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Historic Precedent Establish?
ed by the Senate.
Thanka Extended to Common Hen men
Hobson Trans?erred to the Lint*. Cen?
tal Deficiency ma PMemed. Pro?
ceedings of the IIoupo.
i ?? - r.
(By Telegraphs)
(By Telegraph.)
WASHINGTON*, June 29.?A pror?.
dent that will be historic was est ab
IIshed by the Senate at Its session in
day. For probably the first time in tin
history of the Senate a resolution was
adopted tendering the thanks of C 'n
Kress to common seamen, specifics 11 \
namlne: them in the resolution. Th<
resolution elicited se\-eral patriotii
speeches in which the pri%-ate soldier
of the army and the common sailor
of the navy were glowingly eulogized
The resolutions recommended by itv
President were adopted, tendering tin
thanks of Congress to Naval Constrtc
tor Hobson and the other heroes of th<
Merrimae and to Lieutenant Frank 3-1
Newcomb, commander of th? rcvenu'
cutt?r TTr-epon. for his gallant rescu<
of the Winslow and her crew off Oar
denas: and retiring on full pav Captain
Hodgsdon. of the MrCullorh. for dis?
tinguished services at Manila. The
transfer of Hobson from the construe
tlon corps of the navy to the lino was
also provided for.
Consideration of the general deficien?
cy bill was concluded and the measure
was passed. An amendment of great
Importance was attached to the bill,
practically by general consent. It re?
lates to tin. settlement of the claims of
the government against the Pacific rail?
roads. It was offered by Mr. Morgan
of Alabama, who made a strong appeal
to the Senate for its adoption. Before
It was agreed to. Mr. White, of Califor?
nia, proposed some amendments to It.
making it even more binding upon tIn?
roads than it was In Its original form
The amendment in full follows:
?'That the secretary of the treasury,
the secretary of the interior and t to'
attorney general and their successors in
office, 1,,.. and they are hereby appoint?
ed a commission with full power to
settle the Indebtedness to the govern?
ment growing out of the issue of bonds
on account of the construction of the
Central Pacific and Western Pacific
bond-aided railroads, upon such terms
and in such mariner as may be agreed
upon by them, or by a majority of
them, atid the owners of said railroads.
Provided: That any and all settlements
thus made shall be submitted in writ?
ing to the President for bis approval
or disapproval, and unless approved by
him shall not be binding.
"That said commission shall ion
agree to accept a less sum In settlement
of the amount due the TTnlted States
than the full amount of (he principal
and all amounts necessary to reimburse
the United States for moneys paid for
interest or otherwise. Anil also provi?
ded: That said commission are hereby
empowered to grant such time or times
of payment by Instalment, and at such
rates of Interest, to be not less than 1
three per cent, per annum, payable
semi-annually. and wit such security
as to said commission may seem ex?
pedient, provided, however, that in any
settlement that may be made the final
payment and full discharge of said in?
debtedness shall not he postponed to
exceed ten years and tho\ whole amount,
principal and interest, shall be paid in
equal semi-annual - Instalments within
the period so limited. antf in any set?
tlement made It shall be Auovlded that
if default shall be made JfiiVor. ^
ment of either prjit?'^^jjijjoa CT
any part the
.and all i;?Vl"
er stipulation of said Bettlern?
"That there Is hereby appropriated
the sum of twenty thousand dollars to
defray the expenses of said commission
in making the said settlement."
An amendment offered by Mr. But?
ler, of North Carolina, providing for n
fish cultural station in North Carolina,
and appropriating $ir>.f)0n for the pur
po.se was agreed to. Also the follow?
ing amendment offered by Mr. tlale, of
For purchase by condemnation or
otherwise of not less than S00 acres of
land at not exceeding $'.0 per acre in
Pearl Harbor, Hawaiian Islands, for n
coaling and repair station. $40.000: and
dredging the bar In said harbor to se?
cure a channel of not less than thirty
feel in depth. $103,000, in all $nr..Ono.
The bill as passed carries about $227.
000.000 the largest sum carried by any
appropriation measure since the civil
war. After the passage of the deficien?
cy bill, consideration of the Hawaiian
annexation resolution was continued.
Mi-. Cuffery. of Louisiana, concluding
his speech In opposition to annexation.
At r.:0H P. M. the Senate went into ex?
ecutive session, and at (1 o'clock ad?
WASHINGTON. June 2!).?The Hons -
today disposed of a number of meas?
ures and incidentally enjoved a spoerh
from Mr. Allen, of Mississippi, which
precipitated a political episode in which
Mr. Orosvenor. of Ohio, and Mr. Bailey,
of Texas, figured as the principals.
