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1 i
VOL Ilf, NO. 20!).
Those That Will Be Used
This Year.
Olil School li
Till th.- Nr
Hi. aril
I.lings Will IIb decupled
:iu<inlor Did Sol sail Yt-sieidiy After
Notwithstanding Hi,, positive sttuo
lenl, made yesterday morning, ih:U
ho I'. S. S. Lancaster would sail .11 :
? lo. k for Portsmouth. M. 11.. that v. -.
?I was siill lying off the Old I'oinl
oek al a late hour last night. Wir.
in- did not have cm Id not lie use. r
l|IUl o
f the
The public s.ho.,1.-. of lb
open on Monday. Seplembei
Professor II. II. Kpes, prliii
High School, and 11.ther teachers are
getting ready lor the opening session of
lS'JS-'fll). and so are th,- ehildreli. 11 had
been hoped thai the new school build?
ings would be ready for occupancy a-,
the opening of ib.- ensuing scholactic
year, but owing to ib,- hitch in Hie sale
of Ihe bonds last spring work on the
buildings was delayed. For several
months at least the old buildings will
be occupied, but it is. probable thai the
more commodious and better ventilated
buildings will I,.- ready before Christ?
inas, as the contractors are pushing
the work.
From now till the
schools Professor Ki
his ..dice in tin- Firs
building from H A. :
furnish information I
petting or tie?
's will remain al
National Bank
. mil i p. m.. to
the children and
the text I.k>
tabling to the
in the Daily I
era I ehanges
books, n.-w re:
phies, c.py I.,
Substitut. ?! I'o
those pupils u
ss pot long sin.
pupil \
. th
t....k in, i
t session will m.t
e th.- change this
for I his is obvious,
to change th.- book
rs Per?
sia ted
I.- text
st hut
II ?
lad.-,I a;
lasses, an
d In- put
HI Si "li
'hange i
ill,- text books
Phillips' b. ing
M. CutTy's
? s sp 11
"Stepping Stone: lo Litel
Guffy's speller. V. r ical V
Book. No. I.
Third Grade-Third reai!
ping SI..lies to Literature;'
Elementary arilhinelic.Mc
er. Vertical Writing Copy
Foiiri h < b ad.- -Fourth
"Stepping Stones to Literal
Klein- ntai y geography.
speller. V'C'l
Fifth Gr:
ping Stones
mentary g?
Vertical \V
Sixth Gr.
pilig Stoic-;
etil Writing
- Firth read
- i lpbv Mel iiic'y's
Ring Copy Book 1
d-Sixtll r.-a.i.-r ii
to Li torn'.uro:" V,-;
thai arithmetic. Fryo's
geography. Hyde's Higher G
McGiil'tv's speller. Vertical
Copy Book X... ?.
Seventh Grade?Seventh re
"Stepping Stou.-s to Literatin
Guft'y's sp.-ll.-r. Vol..-cable's I
arithmetic. Frye's Higher go
Hyde's Higher I '.rauimar. Vert i,
ing Copy Book .No. il; "Our (
Eighth Grade- Eighth re;
"Stepping Si,.ties lo Literatur,
ry's Higher geography: Harve,
tical grammar. V.-n. ruble's
arithmetic; McGuffy's speller.
Writing i "opy Book No. 7: "(i
try" history.
The H.-ard of School Trust,
meet in regular session at th,- 1
tlonal Bank building- tonight, and
siderable business will be trans:
The Indications are that the acco
da lions for He- new pupils will I
sufficient and oth.-r arrangement!
have to be made- for the children.
Stepuentfoji JV Hnrelier and I'ncket
ei able':
's Ele
ib. I.
r until last \
quite Meet. It
die WHS lo go
purpose of I..
nod int.. a
of 111,
liagship ,
?f Of I lie .\|o
terday thai
iilh for the
lied and tu
inin? ship. This u:
is said p. have b.
? work will necessitat
mas ami when she lea
d h.-r present clipper
.- will have vanish.-.1
will war Hi.- air of
I'ship. The Lancaster i
w as .-aol
lo I'.,,-; .
ing ov-ar
gunn -i s'
? Lane is
le.l upon
the u ivy
.1 t.
.-as said al i >I.I Cini y, slot-day
hg I hoi i In- ships u lii. ii I- ft M
or Hi.- North will return sooner
was expected Wllell Ill.-V Sailed
ivith other vessels which hay.- not
her, sin, ,- th,- w ar closed. will
/.volts f...- s. time in the Bonds.
eparturo ..r a number of th,- small
l,.r Norfolk has thinned out the
At . tini,. last w.-.-k iit least
could be counted from lit.- Old
talk that I
hieb were 1,
lodore Wats
.1 I,
.1 t.
The U ashillglOl, coi-.esp,,, dent of -,h
Richmond Dispatch s.-n.ls the foll.iw
suited in
tic- ships
1 la nipt m
al popes.
is no indi
'It is said
; freight
t 11
!?? pat
ii of. u
H all the
ami it w
thai if th
Po- ii that
m. and the
cd. licit it is
an of Hi.- wa
if it. that sev
r.ir Boston
: will, h .we?
lds. Ail th.
ie department to establis
station tor one half of ih
navv at N iri'olk. Its 1,
if all th.
