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"Send Felke to ino at once, "said Mine.
"I have been searching for Felice ever
since I received inadame's directions. I
do not think that she can bo in the house.
Ihdeed if inadume will permit me. I think
I can guess. Felice has been in the habit
of going out of evenings Felice has a
'?Indeed!'' said Mine. Perrot. "Well,
pretty girls generally hove beaux. Only
she should not forgot her duties."
?'If mudaiue will permit, the servants
say that this beau of Felice's is a gentle- '
man, not a man of her own position, and
that?but no matter: it is none of my
business. Only young girls were more
prudent in my days."
"1 will speak to Felice." said madamo.. '
"It was right of you to mention this." '
Thou site sank back into her chair and
waited a little longer. Sho was not a
nervous person, and yet a gloom and dread
for which site hud no words began to set I
tie down upon her. She shuddered, sho |
grow cold, site dared not look ln-hind her, j
site fancied strange voices borne to her on i
tho breeze that lifted t-liecurtaius over the j
open windows.
In the salon M. Perrot and some old :
friends drank wine and played ecurto. I
She would.have gone to them had she I
dared, but she dreaded the long corridor
too much, .-the absolutely did not dare to
open the door.
Some one who knew the value of the
jewels she had worn t hat day might have
followed her home. The idea of the black
visaged mllian was so terribly vivid that.
Mine. Perrot actually gave a little scream,
and, seizing the small silver baud I.eM
which stood upon the table near her, rang
it violent ly.
It was in this way that she was wont to
summon I'clice from her own little room
hard by. The other servants only answer?
ed the bell which communicated willi tho
kitchen, but Mine. Perrot had now be?
come too nervous to cross the room to
touch it.
She rang the little silver bell ami looked
over her shoulder toward the door, imping
that some one had heard. The door open?
ed, and Felice entered slowly.
Her face was very pale, her large, dark
eyes were darker than- ever. Sho made
her little courtesy and stood lief ore Mine.
Perrot. w ith her hands folded together.
"Von have been a long while in com?
ing," said Mine. Perrot. "1 have waited
for you two hours. This must never hap?
pen again."
''No, madamo; never again."
"See that, it does not. My dressing
gown, Felice."
The girl already held it in her hands.
Usually she was brisk and active in her
movements. Today sho was strangely
slow* and solemn'.
"If it was my shroud, you could not be
graver over it," cried Mine. Perrot.
"There, comb my hair and go. Von are
too frightfully solemn to endure any lon?
"It ismndumc's will that I should comb
her hair?" she said.
"Have you gone crazy, Felice? I lave
you not done it every night lor a year?"
"If it is mtidamc's will, I must do it,"
said Felice in tho same strange way, and
she stepped behind the lady's chair.
Slowly the great masses of golden (loss
fell about the lady's shoulders. Softly the
maid gathered them under her bonds and
began to puss the comb through them.
As she did so Mine. Perrot experienced
such a shock as one receives from an elec?
tric battery.
"AVhat a strange feeling!" she cried.
Again the comb entered her hair.
Again she experienced that singular neu
aal ion.
she cried, starting to her feet. "What, are
you doing to me? Vou"?
But there was no one there. Tho door
had not opened or shut. Felice had been
Standing behind her the instant before
Now she was gone. Tho dread of she
knew not what was heavier than before
She could neither scream nor run.
All that sho could do was to drag herself
to bed and draw the coverlets over her
head. Whether she fainted or lost, con
sciousness she never knew.
It was late when sho awoke. The bonds
of the alabaster clock upon the mantel
piece pointed to the hour of 10, but instead
of tho usual domestic rounds of the hour
she was conscious of a strange bustle and
confusion, and she thought she heard the
name Felice repeated in tones of horror
moro than once. Why did they not. cuine
to her and tell her?
In a moment more tho door opened and
M Perrot, wrapped in his quilted dress?
ing gown, came in. Iiis face was very
"You're nwalic, my love?" he asked.
"Yes, I am awake. What has hap?
