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First Step Taken Toward Getting
Proposition In Shape to
Present to Public.
Mr. Llvezey Telegraphs from New
York, Reporting Progress In Site
Matter?"Prospectus" Committee Ap?
pointed to Make Report at Meeting
On Thursday Night of Next Week.
A temporary organization, with
.ludgc T. J. Hnrhnni, <>f the Corpora?
tion Court, as chairman, was offeclud
Inst night by the general committee
which has In charge the movomonl
looking toward the establishment of
u new general hospital for the city.
The committee, with Hfty members
present, hold an Interesting mooting
In the Corporation court room of the
city hall and took the first steps to?
ward getting In shape a proposition
to he put before the public I
Mr. I.. 11. Mtinville. who Instigated,
the movement, called the meeting to
?uder and presided until Judge Harham j
had been unanimously elected tempor?
ary chairman. Dr. W. F. Creasy made
a brief statomont, urging that the1
mistaken of the pnst. be profited by
und that the committee go slow in its
work. lie advised strongly ngnlnst,
effecting any sort of permanent or-!
ganl/.atlon at this time und the sug?
gestion seemed lo meet with unani?
mous approval.
Mr. Llvezey Reports Program.
Mr. Ford called for a report from
the site committee. Mr. Mamille
stated that Mr. W. 1?. Llvezey. who
had gone to New York as the repre?
sentative of the committee on silo,
had sent n telegram reporting pro?
gress, Mr. Mnnvlllo went on to shy
that ho did not think the committee
should worry nhout the site question.
Dr. R. T. Styll suggested that a
committee be appointed to draft a
plan for organizing and chartering,
nnd conducting the hospital. After
some discussion IIiIh motion was car?
ried, with an amendment making the
committee number fifteen.
"Prospectus" Committee
The chairman was empowered to
appoint this committee and nnnouncrj?f?
the personnel through the uewspn^'iotion
ns early iih possible. Ur i?o committee
\by Rev. D. S. Henkel j draft a charter,
piyis Instructed ,i by-lnws to |>a submit
ne ust ruction n&oncrnl committee,
tlnl to tho. r.idy ndjourned to meet on
lftThe '.lay night of next week, nt which
doiiriio a report will be received from
tlr rhe charier and site committees.
Comniltteemen Present.
At least fifty members of the gen?
eral committee attended the meeting
nnd gratifying Interest was shown.
Just before adjournment the roll was
called and the following answered lo
their names:
Rev. J. W. Porter, D. D.. Rev. A. O.
Sykes, l>. D., Row I). S. Henkel. Rev.
13. A. Shenk. Richard Walker. 13. I.
Ford. (J. W. Blick, William Cantor.
L. C. Ooodo, John R. Morton. Dr. R.
Lee Robinson, W. T. Kirby, Horace
13pes, Ellas Peyser, I. Cohen, Thomas
Newman, W. WyllO. W. 13. Rouse, Sol.
Peyser. W. T. Hopkins, W. D. Colon
nn. n. R. Cofer. L. B. Mamille. T. J.
Bnvham, Doctors WUHam Roane Ay
loll, John W: Ayler, J. Kennedy Corss,
B. lloseoe Gary, Aaron Jeffery, Sam?
uel W. Ilnlisou, (.'In fence Porter
Jones, Thomas J. Kagey, Thomas J.
* rretlow Thomns J. Sims. Roherl T.
Styll, F. D. Willis and Arthur P.
Derby. A number of the committee
to Loan
on Newport
Real Estate,
2 to 5 years
time, at
6 per cent
2711 Washington Avenue.
Unique Accident at Shipyard For?
tunately Resulted In no
Serious li)|ury.
Stutes Senator today. Davis re?
ceived 88 votes In the House and 34
lu the Senate. Judge Worthlngton re?
ceived the live Republican Votes.
The eloctlon of Davis will be rati?
fied tomorrow.
Preliminary Survey Indicates That
Damage Is Not as Grea; as
Derrick Had Raised Derailed Dump
car When Rail Broke and Trouble
Began?Mr. Godfrey L. Smith
Slightly Hurt By Flying Piece of
men had left (he hall before (he cull?
ing of the roll.
Mr. John l.owery sent word thntj
he was very much In sympathy with
the movement, bill could not attend
the meeting because he was called
out of ttar city. Mr. G. W. Todd noti?
fied the committee thai he could not
attend on account of Illness In his
Large Party of Young People Attend?
ed Enjoyable Social Func?
The Young Men's Hebrew ABBOCia-i
tlon. or Hits city and Hampton, held
Its third annual entertainment antLL' ?
ball lu the Casino theatre last l,.,.'m"nVru
About two hundred In
City, lampion and -> fllncUon C|, lo
attendance m\ %JoyaWo ilIld SUCC08Hfni
be the.j^n.i yet attempted Tiy tho nsso
?f, Vftlloii.
