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The Previous Pressure lo Sell
Slocks Supplanted by Inclina?
tion lo Purchase.
'Maintenance of the Dividend on the
Preferred Stock Is Said to Be in
Doubt?Position of Harriman Se?
curities Has a Decided Effect on
the Market.
(By Associated Press).
NEW YORK, .Ian. 9.?The pressure'
to sell stocks, which appeared ur?
gent' ami precipitate yesterday, was
decidedly moderate today ami after
it short time gave place to some In?
clination to buy. The demand seem?
ed to come largely from uncovered
shorts who had followed the rapid
decline yesterday. There was some
appearance of supporting orders al?
so. These diminished to almost
nothing on the advance in prices. ? I
The large shrinkage in the day's
total sales is evidently of narrow
proport.ons. The most conspicuous
continuance of tho liquidating ten?
dency today was in the Southern
railway stock and in the Hill rail
toad stocks. It was assumed yes1
|terdny that the sales of the South
"erh railway were due to the progress
of the settlement of the estate of
the hte President of the company'
hut today there were rumors Inj
circulation that the maintenance of
ti:ij dividend on the preferred stock
was in doubt. These rumors, how?
ever, met with disclaimers fro.n
unofficial sources.
Tho position in which tho Harri
ntiii companies are placed by the
In'.eistnte Commerce Commission's i
Inquiry was a factor In restraining!
any renewal of largo speculative >
vt.iUutf.8. Today's1 interest In the
Bftuojct was deepest in tho deprit
ture, or reports of the Intended de?
parture, .for foreign countries or
some of the capitalists whose testi?
mony it was expected would be tak
1 en bv the Commission.
The ruling rate for call loans,
today was higher than yesterday,
hilt the rate eased after the opening
and did not touch yesterday's. Rates,
for tjme money were rather easier'
In tone although not quotably chang?
The market closed strong after aj
considerable reaction in sympathy
with the acute weakness of the Hill
stocks. Bonds were decldely firm
and .there was a faint appearance
of January investment demands. To?
tal sales par vlue $2,338,000. U. S.
Coupon advanced 1-8 per cent on call
Total sales of stock today 502,100;
Copper 64,00; Sugar 2,100; Tobac?
co 500; Atchison 35,100; Coastline
400; Pennsylvania, 31,500; Reading
109,900; Union Pacific 74,100; South?
ern 18,700; Southern preferred 3,
000. U. S. S. 32,500;' Virginia
Carolina Chemical preferred 100.
Adams Express . 290
Amalgamated Copper . 119 3-1
American Car & Foundry _ 44 1-2
American Car & Foundry pfd. 102
American Cotton OH . 31 1-2
American Cotton Oil pfd _ 88
American Express .'.. 210
American Hide & Leather pfd 28 3-4
Amerlcnn Ice . 85
American Linseed Oil . If. 1-2
American Linseed Oil pfd_ 35
American Locomotive . 73
American Locomotive pfd .... 110
American Smelting & Refining 152 7-8
American Smelt. & Refng. prd 115 3-4
American Sugar Refining ... 134 1-4
American Tobacco, pfd. certlf. 9C 1-2
Anaconda Mining Co. 285 1-2
Atchison . 107
Atchison pfd . 1001-2
Atlnnt.lc. Coast Line . 131
Baltimore & Ohio . 120 7-8
Baltlore & Ohio pfd . 93
Brooklyn Rapid Transit . 813-4
Canadian Pacific . 93 5-8
Central of New Jersey . 215
Chesapeake & Ohio . 55 1-4
Chicago Oreat Western . 17 1-4
Chicago & Northwestern . 200 t-2
Chicngo, Mil. & St. Paul . 151 1-4
Chicago Terminal & Trans... 9
Chicago Terminal & Trans, pfd 22
C, C, C. & St. Louis . 90 1-2
Colorado Fuel & Iron . 501-8
Colorado & Southern . 38 3-4
Colorado & Southern 1st pfd. 69
Colorado & Southern 2nd prd 57 3-4
Consolidated Gas . 1381-2
Corp'-Products. 23 1-8
Corn Products pfd . 811-2
Delaware & Hudson . 221
Delaware, Lack. & West. 500
Denver & Rio Ornnde .:. 41 1-2
Denver & Rio Grande pfd ... 82
Distillers' Securities . 72 5-8
? Erie. 4"
Erie 1st pfd . 75
Erie 2nd pfd . 05 1-2
General Electric . 158
Hocking Valley . 120
Illinois Central . 161 \-%
international Paper . 18
International Pnper pfd . 80
International Pump . 391-2
"international Pump pfd . 80 1-2
Iowa Central . 28
Iowa Control |)fd . flu
Kansas City Southern . 29 1-2
Kansas cily Southern pfd ... ?tl*4
LoulBvillo & Nashville . 143 6-8
Mexican Central . 281*2
Minneapolis & St. Louis . 57
Minn., St. P. & St. Ste. M. 135
Minn.. St. P. & St. Sto. M. pfd. Hi?