"Your maid, Felice, is dead. Sho has
taken poison. Her mother, n washerwom?
an, lives in the Hue St. t'yr. Sho went
thero yesterday afternoon, ami this morn
Ing was found dead in bed. The lumen
tatiuns of the poor woman awakened me.
She had brought a note which Felice had
left for you. Shall I read it?"
"Yes, nion ami," said Mine. Perrot,
trembling violently.
''Adored madamo," lit; began, "1 shall
never dress that beautiful hair again. 1
knew It when I arranged it an hour ago.
When you return bona-, Felice will be
dead. Sho is too miserable to live. Ah,
madamo, when you touch that little bell 1
have obeyed so long it scums to mo that
my spirit must hear it and come to you
"Henri!" cried Mine. Perrot, with a
scream. "Oh, Henri, this is terrible! Fe?
lice undressed my hair herself at midnight
?Felice, who was then dead! Come to
me! Let me touch you! Save me from
this great terror that is gathering about
M. Perrot flow to his wife's side. Tho
light from tiie open window fi ll across the
pillow and over the beautiful head that
lay upon it. lie stared at it for a moment.
"Muli Dien, my child," he cried,
amazed and horrified, "what lias hap?
pened? Your hair has turned white!"
And this is how Mine. Perrot's hair
turned white at the age of 20.?Exchange.
Mauslaugliter In Football.
In an English case Mr. Justice Hawkins
recently said respecting manslaughter In
football that it might be useful to remind
those who played this rough anil danger?
ous game that if u man caused violence,
whether willful or through gross negli?
gence, to another in such a way as to pro?
duce death he would be responsible for
the fatal issue and that if he willfully
caused grievous bodily harm to another
and thereby caused his death his crime
would bo not manslaughter, but murder.
It appears from "Law Notes," London,
that the accused was convicted in this
tase, but allowed to go on his own recog?
nizance of ?50 to come up for judgment if
sailed upon to do so.?Case and Comment
.An Kasy Trick.
"My wife can tell what time it is in the
middle of the night when it is pitch dark."
"How does she do it?"
"she makes nie get up and look at the
clock."?London Fun.
On a parade grctmd at Calcutta are s
erai adjutant birds These creatures walk
up and down the grounds, and they look
so much like soldiers that at a distance
strangers often mistake them for such.
German shorthand writers do not com?
pare favorably with those of other nations.
They rarely tuke down more than 50 words
? minute.
American Devotee* of tlio Weed Have ?
Hard Time of It.
The smoking American has a hard tlrno
of it on the continent. In several of tho:
countries, notably in Franco, Spain und j
Italy, tho trade is in the hands <;T the gov- j
eminent, or s-> enormously taxed that it is (
virtually a government monopoly. What- I
ever may he the benefits to tie- national!
exchequer, there mo certainly none to tho j
consumer, and if a nationalist or .-;atc so?
cialist wants arguments to support his j
theories I t him shun the subject of Kit |
ropcan tobacco
Pipe smokers will find no p.lag tobacco ;
abroad They can get American brands j
of long cut or tine out only at exorbitant i
prices. Where the monopoly prevails the !
comn.cn smoking tobacco offered lor sale |
will euro the habit if anything will. Ital ;
km cigars are about the meanest cigars man i
ever perpetrated on a suffering communi- j
ty French cigars arc nut much belter j
Havana.- can be bought in tin Lat in coun- j
tries at high rates
standing what is good in the tobacco line. !
Cigars are cheap in Switzerland, cheaper
in Germany and dog cheap in Holland 1
In fact, Ilillltmd is tin- paradise of stuck j
ers. Tobacco is absolutely free of duty 1
there, if ! understand right, and partly by I
reason of the fuel that Sitmai ra is a Dutch ,
possession. Holland leads the world in I
some branches ol the tobacco trade So |
the discreet smoker will bring hoiiio fr.no !
i Holland as i,?.my cigars as be can. In
i Rotterdam or AmsP rdam he may buy for
I a cents a pirn cigars that in many Ameri?
can cigar stores would retail at In cents
straight., and for?cents lie call ^'t luxury
I that in An.cri.-a a millionaire v..old deem
Tl.igarette habit prevails in Plane,?.
