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I Dispawsli?s.
vol 111, no. m.
Mrs. C. E. Wilson Threatens
to Use a Horsewhip.
The Mi?sl>.iiiiry and ItU Wife Mi.be State?
ment b K.-i;:ii.lli.'g Their IV.nk in
K ivpurl New?. Hui II ivo
Ii> S, ^v.' Ihn City.
Mis. Wili-on. wife or Missionary C.
E. Wilson. against whom certain
charges have been ihade a ml' wjio is
now doint; misionary work In Phoebus,
called a; the Daily 1-r iss ..Hie- y, s erday
to enter a denial to the charges, saying
they were untrue. Mrs. Wilson took
exception to the sentence, referring to
her as "the woman claimed by-Wil?
son as his wife:" To prove llmi she is
the wire of the missionary she produced
a marriage certificate show that she
was married t.i Wilson ill Mew York
on "February iff. ISM, by'the Uev. Henry
?Wilson. ' at Rernehel Chapel, lb r
maiden name,'she claims, was "Miss
Willow I'leVaux.
Questioned regarding the charge thai
she came In the city under an assum?
ed name, she ml mi tied thai she trav?
eled as '-Mis. Edward.'* bill Ihoii-vhl she
had a rigid to, as that was her hus?
band's middle name. Afterwards Mrs.
Wilson said she traveled under an as?
sumed name because shr. iiad .1 second
class .ticket ..11 an Old Dominion learn?
er, and did uoi wish her identity Lu be
Editor Daily Press
It is Hue I left the Cnion 1: ispol Mis?
sion, as the old board Ihoiighl I was
no) lit for rh.- work, although I have
geh (line certificate:] from November,
1SS2, lo June. ISM. Mis. .1. M. K. Beck
n.-ver saw Ihe trunk marked Mrs. Ed?
wards, as 1 myself was at Ihe door
v.'htn ib.- trunk arrived. \V - left Mis.
Beck's hoarding hou e at 1 be request or
that, lady, she sialnig thai she was too
ill to look afier her kiicbeh. But Mr.
W. S. Clark : lopped Hier- lor a con: i.l
eiablc time. We left Mrs. Crimes
rooms on noeimnt 01 h.i- son-in-law, Mr.
Travels Soutunll. who threatened to
kill ine before i.: ..'.-1... k mix: day, and
through .1 friend ..I mine Judge Brown
? ?alue lo our r.us and heard my state?
ment Of Hie .lolllll ui.ee. At the Sam.
time I he judge sa v. ipy sev.-ray 1 ertb'l
c.nt. s.
With respeel to Ihe Idler da teil June
2i). I Kits', I never received it from the
pi.s.lit committee ,.f ib.- Oespel Mis?
sion. I would also slat.- thai the wo.
man -vi lio 1 claim as my wife is my
wife, and we were lawfully married at
the Seamen's Rest Mission. New York
City, on January Hi. l.S!)4. by. the Rev.
Henry Wilson. D. D..'the president ..f j
the Seamen's Christian Association, t<i
whom Mrs. Messenger first w rote to In?
quire about me.
There is 110 specific charge -agains:
me from the Assurance Cumpanv. The
debt 1 ovv.,1, as thev claimed, is being
paid by myself. I l,.,|.l -receipts for ih"
With respect to the man Clark, I have
letters and papers, and a paper ('fitting
from a clergyman and a backer,in New
York Oily and Jersey City, who sav lit
is the same man. and be cb rgyinat
w.-nt t.. his mother's house in Brook?
lyn looking for 1 'lark. I s ill maim lii
that fhioi:;;h Ihe spite of t Mark thai al
of ih's nnpleasanl news has conn
about, lb-said h.- would do his besl to
ruin us. -
C. E. WfT.SHN.
Phoebus. Va.. August 12. 1 SMS..
Mrs. Wilson call, d upon Ihe D'tlly
Press 001 re- pond- ,11 .,1 i;ai.on y. s"
terday al'temooti for 11,.- purpose of an?
swering : ome ntalemei.is of reo. ill dale
e ivcetnine. !:.??- hushniol. -j. ?
Alis. Wilson . o-ined v.-ry indignant
that.any on.- should charge her wilfi
usbig profane languase, a-- ii is said
she did. In in- aparinientSfcof M s
Givinii, in iln- Pike building on TwPrdy
elghfh sstreel. She says that; while she
was gr.ally provoked lioeatt.se of the
fact thai the door leading 1.. her chain
ber was spied up..11 by members of Mrs
?n'ijiii'? family, she did 1:01 n?low her
? temper to. bad l.er ml ? lb. us.' i
proper words. " she had done nolhi
I., uteri I the treatment '.which she
ceived while iiiii'eily pnssirrg tin li
with her husband in'the-building,-a
when she"found a iiumi endeavoring
obtain information through the keyhole!
she fold him if In- did not ha--iili-.it,'-,..i: t
jrshe would see thai ihe means were pr
vided to i'l'.mpel him to do so.
She slates that Ihe purpose of Lit.
man inliudiiig at her dour was t.. pun
ish her husband for some purely im
aginary- offense. .All Ihi-.'ii is alleged
was the oiitgrowth of asp. rsf.ins ma I.
upon ihe good name of Mr. and MMs.
Wilson-by Hie Rev. Mr. Clark, he hav?
ing., they claim. Iii..- 'Absalom, stole;
away Hie hearts of the people.
The'J'usI meeting between Mrs
C.vvjnn and Mrs. Wilson 'dates bar's
many years. It began In childhood',
happy period, and, after continuing o
few weeks, was broken oft' not to be
newed again, until the missionaries hc
'-' gan their work in New port News M s.
Wilson and her father, the lall-.r ih n
a preacher; were traveling through.
North Carolina. One da-v Ihc.v came to
?a -mall village and am nig .the people
_ in j he .place with Wimm Ihi".v.,!??'.. nun .
aei|ii?iifll? .1 Wire Hie .^sK^mi'Sii in'.
Gv\':inn Iben being a . iijVil\l iinu$t the 1
same, age as the niisist'frVMlft.ughi. r
Notwithstanding the* -let^iit ^"vrtV yen .
ihcs.-'i'w.i women ar.'-sa'bj;>"^li;i!re ic
ogroze.l each other. Tiiejjc second nie. I
s>"" Ingroccurred after Mr: XVi ?n'ip'd h- :
.V hn'sb.irnr'lcft Mrs. Beck's ^paiMineiii'S*
Whit-it, was also in the Pi* ImiljTlng.
I'drs.;Wilson, during her convcrsali.,r?