Missouri Pacific . tu 3*4
Missouri. Kansas & Texas . . . -Ii) l-S
Missouri. Kansas & Texas pfd 71 3*4
National Lead . 741*4
National R. R. of Mexico pfd 583*8
New York Central . 133
Now. York. Ontario & Western 47 1-2
Norfolk & Western . 90 7*8
Norfolk & Western pfd . 88
North American . 88
Pacific Mall . 381*2
Pennsylvania . 140 1*8
People's Gas /. IUI 3*4
Pittsburg, C. C. & St. Louis... 77
Prossed Steel Car . 54 1-2
Pressed Steel Car pfd . 08 3-4
Pullman Palace Car . 180
Reading . 13G 3-1
Reading 1st pfd. 90
Reading 2nd pfd. 94
Republic Steel . 39 11-4
Republic Steel pfd . 99 1-2
Rock Island Co. 29 3-8
Rock Island Co. pfd . <'>?". 1-2
St. Louis fk San Fran. 2nd pfd 47 12
St. Louis Southwestern . 24
St. Louts Southwestern pfd... 581*2
Southern Pacific . 9:5
Southern Pacific pfd . 1171*8
Southern Railway . 321*8
Southern Railway pfd . 91
Tennessee Coal & Iron . 158
Texas ? Pacific . 30
Toledo. St. Ixinis & West_ 33 1-4
Toledo. St. I>ouis & West, pfd 513-4
Union Pacific . 179 7 8
Union Pacific pfd . 92 1-2
United States Express . 112
United States Realty . 84
United States Rubber . 511-4
United States Rubber pfd ... 1081-2
United States Steel . 49 "-8
United States Steel pfd ..... 10C7-S
Virginia-Carolina Chemical ... 371-2
Virginia-Carolina Chemical pfd 107 12
Wabash . 181*4
Wnbash pfd . 37-7-8
Wells-Fargo P.xnress . 285
Wostinghouse Electric . 145
Western Union. 84
Wheeling & Lake Erie . 16
Wisconsin Central . 25
Wisconsin Central pfd . 50 3*4
Northern Pacific . 1601-4
Central Leather . 35 1-8
Central Leather pfd . 100 1-2
Sless-Shef field . 76#
Great Northern pfd . 183
Interborough Metropolitan ... 36 3*4
Interborough Metropolitan pfd 74
Money Market.
NEW YORK, Jan. 9.?-Money on
call firm; 2 a 9 per cent,; ruling rate
7; closing bid 1; offered at 2. Time
loans sllghtl yeasier; 50 and 90 days
G bid; six months ('.. Prime mercan?
tile paper (> a 0 1*2 per cent.; sterling
exchange weak, with actual business
In bankers' bills nt 484.05 a 484.70 for
demand, and at 480.45 a 480.50 for 00
day bills. Posted rates 4SI a 4SI 1-2
and 486 1-2 n 4SC. Commercial bills
480 1-4. Bar silver 69 1-2; Mexican
dollars 53 3-1; Government bonds
firm; Railroad bonds firm.
Baltimore Markets.
BALTIMORE, MD., Jan. 9.?FlOlil
ilull, unchanged.
Wheat?steady; spot contract T-l
1-2 a 3-4.
Cora?firm; No. 2 white tl 0-4 n
42 1-4; No. :i while 40 a 41 1-2; No
mlxod ii? 12.
Rye?firm; Nu. 2 western dornestle
Til a "7.
Qutter?firm and lower; fnnoy Im?
itation 20 a 27; do creamery :i;i a "4:
do ladle 22 a 2:!; store packed 17 a
Eggs?firm; 22 1-2 cents.
