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(i:>. i pt M.fbday)
at Ihe' V./
211 Twenty-fifth .'Street, by the
E. Thaeker. .;4Jdltor and Publisher
E. Pugli.Advertising Munager
The Dally Press is delivered by car?
riers anywhere in the city limits for
10 cents a week. Any Irregularities in
delivery should he immediately im?
ported to the office of publication. Or?
ders for delivery of the Dally Press lo
either residence or places of business
may be made by postal card or tele?
(Payable Invariably In Advance.)
One Month .* .'?<>
Tnrre Months . 1.26
fcijr MonthJ. int?
Cue Year . 6.00
Editorial Rooms.. .Hell 'Phone No. 14
StiElnesi U.IIce... .Dell 'Phone No. 181
No employe of the Dally Press Com?
pany In autho zed to contract any ob?
ligation In the came of the company,
or to make pnrcbases In (be name of
the sauie except upon orders signed ny
Entered at the Newport Newa, Va.,
Poetoltlcc as uecond-clant mutter.
TUESDAY. AI'llll. 2-1. iOOCi
A dispatch from San Fninclsi.n
nounces lli.il ilie people of thai strick?
en miinieipalily arc in a cheerful
frame of mind and are now ready to
undertake the rebuilding of the city
on a grander scale than It was he
tore the shock which sent towering
buildings into debris.
?urh spirit is characterized of tin
Am reich n people! They seem In rise
superior to the freaks or nature and
the destructive forces of ilie ele?
ments, a greater (miengo was
built upon the ashes of the one which
was burned. Baltimore rose Plioe
uix-like Irnm tin- ruins of her great
conflagration and It would he ex?
ceptional if the |,-ople of San Fran?
cisco failed in restore at the flolden
Gute a belter and mure substantial
city ihau the one which now lies In
desolation because of the iwin hor?
rors of earthquake and Uncontrollable
The California us have a proverb
that a inn it Ir no good until ho ban
been killed half a dozen times, appall?
ing forth in unmistakable term.; ad?
miration tor undaunted vitality?
the spirit which rise;; superior in ob?
stacles and Which sees ill unclouded
Vision only ibe pinnacle of success.
That Is the spirit which has built
great Cities in the waste places of
the e.nih. whbh has cleared away
the debris of nature's gnat convul?
sion!! tor ihe building of greater
strongholds or commerce and Indus
ny than the ones thrown down,
whidi ha-; chained (he lightning and
harnessed Ihn power of the r.iorm to
do man's bidding.
The civilized world looks on In
emazcinr-nt and wonder.in Hie fright?
ful havoc wrought at San Francisco
1 tie ineii nil tie- spot with practical
corn men sense realize thy ncec.XKll lefl
of the siination ortii are preparing to
meet the I. lie Thai is like true
Americans and manly men the world
over Ii does not help matten; to
grieve over disasters of the past.,
Lei ib.-tu |ic forgotten : .,\.- in far
Ss they may point the way io wisdom
through the pathway .u experience.
The present i . upon us and the hi
lute, bright ?in, pr.-ihiliiett and wiili
noundles." np-inuuiitcs in its grasp
beckon us onward.
the pensioning of govern?
ment employees.
The Dally Pn ks ha-- received from
Mr. riiarh-s a. .Rinken, of Hampton,
a. communication in reference to the
bill now before Congress looking io!
the retirement of government em?
ployees on a pension system, the
money to carry it on to !>;? secured
from assessments upon those em?
ployee.-; while ihey are able to work.
Mr. .Rinken says:
? "In your editorial comments you
-,: state thai you do not see the neces
sjS idly for legislative enactments. |
'' tlilnk I can tell you.
: "In my endeavor to have niv com
k rade.H unite with mo In providing for
old age I meel with a certain amount
'. of opposition. This 'opposition came
from a source where Ii would natur?
ally have been expected, amongst
? . shiftless clerks, who do not care to
'. anticipate trouble or provide for a
rainy day. Hut in the scheme that
is propjsed uniform actiou is essen?
tial to success. "In union there is
trength" and we need the co opera?
tion of each individual. To this end
legislative enactment was requested.
"It is a plain proposition and any
act of yours that will help a good
cause will he appreciated hy the
Providern of Uncle Sam's employees."
