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Plan Is to Erect Biding at Cost
of Not Loss (nan
Hundred Representative Citizens Se?
lected to Take Charge of Move?
ment?Otte Committee Expected to
Have Interesting Report to Make
at Meeting Tuesday Night.
Under most, auspicious ?mmitioiuj
tho movement looking toward the
vroctlon of a now general hospital
mo formally .launched last night.
/About u Bcore of representative bus!
ness men and physicians met at the
off lei' of the Old Dominion I.and
Company and, ftfter spending a cou?
ple of hours discussing the subject,
took the flrflt stops toward Hocnrlng
n site for the proposed hospital and
organizing the body which Is to hnvo '
la charge the movement.
Messrs. \V. A. PoBt and W. R. Live-,
v.ey were appointed a alle committee.
This committee Is expected to have
nn Interesting report to make when
the general committee meets next.
Tuesday night
, Meeting Tuesday Night.
Tho project Is now to be turned
over to the general committee, n body
'rt'f about one hundred representative
rdtlzetis who wore chosen nt lnst night's
meeting. Judgo Rnrham wilt be ask
'ed to allow the committee to hold Its
meeting Tuesday night In tho Corpor?
ation Court, room of the city hall, and
everyone Interested In establishing a
now hospital Is Invited to be present
and pnrticlpnto In tho proceedings.
An organization will bo effected nt
once and sub-commlttces to hnndle
tho various divisions of the work
will bo named.
Starts With Enthusiasm.
Tho movomont hns Btartod with
enthusiasm. Mr. William Garner,
who announced recently that he
would give $600 toward a fund for
tho erection et n hospltnl, said lust
night that 'ho would guarantee to
vuIro $500 In addition to his pfiteonnl
AubRorlptton. Mr. L. D. Manvt'Aj? said
tnat he would guarantee to raise $1.
000 and various others among thoso
prosont talked In nn encouraging
way. Tb'ij present Idea Ib to put up
a bulld'ng to cost not less than $25,
fl00, ,*t satisfactory arrangements for
va 8*.te can lie made.
"Following Jb the personnel of tho
"general committee:
Rev. J. W. Porter, 1). 1)., Hev. A.
O. Svkes, D. D., Rev. W. Ashbury
Christian, Rev, B. T. WoHI'ord. Rev.
Father Frloll. Rev. A. A. Butler, Rev.
\V. It. Connor, Rev. J. T. Green. Rev.
D. S. Henkel, Rev. R. C. Hubbnrd,
Rov, W. M. Hunter. Rev. H. W.
Dunkloy, Rev. T. H. Bwaftz; Rev. B.
A. Shenk. Richard Walker, B. I.
Ford. W. A. Post, W, O. Little.
Thomas F. Stearnes, .lohn W. Rey?
nolds, Sol. Miller. B. J. O'Hara, W.
Wi S. Butler, B. O. Blytho, A. C. Oar
rott, B. T. Ivy. W. O. Hartwell, Ed?
win Phillips. G. W. BUck, A. T.
Mooro, T. L. Furrar. J. Bl B. Stuart.
William Garner, H. B. Holmes, Ji T.
Ballentlne, L. C. Goode. L. P
Stearnes, John Lowcry. W. 11. Vest.
A. L. Powell. R. J. Mackoy, John It
Morton,'.!; R. Spraguo.,W. B. Sprutll.
13. B. Cameron. G. W. Burcher, Fred i
G. Btvlns. Walter B. Llvo/.cy, E. W I
MllBtead, Dr. R. L. Robinson. T. J. Rar.
ham. James T. Reed. O. D. BatchOlor,
C. Aylclt Ashby. W. T. Klrby, Horace
Epes, Ella? Peyser. Alex Meyers, J
Z has always been one
of the strong; features
w of this business.
* Every piece of En?
graving: turned out is
subjected to the most
rigid Inspection.
We Engrave every
article we tell with a
? Monogram, Name or
i Initials, without!
I charge.
We also Engrave
Calling Cards and
Wedding Invitations.
Manufacturing; Jeweller,
28th and Washington Ave. d
Money Ii to 5
Percent Cheaper
If we are not mak?
ing monthly pay?
ment loans 11 to 5
Per cent, cheaper
than any other
money lender in the
city we will make
the party disprov?
ing it a present of
$100, or a loan for
life at no cost.
