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Land Office Not Abolished,
Says the Court.
'-Burglars Get ill Good Work in One Night.
Opinion- tlamHxl Down by the
Stute-? Highest Tri?
is ??? 1.; y.
*if 'the
?f -the
7.?In the
a8>pKk>iPtJoii 1
;. secretary
cocniped the
Register of
las intended I
court h- id
r.d Po>]
ugue r<
i fire iriinw iwitli |
i r< ? <i" 11 'I>?-> 1. it is
>? ? k restit senvice.
i*..ne arod Oils som '
! an tiie Ttic'lnin-ojid
ait't>eirnpted to kiw
- T benzene. They
i- It fondest hones.
iu.-Hv burned aibotut
nibs, and is suffer
H.< oi it- ?.?:?.. quite
ihey w5M .bo-Wi r?
.. The damiage t?.
urt t'i albbut jr.no.
i.-ir work in RWh
l 'iicaC'nvsjs i,nd dix
? t tli- folloiw
p-laee succeeded
i ti't
. n.
Mc'l '.::':>>
ichi tVS' SfiV
and W. 1.
vr llle
r Ad?
judge ,r,
Court, ? ?:
? : I-'.iinitiier c
? and IMarini;
iglb H.nn?;
ttlc & .'?..
'un'ty. u\-r
? I'I'l
Eu . !.
?l i . - - u
Civ i
?!??> >
'??. Orrcul't Court of
3 u ? Jhei ni i n ? M-.il r?i ? ?1 -
? Co.. -vs. Ttutihenrord.
'?'iin. city of .Rlcli
Harrtson?FSaoe vs.
Cdr-poo-a'tloh Court,
ii ?nhvealth. I-Taist'lingi?
mond. Writ .?f error
mmlreg. Judge. Cir
dngl n county. Writ
? 1.1 i \' I Ulli X! A.
Chief Justice
i.-.,!..;,? wlluic'h
' t'he d'iwlP'liine
? re mibjec-l in
VolKll's (.'??111
jurtst s nieces
siiit'fnK iliian; ami
1 aitlt iirctive. Mm.
:zvous for tin
tin- city dui-iiiv?
M ? irsihail's black
Jreeph, ii. id a
visitors, ivvn-y
oii'M ii;|>pea.r .it
% room in epoit
PTO'fdilind b,nv
>h'ief Jus-ti
i prepare i
-.v :i be served at
n\v 4. Iiis tocwUMr
wil'l remain, and
1 for you at the
reinn.iii. will you
diles to retire to
i.iOly took uheir
retired in an 111
miomstira>nce wSt'h
wered by: "It i?
Yoaiins folks
, bounds."
<f the better cfltiiss,
al-most boundilces
of younw irieri of
held v.jtli.n limit
lor Stealing Btohb I'ipei
O'Hara and \'
txmm yesterda
HO eierve six i
IGoodwin is- :
seen In the s
Charles Male*
img *ras? j'ijOiin
in Jail. He v
cQmrge today.
I (By
DUO, we
e act of
is piping
tihe yard.
.. Offlcens
as sv-ntenoed
;ro who weus
night b.-fore
?d for steal
in. ?? mt?ntthis
(U his sister'
l>l\:~. S-f-JMjENI.y.
, AprtJ 1?3. M. Harrt
- in- t'hi? cMy and Ssavain
t wuddenlij' ivttiiils dressing
-honx*. in this city today.
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Mangrove, with the Olivett? to cxwne
and t'he Ward Liner Yucatan, which
is under orders to touch at Key West
if General Lee directs. This arrange?
ment does not include the Maseotte.
wh>ivh- is regard,d as a regular Knr-r
?Xet-es oriily H..y Thuiv dtiy. doo.]
Friday and the near approuelh of Bister
would have swneuhing to do vvitthr t'he
outwu-rd quietude 'her,..
front M'atanzus or Santa Clara province.
Nothing can 1>- learned definitely yet
ts to tit,' mvA-ements u>f Generals Oomez
and Gareiia, but there is no doubt they
nKUn ?nie coup d'o main to show tihe
I" of rhe United Stales tint the
insurgents are not dead.
The insurgent leader Alexandro 'Ru
tM'guez. wkih ?weive hundred oiva.iiry.
?how gone eust'wai'd to join Generalis
The 'Ma-.'i-oUe left Mils ailTornoon with
.ventv-ifoiur passengers. Many per?
ms are'holdiw: back to t'he last avall
ble ihour. on .'he strength of if ivoralble
The Ward Line srt.-arn-r Yucatan ar
ivcd this morning and 'will leave -for
he United States tomorrow morning
cr,iNis.ui,s rio-MiNXS IK'V-K.
'KINGSTON, JA'MAfCA. Ar -i. T. .T'he
agents of Ho- steamer it..,-:.: ne have
.lilvic.s fr. ?Ii Santiago <l ? Cuba that
tbe giwuwr soiled .it 6 o'oiu.-k tins
evening with Unit-Al Stales i.'nnsut Hy?
att and oulii-rs. 'Tii,- steamer Bevorly
amiveVI at Cienfuegos ?.?-??lay and is pr?
paring to saol With tili,- United Slates
consul, Owen McGarr, ..mi other Amer
iouns, -f.tr Boston:
ill..tii steamers 'were chartered with
great halste, by -l 'nitwd 'States Consul
Louis A. Dent, oif Kingston.
