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% %?> ?-?
During' Early Morning Cession
I Prices Drop Back.
Market Enjoys Some Relief From the
Pressure to Liquidate and it ie Now
Believed That Any Danger of a
iPanic is Past.
(By Associated Pre.no.)
NF5\V YORK, April 24?The stork
market on joyed some relief from
pressure of the liquidation today bill
nor until prices had been driven lo
a lower point than al any time since
since the news of the San Francisco
This was during Ihe. first hour
when business was at a. high rale of
activity. From Ihe low levpl touched
at that time there was a. quick re?
covery in the neghhorhood of last
night's level. Advances beyond lhal
point were slow and on a. moderate
The expectation of large earnings
for the ly-st quarter of the year to
be reported by the United States Steel
Corporation helped Its stocks. Not
much of the day's gains wpre retain?
ed after a selling movement during
rite final'hour and lite, market closed
heavy and dull.
I ?
'Chicago Grain Market. >
CHICAGO. April 24.?Reports of
damage^ to the crop by dry weather
i who southwest caused ad advance
today of over one cent per bushel in
the prbjt of wheat here. At the close
the .Inlj? option was precisely above
ypsterilay's quotations. July corn and
oats wore each up 1-S. Provisions
wore u{ shade to 7 1-2 lower. TIip
opening! nud closing figures of the
?i^ailin futures ranged as billows:
Wh*at jNo. 2:
May-W8 l-2n7H r,-8?7!) 7-8.
,iulv--7H ::-8a78 1-2?79 I-2a70 5-8.
Repredher -77 :t 8a77 1-2?78 3-8.
Corn No', 2;
May ?vlti 3-4a47?47 1-8.
July -if, I S?4(5 1-4.
September?4(1 l-4a.4fi 3-8?46 1-4.
Oats No1. 2:
May? 32?32 11.
.Inly-i-30 .")-??30 3-4.
September?28 l-2a28 ,1 8?2fi 7-8.
Cash quotations were as follows*
No. 2 spring wheat, 80a81; No. 3
7flo81; No. 2 red, 87 1-2afin* No. 2
corn. 47 3-4; No'. 2 yellow, 48a48 1-1;
No. 2 onts. 32 1-4; No. 2 white, 33 1-2
?S4; No. 3 white. 31 3-4a33; No. 2
rye. fid 3-4; good feeding barley. 39a
44; fair to choice malting, 4.ria?0; No.
1 flax seed. 1.07; NO. l northwestern.
l.L'l; primp :timothy seed. 3.17 1-2:
moss pork, per bbl., 15.A0al5.ft5; lard,
per inn lbs.. R.50aS.G2 1-2; short ribs
tildes (loose). S.50a8.fi0; short clear
sides (boxed). 8.9089.00; whiskev, ha
sis of high wines. 1.28; clover, con
tract grade. 11.50.
Baltimore Produce Market.
BALTIMORE, MD.. April 24.?
Flour, quiet, unchanged.
Wheat firm; contract 8C 1-2 a 3-4.
Corn firm, spot 53 1-2 a 3-4.
Oats easier; No. 2 mixed 37 1-2.
Rye firm: No. 2 western 71 1-2.
Butter steady unchanged; fancy Im?
itation 19 a 20; creamery 22 a 23.
Rggs. steady unchanged 16.
Cheese uclive; large Sept, 14 1-4;
Nov. 14. Small 14 a 3-4.
New York Money Market
NRW YORK. April 24.?Money on
call steady 4 a 3-4 per rent; ruling
rate 4 1-4 a 1-2; closing hid 4; offered
ar 4 1-2. Time loans firm, sixty days,
ninety days and six months 1-2 a ??
ppr cent. Prime mercantile paper 4
3-4 a 1-2 per cent. Sterling exchange
easy at 484.3fi a 484.4(1 for demand
and at 481.20 a 481.25 for sixty day
hills. Posted roles 482 1-2 a 483 and
48f. 1-2 a 4SI!. Commercial bills 481.