I'. S.?? In thi> connection I iniulir
lirnw yoiir attention to the fact that
nnli-gnmhling laws are provlderl to
protect the individual solely from
himself or his profligate propensi?
ties, and that the legislative enact?
ment requested is quite in the ?inte
C. A. .1
II the passage of the hill now be?
fore Congress will assist those who
wish 10 make provisions for Hie Ine?
vitable ??rainy day" the measure, of
course, should he passed, and. as our
correspondent points out. It probable
would be well-nigh impossible in se?
cure uniform ticlion, unless the sys?
tem has the formal sanction of ihn
packages than the bills of lading call?
ed for.
They assert that other big shippers
in the Past also art; doing things
that have helped io diminish (he rev?
enues which the railroad ought to
have received. Ii has been estimat?
ed by the railroads thai the packers
alone heat the Rastern roads out of
1100.000 a year. What they owe all
ihe railroads nut of Chicago Is prob?
lematical, but is estimated at $5,iioo,
The railway men say they have
known all these things for years, and
in a way have remonstrated with ttie
packers ami other companies which
were cheating them, but within the
last few weeks ihey have made a de
hrrmliieil effort to bring about a great
'reform, and I hoy Intimate strongly
, that unless the shippers make resti?
tution they will be exposed before
, the Interstate Commerce Commls
Power Company Men Declare Amount
Wanted Would Not Mar Falls.
? Hr As?o.-.iulnd Press.) ?
WASHINGTON April 21!.- It was
maintained before Hie House Coin
iniliee on 'Rivers ami Harbors
thai Niagara ItIvor was greaier In
volume now Ih.lil It bail been for
years: thin ilie use of its waters so
fai" bad not detracted from <he scenic
. sloh.
Spancjler Predicted Quake.
Sphngler, Hie Pennsylvania proph?
et, who has been making predict Ions
for a n ii in her of years, among his
propheclr-s for line! lust January,
which were published in the Sun of
.launary 28. Included a destructive
erupt loll of mount Vesuvius and
destructive earthquake In Sau Fran?
cisco ami the Philippines. The Phil?
ippine earthquake is y.? i Income, hut
the other I wo prognostications have
been signally veilll'ied.
Pompeii and Hercolareom, destroyed by eruption ol Mount
Vesuvius A. D. 79; more than 2.000 lost.
Earthquake in Constantinople, thousands killed; 557.
Catania. Sicily. 15.000 pe rsons killed by earthquake; 1137.
Syria, 20 000 killed by. earthquake; 1156.
Cilicia, 20,000 killed by earthquake; 12GH.
Palermo, earthquake G.000 lost; 172G.
Canton China; 100,000 lost; by earthquake; November 20,
Kuchan. North Persia 40,000 lost; earthquake 1755.
Lisbon, city ruined by. eacthqttake, 25,000 killed; November,
Canton, earthquake, 6,000 lost; May 27, 1883.
Aleppo, destroyed by earthquake, thousands killed; 1822.
Calabria, eartltquake, 10.000 lost; 1857,
I .land of Krakatoa, volcanic eruption, 36,380 lives lest; May
27, 1883.
Isle of I sen la. earthquake, 2,000 lost; 1833.
Eruption of Mauna Loa, Hawaii, 79 killed; 1880.
Charleston, S. C, earthq uake, 41 lives loct; August 30, 1886.
Bandalsan, volcanic eruption, 1,000 killed; July, 1888.
Island ol Hondo, Japan, earthiiake, 10,000 killed; October,
Venezuela, earthquake. 3,"00 killed; April 24, 1894.
Guatemala, earthquake, |06s of life not yet ascertained; April,
St. Pierre, arlinque. May, 1902; loss of life 40,000.
Vrfsuvian towns destroyed by eruption of volcano, April 190G;
400 killed.
San Francisco, April 18, 1906, earthquake, followed by fire;
800 killed; 1,000 injured,
beauty of the rails, and thai at least |
".ii per cetit, of the stream might lie
taken before any difference In the
ilow r.f water t-oiilil he detected by
i he. observer.
This statement was made by P. A.
