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A Period When All Social Lite ana
Outdoor Enjoyment Is ot
\k a Standstill.
I shall never forget the feeling I had
when one of my neighbors said, at the
beginning of the season: "Oh, well,
there are not many days when you can?
not drive into town in the middle of the
day for the mail." I did not understand
her, or scarcely believe her, but I do
now. I also know of several other fam?
ilies who have regularly prepared for
the mosquito season by laying in a
stock of sewing and reading, and who
announced, when the season began,
that they did not intend to go out or to
receive until it was over; so that prac?
tically nil social life is at a standstill,
invitationsusually ending with, "weath?
er and mosquitoes permitting." The
moonlight nights in this little corner
of the earth are glorious, but we have
only been able to enjoy them from our
front piazza steps once in nearly two
anonths, and then only for a brief half
hour, while a strong sea breeze swept
in over the bay; at the same time,
friends living a mile away have sat out
cn the piazza, "every evening for a
I am writing of life on the coast of
Florida, more than 300 miles south of
St. Augustine, and of a part of the coun- j
try that, in spite of mosquitoes, has a
wonderful future before it, and is al?
ready the great truck garden seetiorvof
the state for early vegetables and trop?
ical fruit, as well as a most delightful
winter resort and fishing and hunting
Sitting now at my front door, behind
a screen of the finest wire work, 1 can
look out on to one of the most beauti?
ful of landscapes, the blue waters of
the bay rippling in the sunshine, the
long leaves or branches of the coeoanut
trees bending and swaying with a pleas?
ant rustling, while the crimson blos?
soms of the hibiscus bushes are nod?
ding good-naturedly over the gray
stones of the wall at the mocking bird
playing hide-and-seek among the gin?
ger plants; and ju6t beyond the wall,
on the path leading up from the water,
?and bordered on both sides by banana
trees, there comes n man, who 1ms just
landed at the wharf with a string of
sea trout for me; he wears a frame over
his head covered with mosquito net?
ting, and, as they say here, is "batting
'himself" with a green branch that I
Eaw him break from my favorite guava
tree. Of course I shall buy'the fish,
iWhich will cost a mere trifle, but it will
take at least ten minutes to clear the
kitchen cf mosquitoes that will come
in with the sea beauties; for, as my
fishermani says, "they are very had this
, If he were a visitor he would have to
brush or be brushed off before he could
^enter with the palmetto brush, that
takes the place of the front door bell
during mosquito time; for the brushing
operation is a noisy one. All out-of
door work must be attended to in the
middle of the day, when the mosquitoes
?re less troublesome.?Harper's Bazar.
The Hou(rh Hlder Wus Modelt and
? Only Wauled to Get Back
i to Texas.
I When the prisoner appeared before
tha police judge in a Missouri town it
was difficult to suy what manner of man
he was or whencw he came. It was evi?
dent, though, that he w as not entirely
sober and had been very much less so.
'In addition, he hud no doubt been roll?
ing in the gutter und had acraped his
face over some pretty rough sidewalk.
All in all, he was a dilapidated speci?
men; yet there was something about
him that bore the distinctive mark of
difference from the common herd of
that court room.
"Aren't you one of the famous rough
riders?" asked the judg? after lie had
talked to him very plainly, watching
him narrowly the meanwhile.
The prisoner held up his handwarn
"Don't give it away, judge," he said,
looking around in alarm.
"What do you mean?" responded the
astonished judge.
"Just what I say, judge," repeated the
js isoner, bending over so ns to get as
near as possible. "Don't give it away.
I thought I had concealed my identity
from the public gaze." And he looked
down over himself, half in pride, half
In shame.
This was too much for the judge, and,
bringing the prisoner nearer, so he
could tell his story confidentially, so to
to speak, he told him to proceed.
"Well, you see, it was this n-way,
judge," said the prisoner with a Texas
accent, "when I was mustered out and
begin to see what the great American
people thought of us fellers thatfitinto
the Spaniards at Santiago I seen that
if I didn't do something in Eelf-defense
purty soon I was goiu' to be run for of?
fice by the party that got to me first,
er that I was goin' to have the face
kissed off of me by a string of gals a
mile long, and I concluded I'd jist git
low-down, common drunk und stay that
n-way tiil I could git to a safe place in
Texas. I've escaped up to date, mid if
you'll not say a word, judge, but jist
fchove me along west, I reckon I'll git
back home in fair enough shape, all
?things considered. What do you say,
judge;is it a go?"
It was indeed, or-d the judge instruct?
ed a police officer to keep an eye on ths
distinguished prisoner, and see that he
?was put on the next train pointing its
cowcatcher toward the southwest cor?
ner of the great republic.?Washington
Aeveed -with Her.