The entertainment was opened with
a selection by Smldt's orchestra after
which tho following program was
Violin solo.Miss Goldle Reisfield
Vocal Bolo.Miss Rosa Schwartz
Recitation.Miss Recca Reisfield
Violin solo.Professor Smtdl
Vocal solo.Miss Hannah Reisfield
Vocal solo...Miss Esther Fine, of
. Norfolk
At the conclusion of the program
Mr. 13. .1. draff presented Miss Han?
nah Reisfield with a handsome gold
handled umbrella, the prize offered by
the association to the person selling
the most tickets to the entertainment.
After an Intermission of fifteen
minutes dancing bogn hand It was
1 o'clock this morning before the ball
Refreshments were served during
the evening. The 1 heal re was decor?
ated with rings and hunting. Ihecolor
scheme being purple and white.
The following committee hud
charge of the arrangements for the af?
fair: If. A. Morewltz, chairman. Har
rv Rpyner, secretary, J. Bronner, J.
H. ICns?, R. L. Kuss. D. Schitgani, A.
I. Insltz. W. A. Grarr. B. Lanetsky. S.
Mirmelsteln, M. W. Grcenspun and S.
A. Morewltz. Mr. If. A. Morewltz was
floor manager.
While hoisting a dump car up tho
embankment on the river shore Juki
beond the north side of the plant
of the Newport News Shipbuilding
A Drfy Dock Company, a steam trav?
eling crane toppled off Llie track and
rolled down the embankment Mon?
day afternoon. Engineer >M. Olson,
who Avas operating the dorrlck, fell
wiib his machine and was painfully
though not seriously Injured. He
received a deep gash on his-chin aim
sustained severe bruises about Ills
right hip and shoulder. Mr. Godfrey
It. Smith, who is superintending tr.e
construction of tho new dry dock
and who was at the scene of the
accident directing the hoisting of
the err, v.:'s struck by a piece of
flying steel rail and slightly hurt.
Soon after the accident. Engineer
Olson was taken to Dr. Samuel AV.
Hobion's olTlce1 where his wounds
were dressed, He was afterwards |
removed to his
fourth street near Chestnut avenue.
Monday morning one of the small
oars being used to haul the dirt
excavated from dry dock No. 3, to
i e embankment .being made of tho
(li t on.-'?1--> .river shore from
? sixth strcfcc, Forty-ninth-*"
Jumped tho ,....? Tit the
Forty-eighth street
the hill.
The salvors succeeded In extin?
guishing tho fire in the cotton cargo
in the forward hold of the British
steamer Inkiila early yesterday morn?
ing and a preliminary survey of the
cargo was held In the afternoon. It
Is not thought that the damage to the
cotton will be as great as was at Brst
A survey or the damaged hold will
be made today by Mr. Joseph (1.
Hunter, Lloyd's surveyor lor lite
(he Chesapeake bay districts. If It
is not necessary to make any repairs
lo the ship she will today begin re?
loading the cotton that, has been re?
moved from her hold and probably
will get underway for Liverpool Fri?
day or Saturday.
There aren't half, as many diseases
as there are alleged ways to euro
Country lifo is mighty mudo like
a graveyard to bo called any Bilch
A woman seems- to be arraid that
IT she wore real shoes her feet
might not get wet.
A college education keeps many
u boy from not having an exruse
for being supported by ills
If a woman can't brag about her
husband for anything else, it will he
about how near he came to going
Into the ministry when he was
young?New York Press.
There are three critical singes in a
woman's life which leave their mark
in her career. The first of the.so stages
is womanhood, or the change from a
enrc free girl to budding womanhood,
The second is motherhood, and the
third is Change of Life.
Perils surround each of these stages,
and most of the misery that comes
to women through ill health dates
from one or another of these im?
portant crises.
Women should remember that Lydia
B. Plnkham's Vegetable Compound
innde from native roots and herbs has
carried thousands of young girls over
the critical period of puberty, hns
prepared mothers for childbirth, and
in later years carried them snfely
through tho change of life more suc
cessrully thnn any other remedy in
tho world. Thousands of testimonials
from grateful porsons, two of which
are here published, substantiate this
fact beyond contradiction.
Mrs. George Walters of Woodlawn,
111. writes !
Denr Mrs. Plnkbam:?
"I feel it mv duty to tell you of tho good
Lydia 13. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound
has done mo in preparing for childbirth
Good nnd Oanoad.
The subject of ancestors Is often nn
Interesting topic of conversation. A
Jumio "on Twenty-1 ln,lv extremely proud of her mother's
' family created a sensation aud made
a? healthy a child a* can be found anywhere.
Lydia E. Plnkham's Vegetable Compound
Is a blessing to ull expectant mothers. '
Mrs. Elva Barber Edwards, of
Cathlamet, Wash., writes:
Dear Mrs. Pinklmm:?
