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Believed That Such Action Would
Not Stop Dlscrmlnatloa
Against City.
Exploitation Commission Declines to
Accept Resignation and He Agrees
to Continue to Serve for Presort?
I Report of Money Collected and
Expended?Advertising Plans.
Although It was generally expect?
ed that tho Exploitation Commission
would last night take up the mat?
ter of sending n delegation to Wash?
ington to appear 'before Uho national
commission of tho Jamestown expo?
sition relative to tile discrimination
against Nowport 'News In the ad?
vertising matter of tho Jamestown
Exposition Company, the matter was
not brought beforo tho commission,
and, although the Idea of sending
euttj a delegation to Washington
originated with a member of the
comlsslon, a majority of the com?
missioners apparently have no in
toUtion of taking any action along
this line.
In tho opinion of many mombors
of tho commission such a course
would do this city more harm tlhan
good. Tho commissioners who pro
?posod the movement seemed satis
fled from the start that the national
commission could not prevent the
?exposition company from advertising
"Norfolk and tho only advantage tlhls |
city could derive from tho appeal
to tho national commission would
be tho noterloty thereby gained for
tho city. Whether auch noterloty is
'desired is a question but ovldontly
a majority of tho members' of the
Commission nro opposed to that
kind of advertising.
The commission mot in the par?
lors of tho TocahontnB Hotel with
? Chairman ADo Horwitz, In tho cflmli
?i ami the? following mombors pros
ent: Viyor Samuol R. Buxton, R.
M. L'tt, W. S. Upshur, T. U Farrar,
C. ':. Hundley and Alex Meyers
?Mr. Farrar Resigns. ?
Secretary T U Farrar tendered
his roslg*aatinn to tho Commission,
but It was not accepted and at tho
request of those present, Mr. Farrar
consented to servo as secretary of
tho commission until a successor
can be solected.
Tho secretary made a detailed ro
port of what had been done by the
commission up to this time. This
report showed that about $200 had
been expended for a double page ad
vorUsemcnt in tho "Jamestown Edi?
tion of tho Rydalo Hand Hook," 100,
000 thousand copies of which are be?
ing distributed through but the South:
nnd West, and that about $:W0 had I
been exponded on 200,000 envelopes
t-earlng the device adopted by the
?commission. These envelopes will
bo ready for distribution in a few
Cuts Ordered.
Tito commission bus also ordered
four cuts of scenes in und about the
?city, which will be used in adver?
tisements to appear In tho May issue
of magazines, of which copies will
be issued about the time tho James*
town exposition opens. One of these
cuts represents Uncle Sam stepping
from the exposition to Newport News,
another is made from a photograph
or the waterfront, showing tho ship?
yard, tho Chesapeake ,fc Ohio piers
nnd the other piors on tho waterfront.
Another shows a beautiful woman
holding a map of Tidewater Virginln,
Hhowlng the location of tho exposi?
tion, Newport News, Hampton. Phoo
. bus and Old Point Comfort. The
fourth cut shows a bugler standing
on the deck of a United States bat
tlcship sounding tho "mess" call.
About $2,000 In Hand.
Mr. j. a. wniett. treasury* of the
commission, was unable to attend the
meeting on account of illness, nnd ho
renort of the treasurer was receiv?
ed. It is estimated, however, that
the commission has approximately
$2.000 in hand with about $1.300 yet
to be collected. Those who have
promised subscriptions to lhe exploi?
tation fund should send the amount
of their subscriptions lo Treasurer
Wlllott or Secretary T. I,. Farrar.
in lieu of issuing n booklet con?
taining a general guide to this cltr
nnd section with a list of the hotels
and boarding houses, the commis?
sion decided to have' ?0,000 or more
folders printed. Each commissioner
was directed to prepare reading met?
ier to bo printed on these folders ni'd
to presout some to the commission
at the meeting to be held within th?
next ten days, it 1? proposed to dis
tribute those folders among the bus.
iness men of the city nnd and havo
them sent ono in every letter mailed
out of tho city.
