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Is tho only newspaper
in Newpart News that
receives full Associated
Press report.
VOL. X., NO. ^02
Birth o( Prince of Peace Cele
. brated bg Bloodshed and
Death in Florida.
Christmas Drunk Ends in Tragic
Manner?Policeman Stabbed by
Man He Sought to Arrest?Crowd
of Enrr.gcd Citixen6 Killed the
Prisoner in Jail.
<rty Associated Preoe.)
TAMPA. FLA.. Dor. 26.?A negro
innu. while on n Christmas drunk
nt St. Petersbur, Fla., this afternoon,
fatally stabbed Captain J. J. Mitch?
ell, a special police Officer, who died
in a few minutes from the Injuries.
Tho negro was placed in Jail, hut
in thirty minutes a mob congregated
and one of the crowd shot through
the window of the Jail, killing the
The story told by an cyc-wltncns
pf, the nffalr is that the negro was
bolstoroUH tin the streets, defying
tho officers and loudly proclaiming
that no "d?d white man should ar?
rest him."
When Mitchell appeared to take
lihu Into custody, the negro whip?
ped out a knife and cut a gash la
the officor'a peck, death soou en?
A crowd of "enraged citizens soon
gathered and. going to the jail, one
?>f them fired through the jail win?
dow, hlnlliug tho prisoner.
Death Follows a Christmas Eve
Gamble on Long Ir.l.ind.
i liy Ansoctalert Prem, i
MINEOLA. U. I., Dec. 25.?After
a, Christinas Eve card game, lioeco
Tapper was today found dcud in the
houbo of Angolo CRulgllo, here, an 1
Philip' N'arl was found n shorf -dh
t^inye away mortally wounded.
The latter had crawled a hundred
feet from the card table and fa luted,
- The police charge- that Uluigliu
akotv the ? tfthcr'- two ruicu."
Nnrl wua, .taken to -a.,hospital, but
ffefusbfl When revived - tu tell how
tho quarrel .started.
Santa Claus Badly Burned/.
HOUSTON. TEX.. Dec. ? 2.*.
Christmas was productive of several
accidents in this city. A toy lamp
exploded and Thcmla Cupper, age 1
three, wua burned to death. A. A.
Anderson wns playing Santa Clatu
when his clothing caught flro and
there Is little hope for tils re?
Hooro Runn Buggy Into Pennsylvania
Flyer?-Two Aro Killed.
(Dy Aflsi&ftiiod Praee.)
FORT WAYNE. IND., Dec. 25.
A horee attached to a. buggy ran
luto tho Pennsylvania 18-bour flyor
at Del Phos, O., this morning nud
Honry Holthorst nud daughter Rose
were Instantly killed.
. Mrs. Barney Wabomkoff, also a
daughter of Mr. HonhorMl, was se?
verely; injured.
Shot Through Forehead While at
Work In a Water Main?An?
other Oy /r Case,
... .?i -... .. , ij -
ttty Asuoc iut'd Press.)
VKj E. Collins, an employe of the
Tallnlinssno Light, and Water Works
Company, wan killed In a mysterious
manner here last night. Ho was at.
work In a water main with a negro
helper when an unknown Voice, from
tho darkness ordered them to come
Collins replied that, he did not
have time and instantly, a. pistol
bullet crashed through his forehead.
Another Peculiar Case.
. a short time after tiuji shootluj
Kobort German, a young mau prom I
nently connected, staggered into a
residence lu iho same neighborhood,
with blood spattered over tilui and
with Iiis coat on Ort? from a buP.ci
wound in his loft breast.
German is sold i<> bavo boon drlul.
ing. He could not explain now b'j
bnppcned to be wounded.
Collins came here recently from
Wrlgbtsvllle, Ga.
The Oldest Member Oi?s.
j MIl.FORD, MASS., Hoc. 2G.~Mrs.
, Klmiru Plerco Johuson, one of the
I oldest members of tin- Women's Rn
! lief committee In the country and
of the Daughters of the American
Revolution, died hero today at the
ugo of 101 yearn am) six uioutht;.
Strike in Warsaw at an End.