'. willi the -rot I or. produced a nunibi r . I
. Strong'lcybft's wril lon.-by sailors wjo,
were n-oiiv*y>o'.l at the iTtcsetie s"J.i:(
in New Y'')i:li?fcne of which is fi"ii:.I?'
tain AlexSjBm-' McKay, oi' IIv-.-^i-iV.TTS**
ship A ii raiffift Aiu'ilher <jf- tinT Isd^Vs'ti
signed fiy^v/trrtv-two l;,eml-'?'>*M*?J
Pi ilii-l: st:-4rn)Sl4V Ru.t Jit ? Tljl Ay l'^jj?
sequent* events "showed %u be anyth'iVif;
. ? .hut^^OT'd**i?n<>rable town id the men,
??HNiW*'SfIlt'U.?'i?issi.-.n espoused y.e can ."
of the s'ailorVi and finally brought tin
captain of the -I?u";i>n!??' Hill n Ivs
senses. ^
Mrs. Wilson is a fiery lii.tin woman
but not a bit more 'eo '.than on- woo!.!
expect if the stories -eirculafed abut
lvit'?*lf, and' husbfliid are, as?ahe siys.
.'?^slanders. She declare? thai cht dee
not intend to give up until she ha rue
everyone of these rumors d-.-i.wn and
has succeeded iiv'r.hnwiiiiv that she n 1
only is good, hut better than those who
have-been abusing her. She'said la I
evening that she ' intended to go to
Newport News and that the work
\\ aid begin s.t iwkV. "*
Ii is understood tluit Mrs. Wilson
mot Mr. C. W. Stringfleld. president of
the board of directors of the Union'Gop?
pel Mission, on the streets in thi? city
sterday afternoon, Und lifter giviujr'
11 ;t "tongue"lashing" threatened to
horsewhip him or any of the members
if the board who had anything to do
with tlie adoption of the resolutions
?ondeinning lu-r husband.
While in Hie Daily Press offn e vester
lay Mrs. Wilson intimated thaVif, she
fiiew the reporter who wrotoahe store
that Mppeared in yesterday's'1 pnp.-r
sio- would use a cowhide on him. iShe
was advised to send" .her husband to
I l.dice. To lids. ?t,u r. plb o that
sio- was able to tijyht I,,.,- ,,.wii battles.
N, ivM i.r I ho ti;.i?iw. ,
' v. II- I t: war is ti - ihr ,
cvi i i- ing ei,I. rVd Hill of tl?. -tluit. d
Statte, and it jr. vn'nji thai tin- troops
in ... be mustered out of t lie-s.TTi.-e i. -
: '.1 lliAifStiay days. The ntwi
v.l.'. enlisted in OR volunteer arm. did
for the purpose of going t., the rrbni-.
If. there lu to be no ligbi'iug th.-y want
to lay ii their at in.--, ami go i,.tj%.-.
as. tb. y a.io bititin.'ss men. urtisianfe or
<eb fits. They feel itltiit He y ,-an bet?
ter in, mselves ami families by return?
ing t.. their avocations.
Lost evening the lCuth Indiana regi?
ment |aiad?-d the ?ireets. Tiie; triiap?
well drilled.
Toe h, i. ot order prevails in tile cilv.
The provost, guards ;,eni out by the dlf
\ ive f .r disorderly Void;,Vs]
l.rfl tor \VKMlll?S ell.
'Irani., left-Lest nighi t'.,r Washington.
?i purpose or ion visit is unknown,
but it is snpp .-.-d to be in connection
wo,, ins report on tin- condemnation of
id Oda i- ,o.d.- .,t bacon and eaiuii d
no at and other .-an.o-.! goods which he
found ,n tiie . amp here.
II i dfi It. <? o il.rit.
The following deeds of b.u?ain and
? ...t have been .'0111011. ,i to record in
t he cl. 1 It's oili, .- of 11,,- 1 'orporation
Conn ..f t.ie . if of Newport News.
Mar;." Elizabeth Hamilton to Alfred
i'. 'l b .111 el als. trustee; consideration
W. II. Smith el ux to .1. T. Ballentine;
consideration $1.010.
^.Ib.bort p. ? or ,-i us to ,1. T. Ballen
they should riot be lined for failing t',
comply with flic law. tine month ag.
1i0 re were upwards of two hundred o -
Fitohell ?'.
addition t.
bo, time
in-a the lo?
ll. ' '.-nil., which ,011 1111 all ., tie- lion
,.il, at tin- shipyard-and construe
a.- large new Chesapeake and O
t ti in loi-al Iron Company. P.altitin
vie- rge V.. King Hridg.; C unpaiiy,' Al?
pfdcki 11 Pridge .Company. Ciociii
'1:.' C. liiffmaii & .Company. P.altl
Vnii Horn Iron Works. P.hkskill, N.
Horseheail Bridge Company. lialtL
\\* illi.'im .!. Payne. Ilichmond.
raves of Con federa 1 Poco. a ted With
? . '' Flag.*.
1 11 v Telegraph.-)
I' 11 1 i'. \ I iKl.l'll IA. :Ui;v. !-. Tin- Co
?derate s'.idiers ol' the rebellion, mei
?is .u'Pickcti's'division, who are v
ho; Ulis oily, today paid a f.'.uehi
ibut...Jo I heir falf.-ii ci mrr.d ? . \, ho a
arit.I ir 1 lie NaiioHii! .-. ftieiei v in H
More Ilia:': lull-Souliiera'snl.l.ers wi
?'' ! : , .-.''. ? .- ;v ? .1 .15 It. fill
'iiii'rb: r . : (p'-iiysbui- dec ,:il.-.t III.
if 1 l- ? th -,il 14 ' ' ?:> far-. d hv.
ei-, d the oration. He spoke of the gon
ero.Vrtv of the brave to tin1 fallen foe
and of .the lasting peace trimt bad be.-n,
purchased with the price, of blood.
A v-llcv was llred over the graves by
ihe Sixty-ninth Pennsylvania vuhm
h (Bv *Vlegra.|>h.)
T filH S'V I Li .!?'. l< V.. Aug- ??A sp>
I 10 the O.iniinorcia! from Chatta?
nooga. Tonn., says: ? . . .
??Secretary of"Srnte Lay will be ap->
iW.intf.PUtii'tod-Si.'il.-. judge ..'' t'Vis cir
?uil as-soon us be t--> ?.: ? from the cab?
in, i. This was learned from 'the in..st
ivt&btc tiuthoriiy herc ^oday."^ ^ ,
???'-k - U'.v T.degrWpffiV . - -
'VALLE.TO. CAE..' Aug. 12^-Iteay Ad-.
I,lira I Kirkland. coinipatnllhg .tbe>Ma u<
Inland navy yard, died l-Wft' evening. .
