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Is ths only nswspsper
In Newport News
that receives full As?
sociated Press report.
VOL. XL, NO. 165
District Attorney Has the Case
Well In Hand and Sets the
Date of Trial.
Despite the Damaging Evidence Se?
cured Against the Young Man is
Confident of Being Acquitted?
Young Girl Murdered and Her Male
Escort is Missing.
(Hy Associated Press.)
NEW YORK. July 13.?Harry
Thaw .will he tried for the murder
of Stanford White on October 1 In
the Court of General Sessions.
Subpoenas have been Issued hy Ihn
district attorney's olllce calling for
the attendance of the Stale witnesses
on that date.
The State has subpoenaed Miss
'May McKenzie, the actress and per?
sonal friend of the Thaws. Mrs.
Thaw (led to the home of Miss Mc?
Kenzie the nighi of the murder.
The prosecution will he conducted
by District Attorney Jerome In per?
son, and will be assisted by Assist?
ant District Attorney Oaryan, who
is obtaining the evidence.
Men Who Will Defend Thaw.
Former Governor Hlack, forme/'
Judge Olcotl and Terreuce McMamis
will appear lor Thaw. So far as the
State Is concerned, the case against
Thaw Is in shape for presentation
to the Jury.
Olllclals of the district attorney's
office say they have sufficient evi?
dence to convict Thaw of murder In
the llrst degree. The district attor?
ney will endeavor to show that Thaw
planned the crime long before; that
fatal night on the Madison Square!
Thaw was jealous of White's at?
tentions und relations to Miss Ncs
blt before she had finally married
him, and out of revenge nnd pique
he shot and killed the architect, ac?
cording to ihe State's view of the
actuating motive.
Thaw Spoiled as a Child.
Spoiled as a child and allowed to
have bis own way In everything,
which made It possible lo get any
ends with Iiis vast fortune to sat?
isfy any desire, Harry Thaw found
in Stanfonl White one who balked
him on more than one occasion, nnd
whose influence at times was great
enough to control and direct Ihe life
of Evelyn Nesblt before her mar?
Thaw nursed a bitter jealousy
against ihe architect, which several
officials of Ihe district attorney's of?
fice think was cultivated by Mrs.
Counter Charges Are Made.
It is related among the, numerous
stories Homing around about the case
that the defense will endeavor to
show that Harry Thaw hired detec?
tives to follow White on the belief
that White had employed a man to
"do" him up.
William Sturgls will be a witness
for the defense. Before he left for
Hartford Sturgls made a long state
ment to Thaw's counsel.
Young Thaw Bankrupt.
Harry K. Thaw, is reported to be
without funds and It Is stated that the
elaborate plans which have been made
for his defense cannot he put Into ex?
ecution until the prisoner's mother,
Mrs. William Thaw, of Pittsbtirg ar?
rives from Europe and npproves the
necessnry expenses.
What money the young man has
had since he has been In jail, has
been in jail, has been supplied person?
ally hy his counsel pending the arrival
of Mrs. William Thaw.
In prosecuting his inquiry Into the
past life of Thaw in all the phases
that may have a bearing upon his trial
Assistant District Attorney Oarvln
had ? an Interview today with Joseph
A. Shea, a lawyer and obtained papers
in a case from the counsel for a Miss
Ethel Thomas, who has suits ponding
against tho prisoner. The suits grow
out of alleged former relations exist?
ing between Thaw and Miss Thomas.
' Matter Jnfit to Print.
? One specific charge that of assault,
for which the plaintiff asks $20,000
while tho suits have been ponding
some time It Is said this subject inat
tor Is of such an Intimate char actor
that It lias never been published.
Mrs. Harry Thaw, after her visit to
her. husband today had groat difficul?
ty In making her way from the door?
way of the Tombs, prison to hoy call.
One woman seized Mrs. Thaw's veil
and attempted to raise.il to get a
glimpse of the young woman's face.
Bothered by "Rubber-necks."
"This Is thu worst purl of It all,"
said Mrs. Thaw Us she stood waiting
for the |K)llce to restore order. "If I
could only avoid that seemingly hard
uearted crowd of 'rubber-necks'?do
you call I hem?coming down hero
would not be so bad. They seem lo
glory my misery."
