gushes cut on a farm on
which Abraham Lincoln spent the days
of his youth, und from ?wWich it is sia-d
he often w.-nt to quench his thirst- 1
I t is estimated-it-hat there w.ill Irr 15.000
visitors in the city next Thur-day.
Special trains .run- (tom Cincinnati,
RdehmroTld and Washington will 'tiring
hundreds of people. The steamboat
lines touching Irene will ru-n extra ves?
sels, 'bringing the naval offjciU Is, Cm
gi.essmen d-nd Senators from Washing?
ton, 'besides other visStors. Pp. im the
Blue Grass State will come Governor
Wi'Hiam O. Bradleyv his stafffr of arS
onels and a delegation at pp.lbalnly 1,000
Riichinond and t'he State \rfill lh- rep?
resented. tr.iverr.or Tyi.-r and his staff
have accented the invitation to be pres?
ent, and ".-.hey ivill be aeeompanitd by
many rep:iesen.tatlve citizens. The Gw- ,
er.nor and his staff in full unif- rm wild
be met by the Huntington RS fies. A
letter neceived in this eltv Crom tlap
italn Cunningham, of Richmond', states
that his command ^xr>e<ts t.i partici?
pate n the launching ceremonies. Oth.-r
military companies -will -Ik? in line to the
parade, which will -be made up of mlli
Itary, civic and secret oi-ganizaitions.
Thui:sday wW'l he a red-letter day for
'Niewport News, and the city will take
on holiday attire. Every business house
will .be dec.rated. Fr.-ini the flag staffs
the Stars and Swipes will wave. Head?
quarters wiirl be established' for Dhe
various oi.'KanuzVi-tions in attendan. e. No
visitor will lie dehairTed the privilege <it
emterng the shjpj'ard. Eariy '.n the
morreing the gate? wilil 'l>e thrown orx-n
to the public, and an opportunity given
the strangers to inspect the 'immense
pliant, t'he largest shipbuilding works in
Ametica?probably in the world.
The navai r-nd con-gressi,i.n'al party
wi'H be under the esc.irt of Mayor W.
A. Post. '.Mayor Post wil'l leave for
VWashingt.vn tomorrow to make the ar?
rangements for 'bringing the party
down on the steamer Newport News,
and he will remain in Washington and
come down with the distinguished
guests Thun-d ry morning. It is cer?
tain that Secretary John P. I-ong will
witness the launch. President McKin
' ley may also come, hut this depends
i on the developments in the Maine dis
I aster. President McKinley has ex?
pressed a dt-sire -to he present, and it is
i..*?oped he will be able to leave the ex?
ecutive mansion for one day. H's pres?
ence would lend idditionii eclat t\i the
occasion, and the ceTcmonies would be
more el a 1 vi rate. In the party will he
the members of -the "Naval Affairs Co-m
mit-toes of the two houses. They are
as 'follows:
Senu'te?Eugene/ Hale, of "Manne,
1 chainnan: George C. Perk:ns. o:f Cali
I fornia; James McMillan, of Michigan:
i WiliUam *E. "Chatr-Tler. of 'New Ham-p
1 shire: ThomB? C. Platt, of New York:
S Slaneus A. Hamna, of Ohio: James
3 Smith. Jr.. of New Jersey: Benjamin
2 R. Ti'llman, ot South CaroMna: Th.anos
I B. (Martin, of ViTgln'i'a: Morion Butler,
of Worth Carolina, and Samtiel ID. .Mc
Enery, of I?uis>iana.
House?CMia.r1es A. Bauteile, of Maine.
ehaCrman; Samuel G. ?HMhorn. of Cili
fornia; Mnnville Bull, of Rh.wle Island:
Cieorge E. Foss, of Illinois; Alston G.
Dayton, of West Virginia: James H.
Southard, of Ohio; 'Henry <'. Louden
sTager. of New Jersey: R. R. Hawley,
I of Tex'jn: Tho-mas S. "Butler, of Penn
' sylvania; Amos J. ("umimings, of Ne.v
YoTk: Adolpih Meyer, of Louisiana;
Parish Cairter T?te, of 'Alaibama, and
Robert 'N. B.Hline. oif Missouri.
Scnatv>rs William Lindsay and Wil
iiaim J. T>eboe anVl Representatives
Charles Kennedy Wheeler. John I).
Clardy, J.iihn S. Rhea. David H. Smitn.
Wailter Evans, Albert S. Berry. Eva;;
E. Sattle, George M. Davidson, Sam no!
J. Pugh, T. Y. Fitzpatrl'-k an-1 David
G. Colson, compris'ing Kentucky's full
representatlon In both houses oi Con?
gress, are expected to be here next
ijir. C. B. Orcutt, president of the
Newport News Shipbuilding and Dry
Dock Company, will arrive in the city
Tuesday 'monn-ing in order to toe on
hiaind to receive Governor W. o. Brad?
ley. -Miss Bradley and other disting?
uished persons, who will arrive Wed?
ln t-rtay evening. President Oreutt will
also receive Lieutenant 'Wtaslow and
his wife a.t Old Point the sa.me evening.
They are coming from Boston.
The squadron recently ordered to
Hampton Heads will arrive in time to
witness 't'he launch. The squadron is
composed of the baftlesihiips Texas and
Massachusetts, cruisers -Br.Ki.klyn. Min?
neapolis and Columbia and the monitor
Puritan, and t'he tlevt will anchor off
the shipyard and Are a salute when
the ships plunge into the water.
Ait the meeting of the Y. W. <'. T. V.
yesterday afternoon it was decided to
?presieinit Miss 'Ohrts time Brud'ley, tlhe
sponsor for the 'battles-hip Kentucky,
with- a 'handsome baeket of flowers on
tile diay of ihe launching. This action
was token to show the appreciation of
the local union of Miss Braddey's de
termiinatiioin to establish a preeed-emt
f..-r eh-rlsen-in-g ships with water instead
of wi.r.'e. Miss Luise Hopkins, nliece >T
Mtv. J.seph Charles, was a-ppoin.ed to
present the floral offering-to Miss Brad?
ley. As was stated yesterday the C.