I 'jHCI^tfitffX "VA:. Ail ". 12 - I fni-.e "E,
X*' PanK&3?nb w a 1 UVotjgli'ou r.-.t hg eonn'4
itrv as^.iohnnv Iteli" and~ i^iinjtWnt; ar?
Viooturr-r. "w'ti sif o u 0 jl' dead &t -M-si r.J'.Vis
J-lolc! lute. tonfCbl. J)<--.was. .V)dU> fj.cfe
. PA N IC" ( T. A 111 fjhi s'
NEW VOflK, Aug. : ?>Th.. total
bank clearings for Ihe week '.were
$l,22l.ft2f>.r.27: p.-r cent increase. ?.S; ex
?tiisive of New York Ihe total was
$4,55,080,600; per cent, increase, 4.4.
II. ,.r !.. Trolley lo.rey.
The trolley party which was to have
been given last Wednesday by the
Daughters of Liberty was postponed
until next Tuesday night. Alt'pickets
Will he good on'that date. . '?."rJS It
.ill be go
No m i-nniie. ?'??'?'?';
Ho not loose sleep when a 10c bottle
if "No Mosquite" will dfiv^-away ev
.?ry mosquito. FRED F. ALLEN &
CO. aug-10-l-w
I l (U 1,11 I' AT SANTI \<;<>.
I PlSvtltuLetter'Kecr.vttl Here Toll? of ihr
|- C rporal S. J. Taylor, of the Hunting
tun Hides, wI,,, bus been here for 'the
I Fourth Virginia regiiu.'m '' v''?t-'-.' ?
P.ived a letter fco'in Oidorly.1. \\".
.K.wers. of th? Ninth Maw:idiu.v:iii
?regiment, who embarked for Santiago
?ie i uba on the auxiliary ei uiser fc t.
Paul. -A.
.'iiie two soldi, rs became ri^u.tii.t- d
iuthtS city. Orderly How, in gi\-..s a tie?
s' ?' idiun of the lighting at Santiago. I:,.
v. rites as follows: ?
Santiago, Cuba. .Tul?? 20 ? 1
Mr. S. J. Taylor, (r.?tipaut- r%.
Fourth Virginia.lament.
Hear Mr. Taylut : I have in -t nin
across >-,ur lost address and was vory
glad lo find it.' '
After sailing we were ,,n .the witter
six days. .We laude,) July 1st at ?', P. A3.
onrC twenty-mile inarch over..a moun?
tainous ro.ol with mud on it from two
!?> fold-- in. hen deep all ti..- way. Also
had to ford ihr.-. rivers with ut
clothes on. and after The sei'.,mi f,,.!
we had a double-quick . joa.ch for a
good niile. n?r tloiit.il.?-i|iiSek. mait !..?
wore from three to iiv, miles in all. ::o
you dec it was a fore.,I march. Wh n
we arrived on the In hi it was 2 A. >.l
and at 0 A. M. we .wa re live miles fur?
ther on and under a ripping lie..- of shot
hnil shell. I got in four good sio: s and
thai was all.
Thar ba-Xfle lash d t wo da ?. < ami t be
u >.t day all was quiet, bill 111- follow-,
n.'d attack, and didn't' wo -give thot'n
w :: u daddy gavi the di um 7- We hole i
r.?il and wounded ::o(i f ,r lit. in :. you
ought to hnv.- seen them "git." It was
laughable. VV, lost only two killed und
a-v. nloen wounded.
I am the colonel's or.ierlv f.,r good
.v, as he and the adjutant both want
from H.id camp yesi- rday and ate
i \v: i:i i\V
:S.. U. S. V.
i w i hty mi
kill and wound SO
nit I id's.
Mauii Via has returned from a
rem friends in.the mountains.
Tb.hoe .'ox; is visiting Iii ;
t- at II unlington. W. V.i.
i in ? ?h:.r!o!t.'*ville, where he
several days. ".' .
Andrew .lell'erson, of P.oanoke. Is
V Ins sist.-r, Mrs. J. Tage i Irow
d. of Norfolk
Miss Ha'
last End.
loan, on Twen'tv-seventh s.reet
Miss Gertrude Henderson, who has
been the guest of Mrs. Annie Wain
!. tV.e in Fairfax oortuiy.
Mr. and Mrs. P. M. Carroll,, who ai -
riv. ,i in the city last week with a vi v.
,,f l tiki tig up their residence, left yf.-s
n nliij' morning for Charleston.. S. i'.
Mr. Samuel E. Poindexter. who form-'
ecty resided in Newport New: ami win,
guest of Mr. and Mrs. f.. J. Peters, on
Lafayette avenue. S ?
Mr. and .Mrs. i'. n. Nebus and ehii
tii-en left Thursday iY.i- Windsor, Y:i.
w hi re t hey w ill sp, ml .several d ?> :
visaing fri.nd' and relatives. They
from Ilm , iiv for some time.
l . v. Thomas .1. MacKny. pastor of
tlec feonml llaptis: church. KutstJ End
eonniy. fa'., w-here'iie luni lieeq sprinti?
ng bis va.-atl .0 Tor Ihe past mouth.
The Fifth Illinois regiment ? ?" band
gave a concert at the Casino yesterday
afternoon. The members,.f he band arc
willing to give "daily concerts if the
. ..ns.oil of the regimental authorities.]
'Mr. c. II. Sterling return, d vest ordn \
from- a trip I,. Charlqltesville. l.ynolY.
burg arid Cincinnati. Iiis mother am
s:fitor, who li\V in tmnrlot-tesViUe, no
, om;.;ioied blm to Newi.orl; New;.
Mr. S. R. Hartlott. of No. 2ifc Twenty
ninth street, has as bis guest his uncle.
Mf. S. S. P.artlett, of Shiloh, N. ('.
.Mr. John Duod and- Miss "'V'.arbara
Canavau were Bulled in marriage in
ihe-.-niiev of the clerk of courts Th?r -
day afternoon at 5:30 o'clock by Rev.
C. C. Cox, pastor of the First Baptist
liurcli. ' The coilfile left for Norfolk
if!-,- ti e e. lemony. Lieth parties art
residents of..this city. -
Private John J. liest.-of Company K
Fourtji regime'nf. Nation:!! Volunteers
was arrested on tin street yesterday af
leriiooii by., a provost guard. Priv i'te
Hesi could not produce a furlriugii a d
he will be held till an .nicer- i.- sent f r
him. He left Camp Cobli set-oral d ivs
ago and was on his ?;ty to' North Ca -
Cilina. ite enlist.td in the comp.-iny h oe
The first number of a newspaper pub.
fished at Ponce. Porto Pic. has be n
received in tLus-city from Mr. Carter !'-,
Ficklin. .ay_<H?-rk in the quartermaster's
depart melt. I-a Nu. va ICr.i-The .Ne\v.
