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?Press I
Dis?atclt?s f
VOL. Ill, INO. 290.
Character of Improvements
(ravloe, M irk-t II
Boiui? Will fr
1| <. rliitr
- lubly t>? Vor?l 01
I'to- IV.'Imhl- l>ivin>
Tl At !#<><> ()04t.
City Engineer Fitchett is receiving a
flarge amount of information from va?
rious brick firms about street paving,
and by the time the city is ready to
-do the work., there will be plenty of
material to select from. Indeed, there
will be an embarrassment of ric hes, for
nearly all of the best firms in the
country have been communicated with,
and heard from.
The Ordinance Committee now h
the subject of issuing the remain!
390,000 worth of bonds, and will i
at the next meeting probably
ordinances providing for Improven)
to which this amount shall be del
when the citizens have vot
bonds, which will be some time
the first of these improvemen
?course. Is street paving, fur whicl;
/ably S",0,00? will
The second is a market house,'
??ill require about $30,000 for the
ng and lot.
The third is a garbage plnnt.
would take up the remaining ?1
It is thought that with thi
amount Washington and Ls
avenues can be paved between 1
fifth and This ty.-fourih streets:
ty-fifth street from toe railroad
river: Twenty-eighth street and
ty-fourth street. from Wash
E^-enue to the railroad. There
be enough left over, it is estimat
s-hell the approaches to these
streets, and. perhaps, to buy v. i
which, indeed, w ill probably be the
thing done.
As to the market house, that will
be used as on armory. Th
-trongly advocates the erection of
oiilding now. saying that by doin1
enough money can be saved in the.
chase of a site to almost p
building: for, ha calculates that
couple of years, or by the time i
issue of bonds could be author
The Legislature, the prosr-eetivj
the mnrk_ house would
three _^iB_8RT-<s tynount,
"he MetShodists May Build. Services in
)us Churches Tomorrow,
the most remarkable of the
any remjarkable evidences of the
growth of/ Newport News is the gen?
eral moveiinent on the part of all the re?
ligious denominations In the city to
build new Sand larger homes. The lat?
est plan is \hat of the congregation of
Washington JA venue Methodist Episco?
pal Church. SCouth. whose present house
worship Isjtoo small to accommodate
ing congregation. No
finite ideal has vet been formed, and
nothing ha* even been proposed: but
this iifleriuBon at the church a meet?
ing will be Wield of the friends and mem?
bers of their church, at which the prop
itlon to Jbuild a new home will be
ussed.B and. doubtless, a committee
1 to devise ways and
! this
If UfS?iG
1! E PORTS OF It Ei i E NTS.
and I>
True Bills Found by the
Grand Jury Yesterday.
stated, the
nothing definite
build, it
o th<
l ?
zed by
site of
morning, the
.-. R. T. Wil
irmon in the
i all the
nsistlng e
mes. fh(
I that his
depart. \
v indicted
A true bill
ould be pu
u for noW. Inasmuch as sue
.? wouvT' have to be so located
it would i ,1 only enjoy a natural
ease, but v-juld also be matej
^anced by : treet paving and
itemplated improvements,
'he garbage ; plant, or cremat
o considered yery necessary
tilth of ?h? -Cty. and it. is. pi.
, Quit' the%:-4vTi" V -<= no opposition " toi
That proposition. .With the new
*Siowerage ! sys-em in operation, the
garbage plant, and paved streets', the
death rate of the city ought to be re
. duced perceptibly below its already re?
markably lo'c figure.
If the ronds are voted, and there
seems little doubt that they will be. It
is expected that work can begin on one
cr all of the proposed improvements
about the time the sewer contractors
have turned over their job to the city,
which will probably be by the llrst of
February. In the meantime, the vote
will be taken, bids on the work obtain?
ed, and contracts let.
