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Consumed in the Capitol
Building Conflagration, i
The Itamiige to the Interior Kail mate.I
he About S'-iO.OOO. .luilli li.l lim ih
menu Were PrlcelesR ami I nn
not Be Itep ?ceil.
WASHINGTON, Nov. 7.?An ex?
plosion and fire at 5:13 o'clock yesterday
afternoon wrecked the Supreme Court
room and the rooms immediately ad?
joining it on the main floor of the Cap?
itol. The entire central eastern pari of
the great marble pile, from the main
door to the subterranean basement, la
practically a mass of ruins. The force
of the explosion was so heavy thai the
toping stones on the outer walls jost
east of the point where the explosion
occurred were bulged out near Is two
inches: windows in all that pan of the
building were blown out. and locked
doors ir.0 feet distant were forced from
their binges.
Fire followed the explosion so .piiekly
as to seem practically simultan-..us
with it. It occurred in a small room,
lightly Inclosed by heavy stone walls,
in the subterranean basemen! immedi?
ately below the main entrance to the
old Capitol building. In this room were
r,00-llght gas meters, which were red by
a four-Inch main. Very little Kiis is
used in that pan of lite building, hut at
the lime of the explosion tie- gas bad
not been turned off at the meter. The
riieler li*elf was wrecked, and the gas
pouring from the main caught lire.
The flames originating from tie- ex?
plosion darted up the shaft ?.! tie- ele?
vator, which had been completely de?
stroyed by the for..f the explosion.
and communicated with the r.rd
room of the Supreme Court, the otliee
of the marshal of the court ami th.- Su?
preme Court library. Ketore th. flames
could be subdue.1 the priceless docu?
ments in the record room had been al?
most totally destroyed ami serious
damage bad been done in the marshal's
office and seme minor rooms in the im?
mediate vicinity.
The library or the Supre. I'ourt. lo?
cated Immediately beneath Hi.- Supreme
Court, was badly damaged by til.-,
smoke and water, practically destroy?
ing the great collection of law reference
The most serious damage, in tie- ..pin?
ion of the justices of the Supreme
Court, is to the records stored in the
subterranean basement. These includ
ed all of the records of the Supreme
Court frnm 17?2 to 18112. Tie- room cop
tains records of cas.-s ami opinions
rendered by the rathers of the judiciary
ot the government.
Only a few persons, principally of?
ficers of the Capitol police, were in the
building at tin- lim.-. Ian several of
them had narrow .scapes.
The firemen were unable to extin?
guish the flame ,,f i;as which shot mil
of the four-inch main in the uietei
it was evld.-nt thai I he fire could nol b ?
extinguished until the gas from the
main was cut off, Thai this mighl he
accomplished I he firemen turne.I. iwn
streams upon the main. choU-illg the
flow of gas and at the same tum- cool
lug the pipe. Electrician Cllem. brav
? irig the intense ho_?~... '.'.'.?.:>.? i the mete;
r?7Ua^tflrfl cut off the gas at lb-- llooi
valve or the main room.
Throughout the lower central portion
or the old Capitol building, doors, win
dows and fittings in committee rooms
and other apartments an- badly dam?
aged. Just north or the crypt an arch?
way, almost over the meter room, was
completely blown out and great masses
ot masonry torn from the floor were
liurled to the ceiling with such n.ree
as to burst the stone and plaster ? .!' the
walls above. I'on.ler..us flagstones
were wrenched from their resting
places, and throughout the corridors
the frescoing on the ceilings an.I walls
of the corridors were utterly mined.
No damage was done to the main foun?
dations of the buildings, as these are
solid masonry deeply imbedded anil
twenty-live feet four inches thick
The busts of Chief Justice Marshall
am! other distinguished members of tie
Supreme Court, which were arranged
on small pedestals about the Supreme
Court chamber, were either badly dam?
aged or wholly destroyed. Many of
them have been treasured as exhibits
in the Supreme Courl chamber for half
a century.
The Capitol building lias been dam?
aged a number or times before by tire,
but it is believed that last night's lire
will prove to lie the most disastrous in
the history of the building. No intelli?
gent estimate of the money loss by the
explosion and fire can yel be made,
in the opinion or Capitol officials and
mechanics who examine.I the structure.
the loss will range from *".?>.. to
$200.000 to the building. The loss on
the library and records, as stated above,
can be scarcely estimated. A million
dollars could not replace them I.ause
many of them have no duplicates in
The work of clearing away the debris
from the Capitol began today. An ex?
amination of the Supreme Courl room,
to which the lire was confined, showed
that the walls and ceilings are ,lis
colored, the carpets snaked, but Unit no
serious damage lias been done. The
benches occupied by the judges ale un?
injured, and even the briefs, left by
some of tile judges under I heir paper
weights, are undisturbed. The fine old
colonial windows flanking I he bench
are in ruins, however, the frescoed ceil?
ing is blurred anil spotted, am) the car?
pets and draperies are soaked. The
personal effects of the judges, consist
ing of robes, etc.. are uninjured. The
main loss was to the Marshal's Ollioe
--.^and in the storage room where the
VaJ u^ble old records were kept. The
extern "f this loss has not yd he n ex?
actly determined, bill the curl officials
arc. ?xpect to make a critical examination
'- DAMAOE ABORT $20,000.