,| this i
ixillary cr.
e, ! Will le
Soldiers Neglected by Army
,-lilnlst on Ihe Transport i.a
lluetieme (ilvrn Ills Kxprrlei
W Idle ill Sea In Iii? Sel l Ice
of I lie Oovertillient.
Kelley, ..r this city, who
t here in July th,- Flaut Line
?ainer La Grande Huchesse when that
ss.-l went int.. commission as a
insport. returned yesterday, having
I the ste:.r at New York.'
Kelley was employed al the
rks of ihe Newport News Shiphuild
; and Bry Dock Company as a ma?
ulst, and when tin- La Grande Duch
-- was ready to go into commission
volunteered his serviles, which were
count of his experience,
many side-splitting i
Kell. y does not hesitate
a: my officials lor w ha;
gross ti.-glig ii,-,.. In s]
trip Mr. K.-lley made
slalom, tit:
"Aller being on board a go\
transport for lirty-l'our dues I
par.-.) to say that ihe official
War Department, from Secre
. si I
,,-iisure th
thinks wa
king of hi
t L.V UO It HAY.
Ilnwilie Holiday*"1 ,,e Celebrated in
Hiiekro.?"?oh Monday.
Next Momlav1" ^o Labor Day.
The Hist M..a-V September has
been set aside K.'ongress as a holiday
r..r Hie toilingUisses, and the day is
.generally oB've-.l throughout the
country. In eiutig with their usual
custom' the ..''oyees of the shipyard
will .-el-brat""' ??>' at Buckroe
Beach, wh.-c"1 entertaining program
made up of1"'7-" contests donated by
local busin, men. whieh^ has been ar?
ranged by committee.. Will be carried
The pror1" "'"I he as follows:
Has.- b;"game Firstj prize. bit
mask tiiin' "1'1'. by Abbe's book slore;
second |.e. ball, by Crbssley Bros.
Foot |1 gam.- ?Prize, box of cigars,
by Allel lll"f-' store.
One indeed yard dash?First prize,
pants fitern. by Klasky and Rolsfleld;
sec.m.'Oize. pants pattern, by Mich
liril prize, valise, by .1.
A. I!
users, by London-Paris C. -th
sccond prize, umbrella, b\
,-lV.es Mttgl.-l'
pting the %hot?First prize, plct
m-by Morgan Furniture House; sec
prize, cigars, 'by F. Bordenave.
uuniiig broad jump?First prize. r:i
y. by Cadwell's Hardware Store: seo
,-l prize, hat. by E. Peyser.
Standing high jump?Prize, picture".
,- Chicago Furniture House.
Quoit match?First prize, shoes, by
billips and Marston; second - .pr.z -.
Lieutenant Colonel Henry
Commits Suicide.
Forgery of a Oociiiiteut on Which Hrej fn
Whh CunvlcUd Traced to III? Hand.
Culprit CoufeHiteM and Then
to,.I- ills Life.
(By Telegraph.)
Aug. 31; Lieiiteni
fairs, is said to have been violently at?
tacked by bis colleagues for having
l.e.-n ignorant of the intention of Em
p.-rot- Nicholas to issue his disarma?
ment proclamation, but in tie- fa.if
Hi.- revival ol' I he Dreyfus affair, the
disarmament proposal has taken finite
a s.ndiiry place It is alleged that
several minister/including M. Briss >:i,
the premier. M. Maruejouls, minister of
commerce, and M. Trouillot minister
of the colonies, demanded a revision
and tin- immediate supersession of sev?
eral stalt officers. M. Cu vaignac. how?
ever, remained linn, opposing this
course on the ground that Lieut mailt
Colonel Henry's forgery had not alter?
ed th.- case as affecting Dreyfus' guilt.
The only result thus far. therefore, is
that Esterhazy is cashiered and will
retire on a small pension. Even after
having the council, the ministers con?
tinued to argue heatedly.
M. Faure has deferred his intended
tini to Havre. It would be imp sa
lo describe the sensation (bat ins
?illed Baris, and ii is not unlikely
I al lie- nexi meeting of the Chuin
of Deputies tie- government w ill be
One Hundred Houses Unroof?
ed in Savannah.
Street? of the City Killed Wllta D.brl
from Partly UelnolUhed Hulldlng.
Many VemelM Wrecked. Narrow
K.?-a|ien. Kut No Lives Lost.
? liar, by Newport News
Ste tin
st priz.
f Hie iure House:
.- Al- Hi,-line,li,I.
g. r down t,, lb,- ..nice ,-ai. nr.- a failur-i Fat man's
ami this statement is not prompted b handkerchief:
the fact that through tin- operations ,| second prize,
lb.- War Department I was c.mpell, ] Tug of Wal?
to take a sulphur bath ami tick!
palate with four-year-old hash. B
solely through a desire to expos'1
crps ,,r government officials ihr.e'1
whos.- negligence hundreds of our"1"
diers have been made physical wr'^S
To their shame he it said "that Itun'oD
of tile brave men who todav are e
iug' "Heath the soil of Santiago, a' but
sil.-ut testimonials of this m-glee.