Rar silver Gfi 1-4. Mexican dollars
50 1-2.
Oppose Bill in Congress Requiring
Licences for Their Craft.
(By Associated Press.)
WASH I NO TON. April 24. Own?
ers of motor 'boats on Long Island
Sound are opposed to the bill passed
;by the Senate and favorably report?
ed by ihe House Committee on Mer?
chant Marine, requiring a licensp for
motor heals carrying passengers for
hire anil placing them under the sup?
ervision of the government.
Congressman Cocks, who repre?
sents a Long Island district, has re?
ceived communications relative to
rhe 'bill and will probably oppose it
wliPn a vote is taken in the House.
The bill specifically provides that
launches regularly engaged in the
fishing business as an occupation
are not subject to the law requiring
a license, hu! liiere is some doubt
as to whether this relieves the large
number of motor boats used in the
oyster trade on Long Island Sound.
The amendment in thp bill ex?
empting fishing boats was made at
the instance of Representative Clark,
of Florida, who said that to require
licenses from 'the owners of small
fishing boats would iniposp a hard?
ship ami was unnecessary because
Hie masters of these crafts are in?
variably good sailors and endanger
no lives.
The protest made by Long Island
motor 'boat owners, will have great
weight, as more napiha launches and
electrical boats are used in those
waters than in any harbor in the
j l'n I led States.
! The objection made by those
whom the law will affect is that it
is inconvenienr and unneccessary.
There are a larg-e number of boats
on (he Sound which carry passengers
for hire only during a short period
and are then convened into pi lea s
ure craft. The owners of these
boats object to being placed under
the supervision of the government.
< 'I Corrected Dally by H. E, Boykln.
'' ' 'fitocki, tjondo, Cotton. Grain, Etc., Room 2, Braxton Building.
i Open. High. Low. Close.
Anaconda.,.,. 201 204 200 1-2 2l!2 3-4
Amalgamated Copper . 107.1-4 108 5-8 100 5-8 107 7-8
American Car and Foundry . 40 7-8 -tl ?-8 40 1-2 41 5-8
Anierlenu Cotton Oil . Ill 1-2 31 1-2 31 3-8 31 3-8
American Locomotive" ;._ 84 1-4 05 1-8 03 1-2 04 1-2
American Smelting. 154 1-8 155 1-2 153 3-8 154 3-8
American Sugar ._ 135 1-4 13? 1-4 135 1-1 1:10 14
Ato.hlsnn ._ 8? 1-2 8!? 5 8 88 1-2 8!l 3-8
Atohlson, preferred ..f .
AUnnilc. Coast Ltn._
Baltimore & Ohio'. .. ]t)9 R:8 100 7-8 100 58 10? 7-8
Brooklyn Rapid Transit ._ 70 3 1 81 7-8 70 1-4 81 1-4
Canadian Pacific.'.... ir>0 1-4 11!0 1-2 150 1-2 100 1-8
Chesapeake .&jOb!o._ 50 3-8 5C .1-4 55 3-4 50 3-4
Chicago nr*at>-We9tern'. ,v._ op 20 3-8 20 20 1-8
Chicago, AHL & St. Paul..:..._ 100 3-8 100 7-8 108 1-2 10!?
Colorado Fuel and Iron. ?fl 1-4 50 1-4 57 3-8 58 1-4
Distillers' Securities .'? ??_ 5? 1-. 50 3 8 50 1-4 50 3-8
Krle.._ 41 3.8 41 5-8 41 1-R 41
Kile, first preferred... 75 1-2 70 5-8 75 1-2 70
Illinois Central ..,._ 170 3-4 170 3-4 100 3 4 170
Louisville ? Nashville .,'?_ 145 140 145 145
WetropoHlau Street Railway ., ,. 113 1-2
Metropolitan Street Ry. Securities......