"v-tanl Architect of the Capitol
i t'V.j. an inspection of lb ' wreck
first liioSirj-at. 'tie building.
"J find
building wen
ami th.- only
tun- <l,y ihe .
aiched floors
beneath and.
since, gave way
foundation wall
any respect."
Mr. Woo,! beli
was caused by
not yet been able, on a<
bris, to make a auffiele
animation to place the
which the ignition nccuri
ohltects who have inspi
of the catastrophe, also
an explosion of gas. hut
decline to go into detail';
rles. Some express tie
broken main and a
sponsible for the or
The Supreme Court
room of the Senate C
District of Columbia,
room Is quite a commodious oftie
well furnished with chair
desks and other office furniture'
little difficulty was encounter,
transforming it into a suitab'l.
.or the court. The long center
used by the romrni. when 1
?ion, was pushed to the rear of the
room. leaving only space behind it for
th- accommodation ..r the justices. The
Clerk find ih" marshal occupied Impro?
vised desks at either end of the tables
and . hairs for tie- attorneys were plac?
ed in front of the court. Tie r.- was n<
bar ami U.our! was en a physical
!'\-t villi ili..- ait.-n.lanis find attor?
neys, th" dais which the ...nil usually
occupies being, of course, missing.
X,, ..nr. would have inferred from th*
ff -.-s of ihe justi.es or their manner
Of proceeding with Hie business thai
he court was sitting outside its own
ha m bei for the first time sin..- IS11.
IUI such was the case.
Justices Gray and MeKenna. who
usually occupy seats to tie- left .-I' the
?hief justice, were absent, thus giving
the court .. somewhat one-sided appoar
hut this was Hol du
menl of cases befi
pied most of the da;
Ql'tET AT Till-: I "A 1*1 T A L.
WASH I Ni ;TI iN. Nov. 7. There was
ery little political exeiteinenl appa
?-lit lodaj it, th.- Stale War and Navy
I lepai tments I."lay.
With tie- exception of Assistant Ser
.?tary of War Meiklejohn. not.I nie
llicial heads of the stale. War or
.?m y I i. pa i t m.-nts \-. .-ill home In Vote
i.iiiorrow. Secretaries Hay, Long and
Alger. v. ill. Assistant S.-. reliiries Hill
ind Adee. .,1 lie- Slate Department,
uid Allen, of lie- Navy Department,
were al their desks as usual. SoclO
lary Hay is the only on,. ,,f tie- num?
ber who is p.,1 entitled t,. a vote in
.irrow s elections. He resides in
I he 1 dsn id of i lolumlila.
I |i iW T111-: RETTIN.: ' 'l.i iSEI i.
NKW VI'iltK. Nov. T.?The last day
before tie- election marked a wonder?
ful ? hange in i he betting on I he gu
'1'iiiuorlal ra. .- and 11.Ids ,d ten
, eight ,.n Van Wv.-k w Inch had pre?
nt.-.I l or several days hega n to wob
,. early in lb.- morning under a press
i-.- or Republican tuonev. until. bv
,.,in. even money offered by Colonel
...is. v.-lt s supporter's almost went
begging. Ill Ib.- all.-III....11 tl.Ids
<? itched over i.. lb.- Republican "an -
lidate at t.-ii I., eight, and. in sonic in
<ian.es. two I,, .me was olTered on his
bailees P. win.
DENVER, COL.. Nov. 7. While tin
Republican managers prof ess to be
?onli.lonl of electing their entire State
?leitet. ...Ids ..I I hree to ..lie in in vor ...
ib.- fusion ticket lind few lakers in I lie
iority anywheie 1'r.un mill to rr....,,ii.
I'b,- Republicans practically , oi.I. the
ilei lloii ,,l' th.- fusion can,lid.,I.- for Con?
gress, .lohn i'. I Sell, bin , xpcci to make
i g.I showing in tl.lection ,,r Sena?
tors w In. w ill \..le for Cniled States
Sem. in mill.
W I 1.1. CAST A 11 HA V V VOTE.
LINCOLN. NEU., N,.v. 7.?With
;.I weather I.now Nebraska will
ast a heavier v.dc than a year ago.
nil lltlje, it any. behind that oi ISilfi.
