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V01,. X., NO. 3.03
Claims to Have the Situation
There Well in Hand.
Count Witte Looks to Them For A';.
SlGtance in Restoring Order?Dislo/
cadcd nnd defended by machine guns.
Assistance Fop Americans.
The concentration of tho troops In
(the city to fi?ht the insurgents allow?
ed the strlhers and revolutionaries a
free hand In neighboring industrial j
towns like Pcrovo and Lnhcrtz^ In!
Itho former place 300 armed men wove
Governor General Uornbassoff: ec"t ,n vt ,nforoo lho ,ns?^?n?s ?nn:"
j Lnbcrtzl tho situation became so
j threatening that Mr. Pttrdy, vico-pres
. idr-nl of the Now York Air Drake Com.
I any, the work:; of which In that town
are valued at $1,000,000, sent an nr
i gent message io tho governor general
I today through lho American consul,
_ Amorleans who are employed there.
General Doubassoff promptly dis?
patched a squadron of dragoons and
this fact is considered as the best
proof that h<- is confident that he has
. ; . ? i ;?> of the r.ltuatlon In hand.
but to accentuate the honor an oOlcla)
statement was issued which given :i
lull account Of (hi- deed
Roosevntw Coming to Virginia !
iliy Afcvxtfatttl pr.?i.)
.WASHINGTON. De,-. 27.?Pmstdont
anil Mrs. Ro< evclt, accompanied bv |
(several of their ynuugnr children, will
Me Sam Keep Gut o! the San- * Faf Short el Ik ^^.??-HH&?ta ol Fugitive's Cud lo Fire
lo Dominican Troubles for Suffrage" Dreams of Rus- liVSU^JTS ?3S? gjj^
the Present.
slan Revolutionists.
I n Sunday night.
Jtffcrsoo County Courthouse Burned,
illy .vuoekueo rr<-v,.->
1 .OVIS VI LLC. KY., Dee. 26.?Fire
Ibis afternoon damaged the Jcifers
People and Return to Standard
the Csar A'jain.
Governor cf the Port of Puerio PlaU' ,,oimt *c Fact That Even in Some
tmp'oyos prevented serious damage
he accumulated records of a ce,,
The Strikt in Odessa.
LONDON, Dec. 26.?A dispatch lo a
:in >?->; agency from Odessa says that
the general strike there is only par-'
tinlly succcssiul. and tlmt probably it
Jwlll collapse. The strike committee
p.m.?izmporor Nicholas aud Count j is threatening n resort to arm? an'
Witte received tonight a report from tbo governor general hits announced i ?*
Shot and Killed During an Insurrec- j
tiO.viry Movement, and Governor of j
That Province Defies General Gov-I
eminent ar.d Barricades Town.
Western Natiens Bight to Vote is
Not Universal?Gives Proletariat
Organizations a New Weapon Fo
Agltntion?Want a Republic. I
t.tlv Asrnelntod Pt.i
ST. PTCTICRSBBRO, Doc. 26.?11:
m.?Kmporor Nicholas
my Associated Pres*.)
WASHINGTON, Dec. 26.?For tJi
present there v. Pi not !.-?? iutcrforeat
tho United States lit the dlfficnitj
[ i By Aii nelatfrt Press.)
ST. I'KTKltHllCRO, Dee.
p. m - The new oicctorul law
2: ?0
tazettcd this uftnruocu and was ae
Helped Fire First Guns.
(By Ansoobilod Press?.)
BIRMINGHAM. ALA., Dec. 2<!.?Mil
jor .lames C. l/tccstit. a Confederate!
veteran, who took n prominent part In!
the lirin;,- of tho first guua ou Fort I
Bnmtcr, died here today at tho ngej
>t 68. Ho came to this citv from '
c-harlestou, r. C. and Is well known
throughout Alabama.
From Harm.
f Charged With Attempted Criminal Ai
sault, the Negro Took Plotol From
His Wife and Held Otficers at Bay
Until He Could Escape?Returned
Spend Xmas at Home.
All Quiet in Shanghai.
(Mr Aiwentnted Pre?i?.>
her. . A ft
Ml L: quift
flly Associated Prem.)