Cheese?active, unchanged; large
I I 1-8, medium 14 3-8; small 14 5-8.
Sugar?steady and unchanged,
coarse granulutod and flue BOO.
I'rclty Nnmca I'or nook*.
The following are some of the curi?
ous titles of old English hooks!
"A Most Delectable Sweet Perfumed
Nosegay For God's Saints to Smell At."
"Biscuit Baked In the Oveu of Char?
ity, Carefully Conserved For the Chick?
ens of the Church, the Sparrows of the
Spirit and the Sweet Swallows of Sal?
"A Sigh of Sorrow For the Sinners
of /Ion Breathed Out of a Hole In the
Wall of an Earthly Vessel Known
Among Men liy the Name of Samuel
Fish" (a Quaker who bad been Impris?
"Eggs of Charity Layed For tho
Chickens of tho Covenant aud Boiled
With the Water of Divine Love. Take
Ye Out and Eat."
"The Spiritual Mustard Pot to Make
t the Soul Sneeze With Devotion."
( Most of these were published lu the
time of Cromwell.
tnwyiT? nt Wot nlnator.
Of the professions anil trades repre?
sented In the house of commons the
law holds first place, but lu early
days no class of men gave greater
trouble than the lawyers, and many
were the attempts made to keep them
out of the house. James I., when the
parliament of 1024-25 wns to bo chosen;
advised electors "not to choose curious
r.ml wrangling lawyers, who may seek
reputation by stirring needless ques?
tions." This and other antagonistic
counsel In the past and- present has,
however, done little to stem the tide
of lawyers which flows at each election
Into the house.?Strand Magazine.
T!u> Ideal l ife.
To live content with small moans, to
seek elegance rather than luxury and
refinement rather than fashion, U> be
worthy, not respectable, aud wealthy,
not rieh; to study hard, think quickly, j
talk gently, act frankly; to llstcu to'
stars, babes and sages with opeu I
heart; to bear all cheerfully, do all
bravely, await occasions, hurry never i
?In a word, to let the spiritual, un?
bidden and unconscious grow up
through tlie common.?William Henry
Crazed Negro Shoots His Parent
and Also a Brother.
Father While Trying to Prevent One
Son from Receiving Mortal Wounds
Was Himself Killed?Necjro Popula?
tion of the Section ...tich Excited.
CULPEPER. VA.. Jan. 9.?A terri?
ble tragedy was committed in the low
er portion of this county early this
morning near Kellyvllle,
James Smith, a colored man, was
shot and instantly killed by his son.
, George Smith, who, Just previous to
killing his father, shot and. It Is now
supposed, mortally wounded his broth?
er, Prank Smith.
The facts, as near as can be gath?
ered, are that the negroes, father ami
sons, hud been drinking and a quar?
rel ensued between the Smith broth?
ers, wlteh George Smith was si ruck
by his brother, Prank, who in turn
was shot by George. In trying to
shoot his brother again, the old man.
the father or the boys. Interfered to
protect Prunk, when George turned
his pistol upon his parent, Betiding
two bnlls Into his abdomen. The old
man died as . e I' ll to the groun'd.
Tlio murderer escaped to the woods,
but the officers are now in hot pur?
suit, und It Is thought that he will
he captured and brought here some?
time tomorrow.
The negro population of the lower
end of this county Is very much OX
ciled and vengeance is threatened by
them against the murderer.
Richmond Couple Elopes.
RICHMOND. VA., Jan. 9.? Spring?
ing a surprise on their many friends
in tills city, iMIss Bessie Condroy
ami Mr. Samuel R. Routen left on
the 6:20 Richmond, Fredorlcksburg
und Potomac train yesterday morn?
ing and were married In Washington.
I). C, five hours later. Announce?
ment of the fact came in the shape
of a telegram to Mr. A. O. Osier
bind, with whose family the bible
had boarded, at 518 South Laurel
is one of the most important
factors in business-building
A nicely printed Letter Head, or a
neatly arranged Card lends tone to
your busir ess and creates a favorable
impression upon your prospective
We make a specialty of Fine
Commercial Stationery, print?
ed in one or two colors
21I Twenty-Fifth Street,
Bell 'Phone 123, Newport News, Va.