Dudley, vice-president of the Niag?
ara Palls KMeririCai Transmission
Company, whose plaqt Is now in
course of construciIon on the Cana?
dian side, liui whose contracts for
the furnishing of power are largely
on the American side. The normal
How of water on the American side,
I." said, was a stream of water four
feet thick over a full 1100. feet ill
lei.gib. tin the Canadian side the
nulluni How was fourteen feet thick
over f tall ol l.r.nn fot i wide. The
taking ..f ibis water to the full ex?
tern now authorized by franchises
would iliinlnl. il ' the thickness of
siren ill over ihn
three and font
i the Canadian
and one half feet.
? feet a second do
falls, he said. Hie
the A met
falls bei W.-ell
I liebes, ami oi
?'ide about one
Mi .i m ed in ctibli
ii<ending over the
oiai wa i 270.000.
.loin. I.. Houer, a director of the
Ni.'-aia F.illis Hydraulic Power Com?
pany, i bjectetl to Die Rurinn bill on
the ground that Ii was iiricnrisfiiii
Honai, and said Unit it would Inlet
feil with what Im considered the
'.??'.teil rights of his company under
(Mi- roininbn law and ulso with lh.t
chattel rights grained by the stale.
Mr. liarper an engineer for the same
eomi .Miy, estlmaicii that :t:i per cent.
? i the water going over the Ameri?
can fall might he dlverte.I withou.
inpreela'ile effect on the appear
.nice ot the cataract,
Railroad Men Charge That Corpora?
tions Have Been Cheating.
(By Associated Press.)
CHICAGO, April 23.-?"Tim Tri?
bune" says that railroad oi'fic:r.it? op?
enly charge ihni t|?. |,|B packing
corporations lor years have been
cheating the railroads by misstating
the character of thn goods they were
shipping and by shipping heavier
Eruption Broke Out in Spots All
Over Body?Caused a Continual
Itching tor Two Years?Doctor's
Medicine Did no Good ?Cured at
Expense of only $1.25 and Now
"Some time ago I wrote you for a
book on thu Cuticura Hemedies and
xeneived it 0. K. und went and bought
the Soap,Ointment, and Pills. They did
me more good than any medicine 1 ever
used. They cured me of my skin disease,
and I am very thankful to you. My
trouble wus eruption of tlit* skin, which
broke out in spots all over my body,
and caused a continual itching which
nearly drove me wild tit times. I got
medicine of a doctor, but it did not cure
me, apd when I saw in a paper yotu*
ad.. I sent to you for the. Cuticura book
ana I studied* my case in it. 1 then
went to the drug storo ami bought, one
cake of Cuticura Soap, one box of Cu?
ticura Ointment, und ouo viul of Cuti?
cura Pills. From the brat application
I received relief. I used the brat set
and two extra cakea of Cuticura Soap,
and was completely cured. I bad
suffered for two yearn, and I again
thank Cuticura for my cure. Jf you
wish, you may publish this. Your
friend forever, ClaudeN. Johnson, Miiphj
drove Farm, H. F. D. 2, Walnut Kua.,
June 16, 1905."
Scratch I Scratch I Scratch 1 This
is the condition of thousands of skin-tor?
tured men, women, and children, who
may be instantly rolicved and speedily
cured by warm baths with Cuticura Soap
and gentle applies! ions of Cut icuraOiiit
tnent, the great Skin Cure, und mild
doses of Cuticura Itosolvent Pills, when
physicians and all else fail.
(.via ibrouibout tbl world. Cuilcurt 8oip, iJc, OUI
jr.ict, tot., Kttolftpl, toe. (In farm ot CheoUio CoiuJ
Plili.Sic.DtriUIGr Wh"J?r *>' I'"1 dr"M>x?- *
ilt|tt lit ltt|9 euro. Kn?r Drug * Chew. Cuiy.,Sol*
*r iitl'ui A'.'"dJ AbsulUmeUBtectlp.uABUr."
Office Station ery
Booklets * Briefs
to write fur our big I Kit; IIICYCKK catalogue
sliowing the most complete line ol high-grade
BH.'YCI.KS, TlltKS and Sil Nil Kl KS at FKIi.'hS
UK LOW any other manufacturer ur dealer in Hie world.
or ou uh? Jttttd of tfrms, until you liuve received our complete Free Cata?
logue* illustrating and describing every kind .if high-grade and low-grade
bicycles, old patterns unit lute.st models, and learn ol our remarkable LOIV
I' It 11' Ks and wonderful new olTers made possible by selling from factory
direct to rider with no middlemen's profits.
