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His Plan for Universal Peace
Widely Discussed.
Fru'tloo ofMlftSuKgt'Ktiuli K? curded on
StiiertH? hu Al.solut?' ImpiiHHthlllty.
iii-ii fi ralne from tin
Kellgloui* World.
t By Telegraph.)
LONDON. Aug. 29.?The papers a
filled with discussions, comments ai
opinions as to the circular of the Em?
peror Nicholas. The most world-shak?
ing event cnulil hardly have produced
such a coup as this suggestion, the frui- .
lion of which is regarded on all sides |
as an absolute impossibility.
This being holiday season, it is ditli
cult to obtain the opinions of public
men on the subject. The religious
?>?. Nil
d. Lore
ind say
hieraus bishops have ahead;
expressed their views in that
Among statesmen iutervie'
Kimberly. the Liberal leader, dec
in express a hasty opinion bey.
ing that the proposal was one .
ul most importance.
The Marquis of Lipon said:
"1 heartily wish tin- proposal ul
Sir Charles Dilke. radical member of
Parliament for the Forest Dean, re?
??The Russian peace fooling of nearly
a million regulars exceeds the peace
looting of Germany. Austria and Italy
combined. Thus it has been in Rus?
sia's power to reduce- the land fore s b>
diminishing her own in connection wit!
a similar action on the pan of Ger
"French pu<blic opinion is not pre?
pared for disarmament, which wnulc
mean, as tilings now stand, an accep?
tance of the Alsace-Lorraine situation
Naval disarmament would be danger
oils for Great Britain. Any forma
plan would involve subsequent broncho:
of faith, but if Germany and Russia
will cease increasing their forces we
Can follow without a formal agr.
Lord Frederick Roberts, or Kanda?
har, '.inander of the forces in ire
land, said in reply to a l'tiquosl for his
"It will bo most satisfac lory if such
a proposal can be carried out."
The Earl of Crowe calls the czar's
suggestion a '?historical utterance," and
earnestly hopes that Great Britain will
not object to a conference.
No excitement is noticeable at the
foreign office. It is understood, that a
special messenger was sent from St.
Petersburg recently with a full explan?
ation of the czar's proposal.
Naturally all persons and societies
connected with peace and arbitration
movements are jubilant. Tic- Pope
wired his congratulations to Emperor
Nicholas immediately, and offered ev?
ery assistance in his power to promote
the proposed conference.
The Times, in i:s financial article
this morning, says:
'?'The e/.ar's circular has had a g.I
effect upon the markets, as indicating
that there is no immediate probability
of war. Many people remark the fact
that the pr.sal appears when Rus?
sia's power to borrow freely is almost
ended, and when she plac ed herself in
positions in China and elsewhere which
can be defended only at great cost."
>^ti&&}>?- 29:rThe Fl,'"eo'ncws
pepers generanT-:!'^1^1 l?J,? practica?
bility of the czar's peaccY-schemo, and
clearly indicate that France would
make the restoration of Alsace-Lor.iine
a prerequisite to her participation in
the eonfer? ne e.
BERLIN. Aug. 29.?The North Ger?
man Gazelle, referring today to the
czars peace conference proposals, re
"c lur armaments were never intended
for Selfish ends, 'evil only for our
protection and for the main enam
peace, we are willing u, give a
trial to another method of attaining
the object at a smaller cost."
The National Zeitung says:
"The czar and his minis eis have not
deluded themselves with the idea that
they rid the world of the causes which
for y. ars have been responsible tor the
.ing armaments. W hen a great
d di?
lls t.
Will bl
Ii p
tcs.-cs the
niiee of i he near
ipsal for a con
motives, which, it adds, "must evel
where arouse sympathy."
The Kreutz Zeitung says:
"Nu one can yet appreciate the real
significance ..t the note. Its hitter
sweet conception in France shows it
will not meet with universal approval."
According to ihe Hamburger C.rres
pondez the note will remain forever an
imperishable monument to tin fame or
Emperor Nicholas.
Continuing lie- paper says:
"It stands to reason that Germany
welcomes the- proposal in the most glad
manner, ami is prepared to co-operate
in the sacred work."
ST. P ETE B S B I.T I: G, Aug. 29.- The
newspapers here declare that the czar's
manifest', will probably consulate a
turning point in history.
Svic-t says:
"if all ihe powers accept Russia's
proposal with the sann- earnestness
with which it was made tic- dawn of
the twentieth century will sec tin- idea
ol universal peace triumphant over that
of unrest and discord."
? in
Stl eX|l
that the note of the czar is essentially
"an attempt to introduce the clement
of trust into international relations."