P. 'Huntington Republic in Club will
present 'Miss Bradley wit* a basket of
flowers in recognition of her father,
who ihaw the honor of being the tirst
'Republican governor of the Blue Grass
Stale in the last quarter f a century.
Both Miss Bradley and Mrs. Wins! >w
will receive handsome bouquets of
flowers from the shipbuilding corn-many.
Fliloiba'Utj- the handsomest florad design,
will be presented to .Mrs. Win-sN ,w by
the mechanics who 'built She Kearsarge.
It w-.M lie a jfcllp made of AJmerlcam
Beauty roses. Little Joseph -Mat* ma.'Jd.
who can.-iled rivets and small bolts to.
the workmen cm the vessel!, will pre
sent the 11 .wers to the Kearsatge's
sprcm-sor. Clad in- a Ivan new suit of
overalls and wearing .1 - up, 'he will rep?
resent a wo.kSingman.
lAmong -Che distinguished ladies who
avill witness the 'launch Is Mrs. Fitz
hutrh Lee, wife of the consul general
at -Havana. She will be escorted by the
Young Men's Business Associatikun, of
?Many people will see tti-- ships bap?
tized from the water, and mil of the
available craft will ba.pres-sed into ser?
vice. For the accommodation of vis?
itors the steamer -Louise will have the
doek at y:4f, o'clock Thursday morniing
and anchor oft the yard, remaining
there t'l-ll the ceremonies are concluded
It is now authoritatively stated that
Hon. "Melville -E. IngU'lIs, pres iden t of the
I"hesaivake & Ohio and 'Big Four sys?
tems, will witness the launching of the
Mr. Tngu'lls will re.vh Richmond next
Wednesday morning and will arrive at
Old Point Comfort the same evening. It
is si-mid that he will spend the night at
the Oha-mborlin sand come up -to the city
on the following morning.
The Wa rwick Hotel is making prepa?
rations to accommodate an unusually
large crowd and the first class boarding
housea will hove ail'l t'he parrontige they
can accommodate. The ChamberMn and
Hygeia at Old Point are- prepared to
entertain the largest number of guests.
A souwn'r to commemorate the great
event has .lieen designed by Mr. C. B.
Rauclay. of the- firm ..X Jftai-oiaj- a.
mamuraet'usrtrtg Jewellers. It is mtide .A
Amerteain -tin. and 1s 'the size of a half
dtfllar. <>n one side is a picture < f the
batto-shiiiws as they appear on the ways.
The otih.-r -shows u battleship and these
words: "To CVmnnK-mk itate 'the tfanmchi
in-g of tin.' Kentucky airud Kearsarge,
March 24. 1S98."
Mr. B. T. Kerr. a draughtsman in the
hull depairtmielnt, will! puilnlish a souve?
nir booklet, giving a full description or
the ships, together with'a. dozen oritnione
.\.\l.\ir.\? OF THE KENTUCKY.
The Louisville Evening Post 'recent?
ly published the following interesting
lecotin't of the naming of the Ken
i ucky:
As tlhe-"time -Dor launching the g. eat
battleship Kentucky dlraws nearer, in?
terest in tihe event grows all over the
Stute, and when Thursday, Mlarch 24.
arrives, 'the boom of cannon und anviis
w.lM be heard at every crossroads and
hair.'let In the c.imimonWealth, to say
nothing -.f wihlat maty occur in the larg?
er towns land cities. The Evening P- st.
l<elieving that the history i if how -i't hap
peiu-d tuiat our State was honore-. -y
the Uiniited'. States'^n naming the grand
v.-ssel. interviewe?! CupKtin Thlomos O.
Mall, the man who conceived the idea
of asking for the honor, and who later
worked up the petition that secured it.
He said:
"Evilly in lSltO the news was .received
that Uncle Sam intended to construct
a number of modem cruisers for the
navy. About that time I went i-ast.
and- -white 'there went aboard two fine
war vessels thlat bore- the r.?mes of
American cities on their bowsprits. It
then flashed through my mind; thlat the
name "Louisville" We iuCd look nice pn
a big ocean irover, and I resolved thon
that 'if energy cou'ld get it there, lit
should 'lie done. On my re'turn I men?
tioned my scheme to Charley German
and Ernest Horn, of the 'Palis City
Lit hogs: o-ph'in'g Company, hut 'they
thou-ght I was biting off too much. Yet
each said 'go an,' and after 1 -wrote my
petition with a pencil, 'Mr. Horn copied
it for me on a typewriter, mairing ft an
attractive diecuiment. The first man I
met on s'tatting ivu't for wames wos Mr.
Dennis Long. Sr.. then Jacob Krieger,
and f;om that on 1 secure' 300 names,
including the entire judi..ary of the
city. Iiaiikers. barristers, physicians and
It-ad'lnig political lights). Asher Caruth
wlas then a member of Congress. He
laughed at my efforts, but said he
wotyild help do anything for Louisville
that would cany her name abroad, so
he -put his name on my list. I wtas fre?
quently discouraged' by 'mossbacks.
but energy -was as often irest'oredi, and
in 1832 I completed 'the petition. That
year the rendezv'.ms of the world's na?
vies was .held -In Hampton Roods, and
I attended the event in the interest of
la syndicate -of newspapei-s. In going
to the Roods I first went to Washing?
ton and presented my docunner.it to
Secretary Herbert, who remarked on
seeing 'It. This is the first .pel'/Uon that
has ever been handed me from any
section of the country, .but I am sorry
to inform you that Congress hUs re?
cently' concluded not to build any more
cruisers than those already named, for
'twelve yeajs; but if your people w.lil
make this request one for - battleship
to be colled "Kentuvky" I will make
that the name of No. 16.' I was not.
pirepar-ed 'to reply to this prctposi'tlo-n.
I then asked tdmne to confer with my
friends at home, which wtas granted. I
went to Htaitmpt?n Roads, and on te
tunning home called' em Mr. James F.