Met lean Central .... ..<._ 23 1-2 24 23 1-2 24
M. K. & T._ 32 3-4 33 3-8 32 3-1 33 1 4
'M.K.K- T... preferred. _ 07 1-2 07 1 2* 07 1-4 07 1-2
Missouri Pacific._ 03 94 93 93 1-1
Net.onal Lend ._ 81 81 78 1-4 70 1-1
New YorVf Central ._ 138 1-8 138 1-2 137 1-2 137 1-2
N. Y., O. & W., ._ 17 3-4 49 47 3-4 48 3-4
Norfolk ft V.?Mern._ 88 88 3 4 87 2-4 88 3-4
Pacific Mai: ._ 40 3-1
Pennsylvania . ._ 138 1-8 139 138 13?
Teople's Oos. ._ 92 1-4 92 1-4 91 1-2 91 1-2
piessed Steel Oar ._ 52 3-8 52 3-8 51 52 1-4
?.eadlug._ 124 125 7-8 124 125 1-8
?epubllo Iron r.nd Steel . 28 1 2 29 28 1-2 29
Republic, Iron and Sleol, preferred. 101 1-8 101 1-8 100 3-8 100 3-8
Rock Island . 20 l-fi 20 3-8 20
Rock Island, pre*<rred ... B4 04 1-2 (M
Blo.'.s Shellleld .
Southern Pacific .?. 04 1-4 05 1-4 04 1 4
Southern Railway .- 27 1-2 38 1-4 37 1-2
Southern Railway, preferred .
Tennessee Coal and Iron . 145 145 1 14
Texas & Pacific. 31 1 2 31 3-4 31 1-2
Onion Pacific . 149 3 4 150 1-8 148
United States Rubber . 51 52 1-2 51
United States Steel . 42 1-8 13 42 1-8
United States Steel, preferred. 107 1-2 108 1-8 100 :i-8
.Virginia-Carolina Chemical.-. . _ 43 1-8 44 43 1 8
(Virginia-Carolina Chemie*?, preferrel.
V/abash v.,. .- 20 1-4 20 3 4 20 1-4
"A'abash, preferred. 45 1-2 45 1-2 44
iWeatern Union Telegraph Compun?.
Total stiles, I, 254.000 shares.
New York Cotton.
May.- 11.07 11.08 10.90 10.99
July . ".'.- 10.81 10.95 10.81 10.87
October .:._ 10.34 10.39 10.33 10.3ft
December ..... ...... 10.33 10.41 10.32 10.30
149 1-2
42 5-8
107 7-8
43 5-8
20 3-4
Tup Power aiui tue Tragic En?ius
of Henrietta Stuart ?.u Uiue.. de
I'oui)icdour?l.oui?a ul l'ruMMtn,"\VUo
H'un SI Im in I' i um .Vtipolrou.
ft Is curious thai no picture gallery
ins ever been milde of the beautiful
iroineu who have Influenced history.
From the dtiys of ihe great Egyptian
queeu uisn.v a dull page of history has
been lighted up by aoine fair face Hint
has brnugbl a Utile humnu interest Into
the dry and cold calculations of. king*
and politicians.
Antony was not the last politician
whose course was Intlueueed by beau?
ty. Think of the beautiful Louisa of
Prussia Jesting with Napoleon for a
klugdoin. "1 knew that 1 was td see
the most beautiful queeu In existence,"
said Napoleon to Talleyrand utter a
banquet given In her honor, ''but I
have found the most beautiful queeu
aud nt the same time the must inter?
esting woman in the world." And Lou?
isa bud wou ironi htm the restoration
of Silesia.
II Is said, indeed, that she laughingly
ottered him a rose In exchange tor the
fortress of .Magdeburg, but Nappleou
wits oue of the iron men of the world.
He kept the dower?and Magdeburg.
A book of "Beautiful Women," by
ilulletl Hyatt, has pictures of some of
the most beuutlful women that have
ever lived, und Mrs. Steuart Erskiue
baa gathered their romantic stories.