Italy and Spain, so decent cigarettes can
be bought, but Turkish or Kgyptian ciga?
rettes arc not given away. In Germany
and Austria pipe smoking is more com?
mon, and in Groat Britain it would seem
I as if most men smoked a pipe, both in?
doors and out.?Robert Luce in "Going
How They Act When Wounded or Left
Without Their Hilter?.
When horses are hit in battle, they stop
tremble in every muscle and groan deeply
while their eyes show w ild astonishment
During the battle of Waterloo some of the
horses, as they lay on the ground, having
recovered from tiie llrst agony of their
wounds, fell to eating the grass about
them, thus surrounding themselves with
a circle of ban* ground, the limited extent
of which showed their weakness Olh.-rs
of these interesting animals were observed
quietly grazing in the middle of the Held
between the two hostile lines, their riders
having been shot off their backs, while the
halls that. Hew over l lo ir heads and I bo
tumult behind and beforo and around
them caused no in!, rruption to the usual
inst in.-Is of t heir nature.
It whs also observed thai when a charge
of cavalry went past, near to any of tin:
stray horses mentioned, they would set
oil, form themselves in the rear of their
mounted companions, ami, though without
rider-, gallop strenuously along with the
rest, not slopping nor Hindling when the
fatal shock with He- enemy took place.
At the battle of tho Kirb in lTfil. Major
Mucdoiiald, having unhorsed an Kuglish
olliccr, tool; possession of his horse, which
was very beautiful, and immediately
mounted it When tin- Kuglish cavalry
lied, the horse ran away with Iii--, captor,
notwithstanding all bis efforts to restrain
him, nor did the animal slop until it was
at tin- head ol the regiment, of which, ap?
parently, its master was 1 he commander.
n./m-riMis'iigdre' which -.nti'cooinoo ???aw
scnicd when he thus saw himself the vie-,
lim ol' his ambition to possess a line horse,
which ultimately cost him his lib- upon
the scaffold, mav be easily conceived.?
New Vork Tribune
Modern Chivalry.
Sir Walter Raleigh's cloak has been a
symbol of chivalry for manj years, but the
little street boy's cap*in the following
story, from The Sunday Magazine, do
serves km equally honorable place:
The bust story I know of an Kdinburgh
street boy was iuld me by a lady who wit?
nessed flic incident. There was a Christ
mas treat given to poor children at a mis?
sion hall, and hundred-, of little ones were
assembled at the doors in advance of the
hour of ndmit.ini.ee, many of them hare
Among the number was a sweet faced
little girl, w ho seemed less hardened than
most to tho cold, for she shivered ill her
poor jacket, and danced from one foot to
the othur on the c.l.l. bard --miles. A boy
not much older watched this performanco
for a few minutes and then, with asudden
impulse of protection, took ..If his cap, put
it down heroic her ami said:
" Ye maun stand on that.'
Animals and Music.
Tarantulas do not dance to tho sound of
the violin, but. let tin- people they bite do
the dancing. Scorpions, however, enjoy
fiddling, according to The Quarterly Re
view, and lizards go crazy for music of
any kind. As for serpent.-, the boa conl<
strictor ami python arc senseless to mdk.
oily, but the cobra is fascinated by tfi
Hutu and still more by the fiddle, I'nlA
bears enjoy the violin, so d.. ostriches
Wolves will stop in tho chase In listen loa
cornet. Klephants are fond of tho llute.
especially lb.- upper notes. Tigers, while
appreciating violin and llute. cannot stand
the harmonium, while the musical seal
shows no ciu. : i.e. on hearing any instru?
ment, not even the bass drum.
Persistency is characteristic of all men
who have accomplished anything great.
