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Is the only newspaper
In Newport News that
receives the full Asso
t. dated Press report.
VOL. XII. NO. 23
One States That lie Had Made no
Request and That Dismissal
Came Without Warning.
When Court Adjourned There Were
Nine Jurymen in the Box, Just as
There Were at Monday's Close?
Thaw's Mother Displays More
Friendliness Towards Son's Wife.
(By Associated Press).
NEW YORK. Jan.The first
big surprise of the trial of Harry K.
Thaw came today when Justice Fitz?
gerald on the motion of District At?
torney Jerome and with the consent I
of the attorneys of the man accused
of the murder of Stanford White, an?
nounced that two of the jurors se?
lected in the early day's proceedings
would he excused from further ser?
vice. "Without any reflection on the
jurymen whatsoever." said the presid?
ing judge, "jurors numbers -I and 0
will be excused."
The men in question were Arthur
s. Campbell, a superintendent of tel?
ephone construction and Harold H.
Fa I re, a printer, and publisher of a
pamphlet circulated In Wall street.
The court room was crowded for the
opening of the afternoon session
when the announcement was made.
"By agreement," said District At- j
torney Jerome, "the reasons for this,
notion will not t-c made public, but
they are of a business nature. Coun?
sel representing the people and the
defendants have conferred with the
court in regard to the matter and a
unanimous decision was arrived at."
? When the excused Jurymen left the
court room they were besieged by
questioners. Mr. Faire created a mild
sensation In the corridors, when he
asserted with positivenoss that he was
Utterly in ignorance of any reason
why he should be asked to step down.
He said: "The announcement in court I
was the first intimation I had of the
action. Passing through the court
house corridors this morning I heard
a man remark that two of the jurors
were to be excused today.
"I had no idea that the- remark- could
Include me. About three years ago
when I was connected with a broker?
age concern two detectives from the
District Attorney's office, who said
they visited the places which sell un?
listed securities, dropped in on mo.
asked some Impertinent questions anil
wanted to know If I would be willing
to go up to the District Attorney's of?
fice any time I might be wanted. 1
said 'yes.' hut that was the lust time
1 ever heard of the matter."
Mr. Campbell Would Not Talk.
Mr. Campbell, the second of the ex?
cused jurors, declared he "had loo
much respect for the court to give
an Interview." It was generally re?
ported that Mr. Campbell had asked
to be relieved. He begged lo be ex?
cused when first placed on the jury.
One new juror had been added to the
trial panel when the excuse of Fa Ire
and Campbell was announced and a
second one was subsequently secured,
thus offsetting the loss of the two
previously sworn jurors. When court
adjourned there were nine > the jury
box and three vacant seats. Forty
six talesmen were called before the
two jurors were obtained. This ex?
hausted the original panel of two
hundred men and used up 18 of the
new panel of 100. summoned yester?
day and In court today for the first
The New Jurors.
The two new Jurors sworn In today
were: No. 10. John S. Dlnnce, trav?
eling freight agent, P.8 years old and
unmarried, a native of New Orleans.
La.. No. 1. David S. Walker, real es
tat?! broker, :U years of age and nn
married and who is a sou of John
Brisbcn Walker, lie was chosen dnr
lug the afternoon session und repine
< d Juror Campbell.
This Juror Has An Opinion.
Thaw seemed to be particularly
well pleased with the selection of
both Dlnnoo and Walker and smiled
when the prosecution withdrew all
pending challenges against the tales?
men. As soon as Mr. Dilutee said ho
was a Louisiana!!, Thaw was seen In
earnest consultation with his law?
Mr. Walker was accepted by the de?
fense in spite of the fact that be know
Stanford While and many of the dead
architect's friends, lie also had form?
ed an opinion III the case and ex?
pressed it many times. These facts.
.Mr. Walker declared, however, would
not. prevent him rendering an entirely I
fair ami impartial verdict, lie had [
seen Wliite for a year before his
death. Thaw's attorney sot high wa?
ter mark for preemplory challenges
today when they summarily excused
from service seven talesmen who had
been declared legally competent by
the court. The stale challenged pro
entptorily but once. The defense now
lias thirteen of its preeniptory chal?
lenges left and the state has seven?
