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York County lady Suffered From
Ptomaine Polsonlrg From a
Ch'cvgo Composition.
Ate the Beef for Lunch 'on Friday Af?
ternoon and Was Soon Seized With
Violent Stomnch Pains?She is Still
Very III, Dut Physician Says She
Mrs. John 0. Wornnm; wife of one
of the liest known merchants In
York county, narrowly escaped death
on Friday afternoon from eating can
nod beef.
According to the information re?
ceived In Hampton yesterday .Mrs.
Wornnm ate the canned beef for
lunch Into Friday Afternoon. She be?
come violently ill within a short tlnis
after swallowing the beef and metll
Cnl assistance wns hastily summoned.
Dr. Smith responded and upon In?
vestigation uiscoVl red that Mrs. VVor
natu had been poisoned by the canned
heef. Dr. Smith worked upon Mrs
Wornnm until early yesterday morn?
ing, when ho succeeded getting her
out of danger.
It was said last evening that Mrs.
Wornnm Is very HI from the exhaus?
tion due to severe nausea. She Is ex?
pected, however, to entirely reoovef.
It Is supposed that the ptomaine
poisoning came from the can.
Chairman State Board of Fisheries
Came In On the Emlllne.
The state oyster steamer, Hinllinc.
having on board, Commodore McDon?
ald Leo, chairman of tho State Hoard
of Fisheries, arrived In Hampton
creek yesterday afternoon. Cap't.
MesBlck Is In charge of the fSmtllne.
Chairman Loo Haid that the board
has not yet fully determined upon
tho time of Its next meeting. Ho has
hucn cruising on the Fmlllnc In the
waters of the Potomac and James
Tho Fmillno will leave Hampton
creek today. *
Educational Association to Give Books
to Both Schools in Hampton.
MrH. Kerry U. Houston, secretary
of the Hampton Educational Associa?
tion, stated yesterday that the book
reception to bo hold In the homo of
Mrs. Schmelz on next Saturday after
noon Is for tho purpose of securing
hooks for. both the West Hud and
Syms-Futon academies and not the
exclusive use of the high School It
brnrv. The books will be equally di?
vided between the two institutions.
Two Chapters Dsuohtcrs of the Con?
federacy to Asr.emble at Y. M. C. A.
A Bueclnl joint session of the Obi
Dominion Dragoons and the Hampton
Chapters., Daughters of the Confed?
eracy, has. been called for Tuesday
afternoon at :t:3() o'clock in the Young
Men's ChrlAttun Association. Mrs
Herber! w,n Address the Daughters
on the building to bo erected on thr
Jamestown exposition grounds.
Suits & 0 vet coats
~ They're going pretty fast
now?you had better come in
tomorrow and secure a Suit or
Immense Slice I
of money saved on any Suit or
Overcoat you may select.
Big Bargains,
I In Boy's buits & Overcoats |
All very much reduced In
Complete Outfitters,
t?WManoowiii. i in;
A Good Bank Account
Is exceedingly comforting in times of need.
And there's a feeling of security and satisfao
tion when the accouut is kept at this bank.
Start tho New Year right.
Boyenton & Co. Bankers,
Next Masonic Temple. 'Phone 553.
Y .M. C. A. Team Made Up of the
Privates Won Three Straight
In Interesting Contest.
Tho howling team composed of
privates defeated the officers' team
three straight games in the tourna?
ment on the alley of the Port Monroe
Young Men's Christian Association
yes!< rday afternoon. The contest hnd
been looked forward to with lunch in?
terest and the howlers of the asso?
ciation are naturally proud of their
Victory over the officers. In the firs.t
irnnio the Y. M. C. A. wou by only
two points, hut tho second and third
were won by larger margins.
Below la the score or the tourna?
Y. M. C. A. 1st Tnd. 3rd.
Atiee . 136 . ins lit;
Putncm . 132 1S7 129
Simmons . 1-18 135 130:
Pierce . 148 157 132
Taute . 171 120 158
Totals . 735 703 701
1st. 2nd. 3rd.
101 143 125
164 1"5 138
148 129 113
160 134 114
108 158 141
Totals . 733 009 601
Sherlock umpired the contest.
Qualified as Adm...istrator.
The estate or the lato Arthur
Diuiol.lfr. the old Moldiers, who died
near the county road, has been
given to Sheriff R. K. Curtis for ad?
ministration. Messrs. T. I?, Sclater,
O W. '-rope and Arthur S. Sega-,
Jr., were mimed as the commission?
ers to appraise the est at o
Officers' Team
Corey .
Stayton .
Taylor .
Harrison .
Marshall .
