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la the only newspaper
In Newport Newa
that receive*, full Aa>
aoclated Proas report.
VOL. XL, NO. 187
Before They Were Killed the
Poachers Had Succeeded hi
Destroying 200 Animals.
Yankee Agent Directs the Alaska-?
Natives to Fire Upon Thieves Who
Refused to Surrender?Many Pris?
oners Taken?Rookeries Raided by
Score of Boats.
(By Associated Prora.)
WASHINGTON, D. C, Aug. 8.?
Acting Secretary of State llacon has
=ent to Ambassador Wright, at Tokio,
the sub.-.tnuce of u dispatch received
by the department of commerce and
labor from Solicitor Sims, at Slt.kn,
Alaska, regarding the killing of flvn
Japanese fishermen and the capture
of twelve others on SI. Paul Island.
In sending the dispatch the acting
secretary states that it is forward?
ed for the purpose of giving Infor?
mation such us this government has
of a regret a hie' incident, news of
which may reach Japan In distorted
No Apology Necessary.
There is no Intention of offering
an apology or any further regret than
is contained in this dispatch us Iii?
State department regards the Japa?
nese . fishermen us poachers if they
were within the three mile limit
suit the dispatch from Mr. Sims, em?
phasizes this fact.
The following contains the main
features of the dispatch to Tokio:
Seal Rookeries Raided.
"Fur seal rookeries St. Paul Is
land, were raided by fishermen from
Japanese schooners July Hi and IT.
About 200 seals,were killed, but the
raiders were eventually repulsed as
a result of the courageous action of
Chief Agent Lempke und Assistant
Agent Judge at the bead of the nn
tlve guard.
"Five raiders were killed and
twelve captured, two of the latter
being badly wounded. Three boats
and some small arms were also ca|?
tured. The force protecting tin
rookeries suffered no casualties. The
schooners were easily within tho
three mile limit.
One Cr?w Captured.
"A crew of six men which hail
landed at Norlh East Point on July
16 were surprised and captured by
Agent Lempke and native guards
without casualty on either side. On
the morning of July 17, two native
watchmen shot and killed two of nn
armed landing party. Crews from
the schooner, under protection oi
dense fog, shot seals in water close
to the shore most of the day.
"On the evening of tho same day
crews of nt least three schooners
made concerted raids on widely sep
erated rookeries. The raid on Sen
Handle rookeries was repulsed by
native guards after considering nriii)^
200 Seals Slaughtered.
?'Raid on North East Point was
partly successful. Owing to dejyso
fog raiders there were not discovered
until nearly 200 seals had been
"Thev raid which wa^ apparently
participated in by an ejitire ship's
crew In five boats, was repulsed by
Agents Lempke, Judge, and native
force only, and three of the raiders
were killed end five captured.
"Most, of the seals killed On shore
by raiders were pregnant femalea
' with nursing young, only a few days
old which died of starvation. A large
proportion of those killed in tho wat?
er wore also females In search of
food for youug. Some of the raiders
taken state they are from the schoon?
er Teoyai Merau, Number 2, and one
of the captured boats bore that name.
Other prisoners say Hint they are
from schooner Mel Marti,
i Ten Japanese Boats There.
"It Is evident that at least eight
or ten schooners believed to be Japa?
nese are sailing in close proximity
to Islands. The twelve prisoners
were taken on the revenues-cutter
?MoCulloch to Koiilak and ?Oer a
hearing were .held for the grand
The -Japanese charge Mr. Mlyaoka.
called at Hie Slate department today
fur Inforniatlou aboul tin- killing of
Japanese, lie had received no dis?
patches from his government con?
cerning the affair und Acting Secre?
tary Bacon gave him the information
which was sent to Ambassador
Wright. Mr. Mlyaoka agreed that
it wa,s not a case to cause an in?
ternational Incident,
Raiders Only Burglars.
Seals are recognized as property
by International law and the Japa?
nese killed by American ofllclals on
St. Paul Island - stand in the same
position as burglars shot In the act
Of stealing, according to prominent
authorities on international law.