Republican managers claim that
-very candidate on their Slat" ticket
.-, il I.lected by fit least ?.UtiO majority.
Chairman Gallin, ol' tie- fusion com?
mittee, said be saw no reason why he
should change Ids previous estimate of
a fusion majority of lU.fjufl
ft A LT1MORE, A D.. Nov. 7. There
lias been no material Changs in th.
oiigressional situation in Maryland.
The First District is practically con?
ceded I,, the Democrats, as is the sixth
I,, the Republicans. The others nr.
doubtful, the 1 I.-.crats claiming the
Second find Fifth with confidence and
the Republicans expressing in, doubt
,s t,, lie- result being in their favor in
-;ll except th,- First.
II ADLEST'IN. S c . Nov. 7 An
elect ion \v ill I..- held in Smith , 'arolina
or a lull set of Stale ..Hie, is from gOV
niiir down and for seven Congressmen
Stille offices have no opposition. Six
,ui of th.- sev. i, i 'ongressinen have
practically in, opposition and lie- sev?
enth member of Lhe delegation. Col ,tie
William Elliott, of this (the First). .Iis
I ri.-t. is opposed by G. w. Murray, i
negro. Colonel Elliott is almost certain
;o hav.- a siife majority.
clip 'AC I. N..v. 7. Th,- chairman ol
ibe Democratic State Central Commit?
tee is positive in bis statement (hat that
..arty will carry the Slab- by a good
plurality and gain several Congressmen
Th.- chairman ,,(' the Republican Slate
'Vntrn! c.iiiittep is equally sure thai
ihc Republicans will 1,.- victorious. 'I'b,
nteresl is lively and the indications to?
night nr.- that very nearly the full reg?
istered vole will be' cast.
TOPBKA. KAS.. Nov. 7.?Chairman
Albaugh, ,.r the Republican organiza?
tion, claims ibe Slale by a major.ly of
Jll.tiOO. while Riddle, of lhe Populist
Committee, is certain that things will
r-.ill his way by pluralities rang?
ing from 10.000 to li.OOO.
ST. I.OC1S. MC. Nov. 7. A feeling
-.-.?ins to pervade the Slfltc thill the
Democrats wil have almost everything
their ??Ii wa> toinorrow. They are
firmly asserting this claim, while the
Republicans are not making any ass.-r
nous and partially agree that the
I >oInnern Is will carry the .-lection.
(Rv Telegraph.)
NASHVILLE. TENN., Nov. 7.?Well
posted men ..r both parlies predict that
ibe vote lor Governor tomorrow will
fall off fit least 2:. per cent. Repuibli
cans, who are posted, admit thai Mc?
Millan lDemocr.lt) will be elected by
from 7.nun 1,, 1(1.111)11 votes over Fowler.
11 A IM.EST? i.V. W. VA., Nov. 7.
? indications are thai 1 he I leuioernts
I elect three out ol' lour candidates
1 '.ingress ami have tin- legislature on
it ballot by :i very narrow margin
p.Y Jon.nun MAJORITY.
DALLAS. TEX.. Nov. 7. The situa?
tion in Texas Is practically unchanged.
Tin- Democratic State conmiit.ee churn
the ,.lection ,,i their State liekel by ?00.
000 and .'In- elect!.f a solid Congres
lonal delegation.
s>QN. Nov. 17. -C.overnor Wolcotl
" .tire Republican State ti kei
'KIN1 i--^VJ'h'! !,y rl I'lmality cm
.!e,;,l from r.u.OiMi t
ASHINGTON^ ^ ,vi" '"' l;'i'l,hli
dnley left this
1-OlH Will .t.lvu
w .bat the car Ii,,,, has chl
?-. We learn that they will ,
?vhere on its lines. This will cans*
?vance nn Mcrrimac lots. Buy
rills property is f,?. s?,e
11 Bros. & King. 2701. Washington
< 'uha
' your Wheel re-,.
Newport News Cyeie"co.' J; l,f.J|nis
pie. I
kind >,l
num.-led. $1 and
li,'..7r'J.'vf'k'"'"' '1 f'"' 11 year, I In 1 eilig
henpest at Newport News Bycle bu
Vikers, Sons & Maxim May
Establish a Branch.
IC?|ir??entMtiv.h .if Iii? KnjrtlHlt IIhvp H?m
? li re. A \VM?lilii?l<iuTli<tury ?f (lie
1'ruxpect. Much Work
The New York Herald. ?.f yesterda
publishes, under a Sunday ilate, a spe- I
? ial from Washington containing some |
sigiiilieant information and conjecture.
