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Caskey Bros. Foundry Destroyed j
bv Fire.
What was once one of flic largest and
tw>sc.' Important establishments of the '?
sort in- Virginia is now, in large par'..;
a heap of twisted and smoking ruins.!
Caskey Bros, splendid foundry plant, on
Lafayette avenue, opposite the ship,
yard, burned down last night.
it was about i':2!> o'clock when J. B.
SawyoY. standing on Washington ave?
nue near the. shipyard gate talking to
saWa- griSat flame hurst out of
f. tie rah down to the corner
rued in the alarm. A few min?
er a thousand people were s?r
the blazing building, end in a
of ah hour the. number had
bled. - s
les were beyond control when
; d&partrrient ? arrived, ?htif very
and * fdeient s< rvice was done
firemen in saving nearly the
nter shod and the south wing of
building, io which were the
aft'd in which a number of moul?
dings of great value were stored.
- Thfereiai-e*'em?llleiiRs<repoi?ts-???? to ire.
origin of the: tire, and a! best, it is but
a theory, as no one was in the build?
ing at 'he time. It started in th< main
building, which is i!ie northern part oi
the plant. i'">iie theory is that i! oVigr
ina.ted.in the scatVuldlng near .the o<?n
fer of the shop. Another is thai i?
starte,) hear erne of. the iron smoke
stacks, which had communicated its
heat to the wall and thence to nearby
timbers. A third theory is- that a cri
pola bursted, allowing the molten m rial
?in runout-. . ... ... .L-.j
i'i^ Whatever the cause, for an iron
fesl<iii!di'.ig. the foundry burned rem.irka
pwlfily fast. .By S c.V-1 a-k the main foundry
jSpchiiikKng and the engine house,
''..were practically ' all destroyed.
TheSremen,. working rtespe-rafely and
with" gwa-t (IH'ieulry -and ? danger frnnv
taking.' iron, oarried tlie eu.se Inside the
CwCf >tvi,i. and by dine of persistent
I lighting, aided by ilie wind, which was
I fortunately from the south, succeeded
in driving ;.he llanies back from the
g. southern side of tlv shops and keeping
* >hero tiff, thus saving thai wing.
f The immense crowd, lit up bj the
lurid an.j insatiable fliiiiu.'s, the falling
*>f red hot sheet iron. "tie- eroshing of,
tumbling beams, the hissing of the
water as it. struck the heated iron
walls, nil'wenc to make- the seen.-- one
? indescribable. A report went out thai
-tr-the - Unite*; wtiolv^sasii. --surr^unclai:l_-hi.
burning timber and iron white hot, was.
full of water .and steam. There was a
. general nmvemc-jnt away from the vi
; e-inity of-ihe> engine room, but later ii
wit's .-'discovered that there' wa-s only very
.little "wa-rer in the boiler and thai liter.1
was no danger.
A falling t bribe r, felt-dalasse, struck an
? tinwary.-individual- who\ had ventured
too close to the walls. I? hit him on the
neck, sending him half to ;he ground.
,'hlit he recovered sufficiently to throw,
it away from him and make his .-scape
to a less dryige-rons locality.
All the lime she wails kept falling in
and.falling out. piece by piece:, and all
the time, beams and shafting kept
.Crashing down, e-ae-h carrying with it a
il of fire. Through the blazing sk.-le
m streams of water kept playing on
crackling mass of iron, and against
walls of the south wing ccioiing
off. and saving that etui of the
ng. it is a miracle, almost, that
of the firemen were seriously in
?d. as they worked in the midst of
smoke arid tumbling debris, but; no
dent occurred.
$12.000 1NS LIRA NC E.
essr's. fjigh and WHiam Caskey
ried $12.000 insurance on their plant,
of which was place.! in companies
: their home- offices in Pliiladel
These companies are represented
C. B. Nelms & tiro.', and Mr.
N?lms last, night gave- a Daily
representative toe amounts car
tli.jfiseh of the; companies. They
Association of
Philadelphia, $4.
