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Is the only newspaper
In Newport News that
receives the full Asso?
ciated Press report.
VOL. XII. NO. 20
Two More Were Accepted Out of
the Fifty-One Talesmen
Who Were Examined.
Men Who Do Not Want to Serve
Have All Sorts of Excuses to Of?
fer?Thaw is Getting More Accus?
tomed to His Surroundings and is
Looking Better.
(By Associated Press).
NEW YORK. Jan. 25.?fifty-one
talesmen were examined In rapid fire
order today in the effort to complete
tiit; Jury which Is to ttv Harry K.
Tliaw for tho killing of Stanford
White, and at the end of the day's
tess-ion two names had been add /
In the jury roll, making seven in all.
One hundred and one talesmen have
thus far been examined. Thai there
is increasing difficulty In finding
men who are willing or competent to
servo was evidenced by the fact that
on the first day of the trial three
Jurors were sworn from among nine?
teen talesmen, one of them being ex?
cused by the court. On the seem I
day three jurors were selected from
m-iong thirty-one talesmen, white to
Cey It required the winnowing of
mere than one-fourth of the special
ranel of two hundred men to nenure
two members of the necessary twelve.
The names, are Harold R. Falrc\
printer and publisher, who Is the on?
ly unmarried man thus far selected.
Faire is not more than twenty-eight
or thirty years of age. The second
new juror is Malcolm S. Frazer, a
dealer in underwear. He is perhnps
forty years of age and Is married.
Early In Mr. Frazer's examination
it became apparent from the manner
of his answers that he would make
n juror satisfactory to both sides and
there was no surprise when he was
accepted. Faire was registered as
No. (j anil Frazer as No. 7 in the trial
panel. This panel, as it grows, im?
presses the followers of the case
more arid more favorably.
Don't Want to Do Jury Duty.
Excuses formed by the talesmen
In avoid jury duty in the case are
growing more varied each day. Man
nflei man declared today that his
opinion as to the guilt or innocence
of the accused was" so firmly fixed
its to admit of no change by reason
of any testimony that might be ad?
duced. District Attorney Jerome
tried to convince the talesmen that
newspaper stories were not the same
as sworn testimony before a court,
but his efforts were generally un?
successful and challenges for cause
were sustained by the court. Of the
fifty-one talesmen examined today
only three were preomptorily reject?
ed. The state challenged a'" talesman
named Nesbit, who stated, however,
that ho was in no wise related to
Mrs. Evelyn Nesbit Thaw, wife of
tho defendant. The calling of Mr.
Nesbit and his examination attiacted
much interest, the most eager lis?
tener being young Mrs. Thaw.
The defense used the preemptory
challenge on Harris M. Fletcher, who
declared that while ho would carry
an opinion into the jury box he was
sure )ft> could lay it aside and rest
under a fair and impartial verdict.
Tho second preemptory challenge by
the defense was directed against
Sol. Levy, a tobacco dealer.
Thaw Getting Accustomed to It.
Harry Thaw seemed much more ac
cuslomcd to his surroundings and
for the first time gazed interestedly
into the crowd in the court room,
which was limited to talesmen nnd
newspapermen. He seemed to be in?
terested in the reporters' table and
tried to read the large typo account
of the trial in a paper on the table
of a writer. He seemed to have a
much better color today, although his
wife was paler,' tho whiteness of her
face being Intensified by the thin
blue veil site wore In place of the
customary white tulle affair.
Was Tedious Work.
The work of going through the
Jury list was extremely tedious. Some
color was thrown Into the day's pro-J
eeedlngs, however, by a talesman
named Ketchuhl who said he was
connected with an electrical supply
and supplemented this with the de?
claration that while he was not op?
posed to capital punishment in first
degree murder cases, he was opposed
to- the use of electricity In that con?
nection. Ketchum when ashed if lie
know Stanford White replied:
"I am glad to say I did not." An?
other feature of the day was the nuni
l-'.-r of the talesmen who had known
Stanford White. At one time throe
men In succession asserted thai they
had been so well acquainted with the
architect as to make them unsuitable
as jurors. There will be no session
tomorrow, the court adjourning late
today until .Monday morning. It Is not
customary for Supreme Court justices
to stt on Saturday in this city In the
meantime the seven Jurors will be In
the custody of bailiffs .
Mr6. Thaw, Senior, Didn't See Evelyn
Mrs. William Thaw, mother of the
defandant was in court today, having
fully recovered from the indisposition
which kept her iijdoors yesterday.