?No international incident can re?
sult from the shooting or the Japa?
nese poachers. It Is sat.I at the State
department. This government has no
amends to make lo Japan, other than
a mete expression of regret that such
an incident should took place.
Three Other Nations Involved.
Japan, hits no treaty obligations
which In any way require her to
protect seals In the Bering Sea. The
United State.;, Great Britain and Rus?
sia are the only nations hound by
treaty to offer protection to sealing
in Bering waters and these three
countries must, according to Hie
terms or the convention to which
they have subscribed, patrol the
waters in that part of the world and
exercise every possible precaution
to prevent their subjects from poach?
The government of the Untied
Slates will take no further active I
Interest in the matter in the killing!
of the Japanese poachers but the
prisoners must lie tried by United j
Stales authorities and according lot
United Slates law.
No More Cutters Needed.
It Is not Intended to send any more
revenue cutters into Alaskan [waters
us it Is understood that the ships
now there are sufficient to-protoct
the interests of citizens of this gov?
The McCulloeh reached the is
(Continued on third page.)
Many Members of (he G. A. R.
Oppose Recent Leyislation.
"Corporal" Tanner is Endorsed in
His Campaign Waged in the In?
terests of the Old Soldier Who
Likes a Glass of Beer.
(By Associated Press.)
WASHINGTON, 1). C, Aug. 8.?
StafT officers and department com?
manders of the Grand Army of the
Republic-, by a large majority, endorse
the recent utterances of Commander
in Chier Tanner, that the passage by
Congress or an act abolishing can?
teens from National Soldiers' Homes
after next March was "unwise, and
a blow at real temperance, besides
a restriction of the personal liberties
of veterans of the civil war that
ought to he resented."
A number of prominent officials of
the organization have written "Cor?
poral" Tanner of their Intention to
bring the matter before the National
Encampment, which meets next week
at Minneapolis.
The resolutions censuring Congress
and demanding that "the old soldier
be treated as able to care for him?
self," will doubtless cause a hot light,
as there are a number of officials
who approve the work of Congress.
After the Interview with Command?
er In Chief Tanner appeared In thd
newspapers, letters were sent to each
staff officer nnd departmental com?
mander of the organization asking
his views on the fittest Ion. ?
Of thirty nnswer.s that have">ec?i
received, twenty are strong in their
approval of the attitude of the com?
mander !n chief, five favor the aboli?
tion of the canteen, and five are nc
Federal Grand Jury In Chicago In
diets Trust (or Accepting
Rebates From Railroad.
Michigan Southern Railroad Is Chary
ed With Granting Favors .to the
"Octopus" Which Were Nothing
More or Less Than Direct Violation
of the ElkhiG Act.
(By .'.BSoclnt?Hl press.)
OHICAOO. ILL.. Aug. 8.?An In?
dictment charging I ho Standard OH
Company with receiving rebates, lu
the form of non-payment of storage
charges to certain railroad companies
was returned today by the Federal
grand jury before .Inline J. S. A.
Betha this afternoon.
The Indictment came as a surprise'
in ns much as the grand Jury hud
just begun the investigation today.
The Standard OH Company Is the
only defendant, no officer of the com?
pany and no railway company or of
Ii' iaIs of the companies being named.
Bond Fixed at $25,000.
The ImiihI was fixed by .lodge
Helba at $25,000. This Is the case
investigated by i he grand jury lu
Cleveland, ()., where it was found
that tile grand jury had no Jurisdic?
tion. The testimony taken there was
transferred to Chicago und the docu?
ments In evidence wore Identified
by witness who testified In Cleve?
land. It was on ihls testimony thul
today'-] Indictment was returned so
The grand jury Immediately re?
sumed it's session to take up the In?
vestigation or the charge that the
Standard Oil was given direct re
hates by certain railroads'.
The Indictment contains nineteen
$380,000 in Fines Possible.
The true bills come under the
Klkins law which provides ? fine :>f
from 11,000 to fZu'.OOO far each vio?
lation. Under this indictment should
I ho government procure a conylctloil
on the trial of the Issues, a line of
$380,000, as a maximum under the
Klkins law may be asserted.