Bruckner, Jr.. and asked him to get t'he
belaud1 of trade to advise me how to
reply. It was decided that a bird in
tlhe hund' was -worth far more than
two in la thorn tree, so the propositiii-vn
was acce-ipled. I was the onCy Ken
tuck.'an at the -Newport News shipyard
the day the Kentucky's keel was com?
menced, and one of the workmen
ptmic-.h.xl my name in one of the keel
plates. In connection with, my original
efforts 'in this line, the following letters
toll .how popular "LctllsvHle' would have
?l>een on- a eruise*r''S bowsprtt:
"Detroit, M'Jch., Nov. 21. 1890.
"Mr. Torn Hall. Louisville, Ky.:
0Contlnue!d on Fourth Page.)
Negro Lawyer Leaps Out of a
Two-Story Window.
While I'oli.-eman John Williamson Waited
for K. T. I.aukfor.1 the Attorney Al>
scomls to Carts ('..known.
Cause of the Trouble.
It. T. Lankford', the colored lawyer,
has left tor (farts unknown, and it s
wefl Our him that 'he shook the dust
B.o ..Miei.d off This feet and hied hl.mself
'to a'not'h'ein quarter of fhe earth, for had
Ociuin'uy Policeman John. W?llliamson
laid1 hands nn h'ltn LankCord woujJ
hove been a changed man a few .min?
utes afterwards.
Seve. al weeks ago there appeared in
the Daily Recortlfer, a negro paper pub?
lished in 'Norfolk, a slanderous Onange.
The item in question alileged thut itJS
officer made impropte'r advances toward
a female 'prisoner in tlhe Bockup.
The authorship -was llxed , n Lank
foid.tr It got a little too waitm for the
colored attorney und .proprietor of a
sal', on' in Tin. Pan alley, and he left
the city. Several nights ago Lamkfoird
iieturned to Bloodlfl'elld, thinking the
trouble had btawn over. Officer >?il
lia.mson learned c>f t'he negro's return.
At o'clock he located hiim in a house.
He went 'to th.- door, knocked and call?
ed for Lankford'. Then ,;-e waited for
the negro. It was a calm night. Lrrna
shed a sheen of Uight that glistened on
the placid waters of H'ampt' n Roads
and surrounding tints. riven 'Bloodfleld
was quiet. The s-?ecch of an old fiddle
or the rattle of t'he wiounout pianos Em
the saloons could not b- h. ard. The
w.was asleep. Offlleer Wil3iams:,n
waited for Lankford, im't the negro did
not come dVwn. Directly ttvere was u
thud. Th- lawyer had lcai?-d out of
the back window from the sec mid st.oy
of th.- building. He never stopped, and
when the policeman saw him he was
going at a 2:40 gait act'.ss the fields,
too far away and too scared to be ? v.-r
tak-^n. Thin was the last ti me I junk -
ford was seen in Bloodfiejd. Since then
h'is "a.tty-.i't-law" shingle has lieen pull
ed down and his personall effects sold.
Lankf. cd ?tue to Newport News
over a y.ur ago. He branched out in
Bloodlfield and l>.-gan to practice law.
A f.-w months later he was arrested tm
a wo ii: ar.it charging h.im with the be?
trayal! en' a Petersburg negress under
peomise ??.' marriage. He was taken t >
the Cockade City, but th.- . a.--,- did not
go I,. trial, as he married Vhe woman
to ,sa.).e the clutehes .f the law.
Lankfotd then returned to N. wp n't
News, leaving his wife behind. Later
he opened a saloon in Tin I'.ni alley,
and since has figured frequently Sn the
Bloodfiel? courts.
Troops Arrive.
u'e ftpvami or a lie ivn'H r?M?ery
Fourth ArtiUJery, ..rdered from Fu'i Jt'i
iey, Kan., to Fort Monwe, arrived here
at l':30 o'clock 'this morning. It was
intended to run the train straight
tihip -ugb to Old Pc-imt, but t'he orders
were afterwards changed und the cai's
were shifted to a sidling in t'he yard, to
remain there until 6 o'clock this morn?
?The train' was made up of twelve cats,
carrying seventy-five men. ineiudiinig
the officers, and sixty-five horses. Tlv
Bioops left Fort Riley. Thursday evening
and came straight t'hr ugh. Several of
the officers and men. Were on t'he street
uhiis morning looking for a beer saloon.
Failing to get any lieer they declared
this was the dryest plate they ever
struck. "Why. we - an get anything :..
drin.k on Sunday we want -ut in Kan?
sas", said a gunner. "If this Is the way
thev do business in Virginia on Sunday
1 guess rid hove to Urimk gingen- ale
This battery was ordered to Fort
Monroe to replace a detachment ;.-f
troops sent south lost week.
Through Tralllt? Hid Point.
It it state.) on authority that an im?
provement will shortly ibe made in the
service of the Newport 'Nws, Hamilton,
and old Point Railway Company, be?
tween (Newport News and Old Point.
When the weather permits the
regular use of the summer oars on the
line, the cars will be run from Fortress
Monroe to the shipbuilding city without
any change at the power-house at
The cars will be run every fifteen
minutes, and as there will lie no delay
it t'he power-house there is every r.-as
0>n to believe that the time between
the two terminale; of the road will he
much quicker.
Will Open a Hotel.
The Central Hotel at the corner of
Thirty-first street and 'Woi-hin.gt.in av?
enue, will shortly be remodeled and
conducted on a high plan 'by 'Mr. L. H.
St urges, formerly of Cat>e Charles and
recently of Baltimore.
Mr. Sturges was at one time proprie?
tor of the Arlington Hotel at Cape
Charles. He will expend several thou?
sand dollars in making the needed im?
provements to the Central and will
name it the Metropolitan.
The house will be managed on a first
clas,.- plan and will be conducted on a
$2 rate. It contains thirty-five rooms.
Police Court.