Era?is thin name of Ihe piper a nil
bears date ?T July 30, ISlK-AVilh liie"^/,
cepiion of J'.v^'.-columnv in l-higlish tile
paper is prli'i'frtl in the Si'.anis'n.^ lu'il
''' i\ ? Cnu he'd i nn h P.-.t. Mug-l-v -Unp.'': i
n r.iny whiV^t bal iritr.i ,a't td'.i Point;
with Mr.' \\M T7. Kent. - .Mr. .M'<igh.-.r,
I w..'.:': i.ruxiit f;,i:.oiii in. -i-Hej.'tla y'.btV?!^
?Sstoiftfe? ?.at!ea\ ..r.vi^?--wnns?*is> tv?j- to'.
ihe but .tl<T*'*?^''-nt-'''.vvai3i.vt
?sfTvi?(?;-''.-tltl!ot'.gh, h.'iSK oi?; Of. t?fjih 's
swin.mt ..-'in Ibis-" cil\ if ' iH'"? I a: e
! a,, i:... i v.,.:';., Alt. .Ma vff-v's' .-i:-'-'i
nflf.c and help, d hlmoTo-rf-^Ti shf/'e:.
-' ->V"Kx/iujii. tinn ll'i ?-'?' - j; -
'?The exa'm'iiiaii ui f.fi'Va jqili'ca'i'its fan
"i.-a'cl:-rShip..in 'the pttbliA >vho IsU&vfc
'?iiii-?,.- . ?? t i- a ? y-.m-id:..'.'".' -^'yrt'
luteh,R.i'.t:.i,f Public Seh l ,1s 'l'U'.-5Jlpf>.
Teiifpfi?h\.w.'-ll has -b. en : :rtfug :il t.ve
iiigh sciio.il 1'n .ms in th ? First N.-.ti ,n .1
Uank building sine- T'tK'sdaj rqorning
' pc: -v-nully Cji-.duciing the e,-ian'iii|h I Ion.
? ami now be will turn his At>.5**h',n to
the papers s. nl in Hty lire t-ra-:hors? All
of the young l.'iili.-Sj.HVliOj.il.I^.?-'';1: f :'
the examination havfeiKtSj^'UC'J"11 '
by Ihe school l.ioc.id.'bil^^^e^vTro' fail
put in their places. " Jp**-'
1 ollre 4'<|,|.'l ,1*- - ^
Justice .T. n. C. P.rowff 'disposed of
Hie following cases in the. Police Court
I his morning: ?
Mrs. Morris, petit larceny; dismissed.
Charlie Sullivan, drunk: fined S2 and
costs. , "? i ? ....... i>f'
E. Morten, defaciiig,3ha^<^~tWieS.!
continued. . Xe&Sfr]'
In r BM5r
nlll.IL ft UT
United RTaiss i? Spsin
Longer at War.
Protocol Signed ..aUhc Wliilej
Holl5 e". .
Alln.Ii.il in i'
ii. Military um
l.:rM IVuiuiilly.
s; i [> ii(.riuinii
pllio-iit ?:.< t ri.
i P.v Tel. ?i'ai-ii.>
WASHINGTON, Aus. 13.?WiUt ?im
plieil.y in keeping. \viih Kopubliean in
ii ii in i.ms. the", war '"which" lias raged Lie-,
iw.-.-n Spain and Ihe 1.1 tilled .Slate* l*.>r
a period hi' three months and twenty
days was t-uietly terminated at iweuty
I liit:e-uiiiiut..-s past 4. o'clock this after?
noon, when Secretary Day, for ihe Unt?
ied Stales, arid M. Caii'tbon, for Spam,
in the presence of President McKinley,
???trued a protocol which will form the
li.i.-.is of a definite treaty of peace. It
is hut simple justice to our sister it
public of Prance lb record tliii diet
lIml Jo her good offices litis speedy
termination of a* war that 11>? ^11 have
? im on indefinitely was brought about
and the President himself deeoied that
action on the,-purl of ihe Flench gov?
ernment as worthy of his special piat-e.
The closing chapter.-of even It) that
led up to the signature-of the proloeal
end the cessation of "hostilities was full
of Interest. There w-ere-rumors'in the
early morning that over night the
French embassy had received ihe long
expected final instructions from Mad?
rid, I.in these, upon ."? 'Inquiry, proved
groundless, and it was-not until halt
past twelve that the nqje began to
-....?.. .-x^^UJi-itl- in. o.?->E?- lots-, The
State Departiiienc was soon ?nuviseif'AM
the fact that the mossagtc was under
transmission, but as it was evident ; hat
it would be long and that its reception
would occupy much tiiiie. the Secretary
of State left the Slate Department for
his liini lieon.
At 2:45 o'clock Secretary Thiebault.
of the French embassy, appeared at
the Slate De'parimenl id inf jruT Secre?
tary Day that the ambassador "was In
full possession oi" the note: was fully
empowered to sign the protocol for
Spain, and only awaited the pleasure
of ihe Slate Department. He intima?
ted that. Ihe. ambassador would lie
pleased lo have the linapeoremony con?
ducted in the pi', senee of President I
MoKiiiley, where the negotiations |
were begtm. ..l.eav.iiig the secrolarj
the embassy in .Iiis ofllce. Secretary |
Hay iutitle a short visit to the White
House lo learn -the President's wishes]
in the ?.-.matter. The latter immediately
consented to accept I he suggest ion. a
M. Thiebault hastened to' Inform
orineip.-il that Ihe president woiild :
bhii-.at the White House a; -I o'clo
o'el.-i. k.
At thsjyippointed hour a driving rain?
storm ?pTv'ailori. obliging fill the par- |
portaiion to the White House
lary Day came tirst. with a.lai
folio under ids arm, enclosing copies
of tic- protocol, ..I' the pr.iehuiifitibn to
be issued by the President stopping \
hostilities anil some other necessary pit
p'ors. lie was aceotnpanied by ?'Assis?
tant Secretary Moore, Second Assistant |
Secretary Adee and Third Assisinnl
S.-crctary Crldler. They were shown
immediately into tin- cabinet room,
where the President sal in waiting,
lie had iiivlled lo he present Assistant
Secretaries Pr?den ami Cortel vou: and
Lieutenant Colonel Mont:
When Ambassador I'ambon reached
the White House i! was just 8:5
o'clock, live mmii'tes in advance of tit.
appointed hour. 'The rain was.vfiilen
and .ihe ifmbassador abandoned his us- |
mil custom of alighting al the outei
gaies of the executive, grounds. lit
was driven'under the porteeo-chere, |
passing through a cordon of newspaper
? neu before he' ami Secretary Thie?
bault were ushered inside. -They went
direct to the library, adjoining Hie
-cabinet room, on the upper Moor.