?W<l!J>MNXiTK>N. N. C, April 7.?A
detachment of United States army en?
gineers from Cwmipany B. corps engin
.rs, Wrll.-.ttV.- Point. 'New York, ar?
rived here today in command of Cor?
poris] 'William j. Coslcllo, and will go
... F..rt Cosiwel'l tomorrow nVoming to
mini, t'he '-hartior. Ail the mwairy ex
plos'iv.-s are a.t the 'fort -and t'he hanlbor
.Mil be iihoroufefhily mined ?nsevoni'y
two hours.
WASHINGTON. April 7.?A telegram
received at the state departmonit latfc
this afternoon J1 oni Consul Generali I.
reported! everything quiet in Havana,
lb- thinks it proUil.le that ail Ameri?
can'., in Cuba who desire to leave the is?
land -will ilie able to do so, unless some
tbiir.g unexpected should happen sud?
denly to prevent them. y Saturday,
when 'he will depart for the United
(By Telegraph.)
NO'RIF? >'I.:K. VA.. April 7.?The Ba?
tons and- iNorfoli'ks played their se-oind
piuctice game today in a biting east
wind that dhiiili d one to the marrow
? mi do ive s|iectatoi"s' 'to sheltered nooks
ini League Park. Score:
R. II. E.
N'?.rfoik .i) n i) ii 1 oi 4 o? <; no :i
Boston .2 0 2 4 0 1 0 1 x?10 1? 1
Batteries: Pox and Donald: For. man
ami I'faaniiilei ; Bra nit 111 i'd, K'.ob-.l.uiz
Stiv-its and Wiillbt
WA Si I UNOT( iN. A.r.1. Ill' 7.?11 e-arg. town
?: Yale. 4.
cir.vii'M)TPi.:s\-ii.Li.:. v.\. Apmn 7 ?
The Leh'i'gh team came down to tihe
Old Doim'initon today, alter a close gaime
with Georgetown, hoping to snow Vir?
ginia under, but 'were 'doomed to di's
aippoontimenit. lPinkeirton, 'for Virginia,
made a record for Wnisclf. Only seven
ir.miingK win- pi-iy .'il, anil out'oif I'he
twenty-owe men put out during t'he
giaime he et rank out fourteen, made four
assu-tts and' pur one man out. (Score:
Virginia . IS !> 4
Lebigth . ;i 5 10
Tli ? ?|?wi5?h Mug in 'Cuba lhas cover.-.!
a long suocesi-ion of horrore, and noth?
ing better etiln lie hoped for unit'il it
rom. s down forever.?St. Umis Glolbe
So ill.ng. therefore, as Spain remains
in Cuba she 'tnus't be an algeroey for
evil, air.Ui for evil only. Permanent
peace I'..i- rhe island' 'is not to be asso
cited w i t'h her prescnice in author lit y
ill. re. sihe Ihii- not only forfeited alii
claims tii the respect of I'he- ]>ec?ple, but
has menitcii t'heia" u-ivdying'htiltreil. Spain
in Cuba 111."Inns cntimied m ran oil and
i-.mtiivu.il 'brutality.?'W.irfliing'ti.?t> Star.
Tie- destructl?ir. of tie- ba ttlesilviip
Maine is an incidenl?a big enough
one, possilbily, t.? bring on a war, but
sji'ISI a siWe isi-ue. Tlhey have demon?
strated 'tiheir riglit to freed'om. iSpaJin
ctiiiiirn.vt put dVvwn the r.-belli'.in. Sthe
can only commiit n> 'hVinxir wilviclh .pro
vok.s decent penple tflsewhere. If t'he
government o!f the United 'Stintes is
going to iAivy any 'part in tihe affairs
of sine wv>rid, nkiiw is t?te Wime, flltis 1?
coneeii.le.l- on all hturels to be ?ir job.?
i li-iTcinua tl Enquirer.
,By seeking to extirpate lihe Cuibuuis,
Spain lias clebrly 'l\j.rfei'ted 'the 'i-iight
in govern them.?Kansas City St ir.
A free Cuba. ?Hierher that would
mean penmaine.nl quiet or n-^t, 'is >uhe
,.nlv pai-iilk-ati.m for the existing strug?
gle." And feeding iCubtuns or .pennTWitinig
them to be fed. is mot freeing Th.-.m
from Spanish govennmeni.?Troy ON.
V.) Times,
St. Louis' Domestic Science Club, or?
ganized to c-K-vate the domestic servant
and domestic -work and to cond.ui t
cooking classes in order t'o improve the
health ...f mankind, is teceiving many
letters from men seeking wive-, who
want advice on the subject Crom, tin
Glasgow. Ky.. recently advertised the
, ale of two n-gioes wi.<i Were persist?
ent vagrants. It was the first pro- e.i
u.:..-'of the kind since l'80n. The law or?
ders tii-.- sale of their services for the
term of their sentence, the purchaser
being obliged t'o feed, hou.-.e and clothe
After having heen robbed- a dozen
times in three months; a Huntington.
ImU.. grocer 'has sold out in disgust. 'His
successor an-nounees Iiis rea<liness to
gi.-et the robbers, if they come again,
with a warmth that will make them
remember him as weil as they have re?
membered the store.
In the Missouri exhibit at the Omaha
exh'ilbiti'on there is to be a pair of tur
keyii weighing eighty-'two pocinds. The
owner says that this weight beats tine
record of the Unit?! Stetes or Canada.
Tie- gobbler Weighs fifty ponds and the
h.-rr thirty-two. They were raised neac
C-oil'Umb'ia, Mo.