Tbe Indictment nlleges that by a
system of granting to the Standard
Oil Co.. certain concessions the oil
company benefit ted to the extent of
$8,500.72 during a period of lime of
from August ID0:t to February 1 !H>"..
Indictments Explained.
The indictment, us explained by
Hie government's attorneys, meant,
that in nineteen instances certain
consignments of oil for the Standard
Oil Company were stored by the Lake
Shore and Michigan Southern Hall
road Company, ami that the railroad
company received no payment of live
cents a ton a day from the oil com?
pany for svteji storage, but that It's
competitors were compelled to pay
tiii; amount.
This is equivalent to granting a
concession, it is charged, tho non?
payment of the storage charges being
in favor of the oil company. Kach
count set lip a discrimination of
from $30(1 to $500 a month in favor
of the oil company.
It. will he necessary for officials of
the Standard OH Company to appear
in court and present a bond of $2.r..O00
for the corporation.
Cigarmaksr Requests Police to Lock
Him Up.
(Special to tho Ijally Press.)
DANVILLE, VA.. Aug. 8.?A well,
dressed man about thirty years old
startled tbe police on duty at lbs
police office here by walking in and
"I'm drunk and I want to be look?
ed up."
He was Intensely nervous and
tremulous and evidently In the last
stages of a long debauch. He says
be is Walter Lakely and a clgsrmak
er. and that he started to walk
from Charleston, S. C, to Greens?
boro, N. C.
- Warns the Grand Jury That Men
Who Hanged the Three Negroes
Must be Punished
When Sifted to the Bottom He Says
It Will De Found That no One of
Standing Was Implicated In the
Rioting?Honor of the County Will
Be Protected He Declares.
(UV AHHin lll ti ll 1-rrHB )
.Indue l-ong called Kuwait county
eohrl lu order ul Sallslmry at the
Ilmtal hour this morning.
The grand Jury has not made n {
presentment of the charges ngaltiHt '
George 1 lull, who la accused of he-|
Ing one of the men who lynched .
three negroes -Monday night.
?' Judge Long was still morn severe
ou the mob this morning. He said:
"The court Is Informed that a kins?
man of the murdered people pleaded
with that hand uT ctll-throitts and
murderers lo let I he law proceed.
Any man who aided and n bet teil It-,
that lynching was guilty of murder In
the Aral degree. Any man who Rave
encouragement by word or presence
or took part in It was guilty of mur?
der in I he Hi st degree.
"The question now , is simply
whe.her the law shall he enforced
by lite con its or by a mob. and Row
an county shall to a man take a
stand on that proposition. When
silled lo the bottom you will find, us |
I have said before that no mun of
character and standing was In that
"I am going lo perform , my duty
as 1 see it and have no fear. I said ?
before I apprehended any trouble that
the law of the land Is stronger than J
any local iniab. I do mil take thu1
back, notwithstanding the shots
al-out my ears thai night. The mills
of the Cods grind slowly, bill they
grind exceedingly line.'
"The honor and integrity of Row?
an must be preserved."
Negroes Freed on Murder Charge.
UNION. R. C. A UK. S.?David L.
English, of Hnrtsrillo, S. C, .1. Rich?
ard English, and two negroes, John
Sarton and John Renwiek, charged
with the murder of Mose llughcq,
whose body wuh found in the Tiger
I river June 7. were discharged today
; on the ground of 'Insufficient evi?
The negroes afterward were bound
over as witnesses against W. R.
Gillian ami Douglas English, charged
with the murder of Hughes and wh.)
are now out on 15,000 hall.
Old Man Kills Son-in-Law.
PORT PAYNE, ALA.. Aug. 8.?An
old while man, named Wright, is In
jail hen- charged wilh murder near
Lydya. Ala. Wright went to the
house of his sons-in-law, Sam Bailey
ou.l John Railcy, and began to abuse
his (laughters.
The Baileys remonstrated and John
?Bailey's throat was cut by Wright
so badly thai he died almost instant?
ly. Sum Bailey, who was holding an
infant, in his arms, was also stabbed
In the throat but will recover. Wright
Lynchers Placed on Trial.