The Thaw's Getting Real Thick.
The members of the Thaw family
were nil In court today and for once
disarmed those who had circulated
reports of a serious break in the fam?
ily relations.
Mrs. William Thaw, mother of the
prisoner, conversed and chatted with
Mrs. Harry Thaw constantly. The i
Countess of Yarmouth also talked
freely with the young Mrs. Thaw at
Intervals during the day. Miss May
McKenzie was a participant In se\'er-|
al of the family chats, notably during i
the luncheon recess when the party
snt for a time in a circular group and
carried on general conversation. The
prisoner seemed to be in high spirits
and the fact that Hie actual hearing!
of the case will, he probably be put ,
pack n full day by the court's action
In the excusing of the sworn Jurors,
did not seem to have the least effect .
upon him. It is known (lint the (ak-j
lug of testimony cannot be reached :
before Thursday afternoon or Friday
Two Lawyers Absent.
Roth Attorney Oehnas, who is suf?
fering from a cold, and his law part-j
ner, Mr. Mclllke. were absent from
the defendant's counsel table when [
the morning session opened. This'
left a gap of two vacant chairs on
the prisoner's right and gave him a !
(Continued on Page Seven). |
He Sends to the Colonial Office
Letter Expressing Regret.
Incident is Now Considered Closed
Both in Washington and London?
Officials at the National Capital
Refuse to Discuss the Apology.
(By Associated Press.)
LONDON, Jan. 2?.?The Associated,
Press learns that the international
phase of the Kingston incident has
been finally closed by Governor Swot
tenham formally withdrawing Iiis let?
ter to Rear Admiral Davis and ex?
pressing his regret for having written
it. Swcttenhaih's withdrawal of His
letter and his apology followed tin;
voluminous telegraphic communica?
tion to him from the colonial office.
The despatch which has now closed
the affair, was sent by the Governor
to the Colonlnl office, whence it
reached the State Department, lit
Washington through the foreign of?
Will Not Talk in Washington.
V^ASHINGTON! I). C, Jan. 20.?
Officials at the State Department re?
fuse to discuss the report that Gov?
ernor Swcttenhain has withdrawn his
letter to Admiral Davis au> apoTOglz
fed for It. It is pointed out that the
President has taken every means
known to him to make it evident Hint
lie regards the Kingston episode as a
(dosed incident so the officials decline
to comment on it in any phase at this
'Secretary Taft lias received the fol?
lowing cal.'lcgram from Swcttenhain,
fluted Kingston, January 28. "Most
grateful thanks for supply of tents I
bist arrived from Cuba in charge! of
Captain Battle. 11. S. A. Service most
hichly apnrcclaled."
The tents referred to are those for?
warded from Santiago.
Judges Compelled to Stop District
Attorney In Opening Address
of Simpsou Trial.
P';.?oncr Heard the Denunc>at< ~v<
Without Flinching?Three Physic?
ians Who Attended the Dying
Man Give Their Testimony?State
Said to Have Two New Witnesses.
(By Associated Press.)
IllVliltH10AD. L. I., Jan. 29.?So
BCathorlng was the opening address,
made lato today by District At?
torney Pur man, at the beginning
or the trlnl of Dr. James W. Simp?
son, a former Fifth avenuo. Man?
hattan, dentist for the murder of
his father-in-law, Barlloy T. Horner,
that Judge Kelly hud to Interrupt
several times nud beg that the
croon tin 1 parts of the Indictment
be adhered to. Mr. Simpson sat
calmly throughout the ordeal. The
District Attorney quoted tho words
Mr, Horner Is said to have uttered
as hi 'ell writhing from the effects
of gun shot wtiu'tYdSl .
"My (Sod Doctor: You "?ve done
it dually." Simpson hud mude no
attempt to assist the Injured man,
the attorney declared, although he
was well versed in the knowledge of
treating wounds. Mr. Horner had
been an obstacle In the path of Dr.
Simpson the prosecutor Baid, In that'
I the doctor felt he Would have mot).. >'
j as soon as his father-in-law dledpt
j He was reduce to this last extrem"1
Ity, said the district attorney. Th|f<
time hud come when something ha 1'
to happen to change the current > hi
[Oils life, fie had gambled wnd wnt 1,1
od in other ways his own .mom
bald the prosecutor.