AI -1:0"i they were announced to the
waiting parly in the cabinet room, and
ushered into their p
an exchange of dinlon
p. At
of diplomatic courte
wry loss of time uo
fstaiit Secretary ' of
I State Cridler, on Ihe part .of Uie'TJn:
?d States, and.First Secretary Th.ic-,
Ibiuift. on !lie"uiiid of SpniiCretlred lo a
'wliido.w'-. Tv'l'ii'iJf there was a critical for?
mal examination of Ihe protocol.
/This v inspection had all the nul.war-3
..formalities due a document "if this Im?
portance. II was prepared in dupli
???jiie at Mie Slate I loparlajent, one.
copy- to be retained lsy---'the_ United
r*i'^^^^^i^i^oiii''l^ "' en'ga^t^^U?' in ?
j-ynnhi|f. . ittd ?ISifgllsh ? ecripf; Pinch
copy of Ihe protocol is arranged in
double oolunjty ? French and... Citga
lish s'tandi m = ah ?f^?^:? i<;A-m -f-.e-.y -com'-'
i i'ai-jsJfl?-io /?A'^'.ft^awiftfH^^.-t'X l ranSt??
W^M? f ^Simb.in.
tfdtte*J?to "Spain
'?^rvSJKn^-ltto'tliV firsOi?l'iimn and ihv
>ii5ifitur'e*.ijt M'.- ''iTmbon ahead of.-that
% Sesvretrify Day:'" f; '-';.v,
' The prnloei,il"son| 10 Sijain.wjl's JJiT
inmpsnhifl-by Ihe credentials issue.j'by
President. McKinley, 'spofnafly empow?
ering the Secretary of State to adlx his
signature to this document: Tae au?
thorization was brief and in typewrit?
ing, save for Ihe President's' cHiarac
(eristic signature. Later the American
if t.he p
ill be
im pa ?
d by the written credentials of the
?fpanish. tC?vernment sent f?>-M. C?m
'?"1, ajiif bearing the signature ,?r
?? incen.>Piiri.-:liiu?4 The., ivthle dispatch
... ? .ivetj" by him today Ton furred full
.tulhnriiy to sign t'n.e '- protocol, and
::? .-b i'.iai Hie written >"h?lt^o\lza I Ion
?would r.-.db.w. signed 'by^tb^^^^gir?,.
y?^;a,tetho .cable dispV^'cK^^^^^tary
sk.yt and -lr was accepted'~as sufflcleat
to enable the ambassador lo sign In
behalf of Spain. When the willen au?
thorization arrives, ii will lie presented
tu the State Department to accompany |
ihe protocol.
'I'lie exa"mination of the protocol was I
satisfactory, and the document was ]
handed to M. t'anibon first; and ihen li
Secretarv Dav,'who affixed signatures |
In that order to each side of.?hu i
"copies. Tlien the last detail in making j
the protocol binding was administered
by Assistant Secretary Cridler, in
charge of the chancery work, w ho at?
tached the seal of the -United Stales.
Throughout ihe ceremony all -but the
two signers remained standing. M.
Cambon, in signing for Spain, occupied
the seat ?hieb Secretary of the Navy
Long, now away on a vacation, usual?
ly occupies. The President stood at the
left hand corner, at the head or the I
?great cabinet table, with Secretary !
Day, M. Thiebault und M. fan.hon In
the order named on the left side of
ihe table. The rest of the parly were |
standing in other pohtions of tie- roc
No credentials wert- prodi.dun
tin- electing at the white House, ihe |
President accepting Secretary Pav
assurance that this had been sealed
his sat isla ctii 01 at lie- Slate Depa viinoi
li was -1:3:1 o'clock when the llual 1 tg ;
lures were attached to Do- pi, tocol
uie'i within Ihe knowledge of all Ihe
ii. nils present, this w .is Hie lir.sl tline.[
I hat a-protocol or treaty had bei uYii
ed al the While House. As this ?-;
loan;,- was <.hided Acting Se iet;
Alien, of ihe Navy Department. S
retary Alger and Adjutant 1!. 11 r.il Oor
l.iu .appeared, having been suioni-.i
I. , the Willie House by too Pr. s d-in.
ami they were admitted to ih-. cabinet
r.1 jus! in s.asou to witness one ..f
ib.- most 1.vssive features of the
ceremony, when ihe President. re<ltast?
ed ihe hand of the ambassador .111 1
through him returned ill ink: lo Hi
sister .republic of Franco for the exer?
cise of lo r good oillees in bringing
ol.out peace. Ile-als..' lliunke.l 1 lie 1110
btissador personally for th" Important
pai t lie had played in Uns mau. 1.
Ihe killer replied in suitable 1. 1
As a further mark of. his appreo.inl
'President .McKinley called for the p
laiuation w hi. li he had caused >..
drawn ui? suspending- hosli'.ities
signed ll in Hie plesell..i M. f
II. .11, who expressed his appreciation of
.In action.
Acting Sc.-vet.-try
lie telephone and
reclea the . aide message he hum
ately sein to all the naval cnmiiinnd
ers, Dew.-.v in ihe Philippinen. Sampson
at Cuanlannmo, and the "various .
maiiders al Hie navy cards arid
lions I., .ease hostilities iininedintel
There is a dispatch boat a; II
Kong, and it is believed thai ii
reach Oneral Merrill in forlv-e
hours at. top speed.
' in Ihe part of lb.- army, while ;
retary Alger availed ..r the letep'o
Ailjutaut i.-cneral Curb in braved lb.
storm and rushed across to Iii ? War
partineiit. where he irnniedlaleiy i.-i
tin- orders which had been prepare
advance to all of the military c
ii'ianders to cease Lheir Operations.
The Slate Department Mied iis 1
by notifying all the diplomatic and ?
consular agents of the action takei
The formalities having been disposed
chatting wii'h those present and then
at 4t5S,""the rain still conliuuing
force, the ambassador and his secretary
entered their carriage and wore di?
to the embassy.
The pen which was used by Secro
Day in signing the protocol was g
to chief Clerk... Micha'cl, of Urn :
Department, who had bespoken it.
Thiebault -secured that used by
l-'i-.'-ii.-h ambassador.
lipon emerging from Hie Whit
House. Secretary Day receivedlb.
earnest congratulations of the pel
present upon: lb.- conclusion of -
protocol. He staled that Hie r
commissioners win. are to draw- 111
definite treaty would not he appoi
for several ifnys, hut defined to
cafe who they" Would he. i.