She was accompanied by her daugh?
ter, Mrs. Oeorge louder Carnegie,
the. two having been preceded some
minutes by Mrs. Evelyn Nesbit Thaw
and her constant companion. May
McKenzie. The prisoner's wife still
wore the plain dark blue suit In
which she hns appeared in on every
day of the trial.
The Countess of Yarmouth did not
attend the trial today, owing to a
cold. Edward and Joseph Thaw were
early in their seats. When the elder
Mrs. Thaw came Into court she seem?
ed oblivious of the presence of the
prisoner's wife in the next seat. The
latter assisted her ? mother-in-law,
however. In removing her furlllied
cloak. When Harry Thaw entered
the court room from the door lead?
ing to the prisoner's pen he passed
his mother's chair and reaching over
with his right hand grasped both of
hers. She looked" up quickly and
caught her son's smile. Mrs. Harry
Thaw gave her husband an earnest
look of greeting and during the ex?
amination of the first talesman of
the day, she assumed her customary
attitude leaning well forward In Hier
seat, eager to catch every answer to
questions put to them by the district
attorney or by the leading counsel of
the defense.
Thaws All Lunch Together.
The seating arrangements of the
few members of the family were
changed after the recess. During the
morning Thaw's mother and wife sat
side by side. Mrs. Carnegie took the
seat next the prisoner's wife for the
afternoon session, the elder Mrs.
Thaw taking a place oho seat remov?
ed. All the members of the family
attending the trial lunched together
in the clerk's office, thus avoiding
Hie crowd which gathers every day
In the hope of seeing some of the per?
sons more prominently connected
with the case.
Has Convicted One Man
Counsel for Thaw were informed
today that Henry C. Harncy, the fifth
juror accepted, had acted as a juror
in case of Edward Pekars, who was
convicted of murder of the first de?
gree. Pekars' plea * as insanity and
several alienists testified that he was
mentally unbalanced when he mur?
dered a woman from whom he rented
a room. The verdict was guilty and
Pekars was sentenced to death. Sub?
sequently the .sentence was com
mutted to life imprisonment.
Daniel O'Jteilly, of counsel for
Thaw, was quoted as saying today
concerning juror Harncy: "We went
on the assumption that a man who
has voted to put a man to death on
one occasloh will never vote for the
execution of a second man. Wo
wanted him on the Jury;. Mr. Hartley's
jury said the man was not insane,
but it was proved before Oov. Hig
gins that he was insane and the Gov?
ernor saved him. We believe that
Mr. Harncy will never convict anoth?
er man."
Mrs. Thaw's 'Mother's Statement.
PITTSIIURO. PA., Jan. 25.?The
Pittsburg Leader 'publishes an in-1
tervlcw, today, with Mrs. Cms. J.
Hollman, mother of Mrs. Evelyn
Nesbit Thaw, in which Mrs. Hollman
denies that she Intends going to
New York to become a witness for
the prosecution, or even as a spec?
tator at the Thaw trial. In ?'ie in?
terview Mrs. Hollman says:
"i wish you would deny thai I
am seeking vengeance. Never has
(Continued from 1'agc Six).
Marriott Was Driving Machine at
Rate of Mile in 3D Seconds
When a Ridge Was Struck.
Attempt to Lower the Record for a
Mile at Ormond Nearly Ends Fat*
ally?Ray of Brooklyn Rides a
Motor Cycle a Mile in 44 2-5
(Bv Associated Press.)
FLA.. Jail. 25.?Fred A. Marriott,
while driving tho cigar shaped Btcnm
racer at a race of two miles n minute-'
In an effort to break the world's
i mile record today struck a slight;
ridge of hardened sand on the beach.
The force of the blow lifted the front
wheels of the raeer from the ground,
disarranged the steering gear and
pitched the ear after a leap through
space, on Its side. The momentum ot<
the car caused It to roll over and oye$
with the helpless driver pinned fusf
in the hood. The frame work of the
car was splintered to fragments, the*
machinery twisted out of all sem?
blance and the boiler hurled fully fif?
ty yards down the bench.