"It was my pleasure durim ?ur
thr.-e days' anchorage al the ort of
Ponce, Porto Hieei, t,, observe >e gross
ii.elHeiency ..f th.- medical ,]-?" "i.-tt'..
As an illustration I w ill siate-lal upon
our entrance to the hiirboi'>Vl' had
sixty fever cas.-s on board, ' hielt hod
developed during our liv. -d-' r"n from
Charleston. S. C, to Port Bio. and
on id.-a ,,f th.- treatment irY be gained
when I t.-ll you thai a pri'te from ;be
S.-eond Wisconsin r.-gim't approach
anil twenty yard dash
il>. by Herman's Fur:1
-..nil prize, shoes, by 1
ice?Firs* prize, box <
bv -OrimThs & Lewi
im. by B. B. Wilkins.
Prize, box of c'gars. i
itI'a reiiu.
. his en
er pan
lg the priva was told Hm
is impossibl as the otllcei
i enough t be
lasting six h./ts. In justice
.'ii'?- ? pit rj6 ? ? ;irf; ., ., tj
- cbie-r article of ov, lho ^
product of lb.- J....,,.... i.
A. E. O. Klo'r.
Four hundred and forty yard dash
First prize, pi.-tui-e. by Perkins. Dun?
can .\- Ci.?.: second prize, bat by Woo.l
v.ard and Womble; third prize, box of
men s hos.-, by M. Boler.
Tumbling contest?First prize, um?
brella, by Johnson & Hodges: second
prize, box or tics, by Mehyr.
Three legged race?First prize, um?
brella and hat. by Sommers" Broad?
way Store; second prize, box of cigar?
ettes, by W. II. Hopkins.
Shoe race -First prize. shin and
very that he
rtaiii letter
ppears "that
issumcd lie
he charged
guilt of Dr.
cry ,.f dociuneUiS
iL f " ""r 'l
was suiinii. net :,:.
nid uucsiioued by
I Boisdefl'i
r.d the a
ii i
ancles were pointed
milled adding s.-ui
confessed t., fabric:
tor. li is affirmed,
this discovery has
l 'a vaig nac's belief i
Dreyfus, th.inist
punish all t
ter w hat th,
Colonel II.-i
committed I
?hanged .\i
ulpah.lity ,.
eterhiincd t,
?iSII >
posit i.
set! t.
d.s. b
tier: second prize, night
I Luck Store.
Sack Bace?First prize-, rug. I:
m's Furniture House; second
ieyele lamp, by 1''. G. Kipper.
Sw inimiiig match?First priz.
el. by M. 11. Lash; second prize*, n
le lamp, by Johnson & Smith.
Potato rac ? barst prize, shoos,
Ci.scuni.in Bros.: second prize, tea
rk T.
bur.lb- r:
?aniing so
.ml Iti-gtleeti'
iment.. to which the
belongs, may not go
oral Fiizhugh I.e.- to
lb,- Sei-,.ml regiment
s Cr;
t N'ti
con -
? be W .U.
: Richmond Dispatch says:
Tvl. r w iil return to Rich
ViW. He do. s not state his
?a si hi for having his home
,1 I.
,s thai de
elltioll, and ll
djuta.it gelier
ground, bef..r.
ns 1.
d als.
a d.iv,
?II. and
\ It tin s n j i .e.' f lb
.?wing the lallij0ni.(| ,,f
;on. It is butlls, ,,, '
is beautifully li'-igraph-d
as serv. d to the l0n"
.-. whether they
; it. 1
er pa
' ' i urs-giK.. , .,
suffer violent nausea after eat
itiussed a. number of f
ti.-nts lying in the hot sun f
and four ,,f them di
ibis negligence. The dead h,
on tile deck till they began t.
pose, and Captain II. I*. Haul
t i- of the steamer, had to
ship's boat and send member
er. w ashore to bury them. None I i.a. k
provisions taken by the Duchess.- \,.,.
unloaded at Porto Rico, but were c.I [ A tniiiey
ri.d north and thrown overboard,
they had spoiled. These are a few
lb.- things 1 can t.-ll you." I Attorney A
While in Cuba Mr. Kelley purchase, t he I.amb-W
a Erag-Jorgeiissen rille of a native, foiiurm d yeste
which he paid $2.50. This gun had beenngt.itf; whitl
-First prize,
by Newport News
: second prize. halt' .a
bv Lusk.'y.
in juii.p?MrSt prize,
cig.'.rs. by E. .1. Collins; second prize.
I.am. by E. Raynor.
I n- ,-aiing match?Prize, 25 cents, by
Ackerinaii and tic by Shtigain.
Waltz contest?First prize. lady's
cologne and handkerchief. by id.'al
Pharmacy and Sol Peyser: second,
lady's ran, bv Movers Bros.
Waltz ciitcst - First prize. gentle?
man's umbrella, by the Gloge; second
prize, gentleman's hat. by Millman.
Labor Day will be observed a; Vir
each under th.- auspices of the
Labor Union of Southern Vir
11,1 tile toilers of NeWpolt N.-WS
ecu extended an invitation to
ith tlie union.