. i U:l H .IIS Ti 1 NA VA 1. 1 il'i'H'l-.'i
WASHINGTON. Aucv 12. In ac
>aiopson. Santiago:
Susp--ml all hostilities. Blockade, ot
Cuba and Porto Kim, raised. HOwel
ui-derod to assemble vessels a I. * Kcj
WeSI. Proceed wilh New York ftro k
lyn, Indiana. Oregon, Iowa and M-:s ,;.
i-hi.sells to Toim lclhsvllle. Place 1.\.
-..?is in safe harbor in Port.. Rico. W.il
on transfers bis-llag to Nc\v..?i'K am
? will remain at O.iuaiilau. ?. Asseni
ble all cruiser.* in safe harbor*. Orde
-.marines North in lb-solute.
tSigiwd) AI.I.KN,
Acting Secretary.
Now I I, pai liiient,
Washington. Aug. -\?.
Rerflev, ICev West:
in >.r,i:ini c wilh Ulf? P'r. sid. nl'
proclamation telegraphed von. susp.-url
immediately all hostilities. Coinni 11 c
w ilh w ill,draw..1 of vessels l'r .111 block?
ade. Ordi r blockading vessels4n Cub ,:
walers 10 assemble al Key West.
.(Signed') Ai.t.f.n.,
The no I Hi eat', on l.i Admiral D'-v.:?>
was not mad,- public but Asslslam .- e
. lory Allen slated 'tfml. heaid,'.- 1 eint
.1:1 in possf ssioii .0" I be President':
aroclamalion. be v. as ore, r d in 1 1 a'-.
hostilities and raise the blockade' .
Manila. ..'???'
in compliance "with Ib.eVorders - 1
A.Iii.ir.il S.-rmpson and 1 Vim in d . 1
Remey will each semi a"?'?vessel a.
Ib.- coast, of Ciller tr> c.oi.il'7ythe hi 1. k
idiiic- M.ir.jiilroii ibal the hi... ka'b.c. "pf!
en raised. Admiral S.'hi. v b.-im- ..
o-Drool lyn and im lud- d in ill - " -der
tlVat viess. 1 will corn North w ill !<<?:
^j^iiiviopiiR ijrt-p'il-n 1js,."'ifaft: 'r.
. in.- :.' ' r rj5 1 1 * iy ?' ? --I
. ? .-' ITl-^'M'.'o.-ro il.i <? v
r \ y i-iv 1 llp. ten;.'., Aug. i \
:! noisier A. W. Wi'ls receiv-d a lei
.'d Saiiiiago de- Cuba, duly 27. IS'i
which OeneraJ Wheeler says, refei
g to_newspaper reports concornin
(Tbnflor were very unjust, lie has had
1 bard Led; and has perform. .! ii sue
?sssfully and well. He is .1 mm if .more
sl ia'liU: ability. The cri:ic's-m d hOJ^UIf
? fid-rot place biivis-lf oir1 nr.- firing !i->
i-ying on two fights al ihe snme lime?
in. .it Canev and one at San Juan- he
,.,,l some reserves and had lo pin.;
himself where he could see bnlh ngh'Qj
and manage Ilm whole affair. Which.h?'
did efficiently. ? . '*""-?
??With very high regards,
"Truly vour friend.
Sampson Jumped Ovei Sckley'and GiV
^ en Second Rank.
<l.:y Telegra'.h.r . '
WASHINGTON, r . -i'n'r some : un?
known ivn.-nn the administration has
derided n d to adhere to its forrirerlj
expr. ssed announcement thai** the pro?
motions in the navy woftld bofinnde ai
ti:0 result of ccconiiiior.ikitions by :
board whose duty it sficui'd bo to. re
view iJui arlii*vaiinnis rd.na.val oilicrit
throughout ihe Spanish \\"aV: aid t.d ,j
thf Navy I.V-p.aTl meat made* p.'ib-.K:' i
list id promotions In ? tlt?' North 'A'.
lautii tleet. previous. iiubileations' .hav
'?nit been inaccurate In .-??mo p irlieoinls.
.These are ad interim eouimiss ot.'s ?nc
h|iid'till the Senate oonilrms or reject!
them. They take date of August I
li'? and in each, ease arc 't'V'r^ cmh ill
ai.il conspicuous conoiicl in battb :
fomniod'oie William T. Sampson, .ad?
vanced eight numb'."s and appointed r
lie?r-.Admii-al from August, ls:t<, f.u
eminent ami eoir-'pleiious vomitr t ii
battle. Takes rank n xi after- Real
Adnviral .1 ini A. I l.iwell-t
i.'oil.m. in.ro V. Inli. Id S. :'SchV v,v a.d
,:.l*.,,d n nr.n.li is a.ol 'iifTpo-,:! ed., .'.
ivnr'aWmiial from same ,f.-ttt* "Y.iidVf'oi
.... ro-tsons. Ti.J-.cs raid; liexi af.e.
K-.ir Admiral William T. Sampson.
Captain .lohn W. Philip: advanced
.ioi e. '
I'aplain Francis .1. 11 h-ginson, ??!?
vauce.l'ilirce.mimic rs. . '"? "-"
? *ap;aln Boblev I). Evans, a.Ivane:'.:
live uumli.'i--. * \- . ri. " ?
i'apt:'in Henry- <'. Taylor,-allvauo.-i'
i'aplain Francis A.-Cook" advance.
?Ivo nuifibms.
Cai'lain Charles E.?-Chirk', iidvnr.ee.*
j'ix ni'ud. "i s.
i'aplain French E. Chadwick, ml
1 ieutenaii! Command, r l.'.i'm lud 1'
W.,iilWTig!:l, advalu e.l ten mtmUrs.
I.ieutenaiil i'.-:, imnnr.dor .lohn A
lloditers. advanced live numbers ?
I.!, ni. oaot I'.in trd.-.r .1.irr.es K
l.v.w eil. advanced h^-o'numbers..'? ?
1 ,. uteiiiint i ?...om ni.:, r William I"
Parier, advance.! live number.-.
he ilten.int Commander Ode.; II. Mar
her. ai-",;an.-i ,l live numbers.
l.!.-.;i:l..'iiant i*.V.riimai.der NewcfVn' E
Mason, advanced live numbers.'
Lieut.ma ill Alevandi.'i* Sharp. -? ufi
.aucei! live numbers. , i
I.i-iil. i.ar.l liarrv I'. 11 us \ advance
?i\ ?? im eil. r -.
i'!: . :' II.,gib,or t'liarl-.s .1. Ma'cC'o'ir.
i-ieil, ailvnuct'ii Two imml-u-s.'VV. '
i.i.iel' Engineer .lohn II. Ila'nniim. ad
,a... i-Hi I wo numbers. . . . ?