Literary Class of the Anti-Vaccination
School Elected on Friday.
Tho literary society of the Antl
Vacclnntlon school at Fox Hill on
Friday afternoon elected the tne
following oUlcers:
President?Miss Eunlco Johnson.
Vice-president?Miss Tavie Rout
Secretary?Miss Beckie Barron.
Treasurer?Miss Edith Johnson.
Librarian?Mr. Tyler Routton.
Marshal?Mr. Elroy Llewellyn.
Reporter?Miss Hilda Holsten.
Dr. Hope at Home.
Dr. J. Wilton Dope returned yes?
terday from a trip of twelve days to
Cuba. Dr. Hope was very much im?
proved in health by Ids voyage and
expressed himself ns having "enjoyed
the outing. Howovcd, .Dr. Hope do
clnres that Hampton is good enough
for him.
Mr. Wilson to Sing.
Mr. Edwin Wilson, a baritone
singer of renown in New York city,
will bo heard in a concert in Hamp?
ton, under the auspices of St. Agnes'
Guild of St. John's Episcopal church,
in the parish house on February C.
Mr. Wilson will be assisted by many
of the host local talent.
Mr. George W. Rowe has left for
New York, where he will Join Mrs.
Rowe, who is visiting her parents
Colored Man Arrested.
George A. Hawkins, colored, was
arrested last night on iho chnrge or
disorderly conduct. He was" balled
tor his appearance in the police court.
Sr.--i 11 Suit Started.
In the Circuit Court a suit haw
been Instituted by D. W. Rnpor
against J. T. Howard an action tc
i recover money on a negotiable note
Saved Herself from Death and Kills
Frenzied Beast.
I MIDLANDS. S. DAK.. Jan. 20.?
Miss Maudo Derroe, a young woman
living on tho prairie west of here
threw herself upon the bnck of an
enraged bull yesterday, and rode the
beast until lie became exhausted and
The bull made n vicious attack up
on Miss Drrroe when she was walk?
ing sicross the prairie alone and un
arm ?d. The young woman, unable to
make her escape, stood her ground
and offered the enraged beast battle.
After a brief and desperate struggle
by which she was cruelly punished
and well nigh killed. Miss Derroe, by
an almost superhuman effort, threw
herself upon the hack of the hull.
The beast, tried hard to throw her.
but she was reared on tho pralrio and
had ridden wild horses from the time
nho wos n child, and she made shift
to keep her seat.
? Finding' that, she could r.ot be un?
seated, tho maddeucd beast started
to run nt tho ton of his speed, and
I bo ran until he finally fell to the
! ground with blood streaming from
i his mouth and noso and utterly ox
I haunted. The bull died soon after
I ward. The girl was uninjured by her j
? wild ride, but was painfully hurt be- j
fore slut got astride the bull's hack.
Tin- Wny Hunter* Cnpture tUo OrnnR
OutniiKT Alive.
Trapping the smaller members of the
monkey fondly Is a comparatively easy
matter, but the hunter who wishes to
secure live Specimens of tho orang
outnhg cannot have recourse to the
usual methods nnd has to employ a
laborious process. The process is based
upon the fact that the orangs have a
liking for certain trees nnd frequent
these to the exclusion of other nearby
growths. They seem to regard them
as a sanctuary and tloe to them in time
of danger. Ascertaining a tree partic?
ularly favored, the hunter (lrst d^Lvus
his quarry to its branches; then mllle
Iiis beaters keep up a din for the pur?
pose of preventing an attempt at es?
cape the natives are set to work to
chop lit the trees within n radius of
Qfty feet nil about the simian fortress.
No trunk is cut completely through,
but is left With Just enough fiber to
hold the tree in position. This work Is
quickly accomplished with the large
corps of servants, and nt n signal one
of the trees la toppled over. The chop?
ping has been so done that the fullinc
tree carries with It Its neighbor, and In
the twinkling of an eye the' trees with?
in n radius of fifty feet from tUo mark?
ed tree He upon the ground, leaving
the orang outaugs with no opportunity
for getting away through their leafy
avenues of escape. The remainder of
the process simply consists of chopping
down tho tree of refuge nnd throwing
nets over the escaping orangs, in which
thev soon become entangled In their
efforts to throw off the Ineumbrance.
Subtract -l.~ Front lr, mid Hove -in tin
ii llciitniiulcr.
If you were asked to subtract 4.?
from 40 and have 4." as n remainder,
you would be likely to say that the
proposition is either a "catch" or nn
impossibility. 15uf here it is, set down
In plain figures, and you will find that
It is neither one nor the other:
8 6 4 1 9 7 6 3 3
Here, you see, ore the nine digits
from 0 to 1 written down in that or?
der, and below them are the snuie
digits from left to right, and you will
see that each line makes 4~>, and you
will find that the remainder?the third
lino?adds up 45.