Mrs. Maiaha, B-ntl-y, o' Blooming!.m
111., whose mother wtils witb Hani,-;
B *>ne at th.- siege of Dooneshoro and
whose mother's sister was the firsi
.wi t child born in- Kentucky. hm< 'in
'ered upon he: econd century of iif,
She 'is reported to lie as active us most
women of 60, and with the apparent vi?
tality to carry 'her over to the next
century, when she will have lived ir.
three .-? nturies.
When i|?. .M.-;h.?Iist ?.nfcl.enee at
imost ready
uising the o.iiiHiintmenita a:r.?l agreed
n>.ng themselves that eve:ytiMng wns
oming out satisfactorily, the appoint
inents having l.-en all lixed up. Then
another preacher bade Mt, brethlam n-.t
to l?e too kure. "For," said h?-. ??] was
in conifc-ren-'je with 'Bifiiiop Fowler once
-and we fixed everything up, andi t!v-n
the Riahop asked to be alVjiwed to
commune with Go/] a white. The rest
or ms retited, and from the cond/l-tidn' in
which we found the appointments when
we came Unk, I ?houid t-av that, if tip
Bishop talks -wiU) Cod again -today he
is likely to break that siiate of ieflr? into
pieces 'S-, small we can't write our name
on 'em."
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,. But I
Tl-y t'? pu'bl'is.h ,-vi-ry w ,rd ihe has
?ver ad-li ess-.d t., ti?. foreign ofliee.
Ph'e >..evn-d secretary of C?e A?i?-:?cat>
'"gallon 'has .-M-i.eU f...r Xeiw York ?o
;?? the pfarctlee of ih?,? profession,
tie has r wi.iiK'.i from the diplomatic
..-iviee. T.i- American ?miu'ister's wife
eft with her niece for Parts on Weil-!
a-.:?;>? night. She is in poor health |
ir. i ihe excitement of toe past fort
Mil re-'t. rrhe duiughter of rile Aimmi
an :iii!ii.-.i!- r?ma .ns a'nd 'Wi'll reim-ain |
?vh'h 'aim a! Madrid. He has not giver
ip Iiis residence, where he expects p.
.- i" so hang as he sHial'l remain ac
?i 'Ititt'd to til" Spanish -court.
'"Pie- American minister has received
rtiat'biTCS ion. .-..urt.i-y from the people I
C Mu Iri.l. 'He never'hiaid the sllsibteat
?i i''i'la 'it..r.si? '!u as to his mwii personal |
- -ui?r thai of 'his family. iHe is
?.wrk'i r.'g for peace, and. despite all ro?
ar rs> to file conf-mry, 'he at HI hopes
" ? ? ?'*?! he kept between Spain and'
,ie i ni.ed Stu;,,. and that peiaee avlM
:i ;> j e-..-.s',;ulbiis!h.-d i'n Cuba. based
a'jsi'itite Justiiee, 'w'it'h protection
the .-'.''eat A-mer'ica-n Interests in
ha I i.-l '.nland the nva'inter.unve of iMie
7.1" 1'. ..VL?Today befolg Holly Thurs
'.uy a'H business \<~ suspended. fDhe
ci. ? is are eroiwd- ,1 with ladies in man
'iv in their "iv.air. goir.u from one eihui-eih
... another. White ihe eivvvvl was th ck
?st ';. :,? r.il Woodford, the Cnii-.-d States
minister, and Mj W.liftrrd walked
fiotm the ITn'ited .Stupes les'ativ.n to fh.-ir
residence They 'were rocognissed 'by
many, 'inn their promenade was not
ma.rked bv an'y s.'peeiia'l incident.
Several ,.f ilhe papers publish state?
ments l?y I?iuienant Generali Corres,
minister of w.ir. apparently laiu.tihemti'e.
,n .which Ii.- denies tlhait the government
is threatened with -a aniiu-t.-rial crisis.
U. 1- rring to the |Mss'.l..lit'y ..f a eon
M.et "it'll tile Grrited Si.u.-s General
i'o'rr.-a is lVi-prescti'ied is expressing u
ho'jie tire; i't may still 'he aren'ted, "i)e
iitlse it h? known tha-cl-rcsident iMc
Ki'niey'S'message it. file American Con
itiess .will refer neither to i-ndcipendenoe
nur intervention."
General Correa 'added: "In thus
'hanging 'his attitude President .Mc?
Kinley resiponded dou'lulest; to Spain's
? let-rmih-11 conduct, and iKJd iwe not
bow ed ' tir heads at the rim,, we suffered
?ur Urs: Di'ii'iiii'l feudi mi 'we should not
Ii:;. 1 .ears. 'iv, s where We are todtty. I am
not oif i'!i H.se who 'biiiin'd'Iy i-lh.j'Ut 'victory,'
should then; lie a ruptuu und hosti'lities.
but I be'lieve that of the two evils .war
.s pre!', ruble i- humiliation."
9:30 I'. M.?The 0'U't.eoune of the ctaib
inei .-..aiit-, id is that th- ministers con?
sidered and replied f.. a mew-age from
It..me il iiv. r. d late '1'a'st . veiiiing svnd
transaeted Ohe eunemt business of uhe
different uninis'teri il depa.rt'mecats.
11Ii? imemlber of the eaibinet informed
ihe ri.pr.s- irtative of the presi? fheut
he a.-.p.'.-t of aflauinv? was more paeitie
.li'an yesterilay.