The sewer work is progressing very
satisfactorily now. and the progress be?
ing made is p- ..-.Tying to all concern?
ed. A r trolley machine is b.ing rig?
ged up en Thirty-fourth street, ar^l tw i
more i:re on the way here. The pump
fife bouse in the East End will be' finished
?n two or tine,- weeks. Twenty feet or
more cf the iron work is up and some?
thing over te:i feet of the foundation
of the tank finished. When ihis work
5s com; le'.ed. operations in that section
v\ :il proceed rapidly, and the beginning
0, ? the end will be in sight.
Signali::e the Opening of the New Shop
Very Elaborately.
The coppersmiths of the shipyard
celebrated the opening of their new
shop by a splend d supper given at M ?
1. r.ughlir.'r. Kali, on the corner of Thir?
ty-sixth street and Lafayette avenue.
There were also a number of other fea?
tures In addition to the supper that
were pleasing and entertaining. Among
other attractions, was a three round
contest between Mr. Jack Doherty. the
clever light weight of Newport News.
a.nd Mr. Emmel McAleer, a rising
young aspirant for fistic honors. Mr.
W. G. Fraley, of Portsmouth, sang
with excellent effect. "The Last Rose
ci Summer." and Mr. F. G. Peters en?
tertained the jolly party with that
never-old song. "My Old Kentucky
Home." Mr. Jack Hastings, the assist?
ant foreman, and Mr. McCarty sang a
duet which evoked great applause. Mr.
C. F. Wenkelman. of Portsmouth, filled
the office of toastmaster with grace and
.eloquence, doing credit to himself and
the city he represents. Among others
present were Messrs. James Doherty,
foreman: Henkel Brownbrldge, Spencer
Delaney. Frank Duggin. of Portsmouth,
and Mr. Shoberg.
innecJRion. except the t
>ngrc?gatinn should dec;
bable that the m
rated on the site
hu^eh building.
this church, In the
presiding elder. Re
vill preach. The s
ning will tie preached by tl
B. F. Lipscomb.
residing Elder will pre
tnut Avenue Methodist
in the evening, and the pastoi
M. S. Colonna. will preach
Morning, his subject being "Th
?f Holiness."
The Trinity Lutheran congregation
.- ill adopt their constitution imme- i
liately after the morning service at!
Moss'Mall tomorrow, and at night the j
Ulcers elected last Sabbath will be in- i
tailed. The pfstor, Rev. A. E. Shenk. ?
'. ill preach In the morning upon the ]
Altitude of God Toward His People in
Their Affliction:" and in the evening
it 7::'.0 o'clock upon "The True Cause I
or Rejoicing." Sunday school meets I
:t Id o'clock.
The revival services which are being
.inducted at the Second Baptist church 1
;-.y Rev. Thomas Needham. the evan-1
relist, continue to attract large conge?
stions and a- suiting very success?
fully. The evangelist will preach to*
lorrow morning and evening.
Plans for the proposed new Presbyte
? iin church will be opened next Tue:s
?:iy. The pastor of this church. Rev.
;:. T. Wellford, will preach tomorrow
mining upon the subject: "With
Cell's Approval." Rev. Mr. Wellford
ill conduct the servil es at the East
"ind mission in the afternoon, as usual.
\t the Thirtieth Street Christian
nurch. the pastor. Rev. W. R. Motley.
? ill preach In the morning upon the
' Model Church." and in the evening on
l::e "Preface to the Gospel of Luke."
"Giving God no Rest." is the subject
? f Rev. C. C. Cox's sermon at the New?
port News Baptist church tomorrow
Rev! W. F. Sheppard, pastor of the
idcer.tly established Wesley Chapel, an?
nounces his subjects for Sunday as tol
1 -ws: Morning service. "The Lillies;"
e vening service. "Spiritual Power." The
indicatory services at the new chapel
hall be held January S.
mong the other services tomorrow
? following:
tent's Catholic church. Wash
Rev. Father Donahoe,
-.--^ob...R. o'clock A. M.;
econd mass. 10:30 o'clock A:
icrs and benediction, 7 o'clock P. M.