For Coal Cargo.
'Pho Norwegian stearem Urd ar?
rived dn pout yeetei'day from Bal?
timore to load a full cargo of coal
to the account of the Herwind
White Coal Company.
to Loan
on Newport
Real Estate,
2 to 5 years
time, at
6 per cent
Powell Trust Go.
2711 Washington Avenue.
Three rVrds Sent Copies of Specifi?
cations?9lmllar Work on
Meade and Sumner.
Estimates on repairing an<| ovr
hauling the United Stale- army
transport Ktlpntrlck "which is
duo to arrive at this port from
Havana,, Cuba, next Saturday, will
bo oTKned In the nfllccs of the
quartermaster's depot In tho Sllsby
building at 12 o'clock noon, Feb?
ruary 7.
'Specifications for all necessary re
?pairs to tho ship have Just boon
Issued by tho quartermaster's depot,
and copies of same have been for?
warded to the Newport News Shiu
bulldlng & Dry Dock Company, Ohe
Mnryland Steel Company, Sparrow's
Point, Md, .and tho Norfolk navy
yard. *i \\H\
Extensive repair work will have
to bo done on tho Kllpntrlck and
in addition to that she will bo giv?
en a thorough overhauling, and sup
?pllod with a largo amount of new
and extra equipment. The engines
and hollers will bo ovctfliauled and
repaired where necessary, tho elec?
tric lighting plant, refrigerating
plant, pumping plant and 'piping sys?
tem will be overhauled and now
equipment furnished for tho stew?
ard's department.
Similar repairs are to be mndo to
tho .transports Monde and Ingalls.
now anchored In tho harbor there.
Specifications covering the repairs
to those vessels are now being pre?
pared and bids will be asked In thi
I near future.
Senator Simmons of North Carolina
Has a Measure Which Doesn't
Infringe on State Rights.
(Dy Associated Press.)
WASHINGTON, D. C. Jan. 25.?
Senator Simmons today' Introduced
a cfliild labor bill which Is designed
to mnko it unlawful for an inter?
state carrier tOj transport from one
State; of production Into another
State products of a mine or factory
In which children aro employed or
permitted to work in violation of
tho child labor laws of the State
In which the factory or mine is
located. ? F^lWlW4'
This bill differs from the Bevor
Idgo bill in that it does not under?
take to make a child labor law,
but recognizes the child labor laws
of the several States and seeks to
to make them effective. It is based
upon the idea .that nearly all the
States have child labor law.? and
that they arc largely lnoffectlvo
and will remnin so as long as they
can only "I? enforced by local prose?
cution for their violation.
This Mr. Simmons thinks, -will
mako tho State laws, effective by
making it' practically impossible for
a factory or m'no to violate those
laws and obtain tfno benefits of
interstate transportation.
Straight 6 per cent, money to lend In
small or largo amounts, on approved
city real estate. Sco us before you
arrango elsewhero. C. B. NBLMS,
President; Clarence O. Nolms, Secro
tary; W. E. Kitefbon, Treasurer; W.
Howard Bnwcn. Directors, H. E
Parker. L-. p. Stoarnes, Albert. Howe.
No. 2517 Washington Avenue, Real
Estate, Insuraucc, Rents, Ixians, etc.
I 22-Ct.
Exposlllon Company Practically Sure
ol Betting Loan.
Officials Expect Little Opposition
and Think the Million Dollars Will
be Available in the Very Near
An "urgent deficiency" bill author?
izing n loan of $1,000.0(10 by the Fed?
eral government to the Jamestown
Exposition was passed in the Senate
The exposition company officials be?
lieve that this bill will pass the
House with little opposition and ex?
pect the million 'dollars to be avail?
able in the near future. Tho prece?
dent of lending money to expositions
has been set and. as there can be no
complaint upon the security offered
by the Jamestown Company, no good
reason can be advanced for opposing
the loan. It Is proposed to repay the
government with the first gate re?
ceipts. I
Y. M. C. A. Running Team Goes to
Richmond Today.
