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The Measure Expected to
Raise $100,000,000.
It Will Be Introduced In the House on
Monday and May I'm* Before Ad
uient Tuesiluy. Democrat*
Alny Oppose It.
_ (By Telegraph.)
WASHINu'iON. April 26. ? Chair?
man Ulllgley, ol the Waya und .Means
Committee, this uftcrnoon introduced
in the House the war revenue measure
which tlie Republican members of the
????? .Ways und Alcana Committee have pie
It Is the Intention of Chairman Ding
ley to press the hill on Monday and
be hopes to have it through Ihc
House before adjournment Tuesday
It Is probable that tins program win
meet with opposition from the Demo
crats. who have not been consulted In
Its prepartlon and who will not have
an opporunlty to see It until It is pre
sentea to the full committee on Mon
? day morning at 10 o'clock. They are
inclined to think that they have Lien
unfairly treated. As It 1? distinctly
a war measure. In which they uro ex
pected to acquiesce without opposition
they believe they should have been con
suited in its preparation. The Dem?
ocrats h?ve already decided to offer an
Income tax amendment.
Chairman Dlngley Intimates that th?
measure, as Trained, will raise between
1,90,000,000 and $100.000.000. Tea and
coffee, railroad tlcketn ?nd petroleum,
all of which were considered at differ?
ent times as subject for taxation, an
not touched In the bill. The revenue
to be derived Is distributed as follows
Fermented liquors, $35.000 noo: tobae
c.o. $15,000.000; cigars, $5.000.000; tobac?
co licenses, $5.000,000; stamp tax on
documents, telegrams, etc.. $30,000,000;
tonnage tax. $2.500.000. The amount
to be raised by the stump tax on wines
mineral waters, chewing guns, etc '
- has not been estimated.
The tax 011 beer, ale and fermented
liquors is Increased Dom $1 to $2 n
barrel, but no rebate for unused beer
,?.or destroyed stamps Is allowed. The
tax on tobacco and snuff Is Increased
to 12 cents a pound, upon cigars to u
per thousand, weighing more (huh
three pounds per thousand, and $2 on
olgurs weighing less than three pounds
per thousand; $4 upon cigarettes
weighing more than three pounds net
thousand, and $2 on cigarettes weigh?
ing less than three pounds
A compensating tax of half thai
amount (which Is the amount of the
increase) Is placed upon the stock of
cigars and cigarettes on hand. The
following licenses are placed on tobac?
co dealers: Dealers In leaf tobacco.
Whose sales do not exceed ?10.000, shall
pay a $24 license; those whose sales
exceed 510,000, $18; dealers in tobacco
Whose sales do not exceed 110.000, VI 80
In excess of that amount, $12.
It 1b alBO provided that in addition
to the quantity of tobacco und snuff
In packages now authorized by law
there may be a package of smoking
tpbacco containing one and one-fourth
ounces; and in addition to the number
now authorized by law In packages of
cigarettes there may be packages con
each and B,xtocn cigarettes
The provisions of the stump lax In?
cludes proprietary medicine and simil?
ar preparations, a tax of one ce
all packets, boxes.
-"*"" rf jsitrnttm
Tints be?
im! in ?>i
inultiule 01
0I11 at the
s. ufler len
The bill also imposes a system of ton?
nage 01 eight cents per ton, nut to ex
ceeu im ceo is per ton pel year uimii all
vessels from a loreigil port aim lluiu
me receipts ot these duties ?'^.uv* u
appropriated ".or me murine hospital
sei vice. The loan provisions of me bid
are us follows: 'j nut the becreutry 01
ihe treusury Is hereby uuthorizeu i"
oorrow on the 1 redit oi tue United
states tne sum 01 iSW.oOO.wo, or sa
m?cn theieot as may ut nevesaiiry.;11M
io prepuie uho issue ti.exetor, ^ no.
less man par. coupon >-i registered
t>onds of tne United State? Iii svvtl
form us he mnj prescribe,
nominations of *?">'.' or some
thai sum. redeems bli hi
pleasure of the United siat
years frohi the dale ol then teat*
payable twenty years from stick dale,
ami bearing interest payablequarterly
in coin, til He- lat. ..i ; per cent, per
annum; ami the bonds herein author?
ized sliall be exempt from .til taxes or
duties ot the United States, as well au
from luxation in any form by or inulei
state, municipal or local authority;
Provided thut the bonds authorized by
this seel ion shall Iii si be offered as a
popular loan, umici sw Ii regulations
tob e prescribed h ythc secretary 61
the treasury as will gi\>- opportunity
to the citizens of the United Shies to
participate In the subscriptions to sut-li
loan: and a sum mil exceeding one half
of one per i.nt ,,! the bonds herein
authorized Is lierelij appropriated t"
pay the expense of preparing, ndvertls
lug. issuing and disposing bf Hie same.