Testimony of Physicians.
Earlier in the day a Jury had he
secured and three witnesses,
physicians were examined Ik-Co
Two important witnesses hi) j 1
brought Into the case lincxpcclcf
by tin.' Slati'. They are Qcorge j.
Preston, a convict serving a si
tence in Sins Sing for arson, ;d
Prank Wlsnewski, a Polish chje
boy an eye. witness to the fa I
shooting whoso mind was affedd
by lite scene and who has lilt
confined In an insane asylum.
Preston was confined in the IV
erhead jail while awaiting trial/or
arson and occupied the cell ext
to Simpsons.
Dr. ("has. Hohen, who atb.dcd
Mr. Horner on the night o his
death, was the first witness.
He testified that Dr. Sitnpso Had
displayed considerable agatio't
when he appeared at his; offce to
bring thlni to the side of hit dead
falher-fai-ldw. He said the man
kept 'muttering "This is awful.
This is tin- limit."
Dr. Isaac Frank of Mn/liattnn
testified that, he was the second
doctor to arrive at the Ilortnr house
on the night of the shoot iig. He
Bald that when Dr. Slmpsoi calle<l
for Kim He shouted "For Goi'-s suite
hurry, old man I've slot my
Richmond Man Promoted.
(Dv Associated Prtsti.')
Atlanta. oa., Jan. 29.- An?
nouncement was- made toilay of the
appointment of Joseph a. Hlgglhs
to -be Asslsiat General PasSengor
agent of the Atlanta and West
Pokit railroad, a newly created po?
sition. Mr. Higi^ins had been with
the road for some time and Is' a
native of Richmond, Va.
Tug Merrill is Safe.
(By Associated Press.)
NBW york, Jan. 2!?.?The tug
Mnrrill ami the barge Jcanlc for
w'nose safety some fears were ex?
pressed iu a despatoh from Nor?
folk last night arrived here today.
The Norfolk despatch said Hie lug
and her low were sighted off Dia?
mond Shoals light vessel last Friday
an.i had not been heard front Bine
that time.
His Roads Will Not Give a Spec?
ial Rate to Soldiers Going
Across the Continent.
Because L?wer Rate Cannot be Secur?
ed Congress Will Have to be Ap?
pealed to for an Extra Appropria?
tion?Will Not Delay Work of Get
J ting Troops to Philippines,
fBv Associated Press.)
OMAHA. NEB.. .Ian. 29.?The Union
Pacific ami Nnrtliwestern railroads
have refused to make any special
rale-: to the government for tili? ship
incut of soldiers onroute to the Phil?
ippines to and rrom San Francisco ami
the quartermaster s department of the
dcpartnienl of the Missouri Is much
disappointed, the of Beers expressing
themselves In forceful language over
the action of the railroads. Yester?
day bids were opened in Omaha for
transportation of the men and u lnrge
amount of equipment from Forts Rob?
inson ami Russell to San Francisco.
Only the Union Pacific slid the
Northwestern BUbnitt'?,,"j "'? -? mt both
? for regular *< Bnilroad of
j ids say Hie ,'hment will secure
more cheap rates.
There Is a Special Rate. I jy
WASHINGTON, D. C., .Inn. 211.? '"
It hough the Union Pacific and
orth Western railways have reins-|?
1 lo make a special rate In the
ovemcnt of troops through Omaha
ir ?Sau Francisco. I he qilartei uias
-r general s department will not do
iv die sailing of the six liundrod
ion now under orders for Borvlco
i the Philippines. While much
isappolntmoiil is foil al Hie failure
i Bccuru a low rate, He- govern
lent already enjoy: a military rat.
f $27.50 from Omalin to Sau Finn.
?ico, as against Hie conimorcial
ltd of (JO. My reason of the
let the Sam a Fe. which Is a land
rant road, is enabled through Its
iiics <:-.:i or Omaha t" innke the
ah' of S-J7..">o (Ik- other roads arc
icrmltted to carry troops for the
ante fare.
it was stated al the War Dopurl
nent today that the refusal of rail
?ouds lo make a special rale below
127.50 would make it necessary lo
request of Congress far additional
rausportnt ion funds.