In connection with this special, it may |
lie stated simply that, in Iiis interview
with the Daily Press representative thel
oile r day, Mr. Huntington denied that,
he was in negotiation with the Arm?
strongs of Kngland, but nothing was i
said mi Hie interview in reference to the
linns mentioned in the Herald article,
which is as follows:
"There is reason to believe that Vick
? rs. Sons & Maxim, a large shipbuilding
firm in Kngland, contemplates estab?
lishing a branch plant in the United
Slates. S. l.oewe. a director of this
company, bail an audience with Presi?
dent McKinley. Those in the eonfl
dem.1 Mr. l.oewe decline to discuss
lor publication tin- result of the confer?
ence, hut I am assured it was entirely
"ii is known thai the company's plan
contemplates I he establishment of a
plain in Ibis country similar to that it
n England, ami of such dimensions
that a man-of-war can he built, ar?
um-. ,1. tin.I and equipped for the sea
without tin' aid of any oilier firm.
' 1 learned tonight that a majority of
in- board of directors of Vit'kers, Sons
.v.- Maxim have been in the United
Slat. s fin several weeks carefully look?
ing ..vei- the Held ami determining the
locale.n ..I' th.-ir proposed plant. &c.
Representatives of the hoard have been
in New-pnrl News, ami tin- presence of
Mr. Huntington, president ,,f th.- ship
buihline company at that point at the
saiiie time is regarded as indicative of
nogotinlions either for the sale of the
Plain n. tie- English .-poration or Tor
tin- formation of a partnership under
th.- terms of which a gun and armor
plain shall I.poratod in connection
a iih the shipbuilding w orks.
"It is tin- belief of English.n, in
vi.-w ..r the acquisition of th.- Philip?
pines, Hawaii ami Port.. Rico by the
i Iniled Stales ami of the excellent re?
cord made by the navy during the war.
thai i 'mi gross will authorize an impor
lanl shipbuilding program.
'Lively.ipetitiori between the Eng?
lish and American linns will follow in
. ase uf the establishment of a plant
Hi.' lor.r in 1 he I'nite.l States.
Naval oltleers lien- say they hardly
think Ihere is silllicient monev at slake
I'm -In- Viekers llrm to establish a
plain h.-re. ami it is pointed oul that
..ii oi'i'iisioiis during th.instruction
? I tie- new navy some of the shipbuild?
ing firms have been compelled to take
? ..ntraois al a very lev.- f,r. j? order
i" !:;>."|i their mechanical force together.
,'iie t'aruegie ami Bethlehem compa
lies. which have h.i controlling the
Vineriean ..input of tirmor, will un
loubieilly pull together to clear the
leid ..I' a compel it or. and the American
shipbuilding linns will probable join
Will Have Healthy L'amp Sites Wit!
Proper Sanitation in Cuba.
(By Telegraph.)
WASHINGTON, Nov. 7.?Colone
Herker, with Colonel Lee. of the hoar,'
.Vilich was sent to Cuba to select camp
.ilc.s lor the American army ..!' oeeupa
ion. has reached Washington, and has
in,I several conferences with the Presi
lent and Secretary Alger. During Co|
inel lleeker's absence in Cuba, he mad.
several reports by mail and. althotlgl'
ie probably will supplement these b\
mother report, he has alr.-a.lv coniniu".
alcsil.'d verbally t,. ttu. Presideni ami'
Secretary Alger the salient fa. is of th.
forth.?inning statements.
A. linn ..a this report, arrangement.
Me milking for the reception uf th.
:ro.ips. Secretary Alger has approved
he location selected by the Meckel
Hoard for I he principal garrison, w hid.
ivill lie in the neighborhood of Havana
Pile I'lai-e selected li.-s about eight tuili-m
?'"'.I Havana, in the neighborhood
if, hoI iml ilirecily in. the town of Mars
um... lor Colonel Meeker advises ver; \
sirungly against th.- quartering ..1 uri-j
icclininled troops in permanent struct-,
uros. which may be infected with fever,'
Twi, .amps will he pitched at this point
.a.Uber siil.' the splendid lie
qui'ducl which supplies Havana will
w aier.
Tliis acqiioiliict will he tapped an.
ih.. wilier drawn by steam pumps frOn
it i.. supply the camps w'hii Ii w ill b?
pitched on a plateau ah.an Hill fed
ibuvo sea l. vcl. Th.- greatest rare hai
I.ii given i., sound hygienic condition?
.11 the Selection.