"I-rennt to tell you how Lydia E. Plnk?
ham's Vcgotablo Compound corried ma
through tho critical period of tho Chang* of
Lifo without any troublo whatever, also
cured mo of a very sovero female weakne*?,
I cannot say enough in praiso of what your
mediclno has douo for mo."
What Lydia 13. Pinlcham's Vegetable
Compound did for Mrs. Walters and
Mrs. Edwards it will do for other wo?
men in their condition. Every suf?
fering- woman in the United States
is asked to accept the following in?
vitation. It is free, will bring you
health and may savo your life,
Mrs. Plnkham's Invitation to Women.
Women suffering from any form of
female weakness are Invited to
promptly communicate with Mrs.
1'inkham, at Lynn, Mass. From tho
symptoms g-iven, the trouble, may bo
located and the quickest and surest
way of recovery advised. Out. of her
vast volume of experience in treating
female ills Mrs. I'inkham probably
has the very knowledge that will
help your case. Her advice is free
antl "
After suffering and "losing my children
friend advised mo to try your Valuable mo
dirino, anil tho result was thn: 'had very
llttlo inconvenience, a quick rccovory and
During its long record of more than thirty years its long list of
actual cures, entitles Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound to
the respect and confidence of every fair minded person.
ner listeners wonder a little w hen she Lydia E. Pinhham's Vegetable Compound Makes Sick Women Well.
remnrked: "My father filled ninny re- j _* w .f _. ._ . _
sponslble positions. We all have the) t
grentest respect for him. My father
W?s a good v. ji, 'but"?nnd a certain
'iir.jj of the shoulders and an
.....led expression of Brmness In the
foot (Wood lady's face added Importance to
nnd rolled dowT,cr conclusion?"my mother was an
distance of about twent3PSB00d!" _
FortyJ bUiV u
-'. strecludded
C.r l . ;
? We have tho Best Stock
,-of the Beet Watches in
Newport News .-. .-. .-. .*.
Our Repair Department
I is in charge of a man who
g has twenty-five years' ex?
perience gained in the
largest cities in America;
Dr. Hales gives personal
attention to the Optical
branch of our business.
He lias been iu Newport
News five year?, and his
skill as au Opticiau iB
well known.
Hales Co.
Jewellers & Opticians, Inc.
Cor. 29th Street.
Negro Pickedup Purse Lost by Mrs.
Clarke, But Officers Happened
to be Looking.
A purse containing $is."i in bills was
round in the gutter on Washington
avenue near Twenty-fourth street by
a negro man yesterday afternoon.
Patrolmen Adams and Giddlngs saw
Hie negro pick Up the purse, look in?
side and then shove It In his pocket,
and Ihoiy overtook him and Investigat?
ed. The negro said there was nothing
ill tho purse, but when the officers
made him give it up, (hey found that
It contained $485 In $r.o, $20, $10 and
$5 bills.
The patrolmen turned the money
over to Chief of Police Reynolds, who
afterwards learned that the purse had
been lost by Mrs. George 13. Clarke,
wife of Contractor Clarke, of East
End. The money was returned to the
A. Klacky Charged With Permitting
Gnming In Pool Room.
In the police court yesterday evi?
dence was hoard in the case of A.
Klasky, charged with permitting in a
public place. Tho case was continued
until Saturday, when the argument
will be heard. On account of the ill?
ness of City Attorney Massle the
trial was not finished yesterday.
Klasky, who Is proprietor or the
Academy pool parlor, was arrested by
orflcer Webb Tor allowing a "keilley"
game to bo played In his place.
Messrs. J. Winston Read and T. .1
Christian, who represent the defend?
ant, may make a test of the city gam?
ing ordinance.
Dealers in lemons are turning sour
over the odium current humor has
past upon that fruit.
feet. Traveling steam derrick Nol
8, used to move steel piilt.es and
bars from one part of the yard to
iutbther, was sent to tho scene
hoist the car up the hill and place
It on the track again.
When the derrick had raised the
dump car almost (o the top or (he
embankment, the steel rail of tho
car track nearest the river shore
broke and the derrick and dump cut
rolled down the hill together. The
travelling derrick was' not badly
damaged by the fall, but it will cost
considerable, .money to get it back
on the ttack.
Man to Illume.
Women are more prone to deceit than
leu. From the time when Scheitern?
de told her lord 1,001 lies to keep the
ace it has been the accepted way.
tho men. not the women, are the
to blame. It is what they like,
they get It.-Good Words.
Goes to New York.
Mr. B. J. O'Harn will leave this
evening for New York, where he goes
lo identify Charles Miller, alias Rob?
ert Lewis, under arrest in that eitv
on the charge of being Implicated iii
numerous baggage robberies that
^.ove Is intoxicating, it Is said. What
cood thing; It Is that marriage has
tendency to sober a mnn.-Tcrrell
|x.) Transcript.