?e Company of North Ameri- j
j.-W.a-re Insurance Company, $2,
inia Fire Insurance Compaq '.
insu ranee was take n out by j
Caskey. Mr. Nelms hand- ;
t. ?..'.; . . . '.. i
,'.e_ amount represents the in-,
the ?Udldings, engines and
1 : 1
stated last night that if is j
accurately estimate? the
but lie is of the opinr :
or $30,000 will cover it.
ascertained last night j
?e the blaze work- !
and the engines and:
are destroyed be-j
loss wV.ll be consid&ra- j
this is not believed rb j
ibt.a/oout the- Caskey:
:.at ontv. They have!
ahead, roost of
irrieiu and private
ling over a hundred .
but of employment. I
a big business, and
-Of. work far the- Now-j
ing and Dry Dock!
. way of casting propel-,
sther pieces for them. |
]cd with business re- ?
force all day and
iwned by M r, Hugh '
skey, und was one of the'
ouipped in i he South.
A? Adclitttm to the Vest Honse Will 'Be
ltitilt. The Puifeht? Have Hi:
Mulrtdy Ink'aUI ? Vwrai. ?
.'One,, now case of...small-pox was re- i
ported yesterday, ?n? Wtthrow Black, j
a. negro hoy. living on Warwick avenue. !
between Twenty-second and Twenty- f
third streets, in Rocket ts; a bootblack I
by profession. The boy woe. seen by ,
the.Health Officer. "Dr. Bagby, who ni j
oiice 'took measures to hove him re- j
moved *<> the pest-house, which wlll'luii
done: early this morning. The ease is:
a iriiiil one. This makes four ii? all. j
cone of theiti severe, with possibly one
exception..; J
The present shack serving as a pest- I
bouse wiis built for the accommodation'
of. Dinks Strotber a month or so ago, j
and is by ,110 means a. spacious affair. !
Its capacity ;js already taxed, and the.
possibility of other o/ises ."has rendered i
necessary the building of an addition
at least as large as the present struc?
ture. The work on this wilt probably i
be begun in a day or so.
Dr. Tiajrhy will also have a small
shack constructed near by for liiir.se]!*.
where he can make', jhe necessary .
changes of clothing aiid^store articles
needful.in the treatment of the cases.
There will probably be meeting of 1
the finance committee. of the Council
tonight for the purpose authorizing;
ftiiida to meet the expense of caring for j
the patients, o.uy two of. tire four are1
'to be -paid for by the city. Tie- Bloorl
; field patients will be cared for at the j
' expense Of ?rhfe'Ctitirity.
The Board of Health was .Tilled to :
? meet at Dr. Bagby's office iasl night, j
[but failed to materialize. Tt will pos?
sibly -hold ;i meeting before the next'
j session of the Council.
? !:. was expected that the' Board of
Supervisors of th> county would hieet
j.yesterday.. hut-they-did not. X'lioy will ,
' probably lie!'.; a meeting in a few days. ,
H! i'l'Al,!) KKKAKS n.KC?K?.
Malus the T.ougTrip in fort Said }?> liar- .
vylouslv Sliarl Tiitw.
Much has been said and published I
unfavorable about the auxiliary cruis?
er Buffalo, yvhii li was recently "pur- \
chased i.e.- the United States government
from Brasil, hut no longer will the rep- j
; reseutafives of the navy ens: reflection"!
I.lipon this splendid product of the New- ;
i port. News Shipbuilding and Dry Dock j
i Company. j
The Buffalo arrived ;>r Port Said,
I Egypt, Wednesday morning fifteen days'
ou; from Harnjiton Roads?the best, j
time ever made hy a naval vessel to the :
mouth of tiie Suez Canal.
What lias been said unfavorable about !
' the Buffalo has been in reference to j
? the ship'?; condition and he;- machinery;!
i which was handled by inexperienced I
I officers, when it broke down some weeks |
j ago and necessitated a. delay in the;
j ship's start for Manila. After this mis- ,
; hup. the splendid craft was thoroughly j
i overhauled and her machinery was :
' gl yen in charge of men who km w their '
i business.