Thai th.- secretary the treasury
is aiiihoi i/ed i., borrow from lime t"
lime, at the market rale of interest,
""i exi.11fiK three p?-i eenl per an?
num, such sums ;is 111 Ins judgement
may be necessary In m. ??? public expen?
ditures an.) t,, issue iherefoi eertill
eitle? of imlcl.Iness in ?u< h rorm ns
be may prescribe nod in denomination?
of SSO or some multiple i>f Hint sum:
and each certificate so issued shall Im
payable wllh the Interest accrued
there,.a in SIK.,, ,(??, mt pxeeedlhii
one year from the your of this Issue
as the secretary of (he treasury may
l?re?ei- be: Provided, Thai the a mourn
??1 sueh eortllleati.Islanding shall til
"" "".xeeed $160,0.1 and tie
provisions of existing hj\v
counterfeiting and olher
praeli. es in?, hereby
boiids ami eerlllleat?
authorized by n,is 1
11 ? ??
Ml then passed without dlvls
W remainder of the day ?fter 2
' * and n.t>Vred lo e?logielVSon
? ,:? ^?VUbI'Vs,rrvk'es of the late
>r li 1* rne' ?f Soutn Carolina. The
? . a tg ?members paid their tribute
lo his ( memory. .Messm. Elliott, ot
S;:V^?Jn?, "oi ??"??ton (itepubllcan),
.,: A!., ngan; Terry (Democmt), of Ar
kacias. laloei't (Democrat), of South
iir.ia. l^a-nham (Democrat), of
Texas. Harrows (RepubHcan), of Mas
aeftu cits; blokes (Democrat), <>r South
CfiRiiuia, Norton (Democrat), of South
Cawlma; Uattlmer (Democrat), of
??ouin Carolina.
As a run'her mark
Hons-, at 1:15 'P. M
Mor.J iy.
tif resiiect, the
adjourned until
tided I.. ihr
Iiid< bledui ss
Anxious I.. 1;,
to Cuba and Attack tit
(By Telegriiph.)
? ?I'IIMOND, April 21 ,
Htzlnigh l.ee will leave on th
''"I" Monday for Washh.glbhj
'.eiieial appears someivliai restless 1111
the restraints placed upon him by
the delay |? .M.JuilllK (ruo|,M t(i
He Is anxious In gel ha. k t.. ||?- is.
M?.atlnek the Spaniards. und
predicts that if >le |? ,M1, hl ,
troops down there he will malt,
work ,,f niant o's army. Tin
nienl from Spain t?d
Weyler had eonfen
Itegoiit, and would
1 lie head of an
I tig reading for
that (;..,??
?<1 With the Oil.
return to Cuba
?rinyj proved liiiei-e
General I,i
he read It, thai |?.
nothing better than 1., fin
Weyler wllh an armv t
appears to think thai the 1
luy I? Hendlng troops 10 Cubii win iir
mewhal tlangerous. The ruln.v -.-1
son HCtrln on the Island about t),,". tu?\
lime or the IIi-hI of .|?lv. and
had hoped thai th.. troops would ho
sent at ?nee (o C?ha. and that the
light, as fur as driving th
from the Island, would hav. ,
?efore the rain began to rail, for if
Americans uniiccllmntcd, nre cnuahl
on the Island aft,.r tne wet season hi
gins, they win be. xutf contraci
W ho said
.oilld lik
lieral l.ee
posed de
>panlai dt
.1. War
<?.pa ny
but the;
.11 call h
"above that
2 cents. The
to perfumery
Shewing gum la to
p?r puckets retailing at
^2 cents lor packets ex
Jhts. Ginger ale and min
Itb are lo pay 1 cent per pint,
prmes 2 cents per pint. Bonds.
Thtures or other certificates of lii
jtedness, afler June 1st, issued by
"any association, corporation, etc., are
. to pay 5 cents on each fiOO or fraction
'hereof issued, and on all transfers of
V 'jares or certificates of stock, - cents
?i?/i> each $100 of face. On bank cheeks
SBaAd drafts exceeding cents. Hills
Bof exchange, drulls at sight, or prom
~i8ory notes for circulation not exceed
; Ing $100, 0 cents; between $100 and
J200, 10 cents; between $200 and |3fi0, IS
cents; between $3?? and $500. 20 cents
$500 and $750, 'JO cents; $750 and 11,000,
40 cents. $1,000 and t^.r.00. $i; $:..r.oo and
$5,000, $1.50; und for each $2.500 In ex?
cess of $5,00?, $1. Foreign bills in ex
change, letters of credit, including ex?
press money orders, to pay the Kami
rate as bills pf exchange or promiBory
notes, except where drawn In sets
three or more, when for each bill
*-ach set, Where the sum payable does
not exceed $150. .1 cents. Above thai
there la a graduated scale running $l
for 5J.500, und 110 cents for each $2,
additional. Bills of lading. receipt*
for goods, merchandise, etc., for
port, 10 cents euch. Kxpress packages
1 cent upon all such as pay not t<> ex
ceed 25 cents; between 25 cents and $1
2 cents; in excess of 51, 5 cents. In?
demnifying bonds. 50 cents, all other
bonds, required in legal proceedings,
25 cents; certlllciiteH of profits on each
5100 of face vulue. 2 cents: certificates
of dumuge or otherwise Issued by a
port warden, 25 cents.