WE SHIP ON APPROVAL without a unt d.-t-out. Pay the Krolgbt and
allow lO Dii.vM Free Trial and make other lilieral terms which no uttiti
house in the world will do. You will learn everything and get much valik
able information by simply writing us a postal.
We need a Rldaf Agent In every town and can offer an opportunity
to make money to suitable young men who apply at once.
peh fii
Notice the thick rubber tread
"A" and ponoture strips "i?"
and "D," also rim strip "II''
to prevent rim catting. Tills
tire will outlast any other
make?SOFT. ELASTIC and
Rogutap Prloo t
$8.SO per pair.
To introduces
Wo Will Soil
You m Sample
Pair fop Only
(cash WITH ORDER $4.ss)
Result of 15 years experience in tire
making. No danger from THORNS. CAC?
Serious punctures, like intentional knife cuts, can
he vulcanized like any other tire.
Two Hundred Thousand pairs now in actual use. Over
Seventy-five Thousand pairs sold last year.
OESOMPTIOUl Msde In all sizes. II is lively and easy riding, very durable and lined inside
witli a special quality of rubber, which never becomes porous and which closes up small punctures
without allowing the air to escape. We have hundreds of letters from satisfied customers staling
that their tires have only been pumped up once or twice in a whole season. They weigh no more than
an ordinary tire, the puncture resisting qualities being given by several layers ol thin, specially
prepared fabric on the (read. Thai "Holding Hack" sensation commonly fell when riding on asphalt
or soft roads is overcome by the patent "Basket Weave" tread which prevents all air from being
squeezed out between the tire and the road thus overcoming all suction. The regular price of these
tires is J8.50 per pair, but for advertising purposes we are making a special factory price to the rider
of unly ?4.Bo per pair. All orders shipped same day letter is received. We ship C.O.D. on approval.
You do not pay a cent until you have examined and found them strictly as represented.
We will ullow a cash dUemint of ?> per cenl (thereby making the price V4.r>S per pair) if you send
PUJ.fa C.VSU WITH OKDtilt and enclose this advertisement. We will also send one nickel
plated brass hand pump and two Sampson metal puncture closers on full paid orders (these metal
puncture closers to he used in case of intentional knife cuts or heavy gashes). Tires to be returned
at OUIt expense if for any reason they are not suttsfa. Jery ou examination.
We are perfectly reliable and money sent to us is us s - t- as in a batik. Ask your Postmaster
Bauker, Express or Kreiglil Agent or the liditor of this paper about us. If you order a pair of
these tires, you will find that they will ride easier, run faster, weur better, last longer aud '.00k
finer thun auy tire you have ever used or seen at any price. We know lhat you will be so well pleased
that when you want a bicycle you will give us your order. We want you to send us a small triul
order at once, hence this remarkable tire offer.
Anierra OOAUreC ""Ht-up-wheela, saddles, pedals, parts and repairs, and
d * eH*0HAnc?}f everything in the bicycle line are sold by us at half the usual
"'rite for 0111 big SUNDUV catulogue.
postal today. DO NOT 'I'll INK OF BUYING a
From A Parcel To An
Storage Warehouse
51<i-$20 27/1. St
prices charged by dealers and repair men. Write for
rarH unr WfAMV uul wr'u us u postal I
LIU MW t VvfZfB bicycle or a pair of tires from anyone until you know the new and
Aonderful offers we are making. It only costs a postal to learn everything. Write it NOW.
Tim entire list of Edison records rind all new is?
sues to date, including the
and Grand Opera selections from the foreign catalog.
GeOa D. Hampton Pimo Co.,
Bell 'Phono 325.
To the Public:
I The Jamestown Exposition
Company has contracted with
Mr. Aihe.rt Hess to publish an
tifiiciaI magazine, for the Ex?
position, to be known as the
I Jamestown Magazine.
This publication alone has
the. official sanction of the
Company and is to be issued
under the Company's super?
It will contain full infer
mation concerning the pro?
gress of the Exposition work
and other matters of interest
relating to the subject.
Chairman, Board of Governors
Eafe.npeedv icguUtori 14 cent*. Onifrgi'Xi or mill,
?aoclttlrss OJ i.*f? ?n'CO iJuiitati,.? ?.r*

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