On December 11 the Bu'ffalo left New j
' York for Hamilton Roads. She arrived j
i here the following morning and on De
j c-.n!;. r 13. after 'lakbig^tai. ?oal and
'-snpviTejr-saH? tt on rprr' t'rin& i?>-y.-is<- '<?
S the Philippines with Tan - m:itirt?s -nut
' sailors, for Dewey's fleet,
When Commander Hemphi.ll sailed
j from Hampton Roads he had orders to i
make the best possible time on iiis j
cruise, as Dewoy's fleet was greatly ]
: wasted by death and disease and needed
the relief detachment as soon as tt could i
: he gt'i ten t here.
Tit.- Buffalo sped on her course and
was not. reported again until Wednesday :
j fifteen days out. when she put in at Hort ?
Said, presumably to replenish her bunk- j
ers who caught a glimpse of the swiftly j
! ing reported, and doubtless the foreign- j
? ers! wh caught a glimpse of the swiftly j
: steaming Yankee concluded thai she ]
> must be on some mission of groat im- ;
ft is a singular fact that the first res? {
I sels 1.1 lake the American Hag through)
? ib.- Stier, (.'ana! since the close of liostil! ]
' Hies 'between tie- United States sxt'A]
i Spain should he ship-; turned out bp I
ib.- Newport News shipyard.
?The little gunboat Helena has not !
i been reported in the last few days, but j
lit is believed that if she has not. al- '
'ready eritered'the canal she is ab?ut u
i do so, on her way to the Philippines. I
! The Buffalo is by :his time well in the
1 canal and will soon be reported on the
! other side.
The Buffalo was formerly the Morgan j
j Diner El Cid. a sister ship to to El I
! Bin. now the Dixie, and the El .Sud.
; now the iroserriite, and was purchased
; shortly after completion by the Brazil
Nan government for use as a dynamite
: cruiser .in the revolution of 1S93.
j The Vosemite left New York today
j for the navy yard at. Portsmouth for
supplies and stores and 'will arrive in
Hampton 'Roads in the morning. About
the middle of next week, possibly ear?
lier, the Yosemite. too. will start cm a
erui.se to Manila, by way of r'n - Suez
Canitl. making the third vessel built at
Newport News to carry the American
Mag through the canal ahead of all other
warships since the declaration of peace.
Historie Barge.
The barge ''Maryland" which was put
in Hampton (toads Tuesday night and
is still anchored off Old Point, has an
interesting history.
She was captured during the late war
from the Spaniards and is now owned
by the American Towing Company, of
Baltimore. .She . left Havana some
weeks ago with supposed yellow fever
on board, and was not allowed r.. put
in at Dry Tortugas, so then sne came on
t" Hampton Roads. Captain Connor is
in charge of tile vessel.
A portion of iier crew were members
of the old crew of the Spanish crusier
Vftscaya. She is still lying in the Roads,
it having taken several weeks for b' v
to make the trip up, and will probably
wait a few days before :?< sinning her
Wanted Jn Maiirliestev.
Willie Crump, better known a.s "Spot"
a young negro with a reputation, was
arrested Wednesday in llocketts by Ser?
geant Reynolds for the police of 'Man?
chester, who war.! him for a felony.
The crime was committed about
j month ago and Sergeant Reynolds has
, been k.'.vpipg. ''i.h?i'.,'J.'JK'n. for_ him eve
For the City Fathers at the Next
Meeting of the Council.
i> the Proposed Srrufetur? too SnollY
liiiiim ?>f Ute Bh?iTn>ss Men's .A >-.(.<?
tioii Will be Presented. Also
'Mri-tl Paving Proposition.
Is 'be .;ie\v city jail, now so rapidly
going no. to be large eno'ugh to accom?
modate even, the present criminal pop?
ulation'.' If so, nr. if not so, wili it be of
a size sufficient to meet the d.e?ni.<nds of
the future? ?>.