They may lack in tonic particular, may
have many weaknesses'and eccentricities,
but the quality of persistence is never ab
sent, in a successful man N'o matter what
opposition be meets or what discourage
meats overtake him. be is always persist?
ent. Drudgery cannot disgust him. la
bor cannot, weary him. He will persist,
no mutter what comes or goes, It, is a
part of bis nature lb- could almost as
rasily stop breathing. 1; is not. so much
brilliancy of intellect or fertility of re?
source as persistency of effort, constancy
of purpose, that gives success.? Keystone
Improved on Solomon,
In a Pontiac i Mi.-l-, I Siimlav school a
little girl told ihe siory . i Solomon and
the disputing mothers in this wise: "Solo
laon was a very wise man. One day two
women went to him, quarreling about a
baby. One woman said. -This is mv child.'
and tin- other woman said, X.,,' 'tain't;
its min.-.' Hut Solomon spoke up und
? aid: 'No, r.... ladies; don't quarrel. Give
lac my sword, and ill make twins of !,im.
to you can both have on...' " ? Kxrhango
The terms "highway" and "highroads'
auuc in!., use from an early custom of
raising public road- above the level of tho
country through '..hieb they passed in
order to sectiro drainage
Tho cries of sea birds, especially Boa
gulls, arc very very valuable to sailors in
misty weather. The birds Cluster on the
cliffs and coast, and their cries warn boat?
men that lhay arc near I he land
A proverb found in one form or another
in every Kuropcan or Asiatic language
having a literature is " Familiarity breeds
Beauty, Health
And Complexion
|j Is the name of a
it book coiitaiiiiii<j" vai
P liable information re
rj <>-:>rding the subject's
h lipon which it treats,
B many valuable house-?
$ hold reeiepts, etc. Call
ami get one while they
P i t
H A new line of T?ile '
p Soaps and perfumery;
I Also Hair Blushes
y cheaper than 1 ever
&. sold them be! ore.
1 Wm. G. Birgess,
The Druggist.
t's Brei-d, Not War
tbc Spaniard Wants.
There are many people in Newport
News nlso wl.iin't g<d bread to s
their taste because they don't know
that we make the purest and most de?
ll, inns bread stuffs in Newport Ne\
We also make the riebest und Hoest
pastry, fancy cakes, wedding cak<
Inaf cakes and niaeouroons to be found
any w here. We cater to the must fas?
tidious pal.".t.< and never fall to pleaaf
our patrons.
217 Twenty-seventh street, near Wash?
ington Avenue.
Patronize home Industry
Having doubled our force we are now
prepared to till all orders promptly for
I be celebrated
Factory. No. 2.402 Washington ave?
nue, over ..Id Armory. JvlU-6m
I'. O. Box 'j?.
Never FaiJs.
endorsed ?y thousands
For sals in Newport News by W. Q
DR. r~ D. IA/U.L'S,
Eijfi, Ear, Nose and Throat Disrascs
Oincc lioin-s: s-.",u A. M. i.. I2::i() I' M
.'Mill lo r.:00 1'. .M.. T:iH? to vro p m Siiii
>ys, ?:00 10 -1:00 A. m. lioom ?. first
Moor. First National Hank, uSth street
i. I Washington avenue.
lo m-r..~
LADIES no you cm
*\ Steel ? Peanyreyal T^j.'ment
J in trio original re : ... ?l.atfNOII
r safe und r?|..r. , .: t.V- ,aar
XYr*- .''"'-'v > seat by mail
^tioiminos.ib. oi.h by
For sale by KL81VS DfiUO STORES,
Newport News. Va.
On Eepttmber o, i?98,
Will open in Newport News a Select
Hay School for is. number limited,
hour o,a| lesson in French (Parisian ac?
cent) will l?. given daily io the whole
school f. of charge.