The track team of the local Young
Men's Christian Association will
lcavo today for Richmond, where
It will participate in the big indoor
track meet to be held in the Horse
Show building In that city tonight.
The local tenm Is a strong or#> and
tho officials of the association expect.
It to land some of the prizes offered
nt tho meet.
The personnel of the team Is ns
follows: H. T.. Hughes, L. J. Van
Pelt, E. ,t>. "Cameron, Thomas Mean
iuiii .1. J. Miller.
Col. Galnee Accuses Them of Acting
Like Aristocrats Toward Privates.
ATLANTIC CITY, N. J.. Jan. 25.?
Aristocracy In the American army
whs . bitterly nttacked in a speech
before a large gathering of church?
men this evening by Col. Noel Gnlnes,
late of the United States army and
the Kentucky militia. He fiercely as?
sailed the arguments of advocates of
tho army canteen. Col. Galncs is
himself a member of a distinguished
Southern family, and is a relative of
Congressman John Wesley Gnlnes.
?Ul? GalneH declared that tho deser?
tions from the army were duo princi?
pally to the "upplshness" of many
officers In their dealings with the
privates. Officers, ho said, have
charged these desertions to the nb
sencc of tho army canteen.
"I declare It Is due to tho wide gulf
between the officers and men, tho lack
of fellowship and sympathy between
the. two, and the hlgh-mtndedness ot
the officers, which in some cases can
scarcely bo distinguished from the
attitude of Russian aristocracy to>
ward the peasantry."
Objection of officers to the anti
Cnnteeu law he ascribed the fact that
In disregard of the Federal regula
tlons, officers' clubs arc still selling
liquor and the officers fear an np
plication of the State laws to these
t organizations.
Always Remember the Full Noras
Cure a Cold in One Day
Cure Grip in Two Days
on every
#7~<r7ri> box. 25c
A 'trial will convince you that
we turn out nothing but
Strictly High
Grade Work
DroD us a postal or phone us
to call for your package this
PHONE8, NO. 10.
Watches, Diamonds, Silverware
at Absolute Cost
Owing to the abnormal conditions existing in the Jewelry trade in Newport News
at the present time, I have decided to offer everything in my stock at wholesale cost.
I have decided upon I
This offer holds good until Saturday night, Februaty 2nd.
this course for two reasons:
First and primarily, to put a stop to unfair competition.
Second, to reduce the stock preparatory to invoicing and getting ready for Exposi?
tion business.
The public has, therefore opportunity to select reliable goods from a $25,000.00
stock, and every article is Guaranteed by one who is going to stay in business.
Goods sold at these prices cannot of cource be charged
Below are Some Prices:
Men's 20 year Gold Filled Elgin Watches.$ 8.15
Ladies' 20 year Gold Filled Elgin Watches.511.75
Ladies' Solid 14 Karat Gold Watches, Elgin or Waltham .$16.25
Men's Solid 14 Karat Gold Watches, Elgin or Waltham .$18.00
Men's Solid Gold Cuff Buttons..$t.50 pair
Men's Solid Gold Scarf Pins.65 cents
Ladies' Solid Gold Thimbles.$2.00
Ladies' Solid Silver Thimbles.15 cents
Rogers' Triple Plated Teaspoons.$1.25 per set
Rogers' Triple Plated Knives.$1.60 per set
Rogers' Triple Plated Forks.$1.60 per set
Quadruple Plated Silver Tea Sets, 5 pieces.$12.75
Solid Silver Teaspoons.$2.75 per scf
Solid Silver Forks.$7.50 p:r set
Cut Glass Dishes.$1.00
Cut Glass Bowls.$2.85
Umbrellas, Sterling Silver Handles, $2.75
Solid Silver, 5 piece Tea Set.$80.00
Cut Glass Punch Bowl.$16.75
Not an article in the store is reserved. As is well known, the stock contains nq shoddy
or unreliable articles
Until further notice the N.