Mr. Allen proposed that a company of
Congressman be raised and go to Cuba
After sanding the rndlan and sundry
civil bills back to conference, consid?
eration of bills from the military af?
fairs committee, under the rule adopted
yesterday, proceeded. Notable among
the measures passed were those pro?
viding for the enlistment of cooks In
the army: providing for the protection
of harbor defenses arid fortifications
against wanton and malicious Injury,
and giving the secretary of war discre?
tion to permit any church or religions
sect to erect its house of worship
upon the West Point military reserva?
tion. The last named bill precipitated
considerable discussion. The bill In
add cheese and canned corn to the ar?
my ration occasioned prolonged debate,
and it was during its consideration that
Mr. Allen spoke, and the Grosvennr
Balley incident look place. Mr. Allen,
criticizing and replying to a feature of
the Ohio member's Ohio convention
speech, in which the latter referred to
the minority as universally opposed to
war measures. caused Mr. Orosvenor
to answer, lie contended that his
speech was Justified by the facts an.I
proceedings, declared he was no more
amenable to criticism than were Dem?
ocratic authorities, in this connection
he read from a Washington newspaper
a Democratic organ, he said, an edi?
torial in line with his convention
speech. It contained a severe arraign?
ment of Democratic leadership, and
Mr. Orosvenor created a sensation by
declaring that it was written by a
Democratic member of the House
From that assertion sprang the inci?
dent during which demands for th*
name of the Democrat were made and
refused, anil during which Mr. Bailey
and Mr. Orosvenor indulged in pointed
personal colloquies.
The Serial!- bill providing for a sec?
ond assistant secretary of war was de?
feated?50 to fi::.
The House adjourned at r, o'clock, tic
yeas and nays having been ordered
upon an amendment offered by Mr.
Otey. of Virginia, to the bill adding
chewing and smoking tobacco to He?
rat ion of soldiers.
MONTREAL, June 29.?Lieutenant
Carrahza. the chief of the Spanish bu?
reau in this city, has been missing sine*
Monday and the Star will announc*
that he has left the city, but that a*
far as can be ascertained he has not
returned to Spain.
The Admiral Refers lo General Garcia
in Complimentary Terms.
. (By Telegraph.)
WASHINGTON. June 29.?The Navy
Department today posted the following
bulletin givihg a report from Admiral
Sampson under Sale of ?tie 22nd. off |
Santiago: -
"On Uie morning of T?le Vlfc t-<k?1'
fVries at (he entrance .. t S..A?Kj "Sir.
[?subjected lo a t.evei? bombardment bj
the tleel. The tilin? Aas deliberuteHin
u general marksmanship was ex
Texas. Marblehead an
croyed the fort at Guai
16th the Yankee engnt
gunboat off Cienfueg
Lieutenant Marlow, v.
d the flagship
lining at Gen
.? i -uba
?h has been
who has lv
'oreos in this imn
the 20th the
I and General Sh
trnnsports arrived and General Shatter
and I paid a visit to General.. Garcia
and Rubi. The process ..r debarkation
was rendered difficult by heavy seas,
the heaviest whieh we have had during
(he (In. weeks the Heel has been sin
il h
n lh
ashore, and the wank was
with great rapidity. The i
itijured and .if the sh
alongside ..r it. The wale:
not Injured. The Vesuvli
almost nightly Illing since
her.-, the explosion of th,
(By Telegraph.)
WASHINGTON. June ?J. The Navv
Deparlmeiil today made public the fol?
lowing cablegram rroin Admiral Dew
ey, brought by the MeCulloch lo I long
Kong, and, though undated, supposed
6 have heen sent from Cavil.? June
"No change In the situation sine
ny telegram of June 17. Five German,
.hree Urillsli. one French and one Jap
mese men-of-war in port, The insur
| gents arc constantly rinsing in on the
.-. Agulnaldo. the insurgent leader,
with thirteen or. his staff, arrived May
1!) with my permission on the Nanshan.
He established himself at Cavite. OUt
[ side ..t" the arsenal under the protec?
tion of our guns and organized his ar
I my. The progress of Agu'maldo ha<t
?n wonderful. Ho has invariably
iducted the war humanely. My re
ions with him nr.- cordial hut my
iforenecs have generally been only
a personal nature."