The opinion is very freely expressed
thru both 'luesiions sir- to.be answered
in the negative. Whether this opinion
is correct, it-mains to be sr-en. 11 is
claimed that. new-jail should have
been at least a third larger, or. even
a halt, and these claims are made by
those who are in a position to know.
The qaestioii.as to whether the struc?
ture can at tins date b? safely and ef?
fectively enlarged lias been brought up.
and may be discussed by the council ut
its next meeting.
It has been suggested that had the
e luiicil followed a rational method of
letting the contract for the jail, this
dilliculty would not have arisen at this
.late date. Jn the- fitat place, the yu'iis
tlcn of how large a jail was needed
would have beer, decided. Then archi?
tects would have been ashed to submit
pianr. for a. jail of this size. Then a
proper plan would have lie1:: selected,
and contractors asked to bid for the
work under this plan. This is the
method usually adopted by .business
men. .
There is no fault found with the plans
of the present contractor as far as he
is concerned^ The jail, except as to size,
promises to be all right?up to the spec?
ification:*. The trouble was in the spec?
ifications, if trou ble* there was, and the
acceptance -of the plans of the present
contractor effectually relieved hlnx'of all
further responsibility in that direction.
This Hex! meeting <it the coun?
cil?it will be Tuesday night?
pfoinis.es to lie interesting, whether the
jail eiltest ion comes up along the lines
suggested oi- not; for at iiiis maoMnsc the
report and resolution's of the Business
Men's Association will lie presented,
and i: will not prove a, peace off..ring.
Some one will probably want, to know
in that meeting, what the Business
Men's Association has to do with it- and
Who the said business men are, and the
answers to these Viuestions, whether for
'? mally asked of not, will be to the point.
it enuoht he staled what, the council
i is going to elei about, the report, ds none
! of ih..- mi tubers care to discuss it until it
I is formally presented. It may he sim
: ply received and filed without disoua
~re--hut.--this. Us. mvp,rii>4iaW^-;>-tl!.iiJie\tV?r^
jdlutioh in-connection with its reception
by tiie body may be offered. But all
j litis is tentative. AVha: actually will be
done will develop when tie- mattet
j comes up.
Another matter of importance thfVt
will come up be-fcre the council is the
street paving. Th.:- mutter has been- re?
ferred sto the ordinance connhittee, to?
gether with the market house arid gar?
bage plant propositions.with Instruction
to prep-are a. snitahle ordinance. This
ordinance, it" reported, may be acted
upon at tiiis meeting', as ir is understood
;ha: this may be ..Ion- without further
The council will also probably dis?
cuss the small pox situation, and may
have for consideration reports from the
Board of Health and the Finance Com?
mittee. -
Re-solutions of the Employees of I tie Street
The resolutions which the employees
of the street railway are preparing for
presentation to 'Mr. and Mrs. J, S.
Vtrling, and Mr, K. S. Darling, e-x
, .'f.sing their thanks for the- princely
Christ mas gift made: to f.heni'by this
gene-rous, trio, 'nave not yet been com?
plete,], and will probably will not bo
presented for a week or more.
Tili-?- were some inaccuracies in the
accent $ of the eivent which will result
in the: proposed resolutions, part of tiie-.
information obtained being incorrect.
The Daily Press therefore publishes
with plensuri the Je-ilowiug:
"Editor Daily Press:
"Dear Sir: In justice to the conduc?
tors, and to the management as weil,
of tiie Newport News. Hampton and
Old 'Point Railway. 1 beg you to
correct, the statement that the money
given their employees was from money
turned in and not registered.
"It is a fact, however, that they do
turn in sometimes small amounts that
way. but they are too careful men, to
neglect to register up such an amount
as named in yest. rday morning's paper.
Tbe amount given them was direct from
tin' Messrs. DarlWgs. though intending
to represent the most, of their share of
the Undivided c-arning^ of the road,
still in the hands of the treasurer,
when the road was sold. Trusting thai
yon will give this a place in the col?
umns of your valuable- paper, I rcinViin
Yours, etc;
Dale Cashier, Newport News, Hampton
and Old l'o*!nt Railway Co."