8:30 P. M.?'Ml 'Pius (republiimn), pub?
lishes a se.nisat'ior.a'1 ML-e.iuii't oif an ail
leged' aaUstck auiaoin t'he Si?anii?h lega
;ion at WlaslaiiiiK'ton, whdvth is beiing
j-ried vi'ii over town. The paper is .not
regarded seri, nisiiy, but the pu.ipose of
the article is cvi'dent'ly to foment feed?
ing uigaiiivst 'Ohe American 'legation here,
ami .line eivi'l goivennoir of Moidrivl tos
eai'led .t'he ti't'te'n.t'ion of tlhe ttscaJs to
t'lie iiKi't.ter .with a view of i-.toppiing uhe
sal,, of the i>aper. The toiwn remains
,!.-..iui.lv iiuiet. ISi Con-reo, t'lie minis
Le'i'iai oru'i'ii. reeouius I'll- eveaats of
yesterday, ami says that Gemeru'l Wood
;..rd de.l.V. red r.ti ult'i'ina'turn, 'but asked
?"or <i n-um-nts w'iue'h did not exitst and
lev. r w, re proimised. Its' artieie eon
?iii.tes by remarking thai all are work
,ivg for pi-ace. inn thai the un-1' ?.-. ur
"1".. the quest,' .11 .whether C'lli'ted Stat? S
Mi'iiister IWooklford lias demanded ins
l>isi.i]Hirts a negative reply is given,
but the belief is expressed Ihere that
:ie wMl soon tpiit ..Madrid.
\t A I 11:1 I i. VIA PARIS, April 7.?Fif?
teen Swinish men-, f-war wtW have Ca?
di-/, immediately :?.r V?-:?!-.- lsitintls and
sevi rail battalions huve startedi 10 i\
? nl'.ive the gurri-son at the Balearic 1
ands in the Mediterranean.
The provincial militia im the Canany
Li'vut-iiaiit Genera! <"orr..-a. the minis?
ter oil" war. and Admiral Bttameju. the
minister of marine, ti-.'- aetivelty at work
in iheir departmeinits d, spite til;..- hoii
pow-eres piUiESBXT a notie.
IaiXIn.X. April 7.?A special .lispatmiii
fr.Hin '.Madi-i.l says that tile aimibassa
doiv. .'if Fraiii-e, Germany, Russia a-nd
Holly wutte,! -lOgelher this evening upon
S, nor (I'lii.t ..iv. t'lie foreign .minister, and
presented .1 joint note in the iin.ie>res.t
of peaee.
St-noir tlullun. 'replying, declared, ae
?oi-d-ing to -the .liikpat.-h. ih'a't t'lie mem?
bers oi' till ? Sp:iniL-<ii tobir.et were unaimi
111..ns in t.-oiiisidering tlhat Spain ihiaul
.eaeHuW "'the limit 'o?f Internat ion il peiln
?v in t'h- ^.llree.tioin of 'tr-fiivediing to de?
mands a:.'.! uHowlnrg file prelelisio-ili? of
til- United States."
MADRID, April 8.?1 a. M..?From a
sour,tint is unotftiekU, but trul-twor
hv it 's leoi-ned thai ihe e.i.bi'iiet eoun
.Hronight distil sed Sotioi I'olo y Bc-r
r..ib.-'s t. i. it.uiii, saying that the l-hnl>
on repivsi nta.tives in Wasiivlaigton
Had tleitivered a eoiilective note to Pret
ideill McKinley, th; probable it-suit o:
whiob would l.r a paeilie se'luDion. Tiae
iniliative of tile note is supiXf.-ed I"
have i 01 no from-France aind Russia.
'five S;n:-,isih eabinivt saw u-n nijijiarent
comnectlon. between the not- of the
powcts. fie papal nur.eio's uit-.tlvm, and
Cardinail i^i.mp.i'lKCs' .vmiidential. teit?
U-im iate last evening, and thereupon
decided to .-.-ml tin ..iuiiciu'1 i-t-piy 10 hi ?
holiness, sappi. 'niein.tiing I'lie iirevloils
complimentary reply.
tt is believed here now that ihe pow?
ers' note exipiolns' th'f fa.-; , if Pres?demt
McKinley'- ]. s: ].. iiemetu of 'his mes?
sage until Monday-, rathe; thum- the pre?
text givt n out?to enable Americans to
withde-a.w fn .m Cuba prior to host 189ties.
This s-iee-ms :.. be-ar out the invforma
ii'.n sent ;,, the Aaoci'ated Pros', as u
the ten'or ,.1' th Hemhlo's leading ar?
ticle .prior to its issue tonigSU.
An ..id inn:., toil, with white Gree
ieys and a h-..rt, fat woman got talKjua-ii
a train a; Kans.is city and handed' the
conductor tiek- ls to 'Holflday. Neither
-';. .lte. The man m i vly meitioned' the
??com.in ;.,u se.it. Wh. n the trnfc) drew
?in "f Hoiiiday the'tw,., wer- stili seat
L-d and when the conductor came along
he man handed him two fares to W?.
?!;???? Tbey didn't get off at Wi'UV.r.
:.,ther, .nit -i ? man. when the cond-uctor
came throuh, pai^ tine fare to Law
?'?'?''? ?. The onductor beoame interest?
ed. After Lawrence the man paid to
Lec'-aimpton and after Leci...mpton to To
ml-'H ^h* i' " f u':U>r H.nKe,;;<1 in th*-'
<),<? ". e:,.? >, id SJ ] A ,,,, 1 ,,r
trie jounney .-xi-ep.t wii n the man had
the name o( the cMy fo which
tie wished to |?y far..- -ach time. When
Led mpton bad U-n leift some dismnce
le-'hind the sti.nnge situation was ex?
ploded hy ju^t >htie question and atn
'.1 "Where arc you going, Thom?
as, worn i! -."lean to
r rw"-v'!" ', ' :1!1>ii'ing." was the
%J'rVi gbess w- will get off at
may " flrst lraln tbi Ho1"
Entrances and Clearances at the Custom
House. List of Vessels Now In Port.