Table Showing the Present Station
the Troops, >
-X?M^is; Hall,
precise pliTce'HitiiJ lull,
hut Indicates simply the hi
lers through which they may lie reach
I. Ii contains the following:
First Florida Infantry. Tampa: First
eorgla Infantry, Chlekiunaugn: S.r.
nl Georgia Infantry. Tauipa: hatter
s A and R. Georgia Light Artillery,
hiekamaiiga; First North Carolina
Infantry. Jacksonville: SV.il North
arolina Infantry, Raleigh. N. i;.: S.-,
inl and Fourth Virginia Infantry,
ncksonvllle; Third Virginia Infantry,
amp Alger
moral Shafter Will Not Wait F
WASHINGTON, June 29.?General
I Shafter has report.-,i m? most impor?
tant developments in the military sit?
uation at Santiago. First, that lie ce?
nts to take the city as soon as ho
gets reaily to move, and that he will
not wait for reinforcements. Second.
I that Spanish reinforcements numbering
I S.onO. accompanied by pack trains and
;,- droves of animals, are advanc?
ing from Manzanillo to the relief of
tntiago and are now fifty-four miles
from that city.
MADRID, June 2!).?ti::!0 P. M.?Th*
rubier Antonio Lop,-'/, while trying to
iit.-r the river San Juan, near San
Juan de Porto Rico, secretly with a
go of provisions an.I war material,
s delected by two American war
ships, but escaped by swiftly changing
her course.
The captain, determined in land his
argo. headed for shore at Salinao. The
hock of grounding exploded Hie boiler
It is not known whether there was any
oss of life.
The Spanish gunboats Concha and Is?
abella issued to the assistance of the
Antonio Lopez, whereupon the Ameri?
cana withdrew and the Antonio Lopez
landed her cargo.
( By Telegraph.)
WASHINGTON. June 2?.?President
McKinley sent these nominations to the
William Mnhon, collector of customs,
Petersburg. Va.
lavy Lieutenant John P.. Bernadou,
i advanced ten numbers for eminent and
ispicuous conduct in the battle at
rdenas. May II. 1S98.
Var?Volunteer infantry. Third Reg?
iment: John D. Twiggs. Jr.. of Geor?
gia, ami Frank I:. Frost, of South Car?
olina, io !?? captains: Albert \V. Gil
?hrist. of Florida; Rex VanDen Corput
and Robert 1'.. McRride, of Georgia.
first lieutenants.
M. 1.. Wiliairis, Florida, s.md lieu?
fourth Regimenl Richard ('. Mar
! shall. Jr.. and Henry ('. Preston, of Vir?
ginia, captains: Charles <'. Berkeley,
I of Virginia, to be firs! lieutenant: Law?
n-lice w. II Peyton. Virginia, second
j lieutenant.
(By Telegraph.)
MONTGOMERY. U.A., .Inn.- 2:i.
Papers were Hied with Governor Job
election in tin- Eighth d's r et of Ala
I bantu, now represented b\ Major Gen?
eral Joseph Wheeler. The ground on
which the application was based was
vaean.-y of office because of the hold?
ing by General Wheeler of n position
in tin- army ami thai the acceptance
of the lauter vacated ti.ongresslonnl
Office. Governor Johnson hns conclud?
ed riot to Issue the order for a special
election and General Wheeler's seat,
until the 4th of March, will be unfilled
unless the governor changes his opin?
Ohio Giant Knocked Out by
the Sailor.
I'livCnl'-rorolii I'uicillat AnuouocenThai H*
U li?it<l> to Meet Fltx>iluluufl|.,Cur
l.rtl or McCoy for the tlmvj
wetgllt CllHU>|>ii'Uftlll|?.
. (By Telegraph.)
NEW YUKK. June 2'J.?Tom Sharkey,
,i. fuilo'r pugilist of California, knock
i] out Gus Ruhlin. the Ohio Giant, in
?ss than one round tonight before
ireatoi New Vorli Athletic Club
?oney Island. Ruhlin's defeat was
omplished in exactly two minutes and
ieventeen seconds.
Sharkey then rushed to the ringside,
ttid leaning on the props, shouted:
? I am i :ady to meet Fitzsimmons.
?orbelt. McCoy or any other man for!
??? l-ei>v v.veight championship of the
?] lo- :::orv r,f the fight. iT it can 1"
ailed such, is easily told.
Ruhlin was t he first to land, but1
-i. n I . > was quick to reply. His arms.
,nd I ?? ? 111 us.- both of them cleverly,
uvuitg I:k_? flails an., as his gloves
andtd on Ruhlin's head, it was seen at
.nee that luihlin had not a chance on
??iiili against his antagonist. The
. kout blow was a hard right swing
ivhich reached Rtihlin's Jaw In the pi
per spot. Otis ?etil down as if felled |
ivlth an axe and lay partly on his stom?
ach and elbow. He tried to get up. but
.??ml.I ii..1. while the referee was count?
ing I In- ten seconds. Ruhlin was beat- j
? ?ii .il'i.-r Ihe first swing landed and
Sharkey's stork In the pugilistic mar
ket went soaring as high as a rocket I
The spectators left the building unite 1
I satisfied with the contest, which was
devoid of any brutality or foul work.