It was reported t"dny thai Thaw's
counsel bad derided to abandon the
Insanity plea although no verification
of the statement could be obtained.
Thaw maintain.-; a very cheerful
spirit in the Tombs, in spite of the
wide difference in I he mode of liv?
ing to which lie had been accus?
Found Dead in Room in Hotel at
STAUNTON. VA.. .Inly 18.?News
reached here this morning of tho
suicide of a woman who was regis?
tered at the Alleghany Hotel, at
Rosheii, as Minnie Jones, of Cov
The self-murder was accomplished
on 'Wednesday morning In a room In
the hotel, but the affair was hushed
up and only a few persons know of
the tragedy at the lime.
A small bottle containing a few
drops of laudanum lold the story of
the woman's tragic end.
Mrs. Mary C. Burke, Crazed by Illness
Leaps to Death From Deck of
(Hy Associated Press.)
BALTIMORE, MD., July 1.1?Craz?
ed by an Incurable attack of consump?
tion, Mary C, Burke, forty-seven
years old, recently of Norfolk, Va., Is
supposed to have leaped overboard
from the bay liner Virginia, en route
from Norfolk', Into the Chesapeake
Hay last night.
When the vessel arrived Ibis morn?
ing the woman was missing. A letter
stating that "illness drove her to Ibis
rash deed." and a recommendation
from a family of Norfolk, by whom
she was employed, was found In her
Navy Department Will Send Ship
Load or Luxuries South.
Members of the Crews of Ships Do?
ing Patrol Work Off San Domingo
Incapacitated by the Extreme
Heat?Many Have Malaria.
(By Associated Press.)
WASHINGTON, D. C. July 13.?
Tlie Columbia lias sailed from Monte
Christi, Santo Domingo, for San Juan
Porto Rico. The marines aboard
the ship who wore unnccllmate.l,
have suffered from the low type ot
malaria fever at times prevalent on
the Isthmus of Panama, and it was
deemed desirable by Captain South
erland, commanding the American
naval forces in Dominic inn waters,
to have these men made comfortable
in the general hospital at Son Juan,
rather than keep them aboard tho
Columbia while that ship is engaged
In the tedious duly of patrolling the
Dominiciau const.
So the navy department has de?
cided to give tho officers and blue?
jackets a treat which they will ap?
preciate. The big refrigerating ship
Olazlor will sail from Now York July
28 laden with good things for the
p?minlclnn fleet. There will he
enough fresh meats lo last the sailori
two or three weeks and all sorts of
fresh vegetables and 25,000 big wat?
ermelons on Ice.
Tom Jones and Charles Woodruff
Hanged at Independence
Va, at Dawn.
Old Man Remonstrated With the
Rowdies Who Were Disturbing a
Child of One of Them?Governor
Refused to Commute Their Sen?
tences to Life Imprisonment.
(Spocliil to tin* Dully Pre**.)
Tom Jonen nnd Charles Woodruff
i colored) were hanged today In Hit
enclosure near the jail for the mur?
der of Wiley Jones (colored) in De?
At eleven o'clock Sheriff II. L.
Phlpps, surrounded with his de.pu
lies and guards proceeded to the jail
and rend the death sentence, of each
of them, Woodruff and Jones, Rflcii
said they would make a Statement on
the scaffold and wanted ull ot the
people lo hear It.
Tom Jones said on the scaffold he
was so drunk he did not know what
he was doing, und for all Ihe people
lo take warning and never drink
nny liquor or carry a pistol, as they
now saw his sad fate.
Woodruff Denies His Guilt.
('hartes Woodruff said he was 'pres?
ent hut did not Are the shot, at
Wiley Jones, that his pistol was at
his own house; that he had nothing
against Wiley Jones; that he ex
peeled to soon he in heaven.
Moth men were hanged at the same
lime. The drop was Bve feel four
inches Dr. A. J. Koontz. at the ex?
piration or ten minutes, pronounced
them dead. The bodies were shipped
to Ihe medical hoard nt Charlottes
ville. Va.