St. Paul's Episcopal church. Rev. J.
f. Ribble, rector.?Services at 11 A. M.
LPl S P. M. Young men's Bible class
9:30 A. Jf.; prayer meeting Wednes
jav evening at S s P. M.
Rev. Thomas Needham, the evangel
^t. will conduct the men's meeting at
he Young Men's Christian Association
omorrow afternoon. A leader has not
leen chosen for the boy's meeting,
?hieh takes place at 2:30 o'clock.
The Ladies' Aid Society of Washing
on Avenue Methodist church will call
a their fruit banks at T:3U o'clock this
vening. Upon this occasion a pleasing
irogram. consisting of music and reci
ation by some of the best local tai?
nt, will be rendered. The entertain?
ments of this society arc Invariably
ceil attended, as this one will doubtless
.e. A free will offering will be taken
li the door.
he Daily P
publish its
ich will
es of local and ;
ids edition of th
iely circulated n>
?ginla Peniusuia
des. and. in addit
lure articles, wll
,-ertising matter
ding business Urn
I Hampton, displayed with the skill
1 style for which these columns are
.?ays conspicuous.
lelov. .ire mentioned some of the spc
1 features referred to above:
I tomorrow morn
1 Christmas issue,
muiy special fea
meral interest.
largest and most
A'spaper on the
?ill exceed 10.000
n to the news and
contain pages of
representing the
; of Newport News
Alabjma Receives McKinley
With Opsn Arms.
The annual me.'tine;
ite Memorial and Litei
it the Museum on the
iot only unusually
lent of the Con- j
of the Confeder- 1
ary Society, held
6th instant, was
y. but unusually
d t,
that the s,
and rapid p
* !--ape
on thi
sflecting great
e It ?>p.
uf Co. f. ilr
rand jury f.
;as in sessii
est i
. and.
is ad
if concluding its business, wp
journed over to in o'clock today,
there will be about two more
work to do. The jury i* eompo
? the following gentlemen: Messrs. J. L.
I Marye. J. H. Caffee. Thomas W. Jud
! kins, H. M. Peltz, S. J. Savage and N.
?'. Raylleld.
! The jury did not make its report un
;i: about ii o'clock in the afternoon.
David D. Lawrence was Indicted for i
j burglary. It is charged that on October 1
I II. of this year, he broke into the,
I dwelling of Mr. Aaron A. Movers and
i stole a r.-volver worth SIS.
1 Two true bills were found against .
Tom Allen. The first charges that upon i
( the 9th day of December he assaulted
lone. Raleigh Noseworthy, with a re-|
[ solver and attempted to kill him. The :
j second indictment charges that he as- i
I saulted Grace Ann Taylor with a re-;
j volver on the L'tith day of last Novem-I
j her.
(m the 3d of December Frederick!
I Purse was held up a
scription of the new Cox Duplex Web
perfecting press. Just put in by the
Daily Press Company. This large
eleven-ton press has a capacity of
.".000 eight-page papers an hour, print?
ed, pasted and folded. The first edi?
tion to he run off will be the Christ?
mas souvenir issue, which appears to?
morrow morning.
ginia's Most Progressive City: Its
industrial anil commercial advant?
ages, influence of its immense foreign
trade, prospects for the future, busi?
ness activity, public improvements
and its municipal government.