Robert McMillan, tt desperate negr"!
charged with attempting n criminal
assault last May upon the wife of n
ioneral Doubassoff, governor-general that he nlll deal la a drastic mnnnt-r *U,ch ?ai! nr,scn !u H?rito l>omlngA comp.ir.ii\i ??> " statement explaining'inim*,, bv ,'h? g?WHjj 55l?or*Ai dro il 'S^JV???, ln lbfl l",and Cr0nK
Moscow, sayin,: that the revolt with any such attempt. The eorro- Th,.- trouble Is regarded bv the Ktatel,hftt in vk'>Y ,h< ,-<t ??? ww some meda and bluejackets are maintained ?hol to dSstLTw S,l,ftt4'? lv'a?
here had failed; that tho military spondont adds that while thepeople of department officials its entirely Inter- OI'lbc *'-"?'<? nailons do not possess j80,110 days to their country place, and posse, wllouiTho held at bovWRh
:iad the situation in hand and that Odessa nro In astute of nervous t-u ':: ' nurl so long outside Intoresta, V(-i n5 ?i:lVl'-1^''. the cabinet conldl- ja shot gun for some Umo Chrtetmiw
whatever defection may have existed
among the troops bad been overcome
by attacks on them with bombs nud
revolvers to which they bad boon sub?
jected irom the windows nnd roofs rf
houses and which had so onrnged them
that they could hardly be restrained.
Although rebellion may Hare up im?
mediately elsewhere and although
there already Is an Indication of an?
other upheave!, Odessa, if lho attempt
sit armed rebellion in Moscow should
be crushed, the leaders of the "reds"
will receive a blow from which the;
cannot quickly recover.
Hon??.': Fr.rAW ? -
Count Witte in not up blind ok to ho
Iteve that lite revolt can be sWmpcd
out at once, but with tho pre.-.cnt dem?
onstration of the lengths to whl:h lho]
don the eity at presetit Is tranquil
F?-r a Strike at Lods.
U 1)7.. P.BSSIAN POI-AND, Dec.
?The ivorkmcn
a strike tomorrow
tho enal mlnli
throateued. 1:
men arc ready to gght tho troops.
lare not menaced thin attitude of nan I n::t ns,>uroe rCHponjUhtllty of de
intervention will be maintained. If. e!ar,aK lt- The ultimate decision must
[however, condition!: should change' "' ':< ),y aallonal asscmhlj
materially and lawless acts sbould be ,,sc,r
I committed again::t American:: and I Thc o:?'!:on N?t will be published
?" xpeet to oofd? American interests and involving the I forlbw,th' 11,0 dnto of the < lections' Coro,1?r'i Jury Says Negro Wao Dead
tow and armed u. lug in w.neellon <>t ix?,u|nlcau customs by wm tUn bc ?"tuounced and as soon an Ut,0re Moh Took Mtm From
fh Arotr . ,i r/Tai - thtii Bovwnwcnl or other acts of vio- ,hc Bwornmcnt receives not Idea I Ion j the Ja?
i ? uceiar a that 12.01 . ,|Cfl BB w ocom. ^ |o that half tho members are elected the -
'? U'? troo:':;- I^n of the officials hue wouhl make it . Bfttte?a? assembly will be convoked. TiM?"VT*?*
prapcr for this government to hu*J T^ ^tension of '?.?- - - I- . Uea .(..-a special
Fir? y Every Time Peoplj
Gather In Groui>s.
uir AAsoclateil |Tf*s.)
Tampa, pi.a. d,.i; 2??\ r^ki
government to inter-j *^'?ens.on or the suffrage pro.;,., the Tribune from St Pct.rsbur
lore, this :;t.-p will be taken and c,a,?ood todajr applies especially to tho Ma,, nays the eoroner'aJury Investigat
adopted to quell the trouble.10,1,08 whoro " Is made almost univer '
At n critical move by tho officers
tl.c negro's gun snapped and bo wmv
shot down.
Justifiable Hcmkide.
A corouer'a Jury today gave a ver*
diet ot JustlQablo homicide. The netjn?
hud once before hoeu captured hut nt
the preliminary trial hin wlfo Blippo*!
1dm it pistol which he drew and held
the officers off until he could umho
ids escape. L
Came Home for Xmas.
Ho had none further South and re?
turned to bis home lo spend Christina*
T?la decision was roncbed by the Sft'
ST. PTJTFRKmntO, Dee 2G ?D.> ISlafS o'-lcia'^s during the (lay an.l uai-^j,
be over for tno"prcseut. As the coi
r, spoteki.t of the Associated Pre.s
drove through the accessible street;
of tho city, he soya he
trolr. firing every time
I Wait
which the President and Socretarlea
Root, Taft and Bonaparte participated.