Certlfieutes of deposit of money in
bank or trust company, 2 cents for
sums not exceeding $100. 5 cents above
that amount. Certlflcnles of other
descriptions, 10 cents; charter con?
st tracts for ship, vessel or steamer,
which does not exceed ?00 tops, $.1. or
between 3o0 and 600 tons, $5; exceed?
ing 600 tons, $10; memorandum of sale
" of goods, stocks, bonds, real estate or
' . property of any kind issued by brok?
ers, 10 cents; conveyances, when the
consideration exceeds $100 and does
not exceed $500. 50 cents: between $50"
and 51.000, 51; between $1,000 and $2,500
> ?' 52- between $5.000 und $10.o00. $10; be
i tween $10,000 und $20,000, $20; for each
; . additional $10.0?), 51.
Telegraphic messages, except pros!
news diBput. hes. l cent on message!
: below the charge of 20 cents, and
cents where the charge is above
cents; on the entry of goods of <us
i torn houses for consumption not ex
m ceeding $100 in value 25 cents, betweei
> 1100, and $500. 40 cents, exceeding $500
fi- entry for withdrawal of goods from
bonded warehouses. 50 cents: life In
I ?iirance policies, not including accl
?aeht policies, for each ?1.000, 20 c uts
marine and fire insurance. 25 cents
leases for n period not exceeding thro
v years, 50 .cents, exceeding that period
51; clearance papers for a cargo des?
tined for a foreign port, if the touting,
of the ship does not exceed ?000 tons
'< |{; between 100 nnd 600 tons, $?: ox
;/v' ceeding COO tons. $5.
rv.'.Vj Mortgages not exoeedin? *?><>". ?<
SPjcMlU: between IMWift and $1.000. $1: be
tween $1.000 and $2.500. $2: bet ween $2.
500. 52; between $2.500 and J-,.000. $:.
; between $5000 and $10 000. $10. betweei
'' $10 000 nnd $20.000. $15; for each fiddl
ttlonal 510.000. $10: passage tickets f
l foreign nort. If Iosp than $?0 $1: ox
teedlng- 530, $5. Power of attorney. 2f
'nts: power of attorney to convey roa
*?tate, or"rTd")t or lease the same. $1
profcate Of will or letters of adnilnls
'tratlon. where the estate does not
ceed $2.600. M cents: between $2.r.oo
?i)00 $1: between $5 000 and $20.0fin. $2
between 520.000 and $50.000. $5: hol wee
Ito.OOO and 5100 000, S10: between $100 W
Hpd 41W1.000. ?20. nnd for each addition
0 STA,()t*(i. ?10. Protest nsrain?t an
iote. check, accentnnce, etc., 25 cents
Lrf-house receipt for eoods In mer
iodise, etc
11 nnvlng been suggested to General
l.ee thut the Itlchmond troojis who had
at flrsl been somewhat loth to go to
Cuba had reconsidered, and were de?
claring themselves ns prepared to go
?^^^^JrWhAUivcr-ordered-,-he PxHuliucd: - -
1 "Richmond nnd Virginia will do (heb
luty. 1 never knew them to fall, and
rialnly they can be depended upon
Uoub P.Turnliall lins Ueeu M Issl itg Since
Where Is Louis P. Turnbull?
lb hits disappeared, leuving no trace
..f Ids whereabouts. In a tin shop
ivhkh he conducted on Jefferson ave?
nue was found a letter addressed "To
My People," with the request that the
finder would bund it to one of his
relatives. In the letter the writer
who was Louis P. Turhbull, said he
had been seen for the last lime, and
Hint it would be useless for any one
look lor his body, as he had pre
liiued his own grave. Kurther on in
the letter he staled that on his work
lench would be found the bottle which
iiiitaihed his lust dose of medicim
Iii" letter was dated Wednesday, April
The last time young Turnbull wa
?n was last Wednesday altern.
I'lien he complained of being si. k.
I.ate that evening Ihe order came fi
Itlohmom! directing Captain I'. Thorn
11 Miirye lo assomble liie lliiuiiugdoh
Hilles. Mr. TurnbuH's name is on tin
lauster roll, and Sergeant ,1
ml other members of IIii*
arched dilllgently for him
? aliud to locate him. At 1
ns reported to he sick.