WASHINGTON. Aug. 29.?The extra?
ordinary circular note directed by the
Russian foreign minister to tiie mem?
bers of the diplomatic- body at St. Pe?
tersburg has aitract.-d the earl nest at?
tention of the officials here. It is be?
lieved here that the victory achieved bv
tin- United States in the late war was
it contributing factor in the preparation
of the not.-. It is surmised tha: the
vic-iory made it clearer at once to the
European statesman that t.. maintain
the balance of power they would be
obliged to redouble Ilieir expenditures
on account of army and navy, else they
might be outstripped hv tile United
States. The official mind here ]....ks
upon the Russian project for a general
disarmament as Utopian at this time,
ami while any statement as to the at?
titude of the United States toward
such a conference as that proposed is
ssion prevails that our government
would not care to take an active part
in its deliberations.
MlNDON, Aug. 80.?The Berlin cor?
respondent of the Daily Mail says:
"Germany and England are icy ng t
formulate a common policy to counter?
act Russia in China."
CHICAGO. Aug. Feidinand W
Peck, commissioner general for tin
United States to tin' Paris Exposition
has app In ted the governors of the dif?
ferent states as vice-presidents of tin
La Fayette .Memorial Commission.
MOBILE, ALA.. Aug. 29. -The Mobl'.
Board of Health today cjuarant.ir.ei
against Galveslon. Tex., and Franklin
La., on account of yellow fever at tho i
places and also wired C iv -rn .r Johns..!
. to enforce the state quarantine.
Surgeon General Denies Me Is Hostile
to Red Clous Society,
i By Telegraph.)
WASHINGTON, Aug. 29.?Surgeon
General Sternberg gave out a statement
today denying the charge that he is
hostile to the Red Cross Society, and
that he had refused to accept Its as
slstance in the care of the sick and
wounded soldiers. He says he only ob?
jected to the sending of female nurses
with troops in the Held engaged in act?
ive operations, as he was of the opinion
that such nurses would be an incutr.
brance lo I lie troops dur ing such times.
General Sternberg further says:
'?So soon as serious sickness devel?
oped in orii- l amps an.I il 'became i.
ess.-.rv to treat typhoid fever irises in
our field hospitals. 1 gladly accepted
tire services of trained female noises
for the division ..r Meld hospitals, and
in our- general hospitals w< have em?
ployed ih--iii from Hr.- very lirst. The
general testimotn from the surgeons ii.
charge of this.- hospitals has been that
their serve OS have I.II -if e|-, ;,| VillUC
Very many of these trained nurses
have been obtain. .1 through the kind
assistance of the fled Cross Society rm
iarv No. ::. and 1 desire to express my
high appreciation of i!.,- v aluable set -
vices rendered t.. the medical depart?
ment of the iirmy by this organization.
??My attitude toward relief organlza
d'atod Mav 5 h, upon a letter addressed
bv Rev. Henry (?. McC"ok. of Phila?
delphia, to tire President and referred
??Mav :.th. I Mis. Itesi.I fully return
j ? .1 to the adjutant ruh rnl of the sir
?"?The plan proposed for- tie- organiza?
tion ,.f a relief association appears lo
I have been well considered, and lb- ob?
ject in view will commend itself to ev?
ery patriotic eiiizon. Ian it is a queS
tion whether Ihe Presiileni should give
special privlleg..-s to any particular or?
ganization. ' Uber proniln. in individu?
als in different pails of the country
may !..?ganizing r?r lie- sane- pur?
pose, i in.- sncb iiroposilion Iras come
I., me rrorn Chicago. While 1 approve
in a general way of orga nizal ions for
ib.- r< Ii. I' work proposed, il appears to
me thai it will be b. st not tri give in
on.- particular organization. In case of
need assistance should be accepted
give it.
"This has been my guiding principle
hroughout. that relief when needed
In.lilil Ire pi-.pll> a.-c. pled wit bout
-eference to the source from which I!
ionics. The relief alTord. d bv -In- Na
ional Ueil Cross at Si'hr.ney was
[promptly accepted by surgeons on the
spot: but it is- evidenl thai it uns en?
tirely irrade.prate to rue t tl.mergen
'"The i-ominitti ?? of the National Red
Cross Associntion called upon nie in my
office in Washington some lime in ad
vanc.' tin- Ian.line "i "in- troo|is in
Santiago, making :.IT- r or assistance.
I rec.-lv. .1 mos .t. ously and advised
hospital shop. '
"Fui tlu rmor.., the American National
Red Cross Ass...-ii.r lias bad full au?
thority I., s.-lld agents ami supplies lo
all nut- camps sin?-,. .Inn.- ??, |x:.s. .I if
I Here has 1.n sullY-rlng for waul of
needed supplies 1 le y must share the re?
sponsibility wirb tie medical depart?
ment of the army for- such sufferings."
General Steinberg coiielud-s Iis
statement by limiting from a number of
Idlers written by him slewing bis
kindly feeling for i lie i:,.,| . Voss.