Serious Condition Exists,
the people j Advices received by cablo
^.'??t.oc P?r Every 10.0?O Men.
snuwn In the case of ikn . 7^** "
at i.re, k ? province of
St. Prt.rshnrg. viborn t.h,
college wih contain
Ing the killing of Captain J. J. Mitchell wh"u hc was s'10l down,
aud bin slayer John Thomas colored.
i"dny rendered a verdict that. Captain
MRehell camo to his death at the
tiWft i%mu^S5??jwb,w the act rrf
,i ' .\''}t-}. ,J(:' deam trom a.,??-,.?,.
"reds" are willing to go, he has hope .
that the moderates of all classes vi:: f*lborod ,m ,u lb? 8?*te ^d Navy department
come to their s?nsos and aid in tho re- ono1 >?' *? \<> j Santo Domingo, indicate that a
storatlon of order and io accelerating ^?, ?*A :,n'' ? ?~* **r~ ? condition of affairs cslsta ther
? while tbe remtilnder fled. Ho met captain ot tho port of Puerto
dozens of Improvised red croaa.wagous Wfta shot and killed durlna an lnsur-1 tholtw of
I bringing In dend .or wounded focj recUonary movement and the governor
whom Utero was no longer .a fdnco
the morgues or hospitals, uccc.<i
sltating temporary use of residences
Markts of Battle.
All over tho city there are marks
of the battle which has raged In
the streets for throe day;;, and ttio
distant booming of cannon shows
that the fighting is not over. Housea
tho convening of tho douma, tbo' lawl
governing the elcctlous.
Among tbo developments here today
tho moat important was the capture
Of the leaders of the ? ll;:htiuij leglOQS,"
which it is bolloyed, ends tho danger
of an attempt at an armed uprising lu
St Petprshurgi This capture," it is nu
riorfitood, places In tbo bands of tho
government, complete information re?
garding revolutionary plans nud tho
recUonary movement ana tne governor j meo which certainly
of that province bur. detled the goner*Jconi'vatlvo opinion
a) government and barricaded the [hIob of "univer
Dy Board ef Canvasaera
VORK. poe. 56;
Of votes enr,t
places where armn are concealed, an ,,riiIl'oomplt tply o0mollfibod by
well as disclosing tho weak spots in
tho army.
Insurrection is Collapsing.
Shortly before 0 o'clock tonight the
correspondent of The Associated Prosa
at Moscow toiepupnos thai thorn seem?
ed t,o bo no longer doubt that the in
ciurroctlon was collapsing. The Insur?
gents still held the qtmdranglo In
which tbo Workmen's council woti sit?
ting as a revolutionary committee, but
only bbcause Goycrnor General Don
liasfioff vtaa not yet ready to give tbo
coup do grace.
Firing continued Intermittently
throughout, the day. At S o'clock auto
malic gtms were bolng used in Strnst
nors' Square, but tho insurgents were
liccomin? exhausted after their four
o"ayn' efforts ami the lighting was rap
Idly degenerating Into guerilla war
Tho Insurgents were defending
the artillery, and everywhere win?
dows have been smashd t>y bul?
floyornor General Doubassoff has
prohibited tho opening of window.:.
will appeal to
hut with f.h
**' "uffrago'^ rineitj.t
town. Iln j nopu}ar car lt will prove
The Dominican government has la-ldlsbolntmont cie? |.. ,. ,' u ':rf
sued a decree removing tbo governor, nifjhc proletariat orgsnlzatl1 "
The secretary of war today received J a y weapon for
the following cablegram from Aciln
Tho official
KToat extension of ? "yijlk ?ond?i?n'when iSf? w*? i:' county for m?v?/T.iU *Vcw Yor^
>ns with
Comptroller and Receiver of-the Do-|Tl[ar* boidly pr^miM^rT^
mlnlcan Customs I?dwords, dated .it. i|tv;t the ccmnletn ?... .7 B0F"J
, iii.ui .f overthrow of th
?{W ,M the ta,.?,?sh,???,
of canyassor?
county board
Santo Domingo
"Curios Y. Morales dlr.satir.fled with
cabinet support left capital last, night
with few followers. His Intention la
said to be lo Join the followers of
Jimloez In opposition lo the followers
afcaUc r-^dio will ratlsfy ?,.-,?