?i-c. ?&?1:30 in.?Tho fitrlko of
tbe post and telegraph employes is
at an end. The strikers hnvo ac?
cepted the- conditions of the govern?
ment. Tb?- telegraphers resume 1
nork today.
The military governor lias issued
an order prohibiting the street sales
of newspapers, the singing of revo?
lutionary songs, the holding of meet?
ings and the gut boring of proces?
sions. Persons who violate tho or?
der are subject to Imprisonment fur
three months each and to a fino of
? 1.000.
The railroad men today resolved
to resume work uules-s their com?
rades In St. Petersburg should Join
tho strike.
Cut to the Bone.
While cutting a twig with his poc?
ket knife, Mr. J. W. Baugbm. of 1221
twonty-fourth street, yesterday acci?
dentally cut a great gash in bis left
leg Just below the knee. Dr. Wil?
liam Hosklus tack three stitches lu
the wound.
Principle Involved in One of the
Demands of Miners.
Great Leader of Mine Workers Tells
the Operators What Demands of
? the Ur-ion Men Will Qo When
Prosen.t ContracC Expires. /
cliy i Aaaocl km.-.Trcssi).
pim.ADi-ipn'iA. pa., Dec. -A.?
The Press tomorrow will say:
"President John Mitchell, of the
Uuilcd Mine Workers' Union, ha6
communicated with thy presidents of
the anthracite- coal producing com?
panies in regard to tho doutnudf
tho miners wJH make for Ihn contin?
uance of work In tbe bard coal
"It is understood that the letter
I* lu regard to holding a conference
between tho committees representing
the uuiou workors and operators.
As to what tho operators will do
It has not dcHuilcly been decided
Recognition of the Union.
"Besides asking for an eight-hour
day there are also to bo presented
other demands. Tho most Import?
ant one and one which if adopted
I will mean the complete recogulilon
Of tho union. Is tho request that an
entire new board be formed, that
will always be hi session and which
will go from place to pluco to set?
tle disputes.
"The proposed new board Is tu bo
composed of three members repre?
senting tho miners and tho same
number representing the operators?
a soventh member to be chosen by
the other six.
Mr. G. W. Blick Ordained.
M tbe Twenty fourth street Chris?
tian church Sunday morning Mr. G. W.
Blick was ordained ua au evangelist,
tbo ordination service being conduct?
ed liy Rev. Mr. Henkel, pastor of the
church, and Rev. W. 13. Powell. ,\
largo congregation listened to tin
candidate's sermon nud was iiuani
mous lu ito approval when nu expres?
sion wiiu culled for. Rov. Mr. Blick
will cuter the liold oC evangelistic
work lu the hear future.
5,000 KILLED; 14,000 ARE
That is the Bloody Story Which Comes From
Aloscow Famine is Threatened, lnno=
cent Persons Are Being K lied and
Resid nts are Forbidden to
Leave Their Dwellings,
(Ity Aa.-ioclatefl Prof*.)
LCNDON. Pec. 25.?The corre?
spondent <>f Un? Daily Telegraph nt.
St. putursbtirg lu a dispatch dated
nt C:4fi p. hi.. December "0, enys:
"At an early hour ihttt mornlt:;;
the [casualties ;it Moscow were ?*sti
raalcd nt 6,000 hilled anil 14,000
wounded, with the fighting still pro?
"The inhabitants of Moscow have
been] forbidden to leave their dwell
liiijM at 7 o'clock lu the evening.
"Impossible to move about the cKy
in consequence of the frequency of
stray bullets.
Innocent Byatander Gets It.
"Many Innocent persons have been
accidentally killed.
"A scarcity of provisions Is threat
Tho naiuo correspondent, tcle
i graphing nt 10:38 p. m., snys:
"Vot?r? Moscow correspondent's teio-i
grama have not been accepted be?
cause all private messages were re-'
; fn > d tJiis afterhodn.
"It Ik learned, howovcr, that can:
' non firing is proceeding in various
[parts ot the city, where tonight
very uc??- the railroad Htations tho,
I barricades erected by tho revolution-,
nrles are hieing desperately defended.