MENT To CITY.?Marvelous growth
of a new cosmopolis. nurtured by en?
terprise and sustained by vast indus?
trial and railroad interests.
thtim nest Umtut Ar
Mere tlir VUio.ra ,
( It
All; nta
a party
c little county of Warwick.
tnd fci
ced to
chnnl work under cci
mammoth plant of
rs Shipbuilding and
Naval and
structlon at
he Newport
Dry Dock
he had about
The chain gang took out seven men
In the morning, and ton in the after?
noon yesterday. Upon its return to the
jail, some kind-hearted passer-by gave
the crowd of them enough money to
buy a cheese sandwich around. While
work'ng on some curbing at the corner
of Washington avenu" and Twenty-fifth
street, a member of the gang struck a
piece of stone with his pick. It slipped
from under the steel point and flew
right against the smaller plate glass
window of Reynor's new store, breaking
it. The building has not been turned
over as completed, and. consequently.
**ie Insurance or. the window had not
>gun. Mr. Raynor will, therefore.
bill to the city for the price of
rather a fine point
nal Christmas story, being the ad?
ventures of a reporter on the house?
tops of Newport News with Kris
of the large export and import busi?
ness during the year about to close.
analysis of a plague spot.
Strothers. the smallpox Patient came
high, but we had to have him.
especially for tomorrow's Issue of the
Daily Press by Rev. E. T. Wellford,
pastor of the First Presbyterian
an v
f two silver dollars and five '
highwayman, having taken \
victim had. permitted him |
Wi'iinm Dooley was yester- \
I for this crime. !
s also found in the case .
T Joe Cleveland, charging that he at-j
t mr.ted to murder Richard Henry Law- j
-on ,.n thi: 9th inst. j
Tom Brown, alias Tom Jones. was j
Indicted for the malicious maiming of j
Augustus II. Byrum on the (Uli of Oc-I
tnher. last. |
An investigation was made by the]
?rand jury into the circumstances sur
?oundir.g the robbing of B. Nach
iian's house on the 22d of November. In
Cos .use. a valuable gold watch and
bain was stolen, end some other jew- j
:'lry. Robert Webb was charged with j
the crime, hut the grand jury failed
to lind a true bill.
The injunction proceedings of the i
city against the street railway will i
come up in this court today, and are
likely to be extremely brief, as the city
will not ask thj court to make the tern- |
oresumecTthat "Messra'" RegeSter "and |HAMPTON'S FUTURE.?A comprehen- -???^?KItlPrO CRUSH.
O'FerraTl will be down from mchmond I fve article on the outlook of ojjr sis-, . The er?s?' bo reach the President was
' the. interest of the company. Com- ter city- ' ' - '* ^rntl0.rfni^^idreda <dld noc; succeed
? ? ? ? -r- - - 1 _ h. doom- ae ? h the Prosiflelit s time was
HISTORIC ST. JOHN'S CHURCH.? Umitod. Me next wentTo meet ...
The story of one of the oldest houses ?red people at Old Shop Church, where
S YOU LIKE IT.?Reflections of The
: NOCKOITT DROPS.?If ' you read
them you will know- why thc-y are %V
President and his parly were
magnificent welcome in the i
uey's first capital today. Th
dent's train was escorted fron
to Tuskagee. and thence her,
State Assembly, Governor
Chief Justice McClellan and
ladies. The Assembly's trail
ahead of the President's. At the union
station the Presidential party was met
by the governor, committees of the as?
sembly, the,mayor and c ity council and
the Commercial and Industrial Associa?
tion. Mayor Clishy received th.... Presi?
dent with a well worded speech at the
station. The whole party was then
taken in carriages through the lending
business and residence streets to too
(Juiutuerate! Capitol.
The entire, route was ablaze will
tional colors while tremendous cr
lined the streets as far as the eye c
reaon. No such gathering has been seen
acre since..Sir. Cleveland's visa during
his first teifm. Capital Hill was one
o.asa of huihanlty when the line of car?
riages, escorted by the local military
eunipumes ieucneu it at 3 o'clock. Wh. ii
Governor Johnston escorted i'resio.iit
McKiniey into the hall there was a irc
ii.ein.oas ^demonstration. Governor
Joiiiiston uia..o a brie I speech in wnieh
he took occasion to say that Alabama
had lmchiriff to take buck lor what sue
did in IStil ?: but that she was back in
u.e Union jjio stay and that shit wel?
comed the^Presideni u? the reunited
country taflthc historic spot around the
The audience constantly punctuated
the President's remarks witn the wild?
est demonstrations of approval and es?
pecially his: tri'outes to Lieutenant Hob
son's mother and General 'Wheeler's
duinghter. ??
