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|d that ho wore a
augers, light hair, ami
; luul three pieci
. a dress suit ease
ie two Cornier ivi re
to the point stated,
iji cheeked.
or this individual was
ter. ile had awakened
boarded a streel ear.
Hampton. At Queen
wn, he was seen In wax
ed. The conductor
as simply his wuv
and being a man who
with another man's
lot him alone. But tic
let the conductor
the car stopped. I i ?
eel jit. . He wanted another
.\. vrportTfews so quick that
? . i'ing to e::p-!n;n the situn
'???'iifid suddenly to have bc
ied with galvanic batter! s.
ti r finally could contain
ifii?cr. He asked the wihi
? :i . rth was the matter with
will I! man explained graph
oi lucidly. He had lefi his
there. He did not know ex
c bei had left his grip, lb
1-9 left his grip in the
.. Ohio waiting room, hm
ave Ijeft his grip on the street
ttty-jeighth street, or on tin
.ie. ijor he had just, he said.
from Richmond. One thing
rtiiin of. and that was th.it
I.Mill in that grip, and he was
to toid it.
IT the car, danced a jig on
?il till the next car came up.
?v. :--rt News, boarded li with
rat idity and was soon on his
? this city.
Hi.it trip took, the English
evcr know. So far as lie is
it hi not to bo computed een
:i cycles. But he reached
ews and headed straight for
This'ls where the streel rail
id fr
Pf-cnMilr nnil ?Wonderfully l'it?t Satl?,
ini; ltoulM of tb<- Lailrunr InlmiUB
Of tho Hying proas of the Ludrono in
landers, the reports of travelers uro nlmos? I ?ras
Incredible Thu appcanmco of the proa j -j,0 Acudomy of Scic!
filled tho curly voyager with astonishment I make on tiic body i
und its speed with wonder. "This luven- (guillotined. Tins wit
tion." says u mount writer, "would do j If. fell and pin cd U|
?rcdit- to any civilized nation." Tho stem 1 move as if m-g.it. T
mil stern are alike and are very sharp. I little wiri'.lat on tnr:
The i out sails in either direction, and al?
ways witli the same side to tho wind. On
thiywindward side is a long outrigger,
and at. its extremity is a log of wood
?It A<
! Hl'Ti
tho body then s
was turned hall1
trunk moved sin
pointed at. both ends and parallel with tho j ;iuu mirth.
boat. Thisi prevents the capsizing of the
boat, the .'ee side of which is vertical to
prevent drifting to leeward, while the
weatLer side is built in the ordinary man?
?i man who was
i .ken the instant
n ii pivot, free to
i head p irr nfttir I?
1 to t'ne north, and
?limine'! stationary. It
ay rurfn 1 by one of ill"
rain the head end of 1 tie
ly to the cardinal point
no results I cing recent
e.nd Specifications
~hfiT-> Mntlci
11: t>
?i i nt il the Until am
movuiniint.? Bust in Ti
of organic
?- /
To change the direction of tho boat, tho j j&jg *f l"i"-; ">.."v ",\
rani Is brought down 3?&i 3 ri'J 4.5
t he y
w'niic tlie other is raised, und thus the di- |
rection of tho boat is reversed, with that
of hit. en or triangular sail, while thu out?
rigger is still to windward. These proas
passed between Magellan's ships going at
full s..il and tho boats they towed astern,
?so ipiicklv and skillfully that it was a
Van Noort. the (irst Dutch circumnavi?
gator, says that, "sometimes 200 of these
proas, with four or live men apiece, would
?unu to trade, all hallooing together
llicro, hiero'?that is. 'Iron, iron,' and
with very eagerness run their proas upon
Mio ships." Jacques In liormitc, who was
ulT the coast of Guam in 1(125, says that
the inhabitants came out six miles to
meet him, with ujl sort of refreshments to
exchange for old iron, and that there wore
150 proas trading with him at one time.
An eld writer saw that "one of these
proas, being dispatched from Guam to
'Manila, which is loo good leagues, per?
formed tho voyage in four days."
Dumpier, who was at Guam during oir-J
ol hi t voyages round the world, says: "1
fc'j ii cH??.;?* zr-i.31
-to? ?v-c-vv'-1sT ' *-?J
following- verv de^ir il?l^ Propt-r its
Four lots on the corner of Lafayette avenue and Twenty-eighth street, with
niprovements thereon. $15.000.