C. l'cneliy Says '.Tbllig? Al
this city, r --
from Wash
,1 iS ol
of 111
sen within
id the g.iv
iil consult
king lit : i
r.-ar that
be muster
while it is
,. of. these,
aid Fourth
econd. luis
?r and P
I In the
and .1.
Son. two lirtiii
bliSilleSS. l.i'Ve
W. T. Steph
have lic.-n t railing in t he t
baeco business a I the con
inglon avenue and Sei cut
They name Attorney W.
trustee and convey to him
is worth about $300. The
red creditor named in this deed -
signmeiu is Councilman A. E. Bu
who holds a negotiable note for
against Hie firm
ot" Wash
til sti -.-I
Moss as
dock that
lv pr IV.
W. E.
it ill'.)
doing a grocery,
bacco and station
Twenty-seventh si
also mad.- an assignment.
In addition to their slock lhe> . onv. >
all of the stoic tixllires and accounts l.
Attorney E. S. Robinson, us trust, e
The value of the stock is placed a'
$1.71.43. The creditor
M. B. Jones, and in
Boiling, A. I-;. Butch
Curtis. Ketelium & Garrison, Newport
News Fruit and Produce Company and
Newport News Tobacco Coni|
-l End,
I:. L.
Wtll l-lay Hall Saliir.lny
There will be a game of hall at East
End Park Saturday afternoon between
I iberty Fire Company and Harmony
Hose Company, of East End. The
nines will be selected from the twi
companies and it will be a ludicrous i
not a well play.-d game Tin- umpire;
will be Mayor Allan A. Moss and City
Sergeant E. W. Milstead. Amon
who will play on th
ably be Hie captain of Liberty Comp
ny's nine.
Harmony Mos
linciliuaii A. I
Chief W. K. Slow will prol
lal Ins reg
i ihe army,
en. lal I.
lently feari
f Hie S
ernor thai by reason of
the fact thai be was the
e.r. and Ihe further fact
lent is the equal of any
t is entitled to serve with
ii Cuba. Tile Second ev
ihat Colonel Taylor may
take the Fourth to Ha
y b,
There is but slight probability
.-r of lb.- regiments being mils
.ut before it has bad a tour ol
'. A. Asbb
nish.'d t.. lb.- Cuban by the United ei
Siat.-s government. In Cuba Mr Kelley ,:
savs he saw th,- natives selling to our -
own soldiers provisions that bad b.-.-u |
furnished t.. them bv th.- government, i I
Mr. Kelley has very little sympathy for j !
the i 'ubans.
"They have a now way of serving
,er in Bonce," said Mr. Kelley. "1
.-nt into a plat-.- and called for a beer
mi tb.-y brought it to me in "a bowl,
i the bow l was a spoon and 1 was sup
os'e.l lo .-al il as 1 would soup."
Mr. Joel Whitley, who also left here
n La Grande Duchesse, is expected to
rrive home today. He had charge of
In- silverware in on,- of the saloons.
La Grande Duchesse will not return
.re in the near future as was expecl
.1. for the steamer will be converted
? itu a temporary hospital for the use
0' sick soldiers.
Mr. Kelley savs too much cannot be
said in praise of Captain 11. 1'. Maldini,
he master of the steamer. Fre.Uiently
eh,-ti the soldiers w.-rc neglected by
heir officers Captain Hanlon ininisler
.1 to them himself.
Mr. Kelley will probably resume his
losition in the shipyard.
National Republican
R. 11
?til rm
Master Charb
visiting relatives at Fiiic.islle. Va.
Judge T. .1. Harham bos rotui
..in bis summer vacation.
Mr. A. Klaskey ami family have
turned from a trip (o northern citii
.vir. D. (1. Smith, clerk of the
tu ts, is visiting friends in the vici
ol' Winchester. Va.
Rebecca Reisfield has returned
ity arter spending three month
Lillie Wilt, of Alexandria, is th
,t* Mrs. George C. Council, on
Miss Estelle Richardson, of Sufi..Ik
< visiting her sister. Mrs. Lull
'wenty-seventh street.
Mr B C. Moore, or Wilmington. N
'.. is the guesl .d Mr. W. t). L'.ttl
he Warwick Pharmacy.
Mr. W. IL Sinclair, who owns consul
ruble property above the city, will
liortly commence work on a race track
n a portion of his farrh.
st t he manner
held in this .t
,!' e lect lug dole!
in w hieh primaries
strict for tin- put
;ates to th,- Repul -
Coiiv.-niion, wiiich
folk next Wednes
-|:Peachy states that he had a most
ctory trip, ami thai the Natiou
?atressioiial Committee will order
'jrman of his faction to issue a
iveittion and will set as.de
f the- colli mi; tee of which
:. L. Burroughs, of Ports
? chairrnan. He will know
s. w hen Hie call will be is
call I.
the tie'
todav. 1
Post mil
131, of 1
relit 11
Da ill
1 Proposal* r.ir Ku.litliig HaltiiesttipH
to lie Itroken at Noun.
special dispatch received by the
Press last night from Washing
?"Tomorrow at no.ui bids will 1
cd in the s. cretar
Department for 1!
ships nut horiz. .1 I
ice at the Navy
Iditional battle
last naval ap
isid.- il
man a
r Fred Read, the city chair
Republican parly, does n t
liiteuient Hat a new call
Certainly the National
'oiuinittce would no. s t
of Hie committee of ibis
t first giving the chalr
pembers an opportunity
n. too. Mr. Bead is con
National Congressional
Vnhold the action of the
ia\ >
fraud. H
Dr. I: id
Dr. W. F
d this city, is at
ceting or the Vlr
. w hu h is now in
llnul blacks in the TV.I*.