. ?Alter tlife-'speeches the Presidential
> party* went "to Ole governor's office
whSte a. public recentio* vvas held for
a half hoar.
<lde<l to
is placed n
During th
.?one! taki
e members
during the r
list tw,
16 written
?at out by
since the
de fr..
AY. VifS
Federal Prisoner
Newport News Jail.
It is understood that when the new
ity jail is finished the federal prisoners
.viio now go to the Norfolk jail, will be
.icarcerated in the Newport News
institution, the reason for this action
eing the fact that it has bene found
.hat the Norfolk jail is inadequate for
:ne purpose. Then. too. the prevalence
>f smallpox there has had something to
Jo with the decision.
Marsha! Morgan Treat was Instruct?
ed by the government to make an in?
vestigation into the alleged inadequacy
if the Norfolk jail, and did so. report
ng that it did not properly serve th"
nil-pose of the government, and re
lornmending that a transfer be made
o the Newport News jail as soon as it
should be completed.
In an interview yesterday. Mayor
'.less endorsed the proposition.
"I think it will be a good thing for
he city." sa'-d the mayoi. "Tt will he a
iource of revenue, as there would nl
vr.ys be a dozen or more United States
irisoners confined in t-,e building. We
vill have plenty r room as the biill'll"g
s at present dee'sned. hut if we had
>no\vn i-> the. b ginning that the United
-tales wanted to use our jail we could
lave hpd the building raised anothi'i
?.tcry without any trouble."
Annie Wakefield Says That Sone One
Stole S31i"> From Her.
Annie Wakefieid. who occupies a
i.ouse on Twenty-thirn street near West
?venue, in the district known as Bar
Harbor, has reported to the police ;hc
heft of SSI5 from her person and of a
Winchester riile and two revolvers from
her room.
The woman reports that the robbery
iccurred sometime Wednesday nigh'
vhlle she was asleep in her room. She
ailed at police headquarters and asked
hat a search be made for the guilty
According to her story the woman
crs lying across her bed with her
?lothes on and while she was In slumber
emeone entered hrr room and cutting
? hole in her stocking extracted a roll
win iooa
ta-^cccisphiiy -ftfewli
cut for the city.
The three prisoners. Nelson Banks,
Luke McMillan, and Stephen Council,
held for the federal grand jury by Com?
missioner Garrett on the charge of
passing spurious coin, were released
from jail on the order of the Commis?
vi ond
lme a
request fr<
.ies asking
. as he Wi?
ens released
i the Rich?
that he be
wanted in
vor the charge
3 assault. The
. anil was not
the afternoon.
the Capital c ty to ansi
if burglary and feloniou
bird had flown, howevei
irrested until later in
?vhen Chief Koatwright. of the Blood
rteld iiolice, n: bhed him. He was again
jailed, and will he held till the Rieh
?nond police sm.l for him.
In the Police Court today the case of
lames Simpson and Fred Ramey will
?ome up. These are the men who. with
John 15. Fitzgerald, were arrested on
'he charge of administering knockout
iivops to J. W. Turner, in Fitzgerald's
saloon the other day and robbing him
of $30U. Ac-ting Justice Robinson dis?
missed the charge against Fitzgerald,
released Ramey on hail in the sum of
'rlOO, and held the either man for $300
'nail, which he could not furnish.
uns of the Vir
Ljini.'i Historical Society the old home
of General Lee -have 1.n added to the
collection made from the wood of the
Davis mansion. Thes.-. with the pho?
tographs of the grave of Miss Winnie
Oavls. are at tjje Museum as relics, or
souvenirs that are of much Interest to
ihe visitors.