Ma'' 'B 'P*?.-AdmlJ'M, May owa
Money, to New Vor* Life-No
Named Given.
1-V0.2 nend JT|M
????? ii;-: follow, J Wi'
Tho boiler classes are afraid to veu-|ot ifafolco. Conlllct between tho two
turn ou tho Itroeto owing to the fnet | r,)r<.0H ls {??nin^ni, probable vlc.lnlt.v
that numerous bombs and other de.nl-U Bftn Ju;tlJ or vl(,!nitv ot- jucrlQ
ly missies are being thrown from thti J i>|!t(a.?
windows or roofs of houses. NeftT J_
the triumphal arch could bo seen to
day the rod flags of tbo Insurgents
Hying above their barricades.
Wanted to Demolish Hotel.
Soldiers surrounded tbo continental
hotel and artillery was brought, up
Fight Near San Domingo.
SAN DOMINGO, Mouday, Doc.
Following tbo anUouncomeht today
the president, of tho republl
Carlos Y. Morales, bad 1
for an unknown destination,
tlty Associated Pri??'.l
NTIW YORK, DOC. 20.? Tho lOVCSllr
gating commiitOO of the New Vork
LJfe trusties had a meeting today at
Which lhc rci>ort sent frbin Paris by
H/?v>.?jton v/.'i
... counsel. Mr. McCall
stated (.hat the report was favornbl?
I to himself.
I The World will say tomorrow that
\ Survivor cf the Sakata Ate Part main features of Hamilton*?
I Of His Oil Coat Before
I Being Rescued.
j: ? Ivloa 01,182
Queens; McClellan 13 ^a- tr
?70fi: tvlbs 7.21.1 ' 1UflTr't
Richmond: ModeiJon f;t?'- i?
total vote
.MJ.290; iMjjj
ayMPA. FLA.,
accquiit with the
Vorti i n"' Owe
'ora jji,> money
are: .Hamiltonta report
^Hamilton admits bo may .
Olid that his i1(il)in^
mpany ia "oncn-lothe
Tr39'C Ed,n? Kentucky ChrUrt.
"?os Celebration.
Ky., t)<v. fv. v.
? ,a. Bhdrlit and two
i\a it was claimed that a shot had were sent'in pursuit of
been Bred from ouo of the windows.
It was with difficulty that tho land
lord persuaded tho troops not to de
mollsh the building.
As Ih
tors shot by a passing patrol. Artll
thems'olves with r?y?lvors and bombs I lory can be heard at work near tlt ?
us thoy were being hunted down from! Nlebolar station,
hougp tops,. j Murder of prefect AUtmoted
Entire Population Terror Stricken. ' _
The corrospondent says that the T,W?, ai*m*? "n the, "*> 0( tho
entire population of the city Is terror; Ct P?",,C by one. of
, ; . , , i l,|em a woman, were frustrated. Tho
StrickCD and that alter dar t the hack _.?j .,, ?_
I Ktndi nts were arrestod.
streets present a weird and uncanny Tho UomM QMello ^ |g ^ .
npearonce. As he drove to tho telo- j port0(j tUftl 0ciirm, D|on|,n prq. I
?-ist of the Drowned.
definitely determined, but, '.!'*.*"'vI 'nclude: John
i that a fight took P^&.^tSZX"**
, about ten miles from here and it iior St. Johns
o correspondent entered lho i(iUpp0b(,a that General Hmontal, thfc0?>on.
,e exchange saw two agltii- L^, co,
Istratc. What took place after th
cannot bo
It Is know
comroandor, was attacked
government troops.
The wherealioutfl of tiu
president is not known.
u'njck was re
'bod, of the
the steward
ported by Cuptuir. !
ft.Kitiv.-om SSS?SkS l0mpa u>
od^?0?*1 ,ir^f ?"?Med the
to- , Ent,rc B'^ck Destroyed Qy
Yesterday Morning.
? ...Kineo ttie i LtTTLK ROCK ARK Deo r
j^V s^z; former t^pr^^i^^e^ ? ^
minister of Santo l^mlngo, has al^ and Ovn men to tho wreck; Tno l, h';'tol>' ?1 Linie Rock visited this
b>ft the city. . Mttto WUIliims cl|nglng to c,t>* n:> early hour this morning
- ?^ol and he had been without With the exceptio,, of two smaP
To Fight Present Arrano-e?^- I.so on tbo bmeli
AI Moose Creek. JamQH c
shot by IVilHan, v
'nnover i?
wa i
i quart
phono station he saw only a few civil
lnnu, who were slinking along by the
side of the walls so us to avoid the
police and cavalry patrols, who fire
without challenging.