We pay 4 Per cent
on savings deposits.
Give us a share of
your business.
Powell Trust Go.
2711 Washington Avenue.
Roynor, George \V. Todd, Abe Hor-1
wltz, F. W. lxtdewick, R. G. Hick
ford. A. E. Q. Klor, R, C. Petzold,
T. M. Benson. Krank Lenz, I. Cohen,
.lohn Gr#..nBinith, J, M. Curtis, D. G.
Smith, W. W. Reynolds, W. C. Stuart,
Clarence W. Hobinson, M. H. Lash,
J. H. Graves, YV. M. Parker, Thomas 1
Newman, J. w*. Ravls, VV. R. Jen?
nings, Fred Palmer, R. W. Perkins,
J. Hi Caffee, Jr.. C. L. Goodman. G.
P. 'Ryrum, Fred Sanford, C. K.
Weaver, W. Wvlle, M. IJ. Hennan, J.
W. MeNalr. J. B. T. Hunter, S. OtU
Bland, W. 10. Rouse, N. E. Hanger,
L. C. Phillips. J. James O'Donnoll, 13.
R. Vaughn. 13. I). J. Lucning. W. H.
Lnudon, W. H. Bromnfington, C. H.
Arnnl, Major James Hnughton, Dr. j
B, J. Applewhite, Dr. B, J. Pressey,
J. P. Harrison, 11. E. Parker, Gcorgu I
Palmer, Frederick Palmer, S. P.!
Marston, A. B. Burcher, John B.
Stone, Dr. Thos. E. Craddock, C. C.
Smith, T. N. Harris, R. Hunter Har?
vey, W. O. Heath, George R. Dnb
noy, J. Winston Rend, Saxon W. Holt,
E. J. Patton A. Rosenhaum, Sol Pey?
ser. W. T. Hopkins, W, E. Barrett, J.
L. Patton, Mayor S. R. Buxton, George
B. West. W. H. Kellogg. Homer L.
Ferguson M. V. D. Doughty, J. A.
Wlllott. Si B. Warren, C. P. Hundley,
W. Leo Powell, D. S. Jones, R. D.
Holloway. R. M. Lett. W. B. Colonna.
F. F. Finch, W. E. Cottrell. Allen D.
Jones, W. W. Rarwood, P. C. Hoff?
man. B. R. Cofer, C. W. Lohmann.
Fred Read. M. W. Gayle, Georgo A.
Schmelz, L. B. Manvllle, Arthur Lee,
C. F. Groomo, James Rowbottom, F.
J. Gnuutlett, George C. Chapln, W.
T. Chnpln. W. J. Nelms; Doctors Wil?
liam R. Aylett, Riloy A. Atkins, John
W. Ayler, John R. Bagby, Joseph T.
Buxton. CJiarlcs S. Butts, William F.
Cooper, J. Kennedy Coras, B. Roscoe
Gary, Samuel W. Hobson, William
Hosklns, Aaron Jeffory, A. C. Jones,
Clarence Porter Jones. Thomns J.
Kagey, William J. Knight, Louis
Loch, J. Hughes Mtibry, George E.
Nowby. J. Paul Parker, Thomas J.
Pretlow, Anna Moejh Randolph,
Thomas J. Sims. Richard T. Styll.
Horace P. Taylor, George J. Williams
and F. D. Wlllla.
Second Attempt Will be Made to
Launch Movement to Support
the Rifles.
Tho temporary organization of tho
officer* of Company C and several of
tho retired volunteer army officers
of this city, formed two weckB ago
for the purpose of raising funds for
tho Huntington Rifles, will meet In
the Armory hall nt 8 o'clock tonight
i for the purpose of making a second
effort to form it permanent organiza?
tion, tho objoct and purposes of
which will be similar to those of the
temporary organization.
The business and professional men
of tho city hnve boon Invited to at?
tend the meeting nnd the officers
hope many of them will respond and
lend a helping hand In the move?
ment. The organization met last Fri?
day night, but as only two citizens
responded to the three hundred invi?
tations sent out. it was decided to
postpone the effecting of a permanent
organization until tonight.