12(3 Thirty-first. Street,
IN s> vfw j >,-1 r\ t?> wf s
i.niV. u,.,,,<???fnr ?-'?'>'? ifc
;,M" AJAX RRMEOv C?"' V?/i5S^
For sale fr. Newport Newa. Va. by
A. R. O. KLOR, Drugjtiit.
*pr 19-lv
Dr. Olu-ireot's To.iic Tablets, the great
I ai.i.an remedy, .js a guaranteed cure
f..,- che drmk haibit: a'lve nervousness
and melanuhoiy caused by over indul
It destroys the appetite for a-cobolte
and all Intoxicating b-verages, and
leaves man as he rhould be it can be
administered without, the knowledge of
the patient where necessary. rie.j for
'-i'-'i'.t'f.1'''1-, Kior's Drutr Slorei.. Neiv
XS08 Washington avwiiw
Clothing, Furnishing Goods and Hat less than cost of
Everything Must be Sold
Without Regard to
Cost or Value.
Men's 15c Celluloid Collars for 5c.
Men's line Celluloid Cuffs for 10c.
Men's 75c Colored Shirts for :i9c.
Men's 35c Overalls for 20c.
.Men's HOC Working Shirts for 25o.
tioys' r.0c Colored Shins for 25c.
Men's 75c Sweaters for 38c.
Hoys' 25e Uibbed Stockings for 8c.
Men's Suits for $2.S5; worth $5.00.
Men's Suits for $3.S0; worth $6.00.
Men's Suits for $4.20; worth $7.50.
Men's Suits for $5.00: worth $10.00.
.Men's Suits for $7.50: worth $12.00.
Men's Suits for $0.75: worth $15.00.
Men's Hants for -IIV: worth $1.00.
Men's Pants for 75c: worth $1.50.
Men's Pants for $UiO: worth $1.75.
Men's Pants for $1.50: worth $2.50.
Men's Pants lor $2.a0; worth $:i.00.
Men's Pants for $3.00; worth $5.00.
Men's Pants for $3.75; worth $6.00.
flash* Pants for 5Sc; worth $1.00.
i'rash Suits for $2.50: worth $5.00.
Child's Suits for 98c: worth $2.00.
Child's Suits for $1.48; worth $2.50.
Child's Suits Tor $1.0S; worth $3.00.
Child's Suits for $2.4S: worth $4.00.
Child's Suits f.ir $3.00: worth $5.00.
Hoys' Suits for $3.75: worth $6.00.
Hoys' Suits for $2.50; worth $5.00.
A Few Things You Always
Need and Usually Pay
Double These Prices.
E. & W. 25c Collars for 15c.
Boys' Duck Caps for 15c: worth 25c
Men's Bicycle Caps for 25c; worth 80c.
Boys' Tain O'Shanters for 25c: worth
Men's Crash Caps for 25c: worth 50c.
Men's Cloth Caps for 25c; worth 50c.
Men's Derby Hats for 88c: worth $1.50.
Men's Dtrby Hats for$1.38; worth $2.00
Men's Derby Hats for$1.68; worth $2.50
Men's Derby Hats for$1.98; worth $3.00
Men's Soft Hats for 38c: worth 75c
Men's Soft Hals for 88c: worth $1.50.
Men's Soft Hats for $1.38; worth $2.00.
Men's Soft Hats, for $1.68: worth $2.50.
Men's Soft Hats for $1.98; worth $3.00.
Child's Fancy Caps for 18c; worth 50c.
Hoys' Suits for $1.75; worth $3.50.
Child's Pants for 50c; worth. $1.00.
Child's Pants for 25c: worth 50c.
Child's Pants Tor 10c; worth 25c.
Child's Straw Hats 15c: worth 50c.
Hoys' Suits for $6.00; worth $10.00.
Boys' Check Caps 15e; worth 25c.
Boy's Sweaters for 25c: werih 5iic.
Men's Seamless 10c Sox for 5o.
Menls Fancy 25c Sox for 15c.
Men's Black 10c Sox for 5c.
Men's 10c Handkerchiefs for 5c.
Men's 15c Handkerchiefs for Sc.
Men's 25c Hanndkerctivl's for 15c.
Bring your money to us and we will make every dollar do
two dollars'duty. During this sale every?
thing will be sold for
If you want a building lot
Buy it of the
Lots for sale on easy terms in all sections of the
Finely located business lots 011 Washington ave.