At I he nearest point to the . amp. o:
the s.a beach, a dock is heiny con
siru.i.-.l. and while it will n,... read
w.u.-! ,1. ep i noiigb t.. perinit the a.-.-.111.
moilation of large transports, it \vi]
serv. tu receive good sized lighters. The
troops will he landed at this pohtl am'
miirrhcd directly to tin- camp, the pur
post- heilig to avoid exposure I . possible
oil'.-, lion in Havana. The wink on this
l...-k is being pushed with the greates'
energy and ils constitution lias givei
?niployment to about 1,500 insurgent sol
ilii-rs. win, wer,- gla.l to" receive the op
porumilv to make a peaceable living lo
Colonel Bliss, who was a member o
if,- camp sip- board, lias been left ii
Havana to carry ..in tin- orders of th.
ilrpai Imenl in the execution of tie
hoard's plans. lie will see to il thai
before a single soldier reaches camp wa
or connections will he provided, trans
Inflation ionics opened up. hoard II.iorf
Plac-l and tents pitched.
similar arrangements an- making ii
th.. neighborhood ..f Puerto Principe
Ulli. !: will he 1 he first point to he gar
t'isoned. the principle being observe.'
Ihere, as in tl'.e case of the Havana gar
lison, of keeping the troops from di
led coiitacl with the towns. This i:
?Ion.- under the best medical advice, hti
..in- consequence of the adoption of th.
rule is In oblige tin- government lo loa!
?.. som,. other power than the military
to poli.-e the towns.
Colonel I lecker has been able to tnak.
a most Mattering report as 10 the gooi
.nullities of wiial is known as th.
fliinrile ,li Clvilia in Havana for this
work. The men composing this forci
lire usually chosen from the b. si men ir
ihearmy. and :il any rate, all are picker'
for I heir physical and intellectual nun!
?lies. They are able lo command at
..me tlie r.-speet and obedience of tin
rather restless Havana population . vet,
lieii. r than soldiers. It is not doubled
that they would lie willing lo conlinui
ui tia- discharge of their duties wber
Hie United Stales take military posses
sion of Havana, and if this can be ai
Ib^nigcd. the government will feel that :
.-oim^sAlresoiy numerous incidents bav.
I Sial^svJjJ'1 sum,- towns, not . nly it
soldier isnSJi Philippines, whirl
' policing pVw^ ''"*' Possession of the
ifltness being r q7S?Lhmv ,nnl tne
-nee of the cust,urXly u"fttted,for ?"
t on a strong repugriaiftw,1 , T" '
r duty. ~^PS*),1 np only on
The Story of the Wreck of the Cruiser
Maria Teresa.
After an eventful voyage of one I
w.k.the United States repair ship Vul-j
? an. in command of Captain Blow, ar?
rived at" Ohl Point Saturday night, and
is now lying at anchor off the wharf,
about a mile out. This Vessel, as the
readers of the Daily Press know, was
intimately associated with the raising
of the ex-Spanish cruiser, the Infanta
Maria Teresa, and was one of th" con?
voys of that Ill-fated vessel from the
time it left Caimanera until it founder?
ed olT Wattle Island last Tuesday even?
ing. About three hours after
the Vulcan arrived, the Merritts' large
wrecking steamer Senior, which left
Santiago last Saturday, dropped anchor
off Old Point a short distance from the
Vulcan. The Senior has been assisting
In the work of floating the other Span?
ish cruisers, but when the navy depart?
ment decided to abandon the work mis
Vessel returned to Hamilton Roads.
The collier Leonidas, which was also
accompanying the Teresa, arrived at
I ild Point yesterday morning.
The Vulcan was towing the Maria
Teresa when it was found necessary to
abandon her. The oil which stilled tile
water- and permitted the work of res?
cue to be successfully accomplished
without a single loss, was poured over
from the repair ship. Forty-one barrels
of hardoil were used.
Tie- officers and crew of the Vulcan,
over 300 in number, were encased in
life preservers and prepared for the
worst while the work of rescuing the
Teresa's crew of 141 volunteers was
progressing. When darkness set in. the
Vulcan lost the other vessels and after
going ahead a short distance returned
to search tor the Merritt. When Cap?
tain Plow started his ship for Hampton
Roads last Wednesday morning, he was
under the impression that the Merritt
and all aboard were lost, as he hail en?
deavored in vain to locate the staunch
little nig.
In her efforts to save the crew of the
Teresa, the Vulcan lost two life boats
and three life rafts, all smashed in
splinters, consequently none of the res?
iled are aboard the repalrshlp.
In the hohl of the Leonidas arc
twenty-thi. guns of the destroyed
Spanish fleet, ranging in size from live
to eleven inches. Some of these are
still loaded, as tie- charges could not
Th.. raft upon which Lioutennnl
Hobsoll let'i the Mcrrimac after be bad
blown up the boat In the mouth of the
Santiago harbor, is also in the hold,
though somewhat disfigured from a
The officers and men of the I.nidas
ire in oxcelelnt condition.
Absorbs Another Large Plant. Com?
peting Concerns Are Uneasy.