Fortunately the fuse plug blew out
of the boiler ami let the stonm es?
cape, thus doubtless (saving the life
ot{ Marriott, who. layrunoonwjloui.';
across the front wheels with the!
wreckage of the machine piled about '
him. He wns carried to the club
house where examination showed
that no bones were broken. The
sculp, face nnd hands and arms were i
gashed and torn. At :i o'clock Mar?
riott bad revived, and told his story
of tho accident placing the blame on |
tin- fact that his car, going nt such
terrific speed, made the slightest
sand ridge Impossible to negotiate j
I Mrs. Marriott was notified Immedi?
ately after the accident Airs. Mar-j
riott's time for the mile made just I
previous to the nccident was 2!i 2-lti
seconds. 1 2-6 seconds slower than his
time last year.
Perfect weather and beach condi
j lions favored the last, day of the rac?
ing on the Ormond-Daytonn tourna
I mciit.
The Other Events.
! There were four events on- lhe
I card, including Marriott's attempt to
I reduce the record of 28 1-5 seconds, i
for the mile. The other events are i
a five-mile club championship for
amateur drivers only, and special
match races nt one, six and twelve
Tho six mile handicap for amateurs
was won by Laughlin in a :;o horse
gasoline car in 7 minutes III! 3-5 sec?
onds, actual running time. Ijiughlin
hnd a handicap of one minute and I
six seconds. Tho special 12 mile
event between an English and an
American touring car stripped was
won by Hutton in lhe ICngllsh car ill
13 minutes 12 2-5 seconds.
William Ray of Rrooklyn establish?
ed a now mile record for two cylinder
motor cycles. His time was 44 2-5
Russian Doctor. Who Hnd Woman Ar?
rested, Committed to Sellevue.
NEW YORK, Jan. 25.?Dr. I .a/arc
Wischnewety.skl, who was arrested a
week ago, on the complaint of a
ilrooklyn woman, whom he had ac?
cused in a street car of Indecent con?
duct, has bsbn committed to Bellovrie
Wischnewetzskl. who Is a Russian
and a graduate of Heidelberg, is In?
sane, in the Opinion of Assistant Dis?
trict Attorney Murphy, who has been
investigating the case.
A number of women have com?
plained to the district attorney's of?
fice that they had been unfortunate
enough to meet him In a street car,
and that they had been Instilled by
charges made by him.
When Wischnowetzskl was nr
raiuned before Magistrate Maker. In
the Tombs Police Court, be admitted
that he made It a practice of riding
around in the street ears, and de
I during that women wore in the habit
] of doing Indecent things.
Seems to be Some Doubt Whether
he Can Carry Out the
Financial Obligations.
,And It is Likely That He Will Enterj
Into an Arrangement to Carry Out
the Contract With the McArthur
Gillcspie Company Which Also Bid
for Work.
(By Associated Press.)
WASHINGTON, I). C. Jan. 26.?
As a result of an extended confer?
ence at the White House tonight It.
was decided to reluct the hid or Oliv?
er and Bangs, w'ho proposed tr> com?
plete the construction of the Patin
.ma canal for (1.75 per cent, of the
total cost In so for as Auhou M.
Hangs, of New York city Is concern
Od. While no official statement wnH
given out at the White House It can
'he authoritatively stated that If Wil?
liam .1. Oliver of Knoxyllle, Tonn., can
enter into a satisfactory arrangement
with aoine other contractor, who Is
financially responsible, he \tlll he
given the,.contract Tor the construc?
tion of the canal. The fact that Mc
Ai thur-GSIIesple Co., of New York,
whose hid for construction was 22.6
per cent, were represented at the
conference leads many of the lutor
'euted parties to believe that? comtnin
aion may be formed l.Mweeii them
imi Mr. Oliver." ' ' * "; :
It Ir known that the McArthur-Oll
lesple Company has convinced Presi?
dent Uoosevelt and Secrotary Taft of,
its financial responsibility and that
arter a thorough Investigation, the
canal officials have expressed sails
faction (hut Mr. Oliver Is able to car?
ry out his end of the agreement. The1
question of rejecting all bids was dis?
cussed at the cabinet meeting today
and a decision was practicably reach?
ed at the conference tonight.
Secretary Tuft will make known to
Mr. Oliver the decision and It the
arrangement Is satisfactoryl(o Mr,
Oliver, lie probably will be given sev?
eral days In which to arrange an
agreement with the McArlhur-Gil
lonple Company or souk; other con?
tractor who can deposit the required
cash security. On the other huml If
Mr. Oliver refuses to consider the
contract after the rejection of Mr.
Bangs, the canal commission will .Im?
mediately issue a call for new bids.
Who Mr. Bangs Is.