\ The arena was crowded with a rep?
resentative gathering of sporting men
from all over tin- United States who
ca. here to see .Hie contest.
Sharkey was the favorite and the
ruling o.l.Is wer.- Pin lo To on the sailor
He Savs lie- Health of His Command
Is Remarkably G.I.
I By Telegraph.)
WASHINGTON, June 20.?The War!
Department today posted the follow ing |
bulletin: I
"Plava del Este. June 28.?Hon. Rns
?1 A. Alger. secretary of war. "IT
ibonv. June 27.?The graves of the
ead are marked so that there will be
o mistake in identification. Tic
ealth of my command is reported to
me bv the surgeons as remarkable out?
side of the wounded. There are today
less than lr.O men sick. So far no
wounded have died and but two men
..f disease since leaving Tampa.
(Signed.) "SITA FTE R.
"Major General Commanding.'
The War Department also gives the
following coble correspondence:
"War Department. Washington. June 1
j in.?Major General Shaffer, command
mg. etc.: The President directs me to
j send his thanks to you and your army
"ii- Ihe gallant action of yesterdnv
?hieb 1 gladly do.
(Signed.) "R. A. ALCIER.
"Secretary or War."
"Balqulrl. Cuba. June 2B.?Hon. Sec
.-tai-y of War. Washington: Sincere
j thanks to the President for his congrat?
(Signed.) "SHAFTER.
"Major General."
put! }U01s|StTi"aARLE BRA VERT.
?XaMHVIV NIV.. , ?
i the Wins..
?lime 29.?The Navy
I has received from Acting
ipaulding. or the treasury
. a letter enclosing a report
lin F. H. New-comb, of the
It. . Hudson, upon Ib.- en
Tftgemnnt I-, Cardenas Bay. in which
nnnu Bacli-y was killed, and Lieuten?
ant Rerun.Inn. commanding the torpedo
I Winslow. was badly wounded in
thigh. After telling bow well bis
i erot- acted during the time thev
?e under [ire Irving to rescue the
Winslow. Captain NVwooml, saw
'I lake measure in testifying In Ihe
ma i kabl.- bravery displayed bv
? an..nanl Bernadnu ami Hie men of
.- Winslow. and consider It one of the
eatest Privileges of my life to have
been an eve witness ..r their conduct
1 Hi.- time when manv men would
have fell iusllfied in abandoning all
hope. Willi such otllcers and men the
atlon may well be proud of
'ts navv."
(By Telegraph.)
CHICAGO, .Tune 29.?Michael Schwab,
he anarchist, died at the Alexian
Brothers' hospital today. Schwab
s held responsible with Parson.
I Sides. T.lngg. Fischer. Fngle and Nee
be, for hurling the dynamite bombs
m May 4, ISSfi. which caused the death
?f seven policemen in the Haymarkel
riot. The punishment meted out to him
was life imprisonment In the Jollet
lenitenliary, but June 21!. 1S9R. he was
?ardoned and restored to citizenship bv
iovernor John P. Altgeld.
Copyright. 1S9S. by Associated Press.)
I:H0 I'. Nr.?Senor Lopez, formerly sec
etary to Governor General Blanco, but
now a Spanisli agent in Jamaica, has
?hartereil two English schooners, the
Governor Blake and the Ocean Flower,
to convey food to Manzanillo for the
Spanisli troops.
The vessels are now loading at Mon
tego I lay.
Admiral Sampson has been notified
and they will probably be turned back
by an American cruiser.
ROME. June 29.?The following cabi?
net has been formed to succeed the
ministry of the Marquis di Rudlni,
which recently resigned:
General Pellotix. premier and minis
ier of the interior.
Admiral Canevaro, foreign affairs.
Signal- ('arcane, finance.
Senor Vacchclli,- treasury.
General San Parzano. war.
Admiral Pliinibo. marine.
Signer Beccelli, public instruction.
(By Telegraph.)
NEW HAVEN, CONN.. June 29.?
The I9Sth annual commencement of
Vol.- University was held today with all
I la- pomp and ceremony incident to
such iiccnsiiins. and another class of
young men, numbering over TOO. has
been graduated. Tin- honorary degree
??I' doctor ??!' laws was conferred upon
President McKinley.
fRv Telegraph.l
WASHINGTON, June 29?Commts-I
sary General Egan. of (he army, today I
awarded to Swift .v.- Company, of Chi?
cago, a contract for supplying th? I
troops in Cuba with refrigerated beef
in such quantities and at such placer I
as may be required, TIip contract Is ?
big one and Involves the shipment tr?
ibal (.ntry of large cargoes<v>f dr-ssed
meal to be used not alone for the sol?
diers. l?ii for feeding the reconcentra
dos and th* Cuban troops. The gov?
ernment guarantees the contract to last
for not l.-ss than three months and the
beef Is i.. he furnished so that It will be
perfectly good and fit lor use 72 hours
after its delivery.
on THE diamond.