The misstni; man lived with
l.riither, Mr. Leroy it. Tiirubiilli 1
I'wenty-elglitli street. lie did n
<ime home "Wednesday and was n
eon nt nil on Thursday. Friday aft<
noon Mr. T.eroy I?. Turuhnll WOlil
1 he tin shop and forced an .-1111:111.
lie found his brother's uniform lying
the bench, but his suspicious
not aroused. He locked the door an.
left the building, thinking his hrnihi
md gone out Into th.- connlry to s>
t friend. Yesterday when he letirni
that bis brother had not visited th
friend in the country, I'" rigain vv
the tin shop nnd made further invest!
gntion. Near the uniform, lyliig
the bench, were a booh and a small
phial labelled laudanum. Inside th
bonk (be letter was f..und. logotli
wllh the lead pencil ivhieh In- used
writing the farewell message. II? 1
turned to his homo and at once hotl
lied his sist.-r. Mis. Sie- Tal.I., who liv
ut No. I?7 Twenty-seventh slrool. an.
brothers who reside in Hamilton.
None of ihe missing man's rolalh
think he has taken his life. Wl
sei'ti by a reporter for the Daily pj-i
last night, Mr. I.eroy Ii. Turnbull sal
"I do not believe I.OIllS lias CollllUitl
sub i.le. Il is my opinion he has enlist
oil in the United States army, for
has been seriously considering Join
the army f.j^?^. i ;;, ,.,\."
' i*!7el e is no reason why ho should
Mrs Tnbb said she did not Udnk
br?il r hud killed hfmself.
Tie police have been not Hied
ydiihK TurnbuH's dlsappenmiioo.
Norfolk shuts Uut Neu port Mewa ut the
New Turk.
The baseball season in Newport
MuiiH wus openeu at the new purK in
Kust Lnu yesterUuy utiernooii 111 u
game uetween the iocui leuin und the
-NorioiK AliunllC League Club, Which
lesuiteU 111 a victory lor the latiei-, tne
score Oeing 7 to 0.
The rooters and fans did, not turn
out in us large numbers us had been
expected, but the bb.acherles und
grandstand were com'.ortubly itlled by
enthusiastic lovers ol the national
It was a pretty game. Norfolk won,
tls true, but the visitors did uol have
walkover. Leach, who did the twirl?
ing for the home team, kept Ihe visitors
guessing, und they only succeeded In
olvitlg his curves for si?*en hits, und
but one or these was a two-bagger. In
Hie IIrat two innings the shipbuilders
bunched errors, ullowlng six men to
ross the rubber. Alter that they set
lied down and the rUll-geltlllg stopped,
nks and Pfantrilller did the twirling
the ifbiTolk team and the boys
ould not get onto their curves. The
fielding on both sides was praise?
The score follows:
It.IB. P.O. A. E
Wh. elock. SS ..
urge. If ...^
Me Kar land, of
Kleismau, lb .
nne.lv, rf ..
Weddlge, ?b .
Went/.. 2b ....
ox. c ....i^.
nks. p ...
?la nmllter,
e. lb .
W. Mage.
Smith, cf
line, ss
1. Ma gee;
Mei hum.
Blahdford, If ...
1 rker. 3h .
...de. rf .
'itciii 1.
I'otal .
Sei litK
Newport News
1* wo-1.a so hit
balls- 1 Iff Inks. !
out ? liv Inks,
l.each. ?. Ttmi
Ml minutes.
...? ?)
l: V
_0 0
...0 0
. . .0 1
_I) <l
_0 0
I N.V.I Ni
p.o. a. k
n 0
2 0
1 0
Il 1
2 "1
:i 0
? 4
1 0
0 G
:i ? fi 0 0 l 0 0 0?
0 pft000000
?George. Base on
; olT I.each. :t. Sinn
4: Pfiiillier. ? by
of game 1 hour and
ItesiillS of Veslei day's t lames in th
National League.
(By Telegraph.)
HAl.TIMolti:. :;: BOSTON; 2.
MAl.TIMolli:. April 2.1. ? Nichol
ami Melanies had a pitchers' battl
today, and the 3.S50 speclatora wci
I rented lb one of ihe fastest gaini
seen here for a lone; 1 Im?-. The ri. Mini;
I.. hind both twlrlers was for the most
part of the hair raising order.
S. ..re:
K II f
Baltimore.o hi (1 0 0 0 0 2?11
Boston .1 0 a o a 0 1 0 0?2 8
Halt.-lies. McJain.s and Clearkc
Nichols and Hergen. Umpires, I.ync
and Connolly. Tine-. 1:45.
PI 111, A D10LPI11A<^Vi>r>t M. ? N?