(By Telcgrapn.i
CHARLESTON. S. C. Nov. 7.?The
stockholders ..f the Chi.a Fertilizer
Company, of ihis city, met here today
and determined to accept the bid of
5140 per share made for their stock by
tile Virginia-Carolina chemical Com?
pany. Negotiations for this sale have
'.n in progress for some weeks. With
the Chicora plant goes thai of the At?
lantic Company, the two concerns hav?
ing an aggregate out ton of about SO.
KIO tons of fertilizer a year.
The Chicora is one of the leading
?oneerns in business here and the other
fertilizer interests do u.,t relish the idea
..' its passing into the hands of the Vir?
ginia-Carolina combine, thai has been
?nibbling up plants in all parts of the
The transfer of the control of the
'Onipany will take place at once.
rwn-Funneled Steamer Asjhore 30 Mil. s
From Where She Foundered.
(By Telegraph.)
(NEW YORK. Nov. 7.?.lames E. Ward
Co.. steamship agents of this city, this
Afternoon received a cablegram from
Vir. Soyi'r. agent of the lirm at Nassau.
"?J. P.. thnt.-a two-funneled steamer, the
in.- of which had not been learned, is
fpi ire on Cat Island, ab oit thirty miles
mi the point where ib.- former Spun
1 warship Maria Teresa was supposed
otjhave foundered during a storm. The
iti-anded steamer may be Hie warship or
cje of the army transports.
\ (By Telegraph.)
AUNTSVILI.E, A I.A.. N..V. 7.?-The
?" fteenlh Infantry, which received 01
I, is Saturday to depart for Savannah
'day. received another order later to
?? main here until Wednesday. 'Die
rnnsport Chester, upon which the reg
S' Sent was to have sailed to Cuba, is
?layed in New York and will not be
ady until Thursday. The regiment
is been detached from the Fourth
ups and is now under the command
Brigadier Genern! I- H. carpenter.
General Carpenter's cavalry brigade,
the Seventh and Eighth Cavalry, has
ten dissolved by an order of the War
Department and the Seventh is now in
1 ? brigade composed of tin- Sixteenth
?.nd Tenth. The Eighth has been bri?
gaded with the Fifteenth Infantry am!
Third Georgia Volunteer Infantry.
(By Telegraph.)
WASHINGTON. Nov. 7.~Th? Weath?
er Bureau has furnished to the Asso
?iaied Press the following special fore
?ast covering election day weather:
"Fair weather will prevail in the
?southern States. West of the Missis?
sippi the weather will lie fair and cold,
in the States of the Ohio Valley show
?is are likely to occur with much lower
temperature by Tuesday night. In the
..wer Lake region southern, shifting to
western, gales will probably be attend?
ed by showers and much lower tem?
perature by night. In the upper Lake
?egion the weather will be partly
cloudy and much colder, with snow
flurries and northwest gales. In the
Middle Atlantic and New England
Slates the day will be open and fair:
tint the weather is likely to 1.ne
doudy toward night, with conditions
favorable for rain.
"Chief of Bureau.*'
(By Telegraph.)
LA CON, ILLS.. Nov. 7.?The first
?.inching in central Ilinois in many
years took place here early this morn
ng. when 100 miners from Totuca. a
Hilling town a short distance east of
icre. broke into the county jail, took
mt F. W. Stewart, a Toluca negro, and
hanged him to a tree, (in Friday even?
ing Stewart assaulted Mary O'Brien,
he daughter of one of the Toluca min?
(By Telegraph.)
PA.. Nov. 7.?orders wen- isued this
?veiling by General Young for the
Ceneral movement of the Second Corps
;o the new camps in the South. The
Movement will begin Thursday.
To'lie CMIcrmi l.arc- Uni'.il.
This is to notify you that I have
rented the store next to Adams' Racket
Store on Washington avenue for your
special benefit. and on December 1st.
will be on hand with the grandest lot
if toys this city has ever seen. No
?ed . will have to fn or send elsewhere
'or \nias presents this year. Wait and
<ee. - -? ? its.
All r pairs Guaranteed for a year and
heapesl at Newport News Cycle Co.
Pure milk fi cents a quart: 20 cents by
he gallon, from good, healthy cows, not
luarantined. A. J.. Parker." lt-4-lm
Put away that thin gauze undersuit
together with the midsummer lassi?
tude. Get in one of our fleeced wool
suits and stare the cold wave In the
face when it comes. Woodward &
Womhla. 10 US t*
r it*4" ,A> A ii-^n iAi rifti A r*r ^
Does Your 0% N
Head Aoher N
Are your uerrea weak ? Can't )> 1
you sleep well V Pain In vour ^!
track V Lack energy? Appetite 3
poor? Digestion bad ? Ito?sor "j!
pimples? These, are but some of J\
the results of constipation. If 7 J
the contents of the bowels are not f 5!
removed from the body each 1
day. as nature intended, jioison
ous substances tire sure to be ab?
sorbed into the blood, always
causing witlforinsr and freqv.etilly
causing severe disease.
there 13 a couimoii-seiiso euro.