SPRING PI ELD, MO.. Aug. 8.?The
trial of Galbralth. Gooch and Haeck
er. accused of complicity In the
lynching of several men here a few
months ago after an assault commit?
ted by a negro, began today In the
Green county circuit court.
Negro Murderer Captured.
MACON, OA.. Aug. 8.?Joe Mor
rls, a negro who recently attempted
to assassinate George Rloodwort]) nnd
family nenr here has been captured.
It 'Is thought here that If the re?
ported capture la true, Morris has
been lynched by this time.
Negroes Escape on Locomotive.
(MILLTOWN, GA.. Aug. 8.?Two
negro convicts, "Boh" Henderson,
i\ 1906.
81 rving a lifo sentence, ami "Polo"
Williams serving 20 year tonn, es?
caped rrnin Hk* convict rump herb
Unlay by lioarillug a locomotive unit
dashing do\vn the track about four
iii I leb, where (bey abandoned (he
Two Violent Deaths at Camp,
AUSTIN. TEXAS, Aug. 9,? Two
deaths occurred at Camp Mabry to?
day making thro fatalities sli ce tho
federal troops mobilization began on
July 2ft.
.Iohho Cnntiss, troop l\ nf 'he first
Cavalry, United Sinsen Army, was
shot while lu the mouiuutun during
tho manoeuvres.
The other death today was I lull of
Roger W. Loekhurt, of Dallas, who
was a member of Lhc "r'irsi Hexan,
liatleryt field artillery. Ho was hurt
before be arrived al .a.up.
District Attorney, Though, Lets Down
the Bars.
(tiy Associated Press.)
HOSTON, MASS.. Au?. B.?District
Attorney John II, M'nrntl sent an otM
cor to th ? Ma.?):-..'m.setts K?ine >'<r
Iv.tomperato winun loduy with ordera
to relons ? ? ??....?? Ii in u..
There were thirty women In the In?
stitution ami (he officer carried with
blni u nolle prosequl for every In?
mate. Tlie woiiio nwore liberated.
It was suhl ul the district attorney's
office thai this action was taken fol?
lowing the discovery that Instead .?f
being a home tbe Institution was
practically a prison, tbe Inmates be?
ing deprived of their liberty and
forced tu work from morning until
night. tlu? proceeds (if their labor go.
lug to them,
Mrs. .lulln Wnnl Howe Is president
of tbe Institution.
Baker Still Holds Championship,
(fly AiMochtteil Press.)
I.OS ANOICLE8. CAT*; Aug. 8.?
Harry Raker, of San Francisco, limn
tour featherweight champion, nml
Prank <'. Nell, fought 20 rounds here
lust night ami Raker was awarded
the decision. -Nell showed severe
marks of the encounter.
Killed While Track Walking.
(Special to tho Dally Pres?.)
DANVI'LI.H, VA., Aug. 8.?Edward
A. MeAlpln, 4ft years old, an em?
ploye of the new cotton mills at
Schoolflcld, was struck anil killed
by n south-hound passenger train
while walking the trucks, going lo
his work iinlay.
-S :, s
Old. Sailor Charged With Stealing
from Navy Yard.
Boatswain Is Accused of Making Way
With Government Property?Only
Tar Who Still Wears Ear Rings
Like Old-Time Seamen.
(Special to the Dully Press.)
'NORFOLK, VA.. Aug. 8.?At tho
United Slates court house It was said
today that Chief Boatswain Mate R.
i*. McFoy, who after twenty-nine
years In the service of the govern?
ment has been arrested upon the
charge of stealing government prop?
erty, will not be brought to trial
in the Federal Court, but the trial
will be held In the brig of the United
Slates receiving ship Franklin by
court-marl hit.
If convicted MePpy will be impris?
oned on the prison ship Southery
at tho Boston navy yard.
Alex. Cordon, the negro bontmun
who Is alleged to have been McFoy's
confederate, carrying off rope, etc.,
nml selling the same at junk shops
will be tried In the Federal Court,
the* naval authorities only having
Die right to try by court-martial per?
sons regularly enlisted lu the ser?