One comes upon a picture of Klizu
Fnrrou. the actress, who began life by
playing childish parts in a strolling
company and advanced to fame in Lou
don as Miss Hnrdcastle In "She stoops
to Conquer." She became a favorite In
society and married the twelfth Lord
Derby, when site "lived happily ever
after," tit king her place at court and
In society. So barriers are Insurmount?
able lo the career of beauty.
Here Is the picture of -Madame," the
beuutlful Henrietta Stuart, youngest
daughter of Charles L, who, married
the Duke of Orleans. The features
seem hard and the expression some?
what cold and stalely. She would ap?
pear a woman more uf brain than ten?
derness, lu reality stie had 11 spurkllng
wit. with that wonderful gift of per?
sonal magnetism -"AII men loved aud
most women adored her." wrote a gal?
lant frenchman lu bis memoirs.
Life lu the Freueb court was a con?
tinual round of pleasure, uud the days
were passed lu bnllets aud theatricals,
lu the morning madaute would drive
out wirb her ladles, to be escorted on
their return by King Louis XIV. und
bis court on borsebuek. After supper
they would nil drive out, accompanied
by l.ulli's violins, to watch the moon?
light rui the water und talk the moon?
shine uf lovers.
Five years later mudame was the
king's trusty udrlser and the only me?
dium of com inimical Ion between him
nnd her brother, Charles II. It was In
the spring of IH70 that she brought
about that secret treaty of Dover that
made Charles n Roman Catholic und
plunged England into wnr with Hoi
That was the summit of mndame's
power. The sequel w/aa ghastly nnd
dramatic. A few weeks later she was
at St. Cloud in the flush of high spirits
at her success. A glusB of Iced chicory
water was brought at her request, uud
she drank It off quickly. Five miqutes
liner maddme was uo more. All the
power of her fu sei urn Ion and beauty
was ended by u secret poison.
AS the pages are turned the portrait
] of a lady in tt brocuded dress appears,
a face with n very deep forehead und
expressionless lips. This is the famous
Mine, de Pompadour. Her birth was
very humble indeed, but she came in
the way of Louts XV., who gave her
unlimited Influence till she became a
recognized power in Europe. For
many years she conducted the fprelgn
policy of France, interviewing omlias
sadors aud treating with kings. Re?
buffed by Frederick the Great, this
amazing woman made overtures to
Maria Theresa of Austria to divide his
kingdom between them, and, sitting in
her summer bouse, she gayly arranged
with a couple of diplomats tbe reparti?
tion of Europe.
Moreover, but for the freedom ehe
gave to her persona I likes nnd dislikes,
it is not Improbable that she would
bi'.ve nceompllsbed some of the less
wild of her schemes. Her dramatic
end lias often been told. In the midst
of a discussion on affairs of state, as
she sat rouged and powdered lu her
chair, the cure who was with her rose
to go. She detained him. "One mo?
ment, M. le Cure," she said, "we will
lake our departure together." And a
few minutes later tiie beautiful diplo
mntist was dead.
The portrait of the unlucky Marie
Antoinette, frank, queenly, superb, or
whom jjajrke rapturously wrote. "Olit?
tering like llie morning nnr. mr yf n're
, and splendor and Joy," Is here too. Re?
call her life at the Petit Trianon, that
miniature palace with the Cotiuthiau
pillars, where she wandered about un?
attended aud no one rose At her ap?
proach. It Is always grimly pathetic
thai the one French queeu who a little
ruin lied tbe part that we have been
taught to expect from a queeu should
have been sacrificed to the mad rage
of the revolution.
Angelica Knuffman was tbe child of
a Tyrolese peasant, who made her way
by the force of her artistic gifts us
well as her beauty. She was one of tbe
original members of the Royal acad?
emy. Like many a beautiful woman
.who never becomes famous, she was
married secretly to an adventurer who
passed himself off as Count Frederick
de Horn. Too late she discovered that
he had been a footman to that persou
and no more, and for some ten years
abe was blackmailed by this adven
tUTer.?Waahliurton Post.