UWe foCfciwing nsesf 'were disposed of
by Judge Brown in the Police Court
y est v relay morn in g:
James Donely, drunk; fined $'J and
J'.i.mes Conner], drunk; foiled &! and
Cl BtS.
?Robert Hart, dvunk; fined . $2 and
Alex. Murray, dUuik; fined %2 and
J. Rl'..oln.. oltejtructimg sidewalk; fined
$.1 and costs.
Oet a nice umbrella at Hirshberg's;
if it rains this week you will need it
badly; if it don't rain y..u can lend it
to your neighbor.
Af.reat Difference.
If you haven't been sending your
laundry -work to us you cannot appre?
ciate what a difference It makes m
have the edge of your collars ironed
Try us once and rind out whit we
mean. 'Newport News Steam Laundry
The correct full dress shirt at Hirsh?
A Close Shave.
Thi? is what your collars and cuff.
wU'l get if y?u let. us la und- r th-m
Our little wonder takes all the whis?
kers off and gives you solid comfort
'Newport News 'Steam Laundry. It
The best kiunder.nl shirts in the world
for r>0c, at Hij-shberg's.
If you want pictures of any kind or
size see Wagoner, 2412 Washington av?
enue, feto 20-tf.
Advertisers who detsiiine to be repre?
sented in the great illustrated Lumch
iug BediUon of the Daily Press should
send in their copy tomorrow. ,\'? ad?
vertisements for the special Issue will
!>.? received after tomorrow evening at
ti o'clock. There is yet time for every
progressive business m in to secure
representation in the superb paper.
Send in youtr copy tomorrow.
?Miss Ftonnie Pit'unun, id Smilhfleld,
is visiting tier sister, Mats. D. D. Mo
Phorson. in Mast End.
Mr. 1.. 'D. Overtoil, of the United
States Shipping i'.onp.iny. left last
n.glu fora visu la friends in Halt inioi'ev
.Mrs. .Robert Bruce Latham returned
yesterday from Baltimore.
M.ss Nettie Henley, of West avenue,
who has been en a visit to relatives
in West Point, Va.. returned home yes
ueidiiy laifternton laccom'paniled by .her
sister, Mi's. Moggie Lipscomb, and'Miss
Lula Bivoks, ot West POCinit, who are
new on a visit to the family of Mr.
Thomas B. Henley.
The ruxnoti that 'Flank Badlnman,
formerly of this City. hud been killed
in a u.'iiway wreck near Chester, Pa-,
?was unfounded. He Ss alive and .weit.
The Chesapeake & Ohio pay ear Ar?
rived yesterday, and gtnlal J.'tin
Hancock, paymaster of the road, iias
been busy all day distributing salaries.
Some unknown person entered the
sail.-is' braiding house on the Acre Fri?
day night and madea way wiJihis horse,
night and 'made a way with his horse.
Tiie theft has been reported to the po
liee. who are now working with the ex?
pectation of recovering the animal
Mr. Hiarvey K. L?tte, formerly an em?
ployee at the shipyard', while at Work
tin the masts-of the Puritan in the
Nanfolk navy ya<xl yesterday moinirig,
foil to t'he dieck lie low, breaking his
arm and d'islo. aiting his sh.ulder. Ho
was attended 'by the yard surgeon and
sent to bis home.
Miss Mary Kenyan, of Warrenton, is
the ?liest of <Miss Hattie Murray.
Miss Annie Freeman has returned
from a visit to relatives in Gloucester
Mr. Philip P. Tascom, of Baltimore,
is the ftuest of his 'brother '.Mr. 11. Lee
Hartma n.
Mis,.- Chrkssle Wallace, of West ave?
nue, left FViday evening for a visit to
relatives near Ashland.
Mil-. C. N. Pettus, of BlacJkstone, Vtr
gini.i. is visiting Ii? r son. Mr. V. M. .Pct?
tus. on Twenty-sixth street.
Miss Rosa .lohn Brooke, of I^eximrton.
is the guest of hi r cousin, Mrs. J. L.
Ma rye. Jr., of No. 11.'.:: I [lami-pion ave?
Mr. William 'Birney, foreman of LW>-I
erty Fir-- C, .mipa.ny. left yesterday
for Philadelphia, where he has accepted
? Position it Cramp's shipyard.
Chiarles W. Kirtermain, of Lynch burg,
hus 'been apiaointed und?-the civ'.l sor- j
vice a copyist on p obatlon in tlie gov?
ernment ? onstructiVm office at the New?
port News Sh5(pyurd. iHe will airlve In!
the city tomoerow mciilniing and will at
once enter Upon his neX i!utij[i>
the guest of her aunt, Mrs. A. S.dSawisi
640 Twenty-seventh strv-eit.
Torpedo Boat Rogers Arrives.
The torpedo boat Rodgers, which was
built at ill.- Columbian Iron works in
Baltimore, arrived jt Old Point late
la.-t owning and will proceed to the
Norfolk navy yard tills morning, where
she will be pin into condition to go
into c'ommtission. This littJe terror
!'?:'; Baltimore yesterday monnSng a.t
11 o'cilock, coming down the buy and tr
one boiler.
Torpedo 'boats are now in great de?
mand by the government. asp tin ihiats
two large flotillas of this class of ves?
sel.which outnumber the American Ike:
of terrors greatly.
Negro l>Ies suddenly.
R,<berl Armstead (colored), aged 2n
years, died suddenly on Severoteenlth
street shortly after u o'clock last night
Arnisteail was wit'll several other ne?
groes, lie- complained of being sick
and sat down on the sidewalk. In a few
minutes he was a corpse. Coroner B.
R. Gary was summoned, and'after m ilk?
ing an ,-xa mi.ii' 11 ion decided thai am in?
quest 'Was uunecessiary, as .leath was
due to heart disease. Armstead was
??Tlie Kcal Widow Brown.'.'
The -Real Widow Brown." as playeil
by A. Q. Soanrmem's Comedy Compiny
at tlu- opera house last nil gilt, although
tiresome at times, contained a g.nwl
deal of nonsensical fun which imus-J
the large audience in attendance.