Physicians and othera deulrlng an
excellont article are respectively re?
quested to give this whiskey * trial
on my guarantee. Mellowed by age.
B. R. COFER, Sole Agent.
24th Street, nonr Washington Avenue.
Norfolk & Washington I
Steamboat Co.
The new and powerlul Iron Palace I
steamers. Newport News, Washlsgton '
?nd Norfolk wUi leave dally as fol?
Leave Portsmouth, foot oi
North street. 6:00pm
Leave Norfolk, foot of Wa?
ter street . 6:00 pm
Leave Old Point Ctmfort. 7:00pm
Arrive In Washington .... 7:00 am
Arrive In Philadelphia,
Penn. R R.,_??10:60aro|
Arrive in Philadelphia, B.
ft O. R. R. .??11:1? am |
Arrive In New York, Fenn.
R. R. . *l!??m|
Arrlvo In New York, B. ft
o. it. H. . al:00pxn|
Lv. Now York. Ponn. R. R..?12:00pm|
Lv. New York, B. ft O. R R. ?1:00 P m
Lv. Philadelphia, Peun.RR. 2:65 pm
Lt. Phila., B. ft O. R 11.... 2:08 pm
Ar. Washington. Penn. R. R. 6:10 p m
Ar. Wash., B. ft O. R. R...??5:00pm
Lt. Washington. *6:30pm
Ar. Old Point Comfort .... ?7:00am
Ar. Norfolk. *8:00am
Ar. Portsmouth . *8:80am
?Dally. ??Dally except Sunday.
The tHp down the hlstorlo Potomac I
River and Chesapeake Bay on tho ele-|
gant steamers of this company Is un?
surpassed. The steamers are compar?
atively new, having been built In 1891.
aud are fitted up In the most luxuriant
manner, with electrla lights, call
bolls and Bteam hoat In each room.
The tables are supplied with every |
delicacy of the season from the mar?
kets of Washington and Norfolk. For I
tickets, reservation of staterooms,
nnd further Information, apply to D J.
CALLAHAN. Agent. Norfolk. Va.
Old Dominion Line
Company's Wharf, Nor- '^Y.V;;Jf'
folk, every wesk day. at [I I*
7:00 p. m. ||
FARE?First-class, ons way, 18.00,
meals and Btateroom, berth included.
Round trip, limit thirty days. $14.00.
Steerage, without subsistence, $5.
Tickets on sale at C. ft O. Railway
Ticket Office.
Steamers Brandon and Berkley
leave Pier "A" 8:SC every evening,
passengers only.
Steamer Hampton will leave Pier
"A" dally except Sunday, at 9 a. m.,
going to Norfolk, and at 4:30 p. in.,
going to Smlthfleld. Steamer Acco
mac will leave Pier "A" dally, except
Sunday at 9 a. m., going to Smlthfleld
and about 2:30 p. m., going to Nor?
All business between New York and
Newport News transacted at Pier 6
All kuslness between Newport
News, Nor.. Ik, Smlthfleld aad local
points t run Bf ted at Pier "A," foot
o' Tweuty-fiftw street.
L B. WALKR, Agent
?lce-Pres. and Traffic Mar.
Clyde Steamship Co.
Steamers to Philadelphia
Sailing frota Philadelphia, Tuesday.
Thursday and Saturda..
Freight received and delivered dallj
at 6. ft O. Pier No. 6. Offlc9. River
Gen. Southern A gl
IS SonUa Delaware Avenue, PhiJadel
?Ulla, Fa.
Prof.G. F.THEEL,527aVth?t!
l'klla<lrlpHla,l><. "IIa Ural.rh.r aril." ??1/ Ufr.
KU Kprr 1.IUI la AairfIra. I. u , r <.? Ui tun .So
Uj Mali I... .<.- Dl., I ... ... .. l)u-..,
It!... .I I'oLaa/otlirr. ran'l) Srr.au, 11. Ml.I.,
I......1.1.....r. Tarlrorrlr * Xlllrlurr. '...llllnf , la.
- I.. u ,.. ,, I j.. ,.. I;, I.-1,1Iii? |.l?>,.i,.,
tlrala.. 40 jrar** iti-artlral A rl .ran'ha?alUI riptr
I., ij. b>a.t far "llooa:,** (.11. all, r Kpo*taa r'rry
tM r-lrrlrU?l trxulU. rWrrry niaraalr+d la all rapr^
Chesapeake &
Ohio Railway
S? B.W.Koblnson, Agent 0. ft O. Ky?