"The K'trsk tenuinus at Moscow
is being pllluged und many wagons
laden with- provisions are l>elug
"The Rmporor reviews dally nl
Tsarkoc-Seio < the regiments of the
K;. Petersburg district. Tho spirit
of tho troops i:; decidedly loyal.
Barricades Spring Up.
Tor cydryi barricade dcptroyoJ
Sunday two or three appeared )n
other place*. . Orders wem glvon
by the revolutionists to shoot only
when there wo.% good hope'of bring?
ing a. man down, but. otherwise ">
l!rt.? uutj the tfoops until they lot.
! pn'.leuee) I . .
"An Intelilgeis group of St. !'??-,
fofsburig 'revolutionist "declafdi'' Ui'
; me that |n the^ event of the failure
oi their CI.U6CltJiei wvtu bate tc
course to terror! am, chcoeing their
victims from all classes of Bocioty."
Telegraph t-lnes Cut.
ST. PI3TBIt8DUlka, nee. 25.-1:10
p. m.?Direct telcgifapblc communica?
tion with Moscow was cut last night
but tho government succeeded in re-,
storlup communication by u rounds-'
bout way this rooming. Ail report;;
agree that the fiubting yestorday.|
which continued until midnight, as?
sumed the character of butchery by
?i6c of the machine duns of the artil?
lery, grape and banalster being em?
ployed mercilessly o&ilnst the III nnn
od Insurgents.
Atrocious tahrs are told of tho Cos-]
sacks, who plied with vodka until'
trunk, fired down tho streets, sotuiv .
?imes charging with lunccs. Tho In- j
mrgents displayed great Btubbornness
In holding barricades and when ad-;
trancing In mass to tho slaughter. At'
?ho name time bombs were thrown
from tho windows of houses near tho
barricade*) occupied by tho revolution?
Battered Houses t? Pieces.
Tho artillery was Summoned nil!
Miss Wingfiel
I desire to expres* througi
Press my hearty appreciation
my many friends during the r?i
The result of the contest
shall attribute much of my su
l.irity of tho paper.
In conclusion, I wish the
contestant?, my conf?tlluent6, ;
n joyous Yuletirfc. and a Happ
battered Ihc houses lo pieces. Tho
plaa <?r the Insurgents, it la stated, Is
tu hold tb?> outskirts and gradually et>
closti the troops iu Iii?' center of tin
city. ,
Leaders aunouncu thai an nnny of
30,000 Is concentrating at Orechoff
suelT, northeast of Moscow, and will
on Monday march to tlx' city's assist
j nuee. !
Tbo latest report is that both aides]
[Were exhaust'1 at midnight, when
firing practically ceased.
Tho streets were In absolute dark?
ness save for searchlights In tho tow
. crs of bivouacs and behind barricades.
Strike In Baltic Provinces. 1
?Tho railroad employes throughout
the Baltic Provinces went out on
strike last night.
Tho revolutionaries continue a pro
gram of agitation, hold dully meetings
and today posted an order to partisans
I to disarm soldiers. At Llbau the
eraser Okcnu and tbe torpedo boat
Protchyniy have arrived. The town
1.? Iii full control of tho troops and
J.b? lig?a't?rH arc iptlet and holding [
few meetings. I
To Fly National Colors.
At a meeting of the foreign consuls
It was decided to My tbo national color
over Ihn consulates. While the town t
is regarded ns sufficiently protected by
Russian warships foreigners lu case
of nccoKBlty could tint] refuge on the
foreign shirr in the harbor, although R
hi uncertain If tho revolutionists would
respect foreign Hart. Doplen is inj
the hands of the revolutionists wtyij
have established a provincial govern-}
The public affairs'of cdldlngeii for]
nine'days'have been in the hands ?t
an administrative committee. An au
to.iomlst' commit fee hr.s nrnnnlied n
poflctrd nbrvlccv Uie'<fk>licetucu wearlmj
red ribbons on their sleovts; Tb ?
regular" police fald down their arms
ami toek dfP tltelr-'iriiicrnis after otic
i ol* fbelr number was executed.
Gold Scare.