There is little plot lo the faix-e, other
than the forming of amusing oompll
eatioiis and unnaveling them again.
In the se ond act a rsuiKbcr of sipec'al
ries were given by members of the
company, several of whom (Hissee-sod
gOCd Voices.
iMiss Tessie Hartley, who played the
pant of the "Real Widow," rendered
several selections in a manner tiuat
pleased the audience.
Judges Klected.
Folloying is a list of the judges ap?
pointed* toy the City T>emocna.tic Com?
mittee to serve at the legalized primary
which will be held Thursday, April 2S:
First Ward?Charles Adams, T. W.
Judkins and Lewis ?W-.ikefield.
Second Ward?Messrs. J. M. Griflin
and S. A. Fuller.
Third Ward?Messrs. W. R. MeFall,
W. F. Webb and C. C. Crumplar.
Fourth Ward?'Messrs. Bagnell, Hen
i v Haley .end Robert Wilkims.
Fifth Ward?W. C. Stuart, R. H.
Harris and 'A. H. Henley.
Sixth Ward?M. O. 'Morris and W. P.
S. ven-h Ward?P. M. Folan. Oihers
to be selected.
Orioles Defeat the Miercer University
Team, of Maoon. (la.
('By Telegraph.I
M'A'CON. OA.. March 19.--The Balti?
more Orioles and the Mercer Unfiversi'ty
team, of Maeon. ployed a very pretty
come of base ball thga afternoon on. the
Maoon gi:oumd?. The Orioles showed up
In, such fine condition that Manager
Harflo.ni was highly elated.
The team has had beaut fti! weather
for practice in Mn<v>n.
?F Slowing is the score toy inna-tigs:
Ba'itSmore .2 21 22100 3?13
Mercer ._1 0 3 0 0 0 o 0?4
Summary: (Base hits?Baltimore. 13:
iM.n.er. 7. Errors?BaJt m, re, 4: Mer?
cer. 11. Baitteri?-s?Baltimore. Hughes,
Kiitson ared Jones (lo.a.1): .leicer,
Mansfield and Cu-rett, pitchers; Acree
and Jones, catchers.
Spring Millinery.
Mrs. A. B. Morris, of Rfchrno'wd, Va.,
will display a case of spring millinery
in the pandora of Mrs. IT. .1. Burk, 22S
Twenty-seventh street, Newport News,
on Monday, March 21. IS'JS. Public in?
vited. B
The correct full dress shirt alt Hlrshi
berg's. ?
Survivors of the Maine Con?
fer With McKinley.
United states May Acquire San mar.
tlnoauil I lie O'lllggtna. Keport
tliat Captain l'audu II Bean
Cuplured Not True.
(By Telegraph.)
WASIIINilTDN, '.March 19.?The arri?
val of several survivors ot the Man
and their extend.*.! conferences with
President McKm and Secretary
i">nK furnish.-.! the most Interesting
feature In today's developments ..n tlhe
Spanish situation. Three officers of the
Maine. Lieutenant G. K. VV. Holmatnl
Lieutenant Ceorge P. Blow and Lieu?
tenant A. W. Catlin, Of t'he marine
corps, accompanied by Boatswain Lar
kVins. came on unexpectedly from Key
"West. It wai? said their visit was
pur.-];, voluntary on their part, as they
arc n-.-w on wa-iUntg irders ind are
free to n.. where they please. Their
long conferences at .lie Navy Depoirt
m.nt ?nd loiter at the White House
?led to much conjecture, it being as?
serted that Lieutenant Blow brought
with him the report of the court of
inquiry, or at h as: the general conclus?
ions ivach.xl by that court. It can be
stated positively, however, from t$n au
thorative source, that the otllcers did
not bring wiiiii. them th* report, either
is o whole or its geneiul conclusions.
It is stated with equal poeiliveness
and authority. Unat they do n..t know
wh.it die action of the court of in
quiry is. an t therefore are not In a po?
sition to convey any information to .the
President or secretary of the navy on
that point. Their talks were confined
?entirely to graphic narratives of their
experience ..n the night of the explos?
ion. In th.- course of tills narrative,
however, individual opinion as to the
cause of the explosion found expression.
These opinions, as already stated, were
purely personal and not founded on the
proceeding's of tit.- court of Inquiry.
These personal opinions, however, it
was learned reiiahly, were strongly fa?
vorable to the theory of an external ex?
plosion leading to the destruction of the
Maine. The ..fliers themselves main?
tain the strictest reserve. After the
conferences with the President and sec?
retary of the navy, the Maine oflieers \
did not i-.-niin to tin- Navy Department,
and considerable can- was exercised in
.having their whereabouts kept from
public attention. Another Interest Ins
arrivnil of the Jay was Constru-otor
Hoover, the technical expert sent to
Havana to identify the twisted plates
in the Mnine wreckage, with a view of
leairrning whether the explosion was of
internal or external origin. Mr. Hoov?
er- also maintained silence concerning
'the wreck. He made no reiport to the
r.''.'l".v:in;i"to' fea~n 'f?c!g~and then em?
body th-ui in :esrim-:ny before the
10 v il court 'f ir.quiry.
Late in the day the prospects becume
much brighter for the acquisition by
ib.- rjr?ted States of two exceptionally
tin.- warships. na nc y the a/in >r--l
cruiser San Mon-tino. belonging to the
Argentine Hep. die, and the 'battleship
Geperal O'Higgins, belonging 10 Ohi'li.
Th.- hof.- of getting these ships had
been limost given up. but cablegr-aims
received today from Commander Bron
son, now in Europe, made the out?
look more- encouraging. TTi> to the close
e.f office houis an actual purchase had
not been concluded, but a high official
summed up the situation by saying the
iK-goti-.- ions were getting "very hot."
The Si.. Martin., was originally built
for the Italian government and was
then known as the Van?, but sine,, her
piirchase by Argentine she has been
renaimed. Her dimensions are:
Length. 328.
Beam. 59.
Draft, 24.