It you have vacant, houses, please
list with us at "Our samo old stand,"
No. 2517 Washington Avenue We
can not supply the demand for good
dwellings. C. D. Nelms, PresL. Clar
enco G. Nelms, Secretary. W. E. Kit?
chen. Treas.. W. Howard Bowon.
Directors, Hi E. Parker, I* P.-BtenrncB,
Albert Howe. 1-1R-6L
Straight 6 per cent, money to lend In
small or largo amounts, on npproved
city real estate. Soo tts before you
arrange elsewhere. Ci B. NELMS.
President; Claronco G. Nelms, Secre?
tary; W. E. Kitchen, Treasurer; W.
Howard Bowen. Directors, H. E.
Parker, L, P. Stear.ies, Alberl Howe.
No. 2517 Washington Avenue, Real
Batate, Insurance? Rents, Loaun, etc
Minnesota Will Not Iis Delivered
Until February 27.
Deck and Boat Coverings Should be
Completed About Middle of Next
Month and Vessel Goes Into Com?
mission March 1.
Tho now 16,000 ton battleship Min?
nesota, now hearing completion nt the
plant of the Newport News Ship?
building & Dry Dock Company, will
he turned over to the navy depart?
ment at the Norfolk navy yard on
February 27 and will be commission?
ed at that yard about March 1.
Tho new warship was to have been
delivered to the government Wed?
nesday, but work on her was delayed
by the l.-urnlng of a part of her equip?
ment, Including canvas deck cover?
ings, boat coverings, etc., jn the Bhlp
carpenters' shop at the ship?
yard Christmas Day. New
canvas material Is now be?
ing prepared for the ship and
the yard offlclnls expect to have It
completed by the middle of Febru?
Tho crew for the Minnesota Is now
being assembled aboard the United I
States training ship Franklin, at tho
Norfolk navy yard, and will be trans?
ferred to the battleship on the day of
her commissioning.
Many of the ship's officers are
now In this city superintending the
fitting out of the ship. They will go
to Norfolk aboard her on February
Among the excellent attractions of?
fered at the Academy of Music this
week, the most important is "Strong
heart," In which Mr. Robert Edeson
will make his Initial bow to the local
theatergoers tonight. Mr. Edeson Is
one of the foremost young actors on
the American stage and "Strong
heart" Is the play In which he hns
made the greatest success of his ca?
Tho play, which is by William C
De Mille, was a. great hit ln ^Newj
York and has been favorably receiv?
ed everywhere it han been presented.
It tells the story of a full blooded,
educated Indian, and his life at Co?
lumbia University.
Manager Booker announces that
I tlcketa laid away for this engage?
ment that are not. called for before
U o'clock tonight will be put back on
i sale.
"Prince of Pilsen" Again.
Presented as It was at tho Acad-.
cmy of Music last night by real
comedians, clover leading people and
pretty, Shapely chorus girls who pos?
sessed tuneful voices, "The Prince of
Pilsen" should continue to please
the American theatre going public
for many years to come.
This was the fourth visit of the
play to Newport News and. although
probably a majority of the people In
tho audience that, gathered in the
play house last night 'had"seen the
production before, It was given as
cordial a greeting as on the occasion
I or its tlrst visit here.
.less Dandy is as funny as ever In
the part of Hans Wagner, tho Cincln
innti brewer, and his famous question
'Vos You Effer in Zinzlnnat-tl" pro?
duces n laugh every time he asks It.
George Lydecker ably filled tho
role of Carl Otto, the Prince of Pil?
sen, and Sears Stovey made an ac?
ceptable Lieutenant Hans Wagner,
of the United Stntcs navy. The oth?
er principal characters, were In capa?
ble hands.
The scenery nnd stage accessories
were up to the Savago high standard.
Dandic Dixie Minstrels.
The week at the Academy will be
closed with the Dandy Dixie Min?
strels," which will give performances
?j Where Quality Is Uppermost, jgj
Mr. Motorman!
Do you have cold feet?
p you need In a warm lined Shoe. |j
If so, we have jtiBt the thing
tho price.
Keeps your feet warmer than g
U a fire would.
i i
S ?
% Shoe Palace,
jS 2800 Washington Avenue. ?
tomorrow nrtcrnoon and evonlng.