. Chief Kiiirin.-Mi'. A! xnrdervli. Ilalej
idv:inerd three iVunibr-rs.
Chief Engineer Robert \V. Mi'.Pga'.
idvr.necd three iiiiniln rs. ? . .
i."clef Engineer i "nai l, .* W'.-Hae. ail
.auced ihres numbers. ' -V,*S ??
i'hicf Engineer Warren 1!. ILiyllss,
idv:;nci;d tvvo numbers. . ?.'?
appointed eh'iff engineer. - :'
Coiiimnrder I :<>-.. man II. M- ?'?all.:. : d
van. 'eil six numb: iv: and apfWiivte I ??
. uft.iin to restore him to his original
pbu e-oii the 'navy llL-t.
.Til.- following lek-' 'rank from I'm
-atne dale.' but dili'ereni r.-as.ms an
Liritlenaul Ciilor.es lin'n.orl \V. Hani,
ingi :i, a.lvai ced one number afi'd'n -
a.ii!-,.,1 a colonel in Ho- mar no uorp? f.h
u:'ii"? ill and conspicuous cOi.duct 1t:
battle. .
?.?cptiiin" Ocji'ge ii*. i:iloi|.t. adv.in.ad
ihr.- - utniibci-.s for s.tr.ir- i-e.-ison.
Filtfi Lieiilejiaiii Eon;-. P. I.ti, as, gly..
?n If:-.- rank ..f'c.iplain by lirevet lh the
toai'ii.e corps for c.>IIS|dCtliiUM COiaJui-l
dl batile.
First Lieulennul y.Vndn'l i'. K/villc
given tl:e rank ..;' j-aptain by brevet, im
Second Lieutenant L nii v J. Mag! I
giveii Hie rank of first iieii'lci-.nnt uiiif
eaplti.ln by br, vet im tin- mari?:.' c-u it
for good judgmenl am! gallantry ii,
S. end Lleuieuatil Philip M l'!.u;n 11
.given tbe rank of pi rat lies!. : ?tint. 1.;.
iii'r.vcl in the marine enrpf: fyr con>pi..:
uouf: service in battle.
Cool;,j,, p.-nil Si. i'. Murphy, giver
he raid; of irbu??}? by o-. v. I in He- ma.
line corps for gallant service in halite.
Secml Lieulenaiil Thomas S. Bor?
den; given the rank of lust li.-.d n no
by l.u-evi'l in the marine coriis'for'dis,
lingcishcd service in. hatllft.
s'p.-iid -'h Cfibinel. .Issinrs a SiimiiOI.Jc.ia
? ?? . Statement.
M VDP.10, Aui.-. 12.?The <|iiesli-ori .f
ll.o aiccidVittcc of the protocol hav'nr.
been fliuilly setiled and its sHtt:aiur
'?xplicitly am! .lel':ult..lv aiiiln'.riz.-d, tie
government 'is.now cors'aiorirjg" Che do
no: ii.- silualion for tin- besi in-ails of
:'i.:-\in:t .the i-Xciti.-UlCll, ail.I prepa .tat
ing tin- Idea Ihai Spain's surrend r
nol so ,? inphHe as iiiiih- ued ii ? the ba ,i
terms of the protocol. As the tiv.-t sir.
in I bis 'direction a -emi-. Uio.ui not.- has
been issued. Ii is as folio.,s:
?"l b.- goveiiinicnl i-^ of opini u thai
the most critical period 'if the pca.c">ne
gotialions has now arrived: as ii de?
al utis upon the arrangement of details
is t )' v.h,;h. :- the peace Mill be mo o
? r hV-'s advaiilagrious. Spain wishes |.
preset ve her sovereignty over the wh. If
? f the Pii'llippims. l-> which she tjitv.
?rfSc? :,i a.-c. id all p'd'tical am! ado in
'isjiaIi\reform -. eVnisister.l with ih,
?ma-ibt. r.nin.c oT-her savcreignly.
' -'In record t.i Hie evaeualhi:: .ifrC'iba
'.in.I I ?orb. llii.'o. it will be-asked' Ih :t
"ilie army be'.VUow-d I depart hi.r.
?ibly titii'l thai ^iR.sm'ancc-.-'- b - giv. n
??.inttanl.' ii ..'i.ua'-? .S'l'ciicsh ami foreigi:
itdci'-f'li v.lji. i.:'.>r ' sui'i'ei. The arm;,
ivhie.l: has Do'l 'been cVir-itucred wi'l re
lirr.Spulii will, iisguns. arms nil,I
.'..li-K-.irions. ? ?'...'. . -
"l?-c i-u'd io Cr. 1.!;i!i.i:i ..1-bt as
rnli?d Sialcs.-refiiB.a-: to '"i.spumo
;.pM.-i: v.ni endeavor to ai riingo with
Ibo i'nli.ai treasury to pay it when the
li;'-'d i^awi.^.
"T'li, , ii.?-!?;? n 'uf 5t -Ir.a'y of c m
a:-,-.-, v. id !i:ol i^'co^-'defiitV.e i!?fs
;iou. and :l e matter will !>?? submitted
i n .-, copvrdssiiJji of diploma IIk.s und r
ill,, presidency of Sonor Castillo."
JACK SON, .MISS.. Aug. 12.?An offi
?ial report having been received that
one death has nfteuPreil from yellow
Frinklin'. Or. John F.
nkliui .'.n.. I'i-, Job
luiii^V^eeJ'. l>ry of the state board ,.f
,' ouarar.itined'. rh1*i state of
^Mississippi ngniiisf tlie lown'uf Frank
il ami si. Mary's parish, in which it
situated. No passemrers. freight,
n'.gagc or espress will be brought
wiVbiii the 'fifalc from that parish.
?.?.-?v. , I : fj \% Ih \ < Uli - f leaning
l^i'dri).?irig'-3*,rar,1fahii-ient.-S? cults of
" Viotlies vi'e.ry dav I., be cleaned, deed.
|w!^-Wo!i'h^AvSa5:'\V'ashingi<.n av
I '"jwiue .' ';-,?'? aug-10-tf
THE rtfimr "' i ' I 1
CIRCUbflTl?H^ -
? JOjOpH
viinneapolis Ordered to" Re
lieve the Brooklyn. ?
N-lVimmlore Sell ley'a KI?K?iii,> will Be Re.
pnirttl nt the shipyard Hero. Will "
Weigh Auvtiur for^lhu
City Ht Once.