York su? < ceded In ^Btttlg 111
K?me of
. ceded In >v\nnig tl??
ib.- seil. J uy better
AttendaiY7,e "\o,tV27.
r?** .1
ltKIK'r fTBMB.
Colonel S. Brown Allen, of Staunton,
a., is in the city the guest of his son,
.Mr. Fred P. Allen. Colonel Allen Is
marshull of the Western District of
Irgiuia, und Is one of the most prom?
inent Bepubllcans In the state of Vir?
ginia. He was formerly, auditor of the
Collector af Cuctonms Jesse W. 331
?jtt bus received notice from the treas?
ury department that Havana and
other Cuban ports have been block?
aded by the United States government,
and thut no clearance papers must be
ssued 10 vessels with cargoes for Cu?
ban ports.
Mr. and Mrs. John W. Henry, of
Culpepper, are the guests of Mrs. M
Miss Webster has returned from 1
Islt to relatives In Lynchburg.
Prof. Jumes Tunner, of Richmond,
visiting his sister. Mrs. R. D. Blox
ton. In Fast End.
Mr. Frank St. John, of "Washington,
Is the guest of Mr. and Mrs. Merry
man, on West avenue.
Miss l [utile Bowie, of East End, has
as her guests, the Misses Charlotte
and Evelyn Slur, of Charleston, S. C.
Mrs. Margaret Walker, of Thirty
fourth st., received a telegram Friday
iilgnt conveying the sad Intelligence of
the death of her mother, in Philadel?
Miss J?nn'e ( hhpmar left Friday
for a short visit to relatives in Balti?
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas R. Freeman, . . .
of Albany, n. Y.. who have been visit- My ljai'^u J)ouole htores are overiiowing' with them,
lay for 'Newr? They are astonish ing. War news not in it. Let me call
rhere win be a special service for yooi* attention to a few of the manv Imrffaina we olTer this
men only nt the Presbyterian church 1 ,, . ? i 1 ^ 0 ...
this afternoon at 4 o'clock, under Week-UllS WCCK Oil ly ailll tOI* SPOT CASH-W6 Will glV6
the auspices of the Young Men's Chris- iU,, f,?1 Inivhwr natnhialiintr nricPs
tilth Association. Charles Edward U1C lOllOWlllg ttSipil lull I !)?> |JI ICeb
Hlshop, Ph.D.. of William nnd Mary
College, wil Ispcak on the subject "Im?
purity." There will be music by the
malt? choir.
Mr. D. E. Pngh, an employe of the
Daily Press, received a telegram Friday
night announcing the accidental death
ijf his brother. Mr. E. D. Pngh, at Cin
I'lnclnhnll Friday. Deceased was a
conductor with the C. H. & D. R. R.
Ills remains will be taken to Waynes
born, Vn.. where the funeral will take
place. Mr. L. E. Pugh left yesterday
for bis home to attend th" funeral.
Tonight at S o'clock Rev. Thomas .T.
MacKay. pastor of the Second Bap?
tist church, will preach a special ser?
mon before Mary Washington Council,
Nu. S. Daughters of Libert v.
Owing to |*he rush of 'work nt the
shipyard -Rev. c C. Cox will hot preach
the annual sermon before Newport
Newii L.dgs. No. !?2. I. O. O. 'F.. at the
First Baptist churvh ilds nfternooii.
The liquor dealers of the city yos
ter.l.iy fihil aplplcatlons for license!:
for the ensuing year.
Col. A. D. McCorkle, wife and child
arrived In the city yesterday from
Charleston. W. Va. They will reside
here in future.
i'olle.- Court.
Justice Brown disposed of the fol?
low in? cases In the poluc court yes?
terday morning:
Samuel Bosau, drunk, lined $2 and
Alexandria Stokes, disorderly, lined
$2 ami costs.
Charles Church, healing board hill,
required to pay amount and cost of
James 11. Gullies (colored), driving
0? sidewalk, dismissed.
There is no use eating olT the lloor any
$3.50 buys a f> ft. Solid Oak Extension
Tell your neighbors the secret and let it sPreat*'
Philadelphia'-} ?*
New York . I.f.4 1 I
H?tt cries, Dftnohu.
phy and M.-FaiXand
> 0 \ u 2
I 2 1 0 1
I >unkl<
U 11 E
o.o Vtf
??il 14 :
M Ul?
? >? itlers Oripiiit/.e.
past a number
i'i en considering the forma
ussoclatlon to better their
Doheny and War?
ner. Cmpiics,
Time, 2:20.
Snyder and Curry.
Bout 'I'orter Captures a span
ls-li Steamer.
(By Telegraph.)