[asmoa to All Specie* and Essential
10 Their Existence,
A fish just taken from the water, If
handled, is found to be slippery und
conted with slime. All ilshes, the
meanest and the noblest, kllliOsb and
shark, shad, salmon and trout, wear
lids slime. They could not exist wlih
out It.
Tbe slime Is secreted usually In a
continuous series of duets, wiili numer?
ous openings arranged in a line extend
lug along the side of (be il.-b. ?ome
tlsbes have oue Hue oil a slue, some
have live or six. The lilies may he
plainly visible, and in some e.isi^a up
pear to tie n marking on the llsh. More
often they are not observable at all.
Some tlsbes store this secretion in pores
distributed over the whole surface of
the body, the larger number, however,
in pores In lateral lines. There are
also pores tor I lie secretion of mucus,
or slime, in I he lisb's heml.
Tlie slime is exuded through the di?
visions between I he scales lo I In* outer
pan of tlie body, over which it spreads,
forming a sort of outer skin or cover?
ing, transparent ami having elasticity
ami iehneity ami often considerable
body. It Would not tie remarkable for
a fair sized Ash, say a risb of two
pounds weight, to luive a coaling of
slime n (liirty-seeoml of an Inch In
thickness, l-'isbes vary greatly hi tbe
it mount of slime which they secrete.
Tbe eel will suggest Itself as one tlmr
is very alliiiy.
The tlsh's slimy coating reduces Its
friction when in motion anil helps to
increase Its speed. It aids lu protect
: I lie scales from Injury, lining of
sullieieut substance to serve In some
measure as a cushion. The slimy
covering makes the fish bard to hold
ami s i enables it |lie more readily to
escape from lbs enemies. Ii Is some
times repugnant 10 other tlsbes, which
are repelled by Us odor. II Is the slime
from the fishes lui lid leid that makes tbe
nuclei "suiell fishy," as the expression
A most important function of the
fish's slimy coating Is 10 protect It
from the at tacks of fungus, u form of
plant life found in all witters, suit and
fresh, Including the purest. Tbe slime
covers ibe entire exterior surface of
the fish, including the tins. Fungus
does not attach to tiie slime, but If the
fish Were in lie Injured so that there
was upon it some hpot uncovered by
lie slime upon rhat spot some minute
fragment of fungus, so small as to be
scarcely mure than visible, would be
likely 10 lodge. Once lodged the fun?
gus Is reproduced very fust.
Fish sometimes recover from at?
tacks of fungus, bin inuclt more often
ibey do nm. The fungus displaces the
skin. Inflammation is set up, aud the
place attacked becomes practically u
. sore. With its continued growth the
? fiiu.'.'iis may cover I lie side of tbe fish
and extend over the gills and finally
kill U.
Cain Like Perfonies.
A cat characteristic little recognized
even by lovers of the sinuous pets is
Intense love of perfume. The keenness
of scent so useful lo pussykins in her
bunting uvocation makes her quick to
detect and recognize the fragrance of
natural flowers and toilet preparations,
and. unlike the dog. which will detect i
lu a moment ihe scent affected by mas?
ter or mistress without evincing any
pleasure save that of associated Ideas,
the cat really enjoys tlie sweet Itself.
Sensitiveness to sweet odors varies In
Individual felines, und some animals
show n decided preference for violet
fragrance over that of rose powder, for
example; but, generally speaking, tbe
pedigreed Agripplnas or those having a
strain at Persian or Angora nre most
keenly alive to odors of Araby.?New
York Press.
A Will In Three Words.