The reports of the vice-regents are
given below:
The relics which have been received
during the year are of much value ant!
interest. Notably, are two letters writ?
ten by Presidei t Davis, one of them the
last letter written by him before the
evacuation to his housekeeper. Mrs.
Mary Ornella. giving directions about
the disposal of his personal effects, and
commending her to the kind care of the
.Mayor of the city. The letter was pre?
sented by Mr. .1. E. Phillips, of Rich?
mond. Jliss Lucy Lee Hill sent, as a
loan, the sword and spurs of her
father. General A. P. 11 111. The spurs
are or silver, handsomely engraved with
his name: were presented by his lady
friends of South Carolina. Maps of
Jclimond, Petersburg and vicinity. a
true plan" of the battle near Lees
iirg, V;i.. and a map of the battle
round of Greenbrier river have been
?eclved. The latter is the only known
i.'i|> of that battle-ground, and has
ecu pronounced to be of much value
y a member of General Jackson's staff.
,'hich. added to the
ones of former
action priceless be
to be congratu
if menl ion,
r.-irc and valuabl
years, makes t lie ci
yi nil measure. We
iateil that so many things come to us
iinsollcitcel. .and that more anil more our
i.i'h' are realizing the importance of
placing their treasures of the "Lost
Cause?" in a place of safety. A source
of income hits been the sale of the sou?
venir spoons bearing the (lags of the
Confederacy on the handles.
I tespect fully submitted.
Vice-Regent Virginia Room.
The Huntington Hilles, Captain P. T.
Marye commanding, boarded the trans
port Chester with the Fourth Virginia
at Savannah Thursday night and it is
presumed they sailed for Havana yes?
terday morning. , r
?the coi-?v,:"-E0.r _-aWilXJ~. veaterd?j' they
if worship in America.
The above
great gathering received him enthu?
siastically. He made a snort, but forci?
ble speech there.
't his ended the ceremonies. The- purty
vvere conveyed back to the train and at
half past (i o'clock amid the boom of
mprlse only a portion of cannon the President left fur Savannah.
swered questions in the case of John
A nderson, deceased.
the interesting features of tomorrow's
Dally Press. In addition to these, there
Mill be Christmas stories and legends,
and entertaining departments, as well
:;s tie. news of the day, locally and
the Warwick: Dr. M. F. Newgeon.
ace Lee. New York: J. W. Mullan.
Richmond: W. J. V'anaman, Phlla
hia: Arthur Hirsch. New York;
z Sitterding. Richmond; J. B.
ivn. Baltimore; Charles 15. Brunei',
imond; S. W. KInnean, Wilming
Del.; A. E. Hernandez. New York;
'. Randolph, Richmond.
At the- Mctr.
Middle Creek
Baltimore: G
mui; Ellas
1 tames and W
Samuel II. Mi
At the Ivy: W. S. Smith. Berkley.
iVa.: J. Lane and J. E. Stevenson.
Richmond; Harry Johnson.
F. Keleher, Hartford, Conn
kins. New York.
Mrs. S. Le
C.; James
It rarely falls to the lot of a Captain
.lv the navy to have such unusual ad?
ventures as those which have befaJJ^*'
Captain Sigslr-e. formerly of the^'T .e,
hut now of the ill-fated ve^-' sister
ship, the Texas. The mos' .cable ad?
venture, of course was when he had, A, ,,?. An<.ghany In.,
i.s vessel blown from under him in Washington
Havana harb, r. Scarcely less Peculiar p t Baltimore; E
was that of the other day, when his ^orf0i|,
own ship sailed without him. The Cap?
tain left Old Point yesterday for Nor
?olk. from which place he took the Sea?
board Air Lire for the South, proceed?
ing to Cuba us fast as steam will carry
him. The Washington Post of yester?
day, speaking of the affair, says: "Cap?
tain Slgsbee, of the Texas, has been
ordered to Havana by rail and steamer,
to take command <if his ship there. The
order is the result of the hasty depart?
ure of the Texas under recent orders.