The Spanish Ambassador at Paris
Heads the List,
i P.y Telegraph ) ..?C=~"
RON DON. Aug. :'.'.. ?Uijj?n!irM
resi ml.-in of tliti-H^r^Mriil says:
"'i"nf-.-;V'.'icc commissioners will be
Sonor Lo.-n y Castillo. Spanish ambas?
sador at Paris: Sonor Itrrutia, Spanish
minister al lirussels: lie- Duke of N le?
rn, gover nor of Cadis'.: Senat rr Murco
artu and Sen...- A ba rziiz.i.
MAURI! i. Aug. 2:1. !' I'. M The 1 :?'..
in.-i s.u. today, lim iias noi y. i .!.-, id d
as to the eon.posit:.I' the pence
Duke Alir.-alovar- de Rio. hiinlster of
foreign affairs. Sonor t 1r-oizard. minis?
ter of justice, ami Senor C.Iri.ii. minls
ler of the colonies, were appoint.-,! ;,
eoiiiml. 1" ilr.-irt a bill aiith ir'.z u ?
pence negolhulons.
Lioulohanl llohson Arrives on Hr.- Se
guraiii-a. .More Yellow Fever.
11'.y Telegraph.)
SANTIAGO DE CUBA. Aug. 29. <=:::>>
I'. M. Tb,- steamer Segrirauea arriv. .1
ibis morning, bringing Lieutenant
Richmond P. llobson. who will super
Intend the -IToiis 1.. Una 1 tie- sunken
Spanish cruisers Cristobal Colon and
Infanta Maria Teresa.
Lieutenant llobson had an eutluisi
astic nil'.nil reception from General
Lawtoii, with whom he will 'be quar?
tered while in Santiago. The Seguran
ca brought also Captain Leigh and for-,
iv m.-ri of Ib.- signal eor|.s. w In. will
i.-lieve Colonel Greene. Work will be
b. gun a: once on tin- military I- I.-phone
ami 1.1. graph lilies along He- , oast of
eastern Cuba. The Scguarnca hrougHT
a cargo of fresh beef.
Tndav I i.-norul La? ton issued air or?
der releasing lie- largest wharf in the
harbor lately wholly occupied by the
Pnitod States government ar.d return?
ing it to tb,- use ..f lire local merchants
I and shippers. Tin.ling \.-s,-ls had ex
perii need gre.-rl ii.venienee ami de?
lay in consequence of insulllcicn; wharf
la.-iliii.-s. ami many slii|.s in lire harbor
ar e av. art iag a plai e lo unload. The
speeial hardship arises from the exces?
sive harbor charges.
The I. atllifiil Alameihi boulevard. 2?H
feet wide and onei; ling Santiago bay.
now occupied by the Second immune
regiment, will be released lo the city
as soon as tin- immunes can be removed
lo a new camp two miles .ml. Tin- bou -
levard is a fashionable resort for driv?
ing and promenading.
Residents of tin- city and province to
iln- number of 8.000, now in Gusto Rica
and Jamaica, are expccl.d lo ivturn
hero during tin- ucxl Hire.- weeks, and
preiiaratioiis tire general for a house
cleaning all around.
A ulml.- battalion ..f th- Fifth regu?
lars, brought by r be K nit kerboeker
from Tampa, has b. cn placed in the
hospital vacated by Hr.- Spaniards,
yellow fever having appeared among
them. Tin- K-oiek, rbnek, ,- I,;,s I.n
quarantined. Sin- touched at a small
!? uliaii |.ort ..rr her way I nun the Uni?
ted Stai.-s. ami was not inspected a:
i Tampa. Five eases of the fever have
d velope.l. A large quantity of govern
I mom supplies. I.-IT her ,- bv Hi - commis?
sary department, will be distributed
General Wo'dd'said today:
I "It see 11s impossible ih.-'n much desti
llltron cor,1,1 oxisi afr ,. , |K. w,,lk
Hod Cries Society, the government offi
! cor aiel inspectors. Im: I (lad extreme
dislr. ss in tie- lower quarters of Hie citv
' ami am go,?g to h.iv, all cases relieved
, upon a i.lieal .vriificuie of i.ssilv
Large quatdities of f.1 are being dis
?By Telegraph.)
M'"W VORK. Aug. 21?.?Fifteen sol?
diers died at Camp Wikoff today.
Tiler- were tw., deaths today among
lie- men suspect, -i of having yellow fe?
ver ami detained in ihe quarantine h< s
pilal. Tb.- medical department ha - n t
announced mat they died of yellow fo?
il ver. because of th- dispute between lb
doctors as t what th- fifty-three men
in tin- hospital an- suffering from S in e
! of il,.- iln, tors assert that il I- Irin- yel?
low jack, while oi hers. Including the
experts, claim there is not a yello^
I v.-i- .-as- , r, th- on nip ami thai th- men
an- suffering from malarial fever In Us
worst form.
Tin.- transports were sight.-,I to?
night. On.- is thought to be the Mexi?
co, with General Shafter on board.