In the probate division of tlie London I
county court Sir Gorell Barnes was
asked to admit to probate tbe will of
Frederick Thorn of Amesbury avenue,
Streatham, who died leaving property|
valued at S4.00O. A day or so before
lie died, counsel stated, Mr. Thorn bad
paralytic stroke. He asked for a
piece of paper, and they gave an en?
velope to him. He wrote on the hack
of it, In Ihe presence of bis wife and
two of bis children, "All to mother. F.
T." This was witnessed by Arthur
Thorn and Percy Tboru. The will was]
handed up to his lordship, who remark?
ed thai 11 was probably the shortest |
oue on record. It was duly executed
and witnessed and he therefore pro?
nounced for it.
llrniiknrtl? in l ui Ley.
The Turks have a singular manner
of regulating drunkenness. If a Turk
overtaken with wine falls down lu tlie
street and Is arrested by tbe guard he
Is sentenced to the bastinado. This
punishment la repealed as fur as the
third offense, after which he Is regard?
ed us Incorrigible ami called 'imperial
drunkard" or "privileged druukurd."
If he Is then arrested he has only to
name himself, mention his lodglug,
say he Is a "privileged druukard." He
is released and sent to sleep upon tlie
hot asiies of the baths.
I'.m Big Cl for UDDStarsl
Irrilsliooi or ulcerslloui
of mucous numitirsn?.
Piloten. sDd not sitria
gent or potiuDoui.
Mold t?r UruB-tMU.
or iiiit tu plain ?*rapp?r,
br sxprcit, prepaid, for
tl.00. or J tm!tin a;.71.
Circa) ?r Mat on nauttt.
I (KU ?r,t Gold ailtlllo tout,
?Ith Uotrlbtioo. Takts* oll.?. Httuta
I ll.?(.f%u, BubatlluUua* aud lu.ll?..
tl.u.. U*7 tf year Ik w r|i?i. br mimi 4a. II
?ua,|? fir eartldalar*. Tattlsiiiulal*
? t 1 " it tilt r for Lai! to*, "in Un*r, bj ei*
turn Mall. 10,0110 Tr.llroul.H. UoldV/
jsj -a*****, ruii.lv., ri,
Rdini 2, Br.-.xtcn Building
2711 Washington Ave.
Bondfl, SfocliB. Cotton, Oralu anil
Provisions bought and sold outright
or carried cu l. argln. Private wires to
New York and Chicago. Correspond
enta M. J. Sage & Co., New York.
Transportation guide.
?chedula In Kffoct July ltd, lies.
Kuut?. I No. 4L
Lv Norfolk .I >;M?u.
(via F*rrr* I
Lr Portsmouth
Lv Suffolk ...
? : 16 a io
?: G4 a in
Nu. II.
8:(9 ? ui I
t it V ?0
Ar Lewlatoa N. C. l:0Upin|.
Lv Weldou .111: GG k ln|l 1.50 p uj
Lv Henderson ..j 2:10pm| hl'uui
Lv Raleigh
Ar Southern Pinea
Ar Harolet ...
Ar Wilmington
Ar Charlotte
Lv Hamlet .
Lv Columbia
Ar Augusta ..
Ar Bavannak .
Ar Jacksonville
4: UO p ui
iff : 16 p m
7:30 p m
6.38 a in
S:4C am
12:46 p in
10.45 pin|l0.0* am
10:lCpm| 6:1Hiu
.I 6:20p m
4:46 a ml 2:20 p m l
8:C5 a m| ?:G0 , m
Ar Tampa.\ C:16pm
Lv Hamlet, N. *j.|l0:15p m
Ar Athen?.I 6: OS a m
Ar Atlanta .| 7:40 a m
Ar Birmingham .j.
Ar Macoa .
Ar Montgomery .
Ar Mobile.
Ar Now Orleans.
11:10 a m
?:26 pm
Ar Chattanooga ..] l:00pml ?-.06 pin
Ar NaBhvllle ... .| 6:66 p ml ti:40 a m
Ar Memphla .| 8:46 a m| 1:45 pm
Suffolk 4b Can.llnu R. H. train *U
route from Elizabeth City, N. C, aud
Intermediate aolnta arrive Portsmouth
10:16 a. m., dally; returning lefcvca
Portsmouth, 4:66 p. m., ?icept Sun?
day. Sunday, 7:00 p. m.