Anson M. Hangs wan Hie contrac?
tor for the Koo canal locks. He is
president of the Federal Construction
Company of New York, capitalized at
Mr. Hangs is a brother-in-law of
John 1'"". Onynor, of the firm of
Greene and Gaynor, who were Implicat?
ed with Capt. O. M. Carter in the Sa?
vannah. Ga., harbor engineering
fraud case. Tills fact, however, it is
stated had no Influence with the ca?
nal commission in rejecting Mr
Bangs as joint contractor with Mr.
After the adjournment of the cab?
inet meeting today Mr. Oliver left
for New York and It is admitted by
his representative that he will sub?
mit a proposition to the McArthur
Gillespie Company to join him in sub?
mitting a proposal to the canal com?
mission in place of the bid submitted
under the firm name of Oliver and
Hammond Johnson, a Brilliant Play?
er. Named by the Advisory Board
for the Plapc.
(By Associated Press.)
RICHMOND. VA.. Jan. 26.?The ad?
visory board of the General Athletic
Association of the University of Vir?
ginia tonight voted to establish the
alumni system of coaching in con?
formity with the expressed wish of
the faculty, and elected Hammond
Johnson, ot Norfolk, field coach for
the season or 1007.
Johnson is one ot Hie most brilliant
*6, 1907.
plnyors who over represented Vir
.clnin on (ho gridiron and for lwo|
seasons bus boon uwnrdod n place
on the all Southern team. The sys?
tem of coaching in future will follow
closely that In vogue at Yale.
Purchasing Agent for the Southern
Railway and Had a Splendid
War Record.
fPy Associated Press.)
WASHINGTON, I). 0.. Jan. 25.
Col. Joseph M. Mlnetreo Gonornl
purchasing agent of the Southern
Hallway, died at. his residence In
this city today nfler a week's IlinOBB, |
resulting from blood poison.
Ho was at his ofllco about a wook!
ago when he became suddenly In-1
dls|X)HOd and took to h.ls lied Im
mediately upon Iiis arrival home.
Ills condition became grave.
All of his children woro at bis!
bedside -when he died ?XCOpt two
sons who were on the way. Col.
Mlnetreo had a eonsplelous war re?
cord. He Joined the Forty-first Vir
glntn regiment of Confederate troops,
served under Robei't 10. I.ee and
Stonewall Jackson, became a lieu?
tenant, colonel Bhortly after the
opening of hho war and was com?
mended for gallantry in tho battle I
of Gettysburg. He was (17 years old
and a natlvo of Petoj-Bbnrg, Va.
Committee on Naval Affairs CutB
Down tho Department's Estimate
By About $19,000,000.
(P.y Associated PresB).
Mr. Fobs of Illinois, chairman of
the Comnvltteo on Naval Affairs,
reported the naval appropriation
bill to tho Mouse today. The bill
i carries $9?,1(17,155, being about $19,
!r00(i.f)00.*IeBs than ? asked--foV by' the!
department OBtliuntes. According to]
the report submitted with the hill
it will require 117,283 moii to man
itlio acMvo fleet as It will stand
when the vessels* now authorized
are btlllt. The first reserve num?
bers 3,st00 and those op shore sta?
tions 1,210 making a grand total
of 41,911. The appropriation for]
smokeless powder is tin; same an
last year.
hcusc Committee on JuJ-eiary Will
Report Favorably Mcas irj Irtij
duccd By Mr. Br?.ntl?y.
(Hy Associated Pross).
WASHINGTON, D. C., Jan. 25 ?
The House Com ill I lit co on Judiciary
I decided today to make a favorable
I report, on the Hrantlcy hill, making
Intoxication liquors a special class
i In Interstate commerce and forbid?
ding lhe collection of money on j
('. O. D. shipments of such liquor
in states where the sale or liquor |
is forbidden by the state laws.
This bill Is not as broad as tlhe
Llltlefleld bill, which the committee
reported a few days ngo, and It la
believed by Drain ley to be a meas?
ure which will not be found uncoil
Btllii?ionnl. The measure does' not
attempt to interfere in any way with
Uho transportation of liquors in pro?
hibition states, hut deals only with
the actual collection of the purchase
price of liquors.
Special From Norfolk Tells of He
. markable Discovery.
(By Associated Press.)