N. & O. P. Ry. & Electric Co,
will receive freight for Pln?
Beach, via Ivy Ave., Newport
News, at their Freight Depart?
ment, Hampton; also, at their
freight office, Newport News,
Va., beginning at once.
Nov. 2G, 1906.
1-26-tf. Hampton, Va.
Electric, Qas and Gas?
oline Construction
and Supplies
B'jth Phones 118?Residence Bell
Phone 118-Y; Residcnco Citizens
Phone 418.
Office and Store
Well Known Shipyard Man Goes to
Washington Office.
Mr. 'W. K. S'.oulameyer, computer
in the government construction of
flco at the local shipyard, has re?
signed that portion and accepted a
similar one in the office of tho sup?
ervising architect of ithc navy de
parthiont, Washington, D. C.
Mr. Stoulamcyer has been sta?
tioned 'here for a long time and Is
well and favorably known. He will
leave for Washington to assume his
n v/ duties next Wednesday night.
..' ' V' ' .'.'Vi -
Reynolds Bros.
No. 132 Twenty-fifth St.
No. 316 -19th Street_$20.00
No. 314 34th Street_ 12.00
No. 31G 34th Street_ 12.00
No. 1251 27?h Street_ 10.00
No. 1253 27lh Street_ 10.00
No. 1234 28th Street_ 12.00
No. 1154 28th Street. 12.00
No. 1152 28th Street... 10 00
No. 519 34th Street. 10.00
No. 524 35th Street_ 8.00
No. 1337 25th Street_ 11.50
No. 813 2Cth Street_ 13.50
Lockard BIdg, Wash. Avc.,
$3.00 per room.
Trade Building. 28th Street
and Huntington Avenue,
$8.00 to $12.00.
No. 2017 rtoanokc Ave., $8.00
and other DWELLINGS,
FLATS and STORES in all
parts of the City.
Old Virginia
Apple Toddy
In endless variety.^
Family trade a specialty.
Goods delivered anywhorc.
Bell Phone 67,
|> 2312 Washington Avenue. |
2617 Washington Ave.
BMh Phones 521.
For a limited time w- will
mtike our Patent Rim 1 eetn.
There ia no plate to interfere
with tho tongue, and > will- not
drop while eating, talking or
laughing. ?
This is done only to introduce
our Rim Teeth.
DR. W. E. DORSET, Mgr.
26th Street & Washington Ave.
In reply to your favorr of 18th,
I take pleasure in slating that
I have worn a set of your Rim
Teeth for a good many years
and 1 can eat anything, even
to biting corn from tho coo,
with perfect ease and comfort.
Yours truly, P. D. GREEN,
619 N. 7tb, street, Richmond, Va.
City: e
I take pleasure in stat.ng that
your Rim Teeth that I have
worn for the last 6 years havo
proved perfectly satisfactory,
and I can recommond them to
any ono wishing to lay aside
tho old for the now.
630 N. 6th street, Richmond, Va.
1 am a graduate since 1888. I
havo worked in nearly every
largo city from Now York to
Ban Francisco. I havo found
no full Plato to give as univer?
sal satisfaction as Dr. Dorset's
I'atont Rim.
J. C DANA. D. D. S..
No. 12 Rundcl Park, Ftoohester,
N. Y.
Governor Swettenham wns born
for other times than these?the times
when Gilbert and Sullivan wore
writing comic opera, for instance.
Bound This Way.
The German steamer Wcllgunde,
of tho Holland-American line, sailed
from Rotterdam for Newport. News
via Philadelphia at 10 a. m., Jan?
uary 21,

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