Before Arranging for your tnF.
Through Train?, Veatlbuled, Bleotrta
Lighted, Steam Heated, Dining
earg a La Carte through the
grandest aoenery Hunt of
the Rooky Mountains.
For Richmond. Cincinnati, Indianap?
olis, Naahvltls. Chicago, Louis,
villa, Nashville. Memphis.
Weat and Bouthwost.
10: in A. M. and 6:25 P. M. dally. -
Local for Richmond and Jamas RIvm
7:46 A. M., dally.
Local for Richmond! t
6:40 P. iL, dally.
N. n.?Following flguraa published
only aa information, and ara mot
Lv. Newport Newa
C. ft O. R'y.17:40 a m.li-.H n ra,
Ar. Norfolk .... [8:1? a. m.|< :15 p.m.
Trains From Norfolk.
8:00 a. m. Dally. Local Tor Suffolk,
Franklin, Bmporla, clarkvllle, Dan*
vllle, Oxforl, Durham and lntarme>
dlate atatlons. Close connections at
Danville with faBt through trains te
all points South and Weat.
7:30 p. m. Dally. Fast express train
for ail points South and Wast, cur
rylng through Vuiimaa sleeping sal
to Ashavllls.
Trains From Richmond.
7:00 a. m. Dally. Local for Charlotte,
l Chase City, Clhrksvlllo.
11:16 a. m. Dally. Limited Iluffot
i Pu'' nan to Atlanta and Blrmlng
! liiun. New Orleans, Memphis, Ohat>
| tauooga and all the South. Through
coach for ChaBe City, Oxford, Dar?
bam and Raleigh.
6:00 p. m, Except ?'inday. KsysvUl?
11:80 p. m. Dally. Limited.- Pullman
ready, 9:80 p. m., for all the South.
,"ork River Line.
4:30 p m.?Except Sunday. No. If.?<
llnltlmora Limited,
2:16 p. in.?Excopt Sunday, No. 10.?
Local to West Point
4:46 a. m.?Except Sunday. No. 74.?>
Local to Weat Point
0. Hi ACKERT, Vice-president
and Qonl, Mgr.. S. H, HARD WICK,
P. T. M.. W. Hi TAYLOE. O.
P. A., Washington. D. O.
Norfolk. Tsu
Merchants & Miners
Transportation Co. '
Steamship Linea for Boston, Prowl
dance and Baltimore.
Leave Newport News, via Norfolk,
for Boston every TueBday, Wednes?
day, Friday and Sunday. Leaves fo.
Providence every Monday, Thursday
and Saturday. Stesmsra sail froa
Norfolk at 6:00 p. m.
..c.av? Newport Nows for Baltimore
dany. except Tuesday and Wednesday,
at 6 p. in., connecting for Washington.
Philadelphia and New Tork.
Fare to Baltimore, one way, $8.00?
round trip, $5.00. including stateroom
borth. Accommodations and oulalne
Freight and passengers taken for
nil points North and Sout'a. Steamers
leave Baltimore, foot of Long Dock,
dally, at 6 p. m.
Only line running a Sunday steamor
betweea Newport News and Balti?
more. For further information apply
to D. It. McNEILL, Agent,
Newport News, Vo.
General Ciflcsi. Baltimore. Md.
talk Ferry Schedule
Pine Beach Route
Lv. Ivy Ave. for I Lv. Norfolk for
Pino Beach and I Newport News.
x(i: 45 a. m.
?7:30 a.^.
0:00 a. m.
10:30 a. m.
12:00 m.
1:30 p. m.
3:00 p. m.
4:30 p. m.
6:00 p. m.
I0 p. m.
p. m.
7:30 a. m.
9:00 a. in.
10:30 a. m.
12:00 m.
1:30 p. ro.
3:00 p. in.
4:30 p. m.
6:00 p. m.
7:30 p. m.
9:00 p. m.
x?Daily, except Sunday.
*?Sunday only.
Schedule subject to change without
Old Virginia
Apple Toddyf
In endless variety, for the holi?
days. Family trade a specialty,
Goods delivered anywhere. '
Bell Phone 67.

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