NtMlFOI iK, VA.. Jan. 25.?As the
result of Iier running afoul of some?
thing in 11 it id i> i on Hoads yesterday
a fishing schooner was the Inno?
cent cause "f the discovery and re?
covery of the lost anchor and chain
Of the Confederate armor clad Mor
rlm'ac o!- Virginia, the last p mia
given her by the Confederate gov?
ernment and under which she fought
dining the civil war the fnmo'.u bat
tl?> with the Monitor that revolution
Izcc the naval warfare.
Convent Loses Priceless Relic.
MALTIMORK. MD.. Jan. 25.?Tho
[treasured relic of Catholicism, purl
of the cross on which Christ was
crucified, and which had been handed
down to the Dominican Sisters for"
centuries, was this morning destroy?
ed in a tierce and exciting conflagra?
tion which burned the convent and
chapel ol ihe Dominican Sisters ni
Irvlngtou, lJtiHIinoro county.
' ti'.v*. *,'/?Vf?BBMBWHawl?liiItalB^i
Rain Saturday, de?
cidedly colder In west.
Sunday, colder In
southeast, fresh west
to northwest winds.
>??-! -S-.--$-i-?-!-M-r-t-*.-t-fc t>
- ? ?'? ?- v
Bill to Prevent it Introduced In
tire United States Senate
by Mr. Hale.
He Thought That It Was a Move
ment to Extend the Autocratlo
Powers of President Roosevelt and
Upon Hla Objection It Went Over
Till Today.
(Ry Associated Press. 1
WASHINGTON, D. C, .Ian. 25.?
Resolutions to choclc naval olllcora
from "lighting a flro under Sonii
tora and members to compel tho
enactment of the linval personnel
bill at this session," were ivroseiftcd
In the Senate today by Mr. Halo
and after causing a snappy debate
of ?aort duration, wont over for
further consideration. Mr. Hnle's
resolution cites1 the President's or?
der forbidding government employ?
ees (o "lobby" and direct an Inquiry
by the Secretary of the Navy to
ascertain whether the order is be?
ing violated.
.V.. Ilaeon opposed the resolution
as a restriction on the right of
i/llO ?potltl. p. Ho had the same erit
iclsni to m.il'o as to tho oxccutlvo
orders referred to. "it does not
sound like the twentieth century to
me." exclaimed ? lr. Bacon "These
arbitrary orders of tho Presldont
have loo much,tlio sound of autocrn
tic *or nnrestralilcll A rulo .Issued to
bindings and not freemen." ,
Mr. Paeon malntalued thai, ti'io
executive orders referred to nffoeU'd
I'm fundamental right os 200;<ii: '
On Mr. Bacon's objection the
resolution went over under the rulo
until tomorrow.
Parent of the Great Northern Sys?
tem in Danger ol' Losing
Ita Charter.
ST. PAUL* MINN.. Jan. 25.?Quo
WuiTOnto proceedings wore brought to?
day by Attorney General Young to
compel the St. Paul Minneapolis uiri
Manitoba railroad company to show
cause why Its charter should not
ho forfeited and Ohle! Justice Start
Of the Minnesota Supremo Court
ordered tho writ to be ISSiiOil di?
recting that a return lie made oil
April 2nd next. This company,
formerly 'known as the Minnesota
ami Pacific Company, Is- really tho
parent company of the Great North?
ern railway company and the Great
Nordhorn is Joined lu Hits issue au
it is the owned of the Manitoba com
?pan's stock. The complaint go 'h
Into all tiie transactions of tho
Great Northern railway company
vvltfii its constituent companies, form?
ing tho "merger" known as tho
Great ?Northorn railway company.
Decides That He Has No Alternative
Except to Recall Scnor
MADRID, SPAIN, Jan. 25.?With
five Liberal Ministers wrecked in
eighteen months, owing lo tho irrc
coiicilinblo differences between tho
leaders. King Alfonso today decided
that he had no alternative except to
recall Senor Maura, tho ex-prcmler
and leader of the conservatives and
ascertain what a strong conservative
cabinet can accomplish.
The religious issue has been the
root of nil the dissensions. Souor
Maura promptly submitted a list of
now ministers and King Alfonso up
proved it.
ICx-Premicr Ministers Bios, Mlort
and Minugtiez believed that Spain
was not reaily for a radical campaign
against tin; religious orders and the
church generally, upon which Senor
Canalejas. ox-prontior of the Chamber
of Deputies and bend of the new parly
known ns the Hxtreme Liberals in?
sisted. The accession of Senor
Maura to power is regarded as u.
sweeping victory for the ch-ricals
-Mid >? likely to arouse a revolutionary

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