Other .Murine Items.
Weather Forecast
(By Telegraph.)
WASHINGTON. A pril 1?'Forecast
for Virginia: For IFridliy. rail:' weather;
north* rly wind..
Marine Miscellany.
ROTTERDAM. April 7?Arrived:
Aldborough, Nowpel-t 'News for Amster?
VeHKelB Arrived Yesterday.
?Steamer Shenandoah (Br.), Furneaiux,
:S; umer Park gate (Br). Hull. Gal<
Steamier Creole (Atnr.). Gager, New
Vessels Sailed Yesporday.
Steamer.Park-gate (Br.), Hull, Hicm
l)ti tg.
Steamer Flensburg (Gr.), Hamburg.
'?Karge fNanpy Pend'leticm. New York.
To Sail rrom This 1'ort.
The following is a revised list of cargo
sieamsihiir*- to sail from Newport News
for foreign ports:
Green'brier, Furness, Wi'lhy & Co.,
(Ltd.). London, Aprl'l S.
Trong-ute, Funeih, Edy & Co., Bristol,
April 10.
StraiyheOyde, Barber & Co., Hamburg,
Apriil 12.
Wht-naindoah, Fuirness, "Withy & Co.
I (Ltd.). Liverpool. Aipri'1 13.
Ohiekaihoiminy, PuinnetsB, WSt'hy & Co.
i L d.i. London. April 17.
iW-i-tg.ue, Fuiwh, Edy & Co., Leith,
I April is.
LVppoim'aittoX, Fui-iiesis, Withy & Co.
'.Lfd.), I-onJon, April 20.
G'tengoi'l, Barber & Co., Hamburg.
Alpril 20.
Michigan, Fumih, Edy& Co., Leith,
April 20.
CatanCa, Funo!:, Edy & Co., Hamburg.
I April 20. -
osei, Funeih, 'Edy & Co., Manch es
I ter, April 2?.
Lord Lotvdond't-rry, Funch, Edy & Co..
Belfast ain'd Dublin. April 25.
Arroyo, Barber & Co., llamiburg, Ap
Iril 25.
St. Maimlock. Funeh, Bdty & Co., An
| I'wenp, April 30.
Orm.iston, Barber & Co., .Hamburg,
A pril 30.
Ita.ppalhainnoek, Furness, Withy & Co.
.jt'd.h Liveripoo-I, M'ay 2.
.?V'.'baino, .Punch. Edy & Co., 'Hamburg.
I May 3.
Lndraletma, Fu-n'eh, Edy Co., Glasgow,
'M'ay r..
niiu., Func'h. Tiily & Co., Copenha?
gen and Reval, May 10.
Vessels Coining.
Th.e revfeed list of cargo ships now en
tut to Newport News and Hampton
GOdls follows:
Shenandojih, Liverpool. SftiToh 2d.
Inldranii, Glasgow. March 25.
Chickarnomiimy, LmUon. Murch 31.
Raippalha.nlnx)ick. LiverpooB. April !.
'l'aw-el Andrejefl". Genoa, March 15.
Cairo, Genoa., March 20.
Blaamanden. Shield's. March 21.
Fi-i.-da, Gilhralhar, 'March 21.
Etiheliburgar, Genoa, 'MaJr?h 21; Gib
| ratar. iMarcfh 26.
Glenioi'g. Barry. Mairdh 22.
Bjorgcin, Shields. Mjairch 22.
Hemisphere, Swansea, April 1.
Juno, West Hantllepool, Aipril 1.
Vizeainta, Cardiff, Alpril 1.
The Klrkwall '.caking.
The British steamvsihip KiVkwalJ, from
lew Orleans via Newport News for
Hum! arrived at Dammouth March 29,
leaky in forward bilges; water was
kept down. Probably part of cargo was
daur.'aigedj She proceeded the same day.
enerally Observed in This City by Orthodox
The Heb:c-w Feusa of the Fu?-?>ves?,
hich began Wednesday, is being gen?
erally observed by orthodox Hebrews in
this city. . , ,
The Passover is the spring festival ot
he Jewish religion and is coni'memora
ive to the departure of the Li.aelites
rom Egypt. Us significance is mainly
that of "freedom. In a religious sense it
emblematical of the freedom of the
mind being released from tbe thraldom
if idolatry.
A.cording to the .1-1 el new calendar
the Passover falls on the 1-Hh day of
the month of XL-san- at eve. In leality
th'e observance: is domnvanded by the
lath day. but is begun on the evening
of the Hth day of Nissan to commemo?
rate the exceptional favor " es lowed
upon the Israelites at the time when the
(Irs-horn was .-lain, throughout Egypt.
Th.e festival is essentially ...no of great
I joy. I?uf in' no res.peet.is it u demonstra?
tive one-, for Israel never forgets its
sufferings just previous to its emtinei
patioii. The festival lasts seven days
during which tbose who observe it
strictly allow no leaven in. the house.
The substitute for the bread is the
matzo. an unleavened cake. The first
and seventh days are observed as more
?acred than the otHera.