"Woman's work is never done," com?
plained Mrs. Wrinkle, as she passed the
bread to her husband.
"No," absented Wrhikle, as he broke
open the biscuit, "wonder why It is
Jthey never get done in the center?"?
Ohio State Journal.
NEW YORK. Dec. 19.?The market
today opened irregularly and resulted
In mixed changes of prices. The marke1?
had a good undertone, Unit was devoid
of interesting features. Little was done
in the standard stocks and the indus?
trials, except sugar, which broke near,
ly four points and rallied fractionally.
The .confirmation of the report that
Secretary and Treasurer Se'arles would
retire owing to ill health was used in
depressing sugar, Central Pacific was
strong, in anticipation of a reorganiza?
tion plan which was expected to follow
any settlement which the company may
make with the government. Southern
Pacific, Which would benefit in any fa?
vorable development in Central Pacific,
rose three points. Baltimore & Ohio
stocks were affected favorably by re?
ports that the Baltimore & Ohio South?
western plan of reorganization was
well received abroad. Lake Erie and
Western was aggressively strong with?
out any new developments in the prop?
erty ibecoming known.
Metropolitan Street Railway gained
three points after having been compara?
tively inactive and weak. The revival
of talk of underground rapid transit
was probably the ear.," of weakness in
Manhattan. Prices were well held until
the last "hour, when there was a
break in Atchison and the grangers.
Traders worked for a decline on the
theory that sueh a movement was usu'al
before '(Jig Christmas holidays. Active
bulls professed gratification at the con?
tinuance of outside interest in the
market, which was reflected in the un?
due prominence of some of the minor
stocks in the trailing. Tennesse Coal
and Iron became strong and moved up
two points, and the rest of 'the list
sympathized In this movement, fraction?
ally and the market left off firm.
The total sales of stocks today were
629,500 chares.
The leading slocks closed as follows:
Atchison. 18}
Baltimore & Ohio. 05
Canada Pacific. 85
Canada Southern. 5?
Chesapeake Si Ohio. 25
Chicago & Alton. lgsj
Chicago, Burlington & Qulucy.. I216
C. C. C. & St. L. 48$
do do pref'd. 97
Delaware & Hudson. lOlj
Delaware, Luck. &W. 1.4.75
Erie (new). 14
Port Wayne. I75
Great Northern pref'd. I5J9
Illinois Central.ex div I33
Lake Shore . f 01
Louisville & Nashville. (?;(?
Manhattan L. <m;
Michigan Central. I12"
Missouri Pacific. 4i?j
Mob'le & Ohio. 804
New Jersey Central. 93
New York Central. l22fl
Norfolk & Western. ltli
Northern Pacific..? 4li
do pref'd. 7(!J
Pittsbnrg. 172
Reading. 1!?
Rock Island. ltJDj
St. Paul. 1 l<;a
do pref'd. 1041
Southern Pacific. 33g
Southern Railway. l?g
do pref'd. 4>i
Texas & Pacific. luj
Union Pacific pref'd,. 40i
Adams Express. lO?j
American Express. 144
United States Express. 29
Wells Farfto Express. 105
American Tobacco. 1411
do pref'd_. 127
People's (Jas. 1081
Consolidated (das. 195
General Electric. SI2?
Pacific Mail. . 423
Pullman Palace.es div 14-j
Silver Certificates. 51)}
3ugar . 1201
do pret'd . 110}
Tennessee Coal & Iron. 36J
Western Union. 94j
Chicago Northwestern. 1401
do pref'd. 185
Chicago Great Western. 15
CHICAGO, Lee. 19.?Wheat wa?
st l ong all day and closed at an ad?
vance of 3--le over Saturday's final price.
Corn "closed l-2c higher and oats 1-Sc
higher. Provisions are practically un?
changed. The leading futures ranged
as follows:
WHEAT? Open Higb Low Close:
Dec 061 ??g tili 00
May 67/ 074 67i 076
July U5J 055 05g 65<|
Dec !U? !U8 34} 3H
May ?bt S5J 8i>4 36!i
July 35$ 0:3 ? i S5J
Dec ?('* ?6 26
May 2(i i 201 31$ 20}
Dec 0.40 St.45 8 87} 3 40
Jan U.724 0.75 0.05 0,671
Dec 5.124 5.15 5.10 4.17
Jan 5.b7A 5.374 5.32i 5.35
Jan 4.65 4 074 4.02| 4.02J
Dec 4.85 4.?ri 4.80 4.824
. Cash quotations were as follows:
flour steady; No. 3 spring wheat,
f>[email protected]; No. 2 red, 69; No. 2.
corn, IMS; No. 2 oats, U*[email protected]; No
?i white, 283 ("20; No. 3 white. i'S
@4; rye,;[email protected]*; No. 2 barley, [email protected];
No. 1 llax seed, [email protected]; prime
timothy seed, 2.30; mesB pork per
barrel [email protected]; lard, per 100 pounds,
[email protected]?74; short rihs sides, loose,
4.5.'-?4.77; dry salted sL< ulders'
bo'ed, [email protected]; short clear sides,
loose, [email protected]; whiskey, distillers'
finished goods, per gallon. 120; No.
yellow corn, 35.