A irlal will convince you that
we turn out nothing but
Strictly High
Grade Work
\Social-Personal J*
r. W. B. Thomas left last ovon
for a business trip of several
daj to New York city.
and Dyed
The Hub Gleaning and
Pressing Co.,
have occurred
East, during the
on railroads in
past few months
Four Italian Laborers Killed.
fSjiecial to the Dally Press).
RICHMOND. VA.. Jan. 29.?Font
Italian "laborers were Instantly kill?
ed by a .premature explosion of n
blast some miles from Gate City
on Hie South and Western Railway
today. The todies or all the men
were hurled high In tho air and
badly mangled.
Jeff Davis Elected.
LITTLE ROCK. ARK.. Jan. 29.?
Bo... Hotl&Cs voted for United
j? Where Quality Is Uppermost. ^
. Cpoko and Miss Clcnience.
left last night for New
whore they were called by
of the critical illness of Mrs.
Clara D. Russell of 711
Twdy-cighth street has as her
guetlMrs. John R.. Prltchard. Sr.,
Slid lr. and Mrs. John R. Pilchard,
Jr.. \ Giltnerton, Va.
Mr.Vrhos. J. Evans Is- critically
ill alliier home 230 Twenty-ninth
at Ik
is.^ Li
llio Riddlck
v. 4!jj
is indisposed
The fjgh Five Club will not he en?
tertained by Mrs. Cooke Ibis week as
previous* announced. Mrs. Cooke
has been called to New York by the
Illness other brother.
I Weather
I This
And we've
good kinds,
phone and
We Fit Feel
got 'em lu all llio
If you can't come,
we'll send them.
Hell Phone 360.
Citizens Phone
S Shoe Palace,
J| 2600 Washington Avenue. !
Noxt hiesday night there will be
a recital at the Y. M. 0. A. hall for
the benefit of the Sailors' Rest. Mrs
A. FJoy-fi Morrl.ssette is in charge of
Hie a'ffail and an unusually attractive
program Is being arranged.
Mr. aad Mrs. James L. Wei'giind
have returned to Philadelphia after
a visit to Mrs. Weigand's parents
Mr. and Mrs. J. Wllfrter Davis, on
Twenty-eighth street.
Miss Phyllis Edwards has returned
to Denboigll to resume leaching after
spending several days with her par?
ents in North End.
2617 Washington Ave.
Both Phones 521.
Syrian Who Was Loitering About
the Mill Identified as the Man
Who Did^Shooting.
nt hei?
lt. \Y. Newman Is quite sick
home on West avenue.
Mr. Frank Curtis has returned to
Randolph-Macon College to resume
his studies after snendlng a few days
wiib bis parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. M.
A lew very desirable dwelling* in
North and East EimN of this city to
rent at from $10.00 to $2o.nit per!
month, also three splendidly located
store rooms on Washington Ayenue
Apply 0.lll?k. ('.. B. Nebps, Prosfc.,
Clarence G. Nohns. Sec'y., W. K3.
Kitchen. Treas. Rents, Insuranc'e.
Real Estate and I.oans. No. 25/17
Washington, Avenue, Newport NeiAs,
va. l-liOfGt.
(Bv Associated Press.)
NEW YORK. Jan. 2*.?.? Joseph II
Courey, of Brooklyn, proprietor of i
lace ractory in West Hoboken, was
mysteriously murdered in his ractory
late last night. Today three men
were arrested in this city, one of
whom Elias R. Orarh, a Syrian, was
charged with the shooting._
tin: Kilting resulted parenuj
from a 'quarrel over posses-ion of flu
factory. Courey had lately got pos
session of It by foreclosure of a
mortgage and threats had been made
against his life by a man who for-i
merly owned it. Last night while I
Courey was asleep in the building lie!
was awakened by a knock on the j ^
door and when he opened it he was
greeted by a bullet which inflicted a
fntal wound. John Gedd. who was as?
sisting him to guard the property,
was wounded. Two men were round
loitering nenr the ractory and were
arrested and lodged in jail.
? Orarh was Identified as the man
who fired tiie shot*
Old Virginia
Apple Toddy I
In endless variety.
Family trade a specialty.
Goods delivered anywhere.
Belt Phone 67.
|> 2312 Washington Avenue.
Death of Mrs. Joseph Villicrs.
Mrs. Joseph Vllliers, aged 30 years;
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Robert
Montgomery, died at her home lu
Weymonth, Mass., on Monday morn-.
This winter's snowshovellng has j lag. Sho wub a sister of Mr. Jas,;
been monopolized by the great North-1 Montgomery and Miss Isabcll Mont->
weal. ; gomcr>, of Una city. it.

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