Brick store and Hats on Twenty-eighth stieet near Washington avenue.
Six new G-room houses on Forty-sixth street; all modern improvements?
renting tor $90 monthly; is,. 100.
Two unimproved lots, corner of Thirty-fifth street and Washington av?
enue. $11,000.
Three-story brick business property on a Washington avenue corner;
lirice $14.500. It rents for Sl.SOO per annum.
Store and rooms above, on Jefferson avenue near Twenty-second street,
House and lot corner of Jefferson avenue and Twenty-seventh
where the car stops. $3,500. This property rents for $52 a month.
New dwelling on Forty-ninth street, very desirable, and all modern Im?
provements. $2,SO0.
A vacant lot on Washington avenue, near Twenty-seventh street. $6,100.
Three beautiful dwellings on Tnirty-second street, between "..'est and
Washington avenues, for $3.000. $4.?00 and $6,500.
Three lots and a 6-room dwelling, corner of Oak avenue and Twenty
seventh street. $l.r.00.
A desirabls 10-room house, with southern exposure, on Thirty-third street
near West avenue, for $5.000.
Three houses in East End. renting f >r $3i' monthly, price $3,300.
Lots on Jefferson avenu"". near the street car line, for $S00.
houses and lots, on Twenty-third street near Madison avenue, for
I si
mn mmmnmK
<* ci v J
innt: i
J3.?0G. which rent for S64 monthly.
Lots above the shipyard for $400.
Lots i:i East End from $150 up. '
Lots near C. Jfr O. Piers for $100;
All prices quoted above are subject to change at any time. We can gen?
erally make terms to suit on anything we offer.
We invite the listing of property with us by those having it for sale.
Real Eisfate and Insurance
The question of the hour?What shall
I give him ? Read throucih the items below
and you will be sure to find there just, what
you want?and what is more gratifying
what will be the right thinci.
..f'the depot, going through
wa-itiria room, found an ili?
um; grip,'and after the u-ual
ii.-e case of property left
pi.-ice. he took it in charge,
he tlnd to the proper authori
ni'Jrrow. It was not an ex
v jrlp exteriorly by any
? janitor did not. open it. He
l f .rgotten all about it. when,
..'clock, a tall man with light
vercoat and minus the jag
1; was the man he had seen
hef?re in the ladies' wailing
p. The man wanted a grip?
T! ..jvjanitor readily produced
i.iHjt over to the owner, coii
?t. lit is not knoivn whether
i fainted or whether he tip
niitpr. Certainly neither one
:,i|iped dead, for the janitor
!! ilie tale, and the man in the
,-.,.-it; this time with a grip
i ha hand, was seen about
k massing through the vesti
?. Chamberlln Hotel at Old
enda the story.
Played on III? Neighbors
I.ej! to His Dentil.
,c 'fyetB I ever hud, which were
cvijc found one so knowing or
ui-fthiuf iisa pet crow which was
?? !.,$) I was a girl of VI. When
in jiie, be hud been slightly
in ?bo wing, which at first, dis
, uni. from which ho soon .fully
(iff cecupied a cage read? by
neSats across tho open end ot
, Sud this box always remain
iiUuarters. A handful of corn
oflwatcr were his daily ration,
uraine mifiiciently tamo to be
ggand como as ho pleased, he
l"?forage<l for such tidbits as
i-'rB to be fond of. Jim Crow,
li.wer seemed to care for the so
tiilr crows; othmuiso it may
tiilt his black .brethren did not
vi&ewith one cowardly enough
to captivity- At all events,
,ieVer seen together. Jim s
.-?Son was? large housedog.
1? was told to go after the
< I? were pastured ?t least a
ttinaaWay. .Tim Crow always
h?ft ?ying slowly a couple of
Sg's back and frequently
on tho back of a cow
?,t men were ?.t work at car
:,Wiiior on my father's barn
lid cf tcochiug Jim tricks,
,M\declared, if .Um's t-ong-.m
jEjjjj could bo taught to speak
X-o of imitation were very
Fooo bowed to him, ho usual
i We-.-compHiiient in a puliw
^h?r times ho would scratch
liko a hen who was
'Srood <?f chickens Imitat
'4t?on as well as tho hen's
lint, his sailors called them Ladrohusbr
Kohl.er islands. Drake called tho l'olew
inlands, ?.s years later, tho iMainib o'
Vhi.i\cs ? E?ehargu.