Results of Yesterday's Games !n tlie
National and Atlantic Leagues.
(By Telegraph.)
CINCINNATI. June 29.?Lreiten
steln'a eore arm lasted one inning.
Thifh Elmer Smith tried, but wan wild.
Rowley started in the third innlns 1
.vnd the %:ds pulled out In the tenth.
AUendun?, 2.s00. Score: r.H.E.
cincInna? . . .0 0 0 2 0 2 2 0 2 1? U 13 4
PhiladelpBm. . .4 2 00 000 0 2 0? 8 12 7
Batteries?Breitenstein, Smltii, Haw
ley and Peitz, Orth and McFarland.
Cmpires?Emslie and Heydon. Time,
ST. LOUIS. June 29.?The Browns |
hit Mercer hard today. Only a combi?
nation of circumstances prevented the
locals from making five more runs.
Attendance. !>00. Score: R H.E.
St. Louis. ...0 0020000 1? 3 14
Washington . ,0 0 0 1 0 0 1 0 0- 2 6
Batteries? Taylor and ? Clements,
Mercer and Farrell. Umpires? Swart
wood and Wood. Time. 1:40.
CHICAGO. June 2S.?The Orphans |
had on their batting clothes today and
gave Manager Anson's Giants a bad
heating In a loosely played game. At?
tendance, 9.nan. Score: R.H.E.
Chicago. . . .13 0 0 5 0 1 2 X?12 15 5
New York. ...1 0010000 2? 4 8 5'
Batteries?Callahan and Donahue.
Meekln and Warner. Umpires?Sny
der and Onnnellv. Time. 2:10.
Louisville, 4-. Baltimore. 3.
LOUISVILLE. June 29.?Both teams
played snappy ball and the Colonels
won by good base running. Attend?
ance. 250. Score: r.H.E.
Louisville. . .0 2000002 x? 4 19 1
Raltimore. . .0 0020001 0? 3 9 1
Ratteries?Frazer and Klttredge,
Maul and Robinson. Umpires?Mc?
Donald and o'Day. Time. 1:50.
PITTSBURG. June 29.?In the etev- I
?nth inning Gray made a two ba
went to third on McCarthy's sacrifice I
and home on Rowerman's fly. winning
the game for Pittsburg. Attendance.
1.400. Score: r.H.E.
Piltsburg. . .0 0 0 0 000 3 0 0 1? 4 6 0
p.i.klyn. . ..0 0 0 0 000 3 0 0 0? 3 9 4
Batteries?Gardner and Schriver.
Kennedy and Ryan. Umpires?Lynch
ami Andrews. Time. 1:55.
CLEVELAND. June 29.?The Bos
ions hit Powell freely, but not effect?
ively, luck being against them. Duffy j
and Long were- put out of the game, i
the latter for three days for wrangling
with the umpire. Attendance. 1.500.
fie,re- R.H.E
Cleveland: . .0 0010020 x? 3 0 0
Boston.0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0? 0 10 0
Batteries?Powell and o'Connor,
Nichols and Bergen. Umpires?Cush
man and Curry. Time. 2:10.
At Lancaster? R.H.E.
Lancaster. ...0 0 0 0 3 0 0 1 0? 4 8 1
Allentown. . .0 0 0 0 5 0 1 0 x? 0 11 1
Batteries?Wente and Roth. Keener
and Foster.
At Reading?
First gam.? R.H.E. I
Reading. . . .7 1 2 0 0 0 1 0 4?15 10 4 |
Hartford. . ..000002 10 0? 3 7 3
Batteries?Garvln and Heydon. Mur?
phy. Roach and Tratfley.
Second game? R.H.E. |
Reading. . . .2 3 0 0 1 0 0 0 0? 0 14 2 j
Hartrord. . ..02 0 0 0 2 0 0 0? 4 4 3
Batteries?Fertsch and Heydon, Mur?
phy and Roach.
At Paterson? R.H.E.
Patorson. . . .1 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 0? 2 5 2
Richmond. ...0 1 0 0 0 1 0 1 x? 3 6 2
Bat teries?Viau and Bemls, Chesbrn
and Vigneaux.
No Orders for the Movement of Troop^
(By Telegraph.)