Captain Slgsbee was at Albany at the
time, and the orders to sail were obey?
ed so promptly that Captain Slgsbee
h id no time to reach his ship. and. in
politan: William Barnes.
Va.; James 1'. Newell,
?urge L, Green. Cincln
Klng, Norfolk; John
llliam B. Gates. Chicago;
llin. Monocacy, Pa.
t the Imperial: R. Otilliso
:: E. E. Saight, Graftun. Va
lion. Hampton.
nautical phrase,
were 'left on the
hi' and other officers
beach.' "
Mr. c. S. Philips, a shipyard em?
ployee, was one of a party of young
men. who went to Morrison's Thursday
"lorping. to take advantage of the
ikating afforded by th" pond at that
place. Venturing too near the middle
f th" ice. Mr. Philips broke through
ml received a thorough drenching. No
II eftects followed his cold bath.
Under th'- auspices of the
organized Mistletoe Club, a New Year'
ball will be given at the Casino on th
evening of January 1. Cards of invi
lotion have been issued and the numbe
or couples to be admitted to the floo
limited, so as to guard against un
pleasant crowding.
Admission will he by card only. Th
Business continues brisk at the Old
Dominion Land Company's pier and
the wharf is literally covered with
building materials awaiting cartage
The schooner Eldridge. with lumber
tor the Booker-Porch Company tied up
. t th- pier yesterday and discharged
her cargo.
Other vessels were the schooners
lohn R. Oliver, with lumber for R. V/.
Newman, and the M. A. M. Johnson,
with brick for the Booker-Porch Com?
Mr. W. W. Young, who for the past
three years has been connected with the
loaning department at the shipyard,
will leave tonight for Baltimore to ac?
cept a position with the Columbian Iron
Justice Brown, Sergeant Milstead and
Coroner Gary have returned from a
hunt in tue region around Lee Hall.
They were the guests of Me-ssrs. P. H.
Wright iinel J. T. Garrow.
W. W. C. Manning has returned from
New York, where he went several days
ago to accompany the remains of his
wife, who was buried in that city.
Miss Minnie O. Hart, who has been
vis'ting Mrs Southerland, on Twenty
?:inth street, left last evening Cor her
home in Fauquier county,
tal her.
SAVANNAH, GA., Dec. 16.?President
McK.nley will be gree.ed here tomorrow
by a joint delegation from the local
camps of the- Confederate Veterans and
the Grand A: my of the Republic-. Tills
will 'be the first uccasion upon which the
two bodie-j nave acted together.
Tonight ex-l.'niuu and ex-Confederate
soldiers met together and passed reso?
lutions, comnie-nding the President's ut
leraitce-s and i ledging hearty sympathy.
TUSKEGEE. ALA., Dec. 16.?Presi?
dent 'McKinley today visited the Tus
kegee Normal School and addressed its
pupils. Two hours before the Presi?
dents train reached here a special train
brought the members of the- Alabama
legislature ana u large croud from
A procession formed at '^"S^'o1-'1' ?-e"
pot and inarched through the^J^^uii its
way to the Normal.
At the entrance to the NorniaF*j$ho<>|
grounds was a beautiful arch Insetted
"Welcome to the Chief" and decora.ions
of bunting. ho..y and moss and products
S. S. Lar- of the field were scattered in profusie n
.along the road through the grounds,
j The Pres.de t ai d i arty Ilist review d
more than UuO boys and 30u g.rls of the
Normal School and 200 children o! the
training' school.
President McKinley showed much in?
terest and pleasure, as with uncovered
head he viewed the procession. After
the students iiad passed came fifty
floats representing all departments of
school work.
At''.:- the p'ocession all followed the
President to the beautiful chapel. About
3.000 people gained admittance.