Farms for sale or rent in Elizabeth C'<ty, War?
wick anil York Counties.
Old Dominion L?and Company?
ROOM NO. 11.
is l i in
Well we hope It Is. but we Know
that slimmer and hot weather will be
with us for some time to come and if j
you have not already availed yourself j
of the chance to get a good Detroit
Jewel this Range you have missed one
of your best friends and more, you
ve missed the comfort that can only
had from the use of gas fuel, which
tilings delight und happiness wherever
it is in use. Talk is cheap you maj
say and a gas man must "gas," anu
who can blame him. He knows a good
thing?he wants to push it along, and
he is willing that his friends should
share In the procession. Generous soui
that lie is, he gives ids advice free. It
Is no trouble to sing the praises of gas
for fuel and as for light, its beauty
shines so he who runs may be impress?
ed. Gas for fuel at $1.00 is the cheapest
fuel if it is economically used. Are
you economical ? You arc* prudent and
wise. Therefore get a gas range. Wt
will tell you something next week
about heating that will surprise you.
Call No. 34 on either phone if you can
not call. But come if you can.
Newport News Gas Company,
W. S. BO WEN, Supt.
The city of Newp
ecelve, up to 12 o'cb
'I N'e
V.l., will
of the
V*? Transportation Co
w. r. SCULL, Manager.
Freight, Baggage, Safes a ml
lure carefully and promptly moved.
All kinds of hauling done at low
PI I ON 13 2592
? u. BOX 141.
Mackey's Cafe
lt. f MAOKSY, P t ititr-j.i .
The Best.Kaowa Saloon Man
in Newport Nevft
Wines, Liquors, Cigars.
Comfortable Pool and Billiard
Parlors Adjoining Cafe.
scaled proposals for the construct!
work and materials of a brick build!
to be us.-d as a jail and also to contain
a police station house and en'iergeii
hospital. The proposals must cover
the cost of the building, together w
necessary prison cells, steel wbrV and j
other appliances for a thoroughly
equipped modern jail. The proposals
shall be made upon plans and specifica?
tions furnished by the bidders at their
own expense without any cost to the
city, which shall accompany and be
submitted with the bid. All stu b bids
will be securely sealed and sent or de?
livered to the city clerk of Newport
News and must be in Iiis bands by 12
o'clock of the day mentioned.
Particulars as to size, expected cost
and general nature of the building and
enuipmeTus will be furnished upon ap?
plication by the city clerk.
The city reserves the right to reject
any or all bids.
au 18-lm.
City Clerk.
Contractor and 1>uili>ku
Plans and Specifications Prepared ,in
Short Notice.
The Veterinary Horse Shocr|
If your horse strikes, clicks or
forges. Tuck, the Shoer, will stop it.
First-class shoeing. I am here to stay.
Shop at Twenty-seventh street and
Warwick avenue, Phillips & Benson's
old coal yard. Jy2-3m.
The city of Newport News, V(t? will
receive sealed proposals for the con?
struction of two iron bridges and the
ai preaches thereto in accordance with
plans and specifications to be selected
by the bidders and furnished and sub?
mitted along with the bids on the same
at the expense of the bidders and with?
out any cost to the city. Strain sheets
must accompany all plans and specifi?
cations. 1'articuiars as to the kind
bridges and the general character and
dimensions of the same will be fund?
ed upon application by tin city en
t.eer. Such proposals shall be sent
delivered to the city clerk, securi
sealed, and must be in his possession at
12 o'clock noon of
The city reserves the right to reject
any or all bids.
aug 18-lm. City Clerk.
Wlctdarr? Amae,
The celebrated Spiritual. Trance and
Business Medium. Reads life past,
present and future with absolute cor?
rectness. Gives valuable advice in bus?
iness and harmony to the family circle.
Every one In trouble should eal 'on her,
2511 Virginia Avenue, opposite the. El e
tric Light Plant. aug l?tf
Seeing ?s Believing.