'elierul Merrltt's Course Condemned, 11
1.S Said by Americans.
(By Telegraph.)
Aug. 2?.?Major General Merritt, the
rommander of (he American troops, in
conversation, has avoided a deelaratl n
of ids policy and gave the impression
that he is undecided about the possibil?
ity of arranging to ivliiin the Philippine
Islands, aiii, unit personally he seem?
ed to favor tltat policy.
General Agtilnaldo has court mart foil?
ed tic offenders in the i "avile affray
and they have been s, ntenced t > death.
Inn it i- reported that they were after?
ward reprieved hi tin- request of Gen?
eral Anderson. The insurgents wish to
send a delegate to Paris, even if he is
not admitted to tie- confere.
Tue Spaniards are said t , I, ? (lefrUud
ing tin- Americans in the matter i..f is
suaue, of ration-- to prisoners.
The lesidentlal suburbs are rull of
a: and insurgents and several personal
vend, l ias Have been r. pot t- d. The
-.; y uord i: nde I m :ss nil;,
d and patrolled Urn principal res.
ial suburbs.
iiu'i rs trocitsK condemned
iNUON, Any. 211. A dispatch fron
i a t.. a news agency, dated AugttM
via II,en-, Kong t ?1 iv. says:
)-:?? fricli'in between the Americans
natives requires exceptional abi!
void total alienation. I lind that
ral higli American ntli ials of m ?M
.ilucaiion, are utterly unneqiinlnt
vilti oriental id,as and unable to
island tie primitive races. .Most
lie A.rie.ins ar- ,|, :;.-kmt in ,
?e ,,a,l numerous trilling inisnnd
about Hie Cnvlte incident yeslcrda>
and I., ihreatens to expel any rum.*
pondenl wl:.> menl ions it. A deputa' in
from tb - pr.-ss is goinn to General Mi
rin to protr-si against his ad on. Ti
affair began in a drunken America
sh.j ling, and native s'-utii.-s tried t
am si him. 1.useqtienr.1 ihe in
kill.-d. and it is now generally inisr.
killed.'and it is now generally mbrci
leiited as being a delilu r n ? iuaugur
He-ir arms to Ihe company .
lives w ho tired upon 11,,- A.ica
pr. suinablv iiiadverte:-t!y. Tin na'iv
assert thai Aguiualdo f r.1 Gcn-r:
Merrill to liberate liiem and r tin
their weapons.
?'The Americans condemn General
Merritt".- course."
Tie- same eorresp,indent cables tb
lie Americans ar.ly "put tl> patrol
Hug Hie town."
LONDON. Aug. 2!'.- The Manila cor?
respond, nl of 1 lie Times says:
?'I'll.- leading commercial men here
liave signed a mi .rial to Lord Salls
laii v urging him to use his rililces to
pi-.-veiit tin- Spaniards from regaining
I supremacy in the Philippines.
?Tb,- conduct ,,f ib.- American ir...,ps
is admirable. The town, since ihelr oc
| oiipulinii. lias been wonderfully free
,from disturbance. General Greene has
be,.,, ordered to return to Washington.
II.- will sail with General .Merritt."
.lohn II. Alexander, of 1.sburg. Eleet
i By Telegraph.)
Supr, lie- I.,,,lee. Knights of I'
was in session all day at the
wni;i^y^d^,T7^Ti7e Eni
nodilied form.
Tl.uninittee appointed several days
ago io investigate the charges of ex?
travagance against the Supreme Lodge!
plllcers. and to secure if lie
nar.f the informant of a local news?
paper, will report tomorrow that then
has been extravagamv.
It will also report that it could not
secure' tb,- name ,,f recalcitrant repre?
sentatives. Further the committee will
peivision ever tlie award of the con?
tracts i'.,r printing ami supplies.
Tl.onunitlee on the state ..!' the
order reported today that Ihe reports ol
tb,- supreme .,lib ers heretofore submit-.'
i.-.l were "very significant and verv
Tin- ways and means committee de?
cided I., recommend a per capita tax
,.f six cents f.,r the support of the Su?
preme Lodge. The Supr,-nie Lodge de?
cided i,, borrow $2'i.uii(l for the expenses
of the Supreme Lodge, as there is now
only $9.00(1 in tin- treasury. The su?
preme tribunal concluded iis work to-'
? lay and adjourned, after settling a
number of cases.
.lohn 11. Alexander, of Lceshurg. Va .
was re-elected supremo tribune for live
years. William Bnvnton Gale, of Hos?
ten, succeeded o.-go n. Sony. the
tribunal. \V. Ij. Kennedy wes re-elec
e*.l supreme r.irder.
Governmenl Suspended by American
English and German Consuls.
(Uy Telegraph.)