Connections at Jackaouvllla ?ad
Tampa for all Florida JtCait Coast
Points, Cuba and Porto Rico.
Only line out of Norfolk opermtlag
through sleeper to Charlotte, N. U.
No. 33 arrives at Portamoulk colly
I at 8:00 a. m.
No. S8 arrive* at Fortassentk tally
I at 1:10 p. m. .
9. W. B?OWN. f r..
Panaenger Agent, cor. Main and Gran
by 8tu., Nor u'.tlAuU? Hotel Bid*..
Norfolk, Y?.
[Lv. Newport. Newa
C. 4 O. R'y.
Ar. Norfolk .
7:40 a m\ C:36 p m
8:30 am | 8:26 pm
19:30 a. m.?Dally. Local for Suffolk.
Franklin, Emporla, Danville and In?
termediate Blutions. Close connec?
tions made at Danville with fast
through trains carrying Pullman
Bleeping cars aud through cuacbea lo
all putntB South and WeuL
19:30 a. m.?Ually. Local to Clarka
v J i u,, Oxford, Durham and Interme?
diate Htatloui. Arrive Durham b: sr.
, P m.
'7:30 p. m.?Dplly. Fast lCxpreHii train
for alt poiuts South and West, carry
1 lug through Pttllmuu Bleeping car to
7:30 p. m.?Dally except Sunday, for
Durham pud Intermediate elation*.
Trains arrive Norfolk 8:36 a. in. and
5:35 p. m.
City Ticket Office, 96 Qrauby Street,
(Monticello Hotel.)
Passenger Agent, Norfolk, Va.
H. B. SPENCER, General Manager.
W. H. TAYLOE, U. P. A.,
Washington. D. C.
I Old Dominion Line
Company's Wharf, Nor- ^
folk, every week day, at J|
7:00 p. in.
FARE?First class, one. way.
meals und stateroom, berth included
Round trip, limit thirty days, $1-1.00.
Steerage, without subsistence, $5.
Tickets on sale nl. C. &. O. Railway
Ticket Office, j
Steamers Brandon and Berkley
leave Pier "A" 8:30 every evening,
passengers' only.
Steamer Hampton will leave Pier
"A" daily, except. Sunday, at !> ft. m .
going to Norfolk, und at 4:30 p. m?
going lo Smllhfleld. Steamer Ar.cn
mac will leave Pier "A" dally, except
Sunday at 0 a. m.. going to Siuilhfield
and about 2:30 p. in., going to Nor?
All business between New York ntii
Newport News transacted at Pier (!.
All business between Newport
News, Norfolk, Sfhithflelil and local
points transacted nit Pier "A," foot
of Twonty-flfjh street.
Acting General Agent.
Vtce-Prea. aud Traffic Man.
Norfolk and Newport
News Express,
Connecting with the fast iron steamer
Leave Norfolk for Newport News?
0:20, 7:1.0. !):00. 10:30. 12:00. 1:30
3:00, 4:30, 0:00, 7:30. (Saturday und
Sunday only. 10:00 p. m.)
Leave shipyard. Newport News, for
Norfolk?7:10, 8: IG, 10:15, 11:45. 1:15,
2:45, 4:15, 5:45. 7:15, 8:15. (Saturday
and Sunday only. 10: 15 p. m.)
Schedule cards of local cars at
linket office, A Haul to SI reel, Norfolk.
URO. W. HATCir. Supt,.
Norfolk, Va.
lt. H. C?RR, Ceil*] Mgr . Hampton. Va,
Chesapeake &
Oh lo Rail way
See ID. W. Robinson, Agent C. t. O. K?.
Before Arrunglng for your trip.