BALTIMORE, Dee. 19?Flour, quiet
and steady; western super, $2.]5(fi>$2.50.
Wheat, inactive and firmer: spot and
month, 72 1--1<5i>72 1-2; January, 72 l-2<(i>
72 3-4: May. 73; Southern wheat, by
sample, 6X<i/'73.
Corn, firmer: spot and month, 39 3-4<<7
29 7-8; December, new or old.'39 i-Pn
39 1-2; January, 39 l-4?>39 1-2; February.
39 l-2tf/;3!i 2-4; Southern white corn,
36 [email protected] 1-2.
<>ats, dull; No. 2. white, 22 1-2.
Rye. firmer; No. 2, nearby, 58; No. 2.
western, 60.
Sugar, strong; granulated. 5.20 1-2.
Buffer, steady; fancy creamery, 22;
do. Imitation, 1701S.
Eggs, firm, fresh, 23(fi)24.
Cheese, steady; fancy New York, 30:
large, 10 l-2(f?l0 3-4.
Lettuce, 1.25?1.50 per bushel box.
Whiskey, [email protected] per gallon of fin?
ished goods in car loads; 1.31&1.32 p?r
galoln for Jobbing lots.
NEW YORK. De?. 19.?Money on call,
firmer, at 2 [email protected] per cent.: last loan,
2 1-2; mercantile paper, -3(S?4 per cent.:
sterling exchange, steady, with actual
business in bankers' bills at 4.S4 [email protected]
4.S4 3-4 for demand, and at4.8K514.Sl 1-2
for sixty days: posted rates, 4.S2 [email protected]
4.85 1-2; commercial bills, 4.82; silver
certificates, 59 l-2<&60 1-2: bar silver.
r>9 1-2: Mexican dollars. 46 3-4. Govern?
ment bonds, strong; State bonds, weak;
railroad bonds, strong.
NEW YORK. Dec. 15.?Cotton fu?
tures opened barely steady. Dec. 5.50;
Jan., 5.52: Feb. 5.49; March, 5.52: April.
5.56; May 5.59; June. 5.63; July, 5.66;
August, 571; Sept., 5.66; Oct., 5.65.
Futures closed steady. Dec, 5.45:
Jan., 5.46: Feb., 5.47: March. 5.50; April.
5.53: May. 5.57; June, 5.60;. July, 5.63;
August, 5.66: Sept., 5.62; Oct., 5.63.
Spot closed quiet; middling uplands,
5 13-16; middling gulr, 6 1-16. Sales,
1,700 bales.
Daily Service Between New York and
Virginia Points.
The elegant steamships Jamestown,
Guyandotte, Princess Anne and Old
Dominion leave New York every day.
except Sunday, at 3 P. M., for Norfolk
and Newport News, touching at Fort
Monroe on the Southern trip. Ships
leave Norfolk for New Y'ork divect
every day at 6:00 P. M. Ship leaving
Tuesday carries freight only.
A short, delightful and invigorating
sea voyage.
First-class. straight, including
meals and berth.$ 8.00
Round trip, first-class, including
meals and berth. 13.00
Steerage, without subsistence. 4.50
STEAMER LURAY arrives from
Smithfield and leaves for Norfolk daily,
except Sunday, at 9 A. M. Return?
ing leaves Norfolk from Bay Line
wharf, every day, except Sunday, at 3
P. M.
All business between New York and
Newport News transacted at Pier 6.
All business between Newport News.
Norfolk. Smithfield and local points
transacted at Pier A, foot Twenty-fifth
- . CROWELL. Agent.
Tin New and Powerful Iron Palaes
SteanocrB Newport News, Washingtou
and Norfolk will leave daily so fol?
Steamers leave Portsmouth, foot
of North street at. 5:00 p. y
Leave Norfolk, foot of Mathews
street at. 5:45 p. m.
Leave Old Point at. 6:45 p. m.
Arrlv? Washington at. 7:00 a. m.