ThiB 1b a colored organization that
1b said to be tho best over pot on the
road. Ab usual there will be an elab?
orate first part, followed by an ollp
of specialties. Tomorrow morning
there will be a street parade by the
performers, hended by the Cotton
Pickers' band.
The L-.ileony and gallery will bo re?
served for colored people for both
matinee and night performances.
The matinee prices will be 25 and 50
cents, nnd at night the prices will
be from 23 cents to $1.00.
"Tho Embassy Ball."
Mr. Stanley Shnrpe, advance agent
for ?Lawrence D'Orsay who is' staring
this season In "The Embassy Ball",
was In this city yeaterday making
arrangements for the appearance of
Mr. D'Orsay here on February 1.
(Continued from Page One).
to bo -made for the press. FVom
tho center of the criminal court
building two great cables- come j
down to a table where a corps of j
telegraphers are Installed. Some of
the wires run sntalght to news-j
pepers oftlces In the city, others
connect with newspapers in Phila?
delphia and Pdttsbunrg. Arrange-,
ments have been mado by which
the stories written in court may
be placed on a wire connected with
tho Atlantic Cable so that they
?may be flashed without a moments
delay to London. 1
The telephone is also being used i
and one Pititwburg newspaper has |
engaged a direct wire. In the court j
room two long tables have been
set apart for the reporters of the
afternoon papers. The reporters for
morning newspapers are accomodated
In the lnclosttre above the bar to i
the 'left of tho judge.
Then along the side of the court
room Is another batch of special
?writers and artists.
Former Shipyard Official Goes
Abroad to Take Charge
of Plant.
Mr. William C. Foley, formerly
assistant superintendent of hull con?
struction at the plant of the New?
port News Shipbuilding & Dry Dock
Company, has accepted a position
with tho Lake Submarine Torpedo
Boat Company and is now in this
city winding up his affairs here
?preparatory to leaving for . Europe
to assume Ms duties with tlho Lake
Mr. Foley will leave today for
York. Pa., to join Mrs. Foley, who
is making her home with her par?
ents in that city, and toget'lier they
will sail from New York for Eu?
rope on Saturday, February 2.
When 'ho reaches Europe, Mr. Fol
e will take charge of the Lake
company's plant at Berlin, Germany,
where the company Is building J.wo
submarines for Dae German gov?
ernment, and later ho will go to
Llbau, Russia, for duty In the con?
struction department of the Lake
Company's main submarine building
plant In that. city. Mr. Foley may
later be sent to Vienna to superln- I
tend tho construction -there of a'
number of submarines, which Ohe
l^ako company will build for the
Austrian government.
Shipbuilding men along the Atlan?
tic seaboard regard Mr. Foley to
be one of the most elllclent ship?
builders in the United Stales a
lit Ink the Lake company has been
very fortunate in securing his ser?
vices. He is versed in till depart?
ments of hull construction and Is
beiBtles a designer of ships as* well
as a practical draftsman and ship?
?Whlie enroutc from New York for
Berlin, Mr. Foloy expects to stop
In Ireland, where he 'has a hand?
some eoiate which ifo? inherited
about a year ago. Ho probably will;
remain there several weeks to at- j
range this affairs before going to
Berl,n- I i ji-ttJMdllMi
Reynor Furnishes Potatoes, Onions
ana All Vegetables to Army
At the commissary office of the
local army depot yesterday niorn
Ing bids for furnishing vegetables
and meats >tp be sent to tho army.
iln Cuba during the month of Feb?
ruary were opened. Mr. J. Rcyner
was awarded contracts for furnish-.
lng potatoes, onions and all of j
vegetables', rausage, lamb and mut?
ton. Armour & Company's local
branch w?j given the beef contract.
These contracts are valuable, as
three transports will sail from hero
lor Cuba with supplies and BtorOS
during February.
* "Man may work from sun to sun
but woman's work Is never done,"
In order to keep the homo neat
and pretty, the children well dressed
and tidy, women overdo and often
suffer in silence, drifting along from
bad to worse, knowing well that
they ought to have help toovercomo
tho pains and aches which daily
make life a burden.
It is to these women that Lydia
E. Plnkham's Vegetable Compound,
made from native roots nud herbs,
comes as a blessing. When the spir?
its are depressed, tho head and back
aches, there are dragging-down pains, nervousness, sleeplessness, and
reluctance to go anywhere, theso are only symptoms which unless
heeded, are soou followed by the worst forms of Female Complaints.