June 29.?It has been a quiet and une?
ventful day at the Park and nothing
I of special importance occurred. Nojjjr.r
I -ders for the movement of tiwp6 were
received, thudgh the railroads have
1 oeen notified to be ready to move large
bodies at a moment's notice.
The full corps of paymasters, twenty
two in number, arrived today. They
ent into camp and are heavily guard
(1 at all hours by details of troops from
regiment. It is stated that the
ork of paying off the men will begin
General Wilson has been assigned to
command of the first division ol
the corps until the army is moved and
Oil remain Tiere to organize the
?lixlh army corps, which he will com
d in the Meld.
-neral llaynes was today' assigned
lie second brigade of the first dlvis
011 which has heretofore been in charge
olonel Bennett, of the Third Illi
lOis. General Sanger has been placed in
onimand of the third division.
The ordnance officers announced to?
night that twenty-five regiments were
?actu ally- equipped and ready to go.
Captain Rockwell stated that a sum.
ent quantity of arms, ammunition
and other equipments had heen shipped
and was now on the road to complete
the outfitting of the entire army and
that within less than two weeks every
cgiment at the Park would be ready
ol- active service, so far as supplies In
his department are concerned.
Captain Zallnski, disbursing officer
f clothing and camp equipage, today
Issued 2?.OU0 rubber pouches and 40.000
shelter tents. This enormous work has
n completed w ith the greatest possi
expedition and the Park roads have
been covered the entire day with army
wagons containing supplies for the va?
rious regiments.
Troops -Encamped There Enjoying
Good Health.
(By Telegraph.)
TAMPA. FLA., June 29.?The specials
heing sent out from Tamapa to the ef
I feet that there is a great deal of sick?
ness here arc absolutely untrue. This
statement is not made si triply in a
spirit of contradiction. but is made
from a positive knowledge of the act?
ual condition. This knowledge is gain?
ed from conversation with army sur?
geons, local physicians and from daily
association with the soldiers, visiting
them at ali of their camps and having
freedom of the camp hospitals.
I Last week the hospital - train left
I Tampa for Atlanta with ninety-five pa?
tients for the hospital there. This was
the total number of sick people who
were collected from a total of 15.000
men. That train returned to this city
1 Saturday night and is with practically
j nothing to do. It Is on a side track
here simply waiting.
Effort to Reaffirm the Chicago Plat?
form Defeated.
(By Telegraph.) - ?
ALTOONA, PA.. June 29.?The Dem?
ocratic state convention today nomina
I ted George A. Jenks, of Jefferson eoun
"y lor governor, and a state ticket.
The convention was dominated by
I the friends of William J. Bryan, led
I by Colonel James M. Cuffy. of Pitts
burg. Notwithstanding this fact, an
effort to insert a plank reaffirming the
Chicago platform was defeated, the
conti-.,Hing Influence in the convention
preferring that the platform should re
lute entirely to state issues.
The Dolphin Badly Damaged. No De?
tails obtainable.
1 By Telegraph.)
WASHINGTON. June 29.?Secretary
Long has received word from Commo?
dore Re.m-% at Key West, that the
flagship Newark, -with Commodore
Watson aboard, has been in collision
with tin- Dolphin. The Newark was
uninjured but the Dolphin sustained
considerable damage. She is now on
her way north to a dry dock. No de?
tails are obtainable.
tCutrjncss sad Clearances at the Custom |
Ho Be. List of Vessels Now h. Port.
Utlier .BSarlne. Jtouis
?"un rises . 4:47
Sun sets . 7:2y
High water 5:23 A. M. and C:?2 P. M.
Low water .. ?? A. M. and 12:20 P. M.
Weather I-'oreeasr
WASHINGTON. June 2'J.?Forecast
for Thursday: Virginia, fair weather:
warmer In the eastern portions: varia?
ble winds, becoming southwesterly.
Vessels Arrive*! Yesterday.
Schooner W. ii. Bailey, New Bedford.
Schooner H. S. Little. Providence.
Schooner James D. Dewell, Boston.
Barge Forest Belle. Boston. ~"
Barge City of Montreal. Boston.
Barge P. J. Carletoh. Boston
There were no sailings yesterday.
According to Spanish Advices Ameri?
can Troops tire Having a Hard Time.
(Copyright. 1S9S. bv Associated Press )
HAVANA. June 2S.?(Delayed in
Iransmission.)?It is said at tile palace
of the captain general here, the head?
quarters for official news. that the
American forces are finding difficulty
in 'advancing tipon Santiago de Cuba, j
Tt is claimed that they followed Ihe
railroad track to Juragua from the ]
mines situated a short distance from
the coast, between Siboney and Agna
dores. but were unable to reach tin- lat- I
ter place in spile of the protection af- j
forded by the tire of the warships.