Displacement, 6.S40 tons.
Honse-piwc-r. 13.000 tons.
Speed, l?.'.is knots.
Ker arm.im-a-' :s two S-i.tih rapid
tir.- gun-", mount.-.1 in barbell.i- and
protected ley hoods: ten 6-Iwch quick
tiring guns in a central redoubt; six
4.7-inch quick lire guns on the upper
d.-ek ami' twenty-two smaller quick
firing guns on the upi>er deck. All the
guns on the upper decks are protecced
by steel shields.
The General O'Higgins is a 'battleship
of 8.500 tors, built at Ersw.ick. Hei
dAmejiisioni-. are:
Length, too feet.
'Beam, tK! feet.
Draught, 22 feet.
Her coiii;ract speed. 21 1-4 knots. Her
armament is -four 8-1mch, ton 6-inch,
four 4.7 Armstrong gums, eight 12
pounders. ten 6-iMmnders and four sub?
merged torpedo tub.-s. Her protective
deck is built of Harveyized steel seven
inches thick. Her gun, but for the
eight inch guns, and the casements of
the six inch guns, are protected by six
inches of nickel steel.
Both the navy and war departments
continue their active preparations for
emergency and- contracts in all branch?
es of armament are beding niade doily
by the various bureaus. The naval bu?
reau of ordnance has contracted for
4.500,000 pounds of powder, which is
pnobalbly the largest single order ever
given. This was divided between the
California Powder Company and the
IDupont Powder Company. The or.Iei
is sufTicient in the aggregate to give
200 rounds for every gun afloat in the
American' navy, and with this large
supply on hand the a ivy. for the first
time in years, will 'be more than am?
ply supplied with powder.
An unusually 'large number of Sena?
tors took advantage of the fact that
the Senate was not in seseion today
to call upon he cabinet otficens with
the hope of securing definite informa?
tion as to the Cuban situation. They
succeeded- only in learning that the re?
port of the Maine court of Inquiry had
not arrived but it was expected early
next week, and that it would be for?
warded to Congress immediately upon
its arrival unless of an unexpeetedily
startllng character.
Some of lh.-m found the high officials
of the State Department deliberating
up:<n th- line of i?>licy to be pursued
in cai-e the report of the naval court
should have the effect of entirely elim?
inating the Maine incident from the
situ utlon.
The -State 'Department officials did
not make a positive declaration thai
suk-Ii information was in their posses?
sion, rather advancing it as a ten?
tative suggestion, and when pressed for
information on this point replied that
they only knew thai the report was
to come next week, and that they had
no advance information as to its <-.in?
tents. lAn important contract was let
by the bureau of yards and docks of
the Navy Dep.wtme.nit fod'ay. It was
for dredging about 300.000 feet of th
harbor alboue Fort Jefferson on Dry
: Tortugas Island, which enable large
naval and merchant vessels to anchoi
- very near the shore to take on coal.
This is the first step taken by the 'Na.vV
Vparimetit townurd tn:ikiiiL.r a naval
?ui>i>ly eouliing station at tlhe Tortugas,
?i'k on which will now be pushed
is rapidly as possible. Th,- Atabanw
?redgmg & Jetty Company, of Mobile,
ere awarded ihe contract.
There is no doubt thai the authoH
ies here are keeping theaiiselves fully
i.l\ is. ,i its to the .11 oviiiemm ..f the
'paiu'sh torpedo llofillu. new .-n route
rem Spain. Pensons acquainted with
e facts- say -that live ?top at tlhe Cu
i&ries is only temiKHiary, and tluit
her.- is n.i purpose "Ii t'he part of the
?pa.tiish government lo turn ba. k the
or.pedo boats because or the remftval
>f tlie Texas an.l MassachuireUs from
_.r West, on the I'.iiiir.'iry. the purpose
- made kn?wn in Washington, is tihui
the torptudo flotilla will eoniti'nue its
trip to t "ul>^i ?nd Porto Rico. Ii was
stated today by one llviglh in naval au
The SttWe 1 >.-part m. n i posted Hie
following memorandum during ;he day:
The elections for the Cuibain House
Kepres. nl etiv.w ill take place ..n
April Z4, and that for the council of
?d minis trat ion ..n April us. The <'u
Ikiii parliament will meet May 2."
ie diplomatic us-peci of the Spanish
s ion developed no new phase to?
la V.
LMessrs. Angu'lo, V. l.is mid Cadenas,
Ihe three convmissioners named t.y tin
'u'lKin cabinet to act with minister
Poll m forming a commercial treaty.
be presented i'o Secretary Sherman
and Judge Day on Monday next. They
ipeot to take up the negotiations wiiitui
mimiseioner Kasson after the cere?
mony of present:utlivin is concluded.
Commodore Farquahar. formerly
?hii f of Ute 'bureau of yards and docks
?f ;ihe navy, was in conference, with the
mava.l officials today, lb- reported thai
;li?- finishing touches bave been put on
.Ihe monitor Puritan and that sin- is in
tine condition for sea service. It is
?ected that the Puritan will leav,
for Port ltoyal. S. C, ait which place
it. 1 'as been reported the n ivy depart?
ment will lo.-a.te a Meet O't torpedo
-beats, which may be called on for as
Siftianee either by tlie Heel ait Hamp?
ton Ilo.ids or rial al Key West should
necessity arise. Port Roy.ul is at a
convenient distance from either of the
t'wo places and, altihough the torpedo
-.Kits are slower in movement Uhan tlie
ruisers, they could reach either place
.?iithl'ii reasonable time. The moniitors |
rhicb it lias been said wiil compr&e,
the lleet include tlhe Am.phit.rit.-. Terror,
untonomaih and Puritan.
i By Telegraph.)
KEY WEST. F1LA.. Mill eh V.l.?The
United Stales court of inquiry into t'he
loss ? f t'he battleship Maim- continued
its session t. day oai Iboard tile buttle
slh'p Iowa.
The Uni't.-d Slates cruiser Montgom?