Friends and relatives of Tom Jones
tried to set his body to biiry It here,
and telegraphed lo Secretary Miller,
of the hoard, to release ihe body.
He answered he had no authority
to give up the bodies.
History of the Crime.
On Dec. 211, 19015, In the town of
Fries, Vo., the negroes hail n dance.
The dance hall was conducted by
Tom Jones and Charley Woodruff,
nnd at a late hour of the night
Wiley Jones, the murdered man and
father of Thomas Jones, requested
the dance to stop, as the child of
Charles Woodruff was ill, and
Charles replied:
"Let the child die; It Is mine."
From this an altercation arose be?
tween Wiley Jones nnd the .prison:
ers, Wiley Jones was taken to his
home and Charley Woodruff com?
pelled Uaz Johnson, another negro,
to give up Tom Jones's pistol.
It was seen by Ibis time ihnt a
bad row would occur, as both men
were armed. Relative.* of the par?
ties tried to stop the prisoners from
going to the bouse of Wiley Jones,
the prisoners swearing they intended
killing him.
When they reached Wiley Jones s
house , I bey opened fire on Wiley
Jones as soon as he came out. Tom
Jones fired twice nnd Charles Wood?
ruff once; Tom Jones lired the shot
that killed his father. He had a
pistol of 32-enllbre. and on post-mor?
tem examination It was found that
a 32-e.illbrc bail had caused his
Wiley Jones, after boing shot, snl.l
to the prisoners: "You have shot
me without n onuso."
At the first court held nfter Ihe
crime was committed they were In?
dicted nnd tried. The verdict was
"guilty of murder in the first de?
gree" as to each of them. Judge
Jnckson sentenced them to he hang?
ed May 18, but the governor re?
spited thorn to June 22, then to .Inly
12. to give them time to prepare for
Strenuous efforts were made ?o
get the governor to commute their
sentences lo life imprisonment, peti?
tions by the hundreds being sent,
hut Judge Jackson and Common?
wealth's Attorney Parsons declined
to unite In the request.
Under Secretary of State Danger?
ously Wounded by Anll-Drey
luslte Whom He Struck.
Denunciation of the Government Ends
in An Encounter on the Field of
Honor?Despite the Pandemonum
Which Broke Out Laws Are Passed :
Restoring. Officers to Army. I
? (By Associated l'rens.)
APHIS. FRANCE, July 13.- Tllri'
so-ill- of luuiultous disorder which I
marked the onucUlieill today of the]
law restoring Alfred Dreyfus to tin*
army was followed hy u bloody duel
I tonight in which Under Secretary ofl
Stale San mil was dangerously
wounded hy the sword of M. Pugllosl
Contl. 9
The due] assumed the aspect of
a veritable combat between the gov?
ernment and the opposition us M.
Rar rant's seconds were Ministers
Clomeiiceau ami Thomson, while M
I'ugllosl-Cont I's were M. Mlllevoyo
and General Jncquet, who worn
drawn from the elements which bit?
terly resist tii,. government's restora?
tion of Dreyfus.
Duel Follows Fight in Chamber.
The meeting followed a light on
the floor of the Chamber of Deputies
In Whleji - iM. Sovran) sprung from
beside Minister ,df Che JttjlnrloV C)c
bench und. upon M. Pugllesl-Contl,
who had been heaping denunciation
on ihe members of the government
us scoundrels. Sarraut struck l'u
gllesl-Contl u stunning blow In Iho
A scene of ihe wildest uproar en?
sued, compelling the suspension of
Ihe session.
Sarraut Wounded.
It wns after the close of the ses?
sion that the duel occurred. IjiIo
reports show that M. Sarraut. Is suf-J
feting from a dee]) wound in the
right breast, penetrating the lung.
While Ihe wound Is considered In The]
serious It is not necessarily fatal. |
Despite this sanguinary conflict
laws were finally enacted today by
the Chain her of Deputies, reinstating
Dreyfus, who obtains Ihe rank of n
chief of Squadron of artillery and
Plcquart, who is made a brigadier
general. Hoth houses were over?
whelmingly favorable to DreyP.iS and
Dreyfus' Enemies Attacked.