It has been tin oiil established custom
on the first night fur the heads of fam?
ilies to recite an account of the Extadms
and the special customs relating to this
festival. This recitcj which is exceed?
ingly solemn is .usually followed by a
feast and the chanting of psalms. The
object of this is especially to keep the
younger generation informed! ais to the
history of their ancestors and to im?
press uiKin them the importance of so
regulating ti-.eir lives that they may
iP.precio.ite the value- of liberty not only
n its religious seme, but politically as
well. The political reiise is Jegard
d as 'important as the religious, in
ismuch as the Jewish people living in
i ciiumtiy where there 5s reillg.ousi and
political liberty are willing and anx
- us to become identical with the In?
terests and Wilfare of the coumtty
where they have settled as residente
and citizens and as.-'ist in Its material
levelopment 'and improvement.
Orders for Oyster Inspection.
IMr. S. F MJMer, of Hicks' Wharf, eec
?etary of the 'board of Fisheries, was im
die city yesterday. He has went out the
oillowing ofBcia'l circular, which wiiU
Lie read with interest.
"The State Board of Fisheries will
neet in the cdlty olf 'Holmlpton on tltie
10 tli day ,.f April to appoint inspectors
I ,f oysters for the several counties and
districts in the Tidewater Section of the
I State.
"The term of office of all inspector?
will expire by .law on the 30th day olf
April. Those engaged in the oyster in
dul-ltry (for market or profit) are not
,<&?*Ule to oppo'inicmen't. All applica?
tions, until further notice will be ad?
dress, ,d to t'he secretary of the Board
?it Hick ' Wharf, Mathows county? Va.
I It is desir.'d that all! appliioants be pres?
ent at tile meeting at Hampton."
Twanlty ?dolla? for one. Call on
Perkins, Duncan & Co. iNow is the
time to invest. apr-E-2w
Gemuine Chinia (dinner sets at $16.50
?and up. Three $40.00 French China din?
ner sets at $35.00 this week. 56 piece tea
i-nls. gold iKi.nd' ?nr faney lleeoraitions
at $7.r.o. lAdams' Itaeket Store.
6-quart preserving kettles, slightily de
fecitive, iwhiiOe nhey latst 2;>c. New stock
if Bee cneaim rr.-ezens. The iargest stock
Of tUmwaire just opened a.n?l prlices Oiway
downr. Adams' Biack?t Soore.
iaipr-7-tt , .
Sharp Talk on the Sundry CUvlJt Bill
(By Telegraph.)
WASHINGTON, April 7.?Sbime sharp
war talk wai# indulged in, by the Sen?
ate today. Wbm the consideration of
the sundry civil appropriation bill was
resumed, the question pending was the
amendment <>f Mr. 'Pettiue, of Alabama,
providing foil' such improverrumit of the
harbor at Mobile as would ?nable war
vessels to obtain <a.ul and other supplies
thete. Mr. AWisbn, of Iowa, in charge
of the bill, made a point of order against
the amendment. This oailled out a bit?
ter sfpeeeh by Bin Morgan, of Alabama,
who charged the uppropriation commit?
tee with disoriniitnution. against the
proper me.isu.ies and threatened to as?
sist in dissolving the committee.
"As for the threat implied by the
Senat?!: frOm Alabama," interrupted
Mr, Al'lisonv hotly, "if I know myself 1
do not crave the work that is now im?
posed' upon nae by the Senate. If the
Senate wumits to dissolve the committee
it may do so without delay."
.Mir. Morgan said that alread'y we
heard of a threat t'oal combine that is to
control the price of coal to lie i-upptfed
to the government at Soutbe-ian ports.
He ih?peid that the report was not tme.
but he reulized. he said, the oppMrUini
ty f?r euch a treasonable spoliation of
the Rovern/meht. He poiintKd erat some
of tike advantages of opening the coal
fields of the South by the improvement
sugitesle-d in 'the pending amendment.
The sovernmi. tit would-thUL* lie enabled
to obtain its ctoui in any quantities tt
tea-enable rates neur the theatre of ae
tion in. case of hostilities. "I do not
know. Mr. President, whether war is
conning or not." said he. "I have never
myself done anything that might in?
volve thii- . nunlry in war, J?ut it seems
to me that the sworn testimony now
before the Senate is sufficiently- strong
to compel us to stl ike iin defense of the
honor and dignity of the conantry vnj in
memory of our dead' seamen shrouded
ire til- mud' of tHavuna harbor. 1 am
willing tO vote flar a declaration that
may involve us im' h'oU-tinties because 1
btl'.eve that we have a just cause.'"
Mr. M>^ gan was of tine opinion that if
a iiait'lroad compuny had brotight the
amendment into the Senate it would
have .passed without a murmur of dis?
sent from the committee and he did not
thit.ik that, in the present cironim
stances. there t hi tild lie the slightest
hesitation tS* pass it. because, alth'cugh
it had not .teeeived the approval of any
committee, it had received the sanction
?if the secretary of war. "I am willing."
said he. "to do anything that will sur
eor the limited States .navy and Ma-ike
dowini the monopoly that seeks to prey
upan -this government."
Mr. tAfiWon had a telegram .tend from
Seiretairy AUger. saying that while he
was willing that the improvement
sheu'ld be made the money to lie ex?
pended witihiim the discretion of the sec?
retary of war. he thought the outer bar
should! lie heft for the present t o as to
Pievimit the too ready ingress of ft ,r
elgre hostl'le. ships. It is better not."
the seclaetary's dispatch read, "to open
?Miy deHHp iharbon^ that would admit
wrtis.hi.ps. It would make simpl'y one
more place to guard;"
On this telegram the chair over-niihrd
Mr. Allison's potnt of older and sub?
mitted the otacstii m to the Senate why
the ami. n.dmenu should not i>o consider?