They daily insuro an eas
natural niovemeut of the P.
Price,ar?.a box. All drug
Ayer's Sapsa&arKlii
with the pillswill hasten
Write the doctor JU6t ho
c a. -a. a. -a. -a- .a a ^ |(r,"'
Entranced and Clearances it
House. 1.1st or V? sol- Ni
Other murine It
High water 1:11 A. M.
Low water 10: IP A. M.
Weal her
?loudy: brisk
VeRsels Arrive,! a est
unship St. afarnock
irguerite, Tripp. Prov
schooner fox and flreen. Thonipsoi
Schooner Marian. Combs. New Vork
a>HHel> Sali?.it Y?*Ht.erflH,.v.
steamship Appomaitox tllr.), Foall.
Steamship Kong Fro.lo tXur.) Sail?
ers,,,. Port Antonio.
Schooner Daylight. Philpoi p.iston.
I targe Foresi Relic Providern , .
Large Con,!.oil. Now Haven.
Three more I'nited States vessels ar
ived in Hampton IJoads vesterdav
I They are the 1.uidas the Pompev and
she Port Vi. 1..1.
The Pompev is also a , oilier and re.
1 urne.l from Sa niiago lt.-, bor.
The Porl Vieler is known as trans?
port N... 2 ami has 0:1 board sixty lur
loughed soldiers ami twenty convales
its. It is not probable thai any ..I
I he men will h.- lauded at Old Point.
The Vulcan and Senior, which arrived
late Saturday night, are still anchored
the Roads.
['he week of prayer services at ill.
Young .Men's Christian Association was
i-nol at the rooms of the association
Sun,lav afternoon :it 4 o'clock by
Evangelist West.,11 R. Gales, who will
??induet services in the rooms each ev
miiig during the pres.-Ill Week, bogill
ling at 7:80 o'clock.
Mr. Coles deiiv. red an impressive ant!
earnest address !.. the large umlienei
which had assembled in the rooms yes
I.-,-.lav allein..en and ai the close of th.
service Hire: men asked for prayer.
At night Mr. Cales preached 10 a con?
gregation wilier, entirely filled tin
Washington Avenue Methodist eh::..'.,
iking as Iiis subject: "How shall, w
ioii?" At tile close of ill.- meeting II: if
.?ere three penitents.
The hour for the 1 lible rending servo-,
in the rooms of the association has beei
?hanged from :: o'clock I'. M. 1.. I o'c o<:V
each afternoon, it being thought thai
the laier hour would prov.- more con?
venient to those desiring to attend the
The Ltible readings are intended foi
members of both sexes. The meeting:
beginning at 7:30 are lor nu n only.
Interesting services were held yester.
day, conducted by Mr. Hales and will In
outiiiu.il every day this week.
The Welch-Miller Concert Company
gave an interesting entertainment at
the Opera House last night in the
presence of an appreciative audience.
Welch Miller, of course, was the prin?
cipal figure and his clever tricks of
??.and kept the audience mystified for
more than an hour.
Mr. Miller lirsi appeared as "D'Al
[mora in oriental Magic." He perform?
ed tricks with 1.laying cards, made a
silk handkerchief leave a decaliter in
I Iiis hand while standing in Hie audience
and ui.ai' in nnot her decanter on the
I stage, produce.! bushels .,!' flowers from
I an empty cornucopia, turned paper cut?
tings and cork dust into tea. sugar
and milk, and turned genuine wines
of all kinds out of a bottle thai had
been emptied.
The second pail of Mr. Miller's per?
formance consisted of palming coins,
and bis clever exhibiton kept the au?
dience spell-bound all the while. He
operated as many as twenty hall'-dol
i lars in this lea I nr.-.
Mr. Miller was assisted by several
:|.,.al artists. The Dixie Mandolin Club
ulered some selections. Harry Mek
I Ion did a tirst-class dog-,lance. Messrs.
Chanion. Hoopes. Hamilton ami Pow?
ell rendered quartet selections: and
Messrs. William McCabe ami Richard
i Kingston sang descriptive ballads.
Miss Marian Evans played tin- pi:
ami Mr. .lack Anderson handled the v
tin incidental to the several number!
If you are thinking of buying a din?
ner, tea or toilet set. in simple justice
to your pocket, you should see am!
price our assortment. Adams' Racksi
Properly Signed.
Dr. N. Jackson, honteopathist, has
?ated at No. 123 Twenty-ninth stre
end offers his services to the public
Newport News P>. ? :"i. se 29-1 in
I.o s Tor Sale.