H was learned from a tellable so urea
iast night Hint Hie protected cruiser
Minneapolis will sail tomorrow morning
or southern waters to relieve are arm
ired cruiser Brooklyn, the flagship of7
'..bumodore Schle'y/s>si|?adTtin,
Fur the hisi two days'-coal lighters
have been lying alongside the Minneap?
olis which is anchored off the shipyard,
and the cruiser's bunkers, have been
illed to their full lest capacity. Tlw
Minneapolis has been here Since, the .lat?
er pan of May. Slio- cam*'frbm the
u-.opical waters for repairs..-but ,os the
vessel: was not needed' the''work"^"waa
,jot rushed. Sineo-'that time a force at
.vorknien from the shipyard have been
?epaiVing the warship's machinery,' ;
tier bottom was also found-to be-eov
?ro'il wiili seagrowth and divers, were
em down to remove it. ' ?-'?} ' 1~ V
The Minneapolis is now in first.class ?
ondltion and can easily maintain her
ccord as being the fastest vessel In
he navy. She will weigh anchor to
norrow at daybreak and jiroceed dl
eolly to Toinpkinsville. ImmetTI
iliiiy upon her arrival Commodore
Scbley will transfer his Hag- to the
Minneapolis from-the Brooklyn."
If the recent lntontions-:,of? the'-.Navy ?'.
Department are carried out the'Brook-"" '_-,'
.-yu "will come lu re for repairs; She Is "
?\peeled to depart tor Newport'-New? ,.'.'
is soon as she is relieved by the Atln
? eapoMs. It will be re.mehtufered, that
the lire "of the Spanish fleet'In the h?r- ...
?or ,,f Santiago was concentrated on
.b.- Brooklyn-when Admiral Cervera
-undo a dash to escape, for the reason
bat Ib.- Vessel was considered to be the
in lest armored cruiser in the American
luvw, ami by disabling her
.he Spanish admiral hoped lo make
ood their escape. In the engagements-".-.,
be Brooklyn was strtn^?^tyv^-e
.inns, but the vessel wasVpot seriously
lainagod. However, the cruiser is In
? ei d of reliairs, for it lias been some
line since she was in the dry dock. It
a thought her bottom is very tou.l. as;,
-he has been in the tropical waters'for
tin- hist three .months. The Brooklyn
> ill go into the dry dock. . ?
it is understood that the NaA-y'De-*"
.lartment is preparing to'send-a'sfiuad
on on a triumphal,cruise to the'.'.prin- :C
ipnl nations of the world',-, and It lai^j?
JAUtn^Ufei^^fi^^WB^^w ^sinrKiKS2
Ever since the Minneapolis has been
n port there have been vague rumors
-vgn rding her future movements.-'
Trei|Uently ii has been stated that the
Meet cruiser would be sent to Manila
o relieve the < i|y 111 11 in. Ailtiiifal. Be?:
?y's llagship.
Still' Itto.lt sl'.VIN. .
_ T '--: -jj,i>
i-'lriit Steamer to t'hii.-r rrimi That t'nuutry
Sine.- lb'- WHT Itcgtll.
The British steamship Croy,don,_iSap- ...^
..im Butler, the first Vessel to arrive
n l-larnpton Boads and pr bahly at any
?American port from a Spanish port
? ba e the hiaugura'iltiti of hostilities be
ween the Hilft d States ami Spain, en- '
ifed yesterday afternoon ai 1 o'clock?
? ii i la- wrj day on w.hich the lust ray
f d .not in tin- peace. negotiations was
The Cioyiion came to Newport News
lirect from Cadiz, Spain, without mik- ?
ng another por'. Then- Is an Interest
dig scry in connection vyith Captain
t>utier's mission to' Spaiu-.-aud reveats*
i couiliLi.oi of tiff a its that was not gen- ' "
.-ally known. In Hie latter part "of ;
i one the Mulled Stales Shiplpng Com?
pany dispatched a large caigo of pro
?-tston:. one one of its. liners from New
York to Liverpool. These go./ds bore ??
il:e r.-uuired United Slates'stamp. At
:,.iViipool t in- supplies were put ushor? .
and later transferred* to ihe Croydon. ?,
?unsigned to the agents of the Spanish--*-!
governm. nt fit Cadiz. Still bearing the f
American stamp, the goods were un
?-Aided at Cadiz. The fact that the:
?ood.- bofv ihe-stamp of this country .
made liiilc'difference in Spain and the
?implies wer.? distributed among the
starving soldie rs in the Spanish"'garri-.
tvjr.s. Toe Croydoy. was doeked yes
., rdav and is now taking on a - cargo
of i al l .r ihc'l'nited States .govern?
ment. It U understood that-the coal
is for the Philippines.
lira ma tic Scenes in tin' Court Yester?
I ll\- Tel.'.graph.)
LYNCMBUBC. VA? Aug. 12.?The
third day of the trial of Dr. A. Jaeger,
before the oeeleastical court of . the
.-'..nithern Virginia diocese, was marked
by many dramatic scenes owing to the
excited -and emotional manner of .Dr.
Jaeger in his cross-examination of wit?
nesses, and his many exclamations
.vhili tin- testimony was being given in.
Members of Ihe court lectured hirn se?
verely sevef?l times on the:, subpect, .
and tit one time he threatened to leave.
The lirst-.witness war. an elderly lady
wearing the garb of the deaconess or
? ler. She gave her name as'Sister Sa?
rah, ami her residence as Philadelphia,
-he had become acquainted in the north
.villi Mrs. Jaeger, who urged her to
come to f.ynchburg to assist in the
u ork at the asylum.
nn the night of her arrival there last
rear site said she witnessed a quarrel
flic doctor had with onoji^honeigh?
bors, and J'rom Hwftlp to the time Of
j tifp-t.\avtng she told of one continuous
hain of unpleasant Incidents In which
he claimed t'ne accused was the ng
givssor and the teachers opprested, cor?
roborating to a great extent much that
had l^ejl told by Miss Lucy Page Wil?
der niW'&Mlss Mead. Other witnesses
re Mrs. Dr. .1. .1. Lloyd' ami Rey.-jC.
Wilmer, brother-in-law of trie" St^,
sed,* who vigorously arraigned Dr.
iBy Telegraph.1
'T. JOSEPH, MO.. Aug. 12.?The
iIn robbers who held up the Burling?
ton dyer, two miles north of this city
last night, tire under.arrest and a weep?
ing, crem fallen gang they are. The
leader. James Hathaway, aged 17. Is a.'
CV-sieYri Union messenger ? boy. His
i pals in high crime,-are/Charley Cook,
ouzo ("j.l.rerb'tvrh,' TA'illlam Hathaw/y,;
j-hr*t hereof Ja/nes, and Herbert Dont
i phan, ranging- in age from 16 to 20.
: All are sons of respectable people and
received the inspiration to hold up an
evr.r'ess train from persistent reading ot
yellow backed romance.

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