Tho Windows of the hoticos are stuff?
ed with mattrbEses and blanket.-:, aud
ti.-> light Is showing. Tho police carry
rifles with bayonets fixed.
Tho corror.ponrto'at predicts that tho)
crushing of the rebellion Is likoly to'
be followed by the most, horrible ntro
cltlea "if tho black hundreds" aro Sot
loose. Governor General Doubassoff,
rcet of police of Ht. Petersburg, has
been Informed by telephone that tbo
number of dead or wounded at Mos?
cow number LPOOj and thot tho num?
ber of dead or wounded nt Moscow
number 10.000, and that when qttcn
tloucd tonight tbo genoral did not
deny that Such a report bad been re?
Monte Cristo
day say that Ounyubln, Dnjahon I "'e wrooko
Sabaneta have taken up arms ngaf for ^avann
the government, and tho
American llscal couvention. Gono
Charleston at Norfo.k.
I NORFOLK, YA.. Dec. *0.? The.
United States armored cruiser
Charleston arrived nt the Norfolk
i navy yard today for finishing touches
and a few minor ropalra botoro prj
ceedlng early in January lor Charles?
ton, S. C., where the citizens ot tba*.
placo are to present tho vessel wi;-,
n handsomo silver service.
$97.000 For a Seat
Two Blown to Atoms.
(Ify ARsoclat.Vl Press.)
BLU12FJBLD, W. VA., Dec. 26.?
loli,i K. Gros?e?l and Konton W. At
I well were lilown to atoms at Cedar
unknown-to'the public. Is directing | nlu(i yoK|f.rday by the explosion of
matters from his headquarters\ln tho i twolve cans of dynamite which they
Metr?politi\n Hotel, which is barrl-J attempted to . thaw.
- :: '?." ? r
Ate Part of Oil Coat
".3?er ha-i rcrced him to eat a nor-' ""U! >y ?s,,,?"d- Third. Louisiana
received hero frfcf his oil coat. Williams hfl- a,ld (V";*r was deittroyed
Morto Cristo, Santo Domingo, yosjcnlly recovered front his expert- Tbp heaviest k?s |s .,,,? ol- Vn
SrHav*annke<' 8Cbooncr 2tt* "o^ch, who,,- four story earridg
"JS._ Posltory was burned to the grc
DominlUBORER GETS REWARD. ?"V'U* a M f" ???otP $50,000. , <yw ynu,. _ ~
. conn ?? burned district also included tb-J v > ORK, Dec. 26.?A new hieb
Dcmelr'.o RodlrlgUCS, JoaoquW linS^rv.ce Examination Wpived In ??Wo or C. L Kraft tho o'-l , , ^ PriC? t<>r a s<<ot 0,1 t}!"
Navar^o Martinez and Pedro Alv P^^f?^' |^ ^ W^^T?
have gone with 000 men to aianiNOTON.iDec. 26>-A? a r<J^blc' cottages aud o. number ot ?OM t?\Z IFt'i**^ ,b?
Santiago and General Perlce h\ for defending the postoU,^ Wf" ??< "??4laga occupied hiack- Jo? ? ,>r,n?s 11 ^ to
ha? marched on Ut Vega with a K -V Cutout years ago against *???h The entire loss is- r-sM*
ef about 100 men. ;.'?rfv.ars Pivsitlout R-s?sovelt has mated al $10ft,0(M?. ^ -
Ooncral Dcachamps. tcrmor f'1 elvi! service regulations, -!i. Three KIMed by Souther., c,-.
pre?ldeut of Santo Dominlgo. ipf! lecommondatloH of Poet.. -
horo shortly oh board a Balling <ppornl Cor
to operate against Puerto Plata. r'f? Cbrlstma?, H
rumored here that President Mj'om a Inhorer to
Is a prisoner In irons at the crParlmcnt.
?San Domingo. ' Carolinian
'?nmondntlou or tmfaaaai u TT "*- ee K,,i*d bv Souther,, ^ ,
S:^1 S ? At'1 W?'k f ??^rtnitnt, SPaRtTn?^

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