Another little exercise Is to set down
the following fifteen figures nnd tlion
see If you can use six of them In such
n way us to make u total of 21:
3 3 3
0 6 6
7 7 7
9 9 S
One wny of doing it Is to take the
two 7's. one J> and one 1, which make
four figures, footing up 20, and then to
use two other figures as a fraction to
represent one. For example. 7 plus 7
plus 5 plus l plus 3-3 equals 21.?Bnlti
more Sun.
The Ilonkn of Ancient Rome.
In thu tiuie of Augustus Caesar
books In the form of papyrus rolls,
copied by overworked nnd underpaid
slaves from the authors' original
inauuscrlpt, were abundant nnd aston?
ishingly cheap. Horace hints in one of
his epistles that his works were being
pirated and sold so cheap that tliey
! were getting into the hands or the rab
J hie nnd becoming Schoolbook?. Mnr
i tial, in one of Ids epigrams, says that
' a copy of his Thirteenth book may he
I bought for 4 minimi (about IS cents),
nnd thnt lr Tryphon, the bookseller,
should sell It at 2 nummi lie would
still get a profit. Both Horace nnd
Martini convey the Idea thot their pub?
lishers occasionally put out larger edi?
tions than could be sold. In the mat?
ter or editions de luxe, Martial writes
that a volume of his epigrams "polished
With pumice stone and Incased In nui'
ple may be bought nt Atrectus' for 5
denarii" (about 80 cents).- New York
' American.
?| No. 1,552 drew tho box or cigars at
: last night. It.
first-class Cnne, and if you have
any cnairs that need "caning."
send them to JOHN FRETT'S
"General Repulr Shop," No. :i Court
street... Good and prompt work as?
sured. Good 3hoemaker wanted.'
1 26-lwk.
14-Year-Old Boy Burned to Death.
telegram has boon received here
which contains the information ttiat
ArmiBtead Urquhart, tlio 14-year-old
son of Mr. and Mrs. S. M. Urquhart.
formerly of this city, was burned to
death at Kelford. Bertie county. N.
C, about sixty miles from Suffolk,
today. No further details of the
boy's death are giveu.
Boy Kills His Brother.
Oeorgo Noles, twelve years old,
was accidentally shot through
the brain by his fifteen-year-old
brother, Oscar Noles, In the home of
the boys' mother, Mrs. Sarah H.
Noles. The victim died instantly.
B'shop Potter at Dedication.
ALEXANDRIA. VA., Jan. 2?.?The
chancel chapel of the Episcopal Theo?
logical Seminary was dedicated with
appropriates ceremonies. Addresses
were delivered by Bishop Pot?
ter, of New York; Bishop
Gibson, of Virginia, and the Rev. Dr.
Crawford, of the seminary.
Frlendnhlp With Wild Life.
If a fairy had ever offered to grant I
me three wishes, "the full confidence
of wild animals" would surely have
been one of them und probably the
first. If we seek opportunities to be?
friend wild creatures and tnke advan?
tage of them, we shull often find, as I
have done, that there Is no lack of re?
sponse on the part of the animals. I
once walked up tu a pine siskin, as he
was feeding on the ground and picked
him up in my hand. He did not seem
a bit nlnrmed, and when a few min?
utes Inter I set him down he continued
his search for food within a few Inches
of my feet. On another occnslon a yel?
low throated vlreo allowed me to lift
her from her uest when I wished to
count her eggs nnd nestled down com?
fortably on her treasures the moment I
put her back. With a forefinger I once
stroked the back of a red breasted nut?
hatch ns lie was busy feeding on a
tree.?Ernest Harold Baynes in St.
Tn the foreign and domestic granit?i
and marbles.
Best workmanship and stock at
easonnble prices. Bse ns bete ?
placing orders.
'Phones 191. Hcraieton Va
To the Cigar Smokers.
Johnson Specials, Cremos. George
W. Childs, El Capltan General, all
"five cent straight brands, now seven
for twonty-fivo cents. Lillian Russell
and James G. Blaine, the five cent
kind, now throe for ten cents. Hull's
Cut Rate Drug Store. Ik
Try Hull's Little Liver Pills for bil
llousncss, constipation and torpid
liver. 40 doses. 10c. A splendid after
dinner pill. 9-9-su-tL
Try Hull's'Little Liver Pills for bil
llousnoss, constipation and torpid
liver. 40 doses. 10c. A splendid after
dinner pill. 9-9-su-tf.