A ECK LAND; N. '/... Aug. ?);- Mali
etna La, up,-pa. King of Samoa, dn d on
Monday. August 22nd. of typhoid fever
A I'CK LAND. X. '/,., Aug. :;o. The ad?
ministration if goven.in js being
supervised by the Hire.- consuls. L. W.
(?.-?born,-, representative of Ihe United
Slaps: T. B. Cusack-Smith. represent?
ing England and F. Lose, representing
Germany, with tin- chief justice. W"II
thc supervisory committee, an arrange
mi'iit that will continue In force until
the succcessor of the deceased king lias
been cliosen. King Malielle succeeded
to the throne in ISSI?.
(Philadelphia Press.i
Despite I lie successful suppression of
its latest revolution, tin.Hook I'm
Italy is unfavorable. To tin- constant
but secret assaults of the politicians of
the Vatican i- added the permanent un?
rest of the lax-burdened p palace. So?
cialist agitators arc everywhere, while
ihe "Christian Democrat" movement,
with the approval of the papal chan?
cery, is making headway. Cabinets
may come and go. premiers may rise
and fall, but the outlook, under existing
,,i- similar conditions, must still lemain
disappointing and disheartening to the
m narchy.
i Kansas City Times.)
Charters for national banks In he lo?
cated in Cuba have been granted. Cap?
ital has been given to understand that
it might go t , Cuba for permanent in?
vestment ill railway and agricultural
enterprises without fear of being sub?
jected to the laws of a Cuban republic.
The do.dura I ion - f Congress that "Cuba
is and ,,f light ought to be free' is now
b.-ing Interpreted to me.in that the fr -
dorn .-.-niplatod and the Independ?
ence to be secured to the Cubans is
sin b as would be bestowed upon them
bv the sovereignty of the United States
over the island.
(Denver Post.)
Our newly acquired fellow citizens are
in danger f getting spoiled with all the
attentions heaped upon them. When
we have the colonial secretary and h
has his depart moid in full blast, w ith
all lit.Initial governors and chief of
division for each one of the colonies.
h,.w pr nil I'ncle s.im will feel when he
remembers that he began business with
font little departments. With a de?
partment of commerce ami a depart?
ment of colonies bub coming in the
near future the country will lie ready
for the transaction of the enlarged busi?
ness to be expected from a radius of
10,000 miles of possessions.
Kntraiices and ClearauctM at the Custom
Mouse. Li?t of VeHnolH Now In Port.
Oilier Murine ltennt.
Sun rises . r,::t 1
Sun sets . 6.SG
High water 7:r,7 A. M. anil 8:21 P. M.
Low water 1:53 A. M. and 2:07 P. M.
Weather Forecast
WASHINGTON. Aug-. 29.?Forecast
VesselH Arrived Yesterday.
Stoanishi|> Kanawha (Dr.), Maxwell,
Steamship St. Enoch (Br.), Mackie
Steamship Dearmone, Vera Ciuz.
Urig Tel >s (Am.). Bengali. New York.
Vacht .May. Porto Rico.
Schooner Surah S. Tyler, Baltimore.
Schooner A .A .Shaw. Cartareli.
Schooner Annie O. Grace. Bichmond.
Harge Maytlower. Pawtucket.
Barge (Caravan, Providence.
Harge Antelope. Bangor.
Harge Oakland. Bangor.
VeMHelH Sttllefl VeBtenlay.
Yacht May. Philadelphia.
The latest lighthouse hoard bulletin
e uilains the following:
Virginia: Hampton Roads?Wreck
buoy, a red ami black horizontally
snipped second class can. was estab?
lished 'July Ifith. in 21 feet of water,
about 200 feet east by south from the
sli i n of wreck of bargu <'. C. Chapman,
i'ape Charles lighthouse, northeast 1-2
east: Cape Henry lighthouse. south?
east: Thimble Shoal lighthouse. w<
northwest 1-2 west.
Hell buoy, painted red was establish?
ed .Inly Lt'.nh. in 7s t'oet of water, to
mark upper mines in Hampton Roads.
Thimble Shoal lighthouse east-north?
west 5-S east: flagstaff on Rip Raps,
south 3-4 east: Old Point Comfort light?
house, east-northeast ii-8 cast.
Results of Yesterday's Games in the
National and Atlantic Leagues.
I Hv Telegraph.)
ST. Lot TIS. Aug. 2?.?There was no
gam.- here today. The one scheduled
lor today was played yesterday.
CINCINNATI. Aug. 20.?The Reds |
gained what seemed to 'be a winning
lead in the eighth but the Phillies |
pounmd Danimann in the ninth and
won out. Attendance, 1,800
Score: R.H.E.
? 'incinnati. . .1) (i 0 0 1 0 0 ? 0? 7 1
Philadelphia. .0 0 0 0 0 4 0 0 4? S 111 1
I latteries? 1 lumma nn.Hreitenstein and
I'eii/.. Donahue and Murphy. Umpires
GaiTnev and Brown. Time?1:50.