LydiaE. PinkhamsVegetable Compound
keeps tho feminine organism ina strong and healthy condition. Ttcures
Inflammation, Uleeration, displacements, and organic troubles. In
preparing for child-birth and to carry women safely through the Change
of Life it is most efficient.
Mrs. Augustus Lyon, of East Earl, Pa., writes:? Dear Mrs. Pink
ham.:?"For a long time I suffered from femnlo troubles and had all kinds
of aches and pains in the lower part of back and sides, I could not
sleep and had no appetite. Sinco taking Lydia E. Plnkham's Vegetable
Compound nud following the advice which you gave me I feel like a
now woman and I canuot prniso your medicine too highly."
Mrs. Plnkham's Invitation to Women
Women suffering from any form of femnle weakness avc Invited to
write Mrs Piukham, at Lynn, Mass. Out of her vast volume of ex?
perience she probably has the very knowledge that will help your
' cose. JJer advice is free aud always helpful.
and Dyed
The Hub Cleaning and
Pressing Co.,
211 Thirty-third St.
Cltz. 'Phone 328.
J. H. WHEELER, Prop.
We v.ish to heartily thank nil of
our 1900 customers for their kind
patronage and .trusting our effort to
'please" will cause them to continue
with us and we assure them that our
wish is to jhow by our actions, our
worthiness. So when In need of
Sodas, carbonated or table llthla
waters, Chesterfield Ginger Ale, Ko
ca-Nola, syphons or gas tubes, call
Bell Phone No. 333. Again thanking
you one and all,
Newport News
Bottling Co ,
Sole Agents. Bell Phone 333.
No. 3100 Huntington Avenue.
- j
2617 Washington Ave.
I Both Phones 521.
Reynolds Bros.
No. 132 Twenty-fifth St.
No. :il(i 49th Street_$20.00
No. 314 34th Street- 12.00
No.-JUG 34th Street- 12.00
No. 1251 27th Street._ 10.00
No. 1253 27th Streot_ 10.00
No. 1234 28th Street.... 12.00
No. 1154 28th Street_ 12.00
No. 1152 28th?Street... 10 00
No. 519 34th Street_ 10.00.
No. 524 35th Streot_ 8.00
No. 1337 25th Streot_ 11.50
No. 813 2Cth Street_ 13.50
Lockard Bldg, Wa?h. Avc.,
$3.00 per room.
Trade Building, 28th Street
and Huntington Avenue,
$8.00 to $12.00.
No. 2617 Roanoko Ave., $8.00
and other DWELLINGS.
parts of the city.
Until further notice the N.
N. & O. P. Ry. & Electric Co-,
will receive freight tnr Pin?
Bench, via Ivy Ave., Newport
Nowa, at their Freight Depart?
ment, Hampton; also, at their
freight office, Newport Newa,
Va., beginning nt once.
Nov. 26, 1906.
1-26-tf. Hampton, Va.
1 "
For a limited time we will
make our Patent Rim Teeth.
There is no plate to Interfere
with the tongue, and will not
drop while eating, talking or
This Is done only to Introduce
our Rim Teeth.
DR. W. E. DORSET, Mgr.
26th Street & Washington Ave.
In reply to your favor of 18th,
I take pleasure in stating that
I have worn a set of your Rim
Teeth for a good many years
and I can eat anything, even
to biting corn from the cod,
with perfect ease and comfort.
Yours truly, F. D. GREEN,
619 N. 7th street, Richmond, Va.
I take pleasure in stating that
your Rim Teeth that I have
worn for tho last 6 years have
proved perfectly satisfactory,
and I can recommend them to
any one wishing to lay aside
the old for the now.
630 N. 6th street, Richmond, Va.
I am a graduate since 1888. I
have worked in nearly every
lar^e city frbm New York to
Sao Francisco. I have found
no full Plate to give as univer?
sal satisfaction as Dr. Dorset's
Patent Rim.
J. C- DANA. D. D. S.,
No. 12 Rundel Park, Rochester,
N. Y.
Old Virginia
Apple Toddy
In endioss variety.
Family trade a specialty.
Goods delivered anywhere.
Boll Phone 67.
2312 Washington Avenue,

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