Patrolmen C. B. Crafford, C. .1. Pad?
gett and N. I. Rayfield arrested thir?
teen bootblacks mar the corner of
Washington avenue and Twenty-eighth
street last evening and lodged them in
"jail lor congregating in front of the
Ideal Pharmacy and Griffiths it Lewis'
store, contrary lo an order recently is?
sued. Th.- bootblacks arrested were:
Frank McClaran. Willie Robinson.
Thomas Freeman, Ed Mullen. Joe
Berge, John Gaims. Owen Baldwin.
Peter Walker. Richard Shaw, Charlie
Bailer, Andrew Jackson, Walter Wil?
liamson and Henry Kills.
Duffey's Mall Whiskey K? cents per
bottle. Other case goods In proportion,
?lugler's Family Liquor Store. au30 lm
lending the annual
ginia Medical Soei.
session at Virginia. Beach.
Miss Lula Crump, who has been vis?
iting Miss Goode Anderson, left yes?
terday to resume her duties as teacher
in the Woman's College; of Richmond.
"Keeper," the valuable St. Bernard
dog. which was presented to Mr. H. E.
Parker by Mr. William Alcott, ol" Al
dersnn. West Va.. died yesterday. The
animal was a fine specimen or the noble
Si. Bernard and was admired by all
who saw him. He was born January 2
Work on the new bank building
which Mr. F. F. Finch is creeling nt
the corner of Washington avenue and
Thirtieth street, is progressing rapidly
The excavation has been completed and
masons are now laying the foundation
The work of laying the keels for the
three Morgan line vessels, which wi.l
be built al the works of the Newpor.
News Shipbuilding and Dry Dock Com?
pany, will begin next week.
rh.-y are designed foi?
ls knot.- -1.d. but it is likely thai
sol.f the bidders may propose to 1
raise ihe limit to IS knots.
"Probably only three firms will bid
for the vessels. The Newport News
Shipbuilding and Dry Dock Company.
Cramps, and tin- Union Iron Works.
"Messrs. W. A. Post and C. F. Bailey
arrived last night, and will be present
at the department tomorrow to look
after the interests of the Newport News
Bailey, who is In Washington
with General Manager W. A. Post, is
he chief-draughtsman in the engine
lepartment at the shipyard. The
Newport News Shipbuilding ami Dry
Hock Company will submit two bids,
me according to ihe plans and speci
ncntions prepared by the Navy Depart?
ment and another on the plans prepar?
ed by the company. The iatt.-r are
said to be superior in some respects to
those prepared in Washington, and
the yniay be accepted. It is almost
certain that Newport News will gel at
least one of the ships to build.
his was
didn't the chain-. c
some time ag< 1.'
said Mr. Head. Dl.
ciliar in which he :
to recognize the Ca
roughs and partiell
Another tiling M
was that at Hie u
t riet, as he ciaii
vas a late hour I
to make a fight
led by bis ra
convention. If
immitlce w
III v<
I o Ice Co
.Ving case;
matter .d' fan
Ige issued a cli
?i.-il his followei
Chairman Bin
'11'ihe meeting
'"?<id p linted 01
of Mr. Bark
\gnew. chairman <it M organlza
ion. and Colonel VV ilbF vvickham
?hairman of lb.- Larnls._ Cominu.
which was held Washington
<oine time ago. the lat . (1 u
?irrender bis organizati. |Me ,?,?,.
est of parly harmony. w.(s af>.
proved by Senator Ma>V Hannn
That agreement carried ij, (ll3
tri t county and : " ,s
??The convention will be .^' Nn]._
folk next Wednesday. sai(. fteftd
??and ti candidate will be P, jn
ti. ld for Congress."
I lie
found to b
inilitary a
attache ii
It is als
h has hith<
?en written
lach.- 10 lie
October. IS:
said that w
the ('hambeV of I
I li?
en tin
which Dreyfus
' is p ipei
,1 at ihe tun
let- hand, th,
? pl'opo.
em.and the immediale
uel IMc.pi.iri. wli.i is i
borio-s 'connected indii
heifus affair, and the
It is
it.-.I to
chief .
as convi
1 Is,
1.1 IVA I. Ti ' '/.i 'LA.
I'lmarlial here has just sein
rivate soldier to Hue,- month
oiuncnt and live hundred liam
shouting "Vive Zola."
iiina Addresses a. Proclama
tcd that at today's cabinet
meeting the ministers admitted thai a
revision ..f Hie Dreyfus trial was ah; -
Itltely unavoidable anil a public un
iVouneement that the ministry has de
elded lo initiate such a revision is ex?
pected soon.