An aye and no vote was taken on this
propositiom and resulted in the negative
19-33. The vote had the effect of ruling
the amendment out of order.
At 2 o'clock the biH wo? laid aside
-.lid Mr. Wa.ithail. of Mississippi, pre?
sented' resOVutil an- on the death of his
late colleague, Sena tot-Janus Z. George.
Those who paid- tribute to the momory
of Senator George were BIr. Wa?thail.
.'f .Mississippi: Mr. Proctor, of Ver?
mont: Mir. Tunple. of Indiana: Mr. Bate.
? it' TennessKe: Mr. Teller, of Colorado:
Mr. Gray, of Delaware: Mr. Platt, of
Cemmeetieut, and Mr. Money, of Mis-is
At 4 o'clock, a si further matte of re
?pect, the Senate adjourned until Mon?
The Freeze Damaged Crops.
Reports from truck farms across the
nicer indicate that the strawberries
'have been considerably hurt and the
green, peats damaged to some extent by
the freeze <uf Wednesday morning. Some
of the buds of the ilarge trulim were
killed, but no damage that couid 'be esta
nmted as a less resulted.
The truckers 'were very atppre/he.nsiive
of a -freezeWednesday nife*ht.ns the wind
was cold from the northwest, and an
..tiher severe frost 'is sure to cut down
the peas and the remainder o'f the ber?
ries n??w fonmiing and perthaips - otht-r
A Noted Character Arreste?!.
Officer C. B. Crafford yesterday n-r
rt-sted in .Rooketts a negro by the "nuime
of John iWilil?Uinus, 'Wiho is wanted by tihe
Richmond police on the tlharge of fel?
The prisoner is mow confined in tihe
city jail, awaiting the ai:rival of an offi?
cer [iura the State capital.
Will'iaime. who its gen'eralliy known by
ihe alias. "Norfti?k," in a notorious cha?
racter, and willH probnlbly gvt a long
term in the penitentiary.
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best quality, plaited and .plain tiosom.
that sold, for $1.50. $1.25, $1.00, for tills
week 7ti cents. At Peyser's.
(Kansas City Star.)
L\H the recent dedication of the Chapel
at Font 'Rilc-y two ohaipliauiiis divided
up Bhe task of prtiying for the govern?
ment. Rev. 'Bernard Kelley inteix'ediing
for tlhe 'President and 'Rev. Mr. .Dublin
for Congi>es?. The whole jcub was
t'houight to be too much for one man.
'We have good! toilet t--ets at $1.98:
better ones' at $2.50: fine ones at $5.00,
and the best 12 pieces ever shojwm in
the city ait $7.50. Aduims' Racket Store.
Words aire inadequate to describe the
beauty of our Easter suits, hats neck?
ties and fancy shirts. Woodward &
Wombls. Ap-2-tf
She's guilty of a tscore of crimes
tn love's name. .Rumor tidings brings
She's been engaged s"o many times
'She ihaings her curtains of the Ikings.
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do thing until you have seen ours. They
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A Happy Woman
Is the housekeeper who buys her coal
and wood from the Warwick Coal and
Wood Co.. Twenty-eighth street. Jal4-tf
The ssuperinlendemt of Use Missouri
Ste'Ce Fish Hattthecy was recentlyi soir
pni'sed, on draining off a pond contain?
ing bass, to find vetry few fifth in it.
Investigation revealed the misE'ing fi-h
in a cond'itSon ,-tf blbernatiion. or winteir
sleep, in. the mud' covering the bottom
of the pond.
Fast? r Souvleners,
?Ladlies, buy your own and your dhM
dr>em'? slhoeS' from us aind get a beau
t'if-ul Easter souvenir at Peyser's.
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Perkins, Duwciati & CO. Now :is the
time to invest. apr-5-2\v
A Mifasouri paper, tip in the North?
west, in alluding to the dtuth of a.
most estimable lady of the neighbor?
hood, says:. "Up to ab out tour years
ago she was a devotied Clnrfstiian, at
which time she Joined the Presbyteri?
an' Ghiimeh."
Mail'?* la aSfjAu to -oiVtvi' the ISsft
eep-peT minien^ b'ti'te?. The deposits
which are numerous and valuable, were |
worked moie than twenty-five years
ago, but a sudden an>d great decline in
the price of copper made them unprof?
itable: Improved and i heap;n>ed' meth?
ods of production is the cause olf re
sumipMoin of work. Copper is a metal
with which the market is never" over?
stocked. Although1 consiumpticn. in?
creases rapidly fnem year to year a
good' ccipper mine i-_- mote valuable! than
a gold mine.
Switzerland has one oif the finest tete
phone systems in the -world. It is own?
ed by the government und operated in
the interest of all the people.
I hereby announce myself as a can- I
dldate ifor the office of mayor of Uhe |
City of Newport News, Va.. subject to
the decision of the Democratic primary. I
March 2Sth, 1S9S.
1 thereby announce myself a cairaiidiaite
for the office of 'Common wealth'H, At?
torney for the city of Newport News,
subject to t'he r!a<:i.'ticult'iom of t'he Demo?
cratic party at tlie primary. If elected,
I will discharge t'he duties of the office
wt?tlhO'U't fctir or flavor.
1 hereby amnounee myself a candi?
date for the office of
Subject to Democratic primary,
-m-p C. C. SMITH._
1 hereby announce myself u. oandSdaltle
or re-election to 'lite otliee of
.C Newiportt News. Having endeav
ired to diet-hit rgo the duties of my otlice
ulilt'ii fully, again 1 ask the s>upi>ort of
ny friends at t'he primary to 'be held
vpril 2S>Vh, IK'S. Very avspeetfuWy.