Tin' commander of the Spanisli gn'rl
boat Ardilla reports that while recon- !
-loitering on June 21?. at Column. 1'iinta
Cortes ami other places at Coyaola. he ,
was informell that a strange steamer,
with one smokestack. apparently a
warship of B.OOfl tons. was in sight.
The stramrer soon eancbi seht of the
Ardilla and pursued her. Tic gun?
boat kept within Hie blue sea and
succeeded in keeping out of ranee of
the runs of her pursuer. To the south- j
ward the stramrer. which turned out
to be an American ship, appeared to
be in compare with several oilier ve?- j
sols. The Ard'"n made a reconnais?
sance on the r.-ltowing day. June 27.
?ip.1 discovered Mint Hie American sh'r.
had enntured the ?lorm? Nemesis, of
nntabnoo Privtnce or TTavnna A ??*?*
tpd nnd Mnniolita. ..r Coloma Pmv.l.1
of Pinn-- del Bin. nod the ptlol boats
T,u7. and .Tncinto. It is claimed thai
when the sloops were sighted <lio Amo'"
ienn shin hoisted |bn Pnnnish One.
which caused Pilot .ton nil in Fernand"-/,
?.f (he L117. to hoist the Snanish flafr.
believing be had lo do with a Sonnis],
warship. The pilot also nnprnncbed
? he American vessel and did not find
nit los mtslnVn until a blank shm
mil nfterwmvl lonib-d shells w-erc fired
?il the r.ilnt boat. The shells it is
"laimed. exploded near her. The
.Vmerie-n shin this time seemed to
have dr'ven the Spanish oraTI into a
bunch Including f.uz. .Tacintn Am'stad.
Nemosin and Manuolita. The corn
man.lei- of the Nenmsin. with ope of
his crew, remained on hoard his slnnn
ni(l was captured and taken on board
(be .\merlcnn ship. Later be was set
it liberty nttor h.ivinrr been questioned
-?e-?rd'n?- the Spanisll Cl-et <>c.vVr~^"rrie
"?energj^siu-itntlnn of affairsT The cloon
.JL?..^?rnid to have been commanded --by
a fritrnte enpta'n. and to have "our
<"ied about siv hundred men with bin
nants and red frinpre." who s.ni.l thev
were "-nine to Cuba and afterward to
Key West.
Nominated Amid Oread Enthusiasm
bv T.-nnessee Demo.-rats.
( Bv Telegraph.l
! H.ni. Bentnn McMillin was nominated
?"or -oyernor of Tennessee tonight by
ihe Democratic state convention. The
nomination was made by acclamation
?inii.l e-re.-n enthusiasm. The platform
indorses lb.- enunciation "I" Principles
of the Chlcaeo platform, and declares
for Un- "money of the constitution by
' a law providing for ihe free and unlim?
ited coinage of silver at a ratio ..f to
I. without waiting for tin- <-..ns--nt
any other nation: opposes the bond is
Isue for raising war funds, ami declares
non-interest bearing treasury warrants
would furnish a calculating medium
that would accomplish all that was
required in prosecuting war. and also
declares that obligations of the United
States should be paid in either gold
or silver at the option of the govern?
ment and not the creditor."
The section relating to the war is as
"The United States is engaged in a
foreign war with Spain, inaugurated in
the name of humanity and for the
freedom of Cuba, and we endorse the
action of the Senators and Represen?
tatives in Congress in voting lo insli
tute this war for those high purposes.
We urge its vigorous prosecution, to
the end that it may be speedily ter?
minated and the blessings of peace
restored to our country. We recog?
nize the Monroe doctrine as a cardinal
tenet of the Demooratis parly and a
part of the public policy of the national
government, and favor its strict ob?
The remainder of the platform refers
to state affairs.
The State Convention Nominates a Full
(By Telegraph.)
LITTLE ROCK. ARK.. June 29.?
The Republican state convention to?
day nominated a full state ticket,
headed by H. F. Auten, of Puluski
county, for governor.
There is not a negro on the ticket.
The following message from ITnited
States Minister Clayton was read by
the chairman:
"City of Mexico. June 29.?To the
chairman of the Republican state con?
vention. Little Rock:
"Although unable to occupy my seat
in the convention. I am with it in spirit.
May your deliberations be harmonious
and conductive to good government and
free institutions. That you will, with?
out a dissenting voice, endorse the St.
Louis platform. President McKinley's
nomination, our righteous war with
Spain and that you will give us "a good
state ticket upon a sound platform T
do not doubt.
Minister of War Announces That it
Will be Ready Soon.
(By Telegraph.)