I Through Trains Vestibuled, Electric.
Lighted, Steam Heated, Dlului
Curs a La Curte thruugh th?
grandest scenery East of
the Rocky Mouutul..a.
[ For Richmond, Cincinnati, Indiana?
polis St. I.uul?, Chlcafjo, I ouu
vlile, Nashville, Memphii,
Went und Southwest:
10:10 A. M., and 0:25 P. M. dally.
Local tor Richmond and James Riven
7:40 A. M ., week daya.
Local tor Richmond:
R:4* P i?. m*mb ivfti.
[Norfolk & Washiftytcrii
Steamboat Company
The new and powerful Irou Paiae*
I steamers, Newport News, VVashl?gt?ii
{and Noifolk will leave detljr ?? tah
I Leave Portsmouth, foo', of.
North street . iliiyW
Leave Norfolk, foot. ot Wa?
ter atreet . iio.sat
Leave Old Point. Comfort.. votfum
Arrive in Washington.... i:?ti a?a
Arrive in Philadelphia,
Penn. R. R. .*?U):aoa a
An iv., lu Philadelphia. B.
& O. II. 11.? 11:10 Bid
I Arrive lu New York, renn.
R. 11.??l:lfl*m
Arrive lu New York. U. &
O. H. R. "r.eo ? m
Lv. New York, Penn. R. It. ?18:00 pin
Lv. New York, B. & O. R. R. ?1:00 pm
Lv. Philadelphia, Penu.R.R. 2:5Gpxn
Lv. PLlla. U. & O. R. R. 2:08 p rn
Ar. Washlngloii, Penn. R.R. 6:10 pin
Ar. Washington, B.44; O.R.R. ??5:00 pm
Lv. Washington. ?6:30bio
Ar. Old Point Comfort..... ?7:00 am
Ar. Norfolk. ?SHIOaio
Ar. Portsmouth . ?8:30 a Ui
? Dully. ??Dally except Sunday.
The Hip down the historic. Poloinaa
River and Chesapeake Bay ou the ele?
gant steamers oi this company la no
i surpassed. The steamers ure coinpar&>
lively new, having been bullt lu 1891,
and ure lifted up lu the most luxuriant
manner, with electric lights, call bell
und steam heut In euch room. The ta?
bles uru supplied with every delicacy
of the season from (he market* ???
Washington ami Norfolk. F >r tleketu,
reservation of staterooms and further
Information apply to D. J. CALLA*
HAN, Agent. Norfolk, Vu.
Merchants' & liners'
Transpoilatititt Co.'s
eteamnhlp Linea for Boston, Piovt
ilence and Baltimore,
Leave Newport News, via Norfolk
for Boston every Tuoiday, Weduea
duy, Friday and Sunday. Leaves for
Providence every Monday, Thursday
and Saturday, aalilng from Norfolk at
0:00 p. m.
Leave Newport Newa for Baltimore
dally, except Tuesday and Wednesday,
ut G p. m., connecting tor Washington,
Philadelphia and New York.
Fare to Ualtlmoro, one way. 98.00;
round trip, $5.00, including stateroom
berth. Accommodation* aud cuteln?
Freight and passengers taken for all
points North und South. Steamer*
leave Baltimore, toot of Long Dock,
dally, promptly at t! p. in.
Only Him running a Sunday atearnet
bet ween Newport. Mows and Balllaior*.
for further Information apply to
I). R. McNEILL, Agent.
Newport News, y*.
W. P. T?RNI0R, O. P. A.
2d V.-P. & T. M. Oen'l Mgr.
Oenural Offices, Baltimore, lid.
ClVde Steamship Ecl
eteamers to Philadelphia ,
Balling frsm Philadelphia.
TU ?.3 DAY, THURSDAY. ?5tJ f
Freight received and delivered daily
at Oi A O. Pier No. 6. Office, klioa
Itoud. JAS. W. McCARAIC?,
den. Southern fen*

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