Our Final Clearing Sale
Still In Progress.
Come into nur store and yon will l>e surprised
at the exceedingly low prices we are quoting our
high grade footwear, hals and furnishing goods
Boys' satin calf, solid leather,
spring heel,lace and button shoes
sizes 8 to loi. 'Regular value $1.
youths'satin calf, solid leather,
genuine dongola tops, shoes. Re?
gular value SI.
Roys' satin calf and (an, solid
leather, school shoes. Regular
value SI.50.
Men's srenuine Dongola viei hid
lace and button shoes. Regular
value Sl-50.
Children's tan goat, solid
throughout in lace and button.
Regular value $1,
Ladies' line viei kid, in black and
tan, oxford ties. Regular val?
ue $1.50 and ?2.
Men's (an viei hid lace shoes, in
all the latest styles. Regular
value .f2.f>0.
A!1, our Men's $0, $51.50 and $4
hand welted (an and black viei
hid lace and Congress shoes.
Men's black and brown derhys
and loderas. Regular value $1.50,
$1.75 and ?2.
Every article wc sell we guarantee to be as repre^
scntcd or money refunded.
1 ?n-to-ilate Shoe, Hat and Gent's FurnishiiiQ cStore
?? ?iJO? Washington Ave., Newport News, Ya.
A ^asl11 n*tl>n "veni;*- and Twenty-eighth srreet, over Idea! Pharmacy. S
S Office Hours 9 A. M. to S P. M. Sundays, * A. M. to 11 M.
4 Open Evenings 7 to m
? coop sr.T.
4 Uli ST SET.
2 pAitfrAtrsisTs:. ..
J No charge
^ Extract ing-.
^ I'ainless extracting \v
for extracting when teeih are ordered.
Silver lilli:
local umist liel ic
Gold ....
Teeth 01.
Bridge work und crowns, 22 karai gold $5 per tootli
No Dirt,
No Odor,
No Matches,
GOLD STORAGE, on snort notice,
nRG LiGtlTS inspection guar>
Incandescent, Liyhts, antecd
Mj:;:";o^CTi? quo mm
MOiuii i nxmres oi FGctory Prices
J 'PHONE 2515. j
Peninsula Electric Light und Power Co.
(Hoard of Directors meet, third Tuesday In each mouth.)
Offers Tlne-ii- Customers Every Accommoda?
tion Consisst<e>rit \AJ it h Safe Banking.
Accounts of individuals, (inns anil corporations solicited. Collection
made nu all parts of theTconntry. Foreign drafts issued on all parts of the
Deposits received from 111 cents 1<> $f>,ttt)l> and interest allowed at the rate of
Only S.afety Lioxes in the City Secured by^Tlme L.ocks
W. A. Poat, President. J. R.' Swmerton, Vice-president. J. A. Willett, Cashier
GftFlTfiL, $100,000- &URftUS $30 000
W. A. Post, J. R. Swinerton, M. B. Crowell, M. V. Doughty,
R. G. Bickforl. C. B. Orcutt, I. Eugene White. J. A. Willett.
Accounts of hanks, carpo.-atieus, merchants, individuals and linns invited.
We ofEer depositors every accommodation which their balances, business *nd
responsibility warrant. Sell our own drafts drawn on a Ii orinoipal eitle? of
he world.
!J. WEST President. D. S. JONES, Vice-President. W. B. VEST, Oa*b.ler.
CAPITAL $50,000. . SURPLUS $15 OO J
A general banking buslne**. Every facility offered for aafe and prompt
transaction of business on favorable terms. The accounts of Corporations,
Firms and Individuals solicited. Special attention given o collection*. Draft*
trawii on all parts of the world.
a special savings department.
?,S->*V '?? DIRECTORS ?
B'Wejit H E Parker. T. M. BiD*on, J. B. Jennings, L. P. Stearn*?,
S T ivy. D 0 To?"*- A- C. Garr*tt. J M. C'J.-tifi.

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