Voting Man?Doctor, you have been at?
tending n.e for a week, and I am worse
than I was at the start.
Physician?I will be frank with you,
sir. licing unable, to discover what was
tho matter witli you and being unwilling
to risk intn-lcring witli the curative piAv
crs ol nature, 1 have given you no medi?
cine nt nil. In fact., my treatment law
uot commenced yet."
"Rut you have been giving me pitta
"They were only a sham. They were
tnailc of hr. ml."
"Where did you get the bread?"
"Your young and charming wife made
;'r'm bus tion 4k.
irfrniT AND SI
2S09 Washington
c. sv
-;-;;Tn ro>tOVES. _ nim^\^
"?c ward
a ~L
I'm worse!"?Pearson's
?'No wonder
Concerning; "Christian XnnieM.*'
May one interject a gentle protest against
the use of the phrase "Christian name"
In this connection!' The Romans said
pnenonicn, the French say prcnoin, and
wo have used the word "forename" for
the. last 3(in years. It- Is us incorrect to
speak of the Christian name of a Jew, for
example, as it would be hopeless to expect
a Christmas card from a Jewish rabbi.
Again, ihe middle name of a Roman was
his gentile, naiui?that of his gens. On
tho surface, what a pretty confusion of
Ideas It would have, been to have spuken
uf tho name as at. once gentile and Chris?
tian!? Notes and Queries.
Milk from healthy cuwsl
clean as a house and alwys|
Hi* NcrvotiHiiesN.
Patient?Doctor, I attribute my dys
pepsin to tiic fact that I have attended a
great many public dinners.
Doctor?Oh, I sec! You were frequent?
ly called on to speak, and the nervous ap?
prehension upset your digestion.
Patient?Not exactly. My nervous ap?
prehension was on account, of tho othe.'
speakers. 1 never said anything.?Nov.
York Tribune.
bcr Sth, a mouse colored cow. Owner
can get same by calling and paying
charges. HENRY STUART, Fox Hill
road. del7-3t*
charm. Finder returning same to 2;!0
Forty-third street will be liberally ro
warded. JAMBS SHAW. It
man. of good character with small
capital, as partner in produce busi
ness. Address "N," this office,
Arrived in the city yesterday and I)
ivith W. It. Robinson ,t Co.,grocen
i'hirty-lirst street and Washington avo
"bin? -pick-up pebbles ' nue. Choice beef and other fresh meal
Good styles, a big varle^
prices to suit the masses,
Muglar's uhoes a popular shoe for]
women and children.
We strive to satisfy (?.?? patrons.
appreciate every cent spent with us|
Try us once and s e how w
tieat you.
Good qua.. / and low |_ -
our store a popular resort : .
Furnishings, Hats. etc.
We make a specialty of Neckwear|
and Underwear.
M gle Slice & H? Co.,
Strict attention paid to mall orders.
2704 Washington Avenue.
- '-r'> ami tJli
Medium, per
;ir:illon $ui0;
ents. Oi
27th str
'ie raw oys
Hotel ivy.
or W'e sen
'he rate ot
f.10) cents
?'en. so cents
n shell ,,cr
?J'ster nous.,
?d La fay
ibup-c?f-. ^ shoes!
I hats cu bu^ons. r '^^^
/suspenders. $hirts
walking-sticks scarf pins- s?cf?"
, And lots of other Lm - ST^N? JACK?Ts
CaU and see us &VeSt for shown
ano^we Win PLft ?^^^^ns ^
- The Reliable
Clothier' ?hoer' and
?tS fvt- oTr:i," -
?L delivered in i- new
.useh i ? Minutes.
?Msehold tracle ,.s,?,.iai_
?'IS ,^?U1SV^t.E
tl ^T?v' !3. 1SSS.
-NT?-'i I No. ;;"
rib-lam: 4;tnnm
i o odani; 6 50pm
l1-' OOn'n'.
.' 40|>m
^ir.prnl 10:'0pm
2 43am
fc-Pthj 6 2Sam
S'^Pm, 7.?am
First TTUD nTt. 1 * -HE
Nobby aud Stylish.
Ex ra Long

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