B. &. O. R. K. PENN., R. R.
Lv. Washington at.. 8:00 a m..8:00 an
Ar. Philadelphia at.11:00 a m.10:50 am
Ar. New York at.. .. 1:25 p m. .2:15 p ro
South bound, B. & O. R. B. Penn. R. R.
Lv. New York at_11:30 am.. 1:00 pra
Lv. Philadelphia at. 1:33 p m..3:18 p m
Ar. in Washington .. 4:30 p m..tf :18 pns
Steamers leave Washington at 6:30 pm
Arrive Fortress Monroe at.... 7:00am
Arrive Norfolk at . 8:00 am
Arrive at Portsmouth at.8:30 a. in
The trip down the historic Potomac
river and Chesapeake Bay on the ele?
gant steamers of thla company is un?
surpassed. The steamers are compar?
atively new, having been built In 18K,
and are fitted up In the most luxuri?
ant manner, with electric lights, call
bell, and steam heat in each room.
The tables are supplied with every de?
licacy of the season from the market
of Washington and Norfolk.
For further Information apply to
HorfoUr. V*.
10 30pm
2 43am
4 22am
6 28am
7 iiam
_Schedule in Effect Nov. 13, 1S9S._
WESTBOUND._ | No."!"' No. 3
Lv. Newport News ... 9 15am|
Ar Richmond . 11 30am|
Lv. Richmond .*12 00n'n|
Ar. Washington .* 3 40pm
Lv. Richmond . 2 15pm
Ar. Charlottesville .... 5 44pm
Ar. Staunton . 7 08pm
Ar. Clifton Forge _ 8 57pm
Ar. Va. Hot Springs .. 9 50pm
Ar. While Sulphur .
Ar. Cincinnati .
Ar. Louisville .
Ar. Chicago .
Ar. St. Louis .j 6 5Gpm| 7 30am
?Daily except Sunday. Other time
No. 1 Cincinnati Express daily.
Parlor Car Old Point to Richmond and
Pullmans Richmond to Cincinnati,
Louisville and St.'Louis.
No.3 with Pullman-daily Oid Point to
Hinton. Cincinnati and Louisville.
Meals served oir dining cars on Nos.
I ahd3 west of Gordonsville.
FOR NORFOLK. | No. 2'"] Nb.T"
_I daily, j daily.
Lv. Newport News _111 15am I 6 05pm
Ar. Norfolk .12 15pm | 7 05pm
Ar. Portsmouth .|12 40pm | 7 30pm
7 55amj 5 15pm
11 ??aml 8 ??pm
3?pm 7 15am
Steamer Louise leaves Portsmouth
daily 7 40 a. in. und 3 00 p. m. Leaves
Norfolk S lu a. m. and 3 30 p. m for New?
port Ne\v3.
For tickets and other information ap?
ply to E. W. ROBINSON, Ticket Agent,
Newport News.
Asst. Gen. Passenger Agt.,
Richmond. Va.
1 will leave Newport News with
both freight and passengers for Peters?
burg every Monday, Wednesday and
Friday about 7:15 A. M., and will leave
Newport News for Norfolk every Tues
<iay, Thursday and Saturday about 3:30
P. M.
Will leave Norfolk every Monday,
Wednesday and Friday at 6:00 A. M.
sharp. J. W. PHILLIPS.
Leave Newport News, via Norfolk foi
Boston every Monday.Wednesday and
Friday. Leaves for Providence every
Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, sail?
ing from Norfolk at 6 P. M.
Leave Newport News for Baltfmorj
daily, Tuesdays excepted, at 5 P. M.,
connecting for Washington, Philadel?
phia and New York.
Steamer sailing Oct. 14, 23. Nov. 2. 11,
20, 30, Dec. 9, IS, 28 does not carry pas?
? Fare to Baltimore, one way, $3; round
trip; $5. Including atatoroom berth. Ac?
commodations and cuiolne un?
equalled. Freight and passengers
taken for all points north and south
For further information apply to
L. C. SAUNDERS. Agent.
Newport News, Va
W. P. TURNER, a. P. A.
3. C. WHITNEY. T. M,
General office. Baltimore, Md.
Good styles, a big variety and
prices to suit the masses, make
Mugler's shoes a popular shoe tor men,
women and children.
We strive to satisfy oU.- patrons. We j
appreciate every cent spent with us.
Try us once and sie how well we j
treat you.
Good qual. 7 and low p.: as make
our store a popular resort t r Men's
Furnishings, Hats, etc.
We make a specialty of Neckwear
and Underwear.
Mngler Shoe & Hat Co.,
Strict attention paid to mall orders.
2704 Washington Avenue.
i i
I fl Great 4
To Suit All Purses.