The revolutionist administration bar.
declared paper money valueless and
gold is scarce. Tbe committee meets
; dally at tbo university, where 2.17S
stuthnta arc registered for tbe acad?
emic perlotl of six months,
i AU lectures; fcowoyer, have been
I Tukum and Talsom have lax-u in
mourning since tho fighting began.
There are dally funeral procession.*}
and the towus uro almost dooortod.
Sympathy Expressed For the People
I of tho Russian Empire Seek?
ing a Constitution.
j _
(By Associated I'riaja.)
BOSTON, MASS., Dec. 20.? Tbo
Kassian bureaucracy is condemned
In resolutions pasecd at a meeting
of the local branch of the PoIIhU
National Alliance.
Tho resolutions express synipa
turns Thanks
h the medium of the Daily
of the support (jiven mo by
cent contest.
I-j highly flattering, but I
ccecs lo the orrtabllsbed popu
editor and staff, the various
jnd my lovlnff Utlc r.o.workorj
y Now Yo^r.
thy for I he people of the Russian 1
umpire, "wiw are seeking la a con-1
atltutlou a defense against the nu- i
tec-racy und bureaucracy, the COUSC!
of their mhifortunes," anil thou pre
cecil as follows;
Murdors Condemned.
"We. condemn the murdors ami
hloody assaults uf a defenseless p?s>
pie, committed nt the Instigation of
the minions of the czar's bureau
"Actuated by a feeling of rtgatcpn?
Indignation at tho commission o!
such cruelties as ?.rv unheard of in
the history of tbe world, realising
the gravity of the present NituuUo?
in Russian Poland, vre apCO] to the
tree of America, who at nil timer,
have expressed sympathy to those
oppressed and struggling for free?
dom, that they will uot forget our
beloved people, who sent forth to
the assistance of the struggling new
American republic Kosciuako end
Pulaskl, which furnished hundredn
of volunteers In tho ranks of the
army that struggled for the freedom
of I'olaud, and whose .sons lu hun?
dredth enlisted under the latest war
for the Indepondenco of Cuba.
To Suport Their Countrymen.
"In the face of tho news sent to
tis from our native land, where the.
Polish people tire mussing themselves
In support of their natural right to
n political existence an a nation?
where our p?-ople nro falling us mar?
tyrs to a cause??where tbe prluona
nro being filled with Innocent poo
pie?we, Polos now living In Amer?
ica, do not only sympathlzo with
our countrynieu In Toland and do
not oulv unanimously approve tho
demands madu by them of tho Rus?
sian government, but obligate our?
selves to support, according to onr
means, the cause of our countrymen
in Poland."
Twelve Passengers Seriously In
lured in Wreck.
t-vecmotive Boiler Explodes, Terribly
Scalding Two Members of Train
Crew Who Were Trying to Find
Out Why Ennine StOppedi ? ?
(By iAKin^rjictl Trim.)
DURANOO, COl .. Dec. ;T..~-The
eastbound Denver & Rio" "eirund??
passenger train from Sil verton, well
loaded with passengers, was wrock?
od three tulles from this city yostpr
day. ami while no one wo? killed,
a largo number en" passengers were
Injured, twolye of them quite so
The, chair car rolled down an
embankment, dragging the other cur.t
on their sldeu for over forty l*eot_
When tho engine, nutl train .wen.'
brought to a ttfop tho ?agjpo teude-r
nearly tipped .over.
owing to tm> intense c?jd which
prevailed tho Injured rw-vWqgurs suf
tyred greatly.
Locomotive Boiler Explodes,
ttfy Associated Press.)
PATBRSON, N. .5.. Dec, 25.~A
railroad loeomotlyo was partly blown
to pieces niui two members of tho
train's crew tyero badly injured hero
today, by the explosion of the en?
gine's boll. r.
Charten Dpbnrr. of Stroudsbiirg,
l*a fireman, ntid Conductor Mnble.
of Duller N. J., were, terribly
scalded. Debarr Is expected to dlo.
The train which was a freight on
tho Kun~'iehnuna railroad, camo to
a RUddon stop when near this city.
Tho entire crew gathered arounil
the local to ascertain the trouble
with the engine.