Throughout thp day feeling was
stirred Intensely between the Drey?
fus and anil-Dreyfus elements. This
was heightened by tierce attacks by
Dreyfusltes against General Mercer
nnd other prominent olllcers, who
were rcs|ioiislble for Dreyfus's con?
Early In the day Minister of War
Etienne presented the government,
bills, restoring Dreyfus and Plequnrt
to the army.
The army committee quickly and
unanimously reported the bills and
the Chamber of Deputies was rtfc'el*
sive, Dreyfus ?securing 473 votes
against 42 and Piquurt 4C7 votes
against 27.
Branding For Conspirators.
The feeling had then become very
strong. The storm broke when M.
Pressense, socialist urged a supple?
mentary proposition for the punish?
ment of the olllcers who bad accused
Dreyfus and Plcquart and whom he
designated as a gnng of malefactora
and forgers who deserved branding
with red hot Irons.
It was at this moment that tlio
Sarraut-Pugllesl-Cotitl encounter oc?
curred. M. Pugllesl-Contl, aroused
by iM. Prcssenae'a denunciation,'
shouted at the ministerial bench,
"you are scoundrels for permitting
those Insults to officers. ,
Government Defended.
Immediately from the ministerial
benches, there sprang the lithe wiry
figure of Under Secretary Sarraut.
Ho made straight for Pugllesl-Contl.
I seized him hy the throat and plant
led his right fist squarely In his face.
? Pugliesl-Oontl reeled, dazed hy tho
1906. ?
blow, mill wan caught by bin friend?
while .Min I hi ?? is cioiiioncoaii uml
Thomson grasped Harraiit'H coat-tails
Mill dragged him back to bis seat.
Pandemonium brake loose. Dopu
(It's gut bored In groups in I ho com
ire of tin' house, lighting, their
blows mining Indiscriminately,
Zola to Rest In Pantheon.
Eventually after premier Barrien
hail promised (but I ho government
would take the necessary measures to
deal with Hit1 officers who bail hooii
witnesses iignliisl Dreyfus, a motion
was passed expressing confidence In
the govern inen t. The Chamber also
voted to iranr.fer the hotly of Emile
X.olo to the Pantheon.
Frenchmen Draw Blood In Fight Over
a Book.
(fly Asmit'laled proas.)
PARIS. .Inly in.?A duel with
swords was fnughi loduy between
Paul Casangnnc Jr., ami Lieutenant
Andre, sou of Ceueral Andre, furnier
Minister of War. bemuse of a ciliar
roi which arose over a reflect Ion up
on Cassiignnc, Sr.. contiilnod In the
memoirs of General A ml re.
Young Cassngmie asked Lieutenant
Andre If ht< accepted the responsibil?
ity of his father's words, ami when
he was assured that the nontenant
would do so, promptly elinllongt'il him
to a duel.
Lieutenant Andre was WOlliiilcJI In
the encounter which took place to?
day. t n
Negro Assailant Recaptured.
PULA8KI, VA., .Inly IS.?Wayne
Wilson, ibe negro boy who is charged
with attempting criminal assault on
Kale Covey, u white girl seven years
old, bus boon recaptured ami liimled
In jail here. ?s?IMll
Charles O'Connor Who Is Accused of
Killing ,Frank Spence, May be -
Released on Ball.
(Special in llie Dully Press.)
NORFOLK"- VA., .Inly 111.?Charles
O'Connor, charged with the murder
of Prank Sjvonce at Pine Roach Wed
hORilny afternoon, was before Justice
R. T. Smith, of Lambert's Point, who
held court at the county jnil today,
for u preliminary examination.
The accused, through his counsel.
R. P. Rugby, waived cxamllintl ill,
without Insuring any evidence, Justice
Smith, sent the case on lo the grand
jury, which Is now In session In the
county circuit court.
O'Connor was Indicated today und
Mr. Rugby made an application for
bull for his client In (he sum of $10.
Laundry Trust Officials Indicted
by the Wholesale.
Half Cent Raise In the Price of Work
Brings the Grand Jury Into Action
in the Queen City Where Dirt is
(By Associate*! Press.)