McFoy, a sailor of the old school,
would have been retired In Decem?
ber on two-thirds pay for the re?
mainder of his life. The old salt's
ability lo always produce cash In
quantities that surprised his fellows
on shipboard resulted In nn Investi?
gation which brought about the ar?
rest of McFoy and Gordon.
McFoy Is one of the few enlisted
men in the navy who has always
adhered to the obsolete custom of
wearing ear rings at all times. He
has been a unlqtfe character at this
nnvnl station.
"?Local'rains Thursday -
md Friday; varlab
wind* and'
Five Marings and Ten Sailors Im?
plicated In Carousal
Which Ends In Riot
News of the Disgraceful Occurrence
Suppressed by Commandant?Cub ?.
prlt8 Quickly Tried by Court Mar?
ital?Long Sentences Imposod? .
? read and Water Diet For a Ftw.
OJy \ssuolated Press.)
became known today that ftvo ma
rlnes are In double Irons on board the
receiving ship Lancaster at the
League Island navy yard end ten sail?
ors are under arrest n? the roBnlt
of a mutiny on Monday night In
which two of the mutineers wore
badly injured.
A boating party consist lug of Prl- ,
vales Burnett, Kensey, Haggerty, Al
deirion, Wrbo ami Newland, left the
navy yard. They went to Gloucester
and Ii Is alleged sold their uniforms.
With the money thus ohtolnud beer
wan purchased and when the men re?
turned they 'had tw.o half barrels
of beer In the boat.
This they smuggled Into camp, and
about a score were noon under the
Influence of the Intoxicant,
Men Try to Desert.
While In this condition the men
agreed lo leave the yard and when
halted attacked the corporal. The ,
alarm whistle was .winded rind the
men of the iJiucaater oulckly re?
A general light ensued during
which shota were fired. Burnett one
I of the rlilg-leaderH had his throat cut ,
ami Konsoy.'H right arm waa frac
j tured. Alter nearly an hour of fight?
ing the mutineers were subdued and
the principals placed under urrest.
Chief Boatswain Garrett, who waa
the olllcur of I ho deck when the
alarm was sounded, summoned all
hands and In a lew minutes forty .
men, marines and bluejackets, wore
on the scene of the mutiny.
Murder Attempted.
Burnett attempted to shoot Garrett
but he was prevented by Trumpeter,
Hess and overpowered. The remain
lug mutineers endeavored lo escape
into the marshes surrounding the
camp but nil were rounded up.
Yesterday Captain Miller, of the
Lancaslor ordered Burnett nnd Ken
sey court-martialed. The trial was
niilok, nm! although the findings were
not made known because tho com-,
maintain of the yard nnut pass on
tboin, It la said that sentences vary?
ing from one lo live years In tho
naval pi-Iron at Chelsea, Mass.. will,
he the outcome.
Two Men Sent to Brig.
Hnggerty and lOrhe, while not tak?
ing active part in the outbreak were
In the boating parly, were given
ten daya In double Irons In tho brig
on bread and water wth a full al?
lowance of meat every fifth day.
Today Alderson and Newland were
I before a summary court martial
board, and tho probabilities aro that
they will be given thirty dayB1 each
in double irons.
The bluejackets will probably be
sentenced to ten days In double
Irons with confinement in the brig.
Boatswain Garrett, Sergeant Klbby;
Corporal Shay and Trumpeter Hess
as well as the others who helped
to quell tho out-break were com-'
mended by Captain Miller.
Lie Passed Causes a Fight.
ATLANTA, GA? Aug. 8.?Represent
tative Whltley and C. D. Hill had ?
fight today on the floor of the House.
They wore separated by friends. The
Ho was passed between the men and
blows fonowed.
Rally Meeting at Church.
There will be a rally meeting of
the congregation of the Calvary Bap?
tist church this evenlns at 8 o'clock..
Important business is to be discussed:
during the meeting. Tho pastor. Rev..
A. A. Butler, and other ministers
will speak.

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