Wines and Liquors
I belong to the lost tribe that stray
?id away from Dublin before Moses
miled on the Red Sea. I'm a price
cutter. I'm a money-maker; I'm the
lone that sells all straight Whiskies
retail at wholesale prices. The fol?
lowing high grade 10c WhlsklOB I
sell for Be. a drink: Paul Jones. Pure
Rye, Sherwood Rye Whiskey, Carroll
Springs, pure Maryland Rye Whiskey,
Overbold Rye whiskey, Parkwood Rye
Whiskey. All cf the above namod
Whiskies are s*rlctly high grade;
watch my prtcWa if you dare, beat
I me It you can.
Whiskey in bulk at following prices
I Old Nick Pure Rye, 1-2 pt, 25c;
gallon .$4.00
j Leonard's Favorite. 1-2 pt, 20c;
gallon .3.00
I Hunter's Baltimore Rye, 1-2 pt,
25c: gallon. 4.00
Maryland Club, 1-2 pt., 25c gal?
lon. 4.00
Paul JOnes Pure Rye, 1-2 pt,
20c; gallon .2.75
Carroll Springs, gallon . 2.50
XXXXBaker Rye, gallon .2.5?
Star A. Rye, gallop .2.00
Moss Rose, gallon .2.00
Larkwood Pure Rayo, gallon .. 2.00
Jefferson Pure Rye, gallon. 1.75
Kentucky Bourbon, gallon.1.40
[ Double Stamp Gin, gallon 2.00
The following brands of Califor?
nia Wines, Port, Sherry, Catawba
Claret, Blackberry at 25c per qt.
per gallon, 76c. Pride of North Car?
olina, 4 years old, gallon. 2.00
tCummelll, per gallon . 2.00
Barrel and Bottle House.
10 AND 11 MELLEN ?T,
[pfioebu?, Va. 'Phone, 22*
Commencing tomorrow (Monday) we will close
daily, (except Saturday) at 6:30 p. m.
By the force of sweeping and radical reductions, we are rapid
lv effecting the complete clean-up of millinery that we desire. Those
>. .in come tomorrow will find plenty ov opportunities to get ^["i
Handsome Stylish Millinery
Half Price
jrfMWMMU I'I III III Ill?a??Ullima il
HUCK TOWELS 18x36, AT 5c.
8 and 10 W. Queen Street, Hampton, Va.
Panama Skirts Reduced {
We've a Rood assortment of Ladies' Panama Skirts?principal?
ly blue and black. Rather than chancing carrying them until next
season, we've made a reduction of
$4.98 Skirts, now.$3.63 $5.50 Skirts, now.$4.12
$6.50 Skirts, now.$4.87 $8.00 Skirts, now.$6.00
$8.50 Skirt3. now.$6.37 $9.00 Skirts, now.$6.75
Not an old style among this lot, you'll find every garment cor
rectlv tailored in this season's styles.
R O W E 5 Si
LaSalle Avenue?Desirable home, large lot. Price $850. Terms
$250 cash, balance $50 every six mouths.
Near I^aSallo Avenue?Desirable home, 6 rooms, good lot. Price
$800. Terms, $300 cash, balance long time.
Truck farm?11 acres, located on main road. 1 mile out of
town. Good six room dwelling.
Raleigh Avenue . $10.00
Locust Street. 10.00
LaSalle Avenuo. 6.00
Rudds Street . 10.00
County Street .: ilO.OO
Near LaSalle Avenuo.?8.00
Rlverview, Car lino. .10.00
Rlvervlew, Car lino . 12.50
Newport News Avenuo. 18.00
King Street. 14.00
Fulton Street, modern . 25.00
Marshall Street . 30.00
Old Point Road. 10.00
Hotel Hampton, Queen Street.
Stores?Queen Street, centrally located.
M. 0. LACKEY, Manager,
Pure Food Store
Cheese of all Kinds
[Canned Meats Bottled Goods
And Many other Delicacies for
tho i ablo.
Finest Quality!? Full Weight!?j
Lowest Pricesl
I No. 60 W. Queen St., HamptonJ^Va.
Phone 110.
Phone 110. l-19-3m.
The Senate minstrel show will con?
tinue the performance; hut Mr. Tin?
man will no longer net as Its press
Nothing Better
in Clothing
Can be found In Hampton than
the fine stock of ready-to-wear
goods at
The Baltimore Merchant Tailor.
We make yon a suit Tor the
price asked for a "hand-me
down" outfit in most stores.
Our fits are guaranteed.
Cor. Queen & Court 8fs.,
HAMPTON ? ?? - VradlNIA.

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