Y WF.ST. FI.A.. April 21.?The
captured an.dli.-r prize ye.?terd:iy
ifternoon?the schooner Mathilda, ..1'
iiovomi, laden wiih rum. The schoon r
.\as taken 'by the torpedo ho?ti Porter
iffer a lively .-has.-, during which a
number of ,.,>iid shots were llred. A
prize crew from t'hc Ihigship was put
board the schooner, but no -.hip could
spared to low lei, and she w?ls
night int.. Key West in imv of the
Associated Press dispatch boat Daunt
? ss, ivhieh arrived at midnight.
Th.- DuuntlesH reisirts that the lleel
iias been divided. The Nashville and
I'hts Much his or Cast lue sailed West a
hi otelkick y.cii.-rduy moriring. whll
.he Amphltrite, the Puritan, Hie Clu
ein nut I and the (,'astlne or Mach las,
mailed east later. The r.-sl of ihe It
?it 3:30 o'clock in ihe iiflernooii w
bloektidlng ?Huv<ina, which is distant
ten mil.v io the southward.
IK-kV WEST, FI.A., April 23.-4:20 I
Al.- Torp.do boat lirlcc.-oii arrived I hi
ifternoon from the Meet. She toft Ha
vhiiu at 10 o'clock. There had been
.h.mh.irduient. A |K*aceful blockade ha
been established;
It [.- expectctl she will have .Monday
;hc Capiure ol'
he Sp
ire not
Indignunl at ;h<
Hie llueiia VeiltU
MADRID. April 23.?Th-; ?V.lr OlithU
ia.-m continues here an I In the prov
Patriotic demoiuivatioiisi arc
eported to have occurred everywhere;
Special religious services of l?iay
ay and ivlghi ate being organized 101
he BUcce.-s of the Spanish amis.
The capture of lb. Spanish si.jam
iuenit Ventura by the United Sijt
No<*hvi'lle off Key Went ye
aroused Che greatest Indignation
tu lards claiming t'hiit hostllllies
opposed to have neguii
news|>aper.- of tins city charm
:e th,- seizure of the ship us an
f piracy and being in dellancc ?
International law characteristic
YiiIllist'agaln rumored that the Spanish
iipihdron has sailed from the < ape d
Verde Islands, but its destination, h
aol given, though il is hclicved th
Spanish warships will suddenly app- a?
md create surprise.
S. nor Motet, the minist. i foi
.?Ionics, declared it Is lni|MW8lbl
eleuraphlc communication with cut
I, he Inli rrt.pted even if the Key W-sl
able Is cut. as three other
irotected by tin- guarantee of
rraphlc convention, reach th.
The Spanish licet In the Antilles will
.mmunded by Admiral M?nte
he Spanish naval commander 1
the tel
? island
and the Hying squadron of Spain
he commanded by Admiral
Lahor I, Zola's chief advocate, receiv?
ed no fee for his services in the recent
A fad nol generally known Is that
the late .lames Puyrin was for some
time literary a.Riser in Fnglaiul to
IInron Tiiusehnltz, of Leipzig, a posi?
tion which gave him great Influence
th.- continental fortune of his fel?
low authors.
tnoii Telgnmouth Shore on Lady
Day used al the celebration of the holy
nonunion In the Lady Chapel of
\Yoi sector Cathedral, KughVnd, the sil
r gill paten which was some lime
ago found in the stone cutiln <>l Walter
Clll'llelupe, w ho was Itlsllbp of W?r?
ter in 12315, ami which had not been
?d l-.r moie than 000 years,
'aedinon, "tin- morning voice of
Fngland," the monk who first sang of
Ihe creation and llie world's growth, is
have a memorial in the form of a
itlilc cross erected on the old abbey
heights on the . balk cliffs of Wllltby.
The Inscription will be lines from bis
poem In Runic letter*, with a transla
in modern English.
The lOOlh anniversary of the birth of
Field Marshal Couill von Moltke. ..1
October 21?, 1000. will l?- miirked by th
lion of a public monument lo him
Rellin. A preliminary meeting
the siibjoci was held in the Reichstag
(he other day. which ,was alien.led by
members of all political parties with
the except I.>i the Social Democrat
As Queen Victoria's carriage was
about lo cross Ihe suspension brldg
?r the Pailon at Nice the other day
fiineral .nine up. The Queen
stead of driving forward, gave orders
follow Ihe mourners it 1 a fool |
This participation in the "(mite de*
.Morls" mil wiih Immediate ree.ogni
lion, and has made her very popular in
the neighborhood.
\t font ion has lately been called in
Kngiiiud to the will of the lute Chilli
Pelham Villicis. who. it seems, left
fortune of $1,782.33.1. and yet continued
to draw a civic pension of $700 a
.11 afi.r lie came into this inagnl
ieni property. Pension or ibis sort
unknown in this country, arc given t
nahte ihe possessor. 10 live in a styl
ppropriate to an Knglish statesman.