10 P. M.?-General LeMoulon Debois
?hief of I he general si.iff ,,1 ib
tinny, lias tendered his resigna?
tion to th.- government. General De
b-iisdelTre. in his l.-lt.-r of resign.itl.in
explains thai be resigns owing .s
misplaced confidence in Lieutenant C.-l
w'hi. h 1,-d him 1,. present
ilie-l Hen
-M. Ca Vi
main t,
? hat
sc.- justice
,1 in
?e thanked .\
< iivaiguac for proof ,,f his esteem. 10
persisted in his resignation, lie will |
replaced, therefore. by General R
nouard, director of the mili-tarv ,-olleg
Col,??.| Henry w.,s attached to
war department when Dreyfus was
victo.1. and In- was .,11,- of Hie proini
witnesses who t,..-tiii.-,| iintavorabl
M. Zola during lie- latt.-r's senat
trial ,.11 th.- charge of libelling mili
to H.-r People.
1 Bv Tcl-graph.)
THE HAGUE, August 31. Upo
.asion of her birthday and Hi
tainmciit of her majorlly today Qu
Wilhelmina Helena Pauline Maria
sued a proclamation to the people
He- .Netherlands. 1: -vas worded
on ibis day. so Important to you and
me. I desire before all c
word of warm platitude.
I, ?micros! years you have surr.mil.led
me with your love. From all parts
th.- Kingdom, from all classes of s
. buy. young and ..I.I. 1 have always r
e.-iied sinking proofs of attnchmei
Alt.-r the death of my venerable fa 111
all your attachment to ihe dynasty w
transferred to me. t Mi -.Iiis day I a
e.a.l.v to accept the splendid though
weightv task whereto I have 1.11 c:
cd. ami 1 feel myself support.-! by y,
II. blitv. Receive my thanks.
"My dearly beloved mother, to wh
I am immensely indebted, set me
example by her noble and exalted ci
.option of Ihe duties which henceforth
devolve upon me. The aim of my lift
will be I., follow h.-r example and t.
govern in the manner expected of :
princess of the house 01' Orange. Trtn
t.. ih. constitution, I desire to-strenglh
en tin- respect for the name anil tlai
of ih.- Netherlands. As sovereign o
possessions ami colonies. East am
Wesi. I desire lo observe justice an.
contribute so far as in in.* li.-s t
? increasing intellectual and muter a
liar.- of my 1.pie. I hope and ex
I 1 he support of all, in whatever off!
I or social activity you may l>.
.-. .1. wii bin the Kincdoni or without
will n.-ver be wanting'. Trusting
God and with a prayer that He give
irength. 1 accept ihe government.
Queen Wllhelmina, accompanied by
lie Queen Mother, attended divine sot
ic-s in the great church here this
mining. The grand duke of Sax
V.'1111111-. Die Grand Duchesse of M.-. k
It-nburg. Hie Princes and Princess o
id. Hi.- diplomatic corps, the civil
inilitary authorities and
thousand other persons were present
? papal nuncio. Manager Tarnassi
and the ministers from Catholic coun
t ries at lend.-.1 divine services in th
Catholic church.
AMSTERDAM. Aug. 31.-Solemn
thanksgiving services were held her
today in all ihe churches, as well as in
churches throughout Holland, up.11
occasion of Qti.-en Wilhelma attain
her majority.
: h.
I 'olonel
c/.or In
being ap
tccesstoi- .n
disposed of
The foil
in the Police Court yesterday 111,
John Scott (colored), petty If
?0 days in jail.
Henry Boyd (colored), resisting an
officer; fined $20 and costs.
111 EE ' >F PO.
NORFOLK, VA.. A>'g. 31
Charles C. Kizer. win. recently p
a scat in the House- of Dob-gat
was elected president 0! the
Council, was tonight
police 10 till Ih
ted chi.
,-alb of Captain Thomas S.
PARIS. Aug. SI.- Li.-ni.-mint i
Henry ,-iit Ids throat win
had . ohc.-aled in his valise
During n?. recent" Zola trial Henry
nee used Col.in.-I Pi.mart ,,f. falsifying
lei.-grams. A du.-l followed, in which
Henry was wounded.
The next seen.curred in the Cham?
ber ... Deputies, where Colon,-I Pi,pint
proclaimed the letter a forgery and --s
a result, was arrested, while Heni'v'i
villainy was rewarded lo
pointed Colon.-l Pieiuart
Ihe intelligence llopitl l,,|,
Ii is now evident thai Henry l"oi
Ihe letter Min, ii,,. express iibje,
paralyzing Colond Pi.miurt's effort
c-xpose Major Esterhazy ami 1,, g,
revision of I ||e 1 ireyfus
t.-r was written in had
Wiiich first led it to b
It is said thai if lb,, cabinet decides
upon revisii.f the Dreyfus case. M.
Cavaignae, minister of war. will resign
The scene of Lieutenant Col .ii-i H.--1
r.Vs ay.oval was mosl painful. When
In- sow it was almost useless lo deny
I'm Hier, his tongue grew too thick for
his m .nth. and In- was unable 10'spe.lk.
11 w as feared that he W ould have an
apopleptic stroke After he was arrest?
ed he was permitted I.. visit his wife
while ..11 ihe way t<, th.- fortress ai
Mont Valerien. Tin
ing him was under
sight of him for a moment, and, there?
fore, he could hot see his wire alone.