During the examination the boil-or
exploded. The men on tho ground
were thrown dov. n with a rush, of
sealdiug atcoba ami the lower pit;:,
of the engiuo was wrecked.
The cuglueer wns uninjured.
Morjlcr. Fli*n the Coop.
(Ky abmih-iihihi yr?>i>9.)
Pfcfildoht Morales has loft the citv j
aud his destination is unknown
Tho city aud wtrrouodlnrj country
is. ?juki., bui connjdernhlu unrest and
oxcttomtut i}. shown at Hie uncx
ported departure of tho President,
freah wlmte
Two Men Engaged in Thrilling
Struggle Which Made Spec?
tators Forget Fire Below.
Hundreds of Babies and Their Toy.
Laden Chrlstmne Trees Carried
Into the Street?3tx?story Factory
Completely Gutted by a Gtuo*
horn Blaxe.
(My Anscctatcd Press.)
NKW YORK, Dee. 25.?Hundroda
of Icaooieut hou.se bablco and their
toy-laden Christina.) trees were car
' rtod into tho street before daylight
today during a tiro which threatened
to obliterate several blocks of tho
! city In Ujo vicinity or Fifty-elghtn
j street nnd Eleventh avenno. A 6lx
story factory building at 631 nud
I West Fifty-eighth street, wao com?
pletely destroyed with a losa of flOO,
With the tenement, of three sblos
and with the gan tankn of tho Con?
solidated Oua Company within roach
of the showers of sparks, the wat'n*
pressure partially failed when, the
fire wa.s hottest.
Fine Work of Bold Firemen.
Piro engines wero hastily coupled
together, pumping in palm and thin
device, together with tho bold work
of tho firemen, who advanced almost ..
Into the zone of the names in order
to play on tho fire with their weak
st minis, finally saved hundreds at
surrounding homes.
Tho fire who discovered whea
flam im burst from tho third etory
windows and belched complete!.)1
across Flfty-olghtb street, with a ron?
Mho n discharging cannon.
? The roomit of the Iloonovcll hos?
pital, soir.o distance uwny, wt-ro
lighted na if by daylight, "there W/ui
great, silnrtn* among bot hi patients and
their attendants.
Spectacular Strugfjle.
At the height ol tbo lire-thousands
jdf spectators momentarily forgot tbo;
'burning-bulVUntf let. watching audits;;-?'
fgl? Sn tiiif uppct'Window'of ''d tone-'
utnent. boii?o in PIfiy-clghtb otreeL
j: A man -started climbing over lh<v
. window ?III, preparing to drop to tho
. street In his night clothes.
! Another man reached out lo bdvo
i Tbo two fought in . tbo window
above tbo sidewalk", while tho crowd
hod cleared a semicircle with o
blanket oulutrelchod to ?avo bim.
I Tho holf-crused man, bowover, was
drawn back through his window by
main strength.
Ono fireman was injured by fall?
ing gin s.S.
Stubborn Blaze in Woostcr Street:,
1 New York. Docs $300,000 Worth
of Damage.
NRW YORK, Dec. 25.?Piro
j alarms, summoning thirty-two com
I bunion and tho reserves from nine
' police precincts wero, sout out to
night for n. blaze which completely
gutted tho six-story factory building,
Nos. 12, 10 t nnd 10G Woostor street,
entailing damage estimated at
Plve firemen sustained Injanes
but were abb' to continue at wor*.
No ono wa.s in tbe building where
tho fire originated and Its origin h
unit now n.
Tho occupants of the building
were: K. Damsky paper boxo-i;
Chbca ?? Mnhkudorff. shirt walsLt:
Goldschmldt and Knopf, eloahK; L
! Monddzobu & Co.. silk belts; Jocepli
I Brandt. & Bro., aud J. ?Vut?. lure.
SulUu of Morocco "Biilki,.''
fHy Associated Prism >
TANfilt'R. MOROCCO. Doe, 25
The Sultan of Morocco rofuuet; v i
ayny* t*?> tin- holding of the Interna;
tlOUXti conference ou Moroccan Pi
forms at MMtlrld in#lc?d or tu A!
I uler?, ?

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