I etttyi saliled this mourning from the T r
tugas with twelve in. h shetllls for the
et. The buttleshlps Mas ?i.Jiusei'ls
d Texas will leave the 'p. u'tugas to?
day for Haimipton Roads.
Judge Advocate tMarix came ashore
later in the day. The cou.'t apparently
held a shl.rt session. Two unidentified
U>odies from 'the wreck of the Maine |
were brought! here tonight on the )
I steamer Olivette. Tfcey -wEiLl' he buried
iFourlee.ii enlisted men from two bat?
teries of airtilllery stationed here, left
toniigiht for Tampa. They are jroing to
Fort Henry to become parlt of a n
(Uy Telegraph.?
iHOMlE. Nrar-h (19.?Arrumememits have
lteeni made lx?twoen t'he Argentine re?
public amid the Orlando Shi pbu lld'i ng
j Company) P-r 'the sale ,?f ithe armored
cruiser Varez. The name of live pur?
chaser of tii.c Vaitez is not stalled.
('By Te l. graph.)
WASHINGTON. Meineh 19.?The ,n?i
va.l i.-Hpropri-a I ion bill was pra.- t ie i lly
completed today by the suil>-coni!mli'titee,
and will im- reported to the .'nil comi
iv" tee ? in Monday.
Th'o bill will appropriate $200.000 to
be expend eld during the next fiscal y.'u
I ma each, of the five dry docks author
. ... toe nail a miii.lilon is up
propiiated Coir each of the three battle
(By Telegraph.)
NEW YORK. Mar .ih 10.? A WilMetCs I
Point special to il...- Unooklyin Eagle
?Off oii.ils ,xpe.-t gr.-at things from i
iw toi'piedo. or more propetlly. a small
tonpe'dioi boat, that has reached this
| Pia-e. It is 'the Invention ?-f Lieutenant
Nicholas J. Hoipine, amid is an gilectnlt:
'oat With sutiioient power to curny i:
> miles. Ii is expected to prove oil
great value in coast ,1, f, n:-e sei vi.-,-.'?
(By Telee.-a ph.)
iNdOW VoRK.Mu.-h 20.?A dispatch t.
I the World from Madrid says: '
Captain General Blanco, from .II.? -
Ivana. has given proof that he Is at
I anxious for peace as t'he -Madrid min?
istry. 'He cabled from Havana advis
Iing the government to postpone the de?
parture of the Spanish Hying squadron I
torpedo boats. He advised that it
iuUJ not on any account praei
I further toward the United 'St ile- than
he Canary Islands.
??The order to hold th-,- fleet there)
.as not. however, sent wholly at Gen-'
lerai BUimeo's requesit."
N'li'l'l. March 19.?It is runwired her
I that Spain has purchased the stear
3h.t Giralda, belonging to Hugh Mi
.lmont, 'M. P.
here U_diay that Genera! Gaxcia's forces
have captured General PandO. Tile re
pcltlt Was cause,! the widlest excdtemenif
annong the Cuilnuis here, -who believe
this would brimig Spain to terms.
?HAVANA, 'March hi.--The report
-irculated here that Gi reeral Pa.nel.ii, the
Spanish commander in chief in Cuba,
been captured by the i'nsurgent
General Garcia, is untrue. According
the latest advices ('.. n.-i-ai Panda
had left Ciego de Avila .and was pro?
ceeding to the en..iward, probably with
Puerto Principe as his destitution.
one -six-inch g-u-n and a valuable ca?
ble were recovered today from the
wreck of the'Maine. The bodies of two
of ihe Maine victims were sent to Key
West this uftern,>u-n on the steaimei
Olivette. Chaplain Chadwick is revis?
ing the list of the ivo.ih-s thus far re?
covered. 'II- inclines to tlhe beli.-f that
a larger number has -been- recovered
tlinn ha - -lx-i-n stated.Imt will know pos?
itively us to this In a few days.
In i semi-.-'itiric.ii editorial entitled
"All for humanilty," l*i Lucha. today
I refers to the fact that Spun is e.iitcr
inir.g tlie people with a carnival amd
Culm is deeply interested in the coming
?teems to !>e entirely devoted to human?
ity. The editorial says (lie relief work
is 90 wi.l.i-pread and so greatly viairied
here that it is not impossible to suspect
that there is some other motive for It
than eha-rity. and hints <it a desire lo
A m-ri.-a n'ze . ha'ba.
Tin- paper says of 'Miss CMarta Barton's
offer to .build houseis for the sufferers
?tihail in "time these might grow into
(Continued on fourth page.)
Considerable Excitement in
Military Circles.
Uoluiivl.lol.il W. ltlct.ar.lt.oli IIui.No! Ii...
Iiu<|llildted Hin Onlce. .M. ..ill. r. of it
si t .I lliir.au Arretit.-.l. Crowd
Coming luHi? Uli no iluK.
(Special t>. Uhe Daily Press.)
RlCH-VtOCN'D, VA., Manch 1U.?There
is a deeded difference of opinion be?
tween memibti? oi the lust Legislature
and some of the office-hokreta who
were ousted by recent enactments,
w iwch. were .11'.ended' to a.boWrh certain
n .m1....1s. Fi r instance, me register of
the land office. Quilonel J 'on \\. Rich
11 11. whose "li: <? was abolished, nas
not yet relinquished h.s cla.iu 'to the of
11.... 'arid uku, togerheir with other un?
it, r positions, is now iura ting decision
iy the a;.t. t;n.> gene-.Ml It is not
ituown just when tlhe Elises will be ce
There is a good deal of ex.'itemenit to
miiiiftary circles over .t?ie action of the
Supueme Court of Aplptala in re-fusing
to in'tei'fere in any way wiitn the ttnd
ings or jucisdJc'tion of the gemnia.l court
martial which rocemtly mot in this city.
tfe.vti.al members of the m.tutia ?'??
lined tor various offences against tlhe
disc |i,i:te?absent WiitTn.Ut leave, etc.? -
and rhe o unsel for the accused advised
that the Hues lie not paid 111 order 'Mat
a test ease might be made. This wus
done, and the Court Ott Appeals having
decideiH that it was a 111 e>t case,
today the question o'f a mandamus to
compel the payment of the other tinea
was argued IbePoire Judge E. C. Minor,
of the Law and Equity Court. The case
has attiUcted a good deal eif atteinltlon,
especially among nil?ltary men. and the
llnal u s|.osi 1 ion o'f the matter s anx
oiisly awaited. Arguiment in tne .tue
was heard at 4 o'ekek fills evuning.