In South Si.].- Addition. $100 to $1,
Very liberal terms. Powell Bros,
?s'ing. 2701 Washington live. 10-27-tf.
To dress as nicely as he can is the
duty of every man. Let us help yon to,
do your duty. We have the newest
styles in Hats. Suits and Overcoats.
Woodward & Womble. 10-9-tf
Money to loan af : per cent, straight.
Instead of G per cent, crooked. Powell
Pros. & King. 2701 Washington ave.
Hot Cream Chocolate, extra fine.
Burgess' Drur Store. nov-8-2t.
WANTED?A1 the Virginia Cleaning
and Dyeing Establishment. S? suits of
clothes every day to be cleaned, dyed,
pressed and repaired, and made to
look like new. *>105 Washington av
aau*. tf
The public has long since
learned tiiai lie- Statements
made by 1-1 irshberg. the t'.anner
i 'hither, can Ii,- reiied upon.
There is so much deception
an.l n-aud in advertising
methods that the public usuallj
take advertiser's statements
with a grain of salt.
fr-S irshberg
always en.leavers lo tell a
straight st.oy. and the results
have proven that plain truth pdls.
This week we are offering
a line of men's I 'ark Blue
fancy worsted suits at SS.7:.. that
at,- so well made, and such splendid
fabrics, that thev would justify pretty
loud praise.
Double breasted sack suits, worth
i>12.r.O. for $S7?.
There's Others
Single breasted black worsted suits,
worth $b"..00. for $ii.75.
I Hack and blue Heaver overcoats,
wort h $1?.Oil. for ?.7.-,.
I Hu? mid black Kerse
2606 U/ashington avenue.
In order to close them out we
!00 Fancy Percale Bosom Shirts 75 cents
were Si.00.
25 Dozen Black and Tan S?x Yii cents, vverl
c20 cents.
5 Dozen Puff Scar I s 23 cents, were 39c.
In addition to the above we are selling the
"host S3 $3.50 and $5 Shoe in the city.
Our GUARANTCriD Patent. Leather Shod
for S5 is chuck full of style and fit- Call ant/
see them. \
Our Clothing Department is up to the in?
stant and replete with all that is new. nobtv
and reasonable.
Briiv vourse.lf and bo^s to us. We Will do
i.he rest.
The Reliable
Clothier. Shoer -\na
Indeed, it we were'nt gratified at the biga
increase in ruv business. Tine, we are offering great, ral?
m s, which, v. iili right treatment, may account for it. A
case in point is our line of
Men's Suits and Overcoats
Will buy an up-to-date fall Overcoat.
*7 50
Will buy an all wool Covert Cloth
Will buy an all wool, double twist
ivercoat. French lace,I. Skeemers salin
leeve lining: would he chiiap at $12.f.0.
Will buy an all wool Cheviot Suit.
Children's vWtce Suits, very hand
oniely trimmed, at $1.!)S and upwards.
Will buy an all wool Harris Casst
e r.- in gray, drab and Halrine stripes.
Will buy an all wool worsted effect
?ell worth J12.U0.
AVill buy our guaranteed imported
black clay suit, which is usually sold
for ?12.50.
Our stock of Children's Clothing is
complete. Knee pants from 2f>e up.
We also have a nobby line of boys'
and children's reefers. &
Reliable Clothing House;
Splendid bargains in improved
iind unimproved real estate. Which will
well repay intending investors to inves?
tigate before purchasing elsewhere.
(',,.? piece of improved property pay.ng
thirty per cent is the best investment
?5>-'r> : Ji' r- " ' ??- ' -*?
we know of in Newport News.
Irwin Tucker S Ce?
R&flL rSTfUr?, REriT'U. P.ND INSUR?
WarSliin^ton \i ir 58tlirS'
Stockholder's Meeting,
HOTICE?The annual meeting of the
iloclchoklers of the Newport News
Supply Company will be held at the
ifflce of the company on Tuesday, Dec
?mber 6, 1S93, at 8 P. M.
oc-29-lmo. President.
Now is the lime to try them.
Fresh every day at
STEAMED and on the HALF S.HEL1
Also one of those nice din?
ners is just the thing at noon time.
Try them.
Be Liin&h Counter
always loaded with chicken
and trukey sanuwitches at .10c.
All the rest at.5c,
Pastt-v- of all kinds, at.5c
Milk. Tea, hot or cold, at .5c.
French-drip conee, unequajed at?5c.
JORDAN jind_
madam /Amae.
The celebrated Spiritual. Trance and
Business Medium. Reads life past,
present and future with absolute aar*
rectness. Gives valuable advice in bus?
iness and harmony to the family circle.
Every one In trouble should cal 'on her,
2511 Virginia Avanue, opposite the Elec?
tric Light Plant. *ug

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