Beautiful articles of
irridcscent glass. Quaint
shapes in the newly im?
ported Aller Vale ware.
Doulton tobacco jars and
vases. Articles in Lim?
oges, Royal Bonn, etc.
Leather Goods.
A fine line of ladies'
purses, card cases, etc.
Poeketbooks, card cases,
Masks, etc., for gentle?
men. Choice books, pic?
tures and cut glass. Cam?
eras and musical instru?
I ]26 ^2?tH ?t I
and Famiiy Liqucr Sto;e
ESTflBblSHED IN 1?8?.
Is the place for you to buy your
Wines and Liquors for Cooking and
Medicinal puposes.
These are tlie Rules oftlie
Gate and Saloon Inside:
No loud talking o
singing, discussing of
politics, nationality or
religion. All who
cannot comply with
these rules are re?
quested to spend their
time and money else?
s_ cz
X ^
i? -CZ
All orders by mail will receive prompt
Milk from healthy cows. Stables as
clean as a house and alwys open to in?
J. R. SWI NERTON, Manager.
Contkactok and Builder
Plans and Specifications Prepared un
Short Notice.
the live hundred sterling
souvenirs. So are gone a
good many bargains which tli6 people saw and
could not resist the tempting prices^
\?/F^ W?\/F stl11 a fine assortment of
VlL rlAVC- goods left, consisting of
Watches, Sterling Silverware, Clocks and Cut
Glass. Every piece a bargain at o on price we
sell it.
a line assortment
of Diamond Rings
from $5 to $75. We also have other rings set
with various kinds of precious stones.
Wo are daily receiving fresh consignments
of goods to keep up the rapid depletion of our
{?.ssorlment. Please call and make yonr choice.
We will be pleased to put aside for you any?
thing vou will select.
Watchmakers and Jewelers,
2819 Waslnnnton nveiuie,. Between 28th and 29th St net
[JQP^Fme repairinga Specialty.
ft Christmas or New year's
Is probably the treat you've intended for yourself. Tx
so we have them. At right prices for right qualities.
Five Dollars and Seventy-five cents will buy a
good business suit in dark, gray and drab.
Six Dollars will buy an all wool black or blue Che?
viot suit.
|() (JO Nine Dollars will buy a fine Worsted suit,
^ 10 80' Ten ^M1^*3 and Eighty Cents will buy a fine Im
11 ' ' ported Clay suit; round or square sack, or cut?
away frocks.
In the preparation of the Holiday season's demand in this depart?
ment great care has dominated the selection of the goods, so that only the
iiue classes of merchandise mil those of approved merit are presented
Our invariable low prices will prevail.
Men's holiday Neckwear, in pull's, imperials, tecks, bows, four in-liands,
etc. Silk tuspeuders. Silk and Linen handkerchiefs. Pajamas, Dress
Shirts, colored or white. Men's Silk Umbrellas, Dress Gloves in the new
shades. Flack, Tan and Fancy Hosiery. Mufflers.
Special attention is called to our stock of well selected Holiday Jewelry.
All goods bought now will be laid aside to be delivered Christmas.
Reliable Clothing House
i37l-4- Washington Avenue.
If you want a building lot
Buy it of the
Lots for sale on easy terms in all sections of the
Finely located business lots on Washington Ave.
Farms lor sale or rent in Elizabeth City, War?
wick and York Counties.
Old Dominion L?and Company*
ROOM NO. 1t.
first national bank building.
be acquired in no other way. Better b<
trades and master of none.
Eyes examined free.
Having completed a scientific and
practical study of the eye at the Phil?
adelphia College of .
I am now prepared to fit the public with
glasses by all the latest and most im?
proved methods known to the art.
I belong to an up-to-date class of Op?
tical men who believe that it is impos?
sibly for one man to know it all and ad?
vocate the proportioning of different
branches of science among those who
are willing to devote themselves
solely to their respective specialty.
This means a thoroughness which can
master of one thing than jack of all
to 12
to 4 P. M.
B St Hi
Nq. 136 f WENT Y-SI xt H STREET
?Washington avenue and Twenty-eighth street, over Ideal Pharmacy.
Office Hours, 9 A. M. to 5 P. M. Sundays 9 A. M. to 12 M.
Open Evenings 7 to 8. g
BEST SET. I f f I ft .8 DOLLARS ?
No charge for extracting when teeth are ordered. #
'. Extracting .25c s
Painless extracting with local anasthetic...50c *?
? Silver filling.50e. up 5
' Gold . $1.00 up. *
', Teeth Cleaned.-. 75c. g
! Bridge work and crowns, 22 karat gold, $5 per tooth. ?

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