Postoftlce liisjie. tor 11. T. Gregory
has caused the .irrest of 1'. F. IHum
phrey and C. C. Joins, who have been
doing a lucrative business as the Vir?
ginia Seed Bureau. It is chaiged thai;
th<- llrni has ixv-n im'pvoperly us.ng the
mails .11 advoi tisvr.g certain thilnigs and
not complying. The men were befuie
Comrnissiauier Flegemheimer !<?.? examu
nait loir.
Tin- State steamer Chesapeake ar?
rived here this afternoon to take Gov
, riMf Tyler ami la. few other officials on
.1 tour of Lnsjiecuion of the oyster
grounds and to get the sentiment of the
people as to who ihcy prefer for the
IKSition oi chairman of the board of
Frsherlus. He will leave here on Mon
d.i.j'. and it is- probalble that :he 'will
stop at Newport News and be joined-by
ins stuff, to be ptesetlit at tlie laumdh
ing of the battleships on Thursday.
Primary election Wagens are being
paid. One of them TOa a wheat barrow
ride down Broad street last night, /h?
t-Misix..?,i iiing on1 Diiait thM.o?lghrare.
?much to the amusement of a large
crowd of sjiectators.
A delegation from the "yVTeiman's Chris
Uo-n Temperance Union will call on Su?
perintendent of Public Instruction
South all within a week or so. The ob?
ject of their .'all is not stated.
Giles Jackson, the culored lawyer,
statesman and politician, is miuch en
eonraged by the- success of the meet?
ings lecen'tly held of depositors of the.
Fieedman's Bureau. He hopes to get
the money refunded' to 'the deluded fol?
lowers of the Republican party.
There will be .111 -immense crowd from
Richmond to witness the launching of
tiic ilxt'titlesUilps next Thursday.
M LHR11 HER 1 N A'l SPt >M'A TTOX..
Errume'ilt '.%" i-plhalil Slhoots and Kills His
Bi other's Wife.
1 1 ty Telegraph.)
IRJTOHIMIONID, VA.. Marc"h 19.?In Aip
pomattox county 1'day, Emrnett Mar?
sh.ill. son of the lote D'. it-glass IMj&r
shaill. shot and Instanlt'ty killed his
'brother's wife, ,Mi s. W. B. MarshaM.
lie then fifed at bis brother Douglass,
wound ng him in the arm. and at?
tempted to sh'cot his other brother, the
husband . f th,. wbmaii me had shot.
I-Kmmetit used a ?b iible-liameiled gun,
and is demented. He was taken to jail
at Appomlrlttox court house and tried
to commit suicide by running his head
aga inst a "sharp edge in a steel cell.
Mrs. Hodgson Burnett Figures in a
New Role.
(By Telegraph).
WASH I NC TON. 1). c? Maroh 19.?
Mrs. Frances tTodgsoh Burnett, the
well known novelist, today instituted
suit for divorce from her husband. Dr.
Swan M. Burnett. The papers in the
case are- withheld from publication.
The grounds on -which 'the deccee is
asked are understood to be desention.
albandonirnent and failure to support.
The '-ist named', however, is only tech?
nical, as Mrs. Burnett is beldeve? to
have an Independent fortune. Dr. and
Mis. Butnne-tt have tuvt lived t<?g<'flier
for two year.s or mote, and even prfor
, to their seiura.ti.ui It had l>oen gener
I ally k-n??wu among thieir acquaintances
ihut their rel.iti'-ns were srai'ned. 'Mrs.
I Burnett gutted from New Y.vrk for Eng
i land about t.-n days ago. Dr. Bume-ttt
Lntfrmated tonight that 'the suit iwas in?
stituted by mutual agreement, and it is
not probable that he will seek to pre?
vent the lie ree.
OE?3ALO iS 'RlvIJliiVilCD.
(By Telegraph.) ^
NEW YORK. March 19.?The Spflfeh
minister at Washington today rt-lieved
.1. M. Cfebalillos Ktif further duty on the
Ouoain autonom st commd'ttee. Whether
tli-e no'tlce from Sfenbr Polo was u sur
[irlse t,. Senor CeibailOos is purehy a mat?
ter f inf.-r.-nce. as. in reply bi adiitect
auesttan, Mr. <V!ballos meneiy said ne
never surprised a", anything. He
fd'ismlissed us groundless any suppoi'tdon
th?!t thlere existeid any friction between
in's re preseinta't'.ve and hiimseHf be
se at a much quoted interview with
sdlf u-hidi he had disavowed.
(?y Telegraph.)
MTTSHI'KC. PA.. Much .19.? Con
jgrem-man .Joseph I'lib-y. of Texas.De-m
utic leader in the House of Repre
ta.tlves. will be a candidate for the
Ispeakership of that next sei-:s:on.
Mr. U:.!.->? was in the ctty today in
inference with a number of prominent
Democrats, and to them he disclosed
has ambition to succeed Thomas B,
ad, the present
I tirtiiniks
uccess are
ilo believes free el'lver will win
I in 1900._
Have your llmild'ing decorated for the
launch ng. Thousands of str?nge.? mU
'li'.-re Give th.-n. a g, >"i impressi.on
fit Newport News. M. Mitt ledger &
S ,-" -s'.c decorators, ?i Richmond,
aire 'nrerjared te? ?tothe your buildin g n
eala atttoe They fuirnlsh. the de^"?*
Vrig maitwrla). Call and see them rt ffll
Twctity-llfth street, w.

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