CINCINNATI. O., July 13.?Thirty
nine laundry companies and laundry
proprietors were Indicted Individually
by the grand Jury today on the charge
of maintaining a combination In res?
traint of trade.
Eighteen of thesp wore also Indict?
ed as forming an organization In rcJ
truin of trade. Tliese Include all mem?
bers of the laundry exchange.
Tlie penally In case of conviction is
hint for a misdemeanor $5,000 flue,
six months to one year's Imprison?
ment, one or both, in the discretion
of the court.
An advance of half a cent each in
the price of laundering collars and
j cuffs was made recently. This was
brought to the attention of the grand
I Jury. The indlclmonts followed.
Republicans to Meet.
(Special lo I lie Dully Pross.)
I NORFOLK. VA., July 1.1.?The sec?
ond district Republican committee
, has called for a district convention in
Norfolk Sept. 10 to name a Republi?
can candidate for congress and a new
district chairman. Delegates ore to
he elected on tho vote for Judge L.
L. Lewis for governor.
Shower* Saturday
and Sunday; light to V
fresh east winds.
4,000 FALL IN WAR *?
Rebels Marching on Rio Janeiro
Bui Federal, Troops 40,000
Strong, to Meet Them,
Salvadorean Soldiers Croas Border
Into Guatemala and Now All the
Surrounding Countries Are on the
Verge o fa General Uprising?
United States Interferes.
(uy Annoolnted Piphb.)
LONDON. ENG., July ? 13.?The
l.oudor'h correspondent at Lisbon,
says thai according In Intelligence
rcculvetl there Inaurrcotlon In Mat to
Grosso, llia/ll. In welling to hugo
The Insurgents, It Ih reported, havo
organized a largo. army and are
marching on Rio De Janeiro and al
ready have captured Huveral cities.
Genera) Rlberle with 40,001) federal
troops has been sent against the re- ,
volnl loalsts.
Fearful earnngo la reported and
the killed are said to bs already
more than 4,000. -
Each Nation Is Ready For War and
Will Fight It Out,
N'KW YORK, July 13,?A telegram
from Guatemala says:
"Fresh host Hilles havo taken placa
on i he border. The Invasion of tins
country by Snlvudownn troops is
considered Ih be a declaration of
wnr. War is accepted here by oftl
elnl decree. The country has been
placed uuder martial law and there
Is u general call to arms."
Revolutionists Claim That They Will
Take Capital.
?Advices from San Salvador confirm
the report of the battle of El Jicaro
ami the killing of the commander
of the Salvadorean troops, General
Regulado, but announce ? victory
gained by General Toledo of tho lu
surgoni forces on I ho Bumo day at a
I point further north, where tho Gua
lomnluu army was routed with heavy
loss, <1
In an Interview herd General Bart?
los, the Guatemalan Insurgent, la?
ments ihe loss of General Rcgnlado
but snys there will be no chsnge
In t!ie program of the revolutionist).
General Toledo Is now at the head
of the revolutionists In the (leid, and
Is receiving heavy accession dally.
The revolutionist^ claim they will be
In Guatemala City within n fort?
night. General Toledo now has ar?
tillery which he lacked when he was
defeated In June.
The revolutionists now claim Nica?
ragua will take part In the war, and
allow her gunboats to old the revolu?
tionists, which they Insist will result
In the speedy downfall of President
Cabrera Of Guatemala.
Guatemalan Troops Cross the Bor?
der Into Honduras,
WASHINGTON, 1). C, July 13.?
A cablegram received at the State
department today from Minister Mer?
ry, at San Salvador stales that con?
tinuous fighting Is proceeding oh
the border line between Guatemala
and Salvador; also that (he Guate?
malan troops have crossed the line
into Honduras.
This latter Is understood to be of
tho Guatemalan attack on the fugi?
tives of Regalado's army offer (that
leader was killed ' yesterday.
?From these ail vices the Impression
Is given here that President Cabrera
of Guatemala holds the key to the
situation ami the question of war
or peace depends upon the success
or the efforts which the state depart?
ment Is now making to Induce hlra
to forego nttacking either Salvador
or Honduras In retaliation of the
part ployed in the attempted revolu
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