Father Itarnbasz, of Ihiltimore, who
isileil his countryman, Henry Sion
kiowlez. not long ago. says In the
Biilllmore Sun thai the Polish nov
I is v. ry simple In Iiis manners and
raiher silent when in society, but h
a good listener to a good slory. 11
of medium size, rather dark, and b
Inclined to baldness, wllh a hint of
ray over the temples. The name Is
pronounced Ohon-kay-voeteh, with lb
cent on the second syllable and tin
II" pronounced as in child. His
home is now at Warsaw, though much
of Iiis time is spent In traveling and In
getting material for his literary work
He has been married twice. The death
of his first wife occurred when lie was
writing ? Pan Michael." and its somber
..ne is iraced back to that event.
W?8HINOT01V, April 2?. ? The
Senators had every prospect of win?
ning today up to the sixth Inning,
when six hits for eight bases gave the
victory to the visitors". Att. mlance
in \'(
(ion 01 i
Friday night these deulers got to?
gether und formed what will hereufter
be known as the Newport News Liq?
uor Dealers' Association.
The following officers were elected:
James Barton, president.
John Rodgers, secretary.
Thomas Murray, treusurer.
J. Gloven, sergeant-nt-arms.
Brooklyn ..
Halt erics,
.2 1 0 0 1 2 0 0 2?8 11 1
.1 0 0 1 1 6 0 0 ??!) 14 4
Ircer and MoGuiro;
Payne and Ryan. Umpires, Etnslle and
Andrews. Time. 2:12.
ST. LOUIS, April 2?. ? No game
today; wet grounds.
CHAPEL HILL. N. C., April 23? Uni
Klty of North Carolina. 0: University
Virginia. 1. Called at end of thira
inning on account of rain.
wit.1. coal -riii': ships.
.V <>. (lots the Contract for Supplying
VchhcIs lo These Win em.
It was learned yesterday morn?
ing that the Chesapeake and
Ohio railway company has contracted
with the government to fupply the
United States war vessels with coal.
Vdvices received from ItiehmonJ would
indicate that the Ch ssapcake and Ohio
will coal the cnih'2 licet, as the v -s.-iis
to 01; coal-id in James River and
Hampton Una Is. and colliers are to be
loaded at the coal piers.
The coal lh.it will be delivered to the
naval vessels is the desirable New
itiver steam coal from the mountains
f West Virginia, tin same kind of coal
that the vessels have been ULdng for
number of years.
When Mr. C. R. Orenlt, president of
the Chesapeake and Ohio Coal Agency
mpany, left Newport News the early
part of last week for Washington, he
remarked that be was going to con
tract witli the government to supply
the navy with coal, and he has been
Some time ago press dispatches
?.-titled that the steamer Shawmut,
?oilier plying between Newport New
md Now England ports, bad boon pur
?based by the government for conver
don into an auxiliary cruiser, and that
me had been ordered to the Boston
navy yard to be fitted out. The report
was erronoiioH. The Shawmut took
in a cargo of coal here yesterday, and
illIIoil for P.oston on one of hor regu?
lar trips.
However, 11 is a fact that the gov?
ernment has been negotiating for her,
lind she will probably pass Into the
hands of the government at the end
of her present trip.
In speaking of the new passenger
steamers for the Old Dominion line, the
Marine Journal says:
"The Delaware River Iron Ship nnd
Engine Building Company huve sign
d a contract to build two steamships
lor the Old Dominion line of tills port.
The new ships will be practically du?
plicates of the Princess Anne, 124 feet
In length over all, 304 feet on the water
line. 42 feet beam, 27 feet depth of hold.
These ships will be constructed accord
ing to the most npproved standards of
modern shipbuilding and cost altogeth
nenrly three-quarters of a million
dollars. They.are to take the place of
the Yorktown. which was recently sold
to the United States government, and
the Roanoke, sold to Pacific toast par
ties a few months ago. The material
for these ships has already been or?
dered and their shipyard numbers will
be 200 and 300."
The steamer Old Point Comfort, of
the Cape Charles route, which lots
been on the railway at Norfolk, has re?
turned to duty, relieving the chartered
steamer Plymouth.
Mr. W. A. Barrett, of the Willoughby
Splt Railway, Is in Philadelphia ne?
gotiating for a steamer to take th'
place of the Granite City ferry steam
doing duty between the railway
wharf and Old Point Comfort. It Is
expected that the substitute steamer
will be put on next week, when the
Granite City will be sent away for
xlenslve repairs.
You tlont want a Sideboard if you fail to buy this
Solid Oak 18 x .10 Beveled Plate Glass, two small and one
lar?-e, drawers, and one lined, for $12.50. Not much
more'than the cost of an ordinary kitchen safe.
(By Telegraph.)