MADRID, June 29.?Tn an interview
this afternoon Lieutenant General Oor
rea, minister of war. -=niii the govern?
ment had no special news from Cuba,
but took a favorable view of the situa?
He asserted thai Admiral Camnra's
squadron had begun the passage of the
Suez canal.
It is announced that the Vitbirln, the
Numant ia, the Alfonso XIIf and the
Lepanlo, all armor.-.I cruisers, are
ready lo form the third squadron.
The armored cruiser Cardenal Cis
neros and the torpedo gunboat Done.
Maria de Molina, with several auxil?
iary cruisers and torpedo boats that
are to be Included, will be ready short
Cornell sense glows by practice.
O-- 1 ? of mid-sunimer eloth
Uf* L>inCi?g with much the
same feeling of confidence a fellow experi?
ences when he knows he has a good thing.
So many good things grouped together that
it is impossible to tell you about them all at
In suits, coats and vests and single coats made
and triinnied properly. No chopped-out-with-an
ax a Hairs.
Every class of garment to help you keep pleasant
during the hot weather.
The Banner Clothier,
(JOG Washington Avenue, opposite Opera House
If you want a building lot ?
Buy it of the N
Old Dominion Land Company ]f
Lots for sale on easy terms in all sections of the
Finely located business lots on Washington ave.
Farms for sale or rent in Elizabeth C'ty, War?
wick and York Counties.
Old Dominion band Company?
ROOM NCU^fj- _
The Day We Celebrate Ej?g
will be an unusually joyful
and noisy day this your. ?eeent events
havesiimuhued the patriotism of both
Young America and OKI America to |
such an extent thai everybody in town)
will try to make more racket than any?
body else. We can hardly h.. to be
heard in such a pandemonium, but we
can't refrain from the still small re?
mark that this is still the place where
you get the very best bicycles for the
very least money. Don't forget that.
Newport News Cycle Co.,
Fred ir. Kipper. Manager, Sole
Agent for Southeastern Virginia, 221
Twenty-Sdvonth streel.
Vi.Trnnsp:). tilt} i C >.
W. Tt. SCULL, Manager.
Storage Warehouse
Freight, Baggage, Safes a ?? rnl
ture. carefully and promptly moved.
All kinds of hauling dor.e at low
PHON F ?r.H2. ' ?- BOX 141
44S Twenty-eiahth stret,
is the place to get cold?ice cold?beer
on draught, also National and Pabst
Export Beer?ice cold.
Mint Julips and all mixed drinks.
The finest brands of pure whiskey
always carried in stock. Claret
Wines and all seasonable drinks.
Todd's "Private Stock at 25c a pint
is as good as any that costs double the
2?T Perfect order always maintained
A gentleman's place.
44S Twenty-eighth street,
G'. W. Todd, Proprietor.
Houses For Sale.
Nine room dwelling on 34th street
near West avenue, lias all modern
conveniences and will be ready for oc
eupancy June 1. Price $4,00o.
Six room house on 2'Jih street. Al
modern conveniences. Price $1,350.
Six room house on 2Sth street, new
and nicely located. Price SI.400.
Tenement dwelling on leased ground,
renting for $30 a month. Price SC00.
This property pays 30 per cent, net
after deducting ground rent.
Several new houses in Fast End,
ranging in price from JSOO to $2,000.
We can make very easy terms on tlr
properties advertised above. Sma
cash payment and the balance i
monthly installments will l.e satisfat
Houses and stores for rent in all sec?
tions of the city.
Irwin Tucker & Co.,
General Real Estate,
And General insurance fiaeois.
1 Eeit at
MACKEY'S . . .
Office, HaTwood Building. Washingtcr
tvraiif, near Twenty-seventh street
'-- - -v Newport Ne/w?. V?
Meals at all hours. First-class Din?
ner. 25c. From 12 to 2 P. M. The best
that the market atfords In every re?
spect. Game In season. Suppers fur?
nished to parties on short notice.
Cor. Washington Avenue and 2th St
George Lohse, Manager.
ir.? r_ 'V''0"-* /'???"??-FaiUng Hear
Ja* Js? Sagass^s
ri CHHE there nl> other fail In
\.. .-Imli h22? Ket">i,';6 Max Tohletu. Thai
i. ? mum gnaruntra to direct a cars CfljlTC in
-n. 1. . .iwnir refund Hie mane*. PrienQUVIS.pe,
" ",'" "- ""!"K "u" treatment! for 12.60. By
..mil. .n Jdamwrumw.m^ receipt of p-leaTr^K
For sale In Newport Newn, V?u, by
A. E. G. KLOR. Druggist,
apr 19-iy. 'T^V
2809 Washington avenue.

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