ROCHESTER. N. Y., Aug. 29.?The
Grooms bad a good butting streak to?
day ami found Jones and Wilson with
equal facility. Jones .struck out eight
pen in the six innings he pitched, but
when he was hit it was for long drives.
Attendance, 600. .
Score: 4 _- T> U.E.
Brooklyn. . ? -0-: :!J-C^iZ-'i -1:'. 1? 1
Cleveland. . ,od hlSlllv_ 7 g .,
I latteries?lv.:. - ~~ : Jones.
"Wilson and Criger. i: <hTpiia7i^~oiiTioliy
and Hun:. Time?1:55.
LOUISVILLE. Aug. 29.?Dineen was
touched up rather Hvely, while Cun?
ningham had the Senators at his mer
cv. Attendance. 500.
Score: R.H.E:
Louisville. . ..: 0 0 0 1 1 1 2 x? Sil 2
Washington ..0 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 0? 1 7 4
Batteries?Dineen and Farrell. Cun?
ningham and Kittfidge. Umpires?
Swartwond and Warner. Time?1:40.
CHICAGO. Aug. 2?.?The Orphans'
winning streak was checked today by
Rusie's grand pitching. Thornton was
also in great form, anil both teams put
up a perfect (telding game. Attend?
ance. 4,400.
Score: R.H.E.
i 'hicago. . . . I 0 ii ti Ii ii 0 0 0? 1 2 0
New York. . ..0 0 0 0 1 0 0 1 0? 2 4 0
Batteries- Thornton and Donahue.
Illisie and Crady. Umpires?McDonald
ami i i'l i.-iy. Time?lain.
PITTS BURG. Aug. 29.?Tannehill had
his fatal inning in the fourth when six
hits ami two errors -wo? the game for
Boston. Attendance, 1.500.
Score: R.H.E.
Piltsburg. . ..i) 1 0 0 0 I) 0 1 0? 2 S 2
Boston.10 0 7 0 0 0 0 0? S 12 1
Batteries Tannehill and Sehriver.
Lewis and Bergen. Umpires?Lv'tuh
mil Andrews. Time?1 :??.
At Richmond? R.H.E.
Richmond. . .03 1 0 2 0 ? 0 x? Ii 10 0
Hart ford . . . .(i t) 0 ii o 0 1 0 0? 17 0
Batteries- -Leever and Vlgneaux,
Vickery and Williams.
At Alleniown? R.H.E.
Allentown. . .n 0 3 ii 1 2 0 ii 0? ti n 4
Paterson. . . .4 0 1 0 1 0 0 1 x? 7 ? f.
Batteries?Keener, lloyle and MeMan
nus. Maginnis and Bomis.
At Reading
First game? R.H.E.
Reading. . . .0 0 2 (i 0'] i) 0 0? 3 10 ?
Norfolk. . . .0 1 0 ? 0 i) il I (i? :: 4 1
Batteries?Yerkes and Heydon, Stales
and Fox.
Second game? R.H.E.
Reading. . . .11 1 .'! 1 2 0 0 0 1? S 14 1
Norfolk. ...2 0 0 ii 1 i) 0 0 0? :t 12 0
Batteries?Fertsch and Heydon, Pfan
miller and Fox.
At Lancaster? R.H.E.
Lancaster. . .11 0 0 n 1 i) i) n l? ;: ;i 5
Newark. . . .0 0 6 I 0 0 0 1 x?11 14 2
Balteries-.Schmidt and Wente. Mo
Partlin and Rothfuss.
Officers Elected at the First Triennial
Session in Washington.
(By Telegraph.)
WASHINGTON. Aug. 29.?The fifth
general meeting and lirst triennial ses?
sion of the Grand Household of Ruth,
of the Grand United Order of odd Fel?
lows in America, has closed its session
here. Almost every state in the Union
was represented by a grand representa?
tive. The following grand officers
were elected for the next three years:
P. M. W. G. Sup.?Mrs. R. L. Barnes.
' Sa vannn h. (la.
I.. M. W. G. Sup.?J. W. Grant, Nash?
ville. TVnn.
R. W. t; Sup.?Mrs. Julia (.'. Collier,
District of Columbia.
I R. W. O. Ree?Charles H. Brooks.
Paducah. Ky.. LL. I).
B. W. G. Prelate?Mrs. Agnes Moody.
I Chicago.
R W. G. Trens.?William M. T. For?
rester. Richmond, Va.
R W. (1. Usher?Mrs. Martha E.
Pvller. I >. over.
R W. <;. Chamberlain?Mrs. Elizabeth
Wagner Cross. Williamsport. Pa.
R W. G. Shop.?Mrs. Lucy C. Seay,
Yonkers, N. Y.