'At the BoJUiolti'tion of my friends I
j hereby announce myself as a candidate
the Common Council from tihe
Fourth ward, subject to the action of
I the Democratic primary.
March 28._
At the solicitation of my friends, I
lerehy ar.nuunce mys-iif ? candidate
for renomination to the city council
Subject to tl;e Denvj;talic primary.
mar 31-lmp.
At the solidta'tion of my friends and
upon inforniafion that Mr. J. A. Wid
lett will not be a candidate for re-elec?
tion, 1 hereby announce myself a can?
didate for the Council from Fifth ward,
subject to the Democratic primary.
Not having been sufficiently urged
before this to announce myself a candi?
date for councilman in the Fifth ward,
I have decided not to wait on my friends
any longer and now take this method
of doing so, subject to the Democratic
imary of April 2Sfh. 1S?8.
I To the Voters of the Sixth Ward:
indersigned deskes to announce
his withdrawal as a candidate for the
aminon council of the Sixth ward of
le city of Newport News.
? ******** **^*?****?***?*#-*
When Visitlna Phoebus Gal! at fi
Ladies and Gents dining parlor. H
Meals at all hours, also lodging- 5
Wines, Liquors and Cigars. 5
THOS. ft. DOUTfiTY. 1
Formerly proprietor of Railroad fi
House, Newport News. Your S
patronage solicited. Give ua a 8
call. #
Mellen street, near Mallory. W
?.********?##***?* ******** *
[ Office, Harwood Building, Washington
avenue, near Twenty-seventh street,
I Jy-7-ly Newport News, Va.
Ruin and Desolation
Do not always follow a fire, but it
invariably causes some loss.
The only way to guard against this is
to take out a policy witr M A RYE &
BOYENTON. Then you have abso?
lute instirar.ee against pecuniary loss
and a lilieral and prompt settlement
which will prevc-nt much Inconvenience.
Our rates for insurance on buildings,
merchandise and household furniture Is
so small that it is wrong to be with?
out it.
Room No. 1, Braxtc-n Building.
Irwin Tucker & Co.,
General Ba! Esiate,
Fire, Life and Accidem insurance figems.
We represent leading Insurance Com?
panies of the world and write
in the best business and residential
sections of Newport News.
Houses Sold on Small Cask
and monthly sums thereafter, amount?
ing to about what Is paid for rent
Local Investment seeurtdes of all
kinds dealt in and bought and sold
Loans negotiated on collatterals and
oily real estate. Information cheer?
fully furnished to parties desiring to
Invest or rent. Correspondence solici?
Owners of real estate and city secu?
rities are Invited to list their property
with us for eale.
Notary Public in our offioo. i> ..
We Want Time.
Our Grand
Was a Magnificent
aud we are overrun
by eager customers
and are hardly able
to fill our orders, but
as time and tide wait
for no man, we
have made additions
to our force and are
prepared to meet all
Easter Sunday W?3
Our Display of
Easter Hats
will be greater and
finer V an ever, while
2610 Washington Ave.
But come at once ojid secure ookns
>t" the 'gigantic bargains we are ofterlnjg
'.Ihil* week to introduce
Our Elaborate
Soring stock
"Wlhiildh its excelled by none," .we will
mlake the following concessions:
Iiaid'ies' Vied Kid tan lace shoes, all
?be latest styles, regular prico $2, will
o at $1.25.
Ladies' genuSne dongola tpajtent leath?
er and dongola tin, very soft and flex?
ible, in lace and button, Tegular price
$2. wild go at $1.25.
Ladies' ihapOrted Viol Kid, Sklto& tusnv
?d, in tan and' 'Mlaiek, regular price $3,
ivlll go at $1.98. V
?Ch'Hdiren'u tan shoes alii solid-leather,
regular price 75c, will go ait 48 cenifs.
Ohildren's genuine goat tar. shoe*,
n lace or button. regular l&ioe ?L25,
iv ill go at 75 cen ts. 2
'Misses' tan vici Kid, fa bdftitotn- and
ace, regular price $1.50, "will tgoaat 98
?enas. ' " ?fi.-ii.
Men's statin calf, "solid ieaitfoer ^laca
hoes, regular price $1.50, will go eet 96
'Men's t'an "Russia lace sboes; add Che
latest toes, regular price $2.26, ? will ?o
it HAS. - , ,.r.j
Men's tain' genuine calf shoes, pialtenit
I back s'Bay, aW the latebt Styles amd col
>rs, regular price $3, .will so laX $1.*8.
?MftJcWlilUkitaCJf.? i'J&StituiiiL'iil -J?'.?ll!
Maritogton's Make,
I In tan and black Viel. 'Also natetnt
''.leather in all .tlhe BeodSnlg stiyBes. IjReiE
| ulaT price $6, .will go at $5.
'Men's wool swOaiters in ail ataxies,
regular price 86 cerits, :wllE 6? a't 66
'Men's aM twOo! etweaters, guairtajateerl
fast colors, regular price $1.76, iwi?l go
I alt 98 cetntsi. .* '
2906 Washington Avc
I me up TQ-Dote snoe i Gems' fiimistmp m
csomsRmrrmo. wrc.
Estimate* cheerfully fltr?n. Offloe 6a
room No. 7. CtitiMoa ?od Marin? Brak.
P. a Box l&t MM?

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