Don't push a common Baby Carriage when you can
Parasol, Rubber Tire
mobile, ala, April 23.?The Span- buy the real IIe\7\vood, Lace Cover
Ish steamer La Cumlna, from South , _T \
America, arrived at Ship I.-land. Miss- Wheels, tUUl Upholstered 111 COrdiirOV, IOl" JS8.75.
slppl, yesterday for cargo, and this
ifternoon Collector J. W. Burke, of
Mobile, dispatched tlie cutter WInonn
the Island to capture the vessel,
rhe cutter left at 5 o*ch>ck and ought
be at the island 'by midnight nnd
I effect ? capture by daylight.
The Li Ctrmlna is a fine freight
?deaimer and' came into port without
knowing of war. The iWInona is arm?
ed with a HotenkiSB gun und bus
crew of forty-two men under command
of Captain <Joodin.
s to
Mark Twain gave a public reading
tome of his own writings last month at
Venn?. Miss Alice Potter was t<
{IVC the reading herself, and liiy.1
humorist to be present, when
ybody's surprise be asked to he al
? d (o read himself.
NEW vork. April - The weekly
hank statement shows Ihe following
Surplus reserve. Increased 6,170,02
?nans decreased, I7_.-I3h.100; specie. In
?rcase.l. ?7,SSr?,$0p; legal tenders. de?
creased, $2.282.300; deposits, decreased
12.302,100; circulation Increased, $140.
The banks now hold ?43.525,100 In ox
cess of the requirement of the 25 per
???nt rule.
(St. Louis Globe-Democrat.)
ROISK CITY. Idaho, April 23
ease in which a woman was tried by
woman Jury was heard in Weiser th
oilier day. Mrs. George L. Smith had
d*ne some sewing for Mrs. Ahshire
and was to receive some Jars in pay?
ment. When she went for them she
was told they had been given away,
whereupon she helped herself to some
ither properly In Hon. Mrs. Abshire
protested and was slapped by Mrs
Smith, for which she had the latter ar?
rested. R was determined that
woman Jury should try the case, nr.d
the town became greatly excited ovt r
the matter. Six of the foremost la.lies
wore impanelled. After being out
three hours they returned a verdict of
acquittal at 10 o'clock nt night.
I Irwin Tucker & Co.,
General Rai Estate,
fire. Life ond Accident insurance Agents.
We represent leading Insurance Com?
panies of the world and write
in the best business and residential
sections of Newport News
Morris $3.75 Chair,
( The Cleveland Plain Dealer.)
"The medium couldn't fool me
Aunt Mary."
"What do you mean?"
"I km w it wasn't Aunt Mary as ^
is she breathed on me. Aunt
riever llk.-d onions."
"Your wife is somewhat
nlnded. Isn't she, LKUeJolih?'
"Strong minded? A furnitut
peddler came here yesterday
held In storage, 2fl cents i ?ve ?ilnutes talk she sold him
' polish she hud mude herself."
st roilg
and in
A short time ago Count do Wnldcck,
who resides in Hungary, received
notification by telegram from Vlenni
that lie might expect a visit from tw
burglars, who would (-all on hihi mi
l.-r pretense of being insurance agents
.hut really with a view of studying his
?csidence in order lo compass n bur
rlary. The count communicated with
the poll.o. and when Ihe two agents
called next day they were prompt!
taken Into custody; They proved to
be the bona tide a goals of h New York
?omnnny, nnd Invest Leal km has proved
that the leleernm, came from n rival
company in Vienna, whloq_ls likely to
pay heavily for Its Joke.
(The Chicago Tribune.)
"William, you have made us wait
supper for you nearly two hours."
"I've been reading the bulletins from
"And I've had to carry In the conl
and kindling myself."
"That isn't anything to what I've
bail to suffer. I've had all my corns
crushed, caught cold, and lengthened
my neck four inches. We've nli got to
out up with some inconveniences when
the country Is in danger, Miranda. I
wish you would warm these potatoes
over and make some fresh tea. I'm
hungry," . , . ^ ? , . 3 ...
Houses Sold on Small Cash
and monthly sums thereafter, amount?
ing to about what is paid for rent
Local investment securtles of all
kinds dealt in and bought and sold.
Loann negotiated on collaterals and
city real estate. Information cheer?
fully furnished to parties deolrlng bf
invest or rent. Correspondence solici?
Owners of real estate and city secu?
rities are Invited to list their prop ort;
with us for sale.
Notary PubHo in ?ur .(Roa.
Just think how comfortable you can be for $3,75.
Don't deny yourself of this luxury. Better go without
SALE I tea ami coffee fo* a month than to miss this chance.
Now, in conclusion, let me say, that these are not
baits, but actual standard prices. Long experience in
buying has given me the advantage of offering the public
the above low prices.
Don't buy them if you don't want them.
Don't miss them if you can help it,
Yours very truly,
The Accommodator
283 & 2805 WASHINGTON i

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