All three proceeded to his bedro. to
get the necessary clothing. Henry then
clasped his wile in his arms and ex?
claimed: "My conscience is pure ami
1 ret; from every sling."
This exclamation is much commenb d
upon as going to show that be may pos?
sibly have forged the l.-lt.-r under 01
ders from his superiors.
Lieutenant Colonel Henry was a p a
sant's son. He was born on Pouzy, In
Marne, in IMS. ami enlisted in a Tool
regiment, as his brother's .substitute, in
ISC3. lb- had a go id military record
for bravery and inexorable discipline,
lie was a prisoner of war in IS70 and
was wounded in the Algerian cam
palgn. He retained much of the rough
and ready manners ..r a non-commis?
sioned officer, lb- was lacking in edu
cation, spoke no foreign languages iTi;
owed his promotion primarily p, Irs
reputation fur blunt straightforward?
PARIS, Aug. 31.?The cabinet :..t:
held iwo stormy sittings, under Hi.
presidency e.f M. Faure. It finally rost
between (i and V o'clock; having appar
ently failed to arrive at a decision 01
? the question of revising tin- DreyCu:
1.?The Fatentence, for the customary official no ,
fixed bail 'as not issued.
. ,. .... ...se of Surge. It is possible, however, looking to Ha
NoMcqulte ? Vh, Twenty-second Kansaicited state of public reeling, that II,.
,I5.0K,"OL,0OSe..S"..''p ,0 hf 1 a 10C b ?S lnd lot merit charged with gravvernment deems it advisable to pro.
of "No Mosiiuite" wi l drive away ev- und. 1 mein? . . . . . . , eiiiib.uslv and to conceal its ,1
?rv mosquito. FRED F. ALLEN & desecration. Counse hope to s.cu.ed ciulionslj and to conceal its de
CO. aug-10-l-W their client's release in .1 few days.
fax Va.. authorities haVi
the sum of $1.100 in the
ms for the present.
Delcasse, minister of foreign ;.?
lalurdav Revi
So rd
THE DAMAGE $500,000
(By Telegraph.)
SAVANNAH, OA., Aug. 31.?While
h.-re was no loss of life from last
ight's storm which swept over Savan?
nah, the damage to property will foot
li .-lose to a million dollars.
The storm began early Tuesday
night and raged with increasing vio
until ,s o'clock this morning. It
; its height between 4 and 5
:. when Hie wln.l reached a veloc
eigbty miles an hour. It waa
he heaviest damage was done.
When daylight came the streets wera
impassable from debris.
Probably 100 buildings were wholly
>r partially unroofed ami as many
more were damaged in other ways,
fhej-oor was torn from half of the Sa?
vannah theatre and the auditorium of
that building was transferred into a
The First Baptist church is among
Hie most heavily damaged buildings.
The entire western half or the root was
lifted from the walls anil curried into
,e street below. The handsome organ
is filled with water and the rich trea?
ting was ruined.
St. Johns Episcopal, the First and
[.?pendent Presbyterian and Luther
l church of the Ascension were also;
that i 'ha
pupp.-t a
her,- bei
Says Americans A
nd i lorrupt.
ug. 31.?The London
It.-view, which recently said
leey M. Depew was a painted
1 a snob, expresses the views
'. and which candid expres?
sion is being quoted in English finan?
cial and other newspapers, averse to
American interests in Gr, at Britain
and to English interests embarked in
this country:
"There are, of course, many worthy
private persons in the United States;
but what we have to think of now are
lb.- people ,,r that country as represent?
ed in th.-ir social, civil and political
customs. Socially it - is sordid to Hie
last degree; Iis courts or law and all its
civil institutions arc corrupt: the
.Hi..,Is ,.f its political parties are no
belter than those of long-firms, ft has
contributed nothing to Hie self-respect
of humanity. On Ihe contrary, ii has
shown all the world lo what a depth
..f public depravity civilization is ca?
pable of descending."
What the S
In the- business part of the city doz?
ens of stores wer,, umoored and win
lows were blown in and the interior
Hooded. There was no telegraphic com?
munication during the day until late
in tin- evening, when the Western
Union and Postal Cable lines were in
partial working order. Street car trav?
el is blocked ami tonight the city is in
darkness. The streets are a network o?
tangled wires.
In the harbor and at quarantine at
Tybee the damage to shipping Is heavy.
Tin* British bark Breamer, from Dema
rara. was blown on a Jetty during tha
night and is heavily damaged. Tha
Italian bark Maria Maraffo broke loose,
from her anchorage and drifted into
ihe marsh, where she Is lying. The
Norwegian bark Noe broke loose from
h.-r moorings at quarantine and went
ashore on Daufuskie Island, at the
mouth of Savannah river. Her crew oC
Twelve men were rescued 'by the tug
McCuuley. She Is a total-wreck. Be?
tween llftisen and twenty naptha
launches in the river at the Savannah
Yacht Club anchorage, at Thunderbolt,
oji'd as many more small sloops and
ch.loners doing n coasting trade with
ihe Islands, were sunk or lost. Tha
steamers Alpha, and Doretta drifted
their anchors and went ashore and are
heavily damaged. The steamer Eulala
broke from her moorings at Wilming?
ton Island, about ten miles from Sa?
vannah, and sank. Mrs. J. E. Lucas,
wife of t$gp owner, was on board and
was rescued with difficulty by the cap?
tain ami a deck hand. She was taken
to Hi.- top of the wheen and thrown In
shore and was caught as she struck the
water and was carried safely to land.