3ulf Division of Hydrographie Office
Will Soon Issue Map Show?
ing the Changes.
(Bv Associated Press.)
NEW ORLEANS. .Ian. 29.?Tho fact
Lho Gulf stream has made Imporlnnt
shanges in its course was announced
today l>v (he Gulf division of the by
drographic office in charge of Captain
John C. Soloy. These changes nro
noted from the lime the stream leaves
the North Coast of South America
until it enters Hie Atlantic. A map
embodying the changes will be Issued
next month.
Georgia Congressman Hot for an In?
vestigation by Department of
Commerce and Labor.
WASHINGTON, 1). C. Jan. 29.?Re?
presentative Livingston of Georgia ap?
peared before the House committee on
interstate and foreign commerce to?
day and urged action on his provis?
ion for investigation b ytho Depart
men I of Commorco and Labor of the
fluctuation in the cotton market, with
the objeel of ascertaining whether
such fluctuations have resulted
from tlie '?character of con?
n-sets of alleged sales and
deliveries made on tin; New York
Col ten Exchange."
Extensive dealing in futures, wua
30, 1907.
im mod need by Mr Livingstone, who
said Mint the cotton growers und cot?
ton spinners of the United States arc
absolutely in Mn< mercy ?f cotton
speculators, llu mentioned the thirty
chiBBirtcntloiiH of cotton which for?
merly exlBled null called attention to
Iho fnct I Im I elevch of tln> classes
Itnve dropped recently. Mr. Living
Btone apoke of ids nt tern pi to have
cotton manipulators barred from ? iav
mails as fraiula.
Engineer! and Firemen Said to be
Striving to Secure an Eight
Hour Day.
(Oy Associated Prosa).
IIOANOKE, VA., .Ian. 2?. Presi?
dent L. 13. Johnston ami other offi?
cers of the Norfolk and Western rail?
way returned here lodny front Collum
bus. Ohle? where they met tiff heads
of the Brotherhood of Locomotive En?
gineers find Locomotive Firemen, with
a view or Heuling differences existing
between the Norfolk and Western and
the engineers and firemen. It was
suhl (hal the differences have not been
adjusted. It Is learned that one
of the chief content Ions of the men
Is for mi 8 hour day.
Assaulted by Burglars. Then Tied and
Gagged While Her Mother's
Home Was Ransacked.
(By Assnclnted Press.|
Jan. 20.?Unconscious, gagged and
bound to a chair, Nellie Campbell,
chief operator at u local telephone
exchange, was found nearly dead nt
,'d' !'..lin""' today. She has not rocov
tllnhta' w'.ln*',,'n,lv ,H1 whq her tie
helber she will I'fif' " 1h '?"> ?lOUblflll
?II lived with her widow V- Ml? Camp
Irs. W l). CampholiB and was'',molh?r,
i the time. Apparently the girl's iSUnne
lilanis were burglars who afier |
Bshultllig her. tied and gagged her
nd then rnmmekcd the house taking
nVOMll articles, of value. The police
f New Cumberland, and all the adja
eiil lowns are working on the case.
I ,.
Mttcncio hurnlture Exhibit. |1'
Mr. M. II. Lash has gone lo Now 1,1
Ork to attend the annual furniture , m
Xposition now bn(l|g hold In that ; In
Ity, Mr. Lash win spend Boyernl ;;,
ays in the metropolis on business lif?
er the exposition.
[hey Will Burn Railroad Property';;
In Ordar to Keep Warm.
President of the Northern Pacific
Says That They Arc Doing Every
thing Possible to Get Trains
Through the Monster Drifts.
WASHINGTON, I). C. Jan. 29.?A
telegram received by the Interstate
Commerce Commission from New
Bockford. N. I)., savs that the fuel
situation there Is so desperate that
the people will burn railroad property
in less Minn forty-eight hours for fuel.
The dispatch says: "The railroad on
this branch is not making any effort
to relieve us. Have had no freight
Ibis year; no mall for twelve days.
The commission repeated the dispatch
to President Elliott. of the Northern
Pacific railway company, and asked
I him If something couldn't be done to
relieve the situation.