"P. Se?'Please state also that the
amounts given was 12.5a, $5.00 and $8.00
per month; hot, per week."
Polle? Court.
.Justice. Semmcs presided in the police
court yesterday and disposed of the
following cases:
William Comber, permitting his horse
to run at large.
T. J. Donovan, intoxicated, dismissed
oiiiee that the defendant could re?
turn to his ship.
Fred Walters, riding bicycle on the
sidewalk, lined $2 and costs.
K. Golden, Intoxicated, fined $2 and
Nefval NaTffli: '..;?? ?' --'v. --?:<-??; .;.<:
1\r Agc Barliam Postpones tl/c Inj unction
Case at the Request of Defendants.
Yesterday was the day set' for the con?
sideration of the injunction case in the
Corporation- Court, but Judge Barhain
received a telegram from ex-Governor
O'Ferrall in the morning asking^him to
postpone it vinti't Saturday, which the
judge did. Commonwealth's Attorney
"Newton remained in the city to look
after the case, Justice Brown going to
Warwick f.u- him.
Betlic Bright, a negro woman, has
entered suit for divorce in this court
against her husband. Eduard, and has
also obtained an injunction against him
srtd others, restraining them front In?
terfering with her property.
The Merchants' and Minns' Trans?
portation Company's new ship Kor
fliav.-. now being built by the Hat-Ian &
Del., will be launched on January 14th.
2S0'J Washington avenue.
4 Some of the
Very Best
Our Long
Experience and
Knowledge of Really
Values enables ns to in=
teliigen?y advise you
what to buy and
where to buy.
Mu?opfl & Edmunds.
135 25til S
Established 1893,
f\ Great ti
To Suit ?ipt*u3?sell.?
8ric=a=brac. if
Beautin.il articles |$f |
irridescent glass. Qurint I
shapes in the newlyrini- ||
ported Aller Vale? ware. |j
Doulton^.obaccojajs and |i
vases. Articles ii Liui- 11
oges, Efiyal Bonn, etc. |j
A fine '?' line of lathes' }
purses, card eases, etc. I
Pocket-books, card cases, ?
?asks, etc., for gentle- I
men. Choice books, pic- |
tu res and cut glass. Cam- |
eras and musical instru-. :
ments. i
I 126 26th St -f
Mttk ffom healthy cows. Stable,-! at
clear; as a house and alwys open to i
Newport News
Goid W
And why prepars for it by hav- j
ing your/winter suit dyed or cleaned,or
both for [hat matter, as prices are so
low you Jan well afford to have it doif!.
f make did clothes' look like new ones.
Try ir.e* and be convinced. You'll be
glad of iL
221 27lh street.
'.Id Ttand.
De Lei Saile Institute
Hamptpn 1 toads. Grand Boulevard
and Do fa Salle Ave. For young men
and boys. Commercial, Scientific and
Literary] Also Military Tactics. Half
ear; ??ra from Newport News to La
Salle .'.vi- Poi particulars aonly at the
i;;st:tt;-.d " oc2-3m.
Canary birds. Lin
nets & Gnldfl.-ches; fresh
seeds, plain or mixed, foi
all kinds of birds. A!?'?>
cages, all sir.es, cage fix?
tures and material for
cages. All birds guaran?
2f>00 .Teffersoi Avenue.
This remedy being !
applied directly to the ]
seats of the disease, re- j
quires no change of j
diet Cures guaranteed !
in one to two days, j
_ Small plain packages, I
* 'j^? by mail, $1.00. Sold only j
fe'J?aTfy>"TKTdrs-e Dni?-'-sroi'r"!
?Newport Ne-?'*. va. * ',
All kinds o? bedroom FURNITURE at
m prices.
Extension tables, SIde??tf4s ?i
to suit juu all
Perkins, Duncan & Company.
' We are the only firm In town buying car=
pets direct from the. factory, peal with us
and save the miMle man's profit
Perkins, Duncan & Company.
?' '?''Mi
Library furniture to suit the doctc/r, law?
yer millionaire or the mechanic

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