Booker T. Washington, the principal,
introduced Governor Johnston. Gover?
nor Johnston introduced the President,
who delivered an address.
Tile departure for Montgomery was
taken at 1 o'( lock.
ATLANTA, GA.. Dec. 16.?The special
train conveying President McK nicy and
party on his trip through the South ar?
rived on the Atlanta and West Point
from ..lontgomery at 11:35. An hour
was spent In the depot here. The cars
were dark and no demonstration occur?
red. '
The auxiliary cruiser Yusemite will
proceed to the Asiatic station, in place
of the Yankee, with reinforcements for
<he ships of Dewey's fleet. The Yan
kee's machinery is not in good condition
?end the Yoseir.Ite will take the place "(
tne vessel selected earlier for this duty.
The Yosemlte has been ordered to the
N'or.'olk navy yard for fitting out for the
r.uig cruiser, which will be by way of
? he Suez canal. The Yankee, now nl the
; engue Island yard, will also go to Nor
folk, where she will remain in ordinary.
m.L^sssssi^m cV -cttnits
mould arrive In Cuba sometime Stttidi
light. They will go to Barraea-'d. whe
the other regiments have gone.
The Fourth Virginia Regiment reaci
ed Savannah en route to the transpo
bout 3:30 o'clock. The troops we
riven a big send off.
They went through the streets wi
oiors flying ami with band in full bla*
' lie men were smiling and happy ar
eerned weil pleased with the idea
,-etting away. j
They had their blankets rolled in poi
hos and tnrown over their shoulders..
This was different from the other re
rr.ents in golrg to their sh'ps. Tl
lauai way heretofore has been to p
li,. blankets in a bundle and set it .
..I, ,,r the knnrsack.
Colonel Geoige W. Taylor rode at t
lead of his troops, and behind h.m car
he officers of his staff. The men hi
heir gnus wrapped in cloths and wo
>ig army overcoats.
They went aboard the transport it
ncdiately after reaching the wharf.
Behind the Virginians came a cro\
if men in uniform of the United Stat
.olunieers, who were having a glorio
line. They marched single file on ea
itie of the asphalt street and during
iood portion of the time kept up a gre
.-cling and hurrahing
They were boys of the Forty-nirJ
'own, soon id go to Cuba themselv.]
They were escorting their fr'irr.ds of t|
'?"ourth Virginia to the transport.
There has been a decided attachmej
..'tween these- commands for sometirrj
fi e soldiers in each regiment love
t' er. and the Forty-ninth Iowa trod
nate to sec the F. F. Vs. going awj
erd leavirg them behind.
I By Telegraph.)
NOr.FCT.K. VA.. Dec-. 16.?Art'rl
' ?Vitt, the in -rro who killed Sperj
Constable Beaseley. September 24th laf
near Princess .-'nne Courthouse,
?vhlle the officer was trying to arj
Mm for the th-fi of a pistol, was^,
id today in the jail yard of the)
if Princess Anne. His neck
ir.d death was instantaneous.,
(By Telegraph.)
transport Chester sailed this mornl
for Marlanao. Cuba, carrying Brigacs
General Hasbrouck and the headqti|
ters' staff of the Second Division
to the Seventh Army Corps avd
Fourth Virginia Regiment. The tral
-?ort Mintie-waska and Roumania
rived from Havana this morning. '
vill take ii board the Forty-ninth Ic
ir.d Sixth Missouri Regiments tomj
?r- mtr* 'ein proii.-ihly sail the next
( By Telegraph.)
ST. JOSEPH. I.A.. Dec. 16.?To
vithin the walls of the parish jaii|
this place, Simon Passett paid the
reme penalty for the murder of
McQreen a' Somerset plantation.
May last. Both parties were coli
ire! were saw mill hands.
MADRID. Dec. 16.?A seml-oml
ante issued today says:

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