The commission received today tile
following message from Mr. Elliott
concerning efforts to get relief to
some sec'ions needing help: "Re?
ferring to message of January 20, re?
gret (o say that relief trains. In spile
of all we have been al le lo do, have
not been able lo got l/y Carrlngton.
"Snow and storms have been so
??real Mint trains have been stuck and
we damaged snow ploys In trying In
Set through the heavy drills. Hop?
very much to get everything through
not later than Thursday. Its simply
?I question whither man or the ele?
ments will prevail. We are still
blocked in central North Dakota and
find it difficult lo work upon ma
rtlinncry. Our people are doing every?
thing that, cau be done on Mils
Snow or rain Wed?
nesday and Thursday;
clearing and colder,
light south winds, be?
coming variable.
Fayetteville, West Virginia, is the
Scene of the Latest Under?
ground Horror.
Explosion Was Causod By Duot In
the Mine and Among the Dead are
a Large Number of Americans?
Many of Them Married and Leave
Large Families.
(By Associated Prenn.)
OUAHMCKTON, w. VA. Jan. 20.
Thoro is at least eighty persons
dead as n "csull ?>r an explosion in
tile Stewart mine near Fayetteville.
In FayoWo county tonight, according
to the Igst roporl received and If
Is understood that the number will
reach 26 more. The explosion was
caused by dusl in the mine. lOvery
etforl Is being made to gel to llie
men who are entombed but there Is
llnie hope of rescuing them alive.
There were about two hundred iuu.l
in the shun ni'id I here Ik j( grave ap?
prehension that many of lihom wot'o
hi the mlii" when the explosion
A lim of the dond Is now being
compiled and It will include at lensi
the number mentioned. The seotie
nlionl flic mine Is a pathetic one,
men, women ami children crying
: for their dead ones nnd imploring
bc\V<!8U "" ""' Kn>und to go io their
Tlie Siewuii.
et deep. The ..mine Is a shaft Gt?8
10 Bowoll scam, '".vclopnienl I,,- In
tern* oil by the vviillo-'he mine i*
niipany. It Is located ahoi.hik Coal
lie;, from Fnyettovlllo and sov.lour
lies from Thurmond. The ihlnb in
is been In operation I'm- about
rce years < r inure, bill has not.
?e tally developed the \vorl< of
weloi>menl having nluionl entirely
ecu done on the double ehtry i-ys
?in. The pormiindnl strutures such
?i head luiiiscs bud tipples lltlVO
cen eomplotud within the lusl year.
The manag r of the mine is F. F.
i'.xon. The mine Is owned by Ihu
tew an ('etil Company.
No Hope for Entombed.
I.iitur ndylcoK stale ihtii liliero
; no chance thai any ot the men
rill be taken out al Ire, for It Is
bought flint the terrlllo force of lliii
xplosion snuffed out their lives In?
timity. It 'will not be possible ..,
or the rescuers lo reach the butr
urn of the shaft for IS hours,
duny of the men were Americans
md many of them were married
ii.i ad had large families. There
vcre :i dozen colored men and lif
en or more foreigners.
The rescue work was begun lit)
::ion as the wrecked parts of ?h?
shaft could be repaired. About
Lwo llonriJ after the explosion, llireo
lien were lowered into the shall.,
icfore descending sixty feet two
if the men were overcome with
Toni air and the i bird was barely
tible to give tin- signal to bis
comrades at the top. All further
attempts were abandoned for tllO
Air wa? supplied lo the mine by
fans hut the mechanism was dam?
age,! and the fans wore idle for
about two hours. The fans Hum
started agnin and If nil the men
were nol killed by tile explosion
it may he possible by the aid of tho
fans to keep them supplied with air.
It is stated that nearly all tho
men were at work in the entries
near Hie bottom of the shaft. The,
mine had been having a good run,
and in consequence most of He!
men were at work. No official
announcement of Hie disaster or It'ji
cause has as yet 'been made by
tho officers of the company.
William McKinley's Birthday,
i hv Associated Press.)
WASHINGTON. D. C Jan. 28.?
The anniversary of the birth of Wil?
liam McKinley, Into president of the
Cniied States was celebrated today
at tho Metropolitan Methodist Epis?
copal church, where Major McKinley
v\ orslii jicd.

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