The re-venue steamer Tybee, In com?
mand of George Maher, went lo the as?
sistance of the stranded vessels in the
harbor before daylight and rendered
valuable aid in saving life and proper?
ly. The cutter Boutweli was in Wil?
mington river and Is safely anchored.
At Tybee Island the hotels and cot?
tages were heavily damaged. The
North Carolina troops passed a terrible
night there, but were all brought safe?
ly to the city today.
All of the railroads suffered severely,
by washouts, and trains have run with
difficulty all day.
The rice and cotton crops have been
heavily damaged. It will be impossible,
however, to estimate the damage far
several days.
Tin- storm covered a comparatively,
small territory. It extended in the in?
terior not more than thirty miles, and
hardly that distance north and south.
It is believed to have been severe at
sea and fears are felt for vessels oft
Ihe coast.
. I
ecr.-tary of War Thinks of
charges Against His Department.
WASHINGTON, Aug. 31. ?Tt cannot
be said that Secretary Alg.-r is Indiffer?
ent to many sensational stories tha! arc
printed as to tin- conditions that pre?
vail in the greal military camps, for
his first interest lies in the welfare of
the individual troops. But he said to?
day that, with a full knowledge of the
lack of foundation for most of these.
In- deprecated such publications, not
because ..r tear that the American peo?
ple would be mistaken in their under?
standing ol" the actual rai ts, but rather
from an apprehension of the evil effect
such publications would produce
abr.1. There the people, who, with
their full military training, knew just
whal hardships must be encountered by
troops in a campaign, and especially in
military camps anil manoeuvres, would
regard with amused surprise the in?
numerable complaints that are pouring
forth upon Ihe government here upon
pretexts that would be disregarded en?
tirely in Europe, and they could scarce?
ly fail to gain the impression that the
American people arc lacking in sol?
dierly qualities.
Transport Sinks at Fernandina in
Twenty Feet of Water.
FERNANDINA, FLA., Aug. 31.?The
government transport steamship Oli?
vette sunk al 2 o'clock this morning
while taking on coal at the quarantine
station. She suddenly made a heavy
list to port, water poured into her port
holes ami she went to the bottom in
t wenty f. ei ..f water. She is entirely
submerged excepting h.-r upper deck.
No .me was injured.
WASHINGTON. Aug. 31? It is stated
tit tin- War Department that the sink?
ing of tin- Olivette was not the fault
oi" United Stales officers. An explana?
tion has b.-.-n asked for from the officer
in charge of the Olivette.
Preparations are being considered for
pumping oul the Olivette. She was a| BENTON HARBOR. MICH.. Aug.
Plant liner and ran between Port Tain- 31.?Capt. Clark, of the Oregon, has had
pa and Key West. his furlough extenued ihr?e months.
Most Magnificent Military Pageant
Ever Seen in Jacksonville.
(By Telegraph.) i
The parade of the seventh army corps
today was the most, magnificent mili?
tary pageant ever seen in Jacksonville.
Nearly 20.0(H) men were in line, and ev?
ery regiment presented a fine appear?
ance. Fortunately good weather favor?
ed the soldiers, and not a drop of rain
fell during the day.
The procession started past the re?
viewing stand occupied by Oeneral Lea
and staff at 3:10. and it was 5:30 befora
the last regiment marched by. The
streets along the line of march were
lined with thousands of people. who
cheered and applauded the soldiers,
each regiment seemingly getting its
lull share of applause. The First Wis?
consin regiment, which Is to be sent
home to be mustered out, was excused
from llu- parade and was the only ona
that did not appear. Colonel William
.It nnings Bryan, in command of the
Third Nebraska regiment, received a
continuous ovation all along the line of
march. The inarch was a very tedious
one for Some of the regiments that are
encamped outside of the city limits,
and the ambulance carried a good
many men back to camp. So far as
reported, however, then' were no seri?
ous affects as the result of the pa?
The soldiers made a splendid appear?
ance in their khaki trousers and blue
shirts. All carried their ponchos as
well, but for the first time in a general
parade in the city had no use for them.
i m.
Business Man Shoots Another on
the Street in Versailles.
VERSAILLES, K Y., Aug. 31.?An?
drew F. Steele, a prominent business
man of Versailles and ex-councllman.
and a very prominent factor in politics,
aged about fifty years, was shot and
killed this afternoon by Merrltt J.
Hughes, also a prominent business man
of this place. The shooting took place
on Main street. Bad blood had exist?
ed between the two men for over a
year. Politics was at the bottom.
Ex-Senator Blackburn witnessed the
Steele had been drinking, but a fr'.end
whq was with him a short time before
he was killed said he was not drunk.
Hughes was immediately arrested and
placed in Jail.

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