1 William B. Harris, D. ('.. was elected
as a grand representative to present to
tin next biennial memorial committee,
which convenes in St. Louis, Mo.. Oc?
tober 4, Isds, an appeal setting forth
certain requests and laws that the
Grand Household wish granted them.
The next place of n,c--ting is at Wil?
mington, N. c, August, 1901.
i By Telegraph.)
WASHINGTON, Aug. 2!'.?The fol
| lowing dispatch has been received at
tin- War I iVpnrtment:
"Santiago de Cuba, via Hayti.
"August 29. 11:30 A. M.
"Adjutant General, Washington:
"Angus: 2S, total sick, 380: total fever.
322: new cases fever, 9; returned to
dut>. a. . deaths..7.
"LAWTON, Commanding.'
"? bare been troubled a groat deal
witli a torpid liver, which produces constipa?
tion. I found CASCARETS to be all you claim
for them, ami secured such relict the tirst trial,
that 1 purchased another supply and was com?
pletely cured. 1 shall only be too ?lad to rec?
ommend t.'ascarets whenever tho opportunis?
ts presented." J. A. SMITH:
2W0 s? 'liucbuuna Ave., Philadelphia, Pa.
Pleasant. Palatable. Potent. TuMe i
Uootl. Never Sicken. Weaken, or Grii e. Hie, I'c.
Slollnr ll.nelj f??,i..i>,. rt.it??, Moi.lrral. !>... Yorl
Kitty to CUKETuliai
$40.000 Bridge Bonds of the City
Newport News, Va.
Pealed proposals will he received by !
the Common Council of the City of
Newport News, until 12 noon Septem?
ber G. for the purchase ot $10.000 4 1-2
p.-i- cent. Bridge Bonds. Interest pay?
able seml-ann?ally at the Treasurer's
office of the City of Newport News,
Bank of New York N. B. A., New York
City. Principal payable in thirty
years. Optional after twenty years.
Denomination. $r.O0.
Address all bids to City Clerk, mark?
ed bids for City Bonds. Certified check
for $1.000, payable to City Treasure
unconditionally, must accompany eac
hid. to be returned if hid is rejectee
All bids must be on blanks furnishe.
by City Clerk. J. A. MASSIF..
City Clerk.
J Workman [
1 Now Is Your GUar.Gc
! To, Own a tionfe,.
ft New 4 room cottage. well
A built: porches front and back:
7 every room large, light and
? airy; 100 yards from car line;
A not fai- from city limits. live
? cent ear fare; lot K0xl30 feet;
A lugger than two city lots; large
T enough to keep your own cow.
@ raise your chickens and have
Ha garden: price $800.00; $:;iO
down ami $in per month. No
A Building Association interest.
T Come and let us show it to
<| you.
I M?f?rd & Edmunds,
? Real Estate.
f 125 Twenty-fifth St.
On September l, \l'>9t\,
/V\ISi? Ii.H.GbARK?
Will op.-n in Newport News a Seleei
Hay S. h... I for tlirls. number limited,
hour o;.'ii I, sson in Preach i I\tri.-;.;:: jto
eenti will he jfiven daily t/Tuie whole
school free of charge.
For particulars ajipj.v_.tfl
im?S~ifirl2'?-BETH H. CLARKF,
12(i Thirty-first Streot,
IN 3 UU .JJi-l'N > J<Lf 4.
Jj. Tl. SW1NERTON, Manager.
our ".is wheel? For durability
and lightness it is unequalled. We are
selling this Cfceel very reasonably, ami
will guarantee it to wear as Well as an;,
on the market. The name of our who Is
sign i tie:
comfort ami durabilitj
What more do you
Newport News Cycle Go.
Fred Cr. Kipper, Manager, So t;
gent for Southeastern Virginia, '221
Twenty-seventh street.
f?siTivi :.v Otiiu
iMiu^FalluiB Mw
. > iwt VititUly ...
fan lau., ?e r-lmli, l:-.,m,-- v
_} i'ravrtnt Infinity 1.I-..I Ce" isutrj-ti.-ip. ii*
-tttuiH. Tlutir-ifio -l.ctVfj iniqie<li::? imfrfTe
.. -nd elto<:tf. n CIIHR vhero all oti.ur ?uil Ir.
ii?t upon-havtn.: thu R^nnine Ainx Tablets. The:
have cured .hannand-. in:.'. ... i! ci:royru. W?i eivt. a i>aa
ittvo written euuranto? toeJect a euro Cft f*TQ it:
oachcasoor refnud the .nonet-, i'riee wv W a _>? j.oj
packaittti or aix ikitn? dull trutitmnati for "
mail. ID t.luin i
< M<t
For sale in Newport News, ya., by
A. E. G. KLOR, Drug-jUt.
apr l?-ly.
Dr. Ohutrcofs To.lic Tablets, the great
Parisian remedy, 'is n. guaranteed cure
'for Ohe drimk 'haibSt; a'l'-'o nervousness
and mela-ncthoiy caused by over indul?
It destroys the appetite for alcoholic
and alii intoxicating beverages, and
leaves man as be ?\hould be It cap be
administered without the knowledge of
the patient wthere necessary, fie. d for
pamphlet. Klor"s Drug Stores.. New
Newport News FemaleSeminary
Classical School for Girls
and Young Ladies,
Full corps of efficient teachers, repre?
senting the best colleges of tin- North
and South.
Unusual advantages in Art, Music
ami Elocution, Conservatory course in
music, Business course.
Your patronage solicited.
Apply to MBS. M. W. IIARWOOD.
225 29th St., Newport News, Va.
aug27-lm. 1
' ':;,: -...,.. '.JiS
Here thev are. All of our Broken lots of
Men's Mats
In Black and Brown Stiff and Tedora
styles. We have marked them down to the
ow pric e f?r choice
_These goods are worth' $2,50. $2.00 and
$1.50: There is.everv size among the lot. If
yon Want yours don't delay. No old stock
no old styles among them< All this seasons
goods. See display in our window.
Low prices prevail in our /Hen's Clothing De?
Low prices prevail in our Children's Clothing
Low prices prevail in our Shoe Depart?
Low prices prevail throughout our entire
st.< >re.
You should take advantage of them and
be among the lucky ones.
The Reliable
Clothier. Shoer ana
l yy liy
But everything* else in the slinpe of
men's clotliina*.
mean's underwear
We have a great variety, excellent quality at very
low prices.
oql\lars and clTffs
In nil iho laiesl styles at rock-bottom prices
We keep al. the lies! brands and sell them very low
FVlerrs Clothing
Is our specialty ami our prices will Compete with any
j body's. We have had a great run on our
|aiul have only a few loft, 11' you would like to get a suit
;tt hall' value you sh add conic auk look at them. They are
grand quality.
STRICTLY ONr. fl-'lCZt-. n IN I-? TU/IT j THE LOlA/i:ST
.2 "71 -4- \A/ashing;ton /Avenue
All parties who can hoard ami Im)uro delegates to
'.lie Firemen's Convention to he held in this city Septem?
ber 28tli, 21hli and oOtli, 1SU8, will kindly Iii! out the fol?
lowing slip and n turn to Chairman Kntertaininent Com?
mittee, 1\ (). Box City, as early as possihle to enable
us to assign places to our visitors inquiring lor quartet's.
I Name of House. f
^ Name cf Proprietor. 9
I Name of Street.No of House. |
J, No. Can Accommodate.Rate Per Day . i
8? T
own House
By buying one of these
attractive dwellings :
Seven room dwelling near West ave?
nue $2.7,00.00.
Nice house on Forty-fifth street $1.
Modern live room house on Twenty
ninth street $i.::r.o.oo.
Six r<. dwelling on three lots, in
good location and only been built a
year: price only $1.400.00.
Modern dwelling, all improvements,
nine rooms, near West avenue; price
Before investing call and look at
our list of improved and unimproved
property for sale in Newport News.
You will find many attractive pur?
chases on it which yield a large per?
centage on the amount invested.
Irwin Tucker & Co.
Real Estate, Fire, Life and Accident
Insurance Agents.
?Stre.r and Washington avenue
from healthy cows
?stable as clean
as a house and al?
ways open for Inspection?6 cents a
quart or 3 cents a pint. Milk from Jer?
sey cows 8 cents a quart or 4 cents a
pint in glass bottles. Delivered any?
where In the odity.
J. E.~. Langslou/
Cue, Ear, Nose and Throat Diseases
Office hours: 8:30 A. M. to 12:30 P. M.,
2:00 to .ri:00 P. M.. 7:00 to S:00 P. M. Sun
??ys, 0:00 to 11:00 A. M. Room 5, first
floor, First National Bank, 2Sth street
as. I Washington avenue.
?Ju 30-6m.
A Good Judge of Fuel,
will never burn anything but our high
gradt; coal, it is not only satisfactory
for cooking and beating purposes, but
its intense heat and long continued
combustion makes it economical In the
0. C. SMITH & CO
Seventeenth street and Lafayette Ave.
New summer Imi
Is situated on Hampton Roads in
sight of Fort Monroe, where electric
cars meet incoming and outgoing
steamers. This delightful summer re?
sort will be
OPENED MAT 2. 1898,
The hotel has been enlarged. Per?
fect sanitary condition and plumbing.
Halbing Is unexcelled. Fishing and
boating unrivalled. No malaria. The
cool breezes of the Atlantic. Electric
cars every 15 minutes for Fort Monroe,
Hampton and Newport News. No liq?
uors sold or gambling permitted. Pic?
nic parties allowed the use of the
mammoth pavilllon during the day.
Music every night except Sunday.
For terms apply to
Buck Roe Beach Hotel,
Hampton, Va.
apr